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Previous thread: >>32007730
(Archive Link: http://yuki.la/mlp/32007730)

>What is this thread about?
This thread revolves around stories about ponies being enslaved.

>Can you elaborate more?
Sure! SPG (Slave Pony General) is mostly about characters dealing with the actual implications of the horrifying thing that is chattel slavery. It's more looking at how people with modern sensibilities deal with the ownership of another sentient being, and how most people aren't total cunts.

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All thanks to Anon's tender care, it hurts that she broke her heart, but at least now they have Rarity Swettie Belle to comfort him
>Anon gets drunk, picks up Swibble, and uses her instead of the assbrush.
Ass-on-ass spanking. A new frontier for our lovely thread.

I know that anon is sad and everything but how Rarity feel about this whole situation.
The tension in the home would be horrible since anon still remember the whole wake up blowjob incident but at least the depression will make him more calm, silent and quiet trying to ignore everything with extra job even if he don't need the money
I imagine that Anon after looking for Twilight everywhere without finding it devastated, Rarity feeling responsible for what happened asked Anonymous to sell it to someone else, but in return gave the opportunity to Swettie Belle to have a place to live, Anon reflects and decides to keep both while still looking for Twiligth, little by little the wound is closing and both, united by the pain of losing a loved one find the way to match their sorrows with mutual consolation, and so the seed, maybe of company and affection germinate in their hearts
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I miss her
File: White Knigth Mode.jpg (461 KB, 1664x939)
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This is Whiteknigth thread anon
File: limey.png (1.05 MB, 2000x2000)
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1.05 MB PNG
>tfw no angry slave mare to sic on intruders
What does your post even mean?
that poor little angel
You guys know if Twilight ever gets back home Rarity's gonna beat her ass right? This was all an elaborate setup to spank twilight again.
Implying Rarara needs an elaborate setup. "It's monday" is a valid reason.
Aww you guys know me too well.

That's a good butt. I liked that butt. Thanks for that butt.

Managed to stop playing poe for a bit and get a good bit of writing done tonight. Update in the next few days probably.
File: pegawave.jpg (220 KB, 732x1024)
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220 KB JPG
New thread, new Clear. Just a little though.
Who the fuck is that, you say? You can find her adorable and comfy life here: https://pastebin.com/Tfhi9WQ4

>You are Clear Skies
>And today you’re doing computer stuff.
>You got bored and decided to look up what the internet says about you.
>Asking Master to help would make this a lot easier.
>And faster.
>Your hooves are just a little too big to type with.
>Master made you a set of bracelets with pokey things on them so you can type better.
>But you lost them.
>Wing typing works fine though. It’s just kinda slow.

>You found yourself in the government’s pony list.
>They had your medical records and your ID number.
>And there were a few old listings on auction websites.
>The most recent one was 'Cooperative, eager, trained in clerical work, legible writing.'
>Honestly you expected it to be longer.
>Especially since you were there for almost two years.
>It was a really boring office job though. You were the only pony there and the humans left you alone unless they needed you to do something.
>Maybe they didn’t have anything else to say?
>And no mention of how much you were being sold for either.
>Do they remove that part when the sale finishes?
>But more interesting than that, you found another website.
>The front page said it’s 'A guide for the connoisseur that can truly appreciate a pony.'
>You know a wiki is like an encyclopedia that any human can add to.
>That’s pretty nice of them, taking the time to help others like that.
>This website is kinda confusing.
File: all smiles.png (603 KB, 750x1000)
603 KB
603 KB PNG

>When you saw the front page you expected...
>You’re not sure what you expected.
>'Appreciating a pony' kinda sounds like it would be a place for masters to learn how to make their pony happy.
>Equestrian recipes and games and books and stuff like that?
>Maybe explain what’s the most different between pony and human culture?
>Some guides for new owners?
>How to make a good first impression?

>None of that is here.
>Instead it’s just a huge list of names in alphabetical order, each with a short description and a link to their government website.
>But you don’t understand what they’re describing...
>Well, may as well look around.
>Ctrl F master race

>Princess Celestia was blank
>Princess Luna - See Nightmare Moon
>Nightmare Moon - Vanilla and blueberries
>Princess Cadence was blank
>You hope that means Princess Celestia and Princess Cadence are still free.
>And Princess Luna...
>Guess that rumor you heard was true.
>But vanilla and blueberries?

>How about your friends?
>Sunshower - Lemon meringue
>Open Skies was blank
>Well, you know both of them were caught.
>The blank ones might be owners that don’t know about this website.
>Or ponies that were freed before it was made?
>Moondancer - Fruit Rollups (the blue ones)
>March Gustysnows - Peppermint mocha
>Aaand that’s about it.
>You don’t have a lot of friends.
File: Super Lewd.png (209 KB, 792x792)
209 KB
209 KB PNG

>May as well just go through everypony you knew in Equestria.
>Parasol was blank
>Noteworthy was blank
>Sprinkle Melody - Caramel and almonds
>Spitfire - Cinnabon but less plastic
>Pinkie Pie - Birthday cake with a ton of sprinkles
>That seems about right.
>Pinkie was some kind of mystical birthday spirit or something. She never gave you a straight answer, but she was at every party you’ve ever been to and you never saw her outside of them.
>It’s the only thing that made sense.
>You're a little surprised that she got caught, though.
>What about...
>Uh... actually it’s been so long you can’t remember anypony else.
>What about those Element ponies?
>Rainbow Dash was blank
>Applejack - Applejack
>Those two you know for sure.
>Rainbow Dash was your hero, and Applejack was amazingly hot. Seriously, dat flank would turn you lesbo in a second.
>You can’t remember the others’ names...
>You think one was Buttershy?
>Nope, not on the list.

>Is this a list of favorite food?
>Just scrolling through, almost all of them are food.
>Sunshower always loved lemon meringue pie.
>And March’s cutiemark is coffee, so that makes sense for her too.
>Anyone else you can check?
>Oh, you know somepony.
>Honey Glow - Banana bread
>Well, that’s a bust.
>Mom’s favorite food is grilled daffodil.
>Are you on the list? Maybe that will give you a clue about what the site is for.

>Clear Skies - Chocolate cranberries and rum
>What did they mean by this?
>You should ask Master, maybe he’ll know.
I really hope those "blanks" mean they are still free.
What would slaves make toys of?
Historically you got like corn husk dolls.
Thank you for coming back you made my week

>What did they mean by this?

Pussy taste
For sure pussy taste
>Celestial Circus
I'm curious about this latest addition to the collection of things we've seen in the city, on how to view it. Circus are somewhat infamous for some of them being cruel in the treatment of their animals. It is almost twisted to think some particularly malicious masters having acquired a lot of ponies and forcibly parading them around in this fashion, forcing them to put on a smile and humiliatingly entertain the masses while they're whipped and caged behind the scenes. If I'm not mistaken Flurry's original owner before Anon was the owner of such a circus. It has the potential to be horrifying.

On the other hand, it could just as well be 'operated' by the ponies themselves. Ponies who want to try and bring hope to humans/ponies alike through laughter. In which case it'd be interesting for Cadance to visit them to compare her own operation to theirs if they're given that much freedom (as it would appear they were at least allowed to create the tent.

>The reunion
I think we made the right call after seeing this scene at last. It always strikes me one of the cruelest parts of this system is tearing foals away from their parents... that this old stallion almost didn't recognize Maple by her coat being so much lighter in particular hit hard. I hope this scene, since it resonated even with Anon, sends more signals about just how unjust and terrible this system is for them. Still, for now making these reunions happen is a step in the right direction.
Nice to meet up with Sciptorial again, and surprised at Anon trying to pass advice on to Stedler about letting his ponies have more freedom.. I doubt he will consider it, his attitude towards the 'purchases' is as callous as ever, but it's nice on Anon. Nicer even is actually giving more mind to Scriptorial and asking her opinion on the griffons / desires to meet Cadance again, I like her.

>Meeting the griffons
This was interesting, I liked how you detailed out this scene because I really wasn't expecting 'Cadance' of all ponies to go into a lion-like growl and circle/trap a griffon in some kind of weird, griffon dominance dance was unexpected. Cool to see though and I like how Anon actually made sure they didn't supersede Cadance's dominant role of authority compared to him.

>The decision
Let's tell Cadance we understand what she's referring to: that the idea of bringing outsiders to guard the ponies might make them feel less secure than when we were having ponies among them brought up to the guard, and that the griffons in turn might, in feeling less attached to this place right away, not be the kind of guards we were looking for.

However I think our decision to go through with making them guards is still a sound one. Surely not EVERY guard who was on her palace before were all Crystal Empire natives, transfers occur? It's an important job, but it's still just a job: one that they do well (as I doubt griffons are particularly inclined towards the other duties in Cadance's town) and could learn to uphold respect for both the town and its ponies through it. What if one of our new purchased ponies had a cutie mark in defending/upholding the law, a former officer, wouldn't it make sense to put him on the guard right away despite all these issues she's suggesting?
That no matter how dark your soul there is always a spark of light in you
Assuming that the letter addressed to Anon arrives on time, just imagine the possibilities: Anon and Rarity may have gone looking for Twiligth in other parts of the country based only on rumors and false identifications (I regret the poor mare that has been confused with Twilight and not being recognized, maybe Anon is her last chance for adoption or salvation), they could be with Swettie Belle or with the lost daughter of Rarity moving to another site (You really want Swettie to be near one of the people in charge of the center of re-education?)

Or worse, the letter comes too late, Twilight is bought by someone of bad repute and a lot of money looking for a pony to break and mold at will or even as they said before, she is acquired by Rogers to recondition and use it for her control and submission experiments, she would be living in a narrow cage with a high-level magic sealer, doped with sugar cubes and substances of mental suppression and liberation of libido.
I doubt the legitimacy of the site, I would prefer to look at an official government website to acquire information.

Because there is no dating of Twilight and Maud Pie?
>Flurry's original owner
> Fuck ... I did not remember that ... any idea of taking girls to the circus could bring dire consequences.

I wonder if Scriptorial has new information about the whereabouts of Twilight, if so, giving the data to Anon would be a serious risk, even if it comes in key enough that Anon suspects so that Candance may be in danger for his betrayal.

>The decision
It's interesting how Candance expects Anon's confidence but at the same time conspires with other ponies for a possible escape.

How Candance and Anonymous hope that their project and future plans will work if they cling to the prejudices of the past? Denying the opportunity to the Gryphons would only show that the ponies are so prejudiced that humans and all their philosophy of friendship and harmony is a sham, perhaps they deserve their new condition, perhaps the ponies deserve their new condition, one does not appreciate what they have unless you take it away
>circus could bring dire consequences
Anon bringing Flurry (and Cadance?) to the circus for a fun evening with his daughter, then having the PTSD of her last owner come back would be hightly traumatic itself. Can't wait!

>giving the data to Anon would be a serious risk
What's the worst that could happen? Anon discovers that Cadance is interested in her fellow alicorn and the foal she helped raise? He could hardly be surprised. That she is using pony-to-pony contacts behind his back look for her? Slightly naughty, but hardly open rebellion. I said Cadance should have openly asked for his help in the first place, still think so. If anything he would help with the search; perhaps keep it secret from her too and make the data a surprise gift if the news is good, and just stay quiet if it's bad. Twilights fate is not any threat is to Anon, the only thing she is to him is a cheap way to make his own alicorn happy.

>It's interesting how Candance expects Anon's confidence
As Cadance would say (and will if she's caught!), that plan is only a contingency. Anon DOES have her full and genuine support as long as he stays in charge and keeps his own promises. It would be really fun if Anon discovered her conspiracy, listened to her (desperate, tearful) argument, and ended up joining the 'secret escape plan' himself! He has no intention of running a glue farm, and if his own investors betray him and take over it would be no skin off his nose. And if that ever changes, he could pull the plug anytime he wants.

>ponies are so prejudiced
Cadance objects to them being newcomers dropped into such a trusted position, not that they are griffons. But I was totally getting a racist vibe from her too, and it will be fascinating to see how that plays out. Even these virtuous, harmonious, pastel ponies must have the odd moral weakness.
>Twilights fate is not any threat is to Anon, the only thing she is to him is a cheap way to make his own alicorn happy.

CYOS has made it clear that in its history Twiligth is famous among coaches and owners of being difficult to handle and highly defiant of authority, in truth you think that someone with his power and bad reputation should be in a property that houses thousands of ponies and perhaps the Two last alicorns that is known? How long do you think it would take before she confronts Anonymous and exhorts Candace to join forces to liberate her people? Literally she would be sent to her ponies to a bloodbath

This is material for a lot that say in the future of the story, if you get to see problems then Anon confronts to Candance,"Maybe in your Kingdom you only led ponies, but in my home I want to all regardless of who have to work together so that we all benefit , if you can not make it work then shall make changes to the administration of my property, starting with you"
No, BUYING Twilight and bringing her into the camp is another deal entirely! Cadance was probably right to see her as a threat, even if it broke her heart. But looking her up? Finding out where she is, if she's doing OK? Writing, or even talking to her? Cadance would want that, and would be grateful to Anon for making it happen.
>Could Anon, Megan, and a few ponies get tickets and have a day out together? Sounds like quite a bit of world-building work to write, but you don't throw these things in if you don't intend to use them somehow.

>Anon bringing Flurry (and Cadance?) to the circus for a fun evening with his daughter, then having the PTSD of her last owner come back would be hightly traumatic itself. Can't wait!

The circus is not going to have a major arc for this story. As we approach - or perhaps more accurately, lurchingly stumble towards - a conclusion, some things are just fun details without launching a whole new arc. For the same reason, the griffons' arc will be... abbreviated, at most.
Make the griffons like the penguins of madagascar.
Somehow they get into a storyline that is abhorrent logic and safety, but have all the proof of it to explain their abscence.
Oh my
>stumble towards a conclusion

But seriously, despite the immense amount of fun we’ve all had with it, it’s gone on quite a while and should probably end sometime. Let’s make it a happy one, eh?
It's shit
All of that sounds like that much money only for the well-being of a pony that is too dangerous for purchase, in any case Anon only would like to know if this live and well and that's it, but that would never be enough for Candance, while is informed Twiligth more you will want know and begin to put pressure on Anon more and more, to benefit there in that for Anon? If even Candance tries to blackmail him by information then it literally would be asking for their chains, the whip, the suit latex... ehr! I mean that it can offer Candance for knowledge of Twiligth that is no longer his duty? Not to mention what they already you are thinking...
File: 742402.gif (709 KB, 393x207)
709 KB
709 KB GIF
Don't have a recent pic, but here's one of me (Anonymous) with the two Sweet Pigs from a few years ago.

File: 1520706219602-mlp.png (84 KB, 373x368)
84 KB
She was too young
I wonder what would have happened to the Changelings if they were forced to live in a world like ours, I say, before their transformation they fed on love, but our emotions would have been toxic for them
They'd probably be taking over what's left of the straggling ponies as they aren't worth much on earth due to their short lifespan on earth they starve to death or are poisoned by the corrupt feelings.
This picture is most pleasing, who is the artist?
Pegasi should be kept in cramped quarters and denied the sky, it is a reward only to the free.
Freedom is not a reward, it is a right!

And such right must be taken!
Don't bet on it.

Yet another fetish in the pile. If that's your thing check out the short story starting here: https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/29304920/#29306795 Rereading Hawkeye's 'Mouth of Anonymous' just brought it back and I couldn't resist.

My Twiggles is wingless. She remained a neurotic librarian and the Friendship Castle Playset never darkened the skies of Ponyville. She was just another one of those ponies that were mentioned in the paper every couple weeks. But Clear didn't really pay attention to that.

Thanks anon, that means a lot coming from you.

She weenks with her ancestors. Can you say the same, Imperial?
File: speedboat.png (290 KB, 500x366)
290 KB
290 KB PNG
File: 1610126.png (2.49 MB, 1743x1169)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB PNG
File: 1596066.jpg (234 KB, 900x900)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
Surly alcoholic slavepone with cheerful optimist owner W H E N
Has clear ever been eaten out by her beloved master? I'm sure she wouldn't mind grinding herself all over him after numerous mind numbing orgasms
I'll write about it eventually. You know how hard it is to be a pornsmith without using the word 'ministrations'?
Also, yes. A lot. How do you think that wiki knows her flavor?Her beloved Master might need to be punished for that.

Her beloved Master might need to be punished for that.

Clear will create a wikia for the ponies to rate the taste of the cum of their master.
In some part of the story will we meet Megan's mother? Something tells me that she and Candance did not get along

Plotwist: That page already exist. Filled with stallions
>Honey Glow - Banana bread
>Well, that’s a bust.
>Mom’s favorite food is grilled daffodil.
Is some Anon fucking her mom?

She probably enjoy it, been eaten out is probably something really rare in equestria when the stallion just mount for two minutes, spray seed and call the day.
>Don't bet on it.
Damn. And now I can't enjoy your green anymore.
File: checked.png (659 KB, 1200x1000)
659 KB
659 KB PNG
Can't deny the trips. She probably won't show up at any time soon but yes, she's in a similar situation but it's more wholesome. Clear's story (and Meadow Flower whenever I get back to her) is RGRE-lite HFY-lite with catponies, but less cancer. All those mares were forcibly moved to the amazon planet in the elemental plane of hour-long dickings.

Sorry friend, but large portions of Equestria are being strip-mined for gemstones and super-fertile soil. Not all of it though. I'll get to that eventually if I ever stop disappearing.

>get eaten out
>more than two miserable minutes
>actually cum a lot
>cuddles after lovemaking

How stallions can even compete?
It's top cute is what it is, and I'm super glad to see you keeping producing stuff. This is a story that always leaves me with a warm, happy, fuzzy feeling inside - and not just because of the lewd. There's something fundamentally adorable in how you write your ponies.

Now, do we have to enslave you to keep you writing?

They can't. Now the real question is how the mistress handle the stallion low stamina

Mistress peg the stallion.
File: 1519777012998.jpg (333 KB, 500x706)
333 KB
333 KB JPG
Mistress bully stallion with her feet until he lasts longer.
>keep you writing
Remove me from the vidya.
I'd love for clear skies and her master to have a long drawn out make out sesh all over the house with all the cuddling and teasing possible just so she can pounce on him and breed the fuck out of herself
Estims and tranqs.
Stallion is given dissassociatives to push them into a slow state where they can't cum.
It leads them ti being a strung out drug addict useless for anything else.
Please continue, transformation slavery while unwilling is unf.
File: 1457652564575.png (277 KB, 768x768)
277 KB
277 KB PNG
Do you want Anon to be a stallion or mare and with a master or mistress?
He should be a stallion (with threat of gelding instead?) because species AND gender transformation would be too much. Cutie mark: flipping burgers. In a strict herbivore. As for owner, to early to decide. He needs to be orientated to his new body, trained as a slave, and sold yet.
Is it ok to spam outside stories here? This is pony-slave related and actively updated:
Sounds good, fuck all that fillyshit though I'm not trying to get b&.
>low, low price of 200-500 dollars
No seeing how the economics work here. The negro gentleman who made the initial recruitment needs to get paid. The truck needs gas. The unicorn doing the transformation spell certainly doesn’t work for free. Cops need to be paid off. Rent. Taxes. “Insurance”. It goes on and on! How can two hundred bucks even come close to covering all that?
Same way on normal kidnapping ops, you dont do most of that and work on volume.
Spell can be an all too willing zebra, friendly men are paid a 30 to 40 k a year salary, 80 pones each mean 2 a week.
Move between cities to cover tracks if not countries.
It all comes through with volume.
The unicorn works for pennies, the storage warehouse is used without rent because it is abandoned.
Mr. Negro fellow picks up 10 ponies, that's 2-5 grand, depending on temperment.
Mr. Negro gets paid $500 for the night, 1,450-4,450 left. Gas will likely be another $50.
Ponies each consume $5/day in food, calculating for 1 meal. Assuming it takes a month to properly train each pony to a good enough temperment to be sold for $500, 10 ponies will have consumed $1500 in food. Selling all 10 ponies as soon as 30 days are up will net $2950 in total profits.
Selling for $200 is breaking even, just getting rid of bad merchandise without taking a loss.

Why I always try to avoid putting even the slightest 'technical' info when I write.
But then we cant be creepy with sharing our knowledge.
Like how I am an uncertified qualified radiological disarment specialist due to an event.
>you could get a human-turned-pony for the low, low price of 200-500 dollars

Your story was liking me until I read this part
What if they throw in a free slide whistle?
What can I change to make it better?
Transform humans into ponies, it seems to me that there is already a thread on this topic
This guy has it right, take out technical refrences such as specific dollar amounts. It didn’t bother this anon, but it’s bad policy. Then: write moar. Not much to even criticize with only one page of green.
Time since green: 30hr.
And Fanganon only gave us three pages! (Thanks though: super cute as always.) Anyone able to break the drought?
Remove the transformation entirely.
Once BP proofread my shit I can post.
>literally a transformation story
File: 1417690362408.png (13 KB, 498x450)
13 KB

Does the letter really matter, though? Luna knows that Twilight was taken. As long as she doesn't get captured as well, then she'll report to Candance, who can have Spike send a letter straight to Rarity. They're bound to know about the camp at least generally.

Whether or not Rarity would immediately turn it over to Anon, though...
I came up with a ridiculous idea, a human is sent by the portals to get information about Equestria and its forces before starting a military operation, through some trick that does not deserve importance, it manages to transform itself into a pony and thus not be detected , (Yes, as in Avatar) eventually he changes his mind and decides to help the ponies against the invasion but it is too late, the humans invade and conquer and the human is part of the many ponies that are captured and sold.

I like the idea, but everything depends on what Vega has already thought about doing
>Just like avatar

This is fucking, utter shit.

> The hedge was ruined! Celestia had done her best to even it out with the shears, but there was an obvious patch of bare bush, right there in sight of the entrance.
> There had been no way for her to fix it and the mare was decidedly uneasy. She had meant to eat it evenly, but she got lost in thought and her mouth had just done its own thing.
> And when she was full and looked at the damage, the alicorn knew it wouldn't pass muster. The hedge was ruined! There was a large hole in the green foliage, right in the sight of the main door.
> She briefly considered trying to cover it up somehow, or maybe paint it in some manner. But there was no chance in Tartarus that Anonymous would miss it. Even if, by some chance, he didn't spot it tonight, he would certainly notice in daylight.
> Her mind raced with various plans and schemes, until the pony sighed and accepted her fate.
> No, trickery would be entirely unprofessional. She simply had to admit her blunder and face any punishment the human thought appropriate. She really couldn't judge. What was an appropriate atonement for eating his hedge? How important was the look of his house to Anonymous?
> Based on the blocky, misshapen, ugly architecture, the pony would have said 'not at all'. But the lawn was well-kept and perhaps her eyes saw it differently. Maybe this kind of building was considered the height of fashion on Earth?
> She realized that she had absolutely no frame of reference in this. So far the human had been amenable and friendly. Maybe he would take this in stride, or maybe he would be livid.
> Celestia imagined punishment after punishment, each more dire than the last, as she paced up and down the hallway waiting for the human to return.

> She could stop him if the man tried to do anything too drastic. But guilt mingled with her pride and the alicorn knew she would accept whatever he imposed, short of maiming or killing her.
> Celestia was fairly certain, he wasn't the type to really hurt her over something like this. Perhaps the worst would be a few lashes with his belt, she hoped.
> She really hoped.
> The car came, waited, and drove in. The garage door slid down after it and the car door opened. She heard the footsteps.
> The pony sat on her haunches, right in the middle of the hallway. She looked miserable, with her downcast gaze, folded ears. Even her mane seemed to droop down. Her eyes seemed on the verge of tears. Perhaps, if she looked sorry enough, the punishment would be milder.
> It took surprisingly little doing, she found. Maybe she was a slave only on paper, but somehow, in some way, she had taken it to her heart.
> The incident with the basement monster proved it. As a ruler of Equestria, she would never be afraid of it. But perhaps she had left her mantle of the Princess under her bed. Perhaps, finally, she was able to simply be the pony underneath.
> And right now that meant a frightened and very sorry slave mare, who had done a bad thing and was awaiting punishment by her master.
> It all seemed appropriate. And it was different enough from her normal state of mind that she quickly spotted exactly what she was doing. Like she had told Mr. Plain: it was strangely liberating to let go.
> With a small start she realized that the human had come in, stopped, and was now staring at her.
> "Celestia? What's wrong? Did something happen?"
Well, at least the neigh lmaos still get enslaved in the end.

> She was glad to hear a note of concern in his voice. It gave her hope.
"I have made a stupid mistake today, Master."
> She knew that the title was unavoidable in this case. And somehow the human knew it too. He didn't correct her.
> The mare raised her eyes and steeled herself for the judgement.
"I went to trim the hedge and... damaged it. Inadvertently!"
> Anonymous was taken aback. "Damaged? What do you mean? What happened? Show me!"
> She got up on unsteady hooves and led the way to the front door. She stepped outside, extended a wing to point, and let her head fall down.
> The human looked at the bare patch. Then he looked at her. "Why didn't you say you don't know how to use the shears? I would have taught you."
> The pony heaved a sigh and glanced up, briefly.
"It wasn't the shears, Master. I... ate it."
> That gave him pause. He looked at the hole again. Then at the pony. Then back to the hole. "You ate the hedge?" he said flatly.
> Celestia nodded silently.
> "You ate the hedge," the man repeated. "Is it even edible? I don't know if you have the same kind of plants back in-" he had to search his memory for the name. "-Equestria."
"It is honeysuckle, Master. It is edible for us. And delicious."
> There was a prolonged silence as they both looked at the damaged bush. Finally, the mare could stand it no longer.
"What will be my punishment, Master?"
> He moved at last and looked at her. A hand came, as if to pet her, but paused in the air. Then the human sighed. "In a way, it's quite funny, you know? But that is right where it shows. I thought you had more self-control. You certainly acted like you had!"

> It was all true. The pony nodded to it all. She should have had more self control! But the entire point of her vacation was for Celestia to relinquish the mantle of command. Perhaps she had done it the wrong way around? She let go her self-control, but kept bossing the human around. Maybe a good belting would set her straight.
> "I expected better of you, Celestia. So your punishment will be that you will go to your room without dinner - or dessert - and stay there until morning. Make sure to use the toilet beforehand."
> It was a lot lighter than she had feared. The loss of dessert stung, but in her relief the mare didn't mind.
"Thank you, Master! I'm sorry!"
> "And don't call me Master!"
> She had the entire evening to think. Celestia went through the events of the past few days in her mind and tried to understand what was happening to her.
> The slavery thing was a ploy, of course. But she had wanted to do it properly. She had accepted her role fully. But what exactly did that mean?
> She was subservient to Anonymous, that one was a no-brainer. It meant she did whatever he told her, that's how the whole thing worked.
> But, the mare realized, there were undertones. Being a slave to a good master also meant that she would be protected. She would expect to be fed, cleaned and given a safe place to sleep and live. She would be given everything she needed to perform her duties.
> True - in the Canterlot Castle the Royal Sisters didn't have to concern themselves with finances. The accountants did all that. But the money was *technically* theirs, so any expenses incurred in the running of the castle came, figuratively, out of their coin-purses.

> Here, however, the money belonged to Anonymous. The house was his and the food and water also. She was given their use, but there was a fundamental difference. If the human had refused to buy ingredients, she would have to make other dishes. And if he gave specific orders what she should cook, that's what she would have prepared.
> It went even deeper. The master provided more: safety and stability.
> Perhaps she had somehow, subconsciously known that all along? Maybe that was why the central heating had frightened her so? She had never even considered fighting it with her magic. Partly, because it belonged to her owner, but mainly, Celestia realized, because it was his duty to keep her safe now!
> Some of the decisions were no longer hers to make. But that was alright. It meant, among other things, that she was allowed to be afraid!
> Of course there were also anomalies. She kept trying to boss the human around. When she thought it appropriate, she took charge of the situation. The bath, for example. And her insistence on breakfast. And her secret Quest to get Anonymous to appreciate pastries.
> Perhaps, Celestia thought, that was simply her being used to command. That part of her had to be suppressed now, but maybe it found ways to leak through. After all, it had been a part of her for millenia. When she stripped away that, what was left?
> Maybe that was why she acted almost like a little filly?
> And, now that she understood it, she could decide what to do about it.
> Should she continue down this path? Give in to the slavery thing, accept Anonymous' ownership of her. It might change her, at least a little. Would she be able to discard it again, fully, when she went back?

> And if it did changer her, would it be for the worse, or for the better?
> On the other hoof, if she nipped this behaviour in the bud - then she would have to *act*. And that completely negated her relaxing vacation. She would have to watch every word and action. She would have to pretend, just as much as she had to do with all the dignitaries and diplomats.
> She looked out the window where the moon was half full.
"You are undecided too, Sister?"
> And it didn't help her think when her stomach growled like that. The honeysuckle had been tasty, but it wasn't really a meal. She was starting to miss dinner! It was going to be a long night, she feared.
> The mare was painfully undecided for long moments. But then, as if a switch flipped in her head, she had the answer.
"Okay! It's the vacation I wanted. Let go! Relax. It is out of your hooves, Celestia."
> It was simple. She would go with the flow. She would be a slave. She would relinquish her grip on herself and enjoy the moments. If it made her act like a young mare again, so much the better!
> Her master was the good sort and obviously cared about her, even after mere days.
> Perhaps the experience would change her, but it would be for the better. After all, hadn't she always preached seeing both sides of an argument before reaching a decision?
> Knowing what it was like to relax and give over control of her life was the opposite side of how she had always felt and acted.
> The alicorn floated her vest and hoofguards from under the bed. She chose to imagine that they represented her as a ruler.
> And, having decided to walk around 'naked' had been her first step to leaving them behind.

> They were a link to her past - to her normal self. She wouldn't need them here. But also, they were a connection to her Sister and her subjects. The mare kissed the emblem on the vest. She had to say goodbye, even if it wasn't forever.
"I'll come back to you someday. I promise. But now I need to be somepony else."
> She put them back under the bed and climbed in. Having made the decision consciously, she felt like a large burden had been taken from her back. Goodbye Celestia, Princess of the Sun and ruler of Equestria. Hello Celestia, a happy and - sometimes - naughty slave mare.
> She fell asleep with a smile on her face.

> ~~~~

> Celestia didn't know the exact time - she would have to ask Anonymous for a clock like his. She could wear it around her ankle, the mare supposed. But it was really early.
> As she had feared, the empty stomach didn't let her have much sleep. She woke up several times and snuck out for a glass of water. And it didn't help one bit that she could smell the lingering aroma of the sandwich Anonymous had made for himself.
> The least her owner could do was join her in fasting. A show of solidarity! Every time Celestia crept down the corridor she stuck her tongue out at Anon's door and blew a silent raspberry.
> The snorted softly in annoyance, then had to suppress a giggle when she realized what she was thinking.
> She could have cheated and gotten a snack. The mare was fairly certain that the human wouldn't notice. But that would have been dishonest. And, quite frankly, Celestia was no longer sure about her ability to lie to her owner. No longer in such perfect control of her face.

> So she kept feeling for the sun. She was getting better at it. With some effort, she could tell when it was two hours or so from rising. And then she couldn't stand the hunger anymore.
> She went to the kitchen and looked over the stock. So many delicious things! Her mouth watered as her nose took in the smells.
> But the rules, as she understood them, were that she wasn't allowed any food until breakfast.
> In which case, Celestia reasoned, breakfast should be moved to as early as possible. That made sense, so the mare quickly went about preparing it.
> She did everything. Nicely browned toast and butter. Sliced bread. Peanut butter. Jam. Waffles. Scrambled eggs with a hint of parsley and pepper. She even made tiny little cupcakes - chocolate and vanilla cream.
> And a pitcher of orange juice completed the set.
> The mare found a large enough tray to fit everything. She stacked it up, lifted it with her magic and went up to Anon's room.
> It was far too early to poke the poor human upright. So he would get breakfast in bed. And, incidentally, the mare would be there to 'clean up' any leftovers, such as there might be.
> She knocked, waited for the groan, then burst in with a cheerful smile.
"Good morning, Anonymous! Rise and shine. The sun is... almost at the horizon!"
> The mare pulled the curtains back dramatically, but it was still pitch black, with perhaps the barest trace of purple toward the east.
> "What kind of time do you call this?" the human asked, a little grumpy. "It's the middle of the night!"
"Uh, sunrise? Nearly? Almost?"

> He glanced at his clock and groaned again. "One day of week I get to sleep in a little, and you can't even let me have that? Is this revenge for sending you to bed without supper?"
> The mare laughed pleasantly. She lifted a large napkin from her back and spread it over Anonymous' legs in the bed. Then she balanced the tray there.
> The human stared at the array of food before him. "Just how long have you been awake? This is... impressive. To say the least!"
> She kept her grin and sat on her haunches beside the bed. She would watch him eat. Make him, if she had to. Fortunately, the human understood that and didn't seem to mind. He gave a resigned sigh and picked up some toast.
> "Might as well join me. This is too much for one person, Celestia. Don't you have any moderation?"
> Celestia chose to understand his words in the way that suited her best. That, too, was freedom of a sort. With a single bound she was on the bed and snuggled up to the human's side. That gave her a superb position to 'help' him with his meal, as he had requested.
> She felt happy enough to try a little joke.
"Hmm. Mod- er- at- ion... No, I don't think I've ever heard the word. What's it mean?"
> It worked and the human chuckled. But then he bopped her nose with a finger. "Watch it, you! I know you're trying to cook your way back into my good graces!"
> His finger left a smear of peanut butter on her nose. She snaked out her tongue and licked it off. It was the most delicious thing she had ever tasted!
"Is it working?"
> She watched his hand, which was going down for the napkin. She stopped it with her magic and gently lifted it back up.

> Anonymous watched it curiously, but didn't fight it. His eyes widened as the pony licked it clean.
> Then, after Celestia had time to realize what she had just done, they looked at each other. She blushed a rosy pink.
> The human shook his head in wonder, but he was grinning. "I still don't know what to make of you, Celestia. Sometimes you seem five years old and sometimes fifty. Are all ponies that strange?"
> She laughed, but didn't answer him.
> Between the two, the food was gone in what seemed like minutes. The mare firmly squashed the thought that she had eaten most of it. But there had been a small victory! Anonymous had taken one cupcake, eaten it, and proclaimed it 'good'. He refused any more, but it was a start!
> She floated the empty tray out the door and deftly manoeuvred it to the counter in the kitchen. Then she focused her gaze on the human.
"You can go back to sleep now."
> The human looked outside. It was still pre-dawn. "That's just what I intend to do. Could be a problem now that I've eaten, but I'll give it my best! I suggest you do the same!"
> The mare, again, interpreted it a bit more creatively.
> She settled down right beside the human, on the bed. She didn't mind the lack of a blanket - her fur and wings kept her quite warm. But she did lay her head on Anonymous' chest.
> The human stared for a moment. "See? This is what I'm talking about. It's like you're eight years old, or something!" The mare just poked her tongue out, without opening her eyes.

> Anonymous shook his head and sighed. "I've half a mind to call Mr. Plain and have him get you. But I really like what you're doing with the place. Aside from the hedge, of course. And you can cook."
> Celestia shrugged a little.
"What can I say - I'm just good."
> A hand came down on her neck and fiddled with her mane. Then the fingers travelled up to her ears and began slowly scratching. "Okay, you can stay here until morning," came the very welcome verdict.
> Then the human reached to the wall and turned off the light. Celestia felt him shift lower, until he was lying down. But throughout it all, the hand didn't move and the fingers continued their wonderful, magical scratching.
> This particular perk of having a master she could get used to, the mare decided.

Wow, I hadn't realized it had gotten like that in the middle there. Welp, hope it wasn't too bad and maybe explained a bit of why Sunbutt is enjoying the sillines.
I updated this, in case anyone needs the whole thing: https://pastebin.com/JatjyA3x
That's exactly what I wanted to read. The odd mix of innocence and slightly over the line sexual tension. Well done.
Never was fond of anything involving Celestia, but this one sure drags me in.
I thought it was adorable.
>>32041137 Fixing it

>Having your very own pony was definitely expensive
>A full-blooded Equestrian pony, even more so
>But with the right connections, even a person strapped for cash can get themselves a pony
>An HTPony, short for human-turned-pony, can be obtained for a very steep discount through less than legal means
>It's almost impossible to tell an if an HTPony used to be a person, the only way to tell is through a blood test
>But, even then, you'd need a before and after sample, rendering the method entirely moot
>Although you were a good person, you worked, you were nice to the ponies, you kept out of trouble, bad things happen to good people
>And a very bad thing happened to you when a large, dark gentleman choked you unconscious after your shift at Arby's on the bad side of town

>Hello Celestia, a happy and - sometimes - naughty slave mare.
>Anonymous watched it curiously, but didn't fight it. His eyes widened as the pony licked it clean
>She settled down right beside the human, on the bed. She didn't mind the lack of a blanket

Anon don't sound like the guy that would fuck a horse, he almost sound like a boring normalfag, but someday Celestia will make a move that anon can't ignore and he will kindly ask her to stop because he isn't that type of master and celestia will turn red like a tomato and get offended later because "she isn't attractive enough" for his master.

Here your general. Use it >>31984363
And then it turns out its Chryaslis not Celestia and changeling magic fun ensues.
>Hello Celestia, a happy and - sometimes - naughty slave mare
>Anon don't sound like the guy that would fuck a horse,
You might not be the kind of guy who would fuck a horse until she starts nickering at you and presents herself with tail lifted. Ten suddenly all bets are off.

>Princess Luna - See Nightmare Moon
>Nightmare Moon - Vanilla and blueberries

So... Luna master actually taste her or NMM have some good femdom roleplay and force him to eat her out?
File: 1428395622630.png (1.83 MB, 1920x1080)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB PNG
Thanks to this opportunity to get rid of a thousand years of obligations and protocols I would say that Celestia is discovering herself

Still need to see if Anon can help her discover more

Good time for one update AWF, good job again!

Luna is for lovely vanilla lovemaking
Nightmare Moon is for femdom
You know the rules of cross-general greens. The most dominant theme in the green is the general to post it in.
Transformation is an underlying theme in this green, while slavery is the main theme.
At least use something that isn't green and is named anon. You fucking know why
Agree with other post. Enslavement is another sort of transformation, and this story works fine here.
File: Getting fit for master.gif (2.93 MB, 636x358)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB GIF
It's shit

It's also shit
>Be filly
>This morning Madam has gathered all the girls in the salon
>Obviously to talk about what happened last night
>"Last night was scary for everypony," she begins
>"But nopony got hurt, and nopony got stolen. Do you girls know what to do if a man ever steals you?"
>None of the girls answer
>You have no idea
>Madam sighs
>"You do whatever he says so you don't get hurt," she says
>"You've all been chipped, so sooner or later when a vet or policeman scans you they'll get you back where you belong"
>"For the next week or so there will be strange men around improving our security system"
>"they're here to work, so I don't want any of you distracting them"
>She looks right at you
>Snowdrop tries, but fails to stifle a giggle
>She recovers herself and asks, "The men last night said they wold take us to Canada where we would be free"
>It's not really a question, but Madam gets the point
>Who knows whether they meant to do that," she replies, "or were just saying that so you'd go with them"
>"But is it true about Canada?," Snowdrop asks
>Madam sighs again
>"Ponies are not slaves there," she replies. "But the border is heavily patrolled. Crossing it is nearly impossible for a pony"
>She adds, "And if a pony gets caught trying to cross it..."
>Skydancer speaks up, "They cut off your ear!"
>"That's not even the worst of it," Madam says, "but yes. They do that."
"Why would they do that?"
>Madam shoots you a pained look
>"A painful, unnecessary and disfiguring surgery is more than a punishment," she says coldly, "It can be a deterrent"
>Skydancer adds her two cents, "Isn't it something about listening as well?"
>Madam is sighing a lot today
>"I think the idea is that you have to put more effort into listening to what you're told," she says, "and it takes more effort one ear short"
>"It's a pretty cruel joke that leaves you marked for life," Skydancer replies
>Snowdrop's eyes are pinpoints
>"It was MEN telling me what to do. I would have DONE it. I would have gone with them. And if it had been true I'd have lost an EAR?!"
>She looks panicked - starting to shake
>"You can't be pretty with only one ear! I couldn't work here anymore. I'd have to go someplace where rough stuff is allowed"
>She looks at you desperately
>"I'd kill myself before that. I really would. You probably saved my life. I would have gone with them"
>"Nopony was stolen," Madam says firmly, "and nopony is going to kill herself. You are pretty, Snowdrop, and you're safe here"
>She adds, "And we'll all be that much safer when the workmen are done improving our security. Everypony stay out of their way while they're here"
>You feel pretty good about having done the right thing
>Sure, the idea of being free someplace SOUNDS good
>Not having to sex any clients
>Maybe you could learn to read for real
>But then what?
>You have no idea
>Not worth losing an ear over
>Which sounds totally horrible
>Snowdrop is right to be afraid of that
>You're aware you only have things as good a you do because you're pretty
>And you'd rather stay here where it's safe than risk losing that
>"Hey, wakey wakey, bud." your eyes slowly open to the inside of a cage
>A man with no hair and an exhausted-looking unicorn tower over you
"Huh? Where am I?"
>"Master, he came out well. Don't you think?"
>"Huh, he is kinda cute. I like the burger cutiemark."
>"Thank you, master."
"Wait, what? Where the fuck am I?"
>You look around, noticing two featureless limbs outstretched in front of you
>Your sense of feel lines up with them, and you try to pull your arm back
>The pony foreleg contracts
>"Show him the mirror, Trixie."
>The unicorn levitates a mirror up in front of you
>A dark gray stallion with a white mane stares back at you
"Is that... No..."
>Trixie takes the mirror away
>"Sweet, he's not screa-"
>The man smacks the cage
>"Shut it, good boys don't scream and curse."
"I'm not a pony!"
>Trixie holds up the mirror again
>The man smacks the cage again, harder this time
>"Shut the hell up and let Trixie explain everything."
>He walks off, leaving the blue unicorn to talk to you
paste updated here

>"they're here to work, so I don't want any of you distracting them"
>She looks right at you
>Snowdrop tries, but fails to stifle a giggle

So this mean that Madam actually allow her to get free stuff from the guard? Maybe she allow it because she still work with the clients that pay to get time with her and she only do that in her free time. Maybe she isn't the only filly that get that kind of deal with the guard

>Maybe you could learn to read for real

Maybe is time for our filly to learn to read for real if she want to be the next Madam

>0 fillies captured

Fucking virgin christian

Virgin church vs the Chad filly brothel
Only the castrating scissors win
My best guess is Luna is still pretty pissed about being captured and went NMM to deal with it.

>master taste the sweet vanilla and blueberries

Not matter what happen in the whole NMM scenario, Luna master still won
Nightmare is for teaching to submit.
>>0 fillies captured

"Rescued" sounds better.

Maybe next time they can ask to help Adventists.
>Slave-Luna gives in to ultimate despair
>Unleashes her Final Form: Equestrias ultimate weapon!
>Still just an entry on the "appreciating your pony" wiki
Mmmmmm... Blueberries and vanilla...
>Nightmare Moon tells herself the ring and collar can break anytime she wants if she really tries, just waiting for the right moment
>Keeps telling herself that
That's the problem.
What would you do if slave holds child master over lobster tank to play with sea kittens?
Would you punish the slave or the child?
Can it be both?
Anon and Cadance punished both Megan and Flurry.

>transformation story outside the transformation general

Anonfilly 2.0 here we go
File: full (9).png (311 KB, 800x1200)
311 KB
311 KB PNG
>"So, you must be feeling pretty confused."
>The blue unicorn glares at you through the bars
"You gotta help me out here, Trixie."
>"Hmm... No. Trixie quite enjoys her line of work."
"Why? What's your deal?"
>"Ah, Trixie's origin story. You see, Trixie used to live in a town called Ponyville, she had a very dear friend named Starlight. As Trixie's best and only friend, she was deeply hurt when Starlight was taken."
>Trixie knocks on the cage with a hoof
>"And now Trixie's best friend is very far away and she will never see her again. So Trixie helps her... master... in his business. If anything, subjecting some unlucky humans to the fate of a pony makes things okay."
"What did I do?"
>"Trixie doesn't know, nor does she care."
"You can just turn me back, I won't say anything to anyone about this." you press up against the front of the cage
>"Hmm... No. Trixie will not help you, Texas."
"Texas? What?"
>"Your name is Texas Brisket. Get it? You worked at Arby's."
"This can't be real." you began to hyperventilate
File: tall.png (763 KB, 503x1766)
763 KB
763 KB PNG
>Nigthmare Moon has to fight every day against the boops, bubble baths and dinners of Sweet Vanilla and blueberries of his human.

>She insists on sleeping next to her master to 'Keep watch', after all she maintains that she is not a prisoner but a Queen and her human is her subject and must obey all his orders.

>She insists she can not sleep well unless she rests her head on your package

>Each day every days....... every nights

What happen when she and NMM fight for master love and dick?

It's shit unironical
That will depend on your human, if you really are a master or a servant
File: tenor.gif (35 KB, 220x212)
35 KB
"I'm named after a fucking sandwich?"
>"No swearing, good ponies keep quiet and polite." Trixie scolds
"Why?" you ask after a long pause
>Ignoring your question, Trixie continues, "In about a month, you need to be ready to be sold. Your buyer is already lined up and waiting. Trixie will be helping you learn to appreciate your new place in life as she once had to."
>Trixie turns and walks away with a slow, hesitant pace, leaving you to the kennel
>With no one watching, you attempt to open the door
>The locking mechanism was a small padlock that required a key
>Maybe the fencing could be climbed
>It was only six or so feet up
>It could be climbed if you were determined
>Your heart began pounding with fear
>Standing up on two legs against the fence, you slot a hind hoof into one of the diamonds and begin pushing yourself up
>You latch onto another diamond with your forehooves and try to pull up
>A hindhoof step once again
>You put your forehooves over the top bar of the fence and begin pulling with all of your might to get over the barrier
It's shit ironical

You seem like a new writefag, not too certain of yourself. Keep going! It might not be Deathless Prose, but it's a decent start. Practice in a low-pressure environment like this is the best way to get gud. Don't worry about transformation not being welcome here; you're on the right thread. Only flaw is Trixie implying that she caused his cuite mark, that's sacred: one thing nopony can ever manipulate.

>questionmark CM oc

Nice anonfilly you have there. Totally allowed in this board
> one thing nopony can ever manipulate.
Pretty sure both poochie and bookhorse did.

It's very bland. Guess I just read too many /ptfg/ stories ...
File: HIDE.png (2 KB, 187x156)
2 KB


Get a trip to make it easy for everyone else. I don't want to press pic related everytime your story appear
> You never know which pony you're going to end up with at night
> Sometimes it's the affectionate, almost clingy Luna
> Willing to practically grovel at your feet in return for attention, but with a sweet and caring heart
> Going above and beyond whatever you did to help her master; you never had to punish her
> Hell, she almost seemed to want to be your friend
> ...and then there's Nightmare
> The joke has been made a thousand times, but managing her is like riding a bucking bronco
> She was always looking for a way to get one up on you.
> Pushing the limits of what she could demand, right up until you turned on her with the crop
> You weren't exactly sure of what the relationship between them was
> Sometimes Nightmare seemed protective, almost defensive of Luna
> Sometimes you saw Luna putting on her chains herself, as if she knew Nightmare would be taking the controls the next day
> But one thing is for sure:
> When the lights were off, both were happy to curl up beside you, spread a fan of dark feathers across your chest, and let you stroke her until sleep came
File: Nigthmare Moon.gif (1.23 MB, 540x593)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB GIF
Happy Ending

>NMM want to protect Luna from anon
>but at the same time she want anon for herself
>keep luna locked and enjoy anon love
>until Luna explain that she also love anon
>now NMM will have to share anon(she hate it because evil)
>meanwhile the master anon can't stop winning don't matter what happen
File: 1520974915587.jpg (1.58 MB, 1698x1131)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB JPG
I need a slave pony to do my taxes.
Anyone know where I can get a egghead pony?

Don't listen to all the butthurt fags who dislike transformation. Your story can have its place here as long as the main topic stay slavery, and of course that you're having fun.

This dude >>32042834 is pretty right too.

I would add: try first to write your shit in a notepad, then when you have enough content, post it in one-go here, instead of diluate your posts with tons of shitposters in-between.
File: large.jpg (372 KB, 1024x1024)
372 KB
372 KB JPG

>Just imagine that Luna and Nigthmare Moon could divide and each turn their own mare.

>Anon should buy a bigger bed.

>And with good supports

Rainbow dash

Train your writing for fuck sake

They take turn with moon phases. Full moon make Luna and NMM to be powerful enough to make this scenario happen >>32043038

Better get ready for the full moon nights
>With a final heave, you roll over the top and drop to the concrete floor with a muted thud
>Down one end of the hallway was a dead end, to the other was more hall
>You get to your hooves and walk
>There had to be an exit somewhere
>You traversed the empty halls, passing locked door after locked door before coming right back to the kennels
>You turned tail and ran back
>You must be going in circles, running from locked door to dead end hall
>You stop, coming to a realization
>Up, you could go up into the ceiling
>There had to be something you cou-
>"Damnit, Texas... I told you to be good." the man and Trixie step into the hall
>Looking from side to side frantically, you turn and almost run
>They already had you cornered
>The man closes in on you and grabs you by the mane, giving you a firm punch to the side while dragging you back to the kennels
>"If you even think about pulling that stunt again, you'll lose a limb."
>You were flung back into your cage and the door was slammed
>"Tomorrow, you and the other new ponies will start training. You'd better clean your act up by then." the man says, shutting the lights out and leaving
Okay, I can write a bunch and then post it.
I got just the pony for you
Come on down to Nerd R Us and I'll get you a great deal or my name isn't Crazy Larry.
File: Raven_id_S3E1.png (65 KB, 204x348)
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So crazy I forgot her pic.
That's a 15% discount
Is perfect
File: 1641827.png (1.77 MB, 1041x1600)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB PNG
Reminder that Celestia would freely give equestria for a fucking debt without any kind of fight. The earth don't need an army to get equestria
File: devil pony.png (149 KB, 385x298)
149 KB
149 KB PNG

>Trusting in ponies that dress like devils
>Trusting in Crazy Larry after that massacre thanks to the sillyness of some gray pegasus

Never trust is Crazy Larry
Go to your own thread you fucking cock mongler.
That means that all I have to do is come through the portal and show a contract that says 'You owe me a kingdom' and Celestia gave me Equestria without a fight?
>burger cutiemark
That's so depressingly sad it's hilarious. I like it.
I want to control my slave by getting them addicted to 40K
Behavior is rewarded with service to the emporer
But they have chosen the Skitarri and knights instead of thef Aquilla.
Should I beat them or give them so.e scrap electronics and see what happens?
Anon can say that he was the first man to set foot on the Moon ... twice

That would actually work with comic equestria.
Also there the princess is a horny teenager that would destroy equestria for a good dick
File: 1418388.gif (295 KB, 1732x1499)
295 KB
295 KB GIF
Not Lewd slave weapon to get anything from your newfag master: Puppy Eyes
Improve version: Sad Puppy Eyes
File: 1480772907971.png (574 KB, 1334x622)
574 KB
574 KB PNG
>rarity have the biggest slave fetish
>thw whole human invasion was her dream come true
>She get "captured"
>her captor was a gentleman that only use sedatives and never touch her
>she get assigned to a newfag trainer that never threat, hit or rape her
>her new master is a fucking moralfag that only want a ponymaid for the house

Would rarity show to anon how to be a good master that daily rape his pony slave?
He would be gay entirely.

No way,fag

Nice update. A nice reality check for the fillies inside the brothel but I was expecting at least one filly captured
>See what happens...
Always the best choice!
>Choosing Adeptus Bestchanicus
>Implying this is whatsoever a bad thing
>Good Guy Anon is cleaning his gutters and falls off the roof
>Rarity sees him fall and runs outside to see If he's okay.
>"Anon, Darling. Are you alright?"
"What? Huh? Where am I? Who are you?"
>"A-Anon it's me, Rarity. Your slave"
"I have a slave?"
>Rarity sees a opportunity and she acts
>"Yes, I'm your slave. Sex slave to be exact."
"Sex slave?"
>"Yes, sex slave darling."
>"You like to roughly rut me and make me say how much I love your big fat throbbing human cock while it's pounding my pony pussy."
"I do that? That sounds fuck up."
>"I-It's not that bad."
"I dont remember doing that"
>"Of course you dont remember. You hit your head and have amnesia."
"Well, till I get better I wont be doing that anymore."
>"NO! I-I mean, there's no need not to put your mare in her place."
>"To yank my tail as you force yourself upon me."
>"To pull my mane at the base of my neck and yank my head back as you bite my ear."
>"To growl how you couldn't control yourself when you see me and grab my flanks with those grabbers of yours as you penetrate me."
"I get it"
>"As you pound me into the ground and make a mess of me."
>"Claiming me as yours and yours alone. How my pony pussy belongs to you as you hilt inside of me and breed me nice and good."
"ENOUGH! I get it"
>"Forgive me darling. I got carried away"
>"Soooo are you gonna rape me?"
>She flutters her eyelashes and smiles
"I guess?"

Happy ending for rarity
File: índice.jpg (17 KB, 317x159)
17 KB

>not lewd
>face right in the crotch literally begging for master seeds

She look like a good slave by the way
That's why you go to Crazy Hassan!
Better ponies, because is used!
Used ponies not do such silly things!
Got silliness out of system long ago!
Two, three owners back!
Are proven good!
Is why so many owners!
Come to Crazy Hassan for all your pony needs!

"Why didn't you say something before?! I asked you, Cadance! You know you're my expert on Equestria's inhabitants; if there was going to be a problem, you should have told me about it back when I started asking about this in the first place!"
> She huffs softly, shaking her head.
> "Because you never did ask! You told me you were considering my advice on bringing in griffons at all, and I gave you my best advice then. But I'm talking about bringing in anyone to be guards. And you never did ask about that, and if they were ponies I would still be objecting. "
> There, you have to admit, she has a point.
> The griffons were never meant to be an inward-looking threat.
> Rather, their eyes were supposed to be pointed outward.
> You'd never consulted her on the impact of doing that.
"...okay, look. In the end, you're still my advisor. You still have control over the ponies - and griffons - here. If you want them off the guard, put them on the watch to start with until they're better integrated, I can arrange that."
> "No."
> Cadance grimaces, pawing at the ground with a hoof.
> "The watch would be, if possible, even worse. They need the trust just as much, but are supposed to listen to ponies too - help them work things out before they get to the level of guards and punishments. Outsiders wouldn't be trusted."
"Then what do you want me to do, Cadance? I have an army of madmen camping out in front of my house threatening some madness that would endanger my property, my employees, and my daughter. I needed more guards; hiring would have cost a lot more and meant less ponies coming here."
> No answer comes; instead her head hangs - bangs of mane hanging to either side.
"I will do whatever is necessary to protect everything that's mine. And I think everypony here should know by now that the only ones who should fear my anger are the ones who know they are doing something wrong."

> "It's what it looks like, though."
> Fluttering her wings nervously, she gives another shake of her head to clear the strands of mane from her face.
> "When it came to slaves guarding slaves... that was a delicate balance, and you've just tipped it."
"Do you have any better options? I offered Bon Bon a spot in the guard, since they're supposed to be protecting you all as much as watching. She refused; are there ponies who are ready and willing to sign up?"
> "No."
> A heavy sigh heralds her admission of your point.
> "I don't have alternatives. Unless what you see as a threat suddenly vanishes, I don't."
> You drop to one knee, holding out a hand to touch her cheek.
"I understand your concern, Cadance. You're afraid they won't ever be able to bridge that divide between guard and slave that the entire pony-guard thing was set up to connect."
> "Yes. Exactly that."
"But - I still think it's something we have to do. Back when you were a ruler, you surely had some guards who weren't always natives from exactly where you ruled, yes?"
> "I did, yes. Some Equestrians came north to the Crystal Empire. And - there were some issues integrating at first. The Crystals were... broken, in many ways. But they were not slaves anymore, either. We freed them from that."
> Hopefully she wasn't thinking of pulling any similar attempts this time.
"The point is, though, it can be done. They'll still be taking orders from ponies, and from my employees - same as any of the others Thunderlane manages."

> Sunburst looks up the second you arrive in his office, snapping a book shut and setting aside.
> "Your Highness. Can I guess - you want to know if we've heard anything more from our... contacts outside?"
"A good guess."
> "I'd believe it's on your mind. I heard Anonymous brought in griffons to help with the guards."

"He did. I lectured him over it, but he seems set on the course."
> "The good news is, we have heard back. First, your message to... 'A', was it? Seems to have been received and understood. We got solid answers to the questions you instructed me to send."
> Sunburst's horn lights, opening an elaborate secret compartment in his desk that would be difficult verging on impossible to find without a sense of magic.
> From it come several papers, crude notes scribbled on them:
> "For starters: She says she's seeking information that could lead to a criminal conviction against Anonymous. Any signs of pony abuse, financial misdeeds, or other crimes."
> Of course that's what this about.
> The bitch is still seeking a feather in her cap.
> "She's-"
> Here Sunburst swallows slightly.
> "She's looking for information regarding both Corona, Autumn Frost, and Comet Tail."
"She has their names already? Then why hasn't she-"
> You hiss softly, eyes narrowing.
"Go on, Sunburst."
> He dithers a moment, looking at you with worried eyes, before looking back to the papers.
> "If information leading to a conviction could be provided, you would be freed under the Special Circumstances conditions - as a pony whose actions lead to a criminal's fall."
> Two further sheets are extracted from the pile, turned around, and passed to you.
> "Examples of ponies who were freed for playing critical roles in investigations. She sent the names, we looked them up to confirm."
"I see."
> At least you weren't being totally strung along then; it was very possible this could actually happen.
> "She also adds that she understands how difficult it will be to acquire evidence, and... is willing to offer help in reviewing what we can produce to see if it would be of value. Apparently, even if ponies' words can't be taken as evidence in court, it can be taken as evidence to begin an investigation."

"And the other things I asked for?"
> "She has sent... some of the information. On your Husband."
> Despite knowing that it could not end well, your heart quickens.
> Sunburst's expression, however, turns that flutter into a nervous quiver.
> "He was captured, Your Highness. They have traced him though processing and a taming facility... one of the harsher ones."
> Any remaining hope vanishes, your heart taking an icy plunge.
"I... see."
> "His Highness Shining Armor was apparently sold from there at some point, but there is no record after that."
> It was as you'd feared, then.
> Perhaps some part of you had dared to hope that Shining had met his end proudly in some Equestrian redoubt, shepherding other ponies to safety and freedom.
> Another part of you had always known that was foolish.
> Shining Armor had either died in suffering beneath the lash of a slaver trying to break him, or had every drop of the pride, nobility, and protectiveness crushed from him until there was nothing of the stallion you had loved.
> And you rather doubt he would have lasted long like that.
> "I-I'm sorry, Your Highness. I didn't-"
"No. You did exactly as I asked. I knew what I asked for."
> Rather than accept your answer, Sunburst rises from his desk and circles around it.
> "I didn't want to think about it either..."
> You gasp softly as he nuzzles into your neck.
> "He was everything I couldn't be. Strong. Handsome. Powerful."
> Under other circumstances the touch would have been highly inappropriate, but there was no titles here - not princess and adviser or slave and overseer.
> Merely two ponies mutually mourning the loss of one they'd known so well.
"He was a good pony. But so are you, Sunburst."
> Eventually you mutually pull away.
"As much as it hurts me to ask, has she given any information on Twilight?"

> "No. She says that more resources could be assigned to that search if it was related to an ongoing investigation, though."
> In other words, she'll feed you more as a further reward for betraying Anonymous.
"Very well, Sunburst. Again, your taking all of this on is more than I have any right to ask of you."
> "Your Highness, it is more reward than I deserve."
> He doesn't look rewarded, though.
> If anything Sunburst seems even more distracted than before.
"Is... something else bothering you, Sunburst?"
> "I..."
> His come off to rest folded on his desk - a sign you've come to recognize of the bookish pony being about to reveal something he finds difficult - as Sunburst returns to his seat on its far side.
> "What happened with Flurry heart has me... nervous, Your Highness. I'm sorry. I shouldn't bother you with it."
> Your expression falls and he looks away.
"No - please. Tell me."
> "Just... this whole thing. The messages from - her. The police woman. And the protesters too. And then I heard what she did..."
> He rubs nervously at the book he'd been reading.
> "So many ways for her to be lost... and she's really everything I have left. She's the light in my life now. Things have... meaning again."
"I know exactly what you mean."
> Your own voice drops down a few notes, but Sunburst slaps a hoof to his desk angrily.
> "And that's exactly why it's not fair for me to lay this on you too! You're already worrying plenty about her."
"Sunburst. There is more than enough room in my heart to carry the worries of such a good friend."
> "I'm just - just so afraid. There's so many ways I could lose Flurry Heart. The protesters could try and take her. We would have to put the plan into effect and flee. She could get hurt running around the camp again. I don't know..."
> Slumping forward, he comes to rest his head on the desk.
> "I know what you had to do was hard. But I'm so scared, Your Highness. I'm so scared."

"So am I, Sunburst. You are not alone."
> "Do you know how to make it - stop? Is there any way-"
"I'm afraid I don't know. That is exactly why I spanked her."
> "Yeah. Neither you or Shining ever did that before, did you?"
> Your ears fall at the mention of your husband again, and Sunburst's pupils shrink in belated recognition of what he'd done.
> "Oh! Your Highness, I'm sorry-"
"No. It's fine. And you are correct; we hadn't, but I was so afraid of losing her and that made me so angry that I - I was willing."
> Lifting a hoof, you turn it over to peer at the underside.
"And I wish I hadn't, but... it is what things are. And I don't want to lose her either. With what you just told me, Flurry Heart is what I have left of him too. Flurry Heart, and my memories."
> "It's strange. Every step we take forward here, things get better. What we have would have been fantasy a year ago. But I feel more scared than ever."
"Than ever?"
> His head bobs sharply.
> "Yes. Even when we had been caught escaping, when I knew I would be punished, probably whipped at the least... that was a different kind of fear. It was real. Immediate."
> His glasses unfold, finding their way back up his nose.
> "This feels looming now. Every day I'm afraid something is going to go wrong and we'll lose all of this. I'll lose her."

How do we answer him?
It's shit
>How do we comfort our best friends fear of loss?
We share our own fears as an immortal.

We very rarely discuss this with non-alicorns, we've never even brought it up with Flurry yet. Regular ponies don't like to be reminded that we will be there at their graveside, and their grandchildrens. That our memory of them is the most enduring thing they will ever leave behind. We don't like to remind ourself of that either. Back when Shining was courting us it was on our mind: how he would grow old and abandon us to our damned eternal youth, how we would have to face the millennia without the strength we were already coming to depend on so much. We were afraid to get closer, to accept even more inevitable loss. He helped us be brave, and we'll pass his words on to Sunburst: "life goes on".

It's unlikely he will be taken from Flurry tomorrow, but it WILL happen someday, somehow. When it does, she (and we!) will carry a bit of him with us across the sea of time, especially given the foundations of her magical education in the old Empire and here as well. What is his curriculum for her next session, and how will it best prepare her for her OWN scary future? How can he make it memorable, and fun for both of them too? Would a field trip to the camp, or outside of it, enhance the lesson? How about a practical demonstration of earth and pegasus magic too? Doing the slave-task Anon has assigned to him is also the very best thing he could be doing, for him and her. Anon will not blink at any reasonable request, any more than he did at Megans fraught 'lessons in pony psychology'. The best way Sunburst can face his fearful future is to seize today!
She knows about the camp but we don't know if she knows where they'll send twi back on earth to be sold. All she'd be able to tell anon is that Twilight is in trouble somewhere on earth.
> Hopefully she wasn't thinking of pulling any similar attempts
Anon could just straight-up ask her; I wonder what she would say? "No, never" would be a lie I can't see her telling.

> "She's looking for information regarding both Corona, Autumn Frost, and Comet Tail."
She already knows everything there is to know about Chrysocolla. She can look up Autumn, Comet, and Windy and interview them anytime she wants. Anon came clean about Corona to his whole herd, that's hardly a secret anymore. The very worst things Anon did to any of them seem to be standard procedure elsewhere. I notice 'A' has not offered any "Special Circumstances" for mere information, only actions leading to a 'criminals fall', and there's just no potential for that ever happening. Neither Cadance nor Arlene have anything the other really needs, and she should probably ignore the message.

Besides; unless Flurry can be a 'Special Circumstances Pony' too, Cadance isn't going anywhere. Buying her was the best money Anon ever spent!
Equestria is occupied territory, and I'm sure the Lunar Diarch has eyes everywhere within it. She's probably planning a rescue raid (and a severe spanking!) right now. She won't have that reach on earth, but she'll have plenty of willing eyes there too. Rainbows and Twilights loyalty to their masters are very much the exception.

So, maybe it's just me, but Arlene seems to be uncannily dedicated to the goal of bringing down Anonymous. Reaching out to Cadancevia resistance channels like this, offering her a 'special circumstances' status that she probably can't really guaruntee, all makes it feel like this goes far beyond just business or even activism. It feels almost like a peronal vendetta. I don't think he's Anonymous' wife or anything, I think he would've mentioned it by now. And learning more about her from Anonymous himself would be risky, lest we accidentally show too much of our hand.

This is a crazy, and VERY risky idea, but: I think Cadance needs to orchestrate some way to talk to Arlene one-on-one. Maybe send her one of Sunburst's enchanted books and smuggle a radio or cell phone inside. Pick her brain and find out just what the hell her REAL angle is.
This, plus exactly what the hell do we think is going to happen if Anon gets dragged off by Johnny Law? Unless it's totally okay to give complete control of a massive labor camp to a child, things are probably going to get very hairy, likely the whole operation will either be taken over by an outside party or just flat out broken up and it's "assets" sold off outright. Overall the prospects seem a bit questionable, given that at best all that will happen is that Cadance, and only Cadance, is set free, she has to leave her daughter in captivity, and the situation on the ground either stays the same, or more likely worsens under the stresses of a sudden change in management. While at worst, everyone, including Cadance, is sold off and probably split up.
>Arlene = Mrs. Anonymous

But ya: very unlikely to even be working with her. Bringing financial ruin to her still-husband does not serve her interest at all.
If Anonymous' operation has to be liquidated, it will most likely be divided up amongst his investors. We can reasonably assume Randall and Gregory would be moral and responsible guardians of our little ponies, but if Anonymous' portfolio includes any of those other characters we met at the dinner, it's a different story entirely...

Shit that makes me think: I'm no lawyer or anything, but if they're still married and Anonymous goes to prison, doesn't that mean ownership of the camp transfers to Mrs. Anonymous?
>VERY risky idea
Perhaps not so risky, she could just ask Gene for a transponder and fly out there. She and Thunderlane have the credibility to get away with that. Anon trusts them.
Look back at last thread: Gene was very insistent that Cadance shouldn't even be SEEN by the protestors. A bona-fide pony princess flying out to talk to them is likely to et off an already volatile situation.
Before it might have, but the investor group owns the camp now. That's the trouble with outside money: it lets you grow fast, but you give up ultimate control. I doubt she wants control of a slave labor camp anyway, but owning half of the half of the successful business Anon already owns is probably as good as it gets for her. Owning a quarter of a failed ruin will not put her ahead.
Impossible. He saw Arlene face-to-face when she first came in. He would definitely have mentioned it if that was the case. And he's never mentioned his wife being an FBI agent or whatever before either.

If this camp is auctioning off slaves on the double-quick, then they probably have a relatively few auction houses they rely on for this purpose, if they don't just do it themselves. The recaptured slaves who came before Twilight could well have already clued Candance into what happened in the early stages following their internment.

Also, Candance will probably have wanted to send a letter to Rarity regardless. Even if she didn't include any of the specifics of Twilights upcoming auction, Rarity still has whatever super-sleuth in her employ who can fill in the blanks.

Overall, I kinda just get the feeling that the Governator will prefer to use the promise of a letter as a disciplinary tool against Twilight, without really intending to send it at all. So far we haven't seen too many humans with any sort of positive interactions with ponykind: Anon himself, David? (Rarity's bitch), the super-sleuth, and possibly the vet although that's arguable. I'm not sure I should immediately trust hopped-up-on-emotions Twilight regarding the Governator and his intentions.
Aand its already shit

His green is kinda meh to be honest. I'm expecting another "good girl coco" shitshow

So far the only thing we know about the ex of Anonymous is that she lives in France and has given bad examples to follow Megan, we do not know the degree of resentment she may have with her husband or the height of her ambitions, as far as we know she could to be taking champage in Paris next to a Gigolo with the money that Anonymous gives him for the maintenance of his only daughter.

In the previous thread I mentioned that all these sudden attacks on Anonymous would seem like a plan orchestrated by investors planning how to take control of the operation, property and ponies, a hostile take if they prefer, just talking about speculating maybe the ex woman of Anon is also part of all this, what better way to take full control of the custody of Megan and her future inheritance than by becoming the commodity of her assets? For her no doubt the property has no value but the money that the partners want to pay and the ponies are only unimportant slaves, if her sell them all to recover part of the money that Anonymous has invested in them surely would, I doubt very much that She considers them thinking beings.

But as I said, this is just a speculation and a mental exercise.
>Hopefully she wasn't thinking of pulling any similar attempts this time.
How much, I wonder, does Anon suspect Cadance desires freedom? Surely he isn't so foolish as to assume that ALL thoughts of it have left her mind? I love talks about freedom between these two and narrowly edging Anon closer to truly empathizing with the ponies' plight and bringing him closer to his ultimate development hurdle.

>Special Circumstances Ponies
This is still a very important aspect to consider. I assume Flurry is offered the same deal no matter what or else there is no bargain, and if Cadance was free, imagine what she could do for the rest of pony kind: if the single most successful, most '''''humane''''' slave camp in the country was found guilty of torture and criminal activity, it could be used to de-legitimize the entire practice everywhere and spark more protests until it's completely outlawed. There's no telling what could happen to the ponies in the camp should Anon be found guilty: presumably they would all be sold off with the rest of his assets, but, that could be short-term if this movement could be ignited by Cadance's hoof. Even better: what if, as his business partner more or less 'and' as a free pony, Cadance could demand Arlene that all his assets be moved to HER instead so she could maintain the camp while also pushing for liberation? In the right hooves this could be the key she was looking for to free her entire race

Of course, that also leaves the trade off of what would happen to Anon: he'd be sent to jail possibly, and almost certainly lose any at all custody rights to Megan. And then Megan would be ruined if her mother is as bad as Anon claims. He'd be deprived of everything, and some may say he well deserves that for what he did to Corona and to Cadance and to countless others in the camp... but what of all the changes he's made? Would we throw all the good will, attempts to better himself, under the bus so that we could have this opportunity?
>How do we answer him?

Candance is a fucking hypocrite, has no right to question the actions of Anonymous to save the property and its people when she has contingency plans to betray him when the possibility is propitious, all those promises of freedom that Arlene offers in exchange for his cooperation in sinking Anon and still has not asked what happened to those ponies that are 'liberated', what was theirs? how do they survive in a world that is against them? What will happen to the rest of the population of the property? fleeing or betraying will inevitably lead to a bitter end and this time she will have the hooves so muddy in crap that the stench of her decision can never be removed
I doubt he would do the same for 'us' were he in his position: he's outright said he'll sell Flurry before losing the camp, but does that make it right for us to sell him up river for such a golden opportunity? We have some decision making to get to before we make this call but, i think before taking Arlene up on her offer, we could just as well make an ultimatum to ANON: buy special privileges for Flurry and Cadance both in return for their continued support, and deprive Arlene of her one bargaining chip while being allowed to maintain his business.

Cadance's reaction, and Sunburst's for that matter, are really heartfelt. I feel for them both... which is going to make Shining's eventual reveal all the more inspiring to both of them, I can't wait.

>What to tell Sunburst
Tell him that fear he feels IS worse than what we had before, but it is better to be fearing this because it is proof apparent that we have so much more to lose now. We should take it as a reminder of how much we have to protect and use it to push us onward in spite of that fear. It's true that the worst could happen at any given moment but when it seems overpowering, think of that we have gained and draw strength from it.

Besides that, tell him to just handle things as they come: give more attention to problems that are big now than those that 'might' be big later. Focus on giving Flurry all the love and attention she needs NOW before worrying about what to do in the hypothetical situation we lose her
Nothing scares you more than recognizing that the place where you live is better than the outside world.

Sunburst must fear that after having fought so hard for a change this will happen, he fears because it would be recognizing that Anonymous is a better option than freedom, that Flurry could have a better future under his control, that the weight of his yoke will lighten up let them stop feeling it.

And what scares Sunburst the most is that Princess Candance choose Anonymous before him.
Bizarre question, but has it ever been confirmed here that Cadance is immortal? Like, in CYOS' writing, not in the show itself.
>How do we answer him?

"Do not lose hope, it's the only thing that humans can not take away from us"

Cunt Candace
I don’t think it ever has, but does it need to be? Immortality is part of the whole alicorn package, right? Unless Slaveventure specifically says otherwise I would just assume it.
Can you fuck off? Take it to where it belongs, which is NOT here. Fucking faggot.
No u
I think it belongs here and he should continue.
Fuck this dude.

It’s IS slave related even if it has other stuff. I, and plenty of others, like it just fine. You don’t have to like what other people like. He politely namefags so you can filter him. Get over yourself.
Samefagging hard.
I was only >32046015 and not the others, but of course we are all anonymous here. It’s not a democracy; if we were samefagging would it really change our argument?
Speak for yourselves, this fetish can go to the general that was created specifically for it.
O rry
> Speak for yourselves
That's exactly what I was doing. This fetish can stay here as long as the slavery is main theme. Let's just summarize: potagonist had a life as free citizen, now he's a slave, and his captors are both of his species and alien, all of this is present in many other local greens.
I don't think it belongs here either desu but I'll just filter it I guess.
Please consider crossposting this to PTFG too.
Sweet Pig after a brushing. She’s not too happy when it’s happening, especially when I do her rump, but she feels better after.

Would you groom and bath your pony, or just let them take care of themselves?

I just dont like greens about stallions at all, just throw them into the mines for all i care
I would groom them.
Bathing would be too much fun, especially with shower sex.
Pick them up, hold their hinds to their belly as I fuck them against the glass.
Id even have a mirror so they could watch as I do it.
Or even more, let my stallion have a chance as he does it to me, filling me up with his cream.
Id still put a bow in his mane though.
>filling me up, with my bow in his mane
Hot. Gay, but hot.
Just think, use his shaggy fetlocks to lather up and rub the body wash all over.
See a mare do that with their solid legs.
Stallions are better in the shower.
>not washing your poner yourself
For what purpose?
Imagine being this plebeian
File: Brim.png (123 KB, 500x522)
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123 KB PNG
Why didn't you guys tell me that we had theme song?
>when she has contingency plans to betray him when the possibility is propitious

Think you forgot that they're still slaves. If Anon does something or something happens that forces Cadence to use the escape plan, she's not betraying anyone.
File: 1269095.png (207 KB, 2597x1280)
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207 KB PNG
Pony is absolutely for bath and brushie.

Also, what is it with pigs not liking their butts brushed? Anecdotally, years ago I cared for one and it was the same. Brush his face? Sit there squeaking happily. Brush his rear? He turns into a wriggly ball of nope.
There's not many animals that enjoy something scratchy around their genitals
>Be filly
>Finished with breakfast and your morning chores
>Back in the dorm you find workmen installing some kind of electronics on the window by your bed
>You're not supposed to distract them, but you don't really have anyplace else to go
>So you just hang back watching them
>And you can't help but overhear their conversation
>The bigger one says, "This place is a whorehouse. They're all whores"
>The smaller one protests, "But they're so cute and innocent looking."
>"That's the point," the big one replies. "They're young so they all LOOK like that. That's what the Johns are paying for. A little bit of fluff on them"
>"That's a little creepy to me. I have a daughter. These ponies don't seem to be much older than she is. I can't imagine"
>The big guy shrugs
>"They're ponies, not people"
>The smaller man looks doubtful
>"Look at her," he says gesturing to you. "You're telling me she's a whore?"
>The big guy looks right at you and says, "Hey you. Come here"
"I'm not supposed to bother you"
>"You're not bothering me," he says in a firm way. "Just want to ask you a couple questions"
>You approach the men but don't get too close
>The big guy looks you up and down, then looks back at his buddy and says, "Yeah, you're right. She does look really cute and innocent. But watch this"
>He looks back at you
>"If I were a customer you'd suck my dick, right?"
>You nod
>"And if I wanted to fuck you and cum inside that would be OK, too?"
>"How many times a night do you do that?"
"Usually three, four or five sometimes"
>"And you like what you do here?"
>You don't know how to answer that
>So you hedge your bets with a nerveous giggle
"I like having friends. I like being safe. The men are all pretty nice. Some are really nice. Sometimes it's a little gross, but..."
>You don't know where to go with that because you're talking to a man
>"I get it, honey," the big guy says. "You get used to it, right? And life here isn't so bad?"
"Bad? No! No one is cutting our ears off or beating us or working us to death. THAT would be bad!"
>"So it's safe, you have friends, you're taken care of, the men are nice. And no one hurts you?"
>That isn't 100% true
>You don't know how much you ought to say to him, though
>But he's a man and he's asking you a question
>You're supposed to answer
"Well, sometimes..."
>You feel yourself blush a little
>"Go on," he says
"Sometimes they put it in the wrong hole, and that hurts. But we get ice cream after. Madam is really good to us"
>"So I could come here as a customer and fuck your little ass and you'd be fine with that?"
"That's extra"
>He turns to the smaller workman, smiles and says, "See? Total whores"
>"It still seems kinda wrong, though," the smaller man replies. "They're so young."
>"We got this contract because my brother in law knows the owners," the big guy says. "Good people. They wouldn't be involved in anything cruel"
>"It just doesn't seem right," the smaller guy says
>"You want to debate the finer points of morality with me while we're working in a whorehouse?," the big guy responds
>Then he turns his attention back to you
>"Look, you've been a good girl, and I appreciate you taking the time to talk with us. Can you do me one favor?"
>Oh shit!
>He's not going to ask to sex you, is he?!
>He sees your reluctance and says, "We're not gonna touch you. Just turn around for a sec"
>You comply
>But you do NOT raise your tail
>Because you're pretty sure that's EXACTLY what Madam meant when she said you're not supposed to distract them
>"Look at that," the big guy says. "You telling me if you had a few extra Benjamins not earmarked for anything you wouldn't..."
>He continues, "At least CONSIDER tapping that? I'm not one to PAY for it, but that's the only way to take something like THAT for a spin"
>"I don't think I could," the smaller guy replies
>"Whatever," the big guy says. Then to you, "Thank you, sweetie. You're a good girl"
>They return their attention to the window, and you just watch them for a little
>They are gone by the time the brothel opens
>So you're surprised to see the smaller guy waiting in the salon when you get there
>The guy with the daughter
>Mr So-Wrong-I-Couldn't-Do-That!
>He chooses you without a second's hesitation
>And sees to it you get ice cream
It seems to me that they are the ones who forgot it

Under that logic it is natural that they always choose to betray and flee instead of taking risks and fighting or worse, trusting

At least he was the small guy, poor filly. She should be at least extra smug with him for wanting to have his way with a little filly.

>Filly get a client

She deserve a prize, get noticed by Madam or get some joke from snowdrop.
Fleeing is also a risk, one that got ponies killed last time. It's not a decision to be taken lightly. For the moment their relationship with Anon is amicable.
The day is just beginning and I already feel disgusted

Do not be offended, your story is really good but the humans in it stink
>goes anal on his first time

He's a quick degenerate.
I'd have fun bathing poner and making her all foamy sudsy as she splishy splashes with her ducky
Then I'd towel her down and give her a nice cup of marshallows and sprinkles hot chocolate as she warms up and turns fluffy
I feel you.
You know what they say about those who protest too much.
Let's suppose the opposite and that Anon is not a "friend" of his ponies, any treachery would be justified?
It wouldn't be treachery either way, but also yes.
So why should Anon even try to be more 'friendly' with his slaves instead of being like most masters? exploit them until they break them and sell them to the glue factory, put them explosive collars, insert identification chips or mark their cutiemarks with the seal of their property and deny them their most basic rights? I do not doubt that there are masters that use their useless as shooting practice or let their Griphons hunt them for sport while they bet as long as they will doubt alive before the end.
>So why should Anon even try to be more 'friendly' with his slaves instead of being like most masters?

Because it greatly lowers the chances of another escape attempt and leads to better profit if ponies are allowed to work with their special talent. And since they are heavily influenced by feelings of happiness and friendship, not creating an oppressive environment can lead to greater productivity. There's a reason why Anon's operation is one of the biggest ones.
A friendship born of a lie
What lie?
That Candance trusts in Anon
Must I wear this.... master?
There's a difference between putting some trust in someone and being stupid. You wouldn't give your banking information to someone just because they're your friend would you?
If Anon could trust her the Megan's life every time she went to the camp..

The next time Candance talks to Anon about what he is doing wrong, her should also ask him if him has a plan B if everything goes wrong and what happens with the pony
>If Anon could trust her the Megan's life every time she went to the camp..

But you don't see him getting rid of the human guards, the fence, or the pegasus detectors, do you?

>her should also ask him if him has a plan B if everything goes wrong and what happens with the pony

His plan B is to sell off ponies (notably Flurry Heart) to make up the lost profit, along with obviously tighter security. We've known this since the beginning.
Mares >> fillies >>>(...)>>> stallions/colts > whatever other equestrian specimen
Surely catbirds are better than stallions/colts
The guards are employees, they are paid, the fences and detectors are physical defenses of limited protection, but those to whom you trust directly the most valuable for you are part of your circle of trust.

Yes, Plan B can be selling everything and goodbye ponies, and that can happen soon because every act of Anon's retribution to remedy past mistakes and build a confidence that can evolve into something else in the future can come down because those in whom trust already foresee that everything that is being done for mutual benefit and long term is a problem for their own plans, betrayal is the game, Candance will not save more than Flurry if it joins forces with Arlene, the rest of the population will be sold , escape and no doubt suffer enormous suffering before the end because he decided not to have faith that it was worthwhile to support Anon

Assuming something unexpected happens to change the situation in favor of him.

Or that Anon discovers the plans of Candance and ADIOS!
Your loose grasp of the english language makes it very hard to understand what the fuck your point is.
Trips confirm that’s kinda hard to read. Sentence structure and punctuation and stuff... But ya: Cadance helping Arlene dig dirt in Anon is probably a bad idea.
Alright i ll give you that, only female catbirds and not by much though
> This feels looming now. Every day I'm afraid something is going to go wrong and we'll lose all of this. I'll lose her. '

>Candance approaches Sunburst and puts her hooves in his.
"Me too Sunburst, I'm afraid that one day all we've fought so hard for is not enough, that everything I had to do to keep this place back to punish me, my ponies give me back for my decisions, that the moment my daughter chose Anonymous over me .... "
>The expression of Sunburt is somber and his reaction delayed, an impulse lowers his head to the floor
>"I-I'm sorry your highness !! I was very inconsiderate in trying to impose my fears on you! I've been an egotist! "
"No Sunburst, okay, you're right ... we're so close to the edge now that carelessness will lead us to the abyss, a bad decision of mine could end all this"
>Candace says while raising the look towards the window that looks at the vast fields bathed by the sun and the ponies that work in it
"Any promise of freedom however small it may seem is like a dream ... but I can not exchange my life and that of Flurry in exchange for abandoning all my ponies to their fate"
>But could I exchange for the oportunity of destroying Anon's life? Could I take away the right to see his daughter again in exchange for saving mine?


>Candace stops at that thought, it is not the first time her has thought about it and she has always come to the same conclusion, the just remembering it makes her shudder, but no matter what damage she may cause to her own soul she would do it without hesitation, no matter how much confidence Anonymous has placed in her these last months or her good intentions, there will always be a gap between the two that separated them forever, the gap between a Master and a slave

>A pony can never be friend with his oppressor

"We will overcome this Sunburst"
>Candace says raising her face with a look free of doubt, at least on the surface
"Just as in Equestria we face great challenges and we won the same thing will happen here, as long as we stay together no evil can defeat us, no matter what happens we should not give up, humans could take away our freedom but never our hope! "


>Make the filly brave in his first try

Always the moralfag is the one that go full degenerate. At least the filly got a new client and icecream

Inb4 Luna is actually mad because his master is actually fan of the shitty sequel

I don't know dude, the hipogriff would be a great deal. Just imagine... horse pussy and dolphin pussy in the same deal
>Always the moralfag is the one that go full degenerate.
You know it.
>Suddenly the windows shatter and two huge Gryphons enter through the holes ruffling the feathers and spread their brown wings with a fierce expression.
>Before Candance and Sunburst can even get out of their astonishment and react defensively the door is shattered and their hinges leave their spaces, and a group of armed humans enter the entrance carrying batons and ropes, the action is such that Sunburt is paralyzed by fear.
"What is this ?? What's going on here!?" Candace asks, surprised and annoyed, raising her wings and lowering her head as her horn begins to glow
'"s you dare to AARRGGHHHH !!!!!!"
>"Princess !! AAARRGGHHHH!!!!"
>Faster than you can believe a line of tasers pierce their coats and an electric shock floods their bodies to the point that the only thing their brains register is pain, both ponies writhe in agonistic spasms before the darkness claim her eyes, with a prodigious effort born of her constitution Alicorn, Candance struggles not to faint until her gaze is fixed on Anonymous, standing in front of her like closed fists and an expression of immaculate fury.
>"I know everything Candance ..."- he speaks with a voice similar to a storm contained in barriers of disappointment - "On your secret plans, your transmissions abroad and your dealings with agent Arlene to destroy me"
"A -anon ... wait ... I-I ..."

If i wanted something like that i d get a changeling
Really just fuck hasbro and that...thing
>A direct kick to his snout is enough to silence her, the coppery taste in her split lip floods her mouth with pain and a nascent desperation.


>The guards are fast and put on both ponies supres rings around their horns, suddenly the flow of magic that circulates their bodies is extinguished, as if their own light had sunk into darkness, immediately after heavy muzzles covers their faces and shackles their flimsy hooves, even in their weak condition both ponies they react with terror at the instinct of being suppressed by a predator, agitated and struggling to flee, although it is too late.
"A-anon !!! -the princess implores unable to speak because of her restriction- "Please listen to me !!!" "I SUPPLY YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!"



>The princess wakes up in the middle of the night, the sweat trickles down her body with the cold of fear still alive and her heart beating with such force that it could come out of her chest, it was all a dream.

>But since that day the nights of Candance stopped being calm

Sorry, I passed a little
Great work, Zzz! Remember that other dream, where Anon locked her in the restraint frame and raped her? I thought that should have been included in the main story, and something like this would would work just as well. Anon would not do it this way, even if he does discover everything, but this is exactly what Cadance fears.

>just before Cadance would have woken up screaming, Luna takes control of the nightmare and they can talk.

How are she and Celestia doing these days?
In this story the whereabouts of Celestia and Luna is unknown, possibly classified as TOP SECRET by the government, I leave it to your imagination.

For my part I like to think that both were bought by an extremely wealthy Shiek to cross them with their Purebred Arabian horses and both are now mothers of a couple of cute colts and fillies half Equestrians, half Earthlings.

Thank you for your opinion, let us continue to contribute ideas to this thread!
>whereabouts of Celestia and Luna is unknown
Ya, that’s what I’m saying. Cadance having this intense nightmare about Anons reaction to her plot might let Luna use her power over pony dreams, even across the world. Once Luna took over, they could talk to each other about the real world.

>both are now mothers of a couple of cute colts and fillies
Could be. Wonder how intelligent and magical the hybrids would be? Perhaps like mules, with the best parts of both parents but sterile themselves? Humanity might have a tough time of it in a few years when a bunch of super-alicorns revolt against their enslavement!
File: FB_IMG_1520927735618.jpg (29 KB, 600x300)
29 KB
>An event
Go on
File: IMG_2749.png (1.75 MB, 1433x1500)
1.75 MB
1.75 MB PNG
Good girl!

Still waiting for the first client that want some femdom
Can't beat the dick
This. And I want some of that ice cream after, too! I wonder what she would think.

>Madam talk to filly to ask her that one regular want some femdom session with her
>Filly don't know what to do
>Snowdrop is busy with another client and can't help
>Madam tell her to not worry that another member of the staff will help her with that client
>Filly met the client in the special room for this service
>He isn't alone
>The one that will help her is Madam
>Madam show her how to trashtalk the client, how much pressure should apply with her hoof and the proper use of the whip
>"You're very talented my dear, you almost remember me in my prime"
>Filly still don't get the appeal of this

Just another day in our filly job
Good summation. I have spent the last couple weeks trying to shoehorn Madam giving filly special training to make her a dominatrix. But it doesn't work in any scenario I can come up with. She's still something of an ingenue. The thing has to revolve around that. She can lose her innocence bit by bit, but there's no way she can suddenly make the jump to dominatrix. That requires a kind of savvy she's nowhere near having. I can't write it realistically yet. Plus I lost touch with the two friends I've had who actually did that shit, so my easy resources for putting something that rings true along those lines are gone. Just haven't got a way to pull it off, even though I know there are a few of you who would love it. Like you two:
Wish I could deliver. Can't yet.

Take your time and don't rush anything. You're doing fine with this green
Thanks. I chose the most absurd premise possible because it was a thing here. Squeezing more juice out of it than I ever expected to. Gonna keep going the way I am. Just letting you Femdomfags know I really tried to give you what you wanted. I just couldn't make it work, or you'd have read it by now.

You can always skip the protagonist and just make the classic "the other fillies tell their experiece/true or dare" update to add another things into the "clients are weird" list of the protagonist. Snowdrop and Skydancer look like the fillies that would enjoy to look the protagonist blush telling all the lewd stuff that they do with their clients.
Remember that you can use the secondary character to add experiences that our filly can fit for her character/experiece.

>that our filly can fit

*that our filly can't fit
>That requires a kind of savvy she's nowhere near having.
You could make the story about that. A client is trying to suggest what he might want, but is too embarrassed to spell it out for her. His signals are flying right over her head, and she can't satisfy him. Madam approaches it as a discipline at first before she realizes Fillies natural limitations.

>Don't rush
Double Dubs confirm that your story is doing just fine without any of this. It's all just idle suggestions, don't let us push you too far off track.
Only I hope for the good of the fillies that a client should not appear one night with influences or big pockets that it is desirable to hurt to the ponies, this slag might hurt the fillies and to pay as if they were simple toys, or that some day the wives of the clients discovery the place and they begin a movement to close the brothel, some politician makes use of the opportunity for his position or the social pressure is so big that it forces the proprietor to close the place and relocate the fillies in different parts and they all separate, I am not opposed to the social intention, but it worries me what could go on to him to the ponies

>He refused any more, but it was a start!

Inb4 Anon can't eat sweet because diabetes(or some shit like that) but he do it anyway to not be rude with Celestia.
File: 834032.jpg (48 KB, 640x480)
48 KB
When are we getting to the Twilight pony?
File: IMG_2754.jpg (118 KB, 689x602)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
What would it be like having a mare with a sex drive twice as high as yours lads?
Already thought about that. Snowdrop would be perfect, but she's too young and far too likely to get her own fetishes tied up in it. A true Dom has to come off as not having their own thing as much of an interest in the proceedings, at least when their getting paid for it. It's about realizing the clients' fantasies.
>she can't satisfy him. Madam approaches it as a discipline at first before she realizes Fillies natural limitations.
That's why I haven't done it.
Obviously there are rules here because the owners don't believe in anything cruel. Madam has her personal reservations about working girls so young, but it's safe, and she sees to that. We'll see what happens with outside forces.

And all of you, thanks for reading!
>Obviously there are rules here because the owners don't believe in anything cruel.
>We'll see what happens with outside forces.

I would love to read that. Another thing to make the filly feel safe there. To bad for the filly that will have that little moment of abuse(Just don't use our filly for that)

Just like have any regular slave.

The master decide when the sex start and when the sex end.
File: 1636753.png (676 KB, 1024x1280)
676 KB
676 KB PNG
>Teen Master anon know that the maid mare of the family have a crush on him
>He love to tease her and make her blush like tomato
>Time to try something new this time
>Anon ask for a bubble bath and her help to wash his back

Would the maid mare contain her lust?
To no filly.
Look after also of arsonist and clients obsessed to sickly ends
>Would the maid mare contain her lust?
>still able to blush hard.

Seems she is also young and inexperienced. So I figure she would also still be cautious about getting in trouble.

The big question is, how long will it take till he realizes everything any guy has ever wanted has been right under his nose the whole time.
>clear skies becomes a part time surrogate mother for the abandoned foal along with mrs triestostealyurman
>the foal wants milk but constantly objects to formula
>clear and anon make the decision to give her hormones to stimulate milk production
>after the foal is grown up and weened off milk, clear still takes the hormones so her master can fondle her supple tender crotch breasts and drive her up the wall with lust and pleasure

Anon should stop the lewdness of Clear Sky. Being this lewd with your master if probably illegal
>Relinquishing control
This is one of my favorite little things to this fic that makes it so unique: Celestia having to willfully - desiring - to give up her control. It's the entire point of her vacation and yet as she's pointed out, she has more than once taken control of things. Giving herself up to Anon's authority, letting him make decisions for her (including punishment) while she holds back the ruler within her and commits herself to the genuine act of a submissive slave mare is just fun to read.

>Celestia's attitude
I also love how Anon himself here put it: Celestia at times shows off the wisdom of her millenia but then at times switches to that of a child, you really get that enigmatic part of her personality down where she displays qualities of both and it feeling perfectly natural. I especially love how she teases / plays with Anon with the breakfast scene, sleeping on his chest when told to go to sleep etc, but I also look forward to her taking charge of certain aspects where she feels she's needed

>Hello Celestia, a happy and - sometimes - naughty slave mare.
Hello indeed. Still going great here, hope to see lots of both good / naughty on Celestia's part as she goes into her new role and more punishment. Have to be reminded of the cons too
>striping her moist lingere off her sweaty body slowly, caressing every nook and cranny between her thighs as she squirms, her musk filling the room with her desire
>slipping her gag horse bra off to reveal her perky teats just ready for her master to play
>giving her quick pecks all over her neck and maw as she moans and begs you for more
>cupping her crotchboobs and tracing little circles around her sensitive nipples before gently massaging them
>gently laying on top of her as you grind your throbbing member into her marehood, feeling her warmth radiating up to you through such intimate contact
>being stuck to each others faces for too long until you're both out of breath, passionately intermingling tongues and saliva as you hilt and cradle her trembling body
>clears muscle strength evaporating as you overstimulate her through countless orgasms until she's a pony puddle
Morning news: local man runs out of rags to wipe his forehead
It's too late for that. Anon is no longer in charge.
Given I did nofapuary by accident...
Itd be like a Catholic family after finding a rapex condom by accident.
I'd deny her any lewdness until she got so desperate she tried to force herself upon me to which I'd feign resistance but let her think she was raping me. I'd pull the "Heresy"card and say it was a sin to lay with her, then, as she's on top of me I'd start talking about how she was so much better than any human girl and how glorious horsepussy is.
It's basically BLACKED but with a little mare instead of a dindu and you instead of a little white lady.

>implying clear don't want to nurse her master
>implying that clear master will not add another article to the wiki with the milk taste
File: download.png (927 KB, 1280x1831)
927 KB
927 KB PNG

>The last time you got in Anon's car was when he and Mistress just bought you.
>The grocery store was close enough to usually not use the car.
>That last time - which was also the first - you had to ride in the backseat, sitting on a blanket to not put hairs everywhere, as Mistress put it.
>Anon and her had an argument the whole ride. It was far from pleasant, to say the least.
>But you're not sure if the current situation is better.
>Sweet Celestia! You never heard someone sing that wrong in your entire life! His singing is physically painful!
>And this song, really. You're not too sure, but you think it's about seeking pleasure in self-mutilation. Ok, you kind of get it but... that's twisted.
>Soon enough it comes to an end, and before the next one can play, you try to get Anon's attention.
"Hey Anon, do you have something else on this to play?"
>"What, metal is not your jam?"
>The next song starts to play with a terrific shriek and a frenetic blast from the drummer. Anon turns down the volume a bit.
"I can't say I enjoy it, sorry."
>"Ok, so what do you prefer?"
>You didn't heard a lot of human music until now, but you know they also have electronic music.
"You don't have any electro by chance?"
>"Sure. Let me see what I have here."
>He pushes some buttons on his steering wheel, glancing at the screen in the middle of the board from time to time.
>"Looks like I don't have much, sorry. But what about that?"
>A slow melody starts to play, very atmospheric at first, until the beat drops.
>This got your interest instantly. You look at the screen for the name of the artist: 'Carpenter brut'.
>"You like it?"
"Man, this tune is sick, I love it!"
>"I know, right?"

>You pass the rest of the ride enjoying the music and looking out the window at the other cars passing by on the highway. You even spot another pony sitting in the backseat of a car you overtook, and exchange a wave of the hoof with her.
>Eventually Anon exits the highway and drives to a parking lot. This place is way bigger than the store you usually go, there are thousands of cars parked here.
>"Ok, Vinyl, this place is huge, and there are a lot of people in there, I can't really let you roam by yourself like in the store at home, you know?"
"No need to go easy on me, if I have to be led by a leash, so be it."
>He blinks once. "You're okay with that?"
"No, but I'm not dumb, and I've been a slave for a while. I understand that there are laws, and it's not my place to argue with 'em."
>"Actually, as long as there is no sign I don't have to put you on a leash. But most of the stores in there have one. And I would feel more relaxed if I'm sure I can't lose you in the crowd."
"Like I said, so be it."
>"I'll pay you back."
>He gets out of the car, goes around to open the door on your side, and lets you step out before attaching the leash to your collar.
>"Not too uncomfortable?"
"Just humiliating, but that's ok, don't worry."
>"Sorry about that."
>You roll your eyes.
"Please Anon, stop being sorry, I said it's ok."
>"Yeah, still. Let's go."
>You trot alongside Anon and enter the main hall. This place really is huge. Stores and restaurants of all sizes and types are packing the place. Humans go back and forth in every direction, some of them paying you some attention.
>You don't see a lot of ponies around, and even though, most of them are store's 'employees.’ Humans walking their ponies around like Anon can be counted on your legs.
>Anon lead you to the biggest store in the mall. This one is selling flat-pack furnitures, and every corner is arranged to look like a room.

>Some of those display looks really comfy, and you just want to get on those sofas. Sadly you're not allowed to, as the woman welcoming the customers told Anon when you both entered the store. You can only watch as he tries the couches and lays down.
>There are so many things you want to look at, but this damn leash keeps holding you back by Anon's side. Hopefully he is nice enough to lead you toward whatever catches your attention.
>After some time you arrive in what you could only describe as the desk alley, as there are nothing but desks of all sizes and shapes here.
>Anon lets you choose one by yourself. You find one with adjustable legs, so it isn't too high for you. You also have to pick a chair to go with it, but instead of a regular desk-chair, you opt for a large bean-bag, which better fits your usual sitting position.
>They did have pony-friendly designed chairs, but those are insanely expensive. Also, bean bags have the advantage to come in a lot of different colors. You choose a nice dark-purple one, your favorite color so far.
>This store not only has furniture, but also a lot of things to stuff a house with, may it be practical or decorative, or both.
>Anon grabs you a new blanket, the old one being, well, too old. He tells you that it formerly belonged to his parent’s dog.
>That explains the odor, but you didn't want to know that actually.
>He also grabs a few more small things, both for you and himself, then you have to get back to the car.
>Everything is packed onto a large and flat trolley, and Anon lets you climb on it as he pushes the whole thing. It is childish, but still funny.
>Trying to fit everything in his small car is less funny, but you still manage after folding the seats. Meaning you’ll be quite uncomfortable on the way back, but you don't really care.
>"Ok, that will do," declares Anon as he finally closes the door. "Let's go back in there to eat something would you?
"They serve ponies?"

>He stops, looking straight ahead in contemplation for a second before he shrugs. "We’ll see."
>You both head back to the mall, and start looking for a place to eat. It appears that, as expected, not a lot of them allow ponies inside. Actually only two seems to tolerate your kind: McDonald's, and a pizzeria.
>"I'm not going to McDonald's," states Anon flatly.
>Well, that only leaves the pizzeria. Anon leads you to the restaurant and takes a place in an isolated booth. You hop up on the cushioned seat, then Anon unclips the leash from your collar. You make yourself comfortable when a waiter comes to you.
>He welcomes Anon, then shows you with the tip of his pen. Anon answers him, and the man seems to relax. He then hands you each a menu and walks away.
"What did he says about me?"
>"He simply asked if you were well-behaved. I should teach you some basic french."
>You don't really look forward to it, learning a different language is a hassle, but you have to admit that it would be nice to understand what everyone is saying around you.
>"So, what will you have, Vinyl?"
>You didn't open your menu yet, neither did Anon.
>He shrugs. "Hawaiian, like always."
>You don't make any comment regarding his choice and instead pick up your menu to hide your disapproving face behind it.
>You go through the list of pizzas, ignoring the 'meat' section. Of course it is written in french, but most of the words are kind of familiar, you only had to ask Anon for one or two words.
"Okay, I think I'm having this... 'Napolitaine' one."
>He raises a brow and bends toward your menu to take a look.
>"Are you sure? There is anchovy in this one."
"Yeah, it's cool. I actually like anchovy."
>"But... it's fish, you eat fish?"
>You roll your eyes.
"I don't eat meat because it comes from sentient creatures, but also and mostly because I can't digest it. But fish is ok, I can digest it, and fishes are assholes anyway, they deserve to be eaten."

>Right now, Anon is doing the best 'what the fuck did this dumbass just says’ face you ever saw.
>"Ok, you know what? I'm not even going to ask."
>At this very instant, a lime-green stallion wearing an apron with the pizzeria's logo on it appears next to your table. He smiles widely, says something in french without the slightest accent then pulls out a notepad and a pen from his front pocket. Pen in mouth, he waits expectantly for Anon to give his order.
>He obliges, then turns to you. "You want something to drink, Vinyl?"
"Hu, I don't know, a juice?"
>The pony drops his pen before telling you something which, needless to say, you don't understand.
"Heu, I-Je pas understand, p-pardon !"
>You see a mix of incomprehension and worry on his face as he folds his ears back.
>"You don't speak French?"
>You shake your head, a bit ashamed.
>"She arrived here not even a month ago, she lived in the U.S. before that," explains Anon.
>"A chance for her you Sir know Equish, I can't imagine living in a country where no-one would understand me!"
"What about when you arrived here? You knew French already?"
>"No, but I was immediately sent to France in a taming-camp, we got classes to learn the language before being put on the market. But back to your order, I shouldn't annoy you with my boring life," he says, smiling.
>He's obviously all too happy to speak in his native language, but can't really make chit-chat with customers.
"Yeah... So, juices?"
>"Oh right, you have the list right here, we got the usual, but also..”
>He starts going on about the various kind of juices the place has to offer as you go through the list. You quickly make your choice though, and let him know.
>”Aw’ight,” he says around his pen, taking note. “‘N you Shur?”
>”Draught beer, thank you.”
>The pony slightly bows to Anon and addresses you a smile before trotting off.

>Anon pulls out his phone and fiddles a bit with it until the pony comes back with a tray balanced on his back, the drinks on it.
>He slides them in front of you then go away once again.
>Anon grabs his mug and holds it in the air. "Santé."
>You do the same and gently clink your glass against his.
>You take a drink, it's delicious. A shame, you probably won't have any left by the time your pizza comes.
>Anon is back to his phone, but you feel like you should say something. Rather, you want to say something.
>He raises his eyes. "What is it, Vinyl?"
>You fidget a bit on your seat, suddenly aware of how sappy you're going to sound right now.
"I wanted to say thank you. For, y'know, everything."
>You do a vague motion with your hoof.
"I mean, even before yesterday, you had been quite nice to me. It... feels really good, to be treated with a bit of consideration."
>He takes a glance at his phone, before setting it face down on the table.
>"Glad to hear that I'm not one of those shitty owners. Say, was it really that bad in the U.S.? As I told you I read some stories on the internet..."
>He sounds like he is about to say more, but stops there. Instead he just looks at you, probably expecting for you to tell your story.
>Does he really want to hear that, though? And most importantly, do you really want to remember it?
>You look at your glass, swirling its content a bit.
"Let's just say I'm glad to be here with you."
>He takes the hint and nods.
>"If someday you feel like sharing it, I'm here."
>You smile.
"Thanks, Anon."
>You wait a bit before going on.
"I can return you the offer, if you want to talk about, y'know, Mistress."
>He grabs his phone and flips it just so he can have a quick look at the screen before setting it back down.

>"Ouais," he says with a sigh. "I'm still a bit lost about it. I know it's over for good, she made that clear. And when I think about it, I know it's for the best, it wasn't working between us. But still, it's hard to get her out of my head."
"You should go out, hang out with a friend."
>Making a questioning face, Anon looks at you, then at the restaurant around.
>"Am I not doing that right now?"
"Yeah bu-"
>Wait. He just said you are his friend, that's what he implied right now.
>Are you Anon's friend?
>Is he yours?
>You're not sure. You wouldn't be here if you had the choice, if you were free to go.
"T-Totally, but I mean, with other humans, some that you know well?"
>"I know what you mean. I have one of my internet friends that's willing to come down from Paris to see me, probably next weekend."
"That's good to hear."
>He shrugs. "Probably, I don't really think much about him though, we barely know each other to be honest."
>There is another silence. Anon quietly sips on his beer, looking around, while you try to hold back and not empty your own drink too quickly.
>You spot the stallion coming your direction with the pizzas.
>"I hope someday we'll be friends, Vinyl."
>"And here are your pizzas! Bon appétit !"
>Anon starts digging in.
>You stare at him, pondering.
>Then, after a moment you grab your first slice.
"We'll see."


Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/va5dDWep

It is getting a bit slow in my opinion, but I do have some plans for later in the story. Expect ellipses.
Though I may need your opinion on a point: How far should I push the relation between Vinyl and Anon?
Push it far enough shes coughing cum bubbles for a week.
But really, tender love, sloppy, hesitant, failing and falling apart to pull back together.
Rough as a landslide becoming man, but eternal as a smile at a spring rain.
They, and you, should take it slow. When it happens it should be more about exploring the meaning of consent in the context of slavery, not just rushing into clop.
Loving the story so far.

For their relationship, it should progress slow as the above anon said. Time skips are helpful here. I enjoy clop like most anon's but it should be part of a realistic relationship.

Unless the plan is to write rape, then its cool :)

>plan is to write rape, then its cool :)

Everyone know that Mistress will return and rape both anon and vinyl. That rape will only make their relationship stronger

>coughing cum bubbles for a week
That may be my fetish.


Make it slow, got it.
Until clop, got it.
Rape... not for Vinyl, probably.

Thanks for your inputs!

>Rape... not for Vinyl

Anon isn't for rape
>Rape... not for Vinyl

Norlf planning to have Anon raped while Vinyl watches. What is this thread coming too?
File: Spoiler Image (38 KB, 640x360)
38 KB

>Rape... not for Vinyl

That's oddly specific...
It's not rape of it's not a person.
> Carpenter brut
Muh french soccer player
"Twilight Sparkle.
>"Gender: Female. Species: Unicorn. Weight: REDACTED."
>No one needs to know that, that's not important.
>"How many previous owners have you had Twilight?"
"Just one."
>"And since your here it seems you ran away, correct?"
>No I just appeared here out of the blue.
"Yes sir..."
>"Not your best call unfortunately. I'm sure you're aware that'll be on your record from now on and places a number of restrictions on you going forward. Normally we'd ship a runaway off for re-training no questions asked, but Arnold's got history with you and wants to vouch for you. If we can save a buck by skipping a step we will, but we've got to be sure it's a good idea, understand? That's why your here right now Twilight. If you can cooperate, prove that you're obedient, and that you're genuinely sorry for what you did we MIGHT not send you off to retraining. I understand you had a bad time with that in the past and don't want to go back."
"It was Happy Horse. Arnold thought they'd send me somewhere gentler but I got sent to happy horse..."
>He types a few things on his tablet without looking up.
>"That makes sense then. If it helps Happy Horse got shut down for some ethically questionable practices about a year back."
>Ethics in slavery, that's cute.
>"Understandable you'd want to avoid going back if that place was your experience. Help me help you here Twilight. Tell me the truth and cooperate and we'll see to it that things go as smoothly for you as possible, ok?"
"Yes sir."
>"Great. First question then: How'd you get here? Out instruments didn't detect any rifts but they did pick up a massive burst of radiation. You also arrived alone and it seemed the other ponies weren't ready to pick you up. All of that's pretty unusual so we'd love to hear your side of things."
>Your first response is to lie but that's a bad idea.
>He'd spent the first few minutes of the interview asking you pretty generic questions.
>Normally you'd think he was just filling out paperwork, but before you'd come here Arnold had been kind enough to give you a heads-ups.
>They have full and total control of your collar.
>At one time it undoubtedly had strict security put in place by Anon, but when it was damaged all that went out the window.
>Normally taking off a pony's collar to replace the hard drive is pretty impractical but when she's out cold...
>Point is they now have full control.
>Full control unfortunately not only means they can shock the buck out of you, as you already knew, but they have access to all it's wide range of features.
>One such function being biometric monitoring.
>Biometric monitoring that when analyzed in certain ways can be used as a somewhat reliable lie detector.
>Which means those weren't meaningless paperwork questions they were baseline questions.
>You've got a polygraph strapped to your neck and your interrogator's reading the results.
>the interrogator who just gave you a little speech about cooperating.
>It's probably not a perfect lie detector but on the other hoof you're far from a perfect liar.
"It was, well, it was me. I was uhh on the run and I felt love magic coming from somewhere, magic I knew was native only to Equestria. I followed it until I found a... well like you said, not a rift but kinda a crack? It would have opened into a rift eventually I think. Anyway I'm pretty powerful, and I was really desperate, so I poured everything I had into forcing my way though. Somehow made it to the other side in one piece."
>No need to mention the elements.
>The humans don't even know about the elements so they wouldn't even care, right?
>Who would care if a random slave has an ancient super weapon that's defeated several major threats to Equestria in the past.
>Ugh breath Twilight.
>"Mmm hmm. So you just forced your way through? Like slipping through a cracked door or something? We've never seen any other unicorn do that and I'm sure many have wanted to. Why only you?"
>He's not calling you a liar, not yet.
"I'd say most unicorns lack the raw power. I was a mage and magical researcher back in Equestria. Most pony's magic primarily pertain to their special talent, but my special talent is magic itself."
>No need to mention you're the sun god's personal student hahaha!
>Nervous laughter doesn't belong in your own head Twilight!
>Nervous anything is forbidden in fact!
>Is this going well? You can't tell if this is going well.
>This doesn't feel like it's going well...
>"Alright that makes sense actually."
>Wow really?
>"You almost broke the equipments we use to measure pony magic after all. That's why you've got two of those up there instead of one."
>He gestures towards your horn.
>So they know roughly how powerful you are.
>Not necessarily a bad thing but probably not a good one either.
>"There was talk about seeing if any research groups back home would be interested in a mare as powerful as you, but i'm not sure what was decided."
>Great, now lab rat is one of your possible fates.
>Lab rats tend to end up dead, maimed, or comatose.
>"We'll see what interested parties show up at the auction I guess."
>Please let Anon show up! Please!
>"Anyway your first encounter here was agent Dash. I understand her recruitment of you got interrupted by our local night princess. The way Dash talks your well acquainted with Luna. Did you know her back in Equestria prior?"
>Shit, what did Dash tell them already?
>How casually can you pass off your past association with the princesses before they become suspicious?
>Not only can you not lie, you can't get so nervous stretching the truth that it looks like your lying.
"I ummm... I knew her yeah."
>"How well did you know her? From our understanding most ponies only knew the princess as distance authority or even deity figures."
>Fuck fuck fuck.
"Better than most...?"
>"Twilight, cooperation remember? Did you know the princesses personally? If so why? Who were you in old Equestria."
>Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.
"L-like I said I was a powerful mage and magical researcher. I worked with the princesses on projects from time to time and counted them as friends. But that's all I know! I don't know what they're planning or what they've been doing! I've been on earth living a normal life for the last few years. You guys probably know more about them than I do now!"
>He holds a hand up to stop you.
>"Relax. We've already confirmed your paperwork, we know you've been living a quiet life. If you were connected to the pony's little resistance you wouldn't have showed up in the middle of nowhere with no support. If we thought you had sensitive information this would be a very different interview I promise."
>If they believe that though then what's the point of all this?
>Is it really just to see how truthful you'll be?
>You assumed that was just to get you to lower your guard.
>Should you actually tell the truth?
>Did Dash already tell them everything and this is just some a giant test?
>Ugh you should have talked to her instead of trying to bite her ear off!
>"What happened after Luna rescued you from agent Dash?"
"She took me back to the empire-"
>Surely they've noticed an entire empire missing, might as well call it what it is.
"-to keep me safe."
>"The empire huh? The term empire implying the missing Equestrian city and not some small camp."
>T-they did already know about the empire... right?
"Yes sir. It's hidden but I don't know where or how to get there or back."
>He just nods and writes more stuff.
>"Who else did you see there? How many ponies were there?"
"I don't know exact numbers, probably a few thousand? I was only there for a few days before... this. I just wanted to help but then I saw Dash and..."
>"No other notable ponies? Other leaders?"
>You aren't the first pony they've questioned so they must know the basics, right?
"Princess Cadence is still running the city."
>He continues typing with one hand and passes you a glass of water with the other.
>Is this a reward?
>Did you pass the test by telling the truth?
>"And no pony in all the empire could get that off?"
>He's pointing towards your neck.
"I-I wanted to keep it."
>"What for?"
"... It was a gift."
>"A gift from Anon? From your old master?"
>Your voice might catch if you talk so you simply nod.
>"But your free now so why keep it?"
"I-I... I miss him. At first I told myself I was just keeping it because I liked it, but the truth is it reminds me of him. I was wrong to leave, I shouldn't have left! I was just so upset! I wasn't thinking straight and I saw an opportunity so I took it! He wasn't bad to me, he was really nice! I want to go back! I don't want a new master please, I want to go back to Anon!"
>You'd like to say you're acting just to make them believe you're contrite, but you mean every word.
>You take the glass of water in both hooves and chug it down in an effort to calm yourself.
>"The bad news is for various legal reasons contacting you old master isn't our policy. The good news is that this is good information that could prove useful and you seem to genuinely regret your actions. We'll probably send you straight to auction and hopefully find you another kind master."
>No no no you don't want another!
>You calm yourself before you say something stupid.
>It's ok, just relax, Arnold is going to contact Anon for you.
>Anon will fly across the country to come save you from your doom, then he'll forgive you, and still love you and...
>No no you aren't crying!
>Your quiet sniffles and silent tears finally draw his attention away from the tablet.
>"Hey it's ok. You seem like a sweet pony I'm sure whoever picks you up will appreciate that."
"... I just want to go home. I'm so stupid for leaving, I just want to go home."
>He gives you a quiet moment to try and pull yourself together.
"Now I'm marked as a troublemaker so only crazy people will buy me! I'll end up dying in some lab or being beaten by some psycho. Please I just want to go home."
>"Your status as a runaway does mean that only humans willing to deal with that will be at your auction. It does not mean you'll be bought by someone who'll seriously hurt you. Is that why you liked this Anon? Because he was gentle with you?"
>Hahaha gentle.
>You chuckle through the tears.
"I'm a tough mare. Anon would take a hairbrush to my ass until it was firetruck red and then some for disobeying him. I know he hit my butt so he didn't have to hit my face though. He wanted to discipline me in a safe way because he cared about me and I repaid him b-by abandoning him..."
>W-what's he writing down.
>Shit what's he writing down?
>Should you have not told him that?
>That you're used to being disciplined via a sore stinging bottom?
>Should you have not told him any of this?
>Oh Celestia here comes the self doubt.
>Why'd he say your information could prove useful, didn't they already know everything about the empire and Cadence?
>Why's he making a note about your history of respond well to corporal punishment?
>D-did you just sign up for more masters willing to roast your rump...?

~Rarity Belle~
>Anon's slinked off to bed early again.
>You wouldn't quite say he's depressed, but he's never been himself since Twilight left.
>Oh, that mare.
>If you could just get your hooves on her!
>You twirl the heavy 'diamonds in the rough' hairbrush in your magic.
>Naturally you hope she's safe, but you also hope there's someone there to bust that inconsiderate flank for what she's done to poor Anon.
>You've no idea where she is of course, but you've always believed wishes carry power.
"You hear that Twilight? A curse upon you until I get my hooves on you myself. May your flanks be ever red!"

~Twilight Sparkle~~
>After your maybe disastrous questioning you'd been taken to a proper cell instead of back to your tiny cage.
>At least you have a bed and bathroom in here now.
>You still can't decide if the intreview went well or not.
>You don't really think you said anything important, but you can't shake the fear that you sold out Luna and Cadence involuntarily.
>And his little notes he took at the end...
>If you end up with another disciplinarian now it'll be partly your fault.
>Ugh you can already feel the sting of a new master breaking you one smack at a time...
>You're tougher now though, right?
>Maybe you can last a whole 3 minutes before your fiery flanks reduce you to an apologetic crying mess.
>You reach back and rub your purple plot just thinking about how awful it could be.
>Anon knew your limits from years busting your hide.
>In the end it even became a fun thing for the two of you thought you'd never admit it.
>A new master would have to find out just how durable you are the hard way and it certainly wouldn't be fun.
>What if you end up covered in welts and bruises because he doesn't know his own strength?
>Ugh it stings already!
>You swear you can feel a phantom brush patting your backside already.
>Sorcery! Clearly someone's cursed you to a life of humiliating discipline!
>Before you can dwell on your horrible fate any longer you hear the door on the other side of your bars creek open.
>In pokes a familiar rainbow maned pegasus.
>"Uhh, hey. Got a minute?"
File: thinkingtwi.jpg (144 KB, 710x778)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
A bit of a short one again and not very action packed. If twilight feels like a broken record well i kinda feel that way too but i needed to get that out of the way. I wanted to have her big conversation with Dash in here but it's not quite finished and figured it would be better to just get something posted since i've been kinda behind. Next up we chat with dashie then move on to new grounds new places and new experiences.

>new grounds new places and new experiences.

Welp, good bye anon for some updates I guess. That sound like the letter will not meet anon in time and we can add another thing to the depression list. Be a "bad master" and not be in time to get his cute slave again
Backing >>32045097 and >>32045087 - get a means out there to communicate with her, and make it totally clear we are going absolutely nowhere without out daughter. Hell, see if we can negotiate making sure the rest of the camp is safe too - if Arlene wants him so badly.

>You wouldn't quite say he's depressed, but he's never been himself since Twilight left.
>Naturally you hope she's safe, but you also hope there's someone there to bust that inconsiderate flank for what she's done to poor Anon.

I can imagine that he just go to his job and work a lot of extra hours to get money and spend less time in home.

Twiggles deserve to temporary get sold to a cruel master to really learn her lesson. Work until exhaustion, one or two slaps in the face(the butt already get enough), rape is totally optional because that would be goes too far(maybe almost about to get raped but something more important happen). Then after two weeks finally meet anon(tracking the one that buy twilight would take time).
Twilight always meet some consequences but never fully taste the experience of a cruel master in his live(Happy horse don't count because almost all the ponies need training before the auction)
I hope that Dash will tell Twiligth why she decided to change his loyalty to humans, could show unknown aspects of how things are in the Crystal Empire.

Poor Anon, I hope that Rarity can help him out of his depression ... and that she is the one who receives the letter and at the last moment decides to break it, that would be a good punishment to Twiligth's betrayal.

I am surprised and disappointed by the lack of intelligence in the human group, I guess they are too interested in the profits to care for a group of rebels, that shows the lack of threat that represents the group of Luna

Good job Vega!
File: 1498219325800.jpg (287 KB, 1200x1054)
287 KB
287 KB JPG
>5-D Anon
>5-dimensional pony waifu stepped out to buy some laundry sauce
>It's been both an instant and an eternity and she hasn't returned
>Step outside, worried
>Follow her hoofprints through various timelines
>Stop in at the Changeling War Timeline and look around
>This is usually where she buys her laundry sauces
>She isn't here, anywhen between A+0 or A+1735 when they make laundry sauce
>You call out her name, pronouncing it makes your eyes bleed in 3 dimensions
>Follow her hoofprints further
>Huh... She's in some strange timeline
>Maybe she's lost?
>You can smell her, but it's a little difficult to percieve her
>Is [][][][][] sitting in 3 dimensions?
>The hell is she doing?
>You assume a 3-dimensional corporeal form
>Standing in the middle of a busy city, frozen in time
>You step forward through time at 1s/s to align with everything else
"Hey [][][][][]!" a nearby woman liquifies at the utterance of your waifu's name
>You take a deep breath
>Step backwards a few years
>She's nearby, at least
>You follow her scent towards a nearby building, unmarked
>All the doors are locked
>You grab the handle of one door and dilate time a few millenial
>The whole door rots away, allowing you to step through
"Hey [][][][][]?"
>A man holding a gun jumps and points his rifle at you at you
>"Wh-who the hell are you?" he barks
>You wave at him
"Hey buddy, I'm looking for my wife. Have you seen her?"
>"This is a secured facility, how did you get in here?"
"Oh, I went around the door."
>"What? Sir, I'm going to need to escort you out."
>The guard grabs you and ages a hundred years, crumpling to the floor
"Aw man. Can you still tell me if you've seen her?" you hold up a polaroid photo of [][][][][]
>The 145-year-old man's eyes melt from looking at the photo
>You look around the building, unintentionally killing a few more guards
>In the deepest basement, your waifu seemed to be stuck in some kind of 5-dimensional prison

>I am surprised and disappointed by the lack of intelligence in the human group, I guess they are too interested in the profits to care for a group of rebels, that shows the lack of threat that represents the group of Luna

Maybe twilight isn't the only member of the resistance captured.

I would rather to torture the bratty one that don't want to talk and would be a pain in the ass in the training center than the one that don't need training, is cooperative and is ready for the auction
Twiligth at the beginning could try to convince her future master that she already has a previous master, one that would pay generously for her return, but it is possible that the new master will give a damn, use it until him gets bored of it and later use the information she gave him or the data on his necklace to resell:

>'Hey fella, you're Anon? I bought a bitch called Twilight that claims you were your last master, would you be interested in recovering it?, do not worry because she will try to escape again, give her a good time and do everything you say bro"

Inb4 he will make the classic "How much you want X?" and "Just think in your previous master dear. I just want this and you will be back to him, I have a little incentive to make this easy(insert drRoger heat potion here)"

Your Twilight is a very lucky mare.
>never tortured
>not beating/scars in his body
>never raped
>never work to dead
>kind master in the first try

Her real element should be the luck instead the magic. I bet that a lot of slave would kill for his style of life
Someday the patented formula of Dr. Rogers can be purchased at any pharmacy.

>Warning: This medication should not be used in humans, dogs and other animals other than Equestrian Ponies, for any reason apply part of it in parts of the body that you expect your pony to stimulate, pharmaceutical Happy Horse is not responsible for the use undue of this product.
It's shit
>I bet that a lot of slave would kill for his style of life

It was that lack of experience that made Twiligth a bad girl, maybe Anon has more luck with the next mare

Rarity already is the next mare.
And Swettie Belle

Anon have Rarity, she will behave and thanks anon properly. Unlike other ungrateful pony
File: full.gif (370 KB, 580x420)
370 KB
370 KB GIF

Enjoy your new master Purplebutt. He is scientist that need to learn how the magic in powerful unicorn work after the horn is removed.
Y'all ready for some more Texas Brisket?

I would really like a green with Zephyr Breeze. How that guy would survive his first day?
File: 1503198262023.png (149 KB, 600x525)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
It would be extremely painful for him
In one of the stories of AWF a unicorn of the nobility was acquired by a family to do the tasks, but the cretin deceived the little daughter to do the work for him and continually emotionally blackmailed her to receive better food, better rooms, everything, the family sent him to reeducation with Anon and the mare of history and it turned out that the unicorn was the old special pony of the mare, which abandoned her when things did not go as him wanted in her idyll and left her immersed in debt and the broken heart, I can only say that in the end Anon entrusted his 'reeducation' to the care of her - while giving him a whip-
File: 1521164021962.png (199 KB, 900x853)
199 KB
199 KB PNG

Sorry twilight but your new master is the señor incognito and he only come to this place to buy a cheap slave. Here a little preview of your future
>Ugh it stings already!
Love Rarities interdimentional spanking curse. Actually, love everything about your story. All the characters and settings seem so real, so well-imagined.

I do wish Twi and her kin could finally get their hooves under them and strike back at the slavers in a meaningful way, though. Perhaps they could ally with dragons and griffins, disable the human portals from Luna-space, defeat the isolated human beach-head, and arrange a prisoner exchange for the enslaved population on earth? They would still need a trusted negotiator earthside, if they DO still trust her that is...

Or should Luna and Cadance just pack it in and hope for gentle owners themselves? Humanity as a whole seems kind of unstoppable and mary-sueish. These aren't even real soldiers, just greedy corporate goons, but the magic-weilding ponies never seem to stand a chance. Even after defeating Nightmare Moon, Discord, Sombra, Tirek, et all, these big monkeys seem to just walk all over them.

And how did Arnold respond to her slapping his reward out of his hand? Was a bit of a jump there.

>Ready for some more Texas Brisket?
Ya, I really am. Let's have it!

>These aren't even real soldiers, just greedy corporate goons

Yeah, just image how fucked would be equestria is a real army appear
>And how did Arnold respond to her slapping his reward out of his hand? Was a bit of a jump there.
Yeah, we'll get back to that next time.

>lack of threat that represents the group of Luna
Dash will have a lot of insight into how things really work around here. So far we've only heard from Luna/Cadence and twilight's own assumptions.

>Her real element should be the luck
Pretty much. Hopefully she's slowly realizing that.
The question is why. The corporations are here for slaves and any other resources they can loot, but a democratic military needs a political motivation. Not saying a 'good' motivation, but they are not driven by such straight-forward goals. Taking, or even inflicting, real casualties in a real kinetic war in pastel-pony-land might be a hard sell with Joe Voter.
File: 1650229.png (1.14 MB, 1920x804)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG

>Nightmare Moon

EoH save the day and remove the "darkness" inside luna


Petrification of one single dude


Crystal heart save the day and they only need a whole empire to defeat one single guy


Magic drained coming back to the other ponies leaving a very weak Tirek

Almost everything was 1 vs mane6 and somehow that "1" always won and enslave the ponies until the deus ex machina of the mane6 save the day

Another example.

Pic related.

A little number of monkeys with shitty spears and shield that deflect magic with a good commander conquer canterlot.

Now let check Vega humans

>Anti-magic tech
>those one aren't even real soldiers

Equestria is a peaceful kingdom, when they meet us they're fucked
Sweetie is gonna act like a brat and she'll need a hairbrush across her rump end, too
Nah she knows how bad things can be for her. She'll try to behave but I predict in the end rarity disciplines her white flank.

I would bet that rarity will be the one that will cry in the spank session and telling sweetie belle that she don't want to lose another part of her family again. She don't want another "Twilight" scenario

The movie isn't canon
I came here for hot spankings not these feels.
File: Bait.png (66 KB, 625x626)
66 KB
This thread it is not either
See: european colonization of the rest of the world. Whitey was not some sort of superman, they just had (thanks Jared) guns germs and steel. They sailed the world-ocean and walked all over the stone-age natives like they wern't even there, often taking slaves as the went. India was actually a fairly sophisticated place and was taken over by the East India Company basically by accident.

It's fairly plausible the same thing would happen here. Not any single persons fault even, just the inevitable track of history and geography.

That's Vega: he want's to write a silly little spank story, ends up with this gripping saga instead.
At this point even a fucking mexican narco with his tiny personal army would conquer equestria
Or a teenager with low self-esteem with a machine gun
Yeah, given how Equestria seems to buckle in the face of any threat that isn't a monster of the week it seems likely that literally any group on earth could take it over.
Forget narcos, a reasonably committed LARP group could knock over the Equestrian government in a few hours, tops.
I can't remember where it was mentioned or if i totally forgot but the original invasion was by a real army. After the situation calmed down they were eventually replaced with private forces.
You mentioned it briefly

Well... rainbow dash know about a real army. Maybe after such firepower she finally understand how weak is equestria and how easy would be for the humans to just eliminate equestria from the map
im alive.

>You’re halfway through your second slice of pizza
>You’ve never ordered from this place before
>It’s pretty darn good though
>You’re definitely going to order from there again
>And when you do, you’ll put good word in for that delivery pony
>It may help her out, it may not
>But it wouldn’t hurt to say something

>Star never came out
>Even if she doesn’t want to talk, you just want to see her
>Also, you’d rather not have to wake her to get her dose in
>At least you didn’t piss her off this time
>After you finish the rest of your dinner, you head back to the couch for some TV
>This pony owning stuff really wears you out

>A quick nap was just what you needed
>30 or so minutes just to recollect…
>Or so you thought
>Looking at your phone it turns out it’s 9:00
>PM, you didn’t sleep through the night
>You go back to the kitchen
>The medicine and food are still there, and the water looks untouched
>Disoriented by your slumber, you grumble
>You really don’t want her to miss a meal
>You figure some breakfast in bed may be nice for her
>... Or dinner, rather
>After all, she’ll be giving it to you eventually
>You put the medicine on the top of the food and grab a bowl with each hand
>You decide against a cracker packet this time
>It’s only been a day and there is only one pack left
>That’s fine, she needs to gain weight, but you figure she may appreciate it more tomorrow when she’s wide awake
>Also, you don’t want her to get TOO used to having them all the time
>Despite what you told her, they’ll eventually have to be limited as a treat
>You put the bowls down on your bedroom floor
>You aren’t sure how to approach waking her
>You could either speak to her, ruffle her mane, or just turn on the light
>You decide to just turn on the light
>There are some grunts as she rolls around in her kennel”
“I wanted you to have something to eat.”
>She blinks a few times
>Her ears pin straight back, clearly annoyed
“I uh… just think its a bad idea to skip a meal.”
>You smile to sell the message
>She sticks her head up and forward
>You quickly push the bowls over to her instead before she goes any further
>She was clearly trying to cast something to pull it towards her
“Here. Be sure to take the medicine too.”
>She glares up at you before dipping her muzzle into the food bowl
“It’s oats and carrots this time… I uh, hope you enjoy. I’m just going to lay down.”
>You hop up on the bed and shove a pillow in your face

>Time passes in the darkness, but the entire time you hear the cute noises of Star munching on her meal
>You’re making a mental checklist
>For starters, you’re going to schedule a vet appointment for Saturday whether her leg feels better or not
>You just want her evaluated, see if there is anything else wrong
>Maybe find out what her weight is and what it should be
>As you continue to go through your checklist, you hear Star speak up
>You take the pillow off your face and see a small blue pony looking up at you
>”St-… I-I’m not much of a morning pony. Never was. If I was rude I’m…”
“It’s fine. The papers said as much. They also said you refer to yourself in third person a lot, so feel free to do that too.”
>”Star appreciates that.”
>You sit up on the edge of your bed
>”But why?”
“Why what?”
>”Why do you want Star to be herself?”
“Well why would I want you to be any different?”
>”Because Star’s rude. Star isn’t desirable.”
>You speak as the words come to your head
“I got you for who you are. I…”
>You stumble on your words
“I... wanted a little resistance. Some push and pull I wanted you to be your own person. Not just some mindless slave that gives robotic responses, that’s boring.”
>You finish up
“I needed a spark in my life I guess, and from what I read, you fit the bill.”
>Star doesn’t seem convinced
>”If you say so…”
>You rub your hands through your hair
>You decide not to press any further
“How’s the leg?”
>She moves it around a bit in the back of her kennel
“Any better than before?”
>Star moves it around some more
>”Star’s weak and pathetic leg is still…. Weak and pathetic.”
“Well I’m going to schedule you a vet appointment for Saturday. Not just for the leg, but a general visit. Get you on their records.”
>She nods, but not without wincing
“Want anything else? I’m going to try to sleep again. I can grab the laptop if you want it.”
>”Star could use some more sleep.”
“Works for me. I work again tomorrow, same hours. So I’ll prepare the house for you again.”
>You shut off the light
>”Goodnight Anonymous.”
“Goodnight Star.”

>You haven’t slept yet
>That nap really screwed you over
>Looking at your phone
>You go into work again at 7:30
>So even if you were to fall asleep right now, you’d still only get 5 hours or so
>It’s silent in your room, with the exception of the occasional slurp, collar jingle, sneeze, or a flush of the toilet
>You really don’t know how she uses it
>Not your business, you suppose
>As long as she keeps it clean
>Your mind bounces back and forth between Star, shopping lists, and even TV shows
>As far as you know, Star thinks you’re asleep
>You haven’t really moved, and your head is facing the opposite side of the room
>After another hour passes, you consider calling out of work
>The logical part of your brain kicks in and convinces you not to
>You just took a week’s vacation, and then an extra sick day
>You consider taking a shower, maybe it’ll help
>You’re awake enough to the point it won’t hurt
>But you also don’t want to wake Star up
>At least someone is getting a good night’s rest
>And it’s the one that has every reason in the world not to

>If things were perfect, you’d be cuddling with your pony right now
>It’s not something you ever expected from your pony
>Nor are you ever going to ask it of her, even when…
>...Or rather if she ever comes to accept you
>But they are just so small and fuzzy
>Like a pillow that breathes and gives warmth
>You get lost deep in thought again
>After an unknown amount of time passes, you decide to just fuck around on your phone
>You make sure to turn the brightness all the way down
>You have a good amount of games on your phone, most of them gacha
>You decide to just browse the internet
>Looking at your bookmarks, you see you still have the pony adoption site bookmarked, along with a few listings
>Of course, including Star
>The center you were looking at and ultimately got Star from could be considered black market
>It’s disguised as another website on the surface
>The purpose to sell ponies while avoiding the federal tax on all sales
>But you aren’t super wealthy, so you ultimately choose the cheaper, less legal option of not paying the tax
>In hindsight, you should've known it was a bad idea
>If the place doesn’t adhere to pony tax, why would they follow any of the other laws in place
>Sure, they’re limited, but they prevent hardcore abuse
>And mutilation, which came into play in Star’s case
>Would of saved you a lot of heartache if you chose the traditional route
>Maybe the pony would of came happy and themselves from the get go too
>But then again, maybe this all happened for a reason
>Out of curiosity you go on Star’s page
>As expected, her listing has a big “SOLD” maker across the page
>You take a close look at her picture
>You don’t know exactly how long ago it was taken, but the difference is night and day
>You notice a different pony
>A tougher pony
>A healthier pony
>A pony that respected herself
>A pony that’s resisting her hoof shackles and bridle
>A pony with a fire in her eyes that you’ve only seen occasional sparks of
>And, of course, a unicorn

>You also notice something you hadn’t before
>Just barely in frame is what looks like a blanket of sorts
>Perhaps a cape
>It looks to be purple with some sort of design across it
>It’s tattered and dirty though
>You close the page, and delete the other remaining bookmarks
>A few moments later, you regret that decision
>You wanted to see if the other ponies you were looking at were sold
>Hopefully they got good homes, and are loved
>The chance seems slim though, unlike normal stores sometimes do, these underground places don’t tend to inquire into your intentions
>Basically, you’re probably one of the few customers they’ve ever gotten with pure intentions
>You spend the next little while just switching between some websites
>News, both local and national, forums, and some social media
>Nothing interesting going on, which could be a good thing you suppose

>As expected, today sucked
>You didn’t feel like showering
>And you were too lazy to eat breakfast
>Despite not caring for your own well being though, you made sure everything was in order for Star before you left
>You even plugged the laptop in for her
>You left another note, essentially the same one as yesterday
>Just reminders, you want her to know she can really do whatever she wants
>For now, at least
>Even though today is your second day back, it feels worse than the first
>On top of your morning coffee, you drank a couple energy drinks to get through the day
>Which in all honestly probably made things worse
>As you finally get to your door, all you want to do is plop down in bed again
>But right before you go for your keys, you remember Star
>Specifically, the vet appointment you told her you’d schedule today
>You groan at your every growing list of chores
>If only you had a little pony to give you a hand, right?

>You decide to head back to the lobby to call the vet
>Your decision is based on a couple things
>For starters, you don’t want Star to hear anything she shouldn’t
>For example, if you have to bring up her horn for any reason
>Secondly, you can tell her you did it much earlier in the day
>You’ll look responsible and caring, which should make her feel good, right?
>And you should lead by example too, if you present yourself as irresponsible in front of her, that could transfer to her quality of work once you put her to work
>You don’t even know where you’re taking her yet
>But you aren’t just going to find the cheapest place, you want quality care for your pony, even if it puts a little dent in your wallet
>You sit down on a bench in the lobby and weigh your options
>For the most part, ordinary veterinarians take appointments for these ponies, but new places dedicated to them have sprung up too
>It doesn’t seem to have a correlation with what places are better though, you find highly and poorly rated places that fall under both umbrellas
>You ultimately decide on “Happy Tails Pet Vet”, which boasts recently acquiring top of the line pony care facilities
>Most reviews are from customers with traditional animals, like dogs and cats, but there are a few pony reviews too, all positive
>It’s pricey compared to other places nearby, but nothing you aren’t willing to pay
>You dial the number and you hear a cheerful women on the other side
>”Happy Tails Pet Vet, Miranda speaking! How may I direct your call?”
>Don’t drop spaghetti Anon
“Yeah hi.”
>”What can I do for you?”
“Yeah, I’d like to schedule an appointment for my mare.”
>”Have you scheduled with us before?”
>You feel sweat on your forehead
>Pull it together
“Yeah uh, no. I just got her last week and wanted to get her a first time checkup and registered for regular appointments…”
>Keep going Anon, you got this
>”I’d be happy to get you set up with us! What’s the pony’s name and sex?”
“Star… mare… or female... yes.”
>You hear a giggle on the other side
>”Oh right silly me, you said that already.”
>Next you hear a notebook flipping
>You hear her jot it down
>”Ok! Do you have your ownership information?”
>A few moments pass
“I-I’ll be right back…”
>You hang up the call and wipe the pool off your forehead
>Followed by some deep breaths
>You panicked a little thanks to your autism
>Fucking tard
>Ownership information…
>The documents haven’t come in yet
>You get up off the bench, legs weak
>You head over to the front desk
>The clerk working right now is an older man
>Andrew, you’ve known him for a while
>He’s been working here longer than you’ve been living here
>”You good Anonymous? You looked a little flustered over there”
>Your face is read hot
“It’s- none of your business… do you have my mail? 535”
>”I won’t pry. Let me have a look for you.”
>Andrew disappears into the back room
>A few moments later, he comes out with a plastic box
>”Lots of stuff in here, looks to be 2 or 3 days worth. Have you been around?”
“I-I’ve been really busy the last few days…”
>Have you really been forgetting to pick up the mail?
>It’s such a routine task that you don’t think about
>You grab the thick stack of mail out of the box and head back over to the bench
>”See you around Anonymous.”
“Yeah yeah.”
>You wave your hand up without looking back
>You shuffle through the last couple day’s worth of mail, looking for your adoption papers
>Near the bottom of the stack, you find a manila envelope
>No return address either
>You open it up, and low and behold, is all the paperwork certifying you are the proud owner of Star
>You’re annoyance of failing to pick up the mail earlier is surpassed by your relief
>You are finally Star’s legal owner now
>Nobody can touch her now
>Nobody can keep her away from you
>Nobody can mutilate her

>You flip through the papers
>All of Star’s info is there,
>Coat color, mane color, type, eye color…
>Birthdays aren’t included, unless a foal was born here on earth
>Different calendars and tracking of time make it hard to know
>Instead, many ponies are just divided based on how old they look
>Foal, filly, colt, juvenile, young adult, adult, etc
>A photo of her is there too
>The same one from her listing
>You feel like it may be best to update it
>At the bottom are credentials to the national registry, where you can update her picture, as well as other info
>It has all of your information on it as well
>Name, address, phone number, social security number
>Holding these papers at last gives you a massive shot of adrenaline, and as a result you don’t feel sulky and tired anymore
>You pull out your phone and redial the number to the vet
>”Happy Tails Pet Vet, Miranda speaking! How may I direct your call?”
>You’re knocked off your high horse a bit after hearing her voice again
>You still feel good through
>”Yeah… I’m Star’s owner, I was calling back because, you see…”
>”... I lost service. It’s been up and down in the area recently.”
>You smile to sell the lie, even though she can’t see you
“I have my ownership documents right here.”
>”Oh right! Can I have your social security number and registry info?”
>You give her your information as you hear clicking of a keyboard, presumably entering it into the vet database
>She didn’t need any information on Star as you gave her the registry information, which mirrors everything on your adoption papers
>”Alright Anonymous whe- Do you go by Anon?”
>That throws you off guard
“Y-Yeah!... It’s what I prefer.”
>”Doesn’t that work out? When were you looking to come in?”
“S-Saturday or Sunday.”
>A few moments later you add
“Preferably Saturday.”
>You hear her flip through a book
>”On Saturday we only have an early appointment at 9am, would that work?”
>”Saturday the 2nd… at 9 o'clock AM… Alright! It’s a date. Did you need anything else?”
>”Alright! Thanks for choosing Happy Tails Pet V-”
>You rudely hang up the call
>You clearly need to work on your social skills

>As you go back up to your apartment, you feel refreshed
>With the appointment scheduled, all your duties for the day are done
>And of course, you feel comfort in knowing Star is yours now
>You click open the door
“Star? I’m home.”
>You hear munching coming from the kitchen, followed by the clopping of hooves on the kitchen floor until Star comes into view
>”Hey Anonymous…”
“How’d your day go?”
>You consider straight up asking her if she’s feeling better, but decide to find out through actions instead of words
>”Just trying to be a good pony for my master”
>Even the most socially inept person could detect that sarcasm
“Well, you just keep being you and I’ll be more than happy.”
>You place the ownership documents on the coffee table
“I scheduled a vet appointment for you. 9 in the morning on Saturday. Gonna get you a routine checkup and have them do an exam on that leg of yours, the full nine yards.”
>You sit down on the couch, and she follows you around
“Speaking of which, how’s it feeling?”
>She looks back at it and moves her back leg a bit, hip moving up and down
>She narrows her eyes
>”It hurts.”
>More sarcasm
“Well you’re going to have to give the veterinarian more detail than that.”
>She lets out a small giggle
>You eye down Star, thinking of anything else that needs to be done
“Your coat looks better. More shiny and full.”
>Star rolls her eyes
>”Star is not one to take compliments of the feminine nature.”
“Well then… your mane does look pretty messy, and long, and I think I see some split ends."
>Star blows her bang up
“You able to cut your own mane?”
>”Yeah I ca-”
>Reality sets it on Star
>You’re quick to talk
“Alright. It’s alright. I’m sure plenty of places can do it. I don’t trust myself to do it, unless you wanna be bald.”
>Fear strikes the eyes of Star
>Pretty good call on your part, distracting her with another fear
“I’m kidding!”
>You laugh
"You really do care how you look then!"
>Star calms back down
>”I like- having good hair.”
>You look at the time
“Maybe tomorrow then we’ll take you out. You ought to see the world a bit anyway. Plus you wanna look good for the vet right?”
>Star tries her hardest to not blush, but ultimately gives in to the laughter of you both

>For dinner, you just threw a frozen sandwich into the microwave
>You poured Star some more oats and mixed them with some peanut butter, to her delight
>You try to enjoy your bland meal of a chicken sandwich and water, but it’s hard when the middle is still cold
>You always add 30 seconds or so to the instructed time, yet it never comes out fully thawed
>Your microwave may just be underpowered, but you don’t really know as it’s hardwired into a cabinet
>You’re busy eating around the center of the sandwich when you hear something completely out of left field from below you
>”Do you get a Christmas tree?”
File: Trixie_lost_reflection.png (407 KB, 1050x850)
407 KB
407 KB PNG
that's all i got right now. sorry that im super lame with timely updates. been busy a lot. hopefully next update will be a shorter wait, but no promises.

Not much happening, just a little slice of life with the Broken and Depressed Star, but everything worked. Good pic at the end: she still has a Powerful hold on my feels, anyway. Can someone 'shoop off the horn?
File: ARB18_TexasBrisket_silo.jpg (395 KB, 1210x779)
395 KB
395 KB JPG
I don't really have enough to post, but tomorrow I should have something worth sharing.
Glad to have you back.

Say, do you have plans avout returning her original name, maybe when she slips and mentions it or something?
File: trixie fixied.png (481 KB, 1050x850)
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481 KB PNG
File: donkrush.png (141 KB, 361x266)
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141 KB PNG
pony is for carrying fat tourists across difficult terrain with no breaks
We back?
Nice! Now Cannon just has to write this scene into the story.

Guess so. 4chan itself must have been down.
>word count: 6251
Work and real life just decided to take a dump on me the past couple of weeks. Sorry for the wait
Wew that header is good
Your Celly is always worth waiting for. But you left us on such a cliffhanger, so hurry!
Good luck with that
Ponies can be small and cute, but they are tougher than you think
And strong, remember that the next time you think you can take advantage of their slave status, this could be your
Pony tough and strong, ideal for carrying of fat tourists, yes?
It might just be me, but I think it would be better if the ponies carried fat people out into the desert and then left them there to lose weight or die trying.
> Fat guy rides a pony in the desert.
> The pony gets fed up with the subject and its demands, kicks it and runs away.
> Now the fat guy can lose weight trying to return
> Oh! Those that fly close are not vultures?
"She took me back to the empire-"
>"The empire huh? The term empire implying the missing Equestrian city and not some small camp."
"Yes sir. It's hidden but I don't know where or how to get there or back."

A empire, not a camp hidden with probably magic.

>"Who else did you see there? How many ponies were there?" "No other notable ponies? Other leaders?"
"I don't know exact numbers, probably a few thousand?" "Princess Cadence is still running the city."

Slave was just a few day but she saw some thousand of ponies and another Alicorn leader named Cadence(ask to the local pony helper about her later)

Congratulation Twilight, you literally give crucial information that will allow a more meticulous research. They know how the resistance hide and how much ponies are hiding. Dash will talk about the crystal empire when they ask about Cadence and probably about King Sombra and this will lead to the spell that the princess are using right now.

I don't even want to imagine the fate of any future member of the resistance captured after this. They know about the real prize now (a empire full of ponies, a new alicorn and the other one that represent the night), they will don't even doubt to make the torture harder to make them talk.

Twilight really fucked up this time and fail to everyone again.
It is possible that Dash had already given them that information, Twiligth's report would serve to confirm it, which would streamline the research process through other departments, the science, research and logistics

>I don't even want to imagine the fate of any future member of the resistance captured after this

Fucking nice, another "Twilight actually deserve this" to add to the list.
pastebin: https://pastebin.com/03YR2dxK

>Your teeth dig into your skin so hard a that a fraction of you is worried you might rip your skin.
>You've thought about this moment so often.
>In the way you think about growing wings and flying away.
>The way you think about something that would be nice but will never happen.
>Have you given up hope?
>Your teeth dig into the skin just a bit deeper.
>Don't make a sound!
>It will all be in vain.
>Your tears and snot run down your face and into the cloth you're lying on.
>You barely register the sounds of the car or the voices or the lights that shines through the zipper.
>But at some point you feel as you are lifted with the gym bag.
>You are carried.
>Then you are carried up the stairs.
>A bolt slides into a lock.
>The light blinds you as the zipper is opened.
>Anon stares down at you.
>"Get out."
>Unable to form any sentence you nod and climb out of the bag.
>"For fucks sake. That's gross, Snow."
>His voice is barely above a whisper but carries his anger none the less.
>He tosses the stained clothes into the corner of the room as you take a look at the around.
>It is a small white room with a single bed, a sink and a small wardrobe.
>There is an alarm on the nightstand next to the bed and a small table with a little chair.
>The clock show 4:45.
>Through the tiny window you can see the equestrian sky.
>Celestia still hasn't risen the sun.
>Is she still alive?
>Is this eternal night now?
"Anon, is there still day and night here?"
>"Yep, but it's random. Maybe to mess with the military or something," he says as he rummages in the bag.
>He takes out some tools and a black can and a shirt.
>You avert your gaze as takes of his T-shirt and sprays deodorant on his body.
>Out of the corner of your eyes you can see small shadows on his wrists.
>When you peek again you can make out the ribs on his chest.
>The intense smell of the can almost suffocates you.
>"I'm off to work. Maybe I can come up with something."
>He pushes the bag into the cabinet.
>"Take a blanket and hide. I'll be back later."
>Still almost whispering he says, "see you after work."
>The bolt slides into the lock again and you're alone.

>There is more commotion in what you suspect to be a hallway so you hide under a white blanket in the wardrobe.
>If they find you here...
>You can not risk it. This is the belly of the beast.
>There were two sunrises and sunsets by now.
>The sisters are still alive!
>When it was dark you pried through the window with the help of the chair.
>All you can see is a thirty yards of grass and large fence.
>There are a couple of lanterns and two watchtowers.
>Soldiers on patrol.
>Behind the fence there is a plain field and after that there is the Everfree Forest.
>You never thought you would miss it.
>The key is inserted into the lock.
>You hold your breath.
>The door opens and you hear a heavy sigh.
>The door is shut and you reveal yourself.
>"You know the white blanket is really good to hide you."
"Have you figured anything out?"
>Anon looks like a mess.
>Staying awake all this time takes a toll on him.
>"We've got a shot. I need you to get back in the bag."
>A hoof moves forward towards the gym bag.
>You shake your head.
"What is the plan?"
>Anon pours himself a glass of water, gulps it down and then splashes more water into his face.
>"Not now, Snowflake."
>His shoulders sink and he looks takes a deep breath.

>"Just fucking do it okay?"
>You crawl into the bag again.
>It is not about trust but the lack of communication.
>Letting him do it without knowing what is going on, without a way to help...
>Not knowing what is on his mind...
>You hate it.
>Maybe, hopefully, it is the last time you have to endure it.
>He watches you step inside the back through the mirror.
>"Pray to your whatever thingies that this works."
>You do.
>He rests his weight on the sink and takes a few deep breaths.
>Then he continues to splash water into his face and rubs the towel into his face.
>When he stops his face is red.
>Aside from the blueish lips and his the black spots under his eyes.
>You watch as he puts on a hoody and the vest.
>He takes screwdrivers and other tools and puts them into his many pockets.
>He turns around to you and bows over.
>The zip-lock closes over you.
>You can feel how you are lifted and swung over his shoulder.
>Anon's breath is heavy as he hurries.
>While he takes some stairs all the stuff in the bag presses into your back.
>He stops to open a door and marches forward.
>With every step you send a little prayer towards the two princesses.
>After all that happened, the fighting, the death, the torture, the rape, the camps and the facilities.
>Just this one time!
>This is a command by a person authority.
>A soldier.
>"Hey, I need to go to CS-sixteen-one."
>You can feel Anon shift his stance.
>"Who are you," the voice asks.
>He pushes against your side.
>Anon takes out a cigarette and lights it up.

>"Anon Ymous, Berg Services for Miller Industries. I need to get on site 16."
>"No one is cleared for the rest of the day," a different voice says.
>Anon shifts again.
>His arm rest on the top of the bag.
>The zipper moves just a tiny bit.
>"I forgot some tools on the site I just need grab real quick."
>Anon takes a drag.
>"We need to relay this to HQ," the first soldier explains with a sigh.
>The zipper opens just a tiny bit more.
>"Look, I forgot some equipment on site and I just want to pick it up before something happens to it, okay?"
>Anon's hand reaches into the bag, pushing it open just a little more every moment.
>You hasten your breath.
>"I'll ask for some escort," the soldier replies.
>Anon shifts again.
>"Listen, there is a sensitive and expensive device, a induction meter. I know where I left it and I'll be in and out in less than a minute."
>There is a moment of silence.
>There is rustling of a wire-fence.
>Closing your eyes you take a deep breath.
>"Hurry up," the voice groans.
>"Thanks, you're saving my ass!"
>Anon starts to jog.
>"I owe you one!"
>Anon starts to hasten.
>He is almost running.
>Suddenly you fall.
>Something sharp digs into your back and then you are set down.
>The zip-lock is ripped open.
>"Get out."
>You wiggle out of the bag.
>Around you is a construction site, unfinished buildings and fences.
>Behind Anon there is the base.
>On the other side there 150 feet towards the forest.
>"This is goodbye, Snow."
"Goodbye, Anon."
>You flex your legs, ready to make a dash for the forest.
>The sprint of your life.

>You take a deep breath and face him.
"Thank you."
>You close your eyes.
>Just a sprint and you are free.
"Hey Anon"
>Releasing the tension you turn around.
>"What are you waiting for? Beat it!"
"Why did you buy me?"
>Anon's mouth drops.
>"Now? We don't have time."
"Tell me."
>He stares at you in disbelief but you don't budge.
>"Are you insane," he hisses.
>You stare into his eyes.
"You never told me."
>His hands move to his head an he drops back on his butt.
>"I didn't buy you, you idiot! I picked you up! They we're going to euthanize you and I got you for free. It was cheaper than getting rid off you."
>"You were unsellable. Now fuck off," he hisses.
>Your eyes go wide as things fall into place.
"If I had a beer and a hit more you'd be dead now fuck off!"
>Pictures move in front of your eyes.
>"We don't have time for this."
>Mike chaining you up before Anon arrived.
>"They will check soon."
>The few bills he handed to Mike after he brought you to his place.
>"Hey Snow you need to go."
>The way Anon fucked you up at first.
>"What is wrong with you?"
>The first weeks you spend.
>"Go you idiot!"
>He just took you in?
>Something shakes you.
>"Bounce you piece of shit!"
>A spike of pain rushes through your cheek.
>Tears run down your face.
"Come with me."

File: 1518059029415.png (1.3 MB, 1605x1976)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB PNG
>You see Anon pull his arm back.
>Your vision spins as you fly back.
>Digging your hooves into the ground you get up.
"Come with me, Anon."
>"Have you completely lost your mind?"
"You hate the your world even more than me! What is waiting for you?"
>"Prison? Being homeless? Drugs? Bitches? Who gives a shit? Just run!"
"I'm not going without you!"
>He hunches forwards and grabs you by the collar.
>Then he and pulls you close.
>"If you don't run you are dead! You hear me? They will kill you!"
"Come with me."
>"I knew it! I fucking knew it! That is the reason!"
>In the distance you can here a shout.
>"Ymous? Where are you?"
"You're responsible for the life you save."
>He just stares at you in disbelief.
>Anon turns around and shouts "COMING!"
>"Fuck you! I am going to murder you, you dumb fucking animal," he barks at you.
>His insult don't hurt.
>He pushes you away and stands up.
>"Blackmailing me with your life? I knew it! I should have fucked you up way harder."
>He places a foot on your chest and pushes.


This marks either the end or half-time of my first green. Hell, there are many ways I could go from here.

Anyways feedback and critique would be very much welcome.

I hope you enjoyed it so far.

The pic is not Snowflake but close enough and WAY WAY WAY better than the one I drew all this time ago.
The last part is awesome and really sad Anon_01, congratulations
I love your story, I've been reading it since the begining, I don't even remember how much time ago. (2years seems to tell the pastebin)
You can't end like that, please continue, be it for one more update or another whole arc with a two years hiatus but please don't end it like this.
I just want to say you're a faggot
Maybe Luna will spank her in a dream.

inb4 she just visit twilight in her dream to tell her how fucked they're now thanks to her and she isn't welcome anymore to the kingdom.

Now she can't return anymore
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>End up with some abusive prick because twilight deserve a taste of reality and deserve it
File: 2345628.gif (126 KB, 320x350)
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Don't worry our girl's tough.
its shit. nobody cares
Speak for yourself
I've enjoyed the ride.
And I'm very curious as to what she thinks she can do for anon that's better for him than what is waiting back on earth. honestly I'm such a sucker for romance i was hoping for even a hint of one. but that's all up to you. I would like more. but with so little (you)'s I can understand if this is the end. She's such a good, honorable horse I hope you at least let us know if she/they make it to the forest.

> Celestia enjoyed riding in the front of the car this time. The view was much better and seeing the road rushing at her was quite exhilarating.
> She glanced at Anon, who was still smiling. The alicorn made a face. Her awakening had been most rude, she had decided. Slave or not, she did not deserve that kind of treatment! Even if she *did* technically eat his hedge. Slightly.
> The human had woken before the exhausted pony. He had touched the tip of her nose. And Celestia had licked the spot. So he did it again, with the same result.
> The jerk had then spent several minutes doing that to her, until Celestia had woken up enough to realize what was happening. She gave him an icy glare, huffed and stormed out.
> Undoubtedly it made his bed too cold and boring to stay in it, because the human joined her in the living room shortly after. He had apologized, after a fashion, but it would take more time for her to fully forgive that horrible transgression.
> Thinking about the torture most cruel and unusual, however, reminded her of a real problem.
"Uh, Anonymous. I just thought of something."
> He glanced over, but then returned his eyes to the road. It was a definite drawback of the car - it couldn't drive itself, like a good, honest, pony-pulled carriage. Not to mention that it couldn't even fly!
> "What is it?" the human asked.
"Maybe it's not the best idea for me to be seen like this."
> He thought it over. "You mean without your clothes? Should we go back and fetch them? I thought you said ponies didn't wear anything."
"No, not that. You might have noticed that I have both wings and a horn? Have you ever wondered about it?"

> Again the man glanced in her direction, even though he had had time to thoroughly inspect her on many occasions. "I'll admit to a polite interest," he said carefully.
"Well, it's a rare thing. So, most of the ponies we might meet will... have heard of me. I don't want this information - that I'm on Earth - to spread."
> Now the human frowned. "Why not? Did Mr. Plain lie to me after all, and you really are some kind of fugitive?"
> Celestia gave him a deadpan stare. What kind of attorney was he if he couldn't even inspect her purchasing papers and contract?"Nothing like that! I'm more worried about humans."
> It was a small lie. If her subjects, the ones on Earth, learned that their Princess was a slave, it would cause problems. She didn't want them to lose heart.
"Due to our... rarity, We are worth a lot of money. Maybe you've noticed, you know... when you were purchasing me?"
> "It was a bit steep, yes. But Mr. Plain assured me you're worth every cent. I'm still not convinced, but I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt."
> The mare stuck her tongue out at the human, who chuckled a little.
"Well, you got me really *cheap*, in fact. There's only four alicorns in all of Equestria. That's ponies with both wings and a horn. Some... collectors, I guess... would pay a lot more for one of us."
> She hoped it was vague enough. With luck, the human would think it was only a biological feature, and not a sign of her status. After all, why should it carry any kind of social standing? The humans didn't, as far as Celestia had seen, have races like ponies. There were no 'pegasi humans', or 'unicorn humans'. Racial strife probably didn't exist on Earth.

> "Okay, so you don't want word about you to spread, because you're afraid of..." the human said and waited for her to finish the sentence.
"... of foal-napping. With you, there's a contract. I know what to expect. If criminals got me, who knows what could happen. I'd much rather stay in your house, you know?"
> "You mean kidnapping?"
> The pony had heard the expression. It put her in mind of goats, but that was how the humans said it. She nodded.
"Same thing."
> Luckily, Anonymous didn't probe further. But he did raise a valid point: "So, what do you propose to do about it?"
> There was a very easy solution.
"I'll change. Remember when you first saw me and I looked like an earth pony. Smaller, and cyan-colored? I can change like that again, whenever we're out among people."
> Perhaps there was a trace of doubt, but Anonymous shrugged and went along. "Okay, sounds simple enough."
"Oh, and you shouldn't call me Celestia. I'm known by name. If you mention that near a pony, they'd get very... curious."
> "Fine, fine. What do you-"
"Supple Branch."
> "Good, good. It's all a bit shady, but if you insist."
> The mare breathed a sigh of relief. She had been afraid the human would ask many more questions, or proclaim the scheme silly. She was grateful that he was willing to play along with almost no begging or coercion.
> "But you'll have to do something for me when we're back home."
> Oh. OH! The pony kept her eyes firmly on the road, but she swallowed a nervous lump. Here it came. She had thought about it - sex with humans - but the mare was still quite undecided. Perhaps the choice had just been taken from her?
"S-sure. What di-did you have in mind?"

> "You said you were a diplomat. Have you ever brokered a trade agreement?" The human waited for her weak and uncertain 'yes', then went on. "This case is similar. I'll give you the reference law books for both countries. I need to you read a contract and point out anything which might be against the law in either country. Can you do that?"
> Celestia let her breath out and turned a stare on Anonymous.
"That's *it*?!"
> He didn't seem to understand her tone. "I know it's tedious, but it would save me a couple of very boring, dull hours. And in return I'll go along with this 'Supple Branch' scheme. Deal?"
"Of course! No problem! I'll be happy to! I was just surprised. I thought maybe you wanted-"
> She shut up quickly and blushed.
> The human glanced at her again. His eyes returned a few more times, after he saw how red she was in the face. "Wanted what? What's wrong?"
> She made herself continue.
"Well, some humans - I heard! - like to be... intimate. With their ponies. Or so I've heard."
> She could actually see his eyes bulge out in surprise at the idea. "What?! No! God no! Jeez! I'm not *anything* like that!"
"Yes, I know."
> Mr. Plain had said much the same. But Anonymous really wanted to drive it home. "Let's make this clear right now. Celestia, you will never have to worry about anything like that from me, okay? You can take this to the bank!"
"I know. I know. Thank you, Anonymous. It's a relief."
> But she couldn't quite suppress a tiny flash of disappointment.
> They drove in silence for a while and it began to grate on the pony. She sought for a topic. Any topic, just to clear the air.
"So, where are we going?"

> The marketplace where Anonymous took her to buy fresh produce was very similar to what Celestia had seen at home. Rows of little stands, vegetables and fruits on display. The noises, and smells and sights were quite familiar. If she closed her eyes, the mare could almost imagine she was in Equestria.
> As soon as she saw the huge variety of things for sale, the pony forgave her owner for the morning 'nose-bopping'. She ran from one stand to the other, trying to see everything.
> The people stared. Some of them pointed or took pictures with their pocket-telephones - Anonymous explained the concept to her when she asked what they were doing. But the Princess was used to being at the center of attention and took it in stride.
> She was quite fortunate, she learned, that the city had no leash laws for ponies. Although a collar was mandatory and Anonymous said he would take her to buy one right after the market.
> They made their first purchase at a stand where she saw carrots, onions, garlic and squash. The pony told her owner that she would make him a vegetable stew for dinner and he shrugged and acquiesced.
> The mare almost made a mistake after Anonymous paid and the seller packed her vegetables in a bag. She reached for it with her magic and only at the last moment remembered that she was supposed to be 'Supple Branch' - an earth pony.
"Hand it down to me, please?"
> The human frowned in confusion. "Can't you reach it? I've seen you-"
> It was rude of her to interrupt, but she didn't want to risk anyone hearing.
"Sorry, I forgot to tell you - earth ponies can't use magic, you see? You're thinking of unicorns."

> He got the message and passed the bag down. She took it in her mouth, which became the second problem. She looked pleadingly up at the human, who laughed and took it back.
> "So, now what?" he asked.
"I'll need some saddlebags."
> He nodded to himself. The bag went under one arm and he turned back toward the parking lot. "Let's take this to the car and then we'll go to the pet shop first.
"I'm not a pet!"
> "No, of course not. But that's where they sell pony-related accessories. Sorry."
> The information reminded her just what her subjects were reduced to, on Earth. She sighed and tried to put it out of her mind. She wouldn't be able to help, not as 'Supple Branch'. But when she was back home, she would call the human ambassadors again and make new demands.
> That mollified her nagging guilt a little and she could put it behind her.
> At least the collar was pretty, Celestia thought, as she examined it in the small mirror. Of course the pet shop - she made a face when she remembered where she was - didn't have a mirror for their clients. Luckily, the lady at the counter had one in her purse and now Anonymous was holding it for her.
> The band was dark blue with silvery, metal trimmings and buckle, which reminded her of Luna.
"It's nice. We'll take it."
> Her owner paid - this time with a plastic rectangle, rather than paper. They had been lucky and the store had exactly one set of saddlebags. They said that with the dropping number of ponies on Earth it was no longer in stock. That made Celestia feel slightly better.

> She needed Anonymous' help to get the leather strips around her barrel and the bags along her back. It was obvious these humans gave no thought to how a pony might wear the getup by herself.
> Then, feeling like a packhorse but strangely liking it, they walked out. It was true that ponies opted to wear saddlebags quite often back home. They were convenient for a race that didn't have pockets, after all. But here, these human-made things were meant primarily for ponies to carry things for their owners. It was yet another sign of servitude and so, deeply embarrassing.
> But it was also slightly thrilling. Now she was *really* getting into the nitty-gritty of slavery.
> "Quite the little packhorse, aren't you?" the human joked. Celestia thought she should be mad, but she just laughed a little and stuck her tongue out at him.
> "We should get you a little saddle, so I didn't have to walk."
> Now he was going too far, but luckily - for him - the mare remembered something she had forgotten to mention.
"Oh, that reminds me! Some woman came by. Name of 'Christine'. She asked if she could bring her daughter to see me. I told her to come back Monday and that I'd ask you."
> The man was thoughtful. "Hmm, Christine, Christine. Yes, I think I remember. Lives nearby?"
"Yes, she said a couple of miles down the road."
> "Yeah, that's her. What do you think? Do you want to see her daughter?"
> Celestia hadn't expected the decision to fall on her. She shrugged.
"Sure, I guess? I wouldn't mind."
> Luckily, she had had a lot of practice with children. Running a school, even if it was in name only, had given her a lot of opportunities.

> Now if she only knew why she had associated riding with the human child...
> By the time Celestia was done with the market, her saddlebags were positively bulging. They were also noticeably heavy and for the first time the mare wished her camouflage spell would also give her an earth pony's strength, rather than just looks.
> Even the human noticed. "You alright there? Those look heavy."
> But she wasn't about to admit it, not to him. After all, he had kept quiet and paid for whatever she set her mind onto. Most of it was food he would also enjoy, true, but it had been *her* choices.
> The alicorn doubted many of her subjects on Earth had this much freedom.
"It's fine."
> "Well, do you need anything else?"
> She glanced back at the multitude of foodstuffs. There were all kinds of vegetables. Flour. Lots and lots of flour. Sugar, eggs, fruit - all the essentials for her baking.
> Then she had loaded up on potatoes and rice and various salad ingredients. Then, for good measure, she had a few small tins of spices. Things Anonymous lacked in his kitchen, such as marjoram, lemongrass, sassafras and a few herbs native to Earth she didn't know, but liked the smell of.
> It had been very kind of the seller to let her sniff through his entire stock. After she had promised not to get snot on anything, of course.
> Celestia estimated that she had enough stuff to make varied and interesting meals for the entire week. And desserts. Of course she didn't forget desserts. There was some baking chocolate somewhere, she could smell it. It was maddening. And it mixed so perfectly with the stalk of vanilla she found at the spice stand, that the mare found herself drooling a little.
"No, I think we're fine."

> There was no meat in her packs. She had seen several shops in nearby buildings that sold dead flesh and she avoided them. Luckily, her owner hadn't noticed. But the mare remembered his words from the first day. Eventually, she will have to face it. She had no illusions that Anonymous would turn vegetarian, just to appease his squeamish slave.
> But maybe she could wow him for another week or so, before he started asking for that. And perhaps, with luck, he would go and buy *those* ingredients by himself.
> The pony felt she could just about deal with small packages of the stuff. But she didn't want to see it arrayed on a display before her.
> There was one stop left - something Anonymous had promised her.
"Just the 'garden center' now, right?"
> The human snapped his fingers. "Oh, that's right! You wanted to pick up some seeds for the flowerbeds! Come on, it's not far. We can walk. It's nice out."
> Celestia glanced again at the bags on her back. She didn't feel too confident about going any distance with those. Her legs were starting to tremble as it was!
"Uh, could we drop this off in the car, please?"
> The human didn't mind. They made the trip to the parking lot again and Celestia breathed out a sigh of relief when the burden was lifted. It went in the back part of the car. She was left with the leather straps around her barrel, but she didn't mind those.
> The human was right. It was a lovely walk, despite the incessant traffic. There was even a park! I looked so... normal!
> Celestia gaped in surprise. If you took away the people and replaced them with ponies, it would almost be like a town in Equestria. Even the noise of the cars was muffled by thick foliage.

> Until she saw something that twisted her insides with anger.
> It was another pony. That, in itself, would have been interesting. But the pony - an earth stallion, she noted - was crouching down with his ears folded and tears streaming from his eyes. Even his tail was tucked beneath him in fear.
> And over the pony stood a red-faced human, shouting.
> It had started suddenly. She didn't even register the first few words around the bend in the path, not until the saw the scene.
> "... worthless, miserable *idiot*!" the human was screaming. He had a white and red box in his hand, which he waved in the stallion's face. "How many times must I tell you?! *Light*, you stupid creature, not regular. Light!"
> He threw the object at the pony. It bounced from the stallion's snout and landed on the ground. Celestia had tensed up and reached for her magic, but Anonymous put a hand in her mane and she looked up. He shook his head silently.
> Fortunately, the object wasn't heavy and didn't hurt the pony. It just made him flinch and squeak. But then the irate human stepped on the thing and ground it into the dirt.
> Celestia guessed it was made of shiny paper.
> "You'll get the right ones! I don't *care* where you get the money! If you show your face back home without, I'll make sure you're sorry!"
> The pony babbled something quiet which looked affirmative, but they were too far and Celestia couldn't hear the words. The angry human spat on the ground beside the stallion and stomped off.
Anon, I hate to tell you but it might be in s8.

> After a few moments, the pony got up and picked up the destroyed packet with his mouth. He dragged his hooves as the started down the path toward them. As he came closer, she could see him more clearly. Vividly orange coat - it reminded her of one of Twilight Sparkle's friends. Except this one had a burgundy mane.
> All that had time to flash across her mind before she realized that the stallion hadn't even seen her yet with his head hanging that low.
> The alicorn looked up at Anonymous.
"Do something!"
> It took all her concentration to keep her face and voice at least somewhat polite.
> But her owner spread his arms. "Sorry, can't. He didn't strike him. The pony doesn't look abused or neglected. Law says it's fine."
"Well, then it's a *stupid* law!"
> The mare did her best to keep tears from her eyes. She swallowed the anger - Anonymous wasn't responsible for this, after all. But she would have words with the human dignitaries when she was back!
> They waited as the stallion came to a waste basket, reared up and dropped the thing in. Then he looked around and spotted them. His eyes widened and he took an involuntary step back.
> It looked as if he might run away, so Celestia made herself smile brightly as she trotted forward. She sensed, more than saw, Anonymous following her.
"Hi! Hi! What's your name?"
> He swallowed and gave her a hesitant smile in return. "B-brook," he managed. "Silent Brook."
"Supple Branch. Look, I couldn't help seeing-"
> His face fell and the pony turned away angrily. "None of your business!" he said gruffly. He glanced back, then up at Anonymous. "Just go. I'm fine!"
> The mare cocked her head to the side.
"It looked pretty bad. Does he beat you?"

> Now it was the stallion who got angry. "What does it matter to you?! Leave me alone! I've had enough of people looking at me like I'm a foal!"
> It wasn't a reaction she had expected. She took a step back and stared incredulously.
"Okay, okay. Sorry. I just hoped there might be something we could do..."
> "If you try anything," Brook said, "I'll go to the police!"
> Now Celestia was on the verge of tears. It didn't make any sense.
"Why are you defending that... human?!"
> The stallion sat on his haunches and sighed. "Listen. I know what it looked like! But it's not like that! He's a good Master, okay? Just loses his temper sometimes. Things have been hard, okay? For both of us. So just back off! Don't try to do me any favors!"
> The mare looked behind her, at Anonymous.
"Uh, could you give us a moment, please?"
> The human didn't make a fuss and walked a few steps away. Then Celestia lowered her voice and leaned closer to Brook.
"What if I told you I can get you back to Equestria?"
> The stallion stared at her in shock. "Are you for real? There's no way any of us is getting through the border!"
"What if there was a way?"
> Brook held up a hoof. "Please, don't get my hopes up. Please! It's not that bad here! I have friends. I made peace with it. And Master's daughter visits some times. I like her a lot, I wouldn't just up and leave her like that, even if I could!"
> Perhaps, in a way, Celestia could understand that? If Luna was on Earth and there was no way to get her out, she would also chose to stay.
> Even if her owner yelled at her?
> Even if he beat her!
"Does he..."

> She was about to ask again, but Brook glared at her. "No, if you must know! He doesn't! He just yells, then he gets drunk and then he cries in my mane. It's... complicated, just drop it!"
> The mare nodded slowly.
"Sorry. It was nice meeting you, though. Are you here often? Maybe I can get Anonymous to come down here sometimes so we can talk?"
> The stallion looked at the ground. "Don't wanna talk. Not if you'll keep saying those things!"
"I said I'm sorry. I won't, I promise. I just like to talk. There's not many ponies around."
> Brook relaxed a little and nodded to her. "I've been here five years. Almost from the start. A lot of them got sent home. Some died. Some escaped, but I don't know where to. But a few of us like it here. We meet on Wednesdays, if we can make it."
> He said 'if we can make it', but Celestia read the unspoken words clearly: 'if we can get our owners to bring us'. For that matter, she wasn't entirely certain she could get Anonymous to take her to a pony meeting. Perhaps occasionally.
"You like it here," she repeated flatly, "even with that human yelling-"
> "I can handle him!" Brook spat. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have things to do!"
> The alicorn watched her new friend - if she could call him that - walk slowly away. Now that he was aware of another pony, his steps no longer dragged. He held his head up proudly and glared fiercely at the world.
> Then, as he passed by Anonymous, the human held out a hand. There was some of that paper money in it.
> Brook stared up in surprise. "What's that for?"
> Her owner shrugged. "Just helping out."

> The stallion looked from him to Celestia with deep suspicion in his eyes. She gave an encouraging nod and a smile. He hesitated for a few seconds, then took the money gingerly in his mouth. "'ank 'oo," he said to Anonymous and left without looking back at them.
> The mare watched him go and barely felt Anonymous' hand back in her mane. "There's all sorts," he said quietly. "But if the owners really are abusing their ponies, someone reports it sooner or later. And the police take these things very seriously around here. Unfortunately, there are no laws against yelling, for now."
> Celestia closed her eyes and nodded. She wasn't even entirely sure what had happened. Silent Brook had acted almost as if *she* was the aggressor. And the threats to report her!
> Was it possible that some ponies really wanted to stay in this world? Even if the humans mistreated them?
> The mare suddenly realized that she hadn't asked what the yelling was about. What if Brook really had messed up? She herself had been willing to accept lashes for her mistake.
> If someone came after that punishment and told her she was being treated unfairly and she should escape, how would she react? Probably not much differently than Brook.
> She needed to know more. She hadn't even asked if Brook had a contract with an expiration date, or if he was enslaved for life. He had said that he'd been one of the first, so it was probably the latter.
> She would have to find a lawful way to sort such cases out when she was back.
> The pony considered getting a notebook to write all these to-dos, so she wouldn't forget.
> But one thing was certain. She needed to learn more. A lot more.
File: 1465330222745.gif (1.53 MB, 167x200)
1.53 MB
1.53 MB GIF
>"You're really willing to help us? What are you gaining from this?" Cadance asks from the co-pilot's seat
>The ship in question was a spaceship mounted on a mile-long cannon currently hidden behind the moon
"As long as you meet my conditions when all is said and done."
>"Ehm, I-I can."
"Say it."
>"When humanity is demilitarized, I'll... I'll make sure humans remain pinned below the iron hoof of ponykind for all of eternity."
"I can only get so erect. Open up the targetting grid so we can blast India off the map."

> "Hmm?" the human asked. He was also lost in thought, it seemed. They had started walking again, but not really seeing where they were going.
"Would you take me to a pony meet-up sometimes? It's every Wednesday, but I don't need to go that often..."
> He thought it over. "Maybe. Where is it?"
> Celestia opened her mouth to tell him, then realized she hadn't asked. Her ears fell down and her face turned slightly pink. It made Anonymous laugh, which made her blush worse.
> "I'll see if I can find anything on the Internet," he promised and reached over to ruffle her mane.
> She remembered she had heard the word before. Some ponies mentioned it as the greatest human invention. But she never understood what it was, really.
> Anonymous stared for a moment, then shrugged. "I'll show you when we get home. Come on, garden center is just around here."
> The mare looked behind, but of course Silent Brook was long out of sight. It hadn't gone the way she thought her first pony encounter on Earth would go. But it had given her a lot to think about.
> Clearly the situation was not black and white. There were nuances. Details she had to understand, before she could hope to propose any kind of policy to resolve matters.
> But right at that moment they entered a huge, warm building. There were plants *everywhere*, mostly sprouts. The mixture of scents and sights threatened to overwhelm her as she took it all in.
> All thoughts of policies and ponies fled her mind.

There we go, more Sunhorse adventures in the strange, foreign land. Not as pretty anymore, but don't worry. The central theme still is "adoracute", but it will need a bit of contrast.

Lemme know what you thought. And also, if you need the entire thing, it's updated here: https://pastebin.com/JatjyA3x
It's shit
Pretty good man.

Oh hi "It's shit" guy! I thought you would have left with Anonfilly.
Oh welp, hope this wasn't the end of your story.
File: coot4.png (527 KB, 1002x798)
527 KB
527 KB PNG
purple to kill the thread
The face of a killer.

Dude, we still have 47 post, don't spam.
File: bookcomf.png (962 KB, 1545x970)
962 KB
962 KB PNG
Dayum. That was, to say the least, not how I envisioned this story ending. Not that it's bad, it's just... huh. I hadn't foreseen it at all. I'm actually a little sorry we didn't get to see more of that un-trainable snowflake back towards the beginning. Maybe, if this is just an intermission, we'll see a bit more now that she's back on familiar ground? Like the other comment, I'm also super-curious what Snowflake thinks she could offer Anonymous - I certainly imagine slavers aren't too popular there! If she and Anon ever meet again, that is.

Whatever happens, damn good read and I'm glad you wrote it.
>The -

>- bell chimes as you walk into Bill's place.
>You see him, over by the hardware, straightenin' up stuff, but no one else.
>None of the ponies.
>He smiles an' waves an' points over to the counter.
>You shuffle up ‘tween the aisles an' find first Bill's pegasus, then -
"Hey, it's you!"
>The grey mare's eyes waggle a bit as she smiles up at you from her seat on the floor.
>"Oh, from the clinic!" she giggles. "Hi!"
"Is Apple Bloom -"
>"Yeah, Ah'm here," her familiar voice dimly answers.
>There's a clatterin' and she stands up from where she's hidin' behind the counter.
>Mare almost looks relieved.
>You guess the visit didn't go so well.
>"Ah'll go get the foals," Apple Bloom mumbles an' starts walkin' away.
>Goes a lil' further than you expect, until you realize she's headin' for the back door.
"Wait, where are they?"
>"Still at the house," Bill answers with a jerk of his thumb. "It's just out back."
"You - you left them *unattended?*"
>"Well, yeah, just across the alley," he laughs. "That law about constant supervision for your ponies only applies to those with more than -"
"Ain't what I meant. What if someone tried to foalnap 'em or -"
>Bill rolls his eyes.
>"Oh, don't worry, the door's locked and they're watching cartoons."
>You guess.
>"Hey, Scootaloo!" Bill calls out. "Can you go with your friend? The door's locked, and -"
>"Yeah! Sure thing!"
>There's an orange blur an' then there's only the one pony with you, lookin' all sad at a blank piece of paper held between her hooves.
"So... uh..."
>You lean 'gainst the counter - and then nope, that hurts.
>Feels better to just stand.
"... you doing okay? You were lookin' pretty banged up."
>"Oh," she gasps, an' drops the paper. "Yes, thank you! Just perfect!"
>That ain't true at all, she's got bandages up an' down her legs, just like -
>- just like Sil did.
>Hers ain't all bloodied and stained, though.
>She sees where you're lookin' an' that look must've been skeptical, 'cuz she giggles and shakes her head.
>"It wasn’t that bad. How about you? You weren't looking so good."
>Hard to look good on a gurney.
>You shrug.
"Doin' better. I can stand, at least, and I couldn't yesterday."
>She gets this concerned look on her face and scoots over to pat your leg.
>"You should rest."
"Can't yet. Still have to stop by the church an' then take Apple Bloom and the little ones back home."
>She stops listenin' somewhere between 'chuch' an' ‘Apple Bloom.’
>"Oh?" she gasps excitedly. "Which church?"
>You shrug again.
"Don't really matter. Ma really religious or anything, but I still wanna say a few words for her."
>She pats your leg again an’ smiles sadly.
>"Then... why not mine?"
>"I mean... my owner's. He's the pastor."
>You shrug yet again.
"Why not?"
>One's as good as another.
>The backdoor swings open, Bill's mare leadin' the way with Hematite followin' and Mica -
"Mica! Stop trying to grab her tail!"
>"It's okay," the mare laughs. "He's too slow to catch me, anyway!"
>Just to prove herself right, she flicks her tail in the colt's face again an' jumps into the air before he can get hold've it.
>Even little Hematite giggles as her brother leaps after it an’ lands flat on his face.
>The grey mare with you laughs, too, an' then laughs harder.
>"Oh, definitely!" she says between chuckles. "You *have* to come to my church! She needs to see this!"
"A colt lookin' like an idiot?"
>She stops an' thinks, her eyes rattlin' 'round like the gears you can almost see turnin' in her head.
>An' then she smiles wider.
>"That too," the mare agrees. "It's nice to watch children playing."
>Yeah, you suppose.
>"But I meant her cutie mark!" she explains, pointin’ to Hematite.
>You nod.
>Makes sense.
>First you ever heard of a pony gettin’ her cutie mark here. You shoulda figured someone would wanna make a big deal out of it at some point.
>"And it's on the way out of town, so -"
"Sure, we'll definitely go. Which one is it?"
>She tries to tell you its name, but it gets all jumbled with the directions she's givin' you at the same time.
>Finally, you sigh and shake your head.
"Hold on, you busy?"
>She looks 'round, looks down at the satchel she’s got ‘round her neck, an' shakes her head.
>"I’ve already picked up some of the mail for today,” she says, “since I try to go by early because some of the other ponies’ owners don’t like me coming around and –“
“So, you ain’t busy?”
>”- and I just came by to give Scootaloo the good news. Not - NOT THAT GOOD NEWS!"
>She giggles at herself, still shakin' her head.
>"Not like a missionary,” she clarifies. “The good news about her friend coming to town, but she already knew and -"
"Then how 'bout you just show me the way?"
>Even standin' is startin' to hurt a bit, an' *he'll* prolly get cranky if you come back too late, so you're ready to get on the road.
"I bet we can fit one more pony in the cab -"
>Except you got all those things he asked you to pick up for him, so it might be a tight squeeze.
>Nah, you got some tarps an' a pickup.
>Most of it's already in the bed anyway.
>Rain be damned. This ain't shit.
" - just gimme a sec. I gotta move some stuff around."
>It don't take long.
>Less than you thought, since the two mares - not Apple Bloom, the other two - come out and join in once they see what you're doin'.
>You don't think nothin' got hurt any.
>Once it's all done, you nod to the grey mare.
"Go ahead an' get in. I'll go get the - oh."
>They're already on their way, Mica jumpin' on every puddle he can find an' his poor sister tryin' like heck to avoid the water splashin’ up.
>Kinda pointless, though.
>It's still rainin'.
>Apple Bloom comes last, sayin' a few final words to her friend.
>Bill comes out with 'em.
>He grabs you hand to shake it as the last mare climbs into the passenger seat.
>She pulls the door shut behind her.
"Well, I'll see you 'round, Bill. Thanks for -"
>"Hold up," he says, leanin' in. "You're going to go around the deadzone, right?"
"Yeah. Why?"
>"Just... go around."
"Yeah, but... there's somethin' you ain't tellin' me."
>He nods an' sighs.
>"Apple Bloom... took a pregnancy test. It's positive."
"Don't worry, I won't risk it."
"Good," he sighs, noddin', "but... do me a favor?"
>"Let her decide if she wants to tell him. I don't think they're getting along and... umm..."
>He looks away.
>You're thankful for that.
>"... well..."
>He knows what your daddy does.
>He knows that you help him.
>Your cheeks burn.
"Don't worry. I won't say nothin'."

end for tonight
more tomorrow
It's shit
this but unironically
Not much to comment on. Lauren has never been one of my favorite characters Derps is the real saving grace here imho. Looking forward to the new arrivals shaking thinks up a bit.
File: Innocent manga.jpg (12 KB, 290x174)
12 KB
>>End up with some abusive prick because twilight deserve a tas

>Don't worry our girl's tough.

His new master descended from an old line of executioners and torturers and him enjoys reviving the family tradition with his ponies slaves
After the sweet, the bitter it.

I liked this part, a dose of reality in Celly's vacations, maybe find new duties to attend here.

I only hope that the Internet does not distract her from her new crusade, and that she values more and more the good treatment she receives from Anon preparing a dish of roast beef

Good job AWF
Small update to Texas Brisket

>The next morning, you hope
>There was no way to view the sunlight
>Only the humming fluorescents above alerted you to it being time to wake up
>Shortly after the lights flashed on, the man from yesterday walked into view, smacking the fencing of the kennel
>"Wake up, Texas." he says, rattling the fence again
>You stand up and yawn, finally meeting the man's gaze
>Next was Trixie's sneer
>You yawn once more and step ouf of the cage as the man opens it
>"First day of training, you get to meet the other ponies." the man says, leading you to a locked door down the hall
>Trixie follows closely behind you, almost pushing as you enter the new room
>There were a few other ponies sitting around
>"Texas, this is Braeburn." Trixie says, "He and Trixie will be in charge of your training along with Mr. K."
>"Howdy Texas, have a seat." Braeburn waves a hoof
>You sit down near a wall by another quiet stallion
>"If nopony has any questions ws'll be getting along with today's very important lesson - forgetting your old self."
>Braeburn went off on a tangent about your old identity only being trouble for you now
>He went around the room, letting the ponies only describe themselves in past tense, and then normally with their new names
"My name used to be Anon, I worked at Arby's. Now, I'm Texas Brisket, and I like cooking."
>The pony next to you took a deep breath
>"My name used to be Rob, I'm Cloudy Daze now. I used to love love rock climbing but now I love flying."
>For the next hour, you got to meet some of the other ponies
>At the end of the class, Braeburn made one final point
>"But if there's anything I need y'all to take away from today, it's that everything's changed for y'all. Yer not people anymore, ya take orders and listen good." He looked directly at the pony who used to be a lawyer
>"Y'all are property now, and ya do whatever yer new owner's gonna say. E-even if ya don't much care for it..."
>Braeburn sighs quietly as he gets up
>"The doors are unlocked, keep yourselves entertained for today." Braeburn says as he steps out
>You walk out of the room, some of the other ponies exploring the halls
>If the doors were unlocked you might still be able to escape
>But... If you got caught, Mr. K said you'd lose a limb
>M-maybe you should just stay
>You go out and walk with that Cloudy Daze pony, checking around the unlocked doors
>There was a bathroom with a curtain instead of a door, a room where you assumed food was eaten, and a warm room with a tv and a few blankets
>Aside from that, the three other doors were still locked
>Although things were a little dingy, it seemed like there was an effort to make it comfortable
>You seperated from Cloudy to thoroughly explore the facility
>The halls lead in a square around two locked rooms
>On the outside of the ring, the three unlocked rooms, the class, kennels, and another locked door
>You peer under the locked door, seeing what could be sunlight shining under it
>"Still thinking of running off?" Mr. K snuck up behind you
>You tuck your tail and step back a from the imposing figure
>"Good. Come with me."
>Mr. K walks off, you don't follow
>He stops, turning around to face you
>"I said come with me."
>"It's a thing we do here to help you get used to being a pony. I'll be your master for a little bit, then you can do your own thing."
>You get up and walk with him
>Mr. K walks a lap around the halls and stops by the classroom
>"Get the door for me, will you?"
"Uh, sure."
>"Make sure to call me master until I let you go for the night."
"Sure... master." you get up on your hindlegs and fiddle with the doorhandle, finally pulling it open for Mr. K
>He steps in, pulling you along with him
If anyone has some suggestions or revisions, I'm open to making some changes in the story.
Feedback is very important to me.
File: 1680166.png (432 KB, 890x565)
432 KB
432 KB PNG
We're quite done with this right now, time for the next one
File: 1679818.png (390 KB, 2469x1687)
390 KB
390 KB PNG
File: 1671321.png (723 KB, 1731x1785)
723 KB
723 KB PNG
File: 1671507.png (1.23 MB, 1710x1700)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB PNG
File: 1657038.jpg (305 KB, 2560x1418)
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305 KB JPG

It's shit
File: 1654501.png (632 KB, 899x999)
632 KB
632 KB PNG
File: 1654082.png (113 KB, 501x599)
113 KB
113 KB PNG
It's shit
File: 1516129709506.jpg (93 KB, 854x1024)
93 KB
You have some technical errors like not doing ," when talking. Also you forgrt periods when finishing sentences. But the premise is interesting. So please continue. You should also describe texas brisket. You kinda glazed over it.
I see that file name.

Return to your transformation general. These guys are kinda thirsty for writers like you
It's shit
File: Twilight new friend.png (1.49 MB, 1570x1767)
1.49 MB
1.49 MB PNG


She better behave or she will end like the other favorite unicorn of her new master
File: Anon new favorite girl.png (2.12 MB, 1200x1333)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB PNG
So, just some gramatical errors?
My gut is saying none of you guys are "it's shit" Anon
This image is pretty, but hate the necklace
This image is perfect for the next thread
Ah right, her father. Forgot about him. Is that deal still on?
That would mean our dislike is genuine tho.
File: Good girl fluttershy.png (1.24 MB, 3867x5024)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
Wait, there was a deal?
What the hell is this green about, anyways, a metaphor for entropy?
File: IMG_2168.png (2.75 MB, 2665x2204)
2.75 MB
2.75 MB PNG
File: Buy 3 pay 1.png (442 KB, 692x720)
442 KB
442 KB PNG
File: 1591164.png (743 KB, 1648x1191)
743 KB
743 KB PNG
File: 1271244.png (451 KB, 861x720)
451 KB
451 KB PNG
Now we wait jingles.

Good recommendation for OP pic >>32061123
I want to sign my slave up to a blind dating service and force them to attend it in the hopes of impregnating her and getting more slaves?
Yeah. It's not unreadable, but it could use some work. Also, you have 2000 characters to work with. None or your posts approached the limit. But I like any kind of new writers.
>Wait, there was a deal?
>title is A Deal is a Deal

>What the hell is this green about, anyways

An Anon running a farm operated by indentured pony workers with the assistance of Apple Bloom. Story opens with Anon going through a prior contract to sire a pony for Lauren's father.

Now this is a good slave that will behave and be a good girl
I'm the jingles now.

That slave is clearly just a collaborator that is waiting for their contact to show up; so she can sell some fresh stock she managed to flush out.
>a metaphor for entropy
Have you considered not writing?
source of that image? its not on derpy
Please do post this story in the transformation thread as well as this one.

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