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File: 1035298.jpg (439 KB, 1084x800)
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Previous thread:

Thread for all your yuri needs. Ignore the bait, no shipping war faggotary

Stories and old Threads

Featured Stories:

Losing myself in you (Sunset x SciTwi)

Dyke Shit CYOA(MLP)

Lyra and BonBon's Attempt at Date Night

File: 1039620.gif (866 KB, 500x500)
866 KB
866 KB GIF
No one tells a princess what to do

Can the love be most purer?
File: 1666601.png (386 KB, 1280x740)
386 KB
386 KB PNG
>I'm two of the featured stories.

Also Twilight that seems very immoral as a friendship Princess.
>removed from the featured stories list

Oof. Guess that's on me for not being around, but why you gotta do me like this, /dykeshit/?

I'm spending tonight retouching a project I started forever ago, and it'll hopefully be posted some time tomorrow.
I feature all the stories that were made, updated, or linked in the previous thread. I don't know, I wasn't really sure how the featured section should work and that seemed like a good idea at the time. I meant no offense by it
Out of curiosity is that Startrix green deaderino?
Nope, I've been writing it whenever I have the energy. The next update is in a kinda rough state right now, but I'm planning to post it as soon as I'm happy with it. Not 100% sure when that'll be, but it'll definitely get a proper conclusion.
File: 1652682.jpg (174 KB, 500x728)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
>Trixie closed her eyes and tried to think of a plan to survive.
>The sound of hooves clopping towards her caused her eyes to open in a hurry.
>Dark charcoal-colored hooves were before Trixie.
>Slowly, she looked up and saw a navy blue top with a tucked in collar.
>This all leaded up to the expression on the mare's face.
>That was the thing there wasn't one it seemed like.
>It was dull.
>Her mane was straight and dull as well.
>"Same color mane as the jerk pony who calls Trixie a freeloader" Trixie's thoughts grumbled.
>Trixie saw the pony reach into a pocket in the side of her top.
>She pulled out a canteen and a cupcake with pink frosting.
>She placed them on the ground in front of the still feeling like death Trixie.
>"You looked hungry" the mare's voice was monotone and very bored sounding.
>The mare proceeded to then turn at a snail's pace and began to trot back to wherever she came from.
>Trixie felt the blood rushing to her cheeks and a surge of anger rush to her heart.
>"Trixie doesn't need your pity offerings!"
>She tried to stand upright and yell her lungs out, but every attempt ended with her wobbling to the ground.
>"Trixie's not even hungry anyway you stupid rock horse!" as she berated the dull mare Trixie's stomach growled like a bear.
>Betrayed by her own stomach.
>The grey mare turned around.
>Her expression never changing.
>She turned around and very calmly trotted back over by Trixie's side.
>She grabbed the canteen with her mouth and unscrewed it with her hoof.
>"What do you think you're doing?" Trixie demanded still feeling all woozy.
>"Answer Trixie when she speaks!" but the pony wasn't listening
>Gently she poured a little bit of water into Trixie's mouth
>Trixie was in the middle of starting another rant when she opened her mouth the same time the water fell.
>She coughed and sputtered as she wasn't expecting sudden downpour of water.
File: 1513063.png (196 KB, 1000x687)
196 KB
196 KB PNG
>"You-cough- idi-cough-ot!" Trixie's eyes watered.
>But, the water was already taking effect surprisingly as Trixie felt some minor strength return to her legs.
>She put some pressure on her front legs as she began to lift herself up.
>A warm feeling on her side drew her attention.
>Trixie turned her head to see the grey pony in the blue dress was helping her up.
>This just twisted Trixie's heart around like an angry blender.
>Once back to her hooves, Trixie glared towards the mare
>"...I guess you expect Trixie to give you praise now?" she wiped some of the dirt off her fur.
>But the grey mare stood still and continued to give Trixie that same bored expression.
>"Trixie still didn't need your help" her face scrunched up as she looked away.
>"I can do the rest for you" the dull monotone voice flabberghasted Trixie.
>Trixie cautiously turned her head towards the pony.
>Raising a quizzical eyebrow towards her.
>"It won't take me long" she continued.
>Trixie weighed her options.
>As much as she hated other ponies looking down on her with pity.
>She hated breaking rocks slightly more.
>"Fine" she raised her nose to the air.
>"Trixie, will allow you to finish up while she rests for a minute"
>She opens one of her eyes and sees the grey pony already breaking rocks at a faster pace than Trixie was.
File: 1373180.png (12 KB, 713x392)
12 KB
>Single swings with her pickaxe were shattering boulders into the tiniest bits of gravel.
>Trixie levitated the cupcake up to her mouth.
>She took a small bite.
>It was pretty soft and tasty.
>She put the rest into her mouth as she licked her lips.
>There stood the grey pony as she smashed the last rock in the field.
>In the time it took Trixie to eat a cupcake.
>"All done" the grey mare said with the same bored tone.
>And like before she began to walk back wherever.
>Trixie felt a knot in her stomach.
>"Wait, how did you go through all those rocks already?" she said shocked.
>"Explain yourself to Trixie!" she emphasized her shouting with a stamping of her front leg.
>The grey mare turned around.
>Her half-lidded eyes locked with Trixie's
>"I like rocks" she took a few more steps forward and stopped again.
>She looked back one more time at Trixie.
>"I'm Maud by the way"
>Trixie didn't know if she was still in awe from how this "Maud" made her look like a joke.
>Or if the heat was still getting to her, but she could have swore she saw a tiny glint in Maud's big green eyes.
>It was subtle, and her face remained neutral about everything, but something like that would be bound to stand out on a pony like her.
>And with that, she finally started to walk away from Trixie.
>Leaving her with numerous thoughts, and a dropped jaw.
>She shook her head clear and scrunched her face up into a scowl.
>Her cheeks flushed red.
>"Stupid dumb Maud" Trixie mumbled while sitting on the ground.
File: 1704125.png (3.38 MB, 2048x3642)
3.38 MB
3.38 MB PNG
File: 1661550.png (447 KB, 844x720)
447 KB
447 KB PNG
Sunny may get hit on by plenty of girls, but there's only one Great and Powerful enough to get hit on back.
File: 1674415.jpg (1.43 MB, 1000x1160)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB JPG
Makes you wonder who the next waifu she'll steal will be.

My money's on Dash or Rarity
Best ship coming through.
File: cqc.gif (770 KB, 480x270)
770 KB
770 KB GIF
This is some good shit
File: 1po1_500.jpg (61 KB, 500x504)
61 KB
Trixie's gotta be half mule with how damn stubborn she is.
File: shoulder tap vs darling.jpg (265 KB, 2518x1151)
265 KB
265 KB JPG
File: 104863.jpg (135 KB, 919x742)
135 KB
135 KB JPG
There a paste for this? I want to catch up.
Err, meant to reply to >>32209619
>We avoided the cursed image
This truly is a blessed thread
>>"I like rocks"

I appericate how in-character this whole exchange is. Gud stuff
File: Spoiler Image (442 KB, 1000x750)
442 KB
442 KB JPG
Pinkie just wants Twilight to eat some pie.
File: Spoiler Image (268 KB, 725x1628)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
Best ship coming through.
File: 1703263.jpg (40 KB, 640x360)
40 KB

You didn't miss much except some exposition.
>An old ship group on fimfiction used to update/add new stories at the very least once a day five years ago, even with mature filtered out.
>Revisit after a few years of not going there.
>Ninety% updates on the front page including mature, and goes back as far as the start of February on said front page.
So, what dead/near-dead lesbofics are you saddest about being gone?
File: dec034.jpg (165 KB, 700x612)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
>It will never be updated
Buddy I'm going to need to know who this artist is ad if they have a Tumblr or DeviantArt account.

Here you are, good man. Same artist who did the thing with Luna spanking a maid uniform-wearing Chrysalis.
File: 598327.png (110 KB, 663x400)
110 KB
110 KB PNG
it's a recent loss and there might still be hope but this was really cute and I was really curious to see where things would go really wouldn't mind I someone got to write their own version of it wink wink
File: 951838.png (444 KB, 2732x1536)
444 KB
444 KB PNG
>some faggot's edgy fanfic forever tainted this ship's popularity
It's not fair
File: 51159.jpg (32 KB, 409x373)
32 KB
Nah man, that ship still floats, it's not the powerhouse it once was, but that's only because Pinkie and Dash have drifted apart in the show. The thing that fic did that was horrible is make it so anything to do with sad Pinkie is immediately murder town instead of just a fucking sad girl putting on a happy facesayori.png
File: strangerdanger.png (392 KB, 445x455)
392 KB
392 KB PNG
In all honesty... it got even hotter for me
I feel you anon. Pinkie is one of my favourites characters because she's actually complex beneath her silly façade, but retards can't see anything other than yandere.
That said, I like PinkieDash better when it's bittersweet unrequited love on Pinkie's part.
File: 1698821.gif (855 KB, 480x515)
855 KB
855 KB GIF
File: 1367.jpg (162 KB, 1200x1016)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Pining Pinkie is best Pinkie
File: fgdfg.jpg (66 KB, 500x392)
66 KB
G-go a-away...
I'm here 'til the end, Anon.

The finale of Pinkamena may be as soon as Friday, stay tuned. Then I've got a few little oneshots or something planned, then back to RainbowSparkle
Thanks cutie.
File: 78264.jpg (83 KB, 700x700)
83 KB
I'm sad to see it go, but I'm chomping at the bit for you to show your hand about which Ponk is the real Ponker. And who is gonna get them lewd hand holdings
File: 1626737.jpg (78 KB, 650x487)
78 KB
>After a moment or so of stewing in her fury.
>Trixie decided to head back to the farm and hopefully be done with the day.
>Looking up towards the sky, Trixie saw the Sun almost perfectly above her head
>She couldn't wait to see the look on the that jerk pony's face.
>The mere thought filled Trixie up with absolute glee.
>Glee she hadn't felt in a while.
>It made Trixie feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
>"Hey!" a harsh yell broke Trixie's happy thoughts.
>The angry grey mare with the ashen mane was glaring towards Trixie.
>"I thought I told you to clear the west field!" her glare intensifying.
>Trixie gave a small smirk back.
>"You did, and that is why Trixie is back here."
>The grey mare scrunched her face and looked through a window at a clock.
>"...It's not even noon yet." she growled
>"If you want to check for yourself go right ahead" she trotted past the huffing grey mare.
>"Trixie is going back to sleep" she said with a self-satisfied expression.
>"Oh no you don't!" she ran in front of Trixie nearly toppling her over.
>"While I go and see how bad you screwed everything up." her front leg pointed over to an area attached to the house.
>It looked like a wheelless, sideless wagon, but with rocks instead of other stuff.
>"You go help Maud sort the gems from the geodes" her brash voice rough with vitrol.
>Trixie scowled at having more work to do.
>"Uggggghhhh, fine"
>"Stupid slave driver pony" she mumbled under her breath.
>Both mares then set off in different directions.
>Trixie hung her head defeated.
>Maybe someday she'll get one up on that loud pony.
File: 1694171-1.jpg (126 KB, 429x410)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
>That lipbite from Trixie.
>That "Yeah, what are you gonna do about it?" stare from Sunset.

>Rainbow was like a machine with a spatula, every flip and turn seemed almost acrobatic in nature.
>Pinkamena was mesmerized as the stack of pancakes grew.
>Her gaze traveled up the length of Rainbow's bare arm, then to the flexing, tight muscle bending under soft, sun-kissed skin.
>Pinkamena felt her cheeks heat as Rainbows' lean arms flicked back and forth over the pan.
>Rainbow seemed oblivious to her staring, especially by the way she stretched and twisted, her muscles coiling under her taught skin.
>Pinkamena caught the gentle hum that reverberated in the kitchen that matched well with Rainbow's graceful steps.
>She let her gaze trail down, to Rainbow's firm backside, then lower to the well-sculpted calves flexing in the dim light.
>"Mornin' girls."
>Pinkamena almost fell from the stool she was sitting on at Applejack's interruption.
>"Morning AJ. Sleep well?"
>"Bought as well as I can, I'd reckon. Them pancakes ready?"
>Rainbow pointed to a cupboard, and Applejack was quick to retrieve a plate and serve herself a small stack.
>Pancakes were piled high, then a veritable river of syrup and butter was heaped on top.
>Applejack sat across from Pinkamena on another stool.
>"Mornin' Pinkamena. Sleep well? It's awful early."
"Y-yes, I suppose so. Are you an early riser?"
>"I'm a farm girl. Always gotta get up 'fore the roosters."
>Applejack fell silent as she tore into the mound of butter, syrup, and fluffy, warm cakes.
>"Aren't you hungry Pinkamena?"
>Pinkamena looked back over to Rainbow Dash, who was glancing at her from over her shoulder.
"Oh, n-not really. I'm not... Used to eating, really. Sorry."
>Rainbow shrugged.
>"No problem. Hey AJ after you're done stuffing your face you wanna wake the others up?"
>"Ain't no need to be rude, RD. Gimme a sec."
>AJ took a large bite, just out of spite.
>Rainbow shot her a look.
"I'll do it."
>"Thanks, Pinkamena. Hurry please? You know how Rarity gets when she doesn't eat breakfast in the mornings..."
>Rainbow gave her a beaming smile, and her dexterous fingers landed gently on her arm as she passed.
>Pinkamena blushed and hurried through the door.
>Only half the sleeping bags were still occupied; Sunset's, her own, and Fluttershy's.
>Pinkamena tip-toed over towards Fluttershy.
>Gentle as a mouse, she rustled Fluttershy's shoulder, rousing her from sleep.
>Fluttershy sat up with a bleary-eyed look and a jaw-cracking yawn.
>Pinkamena pointed to the door that lead to the kitchen.
>Fluttershy accepted the hand up and gave Pinkamena a shy smile.
>"Thanks. See you..."
>Fluttershy's warm hand lingered in her own, and it seemed she was hesitant to let go.
>Pinkamena watched her leave, then approached Sunset's sleeping bag.
>She was a little less gentle than with Fluttershy as she shook Sunset awake.
>Sunset opened her left eye, then her right, and a smirk grew across her face.
>"What a way to wake up..."
>Much like a feline, Sunset stretched out, curling her back in almost inhuman ways.
>She bounded up and stretched some more, exposing just a peek of a flat stomach.
"Breakfast is in the kitchen."
>Sunset gave her a wink as she left.
>Pinkamena shuddered.
>Any further and she'd have a heart attack.
>She looked over at Rarity, already awake.
"Morning Rarity. I was just about to wake you up for breakfast."
>Rarity squeezed out of the sleeping bag.
>"Thank you, Pinkamena. Be a dear...?"
>Pinkamena looked at her dainty, outstretched hand, and grabbed it.
>Light as feather, Rarity was hoisted up with all the grace she usually mustered.
>Pinkamena looked down at the tight night gown that Rarity had shimmied in to.
>Barely stopping mid-thigh, and offering a low-cut glimpse of smooth, pale skin, the fabric was sheer in its' design.
>Rarity bit her lip, eyelids fluttering.
>"Is everything alright? You seem a little flustered..."
"Yeah. I'm fine, Rarity."
>She didn't sound fine, the incessant warble in her voice made her flinch.
>Rarity didn't seem to notice her tone.
>Maybe that was for the best, the way that she pressed up tight to Pinkamena had her wishing she would never let go.
>Rarity pulled Pinkamena's arm away from her body and wrapped her arms tight around it.
>"Lead me there, Pinkamena?"
>How could she say no?


Who will have ultimate handholding rights with Pinkamena? Will Pinkie Pie ever resurface? Who is the original ponkers? IS there an original ponkers? Will I ever answer these questions? Probably not.
File: 72.png (79 KB, 885x498)
79 KB
If this whole thing winds up being a dream cause Pinkamena fell asleep at the computer before the sleepover, so help me lord above, I will kick your ass with your own ass.
File: 1499542548941.png (116 KB, 407x600)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
>>Much like a feline, Sunset stretched out, curling her back in almost inhuman ways.
>>She bounded up and stretched some more, exposing just a peek of a flat stomach.
das it, sunny
File: 828377.png (1.86 MB, 1240x1754)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB PNG
This is some good stuff.

Also, made me think of this for some reason
I miss Zecora.
I miss Zecora not being a plot device vending machine even more.
>I miss Zecora not being a plot device vending machine even more.
When was that?
File: sunsettwilight.png (233 KB, 707x670)
233 KB
233 KB PNG
Season 4 premiere is really the only time
The one where she showed up just to give Twilight that bottle of flashback cum?
File: 1705054.png (787 KB, 794x809)
787 KB
787 KB PNG
Diplomatic Immunity
Maybe in Equestria you are Twilight Rodmare Sparkle, but you are not immun because THIS IS 4CHAN!
First two seasons, when she was also Apple Bloom's grownup friend.
File: 47274.png (822 KB, 1084x1024)
822 KB
822 KB PNG
10/10, 10/10, one hundred out of a hundred. best fic, best fic
File: 1678307.png (969 KB, 1920x1440)
969 KB
969 KB PNG
>Maud x Trixie story
>Misty Gravel

You could say I was inspired by FouDubulbe.
Is it that obvious?
File: 163834313689.png (279 KB, 1000x691)
279 KB
279 KB PNG
It's not obvious, more so that Fou has a corner on the Maud shipping market. Not that that's a bad thing, and your green doesn't feel like a rip off or anything.
File: 1424917.png (50 KB, 480x185)
50 KB
Thanks Anon, but seriously. Damp Rocks is really goddamn good. I've must have read through it about six times now.

There will probably be parts where you'll go like "Oh hey, just like in Damp Rocks" but I'll try to keep that in check.
Muhh nigga.
File: telepathic cumming.jpg (245 KB, 1485x800)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
File: 1633112.png (125 KB, 357x357)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
Damn that was a good comic.

I hate how pony Twilight made it kind of rapey though.
I still don't get it
I don't get it either. Also, source?
Sunset's telepathy.
Pony Twi put Sunset's geode inbetween SciTwi and Sunset's palms right as Scitwi was about to cum

File: 1387334.png (1.68 MB, 3808x3906)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB PNG
>This is why Sunset's not allowed to drink anymore.
File: 1547186.png (233 KB, 620x775)
233 KB
233 KB PNG
>this is why Twilight's not allowed to own motorbikes anymore
Sunset's thirsty for that nerdy bad girl.
The best part is it's pretty heavily implied by previous pieces that Sci-Twi is actually into Applejack and not Sunset at all.
File: 1680286.jpg (128 KB, 900x1200)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
>the secret waifu stealer
File: 1504916290212.png (321 KB, 430x454)
321 KB
321 KB PNG
File: 1635032.jpg (154 KB, 1024x724)
154 KB
154 KB JPG

Truly it was Applejack who was the true waifu stealer all along.
So this why Hasbro/Sadnon wants to get rid of her
File: 1660986.jpg (169 KB, 1085x1800)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
>"Ah see that you've found out my secret, sugarcube..."
>"It's mighty sad that your waifu is already mine and there's nothing you can do about it."
File: 1692542.png (663 KB, 1000x1200)
663 KB
663 KB PNG
Too many staffers have had their waifus stolen by her, especially Berrow
File: APPLES.png (81 KB, 441x411)
81 KB
Sadnon rags so hard on Applejack because he knows she is the most powerful and cunning of them all. And that's what scares him, a girl he can't bully
File: 1675316.jpg (67 KB, 633x719)
67 KB
t. nohooves
File: 1549470.png (1.46 MB, 4000x2500)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB PNG
How do you bully that which is a force of nature? Waifus all gravitate to AJ, big, and small. There's nothing you can do because it is inevitable. All will be APPLED
File: 1703646.png (844 KB, 2000x2200)
844 KB
844 KB PNG
I want my waifu to be APPLED
it's my fetish
Appleshy is a really cute pairing.
>it went in all the way up to her elbow
File: 741590.gif (130 KB, 250x226)
130 KB
130 KB GIF
>As Trixie trotted her way to the gem sorting area.
>Her thoughts wandered.
>She hated being here, and she hated being bossed around by the grey mare.
>If she had her wagon back then maybe she might be able to start performing again.
>Memories flashed to the front of Trixie's mind.
>All of them were her shows after the whole Ponyville Ursa Minor incident.
>Ponies of all different walks of life.
>Laughing at her.
>Booing at her.
>Throwing rotten fruit at her stage.
>Everywhere she looked she saw the cruel eyes of everypony.
>Judging her.
>"Hello" a familiar monotone voice broke Trixie out of her thoughts.
>Shaking her head she blinked as a gleaming light nearly blinded her.
>She raised a hoof in over her eyes and squinted.
>Glorious, sparkling gems all piled up on one end of the table.
>And on the other end, dull, round, blackish-gray stones piled on top of each other.
>They reminded Trixie of Maud.
>"The loud one said you needed the great Trixie's assistance?"
>Maud stood on the other side of the table and blinked at Trixie.
>Stoic and still like the gravel all around them.
>"Limestone" she replied.
File: 1184083.png (1.26 MB, 1440x1300)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB PNG
>Trixie's eyebrow raised up in confusion.
>"You're talking about Limestone."
>She finally had a name to place with the beast finally.
>"I know she comes off as rude, but her heart is in the right place" Maud threw another gem on the pile.
>Trixie rolled her eyes.
>"Whatever, the "rude" pony said you could use my help with something?" Trixie's eyes still had her flair of smugness.
>Maud gently placed another rock in the rock pile.
>"I'm done" she announced.
>Trixie felt her face scrunching in a very annoyed expression.
>"Fine, Trixie didn't want to help you with your dumb rock thing anyway" she lowered her legs to the ground and sat in the soft dirt.
>Trixie's eyes fell to the ground.
>She didn't want to risk heading back inside.
>The rude slave driver pony might make her do something else.
>Her ears perked up and so did her eyes as she noticed Maud still standing on the other side of the table.
>Staring at her with those bored eyes.
>Trixie felt like she was being judged.
>"Why don't you take a picture it'll last longer!" she shouted at Maud.
>Maud blinked and remained silent.
>"I don't have a camera" her deadpan reply like boiling oil poured in Trixie's face.
>Trixie's teeth clenched and grinded.
>A vein in her neck pulsed and throbbed with each one of her quickening heartbeats.
File: plot twist.jpg (773 KB, 1938x1881)
773 KB
773 KB JPG
File: 1267663.png (125 KB, 800x590)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
>"You think you're sooooooooo clever don't you?" she spat at Maud.
>"Well you're not!" Trixie's hind legs began to stand up as she removed herself from the ground.
>"You're...you're just a stupid mud pony" her anger reaching a boiling point.
>"Trying to prove you're superior to me through smashing rocks and-and picking up rocks!" Trixie stamped her hoof in fury.
>"It only proves how useless you really are!" she groaned in frustration.
>A bitter feeling was spreading throughout Trixie's chest.
>She watched Maud carefully, but there wasn't a change in her demeanor.
>Still blank, and still unresponsive.
>Maud blinked at Trixie as if what she just said was meaningless.
>She looked down at the gem pile and pushed a lovely, blue sapphire towards Trixie.
>Staring in disbelief at the gem and at Maud.
>Trixie felt her blood go way past its boiling point
>A growl escaped her throat.
>She viciously swiped at the sapphire and sent it flying where it landed with a thud in the dirt nearby.
>Expecting to see a heartbroken Maud, Trixie looked back over at her and saw the same look on her face.
>Almost like her face was stuck that way.
>Her heart feeling like it was exploding in a harsh pang of agony.
>"Are you actually brain damaged!" her scream sounded like it echoed for miles.
>Trixie's nostrils flared as a sharp exhale came through them.
>And nothing from Maud.
>No tears, no yelling, no response.
File: Gilda Offers a Ride.jpg (188 KB, 1280x1136)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
Yo Pie Anon, I finally got it done! Some of the colors came out a little funky, but it's otherwise alright to me. I kinda suck at making metal look dirty without ruining the texture.
File: 1611531.png (636 KB, 1280x720)
636 KB
636 KB PNG
File: 1693284.png (1023 KB, 1000x1000)
1023 KB
1023 KB PNG
That's some good shit my man.
File: bellissimo.png (398 KB, 1000x1168)
398 KB
398 KB PNG
>Tiara wearing enough makeup to make a whore blush
File: 1605665.jpg (1.18 MB, 2832x2288)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB JPG
>Trixie's chest huffed in and out with hot, angry breaths.
>Without warning, Trixie charged at the table.
>She pushed up against it with her side trying her hardest to flip it over
>But it wouldn't budge.
>A few rocks toppled over on the ground, but even with all her effort Trixie couldn't move it an inch.
>She stopped and tried to catch her breath.
>"What was the point of flipping this table?"
>"It's not like Maud's going to react to it anyway" Trixie's thoughts calmed her down.
>Her breathing returned to normal, but she was still wound up from just everything.
>All of lows in her life were adding up and sinking Trixie further and further.
>"I hate this place" she whispered barely loud enough for Maud to hear.
>And with that, Trixie turned away from Maud and started back towards the farm.
>She didn't even bother looking back because she knew what she would see.
>The blank, aggravating stare of Maud.
>"At least the rude one reacts to me" Trixie bitterly sighed.
>"At least she..." Trixie's eyes clenched shut as she shook her head.
>"Whatever, Trixie's going back to bed" Trixie said as she looked up at the sky.
>The sun was not quite dipping into the horizon, but she could tell it wasn't noon anymore.
>It didn't matter she was already feeling done with the day.
>The scene of Maud pushing that sapphire towards Trixie replayed in her head.
>She didn't know why it infuriated her so much.
>Maybe it was because it made Trixie feel like a broken charity case.
>Like she was someone who needed pity.
>But she was above that.
File: 1605534.jpg (1.32 MB, 3153x2627)
1.32 MB
1.32 MB JPG
>She was Trixie, the greatest magician in all of Equestria!
>"Stupid dumb rock ponies" she kicked at a nearby pebble and it hit the side of the farm with a thud.
>And as if on cue, there stood Limestone with her trademark glare.
>Looking more angry than usual.
>"Trixie helped Maud as you commanded" her tone slightly mocking.
>Limestone took a step towards Trixie.
>The ground shook underneathe her.
>She froze in place as Limestone took another powerful step towards her.
>And another, until she was almost booping her nose into Trixie's.
>Her stare was colder than an iceberg.
>Trixie gulped.
>"I don't know how or what you did, but the west field looks...decent" her tone spiteful.
>Like that killed a little part of her inside just to admit that.
>Trixie took a step back from Limestone and gathered herself.
>Taking a deep breath
>Her smug aura returning nearly full force.
>"It seems like you were wrong to doubt Trixie's abilities" she smirked at Limestone.
>Her face scrunched as she let out a small growl.
>"Just, go help Marble make dinner!" she jabbed her hoof towards the inside of the house.
>And with that, Limestone shuffled away with her head lower than usual.
>Meanwhile Trixie held her head up with pride.
>It was good to be noticed, and make others know you're there.
>Like you're somepony worth knowing.
That's Sweetie Bell, right?
I can't find this picture on any of their accounts.
Dimond T
File: 1606457.png (147 KB, 1024x609)
147 KB
147 KB PNG
Gilda x DT. That's a weirdass ship, but I can see how it works just from that pic.

I hardly see any DT ships in these threads speaking of. Which is a shame since she's second best filly.
I'm more surprised there hasn't been any Wallflower shipping desu. Can we get some qt wallflower pictures?
File: 77827.png (235 KB, 700x679)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
Yeah, remember when they had that redemption arc for her and set her up as the 4th crusader? SALT INTENSIFIES
File: 1660527.png (463 KB, 2591x2442)
463 KB
463 KB PNG
While I hate her for what she did to Sunset. I at least appreciate her background and how she was the instrument of her own personal hell.

Also people ship her with Sandbar and Juniper. Which I am fine with.
I think Pie anon wrote one, but he didn't a leave pastebin for it
Scootiara is pretty cute.
Oh no, that's a really cute ship. And so apt since neither is ever going to come back...
File: 1373654.jpg (548 KB, 920x1080)
548 KB
548 KB JPG
I know that salt Anon. I was so pumped to have anymore interactions with DT and the crusaders or I still love the idea that Glimmer takes an interest in her.

But I don't think that's going to be a thing. I hope I get proved wrong though.
File: 1523329913907.png (168 KB, 685x673)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
>Requested this pic be made years ago
>DiamondxScoot still my OTP
File: 1600476.jpg (3.06 MB, 4479x3000)
3.06 MB
3.06 MB JPG
She just keeps getting away with it!
There was once an intensely good Scootaspoon fic.
It died.
Sadness ruled the land.
File: 1698085.png (2.18 MB, 2100x2800)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB PNG
>Steals your girlfriend.
>Dumps her.
>And then steals you.

No one is safe.
File: 1520292832615.jpg (179 KB, 1080x1286)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
That's the plotting face, everyone please move calmly to the waifu shelters and wait for this storm to blow over.
File: 303507.png (562 KB, 824x1036)
562 KB
562 KB PNG
It's too late for me. Save the other waifus.
File: 1210084.png (320 KB, 725x1024)
320 KB
320 KB PNG
Trixie at absolute rock bottom, literally , is the best. At least Marble will be slightly easier for her to handle.
It's part of Pie Anon's story where Diamond Tiara walks into a gay bar and tries/fails to seduce a kinda drunk Gilda, who takes Tiara home on a bike ride because like fuck she'd let a thirteen-year old girl walk home in the middle of the night dressed like a hooker.

A really expensive hooker, but still.

The scene in the picture is supposed to be just after this little exchange:

“Alright. Let’s get you home.”
>”W-what? Now?”
“Of course, now.”
>”But you’ve been drinking!”
“Hell yeah I have. Trust me, Diamond. I could drive like a fucking Mad Max character right now.”
>”If you get us in a crash, I’m going to be very upset.”
“Upset? If this thing crashed, you’ll be dead!”
>Gilda took Diamond Tiara by the arm, guiding the younger girl out of the bar and towards the back lot, where her battered Softail lay waiting
But, I want her to handle Maud. Vigorously.
Finally someone that understands
>Rainbow was as good a cook as Pinkamena had guessed, judging by the pleased expressions decorating each face around the table.
>As Pinkamena let her eyes wander from each face, they lingered more on some than others.
>Sunset's insistence, for example, on licking the fork clean- even after all the syrup, butter, and cake had been pried off- was more than distracting.
>Her piercing, flirtatious stare every time she looked away from the fork for a second didn't help Pinkamena's case any, either.
>Rarity seemed to be trying to outdo Sunset as she practically moaned in delight as every mouthful was swallowed, jealous looks were shot at Sunset in between eye-rolling ecstasy.
>It left Pinkamena feeling hot under the collar, and the rest of the girls in varying states of ever-increasing lust.
>"Are y'all done?"
>The spellbinding display put on by Sunset and Rarity was broken by the ever stalwart and now blushing Applejack.
>"I'd like ta eat in peace, if y'all wouldn't mind too much."
>"Stick in the mud."
>"What was that, Rainbow?"
>The two girls glared daggers at each other.
>"Settle down you two. As Applejack had so stated, manners first."
>Rainbow Dash snorted at Rarity's admonishment.
>"At least we're not orgasming over a pancake, Rarity."
>"Rainbow! Why I never-!"
>"Oh you never, huh? "Oh, pancake! So good! Muah, muah! Kiss me, darling!", does that sound familiar?"
>Rarity and Rainbow dissolved into playful bickering, and it seemed infectious.
>Soon Sunset and Applejack were trading barbs, and even Fluttershy was smiling and laughing along.
>Pinkamena was just thankful that they weren’t picking on her, even if it looked like fun.
>She relaxed and let the lines around her face fade as she took in the scenery of the kitchen.
>Well-lit, surrounded by friends, simply being welcome.
>All so new, yet in a vague sense familiar.
>Pinkie Pie should be sitting here, and yet she wasn’t.
>It was the quintessential opposite of Pinkie Pie that took her place.
>Despite that…
>She was welcome.
>Pinkamena smiled at a comment that was thrown Rarity’s way, from Applejack.
>She wouldn’t change it for the world. She was, dare she say, happy.
>Pinkie wouldn’t take that away from her, not for anything.


>Pinkamena opened her eyes, a flurry of red and yellow met her vision.
>”This is your place, right?”
>Sunset was staring at her from under a brimmed helmet, a smirk on her face.
>Pinkamena didn’t trust her voice, she wobbly got off the motorcycle and nodded.
>She made sure her backpack was still attached firmly to her back with a quick shake of her shoulders.
>”Sorry if I went a little fast.”
>Sunset didn’t sound sorry, especially when Pinkamena was pressed tight against her, clinging for her very life as the bike thundered down the road.
>”Want some help?”
>Pinkamena didn’t get a chance to reply before Sunset looped their arms together and guided them up to the dark, ashy wood of her front door.
>The entry hall was devoid of life, as was the walk up to her room.
>Sunset gave a surreptitious glance around the empty, dark hallway, and prepared to push Pinkamena’s door in-
>Her hand froze around the nob, and she looked up, and up, and up, at the man standing just in front of her.
>She could hear Pinkamena’s gulp from right behind her.
>Sunset looked at the man’s stern, unyielding face.
>It was speckled, as if carved from granite, with the color and texture of well-worn leather.
>Thick, serious lines entrenched themselves in his face and high, prominent cheek bones stuck out below piercing golden eyes.
>”Who is this?”
>His voice, much like himself, filled the hall.
>It sounded like it should belong to him, gravely, rough, and deep.
>”Sunset. Sunset Shimmer.”
>Sunset hesitantly accepted the man’s outstretched hand- which were easily larger than trash can lids.
>He gave her a bone-crushing squeeze for a moment as he shook his hand up and down, then let go.
>”I am Igneous Rock Pie. Father to Pinkamena Diane Pie. I welcome you, Sunset Shimmer.”
>Igneous spared her one last glance before looking back at Pinkamena.
>Her brushed- although it felt more like she was being thrown aside- past Sunset and stood tall in front of Pinkamena.
>Pinkamena looked up at her father.
>This is the first time she had seen her father’s age-worn, serious face in years with her own eyes.
>Pinkamena hugged Igneous around his barrel of a waist.
>Her father didn’t react, as if he would anyway, yet the way his hand came to rest against her back, she knew her father was pleased.
>”It is a fine pleasure to see thou once more, Pinkamena.”
“You too, dad.”
>They parted, and Pinkamena was content.
>Igneous gave her a nod and continued down the hall, his booming footsteps audible on the creaky wood flooring.
>Pinkamena looked over at Sunset’s shaken pallor.
>”T-that was your dad?”
>Pinkamena offered Sunset a, hopefully, reassuring smile as she rested her hand on her arm.
“Sorry. He can be a little intimidating if you don’t know him.”
>”Maybe I should go?”
“I-if you want to. Dad won’t do anything, if that’s what you’re worried about.”
>Sunset felt her gut flop over.
>That behemoth of a man could turn her into a pretzel with ease, the urge to- escort- Pinkamena to her room suddenly soured in her mind.
>”That’s okay. I’ve, uh, I’ve got a lot of homework and stuff. I’ll see you?”
>Pinkamena smiled softly.
>Pinkamena could just make out Sunset’s fading steps down the hall as she closed her bedroom door and sunk to the floor, leaning against the cool wood.
>That unnatural rattle in her bag every time she moved was tempting, so, so very tempting.
>Maybe, indeed.
File: maxresdefault.jpg (56 KB, 1280x720)
56 KB
>Pinkamena could just make out Sunset’s fading steps down the hall as she closed her bedroom door and sunk to the floor, leaning against the cool wood.
>That unnatural rattle in her bag every time she moved was tempting, so, so very tempting.
>Maybe, indeed.
>Pinkamena pulled the clear orange bottle from the top of her pack and palmed it, rolling it over and over in her hands.
>Just the mere proximity of her medicine made Pinkie bang against the inside of her skull in anger.
>It left her dizzy and disoriented, and wishing for Pinkie to stop.
>Maybe she could let Pinkie out for just a little bit- just to get some rest.
>Yes, that was a good idea.
>Her head swam as she fumbled with the cap, and her vision blurred as she tried to count out her dosage.
>They all seemed to be in double, or was it triple? Quadruple?
>She couldn’t tell.
>Pinkie was still angry, and she could feel it.
>Pinkamena poured the medicine into her hand, and lost count after a dozen.


another cliffhanger! The ending will be for sure tomorrow. Already got it written up. Enjoy, my dudes.
File: 598788.jpg (78 KB, 600x636)
78 KB
File: big sad.gif (965 KB, 250x389)
965 KB
965 KB GIF
File: 105401.png (218 KB, 800x1293)
218 KB
218 KB PNG
yeah site froze for a while
Images seem busted at the moment too.
That’s kind of cute.
>It's in the apple family genes to be waifu stealers
it's happened before, fucking hrishimoot
God dammit Hiro, just let me post my fucking lesbo images. It's all I have left.
File: 1584112.jpg (3.12 MB, 6000x3000)
3.12 MB
3.12 MB JPG
I swear to god Dilarious would make the best lezporn
File: gmo1_1280.jpg (232 KB, 1280x640)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
Back to business as usual it seems?
File: 1065431.jpg (2.44 MB, 4000x2000)
2.44 MB
2.44 MB JPG
File: carloos.png (138 KB, 350x350)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
You know what they say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!
File: 1123836.jpg (2.43 MB, 4000x2000)
2.43 MB
2.43 MB JPG
I'm just polishing up the last bit of Pinkamena, then I'll post it.
File: 1520805162648.png (141 KB, 341x403)
141 KB
141 KB PNG
File: 1613201.png (103 KB, 934x832)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
Oh shit here we go.
File: 1663997.png (156 KB, 1116x1103)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
>A scent wafted into Trixie's nose as she begrudingly forced herself into the rock farm's kitchen.
>It reeked like dirty water mixed with more dirt.
>"What is that horrid smell assaulting the great Trixie's nasal passages?" Trixie asked aloud.
>A sad whimper drew Trixie's attention towards the end of the kitchen with the same, quiet, light-grey mare.
>Stirring a pot on top of a stove.
>Appearing more downtrodden from Trixie's previous comment.
>Trixie walked closer to the pony who was trying to focus on cooking.
>Hiding behind her hair to look smaller.
>The harsh aroma growing stronger as she approached.
>Curiously, she peered into the pot.
>Brown, murky water bubbling and boiling while small rock-shaped bits float around inside the gross looking concoction.
>Trixie stuck her tongue out
>"Don't you ponies eat anything else besides...this" she pointed a disgusted hoof at the pot.
>Marble let out a whine as she retreated behind her mane even more.
>She shook her head.
>"Surely you've got to have something else to eat" Trixie was closing in on Marble and invading her personal bubble unintentionally.
>Marble just wrapped her face up in her mane in response.
>Unamused is one of the words to describe Trixie's reaction.
>"One overreacts, one can't react, and the other is too scared to react"
>"These ponies are out of this world" Trixie's thoughts drifted.
File: 1518922555637.jpg (49 KB, 460x276)
49 KB
>I've only now realized that I never put the Femanon and the Pies green in the archive despite being one of our most famous greens

The hell is wrong with me and why did no one else point this out?
if you're editing the archive you can take Musical Sunset out of the "ongoing" category. I really just write random cute drabbles whenever I feel the need to scratch that Sundagio itch.
I was really tempted to credit all your stories with "by G.M Berrow", but
I was able to restrain myself
File: 924497.jpg (956 KB, 2500x1600)
956 KB
956 KB JPG
>A set of hooves clopping behind the two ponies caused Trixie's head to turn suddenly.
>The stony expression of Maud greeted her gaze
>Trixie instinctively grinded her teeth as she felt her stomach shrink up into itself.
>"Hmph" Trixie shook her head away from Marble and made her way to the staircase up to the bedrooms.
>Each one of her hoofsteps full of anger from the farce of a day.
>Before she could even set hoof on the first step however.
>"Aren't you going to eat?" Maud's voice made Trixie's spine crawl.
>Trixie turned her head towards Maud.
>"You lack any "real" food so no"
>"Trixie just wants to go back to bed" she grumbled as she rubbed her eyes with her front leg.
>Silence, exactly what Trixie expected in response.
>"Nice talk Maud, like always" her tone bursting with snark
>And with that, she slowly hiked herself up the stairs away from the rock-loving headaches.
>With a sigh, Trixie approached the door to the shared bedroom and gently shoved it open.
>Her bed was at the end.
>It was the only one with just a pillow.
>There wasn't a blanket, or anything to keep her warm when the temperature dropped drastically at night.
>All she had was the cape on her back.
>And Limestone had angrily threw it in a ball in the corner.
>It was the color of the early morning.
>With fantastical portrayals of stars glimmering and shimmering big and small.
>Truly, it was one of Trixie's pride and joys.
Pinkamena incoming for the last time, lads.
thanks for sticking around /spoiler]

wouldn't want to blow my cover, would we? ^;)


>”Sunset Shimmer?”
>A large, weighty hand fell on her shoulder as Sunset tried to step out of the front door of Pinkamena’s home.
>Home free, almost to her motorcycle, yet no dice.
>”Follow me.”
>Sunset watched the man begin to walk away into a room connected to the entry hall.
>The thought of simply fleeing crossed her mind, yet the man looked as if he could outpace her, despite his age and graying hair.
>She wasn’t certain why she was so intimidated, as she followed Igneous into a sparsely decorated drawing room, yet she was.
>The man had made no outward signs of hostility, and despite that, it made it all the much worse.
>As if Igneous could see her intentions before they had even been introduced.
>”Would thou prefer to sit?”
>Igneous pointed over at a hand-carved chair across from the one that bore his weight.
>”I’m okay, Sir.”
>Igneous eyed her up and down, and it made her fidget.
>Something about Igneous seemed to change, Sunset couldn’t quite put a finger on it.
>His demeanor darkened, and deep trenches crossed the lines on his face.
>”You know of Pinkamena’s… Condition?”
>”Er, yeah. She sort of… Opened up to us all.”
>Igneous’ eyes narrowed and his thick fingers drummed on the scored wooden surface of the table he was sitting at.
>”I must give heed, Sunset Shimmer. Pinkamena and Pinkie Pie are not divergent personas.”
>”W-what?! You- you’re saying…”
>His jaw clenched, making his stone-like visage grow ever more serious.
>”H-how do you know? T-that Pinkie doesn’t exist?”
>Igneous hesitated.
>”Many years ago, we switched the medicine held in Pinkamena’s bottles. The medicine we give her is an anti-depressant, masqueraded as a personality-switcher.”
>”Like a placebo? But maybe it works because Pinkamena wants it to work?”
>Igneous shook his head.
File: You Thought.png (640 KB, 1280x1280)
640 KB
640 KB PNG
>”After Pinkamena revealed to us Pinkie’s existence we brought her to a hospital. They could find no evidence of any neurological disorders besides deeply-seated depression. Not on their machines, nor through therapy.”
>Sunset’s jaw felt loose in her mouth as she stared, gaping, at Igneous.
>”S-so Pinkamena… She’s just been faking it?”
>”I do not believe that this is so. Pinkamena was not a popular child, until she adopted Pinkie Pie’s persona. I believe that she believes she has a different personality, but that is not reality. Pinkie Pie does not exist as a separate entity. Not truly.”
>”Why are you telling me this?”
>Sunset had taken a seat, the reality of Pinkamena- Pinkie Pie- it left her winded.
>”I do not want you to misunderstand Pinkamena. I want you to know her for who she is. She has the capacity to be Pinkie Pie, yet it is her own beliefs that hinder it.”
>”W-why can’t you tell Pinkamena?”
>Igneous’ face grew minutely sorrowful, his eyes misting and reflecting memories long gone.
>”It is my belief that she is unable to handle the reality. The realization of her true nature would be… Too much. I do not wish to lose my daughter, Sunset Shimmer. I ask you to keep this in confidence.”
>Sunset nodded, her face a mask of shock.
>They sat there in the dusty, gloomy room for what felt like hours- it must have been, as the sun sank lower and lower in the sky.
>Silent, unseeing, unfeeling, just digesting the truths of the hour.
>Sunset looked up when a dull thud broke through the silence, reverberating through the house from upstairs.
>Her mouth went dry, and she looked over at Igneous.


>Her chest ached, like someone was sitting on it.
>Her head pounded, a thundering chorus of drum beats and hoof steps that echoed deep in her skull, yet Pinkie Pie was silent.
>Pinkamena gasped for breath and clutched at her throat that refused to accept any air, as if she was drowning.
>”Hiya, Pinkamena.”
>Pinkie’s giggle was wrong- the look on her face seemed warped and disgusted, dark, black holes filled her empty eye sockets and a broken smile traced its’ way across her face.
>Pinkamena let out a feeble gasp and looked up at Pinkie Pie.
>She was there in the room with her, smiling down at her, seated firmly on her chest.
>She could barely choke out a word, and it seemed Pinkie had no intention of getting off.
>Sweat poured down her face and her throat constricted, just as Pinkie gripped it tight in her hands.
>”Sorry, Pinkamena… But I’m the one they want…”
>Pinkamena feebly beat at Pinkie’s arms.
>”Just die already… DIE!”
>Pinkie squeezed as hard as she could, her eyes bulging out of her head as she screamed bloody murder at Pinkamena’s gasping, struggling body.
>Perhaps it was simply an accident, or a miracle, but Pinkie went flying as Pinkamena rolled off the edge of the bed and slumped to the floor, letting out a dull thud on impact.
>Pinkie didn’t come back, yet the squeezing, choking feeling didn’t subside.
>Nor did the headache that beat a furious tempo within her skull.
>Pinkamena gasped and flailed until dark spots began to fill her vision, until darkness filled it entirely.
>”Pinkamena? Pinkie? Pinka-”
>The fading voice of Sunset and rough hands grabbed her, yet not soon enough to stop her drifting into unconsciousness.


The End.
File: 5bJ5vjQ.png (475 KB, 666x418)
475 KB
475 KB PNG
I both love and hate you for ending things off like that.
File: 1505491267946.jpg (22 KB, 480x910)
22 KB
Tune in next time for when we never get closure and Sadnon does that flocking face again.
Thanks for the ride you monster, it was wonderful.
File: 1176946.jpg (93 KB, 650x226)
93 KB
>She levitated the cape up and shook it clean.
>It didn't look that bad.
>Just some minor teeth marks near the collar.
>Trixie drew the blinds in and carefully got herself into bed.
>The mattress felt cheap.
>Springs felt like they were digging into Trixie's back.
>But, it beat sleeping outside.
>Slowly becoming comfortable, Trixie rested her eyelids as they grew heavier.
>She yawned and started the journey to sleep town.
>Sadly, her trip was detoured by the sound of someone walking towards the bedroom.
>Slow, deliberate hoofsteps.
>Trixie didn't dare to move a muscle.
>She just clenched her eyes shut and pretended to be asleep
>The hoofsteps grew louder, and closer.
>Until they stopped right before Trixie's bed.
>Feeling a presence right behind her Trixie didn't dare breathe.
>Something was set on the dresser besides the bed.
>And with that, the presence walked away.
>Until Trixie couldn't hear the hoofsteps' noise any longer.
>Nearly jolting upwards in bed for the second time today.
>Trixie quickly scanned around the room to make sure the intruder was gone.
>She took in big, greedy gulps of air to make up for the last few minnutes.
>Seeing nopony around Trixie felt herself easing down and relaxing.
>Out of the corner of her eye, she saw something white and out of place on the dresser.
>Turning her head, her eyes go slightly wide as she recognizes a plate, but it wasn't an ordinary plate.
>For it had food, actual food on it.
File: Wrong.png (484 KB, 1280x1280)
484 KB
484 KB PNG
Oh I'm sorry, did you think that THAT was the end?



>Tick, tick tack, tick.
>Her hands flattened keys as if she were a machine, moving to and fro across the board.
>The brightly lit monitor gleamed at her from the darkness and the scrawling black text looked like little ants to her dull, glazed eyes.
>Without looking Pinkamena drew another word, then another line, then another paragraph, then another story.
>Finally her eyes squinted against the harsh light and she fumbled for a rattling bottle.
>Her mind uncleared and a barrage of emotions began to leak through, but not before Pinkamena could swallow a pair of tablets.
>Another line, another story, a world of friends and acceptance, not to be.
>Not for her.
>Not for quiet, lonely Pinkamena who can barely string two words together in the presence of anyone outside family.
>The thought of being like Pinkie- or even having a Pinkie Pie to take over- appealed to her more than anything.
>But that was simply a pipe dream.
>Pinkie didn’t exist.
>Pinkamena wished that she didn’t either.
>Tick, tick tack, tick.

Ending song:

excuse my shit music taste
The ruse cruise has no brakes.
File: 1504923089510.jpg (31 KB, 201x240)
31 KB
File: 1021852.png (673 KB, 1580x1024)
673 KB
673 KB PNG
>A daisy sandwich, an apple, and a cup of water.
>Trixie's heart jumped for joy.
>With great excitement in her heart, Trixie levitated the sandwich over to mouth and had it packed away in less than four bites.
>Either that was the best daisy sandwich she had ever tasted, or she was hungier than she originally thought.
>She took a gulp of water to wash it down.
>A sigh of content escaped her mouth.
>Another thing was standing out on the plate now that the sandwich was gone.
>It was a small piece of white, rectangular paper with her name written on it.
>Letting the apple hover to one side of her, and levitating the note in front of her face.
>Trixie began to read it.
"Trixie, I'm sorry you're not having an easy time adjusting to life on the farm."
"It will get easier, but until then"
"I'll gladly help out like I did today anytime you ask."
"Your friend, Maud"
>Trixie absentmindly took a bite of her apple.
>She scanned over the letter again.
>This time she noticed a little blurb written at the bottom.
"P.S, Check behind the apple"
>Trixie felt her eyebrow raise up in confusion.
>Tilting her head to the side she saw a small object wrapped in brown paper.
But you SAID the end.
Honestly nothing I haven't come to expect from you, Sad.
Great story, many feels, must now strangle you.
For the good of us all.
No, Pinkamena WROTE "The End."
File: 1235056.jpg (218 KB, 1280x640)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
>"How did Trixie not notice this?" she floated the small object over to her.
>She flipped it over and inspected it.
>Not having any idea of what it might be.
>She shrugged and tore the paper away and wadded it into a ball.
>A familiar glint caught her eye.
>A gorgeous, azure blue glow was peeking out from the brown paper.
>Tearing away the rest of the paper.
>Trixie finally recognized what she was unwrapping.
>It was the breathtaking sapphire Maud tried to give her earlier.
>Trixie let out a small gasp.
>The sight still made her upset to see, but without Maud's vacant eyes looking at her she felt different.
>A weird feeling twinged throughout her body.
>Like a cold fire spreading over her limbs
>For a moment she just lied down in bed and stared out the window.
>"Huh..." she said confused.
>Maybe she was being noticed more than she thought she was.
>Even if she couldn't see it.
File: 1436629.png (352 KB, 1280x1280)
352 KB
352 KB PNG
>MFW people actually like Lyra and BonBon's more than I expected.
>MFW I still want to focus on lesbian rock farmers first.
File: bth.gif (1.21 MB, 300x189)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB GIF
I support this decision.
Trixie needs this.
She needs the love of a good mare.
Lyra and BonBon have love already.
Trixie has nothing and no one.
Or so she thinks.
She needs to be shown how badly she's erred.
How blind she's been.
She needs to finally see.
Her game's vanilla.
It's not as fun as it could be.
She needs a Maud.
File: 1162679.jpg (438 KB, 1200x624)
438 KB
438 KB JPG
Fair point, I just didn't expect that one to be a bit more popular than everything else I've got on my back burners.

I can give an update to both maybe tomorrow possibly..
I was just joking, you do the one that makes you happier, no need to double dip and get burnt out.
File: 1704677.jpg (802 KB, 1280x833)
802 KB
802 KB JPG
File: 21574.png (385 KB, 612x768)
385 KB
385 KB PNG
File: TempestTwilight.png (579 KB, 1226x1648)
579 KB
579 KB PNG
Post Twilight ships, doesn't matter with who
Anyone excited for Sadnon's episode today?
I hope it's decent, S8 has been such a shit show so far.
File: 1698791.png (483 KB, 722x540)
483 KB
483 KB PNG
File: 1000 hours in MSPaint.jpg (100 KB, 941x464)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Last time, on Twilight’s quest to build the world greatest (and only) marem!

>Twilight went into uncomfortable detail!
>Violation of the possible ‘sis-code’ was planned!
>Spike got yet another reason to turn into a villain later in life!

(Also, uploading this thing got delayed since the entire site went down; I really do have an odd sense of timing)

And now, the continuation:

>>> Go to Ponyville’s (tiny) commercial district, where you can find [Carousel Boutique]

>Keeping to the main thoroughfares, you nod to yourself as you make your way down the quaint streets of Ponyville
>Starting with Rarity was probably for the best
>Rarity was by far the most romantically passionate of your friends, and would likely be the most accepting of such a…drastic change to your relationship
>Not to mention she was probably also the most romantically experienced of your friends: you find many worse mentors in the way of the heart than her
>(That, and every “darling~” that passed from those full-bodied lips made you just a little weak in the knees)
>Glad that your mission was already off to such a hypothetically good start, you practically skip down the cobblestone pathway
>It was a pretty uneventful walk from your castle to Carousel Boutique: it was still early enough that many of the residents of the sleepy hamlet were only just cracking open their windows to greet the day
>You weren’t too worried about the early hour: Rarity was probably the only other member of your circle of friends that was more of a workaholic than you were
>It was not too long before you stood before Ponyville’s only high-end clothing store
>Exactly as you expected, the shop was already open
>Completely unexpectedly, however, was the sight of Sweetie Belle sitting in the lobby, sat cross-legged in the middle of the room
>It looked like she was…pressing lemons into a juicer?
File: TopCute.png (158 KB, 866x922)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
>Sweetie gave you an enthusiastic wave as you stepped into the store, even as she pressed another lemon into the rattling machine
>If she noticed the spray of droplets that were hitting the otherwise immaculate carpet, she didn’t give any indication, though you were fairly certain Rarity wouldn’t have such as easy-going reaction…
“Hi Sweetie. You’re awake awful early, what are you up to?”
>”Just trying to figure out if a Cutie Mark for making orange juice has any similarities to a Cutie Mark for making lemonade.”
“Really? Any results?”
>Sweetie shrugged
>”I’ve made a lot of lemonade. You want some?”
>You accept the offered glass with a smile
>It was kind of heartening to see the Cutie Mark Crusaders were taking their new role as Ponyville’s, indeed maybe Equestria’s, first ‘Cutie Mark Consultants’ (yay!) so seriously
>”Hey, Twilight?”
>You looked down, meeting the two huge pools of pale-green innocence that were Sweetie Belle’s eyes
“Yes, Sweetie?” You raise your glass of lemonade up to your mouth, gratefully taking a long draught of the refreshing liquid
>”Is Rarity a ‘thot’?”
> You next action was caught somewhere between gasping, spitting, and coughing all at once
>You felt more than saw Sweetie’s surprised leap back as you doubled over, your body trying to expel the burning sensation of being choked on lemonade
>It took several seconds of what felt like your body trying to cough up your stomach, and Sweetie Belle’s panicky pats on your back, before you finally righted yourself
“S-Sweetie, where did you hear that word?”
>”Some…some of the girls at school said that Rarity was one, but they wouldn’t tell me what it meant.”
>Sweetie shrunk down into herself
>”Is it a bad word?”
>You take several seconds to consider that question, especially it’s relation to Rarity
“…Well, it’s somewhat accurate…”
>You shake yourself
“Don’t tell your sister I said that.”
File: WahahIntensifies.jpg (18 KB, 210x240)
18 KB
>”Err, okay, but what does it mean?”
>You feel several fingers of dread creep along your spine
>You were not prepared to handle this conversation
“Wwwwwell…that is…I mean….”
>You take several uncertain steps back, before your eyes alight to the corridor leading deeper into the shop
>It was time to bail
“H-hey! I just remember that I had some REALLY important stuff to discuss with Rarity, do you mind if we catch back up with this later?”
>Using a combination of your legs, wings and even a magical boost, you more or less flew from the shop’s main lobby
>As you materialized into the corridor that led to the shop’s back rooms, you take a second to try and gather yourself
>That had been a close call, but you couldn’t afford to let Sweetie Belle to throw you off your attempts to seduce her sexy thot of- I mean, wonderful beauty of a sister
>Taking several breathes, you press on
>It takes a little bit of wandering through the various dressing rooms and storage spaces, but you finally push you way into the back room that makes Rarity’s main creation space
>And judging by the small maelstrom of flying fabrics, scissors and threads that were zipping around, a creation was definitely in the process
>Rarity stood in the middle of the storm of flying material, more less dancing and pirouetting as her magic rapidly cut, layered and stitched several different articles of clothing all at the same time
>Her arms swung like a conductor at the head of an orchestra, passion and energy flowing from her every movement
>It would have been pretty graceful, if there hadn’t been quite as many bras and knickers flying about
>The fashionista, even through the immense concentration needed to utilise this much magic, soon spotted you trying to edge you way safely through the hail of flying dresses
>”Oh, darling~!”
>(You prayed that she would assume the small misstep you took at such a fierce ‘darling’ was merely due to a needle that had zooming past your head, and not…anything else)
“Hey, Rarity, you-holy Celest-”
>You only just managed to duck under an entire sewing machine that had been cart wheeling through the air
“…you look busy.”
>”Haha, well, when inspiration hits, one can’t sit idly! Just give me a moment,”
>Rarity weaves a hand, and a pair of scissors begin to cut with an intense amount of speed through a rick black fabric, moving with surprising accuracy
>You watch fascinated as several minutes of magical enhanced production eventually creates three full sets of…
>…Holy sweet Celestia…
>You’ve voice is barely above a squeak
>Lace, garter belts, corsets, made in deep reds and creamy whites…this stuff couldn’t be anything but high quality lingerie
>”Hmmhmm, it’s a new line that I came up with over breakfast”
>Rarity spoke with the same kind of tone one used to discuss a particularly interesting part of the weather, blind to you open-mouthed shock
>”Of course, these are only prototypes. The real one will have to be made by hand, and will have to be made to measure for each client. I mean, I could hardly sell these ones, since they use my measurements, haha.”
>It take several seconds of silence before Rarity finally turns to you
>”…Twilight? Twilight, darling, are you alright?”
>You finally shake yourself out of your…less than wholesome thoughts
“I-guh, yea, you’re fine- I’M fine!”
File: TopCute2CuteHarder.png (341 KB, 1024x1769)
341 KB
341 KB PNG
>Rarity lets out a delightful titter that nearly causes you to melt into a puddle
>”Well, darling, what do I owe to the pleasure of this visit?”
>You struggle to reach for an excuse for a few beats before finally just settling on something that’s at least slightly close to the truth
“To be honest, I just thought we haven’t had a good chance to hang out for a while. Between your shop in Canterlot and my role as a princess, we hardly ever get to relax. Y-you know,”
>You cough, somewhat self consciously
“Just the two of us.”
>”Aww, Twilight.”
>Rarity’s face lit up with a smile that caused her heart rate to pick up several notches
>”You’re absolutely right, darling. It’s been far too long since we’ve had a chance to chat properly. Come, I get us some tea.”
>You protest slightly, saying that you don’t want to get in the way of her work, but she waves your concerns off, saying that the first customer likely wouldn’t be arriving for at least a few hours
>In all honesty, though you’re glad that she seems eager to spend some time with you
>After a brief walk back through the shop (stalled only slightly by a small freak out about a mysterious stain that had appeared in the carpet, with Sweetie Belle noticeably absent), you find yourself being seated in the Carousel Boutique’s small kitchen, with a small mug of cooling tea between your hands
>”So! Darling,”
>Rarity claps her hands together, giving you a wide smile
>”Whatever have you been up to? I hope the castle isn’t getting too crowded, what with Trixie stopping by to visit Starlight every other day.”
“Haha, no fear of that yet. It still feels like we’re struggling to fill up the rooms, let alone make things crowded. Trixie’s company is more than welcome.”
>(That being said, you kind of wish Trixie’s habit of ‘staying overnight’ didn’t result so much…’’noise’’ from Starlight’s room. An issue for another day.)
File: RarityInThought.png (300 KB, 1280x1493)
300 KB
300 KB PNG
“I’m more interested in knowing how it’s going on your end. Is Canterlot Carousel still…?”
>”…Running to my standards of creativity and self-expression, rather than the soulless commercial husk it nearly became?”
“Yes, that.”
>”Well, you’ll be happy to know that things are running remarkably smoothly. We did have a small spot of trouble with a new rivalling business just a few streets down from our establishment, to the point where I had to go up there personally.”
>You look up at that, worry creasing your brow
“I hope it didn’t hurt your store too bad.”
>”Not at all. Indeed, that was the trouble.”
>”The girl running this new shop was being met more than slightly coldly by the Canterlot citizens, and it seemed like she would have to close up shop a mere few weeks after breaking her back just to get the place open.”
>Rarity sighed, looking into the steaming liquid of her tea
>”The poor thing nearly threw herself at my feet just because I walked through the door. When I saw that her designs were of quality, and that she merely lacked the knowledge of how to advertise herself, I simply couldn’t leave until she was armed with some ideas on how to save her store.”
>You blink, and several conflicting feelings passed through your head
>Eventually, you had to give these thoughts a voice
“I mean…I’m glad that you helped someone in need, but won’t that become an issue somewhere down the line?”
>”Believe me, I know what it might mean; Sassy said very much the same thing. But…”
>Rarity shrugged, looking oddly…at peace
>”She reminded me much of myself. It was never about running the biggest and most successful store in Canterlot, she simply wanted to be able to do what she loved. Even if I have to give up a little bit of business, I couldn’t deny the girl the same opportunity that I’ve been lucky enough to have.”
File: TopSmug.png (738 KB, 845x718)
738 KB
738 KB PNG
>”…Of course, I DID just happen to give her advice on a new dress range at the same time I was finishing up my new line of suits.”
>Rarity took a dainty, more than slightly satisfied sip of her tea
>”As it turns out, both of our businesses were able to work in perfect harmony.”
>You try for a few seconds to maintain dry look, before a snigger escapes your mouth.
“You’re something else, Rarity.”
>”Hehe, I try~”
>You pass a good chunk of time in easy conversation
>Rarity seems to be able to talk anything and everything with the self-assured elegance that you’re more than used to
>For your own part, you just try and avoid getting distracted by the subtle movements of Rarity’s lips
>After some time has passed, however, an opportunity wanders in
>”…And then I said to Sassy, if that idiot said my carmine hats were a shade of brown one more time, he could go shop elsewhere!”
>Rarity huffed, rolling her eyes
>”Honestly, I don’t even know what she sees in the oaf.”
“Haha, yea, you…really can’t account for taste.”
>You try to sound casual as you lift your tea up, but your mind is racing
>You’d been waiting for the topic of relationships to come up for a while
“Speaking, err, of which, how’s your love-life?”
>”Pfft, none existent.”
>Rarity groans, and her whole body deflates
>”Between the two stores, my own designs, and saving the world with you and the other girls, I’ve had hardly any time at all to get myself out there.”
>Your hands are shaking slightly
“Soooo, no plans to go sweeping any princes or a Trenderhoof off their feet?”
>Rarity gagged at the names
>”Honestly, after those disasters, I think I’m off guys for good”
“Oh, that’s rough to hear…”
>A tiny Twilight was doing a tiny dance at the back of your mind
>”Yes, well, it doesn’t matter too much. With how hard it is to find a god partner these days, I don’t think I’d have much luck anyway.”
>You make an vague, noncommittal noise, and lift your tea up
>A sudden sensation on your free hand gives you pause, however
>You look down, and nearly have a heart attack
>With a small, teasing smile, Rarity was gently scratching her finger against your free hand
>”Heehee, I always thought, it would be much more convenient if I could just find a nice girl like you to settle down with, Twilight~”
>Outwardly, you remained perfectly still
>Inwardly, every single muscle in your body tensed up at once
>That, and you were fairly certain you had just suffered a minor heart-failure, but you weren’t going to worry about that for the second
>Alright, remain calm
>You can’t waste this opportunity
>She had said in a mostly flippant and joking manner, but the opening was there
>This chance has more or less fallen right into your lap, and if you play your cards right it won’t be the only thing
>You just need to decide how you want to approach this…

>>>Be [Smooth.] You’re no love expert, but you can still sweep Rarity off her feet
>>>Be [Romantic.] You don’t need to do any more than speak from the heart
>>>Be [Passionate.] You’ll show her that this ‘nice girl’ can certainly ‘settle down…’

The choice of laying the beauty of the town is on the line! Make your choice!

(That’s it for now, sorry for the delay, the schedule is all over the place at the moment)
>With how hard it is to find a god partner
Not an entirely false statement, but I think you meant “good.”
Damn it, don't know how that slipped past
I'll correct it for the Pastebin
File: 1516432437847.png (746 KB, 800x800)
746 KB
746 KB PNG
You glorious faggot.
File: 1314608.png (37 KB, 415x375)
37 KB
This is off to a rousing great start. Darling darling darling
File: 1707550.jpg (154 KB, 1919x995)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
It's as if the staff knows if they put "BEST FRIENDS" in the episode it'll make me less mad about the show. And it works every damn time.
File: 1707598.png (323 KB, 890x629)
323 KB
323 KB PNG
>Lyra and BonBon will be huge lesbian teases until the show ends
>they won't show up next generation so you'll never know if they end up together
File: 1702712.png (288 KB, 2400x1776)
288 KB
288 KB PNG
>>they won't show up next generation so you'll never know if they end up together
File: 040.png (128 KB, 453x373)
128 KB
128 KB PNG
File: 1486408782304.jpg (104 KB, 722x690)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
File: 9jndnf.jpg (96 KB, 763x1048)
96 KB
File: 1707610.png (262 KB, 1024x947)
262 KB
262 KB PNG
y-y-you need to stop saying that RIGHT NOW, Morty
File: LetMeDie.png (205 KB, 400x400)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
The pain that I felt when I read this post was somewhere beyond normal mortal understanding.
File: 1587094.png (219 KB, 800x720)
219 KB
219 KB PNG
Why is TwiStarlight the second best Glimmy ship?
File: 1501106.png (339 KB, 773x755)
339 KB
339 KB PNG
Cause Twilight was our first waifu, and Starlight reminds of old Twilight. Thus, best ship*
*StarTrix best ship 5000 years running
File: 1485019.gif (1.47 MB, 600x338)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB GIF
I like the student-teacher dynamic they got going on. Twiggles is like Starlight's overbearing mom, and Starlight just accepts that. Twilight feels a responsibility to Glimmer as not only the Princess of Friendship, but to make her a better pony in general, as a friend.

I still fucking tear up at that part in Celestial Advice where Glimmer admits she's not ready to leave, and Twilight, without missing a beat, says she's not ready for her to go either. The relationship is fucking adorable. This gif encapsulates that relationship perfectly. What with Twilight invading Starlight's personal space, and Glimmer just sort of like "Yeah, this is happening"
And in those moments of Glimmy trying to do something on her own or offering her own radically different advice to Twilight, we get a glimpse of pre-princess Twilight, where shes a bit manic and bit obsessive and overbearing, but deep down she means her best and it all comes from her heart.
because commie glim x amerigoblin twi has the best dynamic
only /nst/fags will get this
File: goddamnhippies.png (397 KB, 888x871)
397 KB
397 KB PNG
File: large.png (452 KB, 1109x1024)
452 KB
452 KB PNG
Like I promised, I'm gonna be writing some cute fluff. Probably gonna be an AJ/Twi ficlet. Not especially long, I really just need a quick break from a project like Pinkamena or that RainbowTwi story.
the sadness comes into the RainbowTwi story when you realize I'm never going to update it ^:)
Eh, you'll never top the wait for a Trixie x Twidoll update. That's been going for almost as long as the general's existence
File: 1523244767714.jpg (35 KB, 773x659)
35 KB
I'll do it one day I swear. I just don't know where to take it, so I've been stuck in a corner.For like a year...
File: Spoiler Image (360 KB, 494x750)
360 KB
360 KB PNG
Just do what I did.
Give up
File: 1507158878218.jpg (143 KB, 756x1326)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
File: 1523774453270.png (2.51 MB, 2000x1996)
2.51 MB
2.51 MB PNG
>when that waifu stealer's younger sister is all grown up and you want to slam clams with her
Silence you sad sadistic bastard; If mlp finish on a legend of korra style they could finally win a award for ‘addressing modern culture’ or lose to Stevens universe again...
File: 1708281.gif (1.99 MB, 627x720)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB GIF
>pussy juice
You slick bastard.
File: 1523731744527.png (1.37 MB, 1920x1080)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
File: 999532.jpg (244 KB, 1280x1280)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
Harem: The Next Generation when?
File: 1708376.gif (668 KB, 400x266)
668 KB
668 KB GIF
True, FiM could end Korra style. But it won't.
The idea of AJ letting her partner wear her hat is truly top tier
File: CHAOS.jpg (585 KB, 1280x2162)
585 KB
585 KB JPG
ponyfy this
File: 300px-Chris_Chan_Pony.png (83 KB, 300x284)
83 KB
>mfw the latest episode has a chris chan reference.
s-sorry guys
File: 1708654.jpg (304 KB, 800x1036)
304 KB
304 KB JPG
Dashie is in the marem, bois
Why is anime so good with yuri it’s not even funnthe we’re applauding western animation shows for addressing homosexuality and yet japan has always done it so much better it’s not even funny. on a side note what anime is this from I recognise the art style but am at a loss here
File: 1708655.jpg (995 KB, 1423x1000)
995 KB
995 KB JPG
File: pinkieskystar.png (457 KB, 1705x1000)
457 KB
457 KB PNG
Japan does it for fun and not for some moral bullshit like westernfags.
You should know why people don't spoonfeed with anime names.
File: 1708483.png (583 KB, 1020x900)
583 KB
583 KB PNG
>interdimensional dykeshit
The eyes really say it all
>thiccer legs than appul
what did he mean by this?
File: High IQ.png (305 KB, 540x677)
305 KB
305 KB PNG
It's okay, not everyone can appreciate your elevated tastes
File: 1693351.png (340 KB, 995x775)
340 KB
340 KB PNG
Was it great having Chrischan in your episode too?
>Using a combination of your legs, wings and even a magical boost
>Rarity was gently scratching her finger against your free hand
So if they've got hands and wings, and the story's set in Ponyville, is this anthro or what?
File: 1647880.jpg (704 KB, 900x1201)
704 KB
704 KB JPG
He said it was like pic related
I think he said that the people or ponies of this world are human except with wings/horns.
do you people even read the thread? Holy shit.
File: 1516431590296.jpg (61 KB, 391x440)
61 KB
Will the next generation even be set in the same universe?
No, total reboot
That's good but has it actually been confirmed anywhere?
File: 1523828011430.png (668 KB, 1000x769)
668 KB
668 KB PNG
Whys she looking scared? She wanted it and was teasing Pinkie the whole time.
Japan doesn't shove social justice into everything with gayness. Yuri is generally treated as a regular romance but with 2 girls. Meanwhile everything in the west that deals with homosexuality must absolutely always adress homophobia instead of just being about gay girls being gay.
File: 1388085.png (433 KB, 1280x998)
433 KB
433 KB PNG
Two girls being all cute and lovey-dovey with each other is just the best.
Especially when it's not to make a statement.
In fairness, they just have a different perspective on those things due to having an entirely different culture and history
how about a situation where two lesbos are denied their love because of cultural taboo or family opposition? like Romeo and Juliet or Alan Turing’s love story
Sadnon pls write the Rarara and [Apple]Jacqueline green
I was gonna do that AppleLight green, but fuck it. Romeo and Juliet Rarara & Applejack it is.
File: 1454467.jpg (145 KB, 800x581)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
Oh shit yeah. Forbidden love like that gets me fuming especially the romance is great.

I've been wanting to try my hand at doing something with that concept, but I usually write when I read or watch something that inspires my brain.
Good thing homophobia doesn't exist in Equestria so no love is forbidden right...?
File: 1676327.jpg (495 KB, 1199x1027)
495 KB
495 KB JPG
That's exactly how AJ's parents got together, they'd be so proud.
Wrong ^:)
File: 132935.png (448 KB, 673x1024)
448 KB
448 KB PNG
post forbidden love ideas

>Lady Fluttershy & Sir Fastalot (Dash)
>Doctor Twilight, a famous mathematician and codebreaker & GlimGlam, a commie double-agent
>Rarity Antoinette & Oscar Applejackayes
>Ponko Arihara and her stepsister, Twi
File: 1656616.jpg (370 KB, 720x1128)
370 KB
370 KB JPG
>In another universe, Lyra and BonBon are still gay, but because societal, and family pressures are forced to be something they're not.
>BonBon's mom would rather her daughter be dead than to be a dyke.
>Same with Lyra's mom.
>One day they'll share a sweet, tender kiss in a situation where it just feels like the right thing to do.
>Fireworks go off in their heads.
>The whole shebang.
>Years and years of repressed feelings come through and for once in their lives, they both feel happy.
>Some loudmouth jerk tells his folks about seeing them kiss.
>Then his parents tell BonBon's mom who tells Lyra's mom.
>BonBon gets kicked out to the street and Lyra is sent to a pray the gay away camp
>BonBon most likely ends up in a shelter alone, scared, and hungry.
>Lyra is ostracized at camp.
>They both miss the other more than life itself.
>So, BonBon most likely passes away from living on the street during a cold Winter, and Lyra, feeling that life has no point anymore, ends her life at camp.

Of course that's just something that could happen.
god, they look so gay and happy together. please don't take their smiles away.
File: 1386646.png (1.28 MB, 1280x1280)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
>I was gonna do that AppleLight green, but fuck it.
Twi's parents are probably pretty desperate for a normal grandfoal, and a princess hooking up with a farmer hits those class issues, so it's not like it HAS to be [pukes internally] Rarijack.
Thanks, Anon. Mind if I use this at some point?
Im debating as to whether or not I want to do RariJack, LyraBon, or even RaraJack. I could realistically destroy the hearts and souls of all of you with any one of these ships. After all, you know what always happens to starcrossed lovers ^:)
File: 1627016.png (495 KB, 1804x1064)
495 KB
495 KB PNG
Go for it dude, I wanted to try and start on a TwiStarlight thing soon anyway.
File: sign the contract.jpg (126 KB, 1920x1080)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
do it, you wimp
File: Spoiler Image (384 KB, 1419x915)
384 KB
384 KB JPG
Juliet is underage, which leaves only one option.
12 was legal back then, so it'd be just-got-her-Cutie-Mark SB
You could have a love hectagon with all the above
>Rarity and Applejack are to be married, as per family agreements
>Applejack wants nothing more in life than to be reunited with her childhood crush, Rara
>Rarity, on the other hand, has the hots for a secret agent named Bon Bon, who rescued the fashionista in a casino shootout involving the high strata of Equestrian intelligence world
>Bon Bon can't decide if she wants to bang the irresistibly attractive Rarity, or stay faithful to Lyra
Sorry anon, I have good taste.
so you're a babycon guy, then
Have some dyketease.
File: 1608978.png (1.81 MB, 1021x1924)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB PNG
It goes both ways
I love the fuck out of Strawberry Sunrise. She's the sassiest bitch.
>that drip between AJ's hind legs
File: 812847.png (219 KB, 700x400)
219 KB
219 KB PNG

Oh hey look, I'm done with another story. I certainly had fun with this one.
File: 753631.jpg (1012 KB, 1200x842)
1012 KB
1012 KB JPG
Quality cute, I can't get enough of those "FRIENDS"
File: 1509579.jpg (2.17 MB, 5439x3325)
2.17 MB
2.17 MB JPG
Now with more NTR.
Anyone remember that green from the couple fruit war threads where AJ died and Strawberry wasnt dealing well? Anyone know what happened with that.
who the fuck do you think wrote that?
assuming that's the right one.
Not the one I was thinking of but that was a good one. What I remember of it was AJ was haunting Strawberry or she was dreaming it all or something like that.
That one shot was the only Strawberry Sunrise related thing posted in any lesbo thread, must have been an Applejack specific thread. Or fingerbang general
File: 1623096.jpg (76 KB, 1024x1449)
76 KB
now I want a spy story during the cold war
File: 866835.png (592 KB, 1859x572)
592 KB
592 KB PNG
>Doctor Twilight, a famous mathematician and codebreaker & GlimGlam, a commie double-agent
Oh shit that sounds good
File: 920995.png (734 KB, 610x1400)
734 KB
734 KB PNG
>"An equal share of your love is all I ask~"
I KNEW that motherfucker Sadnon had something to do with this. Thankfully he didn't rip my heart out at the end like usual.
I still love you Sadnon
>her mission was simple
>gain their trust, feed them misinformation, and get close to their #1 codebreaker
>all she had to do was mislead them into never breaking the cipher...
>but she had gotten too close. gone native. fell in love with the awkward math nerd
>when Canterlot Intelligence Agency gets too close to breaking the cipher, she was given an order she dreaded would come eventually
>terminate the source. return to United States of Starlight Republic for debriefing
>does she remain loyal to the party? or elope with her forbidden love?
It wasn't just Sadnon, there was another writefag in that thread. Anyone know who it was?
File: 1441586.png (940 KB, 683x1024)
940 KB
940 KB PNG
I'd read a rip off of Atomic blonde with horse girls
>An accident at a young age causes irreparable damage to Starlight Glimmer's horn.
>Breaking it off with jagged edges.
>She can never perform magic without hurting herself or someone else in the process.
>She gets a new caretaker sent to her from the Canterlot hospital she stayed at.
>Over the course of months she slowly makes Glimmer's life slightly more tolerable.
>Twilight looks past the surface and sees Starlight for herself.
>Love blossoms.
>Twilight's parents learn of this love.
>They learn of Starlight's condition and immediately try to shut things down. They don't want their lovely daughter dating a broken unicorn.
File: 1705830.png (102 KB, 985x798)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
Why turn Starlight into Tempest when you can just, you know, use Tempest?
I was pretty into the green and wouldnt mind seeing if it got pasted or anything
File: 1562284.jpg (50 KB, 728x637)
50 KB
Yeah, I guess you do have a point. Tempest is just a character I don't really have a good grasp on yet. And it wouldn't be fully Tempest, it'd just be Tempest's backstory lobbed onto Starlight's personality.
File: Spoiler Image (3.46 MB, 500x282)
3.46 MB
3.46 MB GIF
>Mrs. Sparkle is introduced to a demon worshiping cult shortly after her son is born
>it seems harmless for a while, just an excuse to party hard
>but shit gets real
>the object of the cult's worship (Discord? Tirek? Someone else?) is summoned to have his way with her
>she tips off the authorities about the cult, but doesn't tell a soul what happened
>even as she starts feeling sick in the morning
>even as she can feel something growing inside her
>eleven months later, Twilight is born
>Celestia makes a surprise appearance, drawn by the dark power in the delivery room
>Mr. Sparkle and Shining Armor instantly understand, without a word spoken
>years later, Twilight is a surprisingly well-adjusted young woman
>her innate impulses to enslave and defile checked by her fear of them and the love of the people around her
>her interests are books, studying, sassing people, My Tiny Gecko, showing off her tight body, and watching her nii-san in his sleep (he's only her half-brother, it's not THAT creepy!)
At this point, there's two directions you can take foreboden love:
>she would do anything for Celestia, sovereign, goddess, savior
>so old, so wise
>proximity to the divine is anathema to the little cambion
>it's a searing pain she ignores only with great effort
>but that just makes it hotter
>Twilight is sent to this village within spitting distance of her home to do what her beloved mentor failed to do a thousand years ago
>initially very grumpy about being forced to pause her studies, Twilight and her fingerslave Spike go about their business
>they go down to a local farm, and meet a local hayseed
>along with her massive family
>an initially dismissive Twilight is suddenly very interested when she's introduced to Granny Smith
>she eagerly converses with her, and learns much about Ponyville from the grand matriarch
>so old, so wise
>the Apples are too old-fashioned (and Smith too senile) to read into how intently Twilight hangs on the doyenne's every word
File: 1709413.png (773 KB, 1170x735)
773 KB
773 KB PNG
>Sunset decides to travel around Equestria for her Summer vacation.
>Along the way she runs into Tempest who is still spreading the word of Friendship and whatnot.
>She tries to sell Sunset on it, but Sunset just laughs and tells her she'd know that better than anyone.
>They bond over their relationship with Twilight.
>How they both thought they were out of friendship's reach.
>But how they're both enjoying their new lives.
>And their new friendships.
Where'd Baconhair get the eyeshadow?
File: 1668869.png (252 KB, 1124x949)
252 KB
252 KB PNG
File: 1496953.jpg (891 KB, 1400x990)
891 KB
891 KB JPG
I didn't catch it. Where was it?
File: 1707560.jpg (235 KB, 1920x1080)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
When did the horses stop wearing shoes on their forelegs and why?
File: 1141540.png (199 KB, 992x1195)
199 KB
199 KB PNG
Not having a good week fellow dykefags.
Post cute shit.

Preferably with Tree Hugger or Sunset.
File: 1113920.png (364 KB, 1200x891)
364 KB
364 KB PNG
File: 954036.png (339 KB, 745x1024)
339 KB
339 KB PNG
Sorry to hear about that dude, hopefully this weed horse will cheer you up
File: rockhorseXweedhorse.png (18 KB, 1014x820)
18 KB
File: 1230234.png (919 KB, 2103x1656)
919 KB
919 KB PNG
Hey, it's whatever at this point, but at least it's getting resolved. But thanks Anon.
File: 1644089.png (744 KB, 1359x1100)
744 KB
744 KB PNG
File: 1653851.png (931 KB, 3560x3207)
931 KB
931 KB PNG
ShimmerGlimmer is pretty good. Not my preferred Sunset ship, but still cute.
>A hush fell over the darkened stage, not a whisper echoed in the wide hall.
>Then, bam!
>A bright light, a spotlight focusing entirely on a large wooden home, flattened and rendered two-dimensional in its’ facade.
>A booming voice! Shouting, blanketing the hall with a resounding, omnipotent voice.
>The voice began to fill the hall.
>The stage exploded into action, all around dozens of cast members rushed forward.
>Extras followed in behind, as the scene was set, interacting with on another yet unseen.
>A low hum reverberated through the floorboards and they seemingly rattled underfoot as dozens of feet pounded across them.
>Applejack watched it all with nail-biting nervousness, there could be no screw ups.
>Rara depended on that.


"And y'all are sure you're okay to do this?"
>"God, AJ, I had the cold, I wasn't dying."
"I know, I know. I just can't help but worry- you know how it is."
>Coloratura blew a lock of hair out of her face as she lead Applejack across the bustling stage.
>She smiled and waved where necessary, directing Applejack over to her vanity.
"We can't have any setbacks, Rara. The director'll have my hide if you ain't ready by tomorrow. You sure you're all good?"
>Coloratura laughed.
>”Oh AJ, you’re such a worry wart. Come on, walk me out. I think that was the last rehearsal of the night.”
>Applejack’s eyes narrowed.
“Rara y’all gotta be prepared. The final show is startin’-”
>In a thinly veiled accent, that seemed more mocking than genuine, Rara finished “In jussa bout a week.”
“I don’t talk like that!”
>”Sure you don’t, cowpoke. Dinner later? Stop by my hotel room, bring something nice.”
>She paused as she was about to climb into her car.
>She looked over her shoulder at AJ, who was still glaring at her.
>”Aw, Jackie. I know I can be a little difficult sometimes…”
“Don’t I know it.”
>Coloratura giggled.
>"You weren't supposed to agree with me, Jackie!"
"I ain't a liar, Rara."
>Coloratura swatted Applejack on the arm and gave her a pout.
>It quickly morphed in a mischievous grin.
>”How about I make it up to you? I just know my favorite producer’ll feel all tense and stressed after all that work~, how about a massage?”
>Applejack snorted and batted away Coloratura’s exploratory fingers.
“No thanks, Rara. I know all about those daggers you call nails. Just feel better, that’ll make me feel better.”
>Coloratura smiled and patted Applejack on the cheek.
>”Fine, fine. You’ve persuaded me, AJ. I’ll take it easy tonight. Bring somethin’ good tonight, I wanna cut a little loose.”
>Applejack nodded and glanced around.
>The parking lot was dark and busy, no one within site was paying any attention to them.
>She gave Coloratura a quick hug and a kiss, then departed.
>Her work was never done, that was for sure.
Here's the intro to the story. I hope you guys like it. ^:)
>sadshit soon
File: qKq1nON.gif (1.45 MB, 326x256)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB GIF
File: 1041155.png (600 KB, 1092x1024)
600 KB
600 KB PNG
Ah yes, the rarest of ships, Rarajack. This is gonna leave a mark ain't it?
Yeah. This one isn't gonna be very long. Just a quick break before RainbowTwi.
don't all of my stories leave a mark? ^:)
File: 1514228053268.png (131 KB, 348x498)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
Aaaand there goes my heartboner, standing up tall and proud. That's a ridiculously cute nickname.
File: 1533404.jpg (606 KB, 1483x1022)
606 KB
606 KB JPG
File: 1709895.jpg (79 KB, 1000x1000)
79 KB
Can fishes be lesbos?
File: 818004.png (17 KB, 700x750)
17 KB
No, fishes is illegal
Fuck those dolls are cute. Also hopefully they all pulled them out and are now awkwardly staring at each other in the worst love square ever.
someone edit this with "(you)"
They can be in a lovely 4-pony relationship.
That's a god-damn rare ship.
Makes me smile everytime I see it
There are over a dozen species of fish that have exhibited homosexual behavior, of course they can be lesbians. There are even insects who have done such, so Chrysalis being a dykeling queen has no excuse to not be true.
File: 1710088.jpg (97 KB, 1920x1080)
97 KB
Applejack's face is one of not even being surprised by Pinkie anymore, if anything shes frustrated that she isn't going further.
File: 975b.jpg (118 KB, 1024x512)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
And a quality one at that
https://pastebin.com/M3Udp91WPosting this again cause cute
File: 967713.png (428 KB, 1024x726)
428 KB
428 KB PNG
Suri gets her just desserts when?
File: 1710604.png (832 KB, 1280x1920)
832 KB
832 KB PNG
Back for real this time. I feel like I owe you all an explanation for why I've been gone, but explaining everything's that's happened recently would involve revealing too much personal information.

Anyway, all of that aside, here's the promised StarTrix update. The next, and final, one will be posted tomorrow night. Thanks to all of you who have kept up with this even with its frequent hiatuses, and I hope you enjoy it through to the end.


>What felt like hours later (but was probably closer to minutes, given the unchanged lighting from outside), she returned with the phone in her hands
>”Trixie is very concerned about you.”
>”You promise me you aren’t faking this?”
“I’m not!” Starlight tried to shout, but only ended up letting out a gurgling squawk
>For a long time, Starlight’s mom just regarded her with the same expression she used while reading
>”Good. Because the poor girl practically begged me to let her come and take care of you.”
“S-she did? What did you say?”
>”Yes, naturally.”
>Starlight’s mother turned to leave
>”She’ll be here in half an hour or so.”
>Starlight’s mother grabbed up the puked-in trashcan and carried it out of the room
>She paused in the doorway
>”Mm. Of course.”
>And with that, she was gone

>Starlight, however, continued to lie in bed
>She was getting quite tired of looking at the same ceiling
>Somewhere out in the hallway, she heard boots squeaking against the floorboards in an erratic, excited pitter-patter that could only have belonged to Trixie
>Twenty seconds later, her bedroom door was thrown open and Trixie sprinted inside
>Trixie ran towards her
>Her arms were wide, clearly intending to wrap Starlight in a get-better hug, but Trixie thought better of it as she got closer
>”Are you okay?”
“I’ll live.”
>Starlight rolled onto her side, facing the other girl
>She noticed Trixie was carrying a backpack, but didn’t have the energy to ask about it
>She didn’t have the energy for much of anything
>Trixie clearly picked up on this and sat on the floor next to Starlight’s bed, resting her head in her hands and watching the sick girl
>Every once in a while, she’d glance around the room and take in the overflowing bookshelves that filled its walls
>”You read a lot, huh?”
“Yep,” Starlight croaked
>”Trixie does too…”
>Trixie lay back on the floor, staring at the ceiling along with Starlight
>”Is there anything Trixie can do to make you feel better?”
“I don’t know…”
>”If you think of something, lemme know.”
>A few minutes of silence passed, in which Starlight zoned in and then back out of lucidity
>She was actually kinda impressed at just how awful she felt
>Starlight’s gaze drifted around the room, occasionally lingering on random details: drops of water that collected on the blue rubber of Trixie’s rainboots, the mirror on her wall that was permanently askew, the way Trixie’s hair shone a pale, smoky blue in the room’s dim light…
>”Starlight? Starlight?”
>Starlight snapped back to reality to find Trixie poking her shoulder
>”You weren’t paying attention to Trixie.”
“Sorry,” Starlight croaked
>”Trixie was asking if you wanted her to read to you.”
>Starlight’s head was swimming so hard that it took a moment for her to process the question
“I guess.”
>”Cool! Trixie is gonna read you a story she wrote herself. It’s not finished it, but you’re gonna love it.”
>Starlight couldn’t manage a response
>Trixie hopped up onto the edge of her bed, kicked her boots off, and removed a folded piece of paper from her pocket
>”Ahem. Once, in the very distant land of Equestria, there lived a young unicorn who wanted to be a famous magician more than anything…”
>Starlight could feel herself sinking into the pillow already, her fever-addled brain drifting further away
>”…she didn’t have many friends…”
>It was beginning to feel more and more as if the room were spinning about its axis
>”She didn’t have any, really. The poor unicorn lived in a wagon, all by herself, hoping someday she could impress enough ponies that one would want to stick with her…”
>Starlight tried to fix her eyes on something, as if doing so could steady the vortex inside her head
>Her eyes, blearily, anchored on Trixie
>The base of her neck, to be specific; her oversized sweatshirt hung just loose enough to reveal the sloped, slender bit of skin where her neck ended and her chest began
>A little of her left shoulder was visible too
>It looked soft
>”But one day, she finally met someone who would stay with her! And the little unicorn was so happy she finally had a friend…”
>Starlight held her gaze on that shoulder

>She must have fallen asleep at some point, because suddenly Trixie was gone and Starlight found herself alone, shivering, and slick with sweat
>Her room was dark, aside from shafts of moonlight that stretched the books atop her desk into black, oblong shadows on the floor
>Starlight pulled the blankets tighter around herself, shuddering horribly
>When she closed her eyes, she was that same stuffed toy she and Trixie had played with earlier, trying desperately to perform some kind of magic as her blue, caped companion applauded
>But each attempt she made just made her feel a little sicker, until Starlight was sure that she’d simply dissolve into something liquid and foul
“Get away from me…” her dream-self pleaded, but the blue one wouldn’t listen. “Can’t you see I’m not good?”
>Starlight curled up beneath the blankets, afraid to move
>Why couldn’t she see it?
>Her friend just kept cheering for her, oblivious as Starlight began to fade away
>Maybe it was for the best this way…

>Sometime that night, Starlight’s fever finally broke
>She woke up still exhausted, but feeling far more alive than she had
>For a while, she lay in bed and stared blankly above her, counting globs in the popcorn ceiling
>Eventually, her mom knocked on her door
“Yeah,” she croaked
>Her mother entered and stood with her arms folded near the door
>”Today’s Friday. Your last TEACUP day.”
“I know.”
>”Still not up to going?”
“Don’t think so.”
>”I see. Should I invite your friend?”
“I don’t want her to get sick.”
>Starlight’s mom clicked her tongue, then turned to leave
>”She’ll be disappointed.”

>Even though she couldn’t sleep, Starlight continued to lie in bed, her eyes glassy and loosely focused on a spiderwebbing network of cracks in the corner of her bedroom
>What else was she supposed to do?
>She wouldn’t be any fun today anyway
>Every time Starlight’s eyes closed, images of Trixie swam through her mind
>Sometimes they were of the other girl’s beaming face, sometimes of the way her hands fidgeted with the hem of her hoodie while she talked, and sometimes they weren’t images at all, just flashes of sensation reminiscent of how Trixie’s warm breath had flowed over Starlight’s face when they held each other during the storm
>Starlight’s fingers dug into the sheets, balling them inside her fists
>A part of her wondered if she could stay like this forever, and maybe these feelings would just go away
>Yeah, right

And that's it for tonight. I'll see you all tomorrow for the gay, angsty finale.
File: 1675494.png (187 KB, 1200x698)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
It's nice to see this back and glad to hear you're doing better. I cannot wait for the angst.
File: 1524021222405.jpg (131 KB, 1464x1952)
131 KB
131 KB JPG
pupils are for _______
File: dec126.png (733 KB, 1280x738)
733 KB
733 KB PNG
Exceeding your expectations and holding hands
god i wanna put a baby in that cake
Sorry to hear things have been rough on your end, PieAnon. Looking forward to the conclusion.
File: 1709444.png (325 KB, 1024x699)
325 KB
325 KB PNG
>the gay, angsty finale.
and happy I hope
Anyway life is shit, we all know that, stay strong and things will get better.
We do need more stuff on with Tempest. Hopefully the upcoming comic might cause a fresh wave of content
Hopefully including the resumption of Katawa Tempest
File: KatawaTempest.jpg (55 KB, 773x950)
55 KB
This as well
After I finish StarTrix, I think I’m gonna tackle Katawa Tempest for real. There’ll probably be a few changes to the original plan; I want to introduce more of Twilight’s broken mare harem, so that Tempest has some competition. Gotta get that extra gay angst somehow.

No cute images to share because I’m phone posting.
Hate to be a bug, but speaking of cute images, I never got your opinion on your gift unless you were one of the Anons who replied >>32217956
Gotta say, as much as I love it, I think the Mad Max-ass hellscape Detroit is a bit silly. Like, even for the high school dimension.
File: 1711030.png (245 KB, 672x1042)
245 KB
245 KB PNG
it'd be funny if Gilda rode around in a scooter. roaring mechanical beasts look best when straddled by dainty girls.
tfw no green about raridyke driving around the town and picking up girls in her rumbling muscle car
File: 32284.png (474 KB, 1280x640)
474 KB
474 KB PNG
vroom vroom
Oh fuck, I can’t believe I missed this. Everything about Gilda is fantastic; I love the angular haircut and the confident grin. Diamond is adorable too. Hopefully I can get back on track with that story soon. Thanks so much for doing this!

I agree, honestly. The joke made me laugh when I wrote it, but it kinda makes the story into a tonal mess. I’m probably going to rewrite the story from the beginning, since there’s also a few bits I want to fix about how I wrote Tempest’s personality
Glad to be of service. I've had a couple other ideas in mind, but none of them pertain to anything that's actually happened yet (except for Gilda being an alcoholic).
Any ideas for Fizzy's new, acceptable levels of silliness background?
Shark attack victim as a child?
Grain thresher casualty?
Car accident where a prosthetics delivery truck hit them?
>Car accident where a prosthetics delivery truck hit them?
File: 1650973.png (242 KB, 1920x804)
242 KB
242 KB PNG
I mean could be as simple as being the same from the movie. Just replace the giant star bear with a regular sized one. It's pretty easy to buy that a bear could tear someone's arm off
My current plan is kinda autistic, and about as edgy as Fizzlepop herself. Since EQG is essentially a child-friendly urban fantasy setting, I'm thinking that she stumbled on some sort of magic source as a young girl, and was entranced by it. For a while, said magical source made life pretty great for her (friends, family finally got along, etc.), but eventually shit went south and she lost her arms in the bad end of some Faustian deal.

Obviously this'll lead to plenty of gay-angst with her and magic-obsessed Purplesmart, but it also should let me play around with some custom lore, which I'm a little excited about.
That's actually not half bad. Kinda reminds me of a fic I'm currently reading
Equestrian magic has been in the mirrorverse for who knows how long, sounds perfectly plausible.
>Since eqg is essentially a child-friendly urban fantasy
Not if I have anything to say about it.
For real, it's good to see you back man. I hope you kept up with all the stories and stuff posted here, and that you'll stick around for a while.

>Rarameo and Jackielette soon
It's definitely good to be back. Sadly I've hardly been on 4chan at all the past two weeks or so, and I'm way behind on like everything here. Work permitting, I'm gonna try to binge through everything over the next couple days, since it seems like there's been some really quality greens posted.
Fizzle Elric, while experimenting with a mysterious power, had her arm and leg devoured by said power, along with her younger sister. She was able to transplant her sister's consciousness into a tablet, and her quest has become to take back everything this 'Magic' stole from her. FULL METAL PONY- SISTERHOOD
Not to rain on your parade or anything, but as goofy as the Detroit thing was, I preferred the implied relatively mundane reason.
File: 1524109227583.jpg (90 KB, 1280x720)
90 KB
Armless Fizzlepop looking for her love, Shousa Twilight
The thread is getting close to image cap, so I'll post a bit of the finale here and then upload the rest when the next thread goes up. Hope you all enjoy.

>It took about another hour or two before Starlight realized just how terribly hungry she was
>She’d been unable to eat a thing yesterday, and her appetite rushed back to her with a striking, painful sensation
>Groggily, she sat up in bed
>Her body was weak from so much lying around, leaving her legs shaky as she headed for her bedroom door
>To her surprise, though, her right foot caught on something small and soft lying next to her bed, and she stumbled as she tried to avoid squishing it
>There, at the foot of her bed, was one of the unicorn dolls her and Trixie had played with the night before
>It was the blue one, decked out in a small cape made of construction paper
>For a moment, Starlight could only stare at the little pony and wonder how she got there
>Trixie must have left the unicorn behind, she figured
>Starlight picked the toy up, and the plushie’s soft little body seemed to relax against her palm
>A tiny piece of paper was taped to its leg, which Starlight pulled away and unfolded
>She revealed a pencil drawing of herself and Trixie, both of them clad in armor and sleeping back-to-back beneath a cramped tent
>Starlight stared at the drawing, once again taken aback by the sheer talent on display
>She slumped onto the bed, holding the unicorn toy in her lap
>Why was Trixie so nice to her?
>Didn’t she know Starlight was just going to disappear, like she had with the others?
>And besides, the nicer Trixie was to her, the more it would increase these things that Starlight felt about her…
>Starlight shook her head, cursing the other girl’s stupidity under her breath
>Things were just going to get messed up, like they always did
>So what was the point in trying to fix any of it?
>What was the point in liking anyone at all, if it all just fell apart in the end?
>These questions and others chased themselves in circles through Starlight’s head
>Before long, she felt like she’d go crazy
>And maybe she did, just a little bit
>Because, seized by a sudden surge of restlessness, Starlight jumped up from her bed and sprinted downstairs

>Her mom was sitting in the living room, placidly sipping at her tea
>She raised an eyebrow as Starlight sprinted past
>”You’re looking better.”
“I sure hope so.”
>”And what’s that supposed to mean?”
“Nothing. I’ll be back later!”
>Starlight scarfed down a handful of crackers for a quick breakfast, then jumped onto her bike and pedaled furiously towards Trixie’s house

>It seemed that the sun had finally broken through the week’s spring storms
>The day was muggy and damp, and it wrapped around Starlight in a warm, soggy mantle
>Sunlight beat down on her brow, and sweat flowed freely down her face as she rounded the corners of narrow suburban streets, flying beneath rain-soaked oak trees and past people’s muddy gardens
>She remembered the way to Trixie’s house well enough, and soon found herself in front of the shabby place
>Its white stucco walls glistened with rain-water, and the moisture had stained the wooden porch a dark gray
>Starlight stepped up to knock, but paused halfway
>She had to be making a mistake, she was almost sure of it
>Starlight’s hand hovered inches from the door
>What was so wrong with making mistakes anyway?
>In this moment, for today, her and Trixie would be happy
>She closed her eyes, focusing every part of herself on the image of that girl’s smiling face, framed in her silver-blue hair
>Nobody could force her to give up on that
>She’d make mistakes and, knowing her, she would probably ruin things eventually
>But for now, the two of them could share a spring afternoon
>Starlight knocked on Trixie’s door; the sound was sharp and clear, and was answered almost immediately by the pitter-patter of Trixie’s footsteps
>Really, what else could she have done?

And that's it for tonight. A bit short, but there'll be much more tomorrow.
File: EXCITE.gif (583 KB, 285x220)
583 KB
583 KB GIF
I am filled with both anticipation, and a vague sense of dread. Great stuff, is what I'm saying.
File: 951168.png (585 KB, 720x1152)
585 KB
585 KB PNG
I appericate that Rarity seems to be sneaking an eyeful of Dash's rear, not that I blame her.
File: 1291303.png (507 KB, 974x1115)
507 KB
507 KB PNG
Holy fuck I live. It's been a stressful week of moving shit, saying shit, and talking to shitheads on the phone, but it's almost done.

I should have an update for Misty Gravel out today or tomorrow. Just in case anyone thought I just fucked off or something.
Top tier
File: 8221.png (468 KB, 981x600)
468 KB
468 KB PNG
File: 760637.jpg (2.14 MB, 2000x2446)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB JPG
post lesbian thots
All lesbians are thots, aren't they?
Can't be a dyke if you aren't breathing, after all.
File: 877250.jpg (748 KB, 1400x990)
748 KB
748 KB JPG

Spitfire's scopin' out that genderswapped ass
Just as a head's up, the next CYOA stuff is getting close to being finished. Some stuff came up that really delayed any time to actually work on the damn thing, but I should hopefully have it all ready before this thread goes down
File: 1617531.png (651 KB, 943x1599)
651 KB
651 KB PNG
Excellent. Thots are gonna thot.
File: 1605336.png (2.22 MB, 1500x1500)
2.22 MB
2.22 MB PNG
Some thots are more thot than others.
>exhibit A
File: xbtyta.png (147 KB, 500x315)
147 KB
147 KB PNG
File: 265710.jpg (95 KB, 800x690)
95 KB
File: 278832.jpg (256 KB, 1185x870)
256 KB
256 KB JPG
File: zr1o1_1280.jpg (369 KB, 1280x1078)
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Excited for more awkward Trixie, never enough of her.
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Until next we meet again

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