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Previous thread: >>32213459
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>What is this thread about?
This thread revolves around stories about ponies being enslaved.

>Can you elaborate more?
Sure! SPG (Slave Pony General) is mostly about characters dealing with the actual implications of the horrifying thing that is chattel slavery. It's more looking at how people with modern sensibilities deal with the ownership of another sentient being, and how most people aren't total cunts.

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It's shit

File: 1487996757892.jpg (40 KB, 466x466)
40 KB
second for best pony
Corona is a good girl! A GOOD GIRL!!
File: Pet Starlight.png (247 KB, 1000x849)
247 KB
247 KB PNG
File: IMG_3077.png (973 KB, 1500x1500)
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973 KB PNG
'Supple branch' getting bred by her beloved master when?
File: Ear scratchies.jpg (133 KB, 1280x1024)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Human best weapon toward any mare, filly or stallion slave. Still not scientifically tested in zebras, griphons, hippogriff or changelings.
File: 85b.jpg (197 KB, 680x1247)
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197 KB JPG
It's not bad, I've always considered that ponies look very good wearing human clothes
File: 969422.jpg (73 KB, 1280x720)
73 KB
Bunnylestia too cute
>2014 was four years ago
Bravo! you can count!
And you can count on me waiting for you in the parking lot.
Remember when Sandler movies weren't shit?

Corona a shit that wastes water and tried to kill the master she was in love with for the benefit of a complete stranger. A SHIT.
And the Corona squabbling lives on

she is a good girl though
But Master bought the hot tub especially for her, and she has permission to use it anytime she wants! And she looks so good with her normally fluffy coat plastered down on her sleek, taut, flesh...
>OMG, can some other writefag take the story over? We need it so bad.
File: Spoiler Image (74 KB, 853x480)
74 KB
>Remember when Sandler movies weren't shit?

Have they ever been?

Wherever this Corona now I doubt that cares what they think of her.

If the author left the story, is there any chance that someone else will take the reins and cotinue the adventure?
File: 31221.jpg (81 KB, 750x750)
81 KB
"Supple branch" needs a good supple branch across the backside for giving away Master's credit card info. Til her butt's redder than a cherry
Flutter is adorable
File: Flutterhunter.png (278 KB, 900x900)
278 KB
278 KB PNG
Hunter Flutter is rarely sexy
File: bang.jpg (121 KB, 800x800)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
Clear skies is a good girl! A GOOD GIRL!!
File: 1452631655799.png (464 KB, 917x958)
464 KB
464 KB PNG
That's why I'm infuriated by the treatment her received in "Something, at least"
>Corona a shit that wastes water
File: help.png (255 KB, 1500x1000)
255 KB
255 KB PNG
Problem: I just thought of a slave pone story I think would be a lot of fun to write and very entertaining to read... but I'm already working on three stories.
>work on four stories
Problem solved

"No. No, Mocha. You were upset, you were scared, and your emotions just flared up a bit. I'm not going to punish you for that. But if you ever try something like that again, I will not hesitate to put you over my knee and light your button fire. It is never acceptable to do that to someone who doesn't want it, understand?"
> Her expression - which had been turning to something approximating relief - now slides straight back into one of pure shock; the blush reestablishes itself all across her cheeks and one of her hind legs twitches.
> Hrm - maybe that was the wrong thing to say.
> You'd meant it to be a final reinforcement that you were letting her go out of sympathy, but felt no attachment and would treat her as any of the other ponies that were your property if she tried something.
"Now, c'mere-"
> Rectifying the situation, you slip your hands beneath her forelegs and lift Mocha Cream up to rest against you - her head tucked over your shoulder and in against your neck.
> The pony needs no encouragement, one hoof folding beneath her while the other wraps around your side to pull her in close to you.
"-and listen to me. I know it hurts. I know it feels like something's just been ripped out of you, that there's lead ball where your stomach ought to be. I know it feels like nothing will ever be right again. I lost someone I loved very much once too, so believe me - I know."
> No petting now.
> Just your hand on her back, feeling the rise and fall of her sides beneath the now-wrinkled and battered uniform.
> Letting her sense the presence of its weight, and know that even after breaking her heart you would still be there to be her bulwark.
"I can't be what you want me to be. But I will always be there to support you. Understand?"
> "Yes, Master."
> It sounds odd, hearing her voice coming from just behind your head.
> Even despite having heard it before when she was giving a massage.

> ...probably would be best to hold off on those for a little while, until her emotions settled.
"You're a beautiful pony with a good heart and a sweet soul. Some day, there will be some other pony who sees that very much and loves you for it. And you'll give yourself to them."
> She can hear you - the turn of her ear, brushing against your head, proves that.
"When you're nervous, when you're scared, when you need advice or have to tell a secret to get it off your back, I'll still be there for you. Some things, though, we only give to certain people. Or ponies."
> Now a gentle, comforted whicker comes from just behind your ear accompanied by a soft swish of her tail.
> That comforts you.
> Even if just a touch.
"Now, are you going to be okay, Mocha Cream?"
> "I-I d-don't know, M-Master."
"Well. Why don't you go take the rest of the day off from your duties if you feel that would be better. Maybe go talk to Cadance, Rumble, or anypony else you know who could help you?"
> "If it's okay w-with you, M-Master... I think I-I'd like t-to work. Maybe - maybe take my mind off of - of..."
> You aren't sure whether you should be glad she's not dwelling on her sorrows, or worried that she's merely postponing them until later.
"Go ahead. But if you need to stop - if it's too much for you - you have my permission to just go rest."
> "Y-Yes, Master."
> That isn't what you'd hoped to hear.
> Her tone is still far too laden with despair and heartbreak for your liking, but what can you do?
> Maybe it's still too early to be judging; you'd only just told her, after all.
> Once Mocha Cream's hoofsteps have faded - heavy with sadness and easy to hear - Cadance once again nudges the door to your room open and peers through.
> "Anonymous?"
"...it's fine, Cadance. Just - shut the door to the hallway, would you?"
> She does, but then slips over to your chair unbidden to peer up with worried eyes.
"I feel like I lied to her Cadance?"
> "What?"
Clear Skies is for mating with master only.

"There's a part of me that did want that, you know? Especially since I don't know that I'm going to have someone soon, being appreciated like that..."
> "It was the right thing to do, Anonymous. It might have felt desirable, but it wouldn't have been right."
"I know. But I think it hit my heart almost as much as it hurt hers."
> You look away, tapping the arm of your chair thoughtfully.
> And so are completely unprepared when Cadance puts a hoof up onto the chair, rears up, and uses it as leverage to lean in and rest her head on your shoulder - a broad feathered wing coming to rest over your chest.
> Even though she was the second pony to be doing something like this so recently, this feels...
> Different.
> Especially from her - the one who had once lead an escape to flee your very presence because she hated you so much.
> "I can tell how much your heart is aching."
"Contrary to what some might think, I don't causing pain like that... even to ponies."
> "That's why I do this. I've said it before, I think there is good in your heart."
> Your arm slips up to rub her side - the ridges formed by her ribs running beneath your fingers.
"Yeah... I probably did need this, Cadance."
> "I will speak to Mocha Cream later. Help her settle herself. This field is my talent, remember."
"I do."
> You lean your head to the side, feeling her mane softly press back and an ear flick against your temple.
"Speaking of which... you had better get moving. Ponies are going to start wondering where you are, and Mocha may very well go looking for you on her own."
> "I understand, Master."
> After Cadance goes, though, you decide to make one final check of your own:
> Marching down the stairs and on to the kitchen, already beginning to make preparations for lunch.
> Canele is the closest thing to a head of your house staff there is - certainly one of your most-trusted servants.
> He wouldn't be cooking for you if he wasn't.
"Canele? Can I talk to you a moment?"

> The unicorn sets down the eggbeater he'd been whirling about, coming to stand at the kitchen
> "Of course, Master. What is it?"
"I just had a... conversation with Mocha Cream. Addressed something with her, that I think maybe I should have addressed long ago."
> Hooves shuffling and tail lashing, Canele bows his head slightly.
> "We had, ah... we had suspected, Master. Your yell was heard, and she came down the stairs nearly in tears..."
> Damn.
> Nothing moves faster than gossip, you guess.
> Well, it wasn't like you were hiding it from him anyhow was it?
"Listen, just - please, have someone look after her. I know she's got somepony else in her quarters, but just have an eye kept on her please? I'm afraid she might do something - rash."
> "Rash, Master?"
"I don't know... find a rope and a tall beam in the basement or something..."
> Your face must have shown your fear, because Canele takes a no-questions, no-jokes look on his own.
> "Absolutely. We will; all of us."
> Good.
> You had already lost one pony to a despair so deep it drove them to end their life.
> Losing another was not something you could deal with either.

> Going back to Vapor Trail the night after the whipping had been...
> Awkward.
> There'd been an undeniable distance between you, and even though you could tell she had been trying not to snap - undoubtedly recognizing the reasons you did what you had to - any conversation between the two of you was brusque and stilted.
> When it did come time to sleep, even though you shared a bed there was barely any contact between the two of you.
> Except for when Sunbreak had cried:
> When that thin, wailing noise hit your ears, both of you were united in a desire to care for her.
> You did not push the matter; Vapor was not your first marefriend and you knew not to try interrogating her before she was ready to speak.
> In any case, come morning Vapor was the slightest bit less frosty and reserved.
File: temp.gif (162 KB, 200x200)
162 KB
162 KB GIF
oh yeah that'll be fine i got this no way this could go wrong how hard could it be

> She would get over it in time, and that's all you needed to know.
> Once out in the camp you got a few cold looks, but they were few and far between.
> More normal was the generally subdued tone about the camp - something that held sway after every major punishment.
> It lingers all day - a malaise stemming from the reminder of just how much power Anonymous held over you.
> Copper Dust, when you saw him, kept a distance and never approached.
> Somewhere around mid-day, however, a new message comes down:
> Megan and Flurry Heart would again be making another trip into the camp - this time under more direct guard.
> That of one of the griffons and, to your surprise, your brother.
> Why him?
> Was Anonymous trying to give Flurry a deeper view of the camp, but still from a relatively trusted source?
> You don't know, but a talk beforehand with your little brother was in order:
> Finding him paused for lunch break amid a crowd of his other co-workers, you wave him over with a wing.
"Rumble. Can I talk for a moment?"
> "Sure, bro. What's up?"
"Listen. This evening, you're going to be asked to walk Flurry Heart and Megan around the camp a bit."
> Rumble's eyes widen, his little wings fluttering in surprise.
> "He's letting her out again? After what happened last time?"
"Yeah. One of the griffons will be there with you, but don't let him walk all over you. If there is any problem-"
> "I can take care of myself, bro."
> Eyes rolling sharply, your little brother makes an expressions that suggests it should have been obvious for anypony and everypony.
> That turns into a startled look a moment later as you trap him under one strong head and muss his already-scattered hair.
"Yeah, yeah. Okay, if that's how you're going to be - "
> The grin you wore is well-communicated even if he could not actually see it.
"-then the other thing I'm going to tell you is - be wary of what you tell her, okay?"
> "What do y'mean?"
File: I'M GONNA NEED TWO.png (30 KB, 235x156)
30 KB
>mfw working on three stories
>mfw seriously considering finishing up an old one and starting a fourth
>mfw all the ideas are coming at the same time

"Like - Anonymous is putting a lot of trust into us by doing this, okay? Letting Megan wander around freely after the last time. And if you drop Megan into the deep end, try to convince her what her daddy's doing to us-"
> "I get it, I get it."
> Rumble brusquely pulls from beneath your wing, shaking his mane out.
> "Don't go pushing her too hard."
"Either of them. Besides, Mocha Cream would be really upset to hear that this had been called off. She knows you're supposed to be escorting them around, and I think she's rather happy about it."
> "Really?"
> Heh.
> That got Rumble's attention alright.
"Yes, really. So go easy on her, and we can do this again."
> " 'kay."
> Unexpectedly, he nuzzles back up against your chest.
> "Sorry if I was being a bit of a pain in the flank, bro."
"It's fine. I know things are - chaotic right now. If it makes you feel better, there'll be another guard - maybe me, maybe somepony else - hanging back to watch at a distance."
> "Anonymous order that too?"
"No, but it'll happen. If nothing goes wrong, he doesn't need to know. If it does, we stop it before they could be hurt."
> You ruffle his mane again, undoing the progress it had made in settling back down.
"I promise, I'm not trying to stifle you. We'll keep our distance."

Pausing here for the moment; no particular question. Next time, we join Megan and Flurry as they go for a second attempt at a romp through the camp!
It's shit
File: temp.png (135 KB, 934x832)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
>mfw going through literally the exact same thoughts except my "old one" is only a month old just technically the oldest cause I'm a newfag.
Do you have a paste of all the slaveventure so far?
Welcome to the wonderful world of writefagging. Noose is on the right, endless torment of a thousand unfinished stories on the left.
Ugh I'll take the endless torment of unfinished stories...
just pretend this is the pony version since I couldn't find it

ALL I ASK is for Twilight_Game_Night to finish A Deal's a Deal.
Bro, seriously. I can't stop thinking about your story.
File: temp.png (46 KB, 1200x1314)
46 KB
>mfw forgot to upload the pic
>No choice
There is always a choice:

>Does Thunderlane come to the rescue only if Megan and Flurry are actually attacked, or does he intervene if Rumble screws up, like if the griffin walks all over him?
He’s not a colt anymore, protecting him like we want to would not do him any favors in the longer term. We do manipulate the duty roster behind the scenes though: mean cats get shit jobs.

Slaveventure should give us a choice every update, even if it’s a pointless puffball. We’ll be happy to debate the color of the bike shed while you’re making the big decisions fit your larger plot outline. Choosing is why it’s fun!
This site is build for CYOAs. It keeps track of choices usually. Sometimes it's a bit buggy.
>Total Word Count: 383,491
WELP guess I'm just gonna jump in now instead of trying to catch up.
It's worth the read, friendpaitachi.
I'm sure it is, that's the problem.
The pastebins on the /spg/ archive (at the start of the thread) will be updated tomorrow to contain everything up until this point.

...it would take me a long while, but if people really wanted I could make like - a sort of summary guide, loosely listing major arcs of the story and what pastebin pages and lines they could be found on.
>I will not hesitate to put you over my knee
What if SHE does not want Anon to do that to her? What if she doesn’t want to be a slave at all? Is that “acceptable”? Slavery sucks.

>I lost someone I loved
Rreferring to his wife; what happened there? You should probably NOT answer this question, it would be yet another distraction, but I’m kinda curious. InB4 she’s an abolitionist.

Great dialogue all through here, BTW.

>And you'll give yourself to them
What if it’s a pony or person from outside? Will Anon also give her to them? At least give them a bargain on her? What’s Mocha worth anyway? Slavery sucks.

>This field is my talent
Princess Of Love could turn Mochas feelings off like a light switch, and she might be better off. Cadance should be very cautious revealing her alicorn powers. Humans would be horrified if they knew, and nothing could be worse for her and Flurry long term. There’s a reason the Diarchs have been disappeared.

>Canele is one of your most-trusted servants.
Should he be? We’ve seen this guy flitting around in the background, but never gotten a good look. And how’s Mochas chocolatier career coming?

>she's got somepony else in her quarters
We briefly saw her room in the basement beside the laundry, with its two little beds and table with some keepsakes. Could see a bit more of ‘belowstairs’ life.

>thin, wailing noise
Only underdeveloped infants born in a nest or den do that. Horses, deer, etc are well developed and polite from the start, or they attract predators that Mom might not be equipped to handle. How capable is Sun Break right now?

>be wary of what you tell her
Rumble might well befriend both of them, and withholding his candor for murky political reasons because Big Brother says will be hard. Friends don’t enslave friends, or lie to them.

>No, but it'll happen.
The difference between obedience and loyalty. You can’t buy that with money, Anon is richer than he knows.

>no question.
File: Durril.png (474 KB, 1960x1960)
474 KB
474 KB PNG
>Be filly
>In the dorm with Snowdrop and Durril
>After she danced in the salon this evening
>The guard did stop in for a minute
>He seemed to like it
"You know what the guard said?"
>"What did your coltfriend say?," Durril asks with a little smirk
"He said your dancing would be even better if you wore a bridle"
>"He's right," Snowdrop says
>"I don't know...," Durril replies
>"The real question," Snowdop begins, "is how did the clients treat you after seeing you dance?"
"And HOW were they different?"
>Durril blushes
>"Yeah, they were different" she answers. "One called me his green goddess. Another asked if he could..."
>"If he could WHAT?," Snowdrop says impatiently
>"...kiss my hooves," Durril replies
"You let him, right?"
>"Did I have a choice?," she asks. "It was weird"
>"But you have to admit," Snowdrop says, "it's better to be adored by clients than just... used by them"
"Much better, right?"
>She gives you a weak smile
>"It's much better when they treat you like you're special, but it doesn't change the outcome, does it?"
"The outcome?"
>Durril looks down at the floor
>"No matter how nice a client is to you it still ends with you getting raped"
>Uh oh
"Durril, that's a TERRIBLE thing to say!"
>"Tell me it isn't true," she responds in a flat tone
>Snowdrop looks furious
>"Of course it's not true!," she says hastily. "We work in the brothel. Taking care of clients is what we do!"
>"They sex us and we have no say in the matter," Durril responds. That's..."
>"DON'T YOU DARE SAY THAT WORD AGAIN!," Snowdrop shouts.
>Durril seems takes aback by her reaction
>"I'm sorry," she begins, "I..."
>"I KNOW what I do," Snowdrop interrupts, "and I KNOW I'm good at it. And I'm appreciated for that. I am a GOOD GIRL with a GOOD life, not some kind of..."
"Victim," you finish for her, after the pause goes on a little too long
>"Yeah. Definitely NOT that!," she turns to Durril. "How can you even THINK like that?! That'll ruin your life"
>You do NOT like how dark this conversation has turned
>"I think about that sometimes," Durril says. "Maybe being dead would be easier than this"
>Snowdrop's mouth is just hanging open
>"I can't bucking believe you," she says. "You had a man call you a goddess and another kissing your hooves, and you talk like that?!"
>She shakes her head and gives Durril a disgusted look
>"You don't even realize how good you have it," she begins. "Just a few hours ago men were applauding your dancing"
>"I know, but I...," Durril begins
>Snowdrop is having none of this
>"I don't know who put these crazy ideas about how things ought to be in your head," she says, "but they weren't doing you any favors"
>She continues, "It would be one thing if you were just being ungrateful. Nopony says you HAVE to be grateful"
>An edge is creeping into her voice that you've never heard before
>"But you're being worse than that - you're being selfish, and DANGEROUSLY selfish, because it's not just about YOU being miserable"
>You don't even realize it, do you?," Snowdrop accuses
>"Realize what?," Durril asks in a small voice
>"That you're not just making yourself miserable," Snowdrop scolds, "This stuff is contageous. If you start up with it you'll make other ponies miserable"
>"For no good reason!," she adds. "Then what do you have? When ponies are miserable BAD THINGS start happening, and all for what?!"
>"Because somepony filled your head with crazy ideas about right and wrong that have NOTHING to do with reality - THIS is reality!"
>"And we have NO CHOICE about it. I'm not going to let you ruin what's good about it for the other fillies here because YOU think YOU deserve better"
>"So just stop it with this moral high ground nonsense. You're a whorse like the rest of us. How dare you use words like..."
>Snowdrop's voice drops to a whisper, "...rape, or saying you'd be better off dead. Don't you KNOW what that kind of talk does to the fillies around you?"
>Durril is starting to cry
>But Snowdrop isn't finished
>"Or are you just that bucking stupid and selfish and... cruel?"
>Snowdrop is on the verge of tears herself
>But she's right
>None of you have a full glass, so to speak
>If you look at it as half full life seems pretty good
>But insisting on seeing it as half empty isn't good for anypony
>And it's really time Durril stopped doing that
>Not just for her sake, but for all of your sakes
>You're all in this together, you have to stick together
>And you can't do that when somepony keeps insisting that everything is awful
>That will just bring everypony down
>You've never even thought about the 'better off dead' angle
>That's really dark
>No filly should think about that, ever!
>And you're kind of mad at Durril for even bringing up something like that
>It seems so selfish and cowardly
>And now she's looking at you like you're supposed to come to her aid
>But Snowdrop was right, if a little on the tough love side of things
>Is there something sweet you can say to her that doesn't undercut Snowdrop?
>You've got nothing
>You wish you were smarter
"Snowdrop's right. A MAN called YOU a GODDESS and you're unhappy about it?! What more do you want? A MAN put you above him. And not just one!"
>You don't want to be too harsh, because you're supposed to stick together
"I KNOW deep down in your heart you're a good girl..."
>Come on!
>You have to come up with something better than that
"You just have to find it instead of saying all this dark, horrible stuff. Maybe you DO need a bridle"
>Where are you going with this?
>You don't want to make her feel worse
>But you don't want her to think she can just make everypony else feel bad, either
>And she's already done it to you
"We have to stick together, and that's a lot harder if we're looking down instead of up"
>Was that any good?
>You don't know
"Please try to look up instead of down, Durril"
>Both fillies are smiling at you
>Maybe it was good?
>Buck, you can't tell
>You're just happy this dark moment seems to have passed
>Hopefully for good
paste updated here:
>lied to her Cadance?
>I don't causing pain

Slaveventure I love ya, but ya'll gotta do some more proofreading
>summary guide, loosely listing major arcs
I would rather have another update, but how the heck do you keep it all straight yourself?! Having a separate story bible might be worthwhile on its own merit.
Filly is too pure for this world. I want to teach her to read and send her to school to make lots of friends.
Story logic seems to be making a suicide inevitable. Not our main characters, some other filly we’ve never seen. Would they blame Durril just for the bad vibe, even if she had nothing to do with it? How would Madam respond to this unacceptable economic loss without making everything less sexy and more prison-like? Would the slacker guard get in shit? Snowdrop is correct in that dwelling on the truth really will ruin everyone’s life, but Durril is correct in that the truth is the truth. The way these fillies twist their own thoughts around is the saddest part yet. Good work!

Oh ya.

But she would always be that stupid whorse that got rescued from the brothel. Kids can be more cruel than Madam could ever be, and in this case they would be right too. The damage to her personally has already been done.

This filly really know how to handle the situation. Someone else would just send her to the place for ugly fillies. Top tier future madam tier
>Kids can be more cruel than Madam could ever be
Madam is trying so fucking hard never to be cruel.
>The way these fillies twist their own thoughts around is the saddest part yet. Good work!
Sincerest thanks.
>Rreferring to his wife; what happened there? You should probably NOT answer this question, it would be yet another distraction, but I’m kinda curious. InB4 she’s an abolitionist.
I kind of implied a couple times it was more that she's just a massive cunt. The kind of person for whom everything is always someone else's fault, except for her and whoever she cares about at any given moment.

>What if it’s a pony or person from outside? Will Anon also give her to them? At least give them a bargain on her? What’s Mocha worth anyway? Slavery sucks.
Young, obedient unicorn, with a talent in perk-up measures and experience as a house servant? She'd probably be worth a decent amount, if not for her traumatic brain injury and faltering magic.

>Princess Of Love could turn Mochas feelings off like a light switch, and she might be better off. Cadance should be very cautious revealing her alicorn powers. Humans would be horrified if they knew, and nothing could be worse for her and Flurry long term. There’s a reason the Diarchs have been disappeared.
I didn't give this because of a choice a while back where we agreed not to risk letting Anonymous know - so I didn't think Cadance would offer. But, y'know, it might come up in a later section... Maybe.


This is getting out of our protagonist hooves. Maybe is time to talk with Madam to solve this. Sure, our filly is good but you can't beat someone with more experience about the whole place and Madam surely have to handle with someone like Durril
I agree. Filly really respects and admires Madam, so I could see her going to Madam for help, and it seems like the author is setting Filly up to be a potential Madam (or maybe a dominatrix?) so seeing how Madam handles a filly that Filly really doesn't like would be a good learning experience.

But man... poor Snowdrop. Filly is just naive but this last post makes it clear Snowdrop knows exactly how bad this all is and has effectively brain washed herself to avoid being miserable like Durril.
>2010 was thirty years ago
It sure feels like ir
Right? I fucking graduated high school in 2010. Feels like that was an entire life ago.
Uni is an entire life by itself
But I didn't even
Noone does before it's too late,
that would be awesome!
but only if its not a burden to you

also a character bible of some sort
Mr strapon is waiting for dat purple ponut
Read the last update. Mr strapon got a taste.
>Corona a shit that wastes water and tried to kill the master she was in love with for the benefit of a complete stranger. A SHIT.

Even good girls make mistakes sometimes, Anon. She got her whipping for it, so she paid the price. She's still a good girl and she still loves her Master.

He want the ponut now. Horsepussy wasn't enough for him
I didn't get very far into that story, desu. The description of Shining Armor's condition in the very beginning broke my heart badly enough that I couldn't continue past it.
Probably for the best. He turns into an ungrateful, willful jerk later on, disrespecting and spitting on the man who rescued and loves him unconditionally at virtually every turn.
He got better. It’s not a well organized story, Somewritefag seemed to make it up chapter to chapter, but it’s usually cheerful and optimistic. Makes the (dubious) assumption that a slave can be a friend too.
>Makes the (dubious) assumption that a slave can be a friend too
Don't like 90% of the stories here do that though?
Absolutely, this is /white knight general/. But Shiny and Corona do it especially well! If your worried about Shinings sad condition at the start, stop worrying.
This. The Shiny/Gracie interaction later on is some of the cutest shit I've read anywhere on this board.
Yea srop worrying.
Instead worry aboutbSWF's condition. And also hes a fagget. For not continouing his greens.

> Anonymous' weather forecast was correct. Celestia woke up, looked out the window and smiled. The sky was clear and the rain had stopped.
> There were more clouds encroaching on the hillside, but for the moment it seemed as if they might even get some sunlight.
> The pony felt a little happier about the day, but she still scrunched up her muzzle into a frown and sighed. A clear morning was nice, but she'd have preferred the afternoon too.
"Where's a weather pegasus or two when you need them?"
> Rain or shine, it was still the time to make breakfast. The human no longer needed convincing each morning, though he still didn't appreciate her skill with sweets.
> Not fully. A murmured 'thank you' or 'it's good' didn't really count!
> The mare let her imagination run wild for a bit as she made her sleepy way downstairs.
> Perhaps she needed to go simpler? The mare cast a critical eye over her supplies in the pantry. A bag of apples caught her eye.
> Yes! How come she hadn't thought of it sooner? It could be a meal in itself! Luckily she had discreetly questioned one of Twilight Sparkle's friends and got her to tell her a very secret apple pie recipe.
> It would take an hour, but she had time. Even if Anonymous got up, he would probably end up on the couch to watch one of his shows. News, most likely.
> The pony looked around, frowned, then concentrated. Her iPad floated down from her room and landed on the kitchen table.
> She quickly scanned the playlist. Funny name, but it popped out immediately. 'I gotta feeling'. Incorrectly spelled, but the music was upbeat and happy.

> She couldn't keep her hind hoof from tapping in time with the strumming. And when the drum started, it made her rump start swinging in tune. Moments later the pony was singing along as she began to work.
> "Someone is in a good mood," her owner commented from the doorway. It was enough to throw her off and nearly cause her to drop the cinnamon shaker.
> The mare quickly turned down the current song with the incomprehensible title - 'Californication', what did that even mean?
"Well, yes. I'm making pie for breakfast. Would you like a glass of juice while you wait?"
> Anonymous didn't answer because he went to the fridge and got it himself. He was lifting it up to his mouth, but Celestia tsk-ed and pulled the carton away with her magic. Instead, she filled a glass and floated it over.
"Don't be gross."
> The human blinked at her. "Didn't I see you the other day with the almond milk?"
> She knew her face flashed a guilty red, but the pony managed to hold on to her glare.
"That's different."
> Anonymous matched her, look for look. "Explain how."
> The alicorn thought quickly on her hooves.
"It's different because you don't drink almond milk, so the entire carton was mine. Whereas we *do* share orange juice."
> His poker face was amazing, Celestia had to give him that. And the man knew how to poke holes in her arguments: "Maybe I would like almond milk, but never really realized it was a thing. I didn't know it existed until you bought it."
> It was yet another small marvel of the human world, and it made the mare smile.
"Neither did I. Would you like some?"
> He lifted up his glass. "I'm fine. So, what's the plan today?"
> This was firmer ground.

"Apple pie. Then we go for a walk. Probably not to the top, but *somewhere*. I'll pack us a meal-"
> He opened his mouth and Celestia knew exactly what the man was going to say. She corrected him preemptively:
"-no! Not lunch. A *meal*. I'll make lunch a little later today."
> He just spread his arm and let it fall. With the other he brought the glass to his face and drained it. "Okay, I'll be in the living room."
> She gave him a big smile and picked up the empty glass right from his hand at the same time as she slid the pie into the oven.
"Breakfast will be ready in forty-five minutes."
> He thanked her and left. The pony was a tiny bit annoyed that he made her miss a good song, but she didn't rewind it. A better one had started playing and she immediately swung her hips to the tune again.
> A moment later her voice followed.
"... to the sea to the sky, and I do believe that we rely on!"
> It was so easy to get lost in the fast song that the mare didn't notice Anonymous, who had stopped just outside and peeked back. He was smiling a little at her exuberance.
> The morning air was crisp and clear. The trees, mostly barren, were shrouded in wispy, gentle fog. The sun was barely above the horizon and was still melting through the low mist.
> As she took it all in, Celestia was elated. Thousands of season, and she still found beauty everywhere. Maybe it was an alicorn thing.
> There was a chill in the air and some frost on the grass. She had made Anonymous dress up warmly before allowing him to put a collar on her neck.

> Now he turned the same admonition back on her: "That's all you're going to wear?" The mare had a long, red scarf - the only clothing item she had bought, despite the human urging her to get some winter gear.
"It's all I need."
> He didn't buy it. "It covers your neck, yeah. But what about all the rest?" he pointed out and patted her on the rump to drive it home.
> It wasn't a hard hit, but the mare reflexively danced away from his hand.
"Hey! It's enough, and I'll tell you why: One, I have feathers to keep me warm-"
> The alicorn spread her wings a little to show him, in case Anonymous hadn't noticed her wings by now.
"Two, I have fur. And three, I enchanted it."
> Unfortunately, she couldn't demonstrate the last two points, so she didn't try. But it got the human interested. "Enchanted? How?"
"Simple warmth spell. It will keep *all* of me warm, even if it only covers my neck. It's really rather elementary magic. Most unicorns pick it up before they're twelve."
> Anonymous stepped closer and took the fabric in his hand. He examined it minutely, but of course he saw nothing. It wasn't a flashy spell.
> "Looks normal to me. Feels normal, too."
> His ignorance made her chuckle a bit.
"You have to wear it, silly. Of course it won't do anything for you if you just touch it. Obviously."
> It was a little mean, but the mare wanted some revenge from all his gentle jokes at her account whenever she encountered a new human gadget.
> "Oh. Well, obviously," he agreed, uncertainly.
> Celestia was feeling charitable, so she didn't compound on his ignorance. She made a few steps.
"Come on, let's go, let's go! I want to go down that side path, remember? We saw it last week and you said it's windy and dangerous in the dark."

> The man shrugged a little to himself and followed.
> The ground was really soggy and before long the mare was muddy up to her ankles. She didn't mind in the slightest. She was hardly even looking where she stepped. The pony just let her nose lead the way.
> There were so many new and curious smells! She had found several types of mushrooms, but since neither she nor Anonymous knew which were edible, they had left them alone.
> They also passed a few cedar trees where deer had begun eating the bark. Despite her owner's grimace, Celestia also had a taste.
> It wasn't bad, if a little gritty. She laughed at Anonymous' expression and quickly went to nibble the tips on a nearby bush, just to spite him a bit more.
> It ended with her laughing and the human shaking his head in dismay.
> Shortly after, the mare made an amazing discovery! She stopped and held out a wing to prevent her owner stepping on it by accident.
> He blinked and stared down the path. "I don't see anything."
"On the ground."
> The man inspected the sight again, but had to concede defeat. "Still nothing, sorry."
> She didn't explain further. There was a puddle in the middle of the path and it had frosted over! True, the sheet of ice was very thin, very hard to see. But Celestia had been looking for something like that.
> She galloped forward, took a mighty leap, and landed with all four hooves punching holes through the ice. There was a most satisfying crunch and a splash. The mare also sunk nearly to her knees.
> The icy water quickly overpowered what little her enchanted scarf did for her legs and the mare gasped in shock.
"Eeep! It's *freezing*!"

> But she laughed and stomped some more, until no piece of ice was larger than Anonymous' thumb.
> Only then did the mare step out, shivering and shaking a few droplets of water from her coat.
> It had splashed. The human had wisely kept well out of the way.
"You can't imagine how long I've wanted to to this."
> Her mirth was infectious and her owner also began laughing. "Goofy horse," he jabbed.
"Well, it's true! I haven't done anything like this since... well, since I was a little filly!"
> Anonymous caught up to her and laid a hand on her whithers. "Okay, if it's that fun, then be my guest! Stomp any puddle we come across."
> As if he had a say!
"I will."
> "Fine, go ahead."
"I will."
> They were both grinning, even as they matched stares. Of course the human gave up first. Her will was iron.
> "You're cute when you're happy. Just make sure you don't catch a cold or something, okay?"
> As if an alicorn could catch a cold! Celestia poked her tongue out, but the human had been waiting for that exactly. His hand shot out and firmly grabbed her ear.
> Her eyes bulged out in shock and the mare froze. True, she could have twisted away easily, but surprise kept her still.
> "I'm letting these childish things slide, because, frankly, they're adorable. I'm just asking you not to do it in public, okay?"
> The mare nodded slightly, as much as she could. She was set free. It was a reasonable request, but he didn't have to grab her like that! Like she was some kind of a child!
> It called for revenge. She stomped her hind hoof, hard. Water splashed up between them.
> Most of it ended in her coat, but Anonymous got a few droplets on his face and collar, just like he deserved.

> He glared for a moment and the pony feared she might have taken it too far. She flinched when her owner brought his leg up, then tried to shield herself with a wing as he also stomped.
> It splashed them both, again.
> She gave the human a small grin, but he held up his hand preemptively. "Okay, enough fun, Celestia. I don't mind these... eccentricities of yours, really. We just have to maintain a somewhat professional appearance, okay?"
> She nodded. It really wasn't that much to ask. In fact, she had expected a lot more discipline than that.
"Of course. I promise, Anonymous."
> They continued their walk, but the mare kept an eye out for any appropriate puddles, preferably with an ice sheet.
"But I'm taking a bath when we get home."
> He human thought it over. "Fine. A short one."
"You should take one, too."
> He didn't seem convinced. It was a mystery how he didn't find hot water pleasurable!
> "Maybe," the man said noncommittally.
"I know how we could save some water."
> She was watching carefully and yes - there was the blush. The chill in the air made it very hard to spot, but she was looking out for it.
> So the human *was* thinking about her... 'more intimately'. At least whenever she brought it up.
> She would need to consider it carefully. Celestia didn't want to ruin the relaxed dynamic they were developing.
> Not to mention that if she did anything with Heavy Hoof, it would further complicate matters. Maybe she didn't want to pursue a more involved relationship with either of them because she was undecided?
> The train of thought wasn't a good one, it was making her blush! Anonymous was bound to notice and ask why!
> She sought for a safe, easy topic.

"So, what's with those horn rings? The one they gave Glowbug looks *so* ugly. Is that really the best humans can do?"
> If the change was sudden or unexpected, Anonymous didn't show it. He shrugged and thought about it for a moment.
> "I'm not an expert, but the ones I've looked at in the catalog are nice and round. I don't think I've even seen one that misshapen. Remind me to ask Mrs. Turner next time."
> Celestia hadn't known the owner's name.
"Turner. Okay, I'll remember."
> She was about to ask what the woman was like, but spotted a telltale reflection up ahead. She forgot her question and their conversation as she galloped and leapt again.
> By the time Celestia and Anonymous got back to his house, the mare was almost completely soaked. Her scarf, magic or not, was not up to the task and she was shivering with cold.
> The human saw it, but didn't bring it up, much to her relief. Even the playful alicorn was starting to feel a bit silly after her eleventh or twelfth puddle.
> She stepped from hoof to hoof while her owner unlocked the door. Then she gratefully followed him inside, where it was warm.
> "I'll go put some tea on. You get your bath started before you freeze to death," Anonymous said. It was a very welcome prospect.
"Oooh, yes! Lemon and honey in mine, please!"
> The man nodded and went into the kitchen. Celestia didn't wait around. She made a beeline for the downstairs bathroom. It felt even warmer than the hallway and the pony couldn't wait to sink her shivering rump in some hot water.
> Anonymous hadn't said anything about the steam, but maybe he could yet be convinced.

> She sat in the empty bath and turned it on. Then she felt the temperature with her leg, stared thoughtfully into the distance and turned it a little more to the warm side.
> It felt heavenly. The puddle grew and slowly enveloped her rear. It made the mare shiver all along her spine and slightly unfurl her wings.
"Ooooh. Niiiice."
> She kept up a litany of long, exuberant moans and sighs as the warm waterline rose up her body.
> It was half-full when Anonymous came in. He still hesitated for a moment, despite their little talk the other day.
"Come in!"
> It helped and he moved. The mare was happy to see that he had made tea for himself as well.
"You are a wonderful human, Anonymous. My undying gratitude."
> He chuckled a little and waved the praise away. "It's just tea," he said dismissively. "Besides, can't have you falling sick."
"Alicorns don't usually get sick."
> "Good perk."
> He put the tray down on the edge of the sink and leaned against the wall. "Any more plans for today?" he asked.
"Not really. Did you have something in mind?
> "It's starting to rain again. I thought I'd watch a movie, or read a little."
> He frowned slightly. "Which one? Movie, or book?"
"Either. Both. I don't mind. Give me the couch and a blanket and I'll be a happy pony."
> He opened his mouth, but Celestia guessed what he would say before he made a sound. She answered him preemptively:
"I'll still make lunch, just something... light. When I'm dry."
> "How do you keep guessing what I will say?"
"I'm just that good."
> Perhaps her grin was a bit too insolent, but the human didn't seem to mind. He had something else to ask: "Will you come to work with me again on Wednesday?"

> Wendy, the receptionist, had been fun. And Celestia liked most of his coworkers, except for that jerk Denis. But with no pony meeting after, there wasn't much point.
"No. We're not meeting this Wednesday. Next one?"
> Anonymous snapped his fingers. "That's right, Glitter Dust said something like that. I forgot."
> "Well, enjoy your bath. I'll open up the radiator in the living room, so it's nice and warm. And I'll pick a movie."
> She closed her eyes, leaned back and smiled. The water was nearly full, so she closed the tap and plunged the room into silence.
"Thank you, Anonymous! Oh! Could I maybe also have a steam?"
> The alicorn didn't have to see his face to know he was undecided. Giving in without a good reason could undermine his authority.
> "A bath is enough for now, Celestia. But if you want to earn one tomorrow, I have another little legal project for you."
> She was about to ask, but this time the human guessed her thoughts instead.
> "No, it's not for Denis. It's for me."
> Celestia laughed.
"See? You can do it, too. I'll be happy to help."
> She heard him move, take a step closer, then felt his hand in her mane. The scratch behind her ears was heavenly and she gave a small moan.
> Again the thought rose, unbidden. How would it feel to have both his arms around her over night?
> She let out a sad sigh when Anonymous took his fingers away and left. But the water was nice and hot and Celestia was quite happy.
> She considered bringing the iPad in, but decided against it. She would just start chatting with Glitter Dust or one of the others. Nice, but not as relaxing.
> It could wait.
> The alicorn shifted a little and pushed the water around with her wings. A warmer patch flowed against her belly and she gave a delighted gasp.

"Aaaaah. Mmmmmhyesssss..."
> A bit more of that and Anonymous would find a had pony dissolved in his bathtub.
> Celestia could barely lift her hooves as she made her way back to the living room. It had been a *most* relaxing hour and it showed. She had to think about every hoofstep.
> Regrettably she had to leave the warmth of the bathroom behind, but the mare had draped a big towel over her flanks and wrapped another around her mane. Even that had seemed like an overly-complicated task.
"Anonymous, I need a bathrobe."
> She slumped into the couch and let out her breath in an appreciative sigh. Soft and warm, that was what she needed.
> "Sure thing," her owner promised, apparently without giving it much thought.
> The mare eyed his arm, lying idly on a cushion beside him. His pink arm. Very soft, warm, pink arm.
> She shuffled closer and laid her head right *there*. Of course she hadn't planned it, her demeanor said! She wasn't even looking at it!
> Drat! The human pulled away. She was about to sigh, but it caught in her throat when the touch returned on her neck.
> The next move would be critical and the alicorn spent a minute or two mulling it over.
> Then she wriggled around, as if trying to get more comfortable. She flopped to her side, shuffled yet closer and rearranged the pillows.
> If she ended with her head resting lightly against the human's flank, that was just an accident, right?
> The hand returned to her whithers and Celestia allowed herself a luxurious sigh.
> Finally she peered at the screen.
"What are we watching? That's Bean, right?"
> The gentle stroking paused, then resumed. "Yes. You liked the episodes, so maybe you'll like this. It's a movie."

"I like the music. What's that language?"
> "French. I can look up some songs for you, later."
> Celestia found herself nodding happily.
"Yes please."
> The human looked down at her and grinned. "I'd like to see you sing *those*!"
> She knew she blushed a little, but kept her eyes firmly on the screen.
"You heard?"
> "Yeah, that was very good. What was it, I'm sure I know the title."
> The pony waited a few seconds if Anonymous would remember, then helped him out:
"Snow. Red Hot Chili Peppers."
> The human snapped his fingers. "That's right! Thanks." The hand went back to her neck and resumed its idle stroking. Celestia debated with herself for a minute, then made her request.
"A little higher, please."
> Her owner glanced down again. "Hmm?"
"Hand. A little higher. Ears'd be favorite."
> He dutifully moved his hand and the mare cheered internally. "Oh, no problem," the man said smoothly. "Hush now. Movie."
> But she had one more thing to say.
"Don't let me-"
> Of course that was the point where she yawned!
"-fall asleep. I have to start lunch in an hour, or else we can just skip it and go directly to dinner."
> Maybe she should have noticed that Anonymous hadn't answered, but the mare was pleasantly sleepy. The towels, even slightly damp, kept her nice and snug. The leg under her cheek was quite warm, and the hand, slowly scratching behind her ears was bliss itself.
> Even Bean's antics in that fancy restaurant couldn't keep her attention for long.
> Her last thought was that if Anonymous failed to wake her up in time, she would do something mean to him. Bite him, she guessed. Or kick. Yeah, one of those.
I have such a love/hate relationship with this thread.

I love stories about rescuing and caring for cute little ponies, but slavery itself is so vile, revolting and repugnant to me it makes me ashamed to enjoy some of these stories as much as I do.

Whenever I slog through a description of cruelty or indignity inflicted on a pony, my heart is in my throat and I feel sick to my stomach the whole time. But the immense satisfaction when that same pony is shown love, tenderness, and care later on is unlike anything else I've ever felt.

Please help, I want to leave but I can't.

This is the 'comf before the storm'. Cellyboo is overdue for her punishment as the blunder comes to light!

Don't forget, if you need the whole story, it's here: https://pastebin.com/JatjyA3x
WE are for slave. Vega is the shackle that binds is all.

This happy tender moment will make the anger and punishment all the more delicious! They’ll both know it needs to happen, but neither will look forward to it. Horn ring would be inappropriate here, but I still want it to happen sometime. Cellys slavery has always been a sham, how would she feel if she were really trapped for a bit?
It's very good. Thanks.
I feel nothing for the hundreds of thousands of human beings in the world today that are enslaved as sex slaves/drug mules/forced workers, etc. But the idea of innocent little ponies being enslaved enrages me to the point I can't read most of these stories, even the ones where I know things turn out alright for the ponies. I might be a bad person since my compassion and empathy seems restricted to fictional magical cartoon talking horses.
I do not think it's the last time we see the protesters and the meddlesome agent who tried to buy Candace's loyalty in exchange for his and Flurry's freedom, and it's possible that any future problems with the property will be partly his fault, and Now that the girls are on a tour, the possibility of an incident multiplies, I wonder who started it? Someone from the outside, someone inside or even one of the newcomers? The possibility that this is about to happen determines everyone's future is very high
>I feel nothing for the hundreds of thousands of human beings in the world today that are enslaved as sex slaves/drug mules/forced workers, etc. But the idea of innocent little ponies being enslaved enrages me to the point I can't read most of these stories
That's totally fucked up.
>I might be a bad person since my compassion and empathy seems restricted to fictional magical cartoon talking horses.
Not bad, just broken. Some actual social interaction could probably help fix you, but I'd wager you find the idea of that unsavory. Because your experiences shape how you think. It's easy to fap to ponies if you never have sex with women. It's easy to be racist if you have no friends of different races. It's easy to be homophobic if you don't have any gay friends. And it's easy to not give a shit about other people if you have minimal interaction with them. But this shit is a choice, and at a certain point you might want to ask yourself whether it seems like a particularly good choice for your life.
OP image reminds me of Comfy Mare Slaves.
More Comfy Mare Slaves when?
I always found comfy mare slaves a lot more creepy than cute. The way they're mute/non-vocal disturbs me on a level I can't quite explain.
What will happen to Durril the day one of your clients wants something more than a dance and she says NO?

One ticket with no return to the brothel for ugly fillies
Comfy mare slaves were not always slaves. Once they were, they were not always comfy either. There are sometimes thoughts in their minds that can make both of them very “uncomfortable” if expressed. They are in a good place now, but they’ve learned that everything stays better if they refrain from speech, even with each other.

What is there to say?
was that in the story?
Madam will happen to Durril. She tries very hard to make things nice for her fillies, but she has a job to do and books to balance. Durril will come to understand this one way or another. Filly might be destined to become a madam herself one day, observing a rare but regrettable failure would eventually make her a better one.

I forget: is Madam a unicorn? Mind magic might be one way she helps tough cases before resorting to more physical measures. She might have helped Snowdrop that way in the past...
It certainly was not. All we know is that the comfy mare slaves are comfy, obedient, affectionate, and silent. They can understand complex spoken instructions but Master never expects a reply.

How did they get that way???

>This is your first day as an employee of the local store.
>As feared, you have to wear the same pale lime green jacket the other workers wear, and your collar is itchy as Tartarus. At least Anon didn't fasten it too tight this morning.
>The day started with a tour of your new workplace. From the lockers room to the stock, Mr. Longchamp showed you everything, as well as telling you the different places of the store. You paid extra attention to that.
>Mr. Longchamp also introduced you to some of the other workers. There weren't a lot of people here, so you basically met everyone that was on shift at the moment. The store was run by forty something people, including the office staff.
>At the end of your visit, Mr. Longchamp left you under the care of a young man - younger than Anon - tall, dark and unkept hair, poorly shaved and with a posture that screamed nothing but "please end my endless suffering." You understood that he is named Sylvain, and that he will be the one with which you're going to work until further notice. He looked at you with some uncertainty, you probably were an unexpected change in his routine.
>He address you with the most horrible french accent you ever heard, but with such a sluggish voice that you still manage to catch most of what he says.
>"*Sooo, the boss said you're not good with French?*"
>You slowly shake your head no, still looking at him in the eyes.
>He groans a swear you never heard before.
>"*Ooookay, you can catch ??? with your ???*"
>You tilt your head to the right. You don't understand his slang. You decide to try and guess what he is asking. You lift a hoof for emphasis.
"*Yes, I can catch items with my hoof.*"
>He frowns. Looks like you guessed wrong.
>"*No, your ???, the ??? on your head!*" He says, poking a finger at his forehead. You suddenly understand that he was talking about your horn.
"*Oh, no, can't do magic,*" you answer, shaking your head for emphasis.
>Another groan from Sylvain.

"*But I can do well with no magic!*"
>You're not really sure if you phrased that correctly, so you demonstrate your point by grabbing a nearby sack truck. You get on your hind legs and push the tool in front of him.
>"*Bravo, you're not useless,*" he says with a sarcastic tone.
>You sadly let go of the sack truck and get back on all fours, as the human goes on a rant about how useful you could have been if you could do magic. There are some words you didn't catch though, so you can't really tell if he is mad at you or if he just blames the universe.
>But eventually he seems to accept his fate, and shows you a stack of plastic crates alongside a dozen of flat trolleys. You deduce by the design of all this that the crates are meant to be stacked upon the trolleys.
>Sylvain explain you that you will have to take one of those trolley with some crates and roam the store with a shopping list. Follow the list, fill the crates with what's on it, come back here to get another list. Easy enough. The only difficulty is to be quick enough to complete all the lists in time for when the customers will come and get their orders.
>So you get yourself to work. Sylvain helps you by pilling some crates on the trolley, then you push it toward the exit of the stock, and into the store.
>Thinking this task would be easily and quickly done had been a mistake. When they see your jacket, the customers always try to ask you where to find this, or what is the price of that. You regularly have to show the card around your neck that read "My apologies, I don't speak French well, please be patient with me." in French, of course.
>Some kind of dark magic is also at work in this store. You had been there weekly for some months now, and yet you can't find everything that is on your list, even common goods that you usually would have no problem to find. You suspect part of your list isn't even available in the store.
>Hopefully the rest of the week won’t go so badly.

>It’s been one week of this bullshit.
>The sun had set an hour ago.
>You are on the sidewalk, on your way back home from work. Today's shift had been exhausting.
>You had to help Sylvain to tidy the storehouse for tomorrow's delivery. You two spent the whole afternoon in there, moving pallets and boxes without a break. The upside was that you at least didn't see a single customer's face.
>It has been a week only and you already hated customers. These people really go out of their way to make your job harder, every single second of the day.
>"Where is the toilet paper?" In your ass, bitch.
>And forgetting to bring your pills didn't help in the slightest to improve your mood. You are just half a day late, and you already feel the effects of withdrawal. Your frogs are sweaty, knees weak, legs are heavy.
>You can't wait to finally have your first pay, even if you're probably going to be a bit disappointed in the end, given the small income defined in your contract. Slaves can't have nice things anyway.
>The portal to Anon's home is finally in view, and you trot a bit faster to get to it.
>You take out of your front pocket your ballpoint pen and use it to poke at the keypad lock. The portal opens, and you scurry in to reach the front door.
>As you enter the house, Anon, sitting on the couch, turns his head toward you before returning back to the TV.
>"Had a nice day?"
"The usual," you answer as you strip from your work's jacket.
>You hang the cloth on the coat rack, then trot to the couch. You hop on it and drop on your back, resting your head on Anon's thigh. You point to your neck, where your collar is still present.
"Can you set me free, please?"
>Anon obliges without delay, and carefully unclips the leather strap.
"Thank you," you say as he tosses the collar on the coffee table.
>"You're welcome, Vi'."
"Say, is there something to eat? I'm starving."
>"Yeah, I ordered a pizza when I got home, I left some for you."

>You don't move and try to put on the best puppy-face you could make. After a few seconds, Anon lowers his gaze to you.
>You try harder and pucker a bit your lower lip.
>"Fuck you Vinyl I'm not going to fetch your pizza! I had a long day too, you know?"
>This man has no heart, you think as you immediately give up your cute pout for an annoyed scowl.
>You come back to the couch with the leftover pizza and your pills, then start eating beside him. He puts on the english dubbing for you, and you let him grab a slice of your pizza.
>When there is no food left, Anon grabs your plate and goes to the kitchen. He comes back with a beer for him and you.
>Still watching the movie on screen, you slowly lean against him, making yourself comfortable.
>Anon raises his arm and starts scratching at your ear. You can't help but moan a little at the touch.
"And you? How was your day?"
>Without averting his gaze from the TV, Anon just shrugged. "Boring, as usual."
>That made you realise that you knew very little about his job. You never really asked him about it.
"You don't like your job, Anon?"
>He stops scratching your ear and sighs. "No, not really. I just need it to pay the bills."
"What's so bad about it?"
>He doesn't answer right away, and instead turns his head to look at you.
>"Why do you want to know?"
"What, I shouldn't have asked? I just want to talk, dude."
>"It's ok, just... forget it. My job sucks because I don't like what I do, that's all."
"Oh. Well, why don't you just, you know, find something else?"
>"I've been thinking about it. It's not that simple, though."
"Why that? Is the money an issue?"
>He let out an annoyed sigh. "A bit, but that's not the main issue. Listen, Vi', I prefer not to talk about my work right now, can't we just enjoy the movie?"
>You hesitate for an instant, but decide not to bother him further.
"Hu, yeah, sorry."
>You resume drinking what's left of your beer, pondering.

>Anon is obviously depressed. You know for a fact that he doesn’t have many friends, and even then none of those friends live nearby. The closest was Luc, and he lived near Paris, a two hours drive from here. His only distraction is you, the TV, and his computer.
>It would probably be for the better to push him to go outside.
"Hey Anon, we should hang out together this weekend."
>He turns to you again, brow raised. "Ain't we doing precisely that already?"
>You chuckle, and make a vague motion with your hoof.
"Yeah, but I mean, go outside, do stuff, y'know?"
>"Hmm, something in mind?"
>You shrug.
"Dunno, we could eat somewhere, maybe saw a movie, anything, really. You've been doing nothing lately but slack on your computer or on the couch."
>"Good for me. But no thanks, really, I'm not in the mood."
"Come onnn," you groan, nudging him in the ribs with the tip of your hoof. "I wanna go outside, but I can't without you. You have to go with me!"
>"Fuck you, Vi'."
"You wish."
>He chuckles. "Okay, fine, we'll go eat something this saturday. Then we're gonna go to the park for a walk, uh? I'll just walk you around with the leash, would you like that?"
>He has take his pet-voice to say that, and although you know he meant that as a joke, it still hit too close to the wound.
"You're an asshole, Anon."
>Anon looks at you for a second before realizing what he just said. His smile fades instantly.
>"Shit, I'm sorry, Vi'. I didn't want to be rude, it's just a bad joke..."
"It's okay, I get it," you say, trying to not sound too annoyed. You still slide off to the side a little and cross your forelegs to pout a little.
>You know Anon is eyeing you in the corner, but you don't move and continue your mourning. You know he's going to give up shortly enough...
>And just as expected, you hear him sigh. "Okay, you want me to go fetch you a drink? Some chips also?"

>Nailed it, Anon always starts to feel guilty when he does something wrong, and always feels obligated to make up for it some way or another.
"Chips are fine, yes. And a beer too... buck I already had one? Just wait 'til I finish it."
>You raise the forgotten bottle to your lips and take a gulp.
"Bleh! It's warm already!"
>You turn your gaze to him, but he looks at you with a bit of sadness.
>"I'm sorry, Vi', you know the rule: You have to drink all your beer, before having another one."
>You know it's only fair, but you still hate this rule right now.

>Today you don't have to work. But you still have to get up, if only to make breakfast for Anon as he takes his morning shower.
>You don't have to do it, but you still do. It's a small payback for what he does for you.
>And it's not too much work. A coffee with two sugars, and two slices of bread spread with butter. It looks too bland for you, but Anon likes it that way. Sometimes on the weekend he adds a bit of jam, but that's it.
>You pour yourself a cup of coffee too, and wait for him to go out the bathroom. You weren't a fan of coffee, but you had to admit it really helped to wake up in the morning.
>Anon finally exits the bathroom, still struggling with his shirt's buttons. He approaches the table and lets himself fall on an empty chair before letting out a long sigh.
>"And to think that it's only wednesday... this week is going to kill me."
>You smile at him. Anon is as much a slave to his job than you were before that. You keep this thought to yourself, though.
"Don't worry, I'll think about you when I go back to my bed once you're gone."
>He shoots you a glare, but you just laugh before taking another sip of your drink.
>"Thanks for breakfast by the way," he mumbles, dipping one of his slice of bread in his coffee. He pulls out his phone, checks it then shouts. "Fuck I'm late!"

>You simply continue to stare at him, quietly sipping on your coffee. Anon gets up and tries to drink as much coffee as possible in the least amount of time, shouting and groaning as he burns his tongue in the process.
"Have a good day, Anon!" You say after he puts on his coat and opens the door.
>"You too Vi', see yah," he answers as he steps out. But instead of closing the door and go to his car, Anon froze on the spot. "Heu... Bonjour ?"
>Someone is at the door? Curious, you get down from your chair and trot to the door. Someone that you can't see right now is talking to Anon in a polite but firm voice.
>Anon steps back in and three men and woman follow behind. They all wear the same dark blue uniform, on which is written on the front and back "Gendarmerie." You immediately notice their heavy gear, and especially the firearms at their belt.
>One of them turns his attention to you and shows you with a finger. He says something, but you're currently too distraught to focus yourself on understanding French.
>Anon looks nervous, he is talking with the woman while one of the men looks around, the third is still facing you. You try to understand what is happening.
>It seems like you're concerned, something bad enough apparently. You get more worried and afraid as their conversation goes on. Something about the store, and... footing? You don't get that right. Anon looks agitated. He glance toward you, then looks at the woman, and back to you.
>"Okay... V-Vinyl, don't do anything, please," he orders you before rushing toward the stairs.
>The cops stay with you, and start to circle you, you notice. You get more and more nervous, hopefully Anon won't take too long.
>And he doesn’t. He quickly comes back with a folder in his hands, pulls out a paper and hands it to the woman. You recognize your identification papers.

>She takes a look, eyeing it quizzically. She flips the paper in her fingers, trying to catch the reflection of the light on it, but quickly puts it down, shaking her head.
>"*I'm sorry Mister Anon, b-*"
"Hey, get off!"
>You try to kick but it's too late. You were so focussed on Anon and that policewoman that you didn't notice the man next to you crouching down to clasp a collar on your neck. Anon quickly reacts and lurches forward, pushing away the woman, to come to your rescue. But the third one was ready and tackles down Anon.
>"Lâche la connard!"
>"On se calme! On se calme j'ai dis!"
>You crane your neck to bite the arm of the man next to you. He yells but promptly kicks you in the chest, emptying your lungs and making you fall. Your vision is blurred by the tears in your eyes, but you can see Anon struggling to get to you. Unfortunately, the woman had the time to get up and help her colleague to control a furious Anon.
>Something falls on your face and wraps around you muzzle. The policeman you bit finishes strapping the bridle on you and unkindly makes you stand up. Anon! You try to cry, but your breath is still short due to the blow you received. You're lead out ot the house, the man pulling hard on the leash without a care for your stumbling form.
>Hearing Anon's voice, you resist one last time to turn around. You just have the time to see his eyes, looking right at your own, before a rough tug on the bridle definitely forces you to exit the house.


Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/va5dDWep

Changes at work have slow me down a lot. That, plus Bad Pacing giving me ideas for some others stories to write. I suspect he do that so that he can be the only one posting vinyl greens in there...
Anyway, I hope you liked it, and that it was worth the wait.
thugs with a uniform
>The kind of person for whom everything is always someone else's fault, except for her and whoever she cares about at any given moment

It sounds like the kind of person that in case Anon died and left everything to Megan she would take the inheritance, sell the property and the ponies and lock her daughter in a private school in Switzerland while she spends the rest of her life giving herself the great life betwen parties and gigolos
Welcome back! Quick re-cap would be nice: what happened to Vinyls magic and where was she before Anons?

Two words: Emancipated Pony.

She would not only receive freedom but also a generous stipend from Anon's personal account, at least that way Mocha would have the opportunity to be safe from any cruel master

How much does Anon know about the power and potential of an Alicorn? Him already saw her use her power against the guard who raped a mare, and everyone knows that Twiligth is still in the process of training due to his stubborn obstinacy to submission (They should introduce Mr. Strapon or give him blue cubes) knowledge is power and what Anon does not know is a secret weapon for Candance but also puts her in danger

That's more like French municipal police, basically.


Of course: Vinyl has been a slave to an abusive owner somewhere in the US. She fled, then got sold to the black market, then sent to France where she was bought by Anon. She has lost her ability to use magic because she takes magic suppressant pills. Those pills are drugged and she prefer to keep taking them instead of dealing with withdrawal.
Perhaps his ponies are not the only ones who need the emergency escape! Iv’e speculated that Anon might actually join the conspiracy against himself; having Megan in the care of somepony who cares about her would be another motivation. A life on the lam would be better than being under her mother’s control, and if the ponys are caught she will not face any consequences.

>The worst happens. Good leaders are prepared for that, and Sunbursts plan swings into action.
>Ponies and Megan released from their books, start their new lives as fugitives. There’s no place for a large community of free ponies in this world, they need a human ‘owner’ to front for them. Megan holds the leash in public, but Cadance reigns behind the scenes.
>She’s really good at it, slowly builds wealth and influence, starts her very-long-term plans for pony freedom everywhere.
>Megan has a fantastic and fulfilling life as a follower of the Princess Of Love, everything Anon could have wanted for her, if not quite the way he wanted.
Good end.
>How did they get that way???
Brutal torture at the hands of a former master.
Madam is an earth pony, as is everypony currently at the Filly Brothel. While it would make sense to have pegasus and unicorn ponies at a regular brothel the Filly Brothel doesn't have to bother. Fillies are the attraction, so earth fillies are fine. It's not worth dealing with the other issues pegasus and unicorn ponies present when you don't need them. Skydancer was an anomaly, albeit a popular one.

And you can be sure Madam is aware she's got a problem on her hooves with Durril.
Question: has there been a fic yet where the protagonist is a woman having trouble with men and seeking comfort from her male-slave horse?

Basically reversing the genders of the typical /spg/ prompt.

Yes, but the situation was about a social inept more than seeking comfort. Also the pony can't talk
Shining and femanon here : https://pastebin.com/8gzHMTTe

Sadly it's dead.

Badpacing also write something like that in the last thread (or two thread ago?), but the woman in it was more looking to have fun rather than really looking for comfort.
Littlewitch did that (great) green with Shiny, where he pathetically cuddles with the poster of Cadance and meets Fluttershy at the pet store. FemAnon was so well drawn: patient, caring, even loyal, but autistic and socially clueless. But then she died on us.

Can’t think of another off-hand, but it would be on topic and well recived here!
>Stallion knows how lucky he is, is willing, but has performance anxiety. Gets over it with gentle encouragement, light bondage seems to take the pressure off.
>They trust each other and share a good life, but he is not allowed to forget what he is now. She strictly observes the cities poorly enforced leash law.
>He’s idley perusing the online auction catalog (as one does) and sees his wife from Equestria. “No Reserve”.
Does he mention it to Mistress? Ask for a visit before she disappears again? Ask her to buy her too? Interspecies three-way? Ask her to sell him to whoever wins the auction? Or just close his eyes very tight, take an shuddering breath, and focus on the life he has now?
It was a good story but I can see why the author stopped writing. Shining Armor would need to scale an emotional mountain of baggage before engaging in any consensual fun-time. Too much effort for maybe too little reward.

I like this prompt! Add in a possessive element, say that his mistress wants to be a good friend, but also finds herself falling in love with her slave and being increasingly unwilling to share him with anyone.
>Strangely enough though he removed the poster of the pink pony from the wall and had attached it to the headboard and was curled up right next to it.
Muh heart.
Depends on what your reward is. Seeing him getting over that emotional baggage would be great too; sex isn't the only thing I'd be looking for! Though I definitely wouldn't have minded some more awkward moments of intimacy and arousal gone wrong.

Concur on this: Good prompt. It's a pity we have so few good canon couples.
>unwilling to share him
Maybe. That would be a good place for a slave story to go: “I love you too much to make you happy”. But would ‘sharing’ with somepony you also own really be sharing?
> That's more like French municipal police, basically.
Whut ?
Gendarmerie is actually part of the army, and tasked to do police duty in non-city area and/or missions that require some military-ish level of protection in civilian environment.
They may still be thugs, but please don't compare them to those clowns with a god complex that is our municipal police.
That's what I was trying to say here, thugs in uniforms are in the municipal police, not in the Gendarmerie.

>clowns with a god complex
Really fitting.
You have always been free to leave when you want but the truth is that you do not want to leave.

Now you belong here
If her persists in his insistence and Madame or the other fillies can not convince her, Madame should report this to her master and Durril will end up in a place where she can never say NO
>Vega is the shackle that binds is all.
Why do you think he writes in first person? YOU are the slave.
Er second person. Whatever.
File: 1511116168166.jpg (723 KB, 2560x1600)
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723 KB JPG
I wrote two stories with femanons. Both are oneshots for now.
Rumble Underfoot has a bored woman who wanted to pass time while she waits for a new boyfriend. She is a selfish person. https://pastebin.com/Vq3izJfr

The other one was We'll learn together with an angsty girl who buys a pony because she is lonely. But he doesnt speak english and she doesnt understand Equestrian. https://pastebin.com/Luz5QEHC

How did you know that was my plan all along? Speaking of which, how is that other story going?
She never says no. She does say “I don’t want this”, “This is rape”, and “I am a victim”. Some fillies have a big problem with that.

Vega enjoys punishing us, and we are helpless to resist. Truely slavery at it’s cruelest.
Hey; Shiny And Coronas pastebin went down! Anyone know what happened, or have a backup?
>Shiny when?
This needs updated in the main thread pastebin if it hasn't already. SWF's pastebin got nuked but he was kind enough to give us a reupload.
Here's an idea to rustle some jimmies.

>Femanon buys herself an Equestrian-Zebra a few months ago.
>It's loyal friendly and there for her, platonically, when all her other relationships inevitably fall apart
>She goes on a lovely month-long retreat in the mountains with just her Zebra in tow
> Unpacking her belongings, she notices that her phone has gone missing
>Also, her Zebra has been getting awfully touchy for some odd reason...
>landwhale getting hot zeeb dickings since most reasonable human men find fat women repulsive
Nothing wrong with that.
i'd be hoping that this femanon is resentful of her own attractiveness. like, she's too hot and that makes almost every interaction she has with the opposite sex inauthentic and therefore, unbearable.

I'd rather read about a gorgeous gal giving up on guys than a lard living in lala-land.
uhm what just happened?
Jimmies totally non-rustled. Bring on the relationship development in their isolated mountain retreat!
>Storm comes in. Sheets of rain dropping and constant lightning, kinda chilly. Good thing she set up her rain fly.
>Suddenly, there’s something outside her tent! A bear?!
>Wet striped snout pokes in. “My tent flooded! Can I squeeze in with you?”
“Well, it’s kinda tight, but I can’t leave you out there.”
>He’s shivering too. Only one way to warm him up...

>reasonable human men
Nothing reasonable about desire. Tastes differ and fashion changes. I’m not attracted to pic related either but others were and are.
File: 4567890.png (436 KB, 1280x1101)
436 KB
436 KB PNG
If it helps you're all good ponies. Except you, you know which one you are
>giving her a pat on the butt
>grabbing her ear

Boy, Anon is getting very comfortable with touching Celly. And based on that ear grab he did, he's comfortable with asserting himself over her, too.

Celly seems to have sought out servitude because she wanted a release from authority. I think this upcoming severe punishment is going to break her and make her totally let go of everything. She's obviously damaged already, based on her selling herself into slavery voluntarily, but she hasn't actually let go of her position of authority yet. Until now.

Her 1000 year old rump is gonna be redder and hotter than the sun that's emblazened onto it.
And good ponies get rewards?
>totally let go of everything.
Will it be “Cellyboo, fun-loving slave” that totally lets go of everything, or “Celestia Sol Invictus, immortal demigodess”? They are two very different ponies, and Anon’s never even met the latter. Celly always knew punishment might happen and is prepared to accept it. She’s still quite sane and not damaged, just off duty for a while.
>Literally sells themselves into slavery.
>"Nah mate, they're totally right in the head."
Oh fuck! fuck! fuck!

Poor Vinyl!!just when her starts enjoying the life again the past comes back to torment her! Is that nothing can be done to save her?

There's nothing to forgive NORLF, write when you can
You may be right, but I just think the fact she had herself literally sold as property and seriously CRAVES being told what to do is a sign of something being messed up.
The only flaw in your plan is that Megan is a minor and before human law she was kidnapped by rebellious ponies who have threatened her with death, it is enough for her cunt mother to make a complaint for the FBI to intervene (now we could see action to the agents from before) and everything could end up as bad as Waco, the ponies and the dead hostage, Candance captured and executed, the mother pockets the fortune of Anon and the slave laws are hardened to such an extent that the ponies lose the few rights that they had and live the rest of their lives as animals.

Meanwhile Twiligth Sparkle ends her training, her will crushed, her hopes shattered, unable to use magic permanently thanks to a surgical intervention and ready to lower her head and raise her tail to her new master in a world where the word once harmony echoed among the equestrian population
And now only say ' more! More ' and 'Thank you for the food Master'

Some lube for Mr strapon and a chocolate

What if we secretly enjoy to be punished?
Anyone else get this vibe that Mocha actually... WANTS to be punished? Like, not that she wants it per se, but that she actually wishes Anon would do it to her because in her own damaged mind, it would be something very intimate between them?
I hope he fucks her tight marehood out of anger
Maiden voyage when?
Do not slave the mares and stallions.
> Her expression - which had been turning to something approximating relief - now slides straight back into one of pure shock; the blush reestablishes itself all across her cheeks and one of her hind legs twitches.

noooo, what makes you say that?
Damn right, indentured servitude is much more acceptable, and doesn't come with nearly as many problems as slavery. Truly the free market solves everything
Exactly! Mocha's gonna get super desperate and she'll start acting out a lot in hopes Anon will do something about it. In her mind, that's better than "nothing".
That filly needs a lovingly administered spanking bent over her master's lap
That filly wants a lovingly administered spanking from her master's hips
Celestias slavery was always a sham. She can call Mr. Plain the pony dealer anytime she wants, or he’ll come for her in two months. If she’s not back after that the Sword Of Equestria will start wondering where she got to. Real slaves don’t have that sort of backup. She will take her punishment once she understands why she deserves it, and will consider it the cost of admission. Pic related: volunteer slaves on vacation.
ponies are not for woman
Except I forgot the pic.
Life is risk, but what’s the alternative? Staying put and being liquidated? Having Flurry sold separately to who-knows-where? Going on the run and settling down without a trustworthy human front-girl? Handing Megan over to her mother? Megan is not risking much, and the ponies don’t have much to loose. Sometimes even the wisest leaders have to roll the dice and trust in fate.
>in this case fate in firmly on Cadances side: Slaveventure will give her and us the good end
The problem of rolling the dice is not taking the riskier decision, but others do not give a shit about the possibilities and they will impose their own decision.

Death and torture await the fugitives and the number of ponies is so great that the possibility of saving them is getting smaller, can Candace make the decision of sacrificing in exchange for saving others? For every life that saves for a day But will you lose another forever and when the time comes you can choose between your duty or your daughter? The ponies follow her because she is a princess but in the end she is a mother and a mother does everything possible to protect her son, even making a deal with the devil
CYOS lost my interest when he started catering to /SiM/ tier fetish nonsense
I'm troubled by how cute I find this picture. I probably wouldn't if the pony looked miserable, but she looks almost... content in her harness
File: c.png (181 KB, 705x737)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
happy slaves are best slaves
>stallion slave
Kill yourself, homosexual scum
I haven't seen any ponyfucking yet. or anything obviously intended as fapfuel
That's not a slave, that's a pet.
>implying you don't want an eager, happy, excited, fluffy little buttstallion cuddleslut goodboy ponypet to snuggle you to sleep every night
Is that a stallion? And so what if he is, they need loving owners too. More stallion stories when?

>literally the most platonic, pure economic slavery story on the thread
So what DOES keep your interest, fucking Vega? (I love Vega too.)
Clear skies trying out revealing lingerie for her master when?
Clear Skys and March Gustysnows tackdancing when?
>don’t think Jasmin would be into it

How you can turn a stallion into a submissive buttslut slave?
milk his prostate every night for a week and he'll be hooked
>Be Filly
>Sneaking down the hall to just outside the door to Madam's office
>She came up to the dorm a minute ago and asked Durril to come with her
>And you have to know what she's gonna do
>Because somepony has to do something
>The door is shut, but not all the way
>Leaning toward it you can just about hear what's being said on the other side
>"You're a filly of at least average intelligence, aren't you?," Madam asks
>"I guess so, Ma'am," Durril replies
>"Then you realize WE have a problem?," Madam continues
>"I don't want to have a problem, Madam"
>"I don't want to have a problem either, but I'm afraid we do. And if it's possible I'd like to at least try to solve it pony to pony"
>"Pony to pony?," Durril asks
>"Yes. I have not yet made the owners aware of our problem, and I'm hoping I won't have to. Humans have their own ways of solving problems"
>"Like what?," Durril says meekly
>Madam sighs
>"If I told them one of the girls was exhibiting behavior that was putting the other fillies at risk they'd to one of two things"
>Madam continues: "Sell you or medicate you. Selling you is risky, because odds are you'd end up in a much worse situation than this"
>"And the other option?," Durril practically whispers
>"Humans try to solve a lot of their problems with pharmaceuticals. And for them it's kind of a mixed bag. When it comes to ponies..."
>"It's worse?," Durril says
>"Let's just say we're having this conversation because I never want to see that done to one of my girls"
>"Yes, Ma'am," Durril replies
>"Now about your behavior..."
>"Do you really think I'm putting the other girls in danger?," Durril asks
>"You are. I don't have to tell you ponykind is in a less than ideal situation in this world"
>"No, Ma'am"
>"And in a less than ideal situation," Madam continues, "What is your biggest enemy?"
>Durril is quiet for a few seconds, then says, "Fear?"
>"Fear is bad stuff," Madam answers, "but ponies can cope with it. Do you know what we can't cope with as well?"
>"Despair," Madam says ominously. "We can't have that here. I won't have that here. And your behavior is going to spread it among the girls if you don't stop right now"
>"But I can't control how I FEEL," Durril protests
>"You'd better learn to," Madam says coldly. "And quickly. Because this matter is going to be settled, if not pony to pony than in a human way"
>"But you of all ponies should know what we're doing here is wrong," Durril protests. "You LIVED in Equestria"
>"Equestria has nothing to do with where we are now," Madam responds, sadly
>"That doesn't change right and wrong, though," Durril says
>"I'm afraid it does," Madam replies. "You're right, in Equestria I worked some young girls, but they all had cutie marks"
>"I knew it," Durril says, soulding almost sounding victorious
>"Also," Madam continues, "the girls were all working there by choice, at least in some kind of meaningful sense - they could have done other things"
>"That's how it's supposed to be!," Durril replies
>"No, Durril," Madam chides. "That's how it was in pony lands where ponies made the rules. If you traveled to dragon or griffon lands their rules weren't the same"
>"Are you saying right and wrong depends on where you are and WHO you are?," Durril asks
>"I wouldn't have liked the sound of that when I was a filly," Madam says, finally with a little compassion. "It sounds really unfair"
>"But you're saying it's true?"
>"We're not in Equestria. We're in the human world. Our bodies don't even belong to us - we're property of the company that owns the brothel"
>"But that's wrong"
>"That, Durril, is completely beyond our control. But I have a little control here, because I'm a pony and I'm the one running this place"
>"Which means what?," Durril asks. "I still have to sex men, don't I?"
>"Yes you do," Madam replies. "And if that isn't a good fit for you I'm sorry. It wasn't a good fit for Skydancer either, but things turned out well for her"
>"Then what CAN you do?"
>"Keep you safe under the umbrella of the brothel until you graduate, then safe within the parent organization"
>"Yeah safe, you misguided filly!," Madam says a little hotly. "This is not a safe world for ponies. I can see to it my girls are safe here, and where they go next they'll be safe, too"
>"And that's the best you can do?," Durril asks
>"It is," Madam says matter of factly. "This isn't Equestria. But I take what little I CAN do for the fillies here VERY seriously"
>She continues: "Which is why I'd turn your case over to human solutions if it meant protecting the others. Neither of us want that, do we?"
>"So what do I have to do to keep that from happening?"
>"I hope you CAN do it," Madam says, "I'm taking a risk by even giving you the chance"
>"I understand how serious this is now," Durril replies. "I'll do whatever you say"
>A whispered voice from behind you almost causes you to bolt
>"Should you really be listening to this?," asks the guard
"Is it your business?," you whisper back
>"Nope," he says. "Just bein' nosy like you." He gestures toward the door. "Your green dancer friend?"
>You nod
>"Like you couldn't see THAT comin' from a mile away"
>"You can't sush me, filly! But it's pretty cute that you try"
"I'm trying to hear what's going on in there"
>"Anything good?," he asks
>Suddenly the door in front of you opens about halfway and Madam sticks her head out
>"I can turn a blind eye," She says, "to things that aren't likely to cause any trouble"
>She makes eye contact with the guard first, then you
>"But stay out of my way when I'm trying to solve problems, if you don't want to become problems yourselves"
"Yes, Ma'am," you say in unison with the guard, as you both head down the hallway
>You turn to him as you're walking away from her door
"So Madam is your boss?"
>"Not exactly," the guard responds. "She doesn't sign my paychecks. But they set things up so she is in charge of day to day operations here"
>You smile
>Madam has the kind of smarts you have to learn
>And while you're sad the guard blew up youe evesdropping you already feel like you've learned something today
>You also hope Durril can step up, because it doesn't sound good for her if she can't
>Hopefully Madam can keep her safe
paste updated here:
>The next two days almost seem to last a lifetime
>Every ache seems to carry through the days, , every night spent waking up a dozen times
>You couldn't wash away your thoughts with hard work, no matter how you tried to
>Memories of the war now passed, dozens of victories, a steady string of defeats, brothers in arms dead and dying, blood drying on your hands, face, legs
>Your old scars ached in sympathy with your body and thoughts, adding another level of discomfort
>A constant, tinny ringing echoed in your ears and half the time you hadn't responded to Applejack hadn't been willful
>You had been considering what you would do when you actually got to meet up with the few humans you knew were around here
>After all, you only actually knew two of them, the rest were people you didn't know and wouldn't get to know
>And what did Applejack even mean about the Solstice being 'important' to humans?
>It wasn't until you'd risen that morning that an explanation had dawned on you with the morning sun
>Tor, it had to be
>Before you had left for town, Applejack had warned you to be back before the dawn tomorrow and to expect a boatload of work to make up for the day
>You'd felt a pulse of pain through your shoulders, but had nodded when she finished
>And with that you were free
>Well free as you could be, stranded in an alien land and surrounded by creatures you'd once fought against
>It was a fair walk into town, and the sun had fully risen once you finally wandered among the thatched rooves of Ponyville
>You spend some time simply watching the bustle of the town, ponies going about their business, a few with humans in tow
>Your lips twitch at the sight, it still rubbed you the wrong way
>But you don't brood for long before a familiar giant makes his way over to you
>Torlund, the giant man in question, wears a broad smile on his thickly bearded face and holds his arms open wide to you
>”Anonymous, my friend, how long has it been?”
>A year, it's been a year since you'd actually seen him
>Longer since you'd talked
>The two of you share a tight embrace and he lets out a thunderous laugh, drawing a few wandering eyes
>He slaps your shoulder and steps back, his grin not faltering a bit
>”What's the matter, young man? Catbird got your tongue?”
>You smile at the joke, but shake your head slowly before rolling a sleeve of your ragged shirt and turning the belly of your arm to face him
>Or more importantly, the jagged, black runes writ on it
>He sucks in a breath through clenched teeth, his smile shrinking into a tight line across his face
>”So you were serious about that, eh? No matter, you'll still be handy. Come on then, boy, we still have preparations to make!”
>He wraps a thick arm around your shoulders and practically drags you along with him, off to who knows where
>Tor had always been a strange fellow, even in the relatively short time you knew him
>A Norwegian Jaeger before, he had been in team sent along to establish the bridgehead in the Gryphon Empire
>He'd been the medic with the Norwegian contribution, and even they thought he was strange
>A devoted pagan, almost neurotically so
>His hands were adorned with twisting, eternal knots and runes that you hadn't been able to read
>Always chanting in a strange tongue, to his weapon, his medical supplies, to anyone who would stick around after a conversation played out
>You hadn't got along with him until...
>Tor's overly loud voice breaks the train of thought before it can carry on towards the fog of memory
>”So is that orange one still working you like a dog? You're so tense my friend, ought to come by the spa sometime!”
>That's right, Tor had somehow been selected for work at the local spa
>Apparently he had been a massage therapist before joining the military
>What a joke life was
>”Ah, but I suppose she wouldn't like you to be away from the farm too often. Just what did you have to do to get today anyhow?”
>He wiggles his eyebrows at you, suggestively
>You laugh and shrug your shoulders
>In all honesty, you're not truly sure why she gave you a day off, even with the promise of catch-up work
>You perk up when you notice you're leaving the town behind, and you give Tor a questioning look
>He shakes his head without answering, his face growing more serious as he stares at the rough path ahead
>The Everfree, he's taking you into the witch wood
>In a low, severe voice, he speaks up while you walk
>”You know, we still must keep our traditions alive here, Anonymous. Even as I did back home, so to must I here. But it's no longer my own soul I must watch, but all of you who stand as I do. It took a great deal of bargaining, badgering, begging to get this one day. These ponies, they don't think as we do, we're barbarians with shiny toys to them. You cannot imagine the lengths to which I went to ensure we would have at least a single day for us and ours.”
>Something in the tone of his voice sends goosebumps rising on your arms
>Sure, the ponies didn't treat you the best, but it was easy to understand why
>They probably would have been treated much the same, if they had not had living goddesses and literal magic on their side
>But clearly, Tor wasn't as accepting of the lot he'd been dealt
>Again, you could understand his aversion to essentially being a slave
>But he was a good man, more than evidenced by his efforts with this...whatever it was
>You had a feeling, a little flickering flame of excitement in your gut, about what it could be
>There were only so many things that happened on a Solstice, after all
>And only one really made sense for you, Tor, and the others

Short update, a little background, a big guy
>"Despair," Madam says ominously. "We can't have that here. I won't have that here."
Madam does and will have it here regardless. When you're imprisoned in the Filly Brothel and fucked by creepers all day, despair is natural and inevitable. She has her eye on Durril and so do we so she's trapped, but not all the fillies will be so obvious about their inner feelings. Suicide must be a fairly routine problem here, back in her Equestrian career, and in the real-world sexual services industry. How does Madam herself cope with despair when one of her precious fillies doesn't report for breakfast?

>I never want to see that done to one of my girls.
Acepromazine? It's very effective, but you can't keep a pony on it forever and it has a bunch of weird side effects. One of them is an imparement in cuteness, the very product they are selling! Can't imagine what else the humans would try and use. An obviously doped up pony would not be cute at all!

>"I'll do whatever you say..."
So what did Madam say, "Be happy or else?"

I really like the attitude of Madam. Really professional but she really care about the fillies.

For some reason I'm imagining her like mayor mare or pinkie mom.


Nice update

>Or more importantly, the jagged, black runes writ on it

I guess this is the acclaimed correction
Update raises more questions than it answers, but it's getting even more interesting. What's Anon's relationship with Applejacks other livestock, her cows sheep chickens pigs and such? And who else is Tor inviting to his Sigrblót... as the main course?!

Nice update, I'm as hungry for moar as Anon is for a decent meal.
And very good too Clarissa, every part that I read only makes me want to read more, do not stop writing because you story have started to interest me
The femanon one is on hiatus. The derpy one is still going

If you mean you don't understand why the police came, more detailed explanation will comme in he next update (who know when). But until then: Vinyl's Identification papers are fake because she was sent to France after being sold via the black market, the police knew about it because Vinyl's boss had to declare her as a worker in his store.

I'm always glad to have you among my readers. Don't worry too much about Vinyl, Anon is here to save her! ... Well okay, be worried.
>below the fimfiction thread
What are you faggots even doing?
Hey backin the saddle writing after some time, but having issues.
In the last steel steed, people wanted to have Dust go and murder the terrorists, while returning to her wmd self.
I had her down as loving the thrill of killing humans, that its something drug like for her in enjoyment.
But writing it out, it feels stupid dark, which is the idea for her, but it makes it hard to write her without hitting myself.
She's supposed to be one of those nihlistic kids with "I hate myself and the world is horrible, I knew this by 13" signatures.

How do you write a character you personally dislike the type of, but know it works better for the story?
Or should I drop "I want to kill the humans" Dust and go with her being a bit more scared and confused as she has essentially just woken from a coma and is unsure what to do beyond survive?
The idea being that while killing people is natural, she has had some time for introspection on it and a calmness to occur.
File: ZOrsM2f.png (4 KB, 386x87)
4 KB
Oh and reason for no update
Turns out the app I was using on the plane ride killed the file
Hop into the discord and ping me. I might be able to fix the file.
>I'm imagining her like mayor mare
I'm usually thinking Mayor Mare when writing Madam.
That's what you get for not using good ol .doc or rtf/txt
>How do you write a character you personally dislike the type of, but know it works better for the story?
Put them through the wringer.
>The idea being that while killing people is natural, she has had some time for introspection on it and a calmness to occur.
Ya, this sounds like the way forward. You should play with the idea that her masters can have a robot that obeys, or a partner that reacts intelligently, but not both at once. If they want her genuine loyalty they will have to be worth being loyal too, otherwise they will just get malicious compliance. That’s not something anyone can afford with a living superweapon.

What does Steel Steed want that they can give her?
but with longer hair in a bun right? And glasses.
>they can give her?
Nothing really, at least not precyborg Dust.
The anon saying she would shack up with the terrorists is pretty close, wrong still.
Dust wants Equestria back or absolution of herself.

Dust of now is going to be confused scared and probably just want to either be put under again or a chance to steal the cylinder and run.
She cant be free, she'd be dead in a few hours from dead batteries.

My original plan for this section at the end was her getting a chance to use the last few minutes of freedom to actually fly around.
Dust being amazed that Valaerian would trust her, after everything.
That totally works.
>want to either be put under again or a chance to steal the cylinder and run.
Both of these would be ok choices.
>all those (You)s you got telling you to hurt Alison
It’s not just fanservice, it’s exactly what the story needs.

What if one evening instead of Alison’s usual “How did your day go, Twilight? Oh wait: I already know, now I have an excuse to enjoy hurting you. Not that I need one, LOL!” She had to tell Twilight how her own day went. How, through no fault of her own, she fell into the power of a stranger? How he didn’t see her as a person, and really enjoyed raping and hurting her? How her face got all messed up? How she’ll need Twilights help to go to the bathroom? How she feels angry, afraid, helpless, violated, and there’s nothing she can do about it? How she can’t help but see ways to blame herself?

Alison knows lots of people, but she’s not the sort of person who has or deserves real friends. She can’t talk about this stuff with anyone else, and she can hardly hide her physical condition from her housemate. Twilights real superpower was never her magical might, the Element she controls, her relationship with royalty, or (as some have said) just being really lucky. It has always been her ability to make friends. Kinda hard to do when the ‘friend’ bought you as a torture buddy, but a friend in need is a friend indeed.

Twilight says, in the very most polite and non-judgmental way she can, “Welcome to my life, Mistress”. She offers magical healing if Alison frees her horn: it’s illegal but then so is practicing medicine without a license. Twilight was fully qualified to administer basic healing spells back home, of course, and there are many things magic can do that technological medicine can’t. And when she’s there, standing over her evil tormenter in the fullness of her power... she’s still who she is: the Princess Of Friendship.

When Anon eventually comes calling, Alison does not take a loss on the deal, but she doesn’t totally soak him either. She needs a slave she can stand to look in the eye anyway.
>standing over her evil tormenter in the fullness of her power... she’s still who she is
Ya, she succumes to the temptation and messes with her brain a bit. She’s not a saint, noponys THAT friendly.
>”For some reason, I just don’t feel like raping you tonight Twilight. Would you like an extra helping of desert?”
>”You’ve been using the computer and phone while I’m away? No problem, it’s not like I was using them anyway!”
>”Why yes, I would be interested in selling you to your old owner. Easy come easy go, right?”
I'm not going to post it all here, just the bin link. Line 697 -> for new stuff.
Pic unrelated.
>I'm not going to post it all here, just the bin link. Line 697 -> for new stuff.
Why doh
Because you can already find it here: >>32245511
>Kinda hard to do when the ‘friend’ bought you as a torture buddy, but a friend in need is a friend indeed.

Alison is not her friend, she is the owner and can kill her if she wants and throw her in the trash and get another one.

What Twiligth can do is talk to her, find a way for Alison to see the benefit of selling her to Anon, appeal to her good feelings and hope that she is a sympathetic and empathetic person with her situation.

Did Twiligth ever sincerely tell Alison how much Anon means to her? Who literally loves him beyond what could be considered normal for both species? That's what friends do, they tell themselves the truth
>hope that she is a sympathetic and empathetic person with her situation.
That is indeed the hope, but I don’t think Alison is able to get there as things stand. If Alison sufferd rape and violence of her own off-camera, and if Twilight extended a hoof of friendship first, it would be much easier for her to see Twilight as a person worth befriending. Sometimes the plot has to help the character develop.

>besides, bitch deserves it
File: temp.png (125 KB, 904x1024)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
>mfw had a really good idea for a SPG story that would be fun to write and probably fun to read... but didn't write it down and now I can't remember.
>Madam has the kind of smarts you have to learn
Celestia have mercy on us, the filly is getting ambitious.
File: 125.jpg (1.79 MB, 5000x5000)
1.79 MB
1.79 MB JPG
>mfw I have a dozen different ideas like this weekly
We all know that feel, friendo
>but didn't write it down and now I can't remember.

Uhm.....Trixxie Lunamoon had something to do with your forgotten SPG story?
What will be the story behind Alison's fetish? Problems with men? bad work life or just like to have power over the weak because they have some kind of inferiority complex?

I just hope it's not a developing sociopath class and her used small ponies to experiment before using it in humans
>used small ponies to experiment before using it in humans
Hey! Ponies are people too! Well, not legally, that’s the whole point of pony slavery. I would rather ‘budding sociopath Alison’ just went straight to humans and left our precious purple pony out of it entirely.

This is an important perspective and I hope Vega finds time to explore it.
Iron Will. Don’t forget to remember that one; it’s a winner.
>Trying to justify Alison behavior

Here we go with the "no one is bad, just broken" logic. Thanks a lot Meghan McCarthy
You mean Will of Steel? Don't worry, that's the one people are paying for apparently, so it'll get attention like the others.
Nobody is justifying anything on /spg/. We know evil when we see it. But it’s fun to write stories about where it comes from, and cultural slavery is a great way of doing that!
>Nobody is justifying anything on /spg/. We know evil when we see it
funny joke

Let be honest dude, talk is better than
>mane6 losing

Meghan is doing better thanFaust to be honest and we should follow this with Alison

>Meghan is doing better thanFaust


You deserve it
So a good way to write it might be to have Dust trying to learn more of the world she is in, with a certain twinge that the more she does, the less sure she is in wanting to be a mind blanked robot perhaps?

Something like battle just getting her to feel alive again.
The rush being enough to remind her of what she once was, but here and now she is thinking that actually being her own mare could be a good plan?
Or should I make it more simmering, she just being a righteous prick until she meets the unicorn and has some empathy?
You make the first option sound much more interesting, like your talking yourself into it. Go with that!
Having trouble with Pig Two. She’s feeling much better after her vet appointment and her twice-a-day drugs, but she bit Fluff Pig really bad on the face! They’re separated, and now I have both on twice-a-day drugs. Fluff Pig had a dental appointment anyway. It’s a hard decision, but I’m thinking I’ll dump her at the shelter and look for another. What else can I do, keep two pig pens forever?

How much would you care about justice within your herd? Would you be pragmatic and favor your favorite, like I am here? Would you try and implement pony justice, perhaps rent an outside adjudicator with legal experience back in Equestria? Would you impose human standards of behavior on them?

>8, this time.
Mare is for cuddling
Stallion is for petting
Heavy petting?
You have stupid pets. Justice is irrelevant.
>Page 10

Today was a really lazy day
Do the writefags need 70 lashes and a week in the slave box?
File: Spoiler Image (275 KB, 931x939)
275 KB
275 KB PNG
They're just being lazy faggots, as usual. Writing is easy, it's not hard to write an update a day, really these writefags should show some repsect to their readers and write more.
>lazy for not updating every day
Says the guy who did NOT update today. We’ve had longer droughts, and yesterday was a good day.
Fluff Pig must be very sad without her old friend
Can someone edit in a whip cracking on the pony, and her head in a more lowered, submissive position on this pic?
Without any hope, drive or even desire for betterment I think I have lost all empathy for your characters, and interest in your green.

I hope the madam necks herself after she finds out the situation they are in is pretty much the worst legally possible.
Madam cannot afford the luxury of despair herself. Her fillies need her and she will not abandon them to a worser fate.

The great thing about this story is the lack of any particular antagonist. The fillies are powerless and ignorant. Madam is trying her best. The guard is more there to protect than control them. The customers are putting food on their plates and a roof over their heads. The owners are absent. Who were we supposed to be hating here again? I love that I’m never sure.
>tfw had a really good idea for a SPG story, wrote a few posts for it, and then realized that it would be the fourth story I'm working on and I really don't have time for it.
Read it. Liked it. No idea what’s going on yet, but at least we got the clop out of the way. Not particularly SPG related, Anon is a ghost or POW or kidnap victim, not really a slave.

Please clue Anon and is in fairly soon, all these disjointed surprises are getting to chaotic to even keep track of. But as I said, still liked it.
>tfw that really good idea I forgot would have been my fourth story so maybe it's a good thing I forgot it.
>tfw former writefag for this thread with a fairly popular story that's been lurking for some time now that wants to come back and finish it but can't bring himself to do it
>worser fate
As if actual "worser fates" are not just lies she's been told to keep her and them complaint.
>wants to come back and finish his dead green
Do it, faggot.
File: temp.png (291 KB, 854x470)
291 KB
291 KB PNG
Post your trip.
Watch us shamelessly beg you to come back, whoever you are.
>tfw no serious, well-written stories about mares forced to drink their Master's piss
I don't even remember my trip anymore.
If you feel the juice flow a bit please share it. Completed good stories are just too rare.
So are you saying Toiletslave was not serious, or not well written?
I wish we could get an ending for Shiny and Corona. I loved that story so much, I don't even care about its flaws. Corona a cute, perfect slave. Works hard, adores her Master... accepts her place even though she'd rather be free. Such a good girl.
Hey, I'll have you know I put a lot of effort into Toilet-slave to give people the most serious, well written piss drinking experience I could.
guys help i just finished broken bluebird and i think i'm dying
I just read the whole thing in one sittin.g I've been reading for 9 fucking hours. and this fucking ending is killing me
Next on your reading list: Fire And Sky! Same amount of clop, less technology, more cozy, but zero torture. Or you could try A Deal Is A Deal, not complete but still active.
>reading sim shit.
Please go die quietly somewhere else.
File: lemon-scented slave.png (468 KB, 762x815)
468 KB
468 KB PNG
>not liking BB
Pretty shit taste you got there.

Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.
If you're looking to finish cracking your heart open: Fire and Sky, Regards Anon, A Deal is A Deal, and/or Life Grew All Around Her will help you to various degrees. If you want a breather from the pain go with Helping Hands Helping Hooves, Employment is Mandatory, Helping Her, and/or Clear Skies a Cute.
BB is awesome
Would you kill your slave if they broke their back?
Nah, Tyrone can work from his crutches just fine.
I'm going to Thailand for a week. Current chapter isn't ready to be posted, so it'll have to wait until I get back. Sincerest apologies for the delay
Nah, I'd only be using them as a sex toy anyway; they don't need to walk for that.
do not fuck any trap
Maybe. What do they think of the idea? The value of my asset is a total loss so “congratulations, you are free!”. I’m even willing to take a further loss to set them up in a new life somewhere, because I’m not a complete asshole. I’m not willing to make my life about caring for them though, and the government isn’t either. If they can’t come up with some plausible scenario where they support themselves, it’s the needle for them. I would want no less for myself, really.
Thanks for the warning and not just catching a random case of death. We will be here waiting for you, have fun!

But not too much fun...
Nah, I'd let nature take its course. If they can outrun the dogs, they're free.
File: 5-homersimpson1.gif (15 KB, 385x548)
15 KB
B-but you shit!!!!..

Have a good trip SC, I hope that everything goes well and that when you return you have got enough inspiration to continue with your story

Until the next Fella
Don't get raped faggot
>Without any hope, drive or even desire for betterment I think I have lost all empathy for your characters, and interest in your green.
Fair enough. I'm kind of determined to take the idea of the Filly Brothel seriously. I can't see it as anything but cute, sad and incredibly bleak all at once, because it's a fucking brothel full of slave fillies. I can understand how readers who yearn for some kind of redemption might have a problem with that, because even as the one writing it I don't really see much in the way of redemption for any of the characters. It's not an heroic story of overcoming an antagonist. It's a story of survival under a horrible system where fillies are nothing but rental fucktoys. Plenty on this board have fantasized about that, so I figured I'd write about what it could actually be like from a filly's perspective.

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