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Previous thread:

Thread for all your yuri needs. Ignore the bait, no shipping war faggotary

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Thanks, Thunderstorm

The Rock and the Butterfly

Rarisbian Fic -- It's a Beautiful Day

Equality and Pride (Shim x Glim)
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>Equality and Pride no longer has the indefinite hiatus tag
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Yes you are, Dashie, but your captain is even gayer.
Seriously, just look at that shit.
Like, she's whatever the lesbian equivalent of angel food is.
I read a fic not too long ago where these two are sisters, which makes this kinda hot___.
how does it feel to get BTFO by /u/?
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There is never enough spitfire
how does it feel to have an entire board dedicated to yuri when Lesbo General does the same job, better?
Why you got to remind us of /u/ just with ponies.
Daring Do may be able to outpace obstacles and enemies alike, but she can't escape the gayest pegasus.

It doesn't really hurt, seeing as we're only one small facet of the gayness on 4chan, whereas /u/ is an entire board of it; I really wish they'd let at least the human MLP chicks on there, the sheer amount of lezzy porn is staggering.

Also I'm a /u/ native, so.
Even sirens can't escape her gayness.
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Can no one stop this out of control fire headed lesbo demon?! Speaking of, anyone got good Spitfire shipping fics/greens?
The real question is, who would want to?
Speaking of Spitfire's cadets, Lightning Dust never gets enough love.
All it would have taken was that last, what, fifteen seconds? And we'd have had someone well-liked enough to be a recurring character.
Regardless, she's still fun to ship around, even if the pairing makes as much sense as a soup sandwich.
Such as...
File: 830649.png (749 KB, 1898x1080)
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749 KB PNG
I'm still salty about the original script apparently having Lightning Dust apologize and then she becomes Rainbow's wing pony instead of just being kicked out and relegated to single episode bad guy limbo.
Twidust is my guilty pleasure crackship. It's so nonsensical and wonderful.
For those interested, here is short story. Hope you enjoy.

>It was a day like any other, but for Dash, it was also her fifth day as lead pony in the Wonderbolt academy. Dash trotted down the hallway, a big smile on her face; she knew very well that she had earned her badge, and had shown her teachers exactly why she deserved it. It was late—she had to make sure she left an impression on the examiners, after all—and so the hallway she was trotting down was empty. The dim lights that hung overhead kept the darkness at bay as she made her way to the barracks. Her wings ached and her body screamed for rest, yet she knew pushing herself, without fully overdoing it, was something that a good leader had to do.
“Can’t wait to see what they’ve got planned for tomorrow,” Dash said cheerfully, her nose so high in the air it would make Rarity feel inferior.
“Bet I’ll break another record as well.”
>Dash stopped for a moment in order to adjust her flight suit. Feeling it pinch near her wing, she gave it a tug and felt the crease straighten out quickly. Unfortunately, while she had her head in the clouds, she had failed to notice that she had stopped in front of the staff lounge; the door opened, and Dash yelped as the edge caught her in the rear. Annoyed, Dash turned around, ready to chew out the unlucky pony.
“Hey! What’s the big–!” Dash began, stopping when she noticed that it was Spitfire that was exiting the room.
>Spitfire looked at the cyan pegasus with a curious look, a folder full of notes in her mouth. Spitfire clearly hadn’t registered the harshness in her student’s voice. While it had fallen on deaf ears, Dash clammed up, thinking Spitfire had caught wind of her unruly attitude. Standing at attention, Dash raised her hoof and saluted her commander.
“Evening, Ma’am!” Dash spoke up, hoping her proper greeting would offset her commander’s distaste.
>“Ah, Evening Rainbow,” Spitfire said contently as she put the folder on the ground and looked back at her student.
>“At ease.”
>Happy to hear that she wasn’t annoyed, Dash sighed and lowered her hoof.
>“Saw you flying around the course even after everyone else finished,” Spitfire continued, not giving Dash the chance to walk away or speak up.
>“Keep that up, and you’ll be true Wonderbolt material.”
“Thank you, ma’am!” Dash replied, practically glowing at the praise.
“Just proving you made the right choice in making me lead pony.”
>“Oh, I know I made the right choice, just don’t do anything stupid like Lightning Dust did, alright?” Spitfire almost spat the name right out of her mouth.
>Dash calmed down, knowing Lightning Dust was a touchy subject for both of them. After the tornado incident, Dust had been kicked out of the academy, and she had made sure the whole place knew about it; she’d ravaged the flyers barracks, overturning beds and punching mirrors in the bathroom. It was a mental breakdown, and not a very pretty one, to say the least.
“Don’t worry, Commander. I promise I’ll be a great Wonderbolt trainee and continue to impress,” Dash said, in an effort to change the subject as quickly as possible.
>“You’ve impressed me so far, and I look forward to seeing if you can break another academy record. But before that, you and I have some important things to discuss,” Spitfire said her tone quickly switching to a serious one that made Dash tense.
“Oh, what kind of things?” Dash asked nervously, unsure of what was so important that she had to stay back instead of getting some well-deserved rest.
>“Walk with me,” Spitfire simply replied as she turned down the hallway and started to trot away.
>For a brief second, Dash’s eyes were drawn to Spitfire’s fiery tail, studying her superior’s lean backside. The second she found herself staring where she shouldn’t have been, she looked back up and quickly trotted beside Spitfire.
>“Seems some interesting things have been going around about you, Dash,” Spitfire started to speak, her face suddenly becoming unreadable.
>“Word is you’ve been flirting with fellow teammates, especially mares in your barracks.”
>Dash panicked, shocked to hear that word had gotten around that she was flirting with other girls. While Dash was sometimes brash and loud, she was always attempting to pull girls away and say a few saucy things in order to make them blush or outright hit on them. She was sure none of the girls would speak up, considering none of them never seemed to be too uncomfortable, but a quick reminder of the female nature and she knew girls would talk between them and usually be heard by someone passing.
“Are you sure it’s not someone else?” Dash replied, not looking forward to being punished for fraternization.
“I’m pretty sure Thunderlane was the one hitting on the mares.”
>“Dash, I’m disappointed in you,” Spitfire said as she paused in her steps.
>“I thought you were better than blaming others when it’s your own fault.”
>Spitfire leered at her, and Dash trembled and hung her head. She didn’t like being called out on her sexual preference by someone with as high a status as Spitfire, but she knew she wasn’t going to weasel her way out of it. Looking down at her badge, she took a deep breath and reminded herself that if she wasn’t truthful about the issue at hand, she could be stripped of her rank.
“S-sorry, I should have known better,” Dash stammered out as she looked back up weakly, at the disappointed mare in front of her.
>“That’s better, but just because you apologized doesn’t mean you’re off the hook,” Spitfire said as she turned around to face Dash properly.
>“Luckily for you, I’m the only teacher that knows of this.”
>That was a surprise; given that the other girls loved to gossip, she was sure the whole academy knew about what was going on by now.
“When did you hear about it?” Dash asked, curious to know how Spitfire got wind of it.
>“I was walking by the locker room and I heard the stories exchanged. When I heard about it, I walked in and they told me the news.”
>Spitfire took a deep breath before she reached forward and rested her hoof on Dash’s shoulder.
>“I told them not to tell anyone else what they talked about and, fortunately for you, they listened to me. But I expect something in return for covering your ass,” Spitfire said as her voice grew quiet and her eyes turned to the floor.
>“Hmm, maybe calling it a punishment isn’t really fitting...”
“You expect something in return? I-I promise I won’t flirt anymore if that’s what you want!” Dash pleaded.
>“Oh I know you won’t flirt with anyone else,” Spitfire’s voice started to pick up but Dash thought it sounded… different; soft, yet sultry.
>“Come with me.”
>Spitfire turned around, looking down the hallway with a smirk on her face, unnoticeable by Dash. Resuming her trot, Spitfire put a bit more haste in her pace as she made her way for a special destination in mind.
>Dash followed, her mind wandering endlessly to what Spitfire had in store for her. The more she thought about it as they walked, the more she started to worry. Maybe she would be stripped from her badge after all, although, if that was indeed the case, why not just do it now and get it over with?
>“In here,” Spitfire finally spoke up after a long period of silence.
It's safe to assume the deleted scene still happened.
Speaking of Spitfire, I miss Ask Grimdark Big Mac. Its Spitfire was GOAT.
>Reaching for the door handle, Spitfire opened it up and allowed the cyan mare to enter first. Dash stepped forward and poked her head into the room, only to be surprised that it was the personal room for Spitfire herself. Her curiosity drew her in; her eyes studying the room that trainee’s weren’t allowed to enter.
“I thought we weren’t allowed in the teacher’s area?” Dash asked, surprised that she had followed Spitfire into a restricted area without anyone noticing.
>The sound of a folder being dropped on the floor made Dash turn her attention back to her Commander. Turning just in time, Dash saw her close the door and give the lock a quick twist before she turned back around and smiled at Dash.
>“I know, but I wanted to deal with you in a more… private setting,” Spitfire said softly as she trotted past Dash and let her tail brush against her face.
>“Fraternization on academy grounds is a serious offense and I happen to know the best way to deal with it.”
>Dash stiffened up as she knew that kind of touch, her mind getting really confused to why her Commander was talking in a rather soft tone about punishing her in some way.
>“Naturally in order to deal with a problem, you fight fire with fire. So, in your case you’re hitting on mares and looking to score some tail and the best way to fight fire with fire in this case is…” Spitfire said to Dash, quickly trailing her words into a question Dash wasn’t ready for.
“Uhh, the best thing would be to… give me some tail yourself?” Dash replied, so unsure of her words that they almost sounded like a foreign language to her.
>Dash was starting to see what Spitfire wanted from her. Those gossip talks with the rest of her teammates led to interesting facts about Spitfire and that she was into mares as much as Dash was. While it excited Dash that the possibility of actually bedding the Commander could happen, Dash knew that thought would never happen. Yet, from what was happening to her right now, Dash was sure that chance was presenting itself in a way that almost felt like blackmail.
>“Good, you’re catching on,” Spitfire replied, happy to see her star flyer was getting the idea.
>“Take off your suit and relax, Dash. This is a one-time thing.”
>Dash stared blankly until Spitfire made the first move by unbuttoning her outfit. Feeling that she was being rude by watching, Dash looked away and did what she was told to do. A few long seconds of dealing with their outfits and both mares stood naked. While Dash was used to not wearing clothes on a daily basis, something about the situation made her body tighten up and her face redden. Spitfire was the opposite. Ever since she joined the Wonderbolts, she always wore clothing to look more presentable in the public’s eye.
“This isn’t some cruel joke right?” Dash asked her mind drifting back to Lightning Dust for a few seconds.
“You’re not planning to push me away and kick me out of the academy like you did with Lightning Dust are you?”
>Spitfire looked at Dash, her smile turning into a look of caring and sympathy; something that Dash didn’t see very much of from her.
File: 181950.png (620 KB, 1280x960)
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620 KB PNG
>It was a mental breakdown, and not a very pretty one, to say the least.
>“Don’t worry, I don’t plan to kick you out and play a joke on you. It’s a simple case of me banging the insubordination out of you, and you’re going to stop flirting with the others in return. You’re a good Wonderbolt in the making, Dash, and getting rid of you would be the last thing I would do. You’ve broken so many records in this academy that it would make me look bad if I kicked you out. Besides, I’m sure rumors got around that I’m into mares thanks to overzealous ponies, and I think it’s only fair that I show one of the listeners that they are right.”
“Wait, so you really are into mares!?” Dash said, raising her voice up a bit in excitement.
>“Keep your voice down,” Spitfire warned, not wanting to have to deal with other teachers catching wind of her actions.
>“If we get caught then both of us will be kicked out of this academy.”
“Sorry,” Dash replied, lowering her voice a few decibels along with her head.
“It’s just… I’m just nervous, ya know?”
>“Heh, you expect males to be worth my time?” Spitfire said back, turning her chin up into the air, giving her a cocky look.
>“I’m only attracted to ponies that are worth it. You’ve broken records that I made back when I was trying out for the Wonderbolts, so it’s only fair I be interested in you.”
>“Now, how about we find out just how much of a fillyfooler you are,” Spitfire spoke up again, cutting off Dash’s incoming sentence before it even left her mouth.
>“Stand at attention, recruit. It’s time for inspection.”
>Hearing her voice change into her usual commander-like tone, Dash straightened up and stared face forward with a determined yet cocky grin on her face. In the corner of her eye, Dash watched Spitfire straighten herself up, before circling around behind her and lifting her tail.
>“You’ve got some very lean legs back here.”
>The words were accompanied by the feeling of a stray hoof gliding down her ass cheek and down her chiseled leg. Feeling the weathered hoof touch her, Dash’s cocky grin turned into a childish one. Though it was already apparent that she was about to get laid, it started to finally set into mind. The excitement started to replace her previous nervous attitude and she did her best to not wiggle and squirm with giddiness. Sadly she still moved around a bit and Spitfire was enjoying seeing her struggle to keep her composure.
>“You got such a fine ass, I’m almost jealous of it,” Spitfire said as she sat on her rear and wrapped her hoof around Dash’s tail, gripping it firmly. Her words were also accompanied by a feeling of another hoof moving up the other leg before she pressed it into Dash’s growing wetness.
>Dash shuddered and held back a surprised moan that nearly escaped her lips. While she was expecting some kind of foreplay from the Commander she knew that time was of the essence and they needed to make it fast, yet very pleasurable as well.
>“Oh would you look at that, seems my star cadet is already getting turned on,” Spitfire chuckled as she massaged Dash’s pussy for a few seconds before she moved it away and placed it against her cutie mark.
>“What do you prefer, Dash? A bit rough or a bit gentle?”
>Hearing the question, Dash looked over her shoulder before she swallowed a lump in her throat. She could see her Commander staring intently at the pussy in front of her, ready to pleasure it while making Dash squirm and fight the urge to moan loudly.
“I… I would love for you to be gentle,” Dash finally spoke up after a few long seconds of silence.
>“Oh? The loud and adventurous trainee is a mare who prefers a gentle touch is she?” Spitfire whispered as she moved her hoof back to Dash’s pussy and ran it down the trembling slit.
>“You’re full of surprises aren’t you? You wouldn’t happen to be one of those ten seconds to climaxing mares would you?”
“N-no, ma’am! I-I always make it a challenge for others to please me!” Dash spoke out, not wanting to appear like she wasn’t worth the effort.
>“That’s what I love to hear, Cadet. I prefer someone who is hard to please,” Spitfire said with a big smile on her face as continued to rub Dash’s pussy ever so softly.
>“But can you return the favor just as well?”
“I can dish out as much as I can take!” Dash stammered out, her confidence almost radiating from her being.
>“Can you?”
>Spitfire pressed her hoof into Dash’s pussy much harder and slowly moved it over her clit. Feeling it get rubbed, Dash’s backside rose up out of instinct but before it got high, Spitfire rose up slightly and rested her body on Dash’s back. Falling to the floor under her Commanders weight, Dash let a moan escape her throat as Spitfire didn’t ease up on her pussy.
“Oh gosh,” Dash whimpered as she rested her head into the floorboards, enjoying the hoofing she was getting.
“I-I can dish it out!!”
>“Good,” Spitfire whispered into Dash’s neck.
>“I expect to be sexed by you so hard, I’ll be too tired to walk straight tomorrow.”
>Feeling Spitfire’s hot breath against her back, Dash’s body felt weak. The continuous breathes made her wings flutter softly until they started to extend, giving the orange mare a new idea. Without a word, Spitfire moved her hoof away and instead put both her hooves against Dash’s left wing.
>“Such beautiful wings as well. Great wingspan, and you always seem to have all your feathers in place,” Spitfire told her as she ran her hooves up the bone, rubbing against every feather she could touch. Dash’s mouth hung agape. Though she was a very good flyer, she always had sensitive wings and with Spitfire touching them, she trembled and could barely think right.
“Oh my gosh,” Dash squeaked quietly as she did her best to not let her tongue roll out of her mouth.
>Sadly, as fast as the feeling came, Spitfire pulled her body away, leaving Dash feeling empty and neglected. The feeling of having her wing caressed and looked at with proud eyes by Spitfire was something her mind just didn’t want to end. Looking over her shoulder, Dash saw Spitfire looking back down at her pussy, noticing that she looked ready to give it a taste and hopefully devour it. A small thought quickly rose up in Dash’s mind and she wanted to appease to her Commander. Giving her rump a small wiggle and letting a small moan leave her throat, Dash swished her tail back and forth, successfully fanning out her arousal and drawing a chuckle out of Spitfire.
>Spitfire couldn’t help but smirk at the mare’s attitude, yet feel a hint of pride herself. With the power she had over her cadets, she could easily make Dash lay on her back while Spitfire lowered her pussy onto her face and made her eat it without giving anything in return. Part of her wanted to see just how submissive Dash was by pushing her to a few limits both physically and mentally. She wanted to but she was a simple mare that wanted the simple things and to make those simple things the best they could be. With that thought, Spitfire grabbed Dash’s tail and pulled her rear up.
>“Alright, cadet,” Spitfire said as she focused her eyes on Dash’s pussy and licked her lips. >“Let's see just how long you can last.”
>Dash did her best to steady her breath and did her best to not scream with excitement. Turning her head to the floor and away from Spitfire, Dash waited patiently for her commander to make the first touch. After a few long second the feeling came as Spitfire moved forward and pressed the tip of her nose into Dash’s arousal. As Dash moaned from the touch, Spitfire moved her muzzle up and down slowly, almost enough to mimic a tickling sensation. She kept it on the edge of Dash’s labia for a few seconds before she breathed out slowly and moved more of her face into it. Burying her muzzle in Dash’s slit she sniffed gingerly a few times, getting the true scent of the arousal.
>“Mhmmm, someone is an excited filly,” Spitfire said in a teasing tone as she moved her tongue out and gave the pussy a soft lick.
“Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh!” Dash squee’d, her body almost feeling like it was vibrating with hypersensitivity. Feeling the warm tongue brush against her almost made her cum on the spot. If it was a different pony tending to her, she surely wouldn’t have been so excited. Yet here she was on the floor of the head commander’s bedroom in the Wonderbolt academy, being treated by her idol Spitfire. She still couldn’t believe her luck and knew training hard would give her the greatest benefits she ever imagined.
>“Look at you. So excited, so eager. You remind me of a high school mare, excited that she’s getting laid for the first time. You better not cum too quickly, because I have a feeling that you will.” Spitfire told her in a low tone.
“I-I won’t cu-nngh!”
>The words barely left Dash’s mouth before Spitfire’s tongue rested on her clit and slowly brought the whole length of her tongue up her slit. Dash’s body followed the movement; her backside raising briefly, almost making her try to attempt to float upward. Spitfire quickly moved her tongue away, making Dash lower her rear for a split second before Spitfire came back in with another long catlike lick. Dash’s eyes closed, her expression twisting into a satisfied grin and her wings fluttering softly with every long lick Spitfire dished out. Her body felt numb from just simple lapping, and she felt excitement and a hint of fear for when Spitfire decided to pierce Dash’s slit with her tongue instead of licking at it. Pulling her chest up, Dash looked under her body to see if she could see her commander’s tongue in motion. As her eyes looked back, she smiled as not only was her tongue briefly in view, but at the same time Spitfire was rubbing her own pussy.
>Dash continued to watch Spitfire’s hoof work; her eyes studying to quick circular motion in hopes to mimic it later on to her. The more she watched it, the more hot and aroused it made her feel. She always loved to watch ponies touch themselves and always had a secret fetish for watching them get off from a distance. She continued to watch until she felt Spitfire finally stick her tongue in more. Breaking past the wet walls, Spitfire slipped her tongue in and wiggled it like a worm on a fish hook, trying to draw the fish that was Dash’s orgasm to the surface and take the bait.
“Oh my gosh, she’s so good,” Dash moaned as her head moved forward and she stared at the wall in front of her.
>Dash’s excitement started to drift into concern. Spitfire was good, almost too good; she was worried that she would be a letdown once her turn came around to please her. The way her tongue assaulted her pussy told her that Spitfire was a very experienced mare and would no doubt expect near perfection from Dash’s end. Focusing her mind to remember the motions Spitfire was using, Dash started to get herself in a mindset of returning the favor. Sadly, it was harder than she thought it would be, thanks to her being so close to getting off. Without a care in the world, Spitfire pulled her tongue away and grabbed Dash’s flank before she pushed it to the ground. Breaking out of her blissful state, Dash panicked slightly at the focus Spitfire was exerting on her. Before she spoke up, Spitfire quickly grabbed Dash’s legs, spread them apart and dove right back into Dash’s glistening wetness. A loud gasp escaped her throat and her body arched up slightly and she felt Spitfire focusing all her attention on Dash’s clit. Subtly wasn’t the word best described for Spitfire’s tongue lashing, in fact it would best be defined as relentless, and almost unforgiving. The way her tongue flicked at it showed she was trying to get Dash off as quickly as possible and Dash knew she wouldn’t last long at her rate.
“S-Spitfire! S-slow down, I’ll c-c-cum too quickly,” Dash stuttered out, her body screaming with pleasure.
>“That’s my plan, cadet,” Spitfire replied in a low tone before she pressed her lips to Dash’s clit and flicked at it intently as she sucked on it.
”Oh my gosh!“, Dash quickly brought her hoof to her mouth and bit on it in order to drown out her moans.
>She was finding it harder and harder to keep her voice down to a minimal level. Trying to keep her voice at bay, Dash tried everything from fidgeting wildly to biting her tongue in order to stay quiet. Yet she barely could thanks to Spitfire flicking at her clit and even letting her tongue caress her slit. She couldn’t stay still and unable to resist anymore, Dash put her free hoof on Spitfire’s fiery mane and pushed on it so she went closer to her.
>"That’s the spirit, Dash!", Spitfire rewarded, pressing her tongue harder into her. Sadly Dash was already at the end of her rope. After another dozen tongue lashes, Dash’s body started to tense and stiffen up. Gritting her teeth and clenching her eyes shut, Dash’s body curled up briefly before she let out a hushed moan and relaxed her body. Spitfire’s tongue happened to be piercing her slit at the time and as she felt it start to hug it she pulled away and watched Dash’s body spasm before she saw cum start to seep out.
>“So, did you enjoy that?” Spitfire said with a smirk on her face before she tasted a bit of cum on her lips and spat it to the floor.
“Oh gosh. Best. Finish. Ever,” Dash sighed with content as she rested her head against the floorboards and stared at the ceiling.
>“Good, but don’t relax too quickly,” Spitfire spoke as she sauntered her body over the winded pegasus.
>“You still need to get me off.”
>Dash smiled at her as she stared into her eyes for a few seconds before she started to walk again. As she walked Dash’s craned her neck upward a bit and let her nose brush against her chest, showing Spitfire she was still eager as ever. The cold muzzle brushing against her sent a shiver down her spine but she kept walking and eventually came to a stop as she positioned her own wetness over Dash’s face. The cyan pegasus looked on, her mouth twisted into a grin before she started to move her mouth for the target. However much to her surprise, Spitfire started to walk again, giving Dash nothing to touch.
“Hey, where you going?” Dash asked as she pulled herself up, noticing Spitfire was walking further away.
>“On my cot so I can be more comfortable,” Spitfire said in a matter of fact tone as she quickly hopped onto her small cot and sat on the edge, letting her back legs hang over the side.
>“You coming or what?”
>Dash quickly knew what she was doing and knew exactly how she was going to please her. Moving forward, she watched Spitfire spread her legs and lay her head down on the bed, all the while keeping her lusty eyes on the cyan mare. Taking her position, Dash rested her head between Spitfire chiseled legs and started to remember how Spitfire pleased her. Slow. Steady. Methodically. Teasingly. Many words coursed through her mind as she breathed hot air against the trembling slit.
>“You better make mine just as good-if not better-as your orgasm was,” Spitfire told her as she reached for her pillow and rested it behind her head.
>“Whenever you are ready, cadet.”
>Dash said nothing as she continued to stare intently at the pussy in front of her. Still getting her thoughts in place she debated between being nice and slow, or going full tilt and ravaging it. Considering Spitfire was hoofing herself previously, Dash finally decided on a middle approach. Be firm, yet subtle until Spitfire was moving around like she was.
>“Enjoying the view, cadet?” Spitfire spoke up in a snarky tone, before she put her hoof to her chest and slowly pushed it down until she reached her clit. Stroking it gently, Spitfire moaned making the mare at her legs tremble and shake, telling her she craved the attention she was about to get.
“Yes, ma’am. I promise this will be one of the best orgasms ever,” Dash replied as she shook her head and started to slowly move it forward. Suffice with her words, Spitfire moved her hoof away and put it behind her head and waited.
>“I’ll hold you to your words. Now, get to it,” Spitfire spoke one last time before she fully relaxed herself.
>Dash nodded her head and took a deep breath before she slowly moved her muzzle into Spitfire’s folds. Unlike Dash, Spitfire didn’t let out a gasp when she was touched. The only thing she did was fidget slightly until Dash’s tongue traveled out of her mouth and got pressed against Spitfire’s pussy. The enjoyment was instant since she didn’t have to settle for a measly hoof anymore.
>“Mhm, getting right to it are you?” Spitfire cooed.
>Steadying her licks into ones that covered the whole slit, Dash put her hooves against Spitfire’s curvy hips and ran circles in them. She matched the speed of a filly clopping herself and ran them up and down Spitfire’s sides in the process of it. Letting her hooves study the slender and elegant figure of her commander, Dash successfully made her sigh with content as her body arched up slightly.
>“You got rather soft hooves,” Spitfire spoke quietly; her expression showing that of one who was enjoying herself immensely.
>“And you know how to move them in order to please me. I’m happy you’re my star flyer more than ever now.”
>Happy with the praise she got, Dash decided to let her tongue be a bit more adventurous. Giving her slit a quick lick, Dash moved it up to Spitfire’s clit and made her tongue circle around the edges without actually touching her love button. Spitfire tensed up for a second; her hooves moving to her sides before they traveled up and rested against the prismatic mane in front of her. Burying them within the rainbow mane, Spitfire rubbed Dash’s cranium while drawing her in closer. With the feeling of hooves trying to guide her in, Dash obeyed them and moved her mouth closer without resting in on the wet flesh. The closer she got, the more Spitfire could feel Dash’s labored breathing hit her pussy and clit. Each breath sent a shiver of ecstasy down her spine, making her want to pull the mare’s face in totally.
>Not wanting to break the mare’s motions, Spitfire stayed quiet and rocked her hips in tune with the licks. With her hips moving like they were, Dash found the swollen clit brush against her muzzle briefly and knew Spitfire wanted her to focus every thought on it. Stopping the motions of her hooves, Dash placed them against Spitfire’s cutie marks and pulled her ass into the air a touch. Another moan escaped Spitfire’s throat as Dash’s licks switched from teasing the outside to directly flicking at the gem in the middle.
>“Damn, you’re going to make me look like a ten second mare,” Spitfire spoke out, nearly ashamed that she was nearing her finish so quickly.
>“Not bad, Dash. I just may have to do this more often if I find you flirting around the academy.”
>Hearing that excited the young mare and she quickly gave Spitfire’s clit a few hard licks before gently running her tongue over it. Each lick made Spitfire shudder greater and was enough for her to start gritting her teeth and biting her tongue to stop her moans.
>“Nnngh, fuck! I don’t want to cum too soon,” Spitfire hissed under her breath, managing to keep her words inaudible by Dash’s ears.
>As much as she wanted to stop Dash from going on, she decided against and thought about convincing Dash to visit her on another night and have her pleasure her from the beginning. Rubbing her sticky hoof through the mane of Dash, Spitfire just remembered it was the hoof she used on herself. No doubt Dash would need a shower in the morning but that gave Spitfire so many ideas. Wake the mare up earlier than normal, drag her to the secluded shower area and bang the crap out of her with a strap-on she had packed away. With the showers being so far away from the rooms, Spitfire could hear just how loud the little fillyfooler was. The thoughts of sexing the mare in the shower sadly drove Spitfire closer to her own climax and deciding to make it end good she braced her hooves against Dash’s mane.
>“Make my ending a good one, cadet or else I’ll be very upset,” Spitfire told her as she pushed her face deeper in, giving Dash barely any airway to breathe.
>With her nasal passage almost fully blocked, Dash had no choice but to forcefully breathe in the arousal of her commander in order to stay conscious. Not wanting to pull away and anger her, Dash moved her tongue faster both over Spitfire’s pussy and clit. Each quick lick made Spitfire shiver and tense up. Her eyes clenched so tight they hurt and her body screamed for a release to take place. After a few more quick licks, Spitfire let out a loud moan and felt her body starting to stiffen up. Not wanting Dash to stop her motions, Spitfire held her head in place as her orgasm rocked her body.
>On the verge of passing out, Dash kept licking until the taste of cum greeted her tongue and she forcefully pulled herself away. Free of her commander’s hooves, Dash fell back on the floor breathing heavily as stars danced in her darkened vision. With her on the ground and staring upward, Dash didn’t see her commander’s body spasm and release its pent up cum onto the bed below her body.
>“Holy fuck, I needed that,” Spitfire huffed into the air as her legs went limp and stayed spread in the air. Feeling her heart race, Spitfire moved one hoof to her chest while the other moved downwards to her sloppy wetness. Finally steadying her breathing, Spitfire touched her own cum with her hoof before she moved it up to her line of sight and smiled at it.
>“Kid’s a keeper indeed. Bending a few rules now and then sure has its rewarding results.”
>The words reached Dash’s ears and she slowly pulled her winded body up. Positioning herself on her haunches, Dash looked at the cum-covered cunt in front of her and smiled.
“Heh, told you I could dish it out as good as I took it!” Dash proclaimed as she put a hoof to her chest and smiled a cocky grin at her commander. Pulling herself up, Spitfire looked at her cadet and couldn’t help but smile at her cockiness.
>“Sorry I doubted you, Dash, but next time I won’t cum as quickly as I did,” Spitfire replied as she pulled her body up and off the bed.
>The cockiness Dash was showing quickly turned into excitement at the mention of ‘next time’ Standing back up, Dash almost jumped in the air just thinking about screwing around with her idol again in the future.
“You really mean a next time?” Dash asked, her smile so big it would put Pinkie’s smile to shame.
>“It depends,” Spitfire spoke up as she put her commanders voice and attitude on before she started to walk around Dash’s body.
>“I may have to bang the insubordination out of you a second time if you prove....Troublesome.”
“Heh, maybe a second time won’t be enough for me,” Dash replied matching Spitfire’s tone as she started to walk in a circle with Spitfire as well.
“I can be a pretty stubborn mare when I want to.”
>“I’ll take you to your word, cadet. Just remember: next time, I promise you’ll moan like a filly. Now I suggest you head to your barrack and get some sleep. You have a long day ahead of you.”
>Spitfire stopped moving and sat her haunches on the ground, never taking her eyes off the pony in front of her. Dash stopped too but quickly turned around and made her way to the door. Wanting to give Spitfire one final show, Dash started to sway her hips, doing her best to mimic that of a mare fully interested in more fun. Her tail swished about, successfully drawing her commander’s attention furthermore, letting her see the glistening cunt leaving her reach. Part of Spitfire wanted to keep her for the night and fuck her senseless but the proper teacher knew both had to get sleep. Once Dash was out of the room and trotting down the hallway, Spitfire sighed softly and turned back for her bed. Stopping at the edge of it, her smile turned into a frown as she saw the wet spot on it.
>“Ugh, I hate sleeping in cum. Always makes my fur sticky,” Spitfire whines before she begrudgingly climbed into her bed and fixed it up in order to sleep.

File: 1505740801009.gif (413 KB, 640x633)
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413 KB GIF
Are these prewritten, or are you some kind of smut machine? Either way good shit.
File: threesome.jpg (90 KB, 850x435)
90 KB
How does three-way scissoring work?
File: Spoiler Image (3.13 MB, 2480x3507)
3.13 MB
3.13 MB PNG
Best ship coming through.
File: scissoring.gif (983 KB, 500x280)
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File: 5435347453.gif (1.51 MB, 500x200)
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1.51 MB GIF
Quick update tonight, with more to come tomorrow: https://pastebin.com/1YWftUY0

>Trixie held out her arms, the sleeves of her hoodie drooping somewhat comically over her hands
“Ah… right, yeah.”
>Starlight circled her arms around Trixie’s waist and pulled the other girl against her
>Trixie’s hug was tight as ever, but there was a measured gentleness to it
>Her head came to rest against Starlight’s shoulder, and Starlight allowed her face to brush against Trixie’s hair
>It smelled like a muted, sweeter version of the way the whole house did: of cinnamon, of dollar-store soap, and of aged wood
>Starlight was acutely aware of Trixie’s soft chest pressing up against hers
>It made her feel warm, and strangely whole
>The two held each other like that until Starlight heard the creaking of floorboards from down the hall
>She lifted her head to see Trixie’s mom standing at the end of the hall
>Immediately, Starlight let go of Trixie
>She stood there, facing the girl’s mom, with her arms dangling at her side and a sheepish, guilty look on her face
>But Trixie’s mom just smiled
>”C’mon, Starlight. Let’s go get your coat, sweetie.”

>Starlight followed Trixie’s mom down the stairs, her eyes on the floor
>She wasn’t entirely sure why she felt so guilty
>There was nothing weird about two friends hugging, right?
>But she was all too aware that what happened back there wasn’t a “friend” hug
>She wasn’t sure what kind of other hugs there were, but…
>Well, there was *that* kind
>And maybe Starlight kid sort of feel *that* way about Trixie
>Whatever *that* way was, really, she wasn’t entirely sure
>It wasn’t like Starlight hadn’t had these little crushes before
>But she’d never actually gotten this far with one of them, and at this point she couldn’t even imagine what to do next
>Granted, Trixie probably didn’t feel anywhere near the same way
>Starlight mentally blocked the thoughts of Trixie reciprocating affection out of her mind, feeling weirdly paranoid that Mrs. Lulamoon would somehow pick up on her feelings for her if Starlight thought about them too hard
“G-gah! Yeah?”
>They had reached the laundry room; Starlight gave Mrs. Lulamoon a nervous smile, stuffing her sweaty hands into her pockets
>”You okay? You look a lil’ nervous, sweetheart.”
“No, I’m fine.”
>”Okay. Here ya go.”
>She passed Starlight her warm, now-dry jacket
>The moment it was in her hands, Starlight whirled around with every intent to dash out of the room
>But she felt Mrs. Lulamoon’s hand on her shoulder
>”Listen, uh… can I talk to ya for a moment?”
>”Thanks. Now, ya been real good with Trix, an’ I appreciate that a whole lot.”
“I’m g-glad to hear it.”
>Starlight stared up into the older woman’s sunny smile, seeing nothing but terror in it
>”But, uh… I saw that you were huggin’ her back there, and I just wanted to tell ya—“
“I’m sorry! It won’t happen again, I promise!”
>Trixie’s mom looked genuinely confused
“Oh… are you not mad?”
>Mrs. Lulamoon chuckled; somehow, even her laughter still had that thick Fargo accent
>”Course I’m not mad atcha! It’s just… Trix gets real attached to folk that are nice to her, y’know?”
This is canon

No one can say otherwise
“Hah. Yeah, I can kinda tell.”
>”It’s one of the reasons I love the little thing so much. But… it can be hard for her. She gets so attached to these nice kids that TEACUP sends here and then, well… she doesn’t see ‘em again.”
>”And I understand. You guys are doing a good thing, volunteering your time for kids like her who don’t have a lotta people to rely on. But you have lives you gotta get back to, once your week here ends. So I guess, what I’m askin’ is…”
>Trixie’s mom patted Starlight’s shoulder
>”Try not to get her hopes up too high, okay?”

>Those words stuck with Starlight the entire way home
>The rain had fizzled out, leaving a misty haze that hung in the air and blotted out the afternoon sun
>Streetlights were on already, and brief bars of yellow light flashed across the car’s interior as they sped home
>’Don’t get her hopes up…’
>Was that all that Starlight was doing?
>She hadn’t really considered what she would do after her TEACUP session with Trixie ended
>Starlight saw no reason that the two couldn’t stay being friends, but…
>Well, it’s not like she was still friends with any of the other kids she’d met through the organization
>The program was pretty much just an endlessly cycling rent-a-friend for kids who couldn’t find them normally
>That thought made Starlight feel a little sad
>She curled up in the back seat, feeling a little less like a kid and a bit more world-weary
>Was it even right, to make Trixie feel like all of this was real?
>Was it real?
>It felt real, but Starlight couldn’t help but doubt her own authenticity

Goodnight lesbos.
File: 1511527.png (886 KB, 2500x1630)
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886 KB PNG
>Forgot about the whole week long loan a friend volunteer thing
Hopefully this doesn't end as melancholy as old college try did not that I would complain if it did
Silly Ponk and Birb
File: 4.png (803 KB, 900x1500)
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803 KB PNG
You're really good, Anon.
This is just my autism speaking, but you totally should create an account on Pastebin to upload all your stuff together. I like to bookmark other writefags' profiles to check them from time to time, if you keep pastebin-ing your greens as a guest, I feel that I can be missing out something.
File: 1608813.png (82 KB, 600x546)
82 KB
>I like to bookmark other writefags' profiles to check them from time to time
H-heh, what a nerd. At least I-I'm not a creep like that although I bookmark my favorite stories and read them once in a while
File: 1654189.png (381 KB, 663x888)
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381 KB PNG
I need greens
Greens of Rarity being a voracious lesbian thot
This is the kind of thing that's heartwarming, but also makes me aware of my mortality, and the ultimately temporary nature of things. I just hope this has a happy, perhaps slightly bittersweet end.
File: 1519610697676.png (928 KB, 621x809)
928 KB
928 KB PNG
>ground control to lesbo Trix
>ground control to lesbo Trix
>take your reformed waifu and put your wizard hat on
File: 675.png (847 KB, 1280x823)
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847 KB PNG
Write me a green about this sleepover
Eris is a lot of fun.
File: 1516493348589.jpg (197 KB, 720x808)
197 KB
197 KB JPG
>discord transforming into a thicc brown harlot and lezzing out with other girls during sleepover
yes i want this
File: 1566434.jpg (373 KB, 1280x1076)
373 KB
373 KB JPG
But anon, that's every green with Rarity; The queen of thots.
>Turning into a woman to have a sleepover with your waifu
good thinking
I'd rather have greens of Rarity being a voracious lesbian slut/

In your imagination perhaps.
File: 1632155.png (290 KB, 779x552)
290 KB
290 KB PNG
>Rarity goes out to town
>Blows kisses at strangers
>Spots a cute girl and brings her home
>Starts rutting
>tfw I can hear it
God damn it
wait, what's the difference?
Thots occasionally make money off of their sluttiness.

Which, frankly, seems like a very Rarity thing to do.

>Which, frankly, seems like a very Rarity thing to do.
I can imagine Rarity as a high-class escort for lonely and wealthy bi-curious wives.
Her favorite part is when the client is a widow she can sculpt into a rich lesbian.
File: 109739.jpg (473 KB, 1412x960)
473 KB
473 KB JPG
Like https://youtu.be/BkoU5aa1Ugk?t=1m1s ?
I would taste a fucking two sided dildo used by Twilight and Rarity for an entire week
Another story incoming for those interested.

"Do you regret it?"
>"Do I regret what?"
"Having me pulled from you. Do you regret it?"
>There was a pause.
"I thought so. Even now you are easy to read."
>Luna sighed, sinking down into her bed. The crisp night air was drifting in through her balcony, the pale light of her moon gracing the room. She turned her head to face the huge, glowing orb with a blank stare.
>Beneath it, in the white light it offered, Nightmare Moon sulked on the balcony. Her head hung low, her ears flattened and eyes drooped. Around her sides, a velvet belt emitted a dim violet light, clasping her wings down to her body. Atop her horn sat a cloth, crafted of artisan silk. It's threads too let off this soft violet glow as they bound themselves into her horn. Her entire body seemed lifeless and cold; not even her starry mane or misty tail flowed in the breeze. They, as her, were slumped and still.
"You wished me gone, not separated. I would rather it, too, instead of being chained as some...pet...", she gently tried to unfurl her wings to no avail.
>"Tis a lie," Luna said, shifting in her silken sheets.
"We spent over one-thousand years together, Luna. I know when you lie and when you don't." Nightmare Moon sighed, turning in from the cool night air.
>With her head down, the thin mare strode across the carpeted room, tail sagging all the way. When she reached Luna's large blue semi-circle bed, she came to a slow halt.
"You really grew on me in those thousand years."
>"It was thou who grew on me," Luna said as she rolled away.
"I only wanted to help," she said.
>She raised her head, displaying a scowl towards the inattentive Luna.
"That was what you wanted, right? Help?"
>"You did not help me!" Luna shot up through the air, a snarl across her face. She hovered above her ruined bed for a moment, her harsh look beating down upon the newest alicorn.
>"You made me a monster!"
"I helped you! I cared for you! Who was there when no one else appreciated you? Who was there for you when you cried on the moon? Who promised...who promised that you would never be hurt again? Me." She stood tall, grimacing back at Luna.
>The princess closed her eyes and, with a loud huff, fell back atop her bed. She relaxed in, snuggling down into the soft mattress. Without words, she yanked her sheets back up, facing away from Nightmare Moon.
"All I ever wanted to do was help," the sweet, somber voice said from behind her.
>After a small moment of silence, with nothing more than the hum or the wind singing its tune, she continued,
"So I suppose I'm sleeping on the floor again, hmm?"
>"I suppose you are," Luna said, jerking the ends of her sheets from her skewed reflection.
>The black mare sighed, leaning close.
"I've expressed my apologies multiple times. Can I at least sleep on the bed?"
>Luna rolled over, giving an evil glare.
>"Fine," she said, "But thou stays on that side of the bed, and shall have none of my sheets."
"I suppose that's fair," Nightmare Moon sighed.
>As she climbed onto the bed, her body blending perfectly with the thick darkness, she watched as Luna pulled all of her sheets away. Even still, Nightmare Moon managed to say,
>The princess snorted, saying not a thing. Now darkness and silence meshed, the cool air once welcome now a biting chill. Nightmare Moon curled into herself, a mute frown on her tired face. Time was hardly moving, yet she needed to adjust and fidget seconds later. After that, and for a good thirty minutes, her hoof could hardly stay still.
>Luna seemed to not have this problem; the deep blue blob was gently snoring away, rising and sinking with each breath she drew. Aided by the pale light of the moon, Nightmare Moon observed the motions with weary eyes. She yawned every so often, yet her eyes stared opened and fixated.
>It was little longer after this that she whispered into the night
"Enough is enough."
>Carefully, she unfurled from her little ball, and crawled across the bed to Luna. Gazing down upon the mare's head as it lay comfortably on its little silver pillow, Nightmare Moon gulped. She slowly placed a foreleg on the opposite side of the dozing princess, lip bitten harsh and unforgiving. Then, she brought her hind leg over, lightly setting it down on a lump of sheets. She was now directly over her former embodiment, silent as a whisper in the night.
>It was a slow process, but she eventually successfully pressed her warm body against the sheet-covered Luna. Her head was just beneath the slumbering mare's chin, her ears picking up each soft breath taken. She drew her lips back, pressing her exposed teeth up to the princess's warm neck where she began nipping.
>Barely, of course; her strong jaw nibbled away with only the force of a light scratch. She continued her soft nipping, up and down Luna's throat. Her forelegs pressed up against Luna's sides, slowly rubbing her, caressing her. Though she still slept, the alicorn let loose a quiet moan. The sound filled the silent air; fuel for Nightmare's advance.
>"Hngh...mmm...Wha...What? What are thou doing?" Luna cried, her eyes snapping wide.
>She pressed her hooves the advancing mare's chest, ready to heave. Yet her forelegs relaxed, falling down to her sides as face changed from anger to confusion.
>"What are thou doing?"
>Nightmare Moon had not ceased her motions, nibbling away at Luna's neck relentlessly. Now she was slipping her tongue between her teeth, tasting the sweet mare, eliciting but a light moan.
"I have apologized countless times," she said, breaking from her nibbles to nuzzle Luna's chin.
"But perhaps...perhaps it is not enough. I'd like nothing more than to truly make it up to you."
>She drew back, leaning in to give Luna a small peck on the cheek. The princess flushed a deep crimson, eyes widened again.
>"I do not understand..." she said, squirming beneath her sheets.
"I want to show you," Nightmare Moon said, giving a playful lick to Luna's ear. Then, she flicked the bundle of sheets and asked, "May I come in?"
>With a wary eye, Luna gave the sheets a little tug with her magic. Nightmare Moon smiled and nodded in acknowledgment, heaving herself slightly off the bed. The sheets slid from beneath her, exposing Luna's warm, luscious body. Nightmare gently pressed herself down atop the princess, and the sheets draped over them again. Now, her forelegs tucked beneath Luna's, and her hind legs sprawled, she could feel heat flooding her dark cheeks.
>"If thou tries anything..."
"You have my promise," she said, deeply nuzzling her face into Luna's neck.
>Taking a hoof from beneath, Nightmare traced the blue alicorn's side down to her flank, where she gently rubbed the length of the crescent moon cutie mark.
>Luna let slip a small, drawled groan as she wrapped her forelegs around the mare atop her. The larger alicorn pulled her head back, looking down into Luna's eyes. The two shared a glance in the silence, neither smiling, yet neither frowning.
>Nightmare Moon took her hoof from Luna's flank, dragging it up and around. It slid between her warm, dripping haunches. She held it just above the source of great heat, swirling her hoof around in a massaging circle, matting down her steamy fur. A sharp gasp slipped from Luna as she turned away, her cheeks visibly reddening in the dark night.
>The tender heat caused Nightmare to quiver. Her nethers begged for release, burning from want and desire. Tired of ignoring them, she retracted her hoof, returning it to Luna's sides. Her eyes were still locked the princess's own deep cyan irises. Her lips fumbled her words, and all Nightmare could resolve herself to do was smile.
"Are you ready?" she asked finally, her whole body trembling.
>Luna nodded quietly, still a wary eye glued to the black alicorn's actions. Nightmare Moon smiled, taking a deep breath, before gently lowering her nether lips to meet Luna's own. Just as the two hot, wet mare's connected, she jerked her head down, locking her lips to her love's, the tender flesh meeting in an embrace of love and lust as deep as the night sky.
>In unison, they released soft, muted moans, their sexes brushing against each other. The kiss still locked them, but Nightmare Moon had still begun a grinding motion. The princess's eyes clenched shut as their steaming haunches pressed together.
>A new rhythm of rocking formed as Nightmare pulsed up and down atop Luna. Pleasure riveted through her spin as their sexes meshed and soaked, trading fluids and matting their fur. A thick thatch of wetness stained Luna's rump as their combined juices trickled down to the sheets.
>Nightmare's speed increased, the whole situation in her control. As their wanting, soaked nethers scraped against the other's, the alicorn broke the wet kiss. She craned her neck up, slipping Luna's horn deep into her moist throat, tenderly suckling on it. Her tongue swirled around the sensitive extension as she moaned a deep, passionate note. She milked the horn for its worth, sucking tiny sparks of magic from the tip, their taste sweet and savory. Her grinding hastened, their combined moans growing louder.
>Nightmare Moon sucked harder, bobbing up and down in sync with her grinding sex. Heat washed over every region of her body, her muscles tensing and relaxing sporadically.
>Underneath her, Luna was twitching and moaning loudly, her breathing long and shallow. Her coat was thick with sweat and juices now, her nethers in particular stained and warm.
>Retracting from Luna's horn, a bridge of saliva connecting her tongue to it still, Nightmare sucked deeply in, air filling her lungs to a bursting point. She was panting now, her throat dry and parched. Her partner panted too, her blue mane frizzed, and her tail drenched.
"D-Do you know why I promised all those things?" Nightmare Moon asked with a strained, crimson red face.
>"W-Why?" Luna gasped, her eyes squeezed shut. Her grip on her lover tightened.
>The heat was at a bursting point. All Nightmare could force out between gasps was a heavy,
"Because I love you."
>Then their lips pressed together again, her tongue dancing and twirling with Luna's.
>Both were elevated to a glorious, mind numbing climax, tearing their embrace apart as their heads were thrown back. Their eyes latched shut, just as their muscles tightened to their full power. Their sexes finally swapped their expulsing juices, drenching the sheets in an endorphin laced spray of liquid ecstasy.
>Nightmare Moon collapsed, her muscles finally giving way. Both she and Luna took heavy breaths in unison, one atop the other, still embraced in a warm hug.
>The night was silent again, the moon offering only its shallow glow. The darkness was coming, coming for them. Coming to take them away to a deep slumber in each other's hooves.
>Yet just before she gave into the cool touch of sleep, Nightmare Moon forced out with a heavy pant
"Do you regret it?"
>The last thing she, or either of them remembered, was Luna saying in her waning voice
>"No. Not at all."

File: 724136.png (723 KB, 1280x720)
723 KB
723 KB PNG
>Luna x Nightmare Moon
Isn't it just masterbaition at that point?
File: 1604418.png (3.47 MB, 2384x2985)
3.47 MB
3.47 MB PNG
>Just realized I missed the perfect opportunity to reference /u/'s victory in the op
This is going to bother me for weeks
I actually requested it myself
File: 1450248.jpg (365 KB, 937x820)
365 KB
365 KB JPG
File: Whoops.jpg (1.48 MB, 2343x2048)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB JPG
Anon, this is a blue board!
Fluttermaud soon.
File: 994064.png (362 KB, 1280x570)
362 KB
362 KB PNG
It's only illegal in the fingers are intertwined
>”What’re you doin’, Maudie?”
>Maud’s eyes were locked onto the cellphone sitting in her right palm as she turned it over and over in her hand.
>She looked over at Fluttershy who was languidly kicking her feet back and forth as she lay on the bed.
>Fluttershy was smiling gently at her.
“I met someone at the party.”
>Fluttershy lit up as she turned over and scooted towards Maud.
>”Who? A new friend?”
>Maud pursed her lips as she looked back to the phone and continued to turn it over in her palm.
>”Oh, that’s so exciting, Maud. What’s her name?”
“I do not know.”
>Fluttershy’s simpering smile faltered.
>”I see. You should call her.”
“That was my intent.”
>Maud flipped the phone into its’ correct orientation.
>Her finger hovered over the numbers, and she began to doubt herself.
>Maud breathed in deep, closed her eyes, and began dialing.
>The dial tone rumbled in her hand, and Maud couldn’t help but feel regret.
>She didn’t even know this woman, could barely recall her face.
>Her fingers tightened around the phone as she thought over her decision.
>She was interrupted by a voice, the one from just a few nights ago.
>That confident, cheery voice that sent shivers up her spine.
“Yes. Hello. This is Maud.”
>”Maud…? That dyke from the party?”
>Maud’s lips pursed.
>”Hey Maud! What’s up?”
“I was wondering if…”
>She looked up at Fluttershy, who was grinning encouragingly at her.
“If you would enjoy accompanying me to a gathering of some sort.”
>”A… What?”
“A gathering.”
>”Do you mean a party or somethin’?”
>”You should’ve said so, Maud. I’d love to. I’ll be over in fifteen.”
“What is your name?”
>Maud could almost feel the smirk from her end of the line.
>”Wouldn’t you like to know?”
>The phone went silent as the girl hung up.

>Maud couldn’t quite get her mind off the girl.
>The party, the introductions, being dragged through town, all of it was simply a blur.
>Except for her.
>She stood firmly in Maud’s memory.
>Confident and cheerful, with a mega-watt grin.
>Maud couldn’t imagine any other way to describe her.
>Her every move seemed intentional, even accidents, like the world did its’ level best to accommodate her.
>She flowed through crowds easily, like a knife through butter, dragging Maud along yet making her feel apart of the ride.
>Maud turned over to Fluttershy’s half of the bed.
>She was dead asleep, her chest rising and falling gently.
>Maud should feel happy, content with what she had.
>But she wasn’t.
>She should feel warm and fuzzy and should realize that Fluttershy loved her.
>But she couldn’t.
>It felt wrong.
>A charade, held up by needle-thin threads.
>This new girl…
>Maud rolled back over so she was staring at the ceiling.
>She could never remember feeling so…


sorry for the short update, but theres not much left in terms of actually writing it all down. I had an ending in mind but after beginning the rewriting process I just had to keep going.
I left some hints as to the mystery girl's true identity, try and look if you want.
File: 1504404464338.jpg (132 KB, 808x700)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
This situation is hitting pretty close to home. I'm excited for the end, but dreading it at the same time.
Th-that's lewd!

I'm feeling that >>32011243 speaks for pretty much everyone. It's amazing how deeply you can hurt us, Sadnon, and yet make it so we relish the pain. You have the act of making us desire heartbreak down to a science.
Is it still lesbo if it's futa?
File: top fucking cute.png (496 KB, 3832x3001)
496 KB
496 KB PNG
Futa is inherently made to give males a way to selfinsert so no
But strap-ons are just a poor simulacrum of the real thing.
Glad you guys like it. It's really been a labor of love for me.
Do you think the fandom, or at least this board, would be better off if Ghost hadn't died before her time?
File: 1668239.jpg (137 KB, 612x612)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
File: Spoiler Image (268 KB, 725x1628)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
Best ship coming through.
File: 1520292832615.jpg (179 KB, 1080x1286)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
You get out of here with that sick filth!
File: Spoiler Image (200 KB, 923x2063)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
But Anon. Accepting AJR in your heart is a first step to salvation aka becoming cute-lesbo mare in Equestria after death
I'd say it depends on the futa's personality, behavior, and intentions more than anything else. Like, if they're just some pussymonger looking to put their dick in someone, then no. However, something like a normally girl-on-girl pair who's looking for a way to make their magical lesbian spawn, that may be an acceptable case if the donger is a temporary thing. For example, Starlight going to see Zecora for a potion that would let her knock up Trixie could be a thing.
File: 828671.png (45 KB, 490x364)
45 KB
I was starting to get worried about you, glad to see you're ok
File: ca7.jpg (38 KB, 255x291)
38 KB
No, dudes, no. What the fuck?!
Futa's a shit-tier fetish.
Eh, it's more a means to an end for me; preggers is my biggest fetish, even if it comes from something so degenerate as holding hands.
File: image.png (329 KB, 1024x1424)
329 KB
329 KB PNG
Is this true?
New to this...I ship Maud and Starlight hard...would anyone be interested in this pairing?
File: 120995.png (439 KB, 1280x1149)
439 KB
439 KB PNG
I'm a TwiPie fag, so yes, sure, it's totally true.
File: 12314234.png (755 KB, 1256x1484)
755 KB
755 KB PNG
S rank ship my dude, interested as hell.
File: 1669808.png (1.4 MB, 675x2048)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
Maybe, but Ponk's a lelsorandum spaz. Terrible waifu.
The StarTrix story is put on a temporary hiatus so I can write a story on this prompt.

>Rarity had never made quite a commute for work before
>Then again, she’d never received an invitation by handwritten letter before either
>Her latest client had provided no phone number, email address, or method of contact outside of a name and address
>That address, as it turned out, was nearly an hour and a half outside of Canterlot, hidden somewhere in the no-man’s land that stretched in a 100-mile radius around the city, before you reached the outskirts of Las Pegasus
>Normally, Rarity would have never bothered with such a hassle
>After all, Canterlot was full of plenty of wealthy women looking to experiment, or to ease the loneliness of the loveless power-couple marriages they’d unwittingly roped themselves into
>But the elegance of a handwritten letter— composed in some truly exquisite, almost gothic calligraphy —was simply to enticing to ignore
>And so Rarity found herself driving alone across the middle-of-nowhere stretch of the I-24, surrounded by nothing but the inky black expanse of empty grainfields and the low tones of jazz on the radio

>When she reached the specified address, a winding gravel road led her through the open fields of what looked for all the world like a quarry
>A tiny squick of nervousness trailed down the back of Rarity’s neck; if, by some chance, her client didn’t have the best intentions, there really wasn’t around to help her
>She momentarily considered turning back
>But she had promised in her return letter that she would be here, and Rarity was not one to break promises
>Besides, she wasn’t exactly helpless; she’d fended off creeps twice her size before
>Eventually the gravel road came to an abrupt halt in front of a massive, austere-looking farmhouse
>It was built entirely from a slate-gray wood, and a few rays of pale yellow light shone from an upstairs window
>Rarity stepped out of her car and took a moment to straighten her dress, a tight-fitted thing in a shade of rich violet that complimented her hair and highlighted the contours of her, well, “assets” as she liked to call them
>She wore a high-cut red jacket over the dress, and found herself pulling it tighter around herself as a bitter plains-wind swept through the air
>Floorboards creaked beneath Rarity’s feet as the stepped up to the door and knocked
>No response
>She knocked again, a little louder
>The squick of fear traveled a little lower down her neck, seeming to settle in her chest
>Rarity raised her hand to knock a third time when she heard footsteps on the other side
>Several latches rattled as they were undone, and the door swung open
>Rarity found herself facing a women about twenty years older than herself
>And, well…
>To put it lightly, she looked nothing like Rarity had expected
>She was dressed in a floor-length dinner gown, looking almost like something Rarity would expect to see in a museum dedicated to Plymouth Rock
>Her hair, a deep granite color that matched the surroundings, was tied back in a severe bun, leaving not a single strand hanging over her face, which itself was adorned by a pair of square glasses
>The woman held herself with a rigid posture
>When she spoke, though, an unmistakable quiver in her voice showed how nervous she was
>”G-good evening, madam.”
>Rarity raised an eyebrow, somewhat surprised— yet quite pleased —by the formality
“Good evening to you as well. Ms. Quartz, yes?”
>”Mrs. Quartz, actually. I have had the pleasure to be quite h-happily married for twenty-three years.”
“I see.”
>Rarity easily detected the stumble in the woman’s voice
>It was something she had encountered quite often; nobody made a call to her because they were satisfied with their current romantic situation, after all
“Well, Mrs. Quartz, I hope you don’t mind me saying you look exquisitely lovely tonight. That dress is *timelessly* divine.”
>A light pink colored the older woman’s cheeks
>”Thou art too kind. But please, we need not dwell on formality. Thou may call me Cloudy, if it pleases thee.”
>Rarity blinked
>She’d been a little surprised by the old-timey vibe of the place so far, but she hadn’t expected to run into *this* level of Quaker America
“It would. It’s quite a pretty name.”
>”I am… unused to such flattery.”
>Cloudy suddenly shook her head, placing her hand over her chest as if to steady herself
>”Oh, I forget myself. Please, do come in.”
>She stepped back and swept an arm wide, gesturing for Rarity to enter

>Inside, the house was about as spartan as one would guess: the furniture was wooden and unpainted, and there was not much in the way of decor aside from portraits of stern-looking ancestors and gray, dreary landscapes
>Rarity couldn’t imagine what spending all one’s time in a place would do to one’s mood
>Cloudy stood awkwardly near the door, looking at the ground
>”I will admit, I have no experience with, well…”
“With what, dear?”
>”With harlots.”
>Immediately, Cloudy held a hand over her mouth, blushing furiously
>”I mean… women in thy profession. I have never even met one, let alone thought to… to request one’s company”
“Ha! Oh, that’s quite alright. You don’t need to worry a bit. I’m here to make sure you have a good time.”
>”I see.”
>Cloudy bowed
>”I apologize if I have offended thee!”
“Not in the slightest, darling! I’m more than aware of my place in the world. Now…”
>Rarity stepped forward, placing a hand against Cloudy’s chin
>The older woman looked up at her, her breath coming in short, stuttering gasps
“Where would you like to begin?”
>”I am afraid I do not know. I have no knowledge of such things. I… I hoped that thou couldst show me.”
“Ah, I see.”
>Again, hardly something new to Rarity; many women called her for guidance as much as company
>Fortunately, Rarity considered herself an excellent guide
“Well, how about we enjoy a drink together?”
>Rarity held up her purse, from which she procured a bottle of her favorite Pinot Noir vintage
>Cloudy gasped
>”Alcohol? I have never dared to partake.”
>Rarity turned the bottle over in her hands
“Well, I truly hope this isn’t uncouth, but… I’m fairly certain this night is going to be full of first times for you, my dear.”
>Cloudy held her hand to her mouth, trembling slightly
>”Thou art… quite correct.”
“Then would you join me in a glass?”
>Cloudy hesitated for a moment, then nodded

>The dinner table was an unadorned slab, with enough places set out for a family of six
>The pieces were falling into place quite quickly about this poor woman’s life
“This won’t do, I’m afraid.”
>”Will it not? I do not believe I have anything else to offer.”
“How about you join me on the couch?”
>Cloudy gulped
>”I suppose that would more comfortable for the both of us…”
“It would. If it’s not a bother, is there somewhere I could put my coat?”
>”Of course. If thou wouldst…”
>Cloudy held out her hand, and Rarity slowly shrugged the garment off
>It was a movement she’d practiced dozens if not hundreds of times, first in front of a mirror and then in front of her previous clients
>In that critical moment where the jacket slipped down her arms, Rarity bent over just enough to offer Cloudy a brief glimpse of her breasts nuzzled in the violet fabric of her dress
>The effect on the older woman was unmistakable
>Cloudy bit her lip, and her normally rigid posture went, somehow, even stiffer
>She averted her eyes, a very obvious bead of sweat trailing its way down her forehead, and took Rarity’s jacket
>”I s-shall… I shall be in the kitchen,” she stammered out, and daintily hurried out of the room

The second half-ish of this story will go up tomorrow, hopefully.
File: 1673351.jpg (73 KB, 746x732)
73 KB
>incoming elder pie mashing
File: tRTRjOQ.png (1.17 MB, 976x1280)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB PNG
So, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that the Zecora drawing has flopped; I can't ever seem to get the positions of her and Adult!Apple Bloom to cooperate without it looking like one of them would be bending the wrong way.

The good news?

Fish titties.

Or at least the lineart of them. Things like their lips and the texture of Adagio's hair will be dealt with when I get it colored in. The background as well, it's going to be a beach scene, if the swimwear didn't already give that away.

Tight shit, mang.
>you may not like it, but this is what an alpha mare looks like
File: 1336721.png (561 KB, 742x1024)
561 KB
561 KB PNG
Unappreciated, repressed lesbian MILF is too powerful an idea not to do, I see why startrix got sat aside for this.
That's too bad about the Zecora thing, I was looking forward to it, but fishes are fine too.
Poor Aria got the short end of the curves stick
File: 1520482181537.png (126 KB, 626x1024)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
>I-I'm a lesbian too!
File: 1564997.webm (448 KB, 1280x720)
448 KB
We still need an RD and SB green with Rarity getting with Scoots as payback
>rarisbian sequel with scoots instead of AB
yes pls
[thumping dykestep in the background]
Then again, she and Sunset are gonna be lowkey musclegirls, so it's not all bad.
File: 1453552066878.jpg (83 KB, 640x372)
83 KB
T-that's my fetish.
Cursed Image
File: 1510284.jpg (695 KB, 1400x990)
695 KB
695 KB JPG
Or Sweetie Belle stealing all the mares from Rarity, playing dumb whenever she's confronted only to become a predator as soon as Rarity's back is turned.
File: 20180226_144409.png (822 KB, 832x958)
822 KB
822 KB PNG
dem toofs
File: 1674629.png (430 KB, 1900x910)
430 KB
430 KB PNG
AJ is a hot commodity
File: 1573430.jpg (481 KB, 1960x1386)
481 KB
481 KB JPG
Rainbow Dash gets all the monsters
Fluttermaud is in the work my compadres. is gon be emotional as fuck.
File: 1515851949255.jpg (392 KB, 1189x668)
392 KB
392 KB JPG
File: 1591388.png (1.46 MB, 1600x1000)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
File: 1656134.png (1.08 MB, 1125x750)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
Half-ish because there's a final, shorter, very lewd update coming tomorrow.

>Since the household lacked wine glasses, Cloudy brought two mason jars (Rarity appreciated that, for a reason she couldn’t quite describe) and each was filled with wine
>Both women settled onto the hard-backed, spartan couch
>Cloudy kept a polite distance from Rarity, sitting stiffly with her glass in her lap
>Rarity scooted closer to her, sitting just close enough that their shoulders touched
“Are you comfortable, dear?”
>”I am… not sure. Please forgive me, I am… I am incredibly nervous. This may have all been a huge mistake. I apologize greatly for wasting thy time, but…”
>Rarity put a finger to Cloudy’s lips
“There was no mistake. I will only go as far as you want me to. Kissing, cuddling, holding hands~…”
>Rarity winked, making Cloudy blush
“Or if you’d rather we just talk, I wouldn’t be opposed to that. Remember, I’m here to make sure you enjoy yourself.”
>Cloudy nodded
>A tiny, nervous smile touched her lips
>”Thou art exceedingly gentle, Ms. Rarity. Thou hath done this many times before, I take it?”
“Very many. I’m a professional, darling.”
>Cloudy closed her eyes, raised the mason jar to her lips, and took a minuscule sip of wine
>She blinked in surprise
>”It is… actually quite good.”
“Isn’t it, though? This vintage is absolutely divine.”
>Rarity took a hearty, but dainty, sip from hers, letting the liquid run bitter and rosy down the back of her throat
>Cloudy continued taking little sips of hers, staring at the contents of the glass between each one
>Occasionally she’d steal glances at Rarity, but seemed too anxious to actually look at the other woman directly
>Rarity placed a gentle hand on Cloud’s arm, and Cloudy shivered slightly at her touch
“Won’t you tell me about yourself, darling?”
>”There is not much to tell.”
“Oh, I’d disagree. I like getting to know my dates. I find that each one is more interesting than they would let on.”
>Cloudy nodded
>”Well… I have been blessed with four beautiful daughters.”
“How old are they?”
>”All are women now, well and proper. And all of them have left home. I miss each of them greatly.”
“Aww. I’m so sorry, darling. You must be dreadfully lonely.”
>Cloudy shrugged
>”It is a mother’s duty. My mother did the same for me and my sisters, and her mother for hers… it is simply how we must get by.”
“Still, you deserve someone to enjoy your company.”
>Rarity rubbed her hand up and down Cloudy’s arm, feeling the smooth contours of the older woman’s arm beneath the silken fabric of her dress
>”Igneous, my husband, he disagrees with that. He believes my place is here, on the farm. I have been unable to convince him otherwise.”
“Well, I think you did the right thing, calling me. Tonight, I can promise, will be anything but lonely.”
>Rarity’s hand trailed back down Cloudy’s arm, and she intertwined their fingers together
>Cloudy’s hands were rough and strong from years of farm labor, but when she held Rarity’s hand, her grip was surprisingly gentle
>Quite motherly, Rarity noticed
>Rarity continued talking, her thumb rubbing soft circled on the back of Cloudy’s hand in the meantime
“Your daughters. Can you tell me about them?”
>Cloudy smiled
>”There is much to tell. My eldest, Maud, is…”
“Wait, Maud? As in Maud Pie?”
>”Correct. Hast thou made her acquaintance?”
“I have! I’m actually very good friends with Pinkie. I had no idea…”
>The realization made Rarity’s head spin
”You’re Pinkie’s mother!”
>Cloudy recoiled
>”Will that be a problem?”
“Oh, no, no, of course not! It’s just… well, it’s rather funny, I suppose. Does Pinkie know about… about how you feel?”
Forgot to change my name after posting in /nst/. Oh well, guess the jig is up.

>”I could never face the shame of telling her.”
“I think she’d be more accepting than you imagine.”
>Rarity gripped Cloudy’s hand in both of hers
“Darling, this is magnificent! Pinkie really is one of my best friends. She’s quite a wonderful young woman.”
>Cloudy nodded, beaming
>She was visibly more comfortable now, which pleased Rarity greatly
>The surest way to make a mother feel at ease was to get her talking about her children, Rarity knew from experience
>”She is. All of my girls are exemplary young women in their own way. But Pinkie’s cheer made each day feel uniquely blessed.”
“Hah, I know what you mean. I don’t think my group of friends would stay together without her parties.”
>”Yes. Those parties carried us through many a sour month…”
>Cloudy looked down at her and Rarity’s intertwined hands
>”I feel quite peculiar.”
“That’s the wine doing its job, darling.”
>”I cannot help but feel I am committing a grave sin.”
“How so?”
>”Is this not wrong? To drink? To…”
>Cloudy’s hand trembled in Rarity’s grasp
>”…to take thee as a lover.”
“How could it be?”
>”This defies everything I was taught. Everything my family has passed on for generations.”
“Cloudy, my dear…”
>Rarity had encountered these types before too
>Temptation and repression went hand-in-hand, after all
“Tonight isn’t about them. None of your family are here. There’s nobody but you and me. Tonight is about you, about what *you* want.”
>Cloudy nodded, chewing on her lip
>”I fear that what I want is most dreadfully wicked…”
>Rarity raised a hand to Cloudy’s cheek, cupping it and cradling the woman’s face
“It doesn’t feel wicked to me…”
>She leaned in slowly, her eyes shutting by instinct
“In fact, I find you rather ravishing…”
>Rarity used the whisper of cloudy’s breath to guide her mouth as she slowly brought her lips against Cloudy’s in a soft, chaste kiss
>Immediately, the older woman froze
>Rarity squeezed Cloudy’s hand
>For a moment, the woman’s trembling increased
>But the longer the kiss lasted, the more she calmed
>Rarity pulled away ever so slightly, and Cloudy pressed in, kissing her back
>When they finally parted with a wet *smack*, Cloudy collapsed backwards on the couch, staring at the ceiling
>”It is done.”
“What is, darling?”
>Rarity lay her hand on Cloudy’s thigh
>”I have dreamed of sharing a kiss like that for many lonely years.”
“Was it as good as you hoped?”
>Cloudy nodded
>”Far better in fact.”
>She raised a hand to her lips
“Well, darling. You have me for the rest of the night…”
>Rarity draped herself over Cloudy’s rigid form
“…would you like more?”
>A moment passed in which Rarity could read the hesitation in the older woman’s face
>She’d seen it on plenty of housewives; Cloudy knew full-well that, if she went any further, she’d have passed the point of no return
>In her head, thoughts were surely rolling at breakneck pace past one another: Was this okay? Did it make her a bad person? Could she still love her family? Did she truly want this?
>Cloudy gulped, and nodded
>”If it pleases thee… I would like many, many more.”
“That’s what I hoped you’d say~”
>Rarity brought her mouth against Cloudy’s once again, and the two traded dainty, gentle kisses back and forth, occasionally pausing to sip at the wine
>As she drank more– and grew more addicted to Rarity’s kisses –Cloudy’s posture began to soften
>She allowed herself to rest against Rarity’s body, and one of her hands came to rest atop Rarity’s knee
>Rarity smiled at that, and let her tongue slip into Cloudy’s mouth
>The older woman gasped, freezing in confusion as Rarity’s tongue tapped against hers
“Is that too much, darling?” Rarity asked, surprised to find she was out of breath
>”It is… strange. But enticing.”
“Well, why won’t you try?”
>Rarity gently tapped her mouth against Cloudy’s, her lips parted and inviting
>Cloudy awkwardly swept her tongue through Rarity’s mouth
“Gentle, dear.”
>”Right, of course. Forgive me…”
>She kissed Rarity again, holding her mouth open this time, and both women’s tongues entangles, trading silver strands of saliva that tasted of wine
>When they broke apart, Cloudy was panting
>Rarity licked her lips
“You’re quite a natural kisser.”
>”I am glad to have pleased thee.”
“Pleased me? Darling, this is about *you*.”
>Rarity kicked off her shoes and trailed her bare toes along Cloudy’s calf
“Now, would you like to go a little further?”
>”I am afraid… I am not quite sure what further would entail.”
“Oh? You can use your imagination~”
>Cloudy shivered
>”My imagination wanders to places I am afraid to speak of.”
>Rarity giggled
“Those are the best places, darling,” Rarity said, sitting up. “Do you trust me?”
>”I do.”
“Then let me guide you.”
>Rarity raised her hands to Cloudy’s face, brushing her thumbs along the woman’s soft cheeks, and then raised them to the tight hairbun
>Adroitly, she untied the ribbon holding the bun in place, and Cloudy’s granite hair tumbled down her shoulders in flowing, glistening locks
>Rarity gasped
“Darling! This hair! It’s absolutely divine!”
>She couldn’t resist running her hands through it; it was thick, but not coarse, feeling almost like thin streams of polished stone
>Cloudy blushes
>”I thank thee for such kind words.”
“No need, no need. You simply have to show this off more often!”
>”To do so would be… uncouth, I fear.”
“Nonsense. There’s nothing uncouth in appreciating your own beauty. Or appreciating someone else’s,”
>Rarity ran her hand down Cloudy’s face again, smiling
“Now. Undress me, if you would.”

spoiler: naked rarity and one extremely flustered milf coming in the next/final update
Because I don't have an update for Fluttermaud tonight I'll repost a new segment of that Sundagio story I told you about.
"Happy Heart's and Hooves day!"
>Sunset pulled Adagio into her apartment, a grin spread from ear to ear across her face.
>"Hearts and...? That weird lovey-dovey day you ponies celebrated? That's still a thing?"
"Of course it is! It's the best day out of the whole year!"
>Sunset stuck her tongue out at the sober woman.
>She pulled Adagio over to the kitchen and sat her down in one of the creaky old chairs.
"Look, I made you a card."
>It was thrust in her face, large and glittering and smelling strongly of bad perfume.
>Adagio eyeballed the rough approximations of herself and Sunset on the heart-shaped card's face, holding misshapen hands and accosted by floating hearts.
>"A card? Why?"
"Because you're my girlfriend. I like you a lot."
>Adagio snorted.
>"I'm just here for the food. Speaking of, what's that I smell?"
>"H-hey! Get back here! Stay out of my kitchen!"
>Sunset tugged futilely at Adagio's wrists, but the siren wouldn't be deterred.
>Sunset jumped in front of Adagio, blocking the entrance to the kitchen with her body.
>"If you think I can't or won't move you, you're mistaken."
>Adagio stepped up to Sunset, a low growl rolling in her throat.
>Sunset closed her eyes and tensed her body, determined to not be moved.
"Tell me what you got me for Heart's and Hooves and I'll feed you."
>Adagio's eyebrow lifted.
>"Who says I got you anything? Who says I even remembered?"
>Sunset opened her eyes and gave Adagio a look.
"I know you remembered."
>Adagio sighed and reached into her jacket's inner pocket.
>"You got me. Here."
>Sunset accepted the card.
>It was barely decorated, and it was obvious that she had pawned what little had been done off to Sonata.
>It was a red rectangle folded in half, and Sunset really couldn't see why Adagio even bothered.
"Why... Did you just give me a piece of cardboard?"
>Adagio gave her that sly smirk that burned at Sunset.
>It was so damn irresistible and infuriating at the same time.
>"Open it."
>Sunset did as Adagio commanded, flicking it open with her thumb and looking at the inner contents.
>No money or anything awaited her, besides Adagio's messily-scrawled script.
>Sunset knew that Adagio had done this part.
>Sonata had great penmanship, and Aria's was at least legible.
>Adagio had simply refused to learn, and it showed.
>But it seemed that she had spent more time writing this than on anything else that Sunset had ever seen her write before.
>The sentence, written in messy black ink, was only three words long.
>Sunset's breath caught in her throat as she tried to read it aloud.
"I... Love you?"
>She looked back up, stunned, at Adagio's infuriating smirk that hadn't wavered in the slightest.
>"I love you, Sunset Shimmer."
>The card hit the floor as Sunset tackled her girlfriend into a hug and a gleeful shout.
"I love you, too, Adagio! I love you, I love you, I love you so much!"
>"H-hey, Sunny- calm down!"
>Sunset was sobbing into Adagio's neck, wailing in happiness.
"H-how c-can I c-c-calm down w-when my Dagi l-loves me?"
>Adagio conceded defeat and let Sunset cry into her shoulder.
>Maybe, Adagio thought, Sunset was right.
>This really is the best day of the year.
The news is out, they finally found you

Sundagio is best Adagio.
File: 1621591.png (668 KB, 1000x1000)
668 KB
668 KB PNG
I find myself liking this ship more and more. Lots of Alpha mare being tossed around.
The jig has been up for a while if anyone was actually paying attention. It's not like you haven't drawn pictures for your own greens recently. Also, excited for the lewds. Cloudy is quality mom material.
I also use the same pastebin, so the whole "jig" thing was mostly a joke. Honestly the whole pseudo-pseudonym thing only arose because writing female-centric green under the name "Jeff" feels disingenuous.
why not Jefferina Womango
File: jeffmangum1.jpg (494 KB, 600x496)
494 KB
494 KB JPG
I don't want to have the image of J. Mangum in drag burned into my mind ':^
File: 1520352232364.gif (603 KB, 320x240)
603 KB
603 KB GIF
The problem is, by saying that it's already in your head. You have become your own undoing.
Just noticed the homo general isn't around.
File: darling.jpg (87 KB, 600x496)
87 KB
she doesn't look too bad
File: 1675031.png (713 KB, 2182x2108)
713 KB
713 KB PNG
File: c54.gif (992 KB, 360x202)
992 KB
992 KB GIF
File: image.png (198 KB, 439x600)
198 KB
198 KB PNG
Post cute and lewd sisters.
Where did the whole 'Timber Wolf Applejack' idea come from? Don't get me wrong, it's pretty great, but I can't see it's origin.
File: 1162588.png (924 KB, 3000x2000)
924 KB
924 KB PNG
You got me, it just kinda came around cause I guess artists wanted something spooky to dress up Applejack for during Halloween and it stuck.
Well Flutters and AJ we really going at in the Flutterbat episode. I guess the idea is that would've cool of AJ turned into a werewolf alongside Flutters being a vampire
File: timberjacked.jpg (123 KB, 740x848)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
I like the idea of a timid girl just barely in control of a ravenous sexual predator who'd viciously pounce at its owner if the leash is held too tightly. And that the said timid girl is gushing in her panties at the thought of being pounced at so she yanks on the leash on purpose sometimes.
File: 1314483.jpg (279 KB, 1280x907)
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279 KB JPG
IRL social obligations came up, probably won't be posting tonight. Will definitely have the final Paramour Rarity (Raramour?) update out tomorrow night.
So how does Sunset's harem work? Does she go to a different girl's house every night or does a different girl have to come to her house every night? Or is it more informal?
File: rar.jpg (247 KB, 1844x1032)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
>it just
File: rar1.jpg (242 KB, 1838x1026)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
>keeps happening
File: confession.jpg (290 KB, 1838x1037)
290 KB
290 KB JPG
>I have a confession to make!
>I.... I'm a huge lesbian and I'm head over heels for you.

>Oh Sunny...
>...I love you too.
AJ needs some blush in that and it'd be really cute/lewd desu
File: clam.jpg (269 KB, 1836x1039)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
>"Ohh, would you look at that. Rares, It looks just like your--"
"Don't you dare finish that sentence, Applejack."
File: 1520633080468.png (445 KB, 853x439)
445 KB
445 KB PNG
reminder that the next special is about relationship counseling
I just realized that most Rarijack scenes have AJ on the left and Rarity on the right, like male-female news anchor positions.
File: 885585.png (188 KB, 400x500)
188 KB
188 KB PNG
I'm surprised Rarity has enough will power not to ravage Applejack every single chance she gets, even when it wouldn't be appropriate.
File: 1520605135033.gif (2.32 MB, 432x358)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB GIF
When the need gets too intense to suppress, she tends to faint.
File: 1520640413519.jpg (35 KB, 328x524)
35 KB
I bet it's a daily struggle to resist THE HIPS
Rarijack is really the only pairing I seriously ship among the main cast. Everything else is just "fun". But even though I know it will never happen I still wish for Rarijack to actually come true.
File: thingforsunny.png (393 KB, 960x539)
393 KB
393 KB PNG
> Next EQG special will focus on AJ and Rarity

Human AJ is already a raging lesbian anyway, why not?
This can happen in EQG.
>I still wish for Rarijack to actually come true.
It's already about as canon as it'll get without explicitly lesbian scenes like kissing.
File: 1489917.png (364 KB, 588x645)
364 KB
364 KB PNG
They're already pushing the boundary beyond "two girls just being friendly" territory. I don't think Hasbro can go any further without going full lez and angering a bunch of puritan amerigoblin parents.
File: 1116205.jpg (187 KB, 731x550)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
They get touch-feely with each other in EQG far more than the other pairs to be considered just a coincidence.
File: 3265.png (137 KB, 768x1024)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
They've been touchy feely since Look Before You Sleep. And let's not forget this subtle as a train wreck flirting
File: 1314613.png (436 KB, 889x500)
436 KB
436 KB PNG
>that Spike walking frustrated behind them
He doesn't stand a chance and he knows it. Poor fella.
File: 988591.png (451 KB, 884x400)
451 KB
451 KB PNG
And this booth was also a thing. The animators could've drawn just about anything on the banner, but they chose *that* pic. And then Hasbro signed off on it.
File: 185683.png (222 KB, 694x579)
222 KB
222 KB PNG
Rarity really does have no shame thats why it's so perfect
File: no escape.png (586 KB, 1280x720)
586 KB
586 KB PNG
File: 1206918.png (68 KB, 564x343)
68 KB
>tfw you save a girl from being a demon and extend you hand in friendship and maybe something more but she just wants to hold hands with your worse in everyway alternate universe doppelganger
File: dark city.jpg (151 KB, 530x846)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
I liked the new EQG shorts. Rarity vs crabs, that food vendor lady from Daring Do convention episode, Rainbow Dash saying "what even is this??" in an adorably squeaky voice, delicious Appulhips...

And yes, dat Rarijack.

Which got me thinking: How would Rarity feel about Rarijack? Does she actually want a bite of that glorious Appul? How would she react to a bunch of lesbo posters shipping her with that sexy hunk of a farmer?

So, I knocked back a few beers and began typing.

Here's a fic loosely based on the ending of a movie titled Dark City. Those who haven't watched it and dislike spoilers may want to avert your eyes.

...screamed Rarity, driving her stiletto heels into the door. The inches-thick hinges squealed in protest as the door flung open.

"NOW," Rarity growled, waving her pistol in a wide arc at a crowd of hooded figures. "Which one of you is The Anon??"

"I am."

A tall figure stated firmly, stepping forward. A wicked grin flashed just below the edge of the villainously large cowl.

"Hiya, I'm an Anon too!" said another in a high-pitched girly tone, flanking the previous figure. She smelled vaguely of a name-brand toothpaste.

"The Anon is me, and I welcome thee," said another in a vaguely African accent. The top of her hood stretched skyward by her massive mohawk.

"I-I'm one too," stuttered a short figure, her pudgy face barely obscured by the same sort of garment worn by others.

Those hooded robes must be one of those despicable one-size-fits-all mass productions, Rarity decided. She fought back an urge to vomit.

"Tell me," said Rarity, trying to decide which hooded figure to aim her gun at. "Why am I waking up next to strangers every morning? Why do I still dream of Applejack?"

"Because you're a fluke, my dear," said the tall figure, biting off every syllable. "I can't believe... You of all people..."

Rarity raised an eyebrow.

"I beg your pardon?"
"We've been looking for you, Rarity," said the toothpastey girl, her tone overly cheerful. "Centuries of experiments, careful breeding, desperate searching... To create the perfect human so that we may understand them better!"

"....I'm the perfect human?"

Unsure how to react to this unexpected compliment, Rarity smiled, then frowned. She tried doing both at the same time.

"We've found the chosen one," sang the one with the mohawk, her outstretched hood giving her a very klansman-like appearance. "Which means that we have won."

"Th-the chosen one," stuttered the pudgy woman. "I *knew* the p-p-perfect human could only begotten from an equally perfect ship."

She reached below her cowl, fidgeting with something on her face. A pair of horn-rimmed glasses briefly revealed themselves before disappearing again.

"Rarijack? A perfect ship? Pleeeease," berated the tall figure. "You're just grasping at straws."

"Hang on," said Rarity. "I beg your pardon, but I am *not* comfortable with you talking about my lover and I in that manner..."

Rarity shook her head.

"...A-and I'm the one asking questions here anyway! What does my perfection have to do with me dreaming about Applejack every night??"

The hooded figures roared in maniacal laughter.

"You see," the toothpastey girl chided, "centuries ago, our kind fought many bloody wars over which Equestria Girls ship is the OTP."


"O-T-P," corrected the tall figure. "One True Pairing."

"The wars, they were vicious. We lost many things precious... to us."

"That didn't rhyme," noted Rarity.

"Yo, get off my back," said the mohawk lady. "You ain't even black."

"That didn't rhyme, either."
"Th-the point is," interrupted the chubby woman, "after centuries of t-terrible ship wars and uneasy truce th-that followed, we set up this grand experiment to try out different ships every night so w-we could settle the score without bloodshed. Th-thousands of Equestria Girls pairings running c-concurrently!"

Rarity's face dropped.

"You're saying that I... I'm just an experiment?"

"Yes," replied the tall figure. "You and thousands of others. We reset the ships every night to try every possible combination out there."

His scowl deepened.

"But, for whatever reason, YOU refused to forget Applejack," he spat venomously. "No matter what we did, you resisted our attempts at deleting that precious hick of yours from your tiny brain."

"Oh, whyIoughta, "Rarity scoffed, upturning her nose. "My brain is NOT tiny, thank you very much, and it's not surprising that you couldn't put Applejack out of my mind."

Rarity clutched at her pearls, starry-eyed.

"What we shared was true love. Ever since we laid eyes on each other, our hearts collided like a pair of earphones left in a purse for a day. Forever tied, impossible to untangle! A shipwreck full of sentiments let loose in the waves, tiny jetsams and flotsams scattered in the seven seas, impossible to recover!"

"Ohmygod," muttered the chubby woman, clutching at her heart. A trail of blood ran down from her nose.

The tall figure gagged in response.

"Regardless," the toothpastey girl sighed, "what's done is done. The results were starting to skew towards Rarijack in the past century or so, but this basically seals the deal."

"Yes. W-we got our perfect human out of R-Rarijack and the experiment is complete," said the chubby woman. "This p-proves that Rarijack is OTP."

"Agreed," conceded the toothpastey girl. "I used to be all for Pinkietwi, but I have to admit, Rarijack experimentally proved itself to be the OTP. Rarity, that was a beeeautiful metaphor by the way!"

"Oh! Thank you, darling."
"Oh come on," protested the tall figure. "That was the shittiest metaphor I've ever heard! Besides, the experiment is NOT over. In fact, I insist that this cum-colored twat ruined it! She's a tainted sample! No one was supposed to find out about our existence!"

"C-cum colored???" Rarity huffed, aiming her gun at the tall figure. "Such language! Take that back right now, you ruffian!"

"Ayo, don't mind that foo," said the mohawk lady dismissively, not even bothering to rhyme anymore. "He's just mad because his shitty crossover ship didn't pull through."

"It should've been Rainbow Dash standing before us!" The tall figure screamed, completely losing his menacing composure. "Don't you see, you imbeciles?? She doesn't even have any redeeming qualities besides dresses! How could any of you honestly say that this sex-starved harlot is the perfect human being?"

"I am not a harlot!" Rarity shouted. "And... Um, one of your people flushed Rainbow Dash out the airlock before we could stop them. She's probably dead now."

"She's DEAD?"

The tall figure tugged at his hair in frustration.

"Ohh man, what the fuck? are you kidding me?"

"H-hah, I knew it! Rainbow is th-the worst human..."

"Fuck this! I demand a do-over!"

"Oh pleeease," the toothpastey girl rolled her eyes. "The experiment is O-V-E-R. Your ship was trash and not even canon anyway."

"Screw you!"

The tall figure collapsed onto the floor, weeping openly. Heaping pile of spaghetti began to fall out of his pockets.
"You plebs don't understand! Kara Thrace and Rainbow Dash were supposed to be *the* OTP! They.... Starbuck and Dash both love flying super fast, and..."

"Oh g-god, h-here we go again."

"There must be some kind of way out of here," muttered Rarity, clutching at her head.

"Ohhh, there is a way," cackled the tall figure. "Ohhh yes, there is a way out of here. I'll kill you, here and now, and you'll be out of my life for good."

"Uh, darling, I'm afraid I must object."

"First it was the Raridashfags, taking my Dashie away from the only true pairing in the universe--"

"I don't even know what that is!" Rarity protested.

"--And now it's the white harlot herself, taking Dashie's rightful place as the perfect human bean!"

The tall figure unsheathed his katana, eliciting frightened gasps from his peers.

"Nonny, seriously? A katana??"

"W-what the f-fuck?"

"You god damn hokey, that's MY katana!"

The tall figure disappeared in a puff of ninjutsu smoke, then reappeared behind Rarity.

"This is totally personnel, kid!"

Rarity raised her arms to protect her most precious body part -- Her face.

"No! Please, I'm too beautiful to die!"

As Rarity clenched her eyes shut, a radiant ball of light emanated out from her body, engulfing her.


"Applejack, help me---"

The light exploded outward in a thunderous boom.
- - -


Rarity jolted upright, her body slick with cold sweat.

A calloused hand rested gently on Rarity's shoulder, comforting her.

"Ya'll okay, sugarcube?"

Rarity blinked.

"Y-yes, I think. I was just fighting off a..."

Rarity looked around her.

Sandy beach, radiant sun, Rainbow Dash piling on another scoop of sand on Pinkie Pie's head, the rest of her friends some yards away playing with crabs for some reason--

It was peaceful.

Just like in her wildest dreams.

"Fightin' off what now?"

Rarity stared at her lover for a second, then smiled sweetly.

"Nothing, darling," Rarity wispered, meeting her befuddled lover's lips with a light peck. "It was just a terrible dream."
File: 1520606468452.jpg (136 KB, 557x742)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
And that's the end of this microshort lesbo fic. I hope you enjoyed it!

Now I'm gonna go lay down before hangover hits.
I think I heard of this kind of story from a movie before. I think it was the one that starred Matt Damon and Emily Blunt called The Adjustment Bureau.
File: faint.gif (1.74 MB, 400x225)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB GIF
Nice shit but for the love of all dykeshit do not use reddit spacing ever again.
As a side note this just made me realize that it's way easier for me to read green walls of text than black walls of text.
>reddit spacing
there’s a reason why MLA format includes double spaces, family. it makes walls of text easier to read.
File: 838397.png (214 KB, 322x446)
214 KB
214 KB PNG
That was some silly shit man, might have to watch that movie. I like the weird 12 monkeys kind of shit.
>”There must be some kind of way out of here”
is dat some bsg reference
oh yeah, here’s the gluebin link
Muh nigga.
File: otp.jpg (128 KB, 800x518)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
original content do not steal
File: 1474550397381.png (341 KB, 646x653)
341 KB
341 KB PNG
>that food vendor lady from Daring Do
So, because my potato of a computer and 4chan can't seem to get along, I'll have to give y'all a link instead of actually posting the picture, but I got the fish titties done.

File: 388311.gif (615 KB, 576x324)
615 KB
615 KB GIF
>Those abs
Christ, no wonder Sunny went with a sledgehammer as her go to weapon, she could break a Princess in half.
I was aiming for more of a "Jillian Michaels, but eighteen years old" kind of look. I didn't quite get it, but I apparently still did well on that front if your reaction is anything to go by.
File: 1676568.png (282 KB, 827x661)
282 KB
282 KB PNG
File: 1520053377292.png (350 KB, 812x806)
350 KB
350 KB PNG
File: 1258311.jpg (366 KB, 2048x1707)
366 KB
366 KB JPG
Post illegal ships
File: 1484808542492.jpg (71 KB, 1096x742)
71 KB
Extremely lewd Fluttermaud on the way boys.
It's sexy time levels of lewd my dudes.
The lewd train never stops!
>”Maudie? You still asleep?”
>Fluttershy’s sweet voice drew Maud from slumber as her girlfriend gently shook her awake.
>”Morning sleepyhead. Happy birthday.”
>Maud yawned as she sat up and rubbed at her eyes.
“Good morning. Thanks. How did you know…?”
>”That it was your birthday? Pinkie Pie only called me about twenty times this morning.”
>Maud blinked away the sleepiness and looked at Fluttershy.
>Her teeth were bared in a wide grin, and it looked like she was about to explode from excitement.
“What do you need?”
>Fluttershy’s excitement burst from the surface as she thrust a pair of paper slips at Maud.
>”Look what I got! I figured since we haven’t really been on any official “first date”, and since it’s your birthday, that I’d take you to the museum. I’ve been waiting months for the Geology exhibit’s new displays to go up!”
>Maud blinked at her girlfriend, then squinted.
>Fluttershy seemed oddly like Pinkie Pie.
“That sounds lovely. Thank you.”
>Fluttershy laughed as she leaned in for a kiss.
>”We should go soon, before the crowds get there. Get ready, and brush your teeth.”
>Fluttershy flicked the lights on, much to Maud’s sleepy chagrin, and sat in her desk.
>”Go shower, I’ve got a few things to do before we head out.”
>Maud yawned again in reply and rolled out of bed.
>She blindly stumbled towards the bathroom and shut the door behind her.
>Maud sluggishly pulled her pajamas off of her and waited for the water to heat up, arms crossed over her chest in the cool bathroom.
>The spray was warm and comfortable, almost enough to make Maud fall asleep right then and there.
>She held off the desire and reached for the shampoo and began to lather her hair.
>Maud didn’t know how long she had been in there, but it was long enough for the bathroom door open.
>Fluttershy’s soft, angelic voice was just audible over the rushing sound of the water.
>Maud washed the last vestiges of soap from her hair.
>Fluttershy didn’t answer with the sound of her voice, rather the distinctive tone of the shower curtain being drawn back met Maud’s ears.
>”I-I wasn’t sure about this, b-but I’d like to give you a birthday present e-early.”
>Maud hadn’t heard that uneasy quaver that laced Fluttershy’s voice in nearly two years.
>She could tell that if she spoke, she would have it too.
>Soft arms, bare of any fabric, wound around her waist.
>Fluttershy’s chest pressed into her back and her face rested in between Maud’s shoulder blades.
>Maud turned around, both their faces aflame in the steam-filled shower.
“Are you-”
>Maud cleared her throat.
“-Sure, about this?”
>Fluttershy’s whole face was glowing red, and she nodded.
“W-well. Where d-do we start?”
>”Kiss me?”
>Fluttershy sounded more unsure than Maud had ever heard her.
>They had kissed often, but now, embraced together without any thread of fabric between them, it felt different.
>Maud felt uneasy about doing this with Fluttershy, but she couldn’t refuse.
>It would crush her.
>They separated.
>Fluttershy’s soft hands gently grabbed Maud’s wrist and brought her palm down chest level.
>Maud didn’t fight it as she gripped the impossibly soft orb of flesh in her rough palms.
>Fluttershy let out a little gasp as Maud did the same with her other hand without prompting.
>Usually, just being so close and… Vulnerable, made Maud shudder and pull back.
>But this, it was different.
>They were both vulnerable and exposed to the other.
>Fluttershy reciprocated Maud’s actions with her own, dainty, hands.
>It sent a rush of pleasure up her spine.
>It was Fluttershy’s hand that trailed down first, first over Maud’s abdomen, then shyly squeezing her backside.
>Slowly drawing it around to the junction of her legs.
>Maud’s jaw clenched as more pleasure began to curl up inside herself.
>Her hands clenched a little tighter, and Fluttershy gasped a little louder, and those wonderfully amateur fingers moved a little faster.
>Fluttershy was sloppy and not especially skilled, but her eagerness more than made up for it in Maud’s mind.
>Maud’s legs quivered as Fluttershy grew faster, and more bold, and simply better.
>Her back hit the tiled wall, depending completely on it to keep herself upright.
>Maud’s arms had dropped to her side as Fluttershy sped up again, then slowed down, then sped up- fingers working quickly and agilely.
>Maud looked down at Fluttershy, both their faces so red it cut cleanly through the dense steam.
>She seemed to be looking for something, and in Maud’s addled brain she could barely tell what it was.
>Fluttershy seemed to take it as what she wanted it to be, and Maud wasn’t in any position to stop her.
>Not that she would, especially as Fluttershy knelt down to the shower floor.
>Was she really going to-
>Oh god.
>She was.
>She did .


>The hot spray lingered on them as they lay against the shower wall.
>Fluttershy’s head was resting on Maud’s chest, curled up in the girl’s strong arms.
>Maud felt positively boneless after their ordeal.
>But she had never felt better.
>Like a coil that wound deep in her gut that had finally been released.
>”Did you like your present, Maudie?”
>Maud felt a rush of affection for Fluttershy.
>Fluttershy giggled.


for as long as you bitch about it i will continue to be a presence that


the spacing you oh so hate
File: 75643245769.jpg (201 KB, 883x811)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
why are rarijack niggers so delusional?
AJ has been cucked since season 5 and there isn't a single rarijack episode in season 8 & 9.
the fact that there's still people around shipping it is laughable & pathetic
That's all for tonight.
the date will come. as will Maud


Rarity: I don't suppose I could keep you company?
Rainbow Dash: You could! They always let friends and family come watch practices!
Because it's still an Equestria Girls thing.
I like how you posted this not even a day after someone posted a short story featuring an assblasted Dashfag angry about Rarijack.
File: 1676299.jpg (44 KB, 569x645)
44 KB
Rarity sleeps around because she's a gold digger.
>Rarity & Applejack standing next to each other
>"Holy shit, guys! Totally canon, am I right?"
>Rarity & Rainbow goes on a dinner date
>"T-They're just friends! Nothing more!!"
Every time.
>no shipping war faggotary
fuck off faggots, take that somewhere else.
File: 345674321567.jpg (88 KB, 500x552)
88 KB
>There's still exist people who aren't WOKE
>dashfag stirring shit up again
shaking my head, to be honest
We need more TwilightXFizzlepop stuff.
I'd pay money to watch Twilight twisting Fizzlepop's berries.
File: SA_[The Artrix]_[Rosalyn].png (2.5 MB, 1244x1600)
2.5 MB
2.5 MB PNG
shameless thot
Does Rarity lead people on?
File: 1617939.png (130 KB, 500x500)
130 KB
130 KB PNG
She's merely generous with her love. If people get too attached to her, that's their own doing.
File: 1661230.gif (2.19 MB, 600x338)
2.19 MB
2.19 MB GIF
I don't have an excuse for not updating, just got lazy playing Dark Souls all week. I failed you guys again.
File: 5432145678.png (372 KB, 779x552)
372 KB
372 KB PNG
How can first-timers NOT get attached to Rarity after being shown 'the ropes'?
>The Virgin Dash x The Chad Rarity
I want this green.
File: 971917.jpg (56 KB, 491x596)
56 KB
Kissless virgin Dash getting ravished by the Queen of thots herself when?
It ain't like we haven't been waiting long. X had better deliver
>"Uh, Rarity... I-I've never done anything like this before..."
>"Don't worry, Rainbow Dash! I've got plenty of experience"
>('Rarity is so insistent... I can't believe she and I are actually gonna do it. D-Does this mean Rarity is my girlfriend now?')
File: thot.jpg (33 KB, 353x516)
33 KB
>"Applejack, darling.... A-are they done calling me a thot?"
"Not really, Rares."
>"O-oh my...."
File: 1454386756507.png (1.11 MB, 1175x775)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
>"Rarity... A-are they done calling me a cuck?"
"That'll never happen, darling"
"Own your title."
File: 1469592332096.png (229 KB, 800x450)
229 KB
229 KB PNG
>trying to stir shit up again
Dashfags, everyone.
Don't leave your cuckshed, Applefag
>lesbo thread is devolving into this
Get the fuck out of here. Go start your own shipping war threads if you're so desperate.
File: neo.jpg (88 KB, 533x454)
88 KB
>muh wholesome thread
shouldn't you be browsing reddit instead?
File: 1676980.jpg (495 KB, 669x914)
495 KB
495 KB JPG
Last time there was a ship war, we had a poll, and it turns out there can only be one pair to rule them all. Also, if you don't respond to Raridashfag they go away
>wanting to keep the thread free of autistic bickering that just eats up bumps and images
kill yourself.
File: 1499542548941.png (116 KB, 407x600)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
glim glam rike
File: thot.jpg (61 KB, 437x701)
61 KB
>strutting around a lesbo school in a skirt that definitely doesn't meet the dress code
Great and thotful. Was there ever any doubt?
>Cloudy covered her mouth
“Of course, dear. You know what comes next.”
>”I did, but… now that thou art here in front of me, it feels so…”
>Cloudy nodded
“Nothing scary at all. With four daughters, you must have gotten used to girls’ bodies by now, yes?”
>”Naturally. But I have never experienced one in such a way as this.”
>Rarity took Cloudy’s hand and guided it to the shoulder-straps of her dress
“Now’s your chance.”
>Cloudy squeezed her eyes shut and slipped the right strap down and over Rarity’s shoulder, then the left
>When the dress hung loose on Rarity’s body, Cloudy pulled it down with shaking hands, folded the garment neatly, and put it aside
“It’s okay to stare, darling.”
>Rarity lay back on the couch, wearing only a pair of lacy black panties
>Her breasts fell full and free against her skin, the drafty farmhouse air making her nipples stiffen and tingle
>Cloudy opened her eyes and beheld the woman in front of her
>She, of course, couldn’t take her eyes off Rarity as she drank in the younger woman’s lithe, pale form
>The desperate lust in Cloudy’s eyes and the flush in her cheeks sent waves of arousal rolling through Rarity’s body
>She took Cloudy’s hand and placed it against one of her breasts
“Well? What do you think?”
>”Thou art… a blessing.”
“Oh~. That’s something I haven’t been called before.”
>Cloudy gave Rarity’s breast a nervous squeeze
>Her palms were warm and slick with nervous sweat
“Go ahead. Play with me to your heart’s content, darling. I’m yours~”
>Cloudy’s thumb gingerly traced circle’s around Rarity’s nipple
>Rarity purposefully exaggerated her resultant moan of delight a little for Cloudy’s benefit
>It did the trick, and the Pie mother’s hands slowly trailed their way along Rarity’s smooth belly and down to the hem of her panties
>”May I?”
“No need to ask.”
>Rarity lifted her hips a bit to make it easier as Cloudy slid her underwear down her legs
>Several seconds passed as Cloudy allowed herself to behold Rarity’s nude form
>She placed a shaking hand against Rarity’s inner thigh, gently stroking the smooth skin beneath her palm
>”From here, I am afraid I will need to ask thy g-guidance.”
>Cloudy’s voice trembled with her hands
“Of course, darling. Let me get you started~”
>Rarity licked her fingers, wetting them in a silver layer of saliva, and began gently petting the soft outer lips of her sex, both of which were already swollen and glistening with arousal
>Cloudy watched intently, biting her lip
“See?” Rarity asked her, slightly breathless. “Not so difficult. Now it’s your turn.”
>She took ahold of Cloudy’s hand and guided it down her thigh until the mother’s fingers brushed against her soaking gash
>Cloudy, despite her age, looked for all the world like a nervous teenager getting to third base for the first time
>She ran her finger’s along Rarity’s slit as if it were some precious treasure, her breath coming in thick, heavy puffs
“If you wish, darling, maybe try putting one inside?”
>”Yes… of course…”
>Cloudy’s index finger, not slippery with Rarity’s juices, slowly probed its way up inside the younger woman
>Rarity arched her back, encouraging Cloudy with a long, throaty gasp of pleasure
>The encouragement worked; Cloudy began to slide her finger in and out of Rarity
>She was either a quick learner, or had had some illicit and probably heavily sinful familiarity with performing such an action on herself; her finger curled and poked at all the right spots, sending squishy and delightful pulses of pleasure running through Rarity’s body
>Her next moan was not forced in slightest, and nor were the several that followed it
“D-Darling you’re… really something of a natural… oh, heavens, I might actually—”
>Cloudy, her confidence boosted by the gushing, writhing woman beneath her, added a second finger, stretching Rarity just enough to hurt her in the best, most enticing way
”—cum… w-wa… waha~”
>A genuine, ab-clenching shudder ran through Rarity’s body, and she jerked her hips upwards and against Cloudy’s hand as fluids spilled out onto the older woman’s knuckles
>Cloudy gasped, her face crimson
>”I… I sincerely apologize! I did not mean to bring thee to such a state!”
“A-apologize?” Rarity asked
>She was breathless now, her chest heaving as the golden afterglow enveloped her
“Darling, that was amazing! I haven’t had a client get *me* off in, if I’m being honest, a very long time.”
>Rarity said up and took ahold of Cloudy’s slimy hand
>She raised it to the older woman’s mouth
“Taste me. You’ve earned it.”
>”How… terribly uncouth…” Cloudy sputtered, even as she lapped at the viscous fluids coating her knuckles
>Cloudy closed her eyes, relishing the taste
>”There is no turning back now, is there?”
“There never was any, darling. This is what you wanted, after all.”
>”Thou art… correct, once again.”
>Cloudy bent down and kissed Rarity’s feet
>”Anything more thou wouldst ask of me, I will do.”
>Rarity shook her head
“No, dear. After such a display as that, I owe *you*. In fact, I’m quite certain it’s your turn.”
>”My… turn?”
>The mixed apprehension on Cloudy’s face showed that she already knew exactly what that meant
“Indeed. But first, I think we’ll need a more comfortable locale, don’t you?”
>”My bedroom is just up the stairs.”
“Oh, perfect. After you~”

So, there's a second half to this lewd scene, because I have absolutely no self-control. Might hold off a day on posting it, since I know Sadnon was hoping to upload some lewds soon too, but we'll see.
>Sadnon was hoping to upload some lewds soon too
I already did.
Mine was hardly as graphic as yours, though, I can't write lewd scenes especially well.
although handholding will be in tomorrow's update
Gud stuff
I want Rarity to cum on my fingers.
File: 1675263.jpg (526 KB, 1000x1000)
526 KB
526 KB JPG
How does the addition of Fizzy to Twilight's harem upset this balance of power?
File: 1667109.png (479 KB, 1280x1180)
479 KB
479 KB PNG
There won’t be any upset, they are calm professional members of the harem.

Her introduction starts with a brief “break-in” period where every aspect of Live Wire is benchmarked for romantic compatibility. Elasticity of her breasts, impact testing her vulva, fluid dynamics analysis of her canal to estimate maximum squirting distance, etc.
>Crushing Trixies heart
File: 1512411323763.gif (586 KB, 294x556)
586 KB
586 KB GIF
Judging by where Starlight's hoof is going, I think she's crushing something completely different.
Tell me why your otp should be canon
File: virgin vs chad.jpg (148 KB, 1211x554)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
File: template.jpg (240 KB, 2518x1151)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
here's the template, have fun
File: 1520790.png (211 KB, 2000x2199)
211 KB
211 KB PNG
They literally made a logo for it
File: 1658638.png (853 KB, 1920x1080)
853 KB
853 KB PNG
>AJ knows how Flutterbutt feels
She knows how all the butts feel
She was gonna die the way she lived; copping a feel.
File: 1654234.png (114 KB, 230x365)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
>Oh god.... You smell so nice
File: 1675316.jpg (67 KB, 633x719)
67 KB
>"No wait, I pee from there--"
File: 1676518.png (459 KB, 843x1024)
459 KB
459 KB PNG
File: 1678120.jpg (190 KB, 1000x1000)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
File: 2manyapuljaks.png (446 KB, 1280x904)
446 KB
446 KB PNG
File: 1644439.png (111 KB, 1280x1280)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
HOT DAYUM that's a lot of Apuls
File: image.jpg (796 KB, 1000x2930)
796 KB
796 KB JPG
File: 1678487.png (756 KB, 2000x666)
756 KB
756 KB PNG
>Step 1:
>Spin her up until she's completely out of it
>Step 2:
>Deflower her
File: 1678516.png (135 KB, 500x424)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
File: 1677212.png (28 KB, 1158x1043)
28 KB
The cutest of all
File: 1677214.png (22 KB, 1158x1043)
22 KB
File: image.jpg (215 KB, 692x1153)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
File: cracked ship.jpg (97 KB, 638x848)
97 KB
Fluttermaud incoming my dudes
>The museum was stately and grand, romane-columned and pearly, gleaming white.
>The inside was full of high, arched ceilings and mosaic tiled floors, the air was cool and crisp.
>Fluttershy cooed over the exhibits, her eyes bright as she pulled Maud along.
>Maud found herself not minding being dragged along, rather the exhibits and Fluttershy’s exuberance was almost refreshing.
>”Look, Maudie, it’s the geology exhibit!”
>Maud smiled as Fluttershy pulled her along.
>She listened intently as her girlfriend rattled off information about every rock that Fluttershy pointed at.
>Encyclopedic, almost.
>”What’s this?”
>The brightly glimmering stone drew Fluttershy’s eyes.
>Enthusiasm radiated off of her as she pointed towards it, getting as close to the glass as she could.
“Sunstone. Plagioclase feldspar. The light catches the copper trapped inside the stone, causing an optical effect reminiscent of the sun. Refractive index; 1.525 to 1.58. Cleavage; 001. Twinning; lamellar.”
>Fluttershy’s beaming smile met her when Maud looked at her.
>She didn’t follow, Maud realized, but she was interested.
>And that was enough.
>Maud gathered Fluttershy in her arms and kissed her, long and hard.
>Fluttershy melted in her arms as she wrapped her own willowy appendages around her girlfriend’s neck.
>Maud pulled back, leaving a red-cheeked, heady eyed Fluttershy to refocus.
>Fluttershy’s plush pink lips parted a little, her small tongue darted out and wet her lips.
>Maud was transfixed.
>Fluttershy made sure she could stand on her own legs before moving away from Maud, yet her eyes never strayed.
>Piercing and blue, and oh-so-confident, something that Maud hadn’t seen in her friend in times long past.
>”You know something, Maud?”
>Fluttershy’s smiled.
>”I really love you.”
>Maud’s head bowed.
“I love you, too.”
>And this time, she meant it.


>Maud jumped and spun on her heels.
>She was back, a confident smirk dancing on her lips.
>”You haven’t called me a while, Maud, I’m starting to think you don’t like me or something…”
>She sounded hurt, yet those pleading, wide eyes held a touch of mischief.
“I do not dislike you.”
>”Funny way of showing it.”
>Now, she did sound hurt, but it was only for a moment.
>Maud barely caught the well-disguised bitterness that laced the girl’s tone.
>”So, did what’s her name rope you into coming to another one of these parties?”
“Yes. Why are you here, if you dislike them so much?”
>She rolled her shoulders in the rough approximation of a shrug.
>”Dunno. Maybe I like to torture myself…”
>She gave Maud a wink.
>”Or the few people who give a shit at my sorority like to show as many of us off as they can.”
“That sounds unpleasant.”
>”Maybe. I met you here, didn’t I? I consider that worth it.”
>She gave Maud another non-answer with a roll of her shoulders.
>”So when are you ditching whats her face to come hang out with me again?”
“I did not ditch Fluttershy.”
>Maud surprised herself with the venom in her voice.
>The girl let it wash over her without flinching.
>”Right. That’s why you were hanging all over me at the party?”
“What do you want?”
>She raised her hands in mock surrender.
>”I was here first, remember? You can always leave. Unless you don’t want to…”
>That infuriating, smoldering smirk lingered on her lips again.
>”I’m sure we can find something to do.”
>Maud snorted.
“I’m going to find Fluttershy. Good night.”
>Maud turned towards her.
>”Why are you so… Hostile?”
>She leaned in, their cheeks almost touched as she caressed Maud’s cheek.
>”Aggression isn’t hard to work out, especially when you’re having… Fun.”
>Maud wanted to turn away, to push this woman off and storm back into the house.
>She couldn’t.
>She loved Fluttershy, that Maud realized, but this girl- this woman- was different.
>She didn’t want to love this woman, she felt nothing but contempt for her, yet…
>The woman’s lips were pressing tight to Maud’s before she could even think about pulling away.
>Her lips were hot, her tongue even more so.
>It was like she was being lead on by a siren, the way that she couldn’t pull away.
>Maud relaxed and leaned further into the kiss, but before she could deepen it- before she could go any farther- the woman pulled away.
>She wiped at the corner of her mouth and gave Maud a predatory grin.
>”So the stalwart knight can be corrupted. Interesting.”
>Maud couldn’t respond, didn’t want to respond.
>She wanted to go farther, but she couldn’t.
>Oh god, what would Fluttershy think?
>A deep pit of ice formed in her stomach.
“I have to go.”
>”Hold it.”
>Her pale arms wrapped around Maud’s neck from behind as the girl’s whispering, alluring voice spoke softly in her ear.
>”Would you like my… name?”
>She nibbled flirtatiously on Maud’s ear as she spoke.
>The name was carried away as the sound of approaching party-goers drowned it out.
>The girl planted a kiss on Maud’s neck, then left through the doors.
File: 1520909200379.jpg (36 KB, 540x371)
36 KB
File: image.jpg (108 KB, 970x990)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Plz no
File: 1667804.png (735 KB, 1280x923)
735 KB
735 KB PNG
File: 1520874686373.jpg (655 KB, 877x1240)
655 KB
655 KB JPG
File: 1546291.png (111 KB, 309x344)
111 KB
111 KB PNG
File: 1520920142066.png (493 KB, 1280x866)
493 KB
493 KB PNG
harem roundup
File: 1679019.png (367 KB, 1000x869)
367 KB
367 KB PNG
File: there is no safe word.png (953 KB, 1039x1048)
953 KB
953 KB PNG
Starlight's anger only makes Trixie more turned on. As boisterous as she is, Trixie is the one who likes the be tied down and used.
File: 160280270338.jpg (289 KB, 861x954)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
File: 1380053.png (236 KB, 956x1024)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
>inb4 I end it right here.
I'm working on an update for Rainbow/Twilight green, stay tuned.
>Be you, Gilda
>You're like, the baddest kid in all of Canterlot Middle School
>Don't nobody wanna fuck with you
>Yeah, that's right, you're not even scared to say the f-word
>You prowl around the hallways, your JNCO jeans swishing around your long, soccer-player legs and a tight-fitting "My Music Scares People" t-shirt shows off the slender biceps and developing breasts you're so proud of
>A pair of Skullcandy™ headphones blasts Linkin Park in your ears, a perfect reminder of the pain only you understand and nobody else ever will
>You really wish they'd let you wear eyeliner at school
>One of these days you're gonna do it anyway, fuck Principal Cadence
>Unfortunately, your badass brooding session is interrupted by some girl's painfully loud voice coming from up ahead
>She's so loud you can even hear her over Chester Bennington's impassioned voice
>The girl in question is standing atop a bench little way's down the hall, her megaphone voice blasting around her
>She's dressed in some stupid Naruto hoodie, and she's handing out folded slips of paper to everyone that passes by
>Most people throw their in the trash immediately after
>As you get closer, you slouch over, trying to look world-weary and above all this bullshit
>"This Friday night! The Great and Powerful Trixie's birthday spectacular! Featuring a magic show performed by Trixie herself! And plenty of cupcakes, ^w^."
>You have no idea how she just ^w^'d in real life, and you don't want to know
>So you just stroll on by, making sure to give her your patented "I'm a super tough chick and you don't wanna mess with me" look
>Trixie locks eyes with you
>"Hey, Gilda! Trixie bets you want an invitation!"
>You freeze
"How the hell do you know my name?"
>"A magician never reveals her secrets!"
"That's not a secret! Are you some kinda weird stalker?"
>Trixie just laughs, covering her mouth with the back of her hand
>"All will be revealed in time! Join Trixie this weekend, she insists!"
File: seemed-2996829_960_720.jpg (222 KB, 960x640)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
>She practically forces the invitation into your hands
>You glance at it for a second; the thing is drawn with those fancy marker sets that "artsy" kids get as presents, featuring a hand-drawn Trixie scrawling out the words "You're invited!" with beams of multi-colored magic
>Below the drawing, her address and phone number are listed
>How long did it take her to make this?
>Eh, fuck it, you're not gonna waste your time there anyway
"Yeah, not happening. I got shit to do."
>"Trixie understands! It will be your loss!"
"Yeah, yeah."
>You crumple the thing and pitch it

>Friday comes
>You're still being a badass, decide to skip out of on school early
>Head home to play some Tony Hawk Pro Skater instead, maybe drink some Red Bull
>Feels good being hardcore
>Unfortunately, your stepdad's home

>Thirty minutes later you're milling around in the backyard
>The left side of your face still stings, and you can feel an ugly bruise blossoming around your temple
>Your eyes burn too, but you don't cry
>You never cry
>Seeing as your house lies on the outskirts of town, your backyard eventually just merges into the public land surrounding the train tracks
>As on most afternoons, you sit by the tracks, bouncing rocks off the steel girders
>It's chilly, enough to make you wish you'd thought to grab your favorite leather jacket
>Can't go back inside, though
>Not really much of anyplace to go
>Except, well, you do remember what was written on Trixie's invitation...

>This is such a mistake, but whatever
>You knock on Trixie's door, and it opens almost immediately
>She's standing there, beaming
>"Gilda! You came!"
"Yeah, yeah. What's up? Am I the first one?"
>Behind Trixie, the house was completely empty
"Huh. I thought I was super late."
>"You are, but, uh..."
>Trixie gives an awkward chuckle, scratching at the back of her head
>"Nobody else showed up."

Let me know if this is worth continuing, will probably write another few posts tonight
Please continue
File: 355675.png (195 KB, 500x376)
195 KB
195 KB PNG
Quality angst and memes you got going on there, pls gib more.
oh boi
File: comfydash.png (254 KB, 662x773)
254 KB
254 KB PNG
You are such a tease. But that's fine, Twidash angst is still a green I'm interested in.
File: 310459.png (506 KB, 1000x1000)
506 KB
506 KB PNG
Can't get enough of those two.
Still the greatest, despite everything.
>despite everything
What do you mean?
Maybe realizing how common blue-orange contrast is?
It's not the highest in my ship hierarchy, but it's still cute none the less. What are the top tier Appldash fics?
It's good for going against Rarijack "established order" at least.
File: 1521037508114.jpg (277 KB, 1280x640)
277 KB
277 KB JPG
File: 20180314_152405.png (403 KB, 800x756)
403 KB
403 KB PNG
File: 1521053539160.png (1.12 MB, 1920x1080)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
Dashie x Surfboard
Like a triangle.
>Gladis -> Gildas
I honestly believe that pinkie is an actual objectophile also how the hell are there no images of such thing on derpi
"Oh. That sucks."
>You awkwardly stuff your hands into your pockets; how are you supposed to respond to that
>Trixie, to her credit, recovers quickly
>Her exuberance returns
>"It doesn't matter! Trixie supposes the promise of such a Great and Powerful party was simply too much for the common rabble."
"Right. So, uh... is it cool if I come in?"
>"Certainly! Right this way, if you would."
>Trixie welcomes you inside
>Her house is fucking *nice* too
>Double the size of yours, easily, with pristine white walls and furniture built out of glossy, hand-carved wood
>Purple and blue streamers are hung from the ceiling, alongside balloons and posters that say "Happy Birthday, Trixie!"
>You whistle, impressed
>"Trixie's home is most fitting to one as impressive as her. Can she offer you a drink?"
"Yeah, sure."
>Trixie disappears into the kitchen, leaving you to wander around the living room
>Her family's TV is about as tall as you are, with an entire rack dedicated to videogame consoles
>You hear footsteps behind you, then Trixie's voice:
>"Aha! Admiring Trixie's collection, I see?"
"Yeah. You got a lotta good shit."
>"Trixie is quite proud of them," she says as she flops onto the couch, setting two Solo cups full of Mountain Dew onto the coffee table. "What do you wanna play?"
"You serious?"
>"Of course Trixie's serious! Pick anything you like," she says, gesturing to the floor-to-ceiling bookshelf holding her game collection
>You stare at the thing, your eyes going a little bleary as you try to read all the titles
>It's kinda wild to you to even think a videogame could last this long; most of yours don't make it more than a few months before your dad pitches them
"I, uh... I can't choose."
>"That's okay. Trixie will pick for you!"
File: 987878.png (554 KB, 1357x1399)
554 KB
554 KB PNG
you just haven't looked hard enough
File: gc_mario_party_5_p_njvt9o.jpg (820 KB, 1516x2156)
820 KB
820 KB JPG
>She yanks a random game off the shelf, holding it proudly above her head
>"Mario Party! Trixie is great at this game!"
>You shrug
"Sounds kinda lame."
>"Kinda lame!?"
>Trixie looks morally outraged
>"Mario Party is a gaming classic!"
"Whatever. I never played one."
>"You never played a Mario Game?"
>Now she goes from offended to just outright shock
"No? I never had a Nintendo."
>"Never had..."
>Trixie shakes her head, laying a heavy hand on your shoulder
>"Gilda. Trixie is *so* sorry for your loss."
"It's not that big a deal, weirdo."
>"It is! Mario is the pinnacle of gaming!"
"If you say so."
>You flop onto the couch, propping your feet up on the coffee table
"But this better be good."
>"Oh, it is! You're about to have the most fun of your life!"

>Trixie pops the game in, explains the rules, and you start to play
>It's definitely not your kinda game, but it starts to grow on you
>And, to be perfectly honest, you're straight-up destroying Trixie
>You crush her at most of the minigames, screw her over with traps, and slowly build up a star collection more than double hers
>It's the last turn of the game, and you're feeling like the coolest motherfucker around
"You wanna just give up?" you ask, smirking at Trixie
>She's sitting across the couch from you, legs crossed, controller casually resting in her lap
"You sure? Next turn you're pretty much done."
>"Don't worry, Trixie will be just fine."
>You shrug
"Your funeral, dude."
>You take your turn, earning a few more coins, and pass to Trixie
>She happily bobs back and forth as she rolls the die, moves, and lands on that space with the ghost
>The fucking ghost
>And then she steals half your stars
>One turn left in the game, and suddenly all your stars are gone
>You blink, staring at the game in disbelief
>"Looks like Trixie wins!"
"Are you... are you fucking kidding me!?"
>You hurl your controller across the room, where it makes a small dent in the wall
"This game is bullshit! How can you just steal all my coins!? I hate it! It's just stupid luck, and it's not even fun! Fuck!"
>You jump to your feet, fists curling, and look around for something to hit
>That's when you notice Trixie
>She's curled up on her corner of the couch, staring at you with wide, scared eyes
>It occurs to you how much you probably look like your dad right now
>"No. Trixie is very sorry she upset you--"
"It's not your fault. I just got a shitty temper."
>You run a hand through your cropped hair, letting out your breath in a huff
>Trixie scoots a little closer and gingerly placed her hand on your arm
>"Trixie can find another game for us to play, if you want."
"I think I should get going, actually."
>You stand up and head for the door, but Trixie grabs ahold of your arm
>"Wait! You can't leave yet!"
"Nah. I'm not feeling it, dude. I'll just end up wrecking more of your stuff."
>"It's okay! Trixie will tell her parents she did it! Just please don't go."
>She tries to physically yank you away from the door, but she's pretty scrawny and definitely a lot weaker than you
>You yank your arm free of her grasp and pull the door open
>But just as your boots hit the welcome mat, you hear her mumbling behind you
>"Please don't make Trixie spend her birthday alone..."

That's it for today. More to come soonerino
File: 1494046864780.png (495 KB, 709x1019)
495 KB
495 KB PNG
>lands on that space with the ghost
Mario Party is only designed to ruin friendships.
Sad friendless Trixie is best Trixie,
excited for more
>tfw you realize this is happening a few years after TEACUP update fucking when, also pie mango please ignore this post and make it a happy ending
>tfw the show abandoned comfy small town stuff and there is now no chance of it doing a Mario Party episode
At least Teen Titans Go still has that possibility in its wheelhouse.
File: 1586893.png (854 KB, 1280x720)
854 KB
854 KB PNG
I mean they did have this episode, and getting blown through the floor by magic is basically the same feeling as going from 1st to last in Mario Party.
File: 1035409.png (1021 KB, 726x5082)
1021 KB
1021 KB PNG
>Rara's VA recently stared in a movie where she plays a lesbian musican
>People use Rara for her and Rarity
File: 1027205-1.png (690 KB, 750x701)
690 KB
690 KB PNG
no, no, rara is distinct from rarara
File: 1448116442959.png (357 KB, 1839x1258)
357 KB
357 KB PNG
File: large.jpg (495 KB, 1280x640)
495 KB
495 KB JPG
I think Gilda might be the only one who's gayer than Spitfire.
File: 1234.png (632 KB, 755x1247)
632 KB
632 KB PNG
Nothing specific, just that a lot of time has passed and a lot ships have come and gone, but AppleDash remains pretty great.

"Those Blue Wings" in general, "Pick me up at Seven" for laughs "Stuck" for lewdness
My nigga
Rara and Rarara making Applejack jealous when?
This is absolutely adorable anon. Keep at it!
File: image.jpg (37 KB, 448x401)
37 KB
File: 1662442.png (956 KB, 3682x3457)
956 KB
956 KB PNG
File: 1642542.jpg (304 KB, 1280x960)
304 KB
304 KB JPG
File: 1681625.png (2.9 MB, 2188x2207)
2.9 MB
2.9 MB PNG

Y-yes you can.
Sunset should have been a canon alicorn by now, dammit.
File: 1679824.jpg (300 KB, 1200x940)
300 KB
300 KB JPG
Best girl joins the roster
File: 1520918524045.png (683 KB, 740x1800)
683 KB
683 KB PNG
like a crown jewel
glim is not too bad in that pic either

in fact, i wanna cum inside all of them
File: 1681898.png (584 KB, 1229x858)
584 KB
584 KB PNG
'Gladis' is an anagram of 'Gildas'
File: ripship.png (615 KB, 1229x858)
615 KB
615 KB PNG
File: 1457573.png (1007 KB, 2217x1478)
1007 KB
1007 KB PNG
Saw that movie just now. Is pretty good, I like how her love interest even kinda looks like AJ. Movie is called Becks if anyone is interested.
File: Dazzlebutt.jpg (80 KB, 730x730)
80 KB
Got some chibi dykeshit, more of Sunset with her concubines. Sunset's skin color in this one is what happens when you accidentally grab the Yellow Ochre brush pen instead of Canary Yellow, but I did my best to fix it.
File: Duskboobs.jpg (69 KB, 730x730)
69 KB
Messed up a bit with coloring Sonata's face, otherwise turned out alright.
File: Blazeboard.jpg (76 KB, 730x730)
76 KB
Aria's skin and hair color were hard to figure out, but I think I got about as close as I can with some experimentation.
File: Spoiler Image (367 KB, 1024x724)
367 KB
367 KB PNG
(Pic unrelated)
Sunset was later found dead from asphyxiation, all charges were dropped when police found it impossible to convict such a cute fish.
File: 1521249987173.jpg (109 KB, 1000x1000)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
what is it about Rarity in a suit that springs my dick into life?
File: 1682560.jpg (624 KB, 2200x1406)
624 KB
624 KB JPG
>that thirsty pose
Even if Twilight hadn't barred her from ever returning home, she'd kill her if she became a pretty princess. There can be only one.
File: 1485044035261.jpg (483 KB, 1024x720)
483 KB
483 KB JPG
>Translucent, silver moonbeams poked through the curtains and cast the room in a soft glow.
>Her eyes rested squarely on the gently rising and falling body laying in the bed, just feet away.
>Unblinking, un-moving, save for the rhythmic rocking of her chair.
>Fluttershy had fallen asleep almost immediately after coming into the room, but Maud couldn’t join her if she tried.
>That woman’s lips dominated her mind, keeping her from sleep.
>Her scents, her taste, that tingling, first-kiss feeling that sent jittery, nervous shivers up and down her spine.
>Crawling through her cold skin like insects.
>Maud couldn’t stop thinking about it, over and over and over again.
>Teasing lilt, fluttering eyes, and a passion that stayed Maud’s temper.
>She enjoyed it.
>A lot.
>Kissing Fluttershy, even for the first time, felt like nothing.
>A little wet and cold, simply a mechanical process involving their lips.
>But this girl- this girl that Maud couldn’t even say she knew the name of- drew her attention, and kept it.
>It left her sick to her stomach, and with the feeling of dozens of butterflies fluttering up and down her throat.
>An ache, longing and remorse intertwined in an odd feeling, rested in the back of her throat.
>Maud couldn’t remember feeling like this, not since Fluttershy had truly admitted her love.
>When she was lost and confused, isolated and thrown into the deep end of emotions she didn’t really understand.
>That seemed par for the course, Maud couldn’t remember when anything about Fluttershy- or this new girl- seemed familiar, simple, easy.
“I’m sorry.”
>She said it out loud, to the quiet, dark room.
>She knew that she would be hearing it again, soon.


>”Hello dear, what are you doing out so late?”
>Maud stopped and turned towards the elegant voice.
>Rarity was lounging on a plush, purple couch.
>Her half-moon, red glasses were perched on the edge of her nose just as her intricately woven bun held just at the edge of her scalp.
>Maud looked up and down the flowing, silken gown that looked one strong breeze from leaving Rarity bare.
“I could not sleep.”
>”You too? A pity. Sit with me?”
>Maud nodded and took a seat on the couch.
>She sunk in, yet she was still a head above Rarity as the girl shuffled closer towards her.
>”Were you out for a walk? It certainly is a nice night for one.”
>Rarity giggled.
>An elegant sound that matched its’ owner well.
>”Not one for words are you? What’s kept you up?”
>”Oh dear, nothing bad I hope.”
>They fell silent.
>Maud turned to look at Rarity when she felt the other girl’s piercing blue eyes staring at her.
>”My apologies for staring, it is just so rare to meet someone like you.”
“Like me?”
>Rarity gave her another soft, well-mannered laugh.
>”I don’t mean any offense. You’re different from the other girls. More… Independent.”
“...Thank you.”
>Rarity beamed up at her and shuffled a little closer.
>Maud eyed Rarity’s ivory leg that was exposed as her gown rode up her fair thighs.
>It nudged her own, almost teasingly so.
>”Dear? Are you alright?”
>Maud looked at her, at those gleaming blue eyes that demanded her attention.
>She felt flushed as Rarity sidled closer to her.
>Maud hand came up to push her off, but Rarity’s eyes shined with a devilish gleam.
>Her large hand came down to rest on Rarity’s breast, pulling out a low, breathy whine that seemed artificial, but served its’ purpose well.
>Maud pulled back, as if burned.
“I-I’m dating F-Fluttershy.”
>The way Rarity’s teasing smirk drew a thin line across her lips made Maud realize that she wouldn’t stop for something as silly as that.
>”Do you really think that I didn’t seduce Fluttershy as well?”
>Maud’s jaw tightened and her stomach burned in anger.
>All traces of guilt were gone, in its’ place a lustful zeal that demanded Rarity.
“D-do you do this with e-every new girl…?”
>Rarity gave her a low, throaty chuckle as she moved Maud’s hand back to her chest, then the other to her backside.
>Rarity’s sweet voice was whispered in her ear as she caught Maud’s lobe between her teeth, nibbling gently on it as she continued.
>”It only takes one sycophant to keep the others in line. Fluttershy is good at what she does. You will be, too.”
>Maud wasn’t trying to pull away, rather she began enjoying the warm heat that rose up her chest and burned at her cheeks as Rarity straddled her.
“D-does Fluttershy s-sleep with the other girls?”
>Maud’s head was pulled to the side as Rarity sank her teeth in the warm flesh of her neck.
“Did you wait for me here? To seduce me?”
>Rarity chuckled again as she released the tender, reddening flesh.
>”I’m not a witch, Maud. I knew you’d be out and about. That kiss the other night confirmed that for me.”
“You saw that?”
>Those sharp teeth that bit ever-deeper, almost enough to draw blood, were her answer.
>Maud grit her teeth as Rarity marked her neck up and down.
>She wanted to give in, let Rarity seduce her- get Fluttershy back for that, most of all.
>Maud could, she maybe even should, but would she?
>Her lips pursed, as if ready to give Rarity the go-ahead, yet her jaw clenched tight.

wew. Late night update because I just finished rewriting this part. Enjoy.
it's all coming to a head, soon. But not too soon, ya dig?
File: STOP.png (111 KB, 311x304)
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I think the real suddenness of these two falling apart is what's making it hurt so much. I cannot wait to see where this ends dokidokiliteratureclub.jpg
>Flash Sentry when he sees Sunset's harem of sirens:
File: large (1).png (940 KB, 683x1024)
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Y'all mothafuckas need Sundagio.
File: 1682893.png (616 KB, 745x1280)
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616 KB PNG
>Dagi catches Sunset catching a motorboat ride from another girl
What happens?
File: Spoiler Image (404 KB, 995x968)
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404 KB PNG
What gender are kites?
File: 23700.jpg (231 KB, 1280x1525)
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231 KB JPG
What gender are scrolls?
Applejack wakes up on a desert isle about three hundred miles out to sea. By the time she's discovered, she's already been talking to a volleyball for four years.
So, we're pretty close to the end of this thread's life. I'll have an update for the GildaTrix and the StarTrix story ready for next thread, hopefully.

See you all then.
File: 1681545.png (568 KB, 1585x1212)
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568 KB PNG
You're doing gods works Pie, I honestly don't know how you find the time to make so much stuff for this thread and other ones too
Off by about a hundred posts.
Image cap is 250 senpai.
File: 1485975314445.gif (267 KB, 1100x450)
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Raridash is quality
File: 048.png (1.45 MB, 2480x3507)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB PNG
File: 1508561662440.gif (605 KB, 518x518)
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605 KB GIF
File: 1492656468146.jpg (523 KB, 647x1000)
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File: 1512332645254.jpg (157 KB, 1646x2057)
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This is the end you know...
You'll catch that Rainbow someday filly

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