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File: pinko.png (1.05 MB, 724x1024)
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Previous thread: >>31862991

Welcome to Fingerbang: The Equestria Girls & Humanized Thread! Anything with >no hooves is welcome and encouraged here. If you like to write, draw, read, or critique the humanized versions of the ponies, then this is the thread for you.

Fossilized Pastebin:
Fimfiction Group:http://www.fimfiction.net/group/204505/human-eqg-fingerbang
Fossilized Thread related stuff.
Thread Resources (Best Stories of 2014 & 2013, Thread Archive and more):http://derpy.me/b783H

Fossilized useful Applications:http://derpy.me/tQSuG


>How did this Humanized thread get started? What happened to Fingerbang?

The Humanized thread was created when the various humanized threads (including Fingerbang) on /mlp/ decided to merge. The rest is history.

Fossilized Discord:

File: 1468074836622.gif (547 KB, 597x540)
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Hot ponk
Cute rarara
File: pinkie pies.jpg (161 KB, 724x1024)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
File: 1515811700867.png (549 KB, 600x599)
549 KB
549 KB PNG
4th for PurpTrix
I'm not sure why, but I remember a writefag named TenTwentyFour that used to post here. Anyone else remember?
I think
I'd paint her insides white.
That story's been going on for years now right?
FBTMH, yes
Prestream shenanigans for Day 1 going on soon.
https://derpy.me/YUVp1 - Smashcast
https://derpy.me/7iSTu - Twitch

3/4 - Day 1
Group A:
Princess Luna vs Lyra Heartstrings - Spike
Fluttershy vs Applejack - Spike

Group B:
Princess Celestia vs Spitfire - Taker
Treehugger vs Octavia Melody - Anon

Group C:
Queen Chrysalis vs Trixie Lulamoon - Taker
Rainbow Dash vs Starlight Glimmer - Anon

Group D:
Princess Cadence vs Maud Pie - Sweetie Belle
Bon Bon vs Vinyl Scratch - Sweetie Belle

5PM CST for show, soon for pre-stream stuff.
Shit, I gotta be home so I can watch this.
File: yisss.png (427 KB, 1346x1913)
427 KB
427 KB PNG
Zecora when?
Crap wrong reply.
It's fine
Here's Day 1 Quick Results

Group A:
Princess Luna(3) over Lyra Heartstrings(0)
Applejack(3) over Fluttershy(0)

Group B:
Princess Celestia(3) over Spitfire(0)
Octavia(3) over Treehugger(0)

Group C:
Chrysalis(3) over Trixie(0)
Dash(3) over Glimmer(0)

Group D:
Maud(3) over Cadence(0)
Bon Bon(3) over Vinyl(0)
File: no_happy_day.jpg (124 KB, 800x600)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
>Trixie didn't win.
>Trixie lost
She'll be avenged with a comeback. I know it.
>Monday in Equestria
>You are Vice-Principal Luna
>Your sister is out sick for the day, so you're filling in for her
>You delegated the morning announcements to Ms. Cheerilee so that you could drink your coffee in peace
>And dear lord you are bored
Guhh. How DOES she pass the time here?
>Rarely anyone is sent to the office, and the paperwork is so small that you usually don't start till after lunch
>You lock the door, taking a quick look around to make sure no one is nearby.
>Coast clear, you hop onto the desk and undo the top button to your shirt
I'M PrinciPAL CelesTIA!, you proclaim to the empty room
>You giggle as you do a small hop to the floor
I JUST LOVE being a rOle model to my STUDENTS!
>Your giggle becomes a full laugh as you leap towards the windows
LUNA plEASE, hOW will the CHILdren like you if the BLINDS are always dra-AH!
>You drop below the sill and fix your shirt
>There's a man floating in the air
>"I didn't think I could be more in love with yo-"
>You hear leaves rustle and branches snap
>Terrified, you lean out the window to see if the flying man is okay
>But instead, you see a green man tangled in a tree
Oh, it's you. Anonymous, I hope you realise you have detention?
>"But Vice-Principal Luna, he was helping me test my new drone!"
>A purple figure steps out from behind the tree Anonymous is in
Miss Sparkle?
>"I'm sorry ma'am, I needed a place to test my drone's carrying capacity, and Anon said you wouldn't be upset if we used the faculty lot!"
>You heave out a sigh, forcing yourself not to be upset
It's alright Miss Sparkle. I'll send Leo with a ladder and scissors.
>You couldn't have grabbed the emergency whisky faster if you tried
>Monday in Equestria
>You Are Vice-Principal Luna
>You like getting to work early because you're certain the sun is out to get you
>And there is a car in pulling into your parking space
>A green beetle, with rusted brown chrome
Ugh, again? I THOUGHT he would have learned by now.
>You stomp up to Anonymous's car, grinding your teeth hard enough to turn coal into diamonds
>You slam the roof as you close in
>In the car is not Anonymous, like you thought, but instead a young green girl
>And she is on the verge of tears
>"I'm s-sorry. This is my f-first d-day a-and I d-didn't know"
>"Good one, Luna", you think to yourself
I'm so sorry, I thought you were somebody else. I'm Vice-Principal Luna, and you are...
>"W-wallflower B-blush.", she stammers out, tears subsiding
>You gave her directions to the student lot, and then spend the early morning showing her around the school
>She's a bright young girl, if not a bit skittish. Kinda reminds you of yourself at a young age
>With school about to start, you walk her back to her car to grab her books
And here we are, back at the student lot. If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to come visit my off-
>Oh boy; coming in on rollerblades, it's the green one you can't stand
Good Morning, Ano-nymous?
>He doesn't seem to register you being there, coming to a stop in front of Wallflower
>"ARE YOU TRYING TO STEAL MY GIRLFRIEND AGAIN, SIS?", he declares while thrusting his finger at you
You're his sister?
>Wallflower sighs and rolls her eyes
>"No, I'm not! I haven't 'stolen' any of your girlfriends! Plus she's the Vice-Principal for crying out loud!"
>You slink back to your office while the two siblings argue about you, leaving them by Wallflower's car
>You heave a sigh as you slide into your office chair
Why doesn't this ever happen to Cadence?
>Monday in Equestria
>You are Dean Cadence
>Your favorite musicians are Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Captain Beefheart
>And there is a white moped in your parking space
>Well, less in your parking space and more behind it, really
>It's kinda blocking you in
Whose moped is this?, you wonder aloud as you get closer
>When you get close enough to touch it, a man in a trench coat and a pantyhose facemask leaps between you and the bike
>You rip your mace out of your bag and spray him in the eyes
>He lets out a girly shriek as he hits the asphalt, ripping his mask off and crying
>The moped falls onto his foot, the pain pulling his hands from his face
>Wait a second, you know this green molester
Androgynous? What are you doing?
>Nearby, you hear some bushes rustle
>"Oh right, that scream was my cue!" A voice says from the bushes nearby
>Walking out from the bush is one of your students, Shining Armor
>"WALK BY ACTING NONCHALANT", he loudly reads off his palm as he approaches
>When he gets near your car, he stops, still looking into his palm
>"H-hoe dare yoo, You F-friend?fiend? YOU FIEND!"
>He looks from his hand at the two of, a smug expression of heroism on his face
>This is quickly replaced by shock when he sees his moped on the floor
>"My baby! Anonymous, I thought you said you were going to help me get a date with the Dean!"
>He pulls the moped off of Anonymous and helps him to his feet
>A date?
>"Bro trusssst me, the molester/hero trick always works on old-AH GOD THE WIND STINGS MY EYES"
>You open your car and grab a bottle of water, handing it to Anonymous,
You know boys, I have some paperwork I forgot to grab> Could you please be gone by the time I get back?
>Shining Armor turns cherry red and salutes you as you turn to walk away
>"Ma'am, yes ma'am!"
>Free from his hands, you hear the moped fall back onto Anonymous's foot
What the flying fuck did I just read?
>not knowing the tale of Anon's failed attempts to get into VP Luna's pants
File: ghehehehehe.jpg (79 KB, 500x461)
79 KB
File: 1515271706253.jpg (83 KB, 319x340)
83 KB
>>"WALK BY ACTING NONCHALANT", he loudly reads off his palm as he approaches
Got day 1 uploads.
Group A:
Luna vs Lyra - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3a_ImowWaCU
Fluttershy vs Applejack - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOLoNtAlNSA

Group B:
Celestia vs Spitfire - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_UQ8ljXttg
Treehugger vs Octavia - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fas_g8LeSZI

Group C:
Chrysalis vs Trixie - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2h4SCyE2CM
Dash vs Glimmer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NoieWW11TTk

Group D:
Cadence vs Maud - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KVARuCT8e4U
Bon Bon vs Vinyl - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nxesmqzakps
I read one of those as "Celestia vs Spike" and got very worried for a moment
It's coming.
She won't have the primary lead role, but something close to it, unless I actually give her lead role. Remember THIS post.
Forgot to say this but I'm going to have to ask you what the implications you imagined are because I have no idea if we'd be on the same page.
I might try that next thread.
More soon.
It would be better than the same old crummy AnonxSunset arc
File: large.png (650 KB, 800x1000)
650 KB
650 KB PNG
File: 21.png (251 KB, 1000x1000)
251 KB
251 KB PNG
Trixie is objectively the best character. Even better than Sunset.
>tfw no blue horsegirl to eat starchy snakcs with

true suffering
I've been out of the loop for a while.
Any recommendation?
I really like Lilith's longer story. Also PurpTrix's green is very interesting.
I feel your pain Anon
A greentext on 4chan
I think you should do one green at a time. None of the ones you have hiatus on are very appealing at all. The wallflower green was really good but the rest are a mess. I don't think your heart's in it.
Spike would job to Celestia super hard.

>After some consideration, you set your mind for the shelter.
>Who knows, you might be able to see her there.
“We’re heading for the shelter. Do you still drive your dad’s car?”
>With a smirk, she pulls out a set of keys from her purse and lets it loop around her finger.
>The one perk that can be summed up with Rarity is her generosity knows no bounds, especially when it comes to a lift.
“Alright, I’ll meet you in the parking lot afterschool.”
>She nods as she puts the keys back.

>Couple of hours later…
>You rush through the double doors and slip through the crowd to meet up with her.
>”Right on time.” She proudly states while unlocking the car.
“I never waste it, especially when it comes down to a friend.”
>”Not just that, but Anon just left.”
“Wait, when?”
>”Just now.” She points to a grey muscle car exiting the parking lot.
>The driver is none other than your favorite suspect revving his engine before speeding off, almost hitting a student as he drives down the street.
>”Where do you think he’s headed?”
“Hopefully work.”
>You and Rarity enter the classy, luxurious sedan.
“Because with driving like that, he’s going to need it for the accident he’s going to cause.”
>Rarity was a little annoyed by your joke, but she let's it go moments later by starting up the car.
>The car rolls by the local animal shelter and stops right beside the curb of it.
>”We’re here, and no sign of Anon.” She turns off the engine and unbuckles her seatbelt.
“I feel as if we’re going to find something about him.”
>”I… wouldn’t doubt it.”
>The two of you exit the car and enter the building.
>there’s a few of your classmates scattered around, doing their thing.
>Sassaflash is cleaning out a cage, while Berryshine is mopping up a spill.
>You can only hope that it was caused by one of the animals instead of her; the last thing that she needs to go through is her parent’s liquor again.
>Minuette comes from the back room, holding out a clipboard.
>She looks up and notices you.
>”Hey, Rainbow Dash! Hi, Rarity!” She says with joy, waiving the clipboard around.
>The two other girls take notice and give out a waive before going back to their job.
>”Hello, Minuette.” Rarity greets her.
>”Came to help out?”
“We actually came by to see if Fluttershy or Anon visited.”
>”Oh.” Her positive attitude grinds to a halt. “I haven’t seen her ever since the emergency meeting from a couple of days ago.”
>”Strange. Can you tell us anything about the meeting?”
>”It wasn’t much. She told us that most of the work will be taken care of in the morning. By the time that me and the girls come around, we would just watch over the store.”
“Did that also count for today?”
>”Not really. There was a note left here from Anon, saying that he took care of the hard part for us today, leaving us the easy parts to watch over.” She pulls out a light green sticky note from the clipboard’s face.
>You’ve only seen one person use that kind of sticky note, and that’s Fluttershy.
>You yank it out of her hand and quickly read it.
>’The bags of dog food moved to the opposite side.’
>She takes it back and sticks it on the clipboard.
>”You know you could just ask.”
“Can I have a look?” You try to ask nicely, but begin to lose your self-restraint.
>”It’s just a bunch of recorded hours of people who volunteered and what they did. I doubt you would find anything useful from it.”
>Forget this, time to play by your own rules.
>You yank it out of her hands and quickly scan for Anon.
>There he is, but it gets blurry moments later when Minuette grabs the clipboard and tries to take it back.
“Let me have a look!” You gruble out.
>”N-no!” She argues.
>”Dash!” Rarity grabs your arms and tries to pry you off.
>Your grip only tightens as the clipboard begins to break.
>Sassaflash and Berryshine drop from what they were doing and help out Minuette.
>Before anyone knows it, the board breaks, ripping up the time sheet.
>Everyone falls back, scurrying around to clean up the mess.
>”Now look at what you’ve done!” Minuette complains.
>You pull out your phone, look for Anon’s info and take a picture.
>Minuette reaches forward and yanks the paper out of your hands.
>”What’s wrong with you?!”
“I have a friend to find!” You cry out.
>The girls look at you, almost as if you were insane.
>You get up and head out of the building.
>As you look at the picture, Rarity catches up with you.
>”WIll you calm down?!”
“I will, when I know that Fluttershy is safe!”
>She backs away, terrified by your outburst.
>”This isn’t like you, Dash.”
“Fluttershy could be gone! Don’t you care for our friend?”
>”I do, but we won’t get anywhere if you keep on acting like this.” She calmly says to get you to relax.
“Says you. Besides, I know where Anon lives.”
>”You do?” She looks over your shoulder and stares at the screen.
>At the end of Anon’s listing is his home address.
>Rarity sighs as she grabs out her keys.
>”I question your… tactics, Rainbow Dash.”
“I still get somewhere, unlike you.”
>She glares you you before unlocking the car.
>”What’s next? Anon’s place, or Fluttershy? I fear that we’ve put off Fluttershy for far too long, and I think that it’s time to check in on her.”
“Or we head out to Anon’s pad and see if we can find something there.”
>”Dash, please listen to me; whatever you choose, you must think carefully. We’re low on time, and we could miss something if we skip Fluttershy.”
“But Anon could be at his place, planning or even holding Fluttershy!”
>”Please, Rainbow Dash. Think this one through.”

The next stop is...?
Fluttershy's place
Any good Rarirty story i should read?
Only other one that comes to mind is the one Lilith posted last thread.
I'm a little divided, but I guess I'll say Fluttershy too.
This is true. Very true.
File: greatandpowerful.jpg (476 KB, 788x1024)
476 KB
476 KB JPG
File: 1505536252592.png (468 KB, 361x631)
468 KB
468 KB PNG
I miss both of those fellows.
I never understood this ship. Like, why?
I'd like a couple pies in the face if you catch my drift
Fluttershy's house.
>Rape shop
Facial expression seems really well done here.
Have’nt been in this thread for awhile so sorry if this is a stupid question. Why’s the pastebin’s not being updated anymore?
The dude running it disappeared forever and now writefags are using their own pastebins. Upside is, we've had way less shitposting and more content for a long time now. Welcome to Neo-Fingerbang I guess.
Isn't this shit supposed to stay in your designated thread?. Cause I'm pretty sure it doesn't belong here
File: 9.jpg (395 KB, 734x1024)
395 KB
395 KB JPG
I'm pretty sure you're the only one that cares since it was put here before it had an actual thread and the majority said to keep FB informed.
>You always liked Pinkie but never had the guts to tell her.
>Because she was your supervisor and you were one of the kids she was supposed to look after.
>You are part of a guidance group for depression treatment and other conditions.
>Quickly got a crush on her when you were in the program.
>Just loved how happy she always was, spirit uplifting and all that.
>Something about her constant jumping for joy got you thinking about her most fo the day.
>Always had a positive solution to everything no matter what.
>You'd love to see life through her eyes, and just as much, you'd love to see your life with her in it a lot more.
>Loved being around her, felt less sad around her.
>You grew into a teenager and grew attached to Pinkie Pie.
>Got so used to her neverending spirit and charisma she had.
>Started to feel funny around her, but she thought it was all cute.
>You looked forward to see her waving to you in her sweater and shorts every day.
>Sometimes she'd take you places, sometimes she'd hold your hand.
>That would be weird for normal people, but it was okay with the position you and Pinkie were in.
>That just made it feel more special to you.
>Merely feeling her hand holding yours made your insides tingle. Her joyful voice made you smile.
>Even the cloudiest of days felt like clear skies when Pinkie Pie was around.
>And you became so happy that you didn't need to be in the program anymore.
>Now you grew up more, and you're a grown man with a little bit of your condition left.
>Gotten lonely after not seeing Pinkie anymore and you can't go back into the program because it's for kids and teens.
>But Pinkie Pie is still there.
>Supervising new groups of kids.
>You still have feelings for her, and you still don't have the social skills to really express them correctly to her.
>And both you and her are adults now.

What do?
Gotta go to her house in the middle of the night with a boom box and play music to her window.
Finally someone gets the right answer
>You will never be the personal fucktoy of a tall strong thicc Amazonian woman
New episode of Waifu Wars is up, for those who want a ~30 minute Day 1 recap, matches and all.
Cry and realize she will never love you back
File: side view.png (434 KB, 717x1024)
434 KB
434 KB PNG
>All you have to do is go up to her and talk to her.
>She's free this lunch, maybe you should talk to her now.
>Awkwardly walk up to her and don't say anything.
>She's facing the other way, not noticing you.
>Wave to get her attention... when she's facing away from you.
>You're not used to this.
>She doesn't respond, of course.
>Say it louder.
>She jumps a little.
>"Oh! Oh my goodness. You scared the dickens out of me!" She gasps.
>"Oh, it's okay." She says before recognizing you and calling you by your name. "Oh hey! I haven't seen you in forever!"
"Y-yeah... hey..." What do you say now?
>"What's up?"
"I... I missed you." You reply.
>"Awwww, I missed you too!" She responds while opening her arms for a hug.
>You feel tingling down your spine as you hug her, feeling her push up against your chest.
>Is... this the first time you actually hugged her?
>This is making you feel extremely weird.
>"I'm sooooo glad I got to see you again." Pinkie tells you. "How's life been?"
>You don't really remember hat you said next but it must have been something standard like something you made up about your life so you had something to answer with.
>Pinkie talks a little bit more with you.
>You blubber on about how much you miss her.
>Everything's going great, thought it's probably apparent to her that you're still just as socially awkward as before.
>She helped you out of your depression but not your overall sperginess.
>Really always saw herself as your mentor or guardian or something.
>You're in La-La land as Pinkie continues to talk to you.
>Wow, she's incredibly happy to see you and...
>Her eyes grow wide as she feels your hand slip under the bottom of her sweater.
"Wanna have sex?" You didn't even notice what you were doing until it was too late.
>Deathly silence.
Smooth Anon.
Welp there goes his reputation
welp this will only end in anon becoming depressed again, and possible jail
Unless he manages to damage control his way out of this
Anon's home
Ten left a ages ago
>Pinkie and Anon were enjoying a quiet lunch together in the school's cafeteria.
>Pinkie locked eyes with Anon as she slowly slipped a banana into her mouth.
>Anon put down his sandwich and stared at Pinkie with confusion and disgust.
"What the fuck are you doing?" he asked.
>Pinkie responded by pulling the intact banana out and giving him a wink.
>Anon scowled at her as she started to slip the banana back into her mouth.
>Then he jumped to his feet with fury in his face.
"Eat it like a normal person, dammit!"
>As soon as he said that, Rarity, who was sitting at the table behind Anon, stood up and conjured a warhammer made of diamonds.
>She spun around and smash the weapon against the back of Anon's skull causing him to fall onto the table in front of him.
>As soon as his body made contact with the table, Pinkie used her power to make it explode.
>Anon shot through the roof where Rainbow and Applejack were waiting.
>Rainbow used the momentum of her super speed to give Anon a flying kick while he was still airborne.
>The kick sent Anon towards Applejack who balled up a fist and pulled her arm back.
>When Anon reached her she gave him a mighty uppercut shooting him into the stratosphere where Twilight and Sunset were waiting in their angel forms.
>They blasted Anon with beams of magic energy, shooting him back down and into the middle of the school's running track.
>Fluttershy commanded some critters to pull Anon out of the crater and onto the grass where the all the girls were waiting.
>They all looked down at Anon whose clothes were torn, charred, and covered in dirt.
>"AW! Dangit! We couldn't kill him! He's not even bleeding!" Pinkie said with a huff.
>Anon blankly stared into the sky past the girls lingering faces and coughed out a puff of smoke.
"You all owe me a new sandwich."
>You will never have the shit kicked out of you by the humane six
File: laughchin.jpg (83 KB, 1024x1017)
83 KB
File: oshit.png (251 KB, 1118x1396)
251 KB
251 KB PNG
>You can't tell if her face is more pale or more blushed.
>She hold still as a statue as your hands briefly move to her belly.
>This is only over the course of like half a second, but it feels super drawn out.
>You can't immediately pull away; her belly is so fucking soft.
>Get a slight hint of her bellybutton from your fingers before you pull away and wait for god's wrath to strike you down forever.
>She was too stricken with shock to do anything in response at first.
>Just stood there and felt your hand invade her top for half a second.
>You feel like you'll throw up instead of getting a single word out if you try to apologize.
>Maybe it will help that she already knew that you were extremely awkward.
>She can see the look of your face, right?
>It shouldn't be hard to tell that you immediately regret what you just did.
>Maybe she can tell that you didn't realize it.
"Sssss..." You start to hiss like a snake, trying to say the word sorry. "sssssss"
>She listens to you hiss at her after physically molesting her belly.
>"Um... are you..."
>Without warning, your stomach convulses, and warm puke races up your throat then propels out of your mouth, closely missing Pinkie.
>She steps back in horror.
>Like spaghetti slapping against a concrete surface, splatting sounds destroy her appetite.
>You don't even remember running away.
>But you must have.
>You're suddenly sitting on the side of your bed with disgusting vomit smears on your shirt that you tried to wash off.
>Sitting there farting onto your bedsheets, tears rolling down your cheeks as you wheeze in horror at yourself.
>Did you even sleep last night?
>All's a blur now.
>Don't wanna find out if the vomit is still there.
>Walk clear of that area where the rec center is as you go to the grocery store in 20 extra minutes.
>See Pinkie at the entrance.
>Notices you before you can leave and waves for you to come over and talk.
Right when you thought things couldn't get worse
remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer
Sauce for pic?
I'm still alive, I'm just busy having a job.
Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/bHH9kNwH
>You are Anon, and you've been sitting there, watching a pair of your students laugh at you for what feels like AT LEAST a month now.
>Which is odd, because you've only been here for a minute or two.
>Maybe you've stumbled across some new form of shame-based time dilation.
>Is that why furries refuse to die?
>Are they harnessing enough shame to transcend time?
>Would such a wretched existence be worth it?
>You decide that you'll ponder that question in the future.
>For now, you decide that you've been ridiculed enough.
"It's all fun and games until you remember I get to grade your tests."
>The two little autists yelp and try to stifle their laughter.
>They fail, but at least they tried.
>"Mr. Mous, are you threatening my daughter?"
>You freeze and turn around.
>You are met with the cold, unfeeling eyes of Vice Principal Luna.
>She does not look amused.
>Trixie jumps up and runs right into her, hugging her mother very tight.
>Luna returns the hug with a serene smile.
>Her eyes open and you are once again receiving a death-glare.
>"Mr. Mous, I'd like an explanation of what you were thinking just now. Especially in light of events from earlier today."
>Come on brain! You've gotta bail me out here, buddy.
>Just tell her exactly this: We were only joking Vice Principal. It was in the context of them laughing at my name in a good natured, friendly manner.
"Uhhhh... I mean..."
>You are a failure and you deserve anything she does to you.
>"Ms. Luna, we were only joking around. Trixie and I had been making fun of his name a bit and I think it was a playful jab."
>Moondancer coming in for the top-tier assist.
>"I see. Just try not to say such things to your students. Parents tend not to care for it."
"Y-Yes Ma'am."
>Luna turns her attention back to Trixie.
>"I'm so sorry I was late, dear. Is it too late to go to that tournament you wanted to go to?"
>Trixie reaches into her pocket but Moondancer answers faster.
>"It started about an hour ago, sign ups are probably over."
>Luna's face falls a bit.
>"Oh... I'm sorry, dear."
>Something about her body language tells you that this is a somewhat regular occurrence.
>Trixie hugs her mom a bit tighter, clearly a bit distraught.
>Suddenly, she gasps and jumps away from her mother.
>"A club!"
"A wha?"
>"We could make a school club! It would be for Magic! Mr. Mous plays Magic! He could be the sponsor!"
>Trixie is looking excited.
>Moondancer grins and nods her head.
"Not sure about that policy, don't we need more students to sign up?"
>Luna nods her head.
>"You need at leas ten students to sign up and one teacher to sponsor."
>"Please, Mr. Mous? Pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaase?"
>Trixie sure is playing this up hard.
"Well, sure. I don't see why not."
>Trixie runs over and hugs Moondancer.
>"Did you hear that, Moonie? We get to start a club! Trixie's perfect super-plan for becoming a socially adjusted human is truly taking off!"
>"Don't we have to ask strangers to join our club?"
>She stops for a moment and thinks.
>"Well, Trixie never said it was a perfect plan!"
Can't you get the mane six to help get that number count up?
I have a few ideas. You'll just have to see. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go to FNM... because I'm a failure.
We need more AJ in here
Trixie is still best
Was there ever any doubt?
When was the last time we got any AJ content?
Since Corn Anon
RIP Anon's sandwich
I hope he's still here
File: apple.jpg (244 KB, 1085x1024)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
I hope he continues the story he was doing.
File: 1508517390733.jpg (482 KB, 690x460)
482 KB
482 KB JPG
Okay, /now/ is a teaser of what's to come soon.
>Luna passes up the impure thoughts that almost make it to her mind.
>Next thing she knows, she's getting more things done.
>Working hard and helping the soldiers build a stone monument to their victory.
>It's going to be a giant cross made out of obelisks.
>The first one is stood up.
>Luna's face struggles not to blush.
>She needs to put some arms on this so it doesn't look lie this.
>They still need to be shaped.
>Everyone else is looking at her, watching intently.
>They see here furiously race to the workshop.
>Wishing she just talked to the soldiers instead of help with the obelisks.
>At least those would just be suggestive words.
>Not physical objects towering over everyone.
>Luna distracts herself with the history of these things.
>How this tradition started.
>The soldiers would return victorious from the battlefield.
>Every time, they would still have an extra spark of energy left after the fighting.
>First they would eat out of sheer hunger.
>They were absolutely famished, those who survived combat after all.
>A large feast would be held in memoriam of the fallen holy warriors.
>The armored men of the clean sword whose souls have made it into the heavens above.
>Great, now this arm is looking like a long cylinder with a rounded end.
>Luna shakes her head and stops distracting herself from distracting herself.
>The feast food gave the soldiers energy, their un-spilt blood still pumping from the rush of warfare they got.
>The urges finding the way to the surface if they did not keep themselves occupied immediately.
>Most like what Luna just did... or at least meant to do, considering the nature of these obelisks.
>Maybe it's also some sort of display of masculinity?
>Luna's more than okay with tha-
>She stops herself and continues sculpting the figure.
>The soldiers watching her work with ferocity on it.
>Can't help but think a couple of things themselves for a brief, fleeting moment before they shake it away.(edited)
>Victory almost defeats them.
>Makes them heat up in their armor, but they join their princess in the SCULPTING, nothing else they would join her in.
>This is a clean activity.
>Family friendly PG clean.
>With Luna grunting aggressively as she gets the shape to take form.
>Her hands are shaking, her knees following suit.
>Sweat on her brow, she finished the first arm... immediately wants to get the second one over with before she overheats.
>Well, she does feel like she will after all.
>Just focus, Luna.
>And focus she does, alongside her good, hardworking and loyal soldiers who just won a battle in the name of holiness.
>Contributing to the castle.
>Grueling hours pass.
>Grueling hours of back breaking work.
>Back breaking work is necessary.
>It's finally finished and assembled.
>Luna feels a wave of relief wash over her as the long monolith now has a pair of arms to make it a little less...
>A little more holy.
>Definitely more appropriate.
>The absence of anything holy in and of itself would be inappropriate.
>Whatever, it's all said and done.
>Mostly done; not many words were said.
>Mostly thought instead.
>But now it's been a day or two.
>Luna gets up at night to find that the cross looks beautiful in the moonlight.
>It watches over the castle with it's glory.
>A symbol of what the inhabitants of the castle stand for.
>Doubling as a reminder.
>Happy as can be, Luna goes for a midnight stroll as there's nothing to do tonight.
>The soldiers are now entirely exhausted from everything and sleep soundly.
>Like how they used to before they became soldiers, before they became men.
>The night breeze is getting warmer each night.
>It's usually too hot for Luna to bear during the day.
>But luckily, she's asleep inside of her cooled private room.
>And it feels just about the same as she walks around and smiles around.
>Strolling through the gardens.
>Hearing a distant noise and going into the woods.

Fuck the fact that 2,000 characters is the limit. More soon.
Y-yeah... soon...
like where this is going though
Is there pastebin for this?
>A bunch of new shorts
>The thread is totally dead

Who the Hell wears earrings to the beach?
>The summer air is rather warm during the night.
>Luna watches the trees go by as she passes them.
>Her hair blowing in the wind, reflecting the moonlight that perfectly accents it.
>She wonders where the empire will go to after the present.
>Into the future... but where?
>She already forgot why she came in here.
>It must have escaped her when she was taken away by the enchanting feel of the forest.
>Nature is a good substitute for impure rituals.
>Just go outside and breathe the air.
>Experience the world.
>Really takes you away from what you were previously thinking about.
>Maybe listen to some music all the while.
>Luna would love to hear some trumpets or other instruments playing as she's here.
>But all she hears is a reminder of why she came here to begin with.
>That sound that lured her over.
>A twig snapping.
>Luna realizes that she'd would have been more comfortable with her armor and sword with her.
>She's expected to take them with her anyway because of the code.
>But she decided to go on a peaceful midnight stroll instead.
>In her 5 layers of nightgowns she's expected to wear.
>It's not a problem inside of the cool castle.
>But it's warmer out here, though the armor would have been more sweltering.
>It should be fine, however.
>The empire has faced no internal threats for ages.
>It's been so peaceful.
>Maybe it's not much of a sacrifice to walk around without armor or weapons.
>Was that a hissing noise?
>Luna soon figures out that there must be a snake nearby.
>She perks up and looks around, going back to wishing she had her sword.
>"It'ssssssss okay."
>"Who goes there?"
>"I am no one of any significancsssssse... I am jusssst a snake in the forest."
>Luna frowns at the snake, remembering the story about the snake in the garden of Eden.
>That was certainly more than just a story, but fact, right?
>"I come in peace, princessssssss..." The snake slithers into view. "I sssssimply want to talk, is all."
>"And what is it you wish to speak to me about?" Luna raises an eyebrow.
>"I've been dissssscriminated against by the code you know." Responds the snake.
>Luna stares at the snake questionably.
>Piecing together what he's talking about.
>"You mean the code of chastity?"
>"What about it, mister snake?"
>"Pleasssssse... I am female."
>"Oh, well I deeply apologize for the misunderstanding." Luna's expression grows softer.
>"It'sssss okay. I'm used to being misunderstood. The story about my kind hasssss been told for yearssss."
>"Do you believe the entire story of untrue nature?" Asks Luna, not yet ready to (completely) question her own values.
>"I am alwaysssss thought to be evil." says the snake. "It'sssss not my fault."
>Luna looks around for more snakes.
>Both the princess and the snake are alone.
>"So does everyone think you're evil?"
>"It's goesssss deeper than that."
>"Deeper how?"
>Luna takes a step forward towards the snake.
>The snake humbly backs away.
>"All is well. I have no intent of causing you harm." Luna conveys, knowing that would change if she were threatened in any way.
>She still doesn't have any weapons.
>The snake sighs.
>"Pleasssse understand that what I'm about to tell you isssss going to sound like.... heresssssy."
>The word strikes a subtle wrath into Luna's heart.
>She hesitates before asking the snake to continue.
>Could this be a trick?
>Luna doesn't feel like she's being hypnotized.
>The doubts in her head have already been present -- and she squashed them too.
>There's no way there's a correlation.
>Luna chose at her own will to walk out of the castle and enter the forest.
>She was the one who was bored with nothing else to do except read religious texts.
>The castle is in no danger in the presence of this snake.
>"Your code is ssssssstrict." The snake begins. "It keepsssss you from being happy."
>Luna processes this in her thoughts.
>"It is strict for a reason." She replies. "And what does this part have to do with you?"
>"I am attacked becaussssse of the code." Explains the snake. "And my happinessss is ssssuffering because of it."
>The snake's tone grows a little more confident.
>She stick out and wiggles her tongue a little.
>"I'm assssking you to tell the soldiery to leave me alone, Princessssss."
>Luna tilts her head.
>"They approach me becaussssse I am a snake." The snake lowers her head. "They liCHrally try to stab me and hack me with their swords."
>Now the snake slithers closer.
>The shorter proximity helps Luna be able to identify the femininity in the snake's low tone.
>"Princesss, all I ask of you isssss... please reform the code. I cannot ssssssurvive for long."
>"Reform the code?!"
>"It'sssssss a huge leap... I kno-"
>"How could you utter such words? If you truly care then you'd understand that the code has...." Luna trails off.
>"Has what?" Asks the snake.
>"It's... entirely valid and needs not to be questioned." Luna finishes.
>"But what about me?"
>"I apologize, but the code is perfect and needs no reforming. The stories in the code have been told for generations, and no one in the empire is going to let go of it. Especially not in this golden age."
>"It'ssssss golden for you... but not for me."
>"I implore, miste- missus snake. You must find an alternative. Everyone is already happy the way things are."
>"Are you?" Are you really?"
>Luna squints suspiciously.
>"Thisssssss is not a trick. If you truly are happy, then you question nothing, isssss that correct?"
>"Absolutely." Luna's hand almost reaches for an imaginary sword before it remembers that the real sword is back in the bedroom.
>"Well, are you TRULY happy or not?"
>Luna pauses for a couple of seconds in great question.
>"It brings me happiness that I am well aware of the favor from heaven that comes from a life of cleanliness and hard work." Luna responds.
>"How are you going to go to heaven if you're immortal?"
>"Are you not already ascended?"
>"Well... it's hard to tell."
>"Tell me, were you always so chaste and clean?"
>Luna suddenly perks up again, instantly building up walls of revisionist history in her head.
>"We were always pure!" she insists in a suddenly harsh voice. "We've only recently reinforced the code for the sake of transparency!"
>There were never any times when she walked completely bare down the hallway, that was never a thing.
>When the changelings fell, they were far different than Canterlot.
>Canterlot was clean at the time when Chrysalis marched up and down the peninsula.
>There was nothing beyond the walls of Canterlot that could empathize with changeling values.
>Nothing impure that the changelings thought they could use to bribe those on the inside.
>There were no traitors that needed to be killed because of THAT. They were only scared.

More soon (again). Will also update Pasteybin soon.
Listen to the snake. Lewd is good, Sunday school government is bad
File: IMG_20180311_163050750[1].jpg (1.71 MB, 1920x2560)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB JPG
So guys, when I was down the shop today I saw a dressing gown whilst buying clothes for my gal. Anyone got any critique? What'dya think?
Posting it in here since this seems like the most relevant topic.
File: 1518497669851.gif (3.91 MB, 402x480)
3.91 MB
3.91 MB GIF

Is that a sex doll?
File: 1515199499178.png (194 KB, 505x568)
194 KB
194 KB PNG
File: IMG_20180311_164054326[1].jpg (1.68 MB, 1920x2560)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB JPG
Yep. Her name is Cherry Sundae. She's based off of an OC pony.
I... What?
File: da fuck.png (375 KB, 1366x722)
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375 KB PNG
She could slap you silly with them titties!
File: cat.jpg (361 KB, 1004x714)
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361 KB JPG
File: uX7R70H.gif (312 KB, 656x368)
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312 KB GIF
Oh god...
File: x9UwIDc.gif (912 KB, 500x300)
912 KB
912 KB GIF
File: nice?.jpg (46 KB, 409x622)
46 KB
Looks cute desu
File: judging.jpg (219 KB, 1273x1024)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
Welp, if that's what you're into, I guess the dressing gown seems fitting. I'm wondering how you can put those dolls in such specific poses.
This is a little weird but good work, I guess.
With some fucking hard work. Cherry weighs a good 36kg (80lbs), and even though I got the standard tightness joints which are meant to be middleground, they're not always best for standing.
Takes a lot of strength and patience sometimes.

Thank you!
Write a green about Cherry Sundae
File: somethingelse.png (227 KB, 615x420)
227 KB
227 KB PNG
I might.
Huh, interesting. Would you like it if I did a quick green about her at some point for no reason?
Go ahead. I'm a notorious writefag but I've got no issues with you or anyone else doing it too.
Someone brought this to my attention. I'll just have to think of something, but absolutely.
>Grey goes right to wanting to write a fic about it
Of fucking course.
File: 1482050308805.gif (2.46 MB, 480x262)
2.46 MB
2.46 MB GIF
>I might.
>Be Cherry Sundae, one wasteland horse, mercenary for hire
>Daily life isn't a struggle like it is for some others, but I don't let myself become complacent. Laziness leads to death out here and I'll be damn sure I don't die to some raider
>One day whilst doing my job, one of the local celebrity stallions takes a notice in me, showers me with affection and attention. I can't help but give in and let him in to where he wants to be
>The sex is amazing, his feathers simply astounding, and the fact that he chose me! Just everything about him is perfect
>He's going to go out on an adventure, so I follow. More sex, more fun, more danger, but its all worth it because I'm really falling for him
>Life isn't perfect, here in the wasteland, but with my lover, it feels like we could make the perfect life for ourselves
>Run into a zebra, who speaks in riddles and rhymes. Says something about "Hoobedy doobedy doo, a human I make of you!"
>Zebra then blows some dust on me, but my lover beats him to the floor. We continue on our day, not sure what the fuck just happened but whatever. It wasn't poisonous because I'm not hurting or feeling ill in any way.
>Go to sleep in my lovers hooves, happy as can be
>Wake up the next day, something doesn't feel right
>I can't feel my horn, nor my tail
>My magic isn't working and all I can see is black
>There's a loud humming, though there's no way of figuring out what it is. I now realise that my hooves feel... odd... and I can't move my legs, any of them! Or my neck!
>I can feel my body, but I can't move it
>Time passes, nothing seems to happen, occasionally I feel like I'm being lifted and moved around but nothing really changes
>All I can see is black
>The constant darkness is both numbing and terrifying to me, I don't know what the fuck that zebra did, but I can't even hear my lover anywhere
>Finally, the moving me around from place to place stops, I don't know where I am, but I think I'm at the end of the line

>I thought I was at the end of the line... I thought wrong
>My whole world is upside down now, even though I can't see, I can feel it
>I keep banging on something. It feels like someone is taking me... up?
>Now the noises have stopped, there's heavy breathing. Celestia damn it, what's going on!?
>I can hear the sound of a knife on cardboard
>I can see streaks of light!
>I can SEE!
>N-no... no... no no no.
>Some large creature, taller than even a bloody bear, is staring at me with a smile
>Is this it? Is this how I die? Eaten by some bear thing?
>The bear thing takes off shackles that hold me down, stopping me from fighting... only, their removal doesn't change anything
>He looks happy, excited and almost... caring?
>Oh god what is going on! What is happening to me?!
>I'm now sitting down and... OH GOD, IT JUST KISSED ME
>Recoiling in horror at the thought, I... I can't move still, I can't recoil. Its looking at me with a smile
"Hello, Cherry."
>It knows...
>It knows my name
"I've been so excited to meet you babe."
>Now I'm scared. Where's my lover?!
"Come here doll, lets get you sorted out."
>Oh goddess what now? Celestia, Luna! HELP!
>No help comes
>It takes me to a cubical... and... oh, its a shower?
>The bear thing showers me, powders me and smiles at me
>I'm starting to enjoy the loving care and patience. Then it hits me. I can stand! I can stand up! I'm not completely paralysed!
>The warmth of the shower is so relaxing...
>Hey, wait, what was that?
>Get your hoof out of there!
>That's better! Gosh that's rude, shoving hooves in places uninvited! And worse, I feel a lot fuller now
>Wait, why am I on the bed?
>What are we going to do on the bed?
"Mmmm, Cherry. Oh yes."
>I realise now as he spreads my legs and bends them back against my chest
>I have been turned into a sex doll

>Two or three weeks have passed
>My new lover has been taking adequate care of me, for now
>Today he brought me new clothes! I'd been wearing the same ones for a little too long, I agree
>Snuggling up in all of my new clothes was so much fun, and pictures!
Maybe being a sex doll ain't so bad after al-WAIT, THAT'S MY ASSHO-
you still alive?
>Sunday afternoon.
>She sits on the side of her bed with a nonchalant gaze.
>Wondering who's been thinking of her.
>She was just thinking about him in the shower.
>Just some shower thoughts that creeped up on her.
>She knows he's noticed her after a stranger sent her a cherry flavored pie.
>Just like in her name.
>Maybe it's an attempt to impress her.
>It was obviously no accident.
>Cherry Sundae sits at the edge of her bed for several minutes, waiting to dry off.
>Wearing her MLP dressing down and gazing wistfully out the window.
>Who is this guy and why hasn't she met him yet?
>Several minutes later, she finishes bundling herself in her MLP dressing gown and gets dressed in her regular clothes.
>Goes about her day and forgets about the guy as more things enter her mind.
>You've been wondering if the new girl in town got the pie you sent her.
>It didn't cost you much, but it would be pretty sad to find out it never reached her.
>She actually does like cherry pie, right?
>It might come off as a little cheesy that you sent her something that serves as a play on words of her name.
>You just wish she'd meet you already.
>Find out who you are and that you want to get to know her.
>The pie might be coming on too strong, but whatever, might as well go all out and not beat around the bush.
>Just talk to her, you know where she lives.
>Except... she didn't know that you know, until you sent that pie.
>You'd rather not go up to her right away.
>Send the pie anonymously first, then "accidentally" run into her somewhere and become friends.
>Sort of ease into it.
>So much of you wants to do this immediately because of the feelings you feel.
>The rest of you is afraid of the feelings you might feel in result of you coming on too strong.
>Well you gotta do something else now.
>You'll just run into her at the grocery store and try to get her number somehow.
>This is the position you've been in for the past couple of days now.
>You finally have some more free time to shop of Sunday.
>Head over to the store for the third time this week.
>There was no sign of her yet.
>You enter the doors and notice that change.
>Follow her into the dairy aisle and get ready to spark up a conversation.
"Oh hey, you like those yogurts too?" You see her grabbing the last 8-pack of cherry flavored yoplait yogurts.
>"Yeah... had them since I was a kid. You like them?"
"Yup." You answer honestly and proudly.
>There's the common ground. Talk about other stuff.
>"Aw, I'm sorry I got the last ones." She apologizes. "Do you want them?"
>This situation became a part of the plot because of course it does. (cinemasins ding)
"Eh, you can have them if you really want them." You respond, internally thanking the universe for conveniently making this possible. "Unless, you wanna take four and I take four?"
>She d'awwws.
>"Uh, maybe. I guess that's a technically fair way to do it." She laughs with you. "I recently got a pie in the mail and it's still taking up some space in the fridge."
>Yes! She got it.
"Oh did you?" You get antsy.
>"Yeah. Must have been one of the neighbors or something. Kinda sad."
"Oh? Why is that sad?"
>"Cause I'm moving out of state tomorrow."
>You stutter like a babbling toddler.
"O-oh, really?"
>"Yup." Her words finish sawing your heart in half.
"Oh, cool!" You feel slightly dizzy and take small steps back and forth. "Where to?"
"Nice nice."
>"Heh, it's sad to see one of the neighbors give me such a late welcome just for me to move back out after a could of months."
>"Yeah, I'm a bit of a drifter cause of job stuff. Anyway, it was nice meeting you really quick!"
>How did she not slip and fall over the little shards of your heart on the floor?
>She turns around. "You still want half of the yogurts?"
>Just like that, you lost your appetite.
>Just like that, you turned down what actually is one of your favorite yogurts.
>Just like that, you dodged the bullet of having something nagging you about being the last thing you'll have to remember her by.
>She bought the whole package, looking a little down that you suddenly didn't want to split it.
>It would have been a cute little moment.
>Would have been.
>So many would have been's.
>You buy a massive tub of ice cream as if you just got dumped.
>It's a good thing the cashier didn't see the tears in your eyes twenty minutes after you gained a reason to have them there.
>You sadly return home wondering how far away Canterlot is.
>It compels you to google it.
>Several hundred miles away.
>How quickly can you sell this apartment?
>No no no, think rationally.
>Leaving town just to see if you can have a chance with a girl?
>You're probably going to go through with this.
>But it's so far fetched, then again you still have yet to find a new job in this town.
>But moving out of state all of a sudden?
>Of course, you go straight to her house after desperation overflows from you and you cave in.
>Just tell her and at least get her number.
>If anything, you should have thought to get it somehow two days ago at the store.
>Go to the house empty handed.
>No time for flowers or any of that. Just bring the truth before it's too late.
>The house itself it emptier than your hands, "sold" sign in the front yard.
>It's already too late.
>Don't react on the outside.
>Wait until you're back inside your own apartment before letting the agony spill outside of you.
>Now it's been weeks.
>You're no longer clean-shaven.
>No longer enthusiastic about finding a job in this town.
>Over this period of time, you hatched a plan to just go on a little road trip to this canterlot and explain the truth the Cherry Sundae.
>What else can you even do?
>If you want her badly enough, you'll do the stupid thing.
>Just for her.
>You know you'll miss out on any shot you don't take, so might as well.
>Gas up your car to a full tank and pack some bags.
>Program your GPS and off you go.
>The highway traffic is kind to you at first.
>At least after you're far enough from the city.
>Cherry Sundae is 347 miles away.
>298 miles away.
>150 miles away.
>God, this is tiring.
>Need to stay somewhere until morning.
>Not much money because of not having a job.
>You end up staying at some cheap hole in the wall.
>Shoot out of that hole like it's a cannon the following morning.
>90 miles...
>42 miles.
>After a long and grueling journey, you finally made it to this Canterlot town so you can do the stupid thing.
>After booking another low quality hotel, you enter the downtown area and do the stupid thing.
>How many days do you have? Like... three?
>Look around everywhere, going to every place in town in search for Cherry Sundae.
>Now you're worn out again, and the sun is barely even close to setting.
>This is hopeless.
>You go back to your hotel and shorten your stay to just one more day.
>If she's not at the local grocery store tomorrow at the exact same time on a Sunday, then you'll have to take the L and go back home.
>Sleep not so soundly until you can be sure the store is open.
>You stay in there from the opening moment for hours and hours.
>Pretending to take a long time.
>Your legs are getting tired.
>You've been considering just leaving and no longer making yourself look like a fool in front of these strangers.
>"Oh hey."
>You're caught entirely off guard.
>Spin around and there she is.
"Oh! Hey!"
>"What are you doing here?" She already has the yogurts in her cart.
>Two whole packs of them this time.
"I came here to... confess something." Your knees feel like they're going to give out.
>"What is it you wanna say?"
"I, uh..."
>How do you say this? HOW DO YOU SAY THIS?
>You apparently didn't have to say anything.
>She fills in the blank for you.
>"Were... you the person who sent the pie to my door?"
>Well it's not like it's a hard thing to piece together.
>Seeing as she told you about the pie then told you about leaving town, then you followed her over here.
>Just give her a humble, sheepish nod.
>Her eyes grow wide.
>Oooooh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I knew it had to be you! I just knew it!"
>She seems... thrilled about that.
>The fact that she is as making you feel fuzzy inside.
>"That was so sweet of you! You didn't have to come all the way ov- uh..." She stops in her tracks. "Well, oh wow, maybe you did."
>You both laugh awkwardly.
"I, uh..."
>"No no, it's alright. That was really sweet of you. I'm so happy you came, actually. I felt bad and didn't know for sure if it was really you who sent that thing."
"Can I ask you something?"
>She smiles and blushes, already knowing what you're going to say.
>"Hey, now. If you wanted to ask me out on a date, you could have just did it at the other store." She grins at you and twirls her hair.
>You give her a few other haphazardly put together explanations.
>They seem to be of no use, but for the right reasons.
>She accepts before you can even pop the question.
>"I like passionate guys who would go out of their way to actually send me a whole pie or something." She tells you. "I mean, you definitely should get a chance."
"Whoa, this is... this is really happening?"
>"Yup! I'd love to see where this goes." She then pauses. "Uh... were have you been staying over here?"
"I... just checked out of my hotel..."
>She looks around and leans in. "This might seem sudden, but... do you wanna crash at my place?"
>This can't be real.
"I'd... love to!"
>"Heh, you can have some of the yogurts too while you're at it." She tilts her head towards her cart.

I'll finish this tomorrow. Chance of lewd 50%.
I'm enjoying this so far. I didn't expect anything like this from just posting a picture.
File: 1520003070525.jpg (189 KB, 567x443)
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This was some 10/10 stuff.
I have my moments. Glad you're enjoying it, though.
I know I shouldn't do this, as someone will no doubt figure out who I am from one pic alone, but just for reference; here's what the original Cherry Sundae looks like.
Second pic & I'm done. Now back to reading the green.
This is pretty good for having been typed in an hour
File: Cherry portrait.png (402 KB, 738x800)
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Oh good god. This is something I would actually do for my Cherry Sundae. Not even the doll, but my actual, pony Cherry Sundae.
My fucking heart.

if someone told me that I would be reading pony turned human fanfiction based on some guy’s sex doll before this I would had called them insane. >>32032666
fucking satan
Correction, you're reading pony turned human fanfiction based on some guys sex doll which is based on the same guys waifu from the story he wrote about post apocalyptic ponies, which was inspired by a post apocalyptic pony fanfiction which was in turn inspired by *the original* post apocalyptic pony fanfiction which was inspired by Fallout & My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
File: 1520692283625.png (67 KB, 887x671)
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File: couple.png (121 KB, 1000x631)
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>Cherry takeover
Guess I'll join in
>Says this right before another big activity surge
Fucking kek
Waifu Wars Live Soon

https://derpy.me/YUVp1 - Smashcast
https://derpy.me/7iSTu - Twitch

Setting up now for Day 2 action.

Group A:
Princess Luna(3) vs Fluttershy(0) - Sweetie Belle
Lyra Heartstrings(0) vs Applejack(3) - Anon

Group B:
Princess Celestia(3) vs Treehugger(0) - Spike
Spitfire(0) vs Octavia Melody(3) - Sweetie Belle

Group C:
Queen Chrysalis(3) vs Rainbow Dash(3) - Anon
Trixie Lulamoon(0) vs Starlight Glimmer(0) - Taker

Group D:
Princess Cadence(0) vs Bon Bon(3) - Taker
Maud Pie(3) vs Vinyl Scratch(0) - Spike
File: 1513182264289.jpg (35 KB, 637x946)
35 KB
>tfw Trixie has to defeat her best friend to get points now
File: reading.jpg (74 KB, 665x720)
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File: fingers.jpg (209 KB, 723x935)
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File: 1423019261560.png (923 KB, 3800x5000)
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923 KB PNG
Yeah Im alive, I got busy today. i'll continue it when I can, don't worry
How many greens you currently writing?
Day 2 stuff.
Group A:
Princess Luna(3) vs Fluttershy(0) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7rWvHF8T-Q
Lyra Heartstrings(0) vs Applejack(3) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3-khyJKJhk

Group B:
Princess Celestia(3) vs Treehugger(0) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCYvq7DEqMc
Spitfire(0) vs Octavia Melody(3) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7UIrmAvREg

Group C:
Queen Chrysalis(3) vs Rainbow Dash(3) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rONEoNQdp_w
Trixie Lulamoon(0) vs Starlight Glimmer(0) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXiOckDVLdA

Group D:
Princess Cadence(0) vs Bon Bon(3) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uc9Js-0S2rQ
Maud Pie(3) vs Vinyl Scratch(0) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sSA8DnhX-VM

Quick Results:
Group A:
Fluttershy(3) defeats Princess Luna(3)
Lyra Heartstrings(3) defeats Applejack(3)

Group B:
Princess Celestia(6) defeats Treehugger(0)
Spitfire(3) defeats Octavia Melody(3)

Group C:
Rainbow Dash(6) defeats Queen Chrysalis(3)
Trixie Lulamoon(3) defeats Starlight Glimmer(0)

Group D:
Princess Cadence(3) defeats Bon Bon(3)
Maud Pie(6) defeats Vinyl Scratch(0)
It had to be done. But Trixie prevailed.
Too many.
Ok, so I just finished catching up with Sergeant's Jedi story. Is he still alive? Pls don't break my heart and tell me he left
Get ready for some bad news, because he basically did.
This. Grey you got to ease up.
File: Circle The Drain.jpg (3.14 MB, 2560x1600)
3.14 MB
3.14 MB JPG
Well, here we are near the end or times. I'll admit the next chapter of my main story is more or less complete, so I'll start posting it in increments. Don't want to clog up the thread. Enjoy!
Previously: https://pastebin.com/vrxqd0z8

Chapter 5

Day 162
>The red toolbox wrung itself out of your grip and stuck to the black plates beneath your feet.
>You stood upright, making sure your boots were magnetized before making any sudden movements.
>”Alright, there should be a panel to your right that you can lift up.”
>Your comms flared to life with the familiar voice of the engineer.
>Bowing down, you could indeed see what she was talking about.
“Got it.” you affirmed. “Just remove and pull, right?”
>As you kneeled against the hull, you could see a small segment which was separate from the rest of the exterior.
>You managed to press your fingers through a slim opening, and with a sharp pull upwards, every clamp on the adjacent plate released its grip.
>Through your boots you could feel the reverberations of the metal pieces slamming into the hull, letting go of the panel it kept secure.
>With no gravity to hold it down, the thick, sturdy piece slowly drifted apart from its slot, only lightly guided by your hands until it rested a comfortable distance from its origin.
>Looking down, the exposed machinery seemed daunting to you, but thankfully you weren’t alone in this endeavour.
>”Alright, you should see three pipes running beside each other into a shiny box.”
>Your eyes darted around, scanning every inch of the mechanical mess for anything resembling the vague description.
>Eventually, you could see something glistening in the slim cone of your suit’s flashlight.
>You laid down, gently pulling aside some rubber hoses to find your target.
“Oh, got it!”
>”Sweet, now imma need you to tighten them bolts you see on ‘em! A 5 millimeter should do the trick!”
>Pulling yourself over the red toolbox magnetized to the hull next to you, you lifted the security on the lid and opened it to find all the tools inside carefully nestled into their own spot.
>You grabbed a hold of a wrench and wrestled it out of the rubber clamp before returning your attention to the pipes.
>”Just keep tightening until I tell you to stop.” Applejack informed you as you started turning the bolt.
>On your way to the next destination, your ship had run into a bit of hardware problems.
>According to Applejack, the main reactor had grown increasingly unstable for every jump, and if you kept going, you would eventually lose power.
>You decided it would be best to stop at a nearby star to recalibrate the engines, and maybe it could be an opportunity for some R&R as well.
>What you hadn’t predicted, however, was that this system was completely desolate and only contained a few couple fields of space rocks sparsely orbiting a class D star.
>It was a pretty depressing sight, so regretfully any recuperation had to be done inside the ship, the walls of which you and everyone on board had already been staring at for close to a month straight already.
>At least the star radiated a ton of energy, so the ship could charge its auxiliary batteries while you aimlessly floated around.
>”You’re good, An!” your comms suddenly chimed in. “Just hang tight while i do some tinkerin’ in here!”
>You dragged yourself back out in the open and sat down against the hull.
>At least as well as you could sit in the vacuum of space.
>From your perspective you had a great view of the left stabilizer wing extending out from the main body of the ship.
>Looking to your left you could see the nose running outwards from under the bridge, ending in the barrel of the massive railgun built in under the curved shielding.
>Even this close, the Excalibur was an impressive sight.
>Even more impressive was that it only took seven people to operate, something that didn’t even cross your mind until recently.
>”Somethin’ on your mind, cap?” Applejack broke the silence again.
“I dunno… Just feels like a lot of things changed after Scuti.”
>”Well, we did become aware of other intelligent aliens and such. I’d think that qualifies as ‘changed.’”
“I’m more talking about the mood of this ship in general.”
>”You wanna talk about it?”
>You sat in silence for a moment, then reaching up to your neck, pushed a switch on your suit.
>”Did you… just transfer us to a secure channel?” Applejack asked.
“I’ll be honest, I’m mostly concerned about Twilight…”
>You paused for a moment to collect your thoughts and expected the engineer to fill the silence with some reassuring words.
>To your surprise, she kept patiently silent.
“I only think I’ve seen her outside the lab once or twice. She doesn’t talk to anyone, barely eats or sleeps, and whenever I try to ask her about it she just shrugs it off…”
>”I’d imagine havin’ a weapon stuck in my chest would make me weary too.”
>”I believe these are more signs of depression, Anon.”
>Even though the new addition to the conversation was quite timid and soft, you jumped a bit and nearly de-magnetized your suit.
“Jesus, I thought this channel was secure!”
>You heard Fluttershy giggle at the other end.
>”My apology, Anon, I use this channel all the time. I’ll switch to a different one now.”
“No no, you can stay, it doesn’t matter that much anymore.”
>”Oh… Well, if I could offer my insight. I think she has gone reclusive because she is afraid to hurt anyone.”
“The what?” you asked in confusion.
>”She did cause a great deal of damage aboard the Concord, remember? I have yet to talk to her alone, but all signs point to her distancing herself for that reason.”
>If it was true, it would make a lot of sense.
>Of course, you couldn’t really think of a better reason yourself, so you trusted Fluttershy’s judgement.
“Isn’t there anything we can do to help though?”
>”For now, maybe it’d be best to leave her to her own devices. At least she’s trying to figure this Fulcrum thing out instead of moping around, so I see no reason for alarm just yet.”
>You sighed.
>This wasn’t a state you liked seeing your crew in, so you hoped this recalibration wouldn’t take so long.
>In your mind, what you needed the most now was a good old excursion.
>”Not to ruin the moment, Anon, but I’m gonna have to ask you to start with the next bolt.”
“Oh, right!”
>You quickly dug up the pipes again and located the next point.
>”I’ll leave you to it then!” Fluttershy chirped.
>Before you could react, she had left the channel, and it was now just you, Applejack and the cosmic background radiation sitting as a constant reminder at the bottom of the feed.
>”Just a little bit more, Cap. The coils are almost aligned!”
”I’m on it!”
>The sterile, white interior of the lab seemed desolate from your position at the door.
>Fluorescent lighting illuminated the environment with an almost nauseating indigo hue, the glow only enhancing all the objects strewn about the chamber with excruciating detail.
>Yet, you didn’t see anyone inside.
>Still not hearing any answer to your call, you took a step through the door, making extra sure your presence was obvious.
>You had grown increasingly weary, so against Fluttershy’s judgement you had decided to pay your friend a visit.
>As you walked past the desk, you noted how every piece of equipment stood lined against the wall, seemingly untouched.
>You assumed Twilight didn’t have a use for them, because when you reached the medical table, it was clear that it had seen heavy use.
>The scanner ring had been pushed halfway across the table, and a tablet hanging from a swivel in the roof had a document open with incoherent notes written sporadically all over it.
>Dark crimson streaks had been smeared and dripped over the table, some stray drops even running over the edge and forming dried up puddles on the floor.
>Next to the table was a metal tray with a wide array of scalpels and knives in all shapes and sizes, however they all seemed perfectly clean.
>The faint smell of iron and vinegar hit your nose, but it was hard to discern where it came from.
>Just when you started to fear the worst, the voice coming from behind the far wall of the room made you jump.
>Turning your head slightly bewildered towards the source, you could see Twilight standing just off the corner, her lab coat draped over her bare chest.
>It wasn’t the fact that she was barely wearing anything which affected you however.
>Her torso was covered in precise scars running along key points around the crystal, which seemed melded with her skin.
>In her hand she held a syringe which you instantly recognized as the remnants of a painkiller shot.
>She seemed slightly concerned, and her hair looked more ruffled than one of Applejack’s brooms during fall season.
“Fucking hell, Twilight, are you alright?” you said as you approached her and took the empty syringe out of her hands.
>You noticed how all of her scars had an inherent lack of blood trails coming from them.
>”I’m fine Anon.” she answered dismissively, walking past you and straight to the medical table.
>Without another word she pulled down the tablet and closed all the documents and windows, leaving only the life support monitor visible.
>”You shouldn’t be in here.” she said in the same monotonous tone, avoiding eye contact at all cost.
“Oh bullshit. It’s my job to know everything that’s going on around here. I can’t have people going around performing surgery on themselves unsupervised!”
>The scientist didn’t appear to have an answer for you, instead staring embarrassed into the ground while rubbing her arm.
>You sighed and put down the syringe on a nearby desk.
>Admittedly, this wasn’t the first time something like this had happened since you left the Concord.
>It was, however, the first time you had seen it this severe.
>Twilight moved over to a cupboard and pulled out a roll of bandages from a shelf.
>She then dropped her lab coat on the ground, her torso now completely exposed, and started to unroll the white cloth.
>It startled you how little she had come to care about privacy, and even though you knew each other well enough, this was highly unusual behavior for someone like her.
“You know, we’re all here for you if you need to talk to someone.” you said as Twilight kept covering her scars.
>She didn’t really give you any indication that she was listening at all.
>Your attention eventually diverged on the crystal horn jutting out of the scientist’s chest.
>It was obvious that it was the source of the problem, but you kept wondering if it had changed her on a fundamental level, that it had somehow altered her personality.
>Your persistence proving to be futile, you started to move towards the lab exit.
>”I didn’t feel anything.” you could hear behind you.
>Stopping in your tracks, you immediately turned around to see Twilight looking back with the same emotionless expression.
“You didn’t… feel anything?” you repeated.
>”I thought I could figure out how I was connected to the Fulcrum, but the radiation rendered any scan a scrambled mess. So I did an incision. And another one. And another one…”
>Her gaze shifted towards the medical table, her entire torso now covered in white, tightly bound bandage.
>”No matter how many times I cut or how deep I went, I still couldn’t feel anything.”
“But the painkiller…”
>”I thought I could reverse the effect somehow. Nothing I do seems to change my condition. I’m convinced now.”
>A silent break followed as you waited for her to continue.
“Convinced about what, Twi?” you asked when she didn’t show any signs of providing an answer.
>She looked at you, and you could see tears starting to well up in her eyes, but her expression never changed.
>”I’m not supposed to be here, Anon. I should have died back in those ruins. I’m just a walking anomaly.”
“Hey, now.” you approached Twilight and wrapped your arms around her, making sure not to impale yourself on the crystal.
>Quietly, she buried her teary eyes in your shirt as you comforted her.
“I promise I won’t give up until we get you out of this. We know where to go, we just have to find what we need to fix this.”
>You stood there for a while until you were sure Twilight wouldn’t pull off another stunt like that again.
>You weren't quite sure what you were looking for, truth be told, but it felt like you would know once you found it.
>All you really needed to do was get to your location and look for it.
>Eventually you let go of her and helped her put the lab coat back on.
“Promise you’ll at least go talk to Fluttershy. You can’t go on being reclusive or stuff like this happens, okay?”
>Twilight didn’t answer you, drying her cheeks with her coat.
>You had already realized that trying to force her to do something was useless, so the least you could do was make sure she felt alright before leaving her.
>Not that you wanted to leave, but if everyone had to follow their personal feelings on board this ship, nothing would be done at all.
>As you headed out towards the bridge, you couldn’t help but think about her condition.
>While having superpowers could be cool at first, she was basically stuck in a limbo between life and death.
>You weren’t even sure if she slept or ate like a normal person anymore.
>The coordinates you received from Asakitt lead to a relatively low-trafficked star system on the outskirts of the current sector.
>It was only a few light years away now, so you should be arriving within a few days.
>With what you just witnessed, the motivation to get this over with only increased, and you were sure the others were just as eager to find a solution as you were.
Day 8&75G@#2#
>A hundred beams glittered from the canons of the war moons, striking the chitin armor of the opposing dreadnoughts with vicious force.
>Seemingly untouched by this gesture, the black ships returned fire with howling blasts of insidious energy, cutting the corvettes into smoldering pieces as they pierced their weak frames.
>Like stars in the night sky, the vessels blinked out of existence in spectacular explosions, their final cry into the night not lasting any longer than a few seconds before they were no more.
>The queen observed the battlefield, saddened by the destruction that took place before her.
>So this was the power the enemy withheld from them?
>A scribe scurried to her side, his face twisted in panic.
>”My queen, they have wiped out five of our war moons! We can’t keep this up for much longer, or we will surely perish!”
>She slowly panned over with sorrow in her eyes, looking at the poor young scribe panting exhausted next to her.
>Compared to him, her tall, slender figure towered far above him, her body lightly draped in ethereal garbs fluttering in a non-existent wind.
>Most people would have been afraid to approach her like this, but this one didn’t seem to be fazed by her figure the slightest.
>Then, unexpectedly, a gentle smile spread across the woman’s face.
>Confused, the scribe seemed to lose his sense of dread and looked at his queen in anticipation.
>”Worry not, my boy.” She said, her voice warm and calming like a mother speaking to her child. “Their power may have been unexpected, but they played their best cards far too early. Let me show you what true devastation looks like.”
>With an elegant flick of her wrist, the sky split apart, and thousands of white towers of unending complexity descended upon the black ships.
>Their hull shimmered in the sudden starlight, almost organic in nature with armor flowing over their surface like liquid.
>In the center, a spiraling blue light sparked aggressively inside cogs of epic magnitude, rotating slowly and methodically.
>The queen snapped her fingers, and the tip of the white spears lit up with a blinding flash.
>Countless beams filled the skies vertically which hit the ground far below them.
>In an instant, the planet became scorched, its ecosystem unable to withstand the fiery rays torching every biomass in the vicinity with deadly radiation.
>When the relentless assault finally let up, the battlefield lay silent.
>The railguns hissed as they cooled down in the toxic atmosphere, the beam cannons lay dormant against the hull of smoldering war moons with attack coordinates locked in, ready to fire.
>But not a sound could be heard.
>The queen looked at the scribe, who gazed back in awe.
>”Our work here is done.” she said.
>By her word, every ship and derelict belonging to her forces raised back into the sky, leaving the dark army reeling after her invisible assault.
>”But my queen, the enemy still lives!” the scribe said respectfully, dumbfounded by her sudden decision.
>”Worry not, my boy. I have granted them something far worse than death. Once they understand what just took place here, they would not dare oppose my forces again.”
>And with that, the white fleet disappeared into the dark night, becoming one with the stars.
And that's it for now. More to come later unless there's a high demand for more right now.
Fugk. What do you mean "basically"? Did he move to another site or something
He's still on duty, I believe.
Take your time man. Great update though. This is one of my favorite greens here.
Oh shit, didn't know he was in the military. Suddenly his name makes way more sense. Well, hopefully he'll come back after he's done
File: 1493240920003.png (159 KB, 480x360)
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159 KB PNG
Good update as always, Lilith.
File: large-2.png (100 KB, 559x792)
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100 KB PNG
File: large-5.jpg (169 KB, 746x1024)
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File: large-6.jpg (89 KB, 1082x1024)
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File: large-11.jpg (248 KB, 900x1024)
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248 KB JPG
>The two of you laugh along as you roll the cart along together.
>You just put the empty basket you were carrying around into the cart.
>The yogurts go inside of it.
>Start to talk about your interests about ten times more than the last time.
>It soon goes to how you took over a day and a half to travel here over her.
>Cherry smiles at you as you tell the story to her on the car ride to her house.
>You're sure your own car won't get towed out of the hotel parking lot until it's been there a few more days.
>"So you wanna go eat somewhere for this?" Asks Cherry.
>You nod.
"Sure. Does it matter where? Like, anywhere specific you wanna go?"
>"Eh, anywhere's fine."
>You make it to her house and help her unload the groceries she just bought.
>This house is slightly smaller than the last one she lived in.
>One floor but new looking on the inside and outside. Standard suburban place.
>"I have a guest bedroom in the basement." Cherry says to you, walking down the basement stairs. "Has a sofa with a pull out bed."
"Oh cool. Thanks." You follow.
>Basement's finished, room's reasonably sized and the bed looks comfy enough.
>Casually talk with her for some more before settling on going to Denny's.
>All throughout the mostly impromptu date, you can't stop thinking about moving into that house.
>Clearly she thinks you're just paying a visit, but what if things got more serious?
>You gotta make this date go well. Really well.
>Make everything you say seem as interesting in nature as you can.
>Just kind of embellish it with stuff, tell it like it's cooler than it actually is but don't come off as talking about yourself that way.
>Just places and events that aren't you.
>She seems really interested.
>Taken away enough to take care of the whole bill (since you spent so much coming over here anyway).
>You leave together and hang out at her place for a little bit.
>Talking as the sky outside goes completely black.
>And yes, you have some of those cherry flavored yoplait yogurts.
>Head down to the basement after happily bidding her goodnight.
>You're halfway down the stairs when you hear Cherry calling back after you. "Wait." She stands at the top step.
>"C'mere for a sec."
>You go back up to where she stands.
>Stare into eachother's eyes for what feels like a full minute.
>Gradually leaning in closer, knowing what's inevitably coming.
>And your heart starts to race as you kiss eachother on the lips.
>You heat up and giggle like a little girl.
>"Alright. NOW goodnight." Cherry's blushing a deep magenta on her cheeks as she skips away.
>You hardly remember exactly what it was you do next.
>All you know is that Cherry rushes back to your aid after she hears you tumbling down the stairs.
"It's okay! I'm alright!" You holler back up, currently immune to all the pain in the world.
>The two of you laugh again at the moment before finally heading off to sleep.
>This is turning into that story.
>THAT story.
>The story of how you met. And all the crazy shenanigans that happen in it.
>A story you'll proudly and enthusiastically tell forever if you could.
>You dream about telling this to your kids. The story of how mom and dad met.
>Man, you've been jumping ahead of yourself in your thoughts.
>But you don't care, this is perfect.
>Cherry Sundae's waiting for you in the kitchen with a bowl of cereal before her.
>You join her; smile at eachother in silence as you eat.
>It's not even awkward, just cheeky. You soon start to chuckle and talk about things.
>Of course, you exchange numbers before you go on your way.
>Not before she kisses you again, of course making sure you're not near any flights of stairs.
>Daydream about Cherry Sundae being everywhere in your future the whole drive home.
>It only took three days.
>It only took three days for you and her to start flirting with eachother often by text and send eachother provocative pictures.
>Still took longer than it took for you to decide that you want to move to Canterlot.
>Your decision on that was final before you had even left her house.
>All of your boxed and stuff are packed by the end of the week.
>And only after that do you and Cherry begin to seriously talk about you moving in with her.
>Damn, dude. At least do this in order.
>It wasn't particularly you that brought up the subject of moving in. It was your excitement at the thought of it.
>The same excitement that packed the boxes.
>You mostly expect her to not be on board with this right away. Much unlike what your hope is thinking.
>But she doesn't seem to be saying no at all.
>In fact, she brought up on her own that she really liked having you over. She loved it.
>It takes several more days and a couple separate conversations until one thing starts to lead to another.
>Another week of your packed boxes just sitting there until you start to realize that you won't ever have to empty them in your apartment.
>Turns out that she wants this to happen more than you expected, as long as you truly want to.
>You've met eachother just less than one month ago, been on only one date, and now you both agree that you want to move in together.
>Because that's totally how serious relationships usually develop. (another cinemasins ding)
>Whatever, the universe apparently loves you.
>Don't question it, just roll with it and enjoy.
>You're getting everything packed into your car. Looking forward to your SECOND date.
>No need to bring your bed; the pull out sofa's good enough and you'd rather not move furniture.
>Leave all the heavy stuff behind on the street corner, you can make do without it.
>Anyone who wants it can have it.
>Get in your loaded up car and buckle in... don't look back.
>Relief overcomes you when you finally make it to Canterlot... permanently.
>Pray to the heavens above that this isn't a dream you're about to wake up from.
>You stand in front of Cherry Sundae as she greets you.
>She walks up and kisses you on the cheek before you move your stuff in.
>Welp, this keeps going on and on and on, and you don't ever want it to end.
>You embark on date number two within the hour, soon going to a clothing store.
>Shop together, having a good time and picking things out for eachother you think the other would like.
>You come across an MLP dressing gown that looks extremely cute.
>Cherry walks up to you and tells you with a laugh that she has an older one almost exactly like that.
>You're not sure if she hinted for you to do this, but you buy her the new one as a present.
>She's overjoyed to see you bring it out at the checkout line.
>Puts it on the very second you walk out of the store with your full carts.
>Wears it for the rest of the night.
>She sits next to you on the couch as you watch TV together.
>The night during which you settle in and unpack your things is more cozy than you expected.
>A long time later.
>And that's how it all began.
>Your relationship with Cherry Sundae sparked faster than a fire in a tub of gasoline.
>It's been a couple of weeks since your last date together now. And Cherry says she has a surprise for you.

Alright, so I’ve decided to make the lewd scene special and post it tomorrow. (Also because I had a shit ton of classes and work to finish up today, but I managed.) I’ll post the lewd scene+ending tomorrow, without a doubt. Hope you’re enjoying this.
Will get to reading this soon
Looking forward to it
This was so cute
File: cherryspixel2.png (3 KB, 176x173)
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My fucking heart, mang. You're pulling it to shreds and moulding it all back together, better than before. I love it. I adore this green you're writing. Thank you.
Why still no time after time?
Didn't he come home from service?
That is a cute poner right there

>Takes a lot of strength and patience sometimes.
so just like regular women?
File: Fire In The Sky.jpg (2.09 MB, 2560x1600)
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2.09 MB JPG
Slow day today huh?

Previously: https://pastebin.com/vrxqd0z8

Day 177
>You jerked up from your seat, your feet flailing wildly until you felt them smack into something hard.
>Instinctively, you leant over your desk and frantically grasped after your falling cup, only to helplessly watch it crash into the floor.
>Looking up you could see spunky pilot leaning over you with an expression of disappointment.
>”Geez, do you do anything aboard this ship except sleep and walk around all day?”
“Of course I do!” you said amidst a heavy yawn.
>Rainbow Dash leant back up and placed a hand on her forehead.
>Before you could defend yourself she turned on her heel and walked down the stairs to the lower bridge.
>”Whatever, man…”
>You tried opening your mouth numerous times, but eventually decided that arguing with her would be futile.
>”We’re closing in on the exit point soon. I got us as close to the destination as possible, but you do know jumping this far into a system is a huge risk, right?”
“I trust your intuition, RD. You’d never run us into anything solid, would you?”
>She turned to you with a smug grin on her face.
>”I do have that power, you know!”
>Behind you, the familiar hiss of the bridge door announced the arrival of someone else.
>”By my calculations, we should have safe passage into the system without any obstructions!” Rarity claimed as she walked past your post.
>Apparently, the star system was only a few local years away from a planetary alignment event, something that you’d never seen even at home.
>It was a pretty strange coincidence, you thought, but you doubt you’d stay on site long enough to see it.
>You nodded in greeting to the rest of the personnel who silently wandered towards their stations.
>This was routine at this point, so having to give a formal greeting each time you entered the bridge would get tiring after a while.
>”Dropping out of warp in 5!” Rainbow Dash called out from the helm.
”Alright, everyone to their posts. Let’s get this done and our feet on something solid.”
>You watched everyone funnel into their seats and pull up the information they needed.
>”The gravity distortions should be pretty heavy at the drop point, so brace yourselves!” Rarity announced after plugging her tablet into her desk interface.
>You heard the ship’s frame creak under the sudden pressure when the single point of light at the end the tunnel rapidly expanded.
>The ship effortlessly slid out of the wormhole exit... and into a dense field of asteroids.
>”Shit!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed as she pulled the flight stick hard towards her.
>The ship’s engine roared as they tried to keep up with her aggressive turn.
>The bridge was flooded with a hoarse sound, as if someone slammed the breaks on a rapidly spinning cheese grater.
>You could feel the forces strain on both you and the ship, as you were squished into the seat and the hull groaned.
>A stray rock smashed into the bulletproof windshield, bouncing away as every retrograde engine stood on maximum burn in an attempt to stop the ship.
>”Diverting reserve power to main engines!” Applejack shouted over the main core whirring in distress.
>The outside became a blur of brown and black as the ship tilted backwards.
>Eventually, you came to a full halt, the ships exhaust vents blasting superheated gases into the frigid vacuum in an attempt to expel all the used energy from the maneuver.
>Everyone in the room was dead quiet, only broken up by the sigh of relief from the pilot as she leaned back in her seat.
“AJ, I want a full damage report. Rarity, find out where the hell we are.”
>The crew frantically got to work without hesitation.
“And RD… Get us somewhere safe. That was too close.”
>”Anon, I’m detecting hull breaches on decks 6 and 9, they’ve been sealed off for now.” Applejack said without taking her eyes of her screen.
>”Minimal oxygen loss, but our velocity sensors are going haywire. I’m worried the array might be damaged.” Twilight informed the rest.
>”You’re not the only one, Twilight. I can’t get a lock on our position.” Rarity told the science officer. “I’m reading incredibly heavy magnetic interference.”
“I need to find out where that interference is coming from ASAP.”
>”I think I can help with that, Cap. We got some kinda junk in the hangar bay…”
>You looked over to Applejack in confusion.
“Some… junk?”
>”Aye, can’t confirm what it is, but it’s there and it sure is heavy.”
“Alright, Pinkie Pie, with me. We’ll check it out. The rest of you, stay on the comms. Let’s get out of here.”
>”Aye!” everyone shouted in unison while Pinkie bounced enthusiastically up from her seat, quickly making her way up from the lower bridge.

“Ready?” you said behind your respirator.
>Pinkie Pie nodded inside her suit’s visor, taking a firm grasp of a nearby support beam.
>With the push of a button, the heavy hangar bay doors slid open to the sound of hissing gas, which quickly faded once the atmosphere inside the airlock got sucked out of the expanding gap.
>You could feel the pull of vacuum tugging at you, but thankfully your magnetic boots kept their grip.
>Once the force of nature had dissipated, you took a peek inside the bay.
>At first glance, you couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary.
>The dark shell of the shuttle rested proudly in the middle of the launch pad, and at the far end stood a towering wall of unopened supply crates.
>”Hey, Nonny! Over there!” Pinkie Pie whispered harshly.
>You followed her gesture, and near one of the force fields separating you from the cold embrace of space sat a small orb nestled in a crater.
>The force field seemed intact, any damage it had taken most likely self-mended already, so you wondered where the lack of oxygen came from.
>You’d have to ask Applejack to inspect it later.
>You pulled out the geiger counter from your utility belt and made your way down the metal stairs with Pinkie at your back, keeping your eye on the rapidly changing numbers on the display.
“It must’ve crashed in here through the field. That takes a lot of force.” you said as you made your way across the large empty room.
>”I don’t like it. It’s looking at me funny.”
“Let’s just figure out what it is.” you said dismissively.
>As you approached it, you started noticing strange artefacts on the geiger counter display.
>The closer you got, the more severe it became.
>Eventually you stood right next next to it, and while the radiation level hadn’t increased, the display was now almost impossible to read.
>Pinkie Pie carefully moved closer to the object, almost sneaking up to it.
>When you couldn’t get any more information from it, you gave up and strapped the counter to your belt.
“Alright, let’s have a look at you.”
>On closer inspection, this thing didn’t look anything like the space debris outside.
>It was smooth and perfectly spherical with a matte surface.
>You moved closer and reached out to it with your hand, when suddenly a few inches away from it, you jerked forward and your palm slammed into it.
>Immediately you lost your footing and fell to the floor.
>”Anon!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed anxiously.
>You wrestled yourself onto your knees, but for some reason you were unable to move your arm.
“What the hell is this?” you said as you attempted to yank your hand away from the sphere.
>Much to your dismay, it was firmly stuck to its surface.
“Well then…” you sighed when you realized force wasn’t helping. “I think we found our magnet.”
>You looked over to your partner for help, but was only met with a strange expression.
>Suddenly, she burst out in a hearty laugh and slapped her knee.
>”You should have seen yourself! You went like ‘THUMP’!”
>Pinkie smacked her palm down in her other hand to illustrate your involuntary faceplant, and you couldn’t help but elicit a nervous laugh yourself.
“Well… I’m still stuck…”
>You tapped your helmet control with your free hand to try and contact the bridge, but everything digital seemed to be jammed by the magnetism.
“Fuck.” you said under your breath, in a lack of other words. “I don’t suppose you’ve got any experience with magnets?”
>”Not these kinds at least!” The bubbly girl shrugged with a concerned smile.
“Alright, well I need you to-”
>”Oooh! I know!” she interrupted you. “Twilight probably knows what to do!”
“Thanks, great idea.” you said sarcastically while attempting to find a comfortable position to sit in.
>”Hey Twilight!” Pinkie called out over the radio as if she tried to sound as innocent as possible.
>What better time to joke around than this, you thought to yourself.
>”We’ve got a bit of an… attractive problem down here.”
>”What’s the issue?” the science officer replied.
>”Uhh… I don’t really know, but Anon is kinda stuck to this orb we found.”
>The comms were quiet for a few seconds before Twilight gave an answer.
>”I-... What?”
“It’s magnetic, Pinkie…” you told her, gesturing to your palm which refused to move.
>”Oh, right! It’s magnetic!”
>You groaned and laid down on the hangar floor.
>Pinkie knew advanced weapons and targeting systems in the back of her head, but ultimately she wasn't the brightest on board.
>You recalled the struggle of finding a place for her on the ship, as you hadn’t really planned to shoot a lot of things while on this mission.
>She was mostly a safeguard, but you felt bad just keeping her on standby so you tried to give her as much to do as possible.
>In the end, she was kept mostly on the sidelines anyway.
>”It’s fine!” she had told you, giving you her signature grin. “I don’t mind it, really. I can easily find stuff to do when I’m bored!”
>However, those things usually ended up as extra muscle for AJ or Twilight or cleaning up throughout the ship.
>You rolled your head around as you observed her receiving instructions from Twilight about what to do.
>When Pinkie finally did get something to do, you could count on it being done properly.
>At least she was good at that.

>”Okay, so magnetize the suit and do the thing, yep, got it!”
“Well?” you said, sitting back up.
>”Twily said if we polarize your glove with the same pull as the orb, you should be able to free yourself.”
“Oh great, that doesn’t sound tedious at all.”
>”Now we just need some magnets…”
”I certainly haven’t seen any.”
>”Really? Aww, that's…”
>Suddenly Pinkie stopped, then looked over to you with a grin while pointing finger guns in your directions.
>”Oh, you smartypants, you!”
>Then, she stopped again, her expression going blank as if she was in deep thought.
>”Ooh! I’ve got it!” Pinkie lit up and snapped her fingers, except you couldn’t really hear anything without an atmosphere.
>”Quick, gimme your geiger counter!”
“Are you serious?”
>”Trust me, Anon! It’s broken anyway. Gimmie gimmie!”
>Reluctantly, you reached down to your belt and pulled out the small box, handing it to her.
>Immediately she grabbed it and ripped it open, tearing out a long blue wire.
“Pinke!” you exclaimed while watching the guts of the device spill out on the floor.
>The girl pulled out a wire clipper and removed the enamel from the cord and entwined it with another.
>She now had a wire about three meters long.
>Satisfied, she curled it up and ejected five small 1.5 volt batteries from the device and crammed them into her pocket.
>”C’mere.” she said as she squatted down next to you.
>She reached over your lap, careful not to get too close to the orb, and started wrapping the long wire around your glove.
“What is this, a science fair experiment?” you asked, but she didn’t seem to hear you.
>All you could do was sit there in anticipation, but her determined expression at least gave her a facade of confidence.
>Once the wire was coiled around your arm, she connected the two loose ends into the remains of the geiger counter, placing the batteries back into the box.
>”Alright, here we go!”
>Carefully, Pinkie moved her hand to the switch and flipped it.
>Suddenly the device burst into sparks as electrical current surged through the wire.
>Without warning, your hand was violently pushed away and blasted your entire body in the opposite direction.
>You fell into Pinkie Pie on your way, and you both flew across the hangar bay, landing about half a football field’s length away from the orb.
>You could feel your everything pulsate faintly with pain as you and Pinkie Pie laid sprawled around each other.
>Thankfully the suits and each other’s bodies had dampened the fall.
>You rolled over on your back, groaning, and so did your partner.
“Jesus, what the hell was that?”
>”Electro… magnetism.” She said between heavy panting. “Maybe... I used too many batteries.”
“I don’t think that’s how it works.” you said as you struggled to get back on your feet.
>You looked at the orb to see if anything had changed, but you were too far away to make out something.
>Turning around, you reached out a hand towards Pinkie, who happily grabbed it.
“Maybe I underestimated you.” you said as you dragged her to her feet.
>”You’ve been doing that for over 20 years, I’m used to it.”
>Nonchalantly, she picked up your left hand and inspected it.
>You stood there astonished, observing her moving your glove around.
>Thoughts about what else she might be capable off started to creep into your mind.
>Maybe there was another reason she was here other than ‘weapons specialist’.
>”Electromagnetism only works as long as there’s current running through the wire. Doesn’t look like it’s damaged, either, so you should be-”
>Suddenly she stopped speaking.
>It seemed like something had distracted her, as she started looking around the room.
>”Did you hear that, Nonny?”
“Hear what?” you replied, not entirely sure what she was referring to.
>But then you noticed it.
>Faintly, like in the other end of a long hallway, something reverberated throughout the hangar.
>It was hard to put your finger on it, but it almost sounded like someone striking a hollow steel pipe with a hammer.
>You looked at Pinkie Pie for some sort of confirmation, but she only stared back with the same expression.
>There it was again.
>As if you had the same thought, both of you turned towards the orb.
>It was faint, but you could swear something was glowing on its surface.
“Come on.” you said, moving towards the strange object.
>As you approached it, there was no mistaking it.
>Something had been activated inside it, and you were almost certain it had to do with the magnetization of your suit.
>“Shit, this might be a problem.” Pinkie said quite uncharacteristically.
“Are you sure?” you asked.
>”I think there are two options here.” She moved a bit closer to it, careful not to get too close. “Either this is a signal beacon of sorts…”
“Or?” you asked impatiently.
>”Or it’s is a magnetic sleeper mine.”
“A what?”
>Pinkie turned towards you with a serious expression.
>”This thing reminds me a lot of a design I learnt about back home. It attaches itself to metal stuff, and when you try to remove it or depolarize it… BOOM!” Pinkie started making a wide array of explosion noises with her mouth, gesturing with her hands.
>Once she noticed you staring back unamused, she cleared her throat and put her arms down.
>”Either way, this is a party I don’t want an invitation to.”
“So we need to get rid of this thing.”
“Okay, so I’m assuming the explosion is what activated it, but is it still magnetic?”
>”I dunno, let’s check.”
>From her belt, pinkie dragged a small screwdriver whom she promptly threw at the orb.
>It didn’t seem like she was gonna stick the landing, but a few inches away it suddenly changed direction mid-air and smacked into the sphere.
“Well then…” you said.
>”I guess that settles that.”
“So what do you think?”
“Well, if it’s still magnetic, I’m guessing it’s stuck in it’s countdown phase.” Pinkie started circling around it, careful not to trip on any of the cracks it had made upon impact.
>Suddenly she lit up.
>”Oh, lookie! The geiger counter is stuck to the thingy. I’m guessing it’s generating a magnetic field somehow?”
“That doesn't sound very reassuring.”
>”Nope, I barely know what I’m talking about!” Pinkie looked up at you with an innocent grin, and you couldn’t help but smile back.
“Alright, alright, let’s assume this is an explosive. We need to switch off the geiger counter and somehow move it off this ship before it blows.”
>”Don’t worry!” Pinkie said enthusiastically, spinning up a handgun from a holster on her leg. “I’ve got the counter!”
“Are you insane?!” you exclaimed. “You’re going to shoot at a bomb?”
>”Relax, Nonny, If it got through the hangar forcefield unscathed I doubt a bullet would harm it.”
>You sighed and placed a hand on your visor.
“Fine. But if we all blow up I’m blaming you.”
>”Okay, you ready?”
>With a nod, Pinkie Pie took aim at the box stuck to the black orb.
>With a squeeze of the trigger, the barrel flashed with released pressure, and so did the geiger counter as it exploded in a cloud of splintered plastic and broken circuitry.
>Right away you noticed the screwdriver drop to the floor, and you ran over to the sphere and started pushing it.
>Even with all your might you couldn’t even nudge it.
>Pinkie quickly joined you, but the sphere refused to budge.
>You kept going until you felt the veins in your forehead were about to burst, but to no avail.
>Falling to the ground, you took a few seconds to catch your breath before looking over to your friend for ideas.
>She seemed out of breath as well as she laid sprawled across the grey surface.
“Man, this thing is heavy for its size.” you remarked, but didn’t get any answer.
>Through your visor you could hear the familiar sound again, ticking down to your inevitable doom.
>From your position you tried looking around for anything that could help, and then an idea struck you.
“Wait, I know!” you said, bouncing up on your feet.
>Pinkie was quick to follow, waiting for you to instruct her.
>You walked up next to the orb and motioned for her to approach you.
“Quick, hold on to me! Turn on your mag boots and weigh me down!”
>She did as you told without question, taking a firm hold of your torso as she switched her magboots to maximum force and planted them into the floor.
>You also switched on one of yours, but kept the other one lifted above the ground.
“Ready?” you asked, and felt her head nod nervously against your back.
>You took a deep breath, and with all your might, you kicked the black sphere with the magnetic sole of your boot.
>Just as the sole made contact with the sphere surface, you flipped on the boots magnetics.
>In an instant, Both you and Pinkie got blown to the floor as the orb tried to resist the force in the same way it had before.
>Your added velocity, however, also blew the orb in the opposite direction, at a speed you couldn’t possibly have predicted.
>It careened off towards the horizon at blinding speed, effortlessly crashing through the force field once again.
>Before you knew it, it had disappeared into the labyrinth of stone which surrounded you.
>Quickly, you tuned into the emergency channel on the comms.
“Everyone hold on, we’ve got an explosion at starboard-”
>You were cut off by a blinding light appearing outside the ship, out-matching every star visible from here.
>It lasted several seconds, hanging there like a newborn sun.
>You had to shield your eyes as even your UV filters weren’t strong enough to protect them.
>Then, a quake passed through the ship.
>You felt the frame shift under you as Pinkie tightened her already breathtaking grip around you.
>The ground shook violently as everything outside started rotating.
>The bomb alone was enough to move the entire ship, and you started feeling relieved that you had gotten rid of it before you met your demise at the hands of that infernal weapon.
>Once the shaking had stopped, you finally calmed down your tense muscles and released yourself from Pinkies grip.
>As you rolled off the weapons specialist onto your hands and knees to catch your breath, you noticed her UV filters were also set to maximum.
>She laid there without any apparent intent to get up, but you didn’t blame her.
“You okay?” you asked.
>You didn’t receive any answer right away, but eventually she nodded.
>You sat down on the ground as your radio flared to life.
>”You guys alright down there?” Fluttershy’s voice asked.
>”We-... We’re fine!” Pinkie answered as her breath finally caught up with her. “Just a lil rustled that's all! Not every day you see fireworks like that!”
>You smirked at her analogy and turned toward the hangar opening.
>Curiously, everything in the wake of the bomb had been transformed into a dark grey, smooth surface, almost as if the heat from the explosion had melted whatever was unlucky enough to be in its path.
>At least this experience gave you a vague indication of what this place would be like.
>To you, this seemed like the remnants of a warzone, and not one that turned out positively for either side.
>”Anon, look!”
>Pinkie was on her feet next to you, staring into the abyss beyond the force field.
>You slowly got up next to her, gazing out to try and find what she was looking at, and it didn’t take you long.
>As the ship ascended through the dust and rock, it surfaced above a sea of asteroids into bright sunlight, as if breaking through a thick layer of clouds after a rapid ascent.
>A towering yellow orb with bands of multicolored clouds draped across it like rope and chains rose from the belt.
>The nearby star peeked over its horizon, its light scattering across the surface and illuminating the violent storms below.
>As the ship rotated in an attempt to meet stable orbit, another celestial body came into view, this one also floating inside the belt like its mother seemed to be.
>Behind it followed a trail of emptiness in its wake as it absorbed everything in its path.
“There it is.” you said, pointing at the moon. “Newhaven.”

Like someone mentioned before me, fuck this 2000 character limit...
File: 1515089455570.gif (1.17 MB, 500x500)
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1.17 MB GIF
You're really good at depicting the scenery with descriptions. It's actually fun to visualize this story. Great work, Lilith.
File: pancakes.png (334 KB, 835x459)
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334 KB PNG
Is there a humanized version of this pic?
Good update
Easier to handle than real women, much less heartache.
File: 6.jpg (151 KB, 730x1024)
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151 KB JPG
There should be
There should be more EQG Glimmer. She needs to get out of FiM and come to EQG And bring FiM Trixie with her
Here's the ending.
>It’s a mellow Sunday afternoon.
>You’re sitting on the edge of Cherry’s bed, looking through a car magazine to pass the time.
>Listening to the shower run.
>It’s been a couple of weeks since you moved in.
>You’ll admit you like the pull out sofa in the basement.
>But an upgrade is about to happen.
>It turns out that Cherry feel that her bed is also your bed.
>Of course, you’re going to need to establish that and make it official.
>You first thought it was just a weird rules thing, but it turned out to be something much, much better.
>Cherry Sundae hums in the shower as she finishes up.
>You grow impatient but bask in the feeling.
>Letting it all rubber band itself back until your gal turns off the water.
>Your excitement has made you hard as a diamond already.
>The door clicks open; your beautiful gal emerges from the steamy room with a sly grin and a slow stride towards you.
>Wearing nothing but the MLP dressing gown you bought for her.
>It’s tightly wrapped around her body as she uses it to dry herself off like she usually does.
>Sits next to you at the foot of the bed as she cutely puts her hood up to dry her hair. “You know how many times I’ve thought about you when I sat here after a shower?”
>She grabs the magazine and tosses it to the side. You won’t need it.
>”So many times.” She answers after you only give her a smile.
>Boop your noses together as you put your arm around her.
>You giggle together for a few minutes, unable to resist giving one another a few pecks on the lips every 30 seconds or so.
>It evolves into full fledged making out.
>The taste of her cherry chapstick makes its way to your nose as a scent.
>”I’m so happy we met.” She wistfully groans, her eyes starry and lost in yours.
>You hold her and give her another long and deep kiss.
>She sighs appreciatively and holds you back just a little bit tighter.
>”You’re so sweet.”
“You’re sweeter.”
>”No, you are!”
>She seals your mouth shut with another kiss before you can object.
>Several seconds pass.
“So we sharing the bed now?”
>”Gotta make it official first.” She reaches between your legs to instantly find your erectness. “Feels like you got something for me.”
>Bites her lip at the sound of your fly being unzipped.
>The dressing gown she has on has gotten looser from the passionate hugging.
>Continue to giggle together.
>Going over again and again the events during which you two met.
>Soon reach the point where you make a couple of jokes about you falling down the stairs.
>She wraps her arms around you and “holds you still for balance”.
>You’re feeling a bit dizzy with love anyway.
>After the billionth kiss, Cherry glances over to her nightstand, where a container of lotion stands.
>Her grin widens, a lot.
>She normally moisturizes her skin after a shower.
>Guess who’s doing it for her today?
>The first spurt of lotion comes to your hand, Cherry’s luscious lips gently mash against yours.
>Lather the lotion onto her thighs first.
>Of course it’s cherry scented; why wouldn’t it be?
>Her skin itself is cherry scented… from the body wash she used 20 minutes ago.
>The tip of your nose grazes her neck, taking in her clean scent as you plant kisses on her skin.
>Your hand slide around her thighs and coat it in a thin layer of the lotion.
>Cherry giggles then sighs quietly whenever the feeling tickles her.
>Her legs are done.
>Put more lotion on your hands and starts taking care of Cherry’s shoulders and neck.
>Your noses boop again; she gives you an eager look, biting her lip again as your slippery hands massage the back of her neck.
>The next kiss must have lasted for at least a minute before you broke it.
>You stare into eachother’s eyes.
>Her eyes are lidded, her cheeks red as roses, her heart fluttering over how happy you’re making her.
>Run your hands along her shoulders and cause the front of the dressing gown to gradually open up more.
>Now you’re the one biting your lip as you admire Cherry’s magnificent cleavage.
>Cherry hums lewdly and prompts you to continue by crossing her ankles behind your back after you both find yourselves at the center of the bed’s surface.
>Spread the coat of lotion onto the sides of her arms and move your hands to her back.
>The front of her dressing gown is pulled apart more.
“You wanna keep that on or no?”
>Cherry arches her back.
>Her bare shoulders come out and shine in the light from the window.
>Her hood slips back off of her head.
“…Guess not, then.” You’re almost petrified.
>Cherry lets out a playful chuckle and lets you gaze down at her.
>Your erect member is set free, and Cherry prompts your hands to move to her front and lather her nipples.
>And you feel her chest heaving rhythmically as she breathes more heavily every time you gently squeeze with your fingers.
>Cherry can’t resist kissing you, more insistently this time.
>Move your hands down further and lather up and down Cherry’s abdomen and hips.
>”I’m so happy to have you.” Cherry shuts her eyes as you softly press your cheek against the side of her neck. “Let’s lean back, hm?”
>The dressing gown soon gets scrunched under Cherry’s body that lies on top of it… your body on top of hers.
>You pull it above her rear before she leans all the way onto it.
>Soon just undo it completely and move it all the way to the side.
>Lips lock just as hard as her legs do around you.
>You gave her a cherry pie, now she’s returning the favor.
>Helping you work your way inside, Cherry Sundae accepts your entrance onto the bed.
>She throws her head back on the pillow, the back of her hair getting a little messy from brushing back and forth against the pillow with each of your thrusts.
>She happily groans and lovingly bites her lower lip every time your full length moves back and forth inside of her.
>Leaves her head thrown back.
>You keep your face right against her neck as you kiss it.
>Cherry Sundae moans your name dozens of times in a couple of minutes.
>Cheering you on to up your efforts… getting you to start making the bed rock back and forth.
>”Yes… Yes! Yes!” She heavily breathes in between the chanting of your name. “Y….ye-yesss….~” Cherry begins to squeal in uncontrolled joy.
>Both of you shut your eyes and feel the full force of one another in the best moment of your lives.
>The part of your story your kids definitely won’t know the details of.
>A story your kids won’t live out themselves until about 18 years and 9 months from now.
>The bed rocking gets louder as you thrust harder.
>Cherry’s voice grows airy and it’s a little hard to understand what she’s saying.
>But you can tell she’s still saying your name.
>You bring yourself closer; she helps.
>Move faster and faster, racing towards that climax and going even harder once you cross it.
>And the sensation explodes between you.
>Some Sunday far into the future.
>You’re squeezing the little tube of cream and and filling cherry flavored pastries.
>Cherry Sundae approaches you from behind. “How ya making out, honey?”
“Just about done. Got about five left.”
>You look to your side as you feel her put her arm around you once again.
>Reach around her and glide your hand up and down her baby bump.
>”So did you think of any boy names yet?”
“Not yet. How about you? Any girl names?”
>She pauses.
>”I guess not.” Cherry responds. “Maybe we should wait until we find out what we’re getting.”
>She smiles warmly and kisses you on the cheek.
>You love life as much as life loves you.
>That same love you and Cherry Sundae share together.
File: Hall.gif (712 KB, 500x500)
712 KB
712 KB GIF
And that's the end.
Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/2mcLpyfb
By the way, I'm curious. Which writer are you?
Because Time After Time sucks until I make it not suck anymore.
>Time After Time sucks
The first half didn't suck. Don't abandon your masterpiece over one thing you hate about it. If you dislike Anon so much get rid of him. Would be nice to have more pro tags that aren't always Anon.
>pro tags
Fucking keyboard
Bro, it was boring as fuck. The beginning was interesting, but it quickly became and whole lot of fucking nothing happening. Why do people continually ask Grey to do shit he has admitted to hating time after time.
Just use my idea, but unironically.

...I forgot to post it again, didn't I?
>Cherry scented body wash
This is actually canon with the story she comes from. I love it.
>You gave her a cherry pie, now she's returning the favour
This is almost as bad (punny) as the time I wrote 'Put it in my little pip' coming from a character called Littlepip. I'm laffin' and loving it.
Best fucking story ever. AlexanderGrey, you magnificent bastard. This... this was pure amazing put into greentext. Thank you ever, ever so much. And all this from one picture. God damn you are good.
What was it?
File: naoh.png (742 B, 204x32)
742 B
742 B PNG
can't let go
Got some good green in here
The "better half" of the story has yet to begin apparently
File: IMG_20180314_175315712[1].jpg (1.79 MB, 1920x2560)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB JPG
Just so you're aware, I bought this today.
>Cherry scented body wash (two bottles)
because you inspired me to have a look.
A very small amount just to add a lovely little scent.
Sorry, I didn't see this post until seconds after it was too late.
I'm not a /fingerbang/ writer, and though I have dabbed my hand into /flutterrape/ more than once, I'm not really a greentext writer either.
I come from /FoE/ (currently its 'Monsters edition' because I forgot the tag).
I'm an author of a story that's a touch under 310,000 words, and I go by the name Kippershy.

I will come back to check if there's any responses, but if you want the best way to get in contact with me or notify me of anything, StAnon is probably the best person to talk to.
He's gone, Anon. We have a better chance of Sarge returning at this point.
File: cute.png (58 KB, 397x723)
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File: Come together.gif (1.92 MB, 500x500)
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1.92 MB GIF
You're welcome. And thank you, too. I'm very glad that you enjoyed it.
Oh wow, I'm so flattered that you did that.
Huh, interesting. I never really looked into that thread. I'll probably do that once I'm not busy with all the stuff I'm writing/doing. I already happen to know StAnon, by the way. So that's good. Great to have you here, Kippershy.
Time After Time is not my masterpiece. At all. However...
The less terrible part will be out there soon. Anon won't be a part of it, and more things will actually happen. It will be the original story I wanted to write before I started writing the Time After Time you know. Will give details when the time comes.
What was the idea?
Kip for short is fine, if you'd like.
And I'm aware. StAnon told me that he knows you and was surprised (and excited) when you began writing it. And hell, I can't say that I wasn't excited either.
The whole experience was absolutely amazing and I love love love it.
Thank you once again.
No problem, Kip.
It was enjoyable writing something like that. Especially off the top of my head, that's my favorite way of writing things.
Nice to know you guys enjoyed all of this.

I'll see you around the board if I have enough time to explore and visit your threads. Internet connection isn't abundant for me right now but I manage. Once again, it was great to have you here. I wish the best for you and your gal.
>Wake up one morning
>Seems darker outside than usual
>Specially for 7 am
>Open your eyes and find something is blocking the sunlight coming from the window
>It's pinkie pies massive tits
>"Wakey Wakey nonny"
>She titslaps you as you lay in bed
>You squirm out into the floor
>"You know you like it!"
File: freezeframedrae.jpg (89 KB, 609x468)
89 KB
>zoom in
Inb4 banned
I don't see it Anon
Here, a new Waifu Wars ep, featuring some Day 2 matches.

Group A: Princess Luna(3) vs Fluttershy(0)
Group B: Spitfire(0) vs Octavia Melody(3)
Group C: Queen Chrysalis(3) vs Rainbow Dash(3)
Group D: Princess Cadence(0) vs Bon Bon(3)
Damn I love the hair
Didn't sarge say he'd be back next Halloween?
File: yes.gif (292 KB, 1024x768)
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292 KB GIF
>mfw Lilith update
When you writing more tat?
File: trixie.png (180 KB, 374x760)
180 KB
180 KB PNG
>Your brain bullies you as you walk over.
>Don't puke again.
>Fuckin ret-
>"Can we talk?"
>Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck.
>"Is everything okay?"
"I'm sorry."
>"Heyyyy, hey..." She starts talking like you were in the program again.
>Shit, well that says a lot.
>"There's nothing to be afraid of. I'm not mad at you."
>She's approaching you slowly.
>"It's okay, I know you like this."
>Starts talking to you like you're a kid, when you're a grown man.
>You're not sure how to feel about this.
"I-I'm sorry I couldn't help it."
>"Hey, I'm just happy to see you again." She says, still reluctant to hug you.
>You know why.
>What she basically says next is something like "let's take a step back and ask eachother how we've been" and something else like that.
>Like it's some sort of second chance, but you could use one.

(Sorry about my absence I'll try to post more soon.)
Fuck, forgot to link previous post >>32021733
You have pastebin?
File: 67640058_p0.jpg (977 KB, 2811x1980)
977 KB
977 KB JPG
take the initiative and ask her first. then when she asks be honest. Theres not much you can say thats more off-putting then public molestation and asking for fuk I think, and shes still sticking around.
maybe tell her that you don’t really appreciate being talked again like your a special kid again, even if you kinda deserve it.
>even if you kinda deserve it.
File: adorable.jpg (96 KB, 774x1024)
96 KB
File: large.png (522 KB, 614x1024)
522 KB
522 KB PNG
I'll put this in my bin in a bit.
"Why'd you still wanna talk to me?" You finally ask.
>"Why not? I wanted to find you and address this so I know we're on the same page."
>She keeps her voice cheery.
>"Listen, it's okay. You're not in trouble, I promise."
"Did... anyone see?"
>You can't think to ask anything else.
>Pinkie pauses.
>Dammit Anon now you've done it.
>"No. No one noticed it was you. A janitor did clean the place up afterward but no one knows it's you."
>She has to be lying.
>There's no way that's true.
"W-well, I'm sorry. Like, really really sorry."
>"Apology accepted, Anon." Pinkie pulls out a pamphlet from her pocket.
"What's that?"
>"I was thinking yesterday, since I should probably approach this somehow..."
"Is that..."
>It looks like the pamphlet to the program you were in when you were a kid.
>When Pinkie gave you guidance.
>"I understand that you might still have some, difficulty with things" Pinkie explains. "So I was wondering..."
"Isn't the program for kids though?"
>"Of course." She starts sounding happier again. "But that doesn't mean we can't hang out some more and be buddies again!"
>God this is embarrassing.
>You really don't think she should be the one to do this.
>And have it be some ugly guy instead who you won't daydream about-
>"I know you probably don't feel your best right now, Anon. But I can still help you. I know it's a little weird, but hey, we've gotten through this when you were younger."
>This is happening so fast, and you didn't expect her to forgive you.
>"You don't have to. But since we already know eachother, and it would nip things in the bud, I can always come back if you need me."
"Do I need my mom to sign me up this time?"
>She giggles.
>"No, silly. You're grown now. Think of it as a voluntary thing. Only if you want to."
>It would be more convenient since you've been in the program under her before.
>But awkward because of what happened yesterday.
>Is this even real life?
Go back into the program with her
>"Do I need my mom to sign me up this time?"
Fucking hell dude. I would hate to be like this Anon. Does he have a race car bed?
The fastest race car bed in the neighborhood
This is an enthralling story. I know I don't comment much because others sometimes say what I was going to but I'm really enjoying this.
I always found it kinda hot that she walks around always thinking to herself about how great she is.
File: Dragons Breath.jpg (3.29 MB, 2560x1600)
3.29 MB
3.29 MB JPG
Previously: https://pastebin.com/vrxqd0z8

Day 178

>After many attempts, Rainbow Dash had managed to get the ship into a stable orbit just outside the gas giant’s ring, during which you had enough time to repair most of the damages done to the ship’s exterior after having subjected it to a bombardment of space rocks.
>It hadn’t been an easy task according to the pilot, but Excalibur now floated within shuttle distance of Newhaven at all times, always in the shadow of its bigger sibling, the gas giant Eidolon.
>Everyone had gathered in the hangar bay to help load the shuttle with supplies.
>There was no telling how long you’d spend down there, so you decided to take as much as you could carry.
>On the far end of the bay you found Applejack looking around the exposed machinery in the walls as if she was searching for something.
“You alright over there?” you asked as you approached her.
>”Just doing some preliminary checkups.” she said, not taking her gaze of the roof above.
>”I raised the solar array and put every system we could spare in sleep mode.” she looked down on a tablet she held and scribbled some notes before focusing her attention on you. “Every room except the greenhouse is drained of oxygen and power. Nothing wasted Cap!”
“Good job. And the nuclear fusion reactors are all fueled up I hope?”
>Applejack shot a disappointed glance at you.
>”An, I treat this ship like my darn child, of course she’s got fuel!”
“Of course…” you said sarcastically, unable to resist smirking at her attitude.
>You turned towards the hangar opening where you could see Newhaven gently rotating inside the asteroid ring.
“We should be ready to go in a minute.”
>”Don’t worry ‘bout me Cap. I’m almost done.” The engineer mumbled without taking her eyes of her work.
>You nodded as you started heading back towards the shuttle, where you spotted Pinkie Pie driving Huninn, one of two of your exploration vehicles, onto the lower shuttle cargo bay.
>It seemed like she got a tad bit enthusiastic, as the massive truck suddenly revved to life and nearly crashed into a stack of crates.
>You heard Rainbow Dash fuming at her as Pinkie attempted to get the car into its proper position purely by trial and error.
>You chuckled to yourself at the spectacle as you made your way across the large empty space.
>As you wandered in your own thoughts, you eventually noticed that you had gained a companion.
>To your left appeared Twilight, jotting down a few things on a slab before putting it away, greeting you with a gentle smile.
“Good morning to you too, science officer.” you greeted. “Are you feeling any better?”
>”I’m well enough to perform my duties at least.”
“That’s not what I’m asking. I need you to be in tip top shape, physically and mentally. Can’t really have you drifting off or becoming unstable even if it’s involuntarily.”
>It seemed like Twilight became a bit offended by your statement and crossed her arms.
“I’m sorry, but you locking yourself in for almost a month doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence. I’m asking as a friend, how are you feeling?”
>”I’m fine.” Twilight answered you as reassuringly as she could.
>You couldn’t exactly say you were convinced, but there wasn’t much you could do but trust her right now.
>It wasn’t like you could ask Fluttershy about it either due to her confidentiality agreement to every crew member.
>Or, technically you could since you were the captain and all, but you respected people's privacy enough not to go digging in their personal matters.
>At least not until you had no other choice.
>You sighed.
>She was your friend after all, ideally you would trust all of your crewmembers unconditionally.
>Eventually you reached the shuttle, now loaded with all the supplies you would ever need including both of your vehicles Huginn and Muninn.
>Rainbow Dash ushered you and Twilight inside the cargo hatch before raising it, sealing you off from the outside world.
>As were routine, you made your way through the makeshift command center and up to the cockpit, funneling into your designated seats.
>The other four of your crew had already taken their seats and secured themselves with belts.
>You sat down and greeted Rarity with a nod as you strapped yourself in next to her.
>”Commencing pre-flight checks.” the pilot informed, and you could hear the machinery ruse to life with the flip of a switch.
>From your seat you could feel the shuttle’s frame start to vibrate.
>Rainbow Dash and Rarity went through a list of systems as they booted up, checking them all to make sure the vessel was functioning properly.
>The monotonous sound of turbine engines spinning up zoned you out for a second as they made their preparations.
>When you came to, you found all your crewmates were staring at you.
>You shook your head, realizing that the pre-flight had been completed without you noticing.
“Uuuh, clearance code Sigma Alpha Ultra 2453!” you splurted out into the idle voice activated lock. “Clear cargo bay for shuttle departure!”
>As if you had casted a spell, the magnetic locks on the shuttles landing gear deactivated, and slowly the heavy tin can lost its grip on the mother vessel.
>Honestly you didn’t really need this type of lock, but this was expensive equipment, so safety precautions were required.
>And it also prevented some zealous adventurers from going out on their own if they didn’t have permission.
>Through the front window you saw the forcefield dissipate, giving you access to the great beyond.
>”Alright, initiating forward thrusters.” the pilot said as she gently pushed the throttle.
>You were glad she had learned to shed some of her rash intentions at least.
>”Do make sure not to poison the entire cargo hold with exhaust this time.” Rarity sighed sarcastically, eliciting a few snorts from the rest of the crew.
>”Yeah yeah…” she responded, waving off her friend’s remark.
>The shuttle effortlessly slid through the narrow gap.
>Before you knew it, you were staring at the river of stones from a perspective outside the ship.
>The dull waves of debris danced around each other in slow motion as they traveled along their endless path around the bubble of gas holding them prisoner.
>It was like watching countless sleepy fish in a stream, each layer of the ring moving at a different pace than the rest.
“Seal the cargo hold, AJ. Make sure the entire thing is on lockdown. Don’t want anyone getting too curious.” you ordered.
>The engineer nodded and turned to her computer.
>Had you not been aware of how the galaxy was brimming with life right under your noses you might not have considered securing the ship at all.
>Times had changed since you left home, that much was clear.
>If only you could tell Earth about everything you’ve seen.
>Looking at your crew, it was hard to believe anyone would actively try to hinder your mission, but it was very clear that it couldn’t be anyone else.
>A strange sensation started welling inside you, something you hadn’t felt in a while.
>Looking around, it was obvious you weren’t the only one.
>Eventually most of the cabin was a mess of floating hair and bewildered hands attempting to gain control of it.
>If there was one thing you hadn’t gone through during routine checks it was zero gravity, and now you regretted omitting that part.
“Girls please…” you pleaded.
>At least you were strapped in to your seats or the lack of gravity would have gotten even more chaotic.
>When you cleared the ship perimeter and made sure everything was in order, Rainbow Dash cranked the throttle and you shot off towards the moon.
>It was quite the scenery that awaited you, and hopefully it’d look even more spectacular from the moon’s surface.

“Well?” you asked, finding yourself getting a little impatient.
>Your adventure lust started getting the better of you, and your feet itched to set down on solid ground.
>”I don’t know what to tell you, really.” Rarity's eyes stared at the information in front of her with shock. “I wouldn’t believe it had I not seen it for myself.”
>”I’m reading the same thing.” Twilight added from across the room. “78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, various trace gases. It’s like we’re back home…”
>The shuttle had touched down in an area with heavy flora, an unexpected turn of events after a rather rough entry into the moon's atmosphere.
>It now stood as a towering black monolith against a lush green field, the skies scattering the sun’s rays in a fresh chartreuse hue.
>The smooth, jagged, industrial look of its hull juxtaposed the chaotic and untamed forest surrounding you.
>Against the looming silhouette of Eidolon, a constant shimmer of asteroid rain could be seen burning up in the lower atmosphere, disintegrating before they could touch the ground.
>Behind the layer of gases covering the crust of this hidden garden you could see the rings spread out in a 40 degree inclination from where you had landed, giving the impression that you stood on a titanic buoy overlooking a cosmic lake.
>For countless eons this moon had been a sanctum for sprawling wildlife, and even now it felt like an enigma why such a place even existed in the shadow of its older sibling.
>”It’s perfectly breathable.” Twilight turned to you with an expression of giddy and surprise.
>Instead of excitement, your mind turned towards skepticism.
>It was one thing braving the outside to explore, but to brave the outside without helmets on would be to throw caution to the winds.
>You shook your head.
“Sorry, until we can determine that its undeniably safe, keep your helmets on and follow safety precautions. I don’t want another Mjölnir incident, understand?”
>Reluctantly, all six of your crewmates nodded, some silently sighing to themselves.
>You knew they understood however.
>These weren’t just children going out to play, they were highly trained scientists.
>The metal slab that was the shuttle cargo hatch slammed into the lush grass with a muted ‘thonk’.
>Outside it was completely silent.
>The only sounds were the winds rustling the crowns of the uncanny and bizarre trees surrounding the vessel.
>At first you found it strange that there were no animal sounds to be heard, but quickly you realized that this environment must still be in its primordial stage.
“Alright, bring ‘em out!” you shouted back into the cargo bay. “Keep them silently running, we don’t want to disturb any natural order around here.”
>From the shadow of the bay, two brightly colored, eight-wheeled trucks emerged.
>Their engines had been switched to electrical power only, and while that compromised on speed and power, at least you wouldn’t poison the environment.
>As you waited for the vehicles to clear the cargo hatch, you pulled out the orb Asakitt had given you.
>The coordinates within had been pretty specific, and you had already tracked it down to what you believed to be a hidden facility nearby.
>Now all that remained was getting there.
>”Let’s go Anon!” Pinkie called out as you looked up from the orb, waving you over to the truck.
>Muninn had already veered away from the shuttle, beginning its trek through the deep woods.
>Without a moment to spare, you climbed on board Huninn, leaving the shuttle to cool its hull against the gentle breeze of the forest.
>The path Rarity had laid out was slow and bumpy.
>There was a time when a road used to be here, as evident by the cracked cobblestone, but nature had long since reclaimed it.
>Now it was filled with roots which even your advanced suspension had trouble circumventing.
>You had strapped yourself in a seat, but the constant shifting horizon and lack of consistent movement made you feel queasy.
>Just when you started wondering how much more you could take, the cabin suddenly stopped shaking.
>You looked over to Pinkie Pie in the driver seat, but she seemed as puzzled as you were.
>The other vehicle had stopped a few feet ahead, showing no intent to continue.
>You tuned into the comms.
“What’s happening over there?”
>”We… We’ve arrived at the coordinates.”
>The seatbelts came off with a single click and you stood up, leaning out of the windows.
>All you could see were trees and bushes all around so dense there was no way you’d be able to navigate them.
>You sat down on the window sill of the door and got a good view of your surroundings in the process, but nothing out of the ordinary stood out to you.
>Well, aside from all the twisted and untampered vegetation, that is.
>Had you not had a purpose here you might have taken the time to study them.
>”If the overgrowth is any indication…” Fluttershy mentioned from inside the cabin.
“I was thinking the same thing.” you replied, swinging down to open the cabin door and head outside.
>The team from the other vehicle jumped out at the same time, curiously looking around the immediate vicinity for anything that could resemble manmade.
“Alright!” you called out for everyone’s attention. “We’re looking for a small colony based around a central building. Look for anything which could have been housing, accommodations, anything. It should be within 200 meters of this spot, so don’t wander off too far.”
>The crew acknowledged and scattered out to search the area as you sighed to yourself.
>This wasn’t going to be as easy as you had hoped.
>”This is like looking for a needle in a forest!” the comms sparked to life with Rainbow Dash’s groan.
>”At least yer not lookin’ for it blind!” Applejack answered.
>You sat down against the massive wheel of Muninn, checking your wrist display for any updates on Excalibur.
>”This seems to be a building block of some kind. It’s definitely in this direction.”
>It seemed at first glance like all the systems had been unchanged since you left.
>”My, am I glad this place is not teeming with any creepy insects. I shudder just the thought of it!”
>As you swiped further into the status charts, however, a strange artefact caught your attention.
>Something didn’t seem right.
>”Weeee! This place is so refreshing after being stuck in a tin can for so long!”
>”Ooh, please be careful or you’ll… fall…”
>”Don’t worry! I’m fine!”
>Yes, now you were sure of it.
>One of the inquiries had been removed from the log.
>Every log was categorized after date, but one of the days was mysteriously absent of activity.
>Someone had tampered with the instruments and deleted an element from the manifest.
>A chill ran down your spine.
>With all traces of the element in question having been wiped, there was no way of knowing what had been deleted or by who.
>But one fact remained clear.
>Someone was messing with the computer on board your ship without your permission.
>”Alright, this is hopeless. Let’s try echolocation, maybe they hid it underground.”
>”I got sumthin! Looks like a tent made of stone.”
>You perked up.
>Finally some results.
>”Transmitting my location now.”
>The sad little structure laid slanted on the forest bed, turquoise moss and god knows what having taken the liberty of making the decrepit formation its home.
>A layer of vines separated you from a dark entrance, but it seemed like there was no proper way inside.
>Even if it was, a mound of dirt could he seen emerging from its shadow, separating you from whatever used to be inside.
>”You’re sure there are no other formations of this material anywhere else?” Twilight asked.
>Rarity shook her head.
>”Other than the cobblestone we arrived on, I can’t find anything on the preliminary scans.”
>”Echolocation turned out a dud.” Pinkie said, swinging a repurposed metal detector over her shoulder.
>The seven of you stood cross-armed encircling the sad, lonely ruin, your brains racing to figure out a solution.
>”God damn it!”
>A pebble whooshed past your helmet and smacked into a tree further into the forest.
>Twilight grabbed her helmet and dragged it off aggressively, kicking another rock and planting her face in her other hand.
>”Another dead end…”
>”Twilight!” you exclaimed, a burst of panic spreading through you as you saw her remove her helmet.
>She only turned to you with a defeated look, pointing at her mouth.
>”I don’t need to breathe.” she said nonchalantly before returning to her palm.
>Your arms fell limp against your sides as you sighed.
>”I’m sorry, Twilight.” you tried to console her, but it seemed to fall on deaf ears.
>”I’m going back to the trucks.”
>Before you could say anything else, the scientist was gone through the thick flora.
>One by one the rest of your crew also removed their helmets.
”Shit.” you whispered, following the others’ lead.
>At this point, you were desperate from some fresh air.
>With your helmet under your arm, you turned to your crew who all seemed to expect something from you.
“What?” you said, for once not really sure what to do. “Got any ideas? I sure as hell don’t.”
>The silence thickened the air as everyone exchanged glances.
>It seemed like this find would be at least a little promising, but whatever used to be here had long since been reclaimed by nature.
>Until you were sure where to look, there was no use in starting to dig up the entire moon.
>You sighed again.
>”Like she said, dead end. There’s nothing out here but plants.”
>Rainbow Dash walked past you with a pat on your shoulder and a quick apologetic look before retracing Twilight’s trail.
>The others stood there for a short while longer, but when you didn’t protest to the pilot leaving, they followed her example.
>You decided to stay there for a little while longer, staring at the depressing husk which laid crumbled against the roots of an ancient tree.
>A slow gust rustled through your hair as you stood there, carrying with it a faint alien scent which was impossible to describe.
>If you were to draw a conclusion, whatever was here had most likely been built underground to prevent interference with the plantlife.
>It must have been abandoned eons ago, and the weight of the forest ground the remains to dust and rubble.
>The fact that this was probably the only lead to returning Twilight’s body to normal must have taken a toll on her, and you couldn’t help but feel anything but sympathy for her right now.
>Realizing there was nothing more for you here, you tore yourself from the visage of the ruins and headed back through the chaotic foliage.

>Static filled your ears as a strange transmission intruded your channel.
>You nearly tripped over a root as the sudden interference came out of nowhere.
>You stood still for a moment, listening to your radio without making a sound.
>”Are any of you moving out of range? I’m getting some strange interference.” Rarity asked after a short period of silence.
>”Anyo…..ere? Pl……..pond!”
>There it was again.
>The forest laid as dormant as ever, the psychedelic trees swaying gently in the wind.
“Rarity, is there any way to boost our receiver signal?” you shouted as you burst out of the woods and climbed back into one of the trucks parked neatly in a row on the ruined cobblestone road.
>”Theoretically yes,” she responded, peeking out from between the two vehicles. “...but you’d have to move to a higher spot…”
“Got it!”
>The airlock hatch on Muninn’s roof came off with ease and you climbed up by balancing yourself on one of the chairs.
>In your rush you nearly fell off, but managed to clamber up to the roof near the satellite dish.
>”Thi...s cap...ra H...Duran…”
>From your vantage point you had a pretty good field of view over the forest and the sky.
>You looked around everywhere you could, scanning the stars for anything out of the ordinary.
“I need to amplify my signal, Rarity. Can you do something?”
>A moment passed by, and suddenly the navigations officer appeared from over the edge of the roof, staggering to her feet as she tried not to look down.
>”Alright, grab a hold of anything metal on the satellite dish. I’ll try something.”
>You took a firm hold of the dish stem without hesitating.
>”Drawing power from battery now. Releasing initial field dampeners…”
>Above you, a bright flash appeared for a split second.
>You both looked up towards the point, but were unable to spot anything with your naked eye.
>With some quick thinking, you slapped on your helmet loosely and moved your free hand over to your helmet interface panel.
>A small segment of your visor became encased in a circle.
>Slowly you swiped forward, and the section magnified toward an area in the sky.
>”Crew of Excalibur, do you copy?”
>Suddenly the stranger’s voice was crystal clear.
>It had been so long since you had heard perfectly fluid english from someone other than your team that you almost convinced yourself it was synthesized.
>The more you zoomed in, the more convinced you became.
>There was another ship approaching this moon.

>”This is Captain Anon. Y. Mous of the Earth Starship ESS Excalibur.” you finally said in an open channel. “Who is on this frequency?”
>You stood on top of the truck for an uncomfortably long time before they answered.
>”My god, it’s really you!” the voice said in utter disbelief. “For ten years we thought you were all long gone.”
>You frowned to yourself.
>Was this some kind of joke?
>”Ten years?” you replied. “I’ll ask again, who is on this frequency?”
>”Oh pardon me!” the voice apologized. “I am Captain Lyra Heartstrings of the Earth Starship ESS Durandal, Sir! You have no idea how glad we are to see you.”
>You stood in silence for what felt like hours.
>There was another ship?
>What did they mean by ten years?
>At this point, so many questions were churning in your head that you didn’t know where to start.
>Most prominent of them all, however, was if they were telling the truth.
>You tried opening your mouth several times to formulate a response, but every time your words failed to pass through.
>Looking over to Rarity, she seemed as stupefied as yourself.
“Durandal?” you said at last. “I never heard of a second ship being constructed.”
>”Captain, we have a lot to discuss.” Lyra replied. “We’ll be arriving in orbit of Eidolon within the hour. I’d suggest you come aboard. You’ll want to hear what I have to say.”


That's all for now. I realized the chapter was a bit short, so I'm taking some time to expand on it. Thanks for the enthusiasm though, I appreciate all the positive feedback!
Excellent update. I can't wait to see what you have in store next.
>Arrogance is hot
Literally how?
>”My, am I glad this place is not teeming with any creepy insects. I shudder just the thought of it!”
I half expected insects galore after this line for some reason.
>He doesn't like overconfident megalomaniac girls
Just started reading. I'm interested.
Alright. Which one of you is Alex?
If this is what the Pinkie from the story looks like I don't blame Anon.
I mean just arrogance without being crazy about it. I guess its just a bad trait if a girl only cares about herself and isn't interesting about it. Guess that means this doesn't apply to Trixie anymore so I don't know.
File: calm.gif (1.95 MB, 400x274)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB GIF
Well this was an interesting turn of events...
File: stare.jpg (158 KB, 712x1024)
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158 KB JPG
I think what sets Trixie apart from the average arrogant person is that she's a show-off about it. She doesn't secretly believe that she's better and just have it affect her decisions. Like, she actually embraces it and wants everyone to know how great she is. And she does that through performance and expression of what she believes by backing it up with such.
I think it makes her arrogance have more character and become more interesting.
I see what you're saying but being a show-off could be seen as bad too.
It begins
3/18 - Day 3 lineup:
Group A:
Princess Luna(3) vs Applejack(3) - Spike
Fluttershy(3) vs Lyra Heartstrings(3) - Taker

Group B:
Princess Celestia(6) vs Octavia Melody(3) - Anon
Treehugger(0) vs Spitfire(3) - Sweetie Belle

Group C:
Queen Chrysalis(3) vs Starlight Glimmer(0) - Anon
Rainbow Dash(6) vs Trixie Lulamoon(3) - Spike

Group D:
Princess Cadence(3) vs Vinyl Scratch(0) - Taker
Bon Bon(3) vs Maud Pie(6) - Sweetie Belle

Pre-Show Soon, Show at 5CST.
Smashcast: https://derpy.me/dN0IH
Twitch: https://derpy.me/daVFb
>Arrogance vs. arrogance.
Nice. Trixie still better win, though.
Would you like the bad news, or the bad news, anon?
I actually realized it after my last post. My jimmies are still rustled, though.
>Pinkie reaches her hand out to you.
>You're not sure if you want to do this but you take it.
>She smiles at you and hands you the pamphlet.
>You're pretty much said yes now.
>"Don't worry you don't need to sign up."
"What do I need to do?" You ask.
>"You still have my number, right?"
>"Just give me a call when you're ready."
"So what's the pamphlet for?"
>"So you know when I'm available."
>She points to her schedule on there.
"Oh I get it."
>"Yeah you can see my name right there."
>"Okey dokie!"
>She bounces on her heels and giggles.
>You still blush in embarrassment from everything.
>She notices.
>"Heyyy, don't sweat it, nonny!"
>It would be fine if you were like 11 and she called you that.
>But you're a man.
>A grown man.
>It feels almost insulting though that's probably not what Pinkie intends.
>You know you're probably getting into a risky situation, but you really like Pinkie so you can't really say no easily.
>A part of you believes that she might really be interested and just doesn't want you to be an autist about it.
>As she walks away, this is what you're thinking.
"Aw fuck." You say to yourself.

>Back home.
>Pinkie's number is on the pamphlet too.
>So is that title that says this is a program for kids.
>This feels REALLY questionable.
>You know you're not the best looking guy.
>Creepy too for obvious reasons.
>And even after all that, she's still giving you a chance to be around her more.
>No sane person would do this no matter how attached they are to you.
>She's either been crazy the whole time or actually finds you attractive.
>Even though you've known her since you were a kid, you'd guess she was crazy before considering the possibility of someone finding you attractive.
>Shit, does she really find you attractive?
>It's the only thing that actually makes the most sense.
>She's not crazy, she's hyper but not crazy.

>Do you go through with this and risk another "moment"?
Do it
File: feild.jpg (171 KB, 1173x1024)
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File: freckles.png (542 KB, 1024x1024)
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File: hearts.png (291 KB, 573x1024)
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File: 1.jpg (87 KB, 800x992)
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File: 2.jpg (98 KB, 654x1024)
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File: les.png (674 KB, 1152x1024)
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674 KB PNG
Damn that's actually really good
I feel like this pic has or needs a story behind it...
Freckles get me
Yes. Make amends and do this with Pinkie
Had a laugh. Thanks Anon
Are there any stories that heavily feature foreskin?
File: 1520546111960.jpg (24 KB, 288x252)
24 KB
File: large.png (152 KB, 360x918)
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152 KB PNG
File: large.png (766 KB, 809x1024)
766 KB
766 KB PNG
Corn Anon I summon thee.
He will come
You should probably ask another thread
The difference in anatomy quality is stunning
Here's the Day 3 Vids.
Group A:
Princess Luna(3) vs Applejack(3) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4a4KeqWOBNw
Fluttershy(3) vs Lyra Heartstrings(3) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAMCiiGHy9Q

Group B:
Princess Celestia(6) vs Octavia Melody(3) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PwuJvzxgLg
Treehugger(0) vs Spitfire(3) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IcNc0Eie1A

Group C:
Queen Chrysalis(3) vs Starlight Glimmer(0) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GY6_vetgtQA
Rainbow Dash(6) vs Trixie Lulamoon(3) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75S6MnzhTbY

Group D:
Princess Cadence(3) vs Vinyl Scratch(0) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-kmHkPhfkA
Bon Bon(3) vs Maud Pie(6) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocm__FqQUAs
File: snailnom.gif (1.68 MB, 420x275)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB GIF
Good matches.
>You are Moondancer and you aren't buying it.
>While you can't read the body language of most people, Trixie can't hide her feelings from you.
>She can act as confident as she wants, but she's clearly upset about her mom working late... again.
>It's so obvious, just look at her hands!
>The tip of her thumb is tapping each other finger on the same hand in order starting with the index finger.
>She's had that same stim behavior ever since she started seeing that psychologist like nine years ago.
>It isn't even that subtle!
>Looking to the adults, you Luna explaining something to Mr. Mous about some kind of meeting or whatever.
>You swallow back your frustrations.
>It may be a couple minutes and your best friend is in obvious need of some help.
>You gently place your hand on Trixie's lower back and her finger movements begin to slow down, just like they always do.
>"Thanks, Moonie." She whispers.
>She knows she doesn't need to thank you.
>You stand there for a few moments, the warmth of her back radiating into your hand.
>Having finished her short discussion with Mr. Mous, Luna turns back to the two of you.
>"Ready to go girls?"
>Trixie nods, her forced smile still plastered across her face.
"Yeah, sure."
>Mr. Mous waves you two goodbye.
>"Later, ladies. We'll talk about this more tomorrow, okay?"
>You feel Trixie slightly tense at that.
>Seeing as the two of you would only have an hour and a half or so to hang out at this point, it was agreed that it would be easier if you just went home now.
>It is a school night after all.
>Luna promised to make it up to both of you.
>You assure her that it's fine.
>As the three of you turn onto your street, you notice an extra car in your driveway.
>Getting closer, you notice that it's a shiny red convertible.
>You sigh, of course she planned her date for while you were gone.
>Luna pulls up to the curb a couple houses before yours and eyes you in the rear view mirror.
>"Moondancer, if you're not comfortable-"
"I'm fine. It'll be okay."
>You're not fine, and it probably won't be okay.
>Right now, though, you really just wanted to lie down and scream into your pillow until you fell asleep.
>The car slowly pulls forward to your house.
>Trixie puts a hand on your shoulder before you get out of the car.
>"If you need to talk, Trixie is always here for you."
>The two of you embrace for a few moments.
>But, all too soon, you're left standing on your driveway with a deep sense of dread.
>You take a few moments to put your 'mask' on.
>Years of practice take over as your face slips into a false look of neutrality.
>You've found that if you let people see how upset you are, it will just lead to questions of "oh, are you alright?" and "what's wrong?"
>Then you have to deal with explaining things to them and half the time it's somebody who you don't know too well talking, which only makes things worse.
>Seriously, why the hell would talking to some random dipshit about what's wrong do anything helpful?
>They all say the same things anyway!
>'I'm sorry.'
>'It'll get better.'
>'You're a smart girl, you'll figure it out.'
>They don't even think about it! They just say it!
>Then they just go back to whatever it is they were doing!
>Like throwing a few played out words at you is going to make everything okay!
>You check your reflection on the screen of your phone.
>The calm Moondancer you wish you could be looks back at you.
>That's as ready as you'll get.
File: WelcomeGrave.png (482 KB, 476x640)
482 KB
482 KB PNG
>Like throwing a few played out words at you is going to make everything okay!
This line resonated the most with me for some reason. Good update, though. Lurking hard.
I never liked looking happy or normal for other people just so they'd leave me be
I'll post some AJ pics for when he does
File: beach.png (793 KB, 1024x1024)
793 KB
793 KB PNG
File: large-3.png (603 KB, 979x1024)
603 KB
603 KB PNG
These are pretty entertaining greens m8s
>She will never give you head in your car in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant she works at
>She will never make various fast food franchise puns whenever she breathes for air so you can laugh together too
>You will never almost get caught and put her job in jeopardy
File: image.jpg (72 KB, 600x860)
72 KB
Cute and sexy
>She will never get you free food
Name of artist?
>She will never help you get a job there more easily

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