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File: ActiasXPepper.png (3.89 MB, 3000x3000)
3.89 MB
3.89 MB PNG
"Mothponies are quite lovely. I simply cannot get enough of them," you proclaim.
>A distant voice calls out to you:
>"Moths are not for sexul!"
You contemplate the message.
https://moth-ponies.wikia.com/wiki/Moth_Ponies_Wiki Obligatory link to wiki.
>>32144682 Obligatory Last Thread Link
What happened to the thread?
It was archived, probably due to not being bumped in time.
How often does that need to happen?
It generally depends on how active the whole of /mlp/ is in one day. I guess it was just really active today for some reason. Nobody was around to save the moffs.
File: RosyNectarinne.png (144 KB, 398x1199)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
Might've gotten spammed with a bunch of meme threads. Business as usual.

See that rightmost number in the bottom right, to the right of 'post a reply'? If you mouse over it, it should say 'page'. Page 10 is the limit, so it's gotta be bumped before then or it'll be archived. Try to aim for page 9 or 10 before bumping so as not to waste too many replies.
/mlp/ has been getting less active so we need to bump less and have more time to write longer posts.
the trend has been stabilizing.
Preemptive pre-bed bump
File: dura.jpg (379 KB, 1255x1280)
379 KB
379 KB JPG
>Implying you don't want a greentext about Dura committing multiple drunken and mothy faux pas at a fancy Canterlot dinner-party with Anon A. Anonymous, her well-dressed escort for the evening.
>tmw the Anon comes up with a good idea for a green.
Somebody needs to make that. I'd do it myself, but I'm much too busy to it right now.
Also, that's a pretty cute sketch of Dura; just needs some splotches of color on it, and it'd be perfect.
File: LewdBallOfMothFur.png (228 KB, 878x857)
228 KB
228 KB PNG
Here is a sketch I decided to make for my friend during a stream some days ago.
Cottonball is a p.
Brings up a question, is it ok for a mothpony to lay on their wings like that? After all they’re thin and fragile, I have a little idea that old moths that can’t fly might be pretty common because of the lifetime of wing damage that accumulates
File: WingErosion.png (118 KB, 550x746)
118 KB
118 KB PNG
Moth wings are made out of chitin, which is very fragile in thin layers such as moth wings. Since moth ponies are clearly much larger than moths, it only makes sense that their wings have to be thicker to be able to support the weight of a mothpony if they are to achieve flight. It should be relatively okay for quite a mothpony to lay on their wings so as long as they keep themselves and their wings healthy. I do like the idea that older moth ponies would start to feel and see the effects of wing erosion, since older beings in general are a lot more fragile and weaker than younger ones. It would only make sense that by this point, their wings have either seen the effects of erosion, or are fragile enough to start being eroded.
At least, that is what I'd like to think.
open >>32279291 for others what anons think about ages for grownup moths?

i think
tarkin oldest and little light youngest
going up, next birch
then sequin, moondust, cydia
caramel & amata with a few years above most moffs
tonic, meisa, pepperdust, actias, & shimmerlight above them all near top
after them parents titania and sugar cane

>bump less
except late in middle US day
when we fall off 10

>moths sitting badly lifelong wounded
>thin and fragile
real bug parts strong for bug size
seeming only weak for human 90kg and moff is 3g that's obvious

classy msfw
& hooffags celebrating it
File: mother moths.jpg (187 KB, 1100x972)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
I want to marry Hexferry's and Caramel's moms and do cute slice-of-life things with them.
Any good pages about moths?
For science.
File: acteus and virgo.png (330 KB, 1200x900)
330 KB
330 KB PNG
What kind of info are you looking for, exactly?
"being this busy is literal torture" bump
File: 1437621582220.jpg (252 KB, 900x731)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
Daily Reminder: Actias is a p that deserves all of the love.
File: moth bump anim.gif (111 KB, 500x500)
111 KB
111 KB GIF
Final Fantasy Page 10, 2
>moth ponies are lighter than regular ponies
>they can bump against your window with full force and not break it
What was his plan?
File: 1521228605069.png (576 KB, 1725x1000)
576 KB
576 KB PNG
Since it looks like ColourFag isn't returning to the threads, what will ever happen to Capri?
Is she ever going to have any canon stories, or character development, or anything of the such? I'm honestly quite interested, as the concept surrounding her was rather interesting. Feels like a lot of potential is going untouched.
We're pretty dead atm. I've got some green that I'm working on and I have a few posts ready.
Should I just wait til it's finished or go ahead post the intro?

Same with regular pegasi though fåm.
See pic related.

>What was his plan?
Not sure what you mean.
You don't really need to be planning or scheming to accidentally run into a clear pane of glass, it just happens.
Mothlife ™!!

>ColourFag not returning
I wouldn't be so sure until mid-May;
If he's in school he's probably just busy with finals or stuff.
Unless we scared him off by encouraging him to try better tools and such, I would hope he's coming back, and same for the visual creator, CR (though heck maybe you're him).

That said, working on Capri might be okay since most anons seem too busy atm to bump with tons of content.
So maybe we just don't lock stuff in completely and don't add stuff to wiki for Capri until Colourfag's back or continues to be absent for another two or three weeks.
Sound okay?
There's this pic of a tiny birdlet which managed to puncture security glass.
Go ahead and post the intro; content is needed once again since most of the content creators are either busy, or now assume that the thread is dead due to the last one dying.
We were only down for a few hours, and I think most anons know how to use the search-function.
But the deadness remains, so here....

>"Are you ready to go, Anon?"
>You fiddle with the strings of your bolo-tie yet again, not quite sure it's sitting right.
>It's a domed, ovalish metallic piece.
>It's big – about the size of a goose's egg – and features a small colored stone in the middle, a big change from the regular cloth tie you wear on formal occasions.
"I dunno. Do I look alright?"
>"Oh my gosh! I didn't know you had a bolo!"
"Uhh, I picked it up earlier. Finally saw one that looked halfway decent this morning. You said they were 'in' right now?"
>"Oh, yes. Absolutely they are. It really looks great on you."
>Being about to show everyone the top few buttons of your dress-shirt like this feels absolutely scandalous to you, but Dura's assured you that these things have become quite the rage – more than making up for all the obscene button-cleavage they leave visible.
>Plus, she's not gotten this far to reaching the upper echelons of Canterlot high-society by reading trends wrong, so for now, you trust in her judgement.
>As if you haven't spent your entire life walking on two legs, and are still shaky at it, Dura chivalrously climbs out of the carriage first, and turns around, offering a hoof to help steady you as you climb down the steps.
>You notice a number of stallions doing the same with their mare accompanyees as they disembark their own carraiges.
>As such, it seems she has the roles a bit backwards.
>You accept her hoof apprehensively...
>Maybe the rules here are different because you're not actually a stallion, but a human, and therefore a mare is able to help you just fine without attracting opprobrium.
>You remember reading that in many cases female moths are bigger than the males anyhow, atleast relatively speaking within a species.
>So, it occurs to you, maybe the expectation for chivalry is on them instead.
>This makes sense, though you doubt many of Canterlot's elite would know of such bug-related facts and therefore know to excuse this incongruity.
>However, nobody else in the process of leaving their carraiges seems to notice or question her proverbial wearing-of-the-trousers here.
>Stepping down, you smooth over your coat and do up its bottom button.
>You look to her.
>With her eyes sparkling by the light of the stars above, and a faint, yet confident smile on her face, she nods to you sweetly.
>Side-by-side, you walk toward the event-hall along a path through the lush, prim gardens of the estate.
>Before you reach the main doors, she steps away from you and takes off into the air.
>You give her a tilted expression, and point in the direction you were headed.
"The main doors are this way, Dura."
>She hovers there for a second.
>"Then go sign us in, Anon. I want to make une ENTRÉE!"
>She's off before you can convince her otherwise.
>At least her Fancy has gotten a bit better.
>Now alone, you continue the remaining distance to the door, where you then stand in a small queue that has formed just outside as ponies wait to be signed in.
>To your surprise, nopony gives you a second glance, which is odd, seeing how you're the only one of your species present at this event, and moreover the only one of your species in all of Equestria; you are a rare sight indeed.
>The party-planners must have somehow alerted everypony – or atleast those who have not already met you – about your appearance and unique species, to prevent any kind of panic or discomfort.
>Given the absence of reaction, they were apparently quite effective in transmitting this information.
>This shouldn't entirely be a surprise...
>The competition in Canterlot for business as a party-planner or event-logician is fierce indeed...
>Only the very shrewdest, best, and most-thoughtful tend to survive.
>It seems a lot for ponies to dote so much on something so silly and frivolous as the smooth execution of large festivals, picnics, dances, badminton-and-croquet tournaments, etc.
>Best you can figure, the attention-to-detail required to keep every guest happy, attend every need, and head off every possible problem in advance is considered an analog to operating the large organizations, businesses, and state-related entities many of the Canterlot elite are involved with...
>Throwing a good party is supposed proof of leadership and ability to understand and direct complex operations.
>Conducting oneself with reserved dignity and politeness at a party is considered proof of one's ability to work beneath a director, and collaborate effectively with others in the same position.
>Despite this justification, even after some months of exposure to it all, you still find this preoccupation with anticipating every twist-and-turn at parties and other gatherings to be over-the-top.
>Tonight, however, is slightly different...
File: luxurious as fuq.jpg (89 KB, 909x879)
89 KB
>Although this event lacks not an ounce of the usual glamor of the typical Canterlot party, it is in fact a gettogether for planning a new charity somepony is starting.
>It's a chance to meet the interested players, assess resources, share ideas, mingle, form teams, etc.
>The party itself is merely an extra incentive to encourage ponies to come – not the point of the exercise.
>It is common for these symbols of decadence and self-importance to be misleading to outsiders.
>Initially worried about your first impressions of rich and powerful ponies when Dura first began her ascent into the ranks of the elite, you have been happy to learn that they are not as bad as they might appear.
>You smile to yourself; the ponies of Canterlot can seem a haughty bunch, but they're quite noble sometimes.
>If Dura continues to work her way into their circles, she can surely-
>There's a deep, slightly-ringing sound to your left, drawing your attention up toward the balcony of the second floor.
>It was the sound of a dense object bumping into a pane of glass.
>You facepalm.
>The grandeur and light of the ballroom's great chandelier was apparently a bit TOO mesmerizing for her.
>Craning your neck, you can glimpse some ponies inside looking concernedly in the direction of the noise.
>You spot Dura quickly but abashedly scuttling to the far side of the balcony, out of sight of both you and the ponies in the ballroom.
>Due to the strong glare from the many lights within, none of the ponies who heard the noise appear to see her, and swiftly resume their conversations.
>You breathe a sigh of relief, then make your way inside.

To be continued.

Since this isn't being written all in one go, feel free to ask about stuff or suggest things Anonymous might do if the whim befalls you.
We need a graphics designer.
It needs to SCREAM moth.
File: Flowerscritch.png (2.48 MB, 3600x3600)
2.48 MB
2.48 MB PNG
Meant to post pic related with >>32295282 but image-uploads were failing for a while.

Not sure what your point is. Almost afraid to ask, actually.
the point is birds are light weight. however, the point was not a very good once considering birds fly beak first, essentially turning them into high velocity puncturing birbs, wheras moffs are just moffs.
File: nuke_comic_redraw.png (324 KB, 822x1005)
324 KB
324 KB PNG
Oh! Are you guys roleplaying based on the picture like he is the bat who just showed up and tried to be nice in some obnoxious way and you were the moth who was already here and was unamused? Can I be the pinkie pie who shows up and explains the joke? Can I? Can I? Huh? Huh?
File: UnamusedSnoot.png (98 KB, 713x596)
98 KB
>Telling somebody to fuck off for posting fresh moth related content cause Speck is in it.
>mfw you aren't helping anything either by doing this.

I'm starting to like this story so far. It has an interesting premise in my eyes. I'm interested in knowing what will happen next, since, though Dura is a high class kind of moth, she still is a moth amongst normal ponies; it looks like she might have some trouble fitting in.
Batponies aren’t inherently edgy. They’re nighttime themes usually but they’re ok and can be just as adorable as mothpones.

But I mean.. all pone kinds are adorable.

And here’s a question for anybody.
How thick are a mothponies wings?
File: Doodle bump.jpg (163 KB, 996x1200)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Hollow will resume after I finish Part II of the Second Act. So sometime this weekend.
File: 1394399099485.png (43 KB, 262x283)
43 KB
If we want to start thread wars, we need something more than a general starting with a giant moth sitting on the apple-farmer horse.
Reposting this from the exploded thread for great justice.

>Equestrian physics = Earth physics
>Pegasi = birds
I protest these statements.

>All these replies
It can be hard to tell but sometimes >>32298856 samefags like this and says cruel things to himself in the thread. Act natural.
At least we get a grump snoot out of it.
Since it had already started when I joined the thread, I had trouble understanding and reading Hollow at the time. Your writing has also improved alot, Walnut, since then, from what I can remember.
I don't recall how Butterscotch was portrayed, or if we even saw her at all.
>There isn't a kingdom named after her
Does that mean she's a badass barbarian-class adventurer who'll eventually join us!!?
Additional hype acquired!
I have literally never done that, thanks.
Slow day, eh?
File: sepia_green.jpg (119 KB, 1279x799)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Silly greentext is good greentext.

t. savior of mothkind

Okay but >>32299370 did give me a chuckle.

Fucking UNF. THO.

This is cute.
With most moth X bat pairs the roles would be reversed i think.
Greentext about how and why Actis smellz when?
File: seeking_love.png (970 KB, 1020x3072)
970 KB
970 KB PNG
File: 1402688794333.png (258 KB, 1200x1200)
258 KB
258 KB PNG
File: 1476282098919.png (73 KB, 487x504)
73 KB
File: Spoiler Image (89 KB, 603x510)
89 KB
Beautiful, truly beautiful.
File: LonelyLightbulb.jpg (280 KB, 1440x2220)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
>Lightbulb sits alone in her class room.
>She had been sitting there for nearly an hour and a half.
>Her students should have been in their seats hours ago; however, the seats of the desks still remained unfilled.
>"Were they alright," she thought to herself, "did something bad happen to them...did they not need her anymore?"
>With every passing minute, her heart sank more and more, and her worries rose ever higher.
>"Maybe I should try to go find them," she thought to herself.
>"But...," she wondered, "what if while I was out searching for them, my students were to arrive at her schoolhouse without me present?"
>Lightbulb could really do nothing but sit there and wait for her students to arrive.
>"What if they never arrive," she pondered.
File: Spoiler Image (59 KB, 844x1091)
59 KB
>Beautiful, truly beautiful
Different anon here but trust me when I tell you...
You ain't seen nothin' yet.
I'm looking forward to seeing the next part of your story. Also looking forward to seeing new sketches from you; you make really qt sketches.
File: OG Silkmoth.jpg (2.21 MB, 2592x1936)
2.21 MB
2.21 MB JPG
If I fucked up responding someone was talking about Sweet Silk's stroy/lack of one
Didn't really get around to writing down Sweet Silk's story proper at any point. Was trying to figure out the right way to get the story out and ended up never doing it. Was typing some form of it for the last thread but turned PC off before posting

She is from a rural-ish family that runs their own silk farm. That farm mostly produces silk for consumption in a "bulk" so to speak. Sweet got her interest in Silk farming from there.

At some point she was wandering around the nearby forests and picking different plants and leaves for the silk worms to eat just because she wanted for them to have something "exotic" and different for once. This lead to her discovery that she could alter the taste of the silk produced by tweaking the diet of the worms.

She kept making small ammounts of flavoured silk mostly to herself and her family. Some time later her family is going to a bigger town for a market and while there she falls in love with all sorts of tasty treats from all the different cultures present at the market. When she gets back home she starts working hard on making sweet silks to sate her sweet tooth.

Once she is happy with her product she starts giving it to her friends and the response just makes her want to spread the moth treat food/treat culture to outsiders. After some arguing with her parents who'd rather stay out of the larger world unless absolutely needed she starts on working her little vendor cart.
File: SweetSilkColours.jpg (82 KB, 1461x1360)
82 KB
She made it to the city where she discovered her passion for treats and sweets and sets her stall around the market square. After a bit of a slow start she starts picking up on customers and has to close her stand because she is out of silk to use so she pulls the cart to the outskirts of the city and sets up camp there. She keeps on working on making the strips of silk she sells and after some time returns with new stock.

A lot of the old customers return and to her surprise they have the silk sewn to all sorts of dresses and hats and other clothes. Confused she tries to explain that the silk is actually meant to be eaten and how hard she had worked to get the taste just right. In return she gets blank stares and some laughs. She sells what stock she had again but this time she doesnt really have motivation to keep making the silk.

After spending some time just hanging around the city not doing anything with no clue what to do now she pulls herself somewhat together and starts traveling back home. On the way she stops in Dust Valley where she finds more moths. She offers some of her travel snack silk to some of the residents of the area and to her joy the ponies actually eat and like the silk.
She decides to stay there for a while trying to perfect her craft and make some new friends.

Maybe some day rest of the ponykind is ready for her silks and when that happens she wants to be ready.
I doubt they will start eating fabric but great idea in the first place
>Gradually, Lightbulb wakes up from her bad dream, still with a faint leftover feeling of both worry and melancholy at the back of her mind.
>She tries to shake it off.
"Boy, that was dumb. I should've just gone outside and asked somepony where the foals were or if they could go look for them. Then I could've waited there in case they came back in the meantime."
>As she thinks about it, the logic of the dream deteriorates further under her scrutiny.
"I bet it was just the weekend or something. I'm glad I'm not that dopey in real life; I'm not grey and I look NOTHING LIKE a dumb pegasus."
>She stops yelling and sighs.
>These sorts of dreams always get her worked up and angry at her self and the world and things.
>Lightbulb decides to just bask in the warmth of her bed for a minute as she tries get the feelings to fade a bit faster.
"Man, if I were somebody's OC and they wrote me like that I would punch them in the face!"
>She thinks.
"Or maybe just ask Capri to punch them in the face for me. That would probably be more effective."
>With a sudden billow of smoke, "OH REALLY? Do you think it might even be SUPER EFFECTIVE?"
>Lightbulb flinches at the words of the tall, serptentine creature suddenly present in her room.
"Holy shit, who the MOTH are you?!" she exclaims, then pauses.
>And THEN! ...
>She's pausing, remember? I already told you in the blacktext.
>You're going to have to wait for her to unpause.
>It will probably take a minute.
>Yeah, still paused.
>Sheesh you're pretty impatient, aren't you? Yeah, yeah, I know, you've got a busy schedule.
>But I don't control how long she pauses for; I'm just the hecking narrator.
>Okay, we're all set...
"And it's a normal-type move! Last time I checked those are never super-effective, but also never 'not very effective,' either."
>"...You guys don't really cuss like that, do you? 'Who the moth are you'? Really?"
"Nah, unless it's a joke, which it was this time."
>She pauses again but this time I tell you that on a green line and it also doesn't take nearly as long for her to resume speaking.
"Oh and you didn't actually surprise me for shit, I was just acting. All kindsa niggahs randomly appear in my room all the time. I'm fukken USED TO IT."
>She seems to do something gangster with her forehooves as she says this, which greatly adds to her point;
>She's pretty DAMN used to it, y'know?
>"Well, you had ME fooled. Not bad, my dear."
>He chuckles a little.
>"But anyhow... I'm Discord."
"Lightbulb. You look just about as ugly as your app does."
>He falters.
>"My... app?"
"Yeah. 'The realtime text-and-voice chatting application made exclusively for GAMERS.'"
>The draconequus blinks.
"I can hardly get Orange Pop to close out of that shit during class. It's like she thinks it's crack or something. I've had to take her phone away before."
>"Oh, well, I'm sorry to hear that."
"Good, you should be. Fix the fucking sidebar for the light-theme, already. The DOM's a mess, and Skype's notification system was more flexible than yours is. Also Nitro a shyt. Now please, go."
>He hummmphs.
>"Fine, fine. I guess I'll be LEAVING now," he says faux-poutingly, before promptly snapping with the digits of one paw and poofing out of existence.
>Lightbulb goes back to thinking.
"I wonder why can't I have more NICE dreams where I can like... FLY and stuff."
>She pauses.
"Wait a minute, I fucking CAN fly IRL, can't I? Fucking SICK!"
>She tosses off the covers and flies several small circles in the air above her bed.
>Now feeling like a TOTAL BADASS, Lightbulb lands and heads out of her room to start her day RIGHT, and for REAL this time.

>I don't recall how Butterscotch was portrayed, or if we even saw her at all.
>There isn't a kingdom named after her
About the name of the kingdoms. The name of the kingdoms just come from the original monarch who founded it and sometimes descendants of the current monarchs get named after the original. Squeak is a descendant of King Squeak and just got his name.

>Does that mean she's a badass barbarian-class adventurer who'll eventually join us!!?
Depends on what you have Unknown do during free action breaks. You can get more story, get characterization, get lore information, or have Unknown wander off and do some side-stuff and make new friends outside who join the main story.
File: 1424916569729.png (1.15 MB, 1800x1800)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG

Cotton fluff is one of those kinds
Except no eggs or month specific shit.. I replaced that with standard moth lore. She’s just that size and general temperament
Not the anon of the post from the last thread, but it's nice to finally hear some of Sweet Silk's backstory. I wasn't around during the active months of the blog, but I was always left with many questions about Sweet Silk, like how she grew an intrest in producing silk, was her silk meant for eating or for clothing, etc.. This answers so many of those questions, though I'm still left with quite a number of them.
Based on the new lore behind the settlements, cities, and areas in and around Dust Valley ("the mothlands" I guess), what particular city did she originally sell her silk at, and where does she currently sell it at?
Are their any types of silk flavors that Sweet Silk produces that she prefers over others, or is she indifferent on her silk?
>Getting your lore from DEVIANTART
No wonder you originally came here with such backward ideas.
I bet your parents were fucking babyboomers too.
Didn't they ever teach you not to believe everything you read on the internet?
I never.

Seriously, though, if it were me I would just have her be a more normal size and get attacked by a wolf or something instead.
Unless the story is *about* size, big size-differences like that can really hamper storytelling i.m.o. by introducing a lot of overhead considerations about how their stature has to be actively managed and it becomes a pain pretty quickly 3bh.

Do whatever, though, obviously.
Yeah she was one of the first ones I did and I didn’t know much about the moths at all so I took any information I saw at face value. It’s become a problem because I now can’t explain her tininess properly or really anything and the thought of fixing everything makes me want to throw up because uuuhhhhhhggghhgggg

I guess I should show a different moff soonish, most of mine are surprisingly lacking development upon reviewing them and I don’t know what to do with them all, they’re just casual random pones that do pone things currently.

Except two of them who have a bit more
Well here’s another moff

Her name is Zipper and she’s a mail carrier. She’s a really agile flyer, she’s based on a hummingbird moth
Post the ten most popular moth ponies.
>Butterscotch on the list
I don’t think my girl’s that popular lol
It's hard to objectively give an answer to this all the way down to slot 10, but surely Hexferry is at the top
She's arguably become the mascot for the thread in that she's used as a stand-in for /moth/ probably more than Squeak is

Though... It occurs to me you didn't specify whether you meant to ask this about as an in-universe question or a question about fandom or thread meta.
Like "which moth is the best-known and liked in Dust Valley" versus "which moth character do anons like the best?"

If it's the latter, the real answer probably varies depending on whether you want to know this statistic for all time or if you only care about a specific time period like say over the last year or so
There are probably times when it's been Moon Dust and other times Squeak and other times Flower Tart and other times Sepia, Goldie, or Caramel.
I was going to borrow Nuke's Treble Town as the bigger city with more types of ponies than just moths knocking about. Even those spooky bats
I dont really know that much about the moth geography but I imagined her to stay nearby the town with all the main moths and depending on story anon stays at.
She really likes sweet and fruity flavours. She has different qualities of silk for sale on her cart for different prices. In my initial sketch of the cart I think I had Regular, Premium, and the Flavour of the Month. I can't really remember how that played in the flavour stuff. Right now I'd probably write it as different qualities of varying flavours with a larger section of a specific flavour that had a lower price for the month.
She has difficulty picking favourite but if she had to choose it'd probably be mango for now.
Here’s another picture of Zipper
File: Pinkie moth.png (164 KB, 1000x750)
164 KB
164 KB PNG
I-I'm Back! real life butted in the way of colouring abandoned sketches of moth ponies.
Hexferry, Caramel, Amata, Squeak, Meisa, Sepia, Butterscotch, Actias, Virgo, and Gemini.

Hexferry and Caramel are by far the most popular because Hexferry a tsundere and people love their tsunderes for some reason and Caramel a cute and lewd.
File: 1485629115304.png (284 KB, 1200x674)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
>"Moths are not for sexul!"
>She really likes sweet and fruity flavors
>Her favorite is mango (for now)
So she can modify the silk to taste like certain fruits? That's a pretty cool concept. I could see ponies that don't have access to certain fruits buying her silk to use as a substitute in the creation of fruit flavored beverages, similar to how Pixelanon has mentioned that various types of rot can be used as substitutes for other ingredients in cooking. For example, a moth wants to make mango juice, but can't, so they just stir some of her mango flavored juice in water to make something that's similar to it.
I know in the actual commercial production of silk, once the cocoon of the silkworm is fully formed and the worm begins the pupation stage, they throw the silk cocoon in to boiling water, killing the pupating larvae on the inside but leaving the silk. They do this because when the silk moth finally starts to break free of it's pupa, the moth will release an enzyme that burns a hole though a lot of the cocoon so it can escape, thus damaging a good portion of the silk cocoon. Would Sweet Silk do this to produce her silk?

The Colourfag returns, and with a new qt coloring of ponker moff! Lore and stories about Capri when???
Also, did you ever finish coloring in that pic that you started during the very end of the last thread?
real life got in the way, I don't have the memory stick the moth senpai was on at the moment
File: mothpony_OC_WIP.png (404 KB, 1800x2234)
404 KB
404 KB PNG
New Moff.
This is bueno. Having gone for a long time with only a vague idea of who Sweet Silk was, I think this is a good backstory for her.
It fits well with the nice-but-enthusiastic-to-the-point-of-seeming-weird sorta vibe she gives off.
Treble is a cool concept and has a lot of appeal. I think I asked for more detail about it at one point and noted a few things down which might help you decide how/whether to use it.
>maybe 2% Sea pony, 5% Moth, 3% Bat, 10% Crystal pone, 20% Earth pone, 30% Unicorn pone, 15% pegasus, 15% other
>in Equestria near Galloping Gorge in the northwest
Presumably this is one of the few places in Equestria that has much of a mothpony population. As a result, I'd imagine most of the caravans have their routes go through here.

I KNEW it was too soon to give up hope on you, Colourfag.
Welcome back.


>Hexferry, Caramel, Amata, Squeak, Meisa, Sepia, Butterscotch, Actias, Virgo, and Gemini.
Mostly agree but would probably swap out Flower Tart for Gemini, Goldie for Amata, and probably Dandelion for Meisa.
That's primarily based off of the amount of art we have for all of them. For stories and discussion, the real way to answer this would be to check for the number of posts since thread #0 which mention each moth. Dealing with nicknames and misspellings and such would make it harder.
Lol I'd rather actually generate content then expend effort that way.

Other than fairytaleanon's recent piece, ponkmoth is a mostly lost art pursued before my time lurking here.
It's cool to see that stuff.
You're also making me want to set up an image archive that actually has a proper search-function to find stuff.
Maybe the smart strategy is to upload everything that's not too rough to derpibooru and just use the archive for rough sketches and such.

>New moff
Just coloring here or are you thinking about traits n stuff?
just colouring it's liteally something I coloured, whoever did the linework made it really easy.
Derp derp names and such

I’m thinking about having Zipper go on a little adventure to deliver some mail to some place far away like manehatten. Not sure what she’ll deliver but it might connect with another of my characters or it might be tied to some kind of mystery?

She needs lots of development, currently she’s just a zoom that gets really over exited about things she likes.
>I would hope he's coming back, and same for the visual creator, CR
I come here every now and then to look at the cute moths. I can fill some requests if you guys have any.
File: AnonMoffFilly.png (585 KB, 2400x3600)
585 KB
585 KB PNG
Well, now that we've got her original creators here again can we talk about Capri a little?

How/why did she decide to be a Ranger or otherwise end up as one?
How much of the mothlands has she seen?
Which area(s) does she now patrol? Did she influence this decision directly or indirectly or is she just following orders?
Is there something in particular that makes her more prone to kinda chase shadows than others in her position?
Does this actually make her worse at her job if something actually important comes up or is she able to pause/drop her silly quests if need be?
Has she ever been proven right when proverbially tilting at windmills, or pursued something she found suspicious that others ignored and discovered something important?
Is she prematurely grey or is that just her natural coloration?
What's her demeanor like in social situations?
For this last one, I imagine her to be relaxed, charming, and kind, but occasionally get loud and/or overzealous if certain things are suggested or joked about.
>She picks up her spear and starts to leave.
"Well what are we waiting for!? Let's DEAL with this problem!!"
>Hexferry: "C-capri, I didn't mean we should ACTUALLY force Actias to take a bath, just that I wish we could."
"What do you mean? I'm quite sure we CAN."
>"Jus- f-forget about it, okay?"
Thanks! Her translucent wings are difficult to do, especially when they’re flapping (oh isn’t that just the best thing to draw, translucent things moving as high speeds, if only they were reflective and glowing)

I don’t have anymore pictures of her yet though, only those two.(Unless you want to see her ponytown design)
I just like drawing cute moths. I can't write a back story
Page ten is not for moffs
File: SnootyAnimation(WIP).gif (338 KB, 1024x768)
338 KB
338 KB GIF
The way you colored that moth makes him look a bit like a marshmallow. Don't know if that was intentional or not, but he sure looks edible.

Good to see you back, CR. I don't know if you are working on any new moth content at the moment, but if you are, I'll be eager to see what it may be.

Honestly, this is an immediate improvement over your previous character. Her design looks a lot more original than your previous moth, and the fact that you are thinking about developing on her character is also a nice thing to hear. What do you have written down about her at the moment as far as her general character goes?
File: IMG_0247.jpg (286 KB, 1074x1661)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
File: Whatthefuckk.jpg (10 KB, 225x225)
10 KB
Jesus fucking wept how long have i been out of this community?
Unf indeed. I wholly concur.

>You are a machine-maintenance technician pone in charge of fixing, oiling, inspecting, and occasionally reconfiguring your facility's machines between shifts and between the manufacturing seasons when different products are made.
>Your all-seeing boss has just invited you to speak with her after hours in the factory's upstairs area.
>You just wrapping up the calibration you were doing.
>You fear the worst....
>Although you have a rarer set of talents than the regular line-workers, they are still learnable by most moths, given enough time;
>You are far from indispensable.
>On the contrary, you are responsible for the continued productivity of everypony in the facility.
>One mistake can cost dozens of hours of downtime, meaning hundreds of saleable units going unproduced during this period.
>Though now a year in the past, you still have nightmares about the last mechanical failure which left a machine's line down for days waiting on replacement parts from Ferule, due to the damage from when the failure occurred.
>Unfortunately, checking the part that had worn out requires disassembly of the entire contraption, which you had politely recommended be done, but had been told not to perform, as this would have interfered with the round-the-clock shifts which had been in effect at the time, to keep up with demand.
>Since then, you were allowed to occasionally check on this component, since the device is an asset to the factory; it is otherwise dependable and easy to keep running.
>Since you are not the only tech who works there, you fear that something went wrong earlier today, fixed by somepony else while you were busy.
>Upstairs, you can find the factory's business-office, meeting room, observation-area, control-center, and also the boss's quarters....
This is now a Rot thread.
To be completely honest her design is one I’m not the proudest of.

It’s her and another one I have named Ginger, the designs are too close to some of the inspiration. I made them when I was in a bit of a creative lul.

I don’t really have much story about either of them, and the ones I do have detailed stories on I would need to introduce like six more characters for context. None of my characters have a stand alone story that can be told without mentioning a few others.

She knows Ginger though and they’re pretty good friends I suppose
Moth poners have been a thing on this board for a long time
Yeah, but then they died for a few years.
You could also try to wrote a story with her traveling to somewhere around Dust Valley/other moth canon area. Like have her try to deliver a package to squeak and then try to get her to sign for it or something along those lines. This way you could ease her in with the other moths build her character from that way.
This is of course assuming she isnt from the heartlands of moth canon. If you established her already there and I missed it you can disregard that

I don’t have my characters interact with other people’s usually, I made my moths back when dust valley was still on the west coast and didn’t even know it changed.

I suppose she does deliver to the other moths but I don’t use them in the story, even as background characters
If I wanted ya t'write a story, drawfriend, I would've put "write us a story."
No single anon has all answers. Just asking for what your gut tells you about her.
What were you thinking of when drawing her? Did you have music on?

Kindly ignore newfag passers-by who haven't noticed this general in its 4+ years of existence.
>doesn't have their characters interact with other characters in the thread
You are in a thread where characters are made and stories about them are written with them interacting with other ponies made in said thread. Ignoring the canon of the thread and doing your own thing is okay, but ignoring the concept of the thread is another thing entirely. If you wish to ignore that, you are better off just starting a DA and posting your characters their as oppose to posting them here. Better yet, if you want to ignore the concept of an entire thread and just have a place to post your OC's, I'm pretty sure you must have some bat ponies in all those OC's that you claimed to have in the last thread. /bat/ would probably love to have you there.:^)
I don’t feel I have a right to use other people’s ocs in my stories. They aren’t mine to use. That’s a normal thought. I would hope people feel that way.
Does Dust Valley not being on the west coast matter then uf your characters dont interact with other characters from dust valley? You could have your own little moth colony there and then have Zipper make a delivery from there to Dust Valley and have her interact with other moths. This would make it easier for other people in the thread to add her in the moth canon.

I have nothing against keeping your characters to yourself and telling your stories with them but I dont think this is the right kind of platform for that. The moths here should be more like a part of a shared collective where anyone can pick a moth they like and make a story/art.

I was in somewhat of a same boat when I was focused on tinkering with Sweet Silk so I had her hard canon be on tumblr so I had full control but I still brought her to Dust Valley so she could be part of the whole moth collective and people on the thread could write/do art if they wanted.

In the end you are free to do as you want but like >>32327567 said the "look dont touch" mentality is not for here.
Hmmm. Not sure what to do then.. I want to share my characters. But not really..SHARE..my characters with a bunch of people I can’t even differentiate.

At the same time if I want people to know my characters I have to expect that I’ll have almost no control over what happens. And if I never make them known than why am I making them.
>moff 10
File: Hope - Mothpony Squeak.png (814 KB, 1248x1232)
814 KB
814 KB PNG
You need someone to save you from page 10 again?
...Fiine, just please try not to end up here again. I really do think mothponies are cute.
Maybe this thread isn't for you then, which is fine. Just because you have moth pony Pc's, doesn't mean you have to post them in this thread. You'd probably be better off starting a Tumblr or a DA if you want to still share your moths, but still maintain complete creative control over your characters.
...Or just try doing what >>32327916 did with his character. Just a suggestion.
Ducking autocorrect.
And this is why the thread is permanently on page 10. Literally no one wants to read the hours of green required to understand what is "canon" or not. There's way too many rules
> akshully there's not that much to kno-
There is too much for people to catch interest. As evident by the traffic
>all this non canon garbage
fucking get out
your greens suck anyways
>I don’t have my characters interact with other people’s usually
>I don’t use them in the story, even as background characters
I'm not sure I would even call them characters if you do this little with them. "Concepts" might be the right word.
>I made my moths back when dust valley was still on the west coast and didn’t even know it changed
We know. Adjust your canon somehow.
>a bunch of people I can’t even differentiate
Lurk more?

Three people were ready to bump from 10 incl. me is not too bad.
I didn’t say that they couldn’t be background characters, just that I don’t really have them as even secondary, part of the reason I have so many is that I’m completely relying on my own characters to have them interact with.

If I make one, I need to give them friends and family and any other interaction they have has to be somebody else too. I don’t really do side characters because I like diving into all of them, thus forcing myself to make more. I do accept that these other characters exist in the universe. Without them I don’t have the justification for mine being there.

>Adjust it SOMEHOW

I don’t think you quite realize how difficult that could be at this point. There’s all these towns and lore that sprang up and feels more like dnd style story building than mlp
>tfw anon misunderstands the point
It isn't the canon that's the problem, it's ignoring the concept of the thread that is the problem. Canon can be completely ignored and still come out good so as long as the creators of said characters can take criticism and be okay with people writing and drawing things based on their character. One doesn't need to understand the canon to get in to the thread.
>Does your character have neckfluff and bug wings?
>Is the concept of your character original?
>Are you as a creator willing to take criticism and be lax about what happens with your ideas in the threads.?
If you answer yes to these, congrats, you will have no people being apart of the thread.

Why not write out your story then? People make greentexts with their own canon all the time and usually come out good; just look at Walnuts COYA. If what you say is true, then you'd have no problem writing some stories with your canon then.
>no one wants to read hours of greentext
First of all, unless they're legit misguided, any anons saying "canon" are using the term loosely; we sometimes try to gain a rough consensus for things of importance, but not everyone agrees on all points, and that's okay.
Reading hours of greentext is definitely one way to get familiar with some of the stuff the thread has come up with over the years, but you also could just ask for a few links to the wiki and be done in 15 minutes.
The broad strokes are:
> Reasonably-complete list of established characters so far http://moth-ponies.wikia.com/wiki/Table_of_Mothponies
> General species information http://moth-ponies.wikia.com/wiki/Mothpony_biology
> Locations http://moth-ponies.wikia.com/wiki/Settlements_and_Locations
and, for the fungally adventurous:
> http://moth-ponies.wikia.com/wiki/Lore/The_Forest_of_the_Rot

>Page 10
Fast/highly-bumped threads are not always the best.
If you really believed they were, I think you'd be on >>>/b/ or >>>/vg/ or even in the pony threads of >>>/trash/ but instead, you're here – a slowish thread on a relatively calm boards.

>DND story-building
I don't know how much you've lurked /mlp/ but other than liking bugs, we're not that unusual.
Loads of threads have (or did have) a cast of different characters and various stories based around shared locations and/or themes:
>Strange Waifu Thread
>Royal Guardsmare Thread
>Bat Thread
>Technology Isn't Magic
>My Massive Pony
>Fallout Equestria
>Pony in Earth
>Anon in Equestria
>Browser/Console Ponies
>Plane ponies
Plenty of others.

>congrats, you will have no people being apart of the thread
I think you mean "no trouble"?
>As harsh as she may seem, she too lives and breathes the work of the factory, although more of her efforts have to do with appeasing clients, setting prices, and striking bargains.
>She works at it with the same furor and concentration she expects of her employees.
>Mothpony kind, she says, cannot maintain its current way of life without the factories of Pould in operation, including this very one.
>She's explained that helping to run it approaches holy duty, as undone, mothponies would return to the primitive era in which the Black Rot first erupted deep in the forests.
>Without this work, moths would be unprepared for any sort of resurgence; they would be without provisions, tools, and ties to other cultures – helpless, friendless, and desperate.
>You believe these words.
>They are the only thing which explain the harsh approaches of Ms. Cotton....
>It not often that she flaunts the trappings of her power and influence, so surely, she would not act as she does out of greed.
>In fact, she has managed to save nearly everyone who works here from certain death....
>Although the city authorities condone much, those desperate enough to steal and be caught are exiled promptly, left either to fend for themselves in the forests, or to scratch out a life in places Ramshackle, east of the valley.
>Those who fail there are supposedly sold into slavery to the various, wicked non-pony creatures of the deserts far to the south.
>Compared to that, Ms. Cotton's expectations of work-ethic seem benevolent, and her employment of a small staff of powerful griffon, justified.
>She comes to fetch you just as you set your tools aside and prepare to put the machine back in its place.
>"Leave it. Gibbon will handle that."
>She nods to a wiry-but-fearsome-looking griffon who silently moves to the cylindrical machine, setting it upright as he prepares to carry it.
>You are initially surprised he has no questions as to where the device is while in operation, but then remember that griffons watch the factory during hours, most of the time with nothing better to do than observe both the moths and the machines as they work.
>While idle, they probably memorize who does what, and what goes where.
>The factory-boss waves you forward and you follow as she beckons.
>You're certain she'll be telling you that she's spotted a decline in your performance and will be offering you a chance to straighten up your act.
>This may of course be accompanied by vivid descriptions of exactly what might happen if you fail to do so.
>You follow her up the diamond-grate steps apprehensively, looking over your shoulder at the dim workfloor below.
>The factory is quiet, sleepy. Almost serene... though the empty tightness of your stomach prevents full appreciation.
>Many of your recent rations have gone to feeding your niece, as her father currently lacks the means.
>So far, this hasn't affected your work, at least to your knowledge.
>But with the new evidence to the contrary, you find yourself trembling from both your nerves, and the weakness of several skipped meals.
>Although spring nights in Pould are warm, your metabolism bridles its resources, and a chill works it up your spine.
>Shivering, you take bitter comfort in the fact that looking so nervous likely won't affect your outcomes either way.
>Ms. Cotton is too empirical to let her actions be affected by such trifles.
>Reaching the door and raising her hoof to the handle, she halts and gives you a close look over her shoulder, which you're not sure how to interpret.
>She turns away and opens the door. You glimpse a knowing smile.
>You find the look not to match what you'd expect before receiving a stern talking-to....
>I think you mean "no trouble"?
Yeah, that's what I meant. I forgot to proof read my crap before I posted it.
I don’t have issues writing with what I have, I just want to have my story made before I write it I have the characters but I need to figure out exactly what they do
It needs some secondary motion still but this is is coming along well, I think.
Have a fun little detail that I don’t know if anybody has suggested

Mothponies might hum their wings if they’re uncomfortable or angry or nervous? Just a fun thought
Keep up the good work, I praise generals that don’t die easily

They could also do it when they’re cold

I can’t find a gif but if you look up moths shivering you’ll see what I mean if you don’t already understand, (although most of the moths in the videos are larger ones who keep their wings open)
That does sound like it could be an interesting little quirk for some moths to have. I know moths will hum/rapidly flap their wings when they are wet and need to dry off, as I noticed yesterday when small, wet moth hopped from the side of a car and on to my hand, and began to do just that. It would be cute to have mothponies do that when they're nervous.
I could see it now.
>Virgo walks up to Hexferry from behind, ready to hit on her.
>Hexferry could sense the ever growing presence of Virgo, and started rapidly flapping her wings once Virgo got close enough to her.
>Virgo took the hint that Hex wasn't interested, and he fluttered off to avoid an ear full of aggravated squeaking from her.
>Hexferry continued to do this even after Virgo left, because when is Hexferry ever not frustrated about something?
Yes. Very much.

But it’s not full on flapping, they start at their sides, they just shiver or vibrate really fast
Ok, so what you mean is something like this then?
Whoops, forgot the last letter in the link.
Yeah basically. No intent in taking off, just a little subconscious shaking when they’re feeling annoyed or really worried.
It probably would only come in little bursts lasting only a few seconds, if it’s because of them being annoyed at least. If it’s from them being really uncomfortable or scared they might Stop themselves and then start again subconsciously. And it might not be as wide of a movement as even that. For some reason all the clips are of moths that don’t fold their wings do their bodies
I like where this is going. Greens of Cotton are always a pleasure to see. This is gonna get lewd isn't it?
>Nervous/cold fluttering
Haven't been part of the back-and-forth but seems like a fine idea.

>Appreciating this or other generals
I assume you're lurking or considering lurking here, but regardless you're a rare sort, anon. Cheers.

>This is gonna get lewd isn't it?
Depends... Do you WANT it to get lewd? And anything specific you'd like to see either way?
>Do you WANT it to get lewd?

>And anything specific you'd like to see either way?
I have no preference. Just keep writing it and see where it takes you.
It sounds very much plausible.
Thanks, I thought of it the other day after seeing a moth vibrating and thought it was funny
File: Titania and Hexferry.jpg (285 KB, 1800x1200)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
I finished Part II of the Second Act of Hollow. I'll release it this weekend.

Doodle bump.
>Working late
>The fucking sun's come up
>See this
>I was Hexferry this whole time and I never knew it
Your doodles are lovely as always, breh
Hello 9.
Goodbye 9.
Always nice to see art from you, Wally. Keep up the good work.
File: Moth princess.png (1.2 MB, 3600x3600)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
new WiP
Who would make the more affectionate wife? Titania or Hexferry?
How do moth ponies tongues work? They’ like straws, but also work like normal. How do they fit in their mouths?
They're bendable straws that can retract all the way down their throat
File: Moth Pony Mouth.png (15 KB, 723x518)
15 KB
Maybe they have a holster inside their throat to hold the extre lengths of their tongues?
By the way, does anybody have a Pro account on Pastebin? I was thinking about getting one to try and resurrect a writefag we had last year but figured I'd ask first.
Don't do it. WE might be dead in x-months again.

Well, I looked up the way this actually works in nature, as there are obviously a few animals known for the length of their tongue. Since moths and butterflies actually store their tongue in a coil outside of their head/body, I had to look at other species to figure out how this would work.

Pic related explains that anteaters' tongues are anchored by the sternum at the top of the ribcage, which is fucking crazy because in other animals it's right at the hyoid bone.
If you sift through the medical terms in the relevant wikipedia section, it turns out that when not in use, the tongue is stored in the oropharynx with the help of the secondary palate (also called the soft palate, at least in humans).
The soft palate is the piece of tissue that allows you to seal off the cavity at back of your nose from area at the back of your mouth, essentially. (Doing this should prevent you from breathing through your nose.)

In anteaters, there appears to be a more space above/in the throat before the sort of "fork in the road" where air/food have to pick a direction to go (either to the lungs or the stomach).
The tongue is retracted into that space, and the tissue of the soft-palate is used to hold it in place to prevent it obscuring the path needed for breathing.

From what I gather, they actually retract the tip of their tongues back to the top of the esophagus, where the muscles there pull off the ants they've snagged before conveying them to the stomach.
Presumably, the tongue runs for much of the length of the esophagus since it's anchored so far back. It probably lays flat on either the top or the bottom of the esophageal shaft during swallowing and has evolved to aid in peristalsis.

The above setup probably makes the most sense since mothponies are more mammal than bird, but I'll post the avian info I found also in case anyone's interested.
More mammal than bird

0% bird

But yeah that’s makes the most sense I suppose
Pic related is the (insane) bird method of tongue-storage, found in hummingbirds, and woodpeckers like the gilded flicker.

The relevance here is that real moths and butterflies do actually have a cleft tongue (it's really two tongues which are zipped together when in use, but separated when curled up), which they use to create capillary-action for drinking (like a how the two halves of a fountain-pen work, but instead of ink moving down the split, ink moves upwards along the split instead... imagine sticking a completely dry fountain-pen head into a pool of ink. It would suck it up, because surface-tension would cause the ink to climb up along the split.)

In hummingbirds, their tongues are actually more like pumps than fountain-pens. I don't have quite have the fluid-dynamics background to tell you which would work best at pony scales.

I imagine the mothpony tongue to be able to soak up fluids but without actually being visibly forked; *
Perhaps they have the necessary porous structure (like a sponge) or cleft(s) (like the groove in the head of a fountain-pen) within the body of the tongue itself, as unseen, internal structures.
Those structures would be naturally "dry"/empty so as to pull in liquids when opened to them. At the base of the tongue, those structures would either naturally empty out or be able to be squeezed/compressed to empty into the stomach.
(Wrung like a sponge or pour constantly like a siphon)

Macroscopically, the way I imagine it, a moth pony's tongue looks like a mammalian tongue on the outside, but it has tons of pores which can be opened to sop up fluids on command and deliver them into the stomach of the moth very efficiently when a moth wants to.
These pores would be closed and not be used by mothponies when eating solid foods, for those who still can as adults.

* Not her creator, but Snoot's ref sheet describes her as having two tongues, one for eating, and one for drinking, which is interesting.
Titania, by a landslide.

>Have a 20-year old friend and a friend who's about to turn 30
>Wonder if you should introduce them
According to anon's logic:
>"No. The 29-year-old friend will probably die before the other one and therefore they should not be encouraged to enjoy eachother's company while they can"
This is the most utterly bogus shit I have ever heard.
I agree with this statement by a landslide. The more people creating content for the thread in my eyes, the better.
Moth pony tongues roll up in the mouth and have tiny hairs for capillary motion. They're neither hollow nor bifurcated.
File: 1497476588936.png (280 KB, 646x595)
280 KB
280 KB PNG
> pic
How horrifying
excuse me?
>tiny hairs for capillary motion
Are you suggesting they'd lap up nectar like a cat or something?
'Capillary action' (also called capillary motion) is a formal term which AFAIK has just about nothing to do with tiny hairs.
If I'm wrong you'll have to provide better detail.
You're probably not much of a student of physics but inb4 there's some strange method I haven't heard of for capillary action working which involves small adjacent hairs
File: Spoiler Image (2.09 MB, 4032x3024)
2.09 MB
2.09 MB JPG
I would think their tongues are hollow like a straw and have a small hole in the front and very back so when they’re extended they can literally suck in whatever they’re drinking.

Basically a straw that they just always have on them, and this way they can still get a mouthful of whatever they’re drinking. They can probably drink like normal ponies too though.

Maybe they can even use their tongues like a snorkel
Of course weird things happened to the picture.
And the end of the pipe ends at the hyoid, enabling you to close your pharynx and savor whatever your hollow muscle has picked up?
>small hole in the front and very back so they can literally suck in whatever
In both hummingbirds and fluid-drinking moths, it's actually more of a slit/seam on both sides up the center as shown in pic related.
Even if we don't take it to the extreme side of having mothpony tongues be bifurcated all the way up to their attachment-point, elongated openings allow faster intake of nectar because the size/surface-area of the opening can be larger relative to the tongue, permitting greater volumetric flow in a given instant.
Maybe the X-number-of-holes toward the tip of the tongue you're proposing might be slightly oblong or slit-shaped, rather perfectly than round.
A slit shape avoids the need for a sphincter structure and allows more fluid to be sucked up.
One advantage of this is that sphincter-mechanisms heal poorly if damaged.
Instead of that, it's simpler just for two sheets of tissue to press firmly together to create a seal (like the lips of the human mouth – pointed at the edges so there doesn't have to be completely uniform force about a single central point to create a seal).

It sounds like we're thinking about having moth ponies use actual SUCTION rather than primarily capillary action.
From what I've been reading this makes sense despite it not being how insect moths do it. There are two reasons for this being sound:
1. Capillary action for drinking tends to be exploited by smaller animals (almost exclusively arthropods) because they lack the physical space in their bodies to store pump-like equipment capable of generating enough force to move liquids. At their size, it is easier to let surface-tension do the work to overcome fluid viscosity because this viscosity generates very strong resistance to them compared to what it would for larger creatures, and surface-tension is also relatively stronger at small sizes.
File: 2.jpg (124 KB, 1188x660)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
2. As creatures increase in size, the relative strength of both surface-tension and viscosity diminish, as space-limits for suction-capable parts become less important; While moths use capillary action to drink, hummingbirds do not. This continues to hold true up through horses and elephants, who both use plain suction to obtain water for drinking.

So, it probably makes sense to have it that nectar-drinking for mothponies does not rely overwhelmingly on capillary action; suction probably plays the bigger part.
(In insect moths, it's the opposite; capillary action does most of the pulling and a small, weak pump just empties the reservoir at the top of the proboscis so capillary action can continue.)

>I would think their tongues are hollow like a straw
That's how it is for both hummingbirds and moths. See pic related, which is a diagram representing a hypothetical crosswise cut of a lepidopteran proboscis.
Note the the "trachea" labelled here is not used for breathing in air, but rather to allow oxygen to reach the muscles, nerves, and glands within the proboscis. It may also serve to allow pressure to be adjusted within the central canal.

>Maybe they can even use their tongues like a snorkel
This is such a cute idea.
If we assume hyoid-attachment of the tongue like >>32344777 everything is simple, but in realistic terms attachment here would limit the length of the tongue significantly which would rule out Goldie-tier length tongues.
...We could just say "Huge amounts of tongue fit somehow. It's cartoon physics."
If we assume attachment at the sternum like >>32342345, we could still have the snorkel work if there were vents on the tongue which would allow air to exit above the pharynx.
If that's too much of a stretch there would be nothing preventing a moth from filling their tongue with air from above then just venting that air into their nose or mouth from the tip again, sorta like elephants do to drink.
The idea of it being a slit makes more sense. I was just trying to show what I meant in a clear way
Hold on. Idea:
They can roll their tongues to make a make-shift straw.
File: image.jpg (1.71 MB, 4032x3024)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB JPG
Not if it’s already a straw...?

Also the moffs are better than us
>tfw you will never have a Titania wife
>tfw you will never come home from a long day at work and be greeted by Titania in an aprong and a smile on her face.
>tfw Titania will never thank you for working so hard and give you home cooked meals.
>tfw you will never take a hot bath with her and talk about your day
>tfw you will never help her clean the dishes and then snuggle on the couch to watch some shows on tv.
>tfw you will never mating press her for the sole purpose of procreation later that night and fall asleep afterwards with a tired Titania in your arms
>tfw you will never have your stepdaughter Hexferry come over to see you and Titania and wanting to hang out as a family.
Feels terrible.
>Tongue = straw?
This is kinda what we were talking about for most of today.
>>32346179 is right. The basic idea of a tongue that can be used as a straw is almost as old as the thread itself. Today had a bit of exploring of exactly how the long tongues might actually work in more detail.

Looks more like a FILTHY CHANGELING HYBRID to me.
I'm not sure the brown quite sells the changeling-ness tbhonest. Usually you'll see the base color be a blackish grey, a light grey, or a desaturated blue as per pic related.
You may know this trick already, but if you decide to do in the background, remember to reduce the color-saturation as you move to objects further back from the viewer. This helps to convey depth.

>no feels until the last line
damnit, anon
Hitting on Virgo's tomboy mother.
>Not her creator, but Snoot's ref sheet describes her as having two tongues, one for eating, and one for drinking, which is interesting.

I actually have a more in-depth explanation behind how her tongues work.
>link related

I imagine that mothpony tongues would be opposable like a finger/thumb, hence why she examines things with her tongues.
File: Tsundere noises.jpg (166 KB, 1177x1063)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
Don't give up moths.

I will admit, I found the concept strange, but strangely... practical.

Would she be making out with both of them?
She’s a bit different than the other moths though, I see her as an outlier in terms of common design points
looks like she's got a second tongue.
Random doodle that’ll probably go nowhere
Why the hell are they all turning sideways.
Anon...I never even thought of that before...
I'm going to have to draw something like that one day.
>pic unrelated
Meaningful AM bump.
File: Princess Gray.png (1.18 MB, 3600x3600)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
trying out a dark grey as suggested by Anon
Holy shit, you make her look so fucking glamorous.
I like this look for her. High-confidence moviestar Cejire is great.

Better, I.M.desu.M.O.!

>looks like she's got a second tongue.
This is such a mind-numbingly obvious thing to say I'm forced to conclude it's some new form of shitposting. Maybe I'm wrong.
You seem to only draw (moth)ponies in that particular pose. Although it looks fine, it would help you to try something more dynamic, like a flying (or sitting, or lying down, etc.) moff, or just drawing at a different angle. Also, the eyes could use more expression. They shouldn't always be wide open like that.
File: Clipboard01.jpg (375 KB, 1103x1600)
375 KB
375 KB JPG
You shouldn't disregard what >>32353335 says. You should really practice on different positions and expressions.
Pic related has a whole bunch of expressions you can try out and use as a ref.

Dark grey is definitely an improvement, especially considering since that thing is clearly a moth-changeling hybrid.
File: Virgo Mom.jpg (158 KB, 1026x1200)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
Virgo's mom is for ___.
Yeah I see what you mean, it’s just a generic pose I tend to use for first drawings of a character. Once I have a few different angles on them I do more dynamic poses.

This one is just a doodle because I gon bored. I might reuse those wings though.
File: 1526053222878.png (1.1 MB, 3600x3600)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
File: changemof.png (1.37 MB, 3600x3600)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
Yo, anon!
Pic related shows the saturation-percent (S) of the different patches of color you have in your picture expressed in the Hue-Saturation-Value (HSV) system.
Most image-manipulation programs have this as an option alongside RGB.
For scenes with both nearby and far-away objects, it's a good idea to mind this number, as it's part of what conveys depth.
Your grass, for example, is almost completely saturated at 98%, whereas only minor parts of your central figure exceed this.
Only using other cues from the picture is it possible to determine that the grass isn't actually in front of nearly everything else on the canvas.
Especially in an MLP context, it's not good to get that near to 100% in any case, which is why HSV is a minor godsend.
Although you seem to want to stick to flats for the moment, it may still be a good idea to have a look at


Do note that contrast plays big a role too, so an object that is genuinely dark and colorless should not be artificially saturated just to use the saturation-as-physical-depth trick uniformly.
For such objects, the fact they stand out against neighboring details is often enough to pull them forward.
There is a funny story behind a lot of her design. The whole "two tongues" thing was actually a cover up for not giving her a moth tongue originally. She had a normal tongue, but upon learning about the agreed on biology behind moth tongues, I changed it so she would also have a moth tongue along with a regular one, so older posts where she was showing off her normal tongue would make sense. This also applies to her irregular sleep pattern. Every single post I made before had Snoot out and about during the daylight hours. Once I figured out that most moths are nocturnal and not diurnal, and that their eyes were sensitive to light, I changed it to where she slept irregularly and has adapted her eyes to high light conditions. It stays true with her gullibulness. Since I thought all moths ate cloth and silk, only to find out that most of them have diets based around the moths They're based on, I made her diet around a normal Snout Moth, and just said she eats clothing cause she took a pony being racist toward her as being truthful. Same goes with her living in a cave in the Smokies. Once I found out moth ponies were [mostly] based around Dust Valley, and not spread throughout Equestria, it eventually led to her entire story arc of her being unlucky enough to be born way outside of home, and that she wants to find her true home. Which I swear I'll update tomorrow.

TL;DR: Snoot is the way she is cause she is just one mistake after another after another, and so fourth
nice drawing
>Virgo's mom is for
wondering why I don't remember her
Has there been discussion on her before?
there's more than one type of tomboy.
what type you imagine she is?

>she is just one mistake after another
but you care enough to try fixing them! :]
>I swear I'll update tomorrow.
>Y E S
my-next-posts-will-be-smut bump
Some of my moths are diurnal because I have them interact with regular ponies on a daily basis and I decided they should be.

The rest are because I didn’t know they were supposed to be out at night, but to my credit, the “ask the moths” tumblr always shows them in the day, there’s even one where they’re at a bar and they leave at night because it’s really late.
the few stories I read always had them in the day (and were awesome) and most art of them shows them in daylight.

How was I supposed to know.
Virgo's mom didn't exist until those two posts.
>Virgo's mom didn't exist until those two posts.
She may haven't existed until then, but I'm going go ahead and say that she is probably going to end up being a milf. Which wouldn't be a bad thing if I'm honest.

Joking aside, maybe we should get some character development started on her. Firstly, what should be the name of Virgo's mom?
As if this thread/fandom could have a mother character without it ending up being a milf
File: 1526053222878.png (1.13 MB, 3600x3600)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
saturation test.
File: sung.png (121 KB, 458x494)
121 KB
121 KB PNG
>How was I supposed to know.
Just as a basic fact of science, a majority of moths are nocturnal.
However, you probably shouldn't worry;
Haven't determined the status for all who have real-world species as a basis, but the wiki has several moths who come from diurnal groups (e.g. Waspy, Dawn Gleam, Shimmer Light)
and it has several more who might be crepuscular, or otherwise fly whenever it's convenient (e.g. Sequin or Meisa's species).
Crepuscular/flies-whenever moths are also reasonably common after nocturnal ones.

Beyond that, it's also not unreasonable to assume that even nocturnal species could get used to being awake during the daytime.
Despite humans being diurnal, I know plenty of people who act like the exact opposite.
In her main story, Actias stays awake during the daytime despite being nocturnal. Pic related.

>Virgo's mom didn't exist until those two posts.
>As if this thread/fandom could have a mother character without it ending up being a milf
Granny Smith is technically a mom?
And... what about Rarity's mom? Or Ms. Cake, who's a mother? Or maybe Fluttershy's mom (depending on your taste).
You're right though there aren't many moms in the show that NOBODY would want to get in bed with.
...And Virgo – for all his faults – is pretty athletic, so his parents might be sporty also, which likely puts us squarely in MILFsville for his mom.
Personally, I'm okay with this.

>what should be the name of Virgo's mom?
If she's tomboyish, let's go for something that's sounds rather neutral rather than feminine.
Possibly something last-namey sounding like Gottfried or such? Probably not that but perhaps that conveys the idea.
File: drugmoths.png (1.51 MB, 1700x933)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB PNG
What kind of narcotics would moths use if any?
I recall there being some mostly joking discussion about the usage of quick bursts of bright light and how things such as flashbangs could be used as "drugs"
Virgo's mom should be named Scorpio.
That’s a very ugly name, If Virgo is a literal Virgo then she could be a Venus
Venus is a female name, not one fit for a tomboy
Why not Clover Leaf? Just a suggestion.
File: Hex-A-Sketch.png (324 KB, 1024x768)
324 KB
324 KB PNG
Late night sketch of the Hex.
>Moving inside, you walk past the couches and coffee-table of the tidy waitingroom, which features a movable divider toward the middle.
>Beyond it, a meeting table rests, surrounded by chairs.
>The far wall has a large, floor-to-ceiling window which looks out over Pould – something for clients to gaze through as they ponder their decisions.
>On the wall to the right of it, a door opens to a cramped, windowless passage.
>Stepping onto the plain tiles behind Cotton, you move down the narrow straightaway.
>About halfway along the passage, an opening to the right creates a T-junction with the current path, and Cotton turns down it.
>This leads directly to a worn, wooden door with a smooth darkiron handle – a stark difference to the simple, modérn look of the lobby.
>As the her hoof twists and pushes inwards to reveal the room beyond, you halfway expect a dungeon with shackles, and racks, and trays of crude instruments.
>You find no such thing.
>The room features a lit fireplace.
>There are also a number of benches. Large candles, vinegar-bottles, and salt and pepper shakers dot them.
>It's a little mess-hall.
>Combined with its stonework construction, it almost looks like something that could be found in a castle.
>Perhaps the facility _was_ a castle at one time, but you are no historian.
>Cotton moves to check the fire.
>You continue to look around.
>A large rug adorns the stone floor, running the length of the room past the fireplace.
>Despite stretching out over most the room, it is clear of furniture, almost as if things have been shifted aside.
>The benches are set end-to-end against the wall opposite the fireplace, making them only half-accessible.
>You assume they do this to sweep. Perhaps every night.
>Returning the rod for moving logs back to its hooks above the alcove, Cotton walks back to you.
>Even with the heightened warmth of the room, your wings flutter with the chill of anxiety and foregone calories.
>You're still not sure whether what's happened so far is a elaborate way of making you remember this experience, and the conversation about to come.
>Are you still going to be scolded? Or is this meeting about something else entirely?
>"My apologies. I'd kept you late already, and now I ask for a meeting. Can I get you something?"
>Your wings buzz for a second again of their own accord.
>Is this the lead-in to a talk about being too generous and not being hungry on the clock?
>You don't see much option but to just answer honestly. Lying could make things worse.
>"I'll see what I can scrape together. You look cold. Fire." She gestures to it.
>Then, she practically flows over to the far door.
>Usually her motions are brisk and businesslike, but they now seem relaxed... self-confident still, but in a different way than normal.
>Stepping onto the rug, you place yourself by the warmth of the blaze as suggested and gaze into it.
>Your thoughts empty.
>Minutes pass.
>The flames wave and sway.
>Cotton returns.
>"Please sit." She indicates to the tables.
>Slightly reluctantly, you move across away from the fire the room and sit.
>She joins you on the bench, as close as a friend might in a busy room to afford others more space.
>You fidget.
>With the knife, cutting board, empty glass, bread, and the few jars of stuff she's fetched, Cotton sets to work.
>She uses the knife to fish out some slices of pickled green capsicum from a jar and layers them onto one slice of bread, which already has butter on it.
>Wordlessly, she grinds some pepper on also, adds a sliced olive, then closes it with the other slice.
>She slides you the cutting board.
>You lift the sandwich up in your hooves.

Food smut but not at fucky part yet. Gotta slep but resume first thing once rested.
>page 10 bump

File: 1398031481777.png (448 KB, 1249x884)
448 KB
448 KB PNG
File: yeyeyey.png (566 KB, 900x900)
566 KB
566 KB PNG
happy (moth)er's day
This pic is four years old, thanks again guys
File: 1399729350550.jpg (1.39 MB, 1493x2537)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB JPG
follow up with the other 2014 one
Do moth mothers lay hundreds or thousands of eggs?
Do they die afterwards?
No... they don’t even lay eggs.

I hope they don’t die during childbirth. That would suck
If you mean real moths, they usually lay between 10 and 50 I believe and yes they die afterwards
I heard they live shortest during adulthood. In fact, many insects live longest before pupa phase.
File: titania.png (329 KB, 900x905)
329 KB
329 KB PNG
>they don't even lay eggs

Well, they're way behind changelings then; chrysalis must have crapped out hundreds of eggs during her stint as queen.
>Venus is a female name, not one fit for a tomboy
When she was born no one thought that she was going to become a tomboy, and yes, it probably is the most feminine name that there exists, but ideas are ideas
What does that prove? I could draw a unicorn hatching out of an egg. It’s a cute picture but it’s not law.

If moth ponies hatched out of eggs they would have a larvae state like changelings, I don’t think anyone has even considered that being the case
I really think the beginning stages of mothponies will be something that is never agreed on. Some say they are more like moths than ponies, and that they should lay eggs and have larvae babies and a pupation stage. Others say they are closer to ponies than moths, and should have normal birth and no wings until a certain age. For my characters, I tend to agree with the former, but I guess for the rest that are unspecified, I would tend to agree with the latter.
Why are actual moths such assholes?
This one in my room won't stop attacking me.
You're doing something wrong
tfw you scroll past all the walls of text and only look at pictures

How has this general been since they started again?
File: quibble!.png (659 KB, 1280x720)
659 KB
659 KB PNG
>chrysalis've have crapped out hundreds of eggs as queen
>they're way behind changelings
Depends on what you mean by "behind".
Last time we saw her in the show, she'd lost almost her entire army to Thorax, a huge softie pushover, and went into hiding, exiled from her own hive.
The only region we see changelings conquer is in the IDW comics https://78.media.tumblr.com/1bff6e3ac9e8e5f17e2ba9e7f0aac61f/tumblr_mk1f1yyNKq1rsytn8o2_1280.jpg
it's not exactly an impressive victory

To get down in the weeds about changeling lifecycles:
I don't think we have any scenes or dialog in the show demonstrating Chrysalis is the 'queen' in the insect sense of being the actual mother of the changelings.
She's certainly their monarch and ruler, and we do know she directs the upbringing of non-adult changelings:
>"Nope. But I was raised by an evil queen. I'm Thorax. I can't believe you want to help me."
But actually laying eggs could be the responsibility of other changelings; we know they have other females given S7e17
How it really works isn't clear, unless I've missed something.

>Do moth moms die after laying eggs?
No. Unlike irl moths, moth ponies don't have a lifecycle that ends after one or two years or whatever.
In this respect, they are more like ponies. Otherwise, character-development would be pretty pointless.
To boot, a number of the thread's moth pony characters have living parents (Caramel, Hexferry, and now Virgo, plus all of the foals unless otherwise mentioned in their bios).

Be a man and let it outside already or be an unfathomable sissy and put the poor thing out of its misery.

>It’s a cute picture but it’s not law.
This is fanon so technically nothing is law.
>beginning stages of mothponies may never be agreed on
Same outcome when discussed previously.
I'd be happy setting this as canonically 'mixed' depending on moth species like we did for "can adults still eat solid foods or cloth?"
Fuck off you're not a part of our group
Titania is cute and deredere wife material.
Yeah, most are the latter, that’s why I’d say they don’t
>Be Minty
>locate Birch
>Poke Birch
>keep poking until she notices you
>tell bad pun
>Wiggle tongue at her and run away by flying
>Hit a wall instantly because you miscalculated the location of the doorway
>Birch puns at you about flying into the wall!
>she wiggles tongue at you!
>More squeaks!
>Squeak peeks in and you apologize for oversqueaking
>she squeaks at you
>you squeak at her
>Birch frowns and covers her ears as it becomes a squeaking competition
>A customer walks in, pauses, turns around and exits the cafe
got this wrapped up but don't have time to split and post it at this instant. i gotta run to a meeting for work now but can spam this later today
Jesus when did I draw this
Who is this?
Many many years ago

The guy you drew it to and used the Funny Valentine trip and who promised not to post it in the thread at the time or ever, since it was causing booty stings at that time, who also figured out it had been long enough and posted it, not thinking the drawer was around since everyone's all gone. Whoopsies. Hi Butterscetch. I can't for the life of me remember if our friendship just dried up by itself like all internet friendships and we just did not talk, or if I annoyed you with autistic behavior and got you angry with me or something. Probably the latter, but one can always hope right? Oh well, it was ages ago is what I am getting into and at
I stopped using Skype so, I don’t talk to a lot of folks anymore
Eyyy we match

Nice to see you're still around though
File: grub.png (247 KB, 1100x800)
247 KB
247 KB PNG
>I don't think anyone has even considered a larvae state for moths
It's definitely been considered.
Pic related is from 2014, but as stated by other posters, we've never had agreement over early moth lifecycle stuff.

>eggs necessarily imply a larval state
Not all egg-laying animals have a larval state, though. Many do not;
Consider echidnas, platypi, and oviparous reptiles, dinosaurs, birds, fish, and sharks.
The earlier animals in that list might be considered better analogies for what mothponies are by definition (mammalian in many respects) but they're all vertebrates, as are all the non-proto moth ponies.
None of those creatures have larval or pupal stages.
Vertebrates (especially large ones) would probably not evolve to melt/reconfigure all or part of their skeleton into a different arrangement in the middle of their life-cycle.
Skeletons are 'expensive' to grow and shape in terms of both time and energy.
Moreover, remaining stationary in order to rejigger everything would be extra dangerous for large animals;
Insects can be born by the thousands to a single mother and can hide under the leaves or stems of plants but it's harder to easily remain hidden away if you weigh several kilos → large enough to make a worthwhile meal for creatures of any size...

I personally like the idea of mothponies laying eggs but then skipping any kind of larval or pupation stage, mostly just on the basis of cuteness.

>Name for Virgo's mom
>Not 'Scorpio'
>Not 'Venus'
If we go with a different astrological sign, how about 'Leo'?
I think it's a pretty name but without being overly feminine.
Yeah, I lurk lol
Still drawin
Noice, it'd be a shame if you did not, wanna show or link some of your new stuff? Interested to see what your drawings look like these days, oh and I also still am writing, well occasionally
I'm gonna lurk myself to sleep now
Yes. True. But they’re based on insects, like the changelings, it doesn’t take size into account.

If you don’t want to give them random qualities from other kinds of animals they have nothing to do with, eggs implies larva.

The other argument I have is the same one I have for griffins:the parts of their body that go into reproduction are mammalian. Therefore no eggs.

Don’t call out “PLATYPUS!!! ECHIDNA!!”
again they have no connection with those. They are horses.
>don't want to give them random qualities from other kinds of animals
show ponies are based on horses, but they exhibit traits from cats, dogs, and various other animals. T.Y.L.

>eggs implies larva
incorrect please see pic related
inb4 anon now moves the goalposts
Again. Moths do. “Other insects” have nothing to do with it.

How to the ponies have the qualities of dogs or cats? Having big eyes isn’t a connection. Having similar mannerisms doesn’t help the case either if that’s what you mean, although I can’t think of any examples of that happening.

Isn’t it like 87% agreed that they give live birth and just later grow wings anyway?
I don't mind moths having a larval stage, but my use and interpretation of the moths is different than what was established here on the boards as I discovered them apart from here.
herp derp pupal but one would necessitate the other
Same I only look at pictures
Cobalt serious question senpai.
How are you so fucking stupid?
Do you have alarms set on your phone to remind you to breathe every couple of minutes?
I mean I drew butterscotch recently and posted it in a recent moth thread. Either last one or the one before
File: o-synesthesia-facebook.jpg (153 KB, 1536x827)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
>How do the ponies have the qualities of dogs or cats?
Other than the hooves, their outward physiology is largely modeled on cats and dogs; horse's limbs, ears, and torsos don't allow very many of the things we see in the show.
Prehensile tails are a reptile/amphibian/monkey thing.
Human characteristics are also used per anthropomorphism, especially in the the way their shoulder-girdle is put together.
Other little details too like the fact they can throw up, or lay on their backs for more than maybe an hour... real equines can't actually do either of those without dying.
More bits but I won't bother going to to 2000 chars with it.

The mishmash of interesting characteristics from different animals is one of the reasons for the success of G4. Real horses are not very expressive, which previous generations' designs failed to address fully, but Faust nailed it.

>Isn’t it like 87% agreed that they give live birth and just later grow wings anyway?
We'll never have a real number because >anonymously surveying people who know what a proxy is

[Late night appreciation of the sketch.]

>moth drugs
Narcotics are a pretty narrowly-defined class of drugs which mostly just vary in strength and duration of effect.
Might have something that's like acid and/or ecstasy, which would make lights more mesmerizing, and able to be felt, touched, tasted, heard, etc.?

i'd say it's an improvement
>You're not used to any of these things really, except for the bread; it's the kind she sends you home with, on pay-nights.
>You take a bite, and find the combination to be surprisingly sweet, yet tangy.
>A fair amount of sugar was used in the brine which preserves slices of bell-pepper.
>Your nerves settle a little as your tongue and stomach transmit news of sustenance.
>As you chew, Ms. Cotton stands up, walks a few paces and hoists a pitcher, which was hidden in the corner.
>It sloshes with water, as she brings it over and pours you a glass.
>Despite being cold, you take it and swallow a few gulps.
>She begins to speak.
>"One of my competitors – Lacrimus – is reeling."
>There is no hint of satisfaction in her voice. She is not counting it as a victory just yet.
>"By our estimates, this will be his last season of operation. We have been forcing sales of all popular summer items to be at a loss, running him ragged."
>You try to pay attention to the dual stimuli of the food and the exposé you are given.
>"By the start of November, he will no longer be able to compensate his help or afford heating."
>Though your parents did not raise an accountant, it is clear enough that this is a form of numerical warfare, which Ms. Cotton is apparently winning.
>She goes on.
>"City authorities do not permit taking an effective loan from one's employees by delaying compensation; if they're working he has to pay them. Do you see where this is going?"
>Your mind struggles to determine what all of this has to do with you... if that's what she's even asking.
>You clear what's in your mouth.
"N-not quite."
>"Those moths will go hungry over the winter if they can't find work. I may be setting up a place for them in a new building I've acquired, but I'll need help."
>You nod.
>"He also has asked for many favors along the way to make it as far as he has. It's laudable, but has lost him the good graces of the city's governing board."
>"I've entered a motion with them which may aid me in obtaining his space or at least some investments."
>The picture of how you're involved in any of this finally starts crystallizing.
>"The board-members have come around to the idea that capital equipment should not sit idle during the hearth season when it could be putting food through the tongues of unfortunate moths in the city."
"So... there'll be equipment to move?"
>"There may be. I'll need you to inspect it, and determine what's needed to bring them back up to scratch; with the way he's been operating on reduced crew, it will likely be a serious affair, but we won't know which machines he's neglected until we have our hooves on them."
>This sounds like the beginnings of an offer you'd be a fool to reject.
>You feel some excitement, but you can't help a lingering fear.
"So this isn't– my performance-"
>She laughs richly. It's like velvet and silk and rose-petals all rolled into one.
>"Your performance?"
>You hardly notice her rhetorical question, busy thinking about combining those three items together if you can ever afford them.... The medley ought to be delicious.
>"Mikkt," a voice draws you back.
>Your name. A syllable you don't hear often.
>Your brain reminds you: you haven't actually received an answer to what you asked.
>You fall serious.
>"Since you finished your training under Pehruyr – Saturniidae be with his family while he's fighting with the beige fever – efficiency has crept up by 14½%."
>"Mechanical failures have been down by 10%. Average line-production came up by 2%. High-value lines, 3%. Regular downtime was shortened by one twelfth. Unexpected downtime is resting at zero."
>Your head is practically spinning with all the figures.
>"Do you know what these numbers add up to?"
"Well, f-fourteen and a half percent, right? You said."
>"Yes, but more importantly... they add up, Mikkt, to a very happy factory mare."
"The- it's... m-my pleasure."
>"You aren't right, but I appreciate the words."
>After a moment, she remarks aloud, "You look like you could use a second course..."
>Although following orders and giving occasional recommendations demurely are your literal bread and butter, you have no practice dealing with compliments or kind offers.
"I- Iaigh, uhhh-"
>"It's alright. I know you've been working very hard to take care of your family."
>You take a nervous swallow. Could she know you've been going hungry some shifts?
>Or about your niece's situation?
>How could that be possible?
>Nopony in your family has spoken to Ms. Cotton or even-
>"Come now, I insist," she says, interrupting your worried thoughts.
>She motions for you to stand and follow her.
>You do so.
>Perplexingly, she only wanders as far as the fire before she plops down, warming the back of her ruff against the heat of the flames.
>You tilt your head.
"Forgive me. Thinking about tonight, I've been a bit of a mess all day, if you follow my meaning."
>You don't.
>She drops her forehooves down to her belly and leans back.
>You feel some apprehension return and stand before her, a few paces away – and above her, actually, due to her reclined position on the carpet.
>"Lay down, please. Right here."
>She pats the fibers just in front of her with a hoof.
>Brow furrowed, you take a few strides forward, but you hesitate before following the next instruction, not sure what's about to happen.
"This isn't- i-if... if I've done something wrong-"
>"Lay down," she repeats. There is the faintest edge to her voice.
>You lower yourself to your stomach and crawl forward at her gesture to move up closer.
>You are now laying on her tail, feeling the coarse strands against your chest and stomach.
>They prickle lightly into parts of your skin.
>You've never been this close to a moth outside your family before.
>The sensation of even this part of her body against yours makes you feel strange, somehow – short of breath, like you've been running or flying.
>"I don't usually let workers like you see me like this... but you're not like the rest. It's my responsibility to reward your labor with my fruits... Now open wide."
>Eyes watering with the expectation of something awful about to happen, you open your mouth.
>With one forehoof, she reaches forward and grabs the tip of your tongue.
>You tense, and instinctively try to withdraw it from her hoof but she tightens her grip.
>"Relax," she says calmingly, "Everything is alright. I didn't think a quiet young stallion like you would have done this before. It's fine. Just pretend I'm a flower."
>...You remember back to the days of your youth when your grandpa was still alive.
>He was a jack for the region, and knew of all sorts of hidden and wonderful places in the forest.
>He was unworried by the dangers, and seemed navigate each one with a rascally smile your mother always disapproved of.
>You'll never forget the morning he knocked on your window and stole out with you, your parents dead asleep on a clear day.
>You had barely just gotten your wings, but the excitement of doing something new made up for developed talent.
>The route you took was one you'd seen before, but only at a crawling pace from the confines of the wagon you rode in when you first moved to Pould years ago.
>This was the first time you'd flown it under your own power.
>You raced him, taking shortcuts around overhanging branches, glints of the daytime star flashing overhead between them, the sky blue and friendly.
>The whole route, you both brimmed with laughter from the joy of it, and peccadillo you were committing.
>At a serpentine bend, you flew off the path together, reaching a sunny meadow, filled with various flowers.
>It was more color than you had ever seen before.
>"What do you think, my boy?"
>You had been speechless and breathless. Your eyes must have sparkled with awe.
>He was the one member of your family who seemed to understand you that well, to bring you to a place like this despite being frowned on, knowing you'd enjoy it this much.
>It's something you'll never forget.
>You remember just floating there, hugging him for a long while. Minutes and minutes.
>Afterward, he lead you further through groves of trees and into a marshy, green clearing.
>Some flowers were now bigger than you were – great yellow ones which opened only by day.
>"You have the haustellum for this yet, I wonder? Try it. Their nectar is very sweet, if you can reach."
>You remember the grasp of his hooves on your sides as he hovered for you, so you wouldn't need to focus on flying.
>You extended your tongue as far as you could at the time.
>Though you could barely reach it, you eventually managed.
>The most heavenly flavor coursed up your tastebuds.
>You spent the day playing over the meadow, drinking up nectar on breaks, and learning the names of the flowers and other plants there before returning to the house before nightfall, exhausted, but blissfully happy.
>...You had barely left foalhood. It's been years since you've thought of this memory.
>Somehow, the look in her eyes now reminds you of his, filled with patience and experience.
>You trusted him so completely on that trip that it never occurred to you to question.
>Where has such trust gone, over the years?
File: squishy.gif (441 KB, 311x288)
441 KB
441 KB GIF
This one?
If so your skills have gotten better and holy unf these detailed antennae and super great eyes, and nice floof

Look at that qt mothbutt blush I want to do pic related
>Slowly, hoof-over-hoof, she threads your tongue into her.
>The flavor is unlike any flower you've tried, more like a stew.
>A good stew, though, one that has carrots!
>The fluids seep in through the pores of your tongue and spill down your gullet.
>You swallow eagerly.
>"Now point it up to the sky."
>Unsure of just what this command means, but unable to ask, you straighten your tongue somewhat within her, and direct its tip upwards, pushing against the smooth wall above, as if you were scraping the top of your mouth for the lingering flavors of your last meal.
>"MMmh." She grunts somewhat sharply, and you feel a light weight pressing back.
>Looking, you see she's placed a forehoof on the small, faint bulge in her midsection which reflects your efforts.
>Placing her hoof behind it she guides it forward until it nears its maximum extension and reaches the end of the canal it's inside of.
>"Good," she breathes, "now..."
>You feel the weight again as it presses your tonguetip slowly back toward the entrance, still gliding with firm contact against the upper surface within.
>You are about to withdraw it from her completely but she issues an instruction first.
>"Over," and she pushes the bulge to her left about one tongue's width.
>She then starts the process again of coaxing that point-of-contact up toward her middle.
>Once there, you trace a tight snake-pattern, patrolling an efficient grid along the upper surface of the cavity you are inside of, ultimately contacting every inch.
>At each endpoint before changing directions, she gives you some moments to swallow, draining the contents of your aching tongue into your stomach.
>...For some reason, it feels the space becomes tighter as you continue.
>"Now... below."
>Although you expect to follow the same pattern there, the motion of her forehoof as she gives this instruction leads you to make a wide sweep.
>You press the entire inserted length of your tongue to the floor of the channel, sweeping across the whole thing at once like a giant rubber-scraper, or flexible window-cleaning blade.
>You are swallowing almost constantly now.
>Another gesture of her hoof has you continue the action along the upper surface again.
>The motion you're making reminds you of a game you used to see earthponies play in the summer, which involved two ponies on either end of a long rope swinging it together in circles, as a pony standing in the middle would jump over it as it reached the lowest point in its swing...
>You continue this slow, circular scraping motion the whole way around until you're on the lower surface again, about in the middle.
>"Stop. Keep it where it is."
>You close off your pores and quit drinking, though you continue to press down with continuous pressure.
>Stillness, for a moment.
>This is possibly the largest meal you've ever had and there's still more fluid inside, which you feel oozing forth and pooling within, right where you've positioned your tongue.
>Then you get the sensation of rumbling about the base of it and Cotton's breaths become short.
>Increasingly short.
>The walls from above come to meet the floor, pressing down on your appendage.
>Shorter still...
>Suddenly, everything inside constricts with almost painful force, as if trying to crush the life out of the poor, elongate shape within.
>Cotton's hips buck and she brings her thighs together and clenches her jaw shut.
>Unsure about all this, you want to ask if everything is okay, but cannot for obvious reasons.
>She cups a hoof beneath where your tongue is inserted and presses firmly, presumably to keep the nectar of this strange flower from spilling.
>"Drink!" she hisses, and you resume imbibing the fluid, trying to focus especially on those toward the base of your tongue, where they threaten to spill out.
>Throatful after throatful go down as you desperately try to keep up, until the space inside is so tight, it feels as if there is no room left for anything other than your tongue, which numbs under the pressure.
>After two long minutes of this deathgrip-constiction, it begins to gradually ease up.
>Your stomach gurgles with the soupy contents that you swallowed, all.
>You both lie there panting.
>Finally, the next instruction.
>"Back out. Not too fast; I'm raw from this."
>You slowly reel your tongue back in, which still contacts flesh on all sides of it, the tightness only receding in small increments.
>As you slip the end out, you flick at a tiny bit of ooze that's escaped with it, to prevent it dropping onto the floor.
>You press it to the outer petals of the flower, most of the way up its length before reclaiming your appendage.
>That swift breathing starts again.
>Before you can react, a heel hooks the back of your skull and pulls your muzzle forward.
>Two forehooves replace the heel and hold you hurriedly in place, your nose and lips now pressed forcibly to the entrance.
>Again, the command to drink is issued, and the constriction within starts again.
>Thankfully, your tongue is no longer the victim of this, and you simply suck and slurp with your lips to capture any fluids that might come out.
>This sudden after-event is shorter than the first, primary one, and there is relatively little fluid relative to the amount you took in before.
>Despite the forceful nature of this recruitment, you are able to perform well, the faintly-rubbery outer edges of the flower responding twitchily to your attentions.
>Finally, they go dormant.
>She lets you go, and falls back to lay flat on the floor.
>You urp uncomfortably and struggle your hooves.
>"Please continue down the hall we came here with. It will lead to the rear entrance. Take the day off tomorrow. We'll talk about the Lacrimus deal later."
>Some of the reality of the past hour or so suddenly sets in.
>Now jittery, you head to the door, lifting a foreleg to the knob.
>Waiting a moment to see if your unsteadiness will pass, you look back.
>In the flickering firelight, Cotton manages to sit up, though she looks a bit light-headed, given the hoof she's holding to the side of her temple.
>"Oh, and not a word of this to anyone, and I mean anyone; it simply isn't safe for you to talk about it."
"Ah- oh. kay."
>"That isn't a threat, Mikkt. It's simply the reality here."
>You believe her, though cannot say exactly what danger you might be in for saying something about this.
>"This was the first of many rewards I have for you, if you remain loyal." A brief pause. "Go."
>Although spoken at a normal volume, the word sounds like a revolver-shot as it strikes your ears.
>Fumbling the door open, you practically canter out of the building and fly over the rooftops of the city through the cooling air to your home.
>You're not quite sure you comprehend what's happened tonight, but for some reason it conjures up terror from deep within you, though paradoxically, a weak excitement is mixed with it.
>As you draw the thick blanket about you and lay on the sheet-draped pile of straw where you sleep, you wonder just what darkness you have opened.
Also the name of the oc is Sema
I wasn’t sure if I even should respond to this because you didn’t even try to correct me on anything, just saying I’m stupid.

So how exactly

Although I’m not sure how you could possibly recognize me
Yup yup, thank you
Sema? Man i’ve forgotten a lot lol
It was never an actual character in the end, just pretty much butthurt from left and right because of either having stupid colors, being a filly and to be used in also lewd stories, and people not liking its creator so no wonder nobody could remember it, it's like a prototype car that never went into manufacturing
"To care about moths is to read the thread."
ancient chinese proverb
Midday Bump
File: 1403064920356.png (94 KB, 525x515)
94 KB
Who is the best of the more forgotten moths? The ones that dont have too much art or stories behind them
What is better in life?
Moth ponies who are moths first and ponies second;
Or moth ponies who are ponies who are like moths?
Lamp is a pretty cool moth. Lights up your world and doesnt afraid of dark
There really isn't enough art of Lamp. She's a good p that deserves more draws.
Hollow so far: https://pastebin.com/w2Ny3ar5
Since Sunday was a special day the update to Prince of the Forest, Part II got moved to this upcoming Sunday.
Ponies with moth qualities
Take moths and make them pony. The more lepidopteran the better.
>Who is the best of the more forgotten moths?
Tentabutt is a qt
>Virgomom discussion dropped
Are you guys afraid of necroposting after a day or so or does boredom really just set in that fast?
We might not need to decide on a name right away honestly
We could talk about other aspects first if that's easier
You may have a point with that. In the case of ponies, the name is based around the personality of the character, at least that is how it is most of the time. At the moment, we do know she is a tomboy, but what exactly in her personality and abilities makes her a tomboy?
I want to fuck Virgo's moms and be taken for a hip breaking aggressive ride
See, posts like >>32378288 are a pretty big reason why I dont see any point in trying to develop any of the characters to any direction. No matter who you are talking about or how much effort you try to put into thinking neat and unique traits for any moth they all end up being lumped on the fuck pile.

Maybe it is just one or two people posting it but when it feels like any attempted addition to the lore is welcomed with trying to stick a dick into it why bother.
Are you implying you can't develop lore while sticking your dick is out?

>Loves to get absolutely /fit/
>Pro- whatever fictional sport moths like to play that involves some sort of ball
>Doesn't hold anything back with her words or personality, says what's on her mind and if you don't like it you can go fuck yourself
>Extremely stubborn and has to be taught a hard lesson in order to learn something
>Disappointed Virgo isn't getting fit and playing the fictional sport the moths play, but proud of her son in her own way.
>Her encouragement is demeaning and trying to get one to succeed by provoking them and face their weakness.
>Loves bare hoof brawls
I'd rather have lore developement that doesnt end up with dicks out. Virgo's mum gets rolled out to the thread and people are instantly calling for fucking/her ending up a milf

Funny enough I remember these being fairly common complaints around the time the numbered threads died as well.
Different anon here.
What did you expect? If a pony character is a mother of any kind, the fandom as a whole will all chant out "milf" as tons and tons of incest and lewd related pics and stories are made about said character. Just look at what happened to Sunburst's Mom, and she's only been around for a week or so.
Though I do agree with you, Virgo's mom does need some legitimate character development before the milfing of her happens.

I can get behind this right here; although, maybe instead of her being in to sports and all, she could be like a Fitness Instructor/Physical Education teacher, or something of the sort, since sports are more of the thing you do once you are already nice and /fit/. Or, maybe she can be in to a sport, but instead of a fictional sport that requires a ball, why not tie it in to her love of bare hoof brawls and make her interested in something like boxing, or wrestling?
Oh noe someone finds an oc sexually attractive, this means that the character is doomed forever and unusable, oh noooo...
>Someone wants to fap to this character that means everyone can only fap to her and she can never be used in any other way than fap fuel and is forever tainted as a porn actress and pole polisher and literally every person in the planet now only masturbates to her and never does anything else ever for all eternity

You have a problem. You literally get triggered the moment anyone says anything sexual about a character. How about trying to do developing instead of complaining and instantly giving up the second someone even hints them being attractive in any sort of way in their opinion? You're like that kid who screams at people to play with them, but the second those people play in any way the kid did not want them to, he gives up and tells the game is ruined forever and refuses to go near the game ever again, and then goes through every game like that until nothing is left.

How about, just hear me out, instead of fighting a battle against people thinking she is hot for the sake of her not allowed to be hot because then everyone just thinks she's hot and nothing happens, how about, get this, you put all that time and energy into the developing of said character you desperately want to happen?
I want to wrestle with Virgo's mom and pray she's not actually stronger than me so I don't get my back broken.
File deleted.
Just jumping in, here.

Sex may be the cherry on top for some people (preferably added after the rest of the sundae is fairly complete) so you can leave it off if you don't want it yourself.

>>32378806 is on the money with:
>Virgo's mom does need some legitimate character development before the milfing of her happens
Try to look at character development in a realistic way; some of your friends and coworkers probably have sex, and some of them might even be sexy.
Does that ruin them as people or make them no fun to do non-lewd things with? Of course it doesn't.
...Unless they're one of those porn-stars called Juice Box or whatever and all they do is fuck and can't talk about anything else in which case I question your ability to make good friends and/or your choice of workplace.

>Her encouragement is demeaning and trying to get one to succeed by provoking them and face their weakness.
I know some people like this and like this idea very much.
Realistic because most actual parents have traits that make them annoying at times.
>Sport: Wrestling champ
>Day job: Fitness Instructor
I like this. Would she train adults or younger moths or a mix?
Would she be a part of a sort of formal program for doing this (like a school or a militia-development program or for firefighter moths or something?) or would you think of it on a more private or per-situ basis like a personal coach?
>page 8 bump
Take a moth, make it a pony. And vice versa.
The more curious question is how did Virgmom raise Virgo for him to end up like he did?
I'd like to think that she would be teaching moths around their coming of age how to stand up and fight for themselves, and it would make sense that teaching moths of that age group would make her more of a "per-situation" type coach/teacher. She'd probably have moths come up to her asking her to help train them for said situation of choice, and then ride their ass until they think they are ready to handle their situation.
Name when, strawpoll when, i liked Venus
File: KawaiiFlowerTart.png (1.24 MB, 1800x1800)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
>Page 10?
Not Today
My headcanon about this, which I think I share with one other anon here, is that his parents were fairly neglectful or 'hooves off' about about telling him about certain things (sex, romance, drink, gambling, socially-acceptable behavior, etc.)
Though he wasn't actively sheltered from stuff (Virgomom doesn't seem like the type to do that, given she's somewhat of a toughguy) he also didn't have a lot of exposure to concepts and other things that he should've had before seeing the wider world.
When he joined a master monster-wrangler ("hunter") as an apprentice, he didn't really have a lot to work with for distinguishing normal from abnormal.
I imagine that he picked up most of his bad/weird habits that way, because he spent huge amounts of time with the guy, saw him making passes at female moths, etc. before graduating to journeymoth and being able to do things on his own.
The womanizing habit is the most noticeable thing that stuck, and Virgo lacked context for why his master was so successful at it; making dirty comments to moths might help you score in places like Ramshackle, but in quieter places it will have the opposite effect.

>situation of choice
Can she fight monsters?
>Can she fight monsters?
To be more specific, does she strictly help her clients to become physically stronger/sportier?
Or if she DOES teach self-defense, is it moth-versus-moth type defense?
Why not both? She can offer two courses, one for general physical training and another for self-defense courses.
>Why not both?
Yes, I like this idea. She can teach one how to protect themselves and use their strength responsibly and build them up to be stronger and more capable to tackle situations that require a test of their physical strength.
>more of a "per-situation" type coach/teacher
>Why not both?
>Virgomom teaches both self-defense and general physical training
Okay, but I'm not clear where this leaves the original question still; does she have forest-survival-y skills or is it just moth-v-moth type self-defense?
I ask because I would expect the former kind of training to be socialized (like primary schooling in most countries) rather than private, because it's necessary for moth society and you don't want to fuck it up, or have it be inconsistent, in the same way police academies or firefighter or EMT trainings are not just "oh go find a random private one then become a cop or fireman or ambulance-tech."

If she just does training for various sports and fitness and moth-v-moth self-defense then it could be all private/ad-hoc. Otherwise I might see it as being split as part 'community-obligation' (forest-applicable training), part 'cash-on-the-side' (sports 'n bodybuilding or whatev).
File: SnootCrop.png (42 KB, 278x273)
42 KB
I'm pretty late on making this part of the story, and even later on actually posting it here, but the next part of Snoot's Story has been put out.
I'm posting it here for anyone that hasn't seen it yet.
Why you put "If you don't want to read it, keep scrolling" at the top?
Seems the normal for that site, /mlp/, and internet in general. Why say?

>"you're with somepony of your own kind now"
moth x moth snogging when

good post. snoot learns all the things.
I put that at the top just to warn people that a long post is inbound, nothing more.

>moth x moth snogging when

I noticed not too many people have replied to this, but I read it and I must say that geezus that was a great read! I'm impressed how much you wrote about based off one picture. The way you describe things so innocently is a nice touch, and really helps get the feeling that Mikkit really isn't sure what's going on. Speaking of which, it seems like there is some amount of detail behind Mikkit here. Will he be a reoccurring character in future greens, if you do plan on making them?

>I might see it as being split as part 'community-obligation' (forest-applicable training), part 'cash-on-the-side' (sports 'n bodybuilding or whatev).
Virgo tends to keep the village he lives in safe from monsters and outsiders that plan to do harm, at least, according to the wikia page on him. Why not have Virgo's Mom have those same qualities about her? Maybe she was the source of inspiration that made Virgo strive to do the same. Maybe she slowly waned away from doing such things as Virgo got better at doing it himself, and she picked up teaching self defense classes as something to keep the food on the table. From there, maybe she started teaching moths looking to fight tips and tricks on taking somebody out with their bare hooves, which as word spread of her teachings, got the attention of local brawling and wrestling communities in the areas, who seeked her knowledge and skills. In short, what you said, except her focuses are shifted overtime instead of split between the two.
File: xxeegg.png (236 KB, 647x550)
236 KB
236 KB PNG
>I put that at the top just to warn people that a long post is inbound, nothing more.
There's a builtin for that: "horizontal read more line", no? :)
>Why not have Virgomom also have forest-y skills?
This is a valid question.
In my mind, answering 'yes' could have a lot of side-effects, possibly outweighing the metaconsiderations of trying to make characters as original as possible (without creating snowflakes).

If we take the suggestion that Virgo learned his bad habits from the experienced ranger-moth he shadowed for several years before learning enough to go off on his own, his parents must've known about it.

If they were regular laymoths when it came to forest-related knowledge, ignorance might be an excuse; they might not have known anything about the ranger's reputation, or about the dangerous and seedy places Virgo might get exposed to. Bada-bing: dirty-talking, chauvinist Virgo.

If Virgomom was a hunter/ranger/etc. however, she would likely have connections and know the moth Virgo was assigned to, or be able to find out.
If I assume she's somewhat forest-y, there are a couple of realistic cases I can think of for her doing nothing but they'd reflect very poorly on her as a parent.
A. She knew who the ranger-moth was but didn't care, meaning she's either being overly-tough on her son, or overly-optimistic about Virgo's ability to shrug off bad influences. Either of these sort of imply the outcome was more than a slipup or lack of knowledge; it goes beyond "lol whoops parenting is hard, isn't it?" and approaches "pretty abysmal job, guys."
B. She didn't know who the ranger-moth was, and never bothered to find out. If she stayed ignorant for the 3-years-or-so that Virgo was around that moth, it meant she didn't exchange letters or visit him either, as she would have at least learned the moth's name had she done so, if not seen/heard about some red flags. In this case too, she again looks like a pretty terrible parent.

Obviously, some modifications to the above possible...

>A (b) She personally knows (or knew) Virgo's teacher
This could swing either way in terms of making Virgomom seem more/less shady.
Perhaps she knew Virgo's teacher when they were younger, but he's fallen from grace since then. She might be more able to gloss over warning signs because of her previous impressions of his personality and behavior. "Oh that Farebain, glad to hear he's not lost his fondness for drinks that he can barely handle. Haha. Some moths never change." She might ultimately feel betrayed (or at least let down) when she learns the ranger wasn't entirely responsible with what he allowed Virgo to see, though she might hide this response from Virgo himself and simply hope (or expect) that he would/will work his way out of it.
Alternatively, she actively KNOWS the ranger who teaches Virgo, and doesn't see anything wrong with his lifestyle of gambling, whores, and getting trashed – in the context of also having a young, impressionable moth following him around most of the time.
Maybe she simultaneously knows that the ranger-moth is the best of the best and she pragmatically decides that on the whole, Virgo will benefit, possibly underestimating any negative effects (perhaps because she sees plenty of this behavior herself and is sortof desensitized).
>B. (b) She cared but couldn't do anything
Maybe Virgomom only finds out who the shadow-ee was after the assignment has been made and can do nothing to change it, but to me it seems like a stretch that she'd be unable to get Virgo unassigned from the ranger assuming she was that concerned; she's supposed to be made of tough stuff.

>B. (c) She was engaged in the situation, but the ranger actively covered things up
Especially if her contact with Virgo were made in person, it's conceivable that his teacher could control the conversation and prevent anything overly worrisome from slipping out. Whether this is plausible depends on how you imagine the employment-arrangements of rangers and other forester moths;
(i) If they're expected to get the job done, but are allowed do whatever they wish with their compensation and freetime, I would expect he'd have little perspective that he was doing anything irresponsible by having Virgo around, which makes it seem unlikely that he would know to cover up his behavior in the first place; otherwise, he might more simply reject taking on an apprenticeship, as it would require him to (temporarily) surrender or disguise his preferred lifestyle for the sake of his student. He'd need strong ulterior motives to do this instead of rejecting apprentices outright like maybe he's a literal colt-cuddler.
(ii) If forester moths were instead held to a stricter code of behavior when they're not at actively work, this situation might make more sense. If he holds onto the job because of the glory and good compensation he receives (due to the job's danger), he might already be used to hiding information from the moths that oversee his position and the positions of similar moths. If – in this more-disciplined sort of environment – it were an explicit obligation to accept an apprentice when called upon, pone might be willing to do it in order to hold onto his position since he could not otherwise support his lifestyle. He would already be practiced at lying so what's one more moth to lie to?

...Because of the relative unstructuredness I see mothpony society having compared to Equestria, I don't see B(c) as all that likely since I lean more toward the "rangers can do whatever they want in their freetime and wouldn't be ordered/forced to take on students if they truly didn't want to" -model (i). I'm not deadset, though, so if someone likes B(c) and B(c)(ii) specifically, I would totally listen to somebody's pitch in favor of it.

If you accept the headcanon that Virgo picked up bad habits as an apprentice, Virgomom may actually be a downright terrible parent, depending on how well-connected/well-informed you think she is, and how badly-affected Virgo is/was due to the habits of his teacher rubbing off on him.
For anons who prefer to think of Virgo's social ineptness as more of a silly trait (or gag), rather than something that would really cause him real personal difficulty, you can probably ignore this chain.

So, to restate, all of the above reasoning in these posts of course (tacitly) assumes that Virgo was badly impacted in a nontrivial way by things he picked up during his hunter-training which were not actually part of the training itself.
If you reject this premise then the answer to >>32387271's
>Why not have Virgomom also have forest-y skills?
becomes fairly trivial, and comes down more to what you think would make Virgomom's concept better/more original.
Virgo is a sperg. His mom did nothing wrong.
Got drunk at con. Drew coz play cotton ball.
Eww, socialization, social life, friends, healthy human relationships to society, not being disgusted at humanity as a whole and being eternally bitter, and suffering from anxiety when among other people and in public, and getting drunk like a total normie, I bet you even have hope for the future and a life and the idea of having a gf/bf is not as alien of a concept to you as running for a president and curing cancer.

But anyways that's one sexy outfit and look at all that floof
Not him, but enjoy it while it lasts; that kind of image is technically contraband on these here boards. Though you might know this already.
>Moths are not for sexual
The majority of moth species IRL are incapable of eating, and die within a few weeks. Their life purpose the second the hatch from the cocoon is to have as much sex as possible before they starve to death off of what little energy reserves they managed to store away as caterpillars.

While moth ponies clearly have a mouth and are capable of eating, I'd like to think they share their IRL counterparts' pension for breeding like they're going to die tomorrow.

<Cue Dandelion dancing to the song "Die Young">
>Makes Dandelion immortal, but with a complete lack of genitalia
Hah, checkmate
What about that picture is bad? It doesn’t look like anything is wrong with it
It is anthro, newfag, anthro
Get on my level plebs. Anthro is the future. Mlp will die in two years and only those that move to anthro and furries will stand.
Virgo's mom facial scars are cute.
A pls. Don't remind us of the impending doomsday that is 2020. The furries might have taken Nobby, but they won't take me, and hopefully anyone else here for that matter.I miss Nobby though.
Good pic is still good, regardless of it being anthro.

>I'd like to think they share their IRL counterparts' pension for breeding like they're going to die tomorrow
Yep, that's Caramel explained in a sentence.

Your concerns make sense. I think maybe her knowing the teacher personally would probably make the most sense. It seems like the option that both fills in the most holes, as well as is the least awful of the options.

>she cared but couldn't do anything
I mean, all the possible options under that are kind of messed up. They just seem kind of cruel, both for Virrgus mom and for the teacher in my opinion.
And that’s not allowed....?
>Mlp will die in two years and only those that move to anthro and furries will stand.
They said the same thing about Thomas the Tank Engine
But it's clear now how very wrong they were.
Stay strong, trainfags.
Spergs are the result of single mothers.
Sooner or later they will rise up.
Look at the rules for /mlp/. It states anthro isn't allowed. I really don't know why; try not to question it.
>What about that picture is bad?
>>32389734 here. Uhh, do you know what "contraband" means?
Contraband isn't by definition "bad" but rather "not allowed".
Good thing I don’t care about any rules. I’ll post and break all the rules.
anthropomorphic animals still leave a very sour taste for normies and image board users. so called furries are known to behave depraved in real life and in Internet communities, resulting in a regular attempt of purge and them congregating in other sites.
tl;dr - channers hate furries and new moot gave them the trash bin.
File: A.png (503 KB, 890x430)
503 KB
503 KB PNG
Calm down Jorge
>That's Caramel explained in a sentence
Is Caramel even fertile? Can she even produce offspring? I mean if she can't I guess that explains why she goes slutting it around everywhere as a coping mechanism.
>page 10
I have an oc who’s loosely summed up by what you just said. She’s infertile and it enables her to just carelessly slut around without having to worry about it too much. Of course there’s lots of other things that go into her behaving that way but that’s a part of it. She tries not to think about it deeper than that because it’s really hurts her, not a moth though
Stop writing slutty moths.
Moths are pure
I will post all the lewd moths. Then we can all enjoy the natural life of a adult moth.
>Anons and one namefag willfully baiting eachother while simultaneously not knowing how to use the reply-feature
Faggots, pls.

Molasses, pls.

Perplexia, pls.

To back out, that was a lot of text predicated on two fairly-specific assumptions about Virgo's general condition and its original source.
At crux of those posts were some related questions about Virgo:
>Are his sperginess and machismo just memes, or deep-rooted issues he might someday address?
>Do said issues have a grounding reason or are they happenstance?
>If it's more than random chance that he learned to act the way he does, what level of responsibility do Virgomom and possibly Virgodad have?

To distill even further:
>What are anon's intuitions about Virgo's mother?
Does she get into bar-fights often? Has she made a career of being /fit/ or does she know/teach innawoods shid as well?
Well that addressed some of the issues. But what about the issue of moth are for sexual?
File: Spoiler Image (88 KB, 469x546)
88 KB
>pic related

Honestly, I do think that at this point many of these answers could be answered and built upon if somebody started a greentext about her. Take all these questions and agreed on answers and build upon them. I'd do it myself, but I'm too busy and tired to really come up with anything.
Just another day in the text based rat race
Yeah that seems about right
Act II: Princess of the Forest, Part II
(PoV: Squeak)

[Kingdom of Squeak - ??? - ???]
>Squeak was excited as she wore a plain white dress and was hopping around a tree on of a hill exclaiming the words, "Here! Set it here!"
>Arriving on top of the hill was her father in his prime bearing a smile, in his mouth was picnic basket and on his back a red and white checkered blanket. Squeak's older brother Squeal followed behind him, he was growing stallion in the uniform of the king.
"Okay. You heard the filly." a mature mare voice said behind them.Following behind her brother was mare moth pony twice Squeak's size. She possessed a brown coat, a long grey mane, and a beautiful silver dress on her. Squeak recognized her as her mother and hopped towards her, "Mom. I can see the entire city.".
>Surrounding the hill her family was at was a beautiful view of the entire Capital City of Sound. This was exciting for Squeak as her parents were always so busy with administration of the Kingdom that they rarely spent time together outside as a group.
>Squeak managed to convince her mother to make her father take a break from his duties to have lunch in the form of a picnic and her mother decided to make the location where the picnic was going to be at the hill Squeak's father took her to when he was courting her mother in their youth.
>Squeak's mother grabbed the blanket and set it down, Squeal grabbed one of the edges to help straighten it out on the grass and Squeak assisted him. Squeak's father sighed and placed the picnic basket on top of the blanket and looked towards the blue sky.
"Its really nice to be out of that castle." He claimed. Squeak nodded her head, fresh air was the best for any situation. "I-" Squeak started, but paused as a loud voice echoed across the world with some sniffles."I don't want to sleep in the tub."
[Location: The Kingdom of Squeak - Port City of Avarice]
>Squeak remained silent as the sniffles got louder, she turned her head and found it buried inside of a red pillow and her body on a bed. It took Squeak a second to realize the picnic was nothing more than a dream and everything that had happened to her rushed to her head.
>She remembered creatures at the fort, her brother, and hitting her head. She lifted up a bit to find herself in a bedroom and across from her was a Zebra in a grey cloak, he was holding a bar of soap. "I should've bought a sleeping bag." He said to himself.
>Squeak was confused. It was obvious the pony in front of her was a foreigner, Zebra's do not exist in the Distant Land, but she had no idea where she was or how she got there or who the pony in front of her was. The fact that she is in the bed meant that the Zebra probably found her and brought her there, so he couldn't be that bad, hopefully.
"Excuse me." Squeak said startling the Zebra who jumped up a bit and let go the soap he was holding. He reached out to grab it with his hooves, but it kept the soap kept slipping until it finally hit the ground and slid.
>"Excuse me. Who are you? Where am I?" Squeak asked. The Zebra turned towards her with a smile, "Oh-I-Hello. My name is Unknown." he said with pep in his voice. "Unknown?" Squeak thought. That was a strange name, "Unknown?" she repeated out loud?
"Yes. Its quite the funny name if you ask me. Even my parents don't know where the name came from, it just came to them."
>Squeak stared at him. The Zebra was kind of eccentric, but friendly. "As for where you are. You are at Port Avarice." He said in a cheery voice. Squeak blinked she knew that port, she was just in it with her brother and his comrades not that long ago."
"Was I the only pony you found?" Squeak asked curiously. Unknown looked puzzled be Squeak statement and scratched his face with his hoof, "I didn't know you had anypony else around. I found you in the bushes and I didn't want you to get attacked by those things I saw so I brought you to town. If I had known I would have looked harder for more of those missing ponies"
"Things? You saw them too?" Squeak blurted, she remembered those black slime creatures. Squeak moved out of the bed and moved towards Unknown, eyeing him. Unknown moved back a bit by her sudden movement. "Those black goo creatures, right? I-I saw those things. One of them almost ate me, but instead spat me out. I don't think I tasted good to them."
>Unknown seemed kind of uncomfortable when making his last statement. "What about the Crown Prince?" Squeak said repeating her question about her companions and in hope that her brother escaped and made it back to the town.
"Crown Prince? Like the son of the ruler? Was he there? Why would a Prince be at an abandoned fort?" Unknown said questioning Squeak's question. Squeak looked dismayed, her brother status was unknown to her, but hopefully he made out. He's tougher than her, he will have made it out she thought.
>Squeak then took a slow breath and gathered her thoughts. Those creatures things were dangerous and the military needed to be called, Squeak also needed to alert her father to the situation in the Kingdom. Considering the creatures could take a bullet, the Kingdom might need help from mystical means.
>Squeak looked up at the Zebra who was silent and staring at her. "He said he was swallowed by those things and spat out. He also saw them and survived." Squeak thought, he was the only witness Squeak knew of who could back her up.in her story and someone who might be connected to the incident.
>The best thing to do is to return home post-haste. If Squeak remembered correctly there was an outpost not far from the port, if she was to go there she could catch a ride to the capital and to alert her father. The Zebra would come with her to testify his story.
"Are you part of the military?" Unknown asked breaking the silence. Squeak nodded her head to his comment, "Yes. I am a very important person to the military." she said. "Listen you are a witness to an attack on one of our forts. I need you to come with me to the capital to testify your story."
"You need me to testify my story to the military?" Unknown asked, confused a bit. "Yes. I believe those creatures are the reason why ponies have been disappearing and we need to alert the King?"
>Squeak noticed Unknown's eyes shine, "You must be I a high ranking officer. I thought you were just some short filly in a uniform.". Squeak's eyes narrowed at the words "short filly", she may have been short, but she wasn't a child, but he didn't know so she'll forgive him. Had this been her brother she would have given him a mouth full.
>Squeak extended her hoof out in the form of a hoofshake, "I am Princess Squeak. Its nice to meet you Unknown.". The Zebra cocked his head, "P-Princess? You mean you are the Princess who you named this kingdom after yourself?" he blurted out.
>Squeak rolled her eyes, "No I was named after the Kingdom. I don't think a foreigner like you would know this, but long ago the Distant Land used to be a united empire ran by an Empress. During her rule a crisis happened which resulted in her getting help from the Spirits Beyond and after resolving the crisis she disappeared and the empire was split in different kingdoms."
"This kingdom's land was originally founded as the Kingdom of Virgo, but General Squeak of the Lord's Council during the Kingdom of Virgo's rule along with wealthy merchants and noble overthrew the ruling family and casted them and their loyalists offshore after being displeased with their constant war against the Kingdom of Tarkin on the west. Every once and awhile members of the Kingdom's royal family are named Squeak in honor of the General."
>Unknown nodded his head following the short story, "That makes sense. The Distant Land really is an interesting place." Squeak smiled, "It is and for a foreigner you found yourself in an interesting situation and I need you to accompany me to the capital to tell your story about those creature."
>Unknown reached out his hoof and gave Squeak a hoofshake with a smile, "Okay. If its a quest I'll do it." he said excitingly
>After their hoofshake Squeak asked Unknown to tell her the story of how met her and his encounter with the black creatures. It was interesting, but the creatures definitely sounded sinister with their actions. Squeak and Unknown talked about it and decided they would set out in the morning.
>Squeak originally offered Unknown the bed, but he decided to sleep in the bathtub even though he paid for the room while she slept in the bed. In the early morning they left the inn and departed from the fort into the outpost, there Squeak identified herself with a royal signet she kept on her.
>The soldiers were surprised, but made arrangements and got them a luxury carriage to carry them on the open road. They slept at some road stops and sometimes in the carriage and within the week they managed to reach the capital.
>Unknown was amazed by the presence of troops and the walls built for the city while Squeak seen it on her way out and told Unknwon stories about the city's construction when under the control of the Kingdom of Virgo.
>When they arrived at the entryway to Castle Nofia, Squeak and Unknown exited the carriage.

[Location: The Kingdom of Squeak - Capital City of Sound - Castle Nofia / Estate of Squeak]

>Unknown was dazzled at the castle and its size; in the front court there was soldiers and nobles there the same as always. Squeak noticed Unknown looking awed and told him to follow her, they were going to go see her father immediately. The nobles and soldiers who saw her were shocked, but none of them approached her. When Squeak and Unknown arrived at the outpost to make arrangements for their travel, she had sent a messenger that would alert her father to her well-being and assistance by a good pony, so he wouldn't be so worried about her safety.
>Unknown kept close to Squeak's side, "I have a fear that if I wandered off I would end up dead." he said. Squeak laughed at him, it was true, but still it was funny. As they entered into the foyer of the castle, "You are probably right. They would mistake you for a thief and shoot you. Espcially since you are a Zebra and the way you are dressed."
>Unknwon looked at his robe, "What's wrong with the way I dress? It keeps me warm when I need it." he exclaimed. Squeak started up the stairs on the right and went to the far back of the castle and greeted two guards at the golden doors. They looked at Squeak and then at Unknown, "He is with me to testify." Squeak said to them, they nodded and opened the door.
>The same throne was there unchanged and standing in the back of it was Squeak's father, the President, the Fuhrer, and next to them was Squeak's older brother in full dress who seemed to have been talking to all three of them, but turned when the door opened.
>Squeal rushed to meet Squeak at the door after only catching a glimpse of her and when he arrived he threw his hooves upon her and embraced her.
"Squeak I'm so glad you are okay. I arrived only two days ago, but heard the news of your safety." Squeal said smiling, Squeak gave her brother a passionate hug back "I'm okay, but what happened brother to you and the others?". Squeal broke away, "I was just telling father that he said." and then turned back to other three moth ponies waiting for them.
File: Story Sequence 3.jpg (265 KB, 1800x1200)
265 KB
265 KB JPG
>Squeal then looked to Squeak's side and saw Unknown who he smiled at. Squeak noticed Unknown give off an uncomfortable smile back, Squeal then broke away from his hug with Squeak and hugged Unknown. "Foreigner I owe you a lot for taking my sister into your care.".
"Y-You too." Unknown said, it seems he wasn't really okay with the idea of a random hug or to be thanked with a huge. Squeal then broke away and leaned over to him saying in a low voice that Squeak could still hear, "So are you going to be her husband now?"
>Squeak cringed and Unknown began to become uncomfortable. "You do know the rule of saving Princesses, right? The Hero saves them and they live happily ever after. I though you knew that?" Squeal said, "Are you going to take responsibility?". Unknown became flustered at Squeak's brother joke, "What?".
"Stop that Squeal. You should not play with someone who we must thank." Squeak said being upset with her brother's teasing and starting to shake him. Unknown let out a sigh, he did not know her brother was just teasing him and was relieved to hear it was just a joke. "Unknown? That is a weird name." Squeal said. Squeak then went silent as she heard the words "Squeak and Squeal" being yelled out, she and her brother turned to see their father on his throne calling to them.
>They approached him with Unknown lagging behind and when they stood in front of him, Squeak's father spoke again "Closer" he said. They trotted closer to him and he leaned forward to embrace them, pulling both of their heads to his chest. "I am relieved you two came back fine." he said coughing a bit.
>The two started to pat their father on the back, "The King was beside himself. He couldn't sleep without the aid of concoctions from the Alchemist." The President said, "You two shouldn't worry your father very much." Squeak's father then broke the hug.
"So you two? Do you have something to tell me along with your guest, Squeak?" Squeak father asked, Squeak and Squeal shook their head as their father adjusted himself in his seat. Squeal started first continuing where he left off before Squeak and Unknown interrupted, "I can say for a fact that we were attacked by those creatures and they were the ones who destroyed the fort."
>Squeak listened carefully as Squeal retold his story after Squeak managed to escape, "After Squeak escaped more of those things showed up and jumped us. Everyone held them off and told me to escape and so I ran and ran. I couldn't find Squeak at the castle or surrounding it as more of those creatures showed up so I kept running until I eventually got far away as possible and started to make my way to the nearest outpost and got back here. I think its fair to say my men were eaten."
>Squeak felt sadness take over her heart. It was sad to think that her brother's men who protected her and her brother were eaten by those things. The Fuhrer nodded his added and then addressed Squeak, "Your story Princess?". Squeak took a gulp and recounted what happened after she ran and how she encountered more of the creatures in the castle and how she got knocked out, met Unknown and recently got back. The group afterwards looked towards Unknown who stepped forward nervously to the king and began to recount his story. He told of how he arrived, the missing papers, how the creature swallowed him and seemed to be intelligent, and how he encountered Squeak.
>Once all of the stories were told Squeak's father sighed, took a second to think and then spoke, "These creatures might be the work of the Spirits Beyond."
"My King that sound ridiculous." The President said, "I agree. The Spirits Beyond haven't done anything since the Empress. Why would they attack us. There must be a rational explanation." the Fuhrer said, for once agreeing with the President.
"I believe it might be Spirits. I heard the Royal Alchemist couldn't identify the sample Squeal brought back and recommend to me that it be sent to the Kingdom of Ferry for true identification, but I believe those things might be the Spirit Beyond punishing us for not worshiping them hard enough." Squeak father said. "As time goes on the people of the Distant Land become adjusted to the use of technology, luxury, and begin to neglect their ancestors and the Spirits who had long taken care of them. I have no doubt this might be the work of the Spirits Beyond looking for acknowledgement and until they will punish us."
>Squeak father sounded so serious about the topc. "So what should we do?" Squeal said speaking up.
"We have already came up with a plan for that." the King stated, "Squeal you and a detachment of troops will recreate the fort and deal with these creatures by crowding and capturing them, so they won't expand their area." Squeak father then looked at her "Squeak you will take the specimen that Squeal brought back to the Kingdom of Ferry so it may be inspected by the Queen. Maybe she can shed light on the mysterious punishment we are receiving and how we can appease this menace the Spirit Beyond sent us."
>Squeal seemed excited and Squeak too, Sqeuak father then loked at Unknown who was in the background, "Squeak I do not wish to send you alone. You will take a escort."
"Foreigner!" Squeak father said catching Unknown's attention. "You have done well to protect my daughter for the past days. How would you like to escort her as a honorary soldier and royal guard member?" Unknown stared blankly at the King, "Why me? I'm a foreigner? You do not know me, King-Sir." he asked
>Squeak's father smiled, "You were spat out by the Spirit Beyond for some reason and provided useful information. It would be good for the Queen Titania to inspect you as well so you might as well go. Your arrival is tied to fate and besides-." He paused "You have that I can trust you not to do anything stupid feeling."
>Unknown didn't understand what that meant, but the King did have a point about him being special in a way since he was spat out and not eaten. Unknown nodded his head, "O-Okay. Y-Yeah. This sounds like a new quest. I will go."
"You heard your duties. Do not fail me." Squeak father said, Squeak and Squeal then replied "Yes, father." and left to their duties.
>As Squeak and Unknown entered into the hallway Squeal stopped them, "I wish you two luck on your duties." he said. Squeal then looked at Unknown, "Take care of my sister, Unknown. Don't do anything you will regret and may the Spirits Beyond guide you."
"Don't do anything you will regret? What did he mean by that?" Unknown asked Squeak, she rubbed her forehead, "My brother is just telling you to be careful."
"I see." Unknown said as Squeak started to trot back down the hall, he followed her and started to talk "Hey Squeak I gotta ask. What are the Spirits Beyond?"
>As a foreigner it was understandable Unknown wouldn't have any idea about the Spirits Beyond, "They are our ancestors, the will of the Distant Land manifested, and us. They are everything and inhabit a counter part world known as the Spirit World."
"Huh interesting. He claimed. So what do they have to do with the Kingdom of Ferry?" Unknown asked, "The Kingdom of Ferry is the top kingdom about mystical stuff in all of the Distant Land. They have magic, mystical wild life, and other things not common in the other kingdoms and claim to be the most in touch with the Spirits Beyond as their top worshipers."
"Since they are half-way across the continent we will have to take a ship to reach them. We will have to leave the capital and take a trip east to Port Illya, from there we sail to Port Yell by sea, then we will go to Port Amber in the Kingdom of Sepia, then to Port Soma on the other side of it, then we will land in Fort Chylorophtium in the Kingdom of Ferry." Squeak took a break before continuing, "Then we will go to their capital city via carriage I already planned how the trip will go and it should take us about 2 weeks to get their by ship and sometime to get back here."
File: Hollow Map.png (46 KB, 1154x594)
46 KB
Unknown's Inventory:
Weapons: 1x Sword
Clothing: 1x Grey Cloak
Equipment: 1x Crowbar, 1x Hammer, and 2x Pitons
Misc: 1x 50ft of Rope, 1x Tinderbox, 1x Oil Lantern, 10x Torches, 1x Scented Candle, 1x Tourniquet, and 1x Wound Cleaning Kit

(Note: Unknown is currently in the Capital City of the Kingdom of Squeak and thus you can have him run around and buy stuff or do some other things as a Free Action throughout the Capital City.)
(Note: Interludes are sub-acts that increase the relationship between Unknown and a Character. They give you more insight into a character's past/life/thoughts along with extra information about the setting.)
(Note: The Interludes have 4 Rankings: A: Lovers, B: Best Friends, C: Friends, D: Companion. Unknown will be locked into a relationship with the first person he reaches an A-relationship with. You can always skip the interlude and do the next part of act.)
(Note: The next story update is Sunday.)

1. Interlude (Squeak - D)
2. Continue Main Story.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh that’s a lot of stuff to read good jobbbbbb
Why the hell is nobody using the reply-feature lately? Is it really that hard?

>"You mean you are the Princess who you named this kingdom after yourself?" he blurted out.

>"Okay. If it's a quest I'll do it." he said
>Unknown's mom wants him to do his laundry; it's been a while and his little cloak and other garments have gotten pretty dirty.
>"Unknown, your clothes are too dirty to just keep wearing them. They should be washed."
"Wash some clothing? Is it a quest?"
>"N-no. Not really. It's just one of the chores you need to do."
"I'm not doing it if it's not a QUEST. I only do QUESTS, Mom!"

Okay, Walnut, I have some questions.
If Unknown already knows these things, just tell us. Otherwise, Unknown should ask Squeak.

Squeal was fighting, and also got pricked by that mushroom...
>Has Squeal been examined by a doctor since coming back?
>Has the Royal Alchemist been warned that the mushroom sample might try to harm anypony who handles it?

Squeal may have been distracted by the sudden attack before he sent anyone to Fort Diamond, and even if he did, they may have died along the way...
>Has it been confirmed that the Kingdom of Tarkin has received word about the attack on Fort Marigold?

We arrived in Avarice at night when no clinics would have been open. We then rushed out early in the morning to head for the capital...
>Has Unknown been inspected by a doctor yet?

Squeal's force of moths was crushed and devoured, and their standard weapons were almost entirely ineffective against the monsters. So, without yet having a known way of killing or disabling the black creatures, muchless a technique to safely remove the colonies of mushrooms they found...
>How does the King seriously propose that Squeal retake and rebuild the damaged fort? I could understand posting soldiers at the port to protect it, but trying to reclaim the fort from the enemy with so little information about them? It sounds idiotic.


Gameplay-wise, are there negative consequences to improving our social rankings with ponies?
Obviously, we should choose our lover carefully once we've progressed that far, but are there reasons for not wanting to advance into friendship or close friendship, for example?
You don't have to be this specific, but maybe there are truly evil characters we wouldn't want to befriend even given the chance?
Or maybe advancing certain friendships might preclude others due to jealousy?

In other words, why would there ever be an advantage in skipping an interlude?
I'd kinna want to know that before casting my own vote.
There’s a lot of stuff there, I wasn’t sure which to link to so I didn’t. Also I did it instead of just saying bump so I could at least add something
This is what Squeak and Unknown know from the conversation in the throne room:
>Has Squeal been examined by a doctor since coming back?
Yes. The doctor didn't find any visible sign of injuries on the Prince.

>Has the Royal Alchemist been warned that the mushroom sample might try to harm anypony who handles it?
The Royal Alchemist was told by Squeal to be careful as the mushroom might have pricks.

>Has it been confirmed that the Kingdom of Tarkin has received word about the attack on Fort Marigold?
They are all acting under the idea that the Kingdom of Tarkin isn't the attacker and does not know anything about the incident.

>Has Unknown been inspected by a doctor yet?
No. He did a self-inspection of his neck, but overall thinks he has been spit out by the creature.

>How does the King seriously propose that Squeal retake and rebuild the damaged fort? I could understand posting soldiers at the port to protect it, but trying to reclaim the fort from the enemy with so little information about them? It sounds idiotic.
This will be answered next Sunday as it is a in question.

>Gameplay-wise, are there negative consequences to improving our social rankings with ponies?
There are negative consequences to improving social rankings as it can lead to certain choices in the main story: Being removed, losing your equipment, some characters turning sour and harming the adventure by making wrong choices, and etc.

Advancing the relationship can get you insight to the Distant Land/Character, Get you new equipment that you can use to solve situations faster, can get you a new party members who wasn't going to be in the main story, and unlock new options for the minor/major stopping moments in the story when Unknown/a Character need to do something.
I should mention that Interludes are side-stories/adventure that get in the way of the Main Story and they can end badly for everyone except Unknown.
10 :^)
>the Everfree forest is bigger than ponies previously thought
>bigger by a large margin
>while not rivaling Equestria in any regard, moth pony kingdoms pose a significant strategic value, or obstacle
>as alien the changelings were to ponies, moth ponies are no different
>never compare them to the love-stealer, and never refer to them as mothlings
Interdasting, even if I like my mothlings primitve compared to ponies, as I like my changelings feudal and lacking any technology
If someone is sharing a story, it's traditional to reply to the last post in the chain.

>Interludes can:
>cause Unknown to gain or lose equipment
>open or close (new) social links
>ultimately make the situation in the Distant Lands better or worse
>create new choices later
In future, will you share more about what an interlude might entail before the option is chosen?
For instance, if we choose the current Interlude, will we do much more than confer with Squeak about her past and the history of her kingdom?
Or... are interludes always supposed to be a blind choice based off of which social rankings we want to improve?
Alright, yeah makes sense
Interludes will always be a blind choice based off of the social rankings you want to improve and some can be mini-adventures.
>Midnight bump
I will be making another green tomorrow cause I feel like it. Lightbulb will be in it, as well as some others.

I honestly have no excuse for replying to you so late. I read this when you first posted it and I laughed my ass off. I really wasn't expecting this to happen. It was silly and over-the-top, and I honestly love what you made here. I originally was going to respond to it by continuing the green you made, though I didn't know how I was going to approach it and ultimately never responded. I do apologize for how late my response was. But, all in all, thank you Anon for the laughs and for the unexpected green.
Okay, after the extra info you gave us, I vote we do the Interlude.

My secret strategy is to do ALL the sidequests until we find Butterscotch. Then we max out her social link. Who's with me?
>I will be making another green tomorrow
I hope you finish it before the thread dies.


good moof
Such good
>actual moth in moth-pony hybrid thread.
What kind of moth is this?
Is it a native species? If so, I hope you're going to set it free soon.

Different anon here. This get under your skin?

I can probably finish my Dura thing within the next couple of days
>what kind of moth
A cute green one with red feet

I have no clue what kind of moth it is it was just a caterpillar I found. For whatever reason it only ate flowers and wouldn’t take leaves
File: untitled.png (328 KB, 1000x700)
328 KB
328 KB PNG
Sociposting imbound.
Nah, but the immense heat is keeping me from writing at the moment. It's even difficult for me to write my schoolwork at the moment with it being so hot. I'm going to try to get at least the beginning of it out tonight.

>I can probably finish my Dura thing within the next couple of days
Awesome to hear. I was wondering whatever happened to you and that story. Good to know that you're still writing it.
Hello page 10, my old friend.
Alright I figured it out. It’s a tabaco budworm moth
I'm curious, is this an older drawing or some gift art?
or are you not who I think you are?
This was done by one of my friends. It was part of an art trade. He does art, here is a link to his blog.
How many letters?
File: tongunf[1].png (22 KB, 517x442)
22 KB

I just cruised Wikipedia for facts about them, and I didn't see anything about red limbs. Did you see something that said that somewhere else? And the caterpillar descriptions matched also, I take it?
[moth jealousy intensifies]
Look at the pictures, it’s legs are reddish brown

I still have two more in pupa I’m waiting on, both different kinds
Hey, /moff/. I've juat gotten an idea for a crossover fic, but I wanna check if it'll find any audience, cause it's kinda niche. Has anyone here played an old game called "the I of the dragon"?
Explain what kind of crossover you have in mind.
File: img.png (2.04 MB, 3600x3000)
2.04 MB
2.04 MB PNG
Are these all from your garden or something?

It's been a while since anybody's done much with the thread's dragon-related lore.
I'd personally be quite interested.

Are you the same nerd who considered a Wh40k crossover a couple threads back? Just curious.
>>32027810 <-- Where the story left off two threads ago.
>The rest of the day was business as usual.
>Flower Tart wasn’t listening and constantly interrupted you during your lectures about how boring they were.
>Marron showed up late because of the cold weather, and Orange gave him a good briefing on everything that happened while he wasn’t there.
>Dandelion was being Dandelion.
>Sema attempted to enter the classroom but was immediately thrown back outside for reasons best left unexplained.
>The end of the school day arrived.
>It it’s around one in the morning now.
>All of the students have already left with their parents and guardians, leaving only you in the classroom, shifting through papers and grading them.
>You reminisce about the school day, the school week, the past three school months while going through the papers.
>Everyday just felt the same, with today playing out like any other in the recent months.
>Flower Tart used to be the only issue, but Dandelion has recently slowly stopped paying attention or listening to you as well.
>Maroon listens and tries his hardest when it comes to his schoolwork but tends to get constant C’s in everything.
>Then there’s Orange, quite literally the only student in your class that does everything that she’s asked to do and gets exceptional grades.
>How she isn’t like the others is beyond your understanding.
>How you long for a day where they would just ALL listen to you and do what they were told, and how you dream that they will excel beyond their potential in your class.
>You grade the final paper of your day and look forward at the empty seats of the classroom.
>You keep pondering about the students, their actions, and their behavior recently.
>The more you think about it, the more hopeless you became.
>You felt like you needed answers, guidance, just any form of help to aid you with these students.
>You needed to talk with Gentry again.
(Will continue this later on today.)
Yep, just caterpillars I’ve found in my yard

It would be a story written from a dragon's point of view, allowing for many yet-unexplored avenues.

The reasoning behind this crossover comes from the fact that the plot of the game aligns itself perfectly with that of the moth homeland.
It revolves around a lone dragon, fightning against fungus-based/infested monstosities, in defence of the scarce human settlements, which he eventually helps to build and develop. One of the main motifs of the game is the search for the other dragons who have forsaken the land after humans drove them out, which the game leaves off at after defeating the BBG, with one of the main NPC-s stating that now, with the safety restored, the time's come for the dragon to search for his kin.

Thus, the idea would allow for both adventure parts in travelling the vast spaces between moth settlements, delving into Rot and fightning against it, but also slice of life elements in getting to know the moth ponies as well as the other dragons of the Dust Valley/potentially Badlands.

Moreover, the game features a silent protagonist, understanding human speech, but never responding other than by actions. Hence, it would allow for not only free interpretation of the dragon's personality, for the purposes of the story, but also a choice between either leaving it off as such in the green or treating it as the canon mlp dragons, able to communicate with ponies, but not always choosing to do so - possibly with the wealth of options a character learning about such interactions provides.


Wow, can't lie outta respect for you, having gotten that one right. Is it my familar way of approaching the matter that tipped you off or the fact that I proposed any crossover to begin with, given how moth threads haven't ever been rich in those?
File: sequin and dragonbro.png (530 KB, 900x900)
530 KB
530 KB PNG
You probably already know this, but to if you bring them indoors, you can help them survive by paying attention to the plant or plants that they're on/nearby when you found them, since their moms will almost always place the eggs on or close to a food-source.
Identifying the species/family/order/whatever can also be helpful to determine care, but is generally harder, of course.

>was it my way of asking about interest or the fact that it was a crossover?
Both, really.
I also suspect that you're the same poster as PnP anon who appears to be from Croatia or something. That's more of a guess, though.

See, Cobalt? This is why you're not necessarily anonymous just because you've left the Name-field blank. :^)
P.S. I'm not >>32371712

Damn, right again. That is, if you mean that one time I posted ~30 pictures and a wall of text about the moth rp I'm having. Not sure where did you pull the Croatia part from though. That's quite far removed from my homeland.
Maybe you kept one of the original filenames from one of the artists who did some of those pieces or something? That's what I was going off of because there were some really unusual characters there.
That was the case with more than one, I reckon. I'll spare you the research. Those would've been polish signs. Majority of my comissions came from the artists of my own country.
/tg/wiki has a moth fantasy race.
File: 1429652045415.jpg (2.01 MB, 1936x2592)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB JPG
Perhaps I'm missing your point.
As he explains in >>32411180, the thing PnPanon is considering isn't even based off of a traditional game, ergo /tg/ (Traditional Games) doesn't seem relevant.
And /tg/'s wiki is a sci-fi thing anyways, it looks like, whereas I think 'I of the Dragon' is alt-medieval.

Are you perhaps... planning a crossover of your own or something?
Honestly, this sounds like something that could work pretty well. Having something like a story where the mothponies and the land they live in are experienced from an outsiders point of view like a dragon would be something I would be in to checking out.
This is especially true since I remember talk a while back that the dragons of the Equestrias actually have some sort of mutual relationship with the moths since they are so close to them, and have even been known to protect the moths in times of need. If this is something you're actually going to go through with, I'd love to see it happen.
How many?
File: vshig.png (364 KB, 1000x1000)
364 KB
364 KB PNG
>How many letters?
Do you mean "characters"?
Is that the joke? XDDDdd
>/tg/'s wiki is a sci-fi thing
You're only scratching the tip of the ice berg. They love Wh40k, true, but they're as geeky for everything else.
https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Mothfolk I like the use of fire in their cult.
The majority of social insects are mindless workers controlled pheromonally by their queen, which is again controlled by her own instincts and her guards.
Yet I see changelings displaying individuality and free will.
Alright, since it seems people are interested, I reckon I shall start thinking about how exactly would I like the dragon story to look like right after I cease being ill. I think I might give the game a go once more too, as to get the details straight; it's been a good while since I last did and I'd rather blend the two worlds as non-obtrusively as possible, as to make it an enjoyable piece for those who haven't had tried "The I of the dragon" themselves.


>whereas I think 'I of the Dragon' is alt-medieval.
Yup. That's the case.


On a side note, I will admit, I had no idea about any of that.
File: rarity3.png (300 KB, 810x985)
300 KB
300 KB PNG
Bat ponies have their snickering.
What do moth ponies have? Squeeking?
Tho spider ponies are relatively cute, please read the third and fourth responses in the linked post below.

Simple really. The Death Head Moth makes a squeaking noise when annoyed or trying to get honey from a bee hive. See the videos below to understand what I am talking about.




Hexferry was one of the first moths made in the thread, if not THE first moth made in the thread, and much like the very moth she was based on, she would squeak when she was annoyed. I guess everyone else rolled along with the whole squeaking thing from what I can understand, (I wasn't around back during the days of the numbered threads), hence why squeaking is a part of what makes a mothpony what it is.
File: Spoiler Image (1.19 MB, 2849x2909)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB PNG
>majority of moth species IRL are incapable of eating
This is only true if you define "eating" as "consuming solid foods".
AFAIK, most adults drink nectar, and only a small handful have no ability to feed at all.
>adults die within a few weeks
This is mostly because their life cycles are less than a season long and on a relative scale and it takes a long time and a lot of energy to make a functioning adult of almost any species *

We could argue all in circles about this.
For instance, I COULD make the argument that IRL moths are not sexual for most of their lives and therefore moth ponies should not be portrayed as that sexual in general, whereas MAMMALS spend most of their individual lives capable of reproducing (and doing so often, whereas moths/mothpones might only ever so it once XD)

Really, everyone's going to differ especially on this point
... which is why the argument over whether moths are "for sexual" or not is a total meme and statements about it have been used to bait the opposite camp for almost as long as this thread has existed! Pic somewhat related.
If you really want, you can generally make the argument that most activities of nearly any species are centered around gathering resources for finding a mate, appealing to them, and fucking them. That's just Darwinism 101.
...Most animal social structures (or ways of life or whatever) are centered around sex in some way or another... horse herds, prides of lions, wolf packs, dung beetles, you name it.

* Fun fact, if you include mental changes, even humans are not fully mature until sometime after 25 and in a state of nature, most humans did not survive past 40....

WHOA SHITT NICCA are you tryin' ta SPOOK us?

I've checked, and it appears some other hawk moths other than the Death's-Head can squeak also e.g. the Walnut Sphinx. (Apparently their caterpillars are known for the whistle-y noises they can make https://youtu.be/T_roEs9etUw)
Take the Bat Snickering translator and replace every instance of K with Squ and every letter subsitution ends with a K.
Bat snickering translator?
File: various_.gif (107 KB, 267x200)
107 KB
107 KB GIF
Various moths (and caterpillars) can squeak or make hissing noises through a pretty stunning variety of mechanisms.
>Releasing air through respiratory pores
>Rubbing mouthparts together (exact method various by species)
>Swallowing air into stomach and forcing it back out
>Literally FLEXIN (special hard scales + spines at the terminus of the abdomen) oh lord the jokes that butt-squeaks alone could inspire
This abstract states that Actias luna and Manduca sexta can both produces noises as adults while flying to disrupt pursuers: http://jeb.biologists.org/content/210/6/993

Probably just a driveby.
If somebody wanted to write a story about a spider-pony in the forest or something I wouldn't be opposed, especially if moths were at least mentioned....
Cuz really I'd be surprised if there are enough spiderfags that we'd be taken over by them or whatever if they came to hang out and write or draw or whatever.
Batfags have a cipher at https://translate.batpony.party/
How do most moth ponies cook, do you guys figure? Or would most of them just have a few bottles of sweet stuff in their pantries and that's it?

Since it gets cold in the valley, I would think most homes have a fireplace, so a metal bar or hooks for a pot and a tea-kettle for soups and teas would make sense.
But what about log-fire stoves or some other way of having a burner or a griddle? And ovens? Or would there be community facilities for things like that?

Or maybe they have some clever system of pipes that moves flammable gas to the houses from some waste-digester tank they have somewhere? mothpunk life
I have no clue how it works at all but it’s interesting. I don’t know if they would actually speak to each other like that.. it’s incredibly inefficient
Moth ponies who live in the well-off parts eat their food raw with lots of vegetables and other goods. Moths who live in the poor parts, deepy fry their food and use parts most normal don't eat.
Ok, so I am currently at a standstill with the short Lightbulb story. I want to continue it; however, I realized that I originally started it prior to the expansion of the world with all the locations and areas, so locations were just referred to as North Hamlet and Central Village (I based it off the years old conceptual map that Nips made that was posted three threads ago). I need some help with this since I'm having her flying to the Forest of Rot, which is located in the far southern regions of the mothlands. I'm not sure where exactly the school should be, or where her place of residency should be. Suggestions?

I mean, for those who do eat, something like what you are suggesting makes sense, considering that most places apart from channel are primitive and old fashion compared to most other places in Equestria. It would make sense that in the colder areas, most if not all households would have a fireplace for wamth and cooking purposes, and the warmer places have something like a firepit for just cooking purposes. I'd like to think a place like Channel with how big and diverse it is has electricity much like Manehatten, Canterlot, and Ponyville to an extent, so they would have central heating and electric stoves/ovens to cook and stay warm with.
it seems to be broken.
Another anon here. Just tried. Works for me.
File: 1521021066395.png (3.7 MB, 2200x1700)
3.7 MB
3.7 MB PNG
>Channel might have gas or other means for cooking and heating because diversity and money from sea trade
I'm personally not a huge fan of assuming much electricity outside of big Equestrian cities, because it's not clear how any of that would really work without pavement and concrete to safely place utilities under without power-lines being visible everywhere (ugly) or making big assumptions about how magic might be involved (ugly, conceptually fragile)
Anyhow I wasn't thinking as broad-scale as the whole mothlands on asking the question but I like these ideas. I would imagine that parts of Pould and maybe a house or two in Tine might also have that sort of convenient home amenity.
In my headcanon, Tine is old-fashioned and "old-money", so most residents there would scorn the idea despite being able to afford such things, whereas Pould is modern in the sense of its industry and the wealthier ponies' homes, even though considerable parts of it are hardly better than little shacks containing beds.

>the school?
I imagine Ponyville to be bigger than the moth village, population-wise, and since Ponyville only has a one-room schoolhouse plus Cherilee, I would surmise Dust Valley would be little different.
I think of the area around the lone maple as being sloped, somewhat marshy, and heavily forested with fantastically large trees. Although this is great for building because there's plenty of wood, it's not conducive to largescale farming...
...I'm amenable to the idea of at least some of the hamlets being kept, though if you're using Nips' map (https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%21AOm9lEiaqRf2F9c&cid=214E983E4F7D5EDD&id=214E983E4F7D5EDD%212586&parId=214E983E4F7D5EDD%211315&o=OneUp ) the compass-points might need to be adjusted/relabeled a little bit.
A north(west) hamlet might be near the red X here...

>North(west) hamlet / where Lightbulb lives?
If it's a little mountainous where they are, they might grow barley, rye, amaranth, or that sort of thing. (Relatively hearty crops... Perhaps also some underground/root-crops as well e.g. potatoes, beats, turnips, carrots, onions, leeks, radishes, sunchokes, yada, yada...)
So basically big fields (or perhaps terraces) and one or two clusters of houses with not much else.
To reach the village from this hamlet (or vice-versa), we might say it would take an unladen (or lightly-laden) moth 40 minutes to an hour by wing, and maybe 4 or 5 hours by cart since the central caravan route doesn't go directly through, meaning the going would be slower before getting out to / off of it.

As for WHY she might live there, I don't know.
If she's been teaching in the village for some years, as I think you've said, perhaps she moved into the hamlet before there was enough extra housing for her within the village.
More may have been built since then, but it could be she's come to be okay with being a little remote and wouldn't want to move now.
I think your original reason was cost, but I see there as being a relatively-widely-used system of trade and valuation of different services which would be compensated with various things such as housing, food, repairs, protection, etc.
Teaching is sufficiently valuable that I don't think she'd be compensated so poorly as to not be able to get a house if there was one available.
Obviously >'teachers being able to afford things' doesn't match the reality on Earth but that's really because people are compensated in distorted markets. I imagine ponies (and moth ponies) to be generally better at avoiding big sources of arbitrary unfairness. (Except in Pould of course!)

Yet another anon here. It'll encode, but I can't get it to decode right, can you? KeKKEEEekKEEEeKEEKeeEEKeeKdkKkKEEeEKEEKeeeEEKEEEe
> It'll encode, but I can't get it to decode right, can you?
Once you go bat there's not turning bat.
I don't know about you guys but I sure do want to eat out a moff pony ass
I want to cook a moth pony.
Bats eat bugs.
Sexually, maybe, which is kind of them.
I saw a big moth today. I let it walk over my hand a bit. It felt cute.
Can we reverse engineer it?
Maybe they talk slowly like Navaho, or they use it as an argot, like Verlan.
do moth pone oviposit

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