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File: Unarmored Flurry.png (112 KB, 651x820)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
Original Prompt:
>"Captain Anon. Would you like to accompany me to the war room?"

Previous Thread:

Start here:
After that look into the rest of the pastebins under the profile.
Last Act, just finished:

Heart of War spinoffs by LukeDaDuke:

>What is this shit?
It's a long running story about an Anon who joined the Equestrian military back in the day (the show's time period) and who also ended up being the defacto parent to a young Flurry Heart. After 25 years in Equestria, the now middle-aged veteran found himself dragged back into war, only this time accompanied by his 'little soldier' (the only real family he has in this world). Flurry seeks to emulate her 'Uncle' and find her own place.

With Twilight missing and the Elements unable to work their magic without her, the world has become notably darker. But lacking the magic of friendship to bind people together, a new magic- the bonds of camaraderie and brotherhood might, just might, be able to salvage a new era of peace.

Also Discord is an annoying and vague bitch.
>In fighting the beasts which threaten the world as you know it, you might be bringing Equestria into a war with the griffons.
>Most of the griffon towns and minor cities might lie to the north, well away from the border and the front line.
>Griffonstone determines the sway of the griffons.
>If they ally Equestria, then all will be good.
>But if they name Equestria as their enemy, then there will be nothing but unrest.
>When you were an infant and young child, the griffons were a broken people.
>They only cared for individual gains; in the greater scope they wanted a restoration to their old glories.
>When you were born, the griffons were in a very bad way.
>Horrible rulership and without any individuals able to change it.
>They accepted a new queen, as the heir of their legendary rulers, to restore their people to greatness.
>And it worked.
>She worked with Equestria as a steadfast ally.
>Until a plague took her life, leaving the child on the throne as successor.
>Then the council put the nation on the warpath.
>And Equestria was attacked, then conquered Griffonstone and left moderate leaders in charge.
>But their child king grew up without a contrary voice to temper his young thoughts.
>Which led to the issue facing you…
>As far as you know, that king wants to destroy Equestria, even if it dooms his own people to death.
>It might be one of the things that Uncle Anon got wrong…
>He left an old friend in charge.
>But that friend seems to have been unable to properly teach the child king.
>Now you have to pick up the pieces.
>What was the phrase he said?
>Sins of the father.
>You’re not sure if it’s accurate to his understanding of it, but it seems to hold weight now.
>Now it’s your problem to deal with.
>After a long flight at high altitudes, you’ve reached Griffonstone.
>Descending onto the cityscape, you can quickly see the horrors of the situation facing the griffon capitol.
>The Tartarus spawn are massed before the city walls, their lines are packed shoulder to shoulder to the mountains to the east.
>There are more of the creatures below you now then you’ve seen in every encounter with them before.
>There must be ten or twenty thousand.
>Griffonstone itself does stand as a great city, dozens upon dozens of city blocks behind one large stone wall.
>The wall itself puts anything you’ve seen to shame.
>It surrounds the city, thirty or forty feet high at its lowest point.
>With the griffon’s flight, it would make any land based artillery a null force moving into the front.
>A true castle, protected from siege engineering.
>But Tartarus doesn’t ascribe to the usual doctrines.
>And it shows…
>As you descend upon the city, you can see the effects.
>In three points, you can see that the beasts have scaled the walls.
>By climbing over the bodies of their fallen…
>They’re about to break the defense.
>Not if you have any say in it.
“On me!”
>Tilting down, you draw your sword and get ready to assault the southernmost breech.
>Gaining speed, you’re able to see the extent to which the defense has fallen.
>Among the wall, the creatures have broken the defense, but just.
>A couple are jumping down to the interior, but the defenders are still trying to hold.
“Secure the wall!”
>You aim your flight trajectory towards the lead beast on the southern side of the beasts advance on the wall.
>For a split-second, the lead creature seems to pause.
>Before your sword is thrust firmly between its eyes.
>With your feet on the dying beasts back, you can see the griffon defenders looking up towards you.
>Their eyes are no different than pony soldiers you’ve rescued from certain death.
>Your wingmen strike down into the surrounding beasts.
>With the slight pause, you speak down to the defending griffons:
“Where are your officers!”
>Glancing back, you see pegasi containing the breech.
>Focusing to the griffons, one of them speaks up.
>He has to push past the frontline troops.
>”They’ve been taken back to the Palace! Lieutenant Galix is the highest that we’re answering to.”
“Where is he?”
>”Follow me!”
>The griffon flaps his wings and takes off.
>It’s a short trip.
>He takes you to the closest tower.
>Barely thirty feet away from the breech.
>Setting down, the griffon then flies back to your men, helping to secure the breech.
>With your hooves on the ground, you face a griffon of light grey feathers and beige fur.
>He’s quick to speak:
>”I never thought I’d be happy to see a pony! Let alone a Princess!”
“Are you in command?”
>”The closest you’ll get. Lieutenant Gavin Galix! At your service!”
“A lieutenant? Where are the higher ranked officers?”
>”They’ve all been taken to the Throne!”
“Then who’s in command of the front!”
>”… None of us.”
“Is that why you’re breaking!”
>”… Yes. It is.”
“Do you have reserves!”
>”Yes, but only a Captain or higher officer can bring them into the battle.”
“Well congratulations Captain! Get them to reinforce the breeches. And get the cannons firing!”
>”I’m… not a captain.”
“Do you have family in the city?”
>”Yes. Many of them.”
“Then get your defense acting!”
>One of your pegasi yells over to you:
>”Ma’am: we’ve secured this position!”
“Move onto the next!”
>You then look to the griffon:
“If you don’t want to protect your family and people, then I will.”
>He glances at the griffons to his side.
>Then looks to you:
>”Sergeant: get reinforcements moving to the other breeches! Corporal, make sure our cannons keep up their fire!”
>As griffons fly off, you then address the commander:
“What’s happened to your officers?”
>”They were taken before the king. And since then, we’ve lost a lot of ground. Yesterday, we had them held to the mountains. Now they’re at the gates.”
“Alright Captain…”
>You focus on that word, the illegitimate promotion.
“Can you hold them off for an afternoon?”
>”We- I- we-I…”
“Reinforcements will be coming soon. Can you hold the walls till then!”
>”I can!”
“Good! Because me and my men will have to deal with what’s keeping your officers held up.”
>”You’re a Princess?”
“I am.”
>”Will Griffonstone fall?”
“Not if I have anything to say about it!”
>”You’re here almost alone-“
“Look past your walls! Do they look like they care if they kill griffon or pony? That should be all the answer you need…”
>”Some of us fought against you. A lot of us did…”
“Did any of us plan to eat you and your civilians!”
“Isn’t that good enough in a time like this!”
>”It… is.”
>You look over to your pegasi.
>After securing the immediate location, they’re waiting for your orders.
“You eight with me! The rest of you get to the other overrun positions and beat them back!”
More tomorrow
That's... a lot. There's probably not much more I can say other than Godspeed Anon. It means a lot, and shit: thanks man.
We're far closer to the end than the beginning.
I'm not sure to the exact timing to which came first, but this story started a week or so before the Crystaling aired.
As to the Flurry characterization, she's grown up raised by (armchair general turned actual warrior) Anon and almost Anon alone, so maybe.
File: 1452106580175.png (193 KB, 496x560)
193 KB
193 KB PNG
Monitoring this bread.
Oh look. Thingfag’s ongoing horse green phone book. Whose story has gone on the longest? This or umbra?
Is this the first time the OP pic is another pic of Flurry instead of the ordinary one where she wears armour?
Someone worked it all out and compared it with other books, it's pretty fucking big.

I think we used this OP pic before but not sure.
Alright, sorry about going awol yesterday- friends and such, I'm writing now.
This has been going for two full years now (plus or minus a week). Not sure when Umbra started.
I had two variations of Flurry in armor. I saw the OP pic in another thread recently and made sure to save it. This is the first time it's been an OP pic.
Bum again

I thjnl I'm gonna attempt to give ypu some review thing sinsce i bont thonk weve don one.
Gonna sot down first thouh
File: images.jpg (11 KB, 225x224)
11 KB
U wot m8
I like those comics where flurryheart is a whore.
Passed out in front of the laptop last night, updates coming in 1-2 hours
>A meeting with Command.
>And everypony is sober now.
>Wave is obviously wary of you.
>Offense is clearly on your side.
>Lancer is open to either view.
>Brairheart seems to disregard it, instead he focuses on other issues.
>You’ll take that as a supporting view.
>But then there’s Diamond Tiara.
>Lady Tiara, as she prefers.
>She’s new to the command structure, but she seems able to stand up to the others quite easily.
>Wave continues his proposal:
>”Conscription needs to return if we’re to survive this endeavor.”
>And it’s Tiara who counters:
>”Conscripts will serve just fine, but at the first sign of uncertainty they will break.”
>”Then we won’t show uncertainty.”
>”Easier said than done. I’ve seen dozens of conscript crews break under actual pressure. That might not track to your soldiers, but from my experience a single volunteer is worth twenty forced men.”
>Brairheart then concurs:
>”She’s right. If they don’t go into the job, then they’re not worth much.”
>And Offense counters:
>”We don’t need quality. We need quantity right now.”
>Wave continues on the idea:
>”More troops fighting to the same goal.”
>Lancer then tries to bridge the gap:
>”Yes, quantity has a quality of its own. But is that quantity greater than the quality of volunteers?”
>And Wave states his point:
>”That doesn’t matter. We need enough bodies to cover our entire territory.”
>You decide to speak up:
“Sir! With the attacks, there shouldn’t be a lack of recruits or returning veterans. Should we threaten that natural push to join or rejoin?”
>Brairheart then speaks to support your view:
>”We have an overwhelming support with the people. A draft would undermine that faith.”
>And Wave counters:
>”What good is faith if there are no people to have it?”
“We fought against Celestia because she broke the faith and ideals that Equestria was supposed to hold. Ponies put their trust in our movement because they hoped for a better reality. They didn’t want to be ruled by a secret police. Even without the parasites, the people know that the rise of tyranny in Equestria started with a draft. Under Celestia, a draft wasn’t the end of wartime measures… it led to censorship, and everything else that made the people grow to hate her. We can’t follow the same path.”
>You pause for a second, and nopony else counters.
“Starlight said that the parasite could only empower the darker ideas that their hosts had. Most of her policies wouldn’t have happened without the parasite, but if the push was hard enough, it would have happened just the same as we lived through. This is as hard of a push as any the populace would have expected, they’ll be at our throats within the week. We need to show that no matter what happens; Command will keep to the Equestrian Ideal.”
>Wave is the one to respond:
>”Are you sure that staunch idealism will be enough?”
More tomorrow
“Only if we all do our jobs! Step up recruitment, get our volunteers, get them trained and equipped. With a token force, we just defeated every single nation that invaded us.”
>Then Tiara speaks:
>”If Anon were here, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”
>Lancer then questions her:
>”How so?”
>And it’s Offense who counters:
>”Because right now we’d be kicking down the gates of Tartarus.”
>Brairheart then tries to deflect:
>”We’ve already finished this discussion.”
>And Tiara is quick to push back:
>”Is it really a discussion if it’s been dismissed immediately?”
>Wave begins to speak, but he doesn’t get a word out as Lancer puts his hoof down:
>”ENOUGH! We have too much unfinished work already. To Wave’s proposal: I agree with Thunder. No conscription. Instead we’ll have to further push for more recruits and veterans to volunteer. Onto the next topic: we have two divisions ready for deployment. I think they should be posted further south. Mareami could use the manpower.”
>And the meeting continues…
Is there lewd in this story?
So IRT frequenters? I mean she is supposed to be a little sister
More like a daughter to Anon, but ThingFag already confirmed it wasn't happening canon-wise
Holy fuck, is this thing still going off the back of that one (1) writefag?
Pretty much
It's been two fucking years and has he taken a break at all?
Only breaks to sleep and drink
He is too good for us. Equestria cannot be left on a cliffhanger, not when everyone's lives are still at risk.
So then would anyone be open to another flurry heart story or would it be considered a “spinoff”?
Depends. If it's a fresh new story with different circumstances then go ahead, doubt it would be classed as a spinoff like Luke's.
Either way though, if you have an idea go for it, I'd like to see another story in here.
You’re pleasant. I like you
It’s based on Shoutingisfun’s version of her
>More tomorrow

5 days ago

You ok Thing?
Maybe he’s written himself into a corner again and is hoping the thread dies so he can have the time to figure it out?
Just didn't get home till around midnight each night this week. Give me a few hours, then I'll be spending most of the afternoon and evening to write
You should seriously consider ending this thing. It’s obviously on life support at this point man. I know how it feels for people to like something you’re writing but 2 years? On the same story? Jesus
Just checking, no rush
No. Go away
This is the only thing keeping me on this board
That’s pretty sad man. Codependency is toxic to you and him
>Fanfiction from one person is the only thing keeping me on this board
I hate fans of the fandom
I stay for Thing because he's cool.
The rest of you are bunch of tixic faggots that should die
So you’re a lonely yandere faggot who can’t spell toxic? You snagged a real winner here thing
Typically when I've been working on something for two years I fucking see it through, faggot. Not everybody is a quitter nigger like you.
I don’t know what’s sadder. That you consider fan fiction something worth working two years on or that this is the only reason you visit mlp. You must have no friends or life I think it’s safe to assume
File: 1426199263879.jpg (23 KB, 337x367)
23 KB
Holy fuck what's happening in here? Is everyone hanging or something?
Look, I understand the point your stating, I'd just want to ask a couple questions for clarification.
>It's obviously on life support.
How so? Other than a few less updates on average the past couple months (I'm a college fag, and this semester is pretty heavy, so I haven't had as much time to write). If you mean in terms of writing quality, that ties in with less time to write overall, so a few posts get rushed whereas if I had more time to critique them, they'd be at a higher standard.
>2 years.
Unless something's changed recently, one of the big criticisms of greens on /mlp/ is that writefags abandon stories without a proper climax and ending to the work. This story is long, and it's at a bit of a lull right now, however that's because of pacing issues which if I were able to just skip to the climax I have in mind, it wouldn't work as the time skips would be too rough without having huge sections devoted to flashback style updates to explain the events leading up to the climax.
Pretty sure that's a generalization to make a point rather than a fully honest statement.
yeah, I did. thnks bud.
If you start something, you have a duty to end it.
>You must have no friends or life I think it's safe to assume
Says the anonymous poster on a Tibetan basket weaving form.
Is fan fiction worth working two years on?
Probably not, but as a writer (of fanfiction or proper published writing), your primary focus has to be on the readers you have. Yes, if I just quit, I'd have a few extra hours in my week. But with dozens of bumpers and an unknown amount of lurkers, one has to realize that other real people have invested into the narrative and want to see it to conclusion. To simply quit or offer a rushed climax would be a disservice to those who have spent a long time following the story.
Hell if I know.
Please, go right ahead. There aren't any consistent war or flurry threads, so if you want to post here for either of them, you won't get much grief from the regulars.
>After many hours of consensus and bickering, command eventually decided to finish.
>The gears of Equestria will continue to grind for another day.
>And nothing will be done to actually deal with the enemy.
>It’s a very strange day when the head of the Royal Navy, the same branch that held out for Celestia, is more open to defending Equestria than the three highest officers in charge of the nation.
>But the navy can’t do much right now.
>Offense is the only one with actual weight behind him that wants to bring the fight to Tartarus.
>So, you’ve gone to see him.
>In all this time, you’ve never actually visited his office in the Palace.
>Reaching the door to it, you reach out and knock.
>”Come in.”
>His muffled voice yells from behind the door.
>Twisting the knob, you push it open and enter into the room.
>Making sure to properly close it behind you.
>”Thunder! Nice to see you Son, take a seat.”
>He’s sitting behind a desk on the far side of the room.
>There are a few filing cabinets to his left, and several stacks of papers on the desk itself.
>To his right is a shelf filled with bottles of alcohol, and several glasses.
>Two chairs lie facing the desk.
>But the walls of the room that lead over to his position are all filled with weapons.
>Enough blades to equip a few dozen men.
>Very few of them are Equestiran made.
>You can see the distinctive designs of Griffon, Minotaur, Yak, and Saddle Arabian swords and spears.
>Some shields as well, each bearing the crests of local nobles or national symbols.
>It’s half office, half trophy room.
>The Brigadier has noticed your lack of action.
>”You like the collection?”
“It sure is something.”
>”Most of them are from enemies I’ve personally killed. A couple I just took from the fields of battles I won. See that one?”
>He nods towards a long battle axe.
>”Longest fight I was ever in, took it off of a griffon. He didn’t go down after a half hour of single combat. Both of us were scouts, and neither of us would let the other get away.”
“How did you win?”
>”Eventually, he grew tired from swinging around his weapon. Gave me an opening, and I took it… Toughest fight I was ever in… wish I’d have got his name.”
>He then looks over to you:
>”Go on, sit.”
>You step over to the rightmost chair, and sit down into it.
>”So that was quite the meeting, huh?”
“Something like that.”
>”Now look, the others have been pretty harsh on you. But we all do value your service. You’ve been through a lot; you’ve lost your wife and unborn child. I’ve lost my wife and our unborn son too. Thunder, when I call you ‘Son’ it’s not because of an age difference. It’s because if my son had lived, I would have wanted him to turn out like you.”
“Thank you Sir.”
>”It doesn’t get easier. For the most part, it’s a lot easier to deal with that loss. But those times you do feel the loss, it’s infinitely worse… Overall, it evens out.”
“Right now I only care that more families don’t go through what I did.”
>”And that’s a good way to live for now, but some day you’ll have to deal with it. When this is over, it’ll hit hard. But at the very least, I’m here for you.”
“Thank you.”
>”Well, I doubt you came to talk about this, so what’s on your mind?”
“The others don’t seem open to taking the fight to the enemy.”
>”I hate it too.”
“But she was right. If Anon were here, we’d be down in the tunnels taking the fight to Tartarus.”
>”Yeah, Tiara is something. When I heard that the head of the Royal Navy was joining command, I was… let’s just say angry. But she seems more reasonable than I’d expect. Maybe Anon rubbed off on her.”
“Do you think it’d work?”
“Tartarus. Attacking it. One of the pits in Vanhoover was at a shallow enough incline to march a force down there.”
>”All of us said we’d follow Anon anywhere, even if it was through the gates of Tartarus itself. I haven’t seen how these things fight yet, but I’d still hold to that.”
“So if it was your choice, you’d attack?”
>”Probably, but I trust Lancer to make the strategic call.”
“Then you’d let them whittle down our manpower?”
>”They lose manpower with every attack too.”
“And they haven’t slowed the attacks yet.”
>”Are you trying to say something?”
>”Out with it.”
“If the others don’t want to take the initiative, why shouldn’t we?”
>”Take the initiative how?”
“We could get thousands of men ready to march: enough to seriously stunt their advances. It’d be a risk, but if we’re not fighting on our soil, there won’t be civilian casualties.”
>”Some might call talk like that ‘treason’.”
“The Field Marshal is still in charge, and if he’d do it in our place, is it really treason?”
>”The Princess is in charge, not Anon… even if she’d probably defer to his advice.”
More later today, still writing.
It's been fade to black with sexual encounters in the main story, with a few non-story canon lewd pieces. There will be an alt-ending with Flurry/Anon lewd which will be up for the individual to deem canon. >>32079508
And Flurry is a daughter figure to Anon, not sister
“Well how many times did his disregarding orders turn out for the best?”
>”Every time.”
“Then what’s the difference?”
>”I don’t see one.”
“Well why don’t we do something about it?”
>”It’s tempting… real tempting…”
>”But I trust Lancer just about as much as I trust Anon.”
“What about me?”
>”What about you?”
“Offense… I know that the best chance we have is taking the fight to Tartarus. After the crystal, I KNOW that it can and will work.”
>”And I trust you.”
“You have to see that- wait, you do?”
>”If you don’t attack an enemy, you can’t beat them. But if the others say that this isn’t the time to attack, I’ll accept that.”
“But General-“
>”Thunder! I know this is important to you, and I promise that we’ll take the fight to them soon. But not today. You were right; thousands are signing up or returning to duty every day. We just have to hold out until our forces can overwhelmingly crush any opposition below the surface.”
“I… understand.”
>You’re on your own…
>”Thank you. Just give it a couple months or so. When we do strike back, I promise that we’ll both be leading the charge. But until then, we just have to wait and do what we can.”
>You will do what you can…
“This will be the last I’ll bring it up.”
>”Keep bringing it up. The others need to be kept ready… when we are obviously ready, we need to act.”
“I’ll remember that.”
I missed this question, sorry. Reply to this post on Monday and remind me, I'll post the screencaps for you, they're on my work PC

There seems to be a trend recently, assholes criticizing writefags, trying to get them to question their own motivations. I've even seen a few writers get mad and say they are quitting because of it.
Please ignore these soyboys and keep it up.
An update is an update, whether it comes dayly or weekly. I will faithfully bump untill the end, and morn the hole in the board that will be created once it's done.

>You're on your own...
>You will do what you can...
Thunder noo... :'(
File: made me think.png (193 KB, 1416x763)
193 KB
193 KB PNG
>he thinks I'm the same person.

nice strawman btw. Kill yourself please.
I may or may not be too drunk to post...If not, it'll be made up tomorrow
Normie fags get off my board reeeeee
Effort, in the form of serious striving toward's mastery, perfection, or completion with all of one's will and ability, has value in it's own right.
im drunk tonight. sorry people, ill write tomrorow
She's naked!
File: 1503850492817.jpg (30 KB, 620x470)
30 KB
No worries mate, just be careful of spiders
Drinking is harmful.
Yeah, I'm going clean for a while. I'll get time to write tomorrow, promise guys.
I still want to know exactly what that humanoid copycat thing is.
File: 1490721361121.jpg (99 KB, 600x900)
99 KB
Every time I come to this board, there's this thread just there.
It's been years, jesus, all for a single green.
At a certain point Thing should have just made it straight up fanfiction and posted it chapter by chapter on Fim or Fan fiction.
But then, I'm always holding out hope for a writefag to come along and do his own Flurry Heart and Captain Anon green so it isn't just Thing.
The prompt's right there, and never stopped being interesting to me.
But like that Queen Sombra thread, sadly it's basically just one writefag slaving away autistically over a niche concept by sheer will to see it through. I kinda have to respect that though.
This thread has Luke with his own story, and there's been a few other one offs.

It's funny you mentioned the Queen Umbra thread as well. Both this and that thread are the only things keeping me on this board. I've stopped watching the show and don't really follow any other pony content, but something about these two stories have kept me coming back for years. To each their own, I guess.

>This thread has Luke with his own story
aren't those just set in Thing's setting? I'd rather read a different take on the prompt rather than fanfiction of fanfiction, regardless of how novel that sounds.
>and there's been a few other one offs.
I guess being one offs mean they don't have a pastebin huh?
That one Anon was just here asking if he could post his own story.
We all said sure now we wait for him to deliver.
>Queen Sombra thread is basically just one writefag slaving away autistically over a niche concept by sheer will
Seriously? I've seen that thread plenty of times, and have been a little curious to check it out a few times but never actually did it for reasons.
It's comfy there, we like to discuss vidya, and Rager is not the only writer. Ollibird is writing one as well, just not as frequent with his posts.

I always keep this thread and queen umbra tracked. There will be a hole in the board when these to stories are over, unless someone takes up the reigns and starts new ones. I don't think there's anyone out there with the drive to do it like Thing and Rager though, sadly.
>You will do what you can…
Why do I have the feeling Thunder is about to go down there alone?

>>Whenever the last time I posted
>"So Elder. What's the plan?"
>You eye the creature atop the rock.
"Just don't die!"
>"Easier said Equestrian."
>The mare wobbly stands up and wields some foreign curved knife.
>You see her back left leg is lame.
>"You expect me to just accept fate lying down? I think not."
"You Arabs never did know when to quit."
>"A blessing and a curse."
>The creature leaps to the ground.
>A puff of sand poofs up, and the four begin to close in.
>There's no way we can hold out like this.
"Equity, I assume you don't get teleport sickness."
>"Not since I was a colt."
>You quickly take his sword out of his hoof and sheathe it.
>Before he could respond you grab the mare and throw her onto his back while you levitate her knife with your magic into your own grasp.
"Head North, find the Sergeants! You'll only get so much of a head start before they track you! I'll keep these things distracted!"
>Your horn lights and they disappear in a flash.
>You were never proficient with group teleportation, but at least they'll have a chance.
>The gurgle from one of the beasts draws your attention.
>Two of them are looking to the sky as if they're sniffing.
>Oh no you don't.
"Hey you thick-skinned mutants."
>Levitating her blade, you fling it at one of the beasts.
>It lodges itself deep in its cheek.
"I got fresh meat for you right here!"
>Retracting the blade, it rips a bit of flesh out.
>You bring it back to a hover next to your head and unsheathe Equity's sword.
>"Come and get some!"
>You shoot the knife forward with your magic again.
>While one of the creatures has its mouth open, you cut out one of the fangs.
>Bringing it back, you send it flying at the one to your left.
>It catches its jaw and cuts it clean down the middle.
>Say what you want about the Arabs, but the blacksmith's of Damascolt can make unbelievably strong weapons.
>For Earth Ponies that is.
>As you go in for another sweep, the beast that jumped down from the rock catches it mid air with its fang.
>Its grip latches itself onto the hilt careful not to touch the sharp blade.
>You try and wrestle it out of its grasp with your magic, but the thing won't let up.
>As this tug-o-war happens, one of the creatures starts charging at you from the left.
>Jumping back, you take Equity's sword and slash at it.
>It doesn't appear phased at all.
>You slash again but something forces your hoof backward.
>Before you can realize what it is, something wraps around your throat.
>As it chokes the breath from your lungs, it violently pulls you downward.
>With your back on the sand you see it.
>A new beast.
>They kept your attention long enough for another to sneak up behind you.
>It hungrily looks down on you.
>Its fangs delicately confining you to your fate.
>Before it can chomp down on you, that one with the Arab's knife screeches something awful at it.
>You try and listen carefully as to what's happening.
>Out of the corner of your eye, you can see it.
>It turns back to the other three and barks something else and they all take for the sky.
>Heading North.
>You need to warm them somehow!
>You need to get away!
>Lighting up your horn, you try and teleport out of its stranglehold.
>Right before you get the spell off, its fang wraps around your horn negating the magic.
>Then it rips your arm out of its socket.
>No no no no no no no.
>This...this can't be it!
>Its fang constricts tighter around your throat and you begin to suffocate.
>You can feel your lungs shriveling up trying to get every last bit of oxygen through your body.
>Its grip is so tight you feel like it will break your neck.
>With each passing second, the pressure in your head feels like it will make it explode.
>You need to do something!
>Taking your other hoof, you try and free your crushed trachea.
>The creature simply takes its hoof and stomps hard on it.
>You don't even feel it, but it looks like the force shattered your pastern-bone.
>It limply drops to the ground landing in a horrifyingly unnatural position.
>Is this it?
>Is this how you die?
>Alone in the wasteland.
>Food for some sort of experiment.
>You can feel the blood draining from your body.
>Paired with the stranglehold it has on you, you begin to feel lightheaded.
>You feel your body going limp and your mind going blank.
>Mouth agape, and throat completely contracted.
>Body warped in an awkward posture, your torso arches forward.
>Limbs broken and limp.
>Eyes gazing up to the heavens, although you can't register anything you see.
>You can do nothing, but late fate take you over.
>But fate doesn't have the chance.
>You feel the grip on your neck loosen and you quickly gasp in as much air as you can.
>All the creatures seemed to have vanished.
>You try to stand but fail to get a firm stance on the ground.
>A seething pain comes from your shattered hoof.
>You try and adjust it, but eventually just let it be.
>You're don't feel like walking anyways.
>Lying their you slowly gasp through your swollen throat.
>It feels like it's on fire.
>Your head is pounding and you can barely see strait.
>What happened?
>Where did they go?
>You catch a glimpse of your severed hoof.
>It sits there motionless.
>These questions aren't worth your remaining energy.
>You're tired.
>As you lay there, you hear a scream in the distance along with voices.
>It's coming from the north.
>You turn your head to try and see, but a sudden pain keeps you from it.
>One of the voices you distinctly remember.
>It comes out too weak to be even called a whisper.
>Your throat is too sore to talk anyways.
>Shock in everypony's voice.
>You must be a sight.
>Reckless jumps in front of you.
>Worry is in her eye.
>Along with a tear.
>You wish you could say something to comfort her.
>Suddenly you hear a voice you don't recognize.
>"I'm sorry. I was too late."
>As you loose consciousness, the last thing you see is Reckless's teary face and a colorful changeling standing behind her.
Don't die on us again friend. If you need to talk we're always here.
“It’s not on life support!”
-Thingfag 2018
Please don't kill yourself with the drink yet Thing.
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Not dead, just
>tfw gf
busy few days
I've been dry since I said I was stopping.
Did you guys lose posts?
Most of us delete bumps here, makes the thread cleaner and last longer
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Thats adorable
Well if it makes you feel better, I could always try throwing my hat into the ring tomorrow. I haven't made green in like half a year but this thread is worth it. No promises on quality though.
File: Rainbow Zombies.jpg (164 KB, 1280x720)
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>The young Princess Flurry Heart leads you into the Crystal Empire's version of a war room.
>Compared to the advanced magic of Canterlot, it's many centuries behind.
>Approximately a thousand years... Well....
>It's just a massive table with carved geographic locations on it. Units and points of interest are simply denoted by little flags and figurines.
>Flurry's parents are both already standing at the table, along with a few members of their guard retinue.
>They look up as the doors open to you and the guards stationed on either side salute. Shining Armor, who's looking tired and stressed beyond his middling age, addresses you first.
>"Ah, Captain Anon. You're right on time."
>You nod to the prince and princess.
"Your highnesses, all is prepared. The chariots are packed and ready to leave at your command."
>Cadence speaks next. Despite the situation, she looks as youthful as ever.
>"Good, we won't be long. Do you have anymore news from my Aunts? Do you have any news from Ponyville?"
"Well, I can certainly give some updates for your table, here. As for Ponyville, it was secure when I last passed through there. Extraction teams are out gathering up the Elements of Harmony at their last known locations."
>Honestly, you don't know how true any of that really is. Sure, Ponyville looked peaceful when you flew over it on the way here, with ponies going about their day like there wasn't a national emergency everywhere else. And since some Elements stubbornly continued to live in that rural mudpit, a military cordon was put in place. But this... Evil sweeping the nation moves faster than anything you've ever seen.
>And yes, there are teams out looking for the other Elements. But some are harder to locate than others.
>Many years ago, they all lived in Ponyville together. But somewhere along the line, the peacekeepers of Equestria decided to split up to the far corners of the country for some fucking reason.
>The Element of Honesty still lives with her family in Ponyville, refusing to budge without the assurance of her family's safety.
>Princess Twilight had her castle there, but she's since relocated to Canterlot.
>Kindness was off on some expedition to see some stupid animals in the jungle.
>Laughter apparently went full gypsy and was last seen wandering the West as a "one-pony-party" or something.
>Generosity was somewhere in Manehatten managing a line of clothing stores.
>Loyalty was on tour with the Wonderbolts down in Las Pegasus.
>Altogether, you can safely say you can secure two of six. Not like you think they're the answer to this.
>You step up to the map on their table.
>There's a lot of flags reporting sightings of larger herds, and tons of small cubes depicting Royal Guard concentrations.
>Canterlot is swarmed with them, Ponyville's got a small number, but all the other cities are basically the same amount.
"Alright... Well, I can't give accurate headcounts on the garrisons city-by-city, but I know that anything East of here is pretty much gone."
>They just look at you, before Shining Speaks up.
>"Gone as in...."
"Manehatten went dark this morning. Fillydelphia has been under siege since then, and Baltimare is a ghost town - all their ponies are making a dash for either the capital or Las Pegasus."
>Shining picks away several cubes from the table, leaving Manehatten and Baltimare barren, and Fillydelphia a few down.
>You still think that's highly optimistic... The reported casualty rates have been ludicrously high.
"Cloudsdale's packed up and moved South under Celestia's orders; she means for them to join up with Las Pegasus and take as many refugees as they can."
>Shining moves the numbers on Cloudsdale's section down South.
"...Somehow, Vanhoover's getting hit hard by this stuff too. The Vanhoover Guard have blown up all the bridges and roads to close to the city, last I heard. Nopony's getting in or out."
File: Approaching Thunder.jpg (83 KB, 650x721)
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I'm sorry, but between writing this and a short about Coco Pommel giving Anon the ASMR treatment, I'm just too tired for this right now.

Here's the pastebin, anyway. I'll hopefully do more tomorrow or Friday: https://pastebin.com/w8ZEGX9E
Dude, it's great. Take your time, we aren't going anywhere. I look forward to more!
I’m pretty hype for this. Good job on setting up the scene, this has potential!
File: 1497717606494.jpg (101 KB, 534x460)
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Bateman has blessed this post. Eager to see more mate.
File: Shining Armor Variant.png (391 KB, 1024x862)
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391 KB PNG

>Shining Armor doesn't take away any of Vanhoover's pieces.
>He just stares at it, along with everyone else.
>"... This is not ideal."
>That's one way to put it. You were in Manehatten just a day ago... It's been a long 24 hours.
"Well, the positive side to this is that we've not heard of any outbreaks in Canterlot or here, so we still have a window of time to keep things together. But for now, your Highnesses, the chariots are waiting."
>"Right, yes. Best we'd get to Celestia and see what can be done...."
>Cadence speaks up.
>"Hold on a moment, dear. We still have to address our ponies before we go."
>Shining shakes his head.
>"We don't have time for that now. Our Guard will explain the situation to them. We need to get down South now."
>Cadence counters with the slightest hint of annoyance in her voice.
>"Shiny, we already scheduled our address. Our citizens deserve to know that we aren't just abandoning them."
>Shining growls at her.
>"That was BEFORE. This is NOW. Sweetie, half the country has been hit since we last got an update. WHO KNOWS what we'll be galloping into by the time your little speech is done!"
>Cadence scoffs.
>"DEAR! We are NOT leaving our ponies in the dark while we run and hide in Canterlot! If we must leave our home, then we owe it them to do so in a calm and hopeful manner!"
>Shining shoves his face into hers.
>"MOM! DAD!"
>You all turn to Flurry, who's been quiet up until now. Like her mother, the youngest princess hasn't one wrinkle. And her outburst held no tone of fear. The little girl just sees two squabbling parents.
>She's in her 20's....
>"Now is not the time for fighting! Dad, if we're going to be doomed from taking a few minutes to talk to your subjects, then I think we're probably doomed already. And Mom, Dad's not trying to abandon anypony! He's just trying to protect us!"
>Shining hops up.
>"Yes! Yes, I'm trying to keep you both safe. How about you both go ahead on the chariots, and I'll talk to the public?"
>Cadence rolls her eyes.
>"I'm not leaving you behind, dear. Let's just go and make this quick."
>She stomps her hoof on the table. Some of the little cubes jump.
>"That's FINAL! Come on, we're keeping everypony waiting."
>You turn to the doors as the two guards open them. Cadence walks out, followed by a pair of guards. Flurry glances at you, then goes out as well.
>Shining Armor walks up beside you, watching the rest of his subordinates file out the door.
>But he doesn't go. Instead, he waits for the others to be along for a bit before turning to you.
"Yes, your Highness?"
>Your honorific gives him pause; his eyes slightly jolt about in his head before he answers.
>"... I know I don't have the authority to change the mission of you or your troops, but... Just... Keep my daughter and wife safe, if you can?"
>You glance down the hall they were in before responding.
"Should I tell them?"
>He shakes his head.
>"No, it's got to be me. It was my decision, after all."
>He lets out a long sigh.
>"Not going to lie, I'm dreading THAT even more than what's to come."
"It might not be all that bad up here compared to elsewhere. You have the mountains and the cold on your side."
>He chuckles humorlessly.
>"Heheh, yeah. Lucky us. It's a shame those things become obstacles the second this... Madness breaks out inside the city. Then we're all going to be cooped up in here without enough food or water, or anywhere to run."
>You know he's right. The Crystal Empire is a fortress against outside threats, inside ones....
"You could always change your mind, your Highness...."
>"Don't call me that, Captain. I'm no princess."
"No, but I understand that princes are-"
>He glares at you.
>"I am NOT royalty! I never was!"
>Well that's patently false. But whatever, lack of sleep makes everyone think the strangest things.
>Hell, you're only still lucid because of those stimulant potions they gave you and your team.
>Shining sighs again.
>"Look at them both. Look my wife and kid... Equestria's falling apart and they're as affected by it as if it were a bad mane day."
>He points down the empty hall.
>"That, THAT is royalty. They're alicorns, they're princesses. What the hay am I? I'm a wreck. I feel a hundred years old, right now... When I was a captain, like you, everything was so clear. I had a job to do, and my family would be safe at home - everypony would be safe."
>He steps through the door.
>"I'm going to return to that. I have a job to do... And they'll be with my little sister in Canterlot."
>You follow through the door, staying behind him as he trudges through the hallway.
"I hear you can cast a damn good shield. That could be useful at HQ."
>He shakes his head.
>"It'll be useful, here. I can focus here when they're gone. Celestia willing, I'll be the last pony standing."
>Wow, he's less optimistic than you are.
"It may still not come down to that."
>"I'm going to fetch my armor, you go on ahead."
"Yes, sir."
>"Don't-... Fine."
>You walk down the hall to the great entrance to the palace. Here, several of your own team are waiting.
>Instead of the traditional gilded steel of the Royal Guard, these newer teams looked more civilian than soldier.
>Saddlebags filled with supplies, dull black body plate and cold, opaque shades over their eyes. The Sisters' newest addition to their arsenal were the Special Activities Teams.
>You nod to your second-in-command, a unicorn lieutenant named Fire Cracker, who falls in beside you.
>Cracker is the epitome of the SAT's differences from the Royal Guard. He's a hoof smaller than the smallest guard, copper coat with sandy mane and tail, blood red eyes and scraggly patches of beard on his chin.

That's all for now. I'm having difficulty maintaining my attention span to put out a proper update.

I dunno how you do it, Thingfag.
That was a pretty good block of text there mate, I'm enjoying it so far. Just take your time and you'll find a rythem.

Keep it up!when do we rut Flurry?
who knew that the eternal roastie would be the one to kill thing!
File: Crystal Empire.png (2.02 MB, 1920x1080)
2.02 MB
2.02 MB PNG
>Unlike the clean, beefy stallions they place into the regulars, the SAT's prefer accepting... Unconventional applicants into their ranks. Ponies whose strength only becomes apparent when they're fighting; their natural coats are left untouched, rather than turned white or gray; if not for their meager armor and patches, these unkempt fucks would pass as homeless ponies.
"Any news?"
>"Not yet. We swept the hospital and checked around town, and still no signs of an outbreak."
"Good, we've one more diversion before we go. Royalty wants to give a final goodbye to her subjects."
>Cracker grimaces.
>"What if we missed one, we all know how fast this thing takes over your body... Somepony could have gotten scratched, and will be there, just waiting to turn."
"Cool your shit. There's no reported infections, there's no refugees, there's not even been any sightings up here. Everything's fine."
>"Then why are we leaving? Crystal Empire sounds pretty good right now."
>As you walk, you gaze out to the shielded borders of the city. The tiny crystalline houses are tightly packed in; the grass and shrubbery is immaculately trimmed.
>This may be the last time you see a nice lawn in quite a while.
"Because that's our orders. And because Canterlot's got all the hardware to withstand an emergency like this."
>Your team reaches the grounds below the palace where Cadence means to give her speech. The crystal Heart still hovers on its pedestal, powering the entire Empire.
>Cadence is already there, along with Flurry Heart and several Crystal Pony guards.
>Cracker hisses at your side.
>"Why do we have to be down here? Don't they have a balcony?"
>The princesses are surrounded by their subjects - newsponies, other guards, just random civilians.
"Princess wants to be down here among her ponies. Just roll with it, we'll be alright. But if anypony looks suspicious, well, our first priority is getting the princess out of here."
>Your ponies spread themselves out among the guards. There's 12 of them in total, 6 unicorns and 6 pegasi, not counting the charioteers, who are just guard regulars. You didn't think Earth Ponies were the route to go with for this mission for obvious reasons.
>Each one is hand-picked for their accuracy, strength, and personal bravery. As well as their ability to choose duty over family.
>The first day of the outbreak was hell for that; Celestia made an executive order for every active guard and recruit to report to their bases for deployment. Problem is, when they heard the rumors about flesh-eating ponies, deserting suddenly became the hottest new fad in Equestria.
>You know Fire Cracker has no close family, and neither do you, of course - but many in your squad are family stallions.
>Trotting can be heard coming from behind you, and half the guards turn and brandish their weapons at the approaching pony.
>You turn with them to see a very cautious Shining Armor, now decked out in his gilded royal armor and holding a spear.
"Relax, everyone. Christ sake, we're good."
>Everypony raises their spears and assumes their previous positions. But Shining comes to you.
>He whispers to you.
>"Has something happened?"
"Not yet, sir. Everypony's got nerves, is all. We should out of here in no time."
>He nods and goes to join his family. Flurry smiles at him as he comes up beside her, and he wraps her in an unexpected embrace.
>A couple guards nearby flinch, just for a second, thinking maybe he'd turned in that moment between talking to you and walking over there.
>"Hehe, dad, stop...."
>He just smiles at her and plants a kiss on her head before letting her go and moving to his wife.
>As he brings his hooves around her, though, Cadence huffs and pulls away.
>"Dear, now's not the time."
>He shrugs, still closing his legs around her body.
>"It might be the only time we have, my love."
>She sighs.
>"Ugh, don't talk like that."
>Despite her protests, he holds her tight and gives her a big kiss on her cheek, whispering sweet nothings to her.
>Something he said must really have been risqué, because she gasps and shoves his face away with a hoof.
>"What has gotten into you, Shiny! We have to stay focused."
>At that, his face darkens, and he assumes a guard stance between the two princesses.
>"Right. Focus. Chariots are waiting."
>Flurry Heart giggles at them.
>"I just... Love both of you so much, never forget that."
>Cadence eyes him suspiciously, but relents and moves to address the crowd.
>"My dear subjects, I thank you all for joining me today. I know how... Hectic things have been recently, so it is nice to see that the Crystal Empire remains a place where ponies can slow down and hear one another out. Now, many of you may have heard of the situation in Equestria, but for those who may not yet know, I feel it is my duty to inform you. As yesterday morning, a sickness began spreading throughout both Vanhoover and the Manehatten area. First, I will say that the Crystal Empire has been entirely untouched by it thus far, and it seems to only be spread by having direct injection from somepony who has been infected."
>Murmurs are heard in the crowd as ponies shuffle their hooves.
>"So for the time being, we are safe. Our Royal Guard has been placed on high alert, and their first and only concern is your safety. As a precaution, the roads and railways to the city are now closed. I understand-"
>A gasp is heard. A young Crystal mare in the crowd pushes forward.
>"Wait! But I have family outside the city! Can we bring our families in, first?"
>Cadence blinks, before responding.
>"I'm sorry, but I cannot take the risk of allowing anymore ponies into the city. My messengers have been sent to every settlement and farmstead in the Empire to warn of the coming danger, and we have established a refugee center at Fort Diamond to the South."
>The mare droops her ears and she whimpers something, but steps back.
>"Please listen closely to I have to say next, for this is of utmost importance: Signs that a pony may have been infected include any scratches or bites they may have received from another pony, unexplained coughing, unexplained bleeding, shortness of breath, bloodshot eyes, profuse sweating, nausea, or hallucinations. Now, not all ponies who have been infected show all these traits, but if somepony you know begins to show ANY of these signs, I urge you to contact the nearest guard or royal servant immediately."
>A hoof comes up in the crowd, which Cadence points at.
>"...Is this sickness life-threatening?"
>Somepony's not been paying attention.
>"We... It would seem that once a pony is infected, they pass away within anywhere from ten minutes to several hours. The longest recorded time that pony has survived was three hours."
>Another voice speaks up.
>"Is there a cure?"
>Cadence looks in the voice's direction.
>"As of now, all of Equestria's greatest minds have been called to Canterlot to help in finding a cure. In fact, my family and I have been ordered by Celestia to personally aid in controlling the situation."
>Another round of gasps and shouts. A few ponies step out of line, and the guards all take a step forward, staying between them and the royal family.
>"You're LEAVING!?"
>Cadence holds her hoof up and the shouting dies down.
>"Everypony, stay calm! The Crystal Empire is safe, the sickness has not once been reported anywhere in our land. Canterlot itself is in a more dangerous position than we are, but my aunt has called for our help. It is the Crystal Pony way to help those in need, so I must go. However, our entire Crystal Guard are remaining behind to keep you all safe. My husband has advised me to leave the city's protection in the capable hooves of Captain Magnetite."

That's all for now. I'll be back tonight or tomorrow.
This is pretty good, can't wait to read more.
>"Why do we have to be down here? Don't they have a balcony?"
Half expecting the shit to hit the fan right then and there.

>"Thank you again for the quick fix Cadie, sorry for the last minute call."
"Not a problem. Always happy to help out a friend."
>You give a small bag containing a freshly whittled mare doll to the dark-yellow stallion.
>He carefully places it in his knapsack and takes his leave.
>As he gets to the bottom step of your shop he stops.
>"We're throwing a little party for our little Aqua Twirl's birthday, me and my wife would love it if you and Roxy can show up."
"I'll ask Roxy if she wants to go when she gets home, but I'm not feeling too well. Maybe next time."
>His face falls in disappointment.
>"Yeah...next time."
>He walks down the street out of sight, and you quietly close the door.
>It's been a while since you were taken into custody.
>An eternity it feels like.
>That group you found were grateful for stopping those creatures, but when you came across their mutilated friend...they were less welcoming.
>The brown one especially.
>They must've been close.
>Needless to say, you are much happier here than being back in that questioning room.
>Honestly you don't really remember everything.
>After charging into Maverick head-on, everything turned white.
>You're not sure how long you were in that state, but when you came to everything was destroyed.
>And you were colored.
>Colored a not so appealing green with little diamonds going around your neck.
>Strangely enough you also feel taller.
>You explained you sort of just felt the creatures presence.
>Once they were in your sight, all you had to do was think about something and they would do it.
>Like telepathy.
>In the moment, seeing the pony strangled. You put the thought in your mind that you wanted them to kill themselves.
>And they just turned to ash.
>After that you couldn't feel any of them anymore.

>Understandably they were hesitant.
>With Celestia's 'alteration', the reformed changelings since kept to themselves.
>Plus you were also taken in with Roxelana.
>A former Arabian General.
>An enemy!
>If they were on the fence about you, being paired with her most likely sealed your fate.
>In the end though, your sentence wasn't imprisonment in some dungeon kept out from the public knowledge.
>House arrest.
>Technically you're in 'long-term holding'.
>In a lonely two story shack at the outskirts of Vanhoover.
>You were given a persona to fill.
>Khushqadam Candarl
>The former tenant.
>Immigrant from Saddle Arabia before the war.
>Turned the bottom floor into a workshop for toys that he sold.
>Neighbors called him 'Cadie' due to frequent mispronunciations.
>Somewhat friendly.
>A radical and nationalist to the core.
>The crazed pony tried stuffing explosives into his toys when the war broke out.
>Before he could sell any of his 'product', he unexpectedly disappeared.
>With his info well documented in MID files, one can only guess what they did to him.
>Either way you now are living under constant surveillance in this home.
>There's a silver lining though.
>Roxelana was written into your persona.
>The story you're to follow is you came back from the Homeland with her as your wife escaping the horrors of war.
>You're not sure how she feels on the matter.
>Ever since you were put together she's been distant.
>Being an Earth Pony, she has more lenient restrictions.
>The main one being she's allowed to leave the house.
>Sunrise to Sunset.
>She's just gone.
>When she gets back, she goes straight upstairs to her own room.
>Best to just let her be.
>Her company is good enough.
>Don't rock the boat.
>Don't expose yourself.
>Wait for further instructions from the Unit watching over you.
>It's all a big headache.
>You're not sure how long they intend to keep you here.
>With the judicial system still filtering through former Royal Guards along with other conspirators, you'll be trapped in bureaucratic limbo possibly forever.
>Plus with whatever happened at Baltimare, the government is too busy to deal with your case.
>You're not entirely sure what is happening down there.
>What scraps of information you can overhear leaves you an empty slate.
>The only thing you know is that it has something to do with Tartarus.
>Whatever it is, you hope the trouble stays far away from you.
Keep it up, I'm enjoying
Ayyy Luke! Good to see ya!

Thing, where are you?
He was bumped by a car and has a fractured arm. Plus gf.
Aw shit. That sucks. gf's are terrible
Yeah they're not nice to have, if you're lucky they go away after a month, but sometimes they're harder to get rid of. May require treatment or surgery.
At least he didn't get attacked by the dreaded outboard motor.
You make it sound like an urban myth, even though its far from it.
Been gone a while, but I'm overjoyed that we're still alive and kicking.
I wouldn't say alive and kicking, more like hibernating.
That still counts as alive!
Oh yeah didnt mean it in a bad way, we're just quite is all. I would have a shot at writing something if I had time.
>She gestures to a guard to her right. A tall, well-built Crystal stallion with a steely grey coat and white mane whose bluish armor bears a golden star on its chest. He nods confidently back at her, before sharing a glance with Shining Armor.
>"Magnetite will do all in his power to protect the Crystal Empire. As of now, the guards will be gathering ample supplies for your survival, including any preservable foods, medicine, and water that they can. I must ask that you all cooperate fully with royal staff, and conserve your own food rations and water appropriately. We do not yet know how long this emergency will last, so please help yourselves, and each other, to prepare and remain calm. Now, I shall take a moment to answer some questions you may have, before I head for Canterlot."
>Several hooves fly up and she picks out the first one, the same Crystal mare from before.
>"Will we still be able to send mail to our loved ones beyond the city?"
>Cadence shakes her head.
>"Unfortunately, the postal service will need to be postponed until Captain Magnetite or myself lifts the shield. We cannot take the risk of allowing the infection to reach us inside."
>Another mare speaks up.
>"Has there been any cases of infection nearby?"
>Cadence responds.
>"As of my last received report, no. The majority of infections have been in the Manehatten or Vanhoover areas. Some sightings of infected ponies have been reported as far from those zones as Dodge City, but those could just as easily have been nervous ponies spreading rumors."
>A stallion steps forward with a notepad in his hoof.
>"Your Highness, you mentioned that the sickness is only spread through some kind of 'injection' from an infected pony. Now, if Equestria is facing a nation-wide crisis due to a sickness spread only through voluntary infection... Does this mean that ponies afflicted with it are actively seeking to spread it?"
>Everyone pauses, Cadence just stares for a moment.
>"... A very astute observation, sir. I suppose I should elaborate. The sickness, it... After the pony affected by it passes on, they... They are reanimated in a lessened state. They are clinically dead, but the body becomes active, and... And it seeks out the living to infect them."
>Shouting, pushing, worry, anger, shock. The crowd loses its shit, with half dispersing immediately and the other half yelling more questions at the princess. Several of them step past the allowed boundary, closing in on her.
>She steps back from the chaos cautiously, and the guards step forward once more, angling their spears toward the incoming ponies.
>You reach down and grip the handle of your sword on your belt. But before anyone can do anything stupid, a great pink shield blankets the princesses. Shining's horn is glowing brightly and his pear is fixated on one mare who came almost within stabbing distance - the same mare worried about her family.
>She pleads with him, teary-eyed.
>"Please, your highness! Just let me go, I won't cause any trouble, I just need to be with my family!"
>Shining flares his nostrils and poises to strike her if she comes any closer.
>"Back up! You are past the civilian boundary! Leave now, or I will have you arrested!"
>She doesn't budge, so you step in between them both. Guards, as well as your own men, are beginning to shove the ponies back behind the boundary.
"Ma'am, step back. You are only placing yourself at risk, right now."
>You begin moving her away, but she shouts back at Shining Armor.
>"If it were YOUR family, you would want to be out there! WHY DO YOU GET TO BE WITH YOUR FAMILY AND I DON'T!"
>With one last push, you send her away, weeping. The others have all been returned behind the line.
>Armor's shield lowers to reveal an angry wife.
>"SHINING! You are NOT helping by being so aggressive with our subjects!"
>He doesn't fight back, instead just glaring at the audience.

That's all for now. I'll return tomorrow. Thingfag pls.
When was the last time we heard anything about Thing?
>"Everypony! I understand your fear, I understand your desire to find your families, but this unrest is not the answer. The sickness spreading in Equestria has frightening affects on those it takes from us, and I am not ashamed to tell you that I feel a great level of fear myself at the prospect of heading into that, let alone with my family... But is this the first time we have faced terrible odds? No! The Crystal Empire is no stranger to hard times, and neither is Equestria. King Sombra, the Changelings, Discord, Tirek, the wars with the Griffons, and Yaks, and Zebras... These all came, one after another, and sometimes all at once! But we survived, and came out the other end stronger than before. Not because of some powerful magic weapon, or the strength of our armies, but because of our love for one another! When the fires are all extinguished, and the smoke clears, ponies come together to rebuild. This crisis will pass, and I will be here to rebuild with you, because I love all of you. Now please, remember this, and continue to love each other. So long as the Crystal Heart glows bright, then the Crystal Empire will remain safe!"
>Silence. The crowd stands enraptured by her words.
>You've always had a lot of respect for the way the princesses can command the moods of their subjects.
>Then cheers and applause. Every grimace becomes a smile, every shove a hug, and the ponies are happy for now. You almost feel yourself believing her words.
>But you've fought in a couple of those wars she mentioned, and you don't remember love burning any Zebrican grove-cities.
>As the cheering continues, Princess Cadence and Flurry Heart wave to the audience, while Shining comes up beside you.
>"Alright, that took way too long. Tell your flyers to double-time it to the capital."
"Yes sir, we'll be there before the sundown."
>Your entourage heads to the nearby landing area, where three chariots await. The royal family were asked only to bring their essentials, which are already packed. You watch your team load themselves onto the chariots, three alone on one, two in the rear, and you and Fire Cracker will be travelling with the princesses.
>Behind you, the royal couple are arguing again.
>"...-diculous, Shining. I wasn't IN danger! There's no sick ponies here, and even if they were, they would be quite conspicuous among the crowd."
>"I get it, I get it. I wasn't trying to stir up trouble, I just don't want you taking any unnecessary risks! Those ponies knew to stay behind the boundary, and they chose to come at you, instead. What was I supposed to make of that?"
>Cadence stops and presses a hoof into her husband's chest.
>"You should have been more understanding. These ponies are scared, I'm scared, YOU are scared. It's really no wonder-"
>Shining huffs.
>"-I'm not scared."
>"DEAR! When we get to Canterlot, please promise me that you'll act like a prince, and not like a guard."
>Shining stays silent, fixing her with a grim look.
>"Please? The ponies don't need another guard shaking her spear at every shadow... They need their prince, who will give them hope, and the strength to carry on in the face of this threat."
>She brings a hoof up to his cheek, stroking him affectionately.
>Until he brings his own hoof up and lowers it away, sighing.
>"I'm not going."
>Magnetite and another captain approach to flank Shining on both sides. Cadence stares at him, face blank. Flurry comes up next to her. You take your position behind both of them.
>"Dad? What do you mean? I thought we were all going together."
>He shakes his head.
>"I'm sorry, kiddo. The Crystal Empire is going to need me a lot more than Canterlot. That shield is going to need to recharge at some point, and I'll have to cast my own up while it does. Otherwise, all our preparations will be for nothing. You girls are going to be integral to fixing all this, while I'd just be in the way."
>He cups his wife's head in his hooves, her face still blank, and kisses her.
>"It's going to be okay, my love. Go on, now. Meet up with Twilight and the others, and keep Equestria alive."
>You reach down and put a hand on Cadence's shoulder; your other hand grabs a metal ring out of one of your pouches.
"Your highness, we need to go now."
>Just then, as you begin shifting her in the direction of the chariots, she comes back to life.
>Cadence bats away your hand and heads to Shining, the two captains flanking him come over and block her.
>"Shining, you are NOT staying behind! We already made our plans, Magnetite will keep the city safe while we're gone! That was YOUR idea!"
>She tries to lunge past them, but they grab her and keep her wings from extending.
>"Get off! GET OFF ME! I'm not leaving without my husband!"
>Her horn lights up, but you deftly slip your metal ring around the tip of the horn and slide it downwards. The magic aura is cut off by its negating powers.
>Flurry stands back, seemingly accepting of the change of plans.
>Cadence continues to struggle as you wrap your hands around her body and pull her away from the two guards. Left without wings or magic, she ceases fighting.
>You ease up, letting the princess stand on quivering legs. Tears pour from her eyes freely as she staggers back in Shining's direction.
>"Is... Is this because I yelled at you? I'm sorry... I-I didn't mean to hurt you, dear... I won't do it again...."
>Shining gazes back at her, eyes watering, but quickly turns and trots back towards the palace, with the two captains in tow.
>"Come back! I'm SORRY! I need you, Shining! I need you to protect us!"
File: Princess of Love.png (1.48 MB, 1920x1200)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
"It's alright, princess. Just come with us."
>To your surprise, Flurry comes up beside you and also starts nudging her mom towards their ride.
>"Don't worry, mom. Dad's tough; he'll be here when we come home."
>Cadence allows herself to be led to the chariot, but her whimpering doesn't cease.
>"No...N-no dear, please... I need you... I... I'm weak... I need my love...."
>You all settle in to your seats and you give the flyers the go-ahead. All three chariots lift off together into the clear sky.

That's all for now, finally I'm done with the Crystal Empire, so the next updates should be a little more interesting. But that can wait until later in the week. I've got school stuff coming up, but when it's done I'll give a big update.
Poor Candyass, always getting ripped away from her lover.

Thanks for writing friend. Really enjoying it so far.
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Man, that's a lot longer than it feels
You motherfuckers actually kept this thread alive... I was sure I'd have to resurrect it.

Well, I'm back. Go ahead and shit on me for leaving, but I'll be back and writing for tonight.
Had gf, didn't last.
If only...
Anon, I love you. Thank you for stepping up. Also, pls more, I'm liking what I'm seeing.
Alcohol is how I do it.
I drank alcohol yesterday and punched a wall by accident. Now my hand hurts. Did she break up with you or you with her?
Just kind of ended with the 'ole "Hey, I'm not ready for..." (and it never comes to fruition) so technically it was she breaking up with me.
How the fuck do you punch a wall by accident? Just get better tolerance- if you can't down a fifth in a day, you're too lightweight.(I jest).
Praise the Moon, he's back! We missed you Thing.

Did you really get hit by a car?
I was joking when I said that, but if its true that would be cool. Not cool for thingfag but you know i mean

I was laughing while doing stuff in a mirror and threw a punch and hit the wall beside me. I don't drink more than a beer or two very often. Do you drink lots?
No, I didn't, this guy>>32243140 is right.
I drink roughly a fifth of liquor a night when I'm being an alcoholic.

And I'm currently being an alcoholic, so If I stop posting it's because of that

Whatever the case, we're glad to have you back.
Hype is high with the return of the King.
Extra hype for Heart of War: Horror Edison
>As you sit at your workbench, the clock strikes seven.
>Out pops a little bird and it chirps its little song.
>Time to close up the shop.
>You close the blinds and flip the sign on your door from 'Welcome' to 'Closed'.
>Roxelana should be home soon.
>She may have more freedom, but her curfew states she must be home right after sundown.
>But they don't fret if she's late.
>And neither do you.
>Getting back to your bench, you get to working on a train that's in need of a caboose.
>It was a stroke of luck you learned how to make toys.
>Thankfully the former tenant had some old books you skimmed through that helped you learn some quick carpentry skills.
>You wouldn't have been able to fill this role without these finds.
>Even though they are in Arabic, the visuals are well enough for you to get by.
>After a merciless time of nonstop sanding and chipping, you were able to turn the small block of wood into a beautifully crafted caboose.
>You carefully set it down next to the steam engine and coal car.
>The former two are already painted and ready to ship, now all you need to do is add the bright red coat to the last piece.
>You sit proudly at the little model you created.
>A work of art.
>However your admiration is interrupted by a loud knock on your door.
>Not wanting to be annoyed, you loudly call out.
"Sorry, we're closed! Come tomorrow!"
>Only a louder, more forceful knock is its response.
>You sigh and change into your persona.
>You fumble with the keys for a second as you walk towards the door.
"I'm sorry, but we're closed. Come back tomorrow and I can-"
>Suddenly the door swings open almost hitting you.
>Like a flash through the dark, a figure steps inside.
>I was laughing while doing stuff in a mirror and threw a punch and hit the wall beside me
>I don't drink more than a beer or two very often
You really have no alcohol tolerance at all. For fucks sake, I've had 3 large glasses of wine and 4 cans of strong beer this evening! And I'm still sane enough to double-check that I'm writing what I'm writing correctly.
Hey that works for me. Just means I spend less when I do go out. And I'm an astoundingly happy drunk, so no harm done.
I'll be back tomorrow. Haven't dropped it, just been busy is all.
File: 1245850.png (282 KB, 623x513)
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File: Equestria Hills.png (307 KB, 1600x904)
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307 KB PNG
>The chariot with three guards flies in front of yours, with the other close behind. Your Pegasi are keeping pace, flying on both sides of the convoy.
>Cadence's whimpers have died down, much due to the help of her daughter. Flurry hasn't let go of her since you lifted off, whispering to her and stroking her mane. Now the princess simply stares out the side of the chariot.
>That previous air of confidence she had is now long gone. It seems as if in the short time you've been airborne, she's gotten wrinkles under her eyes.
"Yo, Fire, how are you holding up?"
>Fire Cracker turns his eyes away from scanning the horizon to look at you. His shaggy sand-coloured mane flapped around over one of the lenses on his sunglasses as he speaks to you.
>"It's been a rough couple days, Anon. Once all this business is settled, I'm looking forward to a long nap."
>Cracker's voice has that 'stoner' quality to it, kind of nasally, slightly higher-pitched that most stallions, with a friendly undertone. Just another layer on his disguise for when he's working.
"I hear that. Those stims they've got us on are fucking disgusting."
>They don't exactly make up for missing a night's sleep, either. It's less like feeling rejuvenated and more like feeling on edge.
>Fill a room with some guards and keep them awake on those stimulant potions for a couple days, and you'll have them accusing each other of shit in no time.
>Beneath you, the 'Crystal Express' railway stretches onwards both North and South, heading straight to Canterlot, where it joins up with the 'Friendship Express'.
>Equestria lacks in technology, but their railways are as good as anything you'd seen on Earth. Trains criss-cross the entire country, and as soon as the Crystal Empire returned from their vacation some years back, Celestia's first action was to construct a railroad to head right to the city.
"See anything yet?"
>You know you don't have to ask, but you don't want to deal with the awkward tension that was built by Cadence's crying.
>"No, sky's clear, roads are clear. We'll be entering Equestrian airspace in a minute, here."
"Good, quicker the better."
>"That's right, then we can see Twilight, again!"
>You both turn to Flurry, who's got a smile on her face, despite cradling her sullen mother's on her lap.
"...That's right. Y'know, you haven't said much since we met."
>"I've been listening, though. With all the commotion, I thought I'd best wait for everypony to settle down a bit before I asked any questions."
>You recline in your seat and Cracker goes back to scanning the skies.
"Alright, any questions for me?"
>She nods eagerly.
>"Oh yes, like... What's it called?"
"What's what called?"
>"The sickness. Does it have a name? We've called it 'the evil', 'the madness', 'the'... 'sickness'... And a dozen other things, but it's got to have an official name by now."
"That's your first question?"
>She tilted her head slightly, making her silvery armor lightly clink.
>"Well wouldn't YOU want to know?"
"I suppose, but that's definitely down the list from the first question I'd ask."
>She scoffs and smirks at you.
>"Okay, big guy. What should I ask first?"
"How contagious is it, where is the epidemic located, what steps are we taking to control the spread, any of those would have been good options."
>She rolls her eyes.
>"Very contagious, everywhere but here, whatever we can, next question?"
>You hear yourself growling.
"As if you'd be happy with any of those answers...."
>"I'm very happy, already, thank you."
>Fuck this brat.
>You turn yourself to look back out the chariot, seeing a small community below.
>Poor souls, hopefully Cadence made good on her promise to send out messengers to tell of the coming threat.
>Despite everything, you feel strangely unstressed. Sure, you're tired, and need a bath, but everything just feels so distant when you're way up in the sky.
File: There Is No Hope.jpg (1.6 MB, 5074x2838)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB JPG
>But there's flying ones, too.
>"Awe, I didn't upset you, did I?"
>You look back at her and can't tell if her sad face is a mockery or not.
"It's been a busy day, princess. That's all, I'm not in the mood right now."
>"That's okay, my parents say the same thing a lot."
>You snort, but quickly scratch your nose to cover up.
>"They're all like, 'you're so snarky! You should be more polite!', and on and on. Right mom?"
>She gives her mom's hoof a squeeze and she looks up at her. But you doubt she was listening to any of that.
>Flurry raises her hoof up and kisses it gently.
>"...Right. Because apparently the two nicest ponies in Equestria having a kid, results in that kid being a brat."
>Flurry huffs.
>"Hey! You're not supposed to agree. It's rude to agree with a princess when she's insulting herself."
>You sigh. For so long, it's just been Celestia and Luna giving you orders; they're both very reasonable, respectful ponies. The second you go North, you meet this thing.
"Listen to me, your highness,"
>You say that with as much sarcasm as you can muster.
"I'm not your subject and I don't take orders from you. I'm the commanding officer of your extraction team and I'm responsible only for your safety. If you want to live, you'll do exactly as I say, and keep your mouth shut otherwise. Okay?"
>The effect of your words is obvious. Flurry Heart's smile is long gone, and her ears are pinned against her head.
>She looks at Cracker, who's now paying attention to your conversation, then back at you.
>She slumps a bit with a crestfallen look on her face.
>"I was just trying to make you laugh...."
"Thousands are dead, Flurry Heart."
>She slumps a bit more.
>"... I know."
>everyone falls quiet for a while, aside from Flurry's half-hearted attempts to cheer up her mom.
>She just rocks her shoulders back and forth, whispering.
>"Don't worry mom... It's gonna be okay... We're going to see Twilight, and Spike, and...."

That's a wrap for now. I'll continue tomorrow or Monday.
Busy week, sorry. But I've only got a couple more before classes are over. I'll be writing today.
>Not being able to drink a fifth a night.
>”Halt there!”
>You stop in front of a pair of griffon guards.
>At the large doors to their palace, two armored men stand in your way.
“Is something wrong?”
>”The building is closed to… visitors.”
>He’s actually reaching down to his sword.
“Have any family in the city?”
>That’s not-“
“Because I noticed at least three cracks in the wall. You won’t have time to get any loved ones out… that is, unless I can deal with your little leadership conundrum.”
>The other guard speaks up:
>”There is no issue with our leadership, pony!”
“Then I guess I’ll be on my way then… enjoy being overrun.”
>”We will not-“
>The first griffon speaks up:
>”What do you mean?”
>Your men give a swift punch to the back of the griffon’s necks on your word.
>As they slump to the ground, you figure that they’ll be out for a few hours.
>Enough time to do what needs to be done.
>After moving through enough hallways, and having your men knock out enough guards, you found the griffon throne room.
>The King’s throne was actually pretty impressive.
>Ten feet of solid engraved gold.
>But the boy was quick to address you, and you noted that he had no elder advisors present.
“Your majesty, if I may?”
>”… What?”
“I think you need a time out.”
>As your men flap their wings and spring forward to engage the griffon guards in hoof to claw combat, you move up to block the king’s escape.
>He was quick to run towards the closest door, but you were quicker.
>With your sword at the boy’s throat, the fights quickly subside.
>As it turns out, he was all talk…
>But he is the sole heir to the griffon throne, so even the most steadfast guard realizes that you have the fate of the dynasty in your hoof.
“Now, I’ll be taking over the defense of the city. In entirety. A few of my men will be escorting you from now on, and I expect any officers you’ve had imprisoned will be released and placed under my authority.”
>Well done Flurry, you’ve overthrown a government within an afternoon.
>Uncle Anon would be proud.
>Or he would have done it within an hour…
>Still, you have the leader of a nation at the edge of your sword.
>And by extension, a nation itself.
>What could possibly go wrong?
I'll be properly back in the groove soon. more tomorrow
“Die Musketenkugel macht ein kleines Loch. Die Kanonenkugel macht ein viel gröẞres noch. Die Kug-“
>”Must you insist on singing- no, this is screeching- these horrendous pieces?”
“Would you prefer something more… Soviet?”
“What was that? Soius nerushinmyj respublik svodnykh, Splotila naveki Velikaia Rus.”
>You’d like to say you sang those lyrics, but it was more of a screech.
>”STOP! Just stop… please.”
“Did you just say please?”
>Harvey remains silent.
“Maybe I have gone too far…”
>You’ve reached the edge of the ravine.
>It’s such a stark difference.
>Looking forward, you could take one step and be in an empty plain of endless grasslands.
>Right now, you’re in a huge canyon.
>But to the front, it’s a strict dichotomy.
>This should just be in your head… transitioning from a steep canyon to a huge plain.
>Harvey should be able to explain what’s ahead of you.
>If he stays aware of the situation.
>>If he stays aware of the situation.
Thats a pretty big if there, somethings going to fuck up guaranteed.
Good to see youre back Thingywing.
You motherfucker! I missed you real hard man, glad you're back and alive.
>thread made back in March
>about to be may
Yeah it reminds me of those halloween threads on whatever board it was. Onr of them lasted about 2 years.
File: Princess of War WIP.jpg (142 KB, 1000x795)
142 KB
142 KB JPG

Okay, I lied when I said I'd be back sooner. I bought a new game and have been busy with other stuff.

But here, Thing. I'm making you a new drawing. Dunno what it's really gonna be yet, but this is what I have atm.
why is her horn small
Just cause of her mane Anon.
A little too poof today.
stop leaving us hanging faggot.
It usually never rains here, but when it pours. Man it pours.
>"Yes me."
>He shoves you to the ground and his hoof transforms into a sharp blade.
>It's tip inches from your throat.
>Eyes locked in a death-stare waiting for the other to blink.
>Every second that passes feels like an eternity.
"How long are you going to drag this out."
>As he holds the glare, you see a tear well up in his eye.
>"I can't do this anymore."
>His hoof returns to normal and he walks deeper into your home.
>He sits down on your sofa and rests his head on the hoof-rest.
>"This is a nice place they gave you, nice and rustic for the *ahem* new look."
>Is this really the same Maverick?
>You watch him carefully for any kind of deceitful intentions.
>For the moment, he actually seems docile.
"What do you want if not my life?"
>"Come over here and I'll tell you. And get out of that ridiculous getup."
>You trot over and take a seat on a stool across from him.
>As you sit down you transform into your pastel-self.
>He quickly winces at your sight.
>"Egad I forgot about that. Do you have anything less bright?"
"You want to talk, let's talk. Why did you come?"
>"Where was I supposed to go?"
"Go? GO? I don't even know how you are even here! I killed you!"
>"Let me tell you what happened after you tackled us into oblivion."
"You expect me to believe you? After everything!"
>With a sigh he bows his head letting his horn reach out to you.
>"Then let me show you."
>You're still a little weary.
>After all this is the same changeling that tried to kill you.
>However his face shows a great deal of remorse.
>Reluctantly you step forward and he presses his horn against yours.

>A bright light.
>"I was dead."
>Pure white surrounds you.
>A void.
>Nothing but one little dot on the invisible ground.
>"It was in this moment I saw everything with perfect clarity."
>It slowly comes into view and you see it's a ghostly form of him.
>"I saw everything we, I had done."
>You see him get up, and try to walk about but he can't.
>Something is keeping him in place.
>"All the sorrow."
>Around him, other ghostly figures begin to appear out of the void.
>"All the destruction."
>As they become more visible, you see they are creatures.
>Ponies, Griffons, Yaks, Dogs, even a couple you don't even recognize.
>"All the death I had brought to this world."
>Each creature is marked with some fatal blow.
>"All the innocents I have killed."
>While more of the ghostly creatures appear, the ones already spawned begin closing in on Mavericks apparition.
>"All the horrible and perverted crimes I have committed."
>As they got close, black shadows extended from their bodies and began wrapping them around Maverick's.
>"I realized what I had down with my life. That I had wasted it on doing evil."
>The black shadows engulf his body.
>He contorts and squirms in protest, but it's no use.
>They force him to the ground and slowly begin wrapping around his head, only letting his eyes and mouth be uncovered.
>"I was in despair. I cried and begged this would not be the end. That I would get another chance to right my wrongs."
>The black shadows slowly begin covering his eyes and mouth.
>In the last second before he gets completely swallowed by the darkness, the shadows break.
>"Then I woke up."
>Suddenly you were back in the Badlands.
>"I was alive! However something was wrong. I was starving."
>All around is the remains of the lab.
>"Everything was destroyed. Nothing remained."
>You see him walk off into the desert going back to Equestria.
>"I was blessed with another chance. A new opportunity to right my wrongs. However I quickly reverted back to my former instincts."
>You watch as Maverick quickly gallop towards a party in the distance.
>In shock your jaw drops.
>Because in the distance, that very party was the one that took you in.
>"I charged headfirst to you all in hopes of satisfying that unbearable hunger. Quickly forgetting the horror I just been through."
>As he closes in, you see him jump for one at the head.
>"However the world has funny ways of reminding you."
>Instead of latching onto her throat, he tumbles through her body and lands hard in the sand.
>"At that moment I felt a great pain in my gut. It was as if I wasn't even part of the world anymore."
>He wasn't alive. He was still an apparition.
>"I understood what needed to be done. If I were ever to return to living, I needed to change for the better."
>A flash takes you to the distant future.
>It's you still, but you're in your persona.
>"It was hard at first, but I didn't give up..."
>All this time he was there in the background watching you.
>Every little good deed or gesture you made to your neighbors and customers.
>He watched and learned how to be good.
>"...and it got better. With patience and hard work I began to feel myself come back."
>It flashes forward to you working on a broken doll house.
>"After some time, I began to be able to touch things."
>With your head on one side of the doll house, you can see yourself straining to reach a couple nails.
>You watch as Maverick pushes the open box closer to you letting you grab a couple.
>It flashes a couple more times and you watch him subtly help you doing other various tasks.
>"Pretty soon I even started becoming visible again! So I set out to help others."
>Flashing forward you see Maverick take form of an average Earth Pony helping others all across the city and neighboring communities.
>Each pony he helps you see him visibly shine a little more.
>"The pain I felt is long gone, along with the animosity I had. However there was one last obstacle in my path."
>A bright light.


>As you return to your living room, Maverick gets off the couch.
>"I'm sorry."
>"Sorry for the torture, the constant harassment, the 'me wanting to kill you'."
>He sighs
>"No matter what I do, I know it will never be enough. But find it in your heart to forgive a sinners wrongdoings."
>You both stare at each other silently.
>You're speechless.
>He wants you to forgive him?
>After everything he put you through!
>How insulting!
>This is like a slap in the face!
>You have the urge to turn into an Ursa Minor and tear him limb from limb.
>But you stop.
>No need to be rash or excessive.
>You take a breathe and look back at him.
>He's waiting patiently for your response.
>His face is a mix of remorse and sorrow.
>He's scared.
>Scared of your judgement.
>He really must have changed if he went through all the trouble.
>Taking revenge won't change anything.
>Even though it would make you feel better momentarily, it wouldn't be the right thing to do.
>And right now, the right thing to do is to take responsibility.
>He flinches at your sudden statement.
"We can never change who we have been."
>You see him slump a little dejected at your first words.
"However with hard work and determination, we can change who we WILL be."
>His eyes suddenly change from despair to hope.
"What you told me. What you have shown me, proves that you have changed. Maverick, I forgive you."
>With a tear of joy he wraps his hooves around you bringing you into a hug.
>You take his hoof and bring your heads together.
>As you do so you feel him become thinner.
"What's going on?"
>"We can never truly be separate. You were detached from my mind becoming your own sentient being, but you are still a part of me."
"What's happening to you?"
>"When you kicked me into oblivion, I became that detached part. With your forgiveness, I can return home. You are the main host now."
"So you're going to be a part of me?"
>He's barely visible now.
>"When you first detached I thought you were a bug, a parasite, something that needed to be purged. But you were so much more than that. You were an extension of my very soul."
>As he completely disappears you can faintly hear his last words.
>"And it feels so good to be back."


Love you Luke!
File: 1513970361548.png (403 KB, 887x960)
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403 KB PNG
This, I just want to know you havent died from an actual car accident. We're patient people, we can wait.
File: 1503696839819.png (185 KB, 483x470)
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185 KB PNG
I haven't read this in literal years.

Has flurry had her vag pounded yet?
Yes and No

I have the screenshots if you want me to post them...
no thanks, I'd rather read it myself one day.

>mfw got like 5 books and this and all of the Austraeoh series to read and enjoy but I have too much study and keep stressing out about it too much to enjoy playing dota, the other thing that relaxes me
It's non cannon, and not in the pastebin, so if you change your mind, just let me know.
Post'em pls
File: New_Years_Special_1.png (52 KB, 1237x624)
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File: New_Years_Special_2.png (57 KB, 1044x715)
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File: New_Years_Special_3.png (59 KB, 1234x788)
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File: New_Years_Special_4.png (53 KB, 1235x504)
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File: New_Years_Special_5.png (57 KB, 777x744)
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File: New_Years_Special_7.png (53 KB, 789x609)
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Last one.

Thx anon
I'm free now for a few months, I'll be writing tonight, just need to regain my train of thought.
File: 1510111541216.jpg (117 KB, 1090x1200)
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117 KB JPG
No pressure my dude, write when you can.

I couldn't find a good image so here's this I guess.

>You’ve taken direct command of the griffon military, keeping the officers opposed to the child King locked up.
>Most of their population centers are further to the north or west, so several reserve divisions were able to be called forward.
>While the King is young, you figured he needed some stern direction.
>His deceased parents and regents have clearly failed to teach him about true leadership.
>So you’ve brought him to the walls.
>Guns fire in the distance, and countless hundreds of griffons charge into battle.
>This particular subsection of the defense has bodies packed so high that walking is simply not an option.
>The garrison’s corpses are packed too high.
>While the odd beast body lies among the dead, the majority of them are griffons.
>You’d guess that they’re garrison troops- many of them look to be young or old, the bodies are not those of regular troops.
>Some of the defenders are barely a few years older than the king himself.
>They could have been friends under different circumstances.
“Are you happy?”
>”Why am I not in a cell?”
“Because this is your decision.”
>”If you hadn’t intrude-“
>You grab the child by his neck and push him down into the pile of blood and guts.
“If you had asked, I would have sent tens of thousands of able bodied soldiers here to defend your city!”
>Even if the child broke away from your grasp, you have pegasi ready to catch him.
“Look at them! Children and elders! They didn’t have to die…”
>You notice that he’s looking to the sky- above the corpses.
>”They sacrificed themselves for-“
>You push his focus onto the gore of the bodies.
“Because you didn’t care to think about your actions.”
>You have his beak barely inches from half eaten intestines of a young troop.
>He pulls away- and you let him as he throws up over the wall.
>Glancing over to one of your guards, you speak:
“Get him to a cell.”
>You continue to order the troops as you address the King:
“If he doesn’t care for his own people, then I will.”
>As a pair of soldiers take the young griffon away, you can’t help but think what a great parent you’d be…
>Throwing a child into a pile of blood.
>Criticizing that the young and old were sent into battle, despite the fact that if Canterlot was under the same attack you might do similarly.
>You’re not sure what’s worse.
>That you forced the boy to look at it, or you might have done the same.
>Only if the stakes were high enough, but still…
>You’ve clung to ideals so adamantly and for so long, but honestly you’re afraid of what will happen to you if ideals fail.
>Hovering over this dead and quiet portion of the siege, you look out to the greater battle.
>The walls are being held, and griffon troops are pressing forward in the skies.
>While they drop grenades and launch charges from the air, many are still being killed as they strike down.
>Thousands of wings striking down, and hundreds never returning back to the skies.
>How better are you?
>You might say that you’re simply working with the forces available, but…
>Wave might not have issue with the bloodshed present, but you do.
>All this death just to preserve a status quo.
>Once to every man and nation, comes the moment to decide.
>Thunder might be right.
>Even if thousands die in an offensive, how many will be saved from and endless defense?
>The minotaurs have been directly attacked.
>The griffons have been directly attacked.
>Equestria has been directly attacked.
>To say ‘I’d follow you to Tartarus’ has been the greatest pledge of service.
>Now, you’ll have to call upon those who’ve pledged that oath.
>The men scramble to stand from their poker game.
“At ease.”
>They’re all old guard Sergeants and Lieutenants.
>Soldiers you’ve served with.
“Alright boys… men. I know all of you well, and I trust each of you with my life. But you al deserve to know, what I’m about to suggest is not condoned by command. If any of you have an issue with that, go ahead and leave. Tell the generals if you want. I won’t hold that against any of you.”
>None of the troops budge.
>One of them even speaks up:
>”Thunder, Sir. Most of us have followed Anon after he said those exact words. I think we trust you the same.”
>”Me too.”
>”Hey, I became an officer by following those words…”
“Thank you. All of you. That means a lot.”
>One of the older men then speaks to you:
>”So what’s the mission?”
“You know the enemy. You’ve all probably faced the enemy.”
>A younger mean then lets out:
“No pony else seems ready to actually fight.”
>The eldest then asks you:
>”So when do we march?”
“Just like that?”
>”My cousin died when the hit Baltimare.”
>”My sister was in the Crystal Empire.”
>”I don’t want my family in Manehattan to get hit.”
>You look to the youngest:
“What about you?”
>”A quick death or slow extinction? I’ll take quick.”
“Good enough for me.”
>You pull out a chair and sit down with the others.
“So, back in Vanhoover they left an opening. It’s sealed now, but nothing a bit of explosives can’t handle. Now I’m not saying that this will win the conflict, but I can say that it will deal a substantial blow to the enemy.”
>A Lieutenant speaks:
>”How substantial?”
“Hopefully enough to make a difference. I want to hit them where they live and breed. Head down there and plant enough explosives to shake Tartarus to it’s very core.”
>They youngest replies.
>The kid is at least a couple years younger than you.
“I need some commanders. Ponies ready to lead others into the depths themselves, and able to inspire the men under their command to keep on marching.”
>You take a look at the men.
“You’re all lifers. We don’t have any other long term plans. Only the defense of Equestria, so that no other pony has to lay down their lives… I won’t be soft- you know what the casualty rates are, and we’ll be fighting on their turf. So, are you in? This is the last chance to walk out.”
>”Just give the word.”
“Alright, here’s where you need to be…”
More tomorrow
No bully
whew bumperino anon.
Oh shit we're marching into hell now, shits gonna go down. Good to see you again mate, how you feeling? Wonder if Anon ends up in Tartarus and meets them there?
Minecraft rules, 1 meter in tartarus is 8 in Elysium
What do you mean? Is that a reference of some sort?
In Minecraft, 1 meter in the Nether is 8 in the overworld. I called equestria Elysium because I confused this story with e one on TiM
Don't be such an autistic spazz
Oh I get what you mean now, dont really play minecraft so I forgot about the distance thing. Thanks.

I wanna know what it was
Alright, in the past 36 hours I've had two 5 minute cat naps. Updates coming soon
Hahahahaha, what have you being doing mate? Study?
>8 hours

sleep tight.
Passing out on the computer is one of my past times too.
>Three days in the plains.
>Harv wasn’t joking about carnivores jack rabbits.
>You spent hours running from and punting the buggers away.
>And Harvey spent the next day laughing about it.
>Still though, you can’t argue his use.
>Before you got a decade restored to your life, he was able to make your middle-aged as efficient as it was in your prime- maybe even more effective.
>But now?
>If you were back in an Equestrian battlefield, you’d be a force of nature.
>That’s not saying much given your history, but you understand what you mean.
>It’s a figure of speech!
>Are you having a conversation with yourself?
>In your mind, no less.
>Why does that one speak with a vaguely English or Australian accent?
>Oi, ya ckeeky lil-
>You pinch the bridge of your nose then shake your head.
>You’re losing it.
>Not sure if it’s due to this place, or housing the ‘Spirit of Chaos’ in your head is causing you to lose it.
>Lose it… it means go crazy, nuts, insane, bonzo, no longer in possession of ones faculties, three fries short of a happy meal, wacko!
>”Are you okay?”
>You’ve stopped walking.
>And Harvey noticed.
>Must be around midnight.
>Pretty bright out- there’s not a cloud in the sky.
>But something is moving quickly, blocking out your view of the stars.
>The wind is to your back.
>And it’s moving towards you.
>And growing in size.
>In fact, a large portion of the sky in front of you is now opaque.
>A large aerial creature is charging at you with claws or talons.
>You’d guess it’s the size of a young adult dragon.
>Enough to pick you up in a single hand, if it has hands.
>You take two large paces to your right then dive, rolling away from your standing position.
>Despite the encumbrance of your pack, you manage to follow through on the dive and end on a knee.
>A large feathered wing goes just over your head as the beast collides with the ground.
>You can see the creature’s head pivot to face you.
>Two large eyes focus on you, as the ground still trembles.
>It is an owl.
>Must be two or three stories high.
>But it feels the ground quake as well.
>And its immense wings shoot out, taking off from the ground.
>You reach your hand down to the pommel of your sword, preparing to defend against the owl.
>There’s no proper cover here and you can’t outrun an airborne enemy, so you’ll have to fight this one out.
>While the enemy flies off, you still feel the ground trembling.
>It’s not just shaking.
>The earth beneath you is collapsing.
>Actually collapsing.
>Like an arch that’s lost integrity.
>As the ground starts to crumble, you stand up from your kneeling position.
>In the starlight, you can clearly see a crack in the ground between your feet.
>Your step over to the leftmost piece of ground, which is large enough to actually stand on.
>Where your right foot was on, the ground is completely falling away into dozens of shards smaller than your own foot.
>But the ground you’re on is pretty firmly intact.
>So you’re riding it down.
Back later today (fug, it's 6AM)
House and yard work for various family as it's early summer and I'm an able bodied man. Also house sitting for one of them on vacation (the dogs take up a lot of time)
Less of passing out, and more of being physically unable to continue.
>You can feel the wind against your face.
>It isn’t wind, because you’re just moving against the air, but it’s all the same.
>After the bit of ground hit what was below, it continued to slide down surface.
>Rock grinds against rock as you brace for the eventual-
>As your ‘ground’ breaks apart when it hits the end of the slope, you’re tossed to your front.
>You fall onto your elbows as dust shoots out and coats your surroundings.
>That’ll tear your sleeves.
>And cut your forearms.
>When you finally stop moving, you have a moment to view your surroundings.
>You glance up the steep slope where you came from.
>There’s a hole in the ceiling of the cavern you’ve descended into.
>At a guess it’s a few yards in circumference.
>You could climb back up the way you came in would be a decent effort.
>Looks about three-fifty or four hundred feet up.
>Real hefty climb.
>What’s strange is that the cavern as a whole is fairly well lit.
>The only source of light should be the gap in the ceiling.
>As you look around, you can see a dimly lit series of winding spires and tunnels.
>They’re bright enough that they are distinct in the low light, but just dark enough to be foreboding.
>If you care about the visuals about the complex, that is.
>You don’t care for appearances, but the dark resin of the structures is familiar.
>If you didn’t know better, you’d say you’re looking at a changeling hive.
>But what would one of them being underground out here?
How are we doing as a thread? Haven't had the time to catch up in a month or so.
Still the same thread most likely
This one was posted March 16th
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Has our Thing finally perished?
File: 1128957254.png (101 KB, 265x269)
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101 KB PNG
>glim glam
>not superior peetzer horse that nearly killed anon
File: 138151650900.jpg.jpg (25 KB, 500x457)
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>Peetzer horse
>Not the craziest missing horse that saved Anon
>They just wanted to make me get off my ass
Hell has decent service, I'll be updating tonight
>While you wipe dust off of your shirt, you speak to Harvey:
“Think anyone’s home? If this is a changeling hive, they’d be pretty strapped for food.”
>”I thought the last of them over here all died out a few thousand years ago.”
“Could be hibernating.”
>”Not for so long.”
“Yeah, probably a ghost town. Some animals might have burrowed in though.”
>You take a few steps out of the rubble to smoother ground.
>There’s a main spire, attached to dozens of smaller towers that reach up and support the cavern.
>All of them are intertwined by winding tunnels and arches which bridge the complex together into a maze.
>If it’s anything like other subterranean hives you’ve been in, there should be a main entrance and several smaller ones.
>Just need to find a tunnel that leads back to the surface.
>The ground above was pretty flat, but you’d bet that somewhere there’s a hill that allows a steep tunnel to serve as an entrance.
>Or at least there was one a few millennia ago.
>Worst comes to worst, you’ll have to make the climb up.
“If no one’s home, what’s lighting up the cavern?”
>”Looks magical in nature?”
“How would you even be able to tell that?”
>”Do you see a fire?”
“Well what the hell’s magic doing in here!”
>”Your guess is as good as mine.”
>If the climb up didn’t look to be a pretty loose surface, you’d just go that way.
“Son of a bitch.”
>Alright, you’re going in.
>As far as you know, this hive is occupied, and you just crashed through the ceiling.
>So you draw your sword and make for the closest tunnel.
>Need to get out of sight.
>Reaching the interior, you duck into the nearest alcove, wait, and listen.
>”What are you-“
>It only takes a minute.
>Wings, changeling wings, or at least those of similar sized creatures with insect like wings.
>And several sets of them.
>You can hear them start to echo through the halls of the labyrinth.
>Pretty slow response time.
>Weren’t expecting anybody.
>Following the movement, you can hear rock being shifted around.
>The movement then continues, growing more distant.
>After a few minutes you peek out of the alcove and head back to the entrance.
>The hole you fell down has been patched.
>So much for climbing.
>You start to hear more wings.
>Many more.
>The hive’s awakening.
>Now this brings back memories.
Back tomorrow
>You continue to stalk through the twisting halls.
>It’s been slow progress, as you’ve been trying to stay undetected.
>Once or twice you were able to catch glimpses of the locals though.
>You should have been seeing a lot more.
>To guess, it’s possible that there’s a fairly low population compared to the size of the hive.
>Whether that’s dozens or hundreds remains to be seen.
>Moving up into the next chamber, you’re met with a strange sight.
>The pile of metal in front of you looks like a dragon’s hoard.
>But instead of gold, it’s made of steel.
>Swords, shields, armor.
>Some of the pieces are completely rusted, lost to the ages.
>Others are newer, looking to still be in decent condition.
>You can recognize pony, griffon, and minotaur craftsmanship.
>In the pile you think there’s an old Saddle Arabian scimitar.
>The sheer amount of metal would be enough to equip a regiment.
>All of this just dumped here and forgotten.
>But the gear had to come from somewhere.
>You then start to hear wings
>Unable to see another entrance to this room, you step to the side of the doorway and place your back against the wall.
>You keep a ready grip on your sword as you watch the entrance.
>You should be far back enough to avoid being seen by anyone going down the hall, but if they even so much as peek into the room it’ll be noticeable.
>As the sound of wings grows in intensity, you prepare to strike at anything that enters.
>But they pass, and you think it was heading in the direction you came from.
>Need to keep moving, but you have a feeling that conflict is inevitable.
File: really nigga.png (37 KB, 800x450)
37 KB
>you have a feeling that conflict is inevitable.
Pic related, good to see you back mate.
That pile of metal sounds interesting, because I certainly cant picture a changling army stealing weapons and flying them back over the water without being detected.
Updates in an hour or two
>You continue to shuffle down the tunnel, a there’s a crossroad is up ahead.
>Everything here is dimly lit with a magical ambience, but you don’t have a problem with your vision in the environment.
>Wings buzzing up ahead, you stop to listen.
>Coming from the left.
>You stop short of the intersection and get ready.
>With your back facing the wall, you look to the left and-
>There it is.
>You lunge out and slash the changeling across the flank.
>As the blade comes free, you can see two more of the bugs following behind the lead.
>Managing to bring your sword up, you hack down into the spine of the second as momentum carriers it forward.
>Then you pull it clean and step towards the third as you jab into the center torso.
>When the bug falls to the ground, you remove the sword.
>The lead is still alive.
>It’s letting out a low hum, and you’re just able to hack down for the killing blow before it reaches too loud of a screech.
>Hopefully none of the others heard.
>Or you could…
>Wiping the blood from the blade onto your sleeve, you then slide the sword into your sheathe.
“Harv, get ready.”
>”Ready for what?”
“Use your imagination.”
>You place a finger and thumb in your mouth, then let out as loud a whistle as you can.
>You then start to run down the corridor the changelings came from.
>Let’s see where they came from.
>The tunnel continues for a short while before declining a bit.
>On your right, a changeling is coming around from another hallway.
>As you keep running, it just hovers for a second while staring at you.
>It stares just long enough to close the distance.
>You reach forward and grab onto its head, bashing it against the wall.
>And it cracks and squishes against it.
>While you let the body fall to the ground, you’re face to face with a half dozen other changelings.
“Howdy boys.”
>You’re then peppered with beams of green magic.
>No sell.
>You shrug before reaching for your hatchet.
>Then you reach your left down to your dagger and keep it in a reverse grip.
>They fired again, and other than one which was right in your eye and a bit bright, you’re unfazed.
>Running forward, you lodge the axe between the lead changeling’s eyes.
>As you dislodge it from the falling creature, you lunge to your right and stab down into the next one’s neck.
>While that one start to fall, you let go of the knife momentarily to grab it in a normal grip.
>Letting the blade slip free itself via gravity, you hack over to the left and land the hatchet into another’s shoulder.
>One of the bugs started to fly at you, teeth ready to bite.
>You jab the knife up into its throat, and twist the blade.
>Then throw the axe at the fifth, it hits into the creatures eye and gets deep enough for a killing blow.
>The sixth and final changeling then took his moment to turn and fly away as fast as its wings could carry.
>Walking over to your axe, you free it.
>Then continue down the way the straggler went.
Still writing a bit tonight
>In the halls, you encountered a couple dozen scattered changelings.
>You just finished a group of four that came from what looks to be a larger chamber.
>What’s strange is that you should have been swarmed by now.
>Especially considering what you just stepped into.
>This room is the size of a small gymnasium, and it looks like there are three or maybe four stories to it.
>The walls are all lined with eggs.
>A fairly fresh brood, they slimy sacs are only about the size of a football.
>Why aren’t you being attacked by every drone in the hive right now?
>The semi-transparent orbs are glowing with a faint green aura.
>They’re being fed.
>All through the room, changeling magic stands like a miasma, slowly entering into the developing cutch.
>What could be more important than their next generation?
>Must be a couple hundred eggs in the room; they’re spaced pretty far apart.
>A room this size could hold a few thousand.
>You stop to watch the flow of the magical mist.
>It has to be coming from somewhere.
>”Up there.”
>Harvey makes himself visible to you; he’s pointing up to a tunnel that’s up a flight of steep steps.
“Yeah, it looks like it’s coming from there.”
>”After you.”
>You set your weapons away and continue on.
>The tunnel was short, and leads to an even bigger chamber.
>And this one is… discomforting.
>The room is circular in shape.
>At the bottom, where you came through, it’s maybe fifty feet in diameter.
>A shallow slope starts to rise from the edge opposite you, a path that widens out forming what would look like a coliseum in terms of shape.
>It must go up about five or six stories.
>At the top the room must be about two hundred feet in diameter.
>On the walls of the bottom floor and going up the spiral, hundreds of small alcoves are indented in.
>They’re all filled with-
>You’ll come back to that.
>At the center of the room lies a pedestal, about three feet high.
>There’s an octahedral crystal, glowing bright green and slowly spinning on its point.
>From it the mist flows back into the hatchery.
>And it’s drawing the energy from the alcoves around the cavern.
>Each of them has shiny black webbing keeping in the occupants…
>Ponies, griffons, even a few minotaurs.
>All with their backs pressed to the wall.
>Their eyes are wide open, glowing green.
>There are relaxed grins on their faces.
>You wave a hand in front of the closest one’s eyes.
>You walk by some of the alcoves.
>Looks like the changelings have turned this room into their pantry.
>These people must have been here for-
>You recognize him…
>One of the Royal Guard.
>One of Shining’s men.
>You’re getting them out of here.
>Turning, you head for the crystal in the center of the room.
>It always has to be a crystal…
>Lots of them.
>You see changelings filter into the room from the higher levels, hovering above you.
>Then you hear someone set down behind you.
>”My, my, you are a strange animal.”
>She must be the queen.
>You turn to face her, and as you do, you can see her jagged horn glow.
>”Quite… strange… indeed.”
>She stands about eye level with you.
“I think you’ll find that magic doesn’t work on me.”
>”That’s why we’re talking.”
“And I’m sure that if I were to drop a pin, you’d teleport away before it hit the ground.”
“So you have something to say?”
>”You do know that it’s impolite to break into my home and kill so many of my children.”
“Doesn’t look like you’re being very polite to your… guests.”
>”Of course I am.”
“Pray tell?”
>”You’ve seen how… hostile the surface can be. In here, we’ve achieved a… symbiosis.”
>More like parasitism.
>”I shelter these poor lost souls from the world. Sustain them far longer than they could ever hope to live. They live out all their hearts desires and want for nothing- never feeling even the decay of age until they eventually pass while surrounded by their loved ones. In exchange, they sustain my family. I think that’s more than a fair trade.”
“And we’re talking because?”
>”You’re clearly a traveler on his way. Leave my home, and we’ll lead you back to the surface and even help you well along your path. You may be immune to magic, but other creatures are not. I’m sure my assistance would be quite the boon.”
“I’ve killed a lot of changelings. It would be nice to have a queen on my side for a bit.”
>”So we have a deal?”
More tomorrow
>He starts his work, you can hear the wings around you start to slow.
>You can even see some of the wings move in their individual motions instead of a blur.
>The queen could teleport before a pin could hit the ground.
>But you can move quicker than that.
>You reach up and grip the changeling’s horn with your right hand.
>Then thrust your left arm behind her mane.
>And while you pull in with the left, you shove back with the right.
>Her horn begins to get the faintest glow as you snap the neck.
>Harvey then lets time return to normal speed.
>Letting go of the queen’s limp body, you reach down and draw your sword.
>Griping with both hands, you turn and swing into the crystal- shattering it.
>The magical aura fades.
>With it, the prisoner’s eyes stop glowing.
>You can start to hear them questioning their surroundings.
>”Wha… what?”
>”Where am I!”
>”Get me out of this thing!”
>Meanwhile, you have sixty-odd frenzying changelings drones to worry about.
>You swing at the closest that dives in towards you.
>That’s one…
Nice update friend.
Poor buggy's
>Anon has personally been genociding the changelings for decades
Is Field Marshal "insect apocalypse" Anonymous /ourguy/?
File: 1419907895614.jpg (12 KB, 284x276)
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Haha good one anon
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t. insect
>You swing into the next changeling before hacking into another on your right.
>As the enemy swarms around the chamber, you notice a red beam of magic come from an alcove to strike one of the changelings.
>Some of the unicorns aren’t helpless in there.
>You throw up your left arm as a changeling swoops in.
>It wraps its jaws around your forearm, digging the teeth deep.
>Pulling your sword back, you jab it into the gut of the insect.
>You push the body onto the ground, noticing another approaching.
>Striking it with your right elbow, you knock the bug to the ground.
>As another changeling swoops in, you slice into its wing, sending it tumbling down.
>Pacing over, you take the time to deal killing blows to the two enemies you sent to the ground.
>While you fight off a new pair of attackers, a couple more magical attacks are shot from the imprisoned unicorns.
>They’re managing to make a small dent in the enemy numbers.
>You punch one of the changelings in the snout as it charges in.
>Blood flows out of your left arm as you strike.
>Following through, you stomp onto its head.
>You strike at another as you maneuver yourself out of the immediate group of bodies.
>As you get to a clearer patch of ground, you hear someone let out a deep roar.
>One of the minotaurs has broken free.
>You’re able to look over as he jumps from the second level, crushing a pair of the changelings beneath him as he hits the ground.
>Tossing your sword into your left hand, you draw your hatchet with your free hand.
>The minotaur grabs another changeling from the air and crushes it against the floor.
>He looks up as you toss the axe to him.
>Immediately he hacks at one of the many bugs flying around him.
>Leaving you to get back to your own attackers.
>All while the ensnared unicorns take potshots at the airborne targets.
>With a final hack, your sword lodges itself into the side of the last changeling.
>As it falls, you inspect the bodies.
>That’s all of them.
>The minotaur, however, is puffing out his chest as he approaches you.
>Really intimidating buddy…
>”What are you?”
>You slide your sword into its sheathe.
“The guy who just saved all of you people.”
>”Never seen anything like you before…”
>One of the other minotaurs then yells down to him:
>”Let him be, you fool!”
“How bout we get the rest of these guys out?”
>He just grunts as he goes to rip the other minotaurs free.
>You head over to the pony you recognized.
>He seems to recognize you too:
>”You’re… Shining’s protégé, right?”
“What happened to him? Is he in here with you?”
>”No, we got separated a month ago.”
“You’ve been missing for over twenty years…”
>”What? That’s impossible.”
>You take out your knife.
“Hold still.”
Back tomorrow
>With the prisoners free, they started dividing into their groups.
>From Shining’s group, there’re four dozen survivors.
>A dozen minotaurs that went on an expedition almost five centuries ago.
>Fifty-three griffon mercenaries that got separated from their pony employer about sixty years ago.
>And about a hundred seventy ponies from an older expedition.
>They’re almost two hundred years out of time.
“Alright people! My name is Field Marshal Anonymous; I am the supreme commander of the Equestrian military. From what I’ve been able to gather, the changelings here were preserving some of you for feeding for well over four hundred years.”
“Tell me, what possible reason could I have in lying?”
>You though not.
“I am here, because Celestia and the other princesses have been infected by a parasite from over here. I’m going to kill it at the source.”
>You hear some murmurs about ‘other princesses.’
>Most of them only knew Celestia.
“You all have a choice. Either come with me, or strike out on your own. But first, we’re getting equipment and getting out of this hive.”
>You though not.
Missed a t on the end. Anyway this is bizarre, I knew there'd be an explanation for the weapons stash and such, but didn't really see this coming. Damn imagine that, one day you're happily strolling through wherever you are, then bam, you wake up and find out you've been some creatures juice box for 500 years.
fixed the typo.
It was something I had thrown ideas around for awhile, but decided to implement.
>After leading the survivors back to the pile of arms and armor, Harvey took you into your mind.
>”So what do you intend to do with our…”
>He can’t find the word to describe it.
“I figure they’ll be coming along.”
>”Firstly, some of these people are centuries out of time. Add that to what the East does to most pony’s minds…”
“I’ve led men through blizzards in the frozen wastes of Yakyakistan and through sandstorms in Saddle Arabia. I know how to keep soldiers sane… mostly at least.”
>”Second is the old saying about armies marching on their stomachs.”
“Most of them are ponies… ponies can eat grass…”
>”Well they might not be happy to hear you’re on a one way trip.”
“What are they going to do, swim back to Equestria?”
>”They’ll slow you down considerably.”
>”… You just want to play general again, don’t you?”
>”Don’t kid yourself.”
“Harvey, I am a consummate professional.”
>”But what are you going to do about me!”
>You wince as he yells.
“I can hear you just fine…”
>”I don’t think I can go back to being ignored for so long in the day.”
“Oh shut the hell up.”
>”You’ll miss being able to banter at will.”
“Yeah, yeah. So what’s really on your mind about all this?”
>Harvey sighs.
>”I can monitor your mind, but if any of them get infected you’ll only be able to tell when the knife is already in your back.”
“Harv, you know that I’d be able to take each and every one of them in a fight.”
>”They’re all going to die, you know.”
“Better to die on their feet rather than wasting for God knows how long.”
More tomorrow
>With the last of the survivors picking out gear from the hoard, you think back to the some of the alcoves you freed them from.
>Many of them were still occupied by bodies.
>A couple were just skeletons kept in place by the thick webbing.
>But there were dozens in various stages of decay.
>Not like the usual rotting corpses you’ve seen through.
>By the end, they looked completely drained- almost like they were dehydrated.
>No maggots even ate away the flesh.
>The bodies were just left to dust away.
>Presumably they cleaned out alcoves when new ponies were captured.
>From what you’ve been able to overhear, it sounds like the years spent under the influence of changeling magic had passed like a dream.
>You’ve had to assure more than a few people that so long has actually passed.
>Some of Shining’s generation had vouched for both you personally, and to prove that time had indeed passed.
>But as you watch the last minotaur fish out a large axe, you then address the group.
“Okay, I haven’t been able to find a tunnel out of here. The hive is underground, so we’re going to have the unicorns blast a hole in the ceiling, then the griffons and pegasi will start ferrying us out of here.”
>You reach for your canteen, and then take a swig.
“Pass this around, thanks to the beauty of magic, it’s a virtually limitless supply of clean water.”
>You toss it to the closest man, then start leading them through the winding halls.
Thing. I love ya man but you have to end this story. Get your life back
It's too late for that.
>You say to the pair of griffons who set you onto the ground.
>The sun is just starting to rise.
“Alright people! Listen up, gather round!”
>You were the last of the group to be brought up to the surface.
“That everyone?”
>Glancing back into the hole the unicorns made, you can’t see any stragglers.
“Okay, I’m not sugar coating anything. We’re all trapped over here, and any ships you had to bring you back have long since left or been destroyed. There’s no boat coming for me either. You’ve all seen what it’s like over here. If you want to go your own way, pick a direction. Me? I’ve got a mission to complete, and I’m not promising anything, but there might be a way home at the end of it.”
>You see Shining’s men hold still, safe to say they’re with you.
>While the griffons and minotaurs talk amongst their own groups, the other ponies start to look at each other.
>Then a voice speaks out from further into the crowd.
>”That will be enough chatter lads.”
>A unicorn steps up towards you.
>He’s got a pure white coat and a fairly long silver mane.
>“Lord Anonymous, I am Sir Surehoof Sterling, Captain of this expedition.”
>You thought you’ve dealt with the last foppish noble in the military long ago.
“I’m not a Lord. Celestia offered me titles twice, but I turned them down.”
>”Well Commander, I-“
“Field Marshal.”
>”I’m not familiar with that rank.”
“It means when we invaded Saddle Arabia, I directed all of the generals and admirals.”
>”We invaded Saddle Arabia?”
“Just a few months ago, Equestria was invaded by a coalition of minotaurs, griffons, yaks, Arabians, zebras, and dogs. I won.”
>”Quite the tale.”
“Would you also believe that I rode into battle atop a manticore?”
>He stares at you for a moment.
>”You almost had me going for a minute.”
This might be it tonight, need to double check some stuff
>One of Shining’s men then speaks up:
>”Um, Sir? Captain? I don’t know about these wars, but I can attest that he’s taken out thousands of changelings across multiple hives with very little in the way of support.”
>You then address Sterling:
“Look Captain, if you’re with me, you’ll be following my orders. Is that a problem?”
>”I suppose it isn’t…”
>You look over to the griffons.
>There doesn’t appear to be a single leader, but they haven’t flown off.
>While they nod at you, a minotaur approaches.
>Brown hair, but greying.
>He offers a hand, which you shake.
>”Professor Bronze Fortitude, at your service.”
>You actually recognize that name.
“You wrote a book on the translation of ancient minotaur into your era’s script, right?”
>”So you’ve heard of my work?”
“It’s still regarded as the foundation for learning the old language. How did you get out here?”
>”Archeology. I’ve spent decades searching for the ancestral homeland of my people, and after all possible locations mainland had been thoroughly exhausted, I was funded a voyage over the sea.”
“Well I’ve encountered a couple things so far that you’d probably like to hear about.”
>”If it’s all the same to you, I’d like to join. I’ve already lost over a hundred men to this cursed place, and separating doesn’t seem to be in anyone’s interest.”
“Glad to have you.”
>You then address the group as a whole.
“Okay! Fall in behind me, keep a decent distance between yourselves, but don’t stray too far. Griffons and pegasi break yourselves into wings of ten or twelve and get you’ll start taking turns scouting around. At midday we’ll rest to graze and hunt. Get the canteen back to me so if someone needs a drink they know where to get it.”
So how long until a Manticore attack takes out half of anons army?

What the fuck are you talking about he kills dragons for fun, and that was before the fountain.
if anything perhaps he might be over the loss of Fredrick to get a new, more ferocious, manticore friend.
Yeah but now he's got a whole army of 200 something year olds he's got to manage. How many of them are gonna get killed by Manticore? Or our friend the zombie?
So Anon basically kills changelings for fun, eh? Kinda makes me wonder how he'll react if he ever found out that changelings can actually become good.
You're right. That might be... Interesting.... But we haven't seen any kind of good changeling in this world, nor did the Canon universe for thousands of years so it's probably safe to say Anon might make changelings extinct before they find one

Sorry for the past few days, some shit came up. I'll be back to writing tomorrow.
After I established that Anon routinely cleared out changeling hives earlier in his career, the writers went and reformed them. So I worked it in somewhere awhile back that they ended up relapsing... I think I worked it in, maybe I only mentioned it a comment after that happened in the show.
If it wasn't explicit enough, the way the stasis worked is that the victims virtually didn't age, but would eventually die after being drained for a couple of their species' respective lifespans.
>Implying that they won't all immediately die to swarms of carnivorous jack rabbits
I think he meant that Anon can only personally protect so many people at a given time, so inevitably there will be severe casualties.
Also Anon raised Frederick since he was a cub, he's irreplaceable.

>kills changelings for fun
>kills dragons for fun
Less for fun, more for profession and that he's caught in a such a cycle of death that if he ever wasn't in a survival/war situation to focus on while without Flurry to ground him to sanity, he'd most likely suffer a complete mental breakdown.
>more for profession and that he's caught in such a cycle of death
With how things have been going, I honestly think it'd be kinda poetic or something if all Anon found at the end of his journey that is the cause of all the evil and wars and other bad stuff, was a mirror. It just seems like things has been going south and more brutal for Equestria ever since Anon ended up there.
>this thread is nearly 80 days old
What the hell goes on in here? End the story guys!
I still love you Thing.
We're going for a record
Wish we had more art of adult Flurry in armour.
I wish we had more adult art of Flurry.
Sorry, its 5 am, this is it tonight/morning
>End the story
500k words and counting
That makes one of us
dubs confirm record
>TFW no Flurry G F
>A fresh wave of the creatures managed to overwhelm the walls to the south.
>You managed to contain them to a few blocks near the breech.
>While a formation of griffons charge on the street below you, more harass from the sky.
>Standing on top of a building overlooking the battle, you see that one of the beasts has gotten up here.
>You jump from the roof, stretching your wings out.
>Then you dash forward, the drop allowing you to fly back up.
>Giving you a clean line on its exposed gill.
>Jabbing your sword into the exposed flesh, you twist the blade before sliding it free.
>You land back onto the roof, immediately focusing back to the street.
>Whilst bodies crash upon one another, you do spot one of the beasts rearing up- about to overwhelm a pair of griffons.
>You don’t have much practical magic at your disposal, but you shoot a beam of energy down onto it.
>It’s just enough to daze the creature long enough for the griffons to skewer it with their spears.
>From behind, you hear a griffon yell to you:
>The griffons immediately take flight, and as the last few get above the houses, you look back.
>You had the soldiers lug some eighteen pounders from the palace.
>Two of them are aimed down this road.
>The first gun fires a massive charge of grapeshot into the enemy forces, eviscerating at least a dozen of the beasts.
>Then the second fires soon after, killing more and wounding ones further towards the wall.
>You hear another gun fire in an adjacent street.
“Press forward and retake that wall!”
I'll be sitting down to write in a couple hours
Lovely, cant wait mate.
>With the enemy front lines bloodied, the griffons in the street make a charge forward- some running, others flying low off the ground.
>But the couple hundred troops that flew up to avoid friendly fire hammer directly down on the surviving creatures.
>As waves of flesh and steel collide, the streets below quickly turn into a disorganized mess, with no true battle lines.
>You begin flapping your wings to get a better view of the breech.
>While the immediate bulge into the city is dispersed and being swarmed with griffons, more still are climbing the walls, ready to pour in.
>A couple of squads of grenadiers are making low passes over the field in front of the wall, dropping their explosive payloads.
>But the isolated wings aren’t doing much to stem the tide.
>How are there so many of these things?
>They just keep descending from the mountains.
>You look back to the griffons in the air behind you, and whistle.
“With me!”
>If they aren’t contained now, then…
>You soar over the street, leveling with the top of the wall.
Back in a couple hours
>Lining up with one of the beasts that’s about to clamber over the battlement, you pick up speed and jab your sword into its lower jaw.
>While it tumbles off the wall, your attention is drawn to the creatures surrounding you.
>On your left, a trio of griffons charge at one of the animals.
>But on your right, you’re on your own.
>The beast runs forward, prepping to pounce.
>Just as you prepare your sword to strike- it stops.
>Dead in its tracks.
>The ones behind it have as well.
>You glance over the wall, to see that the entire hoard has stopped.
>In an instant, the entire battle has paused.
>Other than the sounds of griffons still attacking.
>You can hear a faint hum emanating from all around you.
>It’s coming off of their gills, you think.
>Like they’re all speaking… or being spoken to.
>The pause only lasts for a few seconds, and once it stops, you see the creature in front of you turn and leap over the wall.
>In the fields, the swarms are all turning and moving back to the mountains.
>Around you, you can see many to the griffons standing or hovering, dumbfounded at the sight.
“Keep hitting them! And get men in the air to follow their movements!”
>At the very least, they’re regrouping for a larger assault.
>All you know is that while this battle might be over, the siege will continue.
>It’s been a long day on the road.
>Well, there are no roads here, but still.
>Eventually, you reached a fairly large river.
>Forty-odd feet across.
>At your insistence, you had the fliers and magic capable members of your group ferry people across.
>The water is too murky.
>Mud makes it impossible to see even an inch or two below the surface.
>You’re standing right on the edge of the water.
>One of the ponies, from the older expedition, approaches.
>”You’ve been standing there for ten minutes.”
>You reply back in a hushed tone.
“Give me your spear.”
>You reach your right hand out, not taking your eyes off of the water.
>As the haft is placed in your palm, you tighten your grip around it.
>Then keep watching the slowly flowing water.
>You jab the spear down, using it as in impromptu harpoon.
>It definitely hit something big.
>Twisting the weapon, you start to fish out the target.
>A snake’s head is coming out, anaconda by the looks of it.
>Bastard must be at least five hundred pounds.
>The spear went just below the base of its skull, a clean killing blow.
>It’s still squirming though…
>The head whips back, freeing itself from the spear.
>As it flips back into the water, and a full sized alligator springs from the water.
>Firstly- you’re not sure what to describe the creature as.
>Much like a chimera, its main body is a gator, but its tail is that of an anaconda.
>You’re not sure if the snake’s head was used like an anglerfish’s lure, or like a submarine’s periscope.
>Secondly- you do what any sane man would do when charged by an alliconda…
>You can finalize the name of your B-movie title later.
>Throwing the spear to the side, you drop to your knees and start to wrestle the animal.
>You get both of your hands under the lower jaw, and pull it upwards.
>Its momentum carries it forward and knocks you on your back, but you avoid getting your legs or arms bitten.
>Instead, you let the massive reptile crush your body, as you reach for your knife.
>Gripping it in your left hand, you start to jab into its neck.
>Until the five hundred pound mass goes limp atop your body.
>You hope the griffons will eat alligator.
>Or snake.
“Don’t just stand there; help get this thing off me!”
File: 1524380229492.gif (1.65 MB, 200x150)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB GIF
>Secondly- you do what any sane man would do when charged by an alliconda…
Had a hearty kek, goid update mate
>The walls are still covered in the… remains of griffon and Tartarus beast alike.
>The creatures are mostly intact, but the defending troops have quite latterly been torn apart.
>Some look like they’ve been half eaten.
>The cold stone is coated in blood, with chunks of flesh and organs scattered about.
>People aren’t even focused on removing the remains.
>They need to prepare for the next assault.
>In the streets below, you can see wives, parents, and even children mourning their fallen family.
>The civilians who remained are the only ones able to focus on the dead, as grim as it is.
>You said you’d protect this city, but the damage has already been dealt.
>Every battle, every siege, even every skirmish- this is what it amounts to in the end.
>Most of your coat and mane are covered in the blood of enemies you’ve killed, or the dead allies you’ve had to step into.
>In the moment, you didn’t even register that with each step of your hoof, you were stepping through the blood and entrails of the dead.
>Back in the war, you didn’t exactly hate the griffons, or minotaurs, or Saddle Arabians, or anything else that fought against you.
>But you didn’t exactly mourn the reports that came back about estimated casualties inflicted on the enemy.
>Since you started to actually lead people to their deaths, you know that you didn’t cause any of the conflict.
>You did what you had to in the situation.
>And you don’t shed a single tear for any of these things from Tartarus.
>But all of those stories from your childhood seem like nothing compared to what’s here now.
>Nightmare Moon’s return, Discord’s reign of chaos, Changeling’s entrapping the world under their spell.
back tomorrow.
>How do any of those things stand up to thousands of deaths?
>Tens of thousands of deaths.
>And with each and every death, dozens of people are affected- dozens of people are broken.
>You don’t even know what they’re going through.
>Everypony you’ve lost has that uncertainty behind it.
>Yes, your mother is infected by the parasite.
>Yes, your father has been missing for decades.
>Yes, Aunt Twilight has been gone for almost as long.
>But, somewhere there’s that slight possibility that they’ll come back.
>The people holding their dead family members in their arms don’t have that slight possibility.
>Just… finality.
>And more have died in war in the past decades than all of previous history combined.
>That’s not even the worst thing though…
>Before this year, you pushed for representation and levels of democracy.
>You wanted reform.
>Now… you’re not sure what’s more important.
>That the people have a say, or they have their lives and families left intact.
>What scares you the most… is that you’re currently leaning towards the latter.
>That you detested absolutism until you were the one in charge.
>Even if you’re free of the parasite that corrupted the other Princesses, who’s to say you won’t end up the same?
>Where does the line between principle and reality need to be drawn?
>And after how many deaths does it need to be decided upon?
>Going back as far as you can remember; you heard the same message over and over again.
>That you’re special, and were born for a reason.
>You just wish you knew what that reason was.
fuck me
>quite latterly
should be 'literally'
my bad

also, look. y'all deserve to know what's been going on. Suffice it to say, I was in the hospital a week or two ago. Nothing that serious, I'll be fine. But, the med they put me on have made it a bit harder to let me focus on writing in big chunks.

It's weird. I know exactly what I want to write, but when I sit down to actually do it, it just doesn't come out.

But fuck me, in the past few weeks, I've (re)discovered that you anonymous faggots that keep this story alive are honestly the best friends I actually have. While that doesn't mean I'm going to extend the story indefinitely, it does men that I'll give you the climax and ending you deserve.

t. useless cunt
Sorry to hear about the hospitalization bro. Im glad to hear you're at least out of there and hopefully doing better.

As for us, it's an honor to be in this ride with you at the helm. We're here for you, and we'll support you and your story because you're one of us you bastard. We got your back, ThingFriend

ya cunt

Sorry to hear about it man, glad you're getting better.

Like BumperinoAnon said, we're here for you. We'll keep the threads going till the end.

Uncle Stan is always watching
Did anon never tell her the story of Cincinnatus?
Updates in an hour or so
for clarification, it wasn't self inflicted in any way.fucking seizures, shouldn't be an issue with meds[/spoilers]
Well that holds a few heavy questions about satesmanship.
Before the story's immediate timeline, Anon was pretty damn apolitical. He mainly focused on meritocracy and cutting out bureaucracy/aristocracy from decision making.
A fair argument could be made as to if his high command was staffed by friends who happened to be decent/good at their jobs, or if they were decent/good at their jobs, and became his friends because of results.

In the story so far, Anon has been fairly neutral when it comes to governance, he only cares about results and security. Meanwhile, Flurry is the one who championed liberty and self-determination. With her attempts at representation resulting in imprisonment and oppression from the state.

Mixing that with literal apocalyptic scenarios, state authority becomes less of a discussion of personal liberties and economics, and more of an issue of simple survival- as, for example, conscription would not be as touchy of a subject when the alternative is being eaten alive.

Further, Anon's stories mainly were about leaders who either had absolute control (such as Alexander as a monarch), or succeed in spite of the restrictions and limits put upon their forces due to government interference (such as Hannibal as a general). (that's an oversimplification, but I hope it makes the point)
sorry about the spoiler fuck up
>Sitting around the fire you’ve set up to cook the gator, you cut off another slice of meat, skewer it on a stick, and hand it over to a griffon waiting for his meal.
>Took a damn long while to get enough wood for a proper fire, but the griffons were able to find an old dead tree further south.
“So anyway, that’s about all you guys have missed.”
>You’ve been telling them their people’s recent history.
>One of the mercenaries, Geoffrey you think, then scoffs.
“Hey, don’t blame me. Your people started the conflicts with Equestira.”
>”Nah, it’s not that. I just don’t see a future where we would even be able to field an army.”
>Yeah, that’s fair. Things only for worse in Griffonstone since you left, greed’s a hell of a motivator. In my eyes, it only makes what Queen Gilda did more of an accomplishment. Shame her successors threw it away.”
>A griffon raises a paw, and then motions it towards his mouth- imitating drinking.
>You reach over and grab the canteen, then toss it to him.
“Also, it’s nice to have some meat in the belly. Ponies always get… sheepish if I eat it near them. Damn, no I just want some veal.”
>Geoffrey then quips to you:
>”I miss steak.”
“Now look, in my world, cows weren’t sentient, here they are…”
>”Medium rare…”
“Bit of pepper.”
>”And a nice thick cut, enough to taste the difference all the way to the center.”
>You hold up your gator skewer.
“Least this isn’t that bad. I’ve had to survive off of far worse.”
>After you take another bite, you speak again to the griffons:
“So what exactly is your story?”
>”Not much to say. Rich earth pony paid most to our families up front. Then went and died from diarrhea a few weeks after landfall. Tried to make it back to the boat’s rendezvous point, but got entrapped by the changelings.”
“So the poor bastard came out wanting to make a name, and ended up shitting himself to death?”
>Some of the griffons chuckle at the morbid humor of their situation.
>”Don’t suppose the boat’s still waiting.”
“If they are, they’d deserve that century or so of interest.”
>”Wish that was waiting for us…”
“Hey, when we make it back, I’ll pay you each your share three times over. Adjusted for inflation, of course.”
>”I’d settle for just making it back to a warm bed, but now that the offer’s on the table…”
“Way to live up to your species’ stereotypes Geoffy boy.”
>”Well someone has to keep up the tradition.”
More tomorrow
>You saw a young girl.
>She couldn’t have been more than six.
>Hunched over a griffon’s body.
>Half a griffon’s body.
>His lower torso was just… gone.
>Intestines were all that remained below the point where feathers gave way to fur.
>And she was crying.
>Calling out for ‘Papa’ to wake up.
>Even though he wouldn’t.
>Each and every fiber of your being wanted to walk over and comfort the girl.
>But you couldn’t bring yourself to actually speak to her.
>You couldn’t face those tears.
>What does that say about you?
>You’ve sent hundreds- thousands of people to their deaths before.
>But the sight of a single crying child…
>Sends you…
>So much blood.
>You’ve found a nice isolated alley.
>Even though your coat and armor are covered in the blood of ally and enemy.
>Why does can’t there just be… peace?
I feel you mate, its horrible when it happens, plus you get banned from driving. What meds are you on?
Sorry, nothing tonight.
>tfw have a day with grill I like tomorrow afternoon
>tfw no one could ever love me...

>Banned from driving
Doc said I can't go shooting for a few months, that's what's really annoys me
But also
>Implying that changes shit.

Unironically, I'm on a form of keppra, some generic version.
What do you shoot, Thing? You hunt or just target shoot?

File: rarity_gun.jpg (267 KB, 1280x1086)
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267 KB JPG
>Doc said I can't go shooting for a few months.

Happy 90th day up heart of war thread. I think you guys broke a record
Sorry, busy few days with work.And a date or two I'll try to get something out tonight.

Also, who do you people like for the world cup?
Just at the range, no good hunting locations near me. Hunting is definitely want to get into though once money allows for trips, or I manage to move into a more rural area.
>Rarity with a glock
I can't imagine her with anything less than a high end H&K/Sig, or a pristine Luger or c96.
>A mod purged all the bumps when we were at like 450 posts a month ago
>Our dedicated necromancers are board approved
File: 1019283.jpg (42 KB, 402x604)
42 KB
The MED man is the epitome of male dominance and masculinity.

Let’s start by looking at his body. His body is large. His domineering size makes his presence known without him even needing to point himself out. He is muscular, as a result of his high levels of testosterone. This gives him the appearance of health and strength. He is then covered by his olive skin. This olive skin reminds us of his ruggedness, a feature that developed due to being exposed to the scorching sun of the mediterranean, made to withstand such an extreme condition. It also has a psychological effect on the observer. The olive skin reminds us of our dark, deep desires that emerge from our primal subconscious past.

The MED man’s demeanor is one of alphaness. He is dominant, assertive, and can be explosively aggressive. His behaviour strikes fear into the more timid, cowardly races of man(n*rd dogs)

The summit of expression of his masculinity on his body is his penis. The MED penis is largest of all the races. As the penis is the penultimate symbol of manhood, this alone would suffice to make the MED man the most masculine of men. This large penis is able fulfill the desire of the neediest of women, being able to more than fill all the recesses of the vagina. Its length ensures that when it ejaculates, the potent MEDITERRANEAN seed will immediately enter the womb of the woman the MED man impregnates.

In total, the MED man expresses this masculinity in a most exemplary manner in bed. When he fucks, he unleashes the entirety of his lusts and desires upon his partner without any restraint.

All this is the reason why the MED man is the epitome of masculinity.
Who the h is the MED man?
My guess is a mod sees us as a quiet general and would rather leave this thread up as long as possible.maybe a mod likes your story Thing Nice to see the mods do it, it's much appreciated.
I'm not sure if this is a new type of shitposting or if you're actuallu trying to compare medlets to the mighty Field Marshall Anonymous. Pro tip: you cant
I'm guessing it means mediterranian men or something.
n*rd subhumans , how does this make you feel?

You could have a completely homogenous community of middle class n*rds. A nice town with almost no crime, an all round good community. However because of the weakness of the n*rds all it would take to destroy this community is one MED bull?

Just imagine, it’s a nice sunny Sunday afternoon, imagine the bustle of this 100% n*rdic town until suddenly a couple of MED BVLLS walk up. Women would feel more attraction to these superior, strong bulls infinitely more than their pathetic n*rdoid husbands. Every woman would be begging, grovelling to be impregnated by these overlords, the new kings of the town who earned this position with nothing but their superior presence. And these bulls wouldn’t stop until every girl was carrying their children, the n*rd women’s original children would probably be neglected. Who the fuck would want to raise these inferior children? They are only going to turn out like their fathers.

The Men? The men would flee after realizing how futile their attempts at winning back their wives attraction would be. They would flee to Japan where they will try to win over FAS looking ugly Jap girls because they are the only things disgusting and lonely enough to accept them. Many would probably be rejected after the Japs hear of their shameful and dishonorable display, even they probably would have killed themselves to avoid the shame.

Back home in the once nice town, every woman will be raising their MED children and will be queuing up for their second or maybe even third pregnancy. They wont stop until they hit menopause, because they know deep down that their purpose is to populate the world with superior MED BVLLS who will then move on to destroy other towns. This is REAL colonization. You can’t take over a place without winning the attraction or respect of the people, that method will always collapse.
“Come on you bastards know how it ends!”
>”É quest il fiore del partigiano. O bella, ciao! Bella ciao! Bella ciao, ciao, ciao, ciao! É queso il firore del partigiano Morto per la libertá”
>Meet centuries old people.
>Teach them Earth’s communist/partisan songs within a day.
>God, you’re a bad influence.
>Are you…
>Thinking in greentext?
>It’s been decades since you’ve even seen that stuff…
“Y’all have a few pronunciation issues, but nothing that bad. Hell, you’re better than most of the troops I’ve led. And I’ve led a lot of men. Still, a shame that there aren’t any decent marches or fighting songs from your world.”
>Professor… Fortitude, that was the name!
>He steps over to you.
>”A most fascinating language.”
>He then proceeds to speak a couple sentences of fluent- what you assume to be Italian- to you.
“Uhh… Look, I only know the songs… and the expletives. Were you really able to decode the language from that?”
>”Call it a gift.”
“Hell, that’s a damn miracle. Arrivederchi, associazione sportiva roma, el perro esta en el horno.”
>”I don’t understand.”
“… Exactly.”
>”Are you having fun Anon?”
>Harv pops you into the white void.
“As a matter of fact, I am.”
>”Well, if what I’ve seen is indicative of how progress will be, you’re moving at roughly a sixth of the pace you had while alone.”
“Since when were you such a stick in the mud?”
>”I’m just stating a fact.”
“And I set you up for the perfect ‘well at your speed, it’s you that’s the stick in the mud’ counter!”
>”What’s wrong with you?”
“What’s wrong with me! What’s wrong with you?”
>”I’ve never felt saner!”
“Just think about that a moment… saner.”
>Harvey visibly shudders.
>”I don’t think we’re good influences on each other’s psyches.”
“Well what can we do? The Anon & Harvey Power Hour has been running smoothly for a lot of seasons now.”
>”What? Did you just lean on the fourth wall?”
“Look, seasonal decay is a natural part of any syndicated series’ life. I’m sure you of all people know that.”
“With all the TV you’ve been watching in my head.”
>Still though, this has serious implications.
“Look Harv, you were still only half of Discord, right? And you were always the better adjusted half, so how bad could things get?”
>”Well if this… imprinting continues, it might… no. I’m confident there can’t be permanent damage. To put it simply, my brainwaves are still completely distinct from your own.”
“How confident is confident?”
I'll be back tomorrow
>”It means that as long as nothing seriously fries your brain, our minds won’t become inseparable… Though, that’s not to say that either of our personalities can’t individually become mentally scarred.”
“So you’re not confident.”
>”On your end, I think your brain is just having some issues dealing with the extra load. And I suppose… it’s possible that my lack of agency in the real world has been a calming factor. To be frank, it somewhat reminds of memories from being a statue.”
“You were just as crazy when you got unfrozen.”
>”Like you said, I’m the better adjusted half… and this is all baseless speculation.”
“Great. So what are we supposed to do?”
>”Other than getting me back into my body, I’m not sure there’s much we can do.”
“Well okay… You know something’s wrong. I know something’s wrong. So let’s just keep each other reminded about that.”
>”I’ll try to keep you on the old straight and narrow.”
“Do you think toning back on how you’ve been influencing my mind to- look, if you stop working like amphetamines to me, would that help?”
>”Oddly enough no. I’ve been able to optimize things to an extent that if I were to-“
“Yeah, yeah. I get it.”
“Hey, I am a professional. I still know what I have to do and how to keep those people alive.”
>”Just please don’t get us killed by wrestling the local fauna.”
“Well if I did, you’d never shut up about it in hell, so I’ll try to avoid death.”
>”That’s… probably the best I’ll get out of you.”
>You can feel him connect inside you.
>Like a missing piece to a puzzle.
>A perfect fit.
>You take a deep breath of stale air.
>Some of it gets caught in your throat and you cough.
>The cough turns to a hack.
>Need to open a window.
>You don't exactly feel different, but something in your gut feels strange.
>It stirs and swirls.
>It reminds you of back at the lab above Canterlot.
>Only...a little worse now.
>As you get to the window the pain shoots to your head.
"What's *Ugh* happe-"
>Your quickly interrupted as you vomit onto the floor.
>It lands with a splat splashing some onto the tail end of the curtains.
>The smell is terrible and it only makes you feel worse.
>Something isn't right.
>You wait a second and brace yourself against the couch.
>You have to think quickly.
>Taking your hoof, you morph it into a sharp blade and dig deep into your side.
>It stings, but you can't think of that now.
>Deeper and deeper you take it until you finally feel a bump.
>Carefully you change the tip of your blade hoof into two delicate appendage-like tweezers and take hold of it.
>Then you yank it as hard as you can.
>It slips the first time and you feel it try to dig itself deeper into you.
>Not this time.
>You barely grab it again before it escapes.
>Carefully pulling it out, you can feel it trying to squirm away.
>Desperately clawing at your fleshy insides trying to make an escape.
>All in vain.
>Pulling it out you reveal him to the world.
>At the tip of your pincers is a Lancet Liver Fluke.
>A parasite.
>Normally these things are harmless.
>If infected by a normal fluke, usually your diet would change to something with lots of sugar to help sustain itself.
>At most you would be 'directed' to move to a warmer climate where it would be more comfortable in your body.
>However, if it reached your spinal cord, it could spread and take control of your entire body.
>And you know exactly that's what he was going for.
>Throwing the creature hard onto the ground, you turn your arm back into a hoof and swing it down to stomp on it.
>Before you can crush it, Maverick transforms back into his changeling self and blocks your hoof with his.
"Neat trick turning yourself into dust like that."
>"Only way I could truly get inside you undetected. Once in it was just a matter of putting myself together."
"You went through a lot of trouble to get me to lower my guard. Nice touch with those visions, I actually almost believed you changed."
>He swings a punch to you but black it and throw it back at him.
>"You DID fall for it, I can feel you. We are one. And that's the only truth there is about us. You are going back, dead or alive. I don't care anymore."
>He gets up, you see his back leg is hurt.
>That must've been the part of him that you grabbed on to when pulling him out.
"Ironic how you became the parasite."
>"Seems the only way to beat a parasite is to become one."
>Stepping back from him you cover your wound with your hoof.
"I'm tired of hearing you talk."
>Not too bad.
>Minimal blood loss.
>"Well I'm tired of looking at your pastel face!"
>He turns his hoof into a blade as do you.
>You barely block back his blow as he lunges at you full force.
>The tip barely catches your cheek and cuts downward to your neck.
>If you were any slower he would've completely skewered your face.
>"Why are you so persistent? Do you actually think you can change any of this?! That they will look at us any differently than before?!"
>He swings wildly at you ignoring his injury.
>"That just because one changeling turned back all will turn? They hunt us down like wild dogs!"
>You carefully back away narrowly avoiding his swings.
>"You achieved nothing!"
>You back into a cabinet just as he is about to swing again at you.
>"Without me, you ARE NOTHING!"
>As his sharpened hoof comes forward, you quickly swing open the cabinet door onto it.
>His blade smashes into it lodging itself in the center of the hard persimmon wood.
>Not before the very tip comes through the other side.
>It pierces into your chest just enough to force you to fall onto your back.
>He struggles to free his hoof momentarily.
>With a vigorous tug, he rips the cabinet door from the cabinet and smashes it in two pieces onto the ground.
>Then he points his hoof at you.
>"One last time bug. Relinquish my body, or die."
>He cautiously points the tip toward your neck.
>As you lay there, you notice something.
>He made the tip of his bladed hoof, blunted.
>It's really subtle, but being this close to you, it's easily discernible.
>Does he really not want to hurt you?
>You think back to him attacking you.
>From the first pounce at the door he could've easily ended your life.
>But he didn't.
>He held back his rage to go through that complicated plan.
>All to just get inside you.
>Then you think back to the fight.
>A lot of his swings were sluggish.
>He definitely had plenty of openings to quickly finish you, but not once did he even try to take them.
>You look back to him.
>His face looks desperate waiting for your answer.
>He needs you alive.
>You stare him back in the eyes.
"I know why you failed."
>You carefully reach your hoof for one of the broken pieces of the cabinet door.
"You always missed one thing. Love."
"Compassion, empathy, kindness...Friendship."
>"Stop your blabbering and decide!"
"All of your drones, all your partners, you would give up on at the first sign of failure."
>You slowly move up to get on your knees.
"Nopony to lean on in times of trouble. Just you."
>"STOP! Get back down!"
>You take the broken door piece and slam it into the side of his head.
>He falls onto his back dazed from the blow and you quickly get on top of him to restrain him.
"I AM MY OWN PONY, with friends who care about me!"
>He lays there stunned at your words.
>Then you here a light sound.
>Almost a whisper.
>A chuckle.
>His chuckle slowly evolves into a laugh.
>Then it turns into a hard laugh.
>"Seriously? Is that it? Friendship?"
>He lets out an even harder laugh.
>"You are so naive. You know they don't like you."
"T-that's not true."
>As he talks you can feel your grip on him begin to weaken.
>"Think about it, everypony you ever met. You honestly think they worked with you because they liked you?"
>"The Zebra, the Griffons, even Roxelana. They only needed you for an end goal. A task at hoof."
>He tosses you off of him and he gets up to his hooves.
>"We both know the truth. They were just using you. Stop dreaming! Nopony loves you. Nopony cares for you."
>"Just step back, let me in. And everything will return to-"
>You turn your hoof back into the blade and lunge at him.
>Vigorously you stab him in his chest.
>And over.
>And over again.
"And I am NOT YOU!"
>Maverick's body falls against your wall and slumps down.
>His force causes your clock to fall from the wall.
>The intricate timepiece shatters when it hits the floor.
>You can see he's still breathing barely.
>A choke comes from his throat.
>Then a whisper.
>"This...this will not be the last time you heard from me. I will return again."
"And I'll be here to stop you again."
>As his last breathe exists his mouth, he dissipates completely.
>Leaving you alone in your ruined home.
>You limp over to the kitchen to grab the first aid kit in the drawer.
>As you patch yourself up you look around.
>Everything is a mess.
>Your cabinet is ruined.
>Blood stains on the floor and walls.
>There's an uncountable amount of items randomly tossed about as well.
>You sigh.
>No use leaving it be, best thing to do is to hit it right away.
>As you take your first step however, you hear a crunch.
>Lifting your hoof you see bright red chippings and a shattered wood.
>It was the caboose you were painting.
>You carefully lift it up to see what's salvageable, but you already know you're going to have to remake it.
>Another chore for the to do list.
>You take it in your mouth and head for the trashcan.
>When you drop it in, it lands with a smash at the bottom.
>What a waste of fine craftsmanship.
>Closing the lid, you hear a pounding at the door.
>You unconsciously turn your hoof back into the blade.
>Prepared for whatever else Maverick has to throw at you.
>"'Cadie', it's me. Roxelana. I heard noises, and screams..."
"Oh it's you Roxelana."
>Automatically you turn your head to the clock, but you're greeted with an empty space on the wall.
>It's late, way past the time she usually is supposed to be home.
>"Is everything alright?"
"Yeah, it's uh...nothing. Where have you been?"
>"I was at the station trying to get them to give you more leniency. Things got boiled over a little and well...let's just say the time just escaped me."
>She rattles the handle on the locked door hoping to enter.
>"A-are you sure it was nothing?"
>"You can tell me if anything did happen. It's alright."
"I know."
>You wait silently for her reply.
>"Are you going to leave me out here or are you going to open the door?"
>You crack open the door and slip through, quickly closing it behind you not letting her see the destroyed interior.
>"Hey what are you do- What! What happ- What is with your-"
>She keeps stuttering looking at your sight.
>You didn't bother changing into your persona.
>Instead you walked out in your full natural pastel form.
"Roxelana. Please be honest. Do you like me?"
>"Do I...That isn't something important right now! You...your hurt! This isn't nothing! You said it was nothing!"
>She puts her hoof to the slash across your chest.
>You stop her frantic worrying and sit down on the front steps.
>Raising a hoof you invite her to join you.
>She carefully sits down next to you still concerned for your injuries.
>You both sit in silence and stare into the dark.
>There's not a lot of activity in the boondocks of Vanhoover.
>Plenty of stars out.
>A cool breeze.
>It feels wonderful on your stinging cuts.
>You can hear all the trees and crops from the neighboring farms rustle when a large gust comes through.
>As you both enjoy the summer night, you see she's calmed down considerably.
>Then you peg the question again.
"Do you like me?"
>She gives out a sigh.
>"After everything that's happened. Everything we've been through. Why do you think I'm still here?"
"I-um...I'm sorry, I just-"
>You're not sure how to answer her.
>She gets up from your side and stands in front of you.
>"Ever since we met, you endured countless abuses. Not just from me but several others as well. Good or bad. Changeling or not. You did what you thought was right. That is what truly matters."
"Roxelana, I..."
>"So yes, I do like you."
"That's all I need to hear."
>You get up and give her a big hug that she happily returns.
"You wouldn't get bored? By the way things look, we'll probably be here for a long time."
>"Looking back, I believe we have had enough excitement in our lives. Besides, the wife of a humble shopkeeper doesn't sound too bad."
"Not too bad at all. So what were you doing at the station?"
>"You know the ponies in town talk. They say you're weird. Strange. Always staying inside. Never coming out. Rumors are spreading that you're hiding something. I was hoping if you can come out every now and then they'll stop talking."
>She blushes a little.
>"Plus it would be nice to have a little company whenever I go into town."
"A little change of scenery does sound nice, but for now let's get inside before some random pony sees me."
>As you open the door, Roxelana's jumps at the sight of the destruction.
>She turns back to you with a bit of ire.
>"Nothing huh?"
>"Explain. Now!"
>She stamps her hoof hard on the ground.
>The force causes another car from your train to begin rolling.
>It's little wheels creek slowly before cascading off of the table and crashing onto the ground.
>As it shatters one of the pieces slides across the floor and lands in front of your hooves.
"Just get some rest. I'll clean this place up."
>"*Sigh* No. Your coming to bed. We'll talk about all of this in the morning while we both clean it up."
>You climb up the stairs and get into bed.
>Once you hit the mattress. Exhaustion completely overtakes you.
>Yet you still can't sleep.
>You keep thinking about Maverick's last words.
>I will return again!
>Can he?
>In the moment you were so sure of yourself, but now you don't know what to expect.
>You toss and turn in the dark finding no relief to your troubled mind.
>As you come back to the right side of your bed, something greets you.
>It's soft and warm.
>As you get close the smell of something sun-kissed greets your nostrils.
>Opening your eyes, all you see is your dark room.
>As they adjust, the silhouette of Roxelana begins to appear before you.
>She's laying beside you sleeping peacefully.
>Her body slowly rises and falls with each breath she takes.
>Occasionally a cute little snort is let out.
>When did she even come in?
>Nonetheless a sudden calmness overtakes you.
>Not like before whenever Maverick would try and take over.
>This time it feels like actual serenity.
>As you lay back down in bed, you put a hoof around Roxelana.
>She doesn't stir a muscle, but her breathing stuttered at your touch.
>You can't tell, but you're sure she's smiling right now.
>Closing your eyes the worry you once had dissipates and you surrender to the night.
>As your mind drifts closer to dreamland, you are left with one satisfying thought.
>With the friendship and love you two share, you can face anything this world has to throw at you.

The End.
Hey Luuuuuuuuke!
Thing, this has by far been one of Hell of a ride and I'm happy to be part of this great amalgamation of a thread.
I felt bad for the sparse updates so I decided to just write a bit everyday until my story was completely done. I just got a new position at work and it ruined my whole writing schedule.

I love you, Stan, and all you lurkers and bump friends.Especially the mod who deleted all my fucked up undeleted bumps.

Can't wait to see what comes next for our trio of protagonists,especially Flurry but for now I'm going to finish reading your Archaeologist story.no hooves

Shit man, GLaD you're okay.

Love you too Luke. I'm sad to see your story end, but at the same time I'm glad you ended it. So many greens don't get finished these days. I enjoyed the ride buddy.

>I'll be back tomorrow
Please don't say that Thing, every time you do it seems like you dissapear for a few days... ^;<
Can't wait for more man, keep it comin'
Well now that you mentioned it, I'll have to go awol for a week.
Luke... you've finished. I'm proud of you buddy.
Also the fuzzy ending is a nice contrast to the despair and descent into madness themes going around right now in mine.

>what comes next for the trio
Well, given your dump today, I feel obliged to get out a fair bit tonight, writing now.

sorry to say I never got back to rereading that story. Again, I'm pretty sure I'd hate it due to my choices in writing style and such
>You could have told him about your plan.
>He might have even helped you.
>Be an actual leader for this mission.
>But you couldn’t take the risk.
>He’s a good friend and mentor to you, but at the end of the day he’ll side with Lancer and the others.
>Then one day, as you sat in the palace gardens, you noticed something.
>The leaves have started turning.
>If this continues much longer, it’ll be a winter war.
>The nation is already so spent, the people too tired, food stores getting too low.
>And to even stand a chance, Equestira is mobilizing to a higher degree than ever before.
>Decades of on and off total war have had too much of a toll.
>You have to stop it.
>Or at least try and stem the tide.
>Then, you thought about Call.
>He’s the best friend you’ve ever had, the brother you never had.
>Which is why you couldn’t tell him either.
>Because he’d insist on helping.
>This is a mission you don’t expect to return from.
>Call was crushed before- he lost the love of his life.
>And now that he might just have found something new, you can’t take it from them.
>You owe him that.
>A loud train whistle awakes you from your slumber.
>You lean up from the wall you were leaning on, to look at the pair of Lieutenants standing next to the bench you’re on.
>Boxer and Whiskey, both earth ponies.
>They’re some of the Old Guard officers you trusted to join you.
>Before you address them, you shake your head, and glance out the window.
>Late afternoon over endless plains.
>You snuck away with three thousand troops last midnight, borrowing a few trains from Canterlot.
>And the engines have been running as hot as possible.
>Well, much hotter than recommended.
>But you needed speed.
>You look over to Boxer, a heavier built pony with a white coat and black mane that can’t be grown out more than an inch.
“What’s our status?”
>”The sixth train had to slow down, engine almost blew.”
“How long will six through ten be then?”
>”An hour or two behind schedule.”
“Shouldn’t be that much of an issue.”
>You then look to Whiskey, average build with a dark golden coat an unkempt mane the color of stained oak.
>His brother is the acting commander of Fort Expanse, and according to your Lieutenant, he should be willing to offer assistance.
>In both men, and more importantly the large stockpile of explosives present at the Expanse.
“Again, you’re sure the Captain is going to help?”
>”Our sister died in Baltimare when they attacked. He’ll help.”
>He pauses for a second before continuing:
>”Oh, and we got a messenger from Captain Night. He’s already at Expanse, waiting for our arrival.”
“Good, what’s our ETA?”
>The Lieutenants nod towards the window.
>You glance over, and can see it.
>Just peaking over the horizon, is a star fort.
>Fort Expanse.
>You were last here at the start of this spring.
>Feels like a lifetime ago.
>Multiple lifetimes actually.
>As you set hoof off of the train and into the small town that’s sprung up around the fort, you hear some of the locals start to whisper to each other:
>’What’s with all the commotion?’
>’How many troops are coming?’
>’Is- are those things out here now?’
>Walking past the locals, you see the soldiers you pass salute.
>You and your men are in your dress uniforms.
>The troops see the golden horseshoe insignia signifying your rank as a major.
>You had considered leaving the uniform behind, considering you’re effectively going rogue.
>But you decided that it’s better for the men not to think of it like that.
>You’re not rogue.
>Until a court-martial says otherwise, you’re just doing your job.
>Protecting Equestria.
>Rather than simply fly over the glacis and walls, you walk through the town with your two officers, as they lack wings.
>Thankfully, you know the way to the command building and the meeting room.
>So you led your Lieutenants into the meeting place.
>A dimly lit room, the centerpiece being a large wooden table.
>Atop it a map of Equestira and the surrounding nations, with little figures representing various forces.
>Two ponies are seated around the table, with three empty chairs for Boxer, Whiskey, and yourself.
>You recognize Captain Night.
>The other pony looks remarkably like Whiskey.
>However you’d guess he’s a few years older, and his mane is a bit longer and much better kept.
>He sees Whiskey enter, and yells over to him:
>”Yeah, it’s me Bourbon.”
>You wonder what their sister’s name was…
>Captain Bourbon then notices you and salutes.
“How much did Night tell you?”
>Night answers for him:
>”Just to expect and prepare for a few guests.”
“Alright. Night, this is Lieutenant Whiskey. And he’s Lieutenant Boxer.”
>You nod towards the table as you take a seat.
>Waiting for the others to get settled, you look to Bourbon.
“Captain, I’m Major Thunder… and let me be straightforward with you. We’re at war, and I intend to take the fight to the enemy.”
>You point to Vanhoover on the map.
“There’s a collapsed pit on the outskirts of the city that if cleared, is shallow enough to march an army down. I intend to, and bring as many explosives as feasibly possible with me. These beasts have to breed or congregate somewhere, and I ‘d say I intend to blow it to Tartarus, but it’s already there.”
>Bourbon picks up on the plan:
>”And you need my stockpile.”
“That’s right.”
>”Because this isn’t approved by command, is it?”
“No it isn’t. Look…”
>You scoot out from the chair, and stand.
“The last time I was in this room, we were at war, surrounded on all sides and with a force that could barely be called an army. And I watched as a group of people, who knew that even if it went against their direct orders, took matter into their own hooves. Why? Because it was the right thing to do- because it was what was necessary to save Equestira from being carved up and falling to tyranny.”
That's it for tonight
>You place a hoof on the map, sliding a few figures to Vanhoover as you speak:
“Now, if going against direct orders is what’s necessary to stop Equestira from being devoured from below, I’ll accept whatever punishment they want to give me… Because this is the right thing to do. It’s dangerous, and even if we live, I can’t promise to protect anypony from the consequences of this decision. All I have to offer is the promise that what we did, we did to protect Equestira. And if we die, we can die in the knowledge that even if we didn’t save Equestira, we died trying.”
>You sit back into the chair.
“I’m not asking for you to join us, or ask your men to die for this. All I’m asking is for the equipment stored here. If you want to, we can stage it so that a few guards get knocked out, and you can write it off as being stolen. Just give us the means to carry out this burden.”
>Bourbon glances over to his brother, and then his eyes dart back to you.
>”Well, that won’t be a problem. I didn’t join up to sit on my flank. My men didn’t join up to sit on their either. And sorry, but I think I dozed off a bit there. Because it sounds to me like a superior officer from the capitol is ordering me to get off of my flank, and that’s an order I’m most happy to oblige. Me and my men.”
“Volunteers only, they need to know that this trip into Tartarus is likely one way.”
>Soon after, you found yourself standing atop the walls of Fort Expanse, watching the sun set over the plains.
>What are you doing Thunder?
>What are you doing…
Oh god Thunders gonna go full akbah and blow himself up isnt he?
>Flurry Heart gets sent back in time
>Grows up to become Princess Celestia
Maybe you should revisit it after Heart of War? Archaeologist Anon Remastered?
Try it!
Writing now, updates soon.
Also, who else is Space Force hyped?
We'll just have to wait and see
>Flurry gets the Harvey treatment and is split into Celestia and Luna
I'll reread it eventually
>Space Force

Like the Air Force, but they get up from their chairs?
I love everyone in this thread. Especially you Thing
like the Air Force, but with zeroG space chairs
luv u 2
>In the past few days, you’ve had air wings saturate all of the pits they could spot in the mountains.
>However, you can’t be sure that all of them were dealt with.
>There have been a couple assaults on the walls, most small and during the nights.
>But the lull has allowed for reinforcements and supplies to come in.
>A lot of supplies.
>And you have something special planned if there’s another large scale attack.
>And you got that opportunity.
>Like most other days, you stood atop the walls, overlooking the approach.
>Tens of thousands of the beasts began the descent from the slope, trampling over the dirt and rotting bodies of those that attacked before.
>The cannons are holding fire.
>You’ve already given the order.
>As you rest a hoof on the battlement, you see a lot of griffons in the air.
>One of the soldiers on the wall next to you got the courage to speak:
>”Umm, what did you call this?”
>It’s something you picked up from Anon.
“Carpet bombing.”
>The first wave takes their positions, pairs of griffons carrying barrels of gunpowder, pitch, and oil.
>All in all, you’re dropping about eight hundred explosive or incendiary barrels.
>One was lit and allowed to fall.
>Followed by two more.
>Like a raindrop hitting still water, the payloads rippled out from the first griffons to release.
>You watched as the first barrel tumbled through the air, followed by the torrential hail of ordinance.
>The ground shakes, as the horizon begins to be engulfed by impact detonations.
>The tightly packed enemy horde are engulfed in blasts, peppered by shrapnel, and immolated by flame.
>What scattered vegetation survived wave after wave of trampling beast is surely destroyed by the sheer magnitude of firepower pummeling the ground.
>You dropped enough powder to fight a small war, capturing untold hundreds of the creatures in the bombardment.
>Most were killed, blown limb from limb.
>Others writhe on in the dirt, organs seeping out.
>The few who didn’t receive direct hits are dazed from the shockwaves and sound.
>But more are still descending from the mountains, barreling (no pun intended) towards the city, climbing over the bodies littering the no man’s land you’ve orchestrated.
>The griffons above the field begin to split off, heading to the north or south in order to circle back to the city.
>A rain drop hits your head as the midday sun begins to be blocked out by the clouds.
>Storm clouds begin to roll over the city towards the mountain.
>Toward the still advancing mass of Tartaran spawn.
>Half a league, half a league, half a league onward.
>All in the valley of death rode the six hundred.
>Well, a few more than six hundred.
>Another drop of rain hits your head.
>The clouds are almost pitch black, already nearly bursting.
>The second wave is almost in position.
>Archers fire at the scattered beasts who were first to arrive at the walls.
>You fly over the wall, yelling at the defenders:
“Keep firing! Hold just a bit longer!”
>You need to let the main body of the hoard get closer.
>And for the storm cloud to get past the walls.
>You land at the nearest cannon- all of the guns are silent.
>Glancing up, you watch for the clear sky behind the storm front.
>Looking down, you see the creatures massing at the foot of the wall.
>Some are already climbing.
>Further down, you can see the archers start to fall back, allowing spearmen to take their place.
>Back to the sky… close enough.
>Cannon fire rings out, booming loud over the field.
>A moment later, it feels like every hair on your body stands up.
>Lightning strikes then proceed to hammer the ground, and any beast below.
>Some of them are hitting dangerously close to the wall, but as the flashes and thunder cracks ring out, the remaining cannons begin to fire.
>The hell being unleashed would already have driven any conventional army to flee long ago.
>But not these things.
>With your left hand, you grip onto one of the dragon’s spines sticking from its skull.
>While you sit atop its neck, it swipes out with a leg towards the minotaur that just slashed the back of its ankle.
>You see the soldier get knocked onto his back.
>In the bright moonlight, you draw your right arm back.
>Lining up the jab, you thrust your sword into the dragon’s eye.
>You push until the cross guard is almost against the socket.
>Then you twist the blade.
>You can hear the feral creature let out a croaking roar, as it slumps forward.
>Due to your position atop it, when its head and neck hit the ground, your crotch feels the impact.
>When it’s settled, you dismount to the right, and get to remove your sword.
>The dragon crushed one of the older ponies, the only death.
>A couple griffons had some feathers burnt- they’re alive but grounded for a while.
>Walking over to the minotaur who took a hit, you see him breathing.
“You okay Rusty?”
>”I think I broke a rib… or all of them.”
>You offer your free hand, and help him to stand.
“We’ll get a unicorn to look at you.”
>Glancing over to the others, you yell:
“Medic! Get over here.”
>While you take a moment to breathe, the older expedition’s leader approaches you:
>”I say… you slew the beast with barely an ounce of help.”
“I told you I didn’t embellish any of those stories.”
>Sterling has no other words; he just inspects the dead dragon.
“Sir Surehoof?”
>”A shame we can’t take the head back as a trophy. The skull must be as large as Celestia herself.”
“Yeah, they tend to be big. Rip a tooth out if you want.”
>Looking over to the wounded minotaur, you see a unicorn inspecting him.
>Approaching, you address him:
“Your name was Rusty, right?”
>”Yeah- AH!”
>He yelps as his chest lights up with a green aura.
>You hear a bone snap.
>The unicorn immediately tries to apologize:
>She’s lucky she didn’t get punched out of reflex.
“So what’s the damage Doc?”
>”Four ribs have been broken off, another cracked… it was easier to just snap the cracked one off and reattach it.”
>”You could have warned me!”
“Ah quit crying! Doc, finish patching them up.”
>”I’m not actually a doctor…”
>As his chest lights up with the magical aura, he realizes what she just said.
>And he squirmed.
>”You’re not a whaAAH!... what… was…”
>He coughs up some blood.
>The medic is quick to respond.
>To you:
>”I’m sorry, I was trying to line up a rib, then he moved and it just punctured a lung I think.”
>Rusty manages to croak:
>”You’re worse than the dragon.”
>”You need to stop moving.”
That's all tonight
>That’s enough.
“Heads up.”
>Just before he can respond, you jab a fist into the side of his head.
>The minotaur falls onto his back, knocked out
by the strike.
“Alright Doc, do your thing.”
>”Did you have to… probably.”
>Unicorn mare, average build.
>Pale green coat, fairly short dark green mane that’s a bit spikey.
>Dark brown eyes.
>Ten bucks says she has an earthy name.
“I don’t recognize you, you one of the older batch?”
>”Uh, no. I was with Shining Armor’s group.”
“Yeah, I only knew a few dozen of the ponies he took.”
>She focus on setting and mending bones.
“And you are?”
>”Oh. Grassy Fields. And no, I’m not a doctor, just a medic. And I’ve never actually treated a minotaur before, so yeah…”
>Grassy Fields.
>Called it.
>I owe me ten bucks.
“The bits are mostly the same; just do what you can to get him back in the fight. Crazy bastard is pretty decent with that claymore.”
>”I’ll do my best… Sir!”
“As you were.”
>Now you get to show the griffons where the best bits of dragon meat come from.
>Still though, you’re now one man down.
If one were to print out this story and make a book out of it, then how many pages would it be on right now?
My word document (just of the main story) is on page 1166 at 504,794 words. Averaging 433 per page. Bumping it up from 11 to 12 font size makes it 1313 pages (average 374 per page). So somewhere between 1.1 and 1.3 k pages as novels generally have around 400 per page.
>After what felt like hours of letting the hoard break upon the walls, they still didn’t stop descending from the mountains.
>But, they were stretched thinner.
>No end in sight though.
>With so many troops here though…
>You sounded the counterattack.
>After a last mass volley of cannon and arrows, you opted to lead from the front.
>To get stuck in.
>In the blood and mud.
>The cannons still fire high and wide, into the masses still descending.
>The skies are filled with semi-stationary archers, countless squadrons of infantry descending onto the beasts, and grenadiers making low bombing runs.
>But on the ground, there are no real lines- just anarchy.
>You must be a few hundred yards from the wall, standing atop one of the creature’s bodies.
>Jabbing down into the skull of the beast preparing to attack, you see a pair of griffons on the ground skewering an enemy with their spears.
>The pair is then tackled by one of the creatures that pounced from their three o’clock.
>While claws and tooth tear the soldiers apart, more griffons from the air swarm onto the attacker.
>Looking back to your portion of the battle, you see the hoard still charging forward.
>Though peppered with arrows and shrapnel, they’re still just coming.
>As you prepare your wings, the ground beneath your hooves begins to-
>You’re standing on a body.
>And it’s not really dead.
>Losing your balance as the beast springs up; you’re tossed to the left.
>The flap you manage to get out isn’t enough to get you in the air.
>You’re sent tumbling down into one of the craters left by the initial bombing run.
This is it for the night
>As you fall, you manage to keep hold of your weapon, but you feel your left wing crush between your armor and the ground.
>Mud and blood stain your eyes as you roll to a stop on your back.
>Through the obscured vision, you can still see well enough.
>Well enough to see the jaws of another beast wide and ready to clench down on your head.
>Reflexively, you let out a short wave of magic, staggering the enemy slightly.
>Dazing it long enough to get on your hooves.
>Your wing is definitely out of commission for the battle.
>While the beast is still stunned, you slash then jab into its gill.
>Shaking your head and blinking, you try to clear your eyes slightly.
>You can see the creature that tossed you down here being dealt with by some of the griffons.
>Keeping you wing tucked tight, you make for the front of the crater, stepping through entrails and bone of the initial victims of the bomb.
>As you get view of the field ahead, you see that you’re still one of the furthest ahead.
>On the ground, there are only the allied dead.
>There’s even a griffon still being thrashed around in the jaws of one of the creatures.
>You can spot a dead pegasi too.
>By now most of the men who flew ahead with you are probably dead…
>Ahead of you the hoard still just crawls through the muck, climbing over bodies with ease.
>You’re facing them down with just a sword and utter contempt.
>When you got out of the crater, at least a dozen were within a few yards.
>One close enough to leap at you: claws outstretched, blood dripping from its mouth, and its hide coated in arrows.
Flurry is about to make the changeling nest clearing that Anon did look like fucking child's play.
I fucking hope so. It's about to get juicy
>Thread has been up since March
How do you guys do it?
>The anger.
>And pain.
>Not from your wing, you feel…
>Lightheaded, but sluggish.
>Focused but barely able to chain a thought together.
>Everything is just so…
>You feel reminiscent of when you lashed out against your mother… or when you destroyed the parasite.
>The sound is ear-piercing too: a constant whine at a pitch so high, it wouldn’t register a few tones higher.
>If you could see anything, it would probably be blurry.
>You have the feeling that everything would be unfocused.
>It seems like an eternity of this, feeling like you’re boiling from the inside out.
>Stuck in a blind sense of…
>Everything becomes crystal clear for a moment.
>You feel a release- the white opaqueness of your vision dies down in intensity.
>Instead, you see through it- the battlefield.
>It faded into a shroud, shimmering with your magical aura.
>When you first notice it, you think it’s just a shield you shot up out of instinct.
>But the reality is much more…
>The field pushes out, stretching out to encompass everything to your front, spreading out in a forty-five or so degree arc.
>It doesn’t just push pack what it hits.
>The beasts…
>Their hide was peeled off of their bodies as the wave shot out, tearing flesh from bone.
>Then even the bone was scorched and shattered.
>Everything in front of you, the living, the dead, foliage, even the landscape was eviscerated.
>Destruction on this scale reminds you of Baltimare after the Arabian siege or Canterlot after the Royalist plot.
>After you could only… sit.
>Right in the mud, your eyes watering from both the debris in them and the intensity of the light.
>You can feel blood dripping from your nose.
>Sitting there, utterly drained, you’re not sure how much time past.
>Between each breath and blink, the entire scene in front of you changes.
>First a moment of stillness, the wave of destruction barren, and the griffons stunned, and the beasts outside of the affected area dazed.
>Then more fighting- the beasts rushing back into the now cleared landscape in front of you, and griffons pressing forward in the air.
>Next, a push from the creatures, they’re getting closer to you.
>A final push, enough to push the defenders back.
>When you come to again, a beast is in front of you.
>Pacing slowly, it’s within a few feet.
>The ground is… trembling slightly.
>But the beast- you have to do something.
>You can barely do it, but you manage to stand.
>Where’s your sword even?
>To your front, you see the beast preparing to-
>A mace swings down onto its head.
>The strike sent it down to its stomach.
>The weapon is being held by a minotaur…
>Blunt Force.
>A pony runs in front of you.
>It’s Lieutenant Colonel Tide.
“Weren’t you supposed to get here days ago?”
>”The bastards harassed us every step of the way! Barely an hour after you left, they started hitting us from the woods.”
>There’s your sword.
>You pick it up and slide it into its sheathe.
“So the minotaurs got here too?”
>”And the other divisions.”
>You can see them now.
>Ponies and minotaurs are flooding from the south, closing in on the flank of the remnants of the hoard.
>”Ma’am, did that light show take a lot out of you.”
“I just need a minute… how long ago was that?”
>”Ten or fifteen minutes. Sure helped us locate you… Ma’am, you’re bleeding.”
“I’m fine.”
>”And your eyes are completely bloodshot.”
“I just need a rest.”
>You sit back down in the mud.
“Go, clean up the fight… then consolidate forces. “
bumpers delete most of their bumps, but I fell out of writing for a month or so. Readers kept it alive while I was gone, and a mod mass purged the bumps from that period after I came back.

She literally sent a nuclear blastwave as an offensive maneuver.
>My word document (just of the main story) is on page 1166 at 504,794 words. Averaging 433 per page. Bumping it up from 11 to 12 font size makes it 1313 pages (average 374 per page). So somewhere between 1.1 and 1.3 k pages as novels generally have around 400 per page.
Holy moly!
This does kinda make me wonder... If you were to print this all and make a book out of it, then do you think people would buy it? Someone did make books about Fallout:Equestria after all that some actually bought.
I dunno how well it would do in greentext format. Converting this monster to prose would be a nightmare.

If it had some dedicated artwork to go with it like the Fo:E prints did...I'd probably buy it, even if it was left in greentext...hell, I'd probably buy it without the art...who am I kiddin?
>thread is 100 days old

hahahahaha, we fucking made it.
>Implying anyone would buy an autistically long self-insert fanfic of pastel colored equines fighting a total war, running a military junta, and dealing with a literal apocalypse while their glorious leader is effectively off on a month long amphetamine-fueled safari.
HBO series when?
I played around with a prose conversion back in act 2, but even then the story was too long.
Speaking of which, I just tried to open up the prose file, and it was corrupted. I'll make sure to backup the main story tomorrow.
Does anyone actually know how long the longest non-pinnned thread here lasted?
>This afternoon was eventful.
>When your group set up camp at noon, one of the minotaurs sat down right on the opening to a Jack Rabbit burrow.
>Thankfully, a unicorn was able to set up a force field to contain the little buggers.
>Allowing you to release the swarm slowly enough to feed the griffons.
>Later when you set back out, some of the griffon scouts realized how such a large population of predators can be sustained in the plains.
>They caught a piglet.
>Ten pounds or so, with stubby legs that barely gave it any ground clearance.
>Brown skin, but the top half of it was covered in pale green hairs that stood upright.
>The hairs were remarkably similar to the grass blades that sway in the wind.
>They were even spread in identical density to the grass around you.
>For all you know, you’re surrounded by a massive herd of pigs camouflaged as grassy knolls.
>Or other herbivores equally adept at hiding.
>Makes sense that the prey animals aren’t situated to avoiding predators via disguise rather than outrunning them.
>It’s pretty damn hard to outrun a dragon or giant bird.
>There wasn’t much meat on the pig though, so you had them release the terrified creature.
>It immediately squealed and buried itself into the ground.
>The herbivores in your group were amused.
>While you heard some of the griffons formulating ideas on how to track down larger ones.
>The suggestion you liked the best was:
>’Have the ponies graze in strategic patterns until they get a mouthful of hair.’
>Hey, if it brings home the bacon…
>But what’s really looking promising is the large steel box you spotted on the horizon.
>Harvey’s next present.
“So again people, Discord left these things as sort of a breadcrumb trail for me to follow… ungrateful bastard just couldn’t give me a magic carpet to whisk me where I need to go.”
>”I can hear you.”
>He responds dryly.
“So these boxes are basically my map through this whole new world.”
>This one’s big.
>You pace around the box.
>Solid steel, no hinges or any other mechanisms to open it.
>”Just place you palm on it.”
“And he got me…”
>You place your hand on the metal, and it instantly disappears in a flash.
“A brand new car!”
>No really, it’s a-
>”What’s a car?”
>Professor Minotaur person asks.
>Bronze Fortitude, that was the name.
“Well, it’s like a chariot that doesn’t need to be pulled by anyone.”
>Harv actually got you a car.
>A Willys Jeep.
>Olive green, white military star on the hood.
>Open top.
>Spare tire on the back.
>And with a goddamned M2 Browning mounted on it.
>You’d have to be standing in the back to use it though, which is a bit of a design flaw on Harv’s side, seeing as you’d have to drive it…
>You mutter to yourself:
“I assume this one runs off of sunshine and rainbows too.”
>Harv replies and gives you the rundown:
>”Yes, and I made it so that the gun’s ammo can is connected up to a pocket dimension with a few hundred thousand rounds in the belt. If it jams, just cycle it. If you over heat it too much, it’ll stop firing to avoid melting completely.”
>You take a look into the interior.
>In the back seats, you see a rifle laying there.
>It’s a SMLE mk. III
>There’s already a sling on it.
>Next to it, you see a bayonet with accompanying sheathe.
>You pull the bolt back, appreciating how smooth the action works.
>And a small satchel.
>Slinging the rifle over your shoulder, you pick up the satchel.
>Ten bullets of .303 British.
>”Before you say anything, I’ve worked my magic on it too. For each bullet you take out, a new one will be replicated and placed inside. Just don’t watch as it happens, you might go blind. I’m serious about that.”
That's it for tonight (this morning)
>5 am update
>A jeep that never runs out of gas.
>Two guns with virtually infinite ammunition.
>His meddling with your body chemistry means you barely need to eat and drink, and you don’t even actually need any sleep.
>Add in the response time and other ways he’s influencing your performance.
>Harvey has turned your life into the video games you used to play decades ago.
>Slinging the rifle, you lean it against the jeep.
>And then proceed to take off your backpack, and toss it in the passenger’s seat.
>You place the satchel over your right shoulder so it hangs on your left side.
>Then pick up the rifle, and start loading it.
>With ten rounds in, you slide the bolt closed, and sling the weapon.
>Then reach back into the satchel to feel more brass present.
>That looks like everything.
>However the controls to the jeep are fairly anachronistic.
>A button to start the engine, speedometer, gear stick, looks like an automatic…
>You don’t actually know if the Willys MB was manual or automatic…
>Meaning Harvey wouldn’t know either.
>Fair enough.
>On the dash between the seats is a small screen.
>You’d say it’s a GPS, but you doubt he put a satellite in orbit…
>When you lean over to tap the screen, a search bar comes up with a touchpad keyboard.
>Next to the screen is a single dial, with ‘volume’ written next to it.
>”Type in any song you can think of. If it’s ever been in your memory, it’s on it.”
>He’s given you too much power.
>You must use it for good.
>Typing quickly, you then click on the first option that pops up.
>And turn up the volume.
>Too much power.
>You look back to the troops with a smug grin.
“We need to find something to kill.”
>Does anyone actually know how long the longest non-pinnned thread here lasted?
I'm a bit curious about that as well.
half expecting the next box to be a Praetor armour set and just going full DOOM in tartarus.
>By the time you managed to walk back to the wall, you had stopped coughing blood.
>You still felt like you could collapse at any moment.
>And on every inch of your body feels like something’s crawling under your skin.
>The mud and blood in your fur had started to dry.
>You eventually found an empty bit of wall, and watched the field.
>The last of the beasts were already either dead or had fled.
>All that was left was the cleanup.
>There are a lot of bodies to deal with.
>Eventually the ranking officers found you.
>There were five Equestiran divisions on the way, but two of them have remained on the road to secure supply lines.
>Leaving you with three.
>As well as a host of five thousand minotaurs and a hundred thousand or so griffons.
>Because the three ranking ponies here are all Lieutenant Colonels, you opted to leave Tide in charge.
>He is the senior of the three, and had already assumed command.
>With that settled, you looked to the griffons.
>The highest ranked officer present was only a captain.
>The commanders were either locked up or killed by the King’s men, or locked up because they were the King’s men.
>You’ll deal with them later, after it can be verified that all the pits are destroyed and the stragglers mopped up.
>After your leading of the defenses, and doubly so after witnessing your display today, the griffons went along with it.
>The strategy…
>The ponies will break into their regiments, and then fan out from the city followed by heavy griffon air support.
>A core taskforce of minotaurs and unicorns will spearhead towards the area where the remaining pits are thought to be.
>From there, the hunt for stragglers can commence.
>Due to the scattered nature of that phase, it’ll fall to smaller units to coordinate on the spot.
>So many wings in the air should help with that.
>It’ll be sunset soon.
“Proceed at your discretion. I need to rest.”
>And clean yourself off.
>Command has to have realized something’s wrong.
>You’re gone, and a decent portion of the Old Guard is AWOL too.
>They’re not idiots.
>By now they probably know exactly what you’re planning to do.
>It’s too late.
>Out here in the moonlight, the unicorns are already clearing the rubble.
>As about twenty thousand soldiers prepare themselves.
>Night’s pegasi got here before your trains did.
>Combined with the Canterlot and Fort Expanse forces, as well as some of the local garrison, you’re actually doing it.
>Taking an army to Tartarus.
>With enough explosives to level a small city.
>Everypony is carrying enough rations to last two weeks.
>Combined with some supply wagons, you should have enough to last a month.
>Once you’re below ground, the first order of business is finding a large enough space to set up a base camp.
>Then fortify that as best as possible while sending out expeditions to find the enemy staging or breeding grounds.
>With any luck, the hole they bored through the ground will lead relatively close to those.
>And hopefully the enemy activity has kept other creatures away from their tunnels.
>If there are larger animals to deal with, you’ve borrowed a few light cannons.
>Also, you had taken the time to speak to the commander of the local garrison.
>You were honest, and those staying above ground know that unless ordered otherwise, they’re to watch the mouth of the tunnel.
>And at the first sign of trouble, they’re to blow it.
>Trapping everypony who might still be alive.
>You’re not going to let the enemy use this as a chance to reopen this front.
That's it tonight
I have a special box or two planned
>A lieutenant yells over to you.
>”We’re clear!”
>You outstretch your wings and take to the air to address the force:
“Alright people, you know the job so I’ll keep this simple. If anypony wants out, this is the last chance. No pony will think any less of you.”
>You don’t see anypony leaving.
“We’re probably not coming back from this. It doesn’t matter if you’re fighting to avenge those you’ve lost, or to protect those you still have. We all have our own reasons… don’t forget them. Now fall in!”
>You set down at the mouth of the tunnel, a pair of unicorns shining magical light down it.
>Looks clear.
>Taking a last glimpse at the stars, you begin the descent.
>It’s really happening.
>For better or worse, you have no intention of returning.
>As you trot down the slight decline, you think to Winter.
>Where would you be if she had never…
>You need to focus on the mission.
>Stopping the apocalypse.
>You were doused in torrential rain.
>And now you’re in a second bath.
>The water around you is still somewhat muddied by how much filth and blood had seeped into your coat.
>So much destruction…
>Through the entire siege, at best, you sacrificed a whole eight of the griffon’s entire stockpile of gunpowder alone.
>Even if you managed to kill ten of the beasts for every griffon or pony that died, they still would outnumber proper soldiers.
>The casualty rates are simply not sustainable.
>The beasts either have a high enough population to throw tens of thousands of creatures into battle, or they reproduce fast enough to make up for losses.
>Even if one in three ponies were able to fight, they take almost two decades to mature into that role.
>Just due to the size of adult beasts, a juvenile would still be dangerous to somepony not suited to fighting.
>Even one of their infants could probably give a conscript a decent fight.
>You have to be able to make a difference.
>After all, you utterly annihilated a mountainside today.
>You don’t know how, but you were able to.
>Based on what Starlight told you, you shouldn’t have been able to muster enough force to even stun a dozen of the creatures.
Sorry, that's it tonight. I'll try to get out more tomorrow.
>But you…
>Turned acres of land to ash.
>Sure, you might be half dead right now, but you still managed to do it.
>Why can’t you control such outbursts of magic?
>Why are you so stunted?
>Twilight, Celestia, Luna, your mother.
>They all would have been able to level these armies with ease.
>Why can’t you?
>You’re a born alicorn, but weaker than any of the others.
>Everypony thought that meant something, but what if it just means you’re weaker.
>A curiosity, but just that.
>You’ve tried to lead from the front like Anon did.
>You’ve tried to be a hero…
>But every battle you’ve been in has either been won due to luck, or losing control of your magic.
>Sure, you might be able to make a speech or two.
>But what have you actually achieved.
>You lean back against the large tub you’re sitting in.
>What are you supposed to do?
>You are properly tied though.
>Enough to…
>You’ll just rest your eyes for a second.
>Just a second.
>Or two…
Flurry is op, Volvo pls nerf
>While the music plays softly, you see a pony raise their hoof.
>You take another sip from the canteen before tossing it over.
>Of course the one day you wanted to be attacked, nothing decided to show up.
>You’re currently sitting in the driver’s seat of your jeep.
>Sitting with the door open, your body facing out the door.
>Can’t really take it up to speed, so you’ve folded the windshield down onto the hood.
>The wind in your hair is nice.
>Most of the others are getting some sleep.
>But some of the lads stayed up with you.
>Even though you made it clear that you can handle watch on your own.
>”Hey Anon?”
“Yeah kid?”
>”So what’s a Texas?”
“For a while it was one of my world’s nation states. Quickly it was absorbed by my own. Overall it’s a land of proud and skilled warriors… if a bit simple by some standards. Also, they have cool hats, and that’s always a plus.”
>A couple soldiers laugh, but one of the older ponies speaks to you with a completely serious tone:
“Well, you know what pops into your mind when you picture an Appleoosan?”
“Right, Appleoosa wasn’t established in your time. Also, ponies started moving out west.”
>How do you explain it?
“See they’re large.”
>You kind of motion with your hands around your head.
“They have a large brim to keep eyes out of the sun, a little indent in the middle.”
>”I miss the past already.”
“Oh don’t get me started on modern fashion and trends. Hell, I remember conversations with my best friend about how his daughter said she was ‘born in the wrong time’ listening to some countess music or other.”
>One of the newer group speaks up:
“There will be no positive talk of pop music in this army, am I understood?”
>He remains silent.
>Another pony, this time one of the newer batch, speaks up:
>”So, commander-“
“Hey, I said to ditch pleasantries.”
>”Right. Anon. So how is it that so many of the songs your box has played have been in gibberish?”
>Gibberish being their term for non-English lyrics.
“Well, unlike your world, mine didn’t develop one that became completely dominant. Equestrian might have indisputably become the common tongue here, but many nations strove for that place in mine. Well, my language was dominant on the international stage, but hundreds of languages had their place. Your world only has a small handful of languages worth note.”
>As the song ends, you’re left with the sound of the wind.
>The way it sweeps through the small hills and endless blades of grass only exaggerate the melody.
>Whispers in the night.
>Something is out there… plotting against you.
>You’ve seen men break from far less.
>The paranoia of having to sleep and keep watch through it could drive many to lose grip of sanity.
>Then add on attacks from the fauna.
>Not everyone is as desensitized, or as crazy, as you are.
>The boys around the fire are listening as well.
“Eerie, isn’t it?”
>You see another pony walk into the fire’s light.
>It’s Sterling.
“Keeping you up with our stories, Sir Sterling?”
>He takes a seat next to one of his men.
>”Not at all, I still do not have much of a… Well, after spending more than a century asleep, can you blame me?”
“Not at all Surehoof…”
>You trail off.
>”Is there a problem?”
“Surehoof sounds familiar. You have any kids?”
>”No, however my brother or sisters might have kept on the name.”
“That’s it!”
>”That is what?”
“The Second Coast War.”
>You get nothing but perplexed looks.
“Sorry. The Second War of the Saddle Arabian Coast. Yes, we had two wars against Saddle Arabia.”
>One of Shining’s batch speaks up:
>”I knew they were planning something.”
>Whereas one of the older group responds:
>”Those desert nomads became relevant?”
“Basically, after the first war the Arabians grew resentful and wanted round two. When the second war came around, after Equestrian naval supremacy won out, several naval invasions started the first wave of assault. Portions of the Third Army were sent to directly attack the city of Alsulb.”
>It didn’t go well.
“Unlike other landing, those troops go bogged down. The battle for the city lasted over a month, only ending when I landed with reinforcements from the First Army. If I’m remembering right, Surehoof was a low ranked officer, one of the names I read in the casualty list. Sorry Sterling.”
>He responds:
>“Even if he was a great nephew of sorts, at least the family survived.”
“Well, you’ll be able to properly look up any relatives when you get back. I’m sure most of your lot are planning that.”
>The only minotaur around you speaks up:
>”So what happened in the battle?”
“Overall it was one of the bloodiest battles in the war. At the height of the battle, the Equestrians took eighty percent of the city. They got pushed back right to the beach itself, but when reinforcements landed, the Arabian forces were driven from the city before sunset. By the end, around a hundred thousand people died between combatants and civilians.”
I'll try to be back tomorrow, no promises though. might be busy
“The worst part is that the attack on the city was chosen to divert enemy forces from other landings. Arabian forces were diverted; however they had more reserves than we had estimated. Overall, if we had attacked a mile away from the city and launched a land based siege, the casualties would have been halved at the very least. It’s still one of the few decisions I regret… I could have at least led the battle myself, but I didn’t. That choice alone sentenced thousands to their demise.”
>A pony replies to you:
>”A single battle with tens of thousands of deaths?”
>The minotaur then get a word in:
>”Just like the old days.”
“Yes, the past couple decades have had more death than the past couple centuries.”
>The minotaur continues to goad the ponies:
>”See, your people are…”
>Your gaze moves to the stars.
>No light pollution at all, just an endless scape of-
>Some of them are being hidden.
>Almost like something is flying through the sky.
>Just like that in fact.
>”But it sounds like your ancestors at least-“
“Douse the fire.”
This is now a gary oak thread
Dude, Anon became a bit of a Gary Oak a long time ago. Only difference now is that he is a Gary Oak who is also a near-invincible ultra-macho American Texas man, which kinda sucks in my opinion...
I can't be the only one here who dislikes it when, after over a ton of awesome words, the writer suddenly decides to add in exactly where the MC, who is supposed to be Anon, is from, can I?
Dont know who gary oak is, but I know what you mean. I kinda glossed over it though, but I understand that it breaks the immersion of you self inserting, if you know what I mean.
Okay, so a few things.
First, the only line that implies nationality is>>32576025 when he refers to Texas being absorbed by the US. 'quickly it was absorbed by my own.' However he refers to Texans as 'they' implying a non-texan american.

The scene was meant to be reminiscent of this bit from Anon's PoV from Thunder's wedding:
>”So what exactly was that?”
“Katyusha, it’s a Russian wartime love song.”
>”Who are the Russians?”
“Tough men that are one quarter bear and survive entirely on Vodka.”
>She looks terrified at the thought.
“It’s just a joke.”

Reiterating that Anon, as the only human present, portray earth however he wants provided he does it with a straight face. As well as hinting at Anon's further slip down the rabbit hole due to his overall demeanor.

Checking through the story, it's never explicitly been stated what nationality Anon is. When infected by the Parasite, one of Anon's hallucinations was a road trip through the American midwest towards a vacation house in the Rocky mountains while another had him as a college student from 'suburbia' and was not a southerner (as his roommate was one). During an early Harvey dream, Anon refers to Harv's voice as being 'some sort of British', however it could be chalked up to Anon's subconcious accepting the wild west narrative of the dream. However, Anon refers to Call as having an 'English accent' implying that Anon is not an Englishman. Another Harvey dream has Anon recognizing a 40-50s era Chicago.

Overall, it's been implied that Anon is from somewhere in America, however mainly in dream/dreamlike situations. However, after 26 years in Equestira, any national accent he arrived with could have potentially faded, and his 'english' is a generic Equestrian. Seeing as he's also used 'modern American' to refer to what his dress uniform was modeled after in Thunder's wedding, it could reference him not being american, or no longer identifying as one

TLDR: it's a clusterfuck
Further, I've changed the 'absorbed by my own' to 'absorbed by another'

As to near-invincible, remember what follows pride.
As to ultra-macho, the first time we hear about his exploits is the story he told Flurry about how he infiltrated a yak camp, masqueraded as a yeti fire-demon, and caused an avalanche to destroy the army in the resulting chaos.
Writing now, update in a couple hours
Also, as a writer, sorry about that. I intended the scene to be a light heart call back to older stuff as well as a somewhat comedic break from the weight of Flurry and Thunder's stuff. It was written in a late hour and of dubious sobriety when I assumed it was explicit that 'Anon' was a vague American (cause I am, and writer's bias- I go off of what I know or can research).

I am sorry if it detracted for you or any other reader, because some view 'Anon' as a direct self insert, while other's view 'Anon' as a more generic human in equestira. I'll admit it was my bad; I didn't intend the scene to come off as making 'Anon' less Anonymous.
Naah, it's okay. I still love reading your stuff.
Fuck off
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This is the only thread I follow on 4chan anymore. Keep up the great work thingfag.

Also, bump
>a couple of hours
Ah we're going to play this game again. It's cool. I got my bump's ready and waiting.
My bad, I collapsed at the laptop the first day, then yesterday got caught up with housework.

Not dead yet
Not dead, but trying!
>You jump onto the back of the jeep.
>With the last few moments of the fire’s light, you flip open the M2’s top, and then grab the end of the belt of ammunition into it.
>As you then close it and pull back on the charging handle, each of your hands are on the grips to the gun while your eyes shoot back to the stars.
>Something’s up there.
>Draconic or avian?
>Unless it’s something new, like a bat or airborne reptile.
>Either way, you can see how the silhouette blocks stars as it circles.
>No, it’s stopped circling pretty quickly.
>The wingspan doesn’t look like its moving, just gliding down- silent in the night.
>Tilting slowly towards the encampment.
>Incoming target.
>You line up the shot and begin to lead the target slightly.
>Still can’t tell the exact distance… but you have a lot of bullets to try and find it.
>Pulling the trigger, you’re met with a heavy but remarkably easy to control recoil of the chunking thunder of the .50 that sprays into the night sky.
>Muzzle flash begins to light up your surroundings.
>After a sustained burst, you bring your head away from the sights, not being able to see much in the darkness and flash.
>So, you start a new burst, guiding off of the tracer ammo in the belt.
>Around you, pretty much every sleeping soldier has woken up and are now somewhat panicking.
>You didn’t give them any examples of live fire.
>Probably should have…
>But to the sky, you see the animal’s wings start to flap wildly in the face of the thunder and flashes from the ground.
>Some of those shots had to have connected.
>You let up on the fire for a moment to watch the creature start to fall into a dive, should hit a bit east of the encampment.
>While the ponies and company scatter around you, you watch as the silhouette collapses into the ground.
>Need to make sure it’s dead.
>You’re being barraged with questions and complaints.
>Looking around, you decide it’s better to-
>You fire off a burst into the air.
“That’s enough!”
>You jump down from the jeep, then go to pick up the rifle.
“I want a squad with me to make sure it’s dead. Rest of you should get back to sleep, but double the watches. I’m sure you people aren’t the only things to be woken up.”
>Reaching over to the bayonet, you remove it from its sheathe and lock it onto the front of the rifle.
>Need to put that sheathe on your belt in the morning.
>The crash site shouldn’t be too far off.
>You whistle to a couple pegasi:
“With me, get ready to relay back if we need help.”
>Then you look at a unicorn.
“You’re with me too. I want at least one magic user coming along.”
>At no point in your life did you imagine that you would ever be on a nocturnal hunt for mega fauna, but here you are.
>Continuing man’s long history of killing really big animals.
>You wave a few others to join you, and then head out into the darkness.
>While the muzzle flash did slightly through off your eye’s adjustment to the low light, you quickly regain it.
Happy 4th to all you Americans!!!
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295 KB PNG
Writing a bit now
Fug, is this real? If so when did it come out?
Totally not with you because your whole army was defeated by five ponies, one baby dragon, four parrot, one hippogriff without fighting experience and one cat
>A dungeon is a dungeon.
>But the one underneath the griffon’s palace is particularly cold and dim.
>Their king had nothing to say to you other than ‘I have nothing to say to you.’
>Means the griffons now lack an actual government.
>Well, they’ve lacked it since you locked the king and company away.
>As you make your way to the throne room, you ponder on options.
>You could always just annex them.
>Because Equestrians helped break the siege, you would be loved.
>Because you leveled a massive chunk of the mountainside, you would also be feared.
>One should wish to be both, but, it is much safer to be feared than loved.
>That might have worked on Earth, but Anon proved the opposite is true.
>Both he and Celestia were loved and feared leading up to the civil war.
>Each of them was powerful enough to be feared, and each had the love of the nation.
>But Celestia was more feared, and Anon more loved.
>And the nation, save for Canterlot sided with Anon.
>Annexation is playing with fire, and you’re already in the frying pan with the apocalypse.
>You can’t just let the king take back over.
>There are the military leaders he put under arrest, but just leveling on a junta would be almost as dangerous as annexation.
>You arrive into the throne room, only a few guards are around.
>Mostly griffons, a few ponies.
>Slumping into the seat with a sigh, you glance over at the nearest unicorn.
“What’s your name?”
>She pauses a moment before realizing she was asked a question.
>”L-Lieutenant Morning Sunshine, your Highness.”
“Nice to meet you.”
>Pale off white lemon colored coat, a light gold mane with a single streak of sky blue over her left eye.
>Her mane is mid-length and straight, mostly parted to the left side of her head and neck.
>”Thank you Ma’am.”
“Could you find a quill and ink for me? And paper, that’s important too.”
>”Of course.”
“Thank you.”
>As she jogs off, you look over to a group of griffons.
“So what do you boys think?”
>They share some looks amongst each other.
“Relax. And be honest, I don’t bite.”
>One of them eventually speaks up:
>”About what?”
“Your country. Military and local leaders can hold things together in the crisis, but what happens after that?”
>”That’s above my pay grade.”
>A different one speaks up:
>”Couldn’t care less. I just want to go back home to my kids.”
“What exactly was your government like leading up to this?”
>”Local councils did most of the day to day stuff, unless a royal governor said otherwise.”
>”When my unit got news about the siege and call for help, my city’s governor forbid us from leaving unless it was to free the king. Instead, the officers locked him up and left the council in charge.”
“A lot going on, but I think I remember hearing that story.”
>Within a week, the entire royal infrastructure had been torn down.
>Officers overruled two royally appointed governors, farmers rioted and overthrew one, and the rest disappeared before the walls came down around them.
>Anarchy might just be right around the corner.
>The conversation trailed off, so you waited for the lieutenant to return.
“Thank you.”
>You attempt to take the equipment from her, but your own magical aura around the paper and quill quickly sputters out.
>The unicorn is quick to grab the quill and paper with her own magic.
“Sorry. Still a bit tired from yesterday.”
>”Yeah, I could tell from the bags under you eye-“
>She then remembered who she’s speaking to.
>And she drops the items.
>Thankfully, the inkwell was close enough for you to grab with your hoof.
>”I, I, I. I’m sorry- Ma’am, your Highness. It’s just, I-“
>Your giggling cuts her off.
>She seems to relax slightly.
“No, it’s okay. I didn’t get a look in the mirror, I must look exhausted.”
>”Yeah… it is all over your face.”
“That bad?”
>”You look terrible.”
>She jokes.
>You drop your grin to a flat face and furrow your brow.
“What did you just say?”
>”I, I, I…”
>You can’t keep it up any longer.
“Hahaha. Oh your face was priceless.”
>After a long sigh, she ends up laughing a bit as well.
>Shortly after, she speaks to you:
>”So would you like me to take a letter?”
“That would be great.”
>While she prepares a quill and paper, you try to get back onto track.
>What are you even going to do?
“As you all know, recently several rifts to Tartarus were opened up in the mountains outside of Griffonstone. Upon the military’s call for assistance, Equestiran troops were rapidly mobilized, however upon reaching the border were denied entry by the King’s Royal Guard. Despite the threats of war, I flew ahead with a small contingent of soldiers.”
>You glance over to make sure you’re not going too fast.
“Upon arriving, I discovered that the higher officers of the defending garrison were held back from the lines in the Royal Palace with no orders being relayed to the city’s defenders. With no chain of command, the walls were partially overrun. In order to secure the city, I stepped into void of strategic coordinator and the tides of battle were quickly turned.”
>Focusing on yourself so much has a point.
“With the city under control, I looked to the Palace. Upon entry I had discovered that after a standoff between military officials and Royalist forces, the king had imprisoned dissenters and stood confident in the defenders abilities- ignorant to the reality of the siege. So, I removed King Grover from power, and he remains imprisoned.”
>You wait for your scribe to finish scribbling.
“Having taken up interim control, I continued to lead the defense of Griffonstone. And each time the Tartaran spawn attacked, they were repelled. Whilst this message is being written, the local garrison and reinforcing military personnel were able to fully repel the beasts with assistance from freshly arrived Equestrian and Minotaur forces. As of now, the creatures are being hunted down in the mountains and their pits will be destroyed.”
>Now for the future.
“The Griffon people currently have no official governing body. While local leaders and military officers have kept order and security, this cannot continue for long.”
>You look over to Sunshine, and speak to her:
“And yes, I want you to write this bit.”
>”Of course.”
“I sit here now pondering what to do. However, this is not a decision that I can make. Now, the issue falls to you. Griffons across your country must open up discourse on the future of your people. To ensure an orderly and smooth transfer of power to a governing body that reflects the will of the populace, I propose a four step plan.”
I'll either be back later tonight or tomorrow
“First, local discussions must be held to decide on what the preferred system. The people should garner support from those around them in order to put forward a proposal as to how governance shall be reborn.”
“Second, a national convention of proposals will be held in Griffonstone. There, said proposals will be put forward and debated among peers. The goal of this convention will be to compile of list of possibilities.”
“Third, proponents of those possibilities will have a period of time to debate and garner support amongst the populace itself, allowing the Griffon people time to properly understand and decide what their favored choice would be.”
“Fourth, a national referendum will be held where all adults shall be able to cast their vote. If no choice can obtain a majority of the support, a second will be held with less popular choices removed.”
>Now for a final word.
“No matter the results of the referendum, Equestria will respect the choice of the Griffon populace. As of now, my only intention is to combat the attacks from Tartarus and to ensure a smooth transition out of this crisis.”
>With that, you look to Sunshine.
“That’s it.”
>She dots the end of the sentence, and offers you the paper.
>You comment a bit as you skim it over.
“A few misspellings, punctuation errors, and some missed capitalizations… but everything’s there.”
>”What’s next?”
“Now I get it over to logistics, copied a few thousand times and distributed.”
>”With all the reinforcements, we had to move headquarters to a larger building in the city. I think I remember where it is.”
“Then lead the way.”
>It just never ends.
>The decline seems to have leveled off, but the tunnel continues.
>Hours have passed.
>Feels like days.
>Other than the sound of hooves on stone, not even a peep from the ponies.
>On and on it goes, just-
>Leaning over, you whisper to a unicorn providing light:
“You seeing that too?”
“Hold up people.”
>You slow the column.
“Alright, looks like some kind of cave or cavern. Unicorns with me on the lead shoot up some flares- we need visibility. Pegasi, get in the air, earth ponies fall in and fill in the gaps. Get that cannon up too.”
>You look to the unicorns lighting the way:
“Dim things.”
>As the light begins to die down, you continue slowly.
>Drawing your sword, you move along on three hooves.
>Flexing your wings, you prepare to move whichever way is necessary.
>But you can tell something’s out there.
>The uniformity of the tunnel suddenly ends, leading to a relatively flat surface.
>But you can’t see walls or a ceiling.
>Just a pitch black opening.
>As you finally draw to it, you can see that there is a small drop onto a rocky floor.
>You don’t see movement in the darkness and you can’t hear anything over the sounds behind you.
“Hit it.”
>A quartet of shining white orbs are shot into the opening at separate angles.
>Right, left, straight, and high.
>The cavern is utterly massive.
>As in the size of a city.
Back tomorrow. Also, we're finally almost at the end of act 21
>Skyscrapers of rock build up to the roof, keeping the millions of pounds of rock and dirt from collapsing onto it.
>A few dozen of the spires reach up, some of them might be as tall as the Crystal Empires tower.
>While the floor is fairly flat, the walls are jagged and you can see multiple passageways leading into it.
>Some of the offshoot tunnels are on the ground; some are dozens of feet in the air.
>At a glance, you don’t see any immediate threats as you run into the space.
>But you do see a lot of movement.
>As the flood of light shines through the cavern, creatures flee as quickly as possible.
>They move with such speed that you can barely get a good look at anything as your eyes continue to look for any that might try to attack.
>On the floor and walls you can see multiple slimy carapaces of insect or arachnoid creatures rush into tunnels or crags.
>Some of them could dwarf yaks.
>In the sky- err- air, multiple pony-sized creatures swarm into higher up tunnels.
>As soldiers move in around you, you decide to put your sword away.
“Hold up! Don’t move out too fast, stay together! And unicorns keep up the lights!”
>Flapping your wings, you start to get a better view.
>Scattered around the ground, you can see a few small ponds of still water, barely a few feet in radius.
>Further towards the far end of the cavern, it looks like you can see a river flowing… should be south.
>A white fuzz seems to cover some of the dark grey stone.
“Don’t touch anything! And don’t drink any of the water down here! And start getting people to watch those tunnels!”
>The people are going to be tired.
>They’ll need to be well rested in order to scout out and if necessary defend this position.
>And it isn’t a defensible one.
>Attacks could come from virtually…
>You look up.
>Then breathe a sigh of relief.
>Just some stalactites.
>One should wish to be both, but, it is much safer to be feared than loved
Nice "The Prince" ref.
Could have sworn I explicitly brought up Machiavelli before
>Sitting on a small outcropping, you keep your eyes peeled for any shift in the cavern as you men rest.
>The camp is as fortified as it can be.
>Watches are set, and the few canons you have are positioned have a field of fire over as many of the tunnels as possible.
“You know what’s funny about all this?”
>Captain Night responds:
>”You left your sink on in Canterlot?”
>His utter lack of humor in the statement is impressive.
“Ever since Saddle Arabia I’ve been having these flashes. One moment I’d be perfectly focused, the next I could feel the intensity of the world itself. But since that first step underground, everything’s been clear… On some level I think I’m even at peace with my wife’s death.”
>”You have a lot to focus on.”
“Yeah, I guess I do.”
>You take a drink from a canteen.
“So how’d you ever end up in the army?”
>”It’s a long story.”
“Go ahead.”
>”Well, when it comes down to it, I guess it isn’t that hard to understand. I had a really big family; the wars came and went straight through my home. Sat there and watched as it tore everything down… wasn’t even brave enough to die with them… I hid.”
“There’s no shame in that.”
>”When it was all over, I was the only one left alive… but I knew what I had to do. It wasn’t this hoard of animals that did it, but I guess it’s just an extension of it for me.”
“I know what it’s like to lose everything.”
>He pauses for a moment.
“Go on, you need to sleep too.”
>”Yeah, I will in a bit.”
“If you need me, I’ll be doing the rounds.”
>A few of the ponies sitting around notice you walking past.
>They all started scrambling to get up.
“Knock it off, don’t worry about saluting.”
>As they remain at ease, they continue going about their business.
>Stepping into their group, you take a seat on the cold rock ground.
“So how are we doing?”
>A pegasi speaks up.
>”Well this bastard bumped against me coming down the pit, bruised my wing pretty good.”
>The earth pony he nods to counters:
>”Not my fault you kept stretching them out.”
“How ‘bout you?”
>You say to another earth pony.
>”Rationed oats… always hated them.”
“Sorry, I’m saving the cupcake wagon for when we actually complete the mission.”
>”But then they’ll just be moldy!”
“Better work fast then.”
>You laugh with the group
>A unicorn then asks you:
>”Shouldn’t it be colder down here? I mean it’s a bit chilly, but with how deep we are…”
“Don’t know, never been to Tartarus before. Honestly I’m not sure this is even Tartarus proper or just a cave. Either way all the active bodies and magic down here, could be keeping it a bit warmer.”
>”Makes sense.”
>You then address the group as a whole.
“So really, how are things going? I don’t care about what officers tell me about morale. At the start of this year I was a Sergeant, I know the disconnect.”
>A different pegasus responds to you:
>”What’s the trick to getting that many promotions so quick?”
>The first pegasi then honestly replies to you:
>”I mean just look around. We didn’t train for this- nopony has. We’re out of our element.”
>The unicorn continues:
>”Everypony is thinking it, nopony is saying it.”
>The second earth pony then speaks again:
>”Doesn’t mean that we’re not all in. We aren’t gonna give up.”
“Damn right we’re not. I’ll get you boys back home soon enough. Now take the time to relax while you can, I’ve got a lot of things to get set up.”
>As you walked through the camped out troops, you got tired of ponies standing to salute.
>Throughout the lines, ponies were taking time to eat, nap, sharpen their swords, and otherwise unwind.
>You decided to head for the river you saw on the far end of the cavern.
>Upon reaching it, you found Lieutenant Boxer inspecting it with a few dozen men standing at the ready.
>He notices you:
“I swear if I another pony calls me ‘Sir’ today… so what do we have?”
>”Well, looks like a river. Is it still a river if it’s underground?”
“I think.”
>Goes through the entirety of the cavern, flowing to the south.
>Assuming you didn’t lose track of direction.
>Fifteen to twenty feet wide, you can’t tell how deep.
>”Now see down there, it just ends up going into the rocks.”
>He then looks to where the water’s flowing from.
>”Up there though, got a big enough path on either side to follow it. A bit rocky, not sure if the carts or guns could make it, but hooves won’t have problems.”
“Does look like the biggest tunnel leading into this cavern.”
>Fifteen to twenty feet of walking space on either side of the river.
>The top of the tunnel goes up about thirty or forty feet.
“Plenty of space for pegasi too.”
>”Won’t speak so soon, but this might be our best shot.”
“The things are semi aquatic. Could have taken the river down then walked to the tunnel.”
>”Thing is, the other Vanhoover pits were pretty vertical. At best this only leads to one of whoever knows how many staging grounds…”
>He continues to speak, but something you said earlier comes back to you.
>”But hey, a dent’s still a dent.”
“Yeah… keep eyes on this river.”
>You need to check something.
>”Hey Major!”
>Lt. Whiskey sees you moving through the troops and joins you.
>You keep your pace as he follows.
“What is it kid?”
>You’re pretty sure he’s older than you.
>”My brother’s been leading and sending a few early scouting parties down some of the tunnels. Got to four so far.”
“And what’s good old Captain Bourbon found?”
>”Three of ‘em ended up as dead ends. The other was completely blocked by thick spider webs. He doubts the enemy came from that way.”
>”We’ll find our path soon enough Sir.”
“No, it’s not that. Has anypony checked out those ponds?”
“Of water, there were a few of them. The creatures are aquatic, and if those ponds go deep there could be hundreds of them right underneath us.”
>”No, I saw some unicorns checking one out with magic. They’re just small puddles.”
>You let out a deep breath of relief.
“I think you just saved me a heart attack.”
>”Anytime Sir.”
“Whiskey… stop calling me Sir.”
>”I’ll try to get around to-“
>You saw the flash first.
>Then the sound nearly shattered your eardrums.
>And while the ground shakes under your hooves and all around you, several rocks begin falling from the ceiling.
>The massive explosion at the far end of the room was-
>That was where the route to the surface is.
End act XXI
>>That was where the route to the surface is.
Well shit, looks like they're all dying.
How many words are you at?
Space shuttle door gunners
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page 8 bump
My internet is out for a couple days, I'll still be writing though for when it's back
Well this is new. Neat.
Sorry guys, been a real chaotic week on my end. Things are mostly fixed though.
Saved. Think I might use it as next OP
>Met with the ringing from the force of the blast, you start to take a few steps forward.
>It couldn’t have been from the enemy, the explosion was clearly gunpowder- one of the caravans had gone up.
>Possibly due to negligence, most likely due to-
>A second explosion shakes the cavern, this one emanating from the base of the spire closest to the entrance.
>Throughout the cavern, stalactites fall to the ground and crush those unlucky enough to be under their path.
>But you can only watch as the spire crumbles in the distance, followed by an utter hail of rock as the ground cascades onto the army below.
>To the center of the cavern, a third fireball erupts.
>While this one was away from any structural support, the flames travel unhindered as they scorch through the camp.
>On your right, you catch a magical shield raise into the air.
>The sphere shimmers between multiple magical auras, indicating that more than one unicorn is supporting it.
>Like the others, the cart at the heart of the shield goes up.
>For a moment, the barrier holds back the blast.
>But, several cracks form.
>Rock, dust, and fire shoot out from a dozen holes in protective shield- sprinkling out.
>Some are aimed into the air, but others looked to be at ground level.
>And all you can do is watch…
>You did this.
>At one point you could feel and see into each and every one of these souls.
>Now in an instant, hundreds- thousands of them have been snuffed out.
>The rest of them are trapped.
>You led them here like animals in some griffon slaughterhouse.
>It feels like your head is throbbing.
>Like when you were close to the distressed crystal.
>But there isn’t anything causing pain other than your own faults.
>Everything you touch is destined to fail.
>You’re not sure how much time passed.
>Four of the five wagons carrying the explosives have gone up; surely the fifth is soon to follow.
>An earth pony shakes your shoulders.
>The captain comes into focus.
>”I was near one of the carts after the first went up; ripped this out of the side of a barrel.”
>A slow burning fuse is in his hoof, still lit.
>Lt. Whiskey is still with you, and he speaks to his brother:
>”You actually went into it! It could have blown at any min-“
>”It’s part of the job! Remember why we both joined up.”
>Bourbon then looks back to you after patting Whiskey on the shoulder.
>”Sir, we obviously have saboteurs among us.”
>He paces away, looking into the panicking camp.
>While ponies scramble to get their weapons ready and otherwise find out what’s happening, the captain turns back to you and continues:
>”We need to get the troops under control, then find out who-“
>A large chunk of stone lands atop Bourbon.
>in the blink of an eye, he was completely crushed by the rock.
>Not even a single limb is visible.
>As dust is blown up, Whiskey starts coughing as he rushes over to the stone- desperately trying to push it off of his older brother…
>Everything you touch turns to ash.
>Amongst the chaos as the scrambling of troops blurs around you, your hoof reaches up to rest on the hilt of your dagger.
>You’ve failed your men.
>You’ve failed your country.
>You’ve failed the world.
>You’ve failed your family…
>Just as you begin to remove the knife, a hoof rests on your shoulder.
>You look over to the pegasus.
>Captain Night.
>He speaks in a hushed tone:
>”Sir, you need to see something.”
“What is it?”
>”Trust me; you’ll want to keep this between us. If the others find out…”
>Captain Night led you to one of the smaller tunnels leading out of the cavern.
>This one was fairly high up, almost near the ceiling.
>As you set down, he lands next to you.
>The path leads off to the left, so you start to follow it.
>Taking a few steps forward you-
>You feel… remember something.
“I know you.”
>”What? Just this way Sir.”
>You turn your head slightly to glance at him.
“You told the truth… your family was too large to count, and they did die in the war.”
>His eyes turn a distinct green.
“You were at the MID headquarters…”
>Turning to face him, you place a hoof on your sword.
“And you hid from us.”
>While you draw your sword, a flash of green light dissipates the ‘Night’ persona, revealing a changeling drone.
>Reaching back to strike at him, his curved horn glistens with magic, and you’re thrown against the wall.
>With your back to the stone, he keeps you pinned as he approaches.
>”Very clever.”
“You did this…”
>”Of course I did! Anonymous and your ‘Old Guard’ took everything from me!”
“Thousands of innocent people are trapped down here!”
>”Innocent, maybe. But you don’t understand. All of this was for you. Your leader might be far away, but you and all your precious veterans aren’t. You were second in command of the attack, and I didn’t just want you dead, I wanted you to suffer… unfortunately for me, the beasts already killed your wife.”
>You try to break free of the stasis field holding you in place, but to no avail.
>”So, I asked myself how to make a broken pony suffer. I helped give you hope and a shot at revenge… and now I think I’ll leave you down here to rot with your pitiful troops.”
“You’re trapped down here too.”
>A sadistic grin forms on the bug’s face.
>”That’s where you’re wrong. These past couple days I was able to gorge myself on the camaraderie between the soldiers and their love for family members at home. I’ll have no trouble teleporting back into the tunnel- then when the troops on the surface see ‘Captain Stormy Night’ returning alone, I’ll make sure they close the pit on that end as well.”
>Night then steps closer towards you, getting within a few inches of your face.
>”And once I’m back to the surface, I have a long list of the soldiers that attacked my home. Granted, they’re all veterans and most could kill me in a fight… but there are a lot of parents, siblings, and children who aren’t veteran warriors. However, I don’t think anything else will bring me as much satisfaction as this.”
>You see movement behind the changeling, but it’s hard to see over the aura’s light around you.
>”So… enjoy Tartarus, Thunder. Oh, and I think you’ll find that most of your rations were destroyed in the blasts as well. Unfortunately, I don’t think you’ll even last long enough for starvation to be an issue.”
>Night turns to face the pony approaching from behind him, and just as a hoof was about to connect with his jaw, he disappears in a flash of light.
>Leaving you to fall to the ground, looking up at the pegasi who followed you up here.
“… Call?”
>As you continue to walk down the streets, you-
>”No, I refuse to believe it.”
“Every morning, even after weeks without bathing.”
>Lieutenant Morning Sunshine continues:
>”I don’t want to know how you know that, but still. There’s not a single hair out of place.”
“Saves a lot of time in the morning. Unless something needs to be done differently, then it can take hours of excruciating torture.”
>You’re speaking about your mane.
“Then it’ll usually just pop back into the normal curls within a few hours.”
>”I’ll believe that when I see it.”
“Well fortunately for me, there are far more important things to do than ironing my mane for a few hours.”
>”Here we are!”
>Looks like the logistical troops have set up in a school.
>Makes sense, there’s plenty of desks to work at.
>Even if they might be a bit small.
“Welcome to detention, students.”
>The logistical staff was able to spare a dozen ponies.
>They’re currently cramped the child sized chairs.
“While it may be monotonous, I’m going to need a few thousand copies of this.”
>You give the letter over to the nearest pony.
“Because we need the griffons to stabilize their government as quickly as possible, word needs to get sent throughout the country. If something more pressing comes up, by all means see to that first. However, I’d like at least two thousand copies of the letter ready by noon tomorrow.”
>They’d have to average around twenty copies per pony each hour.
>Assuming they don’t sleep tonight.
“I know it’s a heavy work load, so I’ve told your CO that if you finish on time, you’ll each get an extra week of leave. I hope you all got decent sleep last night, but if you didn’t, a crate of coffee rations just happened to get lost and will be turning up here in an hour or so.”
>Some of the troops smile at the sound of what totally isn’t a bribe.
>It’s an incentive.
“I’m going to get some pegasi and griffons to collect the letters tomorrow and disperse them, and I’ll send the force here to collect. Now, I’ve always said that I would never order a soldier to do something I wouldn’t myself do. So this isn’t an order, it’s a request… fighting hordes of monsters from Tartarus- easy. Coping paperwork… that’s what gives me nightmares.”
>As some of the soldiers laugh, nopony decides to opt out.
“You ponies are the real heroes.”
>With that you leave the classroom.
>After you get out of earshot, you whisper to Sunshine:
“I really don’t envy their job.”
>”From experience, I think it’s probably better than standing in a hallway all day.”
“Well, you’re certainly welcome to join them.”
>”I’ll pass.”
“Speaking of which, don’t you have a hallway to get back to?”
>”Well… that would leave you without any guards. And I’m sure that would break regulations.”
“As Princess of Equestria, I hereby rescind any and all regulations that require the Princess to be escorted.”
>”You’re sending me back to the hallway…”
“If you’d prefer, I’m sure there’s plenty of room on the front.”
>She lets out an uneasy laugh.
>You could let up a bit.
“I’m sure a lot of ponies would be keen on letting a fresh set of legs get on the frontline.”
>It’s then that you get a look out one of the windows and can see into the backyard of the school.
>The playground.
>Now it’s been filled with tents, specifically it looks like a field hospital has been set up.
>The local hospitals were already pressed for space before the past couple days of fighting.
>What used to be fields for children’s sports is now filled with at least couple hundred wounded soldiers.
>Because it’s in the city, there’s not a ton of space, but they’ve managed to pack almost every inch.
“Come on.”
>You want to see how things are going down there.
>The flying creature in the night was a giant owl.
>When you found the crash site, it was still squirming.
>Two rounds to the head, plus one for good measure ended it.
>Might have even been the same owl that ended up sending you down into the changeling hive.
>Either way, the crisis was averted and you eventually apologized to the troops for waking them up with machinegun fire.
>Now, you’re sitting in the passenger seat of the jeep, and-
>You brace yourself.
“Don’t just rip the wheel. Ease into the turn.”
>Geoffrey is at the wheel.
>The minotaurs are a bit too bulky for the driver’s seat, so you decided to pick a griffon to teach.
>You have some of the minotaurs and griffons a crash course in using the MG, and they picked up on its use rather easily.
>But driving…
“Alright, now stop.”
>He slams on the brake.
>If you didn’t fold the windshield down onto the hood, you probably would have just broken it with your skull.
“Damnit! Alright, get out.”
>You’ve tried with five griffons so far, none of them have been able to pick up driving that easily.
>”Sorry boss.”
>You pinch the upper part of your nose- you know with your thumb in one tear duct and middle finger on the other.
>It’s not your fault you lack the proper anatomical knowhow to describe it.
>Quit ranting to yourself.
“Its fine, one of you will eventually get the hang of it. Till then, as you were.”
>After nodding, Geoffrey flaps his wings and goes about his business.
>Without placing the jeep in park.
>Sending you drifting forward down the slight decline of the uneven plains.
>While you shift over to the driver’s seat, you scratch at your chest.
>Feels strange to have your breastplate off.
>But you removed the armor because it’s been a bit bulky when behind the wheel.
>As you take control of the jeep, a pegasi lands over in the passenger seat.
>”Sir, the scouts have seen a large river ahead. A big one, maybe fifty or sixty feet wide. Should we get the fliers ready to start ferrying people over?”
>Harv then gets in a word:
>”Go south.”
“No, we’ll be heading south alongside the river for a while. But make sure to remind people not to drink the water.”
>With a nod, the pegasi takes flight.
>And you whisper:
“So what’s next Harv?”
>”If I’m remembering right, the river should take us back to the mountains. It’s carved a canyon through them, so you can take it down to the opposite side.”
“Thought we were avoiding the mountains.”
>”That was when you were a decade older, and didn’t have guns.”
“Fair enough.”
>With that, you park the jeep and let the rest of the troops catch up to you.
>Heading back to the mountains could be a bit dangerous though.
>Even if you can avoid caves and tunnels, it’ll be easier for predators to get the drop on any stragglers.
>Also that humanoid creature is still out there, and you still have no way to actually kill it.
>You didn’t even name it yet…
>Either way, if it catches up to the group, it could do serious damage to the others.
>Maybe magic might mutilate the monstrous muscly mass.
>No but really, most unicorns and even changelings aren’t that smart when it comes to using magic offensively.
>When you’ve fought them, they usually rely on using magic to levitate weapons or using pure magic to harm living tissue.
>They’ll use arcane beams to bypass armor entirely and attack the body directly.
>Smart against most targets, but you’re immune to magic.
>If they had just superheated or crushed your armor, they could easily do actual damage to you.
>But back to the enemy, due to the damage you’ve dealt to it, you’re assuming it’s a form of magic that heals it.
>If pure energy can’t kill it, then a dampening field might just suppress its ability to rejuvenate itself.
>If not, you’ll start looking for an active volcano to dip it in.
>As you walk through the narrow pathways, you can see the scores of wounded up close.
>Pegasi and griffons with broken wings.
>People with mangled limbs, some fully missing.
>Bandaged lacerations over torsos and necks.
>It’s looking like most of the troops here have already been seen to.
>From one of the closest tents, you hear a call for medic.
>You head into it, finding an earth pony standing next to one on a stretcher.
>There’s a bloody arrow in the standing soldier’s hoof, and the back of the other’s left shoulder is spewing blood.
>You go to apply pressure onto the wound before yelling at the other troop.
“What did you do!”
>”My buddy got hit from friendly fire; I thought you were supposed to take it out.”
>His buddy then yells to him as well:
>”You didn’t have to twist it like that!”
“No, you DON’T take the arrow out!”
>The first soldier then goes on:
>”So what do we do?”
“Do I look like a medic?”
>The wounded pony tries to turn his head to see you.
“Stay still! You’ll just make things worse.”
>Soon, an actual medic arrived.
>”What’s wrong?”
>You look over to her and Lieutenant Sunshine sums up the situation:
>“Remember how in boot camp you’re told not to remove arrows on your own? These two didn’t.”
>”Do any of you have any medical training.”
“I once put a bandage on. All by myself.”
>The pegasi medic approaches you.
>Light blue coat, with a puffy white mane.
>”Let me see.”
>You swap places and let her take over.
>After inspecting the wound, she makes a call.
>”We’ll need to get him to an actual doctor. Are there any bandages in here?”
>As you look around, you hear the medic speak to the wounded soldier:
>”Just stay calm. It looks a lot worse than it is. Just need to patch you up and get you into surgery.”
>You haven’t found anything usable.
>Looks like supplies are pretty low here.
>Sunshine then steps up to the medic.
>Her horn lights up, and she tears off the sleeve of the shirt she keeps under her armor.
>”Will this be enough?”
>”That should work.”
>As the Lieutenant levitates the cloth over to the medic, she takes it and begins to wrap it around the troop’s wounded shoulder.
>The medic then looks over to Sunshine:
>”Can you levitate that stretcher?”
>”I think.”
>”Then come on, we need to get him over to surgery.”
This is it for the dump, I'll be back later tonight
>When you got over to a larger tent, some other medical personnel took over, leaving you there outside.
>While the medic speaks to another, you turn to Sunshine:
“Well, I’m covered in blood. You’ve lost a sleeve. So far it’s been a very productive day.”
>”Where did that other soldier even go?”
>The genius that pulled the arrow out.
“I think he just stayed in the tent.”
>”I’m sure his friend will have more than a few words with him once he gets back on his hooves.”
“I can only imagine.”
>The pegasi medic then approaches you:
>”Well seeing as I’ve been working for over thirty hours straight, I’ve officially been ordered to teak a break.”
>She offers a hoof, and you shake it.
>As she shakes the Lieutenant’s hoof, she speaks:
>”I’m Merry Weather.”
“That’s Lieutenant Morning Sunshine, and you know who I am…”
>”I do?”
>She blinks her eyes quickly a few times.
“Yeah, I think your CO made the right call on that break.”
>”I just wanted to help, and with so many wounded coming in there wasn’t a lot of time to sleep.”
“I appreciate the dedication, but you really should get some rest.”
>”Right… where are we camped out?”
>You have no idea where her unit is set up.
>Honestly, the city is petty packed with all the soldiers.
>Even the logistic troops were just sleeping at the school they’re set up in.
>You glance over at Sunshine:
“Did I look that tired?”
>Then back to Merry Weather:
“Just come with us, there’s plenty of space.”
Mhmm lovely stuff mate.
That face looks weird, and what the fucks up with her back leg?
Flurry still looks good in her old age.
Shadow effect.
Whoever you are Anon, may Celestia bless you for giving us more art.
Gonna be writing now
what >>32658986 said
Think he means that it's the only hoof without armor.
>The troops found some sort of cave in the side of one of the hills.
>So, you’ve decided to stop the group.
>It was about time for a rest, and you don’t want any creatures that could be inside to get the drop on your men.
>With rifle in hand, bayonet attached of course, you stand at the mouth of the cave.
>Fairly narrow, but plenty of space for you.
>The jeep is parked about fifty feet away, and Rusty is standing on the gun.
“Now if I come running out screaming, you light up whatever follows!”
>”My pleasure!”
>You then look over to the pair of unicorns you brought with.
“Stay behind me and keep up some flares. At the first sign of trouble, get out and sound the alarm. You’ll stay at the entrance, and you’ll follow me.”
>You then enter, and take a short walk down the narrow entrance tunnel.
>An orb of magical light shines over your head, illuminating the rock as you descend.
>You don’t hold the rifle against your shoulder- instead opting to use it more as a spear.
>With it at your hip pointed forward, you soon reach a large chamber.
>At the far end of the chamber, the back wall might be about a hundred feet back.
>Side to side, maybe fifteen feet.
>However the walls aren’t perfectly smooth- at some points it bulges out to twenty or twenty five feet wide.
>Ceiling gives you plenty of headroom, enough for a pegasi to comfortably fly over your head without risk of kicking you by accident.
>Seeing no other tunnels close by, you shoulder the rifle and hustle forward.
>Whenever you reach an outcropping that something could be hiding behind, you prepare to open fire as you round the slight corner.
>However, nothing is lurking and there are no other passageways.
I'll posting more in a few hours
>Somewhat at ease, you let your mind focus a bit less on combat readiness.
>The ground is remarkably smooth, like it’s been worn down.
>And crude cave paintings line the walls and ceiling.
>You look over and call to the unicorn at the entrance:
“Coast is clear, go get Professor Fortitude down here! I think he’d want to see this.”
>You then begin to inspect the murals coating the walls.
>There are some basic stick figure people in groups, you don’t know if they were ponies or not, but whatever they were, they had four legs.
>Humans might have made cave drawings of hunting giant animals.
>But the quadrupeds here drew the monsters that hunted them.
>On the ceiling you can see a large painting of an eagle, swooping down onto whoever stands below it.
>The wingspan reaches from one side of the cave to the other.
>And even though faded, the detail is remarkable for a cave drawing.
>It might not be an ancient minotaur ruin that the Professor would be looking for, but you think he’ll enjoy studying it either way.
Sorry guys, wasn't satisfied with the next Thunder PoV, deleted most of it,salvaged a bit. Nothing else tonight, but I have a good idea of what I'll do with it in the morning.
Why, bump you say? Hmm, what about a shove? Or push? Maybe we'll go technical and call it an impulse?
Alright, I've rewritten and edited the next Thunder bit more times than I can count. I'm still not satisfied with it. I'll take one more look at it tomorrow, but most likely I'll pick up with him a bit later in the story because the stuff I have isn't workign as is, and I think will work better in recollection form at a later time.
Sounds good dude! Was it just not making sense, or like didn't fit into the story?
Any other threads that catch your eye or you lurk?
Basically I have a scene in mind for Thunder that's a bit further off, and the events between now and then will work better as recollection/through dialogue because I've been failing to capture the mixture of theme/mentality/pacing for it to work as an active scene. I've saved the latest rendition of it, and I might post it after the scene I mentioned just to show how it wasn't working.
I'll lurk in war related threads when they occasionally pop up, but recently I haven't been spending much time on /mlp/ when it comes to stories. Been meaning to look into the Umbra threads because they get mentioned in these ones fairly often, also looking forward to the 4cc.
What other boards you browse Thing?
I do recommend the Umbra story, Thing. It's definitely more of fantasy warfare mixed in with slice of life and romance, but it holds up pretty well. I don't know if it rivals your story in length, but it can't be far off. Not to mention we're really really close to the climax, so if you get in now you're in for a hell of a ride
Is it just an r63 fuckfest or is it actually not autistic?
For Equestria!

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