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If you wish, you can catch up here:

List of stuff:

>There's this.
>This quite comfy feeling.
>You can't exactly put your hoof on it.
>And then, something rocks you in your sleep, making you realizing you're waking up.
>The nice, comfy and warm feeling slowly floats away from you, and your mind is desperate to catch it back.
>But rocking gets more intense, and soon you find yourself back in, well, yourself, as you wake up, open your eyes lazily.
>Then you realize who you are, what happened so far, and what do you have to do.
>You're Stone Mane, you're going to have a journey of a lifetime, and there's a guy shaking you.
>It's a gentle yet strong and stern shaking, but it makes it's job, and the one doing it is Glaedyv, your Griffin friend.
>"Hey wake up, sleepyhead" Did he actually just call you that? "Time to go."
"Uuugh..." you scratch your flank, stretch all four legs, letting yourself splay under the covers. "What hou... oh wait. The watches don't work."
>"It's still early yet. Somewhere before the dawn."
>"This early?!" you exclaim in outrage and surprise.
>"Very much so. We want to use all of the sunlight we can get, Stone. Now get moving."

>He then stands up from your makeshift bedding - you are actually glad you didn't craft something more stable, it's easy to pack now - and you start to trot in place to keep the warmth in you.
>How does he even can possibly wake up so early? He was a mercenary, but... do they get through the drill of some sort?
>Or maybe he was in actual army before? Huh, you never asked him about what he did, neither he inquired awfully much about you do.
>You're still on the basic level: you - a shady scientist and he - one of the mercs guarding the blimp.
>Eeeeh. Maybe it's not that important.

>Anyway, the both of you dress up almost to the point of absurdity. Of course you and your friend are wary to not constrict your movements way too much, but you're quite pushing the limit here.
>Done with that, you pack the remaining clothes, hides and that small amount of dried grass and feathers in packets that served as your beds up to this point.
>As Glaedyv said, it's just nearing the dawn.
>Wait, it might actually be the dawn. The Sun's not up yet, not even close, but there's that pale light in the East.
>You can see it when you look almost across the bay.
>It's quite cold, but the air is barely moving and the weather seems clear and alright so far.
>As you leave your former shelter behind and head towards the sea, you see a dark figure standing on a hill near the forest, overlooking the village.
>For some reason as you head to retrieve the mutts to pull your sled, you get the feeling that it's observing you directly.
>You shudder, but the figure is gone within a blink of an eye and you can't examine it closer.

>The Samoyed prisoners that will serve as manual labour in your venture are sitting in an enclosure, guarding by a fat Walrus warrior, wearing some sort of guard on his sides, part of his flippers and he has a helmet.
>They are bound, and sleeping deeply.
>Everything is ready but them.
>How do you tackle the task of actually getting them to pull your sled? They probably aren't going to do this on their own.
>What do you do?
Do we have the translator magic now? If yes, let's just ask the guard to wake them up.
No point upsetting the fatroll if we can ask nicely.

>You gently poke the big guard to get his attention.
>He grunts and turns his head, then slightly adjust his whole body. Mare, being this fat must sure hurt them. Can't they like, get fit?
>The Walrus grunts and looks at you expectantly, but without any hostility or even annoyance.
"So..." you start, a bit uncertain if the translation magic works. "Good day to you! Could you please wake the captives for us?"
>He looks at you for a moment long enough to make you question the magic, but then he nods, and saying nothing turns back the the fenced off enclosure.
>He opens a crude gate, and then enters, and starts poking the Samoyeds inside quite roughly with the dull end of his spear.
>The prisoners wake up, and then all of them share almost unison shiver.
>They probably spent the whole night out here, as you can see them doing small movements and rubbing their limbs.
>Even they are not 100% used to the freezing cold. Maybe there's some magic involved in this?
>Who knows.
>The thing you know for sure, you now have the Samoyeds awake.
>What next?
Alright, they are up and the translator magic seems to work too, so tell them that they are in for a ride!
They will pull it.
Ask the guard to help you get them set up.

Sad, I can't remember, when did we agree on making the prisoners our sled dogs?
Sorry for kicking this into overdrive, but I actually want to set in for a proper sess before going to bed. I will stop if something hard and actual choice comes up.

>For some odd reason, you feel a crave for a tiny bit of irony.
"Good morn' guys" you greet the Dogs, now certain that they understand. "I have an announcement. We're going for a ride!"
>The older ones look at you with reserve, but the younger actually perks his ears up in interest.
>You swear you can see his tail waggling, or at least twitching, before the olders look at him with despise.
"No, I mean literally."
>Now all of them tilt their heads. If they weren't off to kill you, you'd thought it's a lil' cute.
"Yeah" you continue "You're going to pull the sled."
>Samoyeds glare at you for a second. One of them raises up, even if bound, and starts to angrily growl, but a light tap of the Walrus' spear reminds him of his predicament.
"Good we have this sorted out. Now let's go."
>Then you move closer to the guard, who in turn glares at his prisoners.
>Not an evil glare.
>It's entirely calm glare. The kind of glare that tells you "better don't start shit".

>Soon they're all roped up to your big, loaded and probably really heavy Walrus sled.
>The Samoyeds are bigger than Ponies, a bit bigger than Griffs even, but it looks like they are still not going to have an easy time with the task.
>Already weakened, they literally can't get stronger, because then they will become dangerous.
>But they manage to pull the thing almost right to the shore without getting too much tired. It bodes well. They might last you for... let's be hopeful, three days, then they'll wither away.

>On your way out, the shaman shows up.
>Despite the warm, granddad-like smile on his mouth he looks rather serious.
>"I wanted to bid you my farewell, young Stone" he says, actually going in for a hug. "And wish you good luck. Hard times may lay ahead of you, but remember to sharpen up your weapon and work on your skills, and you should be fine. Remember what you saw in your initiation, and the allies you've met. May we meet in the better circumstances."
>Then, she starts to murmur a chant. Or is it a prayer?
>The two of you stand on the rocky, snowy and rather depressing-looking shore. There's a belt of unfrozen water and a sheet of probably not so thick ice at the borders of the bay. It must be warmer here.
>Do you have something to say to the shaman?
>How do you tackle the ice/water issue? The mutts might be able to pull you onto the ice right here, but maybe up North it'll be better?
>What do you do?
Thank the shaman, hug him back, and tell him that we can meet on the spirit plane now, with relative ease.
As for the water thing: north. Go more north. Getting yourself wet in this cold is a death sentence, and despite their obvious urge to kill us, if we get the doggos wet and frozen, they won't be able to pull the cart at all.
From 3 days we would be down to 3 hours at best.
Though, the young one... a young mind is malleable, perhaps if we convince him about a better fate than death by freezing, we might get a servant to us.
Doggos are doggos, after all.

>You hug the shaman back, allowing yourself to do it a bit tighter.
>He really did help you out while you were here.
>All of the Walruses did, but he was the most helpful.
"Thank you" you say in a nice tone. "Thanks for everything. We can meet up in my dreams or something. I hope in good days."
>The shaman is still chanting, rocking back and forth even so slightly. He procured a bone flute, then winked at you, smiling, and then started to play it.

>The soft tune keeps accompanying you on your way North.
>You decide to not risk it, and to head to the places where you are almost sure the sea should be frozen all the way to the shore.
>One thing is being worried about your stuff, but whole another are the Samoyeds.
>If they got wet, they'd freeze to death in no time, and then you'd have a hard time pulling the sled from the very start of your journey.
>This is not exactly something you want.

>The time passes.
>The Sun raises, and the day comes.
>You've reached the shore that is completely frozen, passed it, and then started your long way through the vast, white plateau of nothingness.
>Above you, blue sky, clear sans some fluffy clouds in far South-East.
>Around you, snow and ice.
>Blinding. You can't actually look at it for longer than several seconds at once since Sun rose.
>Not that you need to, you know you are heading North. Probably.
>Despite all your efforts you don't have any real map of the area, and you are not sure if you have compass in your supplies. You could swear you had one, but on the other hoof vou can't recall seeing it so there's that.
>Basically, you told the mutts to head North and you're counting they know the way.

>There's one thing.
>Something you just now noticed, something making you quite curious.
>Since the very morning, since waking you up, Glad didn't say a single word.
>He didn't follow you to the Dogs' enclosure, and now he's just sitting on the sled besides you, covering his eyes with a claw.
>What do you do?
Twas somewhere at the end of previous thread.
Let's ask him if something is wrong. Perhaps that we use our defeated enemies as sled dogs until they wither away?
Also, we have seen a dark figure watching us back with th walruses. I know it's you Sombrero, you try to trick us or some other shizz like that! Perhaps we should tell him to tone it down lest he wants us to change our minds about how we treat him.

>Thinking that you should at least ask him what is wrong, you poke the Griff with your hoof.
>He uncovers his eyes to look directly at you. You cannot see any bad feelings on his beak and in his eyes. He's calm, you could even call him tranquil right now, you guess. Your catbirb comrade seems to be absolutely lost in his thoughts, and trying to wake up.
"Hey? Is something wrong? How're you feeling, Glad?" you ask.
>"It's alright" he says slowly. "This... look at this expanse. Aren't we like, absolutely isolated from everyone now? I mean, literally everyone. We're completely alone. And I lost my ball of yarn."
>What do you do?
Oh. Oh no.
Not his yarn!
Why? Why must fate be this cruel?
Hug him, give him some love.
Anyway, we should make sure we are going the right direction, Glad is right. We can only count on ourselves out here.
So, if North is in front of me then behind me is South, to the left the sun sets and to the right it rises. If we can see where the sun is going, we can read directions without a compass.

>Suddenly, you grow solemn.
>Glaedyv is right.
>You are completely on your own here, alone in the desolate wasteland of frozen sea. Food... is there any food possible to get here?
>Nothing grows on ice. How thick is it, could you even fish? Or hunt? What animals prowl the enormous white expanse?
>Seals maybe.
>Polar bears. The fucking bears.
>This is probably the most dangerous thing that's going to happen. And, as mentioned, you are on your own.
>Overtaken by sudden feeling of dread and feeling sorry for the catbirb, you hug the latter, tightly squeezing him.
"Why must the fate be so cruel?" you ask him, leaning dramatically.
>He smirks, then snickers, and hugs you back.
>"You know, this time spent with you taught me a thing. It's fun to have a Pony around. Not so sure for a bunch of them, but a single mare..."
>He stops mid-sentence, looking away, but doesn't let you go.

>More time passes in silence.
>The picture of absolute nothingness stretching around you in every direction is intimidating.
>However you came up with a solution to the possible lack of compass problem.
>You have to head directly North, so you can just use the Sun as your marker in this flat wasteland. Well, not entirely flat, but you know what you said.
>It raises in the East, sets in the West, so you have half the directions covered, easy peasy to guess the other half.
>The Samoyeds are surprisingly good pullers when they get into the rhythm.
>Snow, ice, small shards and bumps all disappear behind you quickly.
>Still, you can't get rid of the feeling that you barely move at all.
>In such a strange place the landscape doesn't change, and you perceive it as literally being stuck in one place besides moving fast forward.
>And the silence.
>Excluding the sounds of slightly panting prisoners and sled's sliding, there's nothing.
>Absolute nothing to hear besides you. Truly you are in a place devoid of life.

>With nothing better to do, you turn your attention to your inside.
>Or more like, the most annoying inhabitant of your mind so far. King Sombra himself.
>You called?
>O-oh shit, don't you scare me like that.
>Don't complain. You wanted me, here I am. Faster than your post office. Yeah, there's a big bunch of bad memories related to the post office. What's up with that, Stone?
>Don't mention it. Anyways, could you perhaps cut the whole spooky scary crap? You really got me with the dark figure thing back in the village.
>The what?
>So you don;t know?!
>No, it wasn't me. I swear on my horn.
>So if it wasn't you, who was it then?
>Since Sombra is here, and you don't have anything better to do, you could talk to him.
>Or anypony else. Or Glad.
>You could also not talk at all.
>What do?

I'll fast-forward travel chunks with nothing serious happening.
If it wasn't him, who was it then? Even on the spirit plane he was the Abyss, and we thoroughly defeated that soul eater whatever thing, so it can't be that either.
The figure was dark and menacing, so it surely wasn't a walrus.... oh. Oh shit. It must had been a samoyed scout and now they are following us.

Alright, what's the maximum viewing distance in this godless place? Tell Glad that we /might/ have samoyeds pursuing us, so he can react to it, make a plan.
If we really get to that, we can leave either Glad or us behind, with the sled going out of viewrange, while the left behind pony or griff hides on the ice. If we are really pursued, we will be able to spot the trackers, if not, the sled will just stop outside the viewrange and wait up for the one left behind.
Before all that, ask everyone available to sense whether or not we are tracked, just to be sure.
Everyone available is literally you and Glad. Unless you will think of a way to convince these damn mutts to cooperate.
Guess I wasn't clear enough.
What I meant to say is that we ask our ancestors and Sombra whether or not they can feel anyone following us, then if yes, we tell that to Glaedyv, ask him to plan something, and suggest that one of us (either him or we) stay behind, hidden, and do the trick with the sled going out of viewrange.
If there are trackers following us, we will spot them before they spot us, so we can take them out with that good bolt-action rifle.
Glad would be more useful for this role. Hm.
A dark figure. This may be supernatural. Tell Sombra to keep some kind of radar around us to check for supernatural shit.

>This is not good.
>Not. Good.
>If it wasn't your shadowy friend here, it had to be someone else. You quickly recall the looks of the figure.
>It shady, it's mysterious, and it's menacing.
>Also it did not look even remotely like a Walrus. So there's one valid real answer.
>It's the Samoyed scouts. Perhaps. Maybe.
>So with that in mind and the sled still rolling, you decide to ask around.
>In your mind, of course.
"Hey ma!" you yell internally. "Hey pa! I have a question!"
>"Oh yeah" Deathstroke is the first one to respond. "I figured you'd have one sooner or later. What is it?"
"Are we tracked or anything like this? You see, I saw a figure when I was heading off, and it was not a Walrus."
>The glowing form of your grandfather appears under your eyelids. It's a funny effect if you blink, even better when you blink fast.
>Super cool. Like a magical disco.
>"Could you please stop that?"
"O-oh. Yes. Sorry."
>"Apology accepted. Now, where we... ah, tracking. As far as I can tell, yes, you are tracked, but they are pretty far away."
"So was the figure a Samoyed scout?"
>"There is also some kid of disturbance in the force. Something's off, and not the usual dark magic friend kind of off. The figure... hmmm. It was a Samoyed, but the thing is, that she was, and she was not there. At the same time."
>What do you do?

Also this may be the last post for tonight. Thank you for playing. I hope more of you will show up tomorrow.
So it's a she. Hmm. Was and was not there.
Kinda like me back in school, on an especially boring math class.
Well, this must be either a:
-unicorn teleporting the distances instead of walking (unlikely)
-physical manifestation of a presumably malevolent entity, which Sombra could tell about (let's ask him next)
-a body, most likely a shaman's, controlled/helped by an evil spirit.
I do believe we should ask Sombra now, for real, this is his field.

I almost felt like we were playing a one-on-one roleplay, though that one other anon broke it. See you next time, Sad.
Why the fuck do WE have to deal with Schrödinger's Samoyed?
Anyways, I have the feeling it's some kind of spirit. So let's ask sombra if he can eat it.
>So let's ask sombra if he can eat it.
I like your attitude, fellow anon.
Well, this is not going in the right direction.
Without someone bumping the thread it will die and I'm going to sleep now.
Goddamit, not again.
Alright, got back in time only page 9. Wew. Back to beb for me now.
Yeah, it seems that yesterday was pretty slow. Sometimes things like this happen. Not judging today yet, Americans are at like, 8 o'clock tops.

>You shouldn't be dealing with shit like this this early in the morning.
>Wait, is it still morning? You can't even look in the Sun's general direction now without getting blinded. You really hope you will get used to the shiny whiteness around.
>Anyway, this doesn't bode well. Some Trötinger's Samoyed observing you.
>There's this hoping she can be physically harmed. If not, you will have to...
>Hey wait.
"Grandpa?" you ask, somewhat shyly. "Do you think that Sombra could help us out with that?"
>The stallion snorts in clear annoyance, but then he nods his head.
>"I guess so" he admits reluctantly. "But you seem to forget that I have faith in Celestia on my side..."
>... which actually failed like twice so far, you finish in thoughts. But your ancestor has a point.
>Sombra, although useful, is probably planning something sinister. Perhaps even something outright evil.
>You're still somewhat on the fence between being a good or a bad poner, however you definitely don't want to end up being used by the King or something, so there's that to address as well.
>"Listen, Stone" the tone of voice of your grandfather gets a bit warmer and softer, as he radiates this nice warmth into you. "Me and Vase, we agreed to help you. To defend you too, if need be. Don't worry. Now, you're your own pony with your own life, and I am dead. All I can hope for is for you to not join us here so soon. Alright?"
>He's clearly trying to encourage you, and you can feel small hint of regret you both share.
>That mental hugs are not a thing. You're not exactly sad, but there's no harm in a family hug from time to time, no?
>Maybe you could cuddle with Glaedyv when you'll set up your first camp out here.

>Uhhh... hello? Sombra, you here?
>Yes. Always.
>You feel a shiver creeping up your spine. I really meant when I said you should stop pulling off this spooky scary shit on me. I know it's you. Please obey, or else I may reconsider our deal.
>I'm sorry. I can't help it, Stone. Much to my annoyance, studying dark magic for more than a decade kind of gives you a certain aura, you see. Imagine how hard is to try and be sneaky around wizards when you really need to. They instantly realize something's off and look for you.
>How do you know that?
>I stole a book from Starswirl's library.
>Aren't you like, from a different era?
>Not all that much. I waited for him to die - he was already on the edge, that old prick - and then swooped right in, before your Princesses confiscated the whole library. For such a freedom-loving duo, they sure like to keep a lot of secrets. I guess, however, that you did not summon me to chit-chat.
>I didn't, no. Do you know that we're being followed?
>Yes, I do. They're having some... special help with their tracking, and their very breath is vengeance. Your luck is that they still have to rest, just like you do.
>O-okay. So speaking of the special help. Do you know what is it?
>Again, yes. It's a young, promising Samoyed shaman-ess. Her resolve is not revenge as it is, but she is also driven by curiousity and mystical forces.
>But can you... like, dunno, deal with her?
>Not yet. I need more information about her, and thus, I will have to leave secure confines of your mind, a mind much closer to me than I expected.
>If you will let me go, that is. Not that I'm bound. I just want to know if you are good with me disappearing for a while.
>Well, what do you say to the King?

Not a real proper session yet, it's prolly too early for that, but have an update. Thanks for keeping the thread up, bro. I luv u.
Yeah, let him go. Surely nothing can go wrong.

In any case, consuming the soul of a shaman will probably give'im some nice strenght
>I waited for him to die - he was already on the edge, that old prick
But... in one of the last episodes of the last season it is revealed that he didn't die but got into a self-made temporal lock, along with the other Pillars (proto Elements) to lock away some shitty shadow entity.
Sad, did you even follow at least the news?..

Alright, tell Mr. Mysterious that him disappearing gives him time and opportunity to prepare some trap or whatnot to us, and that we are very much aware of that, but we also don't have the time to deal with this revengeance bullshittery, so yes, go.
Perhaps ask Grandpa Deathstroke about it, his opinion might come in handy.

I love you, yes homo.
Honestly I could either lay a consistent turd on the Pillars stuff and get going with it, or I could try to sell it off as Sombra being literally 1k years backwards and only /thinking/ that Starswirl died. But to be absolutely honest, the vision of powerful ancient heroes walking awake in Equestria right now? Not sure if I want 12 elements of fuck you darkness in my story.
There are other ways to fix this, like this takes place before (for example) season 4 or somthing.
Your call.
Yeah so fuck the castle and winged Twi Twi. Gonna miss Somnambula but oh well. I'll write actual reply soon.
No Twilicorn?
The old Golden Oaks Library was better in every aspect anyway.
You might want to use the 'meta Sad' name for these post though.

>You sigh loudly, getting Glad's attention. He quirks his head, so you slightly shake yours. It's nothing.
>If you'll let Sombra do his thing he may try something. If he's as evil as it is said, he /will/ try to pull off some nasty stuff.
>Some trap, or whatever, that you will fall in. What then?
>Maybe you should seek extra advice, just to be sure.
>With this thought in your mind, you summon back your grandpa, putting Mr. Smoke on hold for now. The latter isn't all too pleased at first, but soon enough understanding and patience radiates from the King. Wew.
>That's unexpected.
>"So how did it go?" Deathstroke asks in mild curiousity.
"I'm not finished yet, gramps" you reply, accidentally aloud.
>Hearing a snicker from the Griff you blush delicately, but quickly brush it off. There are more pressing matters.
"We're in some pickle here, you see. There's an actual enemy shaman following us" this time you are sure these are thoughts. They're just formed like sentences.
>"Aren't you some sort of a shaman too now? Who can tell with these savage methodes..."
"Even if I am, I didn't get a nice pack of special powers. I got you. So the thing is, I want to send Sombra to deal with the threat, but I am afraid, almost sure he'll try something."
>"Good to see you coming to your senses" the stallion says a bit roughly, but doesn't look angry at you. "I told you it's not going to be a good company for you. Well, normally I'd agree he will try to do stupid shit, but actually... you see, he seems very insistent on staying with you from what I have. He needs you. I don't know and I cannot tell for how long and for what purpose, but he does."
"So do you think I should let him do the thing or not?"
>"There's me and Vase. I am still training my faith and abilities that being bound to you apparently is giving me, and she... I don't know actually."
We discovered that her emotions can make things happen sometimes, especially affectionate ones. I really, really want to assure you that's enough, but shamans are masters of the spirit world. I don't know if she won't cast us away or something."
"So let him go?"
>"Yes. Maybe you can ditch him, or ask Luna for help."
"Right. Thank you."

>Sending your grandpa away for now, you get back to the King.
>He patiently waited for you, and when you return, he shows some moderate anticipation. It's first, maybe second time you see showing him something else than hate or spooks.
"I'm really convinced you're going to try to sow shit" then he makes an overly offended gesture "But I don't really have time to deal with all this bullshittery. Go and eat her, or something. I don't know" you think at him.
>This time, please, please don't reply directly withing my head, alright? It's really annoying.
"I shall try to avoid connecting directly with your soul during our next conversation" the cloudy cloud says. "I will not however make promises. It is most efficient way of communication. Thank you for your... trust? I will solve your chase predicament, don't worry. Until next time, Stone Mane."
>And with this, he's gone.
>Instantly gone, absolutely.
>There aren't even any special effects, he just vacated your mind, like that.

>You come to your senses to realize, that the Sun is setting.
>Slowly but surely, the blinding reflections on the snow and ice start to ease.
>It's a bit windy, and the clouds you saw in the morning are now closer and more prominent.
>The sled stumbles forth, dashing on the ice.
>Glaedyv is curled into a buffy furball on top of the sled, rifle safely nestled somewhere in this ball, you can see the muzzle sticking out.
>The night is coming, even if you're sure there's still a lot of the day to be had in Equestria.
>What do you do?
Those clouds sound like bad weather, reaching us at tomorrow midday the latest, so we should probably get ready for that.
Let's wake Glad up and ask him whether we should set up camp here or not.
This brings up the question of the samoyeds, though, what will we do with them? Perhaps we should bring them in the tent, but bound them safely?
We don't have the means to tell the distance we have crossed, but one can only assume it was a fair amount, so we should perhaps give them at least some food. More energy, more distance crossed without us needing to set a hoof on the snowy ice.

Regarding Sombra, make a note to gramps about that he is gone now. I wonder what trap or treachery he is planning...
>Deathstroke and Vase get stronger and more skilled as they are bound with Stone
>Vase takes up pottery
I'm kind of surprised no one wanted to go spirit hopping to find an adept enough spirit to put a geas on Sombra to prevent him from doing really really evil shit without our permission. Kind of like a parental control geas. Same for the dogs so they don't attack us at night. We could of asked Sombra if we're heading in the right direction, but no one asked.

No choice but to set up camp. We could stick the picks into the ground to secure the sled, and if we have a sufficient amount of rope we can tie up the samoyeds BDSM style in the tent, with all the embarrassment and none of the easy knots.

A little food but not a whole lot. Not yet. They get more tomorrow morning so they can keep running.
>but no one asked
Well anon, save for me only this one other anon played, rather minimalistically, and I can think of so many things alone.
I'm glad you are here now at least, leading the story alone is a bit stressful. I can screw up so many things alone...

You can't even fathom how much I am happy for having three players right now.

>Stopping the mutts, you move over to your sleeping friend.
>There's something really fuzzy about him lying like this, curled up with beak hidden under his claws.
>Alas, time to wake him up. There's not much time before the night falls, and it's going to get colder. And despite your clothes, it's already a wee bit uncomfortably chilly.
>You feel like you should set a camp, but you're going to need some help and maybe advice on this one.
>So you shake the Griff as gently as you possibly can.
>At first he doesn't react, then he stirs and pushes you away, rumbling.
>He's just not waking up. He curled up even harder, is it even possible?
>You swear one more movement and he will literally turn into a ball.
>What do you do?
>You can't even fathom how much I am happy for having three players right now.
From now on you are called happy!

>What do you do?
Poke him harder and repeat 'wake up' to him, a little louder each time. That should do it.
If that won't work, push him off the sled. Rough but effective. Unless he morphs into a ball and rolls away.
Give him belly rubs, tickle his toes, grope
Whisper lewd things coupled with moaning next to his ear hole?

>Hey, you don't have the time for this!
>With exaggerated gesture of annoyance, you continue to poke at ball of catbirb in hope that he will actually wake. The fuck. UP.
"Wake up!" you call, gently at first, but then a strange thing happens.
>Glaedyv, still in sleep, or more like half-aware, grabs you.
>His sharp claws grip you rather roughly, but amount of clothing on you turns it into a nice squeeze. Then, the Griffin in question strongly and firmly tackles you down, you both slide down the sled, and then he limply kinda nests himself on top of you.
>After some stirring, you hear a louder snore.
>Oh dammit!
>You're having none of it, and you are ready to shake him off...
>But hey. Hey hey hey.
>How about some harmless fun? He deserves some punishment for being such a heavy sleeper. It's a second time when he does that.
>So, you shift under him, getting yourself more comfortable, and you begin to slowly brush his chestfeathers and sidefluff with your hooves.
>Softly breathing into the side of his face, you begin to whisper a set of special things into his ear, or whatever he has.
>To add to the spicyness and effect, you gently moan from time to time.
>Then, you move over to his belly, giving him a good, long fluffy rub, and you start to trail lower, and lower, still moaning softly...

>And then you push him off, roughly.
>Glad jerks awake, suddenly grabbing his rifle stronger and looks around.
>"Wha...wwhu?" he blinks quickly and focuses on you. "What happened? I had such a nice dream..."
>What do you do?

If steered in right direction, we could give some writing material to the writefag. Sorry I forgot your name, friendo. New quest when?
Explain to Glad the situation and that he should be less of a heavy sleeper. How did he wake up this morning at that early hour, it's a mystery.
Don't leave out securing the doggos, though, that's important.

New quest? I honestly don't know. I found this other thread, called RGRE, and often write greens there. People seem to like my works more than the CYOA I ran.
Sorry Glad. Gotta figure out how to camp before nightfall and the up the Samoyeds.
I might check them out. I am not too much into role reversal thou. Anyways, good luck with any endeavour you might take.

Post in progress. Also everything I said with my normal name, about the timeline? Everything counts.
I am fine with the timeline things, I suggested them after all.
Though, I suggest you make a list of what's the state of the current world, for easier understanding.

Sorry it took so long.

"Pfff. I'm sorry Glad" you purr, having some sort of idea of what the dream might've been about. "You see, the night's coming. We need to sort the camp out."
>Your buddy looks at you with mild surprise, then examines the area again. Then he shrugs.
>"I mean, whatever you say, but the night is not here yet, and it looks like it's going to be a bright one."
"Uuhhh..." you struggle to get what he said for a brief while. "You mean..."
>"Why setting up the camp this early, Stone? Days so far up North are so short it's a race to get anything done. We did not cover all that much of a distance I think."
"What are you talking about, Glad? We're already like, kilometers or maybe even miles away from the shore."
>"Yes, but it's still not too much in relation to what we could do. I don't want us to ride restlessly, even the Samoyeds need to sleep, but I say we should ride on for some more time before setting up the camp. And say, have you thought about what to do with the mutts?"
"I was thinking about bonding them up nice and safe and putting them in our tent."
>"Our... fuck no. That's way too close to our comfort, besides, have you sen the size of the tent actually? Because I didn't, but I assume Walruses counted for only two of us when giving it over to us. Also, I don't mean only guarding. I mean other... provisions and precautions."
"Well I wanted to give them some food" you admit. "And maybe trai..."
>"That's exactly what I wanted to avoid. You Ponies and your second thoughts. Back in the Walrus village you said you aren't going to waste /our/ food on them, and now you doubt yourself. No food for them, that's out of the question."
>What do you say to this?
This is why we have you, Glad. To keep us on track.
Let's go with what he proposes, he is the trained merc here.
I got tangled up in some stuff, gimme a moment please.
Alright, back in the flow again.

>Glaedyv's words make you think.
>Reconsider. He is kinda right. You already told him about not feeding them, and he's more to be trusted out here than your feelings. Out of the two, he is a skilled mercenary after all, not you. And also you have former colonial soldier as your spirit guardian.
>You doubt he would let them just starve like that, doesn't seem like the type. On the other hoof, he's incredibly racist and hails from racist times, so you can't be sure.
>Nah. Not asking him this time. You need to think for yourself sometimes too. Soon you will lose ability to make decisions, and your mind too, with all these ghosts in you.
>Anyway, Glad is right both in the case of food and using your shelter wisely. And other things too maybe probably.
"Yes" you nod "This is why I have you. To help me make applicable decisions."
>"And be a voice of reason that physically exists" he gives you /the look/. Then he smiles. "Silly Stone. I honestly don't get how did you guys fought these conflicts in the past. You Ponies are all silly, squishy and fluffy."
>Then he boops you.
>"I'm going mad without me ball of yarn. You'll become the replacement" then, all of a sudden, he tackles you.
>You give out a small oof as he jokingly rolls around the snow with you in his firm grasp.
>What do you do?
Let him do his thing, but remind him that if we are to go with his plan, then we should get back on the sled and move.
I wonder, what is grandma Vase thinking about this turn of events?
Wait, what are the samoyeds doing right now?
Be cuddly
Stop playing, we need to make it through the night. Remember to build the tent and put the sled inside. We're going to sleep on it, sleeping directly above the ice is basically suicide. also, we should give something to the dogs to sleep on, because if they don't they will probably die. Also, put some snow on something and tell them to warm it up with their bodies till it's water, then drink it.
Another reason to put the sled inside the tent is so that it can't fall on top of us so easily if there's a storm tonight.
And forget fire, that's way to dangerous.

>For now, you simply let him do this thing, whatever even is this.
>Glaedyv then let's go of you. Or more like, he tries.
>But you don't let him.
>No no no.
>You cling to him hard, with all you dressed up fluffy might. He shifts in surprise, and then attempts to pry you off, chuckling softly.
>"So you wanna play it like that?" he asks, smiling cheekily, as he pins you down.
>You squeak under the pressure of his predatory body. It's literally made for pinning things down.
>And you couldn't care less about it. You put all your earth pony strength into you in an attempt to overpower the birb. Both of you are heavily clothed, so it feels like a fight of two pillows trying to wrestle in the snow.
>He isn't budging at first, but then you feel a small surge of additional strength trickling in.
>>"Why hello there, Stone" you hear a rather chippery voice of your grandmother. "Having a good brawl without me? How could you?"
"I was just about to invite you in" you say out loud.
>Then, you finally overpower the Griffin, making both of you roll around in the soft but cold white blanket.
>He's surprised, and then he starts laughing intensely, as he squeezes you tightly.
>"Ooooh, Stone" he huffs in your muzzle, joyful. "That's fun. I'm having fun. We should do it more often."
"Yeah" you start to cool down already. "But..."
>"I know. Let's get going."

>You check on the Samoyeds.
>As you do that, cold realization of what could happen dawns upon you. If they got out of their bounds, they could attack and maybe kill you.
>This doesn't sit well with you, and probably neither with Glaedyv, who accompanies you.
>Luckily, the savages didn't try to do too much. You saw some bite marks on the ropes and skin straps and lashes keeping them at the sled, very minuscule damage.
>So after being done with that, the two of you climb back on the thing. Time to go, and the Samoyeds had the time to rest some. They don't look really tired. Just somewhat tired.
>Soon you're dashing through the snow again.

>The remaining time, which you can't really tell, passes uneventful.
>The moon raised and made a way through one third of the sky when Glaedyv called a halt.
>Main reason being the Dogs. They were wheezing, and they started to trail off a bit, so the Griffin, and then you, judges them too tired to continue.
>Finally, probably real good into the night, it is time to set up a camp.
>Glaedyv, you, and your both non-corporeal advisors brainstorm how would it look like.

>First important thing is to not sleep on ice. Even you, not too familiar with survival, are acutely aware of the fact that ice is cold, and air is also cold, and the cold will seep inside you. And that's bad.
>So to prevent any kind of hypothermia, frostbite or accidental dying, you decide to put the sled inside the tent as your bedframe. Or more like, erect the tent around it.
>But the sled is massive. It's some sort of tactical mean of locomotion for the Walruses.
>However, the tent is also ment for the Walruses.
>It's quite big tent. Not big enough to fit you, the sled /and/ the Samoyeds inside, but enough to actually be raised - with some adjustments - around the thing.
>Of course, you unload all your stuff, mostly conveniently packed, and placed it around inside the tent.
>Now for the prisoners themselves.
>Sleeping on ice isn't an option for them too, since you want the Dogs to be alive as long as they possibly can.
>Without feeding. Glad is really adamant on this, and Deathstroke mostly sides with him.
>So to make their captivity at least a bit more secure, you give them one pelt for each Samoyed to put over the snow.
>One of the older ones looks at you ironically as you hoof him the pelt.
>They are still bound, but you unleash them from the sled, and allow them to sleep close to the tent, covered from wind.
>Glad wanted to light a small fire for them, but for some reason you think it's dangerous. So you don't light any fires.
>Anything particular you want to do before going to beb?

I'm going to end today's sess with the next post. For now I'm going to take a bath. If you want to make a mood for some lewds Zedyne blesses us with, feel free.
File: Stone Mane.png (2 KB, 128x128)
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Also thanks to Paperponeanon, forever in gratitude for you my man, we can see how does our MC look like. Kinda. Here's Stone Mane.
File: Glaedyv.png (2 KB, 128x128)
2 KB
And here is Glaedyv. If you take a closer look, you can absolutely not see his leg.
Tell the doggos that if they try to escape or do anything besides sleeping tonight, they will be shot. All of them.
A little tactical scaring won't hurt.
Oh, also, tell Glad to sleep with one eye open, in case the dogs do try something. He should be able to do it, with being a predatory species and all.

They are so cute!
No leg!
Yes. Severe shortages in the leg department here. Also CADANCE HOLY FUCK I AM SO FUCKING MAD

>Oh yeah.
>You have to make sure your mutts won't try some stupid shit while you'll be asleep.
>So first thing, after setting the beds all good and proper, you turn to Glad.
"You've been sleeping on the ride before and I only took a nap" you begin sternly "And thus I'm going to sleep first. You could stay on guard, or at least not sleep so heavily, alright?"
>"Sure. I think I could do that, not a big deal. I'll stay up for the time being."
"Thanks, Glad. Oh, one more thing. How can you wake up so early, or be a mercenary and simultaneously sleep so deep? Can you like, learn that or something?"
>"I've spent quite a time training as a merc, and then some before that. You see Stone, a true soldier can fall asleep and wake up literally on a call, claw on watch."
>He sees you scrunch in doubt, and gives you a patient smile back.
>"A true soldier will also use all the possible free time to sleep. Always. In encampments or places I deem safe, I allow myself to rest fully, body and mind. And I must admit, I feel pretty safe with you around, but I'm going to reconsider. It's not a good time for sleeping too hard."
"So now you say you aren't feeling safe with me anymore?" you gently tease the Griff.
>"Not in the middle of nothingness with mutts nearby. Although having you here isn't exactly a bad thing either. Now go to bed."

>With these words, Glaedyv actually picks you up, somewhat wobbling on his pegleg, and you make a small eep.
>He then proceeds to tuck you in softly, carefully covering you with pelts and outermost layers of clothing.
>Then he nests himself at your side, sled being wide enough to allow you both sleeping side by side all close, cozy and snuggly.
>It's dark inside the tent, but the Moon's still out, and in it's fourth phase, lighting up the place ever so slightly.
>"So goodnight, Stone" sighs the Griff, shifting in his part of the bedding.
"Night, Glad."
>Then slowly you drift off to sleep, thinking about what tomorrow will bring, and what are you going to do next.

And this concludes the session. Thank you all for participation, despite all of us prolly watching divegrass for all the evening. You can try finding a resolve to several conflicts that you still seem to have. Sadly we can't have a dream sequence, because you're blocked from Luna.
Also my sick leave is over and tomorrow I have to go to work. I forgot to mention that in the previous post, sorry for that one.

Anyways, tomorrow's session will probably start at like 21 EET. Maybe earlier.
>try finding a resolve to several conflicts that you still seem to have
I honestly have no idea what these are or what to do now.
Guess that's it for today then.
Let's keep the thread alive, bump.
Quick workpost of Sad. I was half-asleep when I wrote that. I think it's related to your morality, I guess? Can't be too sure. Anyway I don't blame you for anything, I didn't exactly left you with a prompt to work on. I hope I'll be available later.
1.5 hours till start... get yourself together, Sad.
I went back home from work, took a nice bath, work wasn't so hard today, and then a colleague passing by called and told me that I FUCKING LOST FROM REGISTRATION PLATE SOMEWHERE NEAR HOME BUT IT'S NOT THERE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FUCK.

Please give me a moment or two to recollect myself, before I turn to murder.
More than a fucking hour later, off we go. I still am hair's width from starting a rampage, maybe questing will make me feel better.

>The night is restful, even if chilly, and when you are finally woken up by a very familiar set of claws and feathers, you feel quite good.
>Maybe a little bit stiffy and dizzy from spending a night in a wasteland without anymore warmth than your bodies, but it's nothing a stretch and trotting in place can't fix.
>It's still quite dark, and when you want to ask, Glad simply shuts your mouth with a claw. He chuckles, as you puff your cheeks trying to say something.
>"Good morn... ow!" you smack him with a hoof. Not too hard, just hard enough. "What was that for?"
"You know exactly what you did. Shutting me up limmmpfff!"
>He does that again!
>This time, however, he's ready for your attack, and makes some sort of a sick move to twist your body around and kick you out of the tent.

>Yehp, still pretty dark. You can see the signs of upcoming dawn in the distance, East.
>It's mostly covered by a pack of clouds, and not the nice and fluffy ones.
>They make you a bit worried about your near future.
>When you raise up, the Griffin finally decides to show up, chuckling lightly. He raises his claws in universal gesture of surrender before you can do anything.
>"Enough is enough Stone" he announces. "You can have your revenge some other time. You know, waking you up this way helps to get me up and going too, ya know."
>Throwing a very heavy, evil glare in his direction, you get yourself cleaned from the snow, while Glaedyv starts to slowly take care of the tent.
>"Mind checking the Samoyeds?" he burdens you with the task, choosing to start undoing the tent from entirely different direction.
"Not at all" you reply. You're the one with a translation spell on after all. Glad wouldn't be of much use.
>And here, a first surprise of this day awaits.
>The two older prisoners are trying to move as you come towards them, wriggling in their bonds and shaking violently.
>Coming closer, you notice that they look at you with pure, distilled absolute hate.
>And that the youngest one doesn't move. Like, at all.
>What do you do?

And I ment front registration plate of my car, of course. The day was going so well until that moment, too.
And now you are not Sad anymore. You are Mad!

Looks like the young one froze to death.
Well, they will too, and since I'm in an asshole-ish mood right now, I say we should tell them, in a condescending tone, that 'yes, we can see that he died, but don't worry, you will too. Now get ready to pull the sled or get shot in the head.'
It's their choice after that.
Just make sure to tell about this to Glad.
This'll never get old.

>So it looks like the young one froze to death.
>For one reason or another, you don't really feel the need to examine him more closely, you are pretty sure he's a goner.
>And it has completely nothing to do with two bound but still very mad looking Samoyeds, close to him in almost protective stance.
>Nothing at all.
>Because for now you don't feel particularly scared. More like... distant. He died, this happens, and you don't owe these guys shit.
>Quite the contrary even, they were the ones to attack you and your hosts first. They're the one in fault. They ruined everything.
>The distance is tainted with a bit of angery for a while, directed at the captives. Yet you do nothing, just stare back at them.
"I see he died" you say in a cold, a bit "Shit happens. Soon you'll join him."
>Something just asked you, drove you to say that last part. Is it anger again?
"Now get ready, unless you want to get shot" you add.
>This one's a bluff to a certain degree, you kind of need them to move as fast as you do. With them gone, it's you and legless Glad pulling the sled.

>Soon you have all wrapped up, packed, and your captives again lashed to the sled.
>At least now the formation looks more pleasant, you think. The Samoyeds get ready, rubbing themselves and stretching first.
>Not too long into the sunrise, you are already on your way North.
>Or at least you guess it's North. Yeah, your ethereal family confirms it should be North. Deathstroke says he can sometimes feel the darkness pulsating from there.
>"Hold on a minute" he says and you can feel him focus through you. It's... it's a bit weird feeling, between having shivers and having your head massaged.
>"Yehp, it's right there" he shows you the direction.
>The direction that's totally skewed from your current one.
>What do you do?
Darn, we should have asked Sombra for precise directions. Well, if both of our ancestors can confirm that the horn, is in fact, to that other direction, then we should announce this to Glad and change directions thataway.
Also, ask our catbirb friend about the death of the young doggo, of what he thinks. I'm curious what the trained merc in him would say.

Is there a way to recall Sombra? He's been out for over half a day now or more, he must be really up to something.

>Oh damn.
>You should have asked Sombra for some precise directions. Or your ancestors earlier. But it's still not so bad, you can still correct the course.
>Even if it's like, way off now. Suspiciously off.
>Anyway, for now you shrug and just correct the course. The Samoyeds obeyed you without signs of resistance.
>With that done, you return to your original place, to flop lazily on the softer part of your equipment, prolly the pelts.
>Is there a way to recall Sombra somehow, you ponder, as you allow the rising Sun to heat you up a little bit more, lidding your eyes. The ice is already starting to be a wee bit too bright and shiny for your liking.
"I want to ask you something" you throw your words into the air, lying on your back. "I'm kinda curious of your thought on the young Samoyed."
>Glaedyv deadpans at you, then quirks an eyebrow.
>"You're all always so straightforward" he says. "Maybe that's why you're so far up ahead of other nations?"
"Not what I was asking about."
>"Yeah, I know. What do I have to think? He died, end of story. If you're afraid he's going to haunt us or something now, do your thing. I can't really help with that one. And if you mean how do I feel, I'm maybe a bit sorry for him. It's probably a shitty death for a tribal like him. Froze to death in captivity. That's about it. Happy now?"
"I... maybe?"
>"Jeez. I'm learning something new every day with you, don't I. Now what's on your mind?"
Mention the directions thing to him.

"Oh there's one thing, yeah" you stretch inside all of this clothing and turn around, plopping on your belly now. "See, I had a small chat with my senpai..."
>He chuckles, but softly and without malice, cutting you off.
>"These voices in your head are going to get you to the loon house. I'm listening."
"O-okay, so my grandpa can kinda feel the right direction. As you saw, I had to correct our course. You see what I mean?"
>The Griffin smiles slightly, in a lil' sad way. e doesn't look even slightly surprised or concerned.
>"I was sure it's bound to happen at some point. I've suspected shenanigans from the very beginning, now you confirmed my assumptions."
"What do you mean?"
>"They're quite literally on their way to tartarus or however you call the pony Ad, and they're trying to take them with us."
>This sounds sinister, even horrifying a bit. Just a bit, yeah.
>"They know they are going to die" he explains, snickering at your overall dumbfounded expression "so they try to sabotage our journey in every way they can, for example by misleading us."
>What do you have to say to this?
Fucking filters. I cut that off in unfortunate way. It's family of course.
Well that's horribly true. At this point it's better to just have our grandparents just keep checking every now and then, to make sure the dogs don't fuck up.
If they keep fucking up, let's hope sombra is here with us to show them an example of what happens when you fuck with us.
For the second time within 24 hours, I am confused and have no idea how to respond, Sad.
Stop doing this!
The master of confusion. Or a really shit QM, on of the two.

>You really should've expected this in the first place.
>It's really horrible thing to do, but not all other races are like Ponies, and some of them do real stupid shit, especially savages like these.
>But honestly, you're a scientist in way other branches, and up to this point your survival knowledge was of opening canned bread when the ring suddenly comes off. So you don't blame yourself too hard, because it's not your fault and you ca even fix things.
>So you crawl closer to Glad sitting on the kind of porch on the back of the sled. Just to be sure they won't overhear you somehow. You can't really tell when the translation magic is on or off.
"Luckily I have a way to fix this" you murmur to him.
>"Yeah, me too, right on my lap" he points blatantly at his bolt-action. "Nah, I'm kidding. I hope. What do you have?"
"I can ask my ancestors for the right direction from time to time, so we could correct the course."
>"Are you aware that at some point they might rebel? These are crafty motherfuckers, they might as well be up to something when you made them adjust the course."
"The didn't react."
>"That, Stone, doesn't really mean anything. I doubt they're unaware. But I'm not for killing them soon for now, they're really making us dash forward, even if askew. We have to solve this somehow."
"I think have one for that as well. I can just I don't know, like, unleash Sombra on them to spook them into submission."
>"Maybe it's just your wording" Glaedyv scratches his chin, looking at you "but it sounds like a heck of a rad thing to see. ut aren't you afraid of him trying to start shit? We can't count on him too much."
>What's your answer? Also, are you trying to summon Sombra? How?
Sombra is a two edged sword, that much is clear.
Well, currently he is our best choice regarding keeping things in check, so even with the knowledge in mind of him being dangerous, we should try and get him back to us.
We got him out of that damned place, willingly, telling him that we know he is up to something, so he /should/ respect us enough to not fuck with us.
Besides, he wants to get to the horn, too, so it's important to him to get us there.
Tell so to Glaedyv and then tell him that we will get Sombra back.
Then start meditating, or whatever the shaman did.
Nah man, sombra is cool. he's not going to try to do shit against us for now, since he needs to get to his horn. Never forget, a pony in need is often more reliable than your best allies.

"I know that he's a double-edged sword, Glad" you assure your friend quietly, as the sled stumbles on some bump. "The thing is, he's an actual solution for now, and he needs us as much as we need him."
"I'm aware of that, but what then? What happens when we get to wherever we're going?'
"I'm thinking of this as well, all the time. Don't worry" you try to sound confident.
>"I am worried" and you fail. "Still, you are right that he needs us. And we need any help we can get to ensure our survival. Even otherworldly. I'm rooting for you, counting on you to actually find a way to solve this conundrum. I trust you."
>Wew that's nice. That's a nice thing to hear.
>"Now go, do your thing" he pushes you away gently, and turns away.

>Okay, you think you should actually get up from this one.
>Come on, you can do this, Stone. It's some sort of deep soul stuff, you you can try and... meditate you guess?
>You weren't exactly a mare believing in this sort of stuff so much before the crash and all that followed.
>Maybe if you sit this way...
>Put your hoof right there... oh come on! Go there!
>Just do like in these Neighponese schools!
>After some negotiating with physics, your body and many layers of clothing you think you sit in somewhat comfortable and moderately cool-looking position.
>Nailed it.
>Hmmm. What now?
>It usually worked when you thought about him, so you try to think.
>Nothing happens.
>Then you decide to think harder.
>Where the heck are you, Sombra? Get your smoky ass here. I already know you're up to something.
>Oh, Stone, you cruel mare. Your words hurt me so much, you break my heart. Why to judge me so harshly?
>Quit it. I'm merely stating the facts.
>Facts without proofs? Truly a scientist like you can see a fallacy here. What's the matter?
>Can you get back here?
>I could. Your problem is soon to be completely fixed. Whatever you wish me to do?

>So he's apparently able to show up right away.
>At least that's the feeling you get from his words.
>So you're pretty sure if you wished for him to do something right now, he should do that to problem.
>You have Sombra back now, apparently.
>What do you do?

Also It's late here, work tomorrow, I have some worries so I am heading to bed. I hope you had fun, despite the sess starting late. Maybe I will be available earlier tomorrow.
Ask him to describe how he is 'fixing' our problem, first of all.
Then ask him about the direction of the artifact, and whether or not we are going towards it, since the samoyeds might try to get us away from it.
And if they do try to sabotage, tell Sombra to show them a glimpse of what's waiting for their souls.
We plan on giving the dogs' souls to him, right? Let's not let them go into waste. Same goes for that younger one, I suppose.

Rest up, Sad, we need you in top shape!
Let him do whatever he is doing to fix our problem. Cosuming souls or whatever, I'm sure he can manage it.
Then we want him back to be able to scare the samoyeds out of trying something funny.
Rescue bump from page 10!

>Something kind of bothers you when you think about it.
>How exactly is he fixing your problem? In what way?
>Well, Sombra, how are you fixing the stuff?
>Oh? Probably permanently.
>No, I mean exactly.
>I wasn't aware you are this much into detail, Stone Mane. My apologies. I've decided to use the thing I'm skilled at. Dark magic, intimidation, and supported diplomacy. You needn't worry your head about the rest. Curiousity killed the cat. Shame you aren't a Unicorn.
>Hey, you imply I am worse?
>No. Different. So how could I help you today?
>Oh, right. Right. Okay. So these mutts try to misdirect us, go and spook them. I don't know.
>Right away, Stone.

>Then, he disconnects, much to your relief.
>You didn't notice how tedious talking with him was. Or maybe it wasn't that hard before? Yeah. His presence wasn't that much of a burden before.
>Anyway, soon you see the Samoyeds suddenly miss a step or two, and the sled stumbles, shaking you and everything else.
>"Hey, watch it!" yells Glad, peeking from behind, grumpy. "Cursed mutts."
>Then, to your slight surprise, they correct the course on their own, and a quick consultation with Deathstroke assures you this time it is definitely the right direction.
>Samoyeds even push a little faster, but they don't look particularly spooked or anything. Just a bit tired, not much.

>Time passes.
>Sun rose up completely, and is traveling through the sky with speed you're not used to see. By see you mean sneaking a peek whenever you feel like burning your eyes.
>The clouds in the East are chasing it close, and the wind has picked up.
>Sombra returned and assured you the Samoyeds are going to cooperate now, and for now indeed they do.
>Things are fine.
>Do you have anything in particular to do in mind, as the time is passing? You have some books you never checked out, always busy with staying alive.
>There's also Glaedyv, who has no problem with spending time with you.
>And other things.

It's not exactly a prompt, I'm giving you time for some actions we usually don't really focus around. So if you have any ideas, shoot. If not, I'll just skip some time no problem.

Also I found the plate this morning - sacrificing a special leave to not go to work - got my spare wheel fix'd good and proper. So far so good.
Talking to Sombra is becoming more tedious because he is gaining power.
He probably did something behind our backs, as expected, and gained more power in echange.
I fully expect him turning on us in one way or another, despite that I actually like the guy.
Tell him that talking to him is more straining than before he left, so we know that he did something that will most likely end up with us getting into trouble, perhaps ask him the very specific thing he did to our pursuer. With no going around the topic.

Besides this, with the current light levels we can't really read and there is only so much Glad can be chatted up about.
Other anons, any ideas?
We could take this opportunity to get sombra to teach us some magic!
We've got free time, and have nothing better to do!

>It isn't all that difficult to read yet, but the conditions are worsening, so you decide against giving the books a try.
>No chatting either. You could, but Glaedyv looked grumpy when he popped up from behind the sled. Hmmm.
>Checking on him confirms a small suspicion you had, that he is, in fact, taking a nap. How does he do this in his position and holding on is beyond you.
>So for now, you settle on sitting and thinking. That's the best way to describe this, yes.
>About various things, but mostly related to Sombra. I know you're here around somewhere.
>Always at your service, you hear the familiar hissing voice in your brain. It's not as cold as you remember it being, but still sends a creep down your neck.
>I'm sorry. I am trying my best.
>Whatever did you do to whoever was chasing us? It's putting a strain on me, talking with you.
>I already told you. I used the power of persuasion. If you are wondering if I had to use force, I can assure you that this time it was not necessary.
>I'm still not trusting you. I know you did something to screw me over.
>As much as it hurts me, I don't expect you to trust me. You seem to exactly know who I am and that makes you uncomfortable. Afraid. I am a specialist, I can tell. I won't try to, however, convince you by words. I will do it by deeds when the time comes.
>That sounds ominous, you think to yourself, temporarily cutting Sombra off.
>When he said it's a shame you're not a pinhead.
>A thought appears. Was he... was he referring to a possibility of you being like, his pupil?
>However that sounds, maybe it's worth investigating? Maybe you can, for example, learn something useful from him?
>Should you press on the matter? This is going to really piss off Vase and Deathstroke, you can tell that one.
>What do you do?
Of course. Hell, if we could learn shaman magic we can probably learn some dark magic too.
We could even try to mix the two.
Maybe Grandpa and Grandma will get corrupted by it, but that's a risk I'm willing to take.
Ah, the call of the Dark Side.
Many has fallen trying to do a good deed by using evil means. All in the name of justice.
Too bad we are not a hero and/or bound by moral laws besides our own moral compass.
Let's just discuss this with our ancestors. Perhaps they can prepare us to fight against corruption, don us with some sort of shield or something.
But let's be very clear about this with them. I can't keep repeating enough, Sombra is useful, has his own intentions but those are, for now, aligned with ours. With enough preparation and caution, we can get better, learn more from him.
We should also ask about his plan after we find the horn. I mean, we are literally about to get to that. What will he do to us once we grab his horn out of the ice? And what about Glad? He is a mercenary, so his loyalty is at the highest bidder, so far we are those ones and there is no need to change that.
Also, Sombra forgot to explain why talking to him is straining us now. If it really is in connection with the 'persuation' he did, which means he made a pact with the pursuears, then perhaps he is preparing to discard us in exchange to one of the samoyed fanatics, already worshipping him.
This is a bad thing. No samoyeds saved him from the gutter, it was us, dammit.

Oh, so many questions.
That's a bit to tackle here.

>Well, all things considered, this is an interesting concept.
>You've already like, learned to be shaman. Probably first shaman of the whole Ponykind. At least this branch of shamanism. They probably all intertwine in a certain way, you suppose.
>So the question is, why not try learning dark magic or some shit, then?
>You'd be absolutely powerful. Best Earth Pony.
>With this might at your hoof, you could achieve great things, a thought strikes you. Great for you, you mean. And for Glaedyv too.
>There's one problem to tackle, however.
>Your ancestors will not be pleased, and you assume there's a possibility of them becoming corrupted. Something like that is entirely possible, or at least you think so.
>Many a hero in history and literature has fallen to the Dark Side - dear Sunbutt that sounds cheeky - to the rotten influence of corruption.

>But actually you don't really care about all the heroes. They're either long dead, or non-existent, and you live here and now. It's not that you couldn't.
>However the obstacle here is real, you don't even know what to say to grandma and grandpa to convince them this is even remotely good idea.
>You have some ideas, like repeating them the basics of your situation, driving it down into their ghost heads.
>Yet you're almost sure these excuses aren't going to cut it. Especially Deathstroke was displeased with your earlier collaboration with the King. He's not going to like you stepping it up one bit.
>Vase might be hard to be convinced as well.
>If you want to move on with your life and actually inquire more, you should consider what will you say to your guardians.
>What do you do?

It's a lot to write, so I'll tackle both Sombra questions and arguing with family in next post, or a few. It's nice to see posts like that.
Let's start with discussing the situation with our ancestor. Don't forget, Sombra depends on us (unless his pact with the pursuers saved him from that) so we have at least /some/ amount of control.

If I have learnt anything while playing the quest, then it's that I must think of absolutely everything and more. You are welcome, Sad.
Listen here you two. Imma do this, and you can leave if you want, but I got one goal: Survival. And I'm going to take every opportunity I have.
What sombra did back there? Yeah, it was gruesome and kind of evil, but guess what? It helped me survive.
I'm going to do this. "Dark Magic" is just a term. You don't blame the sword, you blame the soldier. It's just another tool - And I AM going to use it.
That's a bold move, Anon, let's see how it plays out.
I'm sorry guys, but I'm not feeling like writing. I'm happy with luck, I got good things today, but I am tired.
We will continue tomorrow then. Get rested, dude.
I wonder, is there a way to get Sombra be our actual friend? Without him planning to do things behind our backs?
I like his character, I really do, but the constant fear of getting backstabbed is ruining it.
Well, time for me to go to beb, so, safety bump.
Rescue bump, wew, page 10 again.
This is interesting concept.
He's not going to get redeemed. Not by Stone, at least. We're not Starlight, so not gonna happen.
Yeah, well, I'm gonna go build my own redemption!
With blackjack! And hookers!
Wait, what? You also play this quest?
What a small world.
Hello there :^)

>At first you are somewhat conflicted on how to exactly address the issue at hoof. How to deal with your ancestors.
>Both of them are mostly benevolent spirits. Despite their past, mistakes and in Vase's case general attitude, they try their best to help you.
>They do.
>And yet now they may turn out to be an obstacle. Not only because of their stubborn resentment towards dark magic, but also potential danger of corruption, or maybe something worse. Who knows, you didn't really tackle the whole inner machinations of the spirit world. Yet.
>Deathstroke and Vase might refuse to help you anymore, to protect you, they may even start to outright fucking haunt you.
>As you thought before, you could go again through your reasoning, through all things you already mentioned to them.

>Oh you know what fuck it.
>You don't care. Suddenly filled with resolve, but also angery, you decide to honestly and truly speak your mind.
>Without trying to appease either of them, but also without explicitly trying to make them mad, you want to share your thoughts with them.
>And thoughts that fill your mind along with sudden burst of irritation really want to be shared. There's an inner drive within you to speak up for yourself, as you have been doing for your whole adult life.
>No appeasement and no fancy has allowed you to be esteemed - even if mostly in the underworld - scientist. It was hard work, and harder resolve. Even here you came with a straight and simple goal - research with a side of nice bag of dosh.
>Ready for one heck of a discussion, or most probably a quarrel let's be honest here, you summon your granddad and grandma.

"So here's the thing" you start rather casually, ready for the bomb to drop. "I may have the opportunity to learn some dark magic. And I'm going to do it."
>Vase looks at you in shock, her mouth forming a nice O.
>Deathstroke furrows his brows, throwing you a glare.
>Before any of them has the chance to say anything, you pick up where you left.
"Now listen to me carefully" you announce "because I'll only say it once. I made my mind, and I am going to do this. If it bothers you, you are now released or whatever. You can leave me be if you want."
>Your words clearly make an impression on your great-greatgrandfather and grandmother are shocked. The first looks angry, and the second's expression just saddens.
"I know he did nasty shit in the past, and I am well aware he's not any better now" you continue ruthlessly. "But I don't really care. There's literally no reason to think I will end up like him. I am /not/ him. I am not going to use the power like he did and does. The magic is an opportunity, be it dark or light or gray or I don't know, green. All of these are just terms, and what counts is the opportunity. Opportunity to learn a good skill, another tool that will help me with the most important thing at hoof: Survival. And I /am/ going to use it."

>With each and every one of your words, the expressions plastered on your family's muzzles change and evolve.
>Deathstroke turns from mildly angry to real fucking pissed off as you speak. Vase comes from shock to realization to a grim, sad acceptance.
>Now, in fact, they both look mostly sad. Really really sad.
>For quite a time, silence - finally - fills your head.
>Then Vase, the lewd rassler, who probably should understand you better than goody-two-horseshoes Celestia's soldier, comes up to you.
>And she without a word hugs you tenderly.
>>"I hope you'll wake up, Stone" she sniffs "I really do."
>"We will be here if the true Stone will need us" the colonial says in a suddenly raspy voice. "To cast away the darkness."
>After that, Vase breaks a hug and approaches Deathstroke, who wraps a foreleg around her withers.
>Soon both of them fade away and disappear completely from under your eyelids and from your brain.
>For the first time in a long while, you don't feel the warmth. The warmth you were so used to you forgot it exists. A sudden chill runs down your spine.
>They are gone.
>What do you do now?
Well wasn't that /not/ the way I wanted this to happen. Thanks >>32008788 for singelhandedly screwing up my long built plan of making our ancestors accept our use of Sombra's magic without losing them.
G fucking g.

I am at a loss of thoughts, with my plans collapsed I do not know how to proceed.
Time for me to just observe how that anon fucks things up even more.
Hey, don't give up. It's a CYOA after all, things tend to change every now and then. And good ones are never lost forever, especially with much dedication put into them. Give yourself some time if you need to, I understand your frustration, but please try to treat this more like setback than ultimate failure.
This event will ultimately lead to a worse outcome.
And I still don't know how to respond.
Ah, wonderful. Without them we no longer have to be careful with our use of the dark arts. Call sombra back, ask him how long he's got and - maybe this first - remember him that we still have shaman powers and if he tries anything we Will find a way to fuck him up on the other side.

And then, get him to teach us.

Sorry pal, but this goal would have taken too much time.
We don't even know any outcome of this quest as of yet. And as in life, things are sometimes less than ideal, but in a quest, as opposed to life, you may actually turn a failure into success if you try.

Why don't start your next steps with a discussion? You're all good at that, from my experience.
Now, now, don't worry so much, Anon. If storytelling tells me anything, when sombra betrays us in the end near his horn, Vase and Deathstroke will appear to the rescue and we'll be friends and stuff again.
Nah, not really. It was a plan intertwined with the general lead of the story, continuously looking out for small details, balancing acts and such. It would have taken exactly as long as the story itself. But alas, it's ded.


Fine, whatever.

Recall Sombra and announce that we have temorarily sent our spirit guardians away, so he won't have to bother with them when he will inevitably try to dominate/corrupt us.
Ask about his plans for when we actually reach and grab the horn, too, and based on the distance, how much time is left till we get there.
You seem to have impression that recovering the horn would be the end of this story. I mean it could be, but it also doesn't have to.

Anyway post soon, and it will probably maybe be the last or second to last post for tonight. I would've ran for longer, but I think we all need a moment to recollect ourselves and think and discuss and do stuff.
I know it's not the end, but that is the first main objective we have, everything we did so far was done to get us there.
Getting back to whatever place we wish to go can only happen /after/ we get the horn.

For better or for worse, let's roll. I hope you'll only derive enjoyment from the quest.

>You really want to feel fully good and well about it. You got rid of the problem, you stood for yourself, no?
>Spoils to the victors, now nopony will be bothering you during the oh so many possible experiments to perform. And many possibilities to try out.
>Rightfully you should be full happy.
>But you aren't.
>You're having shy doubts, creeping second thoughts that one small good part of you is still throwing at you. It may nag at you for quite a while.
>They were the first to help you around with basically staying alive and in one piece, and now they left. Assuming from their behavious, they probably already think you are being corrupted.
>And you're far from it, you're sure about it. Besides, you're not a sucker for all-white morality, but you can see the border you guess.
>Clearly you'll know how to not cross it, right? Right. They'll see you're not evil and they'll return.
>For now, you can focus on way more important things.

>Hello? Sombra? You there?
>Always. Or, almost always. Most of the time.
>You see, I'm going to be straightforward. Can you perhaps teach me your ways? I mean dark magic and stuff?
>As you think this, a very brief but sharp pain hits you, and for a split second you have a flash of toothy grin before your eyes.
>I feel no other presence here. This place is... more spacious than I've initially thought. Good.
>Curious minds truly are a treasure that hides everywhere. Alas, you are not a being made to convene magic in it's usual sense.
>That's where you wrong, fucko. I know shaman magic!
>It is not magic. It's more like misticism and souls, while Pony, Deer and Changeling magic comes from using emotions to influence physical world, and aspects of this physicality are more important here. Meddling with souls and spirits is already considered dark by feeble minds of simpleton Ponies.
>Perhaps rightfully so, allow me to take the voice for a little while, dearest Stone. They are not completely wrong, these small, narrow heads of theirs. As the ars magica in it's most primal, truest form is connected to the Otherworld. Moreover, you can use the primal magic to weave your spells with what can and cannot be seen or normally felt. Ponies coined the term black or dark magic for something too powerful for most of them to handle. However, even for the earliest and most basic form of known magic, you need a conductor.
>I've already seen and discovered the gem of potential you keep within you. Adapt mind, intelligence. Unusualness. You are not like most other Ponies, Stone Mane.
>If you want to train magic, train your body, and train your mind. I can help you channel the magic.
>In due time. Your first task is to find a suitable conductor. You shall know when you will find one.
>Is there anything specific that you in particular want to ask about? Sombra feels like he is quite interested in actually replying for once.

You aren't only limited to magic questions. You can ask him about many things. And I know you want to know about his plans when he'll get the horn, so I'll include that as well.
>And I know you want to know about his plans when he'll get the horn, so I'll include that as well.
Been asking this since 3 replies ago, not going to change the question.
Despite my plans being blown, I still make plans. So I need details.
The other anons can ask those so sought after questions all they want.
Oh, and for the record, Sombra's monologue sounds like some sweetening up.

Also, Sad, can you please put some singular quotationmarks around what Sombra is saying? These: '
It's getting really frustrating to read those parts.
It's kind of supposed to be, since he's talking with directly your soul, but sure can. I mean, it sure does help.
Ok, i've got some questions:
Not directly related to magic) What did you do to the samoyed shaman? Straightforward answer you shadow fucko. If you got her to work for you for betraying us later, you better forget that right now because we still can just let her catch up and kill her with

1) Were you always Evil? Or would you say that dark magic corrupted you?
2) By conductor you probably mean some wand or staff, right? Can it be anything? Like, an earring, maybe, that I don't have to be constantly aware of?
3) Where did YOU learn dark magic?
4) Will I be able to turn into smoke and mind control others?
5) Will my weakness suddenly become the crystal heart bullshit?

That's it for now
Why the fuck did the word Bullets end up between the questions 2 and 3.
It should be at the end of the first question.
To quote Sniper: "The secret to pony magic: bullets."
Forgot the link, dammit:
C'est la vie, but said with very rough accent.


>You feel glad
>Anyway you feel glad and happy, but your common sense is still watching you, despite of your multiple attempts to brutally murder it. And yourself, you realize all of a sudden.
>And now it reminds you that Sombra, despite the fact that he offered you help, and ability to become a fucking /science wizard/, is actually a bad guy.
>Really, really bad guy. He is probably and very likely to be up to something by this point. And he's being suspiciously sweet with all the praise.
>Especially if you account the fact that your journey North may soon be over. What then? What happens when you reach his horn - or whatever this is but most likely the horn?
>These and other questions begin to bombard your mind, springing up from everywhere. Clearly they waited long enough to be asked. All of these are important.
>Because, as you said to your ancestors, survival is your main goal. It's going to get significantly harder if mister Big Smoke here tries to do some stupid shit.
>For some odd reason you recall that there actually was some colt named Big Smoke present at some point of your life. You can't put your hoof on any exact memory however. Shame, you wonder who he was now.
>Wait, right. Back to the matter at hoof.

>What are you going to do when we get to wherever we are going? And when you get your horn back?
>Why is talking with you taking so much effort now?
>What did you exactly do to our pursuers?
>Mare, you are really going all out, shooting all these at him.
>How far are w...
>'Please stop. I know you have questions, and many of them. I will answer them if this is your wish, and then we can move on. But calm down. There, I will answer these all one by one, perhaps in order of some sorts.'
>'We have five days worth of way ahead of us. The Samoyeds that pull your sled can take two to three more days, unfortunately my strength is still not yet powerful enough to sustain their bodies.'
>'I did not lie to you in any way when I said I used my diplomatic abilities. If you are so curious, I've struck an accord with the ones chasing your blood.'
>As he announces this, you start to feel uncomfortable.
>What was the 'accord' about? And don't you lie here you shadow f-
>'It is not directed against you, worry not. I just proposed to take you as apprentice, why would I want to dispose of you now?'
>Speaking of that, what...
>'In order, Stone.'
>Can you please stop interrupting me?
>'Oh. I'm sorry. I'm not exactly used to several behavious, as you can imagine. As I said, I can assure you that our agreement will not harm you. It is your choice if you believe me or not.'
>'Now to the last question. What do I do, what do I do. You see, Stone, your memories and knowledge enlightened me. The world has changed, and greatly so. Names, locations and books of old are all forgotten and long gone. New challenges arose in their place. I will need to adapt. This will be my first task. And then... then I will reclaim the throne.'
>That last bit sounds way, way too sinister and foreboding for your liking. Again, your body twitches in a second of pain.
>But at least you kind of know what he is planning to do. Good things that villains like to talk.
>'Don't give yourself too much credit. You know who I was, so my goal is quite obvious.'
>Don't spoil it, smoke.
>And now, time for some backstory, so better buckle up and start remembering things, Sombra.
>Were you always evil? Or would you consider yourself more like, corrupted?
>You can feel amusement radiating from the King's presence.
>'Despite being so different and uncommon, you are still having some regular Pony mind schemes. For example, you deal in absolutes like that. I am not evil, and I never was. I am using harsher means for the greater good, not like the Empress.'
>He hisses out the last word with venom.
>'She paid dearly for her mistakes, when even the Crystal Heart abandoned her. Even in her last minutes, she was too proud to admit her faults.'
>'What I am doing is not exactly fitting in definitions and absolutes Ponies are used to, or comfortable with. I am not blinded and deluded, and with how much the world has changed, I see many, many more opportunities and ways of improving the land I will rule.'
>'With you at my side' he adds after a second. 'You have much work to do.'
>Nothing can be easy, right?
>It was rhetorical. Speaking of work, you mentioned a conductor. You mean like, a wand or staff or something like that?
>'Perhaps. As I said, you will know when you will find the right thing.'
>Can it be something like earring, or a piece of clothing, or something concealable and thing I don't have to be constantly aware of?
>'We haven't even begun our lessons, or even the basics, and you already have demands. Learn to be humble, as ars magica is far more vast and powerful than you can imagine.'
>'To answer your question, it preferably should be shaped similar to a horn, else the magic will spread and form differently. The shape will help it focus. The material is of no real importance, but some work better than the others. For example, wood is better than stone, metal is better than wood. Best possible conduits are crystals.'
>Acknowledged. So some more about the magic. What kind of cool shit will I be able to do? Could I like, turn into a smoke cloud like you...
>'It's not smoke, it's darkness.'
>Whatever. Could I do that? Or mind control Ponies? Will I be a weakass shit like you and fail before the Crystal Heart?
>Seriously, if your ancestors could hear that, they'd probably lose the last bit of hope. And you're eager to learn more, too!
>'I will be surprised if you will manage to lift a pebble at first. But yes, theoretically this is possible. With a price.'
>And last but not least, let's return to your spooky backstory.
>'Very funny.'
>I know. Anyway, where did you learn dark magic?
>'Mostly in a dark cave somewhere in the Crystal Mountains. Does this answer satisfy you?'
>Is there anything you wish to ask, know or bother Sombra about?
>Clearly your totally incidental luck... I mean obviously skilled intellectual trap made him quite more talkative than usual.
>He surely knows a fuckload of various things from the past, and you get an eerie feeling that he will soon ask /you/ about the /present/. There also seems to be more to him and his deeds than you initially thought.
>What do you do?

Sweet mother of mercy. This is a monster of a post. I hope it will make for the slight stumble we had today. I'm sorry if I made any of you feel upset. I hope all will be well. Good night.
I bet that if he won't need his horn back (physically) we will be able to use it as a focus.
Speaking of focuses, I have some ColtQuest flashbacks. /Other focus./
Well anyway. he mentioned a price for as little as lifting a pebble. That right there is the corruption which makes him have those eyes and the ponies fear him.
Are we really sure we want to do that to ourselves?
Ask him about what would give him enough energy to sustain the sled dogs, pulling the sled by ourselves still does not sound good to me.
Also, his explanation about the pursuers is STILL not satisfactory. He says that he did something, but not the specific freaking thing, which I have asked like 5 times already.
Bloody specifics, is it really that difficult?! Goddamit.
Angery aside, we should mention something obvious.
Sombra's fixation on getting his throne back won't work. As he said it himself, the world has changed. However, some aspects remain the same throughout the ages: nations will work together to defeat an 'evil' force.
He wants his throne back? Sure, good luck with that, but there are /better/ ways in achieving it. It is time to introduce to Sombra the work of /modern politics./
What he needs is not secret powers, dark energies, ultimate armies, but the skills of a shrewd politician, under the mantle of a benelovent, lovable character, such as an old man.
With well played actions, bribery, corruption and most importantly, SUBTLE infiltration, an entire empire can be overtaken.
Not overthrown and not undernight, but piece by piece, taking as long as it needs.
And after the Crystal Empire is taken, Equestria can be easily dominated through economy. One keyword here: trade.
But that's for another day.
So he wants his throne back and we want to get super rich, those are very much compatible. Driven by my angery, we should explain to him everything he needs for world domination.
For the record, this happens when my plans are going bust, I rework everything and make walls of text. Was it worth it, after all?
Ok, so let's just ask him about everything.

Yes, Sad, I'm asking you for an expodump on Sombra's backstory. Let's geti it outof the way and then we can move on to questions like:
Does dark magic allow regeneration?
Can we learn to use /pony/ magic with a catalyst?
You still haven't answered If I'd be weak to the crystal heart.
Also, will my appearance change?
Goodnight bump, beb time for this angery anon.
Are you sure about that?
Guess he was not.
The lore dump isn't actually really necessary. You don't need to have full story of his life right now, unless you actually wish to, taking he may be secretive at times.
I want to, sad.
Ask him literally "Tell me the story of your life. Don't leave ANYTHING out"
oh Jesus I am not prepared. Gimme a sec.

>Something struck you just now.
>Perhaps you could use his horn as a conduct? Will he even need it back? That's a thing you should ask him as well.
>'Yes. I will need it back. But your idea wasn't a bad one.'
>Whoa don't startle me like that. I have more questions.
>'I've expected you to have. And while in this state, I literally cannot get tired in a physical sense, I might as well entertain myself with answering them. What's the expression... shoot away?'
>Uh? Ah yes. Questions. So first some more about the magic. Could you please tell me, will I dunno, get corrupted and start to look like you, with these smoky sickly green eyes?
>'After prominent usage and exposure, yes. Not after you start training, first we should teach you some basic overall Unicorn magic. It's useful and it is a good way to start, but you are going to be learning it like a foal does. With trial, error, and strain.'
>'I genuinely wonder how an initiate shaman will react to magic. I will be cruelly honest with you, I think you should be perfectly fine, however I can't really tell what effects on your looks it will have. Don't worry about it. Fear is an important part of learning, and inciting it is a way to use dark magic. Besides, you can hide it with spells if it happens.'
>That's not reassuring at all. You're not sure if you want to do this. But he said no effects should appear during your first session, so you could give it a shot and see where it goes, you guess.
>Next question. What would give you enough energy to sustain the sled-pulling Samoyeds?
>'No point in being dishonest. A life worth of energy every two days. The spell would only need one life if I would enchant the Dogs with it. This way when they die, the spell will consume the life energy to sustain the bodies.'
>So it's basically necromancy.
>'You can call it this way.'
>Wonderful. Necromancy, fear, truly inviting slogans to lure the pupils, aren't they?
>'You need to have some set of character traits to follow this path.'
>Well, there are not many psycho- and sociopaths in our society, Sombra. Wait. You said you have a potential, and now you say one has to have some traits... wait a minute.
>'Don't think too hard about it. These are merely terms coined by fools at the top of your hierarchy, so they could snatch potential dark magicians with ease. Now move on with the questions.'
>Alright. So can you tell me the specifics of your encounter with the shamaness? I've asked you several times. It's almost like you're avoiding answer on purpose.
>No, of course not. Here's the story, a rather boring one. I arrived at their camp and spent some time to check it out. I waited to recover - you are my current anchor to this plane, and being a day worth of travel away from you didn't help things - and then when I was ready, I approached the shamaness. I spooked her a bit, almost unintentionally, and she rightfully bowed to me. Striking the deal got a lot easier after that. Then she agreed to be my second anchor, I had a look into her mind and it was not that good, and then I returned. That's about it.'
>Really? That sounds pretty boring. And you hyped it up with all the spooky and shady speech before too.
>'I warned you. Now you know. Anything more?
>As a matter of fact yes.
>You're literally a ghost...
>'Not a ghost.'
>Whatever thing you are from the past.
>I'd say something about living history here, but to be accurate, you're not alive, Sombra.
>Isn't rising from the dead necromancy too?
>'Technically speaking, I am not dead, Stone Mane. Again, Pony absolutes. You need to learn how to perceive the world around you without them. With your judgement not clouded.'
>Anyway, I am absolutely interested in story of your life, basically.
>'Are you...'
>Yes. Give me the details. It's not everyday you can talk with someone who lived around thousand years ago.
>'Excuse me what.'
>'How many years again?'
>Celestia and Luna banished you before Luna went all edgy and swore to bring eternal night to Equestria thousand and... two or three years ago.
>'I see. Stone, I have a proposition for you. I will tell you my story. I will share what wasn't shared before. Or maybe it was, given how long time has passed. Anyway, I will do this after, /only/ after you will tell me everything.'
>'If I think correctly, it's in the past for you, so let's check your history knowledge.'
>Can't you just, like, check my mind for all the stuff necessary for you to catch up?
>'It would take more effort than to listen to you right now. It would also be less pleasurable, a tale is better than dry facts after all. And it's not like you have anything to do in the physical world now.'
>What do you say?
You know, tell him "everything" is rather hard when so much has changed.
Let's just try to go over the basics: Let's describe changes in mayor cities, the political situation of Equestria, the important events (All villain attacks and stuff, basically) and let him ask for whatever else he's curious about.
I'm sure he wants to know everything you can think of. Same as you want him to tell you everything.
If this is some kind of excuse to slip out of writing sombra's backstory you're not getting off so easily.

Fine then. Let's tell him literally everything we can think off.
A second anchor.
Well, there goes half of our usefulness to him, right out the rhetorical window. This specific won't end well.

Just agree in telling him all we know. We do not know of anything that any other pony wouldn't know anyway, so retelling history and other aspects of our knowledge to him might be even entertaining!

>At first, you are taken aback by the concept of telling him everything. It is such a big word. You might not be ready for this.
>On a second thought, you actually might be. It's everything /you/ can tell. So he should probably be satisfied with bunch general knowledge and some more facts thrown in.
>Then you could finally, without any particular effort on your side, move on with your life and get to the interesting stuff - his lore.
>Oh. Yeah, also you think you should kind of introduce him too modern politics. He wants to reclaim his throne, sure yeah whatever, and you want to get rich so you don't care. But you have a gut feeling telling you that you are going to be entangled in his attempts. If he blows it up again, and you actually become his apprentice, you're second in line. This doesn't sit well with you.
>So it's a precaution. Maybe with enough wit you can delay the inevitable attempt, and convince him to take a more subtle - and protracted - approach. That's definitely worth a shot.
>But back to the matter.
>Strap in here, buddy o boy, because you're in for a ride. A lot of shit changed during all these years.
>'I saw glimpses.'
>There's more. So first, some historical background.
>After you got your ass kicked right to the North Pole, Princess Luna went nuts. There's a whole legend about that, and a holiday based around her alter ego. The gist is that she was jelly of Celestia getting all the fame, love and spotlight. She turned to the darkness, there was a battle and she got banished by Celestia thanks to the Elements of Harmony.
>'Ouch. To think that Celestia would use these against her own sister. She gave off the feeling of ruthless ruler, hidden under all of this sweetness and giggling.'
>'When they came to negotiate at first, it was Celestia doing all the talking, with her little sister given up trying to add anything after a single attempt. And when they came back later, it was Celestia who casted the final spell. What happened next?'
>Well, for exactly on thousand years, accurate to the same day and star alightment, she was banished on the Moon. There was even a set of craters shaped like a pony head there, dubbed Mare in the Moon. As I mentioned before, two or three years later, I can't exactly tell, she returned. She didn't do shit except making the night last five more hours than usual because she was defeated by a bunch of Ponies. Apparently the Elements of Harmony, completely lost and forgotten for take your guess on how long, chose them as their bearers.
>He radiates something you didn't expect him to actually be able to express.
>Shock. Disbelief.
>'You're lying. No mere peasant would be powerful enough to claim this magic.'
>There we go. He doesn't believe you. Is there a way to convince him? The King seems to not recollect the Bearers with the bunch that exploded him some time ago.
>What do you do?

Obviously some stuff on the hold.
Tell him that we are telling the truth and we have no reason to lie to him. but if he is still not believing us, just check it in our mind, it's there.

>Why should I lie to you?
>'To impress me?'
>Yeah no, I think a baby dragon did that well enough.
>'That was my big mistake. Upon my return I was in shock, half-aware of myself and my surrounding. I even had half my memory wiped initially, and a very limited vocabulary. I can bet my own head that your Princess suffered similar aftershock effects. Anyway, I overestimated my power, heavily underestimated my enemies, and didn't take the Crystals into the account at all. How to say it... you could imagine me having a brainfart. That's how I felt. And then I got blown up.'
>Speaking of blowing up, I asked you if I'll get weaker around the Heart, or if it does some stupid bullshit to me.
>'At a certain point, it may be used as a weapon against you, yes. But it is useless without Ponies fuelling it with their love, devotion, positive emotions. The power given to the Heart by every emotion varies significantly, with the most powerful being love.'
>'I have been working on a hypothesis of mine when I had the time to study the Crystal Heart. I wanted to see if it can be charged also by negative emotions. I got into it's magical scheme and signature, and sadly it has to be reworked to be neutral or fully negative tool. This project was... interrupted when the Princesses banished me. Being blown up right after showing up did not help the matter either, as you can imagine.'

>Back to the main point, there is no reason for me to lie to you.
>Oh, yeah. And you should also kind of remember the Bearers. They're the ones who kicked your ass recently.
>'Wait /these/ are the Bearers?'
>'Really? I mean, I was barely defeated while being mentally incapacitated, how can they be chosen by the Elements?'
>'Using your words, fuck history, we can chat about it later. Tell me more about these mares instead. And their pet dragon. Especially their pet dragon.'
Well, not that we know them personally. The purple unicorn is now a princess - I think she wasn't when you fought her - Because she was always Celestia's favourite.
The others, to be honest, I have no fucking idea. Except Applejack, maybe. The Apples are fucking everywhere. You can't walk two steps in Equestria without finding one of them.
And the baby dragon? He saved the Crystal empire for from you and then from themselves. I think he may have something to do with the redemption of hte changelings, since he's all friendly with their new king. Besides that, there's not a whole more I can tell you about them.
Save for Toilet Spackle or whatever her name is, they are just regular ponies, all locals to Ponyville... which is a settlement planted in a deforested part of the Everfree by Celestia most likely, done through the Apple clan, and possibly a long-term prepared plan that fruited the new Element bearers.
This is all speculation of course, but the Apples did cut off part of the forest to build a new town there.

The pet dragon? Exactly as it sounds. Twinkle Spergle's pet. Can send letters to Sunbutt. Rather useless otherwise.
Psst, Anon, we agreed on that the story takes place after Sombra got blown up but before the other things you mentioned.

Sad, what was the limit exactly?
Oh, shit, completely forgot.
It has to happen at least /after/ twicorn, anon. That shit happened like, super soon after Sombra's shit.

Oh, we should also mention that Discord, god of Chaos, got redeemed! And he's fighting for ponies! That'll keep him in check!
Yeah, no Twilicorn. Twilicorn was like at the end of the season, and this quest happens soon after the illegal got blown up.

But it actually sounds amusing to say as a practical joke, but that would be too meta.
>no twicorn
At least tell me discord is redeeemed. We could really use that card against Sombra. I doubt he can take the god of chaos all by himself
Yeah, he is, why not. Considering that I plan to use him in Sombra's backstory, it's going to be hilarious.

>It's not like I know these six personally.
>However most of Equestria, and even some beyond, know the basics.
>The Bearers, heroes of Equestria, with you yourself the most recent addition to their achievement list.
>Wait a second, let me recall their names. Some of us loose our shit when it hit the news.
>One of them is Apple. Apples are literally. Fucking. Everywhere. They are a main branch of a very large family tree.
>There's Rarity. She owns a shop or something? I never cared about fashion too much.
>There's Twilight Sparkle, growing to be a pretty big figure. Unicorn, Celestia's personal student and protege.
>And a bunch of randoms. Two Pegasi and an earth pony.
>When you mention the last one, all of a sudden you get a very uncomfortable hearing that her name is actually Pinkie Pie and she can hear you.
>'I know, right. I must admit I got startled.'
>'Shut up. Continue.'
>That's all of them. Oh, the pet dragon. He can send letters I guess? He's kind of like Twilight's sidekick and maid at the same time.
>'Oh when I lay my hooves on this little... I mean I suspected he was absolutely insignificant. Barely related to my shameful failure.'
>Right. And oh yeah. Speaking of you and the whole reclaiming the throne thing.
>Better to start softening Sombra up a bit now than later, you think.
>As you said, the world has changed. You need to adjust yourself. Trying to overthrow Candyass and her hub by force and spookiness isn't exactly the best way to do this.
>Not with these six, and not in the current political situation.
>'Politics matter little when you can raise an army at will with like two advanced spells. I am more worried about the Bearers. I wonder why they did not use the Elements against me now. Not that I would like it, but why didn't they had the Elements on them?'
>Maybe nobody wanted to redeem you. So far you're the only one who almost got killed. Princess Luna seems to be redeemed even if fucking awkward. Even Discord got his chance.
>'Hold on. Run that one by me again?'
>Suddenly something else radiates from the King. Sadness, a hint of anger.
>He got redeemed. He works for the Ponies now, even if quite reluctantly.
>Uuuh, hello?
>Great. It seems that Sombra is frozen.
>What do you do?

And that might be it for tonight. Tomorrow the session might and probably will start later, but is Friday, so I am going to try and pull a long sess.
Dammit Sad, you didn't use my joke on Twilight's name.

Alright, it's time for us to mentally sing a song! For Sombra!
Hey, sombra. You scared of the god of chaos? No worries, he probably won't kill you. Just turn you into a flower or something.
Right, Discord now uses his vast amount of power to help the ponies. It's frightening how they have him to help them if anything ever comes up.
Good night bump.
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Sombra and Stone holding hooves when?
As soon as Sombra regains his body, of course.
>implying we'll let him
Here's the news. I am home earlier than I've expected. But on the other hand, I'm also having guests in the evening to night, so the longer sess I announced may be delayed for a day. Or not. I don't know yet. Anyway I know you'd like to know more about the Big Smoke here and I don't want to leave you without nothing. So here's post.

>If you could wave a hoof in front of Sombra's muzzle, you'd be doing it like there's no tomorrow. There might not be, actually, but you don't want to think about this too hard.
>Alas you can't wave or do anything to physically get his focus again. There are mental things.
>So you try some nagging, some bothering, and then you finally decide to do a thing most Ponies are strangely adapt of. Sing him a song.
>So you hum a pleasant tune to him, and then roll with the song proper.
>Right when you hit the second stanza, the Shadow King seemingly wakes up from his stupor.
>'Please stop. This does /not/ help.'
>Oh hey, you're back! What happened?
>'I... I have a lot more to take into the account than I initially believed. And it's way more than just blundering through so called modern politics. Because you can at least skip this part.'
>'Which is not to be said about the others.'
>'This knowledge is very important to me, and I'm grateful that you shared it with me. You will be rewarded in time.'
>If you fear that he'll kill you, don't be worried all too much. He's gotta behave unless he wants to be completely stoned again.
>'That's not funny.'
>It is, if you are not a living fossil. Anyways, he's going to turn you into a flower at most. Or a weremole. Or dancing waterpipe. Or...
>'Stop it. Discord is... he can make you suffer a good number of fates that are much worse than simply dying. He is the master of the world, with only the power of the Elements, and now dead Starswirl, keeping him in check.'
Whatever he does, he does for his own amusement. He feeds his twisted, eldritch sense of humour with everything from innocent pranks to cruel, masterfully weaved plans.'
>How do you even know about him so much? I mean, there aren't any history books saying more than a sentence or two about Discord's chaotic reign.
>'Maybe that's because you literally couldn't measure time back then.'

>'Even I myself can't exactly tell how old I was when I was banished. When my parents came to the Crystal Empire as refugees, I was already born. Nopony could tell me how old I was when me and my family could finally rest in piece under the power of the Crystal Heart.'
>From the looks and sound of it, Sombra may or may not be preparing for a longer backstory.
>Something that you actually wanted him to do, but were afraid it will take some convincing.
>However the King seems to follow the right direction on his own, you still kind of feel like steering him some more.
>Thus, a question comes.
>So, Smokey, pray tell, were you a Unicorn?
>'I believe I was. But when I was a little foal, Discord came out of a literal hole in time-space continuum and took it away. Since then, there was a lot of pressure and magic buildup within my body, an itch I couldn't scratch, and then pain I couldn't ease. I had no way of discharging the magic, no way to casts spells.'
>'No conduit, one could say. It took me years of studying and learning to discover what my life-lasting sickness actually was.'
>'Some of the chaotic magic was disspelled upon my family's arrival at the border of the Empire, other went away when we arrived at Crystalopolis. Alas, my predicament remained.'
>Are you in any way interested in Sombra's younger life? Seemingly he's going to share it pretty soon, and you could maybe know something useful.
>On the other hoof, is a story of impaired colt really a thing you want to listen to? You're not a great lover of tear-jerkers, and this might be one.
>What do you do?
Look at this prompt. Look at it and laugh.
It's try-harding a little but I still want to give you ability of steering the conversation instead of making it just pure loredump. It's finally time of Sombra's backstory, and I know you might have questions, so I'll break it into two or three posts. Or more, depends on the amount of questions.

I kinda hope the conversation is coming off as more or less natural, not forced. Being an autist is pain.
This is quite interesting. Please do continue.
I don't feel it to be a lore-dump either, but that must be just me, I love archives and lore to a fault.
Let's hear out Sombra. Sharing something something as personal as your past is a big deal. Gain Sombra's favor and listen.

>All things considered, you aren't going to break the flow of the story Sombra is finally ready to tell.
>There are many things of use that you could get from every tidbit of information. Also you're quite curious how his life was, and how generally the life was so long ago.
>Of course it's for learning purposes too. History is to a certain degree a kind of science as well, and many Ponies would probably sell their souls to be in your position.
>What a strange time to think of this expression. Aaaaanyway, better to use the talkativeness Sombra expresses. For history, and for extra favour, you guess.
>Yes. For this too. You're somewhat aware that he will probably be glad you listened to him. With that in mind, you urge the King to continue.
>'Me and my family arrived about a year or two before Discord was defeated' he returns to the story. 'As I said, we were a bunch of refugees. A social group not exactly well-received in orderly nation of Crystal Empire. However Emperor Amicus, a Pony of power but also of big heart. Leagues better than his daughter Amore.'
>'He allowed the Equestrian refugees in when their needed it the most. But most of the refugees quickly turned to crime to fix their problems, as the Emperor died and his court couldn't care less.'
>Now you wonder if...
>'No, my mother became a tailor and my father worked in the mines. They were good, if strict. I was raised as a colt who was used to hard work and strain. I literally had to fight my own body sometimes to perform even most basic tasks. With time, I learned that physical activity helps my magic to dissipate, although very slowly.'
>'Years passed, I fared worse or better. I lived in full family, and I even had a target to move towards to. You see, all of the little colts in the Empire at one point or another dreamed about joining the Imperial Guard.'
>'It was a military gem of the time, a force to be truly reckoned with. They kept in check the Yak raiders, the Griffin chieftains, wild tribes of the Far North, Discord's disciples and his twisted spawn... Not many colts were actually brave enough to chase these dreams, or they discovered their destiny somewhere else.'
>'I never did. With my condition I was focused on training to defuse the magic, but also to hide my pain. After graduating from the school, I tried to enlist.'
>'Two times in a row, I was rejected. Forced to sweep the streets, without no real experience in any job more advanced than basic manual labour. But with enough determination, I achieved my goal. I joined the Imperial Guard. Finally.'
>'By the time I was able to enlist, Emperor was already rotting in his sarcophagus. By virtue of hard work, merit and wit I rose through the ranks.'
>'Then, due to magical outburst incident I was deemed to be too dangerous to serve. I was demoted, stripped of status, and cast away. Just like that.'
>'I swore to defend the Empire and to serve it. Thus I've decided to find a way to put my magic under control, and to become a stronger, better stallion.'
>'With my last gems, I bought a simple cart, a cloak, and I set off to travel the world. I saw many, many different paysages and more creatures inhabiting them. And more often than not, these creatures wanted to get me.'
>'At one point in my journey, I stubled upon abandoned library in the mountains to the East, where the Bears rule their land with an iron paw. At first glance it looked like a Discordian shrine. It was, however, only adapted by them. There, I discovered a powerful, mighty ally. Knowledge.'
>'Knowledge, if used right, is better than any spear, sword or siege tower. This knowledge also presented me with a way to fix my main problem, the shadow of which shrouded my entire life up to the point.'
>'With the help of arts considered as dark, I reclaimed my horn. Sort of.'
>'I spent months among the Diamond Dogs and Dragons to find a pure, unscathed ruby of great value and magical potency. I carved it, enchanted it, turned it into a catalyst and conductor.'
>'Then I stuck it into my forehead. Imagine. All of this energy, gathered and barely able to escape, freed. Whole life worth of casting spells ready to explode at once. As you can probably guess, it required a great effort to not explode. I had, however, some help. The books in the library could interact with the willing reader in more ways than one.'
>'My studies began.'
>Do you feel like having any questions to this part of the story?
Maybe chirp in that now we understand why his horn was differently colored and bent.
This means we are listening.
Dude? Are you still alive?
Oh, wait, you said you'll have visitors, right.
Well, bump, I guess.
Today's session, or rather the lack of it, was disappointing.
Bump... eh... let's see, Sombra was personally wronged by Discord, I wonder now, is he planning on doing some petty revenge on the embodiment of chaos once he is back in charge?
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Let's hope this day will be better.
I know.


>So this is why his horn is all different, it's not a horn at all! It was an enchanted crystal all along!
>That's... well this is an unusual thing, definitely.
>You're eager to move on, to see if he will tell you about his studies in as much detail as he is giving about his own life so far.
>However he's talking for a long time by now and you kind of need to ensure him you are still listening, and did not doze off. The horn part seems like a nice spot to chirp in.
>'Oh I know you are listening. I can tell emotions to a certain degree, comes with the magic. Obviously I am nowhere near natural abilities of Changelings, but it helps nonetheless.'
>Is butting in my thoughts absolutely necessary, Sombra?
>'As I said, most efficient form of contact.'
>What about my privacy? Do I even have any?
>'If you are afraid of me sneaking a peek at your sexual adventures or whatever, I can only hear your thoughts correctly and fully when they are directed at me. Everything else is blurry, unclear or hidden. This is also why I couldn't catch up with the world by using you memories. We will be back to the changes in the world.'
>Do we have to?
>Ghhh. Okay, the faster the better. So we left off at you finding a library and taking studies.
>'Oh. Yes, right.'

>'At first, I had a real hindrance to work around. For days I had trained my mental strength to block magic from a volatile escape now that it had found a way out. My first lessons were to manage myself, to simply not die in a stupid but hilarious way one day.'
>Lessons? Doesn't having lessons require a teacher?
>'Yes. And no. A good part of these books were not exactly regular ones, as I told you. They helped me to get through all the basics a grown Unicorn should already know by heart. The same basics you will have to go through, Stone Mane.'
>'I studied, and studied. I had learned that my continuous exposure to overflowing magic made me stronger via enhancing my energy capacity. I could use as much as twelve times as much magic to cast my spells as a regular Equestrian Unicorn. My whole being was trained to use great amounts of energy that would kill inferior creatures. Eventually, the library was discovered, as it soon became a part of still expanding Equestria. I took to the forest, keeping a grimoire with me.'
>'The intelligent book allowed me to see many things - some off them you usually don't even think about - from a different perspective. I started to exercise my power and enhance my abilities in different ways than lifting stones or running with the grimoire strapped to my back like some sort of small green goblin.'
>'I wandered around, healing diseases, solving conflicts between the Ponies, fending off the remaining spawn of Discord.'
>'When asked and paid, I raised the dead loved ones in deep secrecy.'
>'By this time, Starswirl the Bearded had become a prominent figure in Equestria, a known mage, locked up in his school for the best of the best. He was hailed as a hero and great sorcerer, as he lend his hoof to defeating Discord and kept an enclave of habitable land where some could seek refuge during the reign of Chaos. Among his students were young leaders of Equestria, also already known in the world. After all, they've discovered the Elements of Harmony and got rid of the chaotic menace.'
>'So I had applied to this school of his, sure that my abilities will be recognized. I walked a long way to this point, certainly it will be noticed.'
>Let me take a guess. It wasn't?
>'It was, to a degree. However my effort and hard work was overshadowed by Starswirl's self-righteousness. He deemed my magic to be polluted, volatile and too unpredictable to take me as one of his apprentices.'
So I kindly explained him that I worked on it. He questioned my methods, chastised me and took away the grimoire.'
>'One night, I stole it back, along with some other books the old prick had in his personal bookcase. I left Equestria and traveled to the northern slopes of Crystal Mountains.'

>So far Sombra doesn't share any actual details regarding his studies.
>He's just telling you the backbone, the story, without delving too much into details.
>When you think about it, the King is already moving on.
>'I spent... maybe a year, a bit more, confined in the Frozen North. Ironic, if you think about it, because soon I'd be forced to return there in different circumstances.'
>'When I felt I was ready, I had decided to return to the Crystal Empire. I arrived as a mere traveler, clad in cloak and pulling the very simple cart I started the journey with.'
>'By this time, I knew I should take the matters into my own hooves, as the Empire was giving in to decay.'
>'Empress Amore was a failure. A weak link in the chain, a bad apple in the barrel. When I was gone, she managed to disband the Imperial Guard, leaving us with nothing but representative company to defend the palace. She trusted all of the defense and resources to an alliance with Equestria. She couldn't fix the crime problem, the newly former Griffin nation imposed a nasty set of unfair trade deals on us, and everything was stagnant.'
>'I came to her humbly, enlisted in the representative company to try and influence the Empress. But she was too deluded and too proud to listen. Crystal Ponies under her rule grew blind, pudgy, overfed with their historical achievements and as proud and stuck-up as their beloved Amore was. Often I was easily dismissed or disregarded, as I was not a Crystal Pony. I was not one of them.'
>He seems to be very resentful when he says this last part.
>'Some others saw the danger and the need of change as clearly as I did. And although their targets and visions of the future were entirely different than my own, and each of us had his or hers own agendas, they were of great help. Together we overthrew Empress Amore and placed the Empire under the Ponies' Council.'

>'The very next day, I had revealed myself, giving the others an ultimatum. I was aware that they will only hinder my plans, and I gave them the chance to join me in my endeavour.'
>'On that day, I declared myself the King. Many were opposed to the idea, but I was not opposed to welcoming them into my scheme. After all, you can't build a new, strong kingdom while surrounded by enemies.'
>'Some joined me willingly, some had to be convinced, others refused or plainly resisted.'
>'With the help of my magical abilities, I took care of the initial resistance. To make my point straight and drive it to the ground, I had some of the former figures killed. I changed the penalty code to be more... effective.'
>'Before a counter-coup could happen, I disposed of Empress Amore, in secret, so she wouldn't become a martyr. I ordered all of the statues she erected in her ineptitude to rule to be brought down and defaced. It was also a way to detect those of weak mind.'
>'In my two-years reign I began a massive project to build a whole new state, a new society I could show to the world for years to come. I used all resources to their extent to achieve this, all of them. Many projects of mine, and my court, were put in place just with the thought of improving resource usage in mind.'
>'I reinstated the Imperial Guard. I raised manufactures in which dozens of Crystal Ponies were able to craft weapons and armour for the reshaped, growing army. I had them dig out coal, iron, crystals of various kinds, dwimerite, copper. I ordered a build of a new aqueduct and irrigation system, naming it Whitewater Canal.'
>'With magic, irrigation and work the fields could give crops twice a year. Can you believe it?'
>This time, the King radiates clear and plain pride. Nothing less.
>'Two times a year, in our climate.'
>'With trial and error, I personally discovered one universal best amount of food for work output per a worker. Fit for all ages and most physical builds.'
>'To ensure obedience and efficiency, I willingly weakened myself to cast a continuous spell to detect and erase any thought of resistance. I took the Crystal Heart, which did not help Amore in any way, to try and rework it to fit my plans.'
>'Last of my projects, never finished, was a kind of a helmet with enchanted crystal put in it. The crystal would "grow roots" into the Pony, making him... extremely loyal. This would help me greatly, as I could limit the detection spell, or even stop casting it altogether. Alas, it was not to be.'
>'With surplus of food and resources and obedient population, I could begin trading with other nations. Except Equestria. From the very beginning they thought of me as a competitor. I am sure the Princesses, or at least the whiter one of them, could not take such a strong nation and leader as their neighbour.'
>'At first they came to negotiate. Well, mostly Celestia. Luna was taking the voice but mainly to remind her sister that they did something together. As the time moved forwards, the negotiations became more and more aggressive. I felt a nice deal of sister issues coming from the pair. I could use this to my advantage to delay the inevitable. I was sure the Princesses are preparing for war.'
>'I began my preparations, doubling the workload of the Crystal Ponies. However I did not take into the account a certain fact. They came for me first, without an army.'
>'We fought, and I lost. With my dying words I cursed the Empire to die with me. So they banished me instead of finishing the job.'
>'I think you might know the rest.'

>So this is it. Sombra's story, or at least the part of it he is willing to share.
>It is slightly different from what you've learned from history lessons when you were a filly and later, in the university.
>For example there was far less talk of slavery in his point of view. Although the food rationing, penal code and "putting all the resources to use" parts were sounding like they might be covers for something way more sinister.
>And these helmet thing he mentioned.
>You shudder at the thought.
>This is actually completely different from what you can recall from the history books.
>This is completely different from whatever you could imagine at the beginning.
>And it was the first time you can see Sombra being this emotional.
>Anger, resentment, pride, passion of possessing knowledge. Usually the King is not this expressive.
>You wonder what his parents have thought of him when he came back and did all this shit. Are they by some miracle alive, kept sustained by the magic that was cursing the whole Empire?
>What do you do?

With this, the bulk, the massive chunk of text and ideas and work that this backstory was, is mostly over.
Wow. That's a lot to digest at once.
Poor Sombra, he just wanted a better world.
Can we mentally hug him? We should mentally hug him.
Thank him for sharing his story with us, it was more than just telling information. It was personal to him.
Perhaps, once we get there, we could think about creating a new state to replace the current Crystal Empire. A state based on different views and values, where everyone is an employee and paid accordingly. A Crystal Federation to rival all other states.
But that's for another day.

>When you think about it, this whole story is sure a lot to digest at once.
>Whatever you do next, must involve careful planning and thinking of details because it's a lot to adhere to.
>Good thing you seem to be quite good at this stuff.
>Oh. And there's also this.
>Sombra's backstory was something personal. Even if you're kinda shit Pony, you can feel it. He basically retold you his life almost up to this point.
>Sure he probably left a lot of stuff out. For what you were taught, he enslaved thousands and put them to overbearing work. He also just told you he was basically readying the Crystal Empire for a horrible war.
>On the other hoof, he went through a lot of shit in his life.
>Like, honestly. You can only imagine how bad was to born while Discord was still around. And being basically a ticking bomb of magic for most of his life did not sound good at all either.
>Maybe if you will explain the current situation to him, he will reconsider his methods to make them at least a tiny bit less obnoxiously evil.
>Obviously if these methods truly are as evil as history books tell you. Because history is written by the winners and all that shit.
>With this much learned so far and maybe more to come you have something to actually worth it. You are sure you can use this knowledge to your advantage and maaaaybe also help Sombra out.
>Maybe he truly just wanted a better world, who knows.

>Can you- can you like...
>You think you have this.
>Somehow, you actually find a way to mentally hug Sombra.
>How even is this possible is beyond you. Perhaps the spirit stuff.
>To add more comfort, you patpat him gently on the back that just kinda formed into existence under your touch.
>He stiffens, radiating uncertainty.
>Clearly he is not used to this, so you adjust your hug to make it the best first time cuddling experience.
>Dunno, you're just feeling like it.
>Hesitant, after a while of doubt, he wraps his forelegs, which also just kinda appeared out of nowhere, around your back and hugs you back.

>For a split second, you have two visions. They are weirdly blurred around the edges, but otherwise clear.
>One of them depicts a lil' wee gray colt with nice, very softly pinkish white mane who sits in front of his kind of blurred out mom, sniffling.
>He has a bright star on his forehead, where one would expect a horn to be.
>His mom is comforting him with a gentle hug, whispering something.

>Second vision shows middle-aged stallion, this time you can clearly tell it's Sombra.
>You know, iron crown, cape - but no armour, hmm - curved horn, all that.
>He lacks smoke from his eyes thou, and they're just red, not smoky and sick and all spooky.
>He's sitting on a crystal throne, you know the one, but like three or four shades darker.
>In front of him, a Crystal mare with a foal, bowing humbly.
>My King, says the mare, we are hungry. The rations are too small.
>Are there dead, asks Sombra, looking at the mare.
>None I kn-
>You are not starving then. It is enough as it is, he says, cutting the mare off. He dismisses her.
>There is no malice or real true evil in his voice. Just... sort of indifference you guess?
>There are Ponies to hungry to work in the hospital my King, the mare desperately adds.
>She squeezes her foal slightly, holding a sob.
>Sombra hesitates. Then he looks at the mare.
>We shall inspect the hospital, he says, raising from the throne.
>If you are telling the truth, I will adjust the rations. If not...
>The vision fades to black like a scene from one of these shitty drama spectacles you watched as a teenager.
>Suddenly, Sombra breaks the mental hug and zaps you with some not too powerful but still very unpleasant spell, fucking off to somewhere.
>You feel very strange as you can kind of tell this was not supposed to happen.
>What do you do?
Oh damn.
From the first momen we met him back on the shaman trip I felt that I like him.
And now it turns out he's actually just the victim of circumstances.
The mental hug probably linked him to us in some different way...
Damn, he was such a cute little colt!
Let's... let's try to call him back, we must comfort him, there must be so much pent up anger in him, forlorn hope to make it all right...
This is our mission now, to make Sombra feel better. With hugs, love and understanding.

Sad you bastard, stop making me want to hug him! Gah...
You're not really supposed to like him, but also why not?

>Hoo shit.
>This went awry pretty fast.
>Feeling that you kind of maybe need to do something here, maybe comfort Sombra in a way, you search out for him.
>You think he deserves some comfort. But on the other side, think about it.
>Does having a shit life justify what he had done? And what if he plans to do the same?
>That what you know now and what you learned before clashes severely in your mind.
>He was such a cute little colt, you realize, you could just pick him up and squeeze.
>You are sure he would squeak adorably in your grasp.
>'I would not.'
>Oh whoa, there you are. Where were you off to?
>'It's none of your business. What did you do? Why?'
>You feel like comforting him and try to give another hug, but you feel yourself pushed away.
>How do you tackle this issue?

Sorry for taking so long.
Explain to him that we gave him a mental hug - the best we can do since a real life hug is not quite possible - and then somehow saw a few memories of his.

>Does having a shit life justify what he had done? And what if he plans to do the same?
We have seen how he behaved when that mare with the foal told him that the rations are not enough. He was strict, very strict, but not unreasonable and most certainly not evil.
History is written by the victor, so...

After telling him what happened, we should also explain that we want to comfort him. Like his mother would. We can't bring his mother back but we can comfort him at least.

>You're not really supposed to like him
That's where you are wrong, friend.
Okay I'm really behind, can I get a quick run down on whats going on? We apparently like sombra which I whole heartedly agree with but what else is happening?
Hello. To keep to basics, you crashed in tundra, survived so far, became shaman initiate, survived more, you are trying to recover Sombra's horn to become rich, and you also have a friend Griffin without a leg. You can catch up in more detail whenever you will have the time on anonpone, there's link in the OP.

Also post soon. I think.
Okay that's fine. I'l jump in at the next post then.
>2 hours later
There goes the soon.
I just realized it is page seven and wasted a lot of time. Jesus fuck I'm sorry about it.

>Well I sort of hugged you I believe?
>I mean, it was a mental hug, and I tried to do this, and you started to appear out of nowhere.
>Then actually shit happened and I... I dunno, I saw memories of yours? I'm not sure what it was, but I had visions.
>'I am well aware of what you've seen' he replies coldly.
>Listen I had no idea it would happen. I just wanted to give you a nice hug.
>I still want to, you know.
>You feel like you need a good hug, and some comforting.
>I genuinely feel sorry for you, Sombra, I really do. I wish you were real and alive so I could do it in regular way. It helps, you know.
>'I don't need help, and I do not need your hugs. You should focus on more important matters at your hoof you need to tackle.'
>Why don't you just give it a try?
>I can try my best, and I promise it feels even better in real life. Just give me a chance. I'm not your mom or anything but I sure can try to-
>'I don't need it. Don't speak of what happened, do not speak of this mare ever again.'
>The King hisses at you, shying away from all your attempts.
>He seems to be very wary of your touch right now, even if it is just mental.
>You try something else, or maybe it's tome to lay it off for now.

I am the only one to blame.
Hmm... Why don't you hug me then? If you're worried I'll try something I'll stay completely still while you give me a hug.
Does that sound better?
>I am the only one to blame.
Sad, it's okay, life happens.

Alright, so far we have been striving to build up a solid image of us always being honest and transparent. Let's continue on with that notion.
Tell Sombra that we will stop pushing this, for now. However, we are not done, not by a long shot, so he should prepare himself to receive actual care and love.

I'm not saying he is a big softy... but he is a big softy under all that angery.

Oh, and we have literally nothing better to do right now, saying that we do sounds like a weak excuse.

>I mean, maybe you could hug me then?
>'I will not succumb to your vile methods.'
>I have literally no idea what are you talking about.
>All I did was to hug you. I mean, I bet in the ancient times Ponies were hugging each other as well?
>'But of course' he makes a mental snort. ' But usually a hug or whatever does not make one show a bunch of his memories, now does it.'
>I swear I didn't do it on purpose. I'm as surprised as you are. Come on, maybe if you will hug me nothing bad will happen. Besides, if you are worried about your memories, why tell me your story in the first place?
>Who am I going to repeat all of this to? Ice? the Sun?
>'You have a point.'
>And that's enough, this is all I want.
>You better be ready for some snugs. Maybe more meaningful when you will get your real body.
>'Try a thing without my consent and I will zap you.'
>Oh, I have an idea. Perhaps you could like, don't know, hug me all by yourself?
>I mean I will be completely still and I won't touch you in any way. You will be the one to do the touching.
>'It sounds really inappropriate.'
>My second name is inappropriate. Now get going.

>Hesitantly, the Shadow King does something unthinkable.
>With a surprisingly big amount of inner fight and effort, he actually gives you a very smol quick cuddle.
>Just a tiny one. Literally seconds.
>And with this, you get struck in the muzzle - metaphorically of course - with another vision.
>This time, it is of Sombra being a king again.
>He sits in his throne, kind of bothered but also laid back.
>In front of him, there are the Princesses.
>Then, all of a sudden the vision collapses and fails, as Sombra breaks the hug.
>Instead of fucking off again, he seems to be assessing the situation.
>'A power resides within you. You can achieve much with it at your disposal. Don't touch me ever again.'
>Then he removes himself from the premises. You have a strange feeling and a word within your mind.
And this concludes our tonight's session. Probably. Tomorrow definitely more. I should be able to take a nap at day so maybe I will run into the night. I don't want to make promises, thou. And yeah, I know this prompt could be better. I just want you do digest everything.
>Don't touch me ever again.
"I won't make a promise I can't keep."

Well, with him out of the question now, i guess we can find another snuggling partner.
Let's break our mediatation and check on the real world around us! Then at Glad.

Alright man, you do what you do. Do what do.
Although running this basically alone seem to have its effect on the quest, this whole thing with sombra is turning into a really comfy little snugfest.
And by my power, I will keep it that way!
By the way Sad, if you are looking for what stories I've been working on, look no further, here is the thread that contains my two latest works:
Name's Red there.
It's moving so fast today...
The pages I mean.
Agreed. I wonder why.
/mlp/ lives, but not necessarily when you want it to
I blame timezones as of recent. For a week or more I fail to run at later hours, so Americans and dunno, Asians were excluded more than not. My life's a mess as of recent, but worry not. I believe in good things.

And oh yeah I'm lurking the bootleg waifu thread. For some strange reason it went from bioengineering which was intredasting to robots and cybernetics. Which are, well, also okay but not as cool. Chryssi short was qt and Anondroid was a "just right" amount of feels. And it had a semi-happy ending which was very nice.

Anyways, time for a post. Maybe if I will take a midday nap I will be able to run longer at night.

>You actually feel like snuggling.
>And also, to a certain degree, like being a cheeky cunt. Sombra doesn't like hugs apparently and you can tell why, yes. But this will not stop you from bothering him with these.
>Yes. This is the plan. You will fix his shit with a big amount of fluff, comfort, and cuddles.
"I won't make a promise I can't keep" you reply to his request, tongue in cheek.
>He's not going to wiggle his way out of this one.
>Eventually you will snatch and cuddle him. Maybe as a lil colt - you had an idea of turning him into one before, no?

>Well, for now Sombra is off limits, and you still have a mighty need.
>Need for snugs.
>So you break your meditation or whatever even your current state is - not without some effort, that's strange - and take a look around.
>This is where the cold hits you.
>Not like hammer, or like a train, but it's more like... imagine a rather unpleasant boop.
>The cold is unpleasantly booping you.
>It's very windy and the clouds finally caught up to the Sun. At least the light plus reflective ice is not blinding you anymore. It's snowing slightly.
>You need a victim to snuggle with.
>Your predatory, thirsty eyes scan the area carefully in search for a suitable match.
>There are Samoyeds. I mean, you doubt they would appreciate a hug, but they are here.
>There is also much more certain and stable choice, your Griffin friend Glaedyv.
>He is not napping this time, and looks at you with mild confusion as you crawl on the sled closer and closer to him.
>He clearly can't see your vicious snuggle attack coming.
>What do you do?

I absolutely don't mind snugfest. I like cute, and I believe it is needed from time to time in a quest like this.
Go for the kill! I mean, the cuddle!
Calmly get in front of him, take his full attention with calloung out his name, then when he is really listening, boop his beak!
Then we can proceed with the snuggle and tell him about our discoveries with Sombra.

>Like a wild cat, you put your flank upwards and pounce at your unsuspecting victim, going for the kill.
>Errr... for a cuddle.
>The border is thin, as Vase once showed you in the rassle you had with her so long ago.
>Right in the middle of the action, mid-air, you realize how much of a terrible mistake this is.
>Glaedyv doesn't give a hint of anything until you are actually jumping at him, then he looks at you with a certain glint in his eyes.
>"You shouldn't have done this" he warns you in a m e n a c i n g tone, before he bounces back at you with incredible agility.
>He is, in fact, way better in being a cat, or a predator, than you are.

>He snatches you and both of you fall back to the still moving sled.
>You just realized there was a very high chance of you falling from it, and you have no idea what would happen then exactly. Luckily Glad, and fate, was on our side.
>The Griffin rolls for a short while together with you, then disengages and freezes still, observing you cautiously. His tail is slightly moving.
>Now you are completely sure you have his full undisturbed attention. It wasn't the best way to get it, jumping on him like that, but it was definitely fun and you have no regrets.
>"What gives?" he asks, still being a bit confused.
>Using this confusion to your advantage, you land a boop square on his beak!
>The Griffin did not expect that, your attack is super effective!
>Shame he can't scrunch, his beak is not that expressive. It would be super cool.
"I'm just feeling like it" you explain yourself, preparing for a mortal combat on top of the sled. There shall be no mercy given on your comfy crusade. "You know, I just discovered a lot of stuff."
"Yeah. Sombra just literally told me the story of his life-"
>'And you have to tell him about it right away, don't you' the ruler in mention interjects all of a sudden.
>Hey go away. It's not your time. That comes later.
>Lemme hug Glad for now. You don't like hugs, right? See what I have in store for you.
>With this, you begin to attempt to aggresively cuddle Glaedyv.
>But oh what's this? He resists?
>"If you want to get me, you need to try harder than that" he says seriously, but his tail slowly moving in anticipation betrays him.
>The wind picks up a bit.
>What do you do?

Queue-ing relaying what we learned from Sombra. Also hello second guy. Nice to see you around.
'Beg' for Glad, we don't need to overpower him I believe. A few 'pretty please' later he should break.
Don't forget to tell Sombra that a if hardened veteran like Glad can love snuggling, then so can he.

>Also hello second guy. Nice to see you around.
I'm not alone anymore! Yay!
Oh come on, don't try to tell me you really want me to stop, do you? Well it's too bad, My hooves are frozen together so you'll just need to wait it out.

I'm back. A same guy from yesterday, not the one from earlier today.

"Heyyy" you start, lying down to indicate your reluctance to fight. "Pretty please? I just want a hug, not a fight."
>Glaedyv looks somewhat disappointed, but not in a real bad way. He's just like a cat denied his yarn.
"Please, just a tiny hug" you continue talking, with sinister plan forming in your mind. "Nothing more. We don't have to have a brawl over anything, now do we?"
>This is when you decide to not look at the sight and weep, but act instead.
>Act according to the plan. A Pony wanting a hug is an unstoppable force, and your friend is going to learn it first-hoof.
>You lock him in a true nelson of a hug, suppressing his attempts at resisting you.
>None can stand against the might of an Earth Pony on a snuggle spree!
"Now see?" you huff, as the Griffin wiggles in your grasp. "I'd like to help you out, I really would, but my hooves are now frozen together! Such a shame, you will have to wait until they are warm enough, here in my embrace!"
>He snorts under his breath, and you laugh as well.
>After a while of barely moving, the Griff begins to actively work against your ironhoof grip on his catbirb form.
>He only tried to deceive you with his lazy resistance! Clearly there is strength left in him!
>As you go in for the main prize, the fluffled up chestfeathers, you feel yourself being tickled.
>So this is his plan B, so this is his reserve.
>Such a lowly trick, you barely hold a giggle, to defeat you.
>No way he's going to repel you now!
>What do you do?

Again, Sombra queued. He can wait.
Grab tighter! squeeze the organs out of him if neccesary! NO ONE denies our cuddles!
Tell him in a menacing tone that he is, in fact, lost.
Our rule is eternal!
/Then/ mention that we also hugged Sombra but leave out the 'seeing Sombra's memories' part, that's something we can use later.
Oh by the way, the one with the bootleg Chryssie bot is not over yet, that was just the first part.

>H-his tactic c-clearly does n-not work and you are stuttering just because it is a cool thing to do!
>I-It's totally it!
>Not feeling giggly and barely keeping your shit together, no siree!
>But despite it being a total failure and not working, you need to put a stop to this ticking.
>Y-you know, just in case.
>So with extra strength mustered, you tighten your grip on the culprit, responsible for the vicious tickling.
>You give him... the s q u e e z e.
>He yelps, surprised. Obviously your Earth Pony strength puts a stop to his claws trying to undermine your resolve.
>With your grip enhanced, you look the Griffin deep in the eyes. He looks back.
"You are, in fact, on a lost position" you announce, mustering up the most cheesy, most over the top and mockingly menacing villain tone you can muster. "The snug is eternal."
>Glaedyv attempts to tickle you some more, yet you are unyielding.
"Shhh. Only dreams now."

>This is it.
>This is your life now.
>You are the ruler of the sled, the master of snuggle.
>None can oppose your might, even a hardened Griff falls before you. Or on your side.
>Wrapped in your hooves. Completely outcuddled.
>You gladly put your muzzle in the prize, chestfeathers. They are nice and fluffed up, telling you that Glad is /still/ flustered about being close to you sometimes.
>As you enjoy the hug, your friend suddenly starts to purr.
>The low, vibrating sound is very nice, and is a clear, obvious indication of your absolute victory. Glaedyv has been conquered.

>The wind starts to sting a bit.
>The cold's not unpleasant boop anymore, it's more like a bunch of needles poking your muzzle now.
>You roll away from Glad, feeling the chill immediately probing your soft parts.
"Believe it or not" you say proudly and happily "but I also hugged Sombra!"
>"Oh really? How?"
"Mentally" obviously you leave out the seeing memories part. That's probably something to mention later.
>"Well, tell me when you will hug him in person, then we'll talk."
"Glad come on" you puff a bit annoyed but not unhappy. "I literally managed to mentally hug a badass shadow creature-"
>'That's racist' adds Sombra.
"-I mean a unicorn but kind of dead. Have you ever heard of something like this happening?"
>"No, but..."
"None. Shall. Resist."
>"Sometimes you're genuinely scaring me, Stone. If I learned anything, it is to never underestimate the Ponies anymore. There's way more to your guys that one can see at a glance. Or two glances."
>After that, you both fall silent, enjoying the moment.
>Snow intensifies.
>What do you do?

Obviously I'll wait for more. Good that writefagging works for ya.
With our rule made sure, tell Sombra that just as Glad, he will see the rightness in our ways.
Hm, can we do anything about the cold? It's starting to become bothersome.
After those, perhaps we should get back to Sombra, he's been waiting long enough now.
I have an idea.
Can we use the tent (without actually building it) as some kind of wrapping, and then just have sombra take all the samoyerds and keep'em running? That way we won't have to stop, and the tent will be a windbreaker, allowing us to remain warm.
You still require one [1] life to make the sustaining spell work as intended. I mean one more than Samoyeds'. Or alternatively you can sacrifice single Dog to make the other run more, but well, he will be significantly weaker. One thing to pull a sled in pair, whole other to pull it by oneself.
Let's kill a dog, fuck it. We'd still move faster than on hoof.
Anon, don't be so hasty!
We can just wait until they wither away and /then/ sacrifice one of them to fix up the other.
We must extend our effective terrain crossing capabilities for as long as possible.
Anon, don't be dumb. If we wait too much, their strenght will drain and their souls probably too. However, if we kill one of them now, while they're still strong, Sombra gains more power and he can control stronger bodies.
Souls can't drain. That's not how they work.
Besides, we have someone with us who can tell /exactly/ how it works.
So instead of jumping into conclusions, let's just ask Sombra about this plan of yours.
Yeah I can get behind this.

>Huffing and puffing softly, lying by side of your friend, you take in the moment.
>The cold starts to sting, however yet you're not annoyed or disturbed by this too much.
>It is however becoming more and more of an inconvenience, and it doesn't look like it's getting any better.
>Quite the contrary.
>You raise up, preparing yourself to try and do something, Glaedyv joining you.
>Don't you think this means you are out of the hook, Sombra.
>You saw what I did to the Griffin. Soon you will tremble before the power of snug. Be afraid.
>'This is not fine.'
>Come on, cheer up for once in your lifetime, have some fun. Or else the fun will come for you.
>In the form of me!

>You properly adjust all of your clothes.
>Not all of them completely, but two outermost layers, but still you feel like you did a good job.
>The cold is not bothering you as much as it did, but the stingy wind is going to be a thorn in your flank for the time to come.
>Something has to be done about this.
>Your mood becomes kind of sour when you recall where in what exact set of circumstances you are.
>If there was ever a good moment for you to show up, Sombra, it is this exact moment.
>'I know.'
>'I kind of like making my entries a bit more dramatic, or at least unexpected. I see you are expecting me to do something?'
>As a matter of fact yes.
>You said you could sustain the Samoyeds with lives, souls or whatever, right?
>So bare with me here. What if, listen, what if you took the life of one Samoyed to sustain the other?
>You think you have a plan here, something that could help you out with the oncoming blizzard, but you need Sombra to make this work.
>'This is entirely possible' the King replies 'In my initial plan, I counted for you needing two Dogs to pull your sled. But if one is enough, I can kill one off to sustain the other, and then use the other's soul as a fuel. This reduces the need of actual sacrifice.'
>'It will also however slow down your sled. I can sustain him, even in his death, but not make him double stronger, or double faster, or anything like this. He will use his body to his best capabilities, but nothing more.'
>What do you do?
Ask him how long do the dogs have left before the whole sacrifice thing to sustain one is needed.
Efficiency, dear Anon.
Afterwards we should think about a better solution against the cold winds.

"How long are they going to live, can you tell that?" you ask.
>'To a degree, yes. In a tempo you force upon them, the weaker Samoyed on the left will collapse tomorrow. The other one will follow suite within a day.'
>'Thus, if I count correctly, you have a day maximum two of travel without my intervention.'
>Well, your question is answered.
I suppose that's that then.
So, about the cold winds. We have nothing else to do, and I'm all out of ideas, so let's just try to fix that up, and then... perhaps a timeskip till the next event?
Things slowed down, I feel like.
I did not take necessary nap, didn't expect two players in the day. This is not going to end well. I mean, maybe I will take it now?

>For most efficient way, you should perhaps wait some more.
>So thinking ahead, the thing that you do yes, you order Big Smoke to wait for the exact moment of first Dog's death.
>Souls are not like getting drained or anything, at least you believe so, and according to this you have a plan.
>Sombra will use the soul of the first Samoyed to die to sustain the other one.
>Of course you know this will slow you down. And you are well aware that the sustenance won't last forever.
>Still it's way lest distance to walk on your own hooves, pulling a fuckload of your stuff, so you'll take it without any complaint.

>There's still this wind.
>This fucking wind dammit.
>And the snow.
>It's actually snowing rather heavily right now, and you barely can see a way like twenty metres forwards. It looks like, however, not all of this snow falls from the sky. Some of it is just tumbling, picked up by the wind.
>You'd gladly wait for the snowstorm to be gone, like you could fast-forward it in a movie.
>Glaedyv pops up, deeply concerned.
>Alas such things are not possible, so what do you do?
Ask Glad about these things we just decided on.
So far the tripod griff was able to decide for us rather well, so his opinion might be very useful.
wait no fuck I missed an update.
Are you stupid?
If we let the samoyeds wither away they'll be weaker! Sombra just said it! He can only work with the bodies he's got, not strenghten them. We should get him to take them over /now/!

I know, let's ask glad what he thinks!
If he agrees, let's do my strategy! Because if we don't maybe the fucking dogs will die frozen.
I do believe you have problems with basic comprehension.
Sad, would you kindly explain the situation to this Anon?
Well I tried to actually write a reply but I made a serious mistake of underestimating the slep. So good night, and until tomorrow.

I comprehension is -1 at this point. Would you kindly share your opinion with the other Anon? Good night.
Good night, Sad.
I already explained the thing to him, you wrote your last reply accordingly too, I have no idea what he is all about.
I doubt I could explain it any better even if I tried.
1st: Nice gets.
2nd: I mean, if we let the bodies wither and weaken, when sombra takes control of them they will be weaker too. In turn, it'll require more power to move the sled. In turn, we'll waste a lot of it.
Instead, if we do it now, we take the life of the weak one, power sombra, and make use of the stronger bodies they still have.
Okay, I will attempt an explanation.
Sombra's work on them will get them killed in the process anyway.
Basically, the one that outlives the other will be turned into a mindless tool. And as long as there is enough power to fuel the tool, there will be no problem.
As Sombra explained: the only hindrance we will get from this will be that once the first one dies and the last one gets repowered, the moving speed will be slower because only one of them pulls the sled.
And even if I say that they slow down while alive, it's still faster than just one of them pulling.
Also, Sombra explained that he can keep the bodies work on the same level they were while alive, so getting weaker is not really playing in this.
That's the problem right there.
The more we wait, the more they weaken.
Sombra should take control of them /now/ so that he can keep their bodies in the strongest possible state.
I just said that their weakening literally has no effect on what Sombra will do.
What the hell Anon, are you actually trying to misunderstand this, or what?
Anon I think you're the one misunderstanding.
Sombra said he can keep the bodies going as they were in life.
But if in life they were weak fucks then what? Shouldn't it be easier to pull the sled with a good body?
He never stated /when/ in life, and with simple logical deduction we can assume that he meant 'in top working condition' and not 'right before they die', since that would be counterproductive and stupid.
He wants to get to the horn as much as we do, so the thing you are proposing makes no sense whatsoever.

Sad goddamit, why are you not here to explain this to Anon!
it makes sense it'd be the last state of the living body tho. Or you think he'd get the same results out of an elder or a kid?
At this point you are just trying to find a reason to justify your misconception, I feel like.
Look Anon, I'm not trying to come off like an asshole, but what you thought is incorrect, and if Sad would be here, he would explain it to you how and why.
You don't need to believe me, so ask Sad once he is back tomorrow.
That's actually a good set of questions to raise. Actually I may just include them in a way in the post.

>You literally had an inner discussion with yourself just about now. And it was even detailed, yes.
>The main thing is a slight dissonance. Sombra told you he can sustain the Samoyeds, and he told you he can keep them in shape as if they were still alive when they die, no better.
>But can he keep them in worse shape? Hmmm. This is a matter that requires further investigation, maybe you can like, use less living energy so it lasts for longer in return for a slower pace or anything.
>Thinking about it too hard really makes your head heavy. Magic is in no way related to actual science - the thing you're way more familiar with. Who would have thought it would be a case in a magical world, right?
>Still, you're not completely alone, you can actually have a second opinion on this matter!

>So you kind of return back to reality, because you just started to doze off a bit too much.
>Only to be hit in the muzzle by a very nasty, surprisingly well aimed gust of wind carrying a heck lot of sharp and tiny snowflakes and pieces of ice.
>Glaedyv is here, on the back of the sled, trying his best to actually guide it in the almost perfectly pure, shadowy whiteness of the storm raging on.
>It's rather hard with visibility equaling like, close to zero.
>Yeah. The air became some sort of real cold snowy soup, wind whipping you and stinging a bit despite the clothes.
>You can imagine that your friend is not faring any better, moreover you think your traveling pace slowed to a crawl.
>Can't really be sure, to be honest. You can't see shit, so there's nothing to adhere your fastness to.
>"I don't mean to be too rude" Glad yells at you, his words taken by the wind so quick his voice sounds hushed nonetheless. "but I think we should stop! Stone, this is bad!"
>What do you do?

Some stuff queued.
Listen to him, it's time to stop. We need totake shelter from the storm.

>It's time to stop.
>Like really, if it was ever a good time to rethink your life choices and current predicament, it's right now.
>Damn weather, forcing you into unwanted choices like that. On the other hoof, you should've kinda suspected that it's going to happen at one point or another.
>Wind has been picking up for some time now.
>Anyway, you listen to surprisingly not loud enough advice given by your friend and try to stop the sled.
>You try doing this again, this time actually grabbing the hold of the leashes and tugging at them with force.
>The Samoyeds stop almost immediately, but you can kind of perhaps see they're not really happy about it. At least you assume so. Hard to tell with all the snow blinding you.
>Glaedyv yells something you can't clearly discern in your general direction. You can see his contours when you roll from the sled.
>Frantically, you unbind the harnesses keeping your folded tent on the sled.

>This is not good.
>This is totally not good.
>The wind is so strong now that it slightly inflates the tent, even if it folded and mostly secured, ripping it off from your hooves. It gets slightly torn, yet you feel like the holes are going to get a lot bigger if you won't do something about it.
>Glaedyv tries to catch it, but he doesn't even spread his wings fully before wind takes him for one heck of a ride. Yeah, trying to fly or flutter in these conditions seems to be quite of a mistake.
>But back to the matter, your tent is way more lively than you'd expected it to be, and - animated by the really intense wind - it tries to skedaddle.
>What do you do?
>even if it is folded
Fix'd. Couldn't really look at this.
Chase after it. If we can't catch it we need to find shelter.

>Oh shit.
>You let Glad handle his wind wing problem all on his own for now, you have some more important stuff to attend to right now.
>And you seriously mean it. Without the tent, you'd be forced to look for some other sort of a shelter.
>In the middle of a completely frozen sea or ocean.
>Basically a more or less flat plateau of ice and snow and cold.
>Yeah no. Definitely not an interesting concept for you. So you leap towards the skedaddling tent, trying to catch it before it flies off into the whiteout.

>Aaaand your first attempt is a complete failure.
>The mass of wood and skin and cloth just kind of slips from under your landing spot just before you can lay your hooves on it.
>So you end up face-first in a surprisingly thin layer of snow, hitting your muzzle on the hard ice in the process.
>With a very smal, very hidden and actually absolute dignified sniff - totally not a sign of failure - you continue.
>And continue.
>And continue some more, the tent just likes to escape from your clutches at the last or second-to-last moment.
>Luckily, before the routine gets too tedious, you finally manage to catch it with a full-body jump. It's not going anywhere anymore, alright.
>Carefully, you raise up, securing the tent under your belly in really uncomfortable but sadly awfully efficient way.
>By strapping it to yourself. Now you look like you're sitting on some sort of a log.
>With actually nothing but snow swirls, howling wind and blinding whiteness around.
>Y-you lost the track of the sled!
>Oh no!
>It has to be around here somewhere, you are sure about it, but your sight is heavily impaired, and you can't hear any noise besides loud wind.
>Not. Good.
>What do you do?
Try to follow the massive holes in the snow we made from our failures- near successes! in catching the tent back to where we were.
Dammit I can't play right now, fuck!
I can stop playing and wait for you if you like.

>With utmost care and absolute focus, you look for the nearest failur... errr, you mean almost success hole.
>You know the kind. Ones that you made with your whole body mass and additional clothes? Everytime you /failed/ to actually catch the escaping tent, which drove you further and further from your companion?
>Hey, let's not delve into it too much.
>It's not exactly your fault, you're really encumbered while wearing literally all kinds and fashions of clothing. Really, you're either going to start a new winter trend, or be laughed at for the rest of your life if you will ever mention this to somepony.
>So with enough caution, you find a hole in the snow.
>Well, it's more like a not too deep soft lowspot now. More shallow and less rough around the edges that you remember it being.
>The wind is really good at hiding any traces. Good news is that even if Sombra did lie to you and you are still pursued, they're going to have a real hard time finding you now.
>The bad news is, that you discovered one hole, and something that looks like remnants of the other, but not much more than this.
>Therefore you are going to have a hard time finding yourself too.
>And it's not getting any warmer.
>What do you do?

Yeah, if you're not able to play we can wait a bit, no biggie.
Okay, 10 minutes.
Triangulte the direction based on the places of the two holes compared to one another, that should give us the origin point in theory.
Also... can we please just ask Sombra where to go? He should be able to see through this white bullshittery and guide us in the right direction.

Thanks for waiting for me, guys.

>Time to put this science mind of yours to good use.
>Let's see...
>If you will compare the holes' locations to one another, you may be able to...
>Then you could-
>Oh shit the holes are gone now.
>Like, actually fucking gone. Apparently wind is way faster than your brain's capacity to math stuff correctly.
>You mean, you totally got the maybe general direction, but there's no way to be sure and photographic memory is not exactly your forte, so you can't even recall where exactly the holes were just moments ago.
>You'd risk it and go wherever the SCIENCE pointed you, however you almost forgot about something.
>About asking actual /magician/ to help you out!
>Surely he can like, magically lead you back to your sled or do whatever!
>So time for some quick inner dialogue. Sombra, I know you can hear me when I call you directly.
>This is a very good time to show me what you're capable of.
>'Not much from this standpoint.'
>G-gah! You're still not used to him appearing in you out of nowhere, and it's harder now, when it causes you additional strain. Additional to a creeping fear of freezing to death probably not too far away from your friend who could help you. If not for this Sunbutt's dandruff blizzard.
>'I like this one. I'll need to remember this.'
>Okay, sure, but maybe could you help me out a little bit?
>'I already said I can't do much. I mean, they are probably this way'
>You feel yourself being pointed in a direction not so far off from what you triangulated on your own. Science proves it's worth yet again!
>'but I'm not exactly sure. Your life energy clouds my ability to detect others unless I am really nearby. Bad side of being anchored to a living being without having a physical body, I guess.'
>Oh come on.
>That's bullshit.
>'Yet, there's a thing I may be able to do.'
>I'm listening. This better be good, Sombra. And before you say anything, I have full right to be unbalanced. It's not you who can die out here.
>'Losing an anchor is still a pretty big hindrance. Listen to this. When I was fully alive, I was able to control weather to a certain degree. I feel my magic growing stronger, so I could try doing just that. But be forewarned, this will drain me for quite a time, and I am not sure about the consequences.'
>What do you say? Or do, for that matter?
Fine, do it. But if you can only to it in a area around us and where we're heading. Leave those chasing us to battle through the storm.

Yea no problem.
Drain him? Right when we will need him most? No, no way, we can't have that.
We have two pointers in which general direction we should go, so pick one and move.
Or, go inbetween them to be sure.

>I mean, okay, sure, but can you like do it only in this area?
>So you know, our eventual pursuers would have a hard time battling the storm.
>That would give us one heck of an advantage. I can only imagine how far behind we could potentially leave them.
>'I'm slightly surprised that you came up with this idea as a scientist.'
>'On the other hoof, maybe it's my mistake. You are not used to magic in your everyday life, now are you. Let me explain this to you. As you probably know, weather is generally a very big and complicated pattern.'
>Yeah, I'm well aware of this. So?
>'So, it is a little bit easier to influence a whole thing that to try and make a part of it, that is influenced by and related to many other parts, work for you.'
>'What I am trying to say is that I can probably get rid of this storm for you, but it'll already drain me. Imagine how bad for me would be trying to just get rid of it /selectively/ while you are on the move.'
>... oh.
>I think I somewhat get it now.
>Well, this changes some things, so I'm going to rethink this whole thing if you don't mind, alright?
>'No problem. Just let me know when you will make up your mind. I advise you to consider all the outcomes.'
>Fine, sure. I know, alright?

>Hmmm. Draining him in this middle of nowhere, especially with you coming closer and closer to your destination isn't something you think you can allow yourself to have.
>You still have two pointers you could try out. Both of them not exactly accurate you guess. Neither of you was completely sure when pointing the direction.
>But it's better than to work with absolutely nothing, and doesn't require a magic drain.
>So just to be absolutely sure you think you will just like, go right inbetween the two directions.
>Statistically you should be right.
>You hope.

>With resolve and much effort, you walk through the snowed ice.
>More often than not, you slip or misstep, and this howling, strong wind pushing you is not helping at all.
>However, you think you might be on a good track, as you think you notice a dark winged figure in the snowstorm.
>What do you do?
Ask Sombra if that's Glad or we are in some deeeeep shit.
Until we don't get a solid answer, don't reveal ourselves.
I'm actually happy with this session. I really am. I feel positive about it, and there's more to come I believe.

Sadly heh I have to leave you with this mild uncertainty of the mysterious figure being Glaedyv or actually not him at all. Tomorrow in the morning I am going to my forst of two consecutive visits at psychiatrist. So good night.
Aww. Alright Sad, good night.
Good night bump.
Yea, not letting this die so easy.
Agreed, let us save it.
Page 9.
Let sombra fix the weather. If not, the samoyeds will die too. We don't want that happening yet.
We can wait out the storm in the tent with the doggos bound up in there.
However, if Sombra is drained, his power WILL be needed, and at the most unpleasant moment. So no, don't make him drain himself.

>This doesn't look even remotely good.
>It just has to be Glaedyv, because you're in the middle of nowhere and he's the only one winged thing for miles around. Sea miles.
>So obviously it's not him. You've read one too many horror stories in your lifetime, and this is heading in general direction of one.
>Gently and as quietly as possible - even if the wind is really loud - you plop down on the ice so you aren't seen or anything. Maybe it's too late, maybe not, but better safe than sorry.
>Then you consult with your inner daemons.
>Both metaphorically and literally speaking. Does Sombra count as a daemon? He is not alive after all.
>'Nevertheless still kicking. That's the expression, right? And I'm not a daemon, at least not yet.'
>Perfect. Just when I needed you.
>'The sarcasm is not necessary.'
>I wasn't being sarcastic. I mean it, I need your expertise.
>You see that winged thing there? Can you tell me what is it?
>'The only thing around with wings is that simple Griffin of yours. I see no point-'
>Alright but can you just make sure for me? Pretty please?
>'Hmmm. Give me a moment.'

>Suddenly you feel slight dizziness, and then general weakness.
>Simultaneously to that you realize the wind is not this loud anymore, like it has been tuned out. Oh, and now you can see through the snowfall.
>Not that it became transparent or anything, you just can see through it now. It's magic, I ain't gonna explain shit.
>And oh sweet mooncheeks of a certain lonely Princess, you don't really like what you see.
>It is Glad, so that's good, but he's clearly struggling.
>With wind this strong, he wasn't able to close his wings at all since he opened them to catch the tent.
>Seemingly, the wind has been dragging him farther and farther. You could say it's toying with him, but wind is not a living being. It merely looks like that.
>He doesn't see you yet.
>What do you do?
I'm tired and I really mean it. I am so tired I think I can't even drink so this session may be shorter. We shall see.
Okay, get to him as fast as we can and save him from losing more limbs.
Dammit, why must this happen to Glad?

Hopefully nothing serious happened to him so far.

>Shit, you need to save your friend somehow.
>You'd question how in tarnation did he manage to end up like this, seriously. But you know better.
>No, this time the answer is not 'magic'. It's just really strong wind.
>Anyway you don't want Glad to lose any more limbs, so you raise up, although painfully slowly.
>The Griffin tries his best to not get too injured, which also prevents him from actually landing in any stable way, because thanks to the weather he can't fold his wings easily.
>Oh! He almost had it this time!
>You approach him as fast as you can, cursing the cruel fate screwing your friend over.
>He passes you, waving awkwardly with both his claws and flappies.
>"Help me dammit!" he calls, trying to grab you.
"I'm trying!" you reply.
>Thinking fast, you use his idea and try to grab /him/ instead.
>It actually works. He holds onto you, and you feel yourself being slightly dragged too. Also his claws are tearing your clothes a bit as the Griff tries to climb down from the air.
>Luckily, nothing bothers the two of you as finally he touches the ground.
>And you.
>But mostly you.
>Then, with some effort, you gently but firmly help him fold his wings, applying some pressure in the form of a tight hug.
>There you go, it works!
>"Thanks Stone" he yells right in your muzzle. "I owe you one! Now what?!"
>Yeah, now what? The enchantment on your senses wore off, but you can feel yourself getting less tired instantly.
>The bad side is you can't really see shit anymore. The good side - you still remember the general direction you should head towards.
>What do you do?

Maybe I will post once more for today, to let our heroes hide in a shelter, unless something comes up. I can't make promises thou, I might collapse on the keyboard
We need to go! Come on I know the way, it's just over there!
Alright let's be honest here. Quality of these two posts is let's call it less than optimal. I'll try to run tomorrow - I have /another/ sick leave they might consider firing me at this point and brand new meds - so if you can, please keep the thread alive for one additional night. If I won't be able to run, I'll give you a heads-up so you won't be stuck waiting. Good night and may we be blessed with good sess next day.
Tell him that we might know the way back to the sled, so let's hurry as much as we can.

Okay Sad, I will try to keep bumping it.
And so it begins.
C-c-c-c-c-combo breaker!!!
continuing for the last time
stop bumping, post stuff
Maybe now that we're closer sombra can feel the samoyeds.
Let's get him to feel around.
That's a good idea, though I'm not sure if it will help that much.
my man
Thanks guys. You bunch are a treasure.

>Okay no.
>You better not betray me this time, memory, else I'll be super pissed, you say to yourself.
>And completely lost. Lost and super pissed.
"Come on Glad" you make sure your friend can walk on his own. "We need to go... errr... this way! It's just over there!"
>Apparently he can walk, more or less, so that's one good thing in this whole mess.
>To not be blown away by the wind, you grab onto him and he does the same. Together, you scale the icy plateau, looking for your only bed base, mean of transportation and storage.
>With the enchantment worn off completely, it's definitely more engaging task, especially that there are literally no terrain marks to help you.
>Yet, by sheer force of determination and with slight help of Sombra who from time to time shows up to correct your way, you reach the sled.
>In fact, you have a creeping feeling that it's not exactly in the place you left it when you chased after the tent, but you're in no real mood to question the Samoyeds now.
>Now you just want to raise the tent.

>Doing just that was difficult enough without the storm, but manageable and not too engaging.
>But now... wohoho.
>Now it's a whole different matter.
>It is not only a two-Pony job, but also requires a lot of strength, and - mostly from Glaedyv - some fits of actual agility. More than one time he had to leap to catch the flapping tent cover while you were busy with sticking stakes into the ice or holding the skeleton together.
>But with effort, teamwork, carefulness and dedication, you together with Glad finally, after quite a workout, manage to get the tent to stand correctly and not collapse or fly away.
>Even better in fact - again you pulled off the trick with raising the tent around the sled so it could serve as a bedframe, and you could unpack all your stuff safely, without fear that it will fly away.
>Even the small holes in the tent got fixed. As soon as you noticed them, Glad took it upon himself to either sew them together or use some clothes you and him had to patch them.
>Shamefully, the Samoyeds won't fit inside.
>Again. You tried on your last stop, you recall, but tent didn't grow any bigger in the meantime.
>You need to do something about this soon, but not now.

>Now, safe and sound in the best shelter you ever had in your life, you wish to take care of yourself.
>To eat, rest - who would've thought chasing an escapee tent and raising it in a snowstorm could tire you so much - rethink your situation.
>The snowstorm outside is violent. What about the Samoyeds? Will they freeze to death outside?
>What about the fire? Do you dare to light it, so you could heat up yourself and your food? What are the chances somepo... somebody could see it in this whirlwind?
>And speaking of food, if you and Glad are hungry, doesn't it mean that Samoyeds are starving by now? Despite Glaedyv's opinion and your own resolve, starving a living being to death is some high level of cruelty.
>Fitting for a Pony wanting to learn dark magic, no?
>What do you do?
I think I can manage running today/tonight, but maybe not right now, it's still quite early for vast majority of you. For now have an update. It's planning time.

Also sometimes I really despise the character limit.
Tell Glad that after some consultation with Sombra, we came to the conclusion of that we need at least one of the dogs alive, so let's give one food, get Sombra to make him eat it, and try to find a way to prevent the dog's death.
Also, tell Sombra that because of this damned storm, we need him to take the lifeforce/soul/cheeseburger out of the other dog, so he can prepare powering up the one we will feed some food now.
As for the fire, well, this storm should suck all the smoke away, so we should try at least a small, very carefully prepared fire, just make sure it won't burn anything.

This should cover it, I guess.
Bump dammit.
Alright I guess three hours is a bit too much. So here's another reply. So far I'm feeling physically good, but I don't want to spoil it, soooo...

>First things first, you decide that you actually should light a fire.
>A small fire, mind you, you don't want to burn the tent down, and all your shit along with it. And getting cremated isn't exactly a thing on your wishlist.
>Thus you and Glad divide appropriate tasks - he tries to put various packs and pouches of your stuff as far from the potential fireplace as possible - especially gunpowder - while you use matches.
>Matches, because you still have quite a lot of them, they are the best way to light the fire quickly, and they're relatively safe, allowing you to control the fire to a small degree.
>With some of the fuel you took with you, because obviously there isn't any around here, you get a small, little but very comfy crackling fire going.
>Of course it's separated from your stuff. You wonder if it won't like, melt into the sea at some point thou. You tried to put cut and flattened can under it, maybe it'll help to keep it burning at least, it's a good thing you have this can, really. It has more uses than you initially thought. Or you could hang it like a lantern with smol fire burning inside? You might need to work some more on this in the future.
>Yet, almost right away you feel better, both generally and about yourself. Soon enough you also feel warmer, and happier now that the storm is fenced off by a layer of cloth and skin - walls of your tent.

>"Feels good, doesn't it?" all of a sudden you feel a weight when Glad rests his head on your withers. "Nothing as comfy as the fire in the snow. Usually it's a campfire in a snowy area, or in the mountains. Not in a place like this, thou."
>You sigh in response.
"I know, right? Who could've imagined we would end up here? It's almost completely uncharted land."
>"True. We might be the first living explorers here" he says, suppressing a yawn. "Even if we aren't focused on /exploring/ too much. You think we're close to you know what?"
"I don't know. Well, definitely on a good way now that we don't have to worry about Samoyeds changing directions on purpose. And speaking of them, I had a chat with our smoky guest here" you point at your head "and I think we maybe won't have to worry about pulling the sled on our own."
>Glaedyv looks at you, intrigued, and you take it as a good sign to continue.
"Oh, and before you start complaining, let me finish, alright? So you see, Sombra has a way of... I don't know how to describe it, fuel one of the Dogs?"
>"With what?"
"The living energy or whatever of the other."
>"Well, that's cool" he says, nodding. "That's actually very good. Maybe we could even return from wherever we are going with this Dog."
"Yeah, but the thing is, we will still need to feed the one that gets to live."
>"Why do we have to do this if your 'friend' is going to do his thing anyway?"
>'The Dog's lifeforce, or however you wish to call it, won't last forever. If he wants the Samoyed to last longer, he will have to share the food. Repeat this to him.'
>You repeat obediently.
>"I see..." the Griffin says hesitantly. "Stone, this isn't exactly an easy choice. You can eat oats or sticks or whatever really. I can't. And I suppose neither can the Samoyeds. We're all meat, fat and I don't know, spices? By sharing, I diminish my own chances. Do you understand? Starvation is not something I look forwards to. I don't even want /them/ to suffer it. I said about not feeding them but not about denying them the right to end the suffering."
>Glaedyv seems to falter in his previously adamant decision, but his answer is still basically a 'no'.
>You might need some convincing here.
>What do you do?

Tasking Sombra with actually doing something is delayed to next post.

Fug, I thought I'll be in time to avoid this. And thanks.
look, glad. We're friends, pals, bros, compadres, camaradas, amigos, maybe even more. I promise you, even if I have to take a leg off and feed it to you, I won't let you starve.
And I really /dont/ want to pull this sled.
Ask Sombra about how strong he will get once we get his horn back.
If he'll be strong enough, he can just teleport us into safety, no?
Also, the dog that's going to die is, well, made of meat...

Also, ask Sombra if he can do something about this problem regardless.

>You turn around, full body, to face Glad.
>As he got serious, he took his head off your withers, so it's not like you are disturbing him or anything. You just feel like you should look him in the eyes.
>It is said that they're windows into the soul. True, Pony eyes are big and very expressive, but Griffin ones? Not as much. Still, you can see that your companion is, to say the least, concerned.
"Listen Glad" you say in a very serious tone, maintaining the eye contact. "First things first, I really, really don't want to pull this very much loaded sled myself. And I bet you wouldn't be a fan either."
"Moreover" you move on to the next point "we're good pals. Comrades. Even friends by this point."
>Maybe more, you add in your head. You wouldn't be exactly against this, and not exactly in favour of it. He himself wasn't so convinced before, but who can tell if his resolution stayed the same now? Maybe you grew on him? He certainly likes to cuddle, a thing you wouldn't connect with a predator and mercenary like him.
>But this is not the time to think about it yet.
"I don't know how about the Griffins, but amongst Ponies it actually means something. It means that I care, and I want to see you all well, safe and sound. At least as well as we both can be in such conditions."
"I promise you" you continue, adding some reassurance to the seriousness of your voice "that I will not let you starve. No way. Even if I have to cut off my leg and give it to you."

>And I mean wow.
>You didn't expect yourself to be able to say such things. Sacrifice is not a word from your usual dictionary. Far from it.
>But it's said. Promised, even.
>Keep the eye contact, Stone, you scold yourself just in case. Glad must know that you won't let him down, you won't abandon him.
>Even if you don't really feel like losing a leg.
>In silence, your catbirb buddy nods heavily.
>"I wouldn't dare to ask" he finally says. "I hope we won't have to resort to this. I-"
>Glad fumbles on his own words, and... is this a very tiny tear?
>"I really appreciate that. Thank you Stone. Let's... hey, maybe your other friend can help us out?"
"I was just about to ask him" you answer with relief.
>It seems that your bold promise managed to convince Glaedyv well enough to allow you to share the food with your chosen Samoyed.
>With that, he begins to prepare the bedding for the both of you.

>Now, here we go again.
>It's your favourite time of the day. Or night. Probably not night yet, it's not all that dark outside.
>Time to talk with Sombra.
>Who has been been expecting you, as right after finishing conversation with the Griff you can feel his presence filling your mind with this slight pain again.
>It's a bit stronger this time, you notice. A dull headache near the place when your skull connects with your backbone.
>'I admire your diplomatic capabilites' the King congratulates you with a hint of a smirk 'promising the Gryphon to feed him with your flesh. Impressive.'
>This is one of the reasons why I want to talk with you, Big Smoke.
>I'm not really fond of becoming a tripod anytime soon, so let's get rolling with our plan.
>The weather is nasty and the Samoyeds need to stay outside, so I doubt they're going to survive the night.
>I need you to put things into motion and do whatever you need to do. Suck one of them dry, put the energy into other, I don't know how this works.
>'Yet. If you wish I can guide you through the spellcasting, lending you my magic. Let's call it... an introduction. A tutorial. Something that can show you your future power. Unfortunately you'd have to walk outside for this.'
>Speaking of power. Soon we should reach our destination. You get the horn. How strong are you going to get? Strong enough to teleport us away from here?
>'After a good rest, yes. I expect my powers to return to their original state and level, but this time I am well aware of my surrounding, and my mind is as sharp as ever. There won't be a second failure like the one in the Crystal Empire.'
>Oh coo-
>'Do not expect me to transfer you back home right away, or whatever you may wish for. We are going to be really far away from absolutely everything, so we will have to teleport a certain distance, then I'd need to rest, then we would teleport again and so on. Teleporting more than oneself is also straining, not only the distance, so I have to take it into account as well. You wouldn't like to leave your... friend out here I presume.'
>How dare you?
>How could you even suggest something like that?
>'You need to learn to disregard many concepts you were taught before, Stone Mane. One of them is bonding yourself to another for no gain whatsoever. Friendship goes as far as it is useful and efficient for you.'
>'But if it is your wish, we won't leave the Gryphon alone. There is always use for a skilled warrior.'
>'Oh. And you mentioned that you don't necessarily want to feed him with your body, correct?'

>You shudder.
>For some reason you feel like you know where this is going and you don't like it one bit.
>'The Samoyeds are also made of meat.'
>Yeah, called it.
>It doesn't matter they're made of meat, Sombra. Do you really expect him to actually eat another sapient creature?
>'In time of need, yes. He accepted your proposition, and you are sapient as well, are you not? Don't be afraid. I can convince your friend to give it a try if necessary. And if you are worried, he doesn't have to /know/ where the meat came from.'
>He's not dumb. He is going to know, or realize it at some point if not right away.
>'Not if I have something to say about it. When the Samoyed dies, quarter it. Or cut whatever amount of it's meat you deem enough for your Gryphon.'
>'Then keep it in a pack somewhere where he can't see it. In due time, if it will be necessary, I can project an illusion of a seal, polar bear, or whatever. Especially with my powers growing stronger.'
>'Just pretend the meat came from the illusionary seal if it will have to be consumed before I can actually transmutate it.'
>You can do that? Transmutate things?
>'Surprised? It's like they are not teaching you much about history nowadays.'
>I am not a magician. Neither I was ever interested in this.
>'Then you shall be surprised for many days when we will start your training, Stone Mane.'

>Okay, you'll need to sit for a while, this headache isn't doing you any good.
>But at least you kind of solved your problems, or this is what you believe.
>Now you can either send Sombra off to do his thing, and stay in warmth and comfort to rest, or you could go outside, into the raging cold storm to more or less participate in the spellcasting.
>Not to mention that you're quite tired.
> And this may not be a good sight for your eyes, especially before the night.
>What do you do?
We will see all sort of fucked up shit in the near future, so we might as well just get done with it.
Tell Glad that we are needed to do the thing with the dogs, so we will be outside for a bit, so he better warm up the bed good!
After that, tell Sombra that we are ready to be taught, but we are getting increasingly tired, also, his presence in our mind is giving us a headache now. Just a heads up.
Of the dogmeat: let's not mention it to Glad. For now. (Unless another Anon has a better idea.)

By the way, the formerly pursuing shamaness or whatever, I bet she has some extra rations on her, maybe Sombra could do something about that.
First of all, make sure the fire isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
Then, let's eat something.
Then, go do some dask fucking magic.

>Good sight or not, you think you should go outside and do whatever is needed.
>After all, you are going to pick up learning some real forbidden stuff. You're pretty sure witnessing all sorts of fucked up shit kind of comes with the package.
>It's not a thing you're particularly fond of, but it's probably better to just be done with it.
>Sooner or later you'd have to perform some nasty ritual or whatever anyway, likely, so if you start earlier, maybe the transition will be easier?
>Oooor, alternatively, you will get so grossed out and disgusted that you'll drop the dark magic stuff altogether. Very much something that your now gone ancestors would like to happen. You still feel somewhat guilty about how the whole event with them unfolded.
>But not guilty enough to simply drop what you want to do without giving it an actual try. Or half of a try.
>It's the thought that counts.
>With this, you get yourself ready, getting the attention of your best bud.
>"Going somewhere?" he asks as if it's not clear enough.
>By the tone it sounds more like he questions your sanity than he actually wants answer to this.
"Yeah. I will be out for a bit, I'm needed to do the thing with the Dogs" you reply, mentally preparing yourself for the slap in the muzzle the wind is going to give you. "If I can have a request, keep the bed extra cozy for me, alright? I'll come back very cold, and I expect you to warm it up good~"
>He chuckles at your - intentional - slight sultry tone of your voice. Mostly to calm him down further. But you wouldn't mind a thing, to be frankly honest.
>"Don't worry, I will. Just don't take too much time, else I may fall asleep" he plays along. "Now shoo. Do your thing. I'll keep myself busy with the fire for now. And food. Especially food."
"Oooh! Speaking of food" you quickly remember "could you heat up some for me as well?"
>"Sure, what do you want? Peaches? There's still a can of them."
"Peaches are okay. Thanks a lot Glad."
>"At your service" he makes a mock bow.

>And so, after a nice meal of warm canned peaches and some crunchy nuts and dried berries the Walruses gave you, you head outside.
>As expected, you get hit right everywhere - muzzle first - with cold, stinging wind still carrying tiny pieces of ice and snow.
>Nature's best sandpaper.
>The Samoyeds are lying on the side of the tent that covers them from the wind. It's not a really good cover, but good enough.
>They're too busy with not freezing to death to give you any attention. Even a hateful stare.
>Huddled together and moving every once in a while, they try their best to survive a very bad snowstorm while being thoroughly bound and mostly in the open.
>They both look equally tired and equally famished. It is very likely that they were kept unfed in captivity as well.
>'Now pick a Dog. I will help you with this one, as well as I'll lead you throughout the whole process, but I need your permission to... settle in.'
>Settle in like how?
>'Partial control of your body.'
>O-okay. There, I allow you to do so. Now let's proceed.

>As you let him take reign of, well, yourself, you feel some kind of a strange force filling you.
>In a moment, your senses enhance a bit. Not that you can completely ignore your surrounding, but it doesn't bother you as much as before.
>'Let me help you out a bit' Sombra chimes in, and then you also feel less cold than before.
>Soon you aren't cold at all. Just a wee bit chilly, like on early spring morning.
>Also there seems to be some sort of a film put over your eyes. It kind of blurs your sight to a degree, without actually impairing it. Feels kind of like a second set of eyelids, but transparent ones. You can see various greenish lights around, some of them blurred, mostly on the... or is it under the ice?
>True shock awaits you as you turn your gaze to the Samoyeds.
>Their lights are much more detailed. There is some sort of pure whiteness in the centre, and over it a big chunk of green that branches out everywhere. To their heads, limbs, it goes through their veins and muscles. You can name tiredness, sadness and anger radiating off the prisoners.
>The lights aren't all that strong, and upon closer look, you notice that they are both fading away, slowly but surely.
>The Samoyed on the left is clearly worse off, his green light is weaker and sometimes falters like a flame on a candle. The white orb in the middle remains intact.
>'Choose the Dog' Sombra advises 'and focus on the light you see. Then pull on it.'

>You do as your spooky mentor suggests.
>Definitely you try at least, it's proving to be harder than you expected.
>Trying your best to focus, you try to pull on the light, and instantly you feel resistance.
>Of two kinds. One, it's like you are trying to reach the light through some sort of a dense jelly, that is sizzling and melting around your... hoof?
>Yeah, you unawarely outstretched your hoof to touch the Samoyed. Or was it Sombra's doing?
>Second, as you tug on the light, you feel like you're trying to uproot a small tree.
>Oh yeah.
>And as soon as you do it, the Dog howls loudly, taken by a big but short convulsion. His light tries to escape your clutches.
>The other one looks at you in confusion, and even tries his best to chase you off, while still bound.
>It totally doesn't look like that time when Sombra did it on his own to heal Glad.
>What do you do?
Ask Sombra to help because it's for both of our success to not fuck up now!
And if it's too much for us, just let him do it all.
Bloody hell, we really don't need to fuck up now.

>Oh fuck.
>What do I do? What do I do?!
>I could use some real help here, Smokey!
>Like, right now!
>'Don't allow yourself to panic' you hear a familiar, this time strangely soothing voice in your mind.
>'It isn't going to be easy, and I'm here to guide you. So far you were doing a pretty good job. Let's see if my praise will be applicable later.'
>Uh-uh. Let's hope. So I have it, it's right there. The green light. Or am I supposed to pull on the white one?
>'The white one is... it's a thing for more advanced pupils. You shall learn about it in due time. Focus on the green-ish.'
>I am focusing! I'm pulling too!
>Suddenly, you notice that one of the lines of light, aiming upwards intensifies a little bit.
>Like, a spotlighted light if that even makes any sense. That's what it feels like.
>Instinctively, you focus on this one instead of the softly green mass in the middle.
>You feel yourself move and shift, without your actual command, and your hoof touches the Samoyed's neck instead of somewhere around his heart.
>A sickening sloshy sound escapes his throat, as he is quickly silenced. His eyes widen, like he is suffocating.
>'Focus, Stone. It is just another resource.'
>Taking your mind off the silently choking prisoner, you return your attention to the greenish blob in the middle.
>Then, the branches and veins spreading from it get highlighted, just as the one from before.
>Using your body, Sombra snaps most of them one by one.
>You can see the Samoyed trashing around at first, however slowly but surely he becomes immobilized as the green lines are severed.
>And it's all so sudden.
>One line here cut, bam, the leg's paralyzed. Another one, bam, the arm stops twitching. One more, there we go, the captive stops shivering, who knows if more from cold or pain.
>Due to your enhanced senses you can see the tears wetting the fur on his face. His eyes lock with yours, and you discern desperate plea in them.
>Plea and absolute fear. Up to this point you wouldn't imagine one can be so afraid. And he is afraid of /you/. The greenish light is pulsing faster and faster, as probably does his heart.
>'Now cut the last vein and then pull the main blob out. Be careful to not divert your attention from it whatever may happen, or else the energy dissipates.'
>Sombra's voice is completely neutral, uncaring. Like he's helping you with fixing some broken appliance.
>So this is it. You are going to take a life away with liberal usage of something absolutely forbidden by Equestrian law, customs, and common sense of most Ponies.
>You have a foreboding sensation that it might be a step too far, but on the other hoof, is it that different from using a musquet? Or a crossbow?
>Or is it so much worse than thinking of deliberately starving the Samoyeds to death?
>What are you turning into? Is it the corruption so many Ponies speak of?
>What do you do?
If we talk about corruption this way, a rifle is much worse. A projectile propelled by an explosion, ripping through skin, flesh and bone, causing a painful, slow death.
This one is humane at least, he won't feel pain.
So no, this is as bad as killing someone with a physical weapon or a destructive spell.
Screw the idiotic morals of ponies blinded by their own ignorance.
Do it.
Starvation is worse anyway.
Wow it sure fell down faster than I expected.

>No. All things considered, whatever you are doing, is definitely not in any possible way worse than starving someone to death.
>Or shooting someone. When you think about it too hard you actually begin to consider guns way, way more bad and unnecessarily painful than before. Definitely less badwrong than stabbing someone, or using burning oil like in the sieges of old, or gutting somepony with a sword...
>Yeah no, that's enough thinking for one day.
>Actually doing dark magic can help you avoiding doing just that.
>The point is, apparently, from what you had gathered so quickly, using whatever you are doing right now seems to be least painful and most acceptable way of killing someone when you really have to.
>... despite the fact that the Samoyed actually screamed out and trashed around in pain before you and/or Sombra put a stop to it.
>So technically speaking, your conscious is kind of clean? Right?
>Right. You suppose. You're trailing off again.
>There's no need to worry about corruption so much, you can still think straight and you are completely sure you're doing something... well not good, but least bad of all. Oh, yeah and that. Sombra told you to stop dealing in absolutes.
>To drop whatever you've learned about morals, as according to him they are created by Ponies blinded by their ignorance.
>Borders marked by those too cowardly to reach further.
>And whatever you do to the Samoyed, freezing to death or dying from starvation is worse anyway.

>So after - barely - solving this ethical conundrum for now, you give the main greenish light all of your attention.
>And then some you didn't know you had, just to be completely sure.
>The Samoyed looks deep into your eyes, still silently begging, as you sever the last line and begin to pull on the kind of green lighty orb.
>He gasps, straining his muscles as you feel the thing submitting to your will way easier than it did before.
>'Good. Good' you hear Sombra's voice echoing through your mind. He helps you to keep your focus and with pulling the light out.
>The prisoner keeps looking at you. Tears stop flowing down his fuzzy furry face, as if someone turned off the faucets.
>Just then, you feel literal tentacle of darkness coming off from you and grabbing onto the other orb, the white one.
>As it does, Samoyed's face contorts into an expression of unimaginable suffering for a split second.
>Then both lights are pulled away from him, white one quickly disappearing nopony knows where. He instantly stops breathing, and his eyes lose that certain glitter in them. Now they look like brown glass balls. Expressionless, empty.

>You on the other hand feel very good.
>Energized. Warm. Ready to tackle any issue, any obstacle the world may throw at you.
>In fact, you are pretty sure you never felt so great and powerful for your entire life. So... lively.
>You're not even slightly tired anymore, and you feel like you could pull the sled all the way up North on your own, even if it was double laden.
>This is sooo good! You wish you could feel like this forever!
>'Keep yourself together, Stone Mane. Transfer the energy to the other Dog' the Shadow King rudely reminds you.
>You feel like you could oppose even him, right now, just like that.
>What do you do?

Seems like everyone sans you has a busy day tonight. Or that I should work on my prompts. Well, such is life.
The prompts are good, and if there is nobody to oppose me, then I will bring the story in the direction I deem it right.

That moral dilemma, especially about the borning and gutting, that wasn't in my mind when making examples.
Regardless, we have done this, other people have done worse, much worse.
Now transfer the energy, opposing Sombra is not a good idea, however good we feel.
Just like how we, the untrained apprentice, can rip the lifeforce of a living being away, he can rip away ours.
So fuel up the remaining dog.
And consequences be damned, if this is how we think, then maybe we should realize that we already damned ourselves when we said okay to the walrus shaman about becoming a shaman ourselves! Even /that/ is forbidden for ponies!
I'm here, just watching this whole thing go down. I'm just not good at interacting with sombra.
Dang it anon. At least leave a few word pointers.
I don't want to be the only one to take the blame if things go south.
Well I'll be honest I don't have much to say about what's happening right now. Where is everyone else though?
No idea. It's prime time over the Atlantic, so... the other players are busy?
No worries. Sometimes there are just less busy days. Or more busy, depends on your perspective.

Don't worry. Feel free to jump in at any time you seem fit. Sombra is as difficult to write as he is to read.

>In all this power you usher in right now, you realize a thing.
>You feel good, yes. Powerful. Strong. One would dare to say, omnipotent.
>And yet, you are just untrained apprentice. Pre-apprentice even. You didn't actually start to learn stuff yet so far. You're just working under guidance and influence of Sombra.
>So if you could take someone's lifeforce with the help of your mentor just like that...
>He can do the same to you.
>On a whim. He's still the bad guy, even if you are not sure if he is as bad as history books portray him to be.
>Opposing him is not exactly a good idea, you come to your senses, as he can probably suck you up like a glass of juice. This is something you definitely want to avoid.
>If you really want to tread down this dark path that is set before you, without remorse and suppressing your second thoughts, you want to do it as safely as you can. While trying to not think about how damned you can already be. Even after picking up the shaman initiation from the Walrus, you didn't feel this... uncertain. You did nothing wrong as a shaman initiate. But isn't shamanism forbidden as well?
>Were you already damned when you picked his teachings up? Why would you be, if this is the case? It was all about getting help. Help that you discarded when somepony stronger and more efficient showed up.
>But efficiency is important. If Sombra is right on anything, it is this one. Especially in such harsh and deadly conditions. As you said to your ancestors, it is only a tool that will help you survive.
>So many questions and doubts. So little answers.
>Still, you follow orders of the Shadow King to the iote, keeping your attention on the greenish orb within your partially physical, partially magical grasp.
>With his guidance, you fuel up the remaining Samoyed.
>He instantly gets more agitated when the orb gets near him. It doesn't take any special magical abilities to tell he is probably feeling the same things you felt just like seconds ago.
>You push the energy right into the other, still living Samoyed, feeling the same jelly resistance you felt before.
>His eyes roll up, leaving only the whites, as he starts to wheeze.
>'Regulate your push. Keep it steady. Otherwise he is going to die from overload, you will give him a stroke.'

>Steadily, the energy leaves you.
>The greenish orb seems to sink into the other Samoyed, joining his own lifeforce.
>Immediately you notice some new veins spreading, and some darker parts of his body lighting up good and proper.
>With strength you would fear if you were alone, the Dog trashes in his bounds.
>There is blood trickling from his nose and eyes, like he snuffed a lot of something not so good.
>You feel weakened, tired, worn off.
>And the headache returns, even more intense and bothering.
>Sombra is silent.
>What do you do?
Mush, Or I'll take from you and pull the sled myself.
Tell Sombra to somehow regulate the dog if possible, we don't want him to do something stupid.
Also, remind him that we are in a weakened state now, so his actions might be really necessary.

Sad, what's this ominous thing about Sombra being silent?... What are you planning?..
Well, I'm off now.
Sooo... preemptive bump?

>You look down at the captive Samoyed.
>He knows what you expect from him. He is not dumb.
>You also know what he expects from this sudden surge of strength, you aren't dumb too.
>The ropes are good and strong. He isn't able to muster some unponish abilities to break his bonds.
>He is still bleeding, and you kind of feel like this is not exactly right.
>'It's not my fault, neither it is yours. I can keep the power pump steady, but some... side effects are going to be visible either way.'
>'He is a lost cause. This energy will not keep him alive, it will help me and you, if you wish, to use his body to appropriate extent.'
>'If you were counting on his survival, I am sorry.'
>Okay. This is fine. But can you keep him in check so he won't try to do shit in his power?
>'His mind is already mine. Do not worry about him any further.'

>How about my weakness?
>Every time I talk with you recently I am having a headache.
>It feels like talking with you recently strains me.
>It's an effort to keep contact with you.
>'Goo-I mean I am soon to, let us say, regaining composure.'
>'Each your step closes me to my goal, which might make you suffer a bit. However, once I can, I will ease your pain. Now you go to bed'
>What do you do?

Aha, you were not expecting a post at 4:18 but here it is! I'm sorry I wasn't better with all these American hours.
If you're trying something I will hug you into submission.

Go to sleep.
Crap, this almost died.
What was that? 'Good'? Sombra, please don't start turning evil now. We have been going so well, why must you do this? Besides, we already accepted to go with your plans, despite knowing all the dangers they might entail.
Guess we will have to hug you into submission?

Let's just get inside the tent now.

Sad, don't do this, I worked so hard to make Sombra intro Sombro, don't ruin that. Please.
Hey, as much as we wern't supposed to like him- but did anyway, you can't go begging. It feels really really weird. If worst comes to worst we can just sell him.
I know, and I wasn1t begging, it's just that we showed him compassion and other good things, and he even seemed to react positively, so ruining it all with some stupidity is really not something I want.
But I will do what must be done, if necessary.
Sure took me long enough. I'm feeling like shit, maybe running will cheer me up.

>Wait, 'good'?
>This doesn't sound good at all. Is Sombra, despite your effort to keep him in line with being less of a shit pone, going to pull off some stupid shit on you?
>Why would he?
>You're already starting to get along with him, why even would he try to set you up for a trap now? Especially that you agreed to follow his directions and help him out with these plans of his?
>Not to mention that he apparently took you as his pupil, or is at least on a good way of doing that.
>Is this all nothing more but some elaborate plot against you? Or maybe you're just reading too much into what sounded like a slip.
>Better to check that out as soon as you can and keep an eye out. Or preemptively mentally hug him again. It works good enough apparently.

>'I'm most sorry, Stone' the King in questions says after you voice your concerns and threaten to give him... the cuddle.
>Because obviously the best way to solve some interponyish issues is, well, a conversation. Communication is important and you're sure he can read your mind to a degree at this point anyway.
>'I worded it in a bad way. Here, let me explain. I know it is painful and inconvenient for you, but as I told you, the closer we get to our objective, the more power returns to me, giving me access to more abilities.'
>'I was simply overtaken by joy and meant you no harm. Why would I try to do something bad to a Pony I wish to teach? Doesn't it seem counterproductive to you? Besides, I already said I will help you with the pain when I will be able to.'
>'And soon enough I will have a body of my own again.'

>You've calmed down just enough to go to sleep.
>It has been a tiring day so far, you are feeling yourself numbing from the cold, so it's only natural you want to just slip under the set of covers and forget about everything.
>The only bad side is that you can't dream. Literally. You're not allowed to dream, because if Sombra wasn't blocking your dreams Luna would already come for a visit.
>Glaedyv is waiting for you, already in the makeshift bed himself.
>One quick partial undressing later, you finally find yourself at his side.
>Instantly warm feelings of comfort and relax wash over you.
>Your muscles ease, as Glad does his best to tucc you in while still half-lying on his side of the bad. His gentle touch and carefulness help you completely calm down, as you are reminded of your fillyhood, and loving parents. You are curious about what they'd have to say to you now.
>Soon you feel yourself drifting off into slumber.
>Finally you're done with this eventful day, you think to yourself with a content sigh, and this is your last awake thought.

>Suddenly your eyes open up widely.
>At first you think you're awake, but this is not the case. You have no body.
>Nothing. You're just a thought, or a set of eyeballs who knows, apparently floating in some sort of dark, grayish haze.
>Behind you is some light. You feel like going towards it will wake you up.
>In front of you, there is a neat, perfect row of many doors, wooden but set in crystal frames.
>They aren't really identical, some of them are a shade or two lighter, others darker.
>What do you do?

Sorry that this post may be a little shoddy, I'm trying to get into the right mood.
>Sorry that this post may be a little shoddy, I'm trying to get into the right mood.
Nah Sad, it's fine. I'm happy you are posting to begin with.

>What do you do?
Doors? What's next, stairs? Sombra, is this you doing this?
...I'm half tempted to just turn around and leave right now.
Just... just go and open the closest one. Perhaps listen if we can hear anything through it before we do open.
Jesus fuck I haven't caught up with yesterday's session yet. Sad chill the fuck out.
Hurry up then anon, before I 'ruin' everything!
Playing this basically alone is making the quest go in different ways than one would expect.
Let's see if we can contact sombra. Though, I have the feeling we won't be able to.
If we can, ask him about what the fuck is going on.
If we can't, then go towards the rightmost door and crack it open. just a little, peek inside. If something goes wrong leg it to the light.

>Doors. Many doors.
>What's next on the list, stairs?
>But at least it's something. Some sort of a dream experience you are not quite sure you want to have now.
>Trying to contact Sombra yields no results. It's not a complete silence that welcoms you when you try, thou. It's some sort of white noise, and if you really stretch this, it sounds a little like snoring. The King doesn't need physical sleep, but it seems that he is dormant, at least that's how you feel. You wonder if he was able to dream when he was alive. And what could he be dreaming about.

>Aaanyway, you're here, he's not so there's no explanation of what the heck is happening for you, but you are feeling a bit adventurous.
>This, discarding the thought to turn tail and just drop the thing for now, you check the doors out.
>You get to one of the right ones, reasonably close - the row seems to stretch ad infinitum - and lean in nice and close.
>Why? To listen of course. You're not stupid, you don't want something to jump at you from inside.
>No, you can't hear anything. Which is good. Or maybe bad? Depends on the perspective you guess.
>So you carefully open the lightly coloured door...
>Or not. It just disappears when you touch it.

>Your mouth forms a nice little 'o' as you see what's behind the obstacle.
>It looks like behind the door there's still picture.
>More like still scene. It's actually fully three-dimensional.
>Between it and you there's like, a thin stretch of slightly shaded barrier, feeling like a smooth film under your wary touch.
>The scene itself depicts much younger Sombra, the colt, sitting on the floor and holding a small box wrapped in festive paper.
>What do you do?

I... what?
I had the feeling this is what this was.
Welp, time to peek in.
I don't give a fuck about young sombra and his bullshit. Let's try to figurte out the order of this continuity, seeing what's before and what's after, and go towards the future, see if we can find memories of his time in that weird library.
Are... are these memories? Of him?
Huh. Well, let's see if we can interact with this one we opened, and if not, open the next one, the next one and so on.
Perhaps we can learn something of his past which we can use, for whatever means we have to.
I see a little bit of conflict but nothing to worry about, as we can do both of these things, just in order, one after the other. So which goes first?
First can go first, I'm fine with it.

>You take a peek.
>More like a full glance. Nothing but this sort of barrier obstructs your view.
>This results in absolutely nothing, because the scene is absolutely still. You wonder if it only plays out when you're inside.
>But you can figure it out later, as well as you can check this particular memory at other time.
>Because now you have thought of something else entirely. Something that not exactly bugged you, but picked your curiousity.
>Namely, Sombra spoke about some time he spent in cultist-but-not-really library, learning stuff. And this is basically all that he told you about it.
>Maybe you can find memories of that time while you are here, whatever this place is. Did you somehow managed to enter /his/ mind for a change?
>If that's the case, you definitely will look around some more, there's a possibility of discovering something you could use, for whatever means you may have to.
>Oh, and you could probably confirm or deny if he is completely honest with you about not planning to fuck you over.
>With this in mind, you take a small step back, and the door immediately reappears as you do so.

>To figure out if the memories are displayed in some sort of continuity, you try another door to the right, and then one to the left.
>In both of them Sombra is a colt, but you can guess he's a bit older in the scene on the left?
>Opening some more doors in this direction proves that the memories are kept in neat order.
>So you trot to the future - quite literally even if it is a dreamscape. Or mindscape. Or whatsitsname.
>As you go forth, you stumble upon more darker than lighter doors. Of course there were some dark ones on the right as well, but the difference in quantity is... noticeable.
>Soon enough you are facing really, really dark ones. Judging from the order, one or more of these should show you what you are looking for.
>One of the doors is almost completely black, actually. Like it was painted with tar.
>Eerie feeling of dread washes over you as you come closer.
>Do you dare to open this door?
Peak in.
I mean, what could possibly go wrong?
>Said Anon moments before everything went wrong.
Though this is literally a dream.

>Hesitant, you take another step forwards and reach out to the door.
>This time however, they don't disappear under your touch.
>And not only this, you feel a very uncomfortable buzz, and black crystals grow like spikes out of it.
>They aren't exactly covering the whole surface of the 'wood' however, you can see some free spots.
>Carefully, you don't want to stab yourself after all even if it's not physical world, you use one of them to try and give the door a push.
>With unusual lack of sound, they open slightly, allowing you to sneak a peek inside, but you can also notice that they're chainlocked from inside. Yes, you can clearly discern the chain. But perhaps with enough manipulation of your hooves you could get rid of it.
>The scene here is not still, however. Through the dark filmlike barrier that seems to be a bit more dense than ones from before, you can see a dimly lit room, filled to the brim with various books.
>Most of them look old, and they are not in good condition.
>Your ears are filled with indiscernible whispers that give you goosebumps. The light of the lone candle is playing with the shadows, just enough to let you see some symbols you don't know.
>Is it just the light or they... shift and turn?
>Quickly you divert your gaze. It's hard to look at them for too long. They seem to be looking back at you, and you don't like their 'look'.
>Then, when you try find Sombra, you're met with another surprise.
>He's not here. At least you can't see him.
>If it's his memory, shouldn't he, you know, be present in it?
>There's nothing but that chain and your own doubts keeping you from entering the ever so slightly contorting room.
>Suddenly you hear a hissing chuckle coming from behind you.
>What do you do?
Don't turn around, keep looking in the room and say "Ah, hello Sombra, I was about to ask where you went."
Perhaps explain to him that we just appeared here without having any control over this.

>You /don't/ turn around.
"Ah hello" you greet Sombra. "I was just about to ask where you went."
>He gives no response for your words.
>A chill runs down your spine as you feel something prodding at your leg and something else prodding at your back.
"Listen, I had no control over this" you quickly explain. "I just appeared here, okay, you don't have to be mad about this. I can go away and never mention it to anypony."
>Whatever is the thing touching you, it seems slick and nasty enough for you not wanting to think about it too hard. It delicately wraps around your leg, and the other starts to caress your back in a slow, somewhat off motion.
>The flame of the candle in the room wavers, revealing that Sombra is, in fact, within the confines of the room in his memory.
>He's just asleep near another book which is wide open, lying on the floor.
>The King looks like he finished doing some really straining job, and like he's carrying a heavy burden.
>Oh yeah. And there are some tentacles or vines stretching from the book to his head, and kind of... delving into it?
>Is it possible for him to be behind you and in his memory at the same time? How even does it work?
>No answer comes to your questions. There's just another hiss and guttural, otherworldly sound coming from behind.
>What do you do?
Okay, turn around and see what we are getting molested by.
If it's an enemy, kick it or something.
But don't panic.

>Quickly you turn around to check who in the Sun's name is molesting you.
>There's no reason to oh my fucking Princesses what the fuck is this.
>Behind you stands a figure, barely resembling a Pony.
>The thing is, it's completely made of slithering and twitching tentacles and tendrils. They're scaly, muscular and in constant movement, even if slight.
>They reform as if to indicate the figure looking back at you, and the grip on your leg suddenly tightens painfully, as you hear the same hissing chuckle again.
>The whole thing seems connected to the floor as far as you can tell. There are two or three tendrils going straight into the floor, merging with it. It doesn't look like the eldritch thing, whatever it is, is going to be hindered by the connection in any way, as it approaches you.
>The 'don't panic' hard is becoming really hard as your heartbeat fastens. Faint not-whispers coming from the room intensify, filling your head.
>They're definitely words and sentences, but the language itself doesn't remind you of anything you know of.
>The abomination creeps closer and closer, still caressing your back with one of it's tendrils.
>You try to hit it, but the writhing mass of tentacles simply spreads before you can touch it, and then closes around your hoof.
>A sting of sharp pain disturbs your train of thought, and you begin to /see/ the mysterious but terrifying symbols similar to those on the walls of the room floating around.
>What do you do?
Call out for the sleeping Sombra inside the room!
Maybe he can do something?
Unlike the other rooms, this one is not a still image, so we might just pull this!
Note to self: if we ever encounter this place, just leave, we don't need no tentacle monsters.
Oh I see what's going on.
Accept the thing.
I bet my life on it being something about dark power. If we can learn to use it, it'll probably help us.
Do not fight it.
This is stupid. You're stupid.
Let's scream and try to get sombra's help. If not, try to close the door.

>You feel a set of thoughts about accepting, giving in to the thing wash over you.
>It's almost certainly related to dark magic, so perhaps you could use it to your advantage.
>The thoughts in your head start to slow down, as if you're having your brain filled with some sort of jelly.
>All you'd have to do is to give up, to stop resisting.
>Very small black tendrily veins begin to appear on the hoof wedged in the writhing mass, slowly but surely traveling up your leg, towards your chest.
>Fighting it... maybe there's no point in it?
>The whispers fill your mind, and you start zoning out. The pain goes away as well, turning into a numbing sensation, slowly overtaking you. Eldritch words start to actually make sense.
>The tentacle caressing your back begins to wander, and soon two others join them, touching you in various places.
>Some of them inappropriate.

>No they fucking don't.
>This is not right.
>This isn't right at all, you don't want this!
>Not in this way at least!
>Waking up form the hazy half-dream you started to fall into, you try to get your hoof from the monstrosity which is uncomfortably close to you now. Your snouts are almost touching level of close.
>Not sure of what exactly you can do, you start to scream.
>Oh right!
>This room isn't a still image and it has sleeping Sombra in it, maybe you can wake him up so he would help.
"Wake the fuck up!" you call the sleeping stallion, barely holding your shit together as the thing hisses at you. "Please for the love of everything wake! UP!"

>You begin to trash around in the grasp of the tentacle monster, trying to get as far away from it as you can, shouting all the time.
>Much to your relief, you can see Sombra lying in the room frowning, and shifting in his sleep!
>Much to your horror thou, the tendrils going into his head begin to branch off and aim at his ears and eyes, as if to muffle him.
>What do you do?
Oh yeah, and I forgot. Zedyne, if you're around and into this kind of shit, you can write a tentacle rape scene here. If you wish of course.
Yell again, as loud as possible... or scream before his ears are covered!
I guess we can't exactly move so there is not much to be done there, unless we can move so much so we can bang on the door.
We must wake him up as fast as possible.

Wew lad, no idea if I can do that.
Struggle in the creatures grip.

Let go of me you overgrown mutant octopus! Or I'll marinate you then cook you in oil and serve you to Glad.
Will this be our time?
Can it be possible?
Is this the moment where the REEE saves us?

You know what to do, sad.
If you don't feel comfortable with it, you don't have to do this. It's not like I pay you for these lewds or anything, it is purely your good heart.


>This is not going to end like this!
>You don't /want/ this to end like this!
>Violated by some tentacle monster in a dark corner of someone else's mind, it truly sounds like a good plot for some fantasy adventure book. Or 'fantasy adventure' one.
>So you continue screaming on top of your lungs. You believe that no Pony before you made such loud, annoying and disturbing sound. Because no Pony before you probably had to experience some real-life horror tier stuff in his or hers life.
>You yank at the tentacles, pulling your whole body away from the thing, and thus stumbling closer to the door.
>Afraid of what will happen if the smol tendrils will reach Sombra's ears or eyes, you start to violently buck and hit it with all your might, to create as much noise as you can.
"Let me go you fucking mutant octopus!" you shout, trying to ignore the whispers filling your head. "I swear to everything, I'll cook you in a garlic marinade and serve you to Glad you piece of shit!"

>The creature chuckles evilly in this uncanny hissing way. It actually starts to sound like several layers of chuckling interfering with each other.
>But just then you hear a shuffle behind, coming from the room. The room!
>This means it has to come from Sombra. He's waking up!
>You double your efforts at being as loud as possible, and you decide to do a thing you wanted to try before, way back.
>Focusing all your strength and inhaling deeply, you make one more sound.

>The thing is taken aback by your mighty display, and it's grip on your hoof loosens.
>You use this to your advantage, yanking your limb out of the writhing mess while still reeing hard.
>Sombra jolts awake, and almost immediately notices the thing with vines sticking out of his head.
>With some sort of desperation you've never seen in him before, he curses and closes the book, severing the connection.
>The thing in front of you trembles, the tentacles it consists of shifting drastically.
>Then it disassembles and long tendrils withdraw back into the floor, and soon enough they also let go of Sombra's forehead and get back into the now closed book.
>The flame on the candle almost disappears in the commotion, but luckily it actually doesn't.
>Shadow King, or his way less shadowy and intimidating form of him present in the room quickly raises up and approaches the door.
>He looks at you surprised and says something, but you can't tell what.
>No sound passes the barrier, and the door begin to close on his own.
>You feel yourself being pulled towards the light behind you.
>What do you do?

The time of the ree has come.
You know what? Let's do what REEanon says here (>>32054901) and try that trick!
Might not work, might put us into a coma, but hey, I brought us here with all those interactions with Sombra, might as well push it a bit more forward.

>If you don't feel comfortable with it
It's not about being comfortable, it's about how the heck would I write tentacle >rape.
I guess I will have to think about it for a while.
Will you do this in time? How will Sombra react? Will he remember your kiss when you both wake up? This and more in the next episode of Whiteout!

No, really. I'm growing a bit tired. Not overly, but it seems like a real good place to pause, with this lil' emotional cliffhanger. This goes in unexpected ways, and I love it. Also running /did/ improve my mood, so here's that. Thank you for playing, and see you tomorrow.
Alrighty man.
I'm glad my choices tear the story out of the flow it was 'supposed' to go in, shows that things can be actually changed.
Though more players would still be nice.
Page 9 bump already, darn.
Page 8 now.
9 again.
I'm sorry for appearing so late. Here's a small head's up - I might not be available or in the mood to run a session proper. We shall see about that, but nevertheless I /will/ write an update. Maybe describing how Sombra will react to a kissu will cheer me up. I'll just do it later, because I still have stuff to do.
You do that Sad, no need to force yourself something you don't feel like doing.
And 9 again.
>no kiss today
Sad, you have betrayed me
I'm sorry Anon. Still not at home, just phoneposting quickly from some gasoline station.
So you will post that one scene today, after all?
I'm getting more and more curious about it, damn!
Will that change something, I wonder...
It is time now. I'm back, I recovered, there we go. Thanks for keeping it alive, regular session in maybe half an hour?

>With sudden dash, barely even thinking about what you're doing, you quickly close the distance between you and memory Sombra. Or real Sombra? Or... both?
>And when you are really really close, you lean forward, and your lips touch.
>You k i s s King Sombra.
>Yeah that's right. You're doing it /right now/!

>It's not a real long kiss. Sombra stiffens, and stands still at first, like he was just hit by a paralyzing spell. His eyes widen in clear shock and surprise, ears pull close to the head, muzzle scrunches.
>He is surprisingly warm and... present if that makes any sense. As if you don't phase through him or something like that. He feels like you'd kiss a normal, regular existing stallion. He has this sort of a bit longer hair, like a small Pony version of a short beard, that tickles your snout a bit.
>Before he can react in other way than staring in shock, you let yourself be pulled, which isn't really a hard thing, because in the meantime the force of this pull got real strong.

>Absolutely dumbstruck Sombra, the longass row of many doors, they quickly disappear.
>Even if you couldn't see anything of the sort while you were in this weird place, you feel like you're looking and passing through a tunnel.
>Light starts to blind you...
>And then you wake up with a gasp.
>This time it's for real. Comfortably warm bedding, a bit heavy pelts covering you from the chill, and slowly breathing Glaedyv at your side ensure that you're in fact in your tent.
>You can hear the wind howling outside, small shuffles of your tent, gentle crackling and hissing of the can where the fire was in. The fire itself is gone, you can't see it burning from your current position.
>Maybe you should rais-
>'What the fuck was that?'
>What do you do?
Oh yeah, and quick note. Sombra sounds way more surprised than angry.
"I was in your memories or something... do you... remember what happened? This is so confusing!"
Try to explain what happened, how we felt and ask if he can now remember this event happening like that or something.
This is going to be interesting, that's for sure.

Huh, what if we actually travelled back in time with our magic-shaman powers, like that zebra warlock back on our Grampa retrieval trip?
Wew, this is getting more and more interesting by the moment!
I dunno man. I just acted out of instinct. You need to read more romance books. It seemed like the right thing to do at that particular moment.
My internet became spotty and faulty now. Fucking perfect. It's wavering worse than a hangman in the wind dammit.
>>32063518 was me, just so you know.

Let's keep this going before another fucking outage. Jesus.

"I don't know, I'm confused" you try your best to explain "I was in your memories, or something like that, and then... do you, you know, by any chance remember anything?"
>The last question you add in a lil' shy kind of voice. Will he be fucking pissed that you kissed him?
>For now he doesn't sound like it, but it may still be shock. One thing is certain, this is going to be seriously interesting stuff.
>'... I do remember' says the Shadow King right at the moment when silence was starting to be awkward.
>'I remember you. It was like a dream, but also not. I... I must admit, I myself am heavily surprised that this happened. And how did it happen. You are sure you didn't do anything to cause this, Stone Mane?'
"I'm completely sure" you reply, and this is exact moment when you remind yourself that you should probably keep talking in your head instead of regularly.
>This is confusing.
>... but did it really feel bad, kissing Sombra like that?
>'Hmmm. Such a strange occurrence, I definitely will have to investigate this. First time hugging connected us, now this. Perhaps...'
>Hey, perhaps what? Is it terminal? Am I going to get wrecked?
>'No. Do not worry, at least not yet. I may have a theory of my own. There's a change of my magic and your shamanic abilities interfering and co-acting in unexpected ways. Tell me everything from your perspective, please.'

>You do as Sombra politely asked, curious about the whole matter yourself. You share your feelings from back then, your fear of the monstrosity, the whispers and shifting symbols.
>When you are done with explaining, he in return tells you that he was in fact reminiscing about the library and events that happened during these years of his life. He was, as you have guessed then, completely dormant, resting in a way not understood by the living.
>This is why, most probably, he was present in the room and it wasn't a still scene like the others. He also solemnly forewarns you about what may lurk in deep confines of his mind and he promises to check on the tentacle guy. Alas, as of now, even Sombra can't tell you what exactly it was. Likely a figment of dark magic which is returning to him and seeking energy to consume.
>His theory sounds good enough, you mean plausible enough. In fact, you had similar thoughts in your head - how normal or dark magic will work affected by your basic shamanic knowledge? What would happen if you tried to pursue regular magic /and/ train your spirit in shamanism?
>Was it even a memory or more like full internal time travel there? There was that one hot Zebra warlock who showed up when you were retrieving Deathstroke. And it was seemingly happening in some sort of the soldier's memory as well.
>The desire to know more intensifies. This time /you/, to a degree, are an experiment.
>Sombra is very intrigued as well, in the same theoretical and scientific sense as you are. He really wants to see what happens if you will start practicing magic in general, not to speak of the dark arts.
>Oh, and also he strictly forbid you from visiting his mind ever again. He is absolutely adamant on this one.
>And now...

>'And now, what came into you?' the shadow inside you asks. 'Why are you so affectionate towards me?'
>You shrug under your bedcovers.
>I dunno. Instinct I guess. I can't really explain, read a romance book or two.
>It seemed like a right thing to do in given moment and situation, your presence basically saved me from getting tentacle'd.
>Was it so bad?
>Sombra scrunches so hard mentally that you can actually envision this outside of your head.
>Oh and did you know you were a very cute colt when you were small?
>He scrunches /even harder/.
>What do you do?
Yes, this is good, we should try and push him over the edge, to achieve Maximum Overscrunch!
Tell him that we really adore how his colt self was, and that he is actually a really handsome stallion!
Yes, make him feel insecure because of our loving words!
I would do it again, if you ever get your body back. *Wink wink nudge nudge*

>This has no right to end well in any way, no.
>This level of scrunch is already probably dangerous.
>But you want to see /more/! MORE!
>Maybe this will finally make him to abandon even a mere thought of plotting something against you. Plunging him deep into uncertainty and making him insecure with care, niceness and loving words.
>Perhaps they don't even need to be true, but maybe they are?
>You... Well let's be honest, Sombra is kind of growing on you.
>He doesn't seem like somepony actually evil. Despite your initial withhold and uncertainty, he is proving to be rather helpful. Also, he still did not do something glaringly directed against you, as far as you can tell. Even most recently, he could let you be consumed by whatever that awful thing was, couldn't he?
>And he did not.
>Now, time to see how far this scrunch of his can go!

>If it helps you any, Sombra, I'd kiss you again.
>It felt pretty nice. Maybe I can do this in real life, when you get your body back?
>Ooooh, the silent treatment, eh? What's wrong, you still didn't tell me if you liked it or not!
>'...' you are sure the three dots soon will be burned on the inside of your skull.
>How can silence be so... intense?
>Yet, you feel like going even further. More scrunch!
>See, Sombra, when I said I think you were cute as a colt I really ment it. A lil' ball of gray fur. And your mane was so puffy and fluffy! Why did it turn black?
>By the feeling of it if your new object of tease will scrunch more, it may begin to collapse on itself.
>The mythical Black Hole Scrunch.
>If I only could lay my hooves on you when you were a colt, I'd smother you with my fluff, hold you close, and brush your mane, and shover you with kisses!
>The last thing I could do soon, you're pretty handsome inside your head, maybe you'll be just as good with your physical body back...
>'Enough! Stop, this is not how it's supposed to be' the stallion finally says, or more like growls something. 'Cease these frivolities! We have work to do. Now begone.'
>With this, he kind of stops being present in your brain. Just like that.
>What do you do?
"You'll come to accept the love, sombr-"
Wait a motherfucking second.
Love might actually fucking kill him, right?
Jesus fuck we might be killing him.
Don't be rude sombra, I have your horn and we both know there are some very... Interesting things I'd like to try with it.
File: 5463466457.jpg (22 KB, 500x375)
22 KB
Do you think lewding the horn would kill him?
No I don't think it would. But the threat would terrify him. (And make his muzzle scrunch farther.)
Aw dammit, he left.
Well, looks like we will have to focus our love on the only other option: Glad! Let's cuddle up with the catbirb.

Nah, love can't kill him, that was a death ray, not love.
He is just embarrassed about feeling all warm and fuzzy!
Also, because we are 'corrupting' him with our love.

My new plans are working out nicely... but there is much more to do!
>Also, because we are 'corrupting' him with our love.
In Soviet Equestria, you corrupt the dark magic!


>Aaaaaw. Why did he left?
>And you were having so much fun as well.
>Seeing him all embarrassed and flustered like that. Or at least this is what you think the whole thing was.
>The other possibility is... brr, you shiver at the thought.
>Because you know, you might've giving him a real hard time with all the lovin' and good feelings you bombarded him with. Probably it's not the case, however he was, in fact, exploded into tiny bits with a death ray powered by, well, love and good feelings of his former subjects.
>Even if he did not seem particularly hurt, he might have been experiencing some bad stuff he did not tell you about. You'd have to investigate further to know for sure.
>For now, you're just going to assume he got flustered.
>... aaaand also maybe d'aaaw a little at this display. His reaction did struck a small chord in you. What if he's just ashamed of feeling all nice, and warm and fuzzy? Or trying to mask it crudely with being edgy?
>Neighponese have a special word for it, you heard about it once or twice, but you can't for the love of whatever recall what it was.
>Anyway, that's something definitely worth investigation, but you'd have to wait for Sombra to show up again for that.
>To tease him even more. It's a fun thing to do, really.
>Maybe you could suggest giving him the love in a different way?
>Sombra's horn is shaped in a certain way after all, for a second you wonder how it would feel like for the both of you if you'd just... well, you know.
>Perhaps... no, wait.
>It's sharp, it's pointy, and it's made of crystal as far as you know.
>Probably not the best choice of pleasure around.

>Your hunger for pleasure and love is not sated, however
>It's too late and you're too worked up already to just drop the whole issue.
>With a glint in your eyes, you turn sides to face the only other living being within range for the time being.
>Glaedyv the Griffin.
>Seemingly he is still asleep, and as a matter of fact it is still generally dark. Not too dark, like in the dead of the night without the fire, but dark enough for most things being just shapes.
>He curled up into a ball again.
>This is a very difficult position to snuggle, but brave mare you are, you still try.
>The vaguely catbirby shape shifts under your touch. Glad starts to mumble something about milk in his sleep, while you make yourself comfortable. Surprisingly this time he doesn't grab you back, opting for resting his feathery head on your withers instead.
>What do you do?
first: nice dubs
Second: I can't believe now we're in a love triangle with a spirit of darkness and a gryphon.
Our ancerstors would be proud. I think.
Wonder how they reacted to that kiss.
in any case, kick the birdbrain into wakefullness and start preparing for departure.
Well I can make milk yea, but not really under these conditions.

>It's sharp, it's pointy, and it's made of crystal as far as you know.
>Probably not the best choice of pleasure around.
It's a game of chicken then. Whoever gets scared and tries to stop it first is the loser. And no one say we have to stick it in sharp bit first, or even put it in at all.
Sad, you forgot your name.

Okay, let's try and fall asleep again.
With Sombra away, I doubt we would encounter his dreamscape, so we should be fine.
>game of chicken with Sombra's horn and Stone's absolutely opposite part
This is both gross, probably dangerous, and fucking hilarious idea. It's like /mlp/ in one sentence.
Goddamn fucking names n' shit.

>Yes. This is nice.
>Closing your eyes, you let out a good sigh, thinking about nice, clean cushioned and soft bed.
>Bed that you could share. Up to this point, you never actually realized how lonely were you all the time. You know, pursuing the scientist career and then going awry and descending into the criminal underworld doesn't particularly help with finding partners.
>Well, okay it does, but just for like a quick sex and nothing more, and you gotta pay. Here, you have that and also snuggles for free.
>Toying around with the thought of a love triangle consisting out of a mercenary, a hired brains, and a literal darkness spirit or whatever, you decide it is maybe a good time to get up.
>So you kick Glad from the bed with that kind of good-minded brutality.
>He squawks mid-air, waking up as he hits the ice beak-first.
>"Oh Boreas what the fuck!" he raises and turns around, just to see you, smirking cheekily at him.
"Wakey wakey Glad" you say with a snicker. "It's time to get up!"
>"Oh yeah, sure" he then composes himself, slowly raises up, mockingly puts his claw against his head as if listening to something, and looks you in the eye.
>Judging from the sounds, the storm is still here, in full swing.
>"No, but seriously. I doubt we can make any real progress today, unless you just learned a magical spell to flip off the storm."
>Congratulations, you woke a Griffin up! Now, you have a grumpy catbird in your team again.
>How do you think you should tackle this day?
>Should you even try to do anything at all as of now?
>What do you do?
see if sombra has control of the dogs.
We kinda need'em.
If he has, then let's just get on moving, he won't be able to keep'em going forever.
So he is awake for no reason.
Well, what /can/ we do?

You mean dog, singular, we killed the other one.
>So he is awake for no reason.
Exactly. Imagine how happy is he going to be about that.

>You raise up from the bed, looking at the Griff.
>He looks back at you and it is not a good look.
"It's not my fault" you quickly say. "It's the best thing that works on you."
>"I will make a best thing work on your ass next time I'll land in the ice, I swear" he replies, annoyed.
>Then he starts to properly wake himself up, and in the meantime you take a peek outside.
>There's still a very bad snowstorm happening, alright.
>Even without really sticking your muzzle outside you can tell it's not any better than it was yesterday. Maybe it's snowing less, just maybe, but the wind itself is still strong and nasty, rolling through the icy plateau with mad, howling force.
>Even if you ale fully aware you are responsible for this, even with clear vision of your task and target, you still take a lot of time to dress up.
>You don't want to do this.
>But you have to. It is time... it is time to walk outside to check on the remaining Samoyed.
>So after donning all the layers of clothing, you literally gallop outside.

>The wind, the snow, the cold.
>It's bad alright. You have a hard time imagining how would you even proceed with your journey today.
>Luckily there's some good news - the Dog seems to be in a good shape.
>He greets you with the familiar sight of anger directed at you, but he seems, much to your surprise, absolutely fine.
>He's not shivering, even if bound, he looks healthier than yesterday, and you can definitely tell he is very energized and pumped up.
>After checking on him, you return to your tent hastily, to not expose yourself to the cold for more than you need, to allow the nice warmth of the sleep and comfort to stay with you longer.
>Upon arriving back to the tent, you take a whiff of nice smell of survival breakfast getting prepared.
>What do you do?
Actually, I think this is frankly a good place to call it a thread. Of course not right now and not in this state, no no no. You can plan your steps ahead, think about scenes you'd like to play out. Remember that - if needed - we can skip time, so you can plan things that you want to get done after the storm, as well as others. Obviously feel free to criticize me.

Oh, and there's also this. You guys seem to do a lot of long-time planning. So I thought, why can't you like, try to cooperate and share small steps of your plans with each other? Wouldn't that help? Anyway, thanks for baring up with my shit, I hope you had a good ride this thread, and I pray the next one will be filled with less of me complaining that I can't run and more actual running. Good night!
Apologize to Glad for being an idiot, then tell him that our work with the dogs was a success and we should be able to cross most of the remaining distance once we get to move.

Alrighty Sad, fine by me.
Wait, share my plans? But... you could foil them if I did that!
No, no-no-no, that won't do, I can't do that.
Anyway, Poppy Seeds is next up, but when?
Ye, Poppies should be next up. I have some free time next week, but I can't promise I will run. Depends. So the earliest is next week.
File: ponylaugh.png (380 KB, 850x480)
380 KB
380 KB PNG
Well then, we can rest until the storm is gone and then get a moveon.

>Share my plans
pic related
We are no longer friends, Anon.
'Twas a joke, don't act all too serious about it.
Nah Sad, that anon is gone.
Only you and me now.
File: Starboop.jpg (51 KB, 600x600)
51 KB
I'm still here.
It's time you learn to appreciate best pony, sad.
Dammit Anon, stop ruining my fun.

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