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Previous thread: >>31675916
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>What is this thread about?
This thread revolves around stories about ponies being enslaved.

>Can you elaborate more?
Sure! SPG (Slave Pony General) is mostly about characters dealing with the actual implications of the horrifying thing that is chattel slavery. It's more looking at how people with modern sensibilities deal with the ownership of another sentient being, and how most people aren't total cunts.
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Let the ponies run free! no masters or slaves, all living together in harmony!

Rainbow dash is a good girl and need some greentexts

Those fillies are the perfect slave material, especially the one without CM
I want a unicorn pony slave so that she can be my masseuse. Imagine those muscle relaxant and skin soothing spells she could cast.
Who's the red-haired cunt next to Derpy? I smell a shitty OC.
File: 8c3.jpg (146 KB, 496x496)
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146 KB JPG
>Giving a unicorn full access to her magic
Rookie mistake
>massaging spells
>full access
She knows even the slightest pain could mean pain a thousand times worse for her.
All it takes is a few pounds of pressure at the base of your skull and BAM, full blown rebellion.
This guy gets it.
It won't matter the bomb I've placed on her is rigged to explode and I must be alive to disarm it by the time the massage session ends.
Here is your Unicorn.
>Any unicorn wouldn't be capable of also inhibiting the electrical spark necessary to set off the bomb.

What, are you gonna rig your precious pony slaves up with unstable chemical bombs?
File: IMG_2211.png (695 KB, 906x1000)
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695 KB PNG
I'll take them both.
pony slavery may be legal, but I doubt bomb collars would be
Want some more?
Good luck, it is a nuclear bomb behind seven anti-tampering triggers.
Looks like it's on crack. I think i'm good with the two.
Well while you rig your pones up with expensive nuclear materials, we'll all be taking the one true path of FULLY INHIBITING ALL MAGIC.

It's the only way to control them.
File: 1406294528704.jpg (44 KB, 900x500)
44 KB
Now anon let's not do anything excessive.
Oh well, more crazy suicidal pleasure for me.
Slave pony thread?
It isn't on crack, it is just crying because it,s Mom & Dad sold it knowing that it is never gonna see them or it's friends ever again.

For me i'm gonna take this one.
I mean really! The only true way is to file their horns down!

Do it while their conscious so you can watch their only hope for escape be painfully ripped from them, like amputating a limb. Don't get me started on the ones who have magic as their 'specialty', god I love their reactions as I take away meaning from their lives.

Any meaning other than serving me, of course.
>Not meeting in the middle and using an inhibitor.
What is with this low grade taste?
File: 1384638721864.jpg (20 KB, 500x419)
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My pony has escaped from home and I do not know what to do! Help!
Have you tried turning it off and on?
File: 536.jpg (108 KB, 640x853)
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108 KB JPG
Does it have a collar?
Is it chipped?
If not you deserve whatever happens, improper care has no excuse.
File: Vitruvian Man and pone.jpg (185 KB, 1300x1272)
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185 KB JPG
Cutelewd is the best kind

>other pones
She doesn't think about them often = the best coping mechanism. Thankfully ponies are too small for manual labor so camps that work them to death are pretty rare. Pic related

>new colt
I've wanted to write mamaClear for a long time, and I'm gonna comfy the fuck out of it. Who knows, maybe she'll eventually find her filly.

The thirst cannot be quenched.

>two greens
Yes, but there's a significant time gap. Meadow's story is right as she gets captured, but Clear meets her master four years after Equestria is conquered.
B-but was behaving so well and was obeying all my orders and towards the tasks of the house while it was going out to working! It even was leading her to the park to coexisting with another ponies, was buying to him his favorite meal and we had planned to go to the beach the weekend, there was no a reason to leave our home!

>Is it chipped?
I did not put chip and it was not taking collar because it seemed to me humiliating for her, also she was always saying to me the happy thing that was with me!
Your relationship is that of a slave and a master, you are not "friends" you are not "lovers" and any belief that she could ever see you as anything but her captor is laughable.
If you are not able to understand this then maybe slaveowning isn't for you.
Most of us would if we could anon, but the fucked up government said they are not humans, and so have no rights. So we make the best of a shitty situation, and save whoever we can afford, before others hurt them more.
And in return for treating them as equals they have to give you blowies. It's a win win situation.
File: 1627672.png (510 KB, 1280x1341)
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510 KB PNG
They are not going to believe it but after looking for hours finally for the police has found to my little pony.

I must clarify that she did not escape of house, was robbed.

Meanwhile it was returning of doing the buys (because I have such a confidence of her that I allow her to go out freely of the house while I am working) she was kidnapped by a group of Pro-Equestrians, an autoproclaimed group of terrorists and agitators who advocate emancipation and return of the ponies to Equestria, they tackled it out of the market, took it as the force and put it to his van with the intention of ' liberating her ', fortunately they could be received by the cameras of alertness and the police could learn them after finding his base where they found to a dozen of ponies that also had been kidnapped of his houses, according to the police these lunatics had a type of illegal portal and were gliding to return to the ponies a his ancestral land, but the machine was so unstable that if they had used it the ponies had been atomized instead of returning to Equestria, I am glad to know that my Little Pony finally returned and do not want to stray from my side anymore, for her Equestria alone is a fuzzy memory, she knows where is your home and your Heart.


>too small for manual labor ... pic related
Huh. That's a lot smaller than I was assuming in your story; I figured maybe about mid-thigh to hips height on a person. It does make all the scenes of her being carried make much more sense, though.

...also makes me think she has no gag reflex to be able to take him all the way in. And explains all those predator-prey feelings she had in bed (unf).

>maybe she'll eventually find her filly
Oh God I'd completely forgotten about all that. It makes this whole scene with the colt even more heart-warming and -wrenching. Like she's paying back for the opportunity she gave away before.

>Significant time gap
Ah, I meant more that would you be writing and post stories at the same time - like, alternating each one you post a section for or something?
Will slave ponies make good caretakers when you're sick? Or are they too untrustworthy and you're better off hiring someone?
Sounds like an easy job for one. Then again you'd have to be careful of them trying to take advantage of you with the will or something if it's serious.
It is a delicate balance between doing something for the master's own good and taking control.
Doesn't actually have to pay. Their relationship can continue as it is now with Anon being a pseudo father figure. Nothing in the books says he can't as long as she agrees to it without being pressured.

I don't think the entire operation would need to change much at all actually. Pay them minimum wage, or slightly less, charge for food, and claim 3(m) status for the lodging he gives them (may need to be touched up a little to comply). Bam, done! Business survives in the post slavery world. The only problem would be making his "employees" happy enough that he wouldn't immediately lose his entire workforce upon emancipation. Currently it looks like Anonymous is working towards making them "happy" between his lapses in control. Might need to make more concessions along the way, but he could get there and he could potentially have a thriving company town.
File: Mocha_Cream_edit.png (2.92 MB, 1475x1980)
2.92 MB
2.92 MB PNG
>TFW you will never have a devoted little unicorn maid who blushes and stutters at the prospect of giving you a massage, but is willing to throw herself wholeheartedly into learning it so she can serve you better
>No need for bomb collars or threats of punishment; she's devoted enough you can trust her around you entirely
>She just wants to do the best for you
Mocha a good girl.
Where is that darned recolor requested so long ago!
>demanding something from me
>not even saying 'please'
This slave needs to be broken, desu.
That's easy. Just get your balls sweaty and musky after a long workout and punish her by making her take your sweaty balls in her mouth and keep them there for 20 minutes.
File: 1490425.png (351 KB, 2525x3040)
351 KB
351 KB PNG

>The doctor puts on a pair of thin blue gloves.
>You don't know why, but it creeps you out seeing her wiggle them on.
>"Mouth exam next. Just need to check if any teeth are damaged."
>Oh filly you hope not. You hate dentists.
>May as well cooperate. It's not like she's been cruel or anything. Just normal doctor stuff.
>You let out a tired sigh, close your eyes, and open your mouth as wide as you can.
>"Thank you dear. I know you're not happy but it makes this a lot easier on both of us."
>Your eyes jolt open at the intruder. You were expecting her to just poke around at your teeth and stuff like that. Instead, some kind of metal brace was jammed into the back of your mouth, pushing your jaws apart.
>You try to pull away but it's already in place. Stuck in that area you don't know the name of, behind your rear-most teeth. Wedging your jaw open as far as it would go.
>You can't even pry it out with your tongue.
>You close your eyes and whine as the doctor moves a too-bright light around your face, using her other hand to poke and rub your teeth experimentally.
>This is completely different than when a pony does it. This feels like a violation.
>She hmms and hahs as she works her way along each tooth and stops every few teeth to poke at your gums.
>You're drooling on the table a little bit. Not that she seems to mind; she's much too focused on exploring every part of your mouth. All you can really do is lie there and take it.
File: bad touch.png (1.2 MB, 1920x1080)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG

>"Good condition. One small bump, but it's only the tiny start of a cavity. We'll take care of that in a couple days."
>Oh goddesses not more human doctors.
>The light stops blinding you through your eyelids and shuts off with a small click. You reluctantly open your eyes as she opens another damned drawer. What now?
>A small stick with a cotton ball on it?
>You try not to gag as she rubs it along the very back of your mouth.
>Finally done, she places it into a small clear tube and tightly caps it, then removes that damned brace. You move your jaw back and forth, stretching and trying to get rid of the soreness that had built up over the last several minutes.
>"Looks like you're in perfect health. All that's left is to take your temperature and send you on your way. I imagine you'd like to get back to the others and rest a bit."
>Understatement of the year. All you can do is sigh and nod.
"You have no idea."
>She turns back to you with a thermameter in hand. Just a plain glass rod. Slightly bigger than the pony version, but the same design.
>You open your mouth and lift your tongue for the thermameter. You really hope she doesn't use that metal brace again, but now that you know it's coming it won't be so bad.
>"... I'm afraid not, dear."
>Not what?


>Never. Again.
>You're not going to be treated like a Tartarus-damned newborn foal.
>The doctor had to shock you again. Twice.
>Not as strong a shock or for as long as the first time, but you weren't going to just let her stick that into you. Not even if it was a normal part of human medicine.

>At least it's over now. And she told you that everypony has the rest of the day off.
>Something about giving time to adjust to the lack of magic. You weren't really listening. Just silently seething at her.
>You don't hate her or anything. She was nice enough, she was professional, and she didn't get rough until after you took a swing at her. You just don't agree with being treated like an animal, and aren't happy that human medicine is needlessly invasive. You don't care if they can't do magic scans. Some things just aren't okay.
>The same human that brought you there carries you back through empty hall after empty hall. You’re just glad to be out of that office.
>You still feel grimy from that gel, but you can still barely move so you can’t wash it off properly.
>Pretty fitting for the first day, huh? Electrocuted, prodded, documented, and violated, all before lunch.
>And tomorrow, training. Whatever that—
>”Hey,” the guard hauling you catches your attention, “what’s your name?”
>Does it even matter? You’re a prisoner now, and soon you’re going to be a slave.
>Another short silence. You don’t turn your head to look at him. Too much effort to move that much. And even if you could, you wouldn’t. You keep your muzzle forward, eager to get back to everypony.
>”I’m sorry about what happened in there. The doc can be a bit rough.”
>Pressed up against him like this, you can feel the low rumble when he speaks.

>”I heard you say you were in the Sky Guard. What kind of stuff did you do?”
>That doesn’t matter either. Those days are over.
“Helped ponies evacuate. Delivered messages and medical supplies.”
>”You must have helped a lot of ponies.”
“Yeah. We tried to.”
>You don’t know how to respond, so the two of you continue in silence.
>Through the narrow hallways with the low ceiling. Back to the holding cells.
>Everypony froze when you were carried in, terrified of drawing the human’s attention. He carried you back to your cell and gently set you on the bed. He pulled the blanket over you, and left without a word.
>Maybe some of them aren’t so bad.
>It’s not much for a comforting thought, but at this point you’d take anything you could get.


>After the human left, had been visited by everypony. Asking if you were okay, or if you needed anything. Some just thanked you for standing up for them. You thanked them for their concern, but turned down their help. The only thing you needed help with is cleaning that slimy gel out of your tailhole and off the surrounding fur, and you'd do that yourself when you can move again.
>The four ponies you didn't know introduced themselves. They were from Apploosa, trying to make it to Vanhoover. Spotted while foraging in Whitetail Woods and taken down just as quickly as the rest of you. Different group of humans though.
>The last to visit was Gerald. You could tell from the clicking of his claws that he was waiting outside your cell, giving the others time to talk to you first.
>Greeting you with a smirk and a hoof-bump, you know you have a real ally in here. Just like you, he's not willing to give in so easily.
>Neither of you know enough about this place to come up with an escape plan, of course. But it's on both of your minds. And getting everypony out with you is going to be a challenge, even when you do find a way.

Pastebin updated. https://pastebin.com/4WXi7C8t
Back at my computer now, so I'll be going back to longer updates. The more I write, the longer the intro gets. At this rate it might be a week or two before the story name makes sense.

>alternating each one
Pretty much, yeah. I post them as I finish small sections, but there's no real schedule to it.
What recolor?
Jingles is a faggot color thief, ask him to.
>medical play
Oh anon, that was so lovely.
you people are fucking sick
You're right.
I should have a slave pony up tempo a few viruses and kill all humans.
That way the evil blight is gone and only the perfect purple pussy remains.
All hail Twiggles.
She kills the human.
>No need for bomb collars

You a psycho

As not asked for, coconut water and nuclear war.
Anyone else notice how preoccupied Mocha's thoughts are with Anonymous punishing her? She constantly feels like she is walking a tightrope with him. Her anxiety with him is palpable.
I already did, it was him who I asked at first, but like you said, he is a faggot.
D'aww, she likes being carried.
>implying slave poners wouldn't just kill themselves with bombs
>excuse for reverse blowjobs
Bet pegasi would be popular fuck toys when theirs heads pop off.
Like bigger chicken throats.
>tfw patiently waiting for some talented writefag to do a Sunset slave fic
One day. Also saved pic
Well, he was the first one to really care for her after she was ripped away from her family, his home was a fortress of safety for her, he's been abundantly kind to her, and when her own species attacked her he personally came to see her. Of course she's terrified of letting him down and losing all that! It doesn't help that he keeps implying that to not be his good, obedient slave would to be cast out into the unknown without home or friends again. That's borderline emotional abuse to induce dependence right there.
how long does awf takes to usually update on average?
So no thoughts?
>When Sunset finally decided to go back to Equestria to mend old wounds with her former mentor, she was surprised to find that alternate type of humans had arrived before her and enslaved the equine race, her old teacher with them as well.
>Determined to set Celestia free at whatever the cost, she allows herself to be captured and is sent to earth to be sold off.
>Human authorities finally take notice of all the magical bullshit leaking in from Equestria
>Invade to stop it
>Artificial portals don't transform ponies/people like the mirror does
>Sunset manages to cover up her past and masquerade as a human, but feels horrific guilt for essentially setting the whole thing off
>Starts trying to buy as many of her fellow ponies as possible and give them a safer home
>Eventually that ponies can be turned into people is revealed
>Sunset's cover is broken, huge scandal ensues
>She's converted back into a pony and sold off into permanent servitude
But what happens next?
>A little birdy relays your message to Anon that night.
>The next morning that same little birdy tells you to be ready to go right after lunch!
>Home! You're going home!
>You practically skip through the showers and breakfast you're in such a good mood.
>Home home home!
>Away from this stupid place!
>Away from these stupid showers!
>Away from this stupid food!
>Ok, in all fairness the food is actually not bad.
>Then again, how hard is it to prepare hay.
>Also it probably helps that you don't have to prepare it yourself.
>Still, you're actually starting to miss some good ole home cooking.
>Rarity's home cooking to be exact.
>Like you actually cook, ha!
>You stop by Dr. Taylor's office to offer her a quick goodbye.
>She's sad to see you go but offers you a hug, a sugarcube, and A BAG OF SUGARCUBES!
>It's not like you'll need them once you get this damn sleeve off your horn, but until then they're great!
>Sugarcube, sugarcube, sugarcube.
>Are these fattening?
>Buck it, who cares you're getting out of here today!
>You pop a few in your mouth and throw the rest in your saddle bags.
>Maybe Sweetie would like one?
>You check the yard but can't seem to find her.
>Oh well, it's not like you won't see her soon.
>Lunch passes before you know it and soon enough Octavia comes to fetch you!
"Is he here!? Is it time!?"
>"Yes, he just arrived. Are you ready?"
>Like you want to spend anymore time here than you absolutely have to.
>You match her stride as the two of you head toward the same examination room you'd first arrived in.
"So just like we talked about right? You just keep your head low, and I'll have Anon take me right to the vet as soon as we leave. Assuming there's evidence left we'll... well, we'll do something. I'm not sure if Anon will want to confront the Dr. himself or involve the police or what."
>"Understood. I do hope everything works out."
>She's trying to keep her cool about it, but you're sure she's as nervous as you.
>She stops and turns to face you when you fall back.
>"Something the matter? I thought you'd be ready to leave."
"I am just... thanks, for everything. We'll figure this out ok? Just believe in me."
>She smiles and trades a quick nuzzle with you.
>"If you'd told me that two weeks ago I'd have felt very different. Now though? I know you'll try your best.
>It might not be total confidence but you'll take it.
>You share one last hug and trot over to the door.
>"Good luck."
"You too."

>The room's empty upon your arrival.
>Figuring you'll take some initiative, you hop up onto the stupid metal table and wait patiently.
>Thankfully it's not a long way before the door opens and in walk two humans!
>While your sorely tempted to hop down and crush him in a hug, it's probably better to show at least a little restraint.
>After all, they were supposed to be training you here.
>Instead you settle for walking to the edge of the table and swishing your tail eagerly.
>He's here! He's here! He's finally here!
>Any anger you harber towards him for the Rarity thing can wait until later.
>You lift a foreleg and awkwardly wave like he'd somehow miss the only living thing in the room.
>"There's my girl!"
>You learn so far out to meet his hand you almost fall off the table.
>Fortunately your human catches you and pushes you back onto more stable footing.
>"I guess someone did miss me!"
Oh, you have no idea!"
>He holds your hoof with one hand while rubbing your face with the other.
>Dr. Roger is wandering around somewhere, but as far as your concerned it's just you and Anon right now.
>"I dunno doc. I hate to take her away when you don't think she's ready, but she seems better behaved already."
>He brushes your cheek for a moment more before removing his hand and slowly running the tip of a finger up your neck.
>You breath catches as he traces the digit further and further up until he runs it along your lips!
>D-does he want you to...?
>He wiggles the tip to worm his way between your lips!
>H-here?! Now!? That's so lewd!
>If he's trying to prove how well behaved you are though...
>You part your lips and let the finger slide inside!
>T-this is soooo inappropriate to do in front of an audience!
>You'll tell yourself the small moans you let out are act and totally not real.
>He only lightly pumps the digit in and out a few times before pulling it out and wiping the liquid on your cheek!
>"Mmm, a very good girl indeed!"
>You look away in embarrassment only to get the side of your neck scratched instead.
>"How about this? If she gives me more trouble I'll bring her right back. Normally I'd leave it up to the professionals, but something's come up and I need her sooner rather than later."
>You finally bother to locate Dr. Roger to your left.
>He's in his stupid little chair, probably thinks he's all fancy what with the wheels and the rolling.
>"She's your pony Mr. Anonymous you're free to take her whenever you please. Truthfully we only had a few setbacks with her and her progress has been more steady ever since. I would have been calling you myself in another week. If she seems to be regressing though, you know who to call."
>"So she was a bit of trouble huh?"
>You lower your head and look at the floor in mock shame.
>"Nothing we couldn't handle I assure you."
>Too bad you couldn't handle it legally!
>"If you're sure you want to pick her up though..."
>He pulls some kind of tool out of his pocket and and gestures towards your horn!
>Yes! Get it ofF! Get it off! Get if off!
>You collapse into Anon's hands as the magic rushes back!
>Glorious glorious magic!
>You still have on the old horn ring from Anon underneath, but it's restriction is a fraction of the evil sleeve.
>"How about I give you two a moment while I fetch the paperwork?"
>Time alone sounds good to you!
>As soon as the Dr. walks out the door you lift your head and smile up at your human.
"You really have no idea how glad I am to get out of here."
>He chuckles and scratches you under the chin.
>"Glad to have you back myself. You ok? We didn't really get to finish talking last time I saw you."
>Last time. The time you'd freaked out and screwed up everything.
"Well... yes and no. I'm fine now, but could we uhh... can we go by Angie's clinic?"
>That gets a concerned look out of him.
>He leans to the left and right of you looking for any sign of something wrong.
>"Why what happened? Yes and no, whats thats mean?"
"I'll explain on the way."
>"Twi tell me now, what happened?"
>Why's he so forceful about this?
>Whatever, if the Dr. comes back you'll just shut up.
"After our visit, ummm, went wrong his punishment was a bit... unfair."
>"Tell me what happened exactly. I don't see any marks on you."
"No, he didn't beat me, but h-he had this drug? Potion? Some kind of concoction that induced heat. Like a really really reallllly bad heat, the worst I've ever felt. I... I can't say I'm proud of how I reacted..."
>"He did what? A heat potion? He didn't do anything while you were like that did he? I specified no penetration on your forms."
>That's a checkbox for that!?
>While your horror over a 'penetrate or don't penetrate' form is real, it can wait.
"No he didn't he just... touched me a little."
>You shiver a little but shake your head of the memory.
"That's not the important part though. What matters is whatever it was he gave me was definitely not FDA approved. It's some little side project of his that he whipped up on his own. I confronted him about it, but as he was kind enough to point out, I don't have any proof. I was hoping if we went to Angie she could run my bloodwork and maybe find something. Ponies may not have a lot of rights, but having unknown substances tested on us in an unregulated environment definitely violates them!"
>"Wait wait, you're tell me he-"
>Whatever questions Anon has are interrupted by the good doctor's return.
>"So here's the discharge papers. If you'd just sign on the bottom then she'll be completely back in your capable hands. If you've got any other questions then-"
>"Uh yeah actually I do. Twi here was just telling me something about a potion? A heat potion? I don't remember being asked anything about that."
>Now that you don't appreciate the effort but THERE'S NO PROOF RIGHT NOW!
>He's just going to deny it, and then you'll be right back to square one, but now the Dr. will be aware that Anon's onto him.
>"Ah, that little story again. I did have to give her a sedative to calm her down, but I assure you it's completely standard procedure. You know she's a very good girl. She was so upset about the scene she made I didn't even have to punish her, but of course I didn't want her hurting herself so a little something to calm her down was in order. Unfortunately she's been quite mad at me ever since. She even tried to sell that same story to Dr. Taylor. My coworkers know better than to take an upset pony's word at face value though. I can show you the exact bottle I used if you'd feel better."
>Sedative ha, what a jackass.
>Anon rubs your neck reassuringly so you say nothing.
>"Yeah that'd be great if you don't mind."
>Roger nods and walks back towards some shelves.
>As he does so Anon pulls out his phone and begins to fiddle with your collar.
"What are you-"
>"Lift your chin just a bit Twi? Thanks"
>What is he pressing?
>Dr. Roger returns with a bottle and shows it to Anon.
>"This one here. Standard stuff I assure you, just a little something to calm her down."
>Anon purses his lips and locks eyes with the doctor.
>"Alright great just one more questions. Your the medical professional here so just let me ask, something like that should bring her vitals down right? Nice and calm?"
>It's nice to see Roger looks confused for once.
>"Yes of course a little bit below her resting usually."
>"Right, and this happened when?"
>"I believe it was, what, two days ago Twilight?"
"Tuesday around 4pm."
>Like you could forget.
>Anon continues to tap his phone and lighty nod his head.
>"4pm got it. So one more time, she was upset about the scene she'd caused. You scolded her and gave her a sedative, right?"
>Roger leans back in his chair and laces his fingers together.
>"To my recollection that sounds correct."
>"To your recollection..."
>Anon leans forward and turns the phone towards Dr. Roger.
>"So 'to your recollection' why is there a huge spike in her bpm, stress levels, and internal temperature from about 4pm until about 5:30pm. If, as you stated, you sedated her."
>How the buck does he have that?
>"I uh, may I?"
>Anon shrugs and hand Dr. Roger the phone.
>"It's all right there: Heart monitor, blood pressure, respiration, temperature, you get the idea. I'm sure you've seen the 3300 model collar before. It's expensive stuff, but they really scam you on the storage. If you want more than 2gigs they almost double the price for some reason. However, if you know how to take it apart you'll find it's actually got a normal micro SD port in it. Just a way for them to turn a profit I guess. Anyway I slipped in a 32gig so it holds about 2 weeks worth of data without having to back up to the cloud. Good for long trip from home and such."
>Oh shit!
>Roger BTFO!
>Roger sweating bullets!
>Anon the valiant hero!
>You scoot to the edge of the table, bury your muzzle in the crook of his neck, and purr approvingly.
>Good human, smart human, take care of your pony!
>Finally Roger manages to sputter out a response.
>"I'm sure this is some kind of mistake Mr. Anon. I assure you we only use-"
>"Oh by the way it records audio too. Just whenever there's an 'event' but I'm sure it turned on for this. Could be she was was having a little fun with herself-"
>He pinches your far cheek with one hand and reaches around to grab your far flank with the other!
>"Couldn't really blame her, but we can find out either way."
>Is he saying he can't blame you for playing with yourself since your cute? That's sorta sweet?
>Problem is he's also implying that it could be recording you anytime you're worked up...
>That's something to address later, but address it you will!
>"So? Shall we?"
>Dr. Roger is looking a bit pale.
>You'd really rather Anon not hear you patheticly beg like you did, but if it condemns Dr. Roger...
>"I... No, I don't think there's any reason to do that. If you'd just let me explain-"
>Anon's not going to let him weasel out of this one!
>"How 'bout this, the way I see it we've got two options here. Option A.) you admit you lied to me, and called Twilight a liar, then you tell me the truth. Option B.) we can get the authorities involved in this because this is sounding more and more like a cover up by the second."
>Oh snap!
>"I promise there's no need to contact anyone over this... minor miscommunication."
>"I admit I used some... unorthodox practises in regards to Twilight, but I assure you they were perfectly safe and with her best interest in mind."
>Sure he hopes they're perfectly safe since he's been subjecting Octavia to them for years.
>"You leave her best interest to me. What I'm really interested in now is just how perfectly safe. Can you show me the bottle like you showed me the sedative earlier?"
>Wow he's looking realllly uncomfortable.
>"I... can not. We just ran out and it's a very hard to acquire mixture..."
>"Look, I'll just get right down to it. Twilight says you gave her some untested homemade concoction. That true or not?"
>"Untested isn't entirely true..."
>Anon's done playing games.
>The human leans in and looks Dr. Roger right in the eyes.
>"Yes or no?"
>"It's not approved yet, but I can assure you it will be very soon."
>Tartarus he can beat around the bush!
>"I'll take that as a no. It should go without saying I'm pretty upset about this. Not only that it happened, but that you decided to lie to me about it. Needless to say we won't be back and people will hear about this."
>With that your human stands, scoops you up into his arms, and heads towards the door.
>"Wait! I'm sure we can come to some sort of agreement here Mr. Anon., we're both reasonable men. What can I do to make this better?"
>Anon just chuckles and looks down to the purple pony in his arms.
>"Make it up to me? Make it up to her."
>Ohhh that's gotta sting!
>"Mr. Anon give Twilight's attitude issues I'm not sure it's best-"
>Anon interrupting Roger is becoming the norm at this point.
>"I'm not worried about that. You asked how to make it up to us, this is how.
>Dr. Roger's uncertain eyes fall to meet yours.
>"Twilight you're an intelligent mare you understand I only meant what was best-"
>You wave a hoof to silence him.
>Squirming out of anon's grasp you hit the floor on all fours and advance on the nervous human.
>Once you're right in front of him you gesture with your hoof for him to come down, to meet you at your level.
>He's clearly not a fan of lowering himself, but he's also not a total idiot.
"I told you once and I'll tell you again. What you did was cruel, unusual, and just plain sick! if I ever hear even a RUMOR that you've used that shit on another mare I'll-!"
>Anon pulls you back a bit before your hoof pokes him in the chest.
>"What she means is this will NEVER happen again, am I right?"
>Surely Roger's can't get any more pale at this point.
>"Of course, you have my word. And for what it's worth I'm... sorry. You're a very special mare Twilight I just wanted to do the best job I could for you."
>The best job he could.
>That gets him the patented Sparkle glare!
>Anon scoops you back up and speaks again.
>"Passion's great but maybe not with someone else's pony."
"Not with any pony!"
>Buck him he's not gonna subject Octavia to this shit anymore either!
>Anon pulling you tighter into his chest means it's time to calm down.
>"Like she said, not with any pony."
"I've got sources! I'll know!"
"He needs to know!"
>"Twilight I think he gets it, and we'll be in touch don't worry. Right Dr.?"
>Despite being white as sheet Roger manages to maintain a dignified if shaky disposition.
>"Yes I... understand. You both have my apologies and my assurances that nothing like this will happen again."
>Blah blah blah you have my assurances blah blah blah.
>You give him a 'watching you' motion with your hoof as Anon carries you towards the door.
>"I certainly hope so because I'll be holding onto this data and a recording of this conversation."
>He taps your collar for emphasis.
>"Have a nice day."

>You smother Anon with kisses as soon as the two of you are in the car.
>"Alright alright I get it! I'm happy to have you back too. Still want to go see Angie?"
>You rub your nuzzle all over his chest as you talk.
"No need, my human already has my back. I knew this new collar was nice but I didn't realize just how much effort you'd put into it. Thank you."
>He kisses the top of your newly freed horn and smiles.
>You spend a quiet moment just being together.
>You even do a little squirming in his lap.
>He still has to answer for the whole Rarity debacle, but for right now he's in your good graces.
"Oh uhh by the way. Dr. Roger might sorta kinda maybe be... our neighbor..."
>Heh, whops.
>You pop a sugarcube in your mouth while he gawks.
File: newbeginning.png (525 KB, 520x1082)
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525 KB PNG
Look we finally made it out! Of course we haven't seen the last of most these characters, sweetie belle especially, but also Octavia/Dr. Roger. For now we've got a big shift coming up will finally start to tie up a bunch of loose ends. Until then enjoy, complain, compliment and contemplate.

>But vega where's my Anon x Rarity chapter.
Not the next chapter but the next. If anyone asks again I'm going to spank Twilight though

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/DuUyBEW6
whops spoilered everything.

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/DuUyBEW6

Anon glorious bastard did it and now we return to the comfy and lewd updates until anon buy sweetie belle and bring some tension to the house

Nice update Vega.

Btw would be funny if twilight use this recorder to mess with anon with some lewd recording for him(april fools or something)
Hey Vega when is the Anon x Rarity chapter gonna be
Oop, gonna have to spank Twilight now
>Not spanking Twilight
Twilight spanking rarara and getting spanked for it when?
This is but a meme, pls no
Rebel leader Sunset has its appeal: I haven't read many stories that focus on 'free' ponies stewing rebellion as much as slaves dealing with their circumstances, that'd be interesting

If you're gonna use Sunset I also would like using the actual monkies from the world she knows as the enslavers, it'd add some interesting angles with her being able to switch between sides to do all she can, and then of course when she's caught and all the shit goes down hill
>tfw when she loses her rights as a human even 'as' a human, is owned as a rare and exclusive 'pony-human' hybrid of sorts to be kept as a prize
>or when she buys slaves as a human in an attempt to help them but winds up owned in pony-form herself later serving alongside those same slaves who may or may not recognize her
>a sugarcube, and A BAG OF SUGARCUBES!
>Sugarcube, sugarcube, sugarcube.
>You pop a sugarcube
These sinister blue cubes are not just sugar. They might well be sugar free. Twi refrained from mentioning Dr. Rogers OTHER unlabeled pharmaceutical innovation, but Tavi has always taken them more seriously. If Tavi and Anon ever have a moment together, this issue will come up. What will happen to Twi when she runs out, and what will she have to do for Dr. Roger to get more? A friend in need is a friend indeed! And that heat potion might have recreational applications at lower doses...

>That's a checkbox for that!?
Sweety Bells 'box' got 'checked'.

>Ponies may not have a lot of rights, but...
It seems more that Anons property rights were violated than Twilights "pony rights". Perhaps you will make an opportunity to explore the politics of it in a later chapter.

>My coworkers know better than to take an upset pony's word.
Does she? Twilight is not a person to her, why would she care about her 'rights'? Surprised Dr. Roger has not already shared this powerful tool with his like-minded employee, and quite surprised he lied to her.

>Anon pulls out his phone and begins to fiddle with your collar.
>"Most the cheaper ones don't have a setting that low."
>That was low?!
These 'Internet of Things' things are notoriously insecure! Dr. Roger was able to command a shock from his own personal phone, without any physically fiddling in the intake interview. The shock collars sophisticated physiological sensors make it an ideal torture device: able to actively explore the very limits of what Twilight can survive. If those software limits are disabled, it obviously has enough power to kill her outright. Should we and Twilight be worried?

>T-this is soooo inappropriate to do in front of an audience!
She'll be helping herself to a snack like Clear Skys any day now.

>If anyone asks again I'm going to spank Twilight though.
As if you ever need an excuse.
With RD
File: White Knigth Mode.jpg (461 KB, 1664x939)
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461 KB JPG
And just when we all thought that Anon had made the worst mistake of his life surprises us with his secret weapon and...... GOTCHA!!! Rogers is caught without the slightest chance of returning the coup and Twiligth regains his freedom, his dignity and returns home in the arms of his White Knight, his champion and his love, this time Anon amazed with his foresighted mindset and long-term vision to protect his mare.

The only BUT I can put is that they have not used their advantage to expedite the release and acquisition of SwettieBell but a victory is a victory.

Great job on this update and up to the next segment Vega
Ha yes that is totally what will happen now... very comfy...

I can't believe you guys would do this to poor Twilight! Hasn't she suffered enough?

>Dr. Roger was able to command a shock from his own personal phone
Meant to include something about Anon transferring some commands to Gentlehoof but I guess I didn't. The idea is it's easy enough to transfer temporary right and powers to other uses if you want. As to it being potentially dangerous, yeah absolutely.
Dang, even Dragon ball z characters are banned
>Sweety Bells 'box' got 'checked'.
My ‘kek’ got ‘rekt’.
It seems inevitable. Sexual training (with penetration) seems to be a Gentlehoof specialty. Her temporary corperate owner has every reason to check that box, and none not to. The question is if Sweeties training program has reached this phase yet. If it hasn’t, and she follows Twilights request to cooperate fully, and then that happens, how will she feel about “Twilight and her friends” when she shows up at Anons place? He has had an easy run as a slave owner so far, Twilight and Rarity are about as good as it could ever be. With this third acquisition he (and his other slaves) might need to learn how to deal with a really angry pony.
Imagine the most raging bull dyke lesbian Harshwhinny slave possible getting bought by a foppy soiboy numale Frisco gay couple.
Now imagine they also are part of green peace, and bought her to show pony slaves can be people too.
Tell me what you imagined.
I suppose they would get along ok. People are not defined by their sexuality, they would collaborate on the political activism and keep the bedroom stuff in their respective bedrooms. It might be hard for Harshwhinny to find a mate as an enslaved alien in a strange (very strange) city, but it could happen.
It really sounds like Harshwhinny got very lucky.
That would work were it not on the modulous I gave the gay couple.
They are opposed to masculinity, something Harsh Whinny in her nature is espousing, let alone as a raging bull.
This isnt a serious thing like Vega, its a chance for comedy of trying to make a man out of masters or sissify Whinny.
slavers deserve death
Ponies deserve enslavement
You deserve enslavement.
Talk dirty to me.
You deserve enslavment
Slavs deserve enslavement. Might get them to get off their asses and do something.
File: Bayex.jpg (38 KB, 197x299)
38 KB
So you could continue sitting on yours, my fellow burger?
Well they did compromise the 2016 and 18 US elections as you'll see on the 26th.
Otoh, they have yet to solve that pesky bitch issue of the Ottessian aggression..
Why do you brave raping squatters not help Otessia?
I bet the Griphons live happy in the motherland and Mongoly
Gilda losing her chance to buy save Dash and getting Pinkie slave would be fun.
Especially with Ponkabuse.
I'm so fucked in the head for wanting Mocha to have to get punished for something in CYOS

> You had been working less than a week and you already hated management. The owner of the restaurant, Mike, could have remembered to tell you that the kitchen would be working through the night from Sunday to Monday.
> Apparently, there was some big sporting event - you remembered seeing a news article online, but you haven't read it. And of course fans wanted to party after their big win. Most of the fast food joins, bars and similar would be open throughout the night. Mike's was no exception.
> Which meant they didn't need you to clean it. You could have used that information before you got out of bed and walked all the way over for nothing.
> You grumbled a little to yourself as you made your way back. But you soon gave that up as well.
> At least Red Sky was back, cheerful as ever. And Flame Tail hadn't objected when you brought a doggie bed for him. You would miss cuddling with him, but maybe it was for the best. If you removed the immediate temptation you could stay away from fooling around with the pony.
> On the up side, you realized, as you dodged yet another group of excited sportsfans, you'd get to sleep a little earlier tonight. And that meant you'd be up before noon to watch a movie with your guests. With luck, you might even get Red Sky to slump over you on the couch again. Then it wouldn't be strange if you fondled her wings a little.

> The way she purred and sighed and groaned softly when you did that made you think it was very pleasurable. Too bad she almost never let you get near. It took the distraction of a good movie and even then the mare usually pulled away from your touch.
> But things were looking up. Lately, the pony had warmed up to you significantly.
> You were waiting for the lift to pull you to your floor and thought about what movies to suggest. It had to be cute and nonviolent for Sky, while still having enough of a plot to be tense and exciting. Maybe something like the 'Neverending Story', or one of the Disney cartoons she hadn't seen yet?
> The ponies were probably already sleeping, so you made sure to be as quiet as possible when you unlocked the door.
> A noise caught you by surprised. Hooves, dancing on hardwood. Muffled grunting and groaning. Moans.
> You blood went cold and you ran inside. The light was on in the living room and the scene burned itself into your memory.
> Red Sky, hind legs spread wide and back arched in pleasure. Flame Tail on her, thrusting. So intent were they on each other that neither pony noticed you enter.
> You watched for a couple of seconds, uncomprehending, as the stallion urgently gripped the mare and pulled himself even closer.
> She let out a low, shuddering moan, which Flame Tail echoed.
> You wanted to shout out, but you didn't have any words strong enough. You stepped closer and reached out with trembling arms.
> When the shadow fell over Sky, she spotted you and squeaked in alarm. She tried to flee - you saw her look at the window and you knew she would break it and fly.

> But Flame Tail refused to let her go, giving you enough time to grab her mane in a fist. Your hand still shook, but the grip was like iron. You took hold of the stallion and pulled them apart.
> He screamed in protest and thrust hard again, desperate to finish before you could separate them. But he could not fight your strength and his member withdrew with a wet, squelching noise.
> "Nooooooo!" he wailed as his dick spurted and slapped rhythmically against his belly. There was a lot of it and it didn't seem like it would end. The stream of white splashed against Red Sky's rear and tail, which she quickly clamped down over her privates. The mare rolled her eyes as she tried to look at you in terror. She whimpered miserably.
> Even Flame Tail came out of his reverie and neighed in fear.
> "No, please, stop Master! Please don't hurt us!" cried the pegasus miserably. She struggled to free herself and you noticed her looking at the window longingly.
> Finally you found words.
"You whore!"
> The pony cowered, but you pulled her up sharply and she gasped in pain. Then you focused on the stallion. He was rapidly shrivelling, but there were still occasional spurts of fluid from his cock. He looked right back at you with eyes reduced to pinpricks in terror.
> "Sorry, Master Anon! Sorry, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to- she just said- SORRY!"
> His voice cut off in a squeak as you twisted your hand and lifted. The stallion rose up to his hind legs and danced clumsily to keep his balance.
"Shut up! SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

> You couldn't think, and you couldn't deal with both at once. Of the two, Red Sky was in more immediate danger of fleeing. You dragged both struggling ponies to the bathroom and pushed Flame Tail roughly inside.
> His eyes widened and his whole body shuddered in apprehension. "Please don't hurt me, Master! I'm sorry! Forgive me!"
> But you just kicked him inside. It took a bit of fumbling to get the key from the lock while the stallion cowered against the bathtub, then you slammed the door shut and locked it.
"Be quiet. I'll deal with you later! Ungrateful fuck!"
> The pony tried to beg some more, but you hammered your fist on the door and he devolved into wordless crying. It would do for now.
> Red Sky watched it all, trying every now and then to free herself from your grip. But you squeezed your fist as tightly as you could and now your arm was beginning to hurt.
> You had to work quickly before your strength gave out. You dragged the mare back to the living room and picked up the collar which was lying on the floor.
> When she spotted it, the pegasus went wild. "No, nononono, please not again! Please, Master, not that! PLEASE!"
> You had to pin the struggling pony to the floor with your legs so you could clasp it around her neck. While you had her there, you quickly fastened the leash, as well. That made the mare easier to control.
> As soon as you released her, Sky bucked, bolted and tried very hard to wriggle out of the collar. But there was absolutely no chance of that. You had tightened it almost to the point of choking her.

> You hauled at the leash to drag the struggling pony to the wall, where you tied her up to a thick, iron gas pipe.
> The mare yanked at it a few times, but it was hopeless. Her only chance was to pry the collar off, but you still had the little lock for that. You went to fetch it while Red Sky tried to pull free.
> You grabbed the padlock and key and were about to run back when you spotted a belt on the floor by your bed. You remembered how Red Sky had brought you it when she thought she screwed up. This time she really did. You picked it up as well.
> She spotted it immediately and tried to press herself into a smaller ball.
> "Please, Master! I'm sorry, I couldn't help it, please don't beat me! I'll never do it again, I swear!"
> It was a litany and it sounded like she had said it many times before. Maybe this was why her previous owner had kept the mare on a tight leash and beat her. Red Sky could not be trusted.
> What burned most of all was the betrayal. All the things you've done for the ungrateful bitch! You've even taken a job! And Flame Tail.
> They must have been fucking like rabbits ever since you started working. And while you were out there, earning money so they could eat, the little bastards have been laughing at you behind your back and fooling around.
> Your hands shook as you removed your sweater. You still hadn't answered the pony and she kept pleading for her worthless hide.

> "I didn't mean to do it with Flame, please believe me Anon! I couldn't control it! I'M SORRY!" she whined loudly. She hid her face behind a wing, but you saw her peeking out to gauge your reaction.
> Even now she was just as sneaky as always! Trying to play on your heartstrings!
"Shut up!"
> But she couldn't keep quiet. "Please, Anon! I'll love you, I promise I will! I'll do anything! Please, just give me another chance!"
> Finally it worked and the mare fell silent, except for her heavy breathing. You roughly yanked her wing away and she let out a gasp of surprise and pain.
> You balled up the sweater and pushed it into her open mouth. She tried to shake it loose, but you slapped her once on the rump and the pony went limp.
> Then you tied the sleeves around her head to keep it in place. The eyes swiveled madly in fear.
> Finally, she was ready. The cloth hung out of her mouth and was already getting wet from spittle and snot. You picked up the belt and her nostrils flared as her breathing quickened in fear. The wing shot back up before her face, but you didn't care about that.
> The hit landed on her rump and Sky gave a muffled yelp. She tried to flee, but you stepped on the leash and it stopped the mare in her tracks. The eyes went up to yours, already full of tears.
> You struck her again, making the pony moan through her nose.
"I tried, you bitch!"
> *SLAP*
"I gave you everything you wanted!"
> *SLAP*
> *SLAP*

> By now, Red Sky was screaming into the cloth, but her voice was muffled. She turned her ass away and tried to hide behind her wings.
"Get them out of the way or I'll break them!"
> The threat worked all too well. She yelped into the sweater and quickly presented her rump again. She was trembling and crying, but she still managed to look back at you in fear.
> It only served to enrage you further. She was checking out how much more you'd give her. She had no say in her punishment, not after what she did! It would end exactly when you wanted it!
"Don't look at me like that!"
> It came out louder than you intended, so you quickly followed it with several quick strikes in succession.
> The pony no longer yelped for each one, but her screams blended together into a constant roar of pain.
> Her legs could no longer hold her and she folded down, but it didn't matter.
"You don't-"
> *SLAP*
"fuck around-"
> *SLAP*
"in my house!"
> *SLAP*
> After the final hit landed the belt fell from your nerveless fingers. Your memory kept throwing up the image. Flame Tail, balls deep in Red Sky. And in the mental picture, both ponies were smirking at you as he creampied the mare.
> You groaned in despair and punched a wall. You weren't even aware of the pain, but the pony, who had been winding down, yelled out in terror again.
> If you punched her like that, Red Sky would be dead. You didn't want that. Despite everything, you didn't want the mare to die. But just looking at her face made you angrier by the second.

> You got out of the room before you could really hurt the pegasus. Tears blurred your vision, but you made your way to the bathroom.
> There was another culprit in the crime. Your hand shook when you unlocked and opened the door.
> The stallion was huddled behind the washing machine with hooves over his head. He still sensed your presence and tried to push himself further.
> You grabbed a hind leg and pulled him out.
> "Please, no! Please, Master Anon, please, PLEASE! I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" he mumbled as quickly as he could get it out. Your slap on the muzzle silenced him quickly enough.
"What the FUCK were you thinking?!"
> The pony sniffled, but didn't answer.
"I told you to stay away from Sky!"
> "It wasn't my fault," the pony whimpered.
> Flame Tail flinched at your yelling, but he answered quickly, even if his voice cracked midway through. "No! She wanted me to! I said no, please b-b-believe me, Master! I d-didn't want t-to do it!"
> "R-r-red Sky is in h-heat! S-she put her- her rump in my nose an- and I couldn't think!" he babbled miserably.
> Memories flashed. The pegasus acting more and more affectionate. Her mood swings. The way Flame Tail had shoved his nose in the couch cushions. Maybe even the time he jerked himself off on your hand!
> "I'm sorry, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to do it, Master Anon! I just couldn't control it..."
> Now he was crying pitifully.

> You suddenly heard a hammering on your front door. You realized just how loud the whole affair had been. A look in the mirror showed you quite disheveled. You quickly splashed some water on your face and wiped it off with a towel. It wasn't great, but maybe it was presentable. Maybe, if you had just gotten up...
> Your mind raced.
"Not a single world, understand? One peep out of you and I'll wring your neck when I'm back!"
> That shut the stallion up immediately. His eyes somehow went wider and he began trembling violently. He quickly nodded and you locked him back into the bathroom.
> Then you went to the front door and looked through the peephole. It almost made you groan.
> Mr. Miller from down the hall. You hadn't had much to do with the man, mostly because he was working all the time. You knew he disapproved of your lifestyle, but never enough to say anything.
> You opened the door a crack.
> "What in the hell is going on in there, Anonymous? It sounds like you're beating someone, for Christ's sake!"
> In a bout of rapid bullshitting, you used the story you had already prepared for Flame Tail and added to it.
"Oh, sorry about that, Mr. Miller. My girlfriend left me her pet pony and it pissed on the carpet. I didn't realize how loud I was."
> "Pet pony?! Anonymous, you do realize this is an apartment building, do you?!"
"It's one of those colorful, smart ponies. You must have seen them on TV."
> His face immediately lit up. "Oh yeah, Rebbecca has been bugging me to get her one. I thought you couldn't buy them anymore?"

> You remembered that was his daughter's name. You kept your face neutral, but you felt relieved. It looked like you would get away with it.
"Yeah, they're more trouble than they are worth. I'll take Flame Tail back tomorrow and there shouldn't be any more problems."
> The man nodded, satisfied with your explanation. "Good. Just keep him quiet until then, alright? Some of us have to work in the morning!"
> You still forced the small smile, even if you'd rather punch the smug bastard.
"No problem. Sorry I woke you up, Mr. Miller!"
> He waved it away and left.
> You locked your door and went to the living room. Red Sky was still in the corner, whimpering into the cloth. You decided to leave it on her face, just in case. And Flame Tail had strict instructions to be quiet.
> Your ass hit the couch and you put your head in your hands. It was a fucking mess with the two ponies and suddenly you wanted nothing more to do with either.
> When you opened your eyes, you found that you were looking directly at the stain the carpet. It reignited your anger and you jumped up.
> The stallion was curled up against the bathtub when you flung the door open. He watched you with fearful eyes, but he didn't make a sound.
"You, get up! Into the living room, now!"
> He was trembling badly and his legs were barely able to carry him, but the pony obeyed. He took one look at Red Sky, with her bruised rump which she tried to hide, then he whimpered sadly.

> He flinched, cowered and looked at you in abject terror.
"The mess on the carpet, clean it up!"
> The pony looked around until he saw the wet spot, where a mixture of his seed and Red Sky's fluids was soaking into the rug.
> "Y-yes, Master!" he said quickly and rushed to the bathroom. You heard him awkwardly maneuver a plastic bucket into the tub, then fill it with water.
> About a minute later, he was back. He had found a large brush and a dirty towel and he quickly went to work.
> You didn't pay him any attention. You sat back down on the couch and tried to clear your mind.
> The fact that the ponies were fucking wouldn't have stung so much if you hadn't had such high hopes of Red Sky coming to love you.
> It had really felt that you were getting closer. In a little while you would have gotten rid of Flame Tail and could use the extra money to treat her nice. Then, slowly, she would have returned what you felt for her. You could have been happy, and you knew you would have made the pony happy as well.
> But it all went up in smoke.
> The bitch had only been nice to you so you'd give her stuff. And obviously she would give her snatch to anyone who asked, as long as it was a pony.
> You tried to hate her.
> But all you found was despair.
> You didn't even realize when Flame Tail finished and quietly crawled away. You didn't hear Red Sky weeping into the rag in her mouth.
> The thoughts whirled in an endless circle and went nowhere. Maybe it would be easier if you cried, but you couldn't do that.
> Not in front of her.

Yes, a very turbulent update. Those of you, who are still following after the past couple of updates, lemme know what you think!

Oh, and I also updated this: https://pastebin.com/xHjzZx3f

I would just return Sky to her previous master and use this experience to get a better pony.

Some slaves never learn
File: busted-1024x389.png (176 KB, 1024x389)
176 KB
176 KB PNG

Fuck! Red Sky is a pedophile mare!
The real me says that this Anon is a piece of shit entitled little brat. Fuck him to hell.

The SPG me, on the other hoof, says that Sky needs some more belt. Flame, too.
Oh fuk
anon should threaten them with returning them back to their old masters since all that trust he worked so hard to build is gone forever now
and then do it anyways because he's a twisted fuck
maybe get rid of flame tail first then call red sky's master if he can, meeting him in the park with red sky on a leash as she violently thrashes about trying to get free, going on and on with a fake story about how he found her in the park and remembered her crashing through the window, that her master should make sure to give her a good beating when they get back home etc
She was in heat. Heat is unfathomable for us mere humans. You are a mess of lust when you're in heat. Poor Sky, and poor Flame. Anon needs to find his head.

Make the bitch test.

Just ask her who have the fault of this whole mess. If Sky blame Flame she fail and you kick her out from your home/return her to her old master(because the bitch know where you live and have a lot of pony friends)
Fuck that. Sky needs more belt, and Flame needs his balls removed.
Nah, I'm with ya. I don't want some horrible torture scene, or even for her to be really scared. I want her to do something that puts herself at risk, in defiance of Anons orders for her own protection somehow, and for Anon to have to spank her for her own good. I want it to hurt him as much as it hurts her: enough to remember but not seriously. That 'loving discipline' stuff is just what the relationship needs!
Anon also needs to have that 'define the relationship' talk that he's been putting off for several updates now. That will hurt even more, but leaving Mocha hanging like this is cruel.

And you know who else needs a 'define the relationship' talk?! Anons problem here is they are all trying to dance around exactly what they are to each other. Red is trying to do the right thing for everypony, but is not being fair just mooching off Anon. Anon wants so much from Red, but can't admit exactly what to himself, let alone her. Flame is just a kid along for the ride, someday he needs to take charge of his own destiny.

>The bitch had only been nice to you so you'd give her stuff.
And Anon only gave her stuff so she would 'be nice' to him. It's not much of a relationship, but it's a start. They need to talk about where they are before they can create something deeper.

>The thoughts whirled in an endless circle and went nowhere.
The thing they all need to remember is although this is Pony Slave General, and although they are pony slaves, they are not ANONS slaves. They are just crashing on his couch because they have nowhere else to go. Anon has a right to be angry, but locking them up was over the line. He needs to start by apologizing for that.

>fumbling to get the key from the lock
Does Anons bathroom lock with a key on the outside, and also have a laundry machine? Cannot picture it.

But another cringetastic update! It's painful to read, but I just can't make myself look away from this trainwreck. Looking forward to the next one.
And run the risk of you accusing you of theft of private property, sue you for compensation and make your life a hell? Of course not!

You must deliver both to the service of collection of dangerous animals or, being easier to throw them to the street after a very severe punishment for abusing of their goodwill
This would be the most convenient, nothing assures you that she does not come back to take revenge, if I were a terrible person I would break a wing so she would lose the only advantage she has against Anon.

>being easier to throw them to the street after a very severe punishment for abusing of their goodwill

Yeah this but >>31715320

>nothing assures you that she does not come back to take revenge
>if I were a terrible person I would break a wing so she would lose the only advantage she has against Anon.

>throw them to the street
>break a wing
>she still know where you live

Congratulation, a whole team of ponies are in your house ready to beat you dead.

Best option: Sell her
According to the neighbor, you can hardly buy ponies anymore, so selling it would be a problem, and with Anon's scant social skills I doubt that he would find someone to buy it, and if he did it 'illegally' there are no guarantees that the buyer really pays Anon, it's not worth risking a pathetic slave.

The resistance group consists of squalid, hungry and desperate ponies that I doubt will risk any kind of revenge.

Although ... Anon is naturally a simple-minded idiot who could get rid of Sky and believe there will be no problems later, she may well wait one night for Anon when he returns from his job and try to kill him ... well you understand the idea
I can only think of two possible options:

Anon gets rid of Fire Tail and retakes Red Sky in his initial role of comfort pony, but the trust that him put in her is lost forever, so she denies him nocturnal outings, and puts a collar that gives electric shocks if she tries to flee, a sad ending.

Anon gets rid of Red Sky and retains Fire Tail and begins his descent to the pink side and at that moment I stopped reading this story.

In the end Anon can sell both and get a new mare, better trained and less demanding
Jeez you guys; no need to get all SiM on her ass. If Anon is not happy with the way things are going, all he has to do is show both of them the door and get on with his life. Easy come, let her be easy go too. Who has the energy for all this hate?
Nothing gives you more strength than the desire for revenge Anon

>leaving a manipulative slave that know where you live

Yeah... no
Ah fuck, of all the things that could happen this was the one thing I didn't forsee. It's certainly going to be of a shitstorm... but not one that feels out of place for the story.

I honestly feel like Anonymous will forgive Flame Tail - eventually. Not just because he was out of control with how her estrus-musk must have been affecting him, but that once Anonymous comes down off his rage I'm pretty sure he'll realize that going back to being a slave to his hormones is the last thing poor Flame wanted. Hell, the poor kid was traumatized from what they made him do - he was going to be pretty fucked up from this regardless of whether or not Anonymous found them. He's seriously damaged. Especially as Anon thinks about how much he wants control of his life, he'll realize how shitty Flame must feel to have lost control again.

Red Sky, on the other hand, needs to take some blame for this. >>31715206 makes a point, we can't understand being in heat - but Red Sky must have known she was going into estrus and chose to hide this despite all the promises Anonymous made. What did she fear - that he'd take advantage, after he swore that off when she was at her weakest under the pills' hold? Anonymous might be a cringe-inducing, self-entitled, spergy piece of shit, but Red Sky is also seriously at fault here and I'm actually kind of glad to see the collar and chain come out again.

Maaaybe it wasn't worth a savage beating, but being chained to the radiator a bit should make it clear just how much trust was broken. And to be clear, this isn't bad writing! It's a natural conflict that Red would hide such an intimate thing from someone who she still regards as her master, even if things would have turned out better.

Well, now that Mocha is starting to make some friends in the camp she'll have a chance to see 'the other side' of her Master. If the illusion is broken, maybe she will do something that does finally push his patience with her too far.
There's seven holes and only two dicks between them. They and we just need to keep an open mind. Anon retains both ponies, and all three of them get their freak on. Best ending!
>Maaaybe it wasn't worth a savage beating
It was. She really should have gotten more.
Red is an adult mare and Tail just a teenager, if both were human or were in Equestria she would be accused of rape and child molestation, the truth is that she did not want to tell Anon about his problem because frankly Red Sky despises him and finds him repulsive
>despised and repulsive
Well, to be honest...
That's what I'm talking about though. Red knew what had happened to Flame Tail, knew he was susceptible to mare pheromones. She had an obligation to do all things necessary to protect him, including telling Anonymous (no matter how repulsive it might be). That's why I think she bears blame while Flame Tail should ultimately not be punished (if not totally, completely forgiven - since that may be impossible in Anonymous' emotional state).
Whoaa, I was not expecting this.

But it is understandable that Anon feels betrayed, I mean, he can be a pathetic human, without ambitions or aspirations and with bad physical and social habits, but he was striving to change, it is true that he used Red Sky to satisfy his lust but that was at the beginning, he helped her when nobody else did, gave her a place, attention and support when she needed it most, failed many times and in terrible ways but in the end he never surrendered or took advantage of the situation to satiate his impulses, even allowed her the freedom to go outside knowing that Red Sky could never return, did not object to her supporting a group of fugitive ponies and I even accept to give home to one of them, him respect her enough not to force her to give him pleasure even when he could in more than one occasion and I look for work to keep them and give them more luxuries than they had with other humans, he did all that for Red to recognize his value and all he received was rejection, contempt and finally humiliation.

My first thought is that Red Sky betrayed Anon's trust for his own free will and that she only used it as a provider so that she would not go hungry and cold and, as says here >>31716031 Sky felt repulsion for Anon and would never again allow her to touch her. Not importing what him could offer her, maybe she thought that the movement of emancipation was going to work and she could regain her freedom and finally get out of there and go back to her people, Anon would only be a bitter memory that she would try to forget.

In other words Red Sky is just a bitch and Fire Tail on horny fool

What's next now AWF?
Too bad Anon can't use that as a moral high ground because he already got Flame to suck him off.
t. cuckmaster
What matters least to Anon at this moment is any illusion of moral superiority, that he lost at the time of fucking a desperate mare
>nice guy'd so hard that you get cucked by a beta male

What an interesting turn of events.
Any anon has the pastebin of the full list of stories of submission is mandatory?
I’ve joined the oilpatch for the winter drilling season. Sometimes my pull-shack hosts a rodent infestation, but was not practical to pack the pigpen and everything this time. I left the surviving Sweet Pig behind with my regular pigsitter; she also runs a day home for children, showers them with attention and fresh food, and gets $15/day. I get weekly status updates and pictures so SPoG will have more limited availability. Here’s the latest: looks like she’s missing Old Pig as much as I am, but she’s in good hands.

What would happen to your pony slaves if you went away for weeks or months? Would you dump them on your relatives, pay to have them stabled, or even get paid renting out their services?

>9. And it took several tries to get there, too! SPG is almost too healthy to even need the Sweet Pigs anymore.
Leave it to a "go back to SiM" fag to try and dictate how the entire green goes
> You sigh, feeling Mocha's hooves pause on the back of your head.
"...maybe with some escort. Not specifically a guard, but definitely someone I trust. Closely. And even then, I'd want her to keep to open places."
> "Yes, Master..."
> No doubt Mocha Cream understood exactly why you'd be so alarmed.
> Yes, your ponies had been far more passive once you'd properly dealt with the problematic ones who'd been egging them on.
> But that didn't mean you didn't worry that some others wouldn't be able to resist the urge to try something...
> Stupid.
"Yeah, I think I can do that. Soon Megan will be old enough she can start going on her own. I forget sometimes, it won't be too many years now..."
> Mocha Cream giggles softly.
> "She is a very nice young girl, isn't she Master?"
"Yes, she most certainly is."
> The moment her hooves leave your skin, you sit up - and before Mocha can pull away, reach out to grab her.
> Plopping the little maid-pony down in your lap, you look down at her with a wide smirk.
"And you're being awfully thoughtful for her, aren't you? I mean, if she didn't really ask you to do this..."
> Squeaking, she flushes up all over again and curls her forelegs defensively over her chest.
> "M-Miss Megan is very, very kind to us. I c-couldn't let her... she wouldn't ask you herself..."
> You might've gone a bit pale there.
> Was she getting to the rebellious age already?!
> God, you were not ready to deal with that.
> Restless ponies were one thing, but a recalcitrant daughter was a whole different matter!
> "Master? Did I-"
"No, no!"
> Slipping a hand beneath her chin, you start to scratch through the creamy hair along her throat.
> Mocha gives a little whinny and rolls her head back with eyes half-closed.
"No, I'm just... it's one of those things you'll understand when you have a child, Mocha."
> "O-Oh."
> Chuckling at her reaction - she'd barely been able to mumble out the single word - you keep scratching.

"Actually I kind of understand why she'd be afraid to ask me. After all, I once yelled at her for just going over to the security building... so, yeah. No, I'll go have a calm talk with her and we can figure out who will escort her."
> Fingers continuing to ripple through Mocha's coat, you ponder - and quickly realize there's a pony you know very well.
"Mocha, what do you think of Mayor Mare? You must've worked with her once or twice now?"
> "If.. ah, I... um, I can..."
> You pause your fingers long enough to let her gather some thoughts.
> "M-Mayor Mare is... a very stern pony, Master. But, um, very nice as well. She, um... I sort of remember a teacher I had before..."
"I get it. Go on?"
> "She reminds me of Miss Periwinkle. Like, she's knows exactly what she wants to happen, Master, but will help us get there."
> That does sound rather accurate to her, yes.
> Mayor Mare had never shared such a close administration with you as Cadance did, even before the alicorn had arrived.
> But then, you'd been a lot more distant then - and even so, she'd been a top-tier administrator.
"So, she can control my daughter then."
> "Oh, yes."
> Mocha giggles again, smiling up at you from her upside-down position.
> "I think she will.
"But will the other ponies respect her? If it comes to a conflict and she has to shut them down."
> "If I c-can give my opinion, Master, yes. I think maybe she reminds them all of their teachers."
> Or maybe, you think, their mothers.
> Not that you're going to say that; it was enough to have Mocha Cream reminded of her lost family once per day.
"It's settled, then - Mayor Mare. One or two times, at least - I wouldn't want to pull her away from her work too often. After that we can see about others."
> ...
> You walk back and forth in front of the eight ponies, eyeing them cautiously.
> Each, in turn, regards you with something of a cautious gaze as well.
> Some are familiar faces:

> Those who'd been selected to 'win' the lottery, over Cadance's objections, and join you on the trip in.
> From the look Bon Bon was giving you, it seemed pretty clear she understood that she'd been deliberately selected.
> Crescent Moon's look wasn't much better, though she also has a look of curiosity about her.
"...alright, I assume you understand why you're here."
> "Cadance did explain some of it, yes."
> Another hoof tentatively rises.
> "Not me, Master?"
"Ah, I don't recognize you - you're new, yes?"
> "Y-Yes, Master."
"Well, that's fine. The others can fill you in on the finer details, but the gist of it is this: We're going to be heading into the city to pick up some even newer additions. Your job is to help them up to the truck, calm their fears, and introduce yourselves - make them understand there's no need to panic, they aren't going to some hellhole to be worked to death."
> "W-We'll be riding with you, Master?"
"On the way in. On the way back, you'll be in the truck. Needless to say, I expect good behavior while we are out there. For your sakes', and for the sake of not creating trouble for your fellow ponies, please think twice before anything stupid."
> Bon Bon gives you an expression that sneers defiance.
> If she was planning anything, words alone would not stop it.
> Pausing in front of her, you lean over to loom above her:
"Remember. This is for their sake; if this doesn't work out, we'll simply skip it in the future."
> Of course she doesn't back down, but you can see the cogs turning in her head.
> Standing back up, you turn to the rest of them:
"On the way out, we'll be in the van. Back in, you'll ride in the truck with the other ponies. Okay, c'mon - let's get mounted up."
> The van itself isn't exactly luxury.
> But it's still far more than most of them have experienced, and you can hear soft mutterings of wonder as they climb into the seats in back.
> One of the ponies is even so bold as to take the passenger's seat-

"Sorry, but-"
> You look over, and narrow your eyes:
> Meeting your gaze evenly, Bon Bon adjusts her position in the seat but remains pointedly unmoving.
> ...you know what, fuck it.
> Leaning to bring your head near, you hiss in whisper,
"If you try anything, it's going to cost these ponies too. You understand that, right?"
> "I'm not an idiot. We're not idiots. Nopony is going to try anything."
> On any other day you'd have at the very least assigned her an extra work shift for that degree of sass.
> But not today.
> Today there's a little voice whispering in your ear that if anyone needed to be reminded of how life could be outside your walls, it was this mare.
"Okay. Seatbelts on, everyone. Let's head out."
> Before you even reach the highway, however, you're treated to an unfortunate discovery:
> The protesters had either noticed you were about to leave, or migrated to more than one location.
> A fact revealed when you turned a corner to come face to face with walls of angry, chanting people and even the odd pony - fists raised to wave, signs shaken like a batter getting a ready to wind up for the swing.
> Voices rise, loud and clear in unison chanting promises of freedom - and retribution.
> For a moment you aborting this quest; the tractor-trailer could come to make the delivery on its own.
> Avoiding them would be to let the protesters win, though, and the police chief had told you they were receiving guidance from some larger organization.
> In that case, you'd take a gamble.
> Setting your face in a stony expression, you fix your eyes forward and tap the gas.
> Not speeding, but not slowing for them either.
> What you couldn't stop, though, is how the ponies in the back crowd up to the windows - noses pressing to the glass and staring out in awe.
> Some of the protesters reach out with grubby hands extended towards muzzles and hooves.
> But, as you'd expected, none dare touch your car.

> It's still a frightening experience - not unlike what it must have felt like to be in a castle under siege.
> Besieged by angry voices and stomping feet.
> When you finally pull away from the last of them you release a breath you hadn't remembered holding.
> From the passenger's seat, Bon Bon pointedly smirks.
> You ignore her.
> The rest of the ride into the city is uneventful.
> Much like how Cadance had little reaction to the streams of traffic clogging the highways, these ponies seemed almost uninterested.
> Little bursts of conversation come up behind you, sometimes in hushed tones and sometimes open and aloud.
> But also like Cadance, once you hit the city proper they go quiet.
> If anything the reaction is even more striking than hers had been:
> Every time you glance in the rear-view mirror it seems as if they've huddled into a tighter ball at the center of the van - as if to put the maximum space possible between themselves and this strange, fearsome world that now imposed on them.
> Not Bon Bon, though:
> Her expression is a hard, flat one - and eyes almost seeming to see beyond the streets you travel down.
> Past the ponies struggling under heavy loads, through the dolled-up mares strutting happily at their owners' sides, passing over the ones cringing back as their owners lifted a finger to furiously lecture them.
> When you lower the window to let the cacophony of sounds join in her ears slam down and back to either side of her head.
> As if that could block it all out.
> The tables had now turned; it was a taste of the rest of the world and she was just as besieged by its hostility as you had been.
> You can't help the smirk that comes to your own face.
> A crack, gunshot-like, rings out and a pony at an intersection's far corner tumbles to the ground - clutching where she had been struck.
> No one stops as her (you presume) owner howls at her.
> Not people, or even ponies.
> They know better than to be involved.
> And-

> "Close the windows."
> Bon Bon's voice is soft enough to hide any tremble in it.
> She can't hide the shuddering ripples running through her coat, though.
"No. We don't need them closed."
> "Shut the windows, now!"
> Head whipping around, you scowl:
"Did you just give me an order?"
> Drawing a shaky breath, Bon Bon half-closes her eyes - and then forces them open again.
> Forces herself to see.
> "Master. Please close the window."
"There's no reason to. It's not that hot."
> "You are scaring them."
> She was right.
> The ponies in the rows behind were even more nervous than before - huddled close together like a pseudo-herd for protection.
> But that didn't mean you missed the real meaning of her statement, or that she had pushed herself to call you Master.
> Clicking your tongue, you let the window roll back up and pull over in the next available parking spot you find.
> Turning as far in your seat as you can, you face the other seven back there:
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to terrify you; things are... different out here. I forget how much different, sometimes."
> Reaching out with one hand, you wait - and after a moment, one of them extends a hoof to touch it.
> No words are spoken, no forgiveness given.
> But they believe you.
> You pull back out into traffic and drive the rest of the way to the market on your own.
> Once the engine is off you turn back to look at the little group:
"Okay, we're going to go in and meet the new ponies. Unfortunately, this business requires I keep you all on a leash as long as we're on premises. Don't worry - I won't be yanking you around. Just - try to stay calm? I know this isn't a pleasant place, but we need to keep going."
> At the end of this your eyes drift to Bon Bon.
> They would follow her lead - but to your relief, she is still too shaky to object.
> Unhappily but without protest she sticks her head out and lets you fasten the collar shut around it.
> In turn, you don't linger on the task.

> No need to turn a victory into a humiliation.
> By the time you emerge up into the proper center of the slave market, you feel like one of those fancy dog-walkers:
> Eight leashes descending from one hand.
> Your phone clutched in the other.
> Once again the little herd sticks close together.
> A few other slave handlers - some obviously enjoying their new purchases wander past.
> Their attention is firmly focused on those ponies - some of them clearly delighted to be leaving the hated market, others far less so.
> It also means that none of the ponies see your phone.
> You hiss softly and shake your head:
“Well… it seems the order isn’t fully assembled yet. We’ll have to wait an hour or two for them to finish.”
> “You’re joking!”
> “Really, Master?”
> “Can we - we go somewhere else?”
> “Yes, please Master!”
> Just as planned - they were already eager to be gone from the market.
> None of them realized that all you’d actually done is show up a couple of hours early.
Where are we going? This doesn’t change the course of the story, necessarily, but is “just for fun”:
- Go grab a bite to eat from a restaurant… if they’ll serve you.
- Go hang out in a park for a little while.
- Stay in place and let them see more of life at the market.
Option 4 : Take them to a local strip club.
Well, it's about damn time something went in Twilight's favor.

For the record, I was the anon giving you plenty of shit before. This is the direction, I feel, that things should have been running from the start: Get in carrying a modest amount of recording equipment and put it as much to use, maybe pushing Gentlehoof as far as she can to see what happens. It's unfortunate that the role of planner shifted from Twilight to Anonymous given that's really her thing, but it's still a much-improvement.

Unfortunately, Twilight then goes right back to ditz mode and makes two critical errors. First, she makes it abundantly clear that she has sources. Well, Rogers is not dumb and will certainly consider Octavia's role in all this. Hell, it's quite possible he could figure out they're neighbors and from there who the 'sources' is. Second, Twilight forgot she talked to Sweetie in front of a handler - letting it on that Sweetie is connected to her, and potentially putting her in danger.

That said, since I missed commenting on that last section - the meeting with Sweetie when it actually finally happened was fantastically done. There was a good balance of broken mare against the innocent filly peering out from inside. I'm really hoping we actually get to see more of her development soon.
>Go to strip club
>Pony dancers
>Pegasi gyrating on poles suspended in mid-air
>Earth ponies using dat erfpone strength to good effect
>Unicorns doing things with the poles that are probably illegal
>Anon's ponies aren't sure if they should be horrified or turned on
>Not the next chapter but the next
You guys are gonna kill me.
>Where are we going?
Let's stay flexible. Grab a bite, and if they don't serve us, the park is 'plan B'. If they do, we will NOT be ordering vegetarian like we usually do in front of them. Pred Pride! We'll see plenty of the market later, and showing these ponies a bad time on the town is the real reason we're here.

>It's settled, then - Mayor Mare.
Good choice, both within the story and without. We've been getting hints this character might be ripe for development.

>pick up some even newer additions
Has the new "Family Value" program started yet, and might there be a happy reunion in that truck? Nothing could serve this trips purpose better, and it would have been easy for Anon to set up.

>"Ah, I don't recognize you - you're new, yes?"
You've always been cagey about how big the camp is, but does Anon expect to personally recognize any random pony he sees?

> They know better than to be involved.
This whole scene rang a bit false, seeing several different ponies visibly suffering on an ordinary drive though town. It can't be all Tartarus all the time. I suppose the story needed it that way though.

>you fasten the collar shut around it
I assume these are electronic collars, and the leashes in Anons hand are mostly symbolic? Even if he's trying to show them why escape is a bad idea, he cannot be sure any one of these eight won't make a bad decision and bolt for it.

>This doesn’t change the course of the story.
Puffball choices are fun too!

>strip club
Perhaps not enough time, for Anon or the writefag, but they could certainly walk by one. Ponies doubly humiliated: first wearing clothes, then taking them off. Next update is going to be entertaining.
>- Go grab a bite to eat from a restaurant
Ditch the 'if they’ll serve you' part. That'll undo a lot of the progress this trip and the last few weeks/months have done towards changing your image. Last thing you want to do is sabotage your own plan because you couldn't resist a little bit of lingering pride and sadism?

You're supposed to be the good guy here. No point rubbing in their status as slaves beyond the collar and leash, the entire world is doing that job for you. Don't turn a victory into a humiliation, remember? The whole point of this trip is for these ponies to see how the world sees them as objects and that Anon, while not perfect, respects them enough to treat them like people and give them the best life they'll likely have. Yelp is a thing here, right? Find somewhere that tolerates ponies enough to let them sit at the table and has vegetarian options, and treat them to some kindness and civility. Have a casual chat with them, take interest in who they are. Maybe mention a few of your nicer plans for the future and ask them for input on making the camp happier. Hell, best case scenario is that Bonbon's view of you is thrown into doubt. Your goal here is to give them the impression you're the best thing that could happen to them in this world, and a big part of that is connecting with them beyond a purely master and slave relationship. Even if it's just for an hour or two.

The park would also be good, but being with them at a table can lead to friendly conversation, which makes it a much better way to get these ponies comfortable with him. At the park they'd just go off to do their own thing, and it would give Bonnie the chance to fuck things up by interfering with another slave's punishment or something.
No one will kill you.

As long as we get our Rarity/Anon ludes :)
What this guy says. Go get food.

Pull up Yelp and find a "pony friendly" joint nearby. They are next to the market it would almost financial suicide for the nearby restaurants to not serve ponies.
>Crescent Moon's
Finally you went back to get this pony in your story, I feel like a character with a potential wasted that could have relevance in the future
>A crack, gunshot-like, rings out and a pony at an intersection's far corner tumbles to the ground - clutching where she had been struck.

What happened here?
Restaurant if they serve ponies, otherwise go to the park.
Aaaaand I just realized the "if they'll serve you" meant if the restaurant will let ponies in. I honestly thought Anon was going to force Bonbon to feed him while he goes maximum smug. I stand by the rest it though.

Don't post while tired, anons.
Well we'll see something from them It's just been pushed back a chapter is all

Sweetie's development will be a bit part of act 5, but she wouldn't be there right off the bat.
I might.
Some pony got whipped for something.
Buy them ice cream, Faust knows they need it, Anon needs it too, then take them to give a tour of the market so they know more about the outside world, maybe after a walk in the park before returning to business, see how they take other ponies and have an story to tell home before he met again with the Jackals who park near of his property
Still applies though, it would be humiliating if they were kicked out for being ponies.
I'm afraid that will be something that the ponies and Anon often see during their stay in the city, would be even worse if the punished pony turns out to be someone known, a relative or a special pony
Is it too late to say that this was a bad idea? Anonymous is already doing far more harm than good. The rest might - and I stress MIGHT - be buying his facade of benevolence, but the only pony here whose opinion of him ultimately matters has already seen through the ruse. Bob Bon can tell he's trying to scare them, and worse, that he's ENJOYING it, and she's going to take that news back to camp, and because it confirms ponies' pre-concieved notioons of him, they're going to lap it up far faster than any saccharine platitudes about 'he's an okay guy, he bought me a sandwich'.
> You've always been cagey about how big the camp is, but does Anon expect to personally recognize any random pony he sees?

With the new additions, it's going to total out at about 2,000. He wouldn't know them all personally, but I figure that ponies' bright and unique colorations and how long the others have been around mean he could notice any mixes he hasn't often seen before.

The funny part is that when I read your comment, I initially read it as >>31718556 suggests - that it would be humiliating for them to be refused service because they're ponies and for Anonymous to not stand up for them. Only on a re-read did it click that something was off, and that you meant "for Bon Bon to literally feed him".
Yes, he is trying to scare them, he's enjoying it, and Bon Bon can tell. She sees through his "random lottery" too. But so what? This city is not a trick, not some stage set that Anon built just for them, it's the real world. The news he hopes she will bring back is that inside is better than outside, and ponies should work with him to make it better yet even if it will never be that great. And he's an ok guy who bought her a sandwich, because that's true too.

Anon is playing some tricks here, but the underlying message is real and Bon Bon can't help but see it.
Except that it's NOT 'better' in the camp. It's dressed up to LOOK and FEEL better, but ultimately ultimately a light whip is still a whip, a chain out of sight is still a chain. Inside the camp they are still someone's property, stripped of everything worth having and given bread and circuses in exchange. The only difference is that the outside world is honest about it.
File: DO I LOOK ANGRY.jpg (90 KB, 1920x1080)
90 KB
> "Close the windows."
>> ""No. We don't need them closed.""
I will respond later to the actual query but holy fuck I wanted Bon Bon to just go balls to the wall and beat on Anon for this scene. I am filled with an unbridled rage at this scene.

The idea was to give them a taste of what it's like on the outside. You were accomplishing that. Nothing warranted lowering the windows and subjecting them all to it 'directly' and making them hear every crack of cruelty, every unheeded cry for help inn the street, but I could forgive that. Then the ponies 'ask' you to pull them up, they've had enough, and what does this dick do? He refuses. He prolongs something that is clearly upsetting 'all' of them to hammer his point through but Christ, when they 'tell' you they've had enough, let the hell off. And then when she gets so desperate she has to shout
>"Did you just give me an order?"
Fuck OFF Anon. I don't buy his ''''''apology'''''' for one second, this was intentionally manipulative and goes beyond the simple scare intended. He humiliates Bon-Bon and terrifies all the ponies when they had no desire to be brought out on this trip, and then this asshole gets off an smirking afterwards and acting all concerned.

I actually wanted Bon-Bon to do something she'd regret so long as it would make Anon regret, and I'm hoping before this story is over she gets to deliver a square buck right to his jawline for everything. Anon's ego so fragile he'd consider assigning her extra work just for sass (wow like someone doesn't like being forced into servitude might have), it could stand to be taken down a few pegs for this. Fuck. Want to beat on him right at this moment, I can't fully articulate why this made me as mad as it did, compared to what he's done this is small potatoes. Maybe it's just autism or it's just on top of everything else he's done or that Crescent Moon has been subjected to this after all she's been through but fuck I just want some catharsis for this now.
File: a2246157018_10.jpg (322 KB, 1200x1200)
322 KB
322 KB JPG
Cry moar fgt
A most eloquent and reasoned rebuttal, my good sir or madam. Your command of both the English language and the rhetorical arts are truly second to none. I am left with no other choice but to concede my position entirely.
A very fair point: no matter how much they have inside, they really never have anything. Not even themselves. But freedom ain’t free, and Anons point still stands as well. Even with a successful escape, ponies might pay quite dearly for the freedom to starve! Slavery is not something Anon does to Bon Bon, it’s something this whole larger culture does to all of Equestria.
File: aspergers meltdowns 5.jpg (7 KB, 259x194)
7 KB
>A most eloquent and reasoned
>I am filled with an unbridled rage at this scene
>Fuck. Want to beat on him right at this moment, I can't fully articulate why this made me as mad as it did
Ayy lmao
File: 1515826788783.jpg (108 KB, 590x590)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Well, this was certainly something. I was not expecting this. What a poor twisted man this anon is. This is a strange but yet interesting story. I could usually tell where a story is going, but this one seems like it can take a turn almost anywhere into something different. Just how far along are we currently?
>Slavery is not something Anon does to Bon Bon, it’s something this whole larger culture does to all of Equestria.

Very true, it isn't like Anonymous can just let them all go any time he pleases. But the message he's sending boils down to "I'm the best you've got, so put up with me or else." Sure, that might be entirely true, but it sure as hell isn't going to win him any goodwill. If he doesn't learn to rein in the smarminess - and isn't able to keep his inner sadist in check, as displayed here - he's eventually going to push somepony hard enough that they forget the consequences and do something both of them will regret.
>Rebellious Megan
Yes, we could 'definitely' use a little more rebellion in Anon's life at this point, the more the merrier. Have to agree with Anon's assessment of Mayor Mare: I like her in the story and she could definitely do a good job of looking out for Megan by commanding respect. Though, my vote might have been for Sunburst instead so he could have more time to spend with Flurry too while she's out with Megan.

>Selecting the lottery
Is this 'really' what we need to subject Crescent Moon too? This pony was 'just' starting to warm up to you Anon and now you want to terrify her with this? I can get Bon-Bon, she's been nothing but rebellion, but Crescent Moon actually 'worked' with Cadance to find those four who beat up Mocha, what the eff?

>The Protestors
Really can't wait to see them pull off something stupid

>The drive
The window thing really did just strike me as needlessly cruel of Anon. I get the intent was to scare them but this was him going out of his way making it more miserable for the lot of them, even when asked to stop by Bon-Bon who he unsubtly threatened when she just wanted to help the others. As >>31718905 >>31718619 said, he feels completely un-genuine in his apology and is taking some pleasure in their torment again. Either he tries to extend an olive branch to Bon-Bon or the car-ponies after this or this is probably gonna backfire hard, and push someone into doing something to strike back out of emotion. Most of them might already 'know' shit isn't pretty outside the camp, and reminding them isn't going to have the effect we want.
And then of course I bet his 'timing' with arriving before the assembly was ready wasn't entirely accidental either.

>The Choice
I say a bite to eat if a restaurant will have us, but if that's something troublesome let's do the park... and pray something even worse than a cruel whipping on the cross-walk isn't going on there to prompt action.
I see where you're coming from, but I'm not sure I agree with it.

Bonnie is clearly just as affected as all the others were, she's just not willing to give up her Strong Independent Pone That Don't Need No Human routine. Hell, she was so desperate she called him master and everything. The ponies in the back were openly terrified, but it sounded like she was also trying to avoid a breakdown. Anon's response that it's 'not that hot', having to look back at the others to see how they're reacting, and stopping to give them actual attention when he apologizes was good enough acting that everyone but Bonnie thinks it was genuine, and she's so thrown by what's happening around her that she might not have even noticed the smirk. It doesn't matter that Anon's apology was fake as shit: the ponies he was apologizing to couldn't tell. He needs to keep being friendly and reasonable and he needs to keep his head in the game and not fuck up, and the seven will fall for the plan perfectly. Bonbon can see what he's doing and won't believe him, but that doesn't change what she's seeing in the city. Maybe she'll have a slightly better view of the camp after seeing this constant parade of misery. Maybe not and she'll be even angrier because Anon's trying to trick her. But that doesn't change very much, because if she does something stupid like starting a fight? She gets sold to a glue factory and never sees Lyra again.

They hate him because he's their owner, so the primary way to get rid of that hatred is to undermine what causes it. Connect to them on a personal level. Make them see you as a reasonable person that's so busy managing the camp that he can't give anyone the one-on-one attention he wants to. Someone so concerned with keeping the place stable and productive because if it fails they get sent into this hell with all these other poor souls. Or worse.

>Maybe it's just autism
Definitely autism, but that's fine. We're all autistic here.
And I think that's what I dislike the most about the moment was just how dishonest / underhanded it was. He intentionally makes the situation worse when everyone was already extremely uncomfortable, and when asked he refuses, not because he 'actually' cares about the temperature but just because he wants to prolong the suffering. And then when he is begged into doing it out of desperation he puts on a fake apology in an attempt to seem remorseful and earn their trust but secretly doesn't have a shred of regret and even has the sense to feel smart afterwards.

It's attempting to fool your ponies with manipulation rather than candor and feeling satisfied afterwards. It reminds me of that pen-ultimate chapter of Picture of Dorian Gray where the titular character attempts to fix the 'ugly' portrait by being overly altruistic and nice to make up for the earlier cruelty, only to have it backfire and make the picture even uglier with a smarmy grin when he realizes the 'only' reason he was doing good was because he had his own personal agenda to fulfill, not because of the actual act.

I was okay with the initial idea: show them what life is like outside the camp and let them draw the comparisons themselves. This particular approach to it puts an intensely sour spin on the original plan and when someone, most likely Bon-Bon, catches on (if she hasn't already) and gets fed up with the unnecessary subterfuge I hope it's going to cause trouble for both of them.
>Crescent Moon
He probably picked her because others know she has reason to hate him so if she changes her attitude towards him it must be for a very good reason. This isn't just about changing the mind of troublemakers, it's about making sure the rest of the camp hears how bad things are outside.

>olive branch after this
I don't think he has to. We saw through it, but the others definitely didn't. Things are going just how Anon and Cadance wanted, despite how different their motivation is.

>reminding them isn't going to have the effect we want.
That's exactly it, though. It is the effect we want. The whole point of this trip is for them to see the outside world treats them like shit constantly, and the life they have now being forced into a 9-5 job they don't want and the rare punishment while living in pseudo-poverty isn't really that bad compared to the alternative. They need to see that an escape won't improve their lives, but most likely make every part of it worse.

>arriving before the assembly
I'm sure they'll be ready the second Anon checks in. But if they head back now it'll just be one single scare on the drive there. The truck back won't have windows and they'll be talking to new ponies. Plus, it would be a huge waste of an opportunity. Anon's been trying to improve their view of him for a while now and it's slow going. Having time to relax with the group and talk to them will do a lot of building bridges, and those bridges could help stop open rebellion in the future. Anon needs to draw this out a little bit: have them really see how bad the world is for them, but also see that being in direct contact with Anon is a good thing and that he's not a monster like all the humans they see here. Change their view from 'cruel slavedriver' to 'actually treats us well, even if we don't notice it'. And talking to them will be good for Anon too, I think. He's been improving himself but there's a long way to go.
Sure Crescent Moon has a reason to hate Anon, who in the camp doesn't? And unlike most rebels Crescent Moon has been one to actually open up to Anon, let him apologize for the situation getting as bad as letting her get whipped, speak at length to her about her situation, and then she helped out the Mocha situation. The girl's earned a break from being subject to pain, mental or physical, for a bit and if the only worry is making sure word spreads around I bet there were other rebels in the museum incident.

>We saw through it, but the others definitely didn't
I'd bet money Bon-Bon has at least an inkling of it and from there it won't be long until others catch on. I understand the desired effect: show them just how bad life can be outside of the camp to dissuade them from rebellion, but it sort of ruins that message when the cruelty you're showing them is only effective because of your own little cruelty added in. Prolonging things unnecessarily, scheming to make yourself seem apologetic when every move is carefully calculated, and subjecting them to more when they're full on may be more effective than simply taking them out on a drive and honestly letting them draw their own comparisons between the world they have and the world they see, but it has a lot more stuff to worry about long-term if it has an adverse effect of making them hate Anon more when they get tired of being subjected to it or realize what he's plotting.
Except that, to be honest, it's sounding more and more like Anonymous ISN'T actually improving, he's just getting better at hiding the minster inside when it's convenient. Underneath the thin, genial veneer is the same man that tortured Corona. And on occasions like this, he rears his head, just a little, to remind us.
Really, it's a matter of how far he pushes it and if he fucks up like he's prone to doing. If they head to a pony-friendly restaurant, spend some time being casual around each other, back to pick up the newcomers with Anon acting all business once he gets inside, and then they go back to the camp in the truck? I could see all eight of them viewing both the camp and Anon in a better light. Bonbon less so than the others, but with her even small changes are valuable. They were told this is the trial of a new part of the purchasing process. That he wants to make new ponies more comfortable. Anon needs them to think he legitimately cares about them but just doesn't get the opportunity to really show it, and that given the chance he's actually a good person. This is probably the best chance of that actually happening. All he has to do is not fuck up and he gets a little of the appreciation he's craved since the story started.

Well, I'm conflicted on that too. He is improving, but he's also slipping up every so often. But that's how things go, isn't it? This isn't just a matter of acting nicer, it's a matter of changing an aspect of your personality and the underlying views that influence it. That's not an easy or fast thing. Honestly, the part that's driving it the most is his relationship with the few ponies close to him. Getting closer to Cadence, Flurry, and to a lesser extent Thunderlane, Crescent Moon, and Sunburst. The superiority, the anger issues, the frustration with not being thanked by the ponies he owns for giving them this life - it's all still there. But getting to know some of them on a more personal level, along with having to face his mistakes - Corona, the guard abuse, Mocha's beating, Chrysacolla - is creating some positive change. That's why I voted for the restaurant. It'll give him the chance to connect with even more ponies, including some that legitimately dislike him.
Yeah, literally the entire point of this trip is to convince them that the outside world is even more fucked than the camp.
The whole damn trip is a strategic decision on Anon's part to keep his "investments" from trying to fight him.
I'm of the opinion that, in terms of 'how far he pushes it', he's already crossed a line that I want him to recognize and atone for, but it's true the only thing that'd prompt him (given he doesn't have the most reliable conscience) is the ponies actually figuring it out which they may not if he plays it safe the rest of this trip. I'd like it to be something with consequence.

>Anon needs them to think he legitimately cares about them
This is the bit I think gets me the most though. Anon should worry less about making them 'think' he cares about them and just start 'genuinely' caring about them so that he can achieve those results he wants with none of the shaky foundations of deception.
Ponies should own human slaves.
Human slaves can reach high places.
Human slaves can carry ponies when they get tired.
Human slaves have hands for practical or pleasurable use.
Thank you based anon

Just make one in the anon in equestria thread
-Go grab a bite to eat from a restaurant… if they’ll serve you.
- Go hang out in a park for a little while.
Why not both? Grab something to go and chill at the park for a while. If there's some kind of food truck around it'd be perfect.

This is my second choice.
You should all unironically kill yourselves.
My man.
Pole dancing is a great thing.
I love getting commissions with it.
File: 1515770894876.png (188 KB, 992x1200)
188 KB
188 KB PNG
You story is good Vega kun
File: 1515766991147.jpg (197 KB, 950x629)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
Fuck his ponies slaves! my waifu is pure! pure!
WTF is wrong with you?! Bon Bon is seriously on the edge of real trouble here. Of course her allegiance is to her fellow ponies, but she has to maintain the facade of allegiance to her master. If she fails at that Anon is going to be forced to make an example of her in front of the other ponies just to maintain order. He obviously doesn't want to do that or he wouldn't have let her get away with being as brazen as she's already become. But she's coming right up to the line of needing a public punishment that isn't going to be pleasant for anyone.
>The idea was to give them a taste of what it's like on the outside.
The idea is to show them how good they have it in the camp compared to how their lives could be. They may resent his ownership of them, but at the end of the day he's a better Master than many they could have. And it's just in his interest to let the ponies see that, especially if it terrifies them. Don't want a rebellion on your hands, after all. If you're going to be an indulgent master you need them to know just how good they have it. And if Bon Bon insists on her concern for the ponies' immediate well-being trump this much more important revelation Anon is going to have to clamp down on her.
File: 1515815077488.gif (138 KB, 965x415)
138 KB
138 KB GIF
This thread is so slow that my slave gets bored
File: 1515846267731.png (3.38 MB, 3507x2480)
3.38 MB
3.38 MB PNG
It seems that everyone is still asleep after commenting on the latest update of cyos
Are there any good ones? I understand that they probably rare are SPGish, but anything but 100% torture woth a good plot will do.
File: 1515788706841.png (493 KB, 808x1088)
493 KB
493 KB PNG
sumthin dont look right in that pic
File: 1515797842045.png (479 KB, 1073x2000)
479 KB
479 KB PNG
>He rubs the bridge of his nose as you explain the whole Octavia & Roger situation.
"Hey, it's not the end of the world. We'll just pretend he's not there. Even if he's a few doors down what difference does it make? You'll have to see him what, once a year at homeowners association meetings?"
>"I just wish I'd known all that before hand."
>You shrink back and scratch the back of your head awkwardly.
"I'm sorry. I'd have told you if I had the chance, but we've had so little time to talk..."
>He loops an arm around you and pulls you into his lap.
>One arm encircles your midsection and the other begins to play with an ear.
>"We'll handle it. What matters is that you're back safe and sound."
>You squirm around in his lap joyfully!
>A strong arm holding you in place and the mmmm warm seat!
>Most satisfactory indeed!
>You crane your head backwards to kiss the underside of his jaw.
"Glad to be back."

>Letting him drive you home while still in his lap probably wasn't the safest idea ever, but who cares.
>Neither of you are willing to let the other go after so long apart, and besides, you kinda feel like a badass breaking the rules a bit.
>When he pulls into the garage and you don't climb off he takes matters into his own hands.
>And by matters you mean your plot.
>The squeeze makes you squeak and jump in place!
"Eeep! You could just ask!"
>You put a hoof to your chest in mod offense.
>Too bad you can't keep the smile off your face while you do it.
>"You say that but you're still sitting here."
>He leans down to assault the side of your neck in kisses while pulling you closer!
"Ok ok, I'll get up!"
>Or not.
>Your attempts to squirm away prove futile as the arms around your belly refuses to release you.
>"Too late now young mare! Now you're coming with me!"
>A line like that would terrify a lot of mares, but being carried off by your master is just a day in the life for you.
>You can only go along for the ride as Anon steps out of the vehicle with pony in tow.
"I can walk you know."
>"I guess you could, but I imagine you did plenty of that at Gentlehoof. Unless they taught you something actually cool like walking on your hind legs, I hear some ponies can do that."
>A mental image of rolling over for Dr. Taylor flashes across your mind.
"Some can, but most just fall flat on their muzzles. The only tricks they had me doing was stuff like shake, lay down, and roll over"
>He looks down at you with a raised eyebrow.
>"They had you doing dog tricks? That sounds kinda stupid."
"It was a humality thing I think. They're big on the mind games that's for sure."
>"Could be worse. I kept having nightmares of picking you up and finding you covered in bruises or seriously injured. You're sure you don't want us to go to the vet by the way?"
>You shake your head.
"I feel fine, and the recording and data will be enough to twist his arm should the issue back up. Doubly so if you recorded his confession too."
>He runs a hand up to the center of your chest to feel your steady heart beat.
>"You're a tough one so I'll let you make the call."
>Heh if Dr. Taylor or Roger heard that.
>A human leaving a decisions up to a pony!
>"But yeah, I'm sure glad they didn't beat you. I'm actually a little surprised."
>He lifts one of your forelegs like you're hiding a wound underneath.
"Don't get me wrong they DO beat ponies there, and they even use the crop to do it. I hate to say it, but it was actually your stupid little plan that saved me from it."
"Yeah the 'Spank my flank black and blue' plan! They saw how horribly blistered I was and yet I was still smarting off. They figured if you could beat the hell out of my ass like that, and I was still a brat, then trying to physically break me was too dangerous to be practical."
>"Hahahah, didn't I tell you it was a good idea?"
>You mumble something vaguely affirmative as you look away.
>He's currently carrying you through the living room and towards your bedroom.
>Oddly enough you don't see Rarity anywhere yet.
>You kinda expected her to be running to meet you the moment you got back, if only to get an update on sweetie belle.
>Probably avoiding you.
>"So I was right wasn't I? It was a good idea? Still mad at me for it?"
>Mumble mumble mumble.
>"What was that?"
>He pats your bottom with the hand supporting it.
"I said I guess not... But if you ever smack me that hard again!"
>He laughs and starts to rub your flanks instead!
>He even lets a couple fingers slip between your legs!
>"So I'm allowed to smack you just not that hard? Is that it? You seemed to even enjoy yourself last time if I remember right."
>Oh Celestia!
>The fingers aren't inside but he knows exactly how to rub them up and down your lips to get your motor running!
"Y-you're a, ohh! Your a bully!"
>You wiggle in his grasp as he plays with your defenseless body!
>"That's the cute Twi I remember!"
>You lean your head back, spread your legs, and concentrate on breathing as he refamiliarizes himself with your every crack and crevice!
"I, oh goodness! I'm not in this house for 5 minutes and you're already molesting me! Ohhh!"
>"Oh, any objections to that?"
>Houston we have penetration!
>You wiggle around as he finger explores your already lubricated love lair!
>"Sounds like a noooo."
>He's teasing you but you really really don't mind!
>After weeks with nothing but your hoof to keep you company a finger is most welcome!
"N-no master! No objections! Ohhh!"
>Finally arriving in the bedroom he gently lays you on your back and spreads your hind legs.
>The bed's so soft and he's soooo determined to make you squirm in pleasure!
>He pulls the single finger of his right hand out and replaces it with two fingers from his left!
>As if that wasn't enough he brings his wet right hand up to your muzzle to give you something else to do!
>Reveling in your own 'flavor' is really twisted, but something he's got you used to over the past few months!
>You're very... sweet.
>"Someone missed me as much as I missed her."
>You twitch and gasp when he hits a particularly sensitive spot!
"Y-you have no idea! Oh Luna!"
>"Just tell me if I'm going too fast. A few weeks without you has me worked up too."
"Yeah? What about Rarity?"
>To your great displeasure he pauses his efforts and lifts his head to look you in the eye.
>"No no no. That's all a big misunderstanding hear me? She's out right now-"
>Definitely avoiding you.
>"But we're going to straighten all that up as soon as she's back. Or would you rather talk about it now? I think we should all be present, but if you're mad-"
>You put a hoof to his stupid sexy lips.
"Anon your knuckles deep right now, and I'm leaking all over the place. No one's off the hook, but we can talk about it later, just keep going!"
>Even if he did fuck up and do something stupid with her you can hardly blame a male.
>How many stallions have been seduced by some cute mare in heat over the generations?
>It's not that they're dumb, but they really can't help themselves when they get a good whiff of mare pheromones.
>That IS the entire biological purpose of pheromones after all.
>See mare, breed mare, that's how their brain works when the tails start to rise.
>Then again Anon's a human so maybe...
>Maybe a white hot wave of blinding pleasure destroys your thought process as anon runs his tongue up the length of your slit!
>Instead of giving you a break he escalades things by diving into your flush mound face first!
>Sweet gods above human tongues aren't that long, how does it feel so good!
>You thrash and buck so hard he has to hold your hips down!
>Your vision starts to flicker as the ravishing goes on and on!
>Holy buck! He's really hungry for some of his mare!
>You aren't even ashamed that you come all over his face just a few minutes later. It's just that good!
>Extracting himself from your nethers he gives you a cocky grin.
>"That was quick."
"S-shut up! I... oh my goodness! You know what? I don't even care."
>You only spend a few moments resting, don't want to leave him waiting after all.
>You grunt as you roll over and try to struggle into a traditional mounting position, face in the pillows and ass in the air.
>Your legs are weak but you manage to spread and lock them through willpower alone.
"J-just get up here and be my master."
>A bit of reposition by him sees you pulled closer to the edge of the bed.
>No doubt so he can stand and you'll be at the perfect height to accept him.
>"You know it's pretty hot when you say stuff like that..."
>Something long, warm and thick lands between your cheeks!
>Hotdogging is such a tease!
>"But since when do you call me master?"
>The human seemingly melts over your back and whispers the last bit in your ear!
>He holds himself up with his hands so you don't have to support his entire weight, but you almost wish he'd let you.
>You're his mare! You're strong! You can take him! All of him!
"Y-your my master so why not?"
>Ugh, it's so close! Just right there!
>You buck your hips and wink at the empty air only to get teased by him sliding his member up and down your cheeks!
>"I know they probably told you a ton of weird stuff at Gentlehoof but right now there's no master ok? No masters, no slaves, just the two of us. If you want me to stop or do anything different you just say the word and that's it. I want you to have as much fun as me."
>If your heart could swell anymore it would burst!
"Y-yes Anon just us!"
>If your tail wasn't pinned under him you'd swish it happily.
"A-and just between us I want you to do it! Do me! claim me! I want to be yours again! Show me I'm yours!"
>He doesn't need to be told twice!
>The human pulls back and pierces you to the hilt in one smooth motion! Perfect aim!
>Your body explodes in a heady mixture of pleasure and pain!
>He's always been just a bit too big for you, but the slight ache feels right!
>The beast upon you grunts in obvious pleasure yet wastes no time pulling out for another go!
>It's all you can do to keep from falling over as he pounds your pony plot relentlessly!
"A-a-a-anonnn! Ohhhh!"
>He wastes no time bottoming out in his pony again and again!
>So thick! So full!
>You're treated to a few minutes of powerful hip slapping before he stops, hilts, and holds position.
>He simply pants for a few moments while keeping you nice and full!
>"Doing, whew, doing ok?"
>The sensation of speaking while being so thoroughly... occupied is a strange one.
>If you didn't know better you'd say your lung capacity was reduced just to make room for... him!
>You clamp down hard and draw a groan out of him!
>"I was going to ask if you needed a break but I'll take that as my answer!"
>Oh shit!
>As if you'd challenged him the human stands to his full height and firmly grasps both your cutie marks!
"Let's not lose our headddsss!!
>Any further attempts at speech devolve into a series of pants, yelps, squeaks, and moans as Anon pounds your pussy like it's going out of style!
>Your upper body practically bounces around like a rag doll as flanks slap into hips over and over and over!
>If you weren't gushing wet this would kill, but as things stand the pleasure is enough to make your eyes roll back into your head!
>"Getting *pant* close?"
>Speaking is off the table but hopefully he'll understand frantic nodding!
>"What do you need?"
>What do you need to push you over the edge?
>The truth is the both of you know exactly what will do it, but he just wants to hear you say it.
>He yanks your tail hard and drives you even deeper into the bed!
>It's a struggle to simply keep your footing against the hard dominant riding!
>All he needs to do it... ugh!
"Anon please! My cutie mark please!"
>He digs his fingers deep into both mark but that's not what you want!
"Ugh! Just slap it already!"
>That's all the permission he needs.
>One hand wraps around the base of your mane and pulls while the other crashes into the center of your cutie mark!
>Any fight you might have had to resist the second slap is suppressed by the firm tugging on your mane!
>Luna! You'll pass out if this keeps up!
>Your pussy overstuffed, your flank being spanked, and your body rendered powerless to do anything about it!
>A third smack has you moaning, clenching, and blushing at the same time!
>No doubt there's three nice red hand prints claiming your rear already!
>Just how many more will you be wearing before he finishes!?
>Ohhhhh! That's number four!
>If Octavia saw your ass now you'd die of embarrassment!
>You'll be wearing a skirt for the next few days for sure!
>After nearly a dozen handprints adorn your seat his twitching tells you he's finally close!
>You double down your efforts to milk him dry, do your duty, and save your plot!
>"Inside or out?!"
"In in!
>Since humans and ponies aren't compatible it doesn't matter, but he always asks anyway.
>He always asks and you always say in!
>You feel it pump a half second before your insides are painted with hot sticky spunk!
>Hot hot hot! It's so hot!
>You remain perfectly still as he fills you to the brim with his thick steaming love!
>Not that you really have a choice!
>His grip on your mane keeps you in place even for the insemination, just like the mares of old!
>Unlike the mares of old though you have to deal with human emission instead of stallion!
>Pony pussies are small and soon your full and leaking as he gives you more!
>He's kind enough to paint the rest over your presented flanks like an artist to his canvas.
>You really don't mind being his canvas, but that stuff takes a lot of shampoo to get out.
>Finally spent, the human lands on the bed beside you.
>Already closing his eyes too, stallions.
>You nudge his chin and give him a quick kiss.
>Instead of already being asleep like you'd expected the human pulls you into a tight hug!
>Despite having his eyes closed his grip isn't letting you go anywhere!
"Oh come on! I've got to clean this off before it dries in my coat!"
>A spunk covered ass is better than a creamed face but still!
>"Was it fun for you too?"
"Always. I'll be gross tomorrow if you don't let me shower though."
>Instead of letting you go he cracks and eye and gives you a devious grin.
>Uh oh.
>You squeak in surprise as he runs a hand up your hide wiping the seed off as he goes.
>Not that that isn't nice but it's still gonna be gross and oh...
>Oh that's his plan...
>The white coated hand appears right in front of your muzzle.
>The implication is clear.
"You're such a pervert..."
>He just grins and moves the hand a little closer.
>"You don't have to if you don't-"
>Buck it.
>With a huff you... lick it.
>It takes a few minutes for you to clean his hand with just your tongue.
>And ugh the taste...
>It's so...
>Well, it's an acquired taste... one you mayyyyyy have acquired.
>Of course instead of letting you up he runs his hand over your painted cheek a second time.
>You shudder knowing just how much is back there and just how much you have to go.
>Perve humans!
>You'll have your revenge though.
>You'll try to kiss him after!

>Ugh you'd never regret time with Anon, but you really should have had that shower last night.
>Despite his best efforts your fuzzy butt's still caked in dried fluids, not to mention other even more private places.
>Wow and your head feels all fuzzy.
>You know an easy fix to that at least.
>As expected your magic feels magnitudes better with the sleeve off, but to your surprise things still seemed a bit... off without a sugarcube.
>Nothing a quick snack can't fix.
>You reach over to where you left your saddlebags the night before.
>And here we go!
>Or... not?
>They're gone?
File: Yandere_Twi_2.jpg (144 KB, 1280x765)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
Ok, first of all don't get mad at me. This and the next update were going to be one big dramatic chapter where a lot of plot happened. And then I got distracted by Twilight's plot. Sooooo we're pushing back the 'Rarity and Anon' chapter til the one after next. Worth.

As always Vega, thank you for your great work!

Will the next update be the final for this chapter/part? I actually haven't read the chapter, i have been saving it and plan to read the whole thing in one go once its complete. :)
If all goes according to plan then yes.
File: 1515807985740.jpg (409 KB, 1200x1185)
409 KB
409 KB JPG
>one big dramatic chapter where a lot of plot happened
The way you phrased that worries me.
File: 1515771528390.png (308 KB, 845x915)
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308 KB PNG
After reading this sincere expression of love between a man and his mare I feel bad for having asked for a brief story about the affair between Anon and Rarity, if the marshmallow unicorn was in the house she should certainly feel terribly jealous as well as naturally ashamed of having betrayed the trust of her friend.

Is it possible that the fire of both is due in part to the effects of Roger's drug?

Good Job Vega

I just hope that we don't have any drug addiction chapter after this. Octavial already mention that they aren't chemically addictive in the previous updates
Not much plot here, just a hole lot of self-indulgent plot! I approve. After the terror, humiliation, and suspense of Gentlehoof it’s just what we need. Anon taking the time, even in the very heat of the moment, to give her some authority and respect was the perfect antidote to the two Dr.s. Being a good lover is about more than physical performance!

>Octavial already mention that they aren't chemically addictive
She did, but she’s an earth pony and Dr Rogers a human so what do either of them know? Twilight assumed she would not need their magical effects once she had her own magic back, but her magic is more powerful and her dosage higher than any other unicorn subject. As with the heat potion and Dr Taylor’s electrical stimulation machine, she may be exploring new and dangerous ground here.
She should ask Anon to (illegally?) remove her horn ring, and ask Rarities help to have a really good magical look inside her head. There might be something ‘off’ in there.
It would be bad business to send everypony home addicted, but like you said Twilight's higher than average magic might make her an exception to the norm.
Would there be a law against marrying a slave?
Probably, or at least a heavy social stigma against it.
Our culture seems keen to expand the definition of marriage about as far as it can go, but this issue would hinge on consent. A marriage is like a contract, it can only exist between parties who are able to agree, or not agree, ie: persons. A slave is already a part of your estate; it would be like ‘marriage to yourself’ (actually a thing) or something. You can always perform some private ceremony and think of yourselves as hitched, but there’s nothing the state could do for you here.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (114 KB, 1280x720)
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114 KB JPG

They can always get married in international waters ... or online
>If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they're yours; if they don't they never were. - Richard Bach
Marriage to your own slave might not be illegal, but it would be fake and a cheat. Friends don’t enslave friends.
>You and your slave mare fall in love without meaning to.
>'Marry' your slave.
>Jump though some hoops and exploit the half-assed slave laws to make her a legal agent.
>AKA she can act independently as a legal extension of yourself, bypassing the 'not a person' technicality. The only real downside is that you're responsible for her actions.
>It's like ye olde marriage where wives were beholden to their husbands.
>It's a roundabout sort of freedom, and she'll never forget Equestria, but life as a beloved housewife with legal protection from her husband is the furthest thing from an unpleasant fate.
>Men start doing this to mares they like, and the murky moral grey of slavery gets even messier when someone finally discovers how to allow ponies and humans to crossbreed.
>It's like ye olde marriage
Wow, great idea! That could be part of a great story, where they are still not equal but do have to legally trust each other. Sounds like something Vega would do. (Hint hint.)

>Sayter abomination
I want to tie naughty Rainbow up to the bedposts. I want to light her ass up with my belt while she screams and cries for mercy and shouts sorry at the top of her lungs.
You´re sick

>The door opens.
>Saimy Hammy remembered she has magic.
>Goddamn pointy headed magical space bastard fucks!
>You’re going to have to eat breakfast or face a slave uprising IN YOUR VERY OWN BED.
>”Anon! Anon!” an adorably high-pitched and deceptively kind voice squeaks. “I made you and Berry breakfast in bed!”
“I could tell.”
>”Then why didn’t you open the door for me?” she audibly pouts like a fucking child with a – oh, right, she *is* a child.
>Your bed tilts – not much, but it’s not a very big bed and it’s old. The springs are worn out.
>The weight of a little filly trying to climb onto it from Berry's side is more than noticeable.
>You roll the fuck over.
>Maybe if you can’t see it, it can’t see you.
>That’s how T-rexes work, so ponies too, right?
>You think.
>”Goddammit, Berry! I swear to whatever pointy-headed god you worship, I *will* roll over and slap your shit -”
>You spin like in your fucking grave like your pure teenage granddaughter was suddenly teen pregnant by a centaur gangbang. *Black* ones, too, not that you’re racist or anything.
>The horse part could be black.
>Human part, too, you guess.
>You’re not racist.
>”Dammit, I said –“
>She’s grinning.
>So’s Sam.
>Fucking shit.
>They got you.
>They got you good.
“Fine. Fuck it.”
>”Don’t swear in front of Sam,” No Longer Best Pony growls at you. At *you*! Her *owner*!
>You will not fucking stand for this fucking shit.
>Nor will you take it lying down!
>You sit up -
>That’s an acceptable compromise.
>- and scooch back against your headboard - and make damn sure the blanket doesn’t fail to follow.
>There are things little fillies aren’t meant to see, and your sleepwear of choice from the waist down is one of those things.
>Sammy smiles so wide you almost forgive her for this.
>She really does love making you two breakfast.
>Such a huge difference from when she first came here and couldn’t even bear to stand the night.
>It’s just a shame she sucks so much at it.
>You look around your room and, aside from the extra pony, it seems pretty much exactly the same as normal.
>No breakfast.
>Did she cock it up so badly it ceased to exist?
>That’s a possibility.
>You don’t allow yourself to hope, though.
>That way lies only disappointment and despair, regardless of what certain pink magical girls say.
>She was wrong, anyway, so…
>Yeah, she totally deserved that last movie.
“Well? Where is it?”
“Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? It’s a perfectly reasonable question!”
>Berry frowns.
>You frown back.
>She frowns harder.
>You put on the face you reserve for dealing with customers.
>Rolling her eyes at you is a sign of surrender!
>And little Sam, the whole fucking time, keeps twisting her head back and forth.
>Well, mostly looking up and down really, because you’re sitting up and Berry is still lying down and Sam is kind of standing on top of her, right on her shoulder, putting the filly almost at eye level with you.
>”Um…” she hums, “… oh!”
>”I forgot to bring it!” she gasps gleefully. GLEEFULLY! How the fuck she manages that, you’ll never fucking know. “I’ll be right back!”
“What!? No –“
>She’s already bolted off the bed and is dashing down the hall.
“… but…”
>You don’t *want* breakfast.
>Not from *her*.
>You could get up and lock the door.
>Keep the overly cheerful maniac at bay.
>That seems like work.
>Work is things that happen on days that *aren’t* your day off.
>This is your day off.
>And your bed is so warm.
>Ponysnuggles do that.
>”Thanks for not locking the door, Anon,” Berry murmurs, snuggling closer.
>She’s got her forelegs locked around your thigh!
>Fuckity fuck!
“Well, not like I can get up anyway now, is it!?”
>All sitting up did was give you a clear view of death as it comes for you.
>Sammy is trotting back, one plate balanced on her rump – and how the fuck does she do that? Berry can’t even keep *herself* balanced!
>Oh, and the other plate is in her mouth.
>You think she’s humming.
>At least, there’s these little musical-type noises coming out of her.
>Pony farts?
>But anyway, they’re in tune with her trotting.
>So’s the bouncing of the so-called toast and… whatever *that* is she probably - *hopefully* - made with… eggs(?) bouncing along with every step she takes.
>Jesus shitting bricks on a bike made of cunts.
>Toast is not supposed to *bounce*.
>There’s a moment where she disappears from sight and you let yourself believe that maybe - *maybe* - she slipped and fell and died at the very foot of your bed.
File: yes.gif (1.05 MB, 300x169)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB GIF
>That’s a horrible thing to hope for.
>You don’t even know what to do with dead pony.
>Does it go in… the… uh… compost bin?
>Regular trash bin?
>Shit, you don’t fucking know.
>You’ll ask Berry to look that up on your computer later.
>”Ahon? Halp.”
>She’s begging for help.
>She’s dying.
>”Ah cahnt reh ha –“
>Oh shit.
>You know a magical spell when you hear one.
>”Wah, ahmo –“
>If NOW WORST PONY wasn’t holding on to you, you’d be gone already.
>Maybe that’s why she’s holding on to you so tightly.
>Maybe this is the slave uprising you always knew would come.
>She’s sacrificing her life to keep you pinned in place for whatever is about to happen.
>Meteors from the sky?
>Daemons from the depths of hell itself?
>OR –
>A plate of ‘breakfast’ deposited at the foot of your bed by a little brown filly mouth.
“Forgot you had magic again?”
>What follows is too high pitched and squeaky to *really* be called swearing, but there *is* a lot of it.
>And then the second plate floats up in a haze of green and gently sets itself atop your blankets.
“That wasn’t what I meant.”
>Where’s a goddamn meteor when you need one…?

more sometime
probably in the future
>more sometime
>probably in the future

I would prefer you to write again about Appleblom, Silver Spoon, Diamond Tiara and Moondancer, that was the main reason why I followed your work TTGAN
>face a slave uprising IN YOUR VERY OWN BED
Don't give those perfidious ponies an inch, Anon! Make a pony-skin blanket like that poor guinea pig, even if it does still have the pony inside.

Super cute-but-sad as always, TGN. Only wish it was longer.
Many a kek was had.

>You will not fucking stand for this fucking shit.
>Nor will you take it lying down!
>You sit up -
>That’s an acceptable compromise.

Genius, or at least from somewhere i'm not familiar with.

>Barry called him a faggot because he hasn't even tried to make love to her.
I think I just made myself sad. They need to grab hold to as much happiness as they can.
>she totally deserved that last movie.
You shut your whore mouth!
Anon and berry are an adorable couple. Am I allowed to ship them?
Fuck you Vega, I shouldn't be getting this hard from pony porn.
Berry top cute. Especially when they understand each other without words, just pokes.
What are slaves for?
>I shouldn't be getting this hard from pony porn.

What are you, a faggot?
augh need more red sky, i cant wait to find out what happens next. whens update????
Well in my writing, the same as illegals.
Jobs that would price spike if paying 1st world conditions.
A unicorn makes for a great berry picker.
These feelings are natural.
Basically this, as slaves. But the possibilities of magic talking ponies are endless, and they have individual special talents too!
>Earf Pone with special talent for snuggles: no price too high.
>Berry picker
HJ, is that you? Death Squad Twilight when?
He's busy pretending to have another tulpa now. Just throw the story in the dead pile right beside buster and rainbow.

I would say that in my autism, the world is more like near Republic Rome, slaves/frontiersmen subsidizing the plebs lives, not a total thing, but a number of plebs getting kicked upstairs into the more noble, lazy life style.
So like in Temple Run, Lyra is still a plebian, she works at a steel mill after all, but the encounter with Fleur was to show that the show style no job comfy life NEETdom was achievable by a pony.
Bash is a house servant, courier, and general pack mule to make Lyra's life comfy.
Where as Flitter this does matter in story, so don't worry on the part is being treated as unpaid labor work in a different mill.
The difference being that
1) Lyra is a free pony, she gets paid
2) Her use of magic lets her save on equipment, since she can move 3 ton slabs to the hammer mill while they're still red hot allowing for a higher grade of hammer forged alloys. Not every unicorn is able to do this, so Lyra is able to get in that way.

verses Steel Steed, where we had a churro cart mare made to work to live and kept on drugs. All the money went straight to the owner or store. No hope, no future for her. Dust is a weaponized pony maid who is just remembering she should make some choices in life.

As far as I am concerned, slave ponies would replace the bottom tier jobs, clerks, attendants, and cashiers. The places already on the way out to automation.
A few would go to high level talent spots, like De Beers would do whatever Rarity asks, with slave being a very weird way of saying eternal contract employee who's pay stub reads yes.
Most ponies would be the same as most people, doing some sort of job that people forget exists until its discussed, not really some new job.
In fact, part of the issue in Steel Steed is the fact that the use of augs and magitech from Equestria, shrinks the gap significantly.
>page 9
First time writefagging for SPG. Any criticism appreciated.

Give My Love To Rose

>You tie the pony leash to the O hook you installed into the floor
>You finally did it
>You went out and bought yourself a cute little mare
>Originally you'd wanted a pegasus, but a little research revealed how troublesome they could be
>And no way did you want to deal with a unicorn
>So you settled for an earth mare instead
>You really didn't care as long as she was beautiful
>And she is
>You drove home from the market in silence to give her time to adjust to this new life
"Look around. This is your new home."
>She looks at your modest living room, with a dazed expression
"What's your name?"
>"Roseluck, master."
"That's a pretty name for a pretty pony."
>You expected a smile or something, but she's just looking down at the floor where the leash is tied
"You're not going to have it bad here. I'm not going to work you hard, nor do I have any intention of hurting you"
>She looks up at that
"Just know I'd be within my rights if I beat you to death"
>She flinches
"So don't do anything to make that seem like a good idea."
>She nods
"But you were expensive, and I'm nether rich enough nor enough of a sadist for that to be a desirable option"
>She's back to looking at the floor
"You do have a purpose here, though. You are to take care of me whenever I need talking care of"
>She cringes as if you were thretening to hit her
"Oh, come on. The more enthusiam you put into it the better your life is going to be, Roseluck"
>"I'm your concubine, master?," she says matter of factly, still without eye contact
"That's what you are. And I have every intention of making that as pleasant as possible for both of us"
>She lifts her head up and her pretty pale green eyes look into yours
>They're full of sadness
>You usually aren't into redheads, but sad or not she's georgeous
>And she's yours
>You own her
"Are you hungry?"
>"Yes, master. They didn't feed us at the market"
"Barbarians. Hayburger OK?"
>"Yes, master."
>You'd prepared ahead, and have pony food ready in the kitchen
>You wander off to get it
>Upon your return she hasn't moved at all
>You place a plate with a hayburger in front of her
>"Thank you, master"
"Eat now. Later you can tell me what kinds of foods you like, and I'll make it a point to keep them in"
>She nods and gets to work on her meal
"Ideally I'd like you to be happy here. If that isn't possible I at least want you to feel well taken care of"
>Her mouth is full, but she nods and makes eye contact again
>Sad eyes are kinda sexy, at least on ponies
>It's actually taking quite a bit of effort to just let her eat, because you'd really like to just get down to the business you bought her for
>But it's better if she understands the situation
>She may be your sex pet, but you want to be the kind of owner who treats his sex pet well
>And unceremoniously raping her when the poor thing hasn't eaten all day
>That doesn't sound like something a good owner would do
>And the idea that one day she mght see you as a good owner appeals to you
>What she actually thinks has no bearing on the situation, of course
>But you like being seen as a good guy
>Even if you're a good guy who just purchased another sentient being to be his living sex toy
>You're hardly the only one, though
>Today at the market mares outsold stallions by two to one, and nearly all of the buyers were men
>And selling prices were related to how pretty they were, for sure
>You see she's finished her meal
"You want to see your room, Rose?"
>"Yes, master"
>You untie the leash from the hook and lead her down the hall
>Opening the door you reinforced to show her the modest bedroom
>The bars you installed on the window look good
>And the bed you have for her is probably more copmfortable than anything she's slept on recently
>While the wall mounted TV may be a little overindulgent you want her to be comfortable
>You think she's impressed
>Or she ought to be
>This is a pretty luxe set up for a slave
>In spite of the bucket on the floor so she doesn't have to leave the room at night
>You weren't going to pay to put in another bathroom
>Not for a pony
"I think it's time you showed me your appreciation," you say, unzipping your pants
>You've been half hard since the market, and you're wet with precum at the tip
>You run your hand over her mane, guiding her head toward you
>She doesn't resist, nor does she flinch
>You feel her hot breath on you before contact
"Look me in the eye."
>Sad eyes look up at you as she takes you in her mouth
>Which feels even better than it looks
"God, you are a georgeous little thing, aren't you?"
>Sad eyes getting watery
"A georgeous little thing that doesn't have a gag reflex," you say, thrusting the head of your cock down her throat
>This causes those eyes to shut, resulting in little tears running down her face
"Look at me!," you command, continuing to fuck her face
>She complies
"And show a little more enthusiam with that tongue"
>Again, she complies
>The feeling of her tongue working the base of your shaft while you're fucking her throat is incredible
>As your pleasure increases you feel yourself tightening up
>You aren't going to last long like this at all
>And it doesn't matter
"That's a good girl," you say looking down at those moist eyes
>A few more thrusts down that little throat and you'll be there
"And you know what good girls get?," you say as the spasms of pleasure wash over you and you onload right down the little pony's throat
>She dutifully swallows every drop, and stays on your cock until you pull out of her
>You have the feeling this is going to prove to be worth every penny it cost you
>That's going to take a while, though
>You reach down to her, brushing the tears away from her face
"We're going to have a lot of fun together, Rose."
>You put your cock back in your pants and walk to the door
"I'll be back," you say as you exit into the hall, shut the door and lock it from the outside
Adds a whole new meaning to the phrase, "lmao get fucked Rose!"
It seems more realistic, more honest, than our usual fare. This is a straightforward guy with simple needs and a practical way of meeting them. He’s a villain, but a well drawn one. Roseluck is our true protagonist, if not the perspective character. It’s a good start, but you need move past this to make the story interesting. The mandatory SPG bath scene should come soon, and it’s an opportunity to develop the relationship. He probably takes the opportunity to cop a feel, but how much effort does he go to actually getting her clean, and making her comfortable? Or does he just hose her down while she’s leashed to the back step? We don’t like stories where Anon is an unstoppable Mary-Sue and the ponies just have to take it, you should develop Roselucks character by letting Anon slip up somehow, give her some real power and real choices. Better yet, find a way for her to turn the tables on him, like Aspiring did in “Break” to such good effect!

Why does Anon have the floor shackle, the secure pony room, AND the outside locking door? (Would like to see more of the o-ring hook, anyway...)

What’s the big-picture political situation that lets him buy a slave, and to beat her to death? You could not get away with that with a dog here, what changed?
Taking your slave after buying it is not an immoral act, it is an act of domination, it reminds to her your status and your authority over it
Piece of shit

Good job doing that detested a character from the beginning anon

Nice beginning

Filly brothel when?
When hell freezes
They DID take her treats. They'll be hell to pay.
Happy slave bump.
>Filly brothel
That sounds delicious
How would you deal with your stallion slaves when your neighbor's mares are in heat?
Even more if its the landlord's mares going through the vent system?
File: 1607316.gif (53 KB, 320x240)
53 KB
Rolled-up newspaper.
Once I wrap up the story in /trash/. I can only handle so many dark stories at one time.

Go for it.

>>Barry called him a faggot because he hasn't even tried to make love to her.
Now, now, there's no proof of that. They've been sharing a bed for months and a bottle for a year. They've had plenty of opportunities.

>Fluttershy still with her old owners
>Sam still skittish about staying the night
>Berry and Anon drinking alone
>watching a sad movie
>piss drunk
>kid dies
>Berry starts crying
>straight up bawling her fucking eyes out
>Anon pauses movie
>asks what's wrong
>Berry tells him everything about her daughter
>goes on about what a shit mother she is for letting it happen, whatever it is
>double shit mother, because Sam won't stay
>Anon tries to think of a way to cheer her up
>yeah, fucking nothing
>finally his drunk ass gets a dumb idea
"So, you want a kid, right?"
>Berry nods
"Fine. Fuck it. I'll give you one."
>Berry, being equally drunk as fuck, kisses him
>wake up in morning
>both too embarrassed about 1) thinking that would even work and 2) actually fucking
>never talk about that night
>but, hey, it's not like they haven't already fucked, so... fuck it
>occasionally drunken fuckings occur

>Fluttershy over
>watching anime
>something shitty and shonen
>Berry and Anon bored as fuck, turn it into a drinking game
>eventually both too damn drunk
>Anon starts throwing popcorn at Fluttershy
>she doesn't notice
>Berry escalates the situation
>both keep fucking with Fluttershy without successfully distracting her
>Anon says he could probably fuck her right now and she wouldn't know
>Berry agrees, dares him to do it
>Anon starts to whip it out, but then rethinks things
>feels kinda rapey
>plus, Tia might get pissy if she ever finds out
>also, Fluttershy might start whining about the TV shaking
>Berry reluctantly agrees that it'd be a bad idea
>both share a look
>both start making sex noises
>Fluttershy doesn't react
>gotta fuck with her more
>things escalate
>surprisingly, Anon isn't whiskeydicked
>Fluttershy never so much as flinches
>things keep escalating
>jizz dripping out Berry, down his nuts and onto the the sofa cushion, Anon starts to panic
>quietly whispers into Berry's ear
"humans can't knock up ponies, right?"
>"No," Fluttershy answers

But I probably won't write any lewd for them. I'm only comfortable writing that kind of stuff when it makes others uncomfortable to read it, and this isn't the right story for that.
>the story in /trash/
post link plz.
Second is fun and doesn't even need editing to be included in the text, but I still like first more. When Berry remembers that Anon, even in drunk state, wants to make her happy, will be filled with even more feels. Also this might be Sam's plan to stick them together just so they'd finally fuck.

Two option:

1-Make him feels like a mare with your dick
2-Tie the stallion slave, bring the mare in heat and fuck her senseless to show him who is the boss here
>Be slave mare
>That's what you feel reduced to
>Your name doesn't even matter anymore, except as something you answer when your master calls you
>And you're much happier when he doesn't
>Happy isn't even the word
>Less horrorified would be more apt
>Life has been nothing but grim resolution to the awfulness of your situation since the day you were sold
>And your inability to do anything about it
>Yet even in the midst of this horror you're still shocked by what you just heard from another mare
"Filly brothels?! How can they DO that? Even they have laws against child and animal abuse!"
>"Ponies don't count," your compadre responds, lowering her head sadly
>"As I understand it when they pushed through the laws allowing pony slavery so the government could collect taxes on sales..."
>"...ponies were classed as neither people nor animals. Simply possessions. Chickens are legally in the same position as us."
"Well they don't have chicken brothels, do they?"
>"No. They just slaughter them then eat them."
>Another wave of horror washes over you
>You know that's exactly what they do
"Thankfully we're too expensive for them to want to eat us."
>"I've heard stories, though."
"No you haven't."
>"Yes I have. I don't know if they're true. You can't tell what's true anymore. But I've heard of very rich people having orgies..."
>"...followed by elaborate feasts where some of those who worked the orgy end up served to the guests."
"No. That can't be true."
>Your head is spinning
>"How much worse is that than filly brothels?"
"How can they talk about their laws with such reverence what THAT'S legal?"
>"I don't think it actually IS legal. It's just not specifically illegal. Yet."
"They're monsters!," you whisper
>"Not all of them. Plenty of them are pushing for humane treatment of ponies, and even pony rights," she whispers back
>"It's just that those rich enough to own ponies are powerful men who enjoy the current lack of... regulation."
"So they can have sex with fillies, then even kill them and eat them after? That's beyond monsterous. A manticore might eat you, but it wouldn't use you for its sexual gratification first."
>You are shaking
>"A lot of them seem to believe right and wrong don't matter to those with lots of money and power"
"And those without money and power?"
>"They dream of having it someday. Not all of them, though. Some value right and wrong. Just not enough of them, though."
"Which leaves us raped, beaten and maybe even eaten while the lucky ones are just worked to death?"
>"We're lucky we're not cute little fillies anymore"
>That's what passes for luck in your life today
I'd eat a slave pony after stuffing it.
Probably a pegasus, let it try and keep its guts in with its wings.
Probably put a blood shunt in its neck so I can keep it alive as I force its pine nut stufed amerato infused heart down its mouth.
Sorry for the long wait, guys- not like anyone particularly cares, but here's chapter 5 and the end of this segment. Hope you guys enjoy!

Pastebin of Part 1: https://pastebin.com/xVM9APMk

And here we go!

‘This dust is absolutely unacceptable,’ the unicorn raged inwardly, twitching with disgust whenever her white coat was marred by more of they grey substance. To someone as prideful as she was, the contempt for the unworthy surroundings was almost tangibly wafting off of Rarity. And it was made all the worse as she noted an ever-increasing list of signs of desertion: doors that creaked from disuse, switches that resisted movement, knobs that took a bit of force before they groaned their protest. What irked her all the more was that the edifice was such a majestic one- why, then, was it so barren and falling into dilapidation? If her new master- Rarity scoffed at the thought- had been genuine, why, then, had she been chosen as a replacement for the missing servants? Her, her of all ponies! It was downright insulting. Regardless, much as she chafed at being considered property, one to be used of and disposed of at will, she had to make due with what she could. And this was, perhaps, the best she ever could have hoped for. For example, and this thought made her shiver physically, what if that brute had been the one to buy her?
Shaking off the dark thoughts, the amethyst-maned unicorn made her way to the bathroom. She used her horn to prod at the different decorations. While only a servant’s facility, the amenities were still quite lavish and liberal. An expanded tub meant it would be able to accomodate the equine even were she to wish to lay down and recline. A shower attachment overhead also meant that she would be able to cleanse herself properly without needing someone else’s assistance- something that Rarity was quite grateful for and made not of. After the initial quick examination, Rarity gingerly used her hoof to manage the levers, the long-empty pipes rumbling back to life as fresh water circulated the aged water-veins. After a few moments in which the unicorn was able to audibly trace the water’s movement, the shower hissed to life. As promised, by manipulating the levers, Rarity was able to control the temperature from anywhere between a refreshing chill to a soothing semi-scald. Once the water was warmed to her tastes, as indicated by the fine cloud of light steam wafting out of the tub, Rarity stepped inside and began to bathe.
‘How refreshing,’ Rarity sighed to herself as she grudgingly turned off the shower. It had been many more days than she would like to recall since she had a bath- and to her own choosing at that! Despite the lack of actual cleansers acid from the water, Rarity was able to remove the filth to a satisfying degree. The grime, slowly sunken in from days between cursory dousings by the slavers, had robbed her coat and mane of their natural lustre. And due to the paucity in many of her wishful fancies- scented oils, softening conditioners, and other such luxurients- Rarity would have to be satisfied with what she could make of the situation. After looking back to make sure that the bathing quarter, now hers, the unicorn decided to look over her sleeping establishment. She was already cataloging a list of complaints to bring up before the unicorn remembered an important something. With that, Rarity quickly went through to the bathing room, grabbed it, and then resumed her dainty stroll towards where the master of the building directed the kitchen to be.
“Were your amenities sufficient?” Anon asked from where he toiled over a stove. His face was slightly reddened with a sheen of moisture over it, owing to the steam emanating from the boiling pot. He shut off the gas valve, quenching the flame as it was starved of its vital essence. “You took quite a while, so I hope- why are you holding a brush?”
Rarity confidently sallied forth, pushing a chair back from the table with her shoulder before gracefully hopping onto it and seating herself as a dog would sit, setting said brush on the table and holding her head with a posh, upward tilt. Her eyes were closed as she stated her why: “I require help with my mane,” she said officiously. “And seeing as how this tool is designed for human hands, your assistance is necessary.”
"Yes, I can see that,” he grumbled, eyeing the brush with minor annoyance, before sighing and busying himself with the pot. He stirred the contents with a wooden spoon before turning to stare at Rarity with an expression of slight disbelief. “And you expect me to do it at your bidding,” Anon stated bluntly, surprised at his purchase’s sheer audacity.

“Yes, precisely,” Rarity assented, opening her sapphire eyes and looking at him with a slightly expectant pleading. “Imagine all the tangles, it’s been weeks since I’ve been properly brushed! My mane must be all in tangles by now…” the unicorn whined, before letting out a long-suffering sigh and placing her chin on the table in a gesture of dramatic surrender.

“Fine,” he sighed, before scooping some of the contents into a bowl. “But no complaining about the porridge-”

“Porridge?!” the pony shrieked in histrionics. “You may as well be feeding me gruel for all that is!”

"It’s porridge,” Anon repeated adamantly, placing a bowl of the oatmeal in front of Rarity. Despite the simplicity of it, it was still quite temptingly-scented. Something that the unicorn grudgingly noticed as her stomach had no such compunctions airing its grievance. She had not been well-fed in a long time, seeing as how they tried to starve her into obedience. The hunger was but another grim remainder of her previous imprisonment.

“Besides,” he continued, serving himself into a second bowl as he milled about to collect some additives. “We at least have some cream, sugar, dried fruits... add it as you wish if it is not palatable enough. And if you want your brushing, you’ll eat. Or not, but at least no further complaining.”

Rarity just grumbled in her throat, trying to keep back from further complaints as she really wanted to continue her litany of woes. However, she gave up with another sigh as she decided it would be best to not annoy him this much… or at least this soon. Besides, the unicorn did intend to find a way to to acquire her necessities. Something she was reminded of as she sniffed her mane, imaging the long-forgotten scents that used to grace it. With that, she straightened up and demurely reached for the sugar, cream, and berries, adding all three in measured quantities before beginning to eat.

Unbeknownst to the both of them, trouble was soon to rear its ugly head. But for now, both master and servant were at peace with their respective fates. Master observed servant, and servant master as they both ate in silence. Afterward, when both dabbed at their mouths with their respective napkins, Anon hid an oddly-contented smile as he reached for the brush.

As always, please comment and critique. Or not, I guess. And I know, I'll preemptively address the complaints that it isn't in green format- I'm sorry. I just can't work it out. Just something about the formatting just makes it not fit with my very impaired thinking capabilities.
>>"Yes I have. I don't know if they're true. You can't tell what's true anymore. But I've heard of very rich people having orgies..."
>>"...followed by elaborate feasts where some of those who worked the orgy end up served to the guests."

For Faust this is horrible
Dayum. That's a needy little purple pone.

Not much that can be said about this section, since it went full smut... enjoyably, of course! It's kind of funny how Twilight has gone from deading spanking to needing it to finish.

Aw sheet, Employment's back!

Well, kind of employment, since they aren't really doing that much work right now. That's fine, though - the break is welcome, and in any case you're still delivering some hilarious material. You've got just the right style of brevity to keep the story moving without making it too spasmodic, and our little foul-mouthed filly is a very much welcome addition (Sammie tries to get Berry and Anon together when?)

>And then they were both sold to loving families who just want them to look after the children
Both good. I kinda like 1 more, with a little bit of 2.
>Try to hide it.
>Celly know's exactly what they did the second they next visit.
>She says something maybe kinda mean, and berry corrects her.
>Celly admits she was just messing with them, and approves because she can plainly see they are in love.
>Berry and anon's face when someone finally points it out.

I also agree detailed lewds between just woulden't feel right.
Thanks for taking the time for my post.
Honestly, it's something of a relief to see an anon here who knows exactly why he bought his pony and isn't embarrassed/afraid to admit it, or spergs out when the time comes.

Maybe a touch too edgy with the whole "I could totally beat you to death if I wanted", but still - that "I'm going to treat you nicer than things otherwise might be, but you're still my concubine" values dissonance is what I like to see. Exactly where this is going, I don't know - but as he said, it's going to be a lot of fun together.

Plus, Roseluck is indeed a gorgeous little thing.
I hate your Anon
>Be Anon
>You just came in her mouth 10 mintes ago
>But knowing she's here with you - finally! - you're already hard again
>And there's absolutely nothing to stop you from paying her a visit in her room
>There never will be
>You walk to the kitchen and grab a couple sugar cubes, putting them in your pocket
>Sweets for a sweet little pony
>And walking to her door you notice the spring in your step
>This might have been a lot of money, but damn is it exactly what you needed!
>You listen at the door
>You though maybe you'd hear the TV you got for her
>She probably doesn't know how to work it
>You unlock the door and slowly open it, so as not to startle her
>She's exactly where you left her, sitting on the floor
"Hi Rose! I'm back."
>"Yes, master"
"You know, I was going to twell you to stop calling me master, but I really like the way you say it."
>"Yes, master."
"Yeah, like that. It's really hot. Haven't checked out the TV yet?"
>"No, master"
"Do you know how to work it?"
>"No, master"
"Let me show you," you say, grabing the remote.
>You show her the basics, and she seems to understand
"Also if you don't feel like wayching anything there are a bunch of music channels. I know ponies love music."
>"We do, master. Thank you."
"I've got something else for you," you say, reaching into your pocket to produce the sugar cubes. "When was the last time you had these?"
>"It's been a while, master."
"Well, here you go," you say, extending your palm out to her.
>She moves toward you and in seconds you feel her soft lips nibble against your hand
>It feels good, and your dick is now straining against your pants
>She sound she makes as she chews, somewhere between a soft moan and a whimper is not making this any less hot
"You are a good little pony, Rose."
>"Thank you, master"
"And you know I'm going to fuck the hell out of you right now, right?"
>She turns to present to you, lifting her tail
"That's a good little pony, all right"
File: 5M54W.gif (364 KB, 339x233)
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364 KB GIF
Anon can still recover some of his money if he sells Rarity to the butcher or the glue factory
I am glad that you continue with your TDIQ story, and with respect to the green format, do not worry, as long as your writings are clear enough to identify the characters in your story and keep the good diction, it will not be a problem, I hope your story keeps the dynamic that you have planned for her
Plz no eat pone
>He's not in the bathroom or his office.
"Anonnnnn have you seen my... medicine?"
>It has medical properties.
>You grumble as you struggle down the stairs.
>You're gross, sleepy, and now your head is fuzzy.
>Just gotta get a cube, and take a long hot soak in the tub.
>Poking your head in the living room turns up another dead end.
>The cubes were in your bags last night, you're sure of it.
>Either they fell out somewhere, unlikely, or some little birdy told Anon more than she needed to when she was here.
>Look at me I'm Octavia and I hate it when unicorns have fun!
>That's not fair, she's a nice mare trying to look out for you, her fears are just a little overblown.
>She herself said they aren't supposed to be chemically addictive.
>What kind of business would want to return addicts to their owners?
>Besides a pony of superior self control such as yourself can stop popping them at any time.
>Just, not today.
>You finally hear something as you bumble towards the kitchen
>"-hat she said. It's something we have to nip in the bud."
>Do some bitches be talking 'bout you!
>Is Twilight Sparkle gonna have to smack a filly/human?
"I'll nip you in the bud..."
>You drag your sleepy ass into the kitchen and drop your head onto the counter by the pot of coffee.
>Sweet sweet coffee!
>"Speaking of our little sunshine!"
>Rarity trots over for a nuzzle, but pulls back when she gets a whiff of you.
>"Oh my! Our rather ripe sunshine!"
"I didn't shower yet, don't bully me."
>She smiles and starts to fill a mug for you with her magic.
>For some reason yours isn't quite working right.
>"Sweetheart I would never."
>No she wouldn't, but she would tease, pester, and annoy.
>You grunt out a thanks and take the cup towards the table with you.
>Your horn is at least cooperative enough for such basic levitation, if just barely.
>Downing half the drink at once is a must to get your brain going.
>Putting the cup own you drop your head to rest on the table and look at the human sitting beside you.
"Where are they?"
>He takes a moment to chuckle at your disheveled appearance.
>Sorry that some us are aren't morning person like him and little Miss sunshine!
>"Where what Twi? Your breakfast?"
"Don't play smart with me they were in my bags last night."
>"I really don't-"
>You fix him with the hardest glare you can muster when you're only half awake.
>"Alright yeah, your little drugs."
"Give em back! They're just sugarcubes!"
>"Twi Octavia told us about those-"
>Of course she did.
>"You don't need them and they aren't good for you. Rarity was going to make us pancakes, wouldn't you rather have those instead?"
>Pancakes DO sound good, especially Rarity's pancakes, but first you're getting your freakin sugarcubes!
>Even if you don't need them, you want them!
>Without the horn sleeve they're even better!
>Originally the cubes simply let you feel your own magic.
>Now, with just your horn ring instead of the sleeve, it's so much more!
>It's like they expand your magical senses to new heights!
>Heights you haven't felt since, well, since equestria.
"Anon I'm not screwing around, give me back my sugarcubes. Dr. Taylor gave them to me and she's the nicest doctor there. If they were somehow bad for me she'd know."
>You leave out the part where her morals are a little off sometimes.
>"Sweetheart please. What if I give you extra chocolate chips on your pancake?"
>Trying to buy you off with other forms of sugar huh?
>Not that that's a bad idea, but it won't work this time.
>You push yourself up off the table and wipe the sleep from your eyes.
"Ok look, I appreciate the concern and all that, but I'm really going start getting upset if you two don't cut this out."
>Just give me one then we'll talk about it."
>Rarity brings you a new cup of coffee and sits on the other side of the table.
>"Darling, that's just making things harder on yourself in the long run."
>Oh so it's gang up on Twilight day huh?
>Her and Anon teaming up against you?
>That's cool, real cool.
"Harder on myself? Everything's fine except my two friends ganging up on me to take my stuff!"
>You pull your hoof away before Rarity can take it in her own.
>Trying to act like she cares, pft!
>"Twi no one's ganging up on you we just both care about you. Try to understand our concern here. When Octavia first told us about these things we were worried. Now I take them away for a few minutes and you're already getting upset over it.
>Wow your upset?
>Thanks for the update Anon!
>Well yeah who wouldn't when people hide your shit!
"I'm mad because you stole my stuff instead of talking to me about it first!"
>"Twi you need to calm down. No one's stolen anything I just moved them until we could talk."
>Oh ok, he didn't steal your stuff he just moved it.
>Wow big difference.
"Don't try and argue semantics with me Anon. Dr. Taylor gave them to me not to you!"
>"Because I didn't meet Dr. Taylor Twi. How was she supposed to give them to me? I really don't want to pull this card but..."
>He hesitates and looks to Rarity for help.
>"Twilight we can't own things, you know that. I'm sure she intended for you to give them to Anon to be used at his discretion. I understand they're treats of some sort?"
>Wow so that's how it's going to be!?
"Really Rarity?! Treats!? What are we dogs!?"
>"Darling please you need to-"
>You ignore her and turn back to the human.
"And thanks for reminding me of my station! Didn't you tell me last night there was no master and slaves here, just us? Or is that just when you want under my tail!?"
>Oh, that really gets under his skin.
>"Hey, I didn't want to make this a power thing, but your the one bringing this up like she gave you a personal gift!"
"She did!"
>"No she didn't Twi. I'm your owner anything she gives you belongs to me!"
>Your owner?
>When was the last time he'd called himself your owner?
>That hurts.
>That actually hurts.
>You push hard off the table knocking the chair over as you storm off.
"Oh no, did I scuff the floor?! Is that something else you own!?"
>Now it's Rarity's turn to try and approach.
>"Sweetie please. Just take a deep breath, he didn't mean anything by it."
"How are YOU going to take HIS side in all this?! Just a few months ago you were terrified of humans and now your all buddy buddy!?"
>"I'm not taking anyone's side I just want what's best for-"
"Oh so you two aren't besties who know better than me now? Did you decide that before or after you sucked him off!"
>The mare recoil as though you'd physically hit her.
>"T-that wasn't... That was a misunderstanding! I'm sorry, ok?!"
"A misunderstanding?! You accidently sucked his dick?! Did it just fall in your mouth!?"
>The poor thing is crumbling in on herself under the weight of your accusations.
>You should feel awful about making her cry, AGAIN, but for some reason you're just too mad to care!
>Guess it's time for her lover to step in and save the day.
>"Twi back off her! I told you we'd talk about what happened and were going to do that like adults! Not screaming at each other without listening!"
>Yeah you're sure he'd like to try and talk his way out of this one.
"First taking my stuff because it's 'yours' now giving me orders because I'm 'yours'? Is that it?"
>"I didn't say that."
"But your bossing me around!"
>"I'm just asking you to be reasonable!"
"Reasonable!? She tried to steal you away from me! Do you know what I'd do to a mare that did that back in Equestria? I'd kick her ass!"
>The openly crying alabaster mare looks up in a mixture of shock and fear.
>"T-twilight please!"
>She starts to slowly backs away before suddenly galloping off to hide behind her human!
>"P-please I thought you wanted me to take care of him! I was terrified and I hated it, but I did it for you!"
>If her pleads calm you down even the slightest bit, seeing his hand go to scratch her ears does the exact opposite!
"Why on earth would you think that?! Did I ever tell you to gargle his cock!?"
>She closes her eyes in shame and back further behind the human.
>No answer huh!?
>"Twi you've been bringing her into our bed for weeks what's she supposed to think? Ponies herd you told me that yourself."
"Yeah and humans don't so what's your excuse?! Stallions are at least used to multiple mares but you knew you were cheating on me!"
>"Hey! I did not cheat on you and I would never! You mean way too much to me for that! I was as-"
>Ahh, your so tired of his bullshit excuses!
"Just shut up! I am so sick of talking, just give me my cubes! If you'd never cheat on me and I'm more to you than just a slave then give me the Celestia damned cubes!"
>His hands are shaking but he stands his ground.
>"No. I'm not going to let you hurt yourself I care too much about you. I-"
"Fine, prove it! Take off my ring!"
>"... What?"
"My horn ring! If I matter so much to you and I'm not just your little fuck slave then TAKE OFF MY RING!"
>"Twi you know it's illegal."
"Oh what are they gonna bust down the door the second you do it!? Put your money where your mouth is! Either I'm your fuck bitch and you leave it on or you actually care about me and you take it off!"
>Rarity just whimpers while you and Anon stare each other down.
>He doesn't care.
>He just wants a docile flank to slap around when he pleases.
>You just can't believe it's taken you this long to see it, but at least now he'll tell you where you really stand.
>No matter how much he says he loves you you're still his slave, and the two of you will NEVER be equals.
>You back all the way up to the wall when he pulls out his phone.
>So this is it?
>The part where he shocks you and turns your ring up to max?
>The part where he shows his true colors and you finally get put in your 'proper place'?
>No more lies, no more acting like he cares about you?
>No more-
>That... didn't hurt?
>It wasn't even your collar that beeped it was your ring.
>You thought maybe he'd cranked it up but no, it almost feels... loose?
>You lean forward and it... falls right off.
>Rarity looks at the ring on the floor with just as much shock as you.
>B-but you were so sure.
>You kick the ring just to be sure it's real.
>It's off, it's really off.
>This is a trick, it has to be.
>An attempt to get you to feel like he respects you, while in reality he still has his finger on the button.
>The phone is still in his hand after all.
>"Happy? I'm still not giving you your drugs but-"
>Buck it.
>With your released magic you do a magical scan of the house.
>The tiny baggie of sugary goodness is easy enough to locate in the back of one of the kitchen cabinets.
>You take a hold of it and Anon's phone and teleport.

>You and your payload snap back into existence in one of the empty guest rooms upstairs.
>Taking your ring off was a ploy, it had to be.
>He probably figured he could make a big show of it to try and gain your trust so you'd stay inline.
>A quick peek at the phone reveals it to still have the pony control app open.
>That clenches it.
>At best you've got a few minutes before they find you and do something stupid.
>A few minutes is plenty of time to escape.
>You pop not one, not two two, but three sugarcubes and close your eyes.
>Without the ring holding you back your senses expand to unbelievable heights.
>With your arcane eye you look for somewhere to teleport to.
>Maybe your waterfall spot in the woods?
>No, you'd have your share of hiding in the woods over the years.
>Perhaps the middle of town?
>You've still got your collar no one would suspect anything.
>What about...
>Whats what?
>You attune your vision to a spot a couple miles east.
>The human world lacks the great ley lines of equestria carrying magic to and fro all over the globe, so then what's that?
>Even heavy unicorn magic use wouldn't create such a steady stream of mana.
>On top of that it's not the magical volume that's unusual but the purity.
>Is that? Love magic?
>It's almost like it's straight from...
>You need more power!
>Igniting your horn you rip all 6 elements out of your dimensional pocket!
>Power! You need more power and what better source than 6 ancient magical artifacts?!
>Slipping into existence they slowly rotate around you.
>Generosity first.
>It's... actually it looks a lot better than last you saw it.
>Where several spider cracks used to cover the surface, now only one remains down the middle.
>It's no surprise artifacts of this caliber can repair themselves but still.
>Even if your currently mad at her your glad Rarity is doing so much better.
>Next floats by Honesty.
>Three heavy scratches mar the surface but it shines as bright as ever.
>You knew they'd never break AJ.
>Laughter and kindness share similar fates, dull.
>There's very little physical damage, just a chip or two, but but the light within...
>It's not gone but you can tell something isn't right.
>Pinkie and Fluttershy, be strong.
>Holy tartarus loyalty!
>Where Generosity's cracked state worried you loyalty shocks you!
>Half the gem is simply gone!
>Cleaved right down the middle it's almost as if half the gem simply fell out.
>That's impossible though, if it had it would be in your subspace pocket and you know it's not!
>What does it mean?
>Rainbow Dash? What does it mean?
>The prospects are horrifying and reminds you of what Sweetie Belle said.
>Just what happened?
>You almost don't want to look at the last element as it floats into view.
>The last element, your element, magic.
>There's no putting it off forever though.
>You take a deep breath and...
>It's absolutely perfect.
>Not a scratch, chip, flaw, or blemish.
>But why?
>You certainly don't feel perfect! Especially not right now!
>Unfortunately these are questions for another time!
>Right now you need to go.
>With your heightened senses the magical anomaly shines like the sun against a new morning sky.
>It's small and it's risky but it'll do.
>Linking all 6 elements to your horn you to draw tremendous magic directly into your body!
>Your hooves leave the ground.
>Your eyes burn with light.
>Your horn sings and shines with overflowing power.
>And you go.
>This time you don't teleport a few meters.
>Not a few miles.
>Not a city over.
>Not a country over.
>Not a continent over.
>You go beyond.
>And the elements clatter behind you.

End act 4.
File: 74575.png (1.56 MB, 1000x808)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB PNG
Ok a few things. Yes the rarity and Anon flashback is next. Yes this is kinda a cliffhanger. Yes there will be more comfy but not for a bit. I hate to separate them again after they just got back together, but the opportunity is too good to pass up. That said this time apart will be a lot shorter than the last one and we'll answer a bunch of important questions. Wish twilight good luck on her trip with (you)'s.


I can't wait for twilight reaction when she face a whole different dash.

Btw this whole comfyness will totally disappear for some updates because anon will be really disappointed with twilight when she return. He will probably not even brother with a spank or even some kind of punishment and just ignore her for some week, a new tier of cold rule.

>Just what happened?

rainbow dash turned into a bad girl
>>Is that? Love magic?

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!

choose you own adventure??????!!!!!!!


I hope not. I never read that one
File: Twilight_mad_S3E01.png (400 KB, 1280x720)
400 KB
400 KB PNG
And Twiligth is an addict now .

Surprising outcome of this stage of history, for those who had forgotten that Twilight was still keeping the elements is a good reminder, it is good to know that in your story the rest of the mane 6 are still alive and maybe I hope to see them in the future, even though I'm surprised by what happened to Rainbow Dash, but I'm worried about what's happening to the Twilight element, the drugs in the sugar cubes expand their mind but also break their self-control and destroy their will, Twiligth could believe that She now has all the power in the world and no one can stop her, but magic without her friends and the elements they represent is as dangerous to others as it is to herself, and what happens when her cubes are finished? What is she willing to do to get more? When will it be enough before taking the path of no return?

>Anon and Rarity
Anon decided to take a risk and maybe that's why he gave Twilight the last chance to save everypony or lose everything, but for now he and Rarity must feel terribly sorry for Twilight's reaction, just need to know what they will do to recover it

>Twiligth the fugitive
even when Twilight has fled, it can still be monitored via satellite, and even if the collar is removed it should not be difficult for the government and army to locate the distinctive signature of a pony that they had already registered in the past and have effective countermeasures for eliminate any threat, but, because there is no whereabouts of the princesses? Maybe assign the mission to professionals who will make Dr. Rogers look like a saint, or maybe we'll even see the return of an old acquaintance

Great work Vega!
I'm steadily losing interest in this story. It feels like it has nothing left of what initially drew me to it in the first place.

Even beyond that, why does almost every story in the general try to free the ponies? I came here for ponies being dogs v2.0, not attempts at recreating the black civil rights movement but with ponies.

>anon will be really disappointed with twilight

More like a combination of that and blaming himself for sending twilight to that place and not reading the forms two multiples, unlike "penetration" they can hide the sugarcubes a and other as "reward for obedience" or some shit like that
Wow. Good luck on your trip, Twilight!

I found her abrupt personality change to be absolutely believable! She held it together so well through the testing of her mettle, and she was looking forward to everything being perfect when she was finally done. But life is never done, and the poisonous lessons Gentlehoof had to teach her sunk deeper than she knew. When her ‘owner’ denied her ‘treats’ it all came crashing in.

It was a very touching moment when Anon upgraded her from slave to ‘vassal’ a while ago. Twilight had fun “m’lord”ing him, but she also seemed to take it quite seriously. Does she still consider him her rightful liege, and does she consider herself in rebellion at the moment?

If you get around to the Anon / Rarity scene, you should also show Octavia dropping by a week later. She should see the contrast between her own Dr Roger and what Anon shares with his ponies. Octavia is so poised in public but so bitter in private, what face will she show them?

>ponies being dogs v2.0
GB2 SiM (even if it’s gone).

The parallels with the black civil rights movement are not that strong, they had not been slaves for several generations at the time, they were more like peons. Slave Pony General is ALL about slaves having real power, making real choices, and being real characters, not just static props for Anon to project his ego on. SOoT started as a silly little ‘spank Twi’ story, but the deeper it gets the better I like it!
>but you don’t have to like what I like
>be monitored via satellite
I don't know it says she went 'beyond' which is apparently even further than a continent apart. It sounds like she left earth.
>left earth.
Ya, was assuming she’s back on Equs. But the apparently unstoppable human conquest has been underway there for some time now. The authorities might be better prepared to both track and neutralize her there than back on Earth!
She's in Equestria isn't she?
File: hqdefault.jpg (36 KB, 480x360)
36 KB
If humans could open portals for other worlds, it would not be illogical to think that they built surveillance systems that can detect the transfer of magic and matter between 'dimensions' and take countermeasures, depending on Vega's history, humans that could block the magic of a unicorn as powerful as Twiligth will undoubtedly have detected the sudden rise in power in the house of Anon, send agents to investigate, tie up and conduct a global investigation, in case they do not find it on Earth to any of the researchers will come up with the great idea of: 'And the pony is no longer on Earth?' and bingo! to look for it in Equestria!

(Sound of weapons being loaded)
>GB2 SiM (even if it’s gone).
Fuck off. How many people do you know that want to brutally rape or punish their dogs just because? You know how many people would give their left arms just to have conversations with their pets? Any decent person with pets treats them like they're valued members of the family, because they are. That's the type of shit I'd expect out of this thread but it feels like there's so little of it. Instead every other story feels like its either building up to ponies attempting to gain their freedom somehow, or just starting the tyrannical rule of humans enslaving the ponies. I didn't come here to see ponies be freedom fighters who get along with the supposed tiny percentage of humans that feel empathy Which is absolute horseshit by the way.

Vega had what I wanted, even if the treatment facility part was going a bit off the rails I kept with it. Now it feels like we're headed towards the freedom route with Twilight getting her ring off and saving and/or proving that its okay for ponies to have more freedom so she can save one of her friends. And that's if she isn't just completely going off the rails and ending up back in Equestria to become Harriet Tubman.

I never said slaves can't have real choices, hell part of the good drama is seeing them trying to work against or with the system to make their choices matter. But actually completing that journey into non-slave ponies turns it into something I didn't come here to read. That's just my 2 cents.

>Slave Pony General is ALL about slaves having real power

Then what make us different from Ponies in earth general if this whole "slavery" is just something that we use to get our own general?
Also part of me is hopeful that Vega turns it back around and shows just how much the cubes are fucking with Twilight via some Requiem for a Dream level shit of twilight blitzed out of her mind on the floor instead of actually being where ever she thinks she's headed. But I doubt that'd actually happen.
The difference is that animals were domesticated over many generations. They are also trained from a young age to follow human direction. Ponies in most of these stories, have been ripped from their homeland and forced to serve. I think any rational person would want to be free.

Are you looking for comfy stories where ponies have been enslaved for generations, and therefore can not think of anything other than being subservient to humans?
>Then what make us different from Ponies in earth general if this whole "slavery" is just something that we use to get our own general?

That guy is wrong, I'm here for the suffering.

This is nice and I like how rose just accept it without concern
Are there any slave pony stories that take place in the past? Like on a Caribbean sugar plantation during the colonization of the new world or in Rome during its golden age?
This is honestly quite painful to read this, not aspiring's autismo fatfuck story level but this could be interesting.
>I think any rational person would want to be free.
Except we're not ponies. Literally any deus ex could be applied to have them agreeable. Maybe ponies are just easily manipulable, maybe they are predisposed to following us for whatever reason, maybe they actually get a better life living with us than they did in Equestria so they want to be here, maybe the alicorns are off their rockers and think ponies can't survive unless it's under us. I don't know, I'm just saying I'm tired of every other story implying that most of humanity is shitty and that that is why we have the ponies as slaves in the first place.

I keep seeing posters here saying these slaves get treated better than in SiM, and sure that'll happen, but then the same stories imply that a ton of other slaves simply don't have it as good. What the actual fuck. You're literally making shitty conditions for ponies as a whole just to have the savior story-line, whether its your Anon being nice to the slave or the slave rising to help others. If this thread is better than SiM, why is only YOUR pony being treated better than in SiM?

Stop replying to me Anon you have me in rant mode and I don't want to cause a scene.
I've said it before and I'll say it again. The "go back to SiM" crowd are destroying this thread. Anything that isn't 100% white knight gets the "gb2 sim" response. They've run writefags and content creators out of the thread in the past. They started a massive shitstorm trying to completely rebrand the entire general to White Knight General (literally). They need to all take their own advice and fuck off.
She'll be back
She loves Anon's dick

>freedom and home VS just a dick from your "master" that is nice to you when he want it
She knows what she is now. And that's better than things could be.
I named it Give My Love To Rose for a reason, and decided to post it this weekend for similar. It should be painful to read for all the wrong reasons, especially because you'd like that as well.
She wanted it

Sure and that happen when she was a slave.

Now she have her magic and her freedom back, she only need to use magic to remover her collar, thinks again about her choices as slave and octavia opinion about her now that she is a free mare again.
File: 6c7.png (73 KB, 592x303)
73 KB
She can't beat the dick
I had a weird dream last night that I was hogtied and two stallions were hammering into my pussy and mouth and when I woke up my bed was stained, it was awesome
Did that REALLY happen anon?
Yes I want to be the little mare and apparently it translated into my dreams
Unfortunately we don't get many historical stories. I was hoping that if I wrote one or two, we might get more. I've been thinking of doing another one. I'm debating between Roman/Equestrian vassal state story, China around the time of the first Opium war, or just before the Shogunate is formed. But if another setting suddenly sounds interesting I might try that. What about writing one yourself? You might be good at it.
A Matter of Honor, set in the Victorian era. https://pastebin.com/YhCYckc1
The Invasion of Florence, set sometime during the Renaissance. https://pastebin.com/2b1khP8z
>I'm just saying I'm tired of every other story implying that most of humanity is shitty and that that is why we have the ponies as slaves in the first place.

Sounds like you just want your cake and to eat it too. You can't enslave a race but still pretend you're not a shitty race for it. Your excuses don't make that better, you're just deluding yourself so you don't feel like an asshole.
File: large.jpg (201 KB, 1071x1024)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
ehhhh nah. Sorry to disappoint, or not.

>I found her abrupt personality change to be absolutely believable
Good to hear I was kinda concerned about it being too abrupt.

>Does she still consider him her rightful liege
The plan is to finally get around to firmly defining twi and Anon's relationship. Until now it's been kinda in limbo between slave, marefriend, and employee. How it works out we'll just have to see.

Hmm maybe? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_eER_ddASco

>to become Harriet Tubman.
Well, let's not count our eggs before they hatch.
>ehhhh nah. Sorry to disappoint, or not.

Nah, only was on lapsus brutus of silly speculation, this is you story and you universe, not from cyos fella

Hey Z, I can't remember if it was already asked, are you sudaca?
> “You may as well be feeding me gruel for all that is!”
Guess where all the money went into.
They'd have a long week repairing this old mansion he... did he even live there at all, or just got after his old aunt?
>You stretch your arms out
>You must of dozed off
>You turn over to check the time on your phone when you see a blue blur sitting on the floor
>You rub your eyes
“How long has it been?”
>”20 minutes”
>Not bad, it felt like you’ve been out for hours
>You spring up and sit on your bed
>The blue blur in front of you forms into the shape of a pony
“How were the crackers?”
>Her ears raise
“Suitable for a great pony like you?”
>One of her ears go back
>”What do you mean?”
“Well your adoption paperwork said you are full of yourself, often on a high horse.”
>You want to be careful with your words
>You’re treading thin ice right now
>You could easily set her off again
>But at the same time, if you’re careful enough you may be able to get something out of her
>Her ears go back
>”W-What do you mean? They were great! I’m pleased with whatever I can get!”
>One step forwards, two steps back
“But that’s… that’s not who you were, who you are. I want you to be yourself.”
>Pony is sweating now
>”I don’t… understand…”
”I want you to forget just about everything he told you. Every belittling thing he said to you. Every automated response he told you to say… I won’t sugar coat it, I’ll be perfectly clear. You are my property, you are my slave, but that doesn’t mean I want you to submit to everything I say. I want you to be you, how you were back at home, within limits of course…. But I won’t punish you if you break those limits… push them a bit, and I’ll tell you, nicely, if you go too far. But the limits are much further than you think, and probably further than anyone else would give their slave.”
>Her ears turn back a bit and relax
>A minute or so has passed, and Star still seems to be in confusion
>You’ve said all you could
>You feel as if you’ve repeated yourself a hundred times
>You’ve plead your case
>Time to change the subject
>Maybe things will come naturally
>It’s been a day, after all
>You seem to keep forgetting that
“Here… we ought to get you on your first dose.”
>You pick up the medicine box off the floor
“As I was saying earlier, don’t knock the medicine, it’s good stuff. It’s made with native plants, grown in Equestria.”
>Star just looks at you
>”They’re from Equestria?”
“Yup. Grown and produced on site.”
>”Star’s only ever been given human medication with Tom, it made her sick! And I only got it if I was a good pony for the day, but only sometimes.”
>You flip the box over
“Looking here you should start by take it twice a day. If it gets better we’ll just use it as needed, sound good?”
>Star nods
>You read from the back off the box
“Everfree ring a bell?”
>”The medicine is from Everfree Forest? I didn’t know they even made that stuff, It must've cost you a fortune.”
“Despite what you’ve seen, there are people out there who care. Let’s not talk about the cost anymore either, just know it was well worth it.”
>Star isn’t smiling, but she isn’t frowning either
>You can feel something softly emitting from here though
“I got you the pill kind. I guess you can either swallow it, or I can mash it up in some applesauce or something.”
>Fear strikes the pony’s eyes
>”N-No pills! Tr-Star never liked pills.”
>Her child-like fear of pills is cute
>You gloss over the back of the box again
“Wait, I spoke too soon. They’re chewable. They probably taste pretty good too.”
>You open up the box
>Not only did these cost much more, but they include less medicine than the standard horse pills
>You peel one out of the plastic and hold it in front of her
“Editable. Nothing to be afraid of.”
>Star gives it a few sniffs before looking at you for confirmation
>You push it forward a little in response
>She opens her little muzzle and grabs it out of your hand with her mouth
>She slowly moves her jaw up and down to bite into it
“How is it?”
>She chews faster and gives out a hum of approval, and then swallows it
“How’d it taste?”
>She moves her tongue around a bit and opens and closes her mouth a few times
>”It tastes just like the medicine I used to have.”
“And what would that be?”
>”Apples. This medicine specifically almost reminds me of something from Sweet Apple Acres, but I don’t think they ever used their apples for medicine.”
>You grab the box off your bed
“It doesn’t say anything about an Apple Acre, just Everfree Forest.”
>”I don’t recall apples ever coming from Everfree though.”
>You shrug
“That’s just what the box says.”
>That gives you an idea
“There’s something else I wanted to give you. As a matter of fact, I think it's under the bed, mind pulling it out?”
>The mare gives a puzzled look
“You can fit under there, right? I think it’s the only thing under there, it shouldn’t be too deep.”
>Star gets too it, and crawls on all fours to reach under your bed
>A few moments later, she reappears with your old laptop in her mouth
>You weren’t planning on her having to move the thing around by mouth, but a little bit of saliva shouldn’t hurt the thing
>”Wath thith?”
>You laugh
“Come again?”
>Star drops it out of her mouth and repeats
>”What’s this, Anonymous?”
“Computer. More specifically a laptop. We’ll take it to the kitchen, unless you wanna come up here. ”
>You pat your mattress
>Her ears point forward and she starts to shake violently
“We’ll take it to the kitchen.”
>Star follows you back into the kitchen
>You had her bring the laptop in herself
>She’ll have to get used to lugging it around if she’s gonna use it
>She doesn’t seem to mind though, and she carries it around with ease
>A lot of strength packed into that small package
>She is a horse you suppose
“Lemme me put it on the table.”
>She presents it to you, with a smile of the sorts
>Well, at least as much as she can smile with a laptop in her mouth
>You place it up on the table
“You mind if I pick you up?”
>You can practically see the gears turning in her little poner noggin’
>You reach your hands out and wrap them around her body
>She’s dead still, not daring to breathe
>But you’re proud of her, she’s a brave one
>You lift her up into the air, careful not to hurt her leg
>Unfortunately, your dedication to avoid her leg leads to another problem
>You subconsciously held her from the belly with one arm
>And her behind with the other
>Specifically, her vulva
>You quickly turn around to put her on the table
>Star sniffs
>”I-I won’t decline if you want it…”
>Star bows her head down and starts to tear up
>Good job retard
>She’s shaking again too
>You panic on the inside
>You look around
>On the ground is a mess of peanut butter cracker wrappers
>But there are still 4 packs or so left
>You grab one and quickly unwrap it
>You hold out the cracker in your hand
>She shakily raises her head and gives it a quick sniff before taking a bite of it out of your hand
>She shivers as she chews and swallows it
>She grabs another piece from your hand with her mouth
“Star… I was trying to avoid hurting your leg. I didn’t mean anything by it, I promise.”
>With how shaky her head is, you aren’t sure if she’s nodding or not
>She does however, take the last piece of the cracker from your hand
>The crackers seem to do the trick, and she beginnings to recollect herself
>It really must be her comfort food
>”I don't mind. It’s better than anything more.”
>It’ll take time until she respects herself again
>Apparently, Star saw the dilemma on your face and chimes in panic
>”B-But I won’t protest if you want anything more! I’ll be happy!”
“No Star, that’s not the problem. I need to be more cautious. I wasn’t thinking. I didn’t mean to do that.”
>Her ears turn back
“I need to be more cautious with what I say and do.”
“You can’t help it. After all that’s happened to you. I’m trying to though.”
>This is one of those moments where you wish you could pet her mane
>She wipes away the last tears with her hoof
>She’s still shaking though, and her tail is clamped tight around her privates
“Lemme show you the laptop…”
>You pat the laptop
“I guess you could say it opens up like a book, but sideways. Give it a shot.”
>Star crawls over, still clenched tight, and uses her mouth to pull the system open
>”Like this?”
“Yup! Now you see that big round button over there? Hold it down for a few seconds.”
>She follows your instructions and uses her nose to push the power button down
“You can probably use a hoof for that, it’s-”
>Star crumbles over into a sobbing mess thanks to the horror of the bright screen and the Windows boot sound
>She’s an emotional mess right now
>You look at the bottom of the computer screen
>8:03 PM
>You have to show her this stuff tonight, because she’ll be home alone tomorrow
>You have some time though
“Wanna go take a bath? 40 minutes or so?”
>She nods with her head is buried in her hooves
>You move the chair out of the way and go up to her side
“I’ll be more careful this time.”
>Your words probably ring hollow, but you’ll have to speak with action
>You scoop your arms under her belly, right below her front hooves and wrap them around
>You try to be careful because there isn’t much flesh there, just rib
>You lift her up and place her on the ground in one fluid motion
>Without saying anything, she starts her way to the bathroom for the second time today, tail between legs
>You wipe some sweat off your forehead
>This loop isn’t ever going to end, and it’s not her fault
>It’s yours
>Not only did you say something that set her off today, you did something too
>The two times you set her off today resulted in completely different responses too
>You draw a line graph in your mind of her mood and feelings today
>Both extremes have been shown

>You hear the water running in the bathroom now
>You start to prepare some meals for Star tomorrow
>Some big bowls of salad for the 3 big meals
>She still has some crackers left as a snack, but you figure she could use some more for the time being
>You grab some carrots from the refrigerator
>Your mind is occupied thinking of your fuck up, and you cut yourself while chopping the carrots
>You rush over to the sink and run water over your cut
>A few moments later you shut the water off and make your way to the bathroom for a bandage
>You’re a foot out the kitchen when you remember the bathroom is occupied by a broken blue pony
>You curse yourself and turn back over to the counter
>Minutes later, you have a makeshift bandage on your finger
>Paper towel and scotch tape
>Frugal, but it’ll stop the bleeding
>You finish cutting the carrot all the way down to a stub
>You plop the stub with the root into the trash
>Now you have tons of salad, crackers, and carrots for Star tomorrow
>Once you show her the laptop, she should be set for tomorrow
>You might as well show her the TV too, but operating the remote may be a difficult task for her
>You spend the next 20 minutes on said TV
>The credits roll for a cartoon you’ve barely been paying attention to
>It’s been roughly 40 minutes, give or take
>You force yourself up off the couch and to the bathroom door
>You knock on the door
“Star? You awake?”
>You hear a faint hum
“I wanna show you the rest of the laptop and a few other things. Take your time, I’ll be on the couch.”
>You continue to be a couch potato for the next 10 minutes
>Star slowly approaches you from the side of the couch
>”I’m done, master.”
“Anonymous, remember?”
>You smile in an attempt to comfort her
>She stays silent
“Did you use the hair dryer again?”
>”It upset you last time.”
“Didn’t upset me, I was just surprised you knew how to use it. Feel free.”
>”What are you watching?”
>The question caught you by surprise
“You know about television?”
>Star looks down
>”It’s all he would do whenever he wasn’t… conditioning me….”
“Do you, uh, know how to use it?”
>”You push the buttons to put in codes and shows beam into that little box.”
>She acts out the whole thing with her hooves
>You giggle and look forward at the TV
“That’s the idea of it. You can play around with it whenever, I’m sure you’ll find something you like.”
>Star nods her head in approval
“I wanna finish showing you the laptop. It’s a lot cooler than the TV.”
>You get up off the couch and head to the kitchen, Star trotting behind you
>The sound of her hooves on the hardfloor of the kitchen warms your heart
>You aren’t quite sure why
“Alright… let’s try this again.”
>You take a deep breath
>Star tightens her tail in between her legs
>You scoop both arms under around her belly
>Your left arm wraps around behind her front legs
>Your right arm wraps around lower down
>But not too low
>You make sure not to go anyway near her teats
>She lets out a squeak as you lift her into the air, and back onto the table
>Mission complete, boss
>You hold down the power button and shut the lid
“Let’s… start from the top. Open it up.”
>Star’s ears pin and she looks at you
>”You don’t have to baby Star.”
“I just-”
>She swishes her tail and uses her mouth to open it up and pushes the power button with her nose
>The laptop boots up to the desktop
>She looks at you with a sense of pride and accomplishment
>You’re really excited to show this to her
“Right, so those keys down there are too closely spaced for hooves. Sure, you could use your muzzle, but that’s tetious. What if I told you you can use your voice?!”
>Star stares at you blankly
“Right, you have no idea what I mean.”
>You pull a stool over
“See, so…”
>You really aren’t sure how to explain a computer or the internet to somebody
“Like… any book, any information you want to read is readily available on here.”
>She looks down at the keyboard
“Typically you’d use that to write and navigate the system, but like I said that’s probably a difficult task for an equine, so I got this super fancy program on it. Programs add features to it.”
>The text to speech program isn’t the only thing you put on in preparation of your pony
>You also have a tight antivirus program on it, so the naive mare doesn’t fuck it up beyond repair
“So rather than use the keys or the trackpad here…”
>You move the mouse around to show her the mouse, which she follows closely with her eyes with
>Top cute
>You may need to get a laser pointer once she’s finally playful
“The screen works the same way the TV does, little people aren’t trapped in here or anything.”
“Ask it to open Chrome, it’s how you access all the information on here.”
>You blacklisted your voice in the settings so it doesn’t set off whenever you have to explain something to her
>You haven’t tried much else with it though, and you’re quite excited to see it in action
>A few moments pass and she doesn’t comply
>She looks nervous and/or embarrassed by her body language
>”O-Open Chrome…?”
>Bam, Chrome opens up
“Just like that. Ask it for something. Information, books, addresses, the possibilities are endless!”
>You’re more excited than her to see this thing
>She just looks at the computer screen
“Well, my idea was to ask it about where that medicine came from, see what’s up with that.”
>She still looks uncertain
“Ask it for a map or something. Just talk to it like it’s a person, it’ll pick up.”
>”Can I s-see a map of the Everfree Forest?”
>Less than a second later, the computer pulls up an image from google
“Pretty cool huh?”
>Star seems to ignore you though, giving her full focus to the screen
>”It’s… expanded.”
>You raise an eyebrow
>”See over there? That’s where Ponyville is.”
>She points at the top of the map
>”... Or was…. The entire place is overrun by the forest.”
“I’m- I’m sorry.”
>You don’t really know how to sound more genuine
>You are, but you aren’t sure how to show it, especially without touching her
>”It’s- it’s fine. I didn’t really live there anyway. Besides, I’m never going back so why’s it matter?”
>That hurts a little
“Well I’m going to make myself some dinner, you still hungry?”
>Star shakes her little head no
>You want her to fatten up a bit because she’s still bone thin, but you don’t want to force her to eat either
>She’s proven she’s willing to eat and won’t starve herself, so it’s a no worry
>You’re making yourself a steak over the stove
>Behind you, Star is gaining confidence with the computer
>She’s searched for things from random pictures, to peanut butter cracker recipes, to Equestrian children’s books
>Or foal’s books, rather
>Some Equestrian literature has been salvaged
>Luckily they read in English, but it’s called Equestrian instead
>As your steak is finishing up, you go over to the back wall and grab Star’s water bowl
>Not quite empty, but pretty low
>Full of blue hairs too
>You bring it over to the sink, which catches Star’s attention
>You rinse the bowl out over the sink and fill it back up with cold water
>Afterwards, you put it up on the kitchen table next to Star
>You get raised ears and a wagging tail in return
>You finish up sizzling your steak and grab a soda from the fridge
>You bring it all over and sit across Star
>Your entertainment during your meal is your pony, slowly getting the hang of the laptop
>That voice control system is really cool
>Sure, phones have assistants and such, but she can control everything on the computer with just her voice with no problems
>As you’re finishing up your meal, you hear a voice across the table
>”Can I try a piece?
>You look up across the source of the voice, sitting cutely on her haunches on the other side of the table
>You’re surprised and bewildered by the question
>Evidently, Star sees that on your face and cowers
>”I-I’m sorry Mas-Anonymous I didn’t-”
“Aren’t you an equine?”
>Star blushes at the question
>”Y-yes but I’m curious.”
>You look down at your plate
“Are you sure your little pony gut can handle it?”
>Star’s demeanor completely shifts
>Her posture is the best you’ve ever seen it
>Front legs straight, muzzle up, back straight
>She smirks
>There’s a fire in her eyes
“The great and powerful Star can handle any piece of food.”
>You laugh
“If you say so.”
>You cut a small chunk of steak off your plate and hold it out in front of her
>The pony gives it a sniff before gagging
“You sure…?”
>She gives you a loud, fierce nod and opens her muzzle and pulls forward
>She pulls it out of your hand and closes her mouth
>She chews down on it
>Her look goes from smug to pure panic and disgust in a matter of seconds
>She tries to swallow it, but ends up leaning over the table spitting it out
>You laugh
“You got guts.”
>Star’s ears pin back as she slurps water out of her bowl at an extremely fast pace
>You and Star cleanup the mess she left on the kitchen floor
>You grabbed the towels off the counter and threw them away, but you had her do the actual cleaning work on the floor
>Afterwards, you give Star a list of expectations for tomorrow while you’re gone
>These expectations include and are limited to keeping the house relatively clean
>That’s all, for now
>She’s living the good life
>She knows from training how to operate lights and other switches
>The laptop and TV are readily available too for entertainment
>If she had magic, you’d of showed her what videogames are
>You leave a mental note to put her food out and fill her water bowl up again before you leave
>With that, the two of you head to bed
>It’s kinda early, but the last 24 hours have left you exhausted
>You switch off the light, pleased with how today ended versus yesterday
>You’re under the blankets and your eyes are shut, but the bedroom feels warmer and brighter than it was before
File: horse-ad-1186464.jpg (163 KB, 768x1024)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Hope you guys enjoy. i fear my slow and inconsistent updates lessen the story's interest, but unfortunately writing my little pony fictions isn't my priority in life. (I wish it could be!) Can't really promise when the next one will be, but hopefully sooner rather than later. I actually have another short story that's almost done, but I worry it's too edgy and not white knighty enough to post here.

Anyway, meet Trixie! She's a 25 year old pony mare that's for sale not too far away from me, who would've thought?
all it'd take is some hair lightener and a bunch of baby blue dye...
i dont have it on me, but my friend edited her santa hat to look like Trixie's
> Editable

> Windows boot sound
Does Windows even produce sounds at boot nowadays? I remember the epic roar win98 made with my stereo system, the first time I forgot to turn the knob down before booting made my walls shake with the bass, but I doubt that laptop would be that old and with such good dynamics.
It was a pleasant sound since WinME and just a little chirp since Vista, and in 8 and 10 I don't even remember one.

That's what you get for keeping a medkit in the lockable spaces like bathroom. The kitchen or a living room should have a drawer, top shelf of it filled with meds. You don't even have children to hide the stuff like pills and needles, why hide it into the ass of the house? I wonder why is it so mauveton to just keep the box with urgent stuff on the wall and pills somewhere in the shelves nearby.

I thought horse prices had more digits in them. Holy shit, just 175. My ssd cost less.

Nice update, cannon. She's still jumpy, but she seems to gain back her zazz.

You owe us the picture now. Can't back off.
> cost MORE
of course
trix a sweetie
it's a small pony you can't ride and could really only keep as a pet. She's older too, that's probably why she's so cheap.
> Horse Ready to Drive Cart & Carraige
May be of use for a street trader maybe. Still looks cute.
File: KSILJeSe-tc.jpg (46 KB, 480x369)
46 KB
Jesus build my hot rod.mp3
Pony wears the harness!
This was the thing I was most afraid of. Now I feel that there is no going back. I would love to see anon fixing everything with Sky, but at this point no matter how much chocolate, ice cream, or apologies, she will never trust Anon again. Even if she was also to blame, Anon just beat her. That's a non-turning point.

Fuuuuuuck! All I wanted was a happy threesome at the end, now I'm here stuck with all these fucking feels.

Please Anon keep going with your story.
I think that's not necessary the only outcome. Right before incident she was so much driven by heat that she forgot why you don't molest traumatized teenagers, right before the belt she was hysterical as anybody would be in her position before the slapping. And she clearly understood what Anon was trying to achieve last couple of weeks and what he thought when he went back. Right now they are all sitting in the same room, and everybody knows that they fucked up (except for Flame Tail, he might just avoid trouble if he keeps quiet). That's the perfect opportunity for him to tell that he knows she was not entirely in control of herself so that's not complete cheating, even if he's still disappointed in what she did to Flame Tail. Remind of consequences, for example, poor kid does not need more foals on his record, and that this place is not fit for raising one. The main point so she understands he didn't do it out of generic anger "YE FILTHY SLAVE THERES CUM STAINS ON MY CARPET I KILL YOU NOW", but because he took it close to heart. This is not a scene where they'd just say their sorries and go on as nothing happened, just remind each other that they're not perfect and there's one more thing to be wary of.
A cock sleeve to collect his cum.
He gets left to stew with his juices, the sleeve functioning as a cock cage as well.
Leave him needy and on edge.
Make it so if when needs to piss, a penis pump drains the sleeve into his ass.
If I let him cum, bottle it for sale.
If he cums without permission, pull the sleeve in some and add a sex toy to him.
Only when heat is over consider letting them have a sex slave show.
Perhaps the whole apartment gets together for an orgy and bbq.
I wonder if you're gonna have a chapter or a side story about Anon's reaction over Twilight just straight up leaving. I know the story is focused on her point of view, but I think it'd be nice to know how Anon's gonna deal emotionally with it.
Would pony slaves see the return of the soda jerk and other such manual service positions in the abscence of paying a living?
Sweet story, Cannon. Some simple white-knightery is just what the tread needs!
Tell him to quiet the fuck down and let the neighbors enjoy their mares in heat in peace, or you castrate him.
Castrating stallions later in life may still leave them with a sexual drive. You gotta do it as a foal to have a chance of getting rid of it.

Fucking him and make him feels like a mare
So filly brothel castrated colts and serve their balls to the patrons.
Or better let, the patrons eat the balls right off them,.
Deliscious fresh sweet meat from a sobbing and begging pony, this makes me hard.
Stranger things except with stallions and you sick fucks trying to turn geldings into thinking they're submissive mares
I still think she needs moar belt. A lot moar belt.
Corona is a good girl! A GOOD GIRL!
What if Corona was like a stallion until someone got him at the filly brothel and wanted a mare?
How will Shining deal with his sterile lover?
File: IMG_2248.png (3.03 MB, 1234x1907)
3.03 MB
3.03 MB PNG
>one of the last strongholds of the equestrian resistance aren't even equestrians themselves
>after months of consistent bloodshed and shrinking front lines, the last griffon kingdom hermits itself deep within the mountains like the taliban
>with food and supply routes cut off the kingdom quickly turns on itself
>factions within slowly but inevitably tear what resistance left apart but it's still much to dangerous for humans to go in and take them all
>the human forces devise a propaganda machine aimed at removing them non-violently on a volunteer basis, sneaking trained griffon cooperators inside to influence those left
>while some take up on the offer, much are still too prideful for surrender
...go on?

> You weren't aware of falling asleep, but you must have, because it was suddenly morning. You quickly identified the noise that woke you up. Red Sky was whimpering quietly, still curled up in the corner.
> Memory came rushing back and your fists involuntarily clenched. You remembered that you hadn't really punished Flame Tail. He was just as much at fault as Red Sky, despite his excuse of 'mare in heat'.
> When you stood up, the pegasus fell silent. She watched you in obvious fear as you stretched muscles, sore by the uncomfortable night on the couch.
> You looked at the pony. Her face was a mess of dried snot and fresh tears and her rear - you didn't even want to think about it. Maybe it was a good thing that she was hiding it.
> There were bruises on her back and sides, deep purple strips where your belt had landed. They didn't show up as much against the red fur, but they were still easy to spot.
> You didn't move for a minute, so the pony gathered her courage. "M-m-master Anon? Please take it off, please," she begged pathetically and gave the collar a yank. "I really need to use the bathroom, please!"
> There was no effect. You almost didn't hear her, because you were trying to decide what to do.
> Her face said it all: the pony would make a run for it the very first moment she had a chance. None of her words could be trusted. And just like that, any chance of a relationship was gone.
> It was a bitter pill to swallow and it threatened to overwhelm you. But you swore not to cry in front of the little bitch.

> You barely registered walking forward and falling to your knees next to the cowering mare. Your hand went out, seemingly of its own volition and ran through her mane.
> Sky shrank back as far as she could against the wall and held her breath as she awaited more punishment. But when she felt how gentle you were with her, there was a glimmer of hope in those blue eyes.
> "Please, Anon. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do it with Flame Tail. You gotta understand!" A hoof came up and tentatively touched the back of your hand. "It's the heat! I couldn't control myself- urk!"
> You grabbed a fistful of mane and the mare froze in terror. She watched your hand rise and closed her eyes as she prepared for the strike. But it didn't land.
> The pony had been beaten enough. Any more wouldn't change things. But you still needed revenge. The anger, deep and dark and hot, needed out.
"You're a filthy whore and I never should have trusted you!"
> Your voice was deceptively calm and quiet, but the words started the mare crying again. She still hadn't opened her eyes and tried to turn her face as best she could.
> She remembered your threat and despite an involuntary twitch, the pegasus didn't bring her wing up to try and protect her head.
"I should beat the living daylight out of you, but I don't want to get my hands dirty!"
> It was a bit louder and made the pony whimper in terror. But you released her and stood up.
> Red Sky didn't move, except for her chest heaving.

> You got the perfect idea. You stomped out to search for Flame Tail. The stallion could have broken your front door and escaped, you didn't doubt that. But you knew he wouldn't leave Red Sky behind.
> There was no way the ponies would be able to untie the knot in her leash, nor would they be able to remove the collar without the little key around your neck.
> But you needed another leash, at least temporarily. You intended to take Flame Tail out for a walk.
> The stallion was lying on the doggy bed, but he wasn't sleeping. His eyes met yours when you entered. He didn't say 'good morning' and neither did you. But the stallion had cleaned himself up and was a lot more presentable than Sky.
> You left him alone for a bit longer while you searched for a rope. In the end, all you had was the belt. You fetched it from the living room, making the pegasus curl up and whimper in fresh terror, and brought it into the bedroom.
> Flame Tail eyed the dreaded leather loop with obvious fear, but he didn't try and run. "I-is it my turn?" he asked, miserably.
> It was so very tempting. To just go to town on the the ungrateful little bastard. But you didn't want the stallion bruised for what you had in mind.
"Get up!"
> He quickly obeyed and resigned himself to a beating. His ears were flat down and his head hung low. He sniffled a little. "I deserve it."
"Damn right you do!"

> But you didn't strike. Instead, you looped the belt around his neck, fit it through the buckle and pulled. It worked almost like a noose and made the stallion instinctively try to pull away. You kept hold of it and the pony nearly choked himself.
"Stand still or you'll hang yourself!"
> It got through to him and Flame Tail stopped. He was breathing heavily, nostrils flaring and his eyes were wide open in terror. He probably thought you were going to strangle him right there.
> But you knew you couldn't bring yourself to do it. Not really. Instead, you yanked the makeshift leash until the pony was forced to stare up in your face.
"Listen to me very carefully. I'm gonna take you outside. You're going to behave *extremely* well, got it? Not one peep out of you. And don't even think about trying to run away."
> He would easily overpower you. Despite his small size, the earth pony was frighteningly strong. One well-placed kick and you'd probably end up in the hospital with internal injuries.
> The only factors keeping you safe were Flame Tail's fear of humans and concern for Red Sky.
> Another pull on the leash made him speak urgently. "Yes Master! Yes! I promise Master! I'll be good!"
"Run away, or blab about me and the first thing I'll do is go home and slit Red Sky's throat, got it?"
> The pony took one look at your face and whimpered in fear. The threat to the pegasus really got to him and you saw his legs begin to shake.

> "I swear, Master Anon! I'll be good! I promise, just don't hurt Red. Please!" he quickly pleaded.
"Come on!"
> As you walked the stallion past the living room, he craned his neck around the door frame to look inside. It drove the mare frantic. "No, where are you going? What are you doing! Don't take him, please, don't hurt Flame!" she yelled.
> You tugged on the leash, but the stallion stood his ground for a few moments. "It's going to be fine!" he said urgently to the mare. "We're just going for a walk."
> He didn't believe it and Red Sky didn't either. But she stopped yelling and began crying. You pulled harder and the stallion followed you out.
> Luckily, most people were at their jobs, so the building was empty. You didn't meet anyone until you were safely out on the streets.
> The pony kept his head down as he trudged along in quiet misery. He made sure to match your footsteps so he wouldn't pull on the leash.
> Now that his marefriend's life was on the line, the stallion was a model of good behavior.
> It wasn't far and you didn't say a single word to Flame Tail as you walked. You were preparing your story.
> You paused for a few seconds in front of the police station to gather your wits, then you pushed the door open and stepped inside. Flame Tail followed wordlessly.
> The cop on duty took one look, then his eyebrows rose up in surprise. He waited for you to approach the desk. The pony obediently sat down next to you.

> "May I help you, sir?" he asked. The guy was about your age, though in far better shape. His expression was one of keen interest, no doubt helped by the unusual sight.
"Yes, thank you. I work nights and when I came home this morning, I found *this*-"
> You yanked the belt up as if to show the policeman.
"He was rummaging through my kitchen. I managed to catch him, but now I dunno what to do with him."
> Hearing this, Flame Tail nearly panicked. He rose halfway to his hooves and it looked like he would try to bolt, but you gave him a kick in the barrel to remind him. It was enough and he sat down on his haunches again. But he was staring up, mouth open in horror and eyes disbelieving. He shook his head pleadingly when he saw you look down.
> The receptionist was surprised. "Oh! Well, I'm not sure. Can you wait? I need to get the detective. What was your name?"
"Anonymous. No problem."
> You made sure to smile disarmingly. The illusion had to be perfect. Just a citizen who had encountered an intruder in their home.
> When you two were alone, Flame Tail grabbed you around the legs. "No, nononono, please no, Master, PLEASE!" he begged. He had the good sense to keep it reasonably quiet. "Please don't turn me in, don't let them take me back to that place! I'll do anything. ANYTHING!"
> He sniffled and spoke again in a broken tone. "You can whip me, please Master. Punish me however you want, just not this..."
> The pony seemed to be folding into himself. He choked back a sob and was only able to speak in a whisper. "Anything but this..."

"Behave! One wrong move and Red Sky is dead, remember?"
> That just started him crying, but it was good enough. It would complete the illusion of a captive pony.
> Shortly after, the receptionist returned with an older guy in plain clothes. He approached and stared down at the miserably pony.
> "Huh, never thought I'd see one of those around here. Where did you say you live?"
> You gave the man your address. You hoped he wouldn't come check on your apartment - you'd have to hide Red Sky in the closet and somehow keep her quiet. But it looked like it was just a formality, even if the younger cop wrote the information down.
> "And he broke in? Do you know why?" the detective went on to ask.
> You had prepared this part of the story, too.
"He said something about a resistance. Apparently they break into places and steal food. I think I forgot to lock my door."
> The man was suspicious. "And out of all the apartments in the building, he went straight to yours?"
> It was time for some fine bullshitting. Your mind kicked into overdrive and you forced your face into a neutral expression.
"I dunno about that. Maybe they were watching me? I dunno how organized they are, but as far as I know, I'm the only one in my building who works at night on Sundays."
> The younger cop was diligently writing it all down. You scanned the memory for inconsistencies, but so far it looked good. The cop crouched to take a closer look at Flame Tail, who had his eyes shut and was shivering violently.

> "He looks scared shitless," the detective commented. You just shrugged and lifted the belt a little. The stallion was a prisoner, after all. "So it's true they can talk?"
"Yes. He begged me to let him go."
> "Hey, pony! What's your name?"
> You had to tug on the leash to make the stallion react. But he answered, in a very shaky voice. "F-flame T-tail, Mas-master!" Then he exhaled and went on, more quietly. "It's t-true. I b-broke in."
> The 'scared-shitless' act was perfect and you thought both policemen were eating it up.
> "Amazing," the older cop said, while his junior colleague just stared in shock. "Well, we can toss him in the cells and then I'll make some calls. I've read there's more of them out west, maybe they'll know what to do about him."
> He took the belt from you and chuckled. "Nicely improvised. Frank, go fetch some rope."
> The younger cop rushed off, but the detective looked back to you.
> "Was there any damage to the place? Do you need a police report for the insurance or something?"
> You shook your head.
"No, like I said, I neglected to lock the door. And I don't feel like doing all that paperwork over a few dollars worth of food he ate. I just want him taken care of."
> "Did you see any others? I read there's these flying ones, too."
> This time you shrugged.
"Maybe. I wasn't paying attention. But it sounded like he wasn't working alone when he begged me to let him go. Maybe they're hiding in the forest somewhere."
> The man nodded. "Thanks. We'll talk to him and check it out."

> You knew Flame Tail might crack and tell them the truth. You had to make that as unlikely as possible. You quickly hauled the belt up, making the stallion jump into the air and balance awkwardly on his hind hooves.
"You behave, you little stealing jerk! Tell them everything they want to know!"
> You turned him so that the cop couldn't see your face as you frowned fiercely. The stallion understood and he nodded.
> "Yes, Mas-master A-" he started and almost said your name. It wouldn't be too big a slip up - you had said it out loud just minutes ago, after all. But you'd still prefer him not to. A brief tug silenced it.
> "I promise! I'll behave!"
> The detective frowned at what looked like mistreatment of an animal. "There's no call for that, sir."
> You let the pony drop down.
"Sorry. I'm just pissed cause I haven't slept since yesterday."
> Luckily, you didn't have to make more small talk, because a few other cops came in, led by the junior. They all stopped to stare, but at a command from the detective they approached. One of them looked from the pony to the pair of handcuffs he was holding, then quickly put them away.
> They also had rope and they skillfully tied it around Flame Tail's neck so it wouldn't choke him. You removed your belt and the loss of the last familiar thing started the stallion crying miserably. Quite a few faces softened with concern and pity.
> "Come on, little fella. It's okay. Just come this way and we'll get you some water, okay?" one of the younger policemen said as they led him away.

> The detective had a few simple follow-up questions which you easily answered. Then you gave him your phone number and left. With luck, he would call first before dropping by, especially after you told him that you had an 'unpredictable work schedule'. But you'd still need to be ready with Red Sky.
> On your way back, you stopped at a pharmacy and bought a bottle of the strongest sleeping pills you could get without a receipt. Those would keep her quiet, if you had to entertain 'guests'.
> Once outside, you coiled up the belt, stuck it in a pocket and began walking home. You didn't know just how you felt about Flame Tail, but it was firmly out of your hands now.
> You didn't know if they would return him to his owner, or send him someplace else. He might even end up in an SPCA or something.
> The look of hurt betrayal on the stallion's face gave you pause and made your conscience twinge. But you reminded yourself that this was a punishment for Red Sky, more than Flame Tail.
> She stuck her snatch in the poor guy's face and now they would both suffer for it. Besides, wasn't the stallion extremely young?
> You wondered what the age of consent was in Equestria.
> ...
> When you returned to the flat with no Flame Tail, the pegasus went crazy.
> "What did you do to Flame?! WHAT DID YOU DO?" she wailed, nearly choking herself with the leash as she tried to reach you. "Please, Celestia, no! Where is Flame?! PLEASE TELL ME!"
> You shrugged.
"I turned him in at the police and told them that he was a part of the resistance. I guess they'll interrogate him and then hunt them down."

> The mare fell flat on her ass in shock. She stared for a while before the message fully worked its way into her head.
> "You di- didn't!" she choked out.
"Did. But you don't have to believe me."
> She believed. You saw by the expression on her face. Even though her eyes were wide open, the pony was staring inward. "Dear Celestia..." she whispered to herself, undoubtedly thinking of her friends.
> The mare should have thought about it before she went offering her pussy around.
> Then the eyes focused on you. Disbelief, anger, just like you expected.
"Hey, you brought it on yourself. I took him in, remember? You didn't have to go waving your ass in his nose."
> "Bastard," she said quietly. She was already crying silently, fat tears rolling down her cheeks and falling, unheeded, to the carpet. "I hate you!"
> The sheer amount of disgust in her voice nearly sent you reeling back. Other emotions you had prepared for, but not this. Not betrayal.
> Her heart had shattered and it nearly made you cry.
> She wasn't trying to hide her weeping anymore. She let it come openly, as if she knew what it was doing to you. But after a minute, the mare went to the corner and sat down facing the wall.
> You realized that any chance you might still have had with her was now gone.
"Well, it's done! He's gone, because *you* screwed up!"
> For some reason, you knew it was imperative to remember that it was all Red Sky's fault. You didn't think you could bear if it was yours.

> But the pony didn't want to talk anymore. She didn't even look back. "Fuck. You," she said, quietly. Then the tears really came welling up.
> Your hands were starting to shake and you hurried into the kitchen. You couldn't stand looking at the mare. You opened cupboard after cupboard until you found it.
> It was only the rum for cooking, but it would do. You quickly emptied the bottle and waited for the awful tightness in your chest to fade.
> For a moment you felt as if you might throw up, but you clenched your jaw shut and fought to keep the alcohol down.
> You leaned against the wall and slid to the floor. Just above the hammering of your heart you heard Red Sky weeping in the other room.

Sorry guys - it had to get a bit darker before it gets better. But don't worry, I have a happy(ish) ending planned for both Red Sky and Flame Tail.

Anon... I won't give away just yet.

Don't neglect to drop that praise or hurtful remarks (whichever you feel I deserve here).
File: IMG_2262.png (2.98 MB, 1980x1238)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB PNG
>cooperators get killed enough that the human forces stop sending them, which turns the whole situation into another Iraqi freedom occupation
>the current leadership just wants the conflict done and is willing to bomb the reminants and get it over with
>lower leadership pleas for one last effort before the slaughter
>the humans send in one last cooperator, born and raised on earth and isolated from any actual shed of equestrian resistance
>his objective is to rally those factions left under his leadership and eliminate any current leadership that poses a threat to the goal
>within months he unifies the resistance and preps for a peaceful surrender but before he can move forward he is driven mad with power and turns on the human forces
>with his knowledge and intelegence of the human military, he is considered a great threat
>with their agent lost the humans firebomb the last of the once great equestrian civilization
>the mountains burn in all their glory as the conflict sees its end

Despite everything I was still a little sympathetic towards Anon up to this point. He was literal walking autism who couldn't tell that what he was doing was wrong. His saving grace, though, was that he always seemed to be trying to improve himself even if he hit some bumps along the way. I guess the big problem was the motivation and that he did it with the idea that Red Sky would absolutely fall in love with him if he did this, pretty much guaranteeing that this would go to shit eventually.

After this update, I no longer feel sympathy for Anon and hope that he burns for eternity in pony hell while Flame Tail and Red Sky care for his many children in Equestria. Maybe they will even burn an effigy of Anon once a year to celebrate their victory.
Get as dark as you like. I'm digging it.

>Anon... I won't give away just yet.

He don't need a happy ending or a bad one. Just give him a neutral one where he learn from this experience and continue with his life Without Red Sky

Also bummer.

Comfie slave cuddles (either species) when?
Just check, you, aw, are alright and all?
No head fucked, drugs, list gf, favirite pet died, family loss or anything?

As to the story, I want it to get much worse, and not much better.
There should be no snapback, in essence, this is as good as it ever gets again.

>turn into a normalfag without a pony slave

Destiny worse than dead
>There should be no snapback, in essence, this is as good as it ever gets again.
This. I'd like a lot more misery for Red.

No, I'm just a cynic and a misanthrope. I am, actually, interested in writing even darker stuff, but that isn't right for this board. Everything in its place, y'know?
"If you want a vision of Red Skies future, imagine Anons boot stamping on a pony face - forever."
Not just dark, but a downer too.
File: lawfags.jpg (130 KB, 941x563)
130 KB
130 KB JPG

>I am, actually, interested in writing even darker stuff, but that isn't right for this board

Don't listen to the White Knight. I bet that they follow yhvh
I haven't been keeping up on this story. I loved your previous story with Lavender, it's one of my top favorites. This one I sort of fell out of interest in early on since I wasn't too much a fan of all the lewd, though I've peaked in a couple of times since then.

After reading this last chapter though holy shit, I'm seriously praying for some retribution here. This Anon's shifted from an autistic loser to a irredeemable, sadistic sack of shit. I agree with the earlier anon, this fucker needs a hard fucking dose of suffering coming his way. Maybe Flame Tail rats him out while he's in custody, but either way I want him to get fucked up hard. note that while I haven't kept up on the story and am just remarking here due to the darkness of this latest update, I do really respect the approach to this story, its protagonist is among the worst (as in 'not nice', not as in bad) this general has seen I think and I fucking love the grim turns it's taken, it's extremely unique for Slave general. I'm praying for a light to shine through at the end of the darkness and probably still won't be keeping up too well but while it's not exactly my kind of story I deeply respect it, see this through to the end
Flametail gets given some horsefood, it goes badly and he is hospitalized from allergies.
Like ergot or something that fucks with his head and leaves him wasting.
All because he is just a smart horsie, but still a horse.
Red Sky's friends get rounded up, but not all, some organizing into lethal resistence cells.
Red Sky is only kept now because anon will have her pussy, once he works up the nerve. She is now just a fuck toy, not a companion.
Anon simply falls more into himself, betrayal jading and making him more cynical, not paranoid bad, just the sort of dick who cant see a smile for a moment of joy, he sees the ass copping instead.
whoa how'd this get like 8 replies in 20 minutes. thats crazy
>She’s searched for things from random pictures, to peanut butter cracker recipes, to Equestrian children’s books
>>Or foal’s books, rather

Trixxie-Star had a foal before it came into Anon's hands?
We dont want bath scenes, we want porn, and dark scenes remind us of the bull dicks fucking our gf in front of us
B-but that wasn't even porn???
Give her a good home, and if you do not feel safe to take care of her then let her go

Good update cannon
i interpreted it as just kinda her testing out searching random things. shes kinda childish to so it may be something that comes to mind. iirc shes a virgin, at least it says so in the documents
But it was black as a bulls dick.
If an apocalyptic disaster happened that would destroy the society as we know it and there would be a future style Hokuto No Ken I am sure that your Guinea Pigs would be among the survivors and they would be unstoppable
Are Griffins covered under the Geneva Conventions?

I'd expect more of a entrenched Japanese flamethrower and napalm removal.
Or Native American like with the killing of hostile Indians and segregating their pauperized survivors in remote places.
A overall policy of never accommodation and compromise, but vigorous war against the them.

I mean what's stopping them from mustard gassing the place?
Or dropped anthrax bombs?
Because it's AWF quality
Hague dipshit.
They arent pows.
Can you show me where it says anything about Griffins, fuccboi?
How do you know what that looks like, anon?
Very suspicious
>For years you've been fantasixing and saving up for this moment
>And you have to admit you're proud of yourself for finally making it happen
>You are balls deep in your own pretty little mare
>It was a little dry going in at first, but some spit took care of that
>And then her body provided the rest after a few strokes
>Standing there with a handful of tail looking down at yourself slamming against her pony butt you feel like a king
>You're gonna have to put a mirror on that wall though, so you can see her face as well
>Probably do that tomorrow
>While you were hoping for little moans of pleasure, the soft sobs you're getting from her are a decent substitute
>At least for now
>She's good and tight, too
>You don't know or care whether or not she was a virgin, but it's obvious she's never given birth
>And you did pay extra for that
>Worth it
"Push back onto me"
>She complies, letting out a little squeak as you mash against her cervix
"Nice. Do that a few more times and you're gonna get me."
>Again, she complies
>The little squeaks are really hot
>You release her tail and put your hands on her rump, pulling her onto you with all your strength
>And you let go in her
>This is how it's going to be anytime you want from now on
>She's so soft and warm
>"You're pleased, master?," she asks in a voice as soft as her fur
"Oh, Rose," you say, easing out of her. "I couldn't be more pleased."
>You run a hand gently along her mane
"You're a really good little pony, Rose"
>She turns to look at you
>Her eyes are a little red and puffy from crying, but she manages a smile
"I made a pretty big mess in you. It's starting to drip out a bit. You wanna get cleaned up?"
>"That would be nice, master"
>You lead her to the bathroom and run the shower for her
"I'm going out tomorrow, so you'll spend the day in your room."
>She nods as she steps under the stream of water
>God, she's even cuter with a wet mane!
>Gonna have to fuck her in the shower soon
"I can pick up a few things for you if you like"
>"That's very kind of you, master"
"Well I have hay, oats, apples and carrots already in. Anything else you'd like?"
>"Anything, masteer?"
"Within reason, sure."
>"Maybe some tender little lettuces?"
"What, spring mix?"
>"Spring mix," she says whistfully
"Sure, I'll get that tomorrow"
>Along with that mirror
"OK, time to get dried off and back to your room."
It binds on human militaries, not on targets.
Exactly, griffins are just targets and have no rights
Which doesnt matter as they arent the ones busy doing the invading.
File: 1514296388280.gif (1.77 MB, 303x277)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB GIF
>tfw you can beat the shit outta every anon in this thread.
Feels good
>they arent the ones busy doing the invading.
Which doesn't matter at all.
Rights of Conquest back on the menu
File: 300_confirmed_kills.jpg (2.98 MB, 2848x4272)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB JPG
Come get me salty boy
I'd wreck ya
Not how it works, Hague binds the armies signing iy, its why you have strait boi blades and no xm25
Which doesn't matter concerning non-humans.
If you can prove otherwise, lets see it.
And who's gonna punish the armies?
The U.N? All they'd do (if they cared) is issue a strongly worded letter.
The UN is scary enough to cow the US and make it live in fear though.
Why else would it be afraid of UN takeover?
The heat is the best moment to "bonding" with your slave or they will avoid you anyway?
Anon, dont super glue your mare to your crotch.
That's not what cum dump means.
>The UN is scary enough to cow the US and make it live in fear though.
The fact you believe this is hilarious considering a majority of its funds come from the US and it couldn't do shit to stop the US or sny of the permanent members from doing as they like.
So is it confirmed that Red Sky is a pedophile mare.

Poor Fire Tail, if Red had not succumbed to his low passions him would have had a better fate.

Anon may seem like shit, but there are those who would have done worse in the face of the betrayal, he at least gave Fire Tail the chance to be safe from his wrath, the responsible truth is Red Sky.

And now what's gonna happen AspiringWritefag?
And the US cant even stop itself from getting shot by its own people.
Besides last I checked communist muslim hordes live to destroy democracy, not to get paid.

So much UN.
How can one beat timetraveling Chinese super tanks?
>And the US cant even stop itself from getting shot by its own people.
And the UN couldn't stop a single US state (Texas) from executing foreign nationals lol
>Besides last I checked communist muslim hordes live to destroy democracy, not to get paid.
What does that have to do with Griffins?
Oh right, nothing.
>So much UN.
It's predecessor the league of nations was a thing.
But even more worthless
>How can one beat timetraveling Chinese super tanks?
How can one use questionable analogy when called out on their bullshit?
Grasping at straws already?
>And the US cant even stop itself from getting shot by its own people
Considering the vast majority of gun deaths are welfare leeches killing welfare leeches I don't see the problem
>Some ponies are owned by families rather than individuals
>due to high demand there is a rigorous screening process to make sure all ponies end up in homes where they will be treated well
>pony is loved and doted on by the whole family
>all he/she is asked for in return is to do some light housework and guard the place when nobody's home
>pony is included in all holidays, even gets presents for his/her birthday
>while ponies are usually offered their own bed, they more often than not become nightly snuggle buddies for the young children in the family that adore them
>all in all it's a pretty good life
>Having been with the family long enough to watch the kids grow from a young age, the pony takes it into their hooves to help the oldest kid going into puberty considering how awkward and frustrating a time it is.
>With words, emotional support, and if needed, physical "comfort".
>Considering the pony is still technically property, it's not counted any different than using a sex toy.
>And that pony is not the only one with that idea.
>The following generation shows a marked improvement over their predecessors thanks to the kind acts of the humble ponies during turbulent times in their lives.
>Motherly mares are the best one to handle this kind of situation
File: 75933.png (243 KB, 1000x700)
243 KB
243 KB PNG
It is confirmed: Gemhorse is for brushy. You're doing a lot better; it's still very descriptive, but not so much that it slows down the entire scene. Since things are moving along so slowly I can't give much other comment, aside from saying that this is still a story I'd be interested in seeing more of. A couple of quick writing comments, though:

>amethyst-maned unicorn
Beware of "lavender unicorn syndrome".

Purple prose can also be a bit of a problem when you're going as descriptive as you are. Keep an eye out for this as well.


Well, fuck. I definitely wasn't forseeing this. Despite another dramatic turn, the story feels much more back on track than the detour to the training facility: As someone else said, Twilight's been totally fucked up and her collapse into anger feels rational. When the ring popped off I was expecting things to go better, but I'm not upset they didn't - just looking forward to how much bookhorse is going to regret this in the future. Now that her ring is off, I expect she'll dispose of the collar next - since she knows it's full-on tracker mode. After that... well, seeing as she's back in Equestria, who knows? They hire tracker-Dash to go bring Twilight back?

>Gemhorse is for brushy

In her hair, AND on her butt!


Top tier mom that already know how to handle both son and daughter


Really supportive but quite annoying by the time


Know how to handle any kind daughter


Would be anything for the son of the family and would kinda neglect the daughter


Great for advice and life lesson but lack of emotions



>Motherly mares are the best one to handle this kind of situation

Until teenager anon start the rutting and call her mommy. That will kill her mood
Why bother with firebombing? Just hit them with CS gas, other debilitating chemicals, and then go in and clean up the remnants.

Fuzzy, fuzzy horse! That's so adorable.

I can't speak to how much the actual purchase costs for a normal horse are, but a lot of the costs of owning one are in yearly upkeep - stabling, medical costs, equipment, and so on. My understanding is that after the first couple years, the upfront purchase cost is actually a small fraction of the net cost.
File: Ben Solo.jpg (19 KB, 540x637)
19 KB
Come at me, bro.
It has been a while since anyone disciplined a rarity.
Trixie is adorable. An adorable frazzled bundle of nerves.
Gonna be honest, I don't really give a shit for any involved. Anon and Sky are both shitheads.
I almost liked fire tail but now I guess he's just gone? Still interested in the story but when I can't identify with either character it's kinda eh. Honestly though AWF you should have just given the dude a name, his personality is so specific and awful there's no point in making him an Anon.
The problem is that it boosts statistics and gives more ammo for gun bans.
THEN those welfare leeches will come to kill you.
I would like the case of Fire Tail ignite the flame of a real movement in favor of the rights of the ponies and to him how symbol of the same, no matter the fate of Anon and Sky I think that Fire Tail has rigth to is happy ending
Kinda like mammys?
Yes, he does. Don't give a shit about Anon or Sky, but Flame is pure.
File: Slave mammy Zecora.jpg (18 KB, 298x284)
18 KB

yeah... but hotter for a good and healthy adolescence
>tfw you will never have a little mare to punish by forcing her to lick your toilet clean inside and out
Well, fuck. I was actually hoping he'd really go easy on Flame after their heart-to-heart moments and the stallion opening up to him. Red Sky was the real fuckup here, but it seems poor Flame caught the worst of it.

Things are going to take a while to heal up between them, and despite Red Sky's insistence that she hates him it's going to have to take some understanding from her that she did, indeed royally fuck things up just as much (if not easily more so) than Anonymous' overreaction. Her continued insistence that he's solely responsible is what's kept things sliding

>his personality is so specific and awful there's no point in making him an Anon.

That why we use Fatautismo anon
The whole US couldn't stop even rinky dink North Korea from executing a piddly kid.

Oh wait, in both cases, some one broke the law and was punished.

You realize League of Nations came after WW1?

Does that stop them from being citizens?

you know, I want to see a slave pony at the UN and the issue of them meeting free counter parts.
All during a meeting to end sex slavery for humans.

Actually the only gun bans in the US have come from the NRA or to boost failing domestic gun manufacturers.
Its quite funny how people missed the NRA putting out the bumpfire ban before Feinstein even got to a camera.

At least its not the keyboard.

I think it could be interesting if Flame Tail gets no pickup, anon gets a call a bit later, maybe just as he has broken Red down to a foot kisser, where he can come pick him up, or the police can just put him down as per protocol on abandoned horses.
So now anon has a choice, let the stallion die, with no reprucussions beyond himself, or take him back, perhaps thereby leading to the whole mess repeating within a month.

No castrating the poor stud, please.
Keep him whole for night fucks.
geld all the stallions
spay all the mares
>So now anon has a choice, let the stallion die, with no reprucussions beyond himself, or take him back, perhaps thereby leading to the whole mess repeating within a month.
That honestly sounds really good. This needs to happen, AWF!
I really wish I could give her a home, but It's against my neighborhood regulations to keep a horse or pony in my yard. It's probably big enough for a pony her size, and I have a great horse permitted trail near me to walk her at, but's just not possible. I have basic horse training too, and I'm still learning.
I's a shame, because it almost seems like destiny ya know?
>The whole US couldn't stop even rinky dink North Korea from executing a piddly kid.
Not US's fault a dumbass wanted to vist North Korea.
Besides all of Australia and Europe couldn't stop a bunch of their citizens from being executed by Indonesia for drug smuggling.
>Oh wait, in both cases, some one broke the law and was punished.
What more sanctions?
>You realize League of Nations came after WW1?
You realize that you have no argument and this has nothing to do with Griffins?
Besides can you point out where the Griffins signed the Hague?
>It's against my neighborhood regulations to keep a horse or pony in my yard.
Pony does not stay in your yard, Cannon. Pony stays in your bed! What; do you expect her to just live outside like an animal or something?
They probably want to leave a message to any stragglers left on the planet that they are insignificant and helpless against them
The Hague doesn't matter on the griffons, any more than whether they have to manually file taxes to the IRS.
The Hague binds on the militaries that signed it, the US did, ergo it is bound by it.
Just as the US is bound by Geneva and created enemy combatant to claim that they aren't at war.

>more sanctions
Airbus and Rafael send fruit baskets to thank you for the business.

But if you do that, where can we get a filly brothel anon?
>Does that stop them from being citizens?
It does actually. A dead nigger isn't a citizen of anything except the dirt.
>The Hague doesn't matter on the griffons, any more than whether they have to manually file taxes to the IRS.
Because they aren't human and have no rights within human contracts.
>The Hague binds on the militaries that signed it, the US did, ergo it is bound by it.
US still uses cluster bombs and white phosphorus rounds plus depleted uranium rounds.
Those with power will always find a way.
Same with Britain with Argentina
Russia with Ukraine and Georgia and China with the south China sea and Tibet.
>Just as the US is bound by Geneva and created enemy combatant to claim that they aren't at war.
Griffins aren't human and aren't covered by this.
>Airbus and Rafael send fruit baskets to thank you for the business.
This is the reason they do poorly with Japan and South Korean markets.
So you have America's thanks for pushing them unto American companies arms.
File: 1383131247360.jpg (69 KB, 589x504)
69 KB

>inb4 Twilight goes on a year long sojourn, decides she really misses Anon, comes back to find Anon has shacked up with Rarity and they've adopted Swibble, rarely if ever thinking about Twilight anymore
Funny way to say white trash.
You seem very violent anon, are you one of these niggers?
I mean you already live in a shithouse country.

That's not how the hague works.
I tell you not to eat a cookie or I belt you, it doesnt who else does.

and yet the US wont use hollow points dum dums, bursting charges under 300 grams, or serrated blades.
Funny that even when those are superior.

Again, they would be, even more so as the Geneva once more binds the human.
Its also assumed impressed on everyone, hence why Hezbollah has to follow it against ISIS.

Those are no more American than Volkswagon boi
Isn't "we can kidnap you and carry you off as slaves at any time we want, no matter what defenses you put up" an infinitely scarier message to leave than "we'll just kill you from standing off at a distance"?
>That's not how the hague works.
>I tell you not to eat a cookie or I belt you, it doesnt who else does.
Doesn't matter how it works as it only applies to human militaries
>and yet the US wont use hollow points dum dums, bursting charges under 300 grams, or serrated blades.
That you know of
CIA recently declassified documents showed some agents kidnapping enemy combatants and draining them of their blood then dumping their bodies so they would be found.
Plus there is waterboarding
Not torture according to America
>Funny that even when those are superior.
Yet, it gets away with so much even with the majority of the U.N voting against it.
Funny how that works.
>Again, they would be, even more so as the Geneva once more binds the human.
>Its also assumed impressed on everyone, hence why Hezbollah has to follow it against ISIS.
And they are humans not Griffins
>Those are no more American than Volkswagon boi
Making excuses after getting called out on the "Airbus and Rafael give thanks"comments? Sad to be honest famalam
I do not know if they have noticed but the real victim here is the poor from Fire Tail, that young colt has gone through a lot in his young life so that in the end he would be between two broken creatures internally and externally, Red Sky took advantage of him and his vulnerability under the excuse of a biological impulse and Anon use it as a justification that his illusion of love with a mare who hates it will come to an end, the only good thing that came out of all this is that pony was left to the care of people more competent and apparently much more empathic than those abusers, if someone deserves an opportunity is Fire Tail and maybe now that will be possible.

Red Sky can see how her world has collapsed due to her own stupidity, Anon can finally accept that she never appreciate it as much as she hoped and recognize that in the end no love can be born of slavery, honestly, it's worth what to those two they happen to the end, they are so twisted that they deserve each other.

I am ready for the conclusion AWF
You realize the C in CIA is why?
Its a bunch of civilians, hence why they are treated as spies and sabatouers while military gets POWed.

And yet whines about how it needs the UN to go with it on NoKo

They are still a legitimate sovereign nation, and if uniformed, yep, that's what happens when you impress on people.

I'm not hearing Boeing getting Iran contracts to replace DC10s.
Sad there famalam that you don't even read.

Inb4 some magical bullshit happen and 2 years passed when twilight cast her teleportation spell + elements
The C in CIA stands for Central you absolute mongoloid.
File: 1515968872295.jpg (508 KB, 2560x2143)
508 KB
508 KB JPG
time for finish this thread
They're civilian as you and I, not military.
That's the DIA
Ergo, they are not bound by such things as the rule of war.
Why do you think they got the drone program over chairforce?
File: 1515816724214.png (467 KB, 1280x853)
467 KB
467 KB PNG
File: 1515820620617.png (673 KB, 1771x1825)
673 KB
673 KB PNG
that belly needs to be tongue raped and rapeberried and rapeudlled
File: Spoiler Image (411 KB, 447x342)
411 KB
411 KB GIF
Fuck, I've been busy!
Something something I want to visit the filly brothel.
File: 1515910339610.jpg (534 KB, 904x1024)
534 KB
534 KB JPG
The parakeets are in my brain, they say
Dammit >>31740100

>filly with CM

Already useless

You need to get a blank flank and make her get one related to the sexual intercourse with the clients
Spoken like a true nigger
File: 1515773563983.jpg (1.12 MB, 2000x1807)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB JPG
For a moment I believed that it had resigned you
Nah, I'm a Germanic Irish from Norway.
>You realize the C in CIA is why?
>Its a bunch of civilians, hence why they are treated as spies and sabatouers while military gets POWed.
My little anon can't be this stupid
The "C" stands for Central
And it employs both civilians and military.
Thanks for proving my point that America will find a way though.
You hurt yourself
>They are still a legitimate sovereign nation, and if uniformed, yep, that's what happens when you impress on people.
According to who?
Show me what countries recognise a Griffin kingdom or country
>i'm not hearing Boeing getting Iran contracts to replace DC10s.
What? The US isn't doing business with a country that is hostile to it?
Who'd a thunk?
Too bad they keep begging parts for old tomcats
Japan wants Boeing and is even asking if it could help build them.
Sad to be honest famalam
Wait have you been larping this whole time?
New thread: >>31740129
>Show me what countries recognise a Griffin kingdom or country

I mean aside from the Papal state, mexico, France, basically all the Catholic places.
Dont bring your argument to the next thread
>I mean aside from the Papal state, mexico, France, basically all the Catholic places.

Catholicism holds that aliens are humans by dint of having soul, any catholic country will follow.
Yeah but they already did the first
Funny, nothing in there does it say they recognize Griffin kingdoms or countries.
Aliens are people, ergo the palpal states would see them as being real
If you mean, why do people not play along with your larp?
Its because its more fun to get the white race to suicide itself on its own inventions and desires.
>Aliens are people, ergo the palpal states would see them as being real
Being real and being recognized are two different things.
Ask the Palestinians and Kurds
>If you mean, why do people not play along with your larp?
How am I larping when you're the one with the question begging epithet?
>Its because its more fun to get the white race to suicide itself on its own inventions and desires
There you go going off on your own autistic opinions.
What did that have anything to do with Griffins?
And why did you feel the need to bring up something that wasn't asked and had no purpose in the conversation?
Because your relevancy here on asking why do real people not play to your autism needs to be met in kind.
No one cares on griffons cause they aren't real, just like white genocide and all the other drek brought in here.
>Because your relevancy here on asking why do real people not play to your autism needs to be met in kind.
Tu quoque?
You're the one that brought up Griffins and how real world laws would apply to them.
Pot calling the kettle black: the post
>No one cares on griffons cause they aren't real, just like white genocide and all the other drek brought in here.
Ah the sound of grasping at straws.
If you didn't care we wouldn't have got this far.
Plus you brought up white genocide no one else.
Reaching aren't you?
Nope, my points are salient in reality and fiction.
I get the laugh as I don't need to grasp for anything like speculation on future contracts when I can support with existing reality.

Now onto the next thread before this dies.
>Nope, my points are salient in reality and fiction.
It's a non sequitur and a question begging epithet.
You're making excuses to justify your autistic reasoning.
>I get the laugh as I don't need to grasp for anything like speculation on future contracts when I can support with existing reality.
And there's that larping contradiction.
How would you know how human countries would treat a non-human country especially one being invaded?
They'd just kill them and be done with it
>Now onto the next thread before this dies.
Go to the next thread and you'll get banned.
The other anon's made it clear not to shit up the other thread with off topic shit like your whatifisms
Alright prove that the Catholics wouldn't see griffons as aliens

Because they say so as shown
If they were jsut there to kill, go to another thread, they must be alive to be slaves

>my whatifisms
I'm not the one who insists that the US doesn't follow the Hague when it clearly does even on targets it shouldn't and yet is happy to break all so many other treaties even down to mrmbm treaties and and ABM
>Alright prove that the Catholics wouldn't see griffons as aliens
>Because they say so as shown
>If they were jsut there to kill, go to another thread, they must be alive to be slaves
I already proved that being real and recognised are two different things.
I like how you keep contradicting yourself
Why would they keep them as slaves if by your own admission would treat them like humans and be protected under human laws?
Whats the difference?
>I'm not the one who insists that the US doesn't follow the Hague when it clearly does even on targets it shouldn't and yet is happy to break all so many other treaties even down to mrmbm treaties and and ABM
You're the one stating just because human countries signed the Hague that it would apply to non-humans then outed yourself as a dumbass when the CIA was brought up.
File: downloadfile.png (1.24 MB, 2200x2576)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
People sure are fuckin pissed in this thread.
There's only you, me and other anon now
For your own sanity stay out of the argument
It's fucking hilarious to me.
I can't say I agree with protagonist, but I'd read whar comes out of it. Do continue.
I will. And I'll pastebin this shit so others can follow. Already have an arc worked out how this will go. Neither good nor bad. But cute at moments.

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