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File: shipposting.png (169 KB, 544x510)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
Hello there fellow horsefuckers! :^) (yesilostmytripcodeagain...new computer and all that)

As promised, a Valentines vocaroo thread! Featuring FedoraShy the (maybe?) yandere, Kuro the furry weeb, and any other voicefags that may want to join in like last time. Kuro is writing the clop portion of the requested Buttershy clopfic, he hasn't gotten around to finishing it. I'll post what we have below.

Valentines is a day of love! Not all of us have someone though, so if you want a lewd or a long request (5+ sentences), you are asked to give a compliment or just general nice words to another anon with your request… please? ;-; If you're an edgelord and hate people or have nothing to say then its fine. I just wanna see at least one happy person here. Making people/seeing people happy feels gud.

If it isn’t obvious in the request, tell us which character you would like to say the line.

Voices FedoraShy will attempt :
>Apple Bloom
>Diamond Tiara
>Pinkie (May be Limited)
>Vinyl Scratch (NoWacking’s Version)
You may request another pony voice but I might not do it. I can only sing in Flutters to be honest.

Voices Kuro will attempt :
>Elusive (R63 Rarity)
>Butterscotch (R63 Fluttershy)
>Dusk Shine (R63 Twilight)
>Rainbow Blitz (R63 RD)
>Bubble Berry (R63 Pinkie)
>Applejack (R63)
>Shining Armor
>Big Mac

The Mandatory Shill
are you one of the anons who crave butterscotch on fluttershy action and want to stay updated?
perhaps you would like to sub to me and watch my autistic shitty content?
wanna commission something from us?
wanna chat?
join my Discord: 8vzC4R4
>i-its not dead, it’s comfy speed

It's been a while.
>the tension in the cottage was palpable.
>the two shy ponies awkwardly hoofed at the floor, avoiding eye contact.
>Twilight stood by with a fake smile, waiting for something.. ANYTHING to happen.
>"uhm.. Guys.. You know you're basically the same pony.. Just, genderswapped? Theres no need to be so shy."
>Fluttershy let out some incoherent mumbles.
>Butterscotch took a quick glimpse at him-er, herself?
>"I thought this was what you wanted, Fluttershy?" Twilight groaned, followed by a facehoof.
>"I'll just let you two do your thing.. tell me how everything goes! I'll come by tomorrow... Oh and remember, take notes!"
>the door slammed shut behind her and a teaset on a table nearby fell to the floor and shattered, causing the frightened pegasi to jump into each other's arms.
>"Oh dear.. I-Im sorry.." Butterscotch clamored, a blush creeping across his cheeks.
>"I-its no big deal anyway," she chuckled. She fluttered over to the shards of glass and began to sweep it up into a nearby dustbin, "Best clean this up before Angel steps in it.."
>In an attempt to break the silence, Butterscotch mumbled, "I have the same set at home."
"Its my favorite," They said in unison.
>She took a tentative step closer to the stallion.
>"What's your favorite color?"
"All of them!"
>with each answer they moved closer to eachother, wings outstretched, until they were muzzle to muzzle
>They both pulled away with a giggle, “I guess Twilight was right after all.”
fug proper greentext formatting : (

> “I guess so.”
> “Well.. There is one thing...”
> Butterscotch looked at her nervously, “What is it?”
> “You’re a stallion. I-I’ve always had some… Questions for a stallion, but I’ve never had to chance to ask..”
>"D-does it... hurt? When your t-thingie gets all..."
>She trails off, a flush creeping across her face as her eyes dart around the room. >"M-my what? I'm sorry, I d-don't think I heard y-"
>Flutters blurts out her question, her muzzle buried in her hooves. >"O-oh? Um... N-not really. I m-mean, it's um... pleasantly uncomfortable?"
>Butters stammers through his response before barreling through his own question.
>"I m-mean, does it hurt whenever you go through... t-that time...?
>Flutters peeks up at her doppelganger through her hooves.
>"W-what time?"
>"Y'know... When y-you experience, um... E-estrus?"
>her ears perked up at the mention of her cycle as her eyes dart back to her flank. She thought she was hiding her excitement well and yet the topic still landed here.
>"O-oh, n-n-no! It doesn't hurt at all!"
>Her face now entirely flush, she sits back up
>as she shifts back up, a familiar scent hits Butterscotch's nose. The same flush that had engulfed Fluttershy's face now began to crawl across his muzzle as well as he feels himself rise to the occasion
Requesting Pinkie Pie say
"Nonny, I love you very much. (mmmm-kiss!) Happy Valentine's Day!"

Thanks money.
File: 1355319343334.gif (1.57 MB, 576x324)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB GIF

Can you attempt a Minuette or Roseluck voice?

Also requesting yellow quiet moaning and asking her master to cum inside her
And...ded. just like everyone here's
love life
Kept you waiting, huh?

You are allowed to take liberties.

In Luna's voice

You've done a lot of naughty things, haven't you?

Vandalism, graffiti, bad language, violent conduct, disrespecting staff...

Oh, I'm scared of you, Hopkins.

Yes, I've never met a boy like you.

Never in all my life.

Hopkins, you're quite the nastiest little boy I've ever encountered.

Tell me, why should i waste my time on you?

Because it's my calling.

It's what i do.

You excel at causing trouble and I excel at fixing little boys like you.

At making you into respectable members of our community here at the academy.

I've got a good feeling about you, boy.

A feeling you and i are going to be great friends.

You keep that nose clean, boy, or i shall clean it myself!

Reference and Bookmark @ 3:25

That pic is brilliant
I can't wait until you two are done with your collab (a full greentext story is probably more than any of us were expecting; is there going to also going to be a vocaroo thing with Fluttershy x Butterscotch clop or are we getting this green instead of that?)
I second this. >.>

Yes, yes both of you have.
I think we're voicing it, yeah.

Do Bic Mac where he is disappointed in Apple Bloom because she thinks that incest is better then dating other ponies.
File: [excited horse noises].gif (186 KB, 500x500)
186 KB
186 KB GIF
As Fluttershy:

>"You know, high school is a really turbulent time in a lot of people's lives."
>"People can get really passionate and dramatic."
>"And others have aching hearts and seek attention on social media..."
>"But all of the social pressure and hormones can lead to a dark time in people's lives."
>"Everyone has a story."
>"You may not know what someone is really feeling on the inside."
>"Many people who are depressed won't even bother telling the world about it."
>"They don't want attention, because they've already given up on the inside."
>"Their feeling of worthlessness is so overwhelming that they don't even want people to tell them otherwise."
>"Depression comes in many forms, but that is one of them."
>"Just, if you think you know someone struggling with depression..."
>"You can help just by treating them like they're a good friend."
>"Spend time with them, even if they don't feel like doing much."
>"And remind them that they always have something to look forward to."
>"Making plans in advance, letting them borrow something, or even just saying 'See you at school tomorrow'..."
>"All of those things can help your friend make it to the next day."
>"I hope being friends with Sayori has given you some perspective on the true face of depression."
>"Yeah, she's gone now..."
>"But Sayori was never real in the first place."
>"You're real."
>"Your friends are real."
>"And just by being a good person, you can save someone's life."
>"As for you..."
>"...You don't struggle with depression or anything like that, do you?"
>"Because you, too, have people who would want to save your life."
>"Maybe they don't express it every day, or maybe they don't even know how to."
>"But people do feel that way."
>"I promise."
>"...Man, humans are complicated!"
>"But as long as you're here with me, I'll take care of you, my love."

I do. Plus kudos to those who know where this is from.

Is it anime?
File: 1474127349515.png (330 KB, 528x534)
330 KB
330 KB PNG
Are you also voicing narration?
If yes, who will do the voice?

Is it "Doki DokiLiterature Club!")?
File: 33d3.jpg (32 KB, 1185x1174)
32 KB
The most cliché thing ever, I know. But can you do
"It's ok, hun. Just relax, i'll be here with you. Goodnight. *kiss* "

I-if you can do one where you replace "hun" with "Em", too..

Even if this isn't my favorite time of the year, you just made it 1000x better. Thanks, FedoraShy!

Hey Kuro do know about Pat and Mat from Two Best Friends?
Forgot to add >.< please in Fluttershy's voice

In Shinng Armor voice

We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in Crystal Empire, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.

Requesting Vinyl masturbating. Slightly heavy or shaky breathing and lightly dirty talking to herself and shit like that. Since it's Valentine's day maybe she's watching or fantasising about Octavia getting fucked by someone else, preferably a guy but it could be lesbian if you want.
Hope you guys have a good Valentine's.

In Vinyl Scratch voice.

Now look just because i lived with Ocativa doesn't mean i drumming her sweet cords.

How's both Fedora and Kuro doing?
File: 4 Da Gang.jpg (25 KB, 600x382)
25 KB
Luna giggling?
You're a hero

Big Mac trying to charm Marble.
For anyone interested here's the old vocaroos from the other threads

Apple Bloom is encourage Sweetie Belle to hang out with Rumble.
File: Maraca.png (388 KB, 1063x742)
388 KB
388 KB PNG
I'm not a hero, I just do heroic things

I feel proud that you save not only my but others as well.
i sound way too loli i apologize im used to doing loli voices


hang on on the attempting minuette or roseluck





i am bad at sexual improv

good, thanks for asking : )


I've noticed there's a couple missing there from the last thread
>good, thanks for asking : )

your welcome
>it's ok, hun

omggg I <3 it! thank you!!!
File: 870472.gif (669 KB, 610x343)
669 KB
669 KB GIF
You are a goddess. Thanks Fedorashy

In Vinyl voice.

Oh hey what's up?

come here a sec.

No no come here come here.

I wanna show you something.

That's it.

Hey there.


Bam their moderate cerise baby.

You can tell everypony to stop arguing now.

It's okay. I might try to write up something lewd that's more specific if you're still taking requests later.

Flutters voice.

I'm sorry scoots but I'm not your mother. But it doesn't mean that I stop caring about you.

How good are you at doing the following voices?

Sweetie Belle

Nightmare Moon

Moon Dancer

Twilight Velvet or any of the mane 6 moms
File: image.jpg (65 KB, 957x721)
65 KB

>hang on on the attempting minuette or roseluck

I came. Whether you're a real grill or not you have my gratitude

Also for Roseluck line to test/reference

And Minuette

In Fluttershy voice.

I'm sorry Discord but I don't feel the same way about you.
Patthew and Mattrick, yea.

Well, since the last thread we've gotten married and are happily raising two kids in a cottage in the mountains.
But seriously, I'm doing better. Well, financially at least. :')

Requests received, will record after my stream


twitch: Yamigetsu
I'm lazy. But I'll do it in the next few hours.
File: 1567270.gif (2.65 MB, 540x540)
2.65 MB
2.65 MB GIF

"Starlight, are you sure about this spell? Trixie has always wanted to try being a stallion, but still... she can't help worrying what would happen if something goes wrong. *sigh* Trixie apologizes. She has full faith in her BEEEST friend's abilities."
This thread doesn't have nearly enough shipposting though, to be fair, it *was* made pretty late at night
I hope to see a massive increase once the holiday itself arrives
These two as whatever male character you want.
"These are just the eyes of a man who has seen things. A shaman's eyes. Terrible things, that you can't imagine. Like when I made a ship in a bottle and my mom sat on it. There was blood and shreds of floral print everywhere. That's what life experience is." and "This is not a romantic princess picnic. This is a manly picnic. No glasses. No napkins. Whiskey only. And pretzels."
Apple Bloom: Golly, Diamond Tiara! That's quite a nice, big dick you got there.

Diamond Tiara: Care to take it for a spin, hotshot?

*wacks penis across AB face*
File: 1348567.png (310 KB, 1227x593)
310 KB
310 KB PNG
This, in Fluttershy's voice, please!
trixie asking anon to be her great and powerful valentine
i have a doctors appointment in like 6 hours and i cant sleep
ill deliver after i get back, probably ~1pm EST
File: Flutters21256.jpg (122 KB, 991x903)
122 KB
122 KB JPG
In Fluttershy's voice:

>"Um, can I suck your dick?"
>"I love you so much."
>"I'm so happy that you're my coltfriend."
>"Fuck my throat until the choker breaks. Um, if that's okay with you."
>"What the buck is up everypony?"
>"It's okay. I'm here for you."
I request Fedora asking Kuro to be her special somepony for Hearts and Hooves day.
Come on now, make it canon.
As tsundere Diamond Tiara:

Anon? What are you doing out here? Shouldn't you be with your special somepony right now? W-what? Really? I can't believe you'd be all alone on hearts and hooves day. (pause) Well, I have an idea. I'll be gracious and let you spend time with me today. N-now, don't you go thinking this means anything, alright? I'm just being nice. Really, you should be honored to have such a cute filly spend the day with you. W-what? Why am I not with a special somepony of my own today? That's not important! I-I just thought I'd be polite and let a kind stallion like yourself spend time with me for hearts and hooves day. Now be a proper gentlecolt and show me a good time. And, well, maybe if you show me a really good time... later I can show you a really good time~.
Seconding this. it needs to happen.
We wuz kangz an shieet from Apple bloom or kuro please.
Can you do something like
"Sorry I kept you waiting..."
in cute apologizing tone with a hint of lewd
in yellow peg's voice?
That's pretty good actually, do more of her.
You did the anonfilly voice, yea? I like it, though I hope you don't mind my critiquing-- the kind of rough scratchy voice is a great fit, but sometimes it feels a little too much and you lose the illusion of actually being the character. But you're still great though! I'll suck your E-penor all day, pls do request.

How about just a simple one? An I love you. Maybe a wish for a happy birthday, too? Ya know, for a friend.
Say some gay shit.
>An I love you.
Fucking creep, stay away from me faggot!

>Maybe a wish for a happy birthday, too?
>It's your birthday? Congrats on getting one step closer to grave fag. I'm still older than you.

fify, maybe you wanted it in fluttershy's voice?
Wew lad. Sounds like you loneliness is causing you to have a tantrum. Come sit on Dr. Anons lap and tell him all about it.
Anonfilly was a voice i was asked to make up on the spot for the /mlp/odcast and never planned to really use at all after that
so it has always been inconsistent and bleh(which admittedly bothered me, but i didn't want to practice a voice no-one wanted to hear)
anons seem to like it or atleast be content with it so ill definitely work on it
Also shush, asslicking compliments are gay baka - I'd rather just have constructive criticism.

May actually be back to record in an hour btw
File: _20180214_084115.jpg (268 KB, 1080x3086)
268 KB
268 KB JPG
Can you try this? Thanks
File: 1514760703156.jpg (173 KB, 500x353)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
This in an exasperated Fluttershy voice
"Okay anon, just (>image text)"
You should replace noon ville with reddit
OR here, Im okay with this, fund it
>i was asked to make up on the spot for the /mlp/odcast
link to podcast?
Here's the channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/4chanmlp

Can I get some yous for shilling the channel.
File: 1503981748388.png (116 KB, 702x932)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
Oh shit, it's valentine's day already, and here I was planning on writing a bunch of scripts for you
Oh well, RIP

Here's one still tho;
In an annoyed/tsundere DT's voice;

>"Stop calling me ojouu-sama when ponies are around you disgusting weeb!"
1s pause
>"What?! No! Hime-sama isn't any better, ugh!"
>"M-me liking it or not has nothing to do with it!"
>"Ponies already think you're a creep for hanging around me so much, and I don't want them to start rumors about me too!"
>"I told you to stop!"
>"I am not blushing, geez!" (flustered voice)

Maybe you can expect another long-ish one about Anon 'servicing' DT's hoofsies while her dad calls her on her phone
Not sure how lewd it'll be, and maybe you could get kuro to do the dad's voice, in which case I'll have to actually write his lines instead of leaving it to the listener's imagination, idk, up to you guys

And here are my kind words; You're all faggots and I love you guys
>Want to try my hand at voicing
>Have a really deep voice that doesn't suit any character
>Not exactly DukeLovesYou deep but pretty damn close
>Also at work so can't record
Any really baritone pones that I'm not thinking of? Maybe after work.
Could autistic twilight sparkle please do "logang for life".
>Thought about doing a Sombra voice.
>Record my normal voice on Vocaroo
>It sounds like shit
ill just off myself if you need me.
When I was a little Nazi
And our walls were coming down
The darkies and the faggots
They would always make me frown

I'd hideaway on 4chan
From the multicultural sprawl
But Mein Führer said that wasn't the way
To deal with Griffs at all

He said, "Aryanne, you've gotta gas them all
Learn to burn the queers
You'll see
(((they))) can't subvert you
Just blitz to make (((them))) disappear."

Heil, Heil, Heil!

Gas up all the Griffies
Holocaust the Hippies
Zyklon all the Ziggies
Fumigate the Furries
Fry up all the fairies
Shoot up all the Scalies

And tell that big dumb beak face to take a hike and leave you alone and if he thinks he can depose you then he's got another thing coming and the very idea of such a thing just makes you wanna...hahahaha...gaaaaaaaas!
Tried my hand at a Sombra


I tried Anon. I even tried to put more of a German Accent on it.
Eyo Valentine's Day Stream thooooo~
I don't know if this is any good so if someone wants to suggest changes or anything to make it better, please do.

As Vinyl.
"Tavi. I'm home. Huh. I wonder where she is."
"What's that noise in the bedroom? Is she.. moaning? I bet she's in there gettin' off wishing I was there. I'm sure she won't mind if I just take a little peek before I come in."
*A bit quieter from here if possible*
"T-tavi.... But... I thought...."
"Look at her. Getting fucked like some cheap whore while I'm away."
"Just-just look at them. He's so... rough. And she's just loving it. Mmmm."
*Starts masturbating here*
"He's just... using her. Pulling her hair and... Ohh"
"How many times? How many people? Does-does she do this every time I'm gone?"
"She's so... into it. I've never seen her like this. Mmm."
"When she kissed me goodbye... was she thinking about him? Was she thinking about his c-cock when she...."
"Ohh... oh Tavi...."
"Look at him... fucking her.... fucking my Tavi..."
"Ohh... I-I think I'm getting off to this..."
*gasp* "Oh, Tavi. I-I'm so pathetic... I'm watching you get filled by some stranger's big... thick.... cock.... and... ohhh yesss"
*heavier breathing*
"Oof! Oh, uh.... H-hey, Tavi! Who's your friend?"

If you could try an Octavia voice, and put some moaning and some "Oh, God" "So good" and stuff like that that would be nice. Maybe a "V-Vinyl!" before the last line. If you can't, it's fine.

P.S Just tell me to fuck off if no one likes these.
File: atleastyoutried.jpg (20 KB, 750x720)
20 KB
File: good stuff.png (302 KB, 578x790)
302 KB
302 KB PNG
Its actually amusing to think on the filly having a deep voice, even deeper than a colt even though its a filly, kek
Still personally I liked the old raspy filly voice more tbqh, but this is not bad and quite funny, wouldnt mind more
Fuck off then.
>filly with a deep voice
You want like, Norio Wakamoto deep? Because I might be able to do that.
Didnt think on any specific voice, dont even know who that is
I just find the overall concept funny really
>"Greetings Subject, we have chosen you to be our Escort for the evening."
>"You will show us a fun night around the town."
>"Huzzah! Then its a date then~"

Update when?
And ive wrote a poem for you FedoraShy. I hope you like it.

She's taking up my thoughts,
The voices echo,
I want them to know,
i like her a lots,
but im just another fag
So ill just use a rag.
File: Spoiler Image (588 KB, 1779x2144)
588 KB
588 KB JPG
Very annoyed right now, theyre taking me overnight but tomorrow I will deliver because I want to. I am determined more than ever to deliver, especially after last thread :^[
Plus I enjoy this autistic shit-
I-I was looking forward to recording these
Rambling because im running on three hours of sleep sorry anywho enough blogposting request the most retarded things you can think of

Have you tried benadryl? That shit knocks me out in ten minutes.
Take ya time B, Health comes first.

Whats the needle even for anyways?

Feel better Fedora Shy.

What happen to Kuro?
He's probably getting ass-fucked somewhere.
File: IMG_5185.jpg (188 KB, 1323x488)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
Dont strain yourself too hard doing this one OP .
File: Disappointed Reckless.png (32 KB, 601x488)
32 KB
His absence today caused an absence of shipposting today!
You can't ship without at least two people to ship!
Sure you can! Selfcest is the best!
Speaking of which, since FedoraShy asked for retarded shit, I'd like to request your retarded Twilight voice trying to seduce SciTwi.

Read this script in both Big Mac and Shining Armor voice or tell me to kill myself.

Shining Armor: So Big Macintosh

Big Mac: Yes Shining Armor

Armor: You told me that this is worse than downpour

Big Mac: if you remember the down coming playthroug

Armor: The Down Coming

Big Mac: Yes my favorite thing is Down Coming uh no if you remember the down pour playthrough

Armor: I don't what

Big Mac: Often times we will go through some horrible segments and I will go will fuck at least it's not as bad as fucking homecoming.

That fucking piece of shit. This is this the moment that Silent Hill died and Down Pour just like.

Both: wow wow wow wow

Mac: That's the moment that Slient Hill just died and then after so Slient Hill Zero was kind of bad but it was fine i guess so
Slient Hill 4 was kind of fine, Shattered Memories I thought was pretty good but was super weird but was not like a Slient Hill game but
but this game this game is just this outrageous just crap a fucking shit.

Armor: If you rememer when this game was first announced it was called I believe Slient Hill 5

Here comes the second part and again tell me to kill myself if you don't want to do this.

Mac: It was it was release as orginially announced as Silent Hill 5 is being developed by who made this?

Armor: Double Helix

Mac: Double Helix by Double. So everyone was like "Oh my god is going to be the worst." and then at some point
it just changed from Silent Hill 5 into Homecoming and then

Armor: Then when people saw that they're like out there

Mac: There like okay well this is do this is doom. Actually we happen to knwo people who worked on Homecoming

Armor: We know a few.

Mac: who worked alongside the development staff and we actually have a few choice quotes from them regarding the subject quote
" The entire development process can be summed up in the action of renaming it they strut it in the room cocksure with
brass balls shouting shouting Silent Hill 5 motherfucker stopped open their eyeballs and immediately whimpered back out the door flaccid whispering Homecoming
it doesn't inspire confidence i don't like it just great

Armor: This loading screen doesn't.

Mac: Right off the bat i should mention this came out real closely after Slient Hill the movie.
You're pretty good.
But dont die on us.

>requesting pic related
>With a bit of snuggling/lewd moaning if you dont mind.
"Rape seed oil"
Well kind of. I got fucked over at work.
I've been lurking the thread though, waiting for shipposting.
Planning to deliver tonight.
Hope this works for you, I ad libbed a bit with it.
Oh lord yes, downcoming. I'll rewatch that episode fo this.
We should petition 2snacks to animate this.
This: https://youtu.be/-hpPlTA-H1o
With Rainbow Dash being Trunks and AppleJack being the guy saying Fuck you boi.

Here you go start 0:00 - 2:30



Could you do something with her complaining about how hard it is to get laid as a filly with a more manly voice that any of the stallions who she's tried to seduce?
File: 1509228617471.jpg (101 KB, 882x750)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
>lurking the thread
>waiting for shipposting
You fucking faggot! You don't lurk while you wait for shipposting; you and FedoraShy need to post in the thread to create fuel for the shipposting!
Steamed hams but with Luna and Trixie
Gosh Kuro stop being a fag

Ill can turn you straight again
I-if uwantofcourse
I got requests for both of you, If'n you're willing to do 'em:

For Kuro,
>Big Mac and Shining engaging in an intense game of gay chicken

For Fedorashy, in Pinkie's (or Fluttershy's) voice:
>Awww, I'm sorry you had a bad day Anon. If it's any consolation, in another few hours the sun will rise!
Oh dear, I forgot to give you compliments didn't I?
The fact that you would go out of your way to do these requests for anyone warms my heart. Both of you are a gift to this board.
See kuro this is where you respond.

Come over here and say that to my face.
No u, you pussy
I mean, I would if you weren't too scared to send me your address. ;P

How are you doing Fedora Shy?
>That video
>The song
>The Soundtrack
Oh the nostalgia...
Also i like those mute gameplays, they are good.
File: Spoiler Image (10 KB, 100x100)
10 KB
requesting lewd submissive gay Shining Armor
>Posts a spoiler image
Haha- i mean, kek
>>"Fuck my throat until the choker breaks. Um, if that's okay with you."
This will never get old.
Btw, where is the followup-line about her husband-hole?

Hey Kuro can you do both Brad and Timber?

Still holding out on this.

If nothing else just the last post in the sequence.

In AppleJack R63 voice

It finally happen. You can be an admirable dictator, still the serve the need of your people, and hold up democracy.

Say this in Dusk Shine voice

TheEquestria is considered a prime destination for immigration from around the world and, as such, has an extraordinarily heterogeneous society retaining the cultural heritage of hundreds of various ethnicities and nationalities. The country is a "melting pot" of cuisine, art, literature, and, most importantly, politics. Due to the sheer number of people arriving at Ellis Island, practically every ideology known to man has at least a nominal presence within the Equestria, which leaves the nation more susceptible to internal conflicts and even civil unrest should the current administration remain inefficient and arbitrary.




in Rainbow Blitz voice

I'm beloved of Princess. A proud boast, but true all the same. In return I have served Equestria , ruled well, led her armies to glory; it has cost us dearly, despite the love of the Princess. Sometimes the hatred of Equines is stronger. Our dead lie in many graves, put there by Sombra slaves swords...and a few Dragon and Griffions ones. Even Equine blades have taken civilian lives; that, we do not forget, or forgive. So, now our time has come. The spirits of the dead cry out for blood. I will lead in this undertaking. The Princess will grant us vengeance. When Crysatl Empire is Equestrian , when the Dragon Lands is crushed, when the so called firends and allies are gone, when the world is mine...then I will stand before the Princess and be worthy of their love. And worthy to rule Canterlot!

Reference https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Rome:_Total_War

Woohoo I'm out!

Vocaroos after I shower.

In Sombra voice

I'm the only true Emperor. I saved the empire, I drove out the Queen, I made the empire.I deserve respect; respect, and obedience. I know what is best for the empire: new lands, living space, territories, slaves! I know what must be done. The Princess look down their perfumed noses at the empire, and they hate us. I'm going to give them a reason for hate...when I've crushed them! Steel, that's the answer; Empire steel in my hooves. And the other great neighbors...the Yaks; trash! They have no respect for proper Empire ways, for us! The Dragons prostitute themselves. As if brute strength and insecurities matter! Bah! I must lead the Equestria.




Nice to see you doing okay Fedora.

Can I give you a hug?
anonf: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1BIBkv4Uvq5
fs: https://vocaroo.com/i/s02LTKuKZcVl



no bueno

Roseluck has a weird accent that i cant quite place

minuette: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1pipUXA8fha












First round

Do you get the reference?
Reposting a deleted request because >Anonfilly reaction image
Dont get why the pony deletions on pone board but oh well, kinda ironic considering the request
In Anonfilly voice: "Thought you could get rid of me faggot? Well, think again!"

Can I have an angry RD as figures that Zephyr have been in not her room but took stuff as well.

It seems you Notified the wrong Anon.

Do either AJ or Rarity

What's wrong Ivan?

No no no don't give that, it's obvious that there's something the matter.

Look I'm neither here to take you down a peg nor seizing the moral high ground as you put it.

I just want to know what's the problem and I can't help you unless you either show or mention it.

I didn't know and I'm sorry that it happen to you.

Look I understand that you feel that way because they wrong.

And I can show you the alternative but please and I'm begging you not to do this.

*breath a sigh of relief*

I'm just glad that you made the right choice.

And I'm gonna the help that you need to heal.

Hey Fedora why no Twilight, RD, Rarity, AJ, Shimmy and Glimmer?

I thought you did a job on them.

god damn you're amazing

thank you

Are you a professional voice actress?
File: 10 out of 10.jpg (7 KB, 225x225)
7 KB
i feel off today hmmm


gonna edit this one so hang on


too flutters but uhhhhh i tried so i get a wonky star







no :c

uhhh cant really do AJ but here



>no :c

Damn, I would like to request something, but can't think of good lines.
>uhhh cant really do AJ but here

Then do Rarity please and as I say before liberties are encourage.

You can do what i do either type something random or quotes that you like.
Have Flutters say niggers and then laugh.

here's a reference

Do Rarity

Oh hey what's up Ivan?

Well yes AJ told me about your ordeal but I would have you treat like a prince either way.

Look I'm not going judge you on your thoughts nor your choices.

And i do agree that both staffs and students need to more aware of others plight.

But i can assure you that the two sisters are doing everthing they to encouraging the entire student body to speak up. and show consideration, and care to others

Both me and my friends are do like what AJ is healing you.

I know it will time but we want to be on a path that will not only heal you quickly but make you strong as well.

Look if you need anything just find me, my friends, or any one of the staff.

Now would you like to help me dye some outfits?
No requests for now but, hows your night going so far?
Dont be shy Anon, she wont bite.

Nice editing skills anon.
zepthyr cross dressing in Rainbow Dash's panties when?
Your Ponk is definitely getting a bit better tho.
Thanks senpai
Damn word filters work on spoilers too. Also, requesting "Of course you dont microwave the salad you fucking doughnut" please.
That's why you gotta type it differently f a m
Go ahead. Like I said, I don't know if I can write worth shit, so if you want to make some changes, do it.

Diamond Tiara helps the CMC gets dates for hearts and hooves day.
Soft Fluttershy voice, please.
>Relax and close your eyes
>Think about the little pony you love. Imagine her soft fur, pretty mane, and beautiful eyes.
>She's yours and nothing can change that.
>Right now is the time for you to be happy and she's ready to make that happen.
>You don't have to worry about anything, even me.
>I want you to be able to really feel her. So if you're comfortable and you'd like to... I don't mind if you need to touch yourself a little.
>Feel free to undo your pants and get comfortable.
>Your little pony loves it when you rub it just like that.
>She's got her own private parts, you know. They're so soft and pretty. Sometimes when she thinks about you she gets excited too.
>Her little heartbeat flutters and she gets all tingly down there.
>Sometimes if she's thinking for too long she gets all slippery and wet. Her labia parts and a sensitive little button comes out hoping that you'll be there to touch it.
>It's okay if you want to rub a little faster now.
>Every ounce of her little pony body wants to be with you. She wants to kiss you just as much as you want to kiss her.
>And when that kiss is over she wants nothing more than for you to hold her little body down and push yourself inside.
>Mmmm, she would sigh and moan as you pushed inside of her.
>Squeeze just a little harder and rub a little faster and you'll feel a tiny bit of how good you're going to feel when you have your first time with her.
>Imagine how tight it is inside her little pony privates. Her whole body would be begging for you to fill her up with your seed.
>Does it feel good?
>Mm, I'm glad you're having fun.
>After all the passion, your little pony can't hold it in any longer.
>She's almost there.
>[quieter] If you like, you can finish on me if you think it'd help you feel closer to her.
>Now get ready to fill her up with a big bunch of hot stickiness.
>Now. Mmmmm.
>Her little pony body shakes and convulses as she reaches climax.
>Let it alllll out.
it was saline to hydrate me - apparently i was really dehydrated. explains a lot.

thank you <3

by me


pls rerequest with the lines you want lel


well danke


File: 1502397922842.png (94 KB, 208x211)
94 KB
Perfect as always... many thanks!
Top kek, i love it.
>I wonder when the weird requests gonna start coming out
>where is kuro
a-are we being stood up, anons?
I guess we are.
Lovely night we're having Fedorashy, is it not?
>Fluttershy chuckled.
>"Do you mean the Chaos Emeralds?"
I hope he's at least been working on getting his part of the Fluttershy x Butterscotch smut ready
I can't wait until the whole thing is complete and ready to be posted here
i suppose.

he hasnt had motivation to do much lately, from what i understand.
File: fbm.png (174 KB, 1024x939)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
aannnd I can't write clop for the life of me so I'm hopeless.
I'm gonna TRY
"oh, my goodness!"
>She exclaims, stumbling back. She trips over the table, falling onto her back.
>Butterscotch is given a full view of her marehood, now dripping with excitement
kys baby
yes, fuck
(as in you two should fuck)
Well here it is! We shipposting now!
So ive been playing a lot of DragonBall Fighterz lately and ive thought of some lines.

Pinkie as Android 21
>Im going to make you my personal lollipop
>I wonder what you taste like~
>I want more, more, moooore! I must have more candy!
>Anon my sweetie, i cant help it~ you look absolutely delicious~

P.S sorry for being a degnerate
In Diamond T voice
Oh Anon, you dirty dog.
Shit, sorry anons, gonna have to end my portion of the thread early. Started hallucinating last night and couldn't sleep. Checking myself back into the hospital.
Good luck, also you are getting better with voices
Oh poo.
Stop smoking Weed.
I actually dont do any drugs ;-;
I dont even drink alcohol
Hope you feel better soon! Good job on the vocaroos tonight
Shit my dude. Ask the doctors to prescribe you something. Also good luck with the medical bills.
File: [Screams in Horse].png (62 KB, 337x439)
62 KB
Your health should always come first.
Thank you for providing what you have despite your situation though.
Love ya <3
This tbqhfampai
When you gonna start doing requests instead of lurking like a loser?
Want me to pull your hair and call you worthless?
Maybe slap you around a bit?
File: 1495356221333.jpg (110 KB, 640x640)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Requesting this with Fluttershy, Trixie or Diamond Tiara's voice.

>ask friends for a marijuana contact
>get the name of the dealer
>report the dealer to crime stoppers
>just got a $450 reward check in the mail because he was dealing other drugs as well and was given a 3-year sentence
>act pissed off at friends that they gave me the number to someone being arrested.
>tfw reported every drug dealer whilst at school
>tfw got many more people arrested and significantly reduced the flow of drugs through my school
>Reported a nigger on my Facebook who took a picture with a bag of weed to Crime Stoppers and he got his house raided less than 12 hrs later
>Used one of my fake accounts on Facebook to convince a kid to go somewhere with ecstasy and I sent the police there he got arrested kek
>Sent a report to the local Crime Stoppers that a known drug dealer at my high school was selling drugs to Middle schoolers and I got his house raided and he was arrested
>Mfw snitched dealers to crime stoppers
>Mfw no stitches
File: 1509408751613.gif (995 KB, 500x348)
995 KB
995 KB GIF
I'm going to treasure this one forever.
This is prime masturbation fuel right here.
If you are feeling down and sometimes also KO, just turn it upside down and you are OK!
Well that don't make much sense but who am I to disagree with dubs?
upside down
In trixie's voice, "Welcome aboard the Salty Salmon, where the planks both strong and true, are manned together by a fabulous crew."
U got that you numbnuts. The whole flip A into B works in turn a frown upside down, but flipping knocked out to ok is a bit strange to me.
I got that. Fucking phone posting
As Trixie: "The Great and Powerful Trixie loves you, Desi."
That's alright; your health is *always* the absolute top priority. I hope you feel better soon!
Do you plan on making a thread sometime in the future after you've been in good health for a while?
Got a request for kuro "She's got a great ass. And you got your head...all the way up it. When I think of asses...a mare's ass...something comes out of me."
pls respond.
Stay healthy voicefags
Thanks for the content
File: dork.png (147 KB, 483x294)
147 KB
147 KB PNG
I love our resident voicefags
I need to animate some of this someday
Thanks for the delivers, hope you get better
Now where s Kuro with his ones?
Not Kuro but.
File: thumbs-up.jpg (14 KB, 480x480)
14 KB
GOOD effort, you're going places
Not Al Pacino but still pretty good. Thanks.
Got a requesst coming up
I need Luna or Flutters or Shining Armor to berate me.

>That's your best? How can you call yourself a knight after that? At this rate, you'll never fufill your hopes and dreams. You'll just stay at the same spot forever until you die. I cant bare to see you like this. So you better show me that you're just not all talk.
>After all you made a Knight's promise. Dont you ever go back on that.
So they wouldn't admit me because the hallucinations aren't telling me to kill anything so LETS FUCKING GO AGAIN BOYS
may be unable to finish requests if something happens again, so if I disappear I'm in my closet talking to the shadow man. I'm 99 percent joking about that.

Kuro, kuro, kuro... tsk tsk
I thought I was a massive cuck.



know it wasnt a request but it was coot




I love clicking on these vocaroo links without any context and hearing anything from memes to sexual grunting with no logical ties between anything.
And damn, you are doing this board a great service.

I remember in the past two famous, at least to me, voicefags were a Fluttershy and an Applebloom one, the latter having some affiliation with wootmaster I think.

I also see you're used to doing loli voices.
That's a good sign, I like that.

Give us a good >pic related
oh? when were they around?
>Got skipped
I dont even mind lmao.
whoops, sorry. was yours the pinkie one? forgot to mention i skipped that one.
Shit I don't remember, sometime around 2013 or 14 probably.
It was both years and computers ago, and I never followed them much.

They were pretty cool, especially the Applebloom one.
I must say though, your range of characters is pretty good.

This: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3llBqByNOUk

With Luna as Dracula and, uh, I can't think of the best pony to represent Richter so whoever you want. Fluttershy seems like potential for humor.
File: sad froggo.png (186 KB, 500x484)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
Could I get this from Fluttershy?
"It's okay, Fluttershy. There's no reason to be scared. You've dealt with dragons before and they're not so scary." *take deep breath and clear throat* "Hey, you bitch nigga dragon! Get yo scaly lookin' ass outta here! The fuck you think you're doin' in my town?! You wanna come at me?! Huh?! I'll fuck yo ass up, nigga!"
Those voices were great!
Marry Kuro, he's a good man, also check the thread where the guy saw porn on his job and almost got fired, I'm there.
Id record this too lmao
Y no thread link kuro
Oh shit you back. Can I please get a regarded twilight saying "yeeeeaaahh booooiiiiiiii, gimme dat good suck"?
I can't process what you said because maybe you don't know how to speak proper english, but i posted on a thread thanking to Fedora, because she recorded a Fluttershy line for me, my post was
I wanted the link to the thread about the porn guy you retarded nigger
Well just click on >>31900456 and scroll to top.
File: 1513532969312.png (438 KB, 684x1000)
438 KB
438 KB PNG
File: Kneeling_Warrior.jpg (14 KB, 300x243)
14 KB
That hurt worse than any stab ive received. For it was the bitter truth of how ive been going about life that shook my soul.

I needed that harsh dosage of medicine. Many thanks to you Fedorashy, You have my gratitude.

Gah i sound like a cliched anime character, but thats how i type/talk when im being serious.
Wow, what a fucking fag
no u
File: shyes.png (233 KB, 907x423)
233 KB
233 KB PNG
how could she marry a man who CAN'T DELIVER just because he's sad or some shit.
I regret to inform you all that my laptop screen has broken, leaving me with no way to record requests.
I just barely made it to a point where I can afford rent so I don't know how I'll be able to replace it any time soon.
I have failed you, anons...
im bout to cuck you Kuro. And then Fedorashy will be all mine~
Sure anon, I believe you.
File: 1385508.png (2.77 MB, 3200x2000)
2.77 MB
2.77 MB PNG
<3 <3 <3 Thank you.
"i’ve been fantasizing about big hares a lot lately, especially ones modeled after Stichter’s sculptures
her hares are just the perfect, most idealized animal form to me.
They have just the right amount of subtle pony shape to them which gives them those smoother, thicker curves, but they still maintain the look and shape of a feral animal.
I think they’re the most appealing looking things ever.
I can’t stop thinking about what it would be like to touch them and stroke those long hind legs hhhhhhh
don’t look at me"
File: 1518754683514.gif (59 KB, 800x800)
59 KB
Lemme smash FedoraShy. please.
>Using a laptop
Man you should buy a computer, but work and earn money to pay your rant and then buy a cheap computer, we'll be waiting for you Kuro! Right guys?
No. Why doesn't he plug the laptop into his TV or something.
File: 1517455469191.jpg (1.2 MB, 1260x1024)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
Requesting Sombra, if possible. You're allowed to take liberties, if you wish

>Oh, my little mare longs for comfort after ours little session?
>Come. Come here. Don't be shy about that. It's normal that you need it.
(short pause, a little bit more softer voice. May also edit in quiet mane rustling sound, to emulate caressing)
>You were exceptional. Especially for your first time.
>Few ponies can entertain the idea of such... games in bedroom. Fewer still persist after experiencing them in reality.
>But _you_ did. You were with me all this time. You were with me... and begged for more
>What did you enjoyed the most?
>Hm? You enjoyed a riding crop?
>That's one of the more tame whips I have. We can try a proper leather whip next time. Or, perhaps, a flogger?
>Unless my mare wants to fully familiarize herself with tame toys first
>Do you, little one?
>Oh, you fell asleep.
>Sleep well, little one. Sleep well, my little mare. You earned your rest.
Oh dear, seems like I got here just in time.
Some time ago on my birthday a friend of mine sent me an audio clip of fluttershy wishing me goodnight. I believe it might have been you. Just wanted to thank you for being awesome, just that short clip helped on some tough shit.


Reuploaded the clip to avoid being called fake and gay. ty all
Well that's easier and cheaper, i hope Kuro sees your message.
>>31901586 > >>31902608
No HDMI port. It was a Windows tablet with usb.
The chad fedorashy gives us voices while hallucinating. The virgin kuro whines about his computer and doesn't post.
For fedorashy as fluttershy "The salt is getting caught up in all my circuits and superfluous gears. If this gets any worse I may have to abandon seafaring altogether."
>You look so cute when you are sleeping like that.
>and so vulnerable *giggle*~
>The chad fedorashy gives us voices while hallucinating




ye that was me, im glad it did!!



hang on a sec, you have the lines you want written down anywhere? (or a transcript)
>hang on a sec, you have the lines you want written down anywhere? (or a transcript)
Here you go famlam, and that's again with Fluttershy as Richter and Luna as Dracula.

Richter Belmont: Die, monster! You don't belong in this world!
Dracula: It was not by my hand that I'm once again given flesh. I was called here by humans who wish to pay me tribute.
Richter Belmont: Tribute?! You steal men's souls and make them your slaves!
Dracula: Perhaps the same could be said of all religions.
Richter Belmont: Your words are as empty as your soul! Mankind ill needs a savior such as you!
Dracula: What is a man? (flings his wine glass aside) A miserable little pile of secrets! But enough talk! Have at you!
Kek, well since I'm useless here I'll fuck off.
It's been fun anons.
File: 1515474905629.png (221 KB, 1024x1024)
221 KB
221 KB PNG
don't you fucking fuck off you fucking fucker
at the very least you should stay around and lurk
maybe let us know if/when you find a way past the technical difficulties you're currently facing
I wish you the best of luck with figuring out a way to be able to deliver again
Hope you can get the opportunity to buy a new laptop soon, it has basically become a basic human need today.
Oh shit wait, I'll just finish that greentext.

Any suggestions/requests on how it should continue?
K you do that. But seriously mircoshit is having 200 dollar presidents day sales on surfaces so made other retailers will have some discounts. If you live near a micro center you can get good deals there.

What did you guys think of Forgotten Friendship
i didnt see it yet.
Pinkie : Come cuddle with me instead silly~
Fluttershy - That's real interesting and all, but you should probably kill yourself.
File: Woh.jpg (164 KB, 1025x951)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
I don't have a request, just wanted to ask what we did to deserve these threads.
thank you both
and take care of yourself, fedora
If you stop Kuro will have to learn to be a more convincing girl :)
It hasnt been the first time we've had voicefags or actual ponies visit the board. I dunno, maybe they just like to tease us. Or is it a hex/spell to make us fall for them?
Can you attempt to sing Quiet's theme? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RiS1xQoQvKE
As fluttershy: "I'm sorry for everything that I've done. I didn't mean it, and I didn't know. I was confused. I hope you can forgive me. I'm sorry..."
shes not sorry.
File: memento21.jpg (30 KB, 959x414)
30 KB
Requesting Kuro in Sombra's voice to recite to ending monologue in Momento.
>"I'm not a killer. I'm just someone who wanted to make things right. Can't I just let myself forget what you've told me? Can't I just let myself forget what you've made me do? You think I just want another puzzle to solve? Another John G. to look for? You're John G. So you can be my John G...will I lie to myself to be happy? In your case Teddy...yes I will."
Can't find to full scene to reference off of so you can do this however you wish, unlsess you've seen this movie.


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