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File: 34265.jpg (151 KB, 750x675)
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151 KB JPG
RGRE, Reversed Gender Roles in Equestria
Previous Thread: >>32215418
Unshorn Fetlocks Edition

GoogleDoc Pastebin Archive: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1b1jASUKcbpyp6u1nk0d8m8m_toNwUGSlesl7F1IPa4o/

Old CrazyRain's Stories' Archives: https://pastebin.com/C82B4dea

Prompt Archives:
Bin 1: https://pastebin.com/GgD2Yvkv
Bin 2: https://pastebin.com/cNVqJ2WA
Bin 3: https://pastebin.com/Dy6FFgDh

WiP Story Archives: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XiJRe1NWl_kIoWsHssZ27BMV7bZAe1jgX59-dWggYkA/edit?usp=sharing
File: 1507175174581.png (369 KB, 1155x1024)
369 KB
369 KB PNG
First for best pony
I want to see an interaction between Luna and Anon, where he has to "trim [his] fetlocks" if he wants to continue working at the castle. Anon has no idea what Luna considers his fetlocks to be, but no amount of trimming ANYWHERE pleases her. It'll be like that softball team episode of the Simpsons from 15 years ago.
File: gloriosa daisy 2.png (718 KB, 800x800)
718 KB
718 KB PNG
Reposting better version of the video.

>No bandit mare
Go drink bleach and slit your wrists you fucking faggot.

>"By the stars, Sister, why do you let that minotaur traipse around with unshorn fetlocks?"
>"Luna, Anonymous does not have any growth on his fetlocks."
>"Do not try to deceive us, Sister, for we hath seen the loose down 'round his strange foot coverings!"
>"Luna, those are his socks."
>"S-socks?! Have the standards of this castle fallen so low, to let a male present himself so shamelessly?!"
Basically this.
>Be Princess Twilight Sparkle
>Otherwise known as Chairmare of Equestria's Extra Terrestrial Governmental Branch
>Because of some nonsense with Pinkie, a flower pot, and three sticks of magnetized bubble gum, Equus had found that they were not alone out in this universe
>There was a whole other world filled with life
>And not only life, but sapient creatures
>They were an advanced race of hairless bipeds that called themselves hyoo-mans
>Or at least that's the closest name you had for them at the moment
>Hyoo-mans didn't have the vocal cords or tongues to speak half the words in your language
>You could theoretically speak there's, but it was so odd, confusing, and frankly flank-backwards after five months of study you could only speak a few random words
>Some magi in Canterlot were doing their best to set up a translation spell, but not only did the hyoo-mens seem to have an odd resistance to magic, but their language did as well
>Still, you and your fellow princesses, as well as most of Equestria and beyond, were hopeful that you'd eventually be able to properly speak with them someday
>For now, however, you would have to make do
>Ever since you had made contact with the hyoo-mans, a very successful contact if you did say so yourself-- quite a few of them had ventured onto Equus
>They were given caretakers and watched carefully for any horse apples, as you sure your representatives were on the hyoo-man world
>You had one such hyoo-man under your care
>You couldn't make heads or tails of his name, so had simply began calling him Green, for the color shirts he always wore
>Green was a male, as were all other hyoo-man representatives, in his early twenties to thirties, around twelve hooves high
>He was also one of the biggest cuddle bugs that you had ever known, and had a very real talent for preening a mare's wings
>The two of you were lying on the couch that you had in your library
>Be Anon running home
>Some psycho ninja just tried to kill you
>Fuck that
>Call up Luna
"Yeah hi Luna listen I need information on someone"
>"Why did something happen?"
>Someone hired a hit woman on me"
>"Describe her for me"
"Light blue ninja suit and mask, she was carrying a sniper rifle and a knife, probably nuts too"
>"Alright I'll see what I can get, and Anon?"
>"Stay safe"
"No promises but I'll try, bye"
>Hang up and change into your normal cloths
>You get home and look in a mirror
>You have a nasty bruise where she punched you
>Hurts like a bitch
>"What the fuck happened to you?"
>Look over at Gilda
"Someone punched me and ran off"
>"I'll kick their ass just tell me who did it!"
>Such a good friend
"Nah don't worry about it"
>You make a mental note to invest in bullet proof windows
"Someone hired a hit woman on me"
I'd like to see if Anon can incite Luna to a riotous lust.
>Because of Green's frankly massive size, you were able to lie on him quite comfortably
>For the past two hours or so, you had shifted positions in between dozing
>Right now, you were currently on your belly and on his chest, your muzzle resting on his shoulder and your wings partially unfurled
>Green was lying down at an elevated angle thanks to some pillows
>Just like you, he was awake, though barely, his small green eyes half-lidded
>Though hyoo-man expressions were pretty difficult to interpret, you had a feeling that he was just as content and lazy as you were
>One of his hands was on your shoulder, idly scratching
>The other was slowly yet diligently preening your left wing
>He had already done your left, and you knew without looking that it was in probably better condition than you'd be able to do it yourseld
>Just a perk of handing digits, you guessed...
>Yawning, you picked your head up ever so slightly to look at Green
>He was staring down at you, a half-smile on his face
>You smiled back, feeling a pleasant warmth filling you as you looked at him
>Green said something in his bassy, stone-like tongue
>You leaned up and give his cheek a nuzzle
"This is nice," you said. "I just wish I could tell you that."
>Greens smiled at the sound of your voice
>His smile only widened as you cheeked both sides of his neck
>You knew most creatures didn't like their necks touched, but Green seemed to enjoy it quite a bit
>It also had the added bonus of rubbing your scent over a very exposed place
>From what scientists had gathered in Canterlot, a hyoo-mans scent of smell was pretty awful, but you liked to think that Green got grumpy and nervous if he didn't smell you on him
>He returned your nuzzle, giving you a boop on the nose with a finger
>You giggled, the tip of your horn glowing
>In your studies of hyoo-mans, you had learned many things
>Their species preference to clothing, their odd machines, the way and reasons they moved like they did
>One of the oddest and--in your humble opinion-- most useful things though was the hyoo-mans love of berries
>It didn't matter what kind
>Blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, hyoo-mans loved them more than Applejack loved apples
>It made a lot of berry farmers very happy, but it also meant that you could have a bit of fun with your guest
>With a spell, you teleported a strawberry just above your horn
>Green immediately perked up, looking up at it
>You laughed again, pressing your nose against his to get his attention
"Hey, silly."
>Green's eyes looked into yours, and that warm, happy feeling only swelled
>Tiling your head upward, you grabbed the berry with your mouth
>Green leaned up
>With a hum, he grabbed the half of the strawberry you had left out of your mouth and bit into it
>Even though he was being careful, you could feel his teeth against your lip
>Wew filly...
>A blush came to your face as Green enjoyed his part of the strawberry
>You began chewing as well, enjoying your treat
>Before you could swallow though, Green placed a hand on the back of your head and pushed you down toward him
>Your lips connected, and his tongue darted out into your mouth
>You chuckled, trying to swallow your berry as quick as you could even as your silly hyoo-man tried to tongue it out of your mouth
>This was made more than a little difficult by the fact you were taking this opportunity to kiss him again and again
>A hyoo-man's face wasn't really made for kissing, but the two of you had had plenty of practice
>You could taste the strawberry, as well as that odd, rich flavor that was just... hyooman
>In the end, you weren't able to save much of your strawberry
>You and Green did spend a good three minutes kissing afterwards though, so you'd call it a draw
>Eventually, after giving your cheek a very fond pat, Green laid his head back down
>You did the same, pressing your ear against his chest so you could hear the thump-thump of his heart
>Some powerful ponies and diplomats said that the hyoo-mans could be a threat
>Some even suggested that it might be beneficial for Equus as a whole to storm their world for glory and their technology
>You just hoped more hyoo-mans would come to your world
>Everypony would be much happier with one of them to snuggle with
Kay, I'm done
thanks for the comfy.
it was needed.
Neat+ Can we have the view of the other side too though?
I wonder how Green experiences this all.
File: 1523296177853.gif (1.66 MB, 323x386)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB GIF
>>His smile only widened as you cheeked both sides of his neck
>>You knew most creatures didn't like their necks touched, but Green seemed to enjoy it quite a bit
>>It also had the added bonus of rubbing your scent over a very exposed place
>>From what scientists had gathered in Canterlot, a hyoo-mans scent of smell was pretty awful, but you liked to think that Green got grumpy and nervous if he didn't smell you on him
File: 1393404307679.jpg (689 KB, 3232x2022)
689 KB
689 KB JPG
never leave, LaP
never leave
File: 1516125799878.jpg (58 KB, 994x1024)
58 KB
Twilight can be a qt3.14 when she's not spazzing out
File: gloriosa daisy 3.png (194 KB, 412x392)
194 KB
194 KB PNG
Prompt Idea:

>Anon in RGREqG.
>Goes to Canterlot High School because he's a teenager again.
>Gets signed up for Camp Everfree by his legal guardians IE Celestia and Luna.
>Hits it off with the pretty and passionate camp counselor.
>When she inevitably taps into too much of the geodes' magic and goes Gaea Everfree on everyone she not only traps them all in the camp, but claims Anon as hers.

>"Dear Anon, our own little garden of Eden awaits us."
"This isn't a garden."
>"Don't worry your sweet precious little kind heart, I GOT THIS."
>The trapped campers are herded out of the counselor's building and are then blocked out by vines and bark.
>You watch as some of the vines spread out over the building, breathtakingly beautiful flowers blooming over every inch of the wooden structure.
>You look to the terrified students, many of whom are shooting you looks of fear and pity.
>You look to Sunset and her magical group of friends, their attempts at escape completely halted at this turn of events.
>You look to your captor's new green and leafy outfit that accentuates her curves in just the right ways.
>You look up at Gaea Gloriosa's otherworldly black and green eyes, glinting in madness yet lidded in great longing.
>You dip to one knee, your head bowed in reverence.
>You feel a soft hand caress your face, before she cups your chin and forces you to look her in the eyes again.
>Alright, let's see where this goes.
>Not throwing her over your shoulder and running to the cabin screaming MINE!
>>One of the oddest and--in your humble opinion-- most useful things though was the hyoo-mans love of berries
>>It didn't matter what kind
>>Blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, hyoo-mans loved them more than Applejack loved apples

I bet Fluttershy was the first to figure this out.
Primates love fruits and berries.
But she was a little confused when she found out humans don't like to eat bugs.
Much to the relief of bughorses everywhere.
Berries are great and all, but I've always been a little more carnivorous. I would never give up beef.
we all have berry picker dna
raspberry master race
>Not blueberry
If your berry can't be used as Industrial grade dye I dont know what you're doing with your life.
why don't you go drink some paint while I enjoy some Raspberry leaf herbal tea you faggot
>literally anything else but strawberry
who even are you?
cause you ain't human
File: 1505534902238.png (193 KB, 1024x1024)
193 KB
193 KB PNG
I love strawberries. Strawberry mare is mine.
No thanks you enjoy your saggy lump Berry's while I'll have some fine blueberry wine.
I hate to break it to you anon, but that little whore is in everything. Icecream pones, jam pones, cake pones, they've all been matched up with your waifu a million times over before you even showed up.
fucking berry plebs shitting up the thread with their shit berry
Yeah, watermelons are much better.
Huh, what's that? Melons are berries too??
If you're not popping cherries, what are you doing with your life.
if you arent eating borgers what are your orders?
You should only be popping one cherry in your life.

I like wild strawberries. They have a bit different taste.
Gooseberries and blackberries are fine too tho.
That's quitter talk.
File: 1508131626641.jpg (205 KB, 801x475)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
Anon... don't be the precursor to an Equestrian THOT infestation.
begone THOT
Wherever I am I must breed.
I can't eat cherries without autistically cutting each and every single one of them open and screening for possible intruders. Too many bad memories.
I don't eat much cherries nowadays.
I know that feel. Almost bit into a stinkbug hiding inside a raspberry. Several times.
are gloryholes still a thing in RGRE?
Yes, but with mares sticking their entire hind ends through.
I suppose you could have "glorypoles" or something like that, but would that really work, what with stallions supposedly only being able to last thirty seconds once a day?
So only one of your herd mares is a virgin?
File: 1401393441312.jpg (97 KB, 669x839)
97 KB
Look m8 sometimes you have to bite the bullet and adopt the local customs.
how about we compromise and say that you should only pop one bushel of cherries in your life

there are so many lonely mares out there, anon
what would be greedier, keeping your dick to yourself, or helping them out and letting them feel loved?
you're a dirty whore anon
File: 1345572449578.png (133 KB, 861x928)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
>tfw not even sure if I'd be capable of loving one let alone multiple
>Be Gilda
>Your friend Anon just came home with the nastiest bruise you've ever seen
>He says to not worry about it
>He's a guy! He shouldn't be out if someone's going to hurt him!
"So Anon, who punched you?"
>"Um some random crackhead"
>You can tell he's lying
"Bull shit if it was a crackhead you would be been shanked and robbed."
>"God damnit fine! Some psycho bitch punched me! There happy?"
"What did she look like?"
>"She wore a mask. Look can we just drop this?"
>You love this guy like the brother you never had and you won't let him get hurt
"Anon if you keep getting hurt like this in going to start following you were ever you go."
>He does not like that
>"You can't do that!"
"Yes I can and will! I'm not just going to sit here and let some cunt beat you to a pulp!!"
>He looks frustrated at you
>"Gilda I appreciate it but I don't need protection! Would it make you feel better if I carried a gun or something on me?"
"...Yes it would."
>The two of you sigh and he pats you on the shoulder
>"You were kind of overbearing there but thanks for caring Gilda"
>He goes to bed
>If you catch the person who did this you're going to break their arms
I need art of that.
Nignogs? Would you kindly?
You just too lazy to search
>Well Celestia had done it
>Canterlot had won it
>With Fluttershy clucking all the way
>Glimmers tragic illness made us smile
>While Applejack lay unconscious on a bar room tile
>We're talking hoofball, from Cloudsdale to Manehatten
>Talking hoofball, Spitfire and Soarin
>Pinkie Pies grotesquely massive jaw
>Rainbow and her run in with the law
>We're talking Twilight
>Rarity and Anon
>tfw R. Lee Ermey is dead
Second to last part of this monster chapter.
Probably won't be able to post for a few days because of work, but I'll make it a point to post sometime this week.
>pastebin: https://pastebin.com/u/PoppedAnon
>paste: https://pastebin.com/wSBBJhvh
>Probably won't be able to post for a few days
>You reflexively pull away
...What do you mean?
>She turns the test around.
>”Of the questions I asked you, you originally only answered two correctly.”
>She sets the test down and you quickly scan it, seeing the red lines through the math and history questions.
>”You answered both questions quickly and confidently, so I know you didn’t guess.”
>”Also it is impossible to cheat on these tests,” she lays another one down in front of you.
>You see that there are no written questions, just shapes and patterns.
>”The test magically adapts itself to the knowledge level of the tester. The fact that you even had a written test proves that you do not belong in the sprout class.”
Wait! Everypony had pencils, how could they not be prepared to read and write?
>At once the desks noisily turned around and opened up, all containing the same pencil and sponge
>She then walks to one, closes it, and opens it back up.
>In place is a quill and inkwell.
>’Even the desks are magic?!’
>She turns them back around and walks to her desk.
>”The fact that you had algebra and geometry questions at all show that you’re at the very least in the top tier of the apple class.”
>’I was fucked from the word go.’
>”If anything between the level of your question, and the ease with which you answered you would excel even in Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns.”
>She sat back down, wearing a mischievous smile, “Anonymous Letter, I would be proud to mail in my nomination for you.”
>You were stuck in shocked silence
>”But...you intentionally tried to cheat yourself out of success. Why?”
>’She’s called me on everything, but I maybe able to still get an angle here being somewhat honest.’
“I didn’t want to be shipped off somewhere.”, you said making your lips pout, “I only have one friend, and I didn’t want to leave her. Plus my family would have to be uprooted to accommodate me.”
>Despite everything, Apple Polish rolls her eyes.
>”It’s always a bucking filly...” she murmured quietly to herself, rubbing her forehead with her hoof, “Anonymous Letter, you can’t even attend Celestia’s School before you complete magical kindergarten.”
Still, it’s nice here in Ponyville, and my family is happy here.
>”Also you underestimated your friend.”
>”Rarity received quite an advanced test herself, and while I won’t breach her privacy she did quite well.”
Is she also-
>”No. She isn’t so far ahead that she can be the youngest student ever nominated for Celestia’s School though she’d easily be top of the class for the apple level.”
Well, no then. I’m fine here. I’m fine just being the smart guy, I can succeed without leaving my best friend behind.
>You get up, ready to leave before Apple Polish speaks up again.
>”You say that as though you’re the one making the choice.”
>You stop in place.
>”Anonymous Letter, you’re only a three year old colt whose had one friend, lived in one town, and believes that’s all he needs.”
>You turn around and face the mare.
Maybe I’ll get wanderlust when I’m older. For now I’m fine and you can’t reall-
>”All I need to do is speak to your parents, and they’d be proud to accept.”
All I’d need to do is tell them I don’t want to go, they’d understand. Still though why would you do that?
>”Because you need to foster your gift, you’re a bright colt with a bright future. You shouldn’t squander it”
Even if you do that, I’ll just no do any work once I get there. How embarrassing would it be to nominate somepony who can’t even get the first question right?
>You turn back ready to head outside.
>She grunts and growls a bit, holding back swears,”Fine I’ll make a deal with you.”
“Why? You have nothing I want.” you say, taking a cue from Thunder.
>”You may be fine with mediocrity, but do you think it would work for your friend?”
File: Filly_Rarity_S01E23.png (175 KB, 455x480)
175 KB
175 KB PNG
What are you talking about?
>”It’s at my discretion about where a pony is sorted if they’re on the edge of a grade level. I’m willing to push Rarity forward. Into the same class with you.”
For what? To ship off? It isn wort-
>”To give you the education that would serve you best!”
>She sits down, and goes back to grading papers as she speaks, “Rarity is smart, not as smart as you, but you’ve definitely rubbed off on her.”
>”I can push her to tree grade, but she’ll need help. You and her will both stay after school for tutoring, I will help Rarity be better able to handle tree grade and magical kindergarten, but in exchange I’ll teach you from Celestia’s School courses.”
>She stacks up the papers and binds them together, “When it’s time to leave Ponyville Schoolhouse I’ll send in the nomination. Many years from now.”
How many?
She laughs sardonically, “Seven. That’s the most I’m willing to keep you out of Canterlot. No negotiation.”
>’Plenty of time to enjoy a simple childhood, plus Rarity will get a boost to her quality of life when she’s older.’
Fine, deal.
>”Alright you can-,” Apple Polish is interrupted by the school bell being rung., “Take a seat, because recess is over.
>The kids walked in and took their seats, grumpy that playtime was over.
>”Hi, Anon!”
>Except for one.
Hi, Rarity.
>Her head tilts and she touches her bottom lip with a hoof, looking concerned.
>”Are you in trouble? You look sad.”
>You shake off the fear and anger eating away at you, and put on a grin.
Nah, it’s fine. I’m just bummed that I missed the rest of recess.
>Like a switch was flipped she bounces and a bright smile appears on her face.
>”That was an awesome game! You’ve got to play me next,” some dark blue sparks sputter out of her horn and her face scrunches, “right after I get my magic...”
You know I’ll help teach you.
File: large (2).png (1.18 MB, 1024x1024)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
>”No thanks, mommy said that forcing your magic can make your horn hurt, and that I should wait until magic kiddy garden.” she looks at your horn, “How did you get so good anyway?”
>You smile
Lots of practice and patience. Took me forever just to make a stable magical field, and much longer to actually do anything with it.
>”But you were always good, as far as I can remember.”
I remember stuff better. Besides I’m mostly just raw casting, mom and Mr. Oak won’t let me touch any books on real magic.
>”Duuude, why didn’t you come back out? Everypony else were weenies.” Thunder said walking into the classroom.
>You look past Rarity to the colt.
“Talk with the teacher took too long.” you say shrugging dismissively.
>”You have to rematch me tomorrow.” he says sitting in his desk
>You were about to agree when a wonderful idea crossed your mind
>You couldn’t keep the smug toothy grin off of your face
I’ll give you a rematch, if you apologize to Scribble.
>”Pfft, why would I do that. You didn’t even win.”
Because I have something you want. If you don’t apologize I’ll just play with Rarity all recess. She’s been my best friend since we were foals, and she doesn’t insult my blessing.
>Rarity giggles, “He’s got you, Thunder. We can just play tag, or hopscotch, or whatever”
>’Playing tetherball with him is pretty good magic practice, but Thunder doesn’t need to know that’.
>”Alright everypony sit down,” Apple Polish said to the class, “I have checked your tests and have your classes ready.”
>Apple Polish took a sheet of paper from her desk and looked it over before speaking again.
>”Ms. Star, Mr. Letter, Ms. Rarity, Ms. Polomare, and Mr. Thunder please get your things from the closet and come with me.”
>We all got up and grabbed our stuff from the closet, Apple Polish then used her horn to grab the clothes, with the exception of Rarity’s scarf enchanted into a ribbon which she wore proudly.
>’Shit, he does have a really nice suit.’
>As Apple Polish opens the door there is a stallion wearing a blue suit dotted with random sea life.
>”Students of Sprout class, let me introduce you to your teacher. Mr. Frazzle.” Apple Polish announced stepping aside and holding the door open for him to enter.
>The stocky earth pony walked in smile wide, “Fillies and colts nice to meet you all, and I can’t wait to DIVE into the school year with you all.”
>He winks, and then turns to Apple Polish and mouths a thank you.
>We’re led out of the door as he starts is spiel with the students.
>”We’re going to take chances, make mistakes and GET MES-”
>The door is closed behind us and we’re led down the hallway to the next door marked with an apple carved into it.
>”Suri, Amethyst, this is where you’re attending”, she opened the door to reveal the same mare who stopped your tether ball game.
>”Good morning Harsh Lesson, I have your new students.”
>The old mare in the much more densely packed room frowns further.
>”Five more Apple Polish? I’ll have to put two to a seat, but we’ll manage. Thank you.”
>You look around the room to see High Breed sitting in the front.
>Your blessed brother offers you a smile, while Scribble waves and shouts, “Hi Little Letter, I knew you could do it!”
>He then sees Thunder.
>Immediately his eyes narrow and his lips purse.
>Thunder jumped in before he was given new reasons to dislike Scribble, “I’m sorry about calling you tubby, and saying you have cheese breath.”, the class roars in laughter.
>The black colt turns to you, “We good? Because I can’t control them and what th-.”
>All of the students were immediately perfectly quiet.
>Yourself included.
>”Now then, what were you saying Apple Polish?” Harsh Lesson asked not even acknowledging her shout.
>”Right...well there are only two for you this time. Suri, Amethyst, this is your new teacher Ms. Harsh Lesson.”
>Both girls audibly gulped, and had to be pushed with magic through the door.
>”Hm, well I can accommodate two at least. I thank you for being prompt, as usual Apple Polish.”
>Without waiting for reply she grabbed the blouse and skirt from the magical field walked into her classroom and shut the door.
>Apple Polish then sighed and walked on.
>”Duude we got lucky.” Thunder said.
>”Yeah we did, I hope Suri will be ok.” Rarity replied
New friend?
>”Uh-huh she liked my ribbon, so we played hopscotch after you left.”
>Coming up to the last door with an apple tree carved into it, Apple Polish turns and addresses us
>”You three have managed to make it to tree class, the work will be challenging, but I know you all will succeed.”
>She then opens the door revealing, a tall and slim white mare with a purple mane streaked with peach.
>”-oth the connections and decisions you make will determine if you succeed or fail in life.”
>Apple Polish knocks on the open door.
>”Ah, Apple Polish, you’re back. Well class it seems our time together is at an end, just remember everything I said and I’m sure you’ll rise above the chaff.”
>The mare grabbed a saddle bag from beside the desk and tossed it onto her back.
>”Three this time?! It seems that Ponyville is doing a better job at breeding smarter.”
>”Thank you for taking over while I was administering the test, Superintendent Skim Milk.”
>The Skim Milk shook her head, “No trouble at all Apple Polish, and please call me Skim”.
>”Yes ma’am, Skim.” Apple Polish replied before moving aside so that the taller mare could pass.
File: Apple Polish.png (275 KB, 439x399)
275 KB
275 KB PNG
>You are let into the class and see that it is much more empty than the two before it and the kids are much older, a couple already entering puberty, and a few with marks already.
>”I expect everypony was well behaved for Superintendent Skim Milk.”
>There was a wave of ‘Yes, ma’am’ from the class while Apple Polish put away Rarity’s dress, Thunder’s suit, and your collar.
>”This year we have three who are entering our class,” she signals all of you to step in front of her desk.
>In front of the class you can see Page sitting next to her friend Spoiled, and behind Big Mac.
>’Those three are the only ponies here I recognize.’
>”These are Rarity, Thunder, and Anonymous Letter.”
>”Wait...I thought your name was Little Letter” Thunder says looking at you questioningly.
No, that’s just what most ponies call me.
>”Not me! I call him Anon because that’s what Anon wants everypony to call him.”, Rarity says, eager to be part of the conversation.
>His eyes go wide for a second before going lidded with skepticism.
What is it?
>He looks away for a second before answering, “Nothing. I’ll tell you after class.”
>”As you can see, they are somewhat undisciplined, with this being the first day of their scholastic life. So I expect everypony to help them become acclimated to a classroom setting”
>You had enough self awareness to feel embarrassed.
>”You may take any seat you like.”, Apple Polish says, waving you all away.
>Rarity chooses the only desk in the front row, smiling as wide as when she first came to school.
>You choose the seat one row back and two to the left of where Rarity is sitting, directly in front of Macintosh
>Thunder flies to the back row where he promptly lays his head down.
>You open the desk to see a schoolbook, pencil, and a small stack of blank papers
>’No way to test if that was a trick in class.’
>”Front Page.” Apple Polish calls
>”Yes, ma’am?”, your sister answers from behind you.
>”Anonymous, Rarity, and Thunder will need to stay after school for a short while so I can get them caught up on the current lesson. It will only be a few minutes today, but it will be an hour or so from now on.” Apple Polish said, ignoring Thunder’s silent but outraged gesturing.
>”Oh! Like Poindexter before he moved to Canterlot. Ok, I’ll make sure to tell dad.” Front Page replied.
>’This isn’t the first time this has happened...’
>”Thank you. Now I know you expected a light day, but nopony learned anything by taking it easy. Now open the geography section of your schoolbooks.”
>With the exception of Rarity the class collectively groaned.
>You pick up the schoolbook and upon opening it see that there are multiple subjects covered within its pages.
>You open to the geography section and start your first day of school in earnest.
That's it for now. If shit doesn't make sense that's because the last part is the end where everything gets wrapped up.
Criticism and comments welcome.
Oh and I already caught the missing >.
can't wait to see the next installment, and what thunder wants to tell anon
>academic blackmail
don't think I've ever seen that before, or at least when the teacher is trying to blackmail the student because they're smart, and not their fellatio skills
calling it now, Anon's buddy from the intro reincarnated too, but a lot earlier and has been telling his family stories about him
I wanna kiss this horse every single time I go to sleep and whenever I wake up
File: 1511828228786.png (258 KB, 1280x510)
258 KB
258 KB PNG
>ywn have an intimate relationship with a sapient horse
ok now I want to read some anon and pinkie pie green any long green of these two.
I'd normally be questioning why Apple Polish feels the need to stick her nose where it isn't wanted, but she's got a point.

If Anon was just a abnormally smart colt rather than an adult in a small child's body, it'd be a complete waste of his talents to stay in Ponyville.
File: Spoiler Image (179 KB, 593x562)
179 KB
179 KB PNG

>Pinkie is madly in love with Anon
>she just doesn't know it
>growing up on the rock farm with highly conservative parents left her with her child like innocence completely intact
>she wants to spend every waking second with Anon but she doesn't know why

>Meanwhile Anon has figured out the whole RGR thing and is waiting for Pinkie to make her move on him
>it never happens but Anon is satisfied by just spending time together with her

>until one day in early spring
File: 1469047018145.png (692 KB, 924x1024)
692 KB
692 KB PNG
And this is why I only eat berries when they take the form of yogurt flavour varieties.
Nice as always. Two errors that caught my eye were “maybe able” instead of “may be able” in this post >>32232821 and ‘not’ missing a t in this post >>32232831
Want to see if >>32232998 is right or not.
Lastly, is there going to be another timeskip soon, or will we have more early school life?
>Literally has a horse-fedora on her flank
Why isn't there more Coco "I respect you as an intellectual equal" Pommel in this thread?
I know at least one image of that exists on Derpi.
>The Simpsons, only it's replaced by MLP characters
Maggie has to be a zigger baby, since the opening has her being dragged across a bar-reader at the grocery store and an item coming up on the screen.
Totally readed that in-tune with the song.
>the last part is the end where everything gets wrapped up
Like, The End? Story over?
Pls don’t do this bby, I want to understand more implications about Anon changing things and people in horseworld.
>R. Lee Ermey
>magic kiddy garden
God, filly Rarity is such a little cutie. I love this story.
>Superintendent Skim Milk
>Not Super Nintento Skim Milk
yes and no.

someone who is actually gifted, regardless of age, will still be gifted when they grow up. If the kid is doing relatively fine where they are, as in they have friends and aren't completely on their own, leave them where they are, if they are completely alone, then bump them. if they are fine, then you are just killing their childhood so they can become an adult faster for no real reason, but if they are on their own, they barely have a childhood to begin with.
>Pinkie Pie innocently reveals to her friends how she feels when she's around Anon
>Talks about how he makes her tummy feel all fluttery and her hooves sweaty, and how being around him makes her world feel brighter
>When she finishes, she's met with knowing looks and a bit of envy from one or two of her friends
>"You like parties, right Pi-"
>>"Silly filly, do you even have to ask?"
>"Well, invite Anon to a party for just the two of you. You can do all sorts of fun things together."
>>"That sounds like a super special party! Oh, that's such a good idea! Thanks, Rarity!"
And then they cuddled, and Anon held her hooves
Cuddling and holding hooves on the FIRST DATE? Fuck off with this shit. Ain't no thottery allowed on my Honduran Book Club site.
I feel you. Anon. I've fallen in love exactly twice in my life but was hurt real bad emotionally by my first lover so much though I isolated myself away from it. I havn't been able to feel the same way about anyone sans my horse waifu but if I had the chance I would probably be too scared to love again. I've moved on and made friends but I can't ever get that same feeling about anyone again, and it's not something I can force either. No way in hell I could fall in love with more than one ontop of that.
File: 1511902040946.png (304 KB, 729x943)
304 KB
304 KB PNG
Pinkie a cute
File: 1423436643242.png (141 KB, 319x466)
141 KB
141 KB PNG
Pink horse is not for lewds
File: 1501368884730.jpg (39 KB, 600x600)
39 KB
Love it lad. Write when you can for us.
File: Pinkie Snuggles.png (892 KB, 1600x1400)
892 KB
892 KB PNG
Didn't his friend die after him though? Wouldn't make sense for him to be Thunder's grandfather.
Or did you mean to say you think he is Thunder?
Because him being black was a big red flag for me until the whole 'the tests were magic and you can't cheat your way out of being a genius' thing.
I don't know, after the shit pulled so far I think it's a false flag. Seems too on the nose.
File: mlp_sgt_hartman.jpg (43 KB, 1271x281)
43 KB
RIP Gunny.
File: temp.png (382 KB, 1051x921)
382 KB
382 KB PNG

Reminds me of this
>forever known as private Fluttershy
That poor cunt.
I have a plan, kill your boss and use the time you would have been working writing
That may sound like a bad deal to you, but our happiness will out-way your life going down the shitter so I think its worth it
File: Data Keks.gif (1.23 MB, 208x156)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB GIF
File: k_brownie_hunt.png (29 KB, 754x510)
29 KB
Love it.
>It didn't take long for Rainbow Dash and Anon to become friends once he arrived in Equestria.
>They both loved extreme activities, after all, which Rainbow Dash couldn't be happier about.
>Really, how many stallions can you wrestle with and not here a scream of, "Rape!" or, "You chipped my hoof!"
>Mare's thought Anon was crazy and needed to be tamed, but Dash thought that wild side needed to be nurtured.
>It's no wonder the two ended up dating then.
>One day, the two were enjoying life to the fullest with some intense mountain climbing.
>To make the activity actually thrilling for her, Dash had placed her climbing harness over her wings.
>She could get out of it decently fast if she fell, so she wasn't too worried.
>Anon, being part primate, probably wasn't even worried at all.
>As it turns out, he should have been.
>It all happened so fast.
>Anon's hand slipped off a patch of moss, and the hook that they had thought was secure broke loose from the stone.
>Dash struggled with her harness, yanking it off in six long seconds.
>Then she was diving towards him as fast as she could, resisting each wince as he collided with the side of the mountain, not allowing them to throw off her flying.
>She didn't make it in time.
>Now, she's in the waiting room while her coltfirend is in surgery.
>There's a bang as a door slams open, and a harsh voice yells, "Darn it, Dash! Ah told you! Ah told you not to be draggin' that boy into you're stupid stunts!"
>Dash doesn't turn until Applejack makes her, yanking the pegasus around to glare at her.
>"Look at what you've done! That stallion could die because you!"
"I know," Dash replies, eyes distant and unblinking even as tears fall from them. "I... I wasn't fast enough. I didn't catch him in time."
>"There shouldn't have been a need to," a new voice says, Rarity stepping in. "A stallion should be at home, safe and sound, not gallivanting across a mountain!"
>"Exactly! What were you thinking, Dash!" Twilight agreed.
assuming Equestria and Earth are two different worlds/universes/dimensions/whatever, there's no real reason for time to pass the same way between them
like, there was this one story I read on fimfic where, in a fit of teenage angst, the protagonist decides he's wasted his life, and promptly vanishes off the face of the planet
however, he failed to take into account his uncle, who really loved him like his own and never stopped looking for him for years, before getting poofed to Equestria himself, a good few decades BEFORE the protagonist would arrive
and hell, even if time does pass 1 to 1, who's to say Anon wasn't "held" between worlds for a bit? He wouldn't notice, he was dead!
File: 1519087289885.gif (490 KB, 500x286)
490 KB
490 KB GIF
if Anon isn't cool with what happened then he will be the biggest faggot I have ever read in a green
Well, I suppose it'll depend on how injured he may or may not be
Like, if his back's broken and he'll never walk again, I think he's allowed some sulking for a bit
no I mean like he better not start being a dick to Dash, he knew the risks
> Nightmare Moon gets bored and horny on the moon
> Arranges the shadows to look like a well hung stallion presenting himself
> Suddenly a lot of mares love the night
> The exile spell weakens, and Nightmare Moon can feel it
> Years pass as the exiled princess makes pornographic shadows on the moon
> After a mere 100 years, Nightmare Moon is released
> However, things have changed
> Instead of Nightmare Night, there is Delightmare Night
> Ponies welcome the porn princess without fear
> Luna retains some of her nightmare form, and enjoys granting deserving ponies wet dreams
> Night court consists of important, lewd decisions
> Certain fetishes are condemned, though ponies who suffer from shit taste are granted dream bubbles to express and contain their cancerous desires
>> Certain fetishes are condemned, though ponies who suffer from shit taste are granted dream bubbles to express and contain their cancerous desires

what in rgre would be considered a shit fetish?
Don't open pandora's box, Anon. I like this particular thread.
just curious
I think Twilight would enjoy maledom
Thunder=Trips C. Faggot????
That's my game theory
When has discussing fetishes in RGRE ever not resulted in a thread-consuming autistic screeching fit, you dumb motherfucker?
>Trips C Faggot
I just fucking got that
This whole time I just thought he was Tripfag, no last name given.
We made the opposite mistakes my friend.
probably cumshots, facials, and pretty much anything that isn't a creampie
I mean, what kind of mare would waste even a single drop?
a mare with shit taste, thats what
This baseless shit must end.
I mean, when you go after the nerdy mares, it's kind of inevitable. Not that they'll ever admit to being virgins, of course.

>Nerd waifu will never nervously spout "facts" about her sex life that range from improbable to 100% impossible and factually incorrect in an attempt to save face
>This baseless shit must end.
You don't know were you are do you?
File: 1511292608715.png (1.14 MB, 2518x1024)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
he's got a point tho
Herds are justice.
File: 1492873670803.png (325 KB, 690x891)
325 KB
325 KB PNG
Dude, herds have been a part of this thread for years and have had alot of good stories. A few whiny fags aren't going to change that, /nmp/ is where you want to go for no herds /rgre/
I meant it as a joke
pls laugh
I'm sorry anon, but you fucked up
now you gotta go into the faggot box for the day
if I stick my dick in the boop box what will happen.
Hey anyone got that bandit prompt? I need it for a thing.
>You are Sombra
>It has need a week since you contacted Windigo and you haven't heard from her since
>After you finish that train of thought your phone rings
>You answer it
"Yes what is it?"
>"I won't kill Incognito"
"Explain yourself."
>"You paid me to kill him, I won't do it."
"I paid you to kill someone, if you don't you can kiss the money goodbye, do you understand me?"
>"Oh I'm going to kill someone alright, but not Incognito. I'll keep him with me, start a family and live happily ever after, even if he doesn't want to. I'm going to kill hat Nightmare bitch! He focuses so much on her and not me!!"
>Dear god did you hire a professional killer or a raving lunatic?
>She's still ranting about killing Nightmare so raving lunatic it is.
>At least Incognito will be neutralized as a threat and Nightmare will die, so no true loses.
>You sigh agrivated that she is still going on and on about Nightmare
"Windigo calm down!! I don't care if you want to keep Incognito as a slave or not I paid you to kill some one and I expect there to be a corpse on the news some time soon! Do you understand me?!"
>"Crystal clear! And thanks for setting me and Coggy up!!"
>She hangs up
>You hired the wrong person.
File: 1514379939114.png (590 KB, 1000x1000)
590 KB
590 KB PNG
>yandere assassin
So, Incog. Buddy. How do you feel about dropping this whole murder thing and having a criminal/justice threesome?
So, where's the story were Anon is Cadence's dad? It got a bit dar then stopped.
/nmp/ is regular gender roles, there's just the same shortage of stallions.
Yeah, but if you want no herds there's the thread for you.
Do you have a bin?
Fantastic update Popped. I look forward to reading the next one.

I'm having the same thoughts as >>32232998 and if it's not him then it could be one of his relatives.
one of two things
it will either boop whatever's in the box, or it will be booped
or you'll get a blowjob, but thats details
Sorry i do not
>Be Anonymous
>Also known as Sergeant Anon of the 108th
>For nearly a year you had been living amongst these extraterrestrial creatures
>The brains back home said that they called themselves "Poners"
>Or something like that
>Their language was still a clusterfuck even after all of this time
>From what you had been told though, both sides were starting to get some headway
>But none of that mattered to you
>Like like everyone else posted here, you were tasked with keeping an eye out
>Equus, as this world was caused, didn't really have anything your leaders wanted
>There was no oil to speak of, the "gems" were about as precious and useful as river stones
>Even the mineral they made out of their coins was nothing more than fool's gold
>And then there was this... odd radiation on everything that made it a bit wonky when it landed Earth side
>It seemed harmless enough for humans, but there was... something about it
>Like you said, above your paygrade
>As missions went, this was actually pretty fantastic
>Clean air, great food, adorable populace
>It wouldn't be a bad place to retire honestly
>And after signing up for this gig you were pretty sure your government wouldn't bitch about it
>As for the Equestrian government, you had one
>As for the Equestrian government, you had one hell of an in
"Hmm, hmm, hmmmmmm. Nah, nah, bum, bo bah!"
>You did a little shimmy as you made your way down a little dirt road
>You were on your way home after doing a bit of work on an Apple farm
>The big red stallion that seemed to run the place had needed help with some farming equipment
>The smaller orange one had thrown a bit of a fuss at you working, but you weren't gonna take no for an answer
>The army gave you all of that training after all, and you DID have a welding machine...
>There was a pleasant ache in your old bones as you walked
>You also had a smile on your face
>Back home there was a nice--albeit cramped--shower and a hot meal made by the biggest lizard you had ever seen
>Just another day in Ponerville alright
>And you wouldn't have it any other way...
Gotta stop here for now. Will pick up tomorrow
Can I power lift you into my heart LaP?
File: Where's the rest of it.gif (954 KB, 452x270)
954 KB
954 KB GIF
>This level of blueballing.
Hope you didn't just have a stroke.
File: ijnj3wm.gif (668 KB, 720x404)
668 KB
668 KB GIF
>Be Anon
>You have started training more with Luna after the whole assassination attempt
>Turns out the assassin is called Windigo, she may as well be a moderately saner deadpool
>You are the only target that is alive after encountering her
>Hopefully she won't pop up at inconvenient moments like the Pursuer does
>You need to Git Gud
>Luna added a fifty pound jacket into your Incognito coat for training
>She's in her Nightmare suit, turns out its weighted as well
>She is making you practice fighting against her
>She's dodging your attacks and punching you when you mess up
>Your poor ribs can't take much more of this
"So, got...*pant*...any plans?"
>"No I do not. Why?"
"Well I was thinking we could go on a date sometime soon"
>She blushes and freezes for a second
>You punch her armored chest and regret it instantly
>Turns out it was made of fucking titanium
>And you punched it with all you had. Dumbass.
>You now have a sprained wrist
>You look up and notice a red dot on the wall behind you by looking in a mirror
>The dot moves past you and went to...
>You tackle Luna to the ground as a bullet shatters the window and hits where Luna head was
>God damnit she's pulling a Pursuer
>"Anon what was that?!"
"Motherfucking Windigo!"
Bug horses are built for Human cock. Human cock is built for Bug horses.
I'll give it a shot, I assume you want a prompt about the bandits themselves and not just the aftermath of Anon fucking Twilight Velvet.
Because Luna knows that's the only family member Shining Armor has left for him to fug.

>Mischief and hooliganism have turned to crime and outright savagery in the quiet town of Poneyville
>Poneyville's often ignored neighbors, the Diamond Dogs, have been becoming more and more dangerous over last eight months
>What started out as petty theft and armed, but non-violent, robbery has turned to outright banditry as the Diamond Dogs began to actively attack Poneyville residents
>Mares and stallions alike are now being assaulted outside the city's limits, their attacks indiscriminate and without provocation.
>Even Maud Pie (who is ranked somewhere between a manticore and Pony Sauron on the "Do not fuck with" scale) has had to defend her home from the Diamond Dog incursions on multiple occasions.
>All attempts to communicate have been thwarted by the labyrinthine tunnel systems in which the Diamond Dogs live.
Are there any good pinkie or rarity greens
>You are Windigo and Incognito just saved Nightmares' life
>You are going to kill her slowly
>"Motherfucking Windigo!"
>Aw he knows you're there how cute
>You climb down and jump through the broken window and tackle Nightmare
>Look at Incognito
"It's okay Coggy! After this bitch is dead we can be together!"
>"What the fuck are you talking about?!"
>You ignore that for now and focus on strangling Nightmare
>She punches your throat making you falter enough for her to shove you off
>You pull out your knife and slash at her
>She stops you mid swing and punchs your stomach
>You retaliate by faking another slash and follow up by stabing at her stomach
>She dodges but still gets a nasty looking cut
>To think you wanted to stab Incognito
>She puts a hand on the cut and glares at you before taking a defensive stance
>You make rapid slashes and stabs
>She blocks and dodges most but you still get hits in
>She then hits your stomach hard enough to make most boxers hang up their gloves in shame
>You double over in pain but it almost instantly fades
>You look up and laugh at her before throwing your knife at her leg
>It hits an exposed spot in the armor and she cries out in pain before taking a knee and holding her injury
"Oh is the poor Nightmare in pain? Just stay still and it will end soon!"
>"God damnit!!"
>You're tackled from behind by Incognito and pinned down by him
"Coggy I didn't know you liked being on top!!"
>Dirty thoughts rush to your head
>"Lu- Nightmare go now I've got her pinned!"
>She looks at him unsure if she should
>"You have a fucking knife in your leg you can't fight like that!"
"No don't listen to him! Keep fighting, get that heart pumping and just BLEED OUT ALREADY!!"
>Incognito ties your legs together and your arms behind your back
>Even more dirty, dirty thoughts fill your head
>"C'mon we need to leave while we can Nightmare!"
>"A-alright lets go"
>You watch as he helps her up and as they walk/hobble away
"Incognito wait!"
File: zCvpG9x.gif (127 KB, 480x360)
127 KB
127 KB GIF
part 2

>He looks back at you
"Someday, you."

>Be Anon
>Hell no
>Dadnon told you not to put your dick in crazy
Hahaha, that reference!
More please!
File: 1391130259547.png (291 KB, 621x315)
291 KB
291 KB PNG
>>Dadnon told you not to put your dick in crazy
Dadnon confirmed no fun allowed
Who the fuck is Wendigo?
I don't know dadanon seems like a very wise sensei
Does this have a paste?
Not yet
>we all have berry picker dna
We all have bone-stripping meat eater DNA as well. You enjoy your plants, soyboy. I'll enjoy my medium-rare steak and thick-cut bacon.
Okay so i just set up my pastebin, im going to be revising my posts fixing my fuck ups and stuff
some crazy bitch Sombra hired to kill Anon
if you mean who is she when she isn't Wendigo, then fuck if I know
Monofags only deserve roastie Earthl wimmin.
Pony mares need herd sisters to satisfy their need for a proper family. (Which is why the cakes are so autistic, as well as why candyass is so colty and incapable.)
File: 1445712608077.png (1.05 MB, 1920x1080)
1.05 MB
1.05 MB PNG
I'd be perfectly happy with one mare. I don't know if I'd be able to spread my love around, I'd have a difficult enough of a time loving one.
Different Anon, here. Legit question: is that what the kids say these days? Is that name/insult an actual thing, or are you just being silly?
This. Bugs are for fugs

Not the nu-lings tho. Nu-lings are not for fugging, they're for mockery
It a meme about how drinking soy milk reduces your testosterones based upon a faulty understanding of how testosterones actually work
Oh. I thought it was a hipster thing, because they have the stereotype of eating/drinking organic crap like soy milk.
As someone who's been here since /mlp/ was introduced, and has been following the RGRE general since day 1... No. He doesn't. Herding has been a considerable part of this general LITERALLY since the very first general popped up. Primarily because the herding general was already around, and the basis for both the herding and RGRE generals was the early seasons' canon of depicting a very skewed gender ratio.
Herding is as much an aspect of this general as the reversed gender role part. To borrow ST:TNG/Sir Patrick Stewart: It's a founding principle for which this general is based. If you can't find it within yourself to support herding, you don't deserve to post in this general.
It's both IMO. They both apply quite well. As a meme, as well as the link between soy products and nu-male faggy hipsters who only consume organic gluten-free non-fat vegan products for pandemifluidsexual apache helicopter crossfitters.
Pastebin is IncognitoWRTfag
I'm confused as to why you put the time and effort into posting the name of your bin instead of the pastebin url itself.
Yeah, the direct URL is far more useful.
I can't fucking stand that "gmo-free" crap. Everything is GMO. Corn didn't look the way it did before humans started to selectively breed it to increase output and make it hardier. Even hating the scientific modification is dumb.

>"Oh, my kale wasn't modified to be resistant to insects! 100% natural and organic!"
Well, enjoy the taste of all those pesticides they had to spray that crap down with, because not having to do that was the whole point behind modifying it further. Oh, uh... I guess ponies would think Anon was pretty weird if he humped an apple tree while grunting "organic! GMO-free!". You can't even chalk that up to coltish whimsy.
>I guess ponies would think Anon was pretty weird if he humped an apple tree while grunting "organic! GMO-free!"
Bet you Applehorse wouldn’t, she’d probably join in on it
>"Sweet Celestia, I just came. Oh... do I join in, or do I run back to the house an' tell Granny that I done found my soulmate?"
File: 1520708690993.png (757 KB, 1730x1200)
757 KB
757 KB PNG
>The normal changeling "transformation" is actually a powerful illusion that can effect all 5 senses of those deceived.
>But changelings can actually metamorphosize to a limited degree, mostly to make themselves more appealing mates.
>Her hive destroyed, Chrysalis is forced into hiding, only to wind up in the lap of an unlikely sympathizer.
>A tentative rapport (dare she call it a friendship?) with Ponyville's resident alien let's Chrysalis drop her disguise in private, making her slowly metamorph to fit his likes.
>She's initially disgusted when her form slowly loses her fearsome and sharp form for a softer, plumper, furrier one. Something a mare would like. How utterly humiliating.
>And why are her hips so wide now?!?
>But when the affection supplied by her host starts turning into real love, then multiplying in output, her complaints cease.
>Then as a changeling does, she tries to use sex to get even more, and... Is met with easy success?
>The former queen almost blacks out from the sudden overcharge she got that night. She just vaguely remembers weight pressing her to the bed and hearing "I'm putting so many babies in you."
>And the ludicrous love output stays level even afterward.
>It's there that Chrysalis realizes she stumbled on a willing King on total accident.
>Giant bug shows up on your doorstep declaring you're now friends
Alright I've done worse.
File: 1475887481216.png (286 KB, 952x765)
286 KB
286 KB PNG
Sounds cool to me.
RGRE, prompt anon from before. I think I've settled on an idea I like, but I'm not sure about sustaining it, ie, things to do/have happen in it.

>Be Anon
>Know how to fight
>Know how to do it well, too
>When you get brought across, you decide to stick with what you're good at
>Most mares don't believe you'd be any good at it, you being a colt and all
>Some jokingly join your class, eager for the chance to grind up against a stallion without having to worry about getting in trouble for it
>They're in for a rude awakening
>See, you'd realized something about these cartoonish Ponies
>They're incredibly durable, probably thanks to magic or whatever
>Essentially, it means you can go all-out on them and they'll be up and at'em by tomorrow
>It's surprisingly cathartic to suplex a Pony that was being a condescending ass to you in your class

Somewhat like that, with some intimidation thrown into the mix due to Anon's strange appearance and amazonian-like (to them) build. Otherwise though, I'm still thinking about what else might happen, as I don't want this to be too generic. Thoughts?
Is Anon starting up a Cobra Kai dojo? And is he going to be really into it/over the top?
Got an idea, though I dont know where the image for it went.
eqg girls meat their counter part and try to show anon whats better

(That said, if anyone knows the twilight wack/tight as fuck image that gives the idea a visual)
I apologize anon, but I don't really get the reference. As for if he's going to be in to it, yeah, I certainly think he's going to enjoy it. I imagine part of the reason as to why he set it up in the first place was because of how often Ponies get attacked/menaced, so perhaps he thought it could help them learn to defend themselves. Unfortunately for him, RGRE and male means no one really takes him seriously. At least, not at first.
the spark for this story died out pretty fast, but let's skip to an interesting interaction in which Anon is paralyzed from the waist down

"Seriously, Dash, you should be training for the Wonderbolt show. I can take care of myself for a bit," Anon said from his wheelchair. "Just make sure you shut the door so I don't go rolling into the street."
>Don't joke like that, Anon," Dash said, ladling soup into a bowl. "And it's fine. I'm awesome enough to not even have to train."
"Ah, come on, if there's anyone who can joke about being in a wheelchair, I think it's me," Anon says with a smile. "And as for you being awesome...? Well, I can't argue with that. Heck, even your cooking is getting pretty good. Still though, I'm sure it's good for team cohesion or whatever to train together, and you've been missing a lot of practice."
>"Ah, don't worry so much," Dash shrugs off. "Things'll be fine, so just focus on healing."
>She turns from the stove and looks at Anon with heavy bags under her eyes, flying lazily across the room with the soup held in her hooves.
>She hasn't told Anon, but she's hardly been able to sleep since the accident, every night bringing flashbacks from that day.
>She's so tired that she can't hold in the yawn as she flies, and as a result, the bowl tips from her grasp.
>In the next instant, Anon's lap is covered in piping hot vegetable soup and the man yells in pain.
>"Ah! Oh my Gosh, Anon, I'm so sorry!" Dash shrieks, now wide awake and fretting over her coltfriend.
>Then there's a chuckle.
"Just kidding, Dash. I can't feel a thing. Still, we should probably take off these pants before my junk is burned off."
>The pegasus can only gape.
>"You... you think this is a joke?" she whispers. "You think this is funny?"
"Um, Dash?"
>"I thought I had hurt you again, Anon!" she yells. "Why would you do that!?"
"Wow, calm down, Dash, I didn't mean anything by it."
"And how am I suppose to take it, huh? You're in a wheelchair because of me, and now this!"
Go Read Herding Instincts on Fim Fiction, then you try and tell me being bossed around by cute female poners and having a stallion cuck your wives is a good thing.
>"Ah, don't worry so much," Dash shrugs off. "Things'll be fine, so just focus on healing."
Dash you don't get healed from paralysis.
File: 1429072872924.gif (518 KB, 550x400)
518 KB
518 KB GIF
Extremely cathartic
File: hl3qSQw.gif (750 KB, 300x170)
750 KB
750 KB GIF
>Don't worry anon, I won't make you look TOO bad in front of your class~
>Huh, didn't think he'd be able to avoid my buck
>Wait, what's he
>"Wh-Whoa now, Anon, what're you doing back the-"
Come on and SLAM!
This is magical horseland, remember?
Redheart probably has a shot for that.
File: 1325610877375.png (161 KB, 498x301)
161 KB
161 KB PNG
I miss you, Dan.
Maybe magic eh?
File: 1419416299285.png (158 KB, 553x791)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
>The Magic of Friendship can fix any problem
>Therefor, the reason why Anon is crippled is because he doesn't have enough friends to heal himself magically
>Cue Dash madly whirling Anon around town, getting into antics to help him make a bunch of friends quickly
That reminds me of that one story that got started here a long time ago. Was about a pegasus athlete who got paralyzed from the waist down and had various guys try to leech off of her fame for a while under the pretense of trying to cure her. Enter in anon where he is trying different type therapy for her, and in his first session with her got her to stand up under her own strength for the first time in years. Wonder where that writefag is now.
>Fimfic herding
Do I even want to know?
It's fimfic. You don't.
Stories are stories, where they are posted doesn't change shit. About the only thing that 4chan greens have that stuff on fimfic doesn't is that pretty much all stories written here feature Anon in some capacity, As for Herding Instinct, I don't know. Haven't read it since I'm not a big fan of most herding-centered stories.
Rate the forgotten dead writefags, thread.

The more dead potential the better.
has there been a green where anon is a WoD changeling?
>free basement
Best roommate ever.
Every year, dozens of writefags are killed in boating accidents. I'v been on a few boats, folks, believe me. That's why I'm declaring today National Boat Propeller Awareness Day, to honor our great fallen writefags. And we have the greatest writefags, believe me.
The only big distinction I see between 4chan and fimfic stories (besides Anon) is the pacing. It's probably inherent to the style of greens itself, but most greentext stories are very rapid pace. Greens don't spend a lot of time on setting or descriptions, or even backgrounds, and usually just dive right into the meat of the story. I myself can appreciate both fast and slow stories, so I spend a lot of time on both sites.
>Anon dies in childbirth.
>Wait... what?
>Well, as it turns out, his mare wasn't bragging when she said foaling was no big deal.
>While Anon was between her hindlegs, telling her to push, she kept shouting for him to get out of the way.
>In the end, he refused, wanting to be there to welcome his child into the world, and when his wife couldn't hold it anymore, he did.
>With his face.
>The force of the foal impacting his skull snapped his neck.
>Let this be a lesson, Anons.
>Listen to your mares.
>RGREquestria is a dangerous place for stallions.
File: But Why.gif (1.64 MB, 400x225)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB GIF
Did you chuckle? Even internally?
I wonder how many writers we've called faggots for dropping stories have actually just died instead?
i remember this

anyone have a link to the pastebin?
We need more kid Anon in RGRE dealing with the CMC and other fillies having schoolyard crushes on him. Also, more of the Anon Jr. colt story where he's a snarky little shit and Anon couldn't be prouder.
File: 1521842868487.png (1.24 MB, 2156x2600)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG

>Anon starts dating one of the Sirens.
>Sunset and her friends start white-knighting him hard.
>They'd be sorta okay with it being Sonata.
>But if it's Adagio or Aria even Fluttershy would consider decking them.
>Problem is no one really knows which one, and the Sirens are keeping quiet out of pure spite.
>So they try and figure out which one, Sherlock Holmes style.
>Plot twist, it's actually not all of them at once as the RGREqG cliché goes, but they're close enough friends thanks to the one he is dating Sherlock Sunset gets mixed signals and comes to explicitly wrong conclusions at first.
Prompt Idea

>anon cant do magic
>nor can magic really effect him
>after some time he starts to realize that he is able to influence the magic around him
>even to a small degree
>he can push around magic the same way we push water
>or when he rubs his hand real fast he set the magic on fire
>it only happens when he is consciously attempting to "push" magic
>currently he cant do jack shit because his spindly bony ass can barely lift 5 kilos
>he trains and lifts so he can handle the stresses of he new found ability
Made this like a set up for MUSCLE!WIZARD anon
>Word spreads about the weird alien colt that can kick your ass
>Suddenly Anons class gets much more popular
>Anon thinks its just because ponies are silly enough to want to be thrown around
>Doesn't notice how all the mares start blushing when they watch him spar
>Doesn't realise that the mares he beats aren't moaning because of the pain
I am moderately incompetent

>Kid Anon is scared when he first arrives in Equestria, for obvious reasons, then eventually settles into confusion when he isn't eaten or dissected by these ponies like in sci-fi horror movies.
>Later comes curiosity as he explores there world, which quickly turns to frustration when he realizes he has been, and will be treated like a little girl for the foreseeable future.
>The boys, colts, they're- he's called, are all annoying wimps who don't like anything fun, and the girl-fillies won't let him join in on the actual cool stuff like stick fighting, spitting, and general roughhousing.
>Then there's the Cutie Mark Crusaders, who get up to the coolest stuff imaginable, like launching themselves from a catapult, who are actually willing, even eager, to let him join in, but their over bearing sisters always cut the fun short.
>Applejack and Rarity realize their sisters have a little colt following them around, and can't be more proud.
>So of course they want to make sure the girls don't mess things up and feed them a continues stream of advice on how to properly treat and handle an interested stallion.
File: giphy.gif (2.23 MB, 540x280)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB GIF
Have you never seen Karate Kid? Not the one with Jackie and the niglet, but with Daniel-san and Mr. Miyagi.
>The test magically adapts itself to the knowledge level of the tester.
If the test can magically adapt itself to the tester, doesn't that mean that the test was pointless?
Why not just cut out the middle man and use the same magic to determine what level you are without taking a test.
I really like your story but less so about it's use of magic. It seems to treat magic too much like a mcguffin
>eqg girls meat their counter part
Which part of the body is the "counter" part, and why in the world would these girls tear it out of themselves and turn it into meat?
So what's the story behind this? Did Celestia go in for a hug and Dan said "no"? Because she just looks mildly displeased that he shoves her face away, seeing as how her expression doesn't change even when she gets suplexed.
I like the idea of Anon being friendly with the horse-children, and a bunch of fillies developing crushes on him. It would take a bit of time for Anon to fully appreciate/believe that horse-Chris Hansen isn't going to come after him if he so much as looks at a horse-child that isn't his, but once that sinks in, his ability to get along with colts and fillies would make him prime husbando material.
do you even chinese cartoons
...You know what? I'd read the shit out of that.
I didn't even know what anti-spirals were until a friend at work showed me a youtube clip of Gurren Lagann on his phone.
Personally, I'm just impressed he tried to actually do something with Equestrian magic. Most of the time it rarely gets considered past gags and hand-waves about how it doesn't affect Anon for some unexplained and unimportant reason.
I;d read one about Anon interacting with the CMC and Diamond Tiara getting jealous
The part that gets me is, magic spontaneously creating objects. Admittedly, there may be some hidden cost to the desk enchantment, but it seems like the sort of thing that would put office/school supply producers out of business. Not to mention other industries, if the enchantment can create different objects.
>DT is jealous because he's her foalsitter and she's possessive of him
>"M-My daddy is paying you to take care of me, and that means you have to listen to what I say! And I don't want you talking to those fillies, Anon!"
>Kid Anon grows up playing outside without the influence of fatty food and the internet.
>Ponies didn't expect him to grow so large. He started off a little shorter than an adult mare and now an adult stallion barely hits his belt line if you include the ears. Even with her horn princess Celestia is still a little shorter.
>But more importantly, he gets those natty gains and 10/10 aesthetics, the sort of muscle that just doesn't show on a stallion.
>Older mares now kicking themselves for not trying to cradle rob no matter how creepy it looked.
>Herding Instincts
Anyone have a quick rundown?
I like the original post and this, while a little depressing, is good as well. I would like to read a more fleshed out version of this story.
Reverse gender roles where men are girls and girls are men.

Makes the girls into crazy rapists with uncontrollable sex drives.

You you say feminists hate men....
>You you say
WOOPS! Little spelling error slipped by in your shitposting haste, didn't it!
I actually like that story. It's second only to Hawkeye's Herd Story as my favorites go. Sure the latest arc had some, ok a lot, of issues but they were corrected to my satisfaction.
At first, it has some human basically being under house arrest in the canterlot castle until he has an acceptable appreciation for horsepussy, provided by a maid that had been crushing on him. Once he's out, the maid introduces him to her roommate, and tries to start a herd with them with some minor success, slightly marred by her asshole dad turning up on their first date to drunkenly bitch at her.
Don't know what happens after that though, since I jumped ship when it started looking like they were going to add another stallion to the herd, and the human guy was -as far as I can remember- basically okay with that
He just got so excited, Anon.
While all are good prompts and I'd any green borne from any of them; It's >>32239769 that interests me the most at the moment. I've only read a couple of KidAnon one shots. I'd love to read a proper green on the subject.
>add another stallion to the herd
First instinct is to recoil but when I think about it I dunno. If it was run like a old commune/pack where other males weren't allowed to touch the alpha mare I would be semi okay with it. Of course I say this assuming I helped create the herd and assume an alpha spot. I'd probably never join an already existing herd.
>If it was run like a old commune/pack
I don't quite know what you mean by that, so I'm going to assume that you mean that a herd could be something like a tribe or clan; an extension of the familial unit, but not necessarily a romantic one.
In that specific case, I might not mind either, but I'd like some assurances that he wouldn't stick his dick where its not wanted.
However, in a more traditional herd where each member is romantically involved with eachother, then that'd just be a flat "hell no" for me, now and forever
The human protagonist named Tim ends up in Equestria by freak magical accident that ripped the plane he was a passenger in apart. The fall nearly kills him but survives and is left with many scars. During his recovery at Canterlot Castle's hosptial wing he's introduced to a mare who volunteers her time and talent. She has a successful cosmetics business and makes creams and ointments for patients like Tim. She and her marefriend had been wanting to start a herd when Tim came along. The story continues on with cosmetic mare and Tim being the Lead/Alpha couple and describes how Tim and his herd learn eachother's cultural norms.

Is there another male in the herd? Yes, eventually. Tim brought him in. Tim and the stallion are good friends and he knew the stallion was crushing on the 2nd mare of the herd. This happens after a 3rd mare had already joined the herd.

I don't want to give away more story but the core of the tale is how herdmates love and support each other while adapting to each other's culture and working through the difficulties presented.
Herds are pure fictional cancer.
no u
File: 1502775345690.jpg (29 KB, 500x645)
29 KB
More like, YOU'RE pure fictional cancer. BURN
Check those Quadance!
Would you read about a mare who’s struggling with their profession(music), finding a muse in anon but becoming more and more racked with their own insecurities they risk driving off the love of her life? Rated M for mares
Yeah, let's hear that.
File: Untitled.png (13 KB, 864x540)
13 KB
Something like this?
He said not writing a fucking lick of green.
I don't think you meant to reply to that particular post, but I can safely say I still hate the situation you've proposed
If you meant to reply to the post I think you did, then the way I think it'd work best would be one stallion and his herd at the head of the clan, with other stallions and their herds living around them in the same area
kinda like the Apples, now that I think about it, but more social than actual blood relations, and probably only in one area
Oops wrong version
>Alpha Stallion can initiate with anyone in the herd
>Alpha mare can initiate with alpha Stallion and beta mares.
>Beta mares can initiate with anyone, even each other.
>Beta stallion can only initiate with beta mares
File: 1508903631580.jpg (152 KB, 800x800)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
Fucking demolished
Is that a no? Not RGRE enough?
Here's your (you).
>And also the mare takes Anon home to meet her parents, who are comically old-fashioned and keep asking Anon questions like "do you know my daughter's favourite recipes?", "why do you have a job when my daughter is providing for you?" and "how come you haven't done your duty as a husband and given me some grandfoals?"
What's a no on a 'yeah'? Can you read?
File: large (35).png (488 KB, 1024x1024)
488 KB
488 KB PNG
If ponies have a herd structure do griffons also have a pride structure?
Dunno, but I suppose it depends on whether or not if they suffer from the same shortage of males as the ponies do, and how their psychology deals with that shortage
Maybe they just fly around alone for most of their lives, mating with whoever they come across and parting ways when its done?
Or maybe they do create Flocks centered around a male griffin, providing for him and protecting him from being stolen by other, rival Flocks?
Just depends on the story, I guess
File: 1478522848489.jpg (24 KB, 321x322)
24 KB
>Alpha Stallion can initiate with anyone
I'm not saying I'm going to establish the totem pole by fucking the beta stallion but I'm probably going to.
File: 1489366098582.jpg (1.46 MB, 3840x2160)
1.46 MB
1.46 MB JPG
File: 1495575533336.jpg (24 KB, 400x400)
24 KB
>having beta males in your herd
>"Hey, sugardick, how 'bout we blow this popsicle stand, then I blow you?"
>"Oh buck oh buck buckbuckBUCK! Why did I just say that? WHO says that anymore! NO ONE, Celestia, YOU WERE THERE THE LAST TIME ANYONE SAID IT!"
I think Griffons would have a kind of medieval European village style community, where the pride is the family unit/herd, and the flock is the closeknit community.
would a fighting unit be a ...Murder?
>Griffons have a cat lower body, the pride is the intimate, romantic, and sexual relationship.
>Birb upper bodies, the flock is the social, intellectual, communal relationship.
>If a male Griffon becomes smitten with a female already in a pride, they can easily form a new pride and remain in the same flock.
>Flocks treat other members like extended family. If a pride falls on hard times, other prides in their flock help support them.
>In order for outsiders to join the flock, they must be accepted by every pride in the flock. If a member of the flock wants to form a pride with an outsider that isn't approved, they have to leave the flock.
Griffons are specifically part eagle, part lion. The reason why its the females that hunt in a pride is because a lion's huge mane makes it practical for anything but looking pretty and fending off other males intruding into his territory.
woops i meant impractical
Fucking hell imagine if a lions mane actually was practical, i'm thinking of maneiac tier shit.
>>If a male Griffon becomes smitten with a female already in a pride, they can easily form a new pride and remain in the same flock
that's shit, but everything else is good
>imagine if a lions mane actually was practical
it is, believe it or not
it keeps other lions/predators from biting down on their necks by shoving a fuckton of hair down their throats, tickling their gag reflex, and making them back off
In my headcanon the elderly are treated with a high amount of respect, just for having lived so long without being killed by a predator or a rival. The young hunters save a little bit of their kill for the elderly to keep them from starving, which is why Grandpa Gruff isn't buzzard food despite being a half blind old coot
File: 1521975977312.png (111 KB, 631x682)
111 KB
111 KB PNG

> Celestia has been around for a long time
> When she gets nervous, sometimes she slips up and uses older slang
> It's like Luna but instead of Shakespeare she ends up being a 90s greaser
File: 1513026750683.png (61 KB, 964x749)
61 KB
File: 1519059272528.jpg (60 KB, 500x473)
60 KB
Delinquentlestia is my one and only waifu.
>Anon asked Celestia out on an old school date to a fair.
>cleaned up his shitposter act a little, wearing something other than a suit for once, want to make it special for her.
>suddenly spots celestia walking towards him and he has to do a double take.
>harmony magic kicks in and a beat starts drumming through the air.

Not RGRE but i take any opportunity to post this.
Slow day isn't it?
>Be Anon
>After getting Luna to safety you take a look at her leg
"Luna I'm going to pull it out on the count of three, one...two...three!!"
>You pull the knife out and she screams out in pain
>You throw the knife away from you and hold pressure on the wound
"Alright I'm going to get a sewing kit and bandages, keep pressure on it"
>She nots seething in pain
>After you amateurly patch her leg up you help her out of her armor and back into her street cloths
>You peeked at her ass a bit and see she has a tattoo of her cutie mark
"Now I can truly call you Moonbutt"
>She lightly smacks you
>"Get me some morphine please!"
"Where would I get that"
>"Utility belt, third rung, open it!"
>You do as told and find a pre-loaded morphine shot
"Should I even ask?"
>You inject it into her leg and a bit after she eases up
>"That...that feels better, thank you"
"Alright Luna just...just take a nap or something"
>You pick her up bridal style and carry her home
>She passed out half way there and you open her front door
>Celestia walks over and sees you holding a bloody Luna
>She bursts into flames
>That shuts her up and you find Lunas room and lay her down in her bed
>You hold her hand while she sleeps and let out a shakey brea th
"Windigo needs to go."
File: Carlos.png (138 KB, 350x350)
138 KB
138 KB PNG
Would you say they need to windiGO?
>You will never embarrass your wife, Principal Celestia, by showing off pictures of when you two started dating back when the both of you were students at Canterlot High

Couldn’t find delinquent Celestia, but I found delinquent Luna and Chrysalis.
Well, Applejack can use a lasso with her tail, so who's to say hair isn't practical?
I'm trying to think of a reason for Pinkie (and possibly other earth ponies) to get kinda delusional when they go into heat. Like, is heat different for each species?

>Unicorns lay traps, using their intellect and magic to ensnare a husbando who was unfortunate or foolish enough to roam the streets in unicorn territory
>Pegasi become birbs and try to attract mates via showing off their feathers and tuft, and making their house/properties look pretty
>Earth ponies play their strength (aka, their strength) and simply feel a strong need to find a mate and drag him back to their home.
>Other pony races could plasuabily justify their methods, but earth ponies are different
>Unicorns are laying magical traps, and if you just so happen to fall into them then it's your own fault
>A pegasus is just making their wings all nice and their properties look pretty, if an impressed mate wanders onto their front yard and gets sum fuk, then it's not like they were forced into it
>An earth pony has no such gimmick-related excuses, and so their minds just don't even try to justify what they're doing
>They're "encouraged" by specific chemicals in their brains that are released during heat, and their inhibitions are lifted to the point of experiencing delusions; how else would "grab a male; take him back to my farm; make an honest stallion out of him" make sense to a mare like Applejack?
>In this scene, Pinkie Pie is convinced that something dumb will happen if she doesn't fuck Anon, like all her party stuff will disappear forever
Ponks would belive that if she didn't fuck anon his pingas would die
File: Carllos.png (66 KB, 205x205)
66 KB
You rang, anon?
File: 1452701388152.png (695 KB, 1032x774)
695 KB
695 KB PNG
pegasi become fluffier and dancier
got it
Just imagine a pegasus crawling into your lap. They look a good 20% larger from the extra fluff alone, and they just dumped a mouthful of shiny and/or colourful pieces of cloth and plastic onto your chest/lap. Then they begin to coo and paw at you, hoping that their display will attract you as a mate. This is why Rainbow Dash can afford to be a cunt all year; she has the absolute best and most colourful plumage, hands down, and it's no competition when heat week comes 'round.
>In this scene, Pinkie Pie is convinced that something dumb will happen if she doesn't fuck Anon, like all her party stuff will disappear forever
>"Anon! ANON! We have to fug RIGHT NOW, or the foal I would have gotten pregnant with will never be born and I'll never be able to throw it any birthday parties!"
File: 1523732763610.gif (3.14 MB, 914x515)
3.14 MB
3.14 MB GIF
RGRE version , creepy old ladies
File: Rainbow Trash.jpg (720 KB, 1758x2198)
720 KB
720 KB JPG
>no competition
>One of her best friends was a model and looks softer and fluffier than Rainbow Dash the rest of the year.
>Also, Rainbow Dash is a cunt who tried to sell that same friend into slavery over a book.
>>Also, Rainbow Dash is a cunt who tried to sell that same friend into slavery over a book.
Man, I literally don't even care that she did that. I'm just here for the comfy greentext about waifus.
fuck off lap
wheres the minotits
File: 1512013653156.jpg (72 KB, 589x504)
72 KB
Ponies drunkenly hitting on Anon is my fetish
Funny story. Not LaP, just don't like Rainbow Dash.
File: 1484653722088.jpg (102 KB, 600x640)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
>They only hit on you because they're drunk
File: 1480543456501.jpg (51 KB, 1024x576)
51 KB
File: 1406104405945.png (179 KB, 927x563)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
>drunken princesses hitting on you
Like that Minnuete green we had where she kept drunkenly fucking Anon, then being ashamed after because he's a big, mostly hairless ape. That was a good green I wish we could have gotten more of. Last I remember was him hanging out with a teenage filly and her friends and her actually being attracted to him. I think it was gearing towards Minnuete getting kind of jealous despite saying she thought Anon was disgusting.
I hope this will suffice
>Like that Minnuete green we had where she kept drunkenly fucking Anon, then being ashamed after because he's a big, mostly hairless ape
That one felt real good to read. "I can literally only bear to touch you when I'm so drunk that my brain has stopped trying to create memories."
>Kid Anon is accosted by pedo-mares.
>CMC use their endless ingenuity to protect their colt with an assortment of gadgets and overly complex plans.
>Random mare is trying to lure Anon away with promises of candy.
>Before suddenly being bowled over by a catapult propelled Apple Bloom.
>Standing up atop the downed mare's barrel as she groans, Apple Bloom glares and spits on her.
>"Ya better stay away from our Anon, ya hear? We see ya again, and we'll use the trebuchet next time."
>Meanwhile, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle are ushering a confused Anon to safety.
>Is he still gonna get candy?
My only problem with that green was Anon's moral shift. At one point, he's so desperate for sex that he brings Minnuete alcohol in the hopes of getting her drunk enough to fuck him, knowing she'll regret it, which is pretty fucked up. Then later, here's this young, but still legal mare who actually wants to fuck him, and Anon spurns her advances because she's too young and he's not like that.
Like... really? You're okay with near-raping a mare by taking advantage of her intoxicated state, but you draw the line at having sex with a sober and willing young adult? I mean, both are a bit iffy in the morality department, but it seems like if you are willing to stoop that low on one occasion, that you'd be okay with the other.
Pedo bait anon
Only issue I got with Fimfic is the fact if you call out a story for being shit you get screeched at. Like, even if you're just pointing out issues with some edgy story with a overpowered OC that takes over all of Equestria because 'He's just that good' you'll have autist screaming
>"If no like no read!"
Eh, we got the same here, it's just here you can't be followed. I've gotten an angry PM on fimfic for calling out a story for being shit. It was literally a reader telling I was going to turn the author off of continuing his story, which again, happens here all the time too. Here, instead of no like, no read, we get, filter them out.
>The mare was BonBon, and she was literally just trying to get Anon to test out some new candy.
>He was surprisingly verbose when it came to confections and would always give detailed crituqes of her work.
>The little candy connoisseur was able to explain exactly what was good and bad about each treat, and gave feedback beyond simply, "I like it," or, "It's kaka."
>Problem is, the CMC see any mare approaching Anon as pedo-behavior, and have already gotten detention after attacking Cheerilee for patting Anon on the back for a good test grade.
>You can thank Rarity, Applejack, and Twilight for giving such poor advice to the girls.
Yeah, but here you can't get mass reported and banned for pointing out issues, and if someone points out issues here they'll normally either get replies explaining why it works or the writer agrees. The other issue with fimfic is digging through the piles of edgy oc, abuse, anthro trash, gore, lesbian shit, homo shit, cuck shit, edgy story, fart shit, diaper shit, ship shit, or just complete and utter shit story telling, to get to the good shit. Here? You see more than seven people calling the story out and you know there's a issue. Understand that I know that some of that stuff is here, but here it's segregated to small or dieing threads that you can easily avoid.
I took it as Anon being afraid to form bonds.
Imagine, after being stranded on a world where nobody wants to have anything to do with you.
All of a sudden, one of them offers you free sex without strings attached.
Sure, she doesn't want to remember or admit that the both of you had sex, but so what?
Nobody else cares enough to make friends with you.
When somebody shows romantic and sexual attraction in you, it is kind of scary.
Especially if they're a friend.
What if they change their mind one day?
What if it doesn't work out?
What if it turns out they were only interested in you because you were unusual?
File: 1445863186835.jpg (103 KB, 728x720)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
I remember getting blocked by a writer for saying there were too many lesbos in her story and that lesbos were shit.
I also got blocked for calling another one a THOT.
I agree with all of those thing except anthro. There's nothing wrong with anthro. It's just ponies with boobs and hands. Heck, all the EQG stuff people post here is already 9/10s of the way to being anthro.
Nice thot patrolin' anon Doing god's work
>"Same as doorway height, I bet," Anon mused. "I smacked my head off of more then few door frames before I got used to ducking all the time."
>Moondancer giggled.
>"Sorry, I shouldn't be laughing, but I can only imagine. I wonder if Princess Celestia had the same issue ever? She's about as tall as you."
>"With that horn? Probably," Anon agreed. "Yikes, I may not have one, but I bet that smarts, smacking your horn on low frames. Probably worse than stubbing a pinkie toe."
"I don't know what a toe is, but yes, our horns are sensitive," Moondancer agreed.
>"Never thought I'd pity royalty," Anon joked, getting the two to laugh.
>Silence settled over them after that as they both went back to picking at their meals.
>The curry was good, if a bit spicy for Moondancer, and she only got mild.
>Meanwhile, Anon ordered extra spicy and was hardly sweating.
>He was a tough stallion to be sure.
>"Hey, Moondancer, sorry if this seems out of the blue, but what was it you wanted to talk to us about?"
"Excuse me?" Moondancer said, looking up from her plate.
>"Earlier, you came to the library looking for Jane and me, I was just wondering why."
"Oh yes, right... that."
>Moondancer broke eye-contact to watch her hooves tap together.
>"Is something wrong?" Anon asked, frowning.
"No..." she said, forcing herself to look up. "I mean, it's just, I don't know how to say this."
>She took a deep breath and closed her eyes.
"Anon, I'm sorry for yesterday."
>The man blinked.
>"Excuse me?"
>Moondancer gulped.
"It was insensitive of me to bring up your absent wife like I did. I didn't mean to drudge up painful memories."
>"Wife? You mean Jane's mother?" Anon asked, brow raised. "You didn't- wait, you mean when you said that stuff about not keeping my herd or wife waiting?"
>Moondaner winced, but nodded.
"Yes, that."
>Anon stared for a few seconds, causing the beige mare to squirm.
>"Moondancer, I'm not upset about that," he began slowly. "I wasn't even upset when you first said it."
... It's literally easier to filter that shit out in fimfic and find good stories. Most of it has tags or authors put warnings in the description, and you can use the scoring system to avoid shit stories. Generally, if something has even or more downvotes and up, it's safe to say it's not worth clicking.
Literally the only reason it might be easier to go through stories here is that there are way fewer of them being written per day. We get a few greens daily from a handful of writefags while over there we have dozens of stories being posted a day with the bulk of them being shit.
Also, I have called out plenty of stories and got downvoted to shit, or even have had my comments deleted, and I have not once been banned for it.
You are entitled to your preferences, but don't go acting like you know what you are talking about if you are quite obviously shitting on something just because you personally don't like it.
File: DbCKAXJXcAIEHxn.jpg (92 KB, 1000x784)
92 KB
Completely unrelated but I feel like you guys need to know
File: 1484207807096.jpg (65 KB, 665x603)
65 KB
Well I guess we know now why only steers and queers come from Texas
I personally prefer that you can filter out complete, incomplete, hiatus, and cancelled, order searches by date updated, uploaded, popularity, upvotes, and even exclude stories of a certain length. If I'm included incomplete in a story, I always make sure to exclude stories under 15000 words. That seems to be the cutoff point where stories tend to be abandoned.
Where's the next part? You can't leave us hanging like this, faggot. We want to know what's going to happen.
I kinda like the idea I saw in some really old greens/fics that Griffons had a magic wielding unicorn/wizard equivalent, who they called a "Mane" (because they always had one).
Not all males were Manes necessarily (only the magical males would get a mane, mundane ones wouldn't have one)
But only males could be manes. There were no female Mane's.
Could lead to interesting dynamics, where only (a subset of) males could wield magic. Especially if griffons also have the gneder imbalance like ponies. (this could also mean there aren't any mundane males, all of them would be magical, since males are already rare.)
This all ignores cloudwalking, which all griffons seem to have, and possibly weather manipulation (not sure if griffons get that one or not).
But if you want to be a lazerburd, you gotta be a Mane.
Accidentally posted before writing more than one. It was a n autopilot sort of thing.
I too like that one.
That's the issue.
>Just boobs and hands
It doesn't make sense and looks weird, a pony head, tail, horn/wings, rear hooves, (sometimes torso), looks weird with hands and tits. I don't understand why the artist doesn't go full on and just draw the human or pony vs. Making a mutant. I also am autistic and can't accept a creature with rear hooves being able to stably walk on only it's rear hooves. Why would something evolve like that?
Anthro is a nobrain fallback for beta cucks that can't accept a mare for who she is and must butcher everything that makes her special before he can love her.
RGRE, I'm remembering a story where Twilight, after talking to Sunset about how easy it is to get dick on the latter's end, goes over to the eqg side of things. She meets anon, Sunset helps her seduce him, then shenanigans and feels happen, eventually culminating with Twilight finding a way to make the mirror a permanent portal, allowing anon to cross over, meet her parents, and start a proper herd with Twilight and Sunset. That ring any bells?
Sorry anon, I don't get the reference.
I'd argue against the "butcher everything that makes her special before he can love her," as it implies that their bodies are more intrinsic to who they are than their personality. Technically speaking, if you love Pinkie, for instance, then you should lover her regardless of whether she's a pony, a barbie, or some unholy amalgamation of the two. The soul is what really matters. Butchering everything that makes a pony special implies mind-breaking and molding them to your liking, like if an Anon turned Pinkie into a demure housewife who answers to her husband's every beck and call like a maid fearing the loss of her job.
That's nice but I think you're just a huge sadistic writefag who like to deny our orgasm. Give us more!
it was an old cartoon with pastel colored humans in it.
So what you're telling me is that there Doug fans in equestria?
>Anon hooks up with and marries Granny Smith
>Just so he can inherit the farm instead of AJ
>All in revenge for treating him like a fucking THOT
File: 1492887409375.png (618 KB, 650x1485)
618 KB
618 KB PNG
found the image
Call me grandpa, AJ.
>Twilight Sparkle goes through the mirror to help Sunset with a problem.
>On the night she is returning, there is a terrible storm.
>She didn't think it'd be a problem until lighting struck the top of the statue right as she stepped through.
>When she arrived back in Equestria, Twilight looked at her hands, then her reflection, and screamed.
>She was in Equestria, but as a human.
>Anon comes down to see what has happened to his waifu, but immediately vomits upon spotting her.
>No, it can't be.
>Not his Twilight.
>She's... she's nohooves.
>And Anon is not a barbiefag.
>Twilight tries to explain that it's still her, that this can be fixed, but Anon can't even bring himself to look at her.
>He packs his things that very night and goes to stay with Applejack until this whole mess gets sorted out.
>Twilight doesn't even get started on finding a solution until the next morning, having spent all night crying.

Who would have thought their were Anons so fucking shallow as to not be able to love their waifus in all forms, even the most disgusting.
Personally, I see the whole Anthro thing as "I don't like humanized, and normal pones are great and all, but...BOOBS!"

Even the greatest set of crotchtits can't compare to a mediocre set of boobs. That and humanized/EQG is usually garbage because they're not fuzzy.
I'd vomit, too.
I don't have any words for the disappointment I'd feel.
>Granny's going along with it to teach AJ a lesson about respecting the fairer sex.
>Big mac mostly runs the day-to-day business side of things anyway, anon would just own the farm in name only.
File: Disgraceful.gif (1.48 MB, 300x168)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB GIF
>Abandons his waifu in her hour of need.
He never loved her.
>not helping your waifu fix her terrible affliction.
Shame on you.
File: d63.jpg (16 KB, 200x303)
16 KB
>There's nothing wrong with anthro.
no u
My waifu could be an eldritch abomination, and I would still love her to bits. Heck, it just means she has more holes to fug and eyes to stare lovingly into while I do it. Though I would ask that she keep her tentacles away from my rectum.
... Or at least limit it to a single small one at a time.
Y'know there are several degrees of "anthroness" between being a pony and just being a humanized version of a pony. Like, maybe your waifu is bipedal with hooves and has chestboobs instead of crotchboobs? That's what we call being semi-anthro
lmao everytime
>well you see according to MY scale she's more of a bipedal feral ponybeing and totally NOT anthro
Here's the soundtrack.
>My scale
Or the scale of any artist or animator who has ever drawn an anthropomorphic animal. Maybe.
I remember this. Did the story ever get a pastebin? I tried a couple searches but couldn't find it.
The real question is, at what point can you no longer love your waifu? At which point do you tell her that her body disgusts you?
He's just jumping on the bandwagon because he think's it will make him look cool. If SFW anthro were allowed here I really don't think anybody would give a shit
anthro and eqg is cancer
go pony or go home
And here we come back around to my original argument: It's literally just a pony, With booooooobs. OMG so scary
>At which point do you tell her that her body disgusts you?
When she stops being female. But only sexually.
Though even then, as long as it was temporary, I'm not going to lose my shit (or my lunch) over it.
File: d961c9_5647503[1].jpg (45 KB, 640x360)
45 KB
Look it's not illegal to have shit taste, yet
Chalk that up to a win, I guess
I've seen people here wanting to pork spider ponies and snake ponies and plane ponies and every kind of monster you can think of but slap a set of titties on them and now they're abhorrent abominations?
It literally isn't.
There's a board for anthro incase you were wondering, too.
File: 068.png (248 KB, 520x546)
248 KB
248 KB PNG
>not wanting to love and put your dick in your waifu in pone, anthro and human (not EQG) forms

Truly, you have the worst taste, and obviously don't love your waifu. Remove yourself from this board immediately.
does it have a pastebin?
Great refutation there, bud! Great job! Gold Star!
I am aware.
My waifu is a shapeshifter but that doesn't mean I'm sexually attracted to all her forms.
It's true though. A pony doesn't have chestboobs nor does a pony primarily walk on two legs. Your definition of a pony is in a literal sense wrong.
Huh, Chrysalis as a waifu kinda does explains your somewhat shallow attitude.
ThingPone or Chrysalis?

>Twilight says she has a birthday present for her husband.
>A very special one, in fact.
>Looks like Anon is finally getting those magic pants that let him fly.
>"Okay, Anon, come in, I'm ready~"
>Anon quickly runs into the bedroom, boring, non-flying pants coming off as he goes.
>When the door opens, there are no pants.
>Just an abomination laid out on the bed like a French whore.
>"Hey, big boy, like what you see?" Twilight asks, running her fingertips up her body from her thighs to her now chest-mounted boobs.
>Her pony lips are curved in a seductive smile as she twirls a finger around the fur of an erect nipple.
"Wha- what is this?" Anon stutters.
>"Well, I thought that you might miss the human mares from back on your own world, so for your special day, I thought I'd let you remember them in... vivid detail," Twilight explains, moving her hand past her naval to rub her titless crotch.
>Anon opens his mouth, holds up a finger, then spins around and vomits.
>Twilight immediately sits up.
>"Anon! Are you okay!?"
>Anon spits a few times, turns back to his waifu, then whips back around and pukes again.
>Twilight is now out of bed and besides her husband, rubbing her shouldn't-exist hand in small circles over his back.
>"Oh no, are you sick?" She asks. "Did you eat too much birthday ice cream."
>Anon catches his breath and looks at his wife's beautiful, unchanged face.
>As long as he doesn't let his eyes stray south, he should be good.
"I'm... I'm fine, Twilight. Just, you caught me off guard is all."
>"Is the transformation really that bad? I know it's not complete, but I didn't have enough time to master the spell. Oh, I knew I should have just waited. I could have got you those flying pants instead for your birthday. I'm so stupid!"
"No, no, Twilight, you aren't stupid!" Anon comforts, rubbing the tear from her cheek. "You're Purple Smart, the smartest pony in all of Equestria!"
>waifuing OC
Chryssa fo' lyfe
also kekked
>"B-but I ruined your birthday," Twilight whimpers.
"No you didn't, Twi," Anon assures, lifting her chin to meet her eyes.
>"but you puked..."
>Anon sighs.
"Okay, yes, that is a thing that happened," he admits, looking back at the pool of melted ice cream, cake mush, and stomach acid. "And I'm not going to lie and say that, no, it wasn't because of how you currently look."
>There's a fresh burst of tears and Anon has to force himself to embrace her, ignoring the breasts pressed against his chest while she calms down.
>"I'm a-a ugly pony-he-he-he," she cries.
"No, you're an anthro," he explains. "And a beautiful one I'm sure. I bet there are literally tons of guys back on Earth that would be foaming at the mouth to see you like this... And whom I would destroy if they ever came close to you."
>"R-really?" she asks meekly, lifting her head from his chest to look up at him through watery eyes.
"Yes to both parts," Anon assures with a nod. "Anthros are liked by a lot of people, it's just... I'm not one of them."
>She swallows thickly.
>"I'm sorry, Anon, I didn't know."
"And that's because I never told you," he comforted, rubbing her back between her wings. "See, we both messed up."
>"Still I should have known what my stallion liked before doing this."
"You want to know what I like?" Anon asks. "I like ponies with four legs, wings, a horn, and the most magnificent purple ass imaginable."
>"B-but, I don't have a purple donkey."
>Anon gives his waifu a flat look.
>She smiles a flimsy, but happy smile.
>"I know, I was only teasing. I still think the donkeys would be offended if they found out you use their name to describe a creature's backside though."
>Anon sighs, but it's clearly fake.
"Come on, you're gonna lecture me on my own birthday? You are truly a cruel princess, Twilight Sparkle."
>They both have a laugh at that, and after, Twilight asks, "What now?"
"Well, can this transformation be reverse?"
>"yes, but I need some time to prep first."
Aw. I was hoping he would accept going to Celestias School. Oh well, it should still be fun.
Wait until he's at least 8 before shipping him with a princess.
Having an extra decade to build expertise while your brain is still growing is an absolutely MASSIVE advantage in any field. Children learn much faster and better than adults, especially in certain areas like languages.
Twilights not a princess yet.
Also befriending her at any point prior to ponyville could severely fuck things up regarding the whole nightmare moon thing.
"Well, you better get to it, then," Anon informs her. "Time is of the essence, after all."
>She tilts her head in confusion.
>"Um, but why? What's so important that I have to transform right away?"
"That's simple, Twilight," Anon explains matter-of-factly. "See, I have to cum once for each year I've been alive. It's a new birthday tradition I'm starting this year. So we're gonna need all the time we can get."
>He looks at his watch and hums seriously.
"Looks like we only have six hours before it's midnight and my birthday is officially over. We've got a lot of work to do."
>He glances back at the gaping Twilight and frowns.
"Well, what are you waiting for?" he asks, slapping her still pretty nice ass. "Hop to it, little mare!"
>Twilight squeaks and runs from the room, heading straight to her laboratory.
>She was about to streamline the reversal process for the transformation and cast it in record time.
>Anon smiles before looking down at the puke puddle he had made.
>With a sigh, he snatches up his boring, non-flyable pants and goes to the nearest supply closet.
>He didn't want Twilight slipping in her rush to get back to the bedroom, after all.
>What a waste of good cake ice cream.
Isn’t this dead as fuck? I’d love if it came back.
>Twiggles makes friends and even moves to ponyville early.

One of two things happens
>Instead of blitzing from "I met all of you just today and now were besties", she meets and greets with the rest of the mane 6 ahead of schedule.
>Tree of Harmony low-key makes sure they become friends, but it can happen in a slow burn way.
>Celly drops hints, delivers a few books, Twiggle still obsesses about NMM
>NMM happens, friends go on an adventure, fire-foreged friends become besties, Element Bearers are go.
>It's revealed after the fact that Celly pushed Twiggles to move to ponyville once she became aware that she'd made friends who were moving back there.
>This was a much better way of going about it than she had originally thought would be necessary.


>Twiggles sits out NMM, Moondancer ends up being the Element of Magic and later becomes a Princess.
>Twilight keeps her pudgy unicorn body, no wings in sight.
Option 2 sounds ideal.
I kinda want a Twilight version of that picture of spongebob telling that guy "I hope my horrible ugliness won't be a distraction to you"
Yes, but with crotch tits you can motor boat her while eating her out.
Hold the fuck up, don’t burden my waifu with your waifu’s wings.
Nah, that's called a 'If found please return to area 51'
Anon, can you read? Unicorn Twilight is ideal, nobody wanted her gaining wings.
sad that those digits were wasted on a misunderstanding.
He's a Mooniefag, and doesn't want his NEET waifu to get wings.
Ah, my bad.
>Roswell was actually a coverup of an escaped anthro that the US government captured during their shadow war with another world.
I habeeb it.
several years later, when cheer is talking about old changelings to the class they get annoyed.
this prompts a mass decloak
There are only 3 non changelings this year
all the others are changelings
must report

as the princess gets involved, she comes in and sees them doing homework,
one of them passed off a crude picture with a heart in the background to a classmate, se can easily tell its an i love you note.

all the what the fuck happens fast.

twilight, celestia, luna, cadance and shineing all bare down on anons house
luna kicks the door in
sees something like pic
They both look at them like 'what the fuck did you do'
anon quarter circle back kick forwards enough to edge out buggums in a close match

>She looks at you 5 angerly
>You are twilight
"What the buck is going on here?"
>All you can do is face hoof
>At least now the others will finally realize what you mean by 'if its pinkie or anon, just roll with it, there's not explaining shit'
speak it, yes
read it, easily
write it, barely
>"Look, just, nobody is going to believe we're fighting fucking anthro ponies. Make it look like a grey alien martian thing instead, people can handle that."
"I thought the war is a secret? Why do we care if they believe it? Isn't not believing it a good thing?"
>"Normal people won't believe it's aliens, crazy conspiracy people will love that it's aliens. we'll deny everything, and life goes on, with not even a hint of crazy horse wars to follow."
>"Are they really crazy conspiracy people if we're conspiring to hide the truth from them?"
>"Stop asking fucking questions and take pictures of a fake alien and a fucking fake flying saucer."
"Flying saucer?"
Didn't say I was against crotchtits, it's just that if I had to pick between only crotchtits or only boobs, I'd pick boobs every time.
oh right now I remember why I hated the TF in Good Ol' Girls.
That shit genuinely made me uncomfortable. Having your mind fucked with is just nightmare fuel for me.
Meh, if I wanted boobs I'd just go human. I don't know why, but I just love the idea of crotch tits. They give you something to look at/play with while you play snag the clit.
>Anthros were caused by the nuclear testing.
>The fucking things evolved quick
>Government is trying to gun down the helicopters they keep sending but occasionally miss one.
Looks like AJ was right.
>Anon freezes as he gets a terrible, horrible, AWFUL idea!
"If she treats me like a THOT than I might as well play along!"
>one of them passed off a crude picture with a heart in the background to a classmate, se can easily tell its an i love you note.

>get taught about changelings and how they eat love.
>turns out one of your friends is one
>oh he looks hungry, i better make him a snack.

This is adorable as fuck.
over time, anon notices granny is looking more and more attractive... is she getting younger?
where did her wrinkles go?
anon asks around to see if anyone else notices it too
they do
a month later, here is anon
he went from a 2/10 granny to a magicly I dont fucking know 10/10 mare

>anon is eating pie with applejack
>She comes to accept anon
>Applebloom runs in
>"Hi grandad anon, applejack"
>When she is a good distance away
"Funny, granny smith calls me granddad too"
>It takes applejack a second to realize what anon meant
>She was going to shrug it off when she realizes that her liedar didn't go off.
>She shivers and walks away
>Just as planned
>More pie for me
changelings are dark elves
like I could unf harder if I tried.
File: 130624994702.png (127 KB, 469x267)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
>Anon's dick is the fountain of youth.
It's called "Golden Opportunities"
"Honey, if you are going to put one up there at least massage the prostate"
>Her form shifts in what you can only assume is its form of an eyeroll
>Suddenly you feel waves going over your prostate
>Twilight returns
>She looks like a pony and everything
>Except her butthole is VERY plush and she now has 2 vaginas
>better then expected
any field its about 4-10 years from start to being a researcher in it regardless of age, the only thing you are doing to a child, if they have friends, is depriving them of a childhood.

what, you don't want to pound queen neet while massaging her new erogenous points that are the base of the wings?

why are you evil anon.
File: 1511809635015.png (306 KB, 980x875)
306 KB
306 KB PNG
pic related are the only princesses that should exist
imagine how moondancer gets wings
she is a need nerd who is a borderline if not misanthrope
then in pops you
she figures you may be her imagination and doesn't want to tell others
She feeds you because what if you aren't?
weeks turn to months, and you fuck the ever loving shit out of her one day after she gets drunk and vents her feelings to you

then pop, she goes to the life room
celesta pops in questioning what the fuck is going on
she looks at the life time line and sees you are a neet
then anon pops in
she is still a neet and a nerd

>"Moondancer was it? you have done the impossible, You were a turbo neet and you got laid"
>She looks at you
"You mean it was all real?"
>Celestia facehooves
>"Holy buck, how did you do it?"
>She bamfs out
>She falls on anon, wings, and all
>They proceed to what the fuck out hard
>They fuck a few more times and sleep
>They are woken up when all the princesses and shit show up to greet them
>But they woke her up 1 hour after she just got to sleep
>"Tia, bucking how?"
>"I know right"
File: Cristal_Date.png (214 KB, 640x365)
214 KB
214 KB PNG
>angry at AJ
>uses an old mare for revenge
>takes advantage of her age and loneliness for free room food and board and eventual inheritance
>no moral quandary about this
He was always a THOT, ho just wanted justification.
Alright, let's try this again, but this time in English.
In the wise words of an old man:
When an 81 year old billionaire marries a 20 year old stripper they're both going to have a grand old time.
The entire west coast and Florida reads like a confused grandpa who isn't with the times desperately trying to figure out how to phrase "drawn porn" properly

>"Boobs overwatch hentai hen tai hen-tai porn"
For fuck's sake, I just want to masturbate to something pony-related. Jesus christ, you guys, it's porn.
>He was always a THOT, ho just wanted justification.
>A good chunk of the Anons here would become a THOT at literally the first opportunity and take advantage of the reversed gender roles, turning into the sub-human piece of trash they were always meant to be
I'm not disgusted, I'm just severely disappointed.
But why? Also

>Bible belt
>'black guy, white girl'
Re-read the belt
I blame the advantage that females (and in RGRE, stallions) have solely by virtue of their genitalia and being the ‘fairer’ sex. It’d probably be addicting for anyone who can knowingly manipulate others like that. Being able to get people to do what you want just because of what’s between your legs.
>southern black guys
>wanting white girls
Only if they have self esteem issues or are “upwardly mobile”.
Welp, I'm retarded. Think I might be spending too much time on /pol/.
File: Spoiler Image (1.06 MB, 700x900)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB GIF
>My waifu could be an eldritch abomination
My waifu IS an eldritch abomination.
Shit taste, Anon. youre waifu ruins greens.
>implying my waifu even get's greens
I fucking wish.
Not that Anon. I agree about anthro. There's far worse shit than that.
level up reading comprehension instead.
there is a good eris green with pinkie, I think its called the boob life
Not that Anon but thanks. I had been wondering about that one as well. I dropped of the board for a short while after the green first started.

Is that the one where Pinkie gets Eris and Anon in a threesome with Mrs. Cake? Loved that one. I wish there was more from that 'verse. Hell, I wouldn't mind more Eris in general. My headcanon nerfs her a little bit because of RGRE. Anon's all for pranks and chaos just not overboard stuff. She holds back because she doesn't want to drive Anon away.
not sure, I know anon meets eris, then pinki pops out of his dresser, and that's as much as I remember, oh and anon liked boobs, because eris can shape shift, she can make boobs.
This is why you should go for satyrs/centaurs
Crotchtits, horse pussy AND boobs.
Centaurs are too rare in rgre or /mlp/ in general
> is Gilda
> Your friend Anon has just taken home with the worst feathers you have ever seen
> He said don't worry
> Nonsense
> He is a man! If someone hurts him, he shouldn't go out!
"So, Anon, who won you?"
> "Then some random crackhead"
> You can say that he is lying
"Bull shit, if this is a madman, you will be kidnapped and robbed."
> "God bless you. Some patients are bored with me and have happiness?"
"What does he look like?"
>"He wears a mask. Can we let it know?"
> You want this person, just like you don’t have a brother, don’t hurt him
"Anonymous, if you continue to be hurt like this, you won't be after you start tracking you."
> He doesn't like that
>"You can't do it!"
"Yes, I can and I don't have to sit down and let some beat you!"
> She looks very depressed
>"Gilda I admire you, but I don't need protection! If I carry a gun or something, will I feel better?"
"......Yes Yes."
>You all sighed and stretched your shoulders
>"You are happy, but thank Gilda's love"
> He slept
> If you catch this person, you will break their arms
Centaurs actually have two wombs and two vaginas. You can fuck them from the front or back and they'll still get pregnant. So you have crotchtits, boobs, horse pussy and regular human pussy
>Candyass should be a princess
in the world of equestria, the genders are switched. twi-hat sparks is man pony now. and so are friends 6. friends 6 have bro party adventure. in first episode of season 8: man sparkle says to board of education: "I is 1000% man sparkle. and I will teach little ponies how to be tuff!" and apple pony teaches little fillies woodshop, and how to build society with bare hands. and when they act up they are told to be quiet or they must be challenged to game of buckball against flootershy/
>that slut
Nice joke.
>the way she has hair
Sci-Twi confirmed wig-wearing baldie afraid of her own natural, highly-efficient haircut
File: 1515184324830.png (1.13 MB, 1280x841)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
File: cel22.jpg (219 KB, 1280x890)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
>You are Anon, and your two herdmates have gotten into a drinking contest.
>If you didn't know for a fact that they periodically go centuries without imbibing a single drop of liquor, you would be worried about possible alcoholic tendencies.
>You swear, despite being over a thousand years old, these two behave like horny fratboys when booze gets broken out.
>" 'Nawn!"
>Luna spots you (it only took a solid minute for their awareness of your presence to catch up with them, in their drunken state) and staggers to her hooves, wobbling dangerously.
>" 'Nawn! 'Nawn, 'Nawn, 'Nawn. D-Did'ja... Did'ja get that thing?"
>They didn't ask you to get anything for them.
"What thing are you talking about, Luna?"
>Luna vodka's her way over to you and nuzzles your chest aggressively, and you would have been knocked to the ground if she hadn't lost her balance at that moment and toppled onto her side.
"Oh, shit, are you ok-"
>And that's when Luna started giggling.
"Fuck's sake."
>God dammit, Luna.
>Celestia's head sluggishly swivels around, FINALLY noticing that Luna was no longer in front of her.
>When she spots you, she gives this enormous gasp and (like her sister) staggers away from the table and onto her hooves.
>Granted, it took her a few tries, and she kicked a leg out from under the table she and Lulu were sitting at, but she got there in the end.
>With an uncoordinated flap of her wings, Celestia propels herself towards you and unceremoniously knocks you to the floor.
>Thank god you've got 300 pounds of horse on top of you and a tile floor below you, or else that might have hurt like a MOTHERFUCKER.
>Oh god you think you landed on your horse-keys
>>"H-Hey, babe," Celestia slurs, grinning, sitting up and plopping her fat horse ass at your feet, "I-I'm gonna get you so pregnant tonight."
>And then, she threw up on your legs.
>Deep breaths, Anon.
>These two are going to sleep on the couch for a WEEK once they sober up.
I just read the whole thing. Jesus H Christ I have never read something so unsatisfying. The ponies are backwards in the most retarded and forced ways, the MC is a top grade flat as cardboard literally who, the characters with some depth aren't consistent at all, muh estrus makes mares into rape monsters meme, cultural misunderstandings and obliviousness from both sides so unreal that even RGRE would cringe, and badly written clop every chapter.
>Mostly positive ratings on fimfic.
RGRE may be a REEEEE chamber but I'm glad to say we've never had shit like this.
I partially agree with the character depth and estrus meme opinion. I didn't think the scene was rape-y though. He caught on to what was going on and didn't stop.

Personally, It's a favorite of mine and I like the story well enough to overlook some flaws.
Or the one where Eris get's pregnant, then is like, "Oh, well, I ain't gonna deal with that," and snaps her fingers, implicating magical abortion much to everyone's horror, than she's like, "Kidding! Geesh, no sense of humor."
Can't find it. Don't think it has a pastebin. You might just have to go back through a few dozen threads to find it.
We've had a lot of shit like this. Where have you been?
Do you have a link to that Eris green? In fact, I'm open to any Eris green anyone knows about. I'm starved for Eris fics.
That's my horse
>>>"H-Hey, babe," Celestia slurs, grinning, sitting up and plopping her fat horse ass at your feet, "I-I'm gonna get you so pregnant tonight."
That's DEFINITELY my horse, even if the booze has her a bit turned around at the moment
Remember that old prompt about how Anon starts living with and befriends Sunset just after the first EqG movie, so everyone else in Canterlot High is understandably concerned for his safety? Let’s do a little with that.

>It’s lunch period in Canterlot High
>The Humane Five are just watching with a mix of amazement and concern as Sunset and Anon chat at a separate table, the two of them seemingly in their own world.
>They’re chatting about the differences between Anon’s world, Equestria, and their world.
>Sunset has this genuine smile on her face, not the usual smirks or sneers when she was Queen Bitch, or the nervous fake grins she wears all the time now since the Fall Formal, but an honest to god smile.
>It’s obvious to them, she’s got it BAD for the strange new male student. Anon doesn’t even seem to notice his effect on her. That’s the only reason they’re sure she’s not taking advantage of him when they go back to their shared apartment.
>They’re torn between the memories of all the shit Sunset put the entire school through and the promise they made to Twilight to teach her about friendship.
>So they just watch, ready to step in if needed but hopefully they aren’t.
>That seems to be the cutoff point where stories tend to be abandoned.
I generally find that longer stories are almost guaranteed to be total garbage on Fimfic. In all, I think I've found less than 5 worthwhile stories that were over 15-30k words.
The biggest issue is already covered by this anon >>32243598. With all the utter shit premises (satyr, femdom/malesub faggotry, r63, TF ~no, popped's story doesn't count~, vore, gore, cuck, homo, brap, diaper, edgy trash, and other such worthless time-wastes), on fimfic you can only find a handful of stories that are worthwhile in a modest period. Here, we get worthwhile stories hand-crafted specifically so they WON'T have all that shit in it, and we get FAR more stories in a given period.
Sadly, the rate of stories that are not properly ended is about the same as fimfic, and we rarely get "feature length" stories.
I liked that prompt and your little take on it here. I hope someone picks it up. I would but I have neither the time nor talent.
Who would be Rolf's waifu?

It's not just fimfic that has that problem, it's any site that allows the author to delete or ban comments (Either directly or by mod proxy)
Also as word to the wise, dont take word count as your primary filter, there are plenty of good oneshot stories that can be as low as 6-8k words.
Best bet to making sure you dont miss anything decent is to skim over the synopsis, compare the update and upload dates and read the first chapter if you havent been turned off yet.
File: Eh.jpg (72 KB, 384x356)
72 KB
>The ponies are backwards in the most retarded and forced ways
>the MC is a top grade flat as cardboard literally who
>muh estrus makes mares into rape monsters meme
>unreal obliviousness from both sides
I agree the story is completely shit but

>we've never had shit like this.
C'mon man.
Speaking of prompts had idea for earth mares in heat.

>Enjoying the summer sun with some sun screen.
>You just had a awesome lunch and are getting quite sleepy
>Why do you suddenly smell Apple fritter?
>Lifting your sun glasses up you see Applejack standing real close with a plate of steaming fresh Apple fritter in her mouth
>The howdy horse sets the plate on your lap, "Anon, I need to you eat my fritters."
>This is weird.
>Is this a fetish thing?
"I already ate? No thanks?"
>Why did you hear a car crash?
>Suddenly Applejack in your face, "Anon, I made these fritters with love and care, you are going to eat these fritters, or Imma make you eat fem fritters."
>The look in her eyes are crazed, this is not the face of mercy you wanted.
>Thinking quickly you point behind her
"Is that Strawberry Sunrise with a short cake for me?"
>When Applejack turns around the only thing she sees is the simple cloud outline you'd left behind after booking it

Had the idea that earth mares basically make the best item related to their cutie Mark that makes thembshiw thier prospective husbands they can provide and showed them in great gifts.

Like dwarves from dwarf fortress
Fuck off you, where is Squire Anon and his badass murderhobo sarge of Lord, and masochistic mino queen.
I wish I had someone who liked me so much they would bring home made baked goods.
Which is why I am confused as to why anyone uses that shithole seriously.
>"Sorry, I shouldn't be laughing, but I can only imagine. I wonder if Princess Celestia had the same issue ever? She's about as tall as you."
Should be a blackline.
File: 1456530200312.png (114 KB, 1024x724)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
I wouldn't be able to resist as this Anon. I LOVE Apple Fritters.

The stories are visually easier to read on mobile there compared to pastebin. I've tried converting raw pastebin text into a ePUB file with little success.
Shit, I completely forgot about that one. Yet another ded story thrown into the graveyard.
File: 1493842830225.png (2.3 MB, 2000x1309)
2.3 MB
2.3 MB PNG
I dunno, I kinda like being left completely alone and unbothered whenever I want.
It's peaceful.
File: unf.png (29 KB, 500x494)
29 KB
>that fluff.
>A noise that sounded like a cross of a chirp and a knicker brought you out of your happy little stupor
>Looking up, you saw a pair of poners
>Both were the subspecies that had wings on their back
>One was female, the other was male
>They also happened to be holding signs, on which you could see their nonsensical language
>Looking the two over, you saw that neither looked all that happy
>While telling these poners apart was still somewhat difficult for you even now, you were pretty sure that you had never seen either of them before
"Hello?" you said
>Both of the poners took a step back
>Their noses scrunched up and their ears flattened against their skulls
>You took a step back as well, more to keep them calm than anything
>All you needed was getting divebombed by some panicked horses
"Easy there," you said, making calming motions with your hands.
>The mare stopped her retreat
>Eyes narrowing, she stared at you hard before shoving her sign in front of her
>The stallion, standing behind her, did the same
>They then began shouting at you in their tongue
>You took a few more steps back, wondering what the hell was going on
>But then it hit you
>You had a couple of protestors on your hands
>For a moment, all of your anti-riot training came to mind
>You didn't have any pepper spray on you, or tear gas, but if you really thought outside the box you were sure you could improvise...
>Better not...
>As you took a few more steps back, trying to think of the best way to solve the problem presented to you without using good ol' army violence, an angry cry came from behind you
>You whipped around, expecting more protestors
>Thankfully, it wasn't more poners with signs
>It was your caretaker, and very important poner, Purple
>Now, she had another name, but your translation of it was so loose that it could have meant about fifty different things
>And you absolutely meant that
>Some language guys had spent almost a week on the Princess's name, and the best way to say it without offending her and starting some galatic war
>You were a simple man
>You didn't give a shit about any of that
>Until your side figured out how to speak poner or the poners figured out how to speak english, she was purple
>Just like your little protestors, purple didn't look all that happy
>Her eyes were narrowed and her wings were partially extended
>There was also a visible tension in her body, as if she was getting ready to charge
>You were sure if she had fangs she be baring them right now
>Seeing her put a smile on your face
"Hello, beautiful."
>Purple's eyes snapped up to you
>Her expression softened, replaced with worry
>Behind you, the mare said something
>Purple looked over at her
>The stallion then said something, shaking his sign angrily and stomping a hoof
>Purple's eyes hardened, the tip of her horn crackled to life
>Wisely, you took a few steps to the side
>You knew how protective this little poners was of you
>You also knew that she had the power to lift up a fucking mountain if she wanted, so staying out of the way seemed a good idea
>The protestors, however, didn't seem to either know or care about the princess's power
>Both continued to yell and rave, earning some nasty looks from the town's populace
>Finally, purple began to speak
>Her tone was low, and calm, and unintelligible
>Both the mare and the stallion froze
>They lost all color, and their eyes widened to the size of dinnerplates
>The stallion actually dropped his sign
>Calmly, purple took a step toward them, head held high
>With matching shrieks, the two spun around and took off
>Purple watched them race down the street, and it was only when they had disappeared from sight did she take a deep breath
>And then she was racing over toward you, looking like you mother had when she found you stuck in that sewer drain when you were seven
>"RTrjnk SDsjnkjns Neigh, knicker!"
>You chuckled, getting down on one knee
>You had barely done so when the princess's body slammed into yours
>She might have been a little poner, but she was a hell of a lot stronger than she looked, and it was all you could to do keep from landing on your ass
>Two soft hooves grabbed your shoulders
>Purple spoke quickly
>One moment she sounded like she was trying to keep you calm, the next she sounded like she was freaking out
>You just knelt there, letting her touch and nuzzle you until she had calmed down somewhat
"Easy there, my knight in shining armor. I'm fine," you said, wrapping her in a hug. "You chased those big, mean poners away."
>Your hug was instantly returned
>Purple, murmuring in your ear, gave you a kiss on the sheek
>She also did that thing where she rubbed both sides of your throat with her cheeks
>You didn't know why she did it, but it seemed to make her happy and that was good enough for you
>The two you hugged for a good minute until purple was calm enough to let you go, but even then she was pressed up right against you, warily eyeing the street as if expecting an attack
File: 1517726568005.jpg (371 KB, 2110x1421)
371 KB
371 KB JPG
>A stallion carrying a bag of groceries was unlucky enough to be walking by
>Purple, stepping in front of you, let out a neigh loud enough to make your ears ring
>The stallion let out a startled cry, jumping into the air and sending his groceries flying
"Alright, you big tough little horse, enough of that."
>You knelt down
>Though it took some effort--the princess was heavier than she looked--you managed to pick her up and settle her on your shoulders
>Purple was a bit startled at first, her wings shooting out and nearly hitting you in the face as she let out a snort, but once you had her settled she calmed down
"There, now you can see everything," you said, giving her rump a pat. "You happy now?"
>Purple shifted on top of you
>Her thighs tightened and loosened around your middle
>Out of the corner of your eye, you could see her looking about with a furrowed brow
>Snorting, she wrapped her hooves around your neck and rested her head on top of yours
>You smiled
"Good. Now lets get home, huh?"


>Be Twilight
>Be very, very upset
>Who did those bucking ponies think they were, boring your stallion?
>He wasn't hurting anypony!
>Where did they get off thinking they could do something like that?
>They're lucky green was there, otherwise you wouldn't have been so bucking nice!
"Hey! Back off!"
>Berry Punch, who was walking a little too bucking close, hurriedly stepped away
>You just glared back while pointing a hoof at her
>From beneath you, green laughed
Alright, here's the thing. I was gonna write lewd for this but didn't because I was lazy.
But if we cannot talk of fine porn what are we to talk about? Feelings?
Eh, that's fine, you have some other stories I want lewd about.
Also top cute.
Cute as fuck, although now i'm wondering what those signs said.
>Who did those bucking ponies think they were, boring your stallion?
Did he get accosted by Celestia's witness or something?
>The authhor feels the need to nerf the human protagonist by making him mute for an arbitrary reason (Your human and you) or make it so he's made of glass (Xenophilia)
This is so cute I don't even mind the lack of lewd.
Needs more Eris in general everywhere.
Never understood that. Humans didn't have any rights as is and were sold as pets, so they wouldn't really be OP also, he ended up learning sign language anyway.
It;s bad writing, pure and simple. And these sapsuckers eat it up. I remember there was this meticulous analysis by anons, chapter by chapter, exactly why All American Girl sucks and why you should feel bad for liking it

I can put up with a lot of shitty stories but I had to tap out of that one. The ponies are so fucking awful that I just want the mc to fuck off somewhere else.
File: 13681-large.jpg (43 KB, 600x551)
43 KB
>>Purple, murmuring in your ear, gave you a kiss on the sheek
>gave you a kiss on the sheek
>gave you a kiss on the sheik
Adorable stuff LaP. Thanks.
I feel like Rolf would be into that Appul.
>both talk funny
>both work hard
>both are on farms
Where's Dazzling pack you frick
File: 1512120452814.png (261 KB, 542x475)
261 KB
261 KB PNG
>you won't be after you start tracking you
File: 1405222946661.png (116 KB, 655x598)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
Rock the Casbah
Oh this takes me back.
You're better off without. It was a powerful, awful feel. The sort of feel you get when your best friend meets THEIR best friend, and you realize how dim the flame of friendship is between you is when compared to THEIR inferno.
Thank you, anon!
Humans are not for sexual
File: 1402002528356.gif (572 KB, 1258x1300)
572 KB
572 KB GIF
>overprotective necktuft mares getting angry at other mares for hitting on you
Silly Anon, it's real easy. All you gotta do is find somebody who loves you.
I want to say that it was cute but prompt is absolute garbage and story is retarded.
Thanks Anon. Here's a little more.

>Anon generally doesn't talk to the other guys at Canterlot High because they're just too different for him to really relate to due to the RGR.
>That's why he gets surprised when he's approached by a legitimately concerned Flash Sentry.
>"Anonymous, right?"
>"Flash Sentry, nice to meet you. I know you're new here, so I'm not sure you know what happened two months ago."
"Is it about Sunset turning into a literal demon and brainwashing everyone in the school with the intent to conquer Equestria? Along with her past history as the school's Queen Bitch?"
>Flash is confused. "Wait, so you hang out with her despite that?"
>Anon shrugs.
"I mean she's definitely making an effort to turn herself around, so the least I can do is give her the benefit of the doubt."
>"So it doesn't bother you at all?"
"About a year ago, it would have. But ponies are weird about offering people chances at redemption and I guess it rubbed off on me. For example, Vice-Principal Luna's pony counterpart? She's an immortal god-horse and once attempted to make the night last forever. One blast from that friendship magic stuff and she makes a complete turnaround. I've talked to her a few times. She's WAY too old-fashioned, but she's alright. I've been assuming the magic works the same way even if Twilight didn't have the Elements this time."
>"I-I... What the fuck?"
"You're telling me. Equestria is fucking weird man. This place may not be home, but it's a lot closer to home than there. Anyways, thanks for the concern dude, but I'm pretty sure Sunset's mostly harmless now."
>Anon leaves, and Flash is left speechless as well as confused.
File: 2DDyqYk.gif (532 KB, 245x184)
532 KB
532 KB GIF
LaP, you motherfucker, stop making me feel feelings here. I'm sad and lonely enough as it is. Never stop.
I remember when LaP did an AiE/Xeno crossover. Turns out Lero had his appendix removed as a kid (or something; I might have forgotten) and that's what functions as your magic-generating organ in Equestria, allowing him to survive a buck to the chest by a pissed-off waist-high horse.
That's adorable. Knowing that someone thinks I'm worth enough that they want to protect my virtue would be amazing.
>You are Luna and you just woke up pain and someone holding your hand
>You look at who's holding it and see a sleeping Anon
>You take a look at your bandaged leg and wince
>His stitches aren't that good and look rushed, you'll need to replace them sometime
>You look back at Anon and sigh
>If you didn't have a stab wound you would pull him into bed with you for cuddles
>"So Luna, what the hell happened last night?"
>You look over and see Celestia looking at you worried
"I had a knife thrown at me by some assassin obsessed with Anon."
>She looks over at Anon then back to you smiling slightly
>"He said something very important last night when you were asleep. I won't tell you what it was but it was something amazing."
"But Tiaaa!"
>"No buts LuLu!"
"Don't call me that!"
>You pout and realize how childish you look
>Celestia laughs lightly and walks to the kitchen
>"You stay in bed Luna, I'll get you something to eat"
>You smile and thank her as she walks off
>You look back at Anon and lean over to him and peck his cheek
"Thank you Anon"
Thanks for finishing the thread with some comfy green, LaP

Keep up the good work friend.
...so what were those poners protesting? Were they really "boring" him, or was that supposed to be another word? Bear in mind, there's a very good possibility that I'm very stupid and I'm just reading this wrong.
File: large (38).png (218 KB, 1280x860)
218 KB
218 KB PNG
Fuck. Math.
I know that feel. I'm a borderline retard with math, I swear.
File: IMG_20171008_111608.jpg (136 KB, 1249x684)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
File: Spoiler Image (95 KB, 456x758)
95 KB

but if you don't do your math how will you know how many missiles your AMS will destroy before they hit your mech?
>but if you don't do your math how will you know how many missiles your AMS will destroy before they hit your mech?

Does it matter if you just add MOAR DAKKA!?
>Don't play PGIs shit
>Get hype for Battletech
File: HeavyKeks.png (537 KB, 600x900)
537 KB
537 KB PNG
>That pic of Anon as Colonel Klink
Fucking Kek
Hey, the Sirens re kinda like seahorses, right? And male seahorses are the ones that carry and birth the offspring, correct...?

... Is there a green to be had in this knowledge?
File: 1513562487625.png (273 KB, 392x564)
273 KB
273 KB PNG
I hope there's not.
Sirens take male's soul.
I like Kevinsano
>The sirens are eager to start a family with Anon and pump him full of babies.
>Anon, confused, asks if they meant the other way around.
>Once finished with the lesson on human reproduction, the Sirens look ill.
>Maybe babies can wait, after all.
It was
>85% greentext anon always has a daughter.
this! i want a boy!
Hey (You). A Settler Needs Your Help
Wow for once a right on time new thread!
>not cumming once for every year plus one to grow on
what a flaming homosexual you've written here
>The gender disparity is magically enforced, somehow. An ancient curse, perhaps. Though none know the truth behind it. It predates even the Celestial Sisters. Discord flatly denies having anything to do with it, proclaiming it to be far too orderly for his liking.
>Most stallions sire very few colts in their life. One, maybe two is the norm. Three if they have a larger herd and a lot of foals. The rest will all be fillies.
>Being the mother of a colt is seen as a sign of fertility and prestige for mares
>Anon can defy the "curse"
>His first three foals in a row are all colts. Much to their mother(s) glee.
File: 1516825624699.jpg (166 KB, 1200x899)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
That bit about Discord gave me an idea.

>Discord despises orderly curses and pranks.
>Except when he's blackout drunk.
>Blitzed Discord regularly creates and distributes order-based curses.
>He totally is the source of the gender curse.
>Absolutely no one knows this, not even him.
>So RGR Equestria is in this for the long haul.
He's also the source of RGREqG's curse.

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