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Royal Guard Mare Thread

This thread is all about Equestria's mares in uniform. Whether they're a fighting troop, a backwater garrison, or simply the ponice, and whether they're peagsi, unicorn, earth, or other female, they're all welcome as primary subject matter for art & green.

Everyday Life With Guardsmares - https://pastebin.com/RHkvDaAw
Everyday Life With Guardsmares FAQ - https://pastebin.com/QH8Mwutm
Careful's Charge - http://pastebin.com/CkZbn3E6
Whiskey and Cigars - https://pastebin.com/7M3ryVcQ
Brave and Vannie - http://pastebin.com/8E2vAnyi
Skin and Oki - https://pastebin.com/zsYqrMin
Anon Y Mous, Hierarch of Halogaland - https://pastebin.com/wMbqsgWu
Marigold and the Freebird - https://pastebin.com/3uEqyEi5

Anon’s Regiment - http://pastebin.com/ruhuxiA6
Feather Scarf - http://pastebin.com/u4HbciFL
Going Bump in the Night chapter 9 - https://pastebin.com/D1HuiG7n
Reassigned, Part 2 - https://pastebin.com/7ewduYua
Vigilant Shield - https://pastebin.com/F5gGbMqi
Magic and Mud - http://pastebin.com/mTAB4nnE
Finding It - http://pastebin.com/QxyZ3BfR
Sniper Anon - http://pastebin.com/3eN6HitC
Silver Star - http://pastebin.com/ggWTgWeK
Meadow Stockade - http://pastebin.com/kWgzxg5d
Copper Wing - http://pastebin.com/x8UJTEhz
First Time Massage - https://pastebin.com/dQZNV8db

"Sir, Yes Sir!" - http://pastebin.com/9WeeGgq7
Duty Bound - http://pastebin.com/WfLZh5EW
Anon Pointedly Does Not Get Sex with a Guard - http://pastebin.com/zi1KcnVC
Sirdubs: http://pastebin.com/ZVfta6Ti
Spankybat: http://pastebin.com/Q7viBeuf

>Remember, no homo.

Previous thread:
File: Ebonshield.jpg (674 KB, 2228x2954)
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>Wolfkrone's double parter with Steel Charge didn't make it to the OP
Aw, crap. I was skimming the old thread a little to quickly for bin links I missed it. My apologies Wolfkrone.

Pasting the link here to remind myself next time. Again, my apologies.

Steel's Charge - https://pastebin.com/MAu28S2b
Not wolf but thanks anyways
Taking the opportunity to re-do the perspective shift...



>"...Make sure to eat."
>You went to Gira after waking up.
>You're privately thankful that her husband, the shaman, is the heavier sleeper of the couple.
>You don't care to fill him in until later.
>It won't make a difference.
>You were already out too long.
>You still wanted to go off into the wastes alone, but you know better.

>You take a breath.
>Hold it.
>Grit your teeth.
>Let it out.
>You're not really the crying type.
>You've got nothing against it in principle.
>You just prefer to take initiative and prevent situations that would cause it.
>You hiccup with the last of your breath.
>Damn it.

>Gira pats you on the back.
>"You got a few licks in. More than I've ever read about in the legend. I think noyak's ever been stubborn enough to try."
>You mutter some response.
>Gira smiles.
>She's a good yak.
>Kind of a mother figure, you guess.
>Not that mom ever did anything to get on your bad side.
>But she's your mom.
>Moms do not share the same concept of personal space that ordinary yaks do.
>Gira does.
>So maybe she's not a mother figure.
>More of an... aunt figure.

>"Really. Eat those oats. I took the trouble of cookin' em up for you at this hour. Do a lady a favor."
>You indulge her.
>They're good, you must admit.
>She even mixed in brown sugar for you, the way you liked them as a little yak.
>You're unsuccessful in stifling another hiccup.
>"Stop that noise. Can't stitch up your noggin with this squirming."
>That encourages you to quit it.
>You fuckin' adore Gira.
>"Time for some rest," she suggests.
"No! I need... need to find..."
>You're trying to stand, but you sway back and forth.
>"I'm going to the guard and having search parties sent, Oki."
"I-I can still-"
>"You have a thick skull, dear, but magic doesn't care about that. If you can even make it outside the city walls, you'll get lost in the first flurry."
>Her worries aren't unfounded; your head is swimming.
>You mumble something affirmative.
>"I take it all that grumbling means I'm very wise and you'll do as I say. Do get some sleep. I'll wake you up at dawn or earlier if there are any developments. You have my word."
>That'll have to do.
>She makes her way out.

>You shove your face into your pillow.
>You failed, Oki.
>Skin depended on you.
>Fuck, he even *liked* you.
>You made him mad a few times, sure, but he kept trying anyway.
>He made a better impression on you in a few weeks than many yaks have in as long as you've known them.
>...and now he's probably being eaten alive.
>Because of you.
>You come up for breath, grit your teeth, and try not to sob out loud.
>It doesn't work, so you go back to the pillow.
>If any yak saw you right now... oh, hell, at least this makes you feel a bit better.
>Lets you think clearer.
>You don't *know* that Skin's dead.
>It's not exactly a remote possibility, of course, but, then, the Wendigo could just kill its victims when it catches them.
>But it carries them off.
>Probably to torture them or to pry their third eye open and make it look at the horrors of the infinite cosmos, sure, but not just to kill them.
>And that means you have something to work with!
>...if you can find him.
>Buenos dias, Anon!
Good fix, CW Anon.

Aw, Oki. Noyak's going to think any less of you. Quit the stink'n think'n and rest up. You've got to go find Skin once you've rested.

Thanks for the little update CW.

Buenas días mi estrellita.
File: fuck lore.png (881 KB, 2000x2072)
881 KB
881 KB PNG
she's a good little yak.
A cute little yak
Time for another instalment of "Everyday Life With Guardsmares":

> You are Corporal Honour Bound, and it's a headache-inducing kind of day today.
> Lifting your left forehoof out of the bubbling pool, you dribble some of the steamy-hot water on your muzzle, then rub your forehead.
> It was all a little too much to take in.
> The fourth member of your quaternion, assigned to protect the dignity and, if necessary, the life of Equestria's Royal Engineer, Anonymous, was in fact the top-ranking batpony assassin in Equestria.
> She'd led you all into the rookery under Canterlot mountain, the local colony for a race which had until recently been sworn to the overthrowing of Princess Celestia and the entire Equestrian order.
> And she hadn't mentioned her station.
> Or the fact that she'd disobeyed her religious superior's orders by accepting the VIP assignment.
> Or the fact that said religious superior was her *own* *mother*.
> She might have a black shield stamped on her flank, but when you look at the 'Sergeant' now, visibly sweating white foam around her neck from the heat of the jacuzzi, all you can picture is a 'blue falcon'.
> Because she might as well just have thrown you all underneath the wheels of the Royal Engineer's carriage.
> Including the Lord himself.
> Dropping your forehoof back into the water, you look lazily around the hot-tub circle.
> Unsurprisingly, Glamerspear appears shocked.
> Equally unsurprisingly, she immediately vocalizes it.
> "That white-powdered would-be princess who marched in with a whole battalion of cultists was your *mom*!?"
> The batpony nods.
> "Yes..."
> She trails off and looks evasively down at the water, shaking her head.
> "... But, please to understand, Specialist. Among the Children, a family does not work the same way that it does for Equestrians."
> That's cryptic -- just like so much of what else she's said and done today.
> You're not in the mood to ask more questions right now, though, because every one of those just seems to result in more troublesome answers.
> Glamerspear has no such hesitation, however.
> "Whaddya mean, not the same way? She's your mother, ain't she?"
> Her Manehattan accent slips in a bit there; you've noticed it does that a bit when she's upset.
> Your quaternion's fashionable unicorn mostly tries to keep herself sounding Canterlot-proper, but she's let enough words blurt out that anypony paying attention for long enough could place her as a 'Hattan native.
> Despite spending a few months up there on assignment, you're not well-versed enough to pick out her specific borough, though.
> You tilt your head forwards, scrunching up your eyes closed.
> Exhaustion from all the work -- and all the stress -- must really be hitting you hard, if all you can focus on right now is Glamerspear's accent.
> Bringing up both forehooves, you dribble hot water down your shoulders, rubbing the soothing liquid into your sore muscles.
> Somewhere across the hot tub from you, the batpony keeps talking.
> "She gave birth to me, yes -- and I drank of her milk; but that is the extent of our intimacy. Among the Children, the rearing of young is given over entirely to the communal crèche."
> With your muzzle almost against the surface of the pool, you inhale the vapours.
> There's a mineral tinge to them -- it smells a bit like the Fillydelphia shoreline, after a fresh spring rain has come and thoroughly rinsed away all the city's grime.
> The smiling ponies in the white jackets at the front desk did say that said the water here was drawn directly from a natural hot spring, rather than Canterlot's glacial canals.
> And didn't Anonymous mutter something about Canterlot Mountain having been a volcano?
> Because of the presence of that strange 'cave of pillars'?
> That would explain it.
> On your right, Sparkshower continues the conversation.
> "But what about your father?"
> You slowly straighten your neck in time to catch Ebonshield shrugging.
> "I do not know him. He was probably from a different House. This is the way of the Lunars, you see -- diplomacy is conducted through trade, and sometimes the 'merchandise' being offered is not always physical."
> Glamerspear can't let that one get away.
> "They use sex to sweeten deals? Sounds pretty *physical* to me..."
> She looks over at your VIP.
> "... I guess that's why the 'Reverend Mother' was so keen on making sure you were taken care of as well, sir."
> Beside you, Anonymous has his eyes closed, and has somehow managed to sink himself almost up to his chin in the hot tub.
> "Mm-hmm."
> How is he in so deep?
> Is he even sitting on the bench?
> Frowning, you lean back and glance behind him to figure it out.
> Beneath the bubbles, you make out that he's slouched himself down so completely that it's just barely his shoulders on the bench -- the rest of him is floating out in front of him.
> Sure enough, one of his feet breaches the small mountain of bubbles in the middle of the circular pool.
> Damn, that actually looks pretty comfortable.
> Although it was made abundantly clear during this morning's training that Anonymous' body is more flexible than the average pony's, you stretch out your hind legs and try to get into a similar position.
> This is your first time in a jacuzzi, so it takes some doing.
> Glamerspear, meanwhile, continues her interrogation.
> "So, if you were the result of some kinda trade agreement, what does that make your brother Marcos, then? Re-ratifying the treaty?"
> The Sergeant chuckles.
> "Perhaps; I do not know. He may have a different father; Carmen has never said, and in any case it is likely that she might not know with precision, either -- only enough to tell him which mares are not a suitable earth for his seed..."
> There's a splash as she drops her outstretched wings into the water.
> "... I have many younger brothers and sisters like him on the moon, and many of them entered the Lunar phase. I think that Carmen wished this for me, her first-born, as well..."
> Just when you think you're getting the hang of this position, your hind legs abruptly float up from underneath you, propelled by one of the jets pumping water into the pool, and you have to turn over in a scramble lest you detach from the wall.
> Hooking one hoof over the edge, you pull yourself back to the submerged bench.
> Thankfully, everypony else seems too interested in Ebonshield's revelations to have noticed your momentary struggle.
> "... By the time I came of age, she had risen far in the Lunar ranks of the House of Vapours. My scores were favourable, and she made sure that I was offered the same path behind her..."
> Slowly twisting around, you go for try number two.
> "... But I was more interested in the activities physical, and I selected instead the bid of the Stars, who offered to allow me to select my own school of choice. I chose the Shining Dance, and, almost thirty-three years later, here I am. And I do not think that she has ever forgiven me this refusal."
> As you get your hind legs in position and begin to float that entire quarter of your body, it starts to dawn on you that just how long Ebonshield has been at this.
> She started training to be an assassin at age *ten*.
> No wonder she's still such a superb fighter even now, in her early forties.
> When you were ten, you were just a knobby-kneed youth aimlessly roaming the dockside streets of Fillydelphia.
> Both of you had been raised with a single parent, but at least you still had a mother to call you back home for supper after a day spent mostly in search of the boat which would carry you off to some distant land of your dreams...
> Or at least see the return of your absentee father.
> Losing your grip on the bench, your head starts to dip beneath the surface, covering your ears as Glamerspear asks the cordial middle-aged assassin some new question.
> Whatever relaxation you were supposed to have achieved with the Royal Engineer's state of maximum hot-tub immersion is overshadowed by a deep-felt sense of disappointment in your own achievements, frustration as to your ultimate direction, and exhaustion from everything that's happened today.
> Maybe that's why you retreated into the formal execution of your orders 'to the letter', going so far as to follow your VIP into a private massage.
> As you feel yourself slipping further down, you swing a foreleg back to get a hoof hooked on some firmament.
> Nothing had happened between Anonymous and the griffon 'nurse', besides a very thorough back-rub, but the point was no-one in Equestria, no matter how high-placed, needed an honour guard in a bucking *spa*.
> Unlike the batponies, Equestria didn't have assassins slinking around looking to stab dignitaries while they were having a rub-down.
> Insisting on following protocol was just your escape-hatch away from reality.
> Your hoof slips against the smooth porcelain tiles decorating the bench, and the waters rise past your eyes, heading for your nose and mouth.
> Why *had* he let you get away with your stubbornness?
> Any other VIP would have told you to sod the rules and hoof it.
> There's a splash beside your muzzle and you feel your braided mane tumble into the water from where you'd left it coiled up on the deck.
> Now you'll have to untangle it and give it a wash before leaving here, or else you'll smell like minerals and salt the rest of the day.
> You throw another forehoof back and just barely catch the edge of the bench.
> Immediately, instinctively, you try to haul yourself back out of the water, only to find that same hoof slip right out from underneath you.
> You take a breath and shut your mouth as the waters close up around your head.
> Did Anonymous just not care about having you in the room while that griffon worked him over?
> Or was it that he was so unsure of his own footing in Equestria that he trusted in you completely to do what was correct?
> Like the incident with the movers on Thursday?
> Unable to figure it out as you sink below the bubbling waters, you finally decide to throw in the towel and twist around once more, flipping over onto your belly so that you can push down with all four legs and scramble back up to the surface.
> Emerging from the water with a gasp, you hook your forehooves over the pool's edge, sputtering as you face the tiled wall.
> "You look as if you're holding on for dear life, Corporal..."
> Anonymous speaks quietly to you from underneath your right shoulder, still floating where he was before, now with little more than his face and ears poking out from the water.
> Perfect.
> Not only did you embarrass yourself by being present for his nude back massage, listening in on the private grunts and moans elicited by that griffon's firm talons, now you've shown him that, like a typical dockside Fillydelphian, you can't swim worth a damn, either.
> You take a moment to catch your breath, before answering him in a similarly low voice.
"I, uh... You seemed pretty comfortable, sir, so I thought I'd try the same thing."
> Behind you, Glamerspear and Sparkshower are loudly continuing to pepper Ebonshield with questions, but you manage to focus on your own conversation.
> Anonymous' face wobbles above the water as he nods his head from underneath, like some kind of strange iceberg.
> "The trick is to let it all go, Corporal..."
> He shuts his eyes and lowers even his ears into the water, inhaling deeply through his nose before tilting it, too, under the waves, leaving only his mouth and chin above.
> "...In order to float, get rid of what's trying to sink you."
> That's easier said than done.
> Does he have any idea how much heavy baggage you're carrying around?
> As if to refute you, the Royal Engineer lowers his whole head, but spreads out his arms and legs, and within moments, his whole body rises to float serenely on the surface, right in the centre of the circular pool.
> Turning around, you stare in astonishment.
> It couldn't really be that easy; not for somepony with all the anchors you had weighing you down.
> Look at what your hang-ups had made you do this afternoon, drowning you in your duty.
> Anonymous drifts away, buffeted by the gentle jets of water; the other three ponies are so deep in their conversation haven't quite noticed the creature heading towards them.
> As you watch him go, you realize that the Royal Engineer probably has some chains of his own.
> Stranded on another, alien world -- who knows what he's been forced to leave behind?
> A career?
> Friends?
> Family?
> And he *is* a workaholic; as bad as any you'd ever seen, except that he seems to at least *enjoy* himself.
> But immersing himself in his job -- is that him shutting out his own personal daemons, in the same way that you cope with your own?
> "Hey, whoa! Foot!!"
> "Oh, sorry, Specialist..."
> While you were daydreaming, Anonymous managed to float all the way to the other side of the circular pool, his toes nearly slapping into Glamerspear's cheek before she noticed and ducked backwards out of the way.
> With a little splash, he quickly pushes himself back with his hands and then abandons his floating pose to stands up straight, smiling and adjusting his bathing suit before stepping back over to his seat.
> "... Got a little carried away by the flow there."
> Glamerspear eyeballs him as he sits back down.
> "Of course, Sir."
> Your VIP puts a fist up to his mouth and closes his eyes into a yawn so large that it nearly tempts you to copy him.
> "I'm just about ready for that nap, but if you all want to stick around a while longer, we don't have to head back to the palace. It's kind of cozy here, and I can just as easily get my winks in one of those poolside loungers."
> It *is* cozy in this place.
> Something about it -- not just the facilities, or the decor, or the quiet-but-friendly staff -- makes it inviting.
> Maybe that's just a property any good spa has.
> Not that you're any kind of expert.
> Around the hot tub, four ponies nod and mutter in agreement.
> Glamerspear, now free of face-foot, looks to you to summarize, and you glance up at your VIP.
> "If it's all right with you, sir, we'll stay a while longer. Did you want anything before you settle down? And would you like us to wake you to return to the palace for supper?"
> Anonymous slowly pulls himself up and then sits down on the edge, dangling his legs and feet in the pool, a groggy look on his face.
> Another yawn -- both arms outstretched, this time -- and then he shakes his head at you.
> "If I need something, I'll talk to the staff. Dinner here or there doesn't matter to me, either. Wake me up if you decide you need to go back; I won't mind."
> You nod, and he pulls one of his legs out of the pool, but before he can stand, Sparkshower swims forward, her wings out of the water, and pipes up.
> "Um, sir -- Could I ask you a personal question first?"
> What now?
> Must be related to whatever they were talking about with the Sergeant.
> "Sure, Specialist. As long as it's a quick one."
> The doggy-paddling pegasus reaches the edge of the pool, looking your VIP in the face.
> "I just was wondering, sir -- why *did* you refuse the Reverend Mother Superior's offer?"
> That *is* personal, and it's not your place as bodyguards to ask those kinds of questions.
> Or to stand watch during sensual massages, for that matter.
> You glare at the young cream-coloured Specialist, shaking your head slightly to indicate your disapproval, but before she can retract the question, Anonymous chuckles, swishing his foot in the water.
> "Heh, you mean her offer of 'free hot sex, no strings attached'?"
> Torn between backpedaling and carrying on, and looking more than a little scandalized by his blunt phrasing, Sparkshower, hesitantly nods.
> "Yes, sir. I'm just asking because... Because I didn't think there were a lot of colts who would say 'no' to that sort of thing. Who *could* say no.."
> With the interested gaze of a batpony and a unicorn on the back of her head, and a human and an earth pony on her front, she elaborates.
> "... Not if they were *single*, I mean."
> The saltine unicorn can't resist getting a word in edgewise of her own.
> "Myah, and maybe not even otherwise."
> Anonymous dips his other foot back in the water, then pulls it out and bends forward to rub and squeeze the water between his toes.
> "Well, first of all, as the Sergeant has made clear now, I could see that there *were* strings attached -- just not the kind as usually binds lovers together. I'm sure she would have expected something in return."
> He looks over at Ebonshield, who nods.
> "Yes, Great Lord. Although if we return into the Rookery again, as you plan, it is likely that she will still expect to be rewarded for even this minor act of hospitality."
> The Royal Engineer folds his now squeaky-clean foot underneath him, and then lifts the other out to attend to it.
> "I'm not surprised. And, who knows? It may have been a pointless exercise if I need her help to accomplish things later anyways. But I wasn't about to go getting myself immediately into her debt for a 'piece of tail'..."
> With his other foot clean, he lowers it and sits at the edge of the pool, cross-legged, his hands resting on his knees.
> "... Mind you, I probably would have gone for it when I was younger. Just not any more..."
> With another yawn, he unfolds his legs and gets to his feet, stretching his arms high up into the air, drawing his skin taught against his body.
> "... These days, I'm of the opinion that the 'strings' *are* what make love special."
> This surprisingly frank and wholesome admission pleases the pegasus, and she smiles broadly.
> On the other side of the pool, Eb looks intrigued as well, and even Glamerspear snorts at the corniness of his statement.
> "... That answer your 'personal question', Specialist?"
> A few yellow locks, still curly despite being soaked with water, bounce up and down as Sparkshower enthusiastically nods.
> "Yes, sir! Thank you, sir!"
> "All right. I'm going to take a nap. Wake me if you need me. Like I said, I won't mind."
> You watch as the tall, bipedal, alien VIP strolls over to the lounger holding his white cotton minotaur-sized robe, puts it on, then lays down a few towels to use as padding and pillows, before settling into rest, one arm draped across his eyes.
> A studious worker, a friendly gentlecolt, an athlete and a scholar, and he even professes not to be out to score a quick buck?
> This can't be real; VIPs like Anonymous are one in a million, or even a billion.
> And there haven't been *that* many honoured guests in Equestria.
> Luckily you have Glamerspear to bring you back down to earth.
> "*snort* Geez, Sparks, if your coltfriend back in Berry saw you making those starry eyes at the Royal Engineer, he sure wouldn't be happy about it!"
> That earns her an irritated splash of water from the pegasus, and within moments, the two young Specialists are back at it again.
> Oh, well.
> Most of your troubles, you don't think you can float away from quite so easily as Anonymous seems to be able to.
> But those two impulsive junior guardsponies, at least, you can handle.
> After letting them splash it out for a bit, you order them to settle down, punctuating your words with a splash of your own.
"Knock it off, you two. This is a spa, not a water park."
> "Sorry, Corporal."
> "Sorry, Corporal."
> You nod your head back at the loungers.
"You're going to need some rest before we head out tonight; might as well do it now while the Royal Engineer doesn't need all of us. Go hit the showers and then find somewhere to curl up."
> Both of them *are* looking a little sleepy -- sleepier than you feel, and you're pretty ready to hit the sack yourself.
> Glamerspear nods at Sparkshower.
> "C'mon, Sparks. There's a quiet room with plush cushions and a fireplace near the entrance."
> "Ooh, sounds great!"
> They head off, and that just leaves you and the blue falcon in the hot tub together.
> With a sigh, she licks her lips.
> "If it would be acceptable, I think perhaps that I should also rest while the opportunity is in front of me."
> You nod as she steps out of the pool.
"Sure. Just one thing, Sergeant-"
> Looking the batpony in the eyes -- a batpony who is not only almost twenty years your senior, but formally outranks you *and* outclasses you in combat to a degree that is almost frightening -- you furrow your brow.
"... I don't want us going into the Rookery blind again. You told me on Thursday that I'm really in charge of the quaternion, so before we head out, I want a briefing. And if you need time to prepare one, then let me know, and *I'll* be the one to tell the Royal Engineer to cancel his plans for tonight."
> There's a momentary look of confusion in the batpony's eyes, but then it disappears into a friendly smile, which she follows up with a bow.
> "Of course, Cabo Bound. And I will not need time to prepare -- only some little time to present."
> Looking pleased, the dark batpony trots off, and you slouch back down into the jacuzzi.
> Did you, a lowly Corporal, just order the second-in-command of the batpony *assassins* to give you a bucking briefing?
> Talk about retreating into your work.
> Staring at the bubbling water, you make up your mind.
> You twist around and trot yourself up and out of the Jacuzzi, then toss a towel at the lounger next to your VIP.
> A quick shower -- including redoing your braid -- and then you'll curl up on the lounger next to the Royal Engineer.
> At least you'll be nearby if, Celestia forbid, anything *does* happen.
> And if it doesn't, then you'll be well-rested for tonight.

Suggested interlude music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmUZ8B2pgAc (Oscar Araujo - 'Waterfalls of Agharta', from 'Castlevania: Lords of Shadow' [2010])
Pastebin updated: https://pastebin.com/z9mgRPDx
she's having a heck of a time, and gonna drowned in the damn hot tub.
C'mon Eurf pone get that monkey dick
File: waggle.gif (193 KB, 400x399)
193 KB
193 KB GIF
Even Sparks wants that HMD.

Honestly these are all shit and I'm ashamed of myself.
Bounds struggles aside you did good making it seem like such a nice, comfortable place. 10/10 would visit even if no ponies. Boy is it going to be good times if one of the other gals has to point out to bound why she do the things she do. I would highly enjoy such a thing happening.
I have an idea for a game. I'll call it "Oki Oki Literature Club."
How do we play?
In the playground of your imagination.
It's nice to see and hear how Honor and the other girls are getting along after their adventure under Canterlot mountain. I'm glad they got straight to the point with the rest of their questions. I'm also glad to see Anon is continuing to treat the mares more like friends rather than his guards.

Good update TMFAT. I look forward to the next one.
sorry senpai but that's probably going to be one shitty game then.
Oki's little club
Pondering literature
Keeping mind focused
Can I play in your imagination, because my tulpa took mine in the divorce.
has bluebird come back yet
it'll be like Doki Doki Literature Club except it won't have me up crying half past midnight on a weeknight
monika is the one true waifu
I thought Act 3 was the last fucking act, then I went on line and started reading spoilers. I'm not smart.
do you mean the meta shit or what? like the whole game-within-game shit from the code? otherwise I might be an idiot too
There's more content if you delete Monica's character file.
how the hell did you miss that? one of her opening lines in the scene describes exactly how to access the folder on your exact platform, and says some shit like 'you could even have deleted me if you wanted'
I just didn't think there would be any more content if I deleted her. Also important to consider is the fact that I am not smart.
please tell me you at least got the good ending
I wasn't that thorough, but I think I have to do it now for completion and closure.
if you've seen all the character runs I think you're good. Just look up the letter and what Sayori says and you're good

I got the impression she was after that old friend of hers, personally. Though I'd be down for him tapping any/all of them.

Still, Anonymous needs to TAP THAT BAT
File: Yes.gif (306 KB, 220x220)
306 KB
306 KB GIF
>I'd be down for him tapping any/all of them.
>all of them
Your anon seems like a pretty upstanding manly guy. I wonder how his guard would react to learning that his training may not be for his own protection, but part of a deep seated male need to protect others, particularly those around that are smaller and effeminate.
I'm still curious on what aspects of this Anon's background made him such a quick thinker and as physically adept as he is.
Must have hung out on /fit/ all the time.
Perhaps, but he also knew how to apply the range sights in an ad-hoc manner to help Glammerspear win her duel at the bridge, he's got the stamina to fight with trained soldier ponies for hours and hours on end in bronze armor, and what's more, he's educated in engineering and metallurgy. It's suggestive of a background that might put him within ten years or so of Ebonshield.

Just another reason they're an ideal pair.

I want you to think about Ebonshield guiding Sparkshower through the process of bedding a well endowed human.
File: d13.gif (789 KB, 444x272)
789 KB
789 KB GIF
I think his profession probably relates to engineering. Maybe militaria is a hobby. As for athletics, we saw him wear our Glamerspear on the very first day with a long run. Maybe he’s into marathons or something like that?
>Anon's education
I don't remember if it's in the text but I assumed Anon was a well versed Mechanical Engineer back on Earth.

We know he's been exercising regularly; i.e., daily run. It wouldn't be a stretch of the imagination to think it's a routine he'd keep since soon after arriving in Equestria.

Another thing I don't remember if it was said or not. I agree though. I think he's closer to Purity's age than the ponies realize.
I dunno, she’s been out robbing the cradle this whole time. 40-something cougars don’t go for 30-something guys.
File: DZ5GLckUMAIEd5c.jpg (38 KB, 750x449)
38 KB

>when all the mares try tapping you instead
I'm not quite sure she knows he's in his 30's. Either that or he looks good for his age.

He’s from a species no pony has ever met before, a hairless monkey creature. How could she possibly even begin to guess his age?

At least anon has their ranks to guess by. But in a world with 1,000-year old ponies who are just bigger but no wrinklier than regular ponies he’s probably befuddled as well.
File: CelestiaSmile.jpg (8 KB, 268x269)
8 KB
>All these young, supple ponies realizing that Anon is almost 50
>Celestia's face when.

Of all of the mares, Ebonshield has been the most open about her interest.
That stamina tho.
> Glamerspear already brought up rumour that Celestia bonks random colts of her personal guards, injuring them in the process
> Celestia assigns Anon young almost-virgin with rocky relationship & young slut, with older strict boring mare to watch over them
> Luna adds in older slut to the mix
> Anon now surrounded by literal herd of sluts to induct him into becoming a horsefucker
> Making him ready...
> ...to receive the Celly

TMFAT's other major pastebin story endsclimaxes with an enormous dragon riding cowgirl on a knight, so try and prove me wrong. Protip: you can't.
Not that Anon and not TMFAT either. I read it some time ago and I wasn't going to bring it up but now that you have. I had little doubt TMFAT could write a good sex scene. For me, the story tugged at the hearstrings a bit which made the sex scene all the more savory.
Engineer with a keen interest in history sounds likely, perhaps even a military background like the Corp of Engineers or Seabees. I’d say it explains the fitness, but there’s plenty of lazy shits wherever you go, military is no exception.

Inb4 Anon has secretly sworn himself to chastity until the day his secret courtship of Princess Luna comes to fruition.
That'd be pretty lame.

In any case, I'd love to see some exposition and exploration of Anonymous as a character in Everyday Life With Guardsmares. At this point, he's probably the character we know the least about.

I kind of like it this way though. Anon continues to be a perfect gentleman, and also keeps surprising his guards. It's fun to watch the slow reveal sometimes.
>nb4 anon and/or one of them comes to terms with their feelings, only for their assignment to end and nothing to come of it.

Fug that would suuuuuck
Good shit.
Nah, we all know he is going to end up fucking that old vampire lady.
File: 1160685.jpg (205 KB, 779x806)
205 KB
205 KB JPG
>Nah, we all know he is going to end up fucking that old vampire lady.
How the fuck is this stupid general still alive
Good greens and persistent autism.
File: Carlos.jpg (14 KB, 400x300)
14 KB
It's the plot twist nobody wanted to see cumming.

Twist: It's actually Celestia under a shapeshifting spell.

The powder is actually confectioners sugar from a last minute cake raid before going to check on Anonymous
That's right. Fite me.
File: Heavy armor Celestia.jpg (202 KB, 1600x1600)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
Let’s see. We’ve got
>dead green by an author notorious for abandoning greens
>daily drama that takes eons to get anywhere
>lesbian austismo simulator
>fucking edgy crossover shit
I still read all of them though
Don't forget our newest addition, Vietnam vet style pone.
> daily drama that takes eons to get anywhere

U talkin’ shit about muh quaternion of waifus?
> I expect every greentext to be a Pulitzer-prize winning mastapiece.
Snarks and sarcasm aside, most of the stuff that shows up and gets a following around here is actually pretty good.

WH40K royal guard pomers when
Whenever that writefag gets back from the frontlines. Or never if he's dead.
File: 1509153751965.png (1.15 MB, 2000x1671)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
File: solemn.png (334 KB, 857x1128)
334 KB
334 KB PNG
Haven't really been in a writing mood recently, but I decided to fuss with the tablet again, so here's a rough sketch.
That pone has a good aesthetic

A pony pickelhaube? Das bretty cute.
Not bad.
>tfw you write a good chunk, read it, and end up deleting all but a few lines because it's trash
> one anon’s trash is another anon’s treasure
>Ten days pass
>Only 1700 words into the chapter

>tfw you write up something, thinks it's utter shit, and still upload it
>tfw you will never think you'll be good
What is this, the writefag whine thread? If you need feedback, post stuff. If you need advice, ask. Let’s not turn this into a reply-baiting sadposting thread.
This is good advice. Anonymous has no good name to sully with low quality writing.

Well, if you give me the same amount of time it'll take Star Citizen to leave the early access phase, I'll probably shit something new out for you nigs.
Love this thread
File: Armored Celestia.png (313 KB, 729x1096)
313 KB
313 KB PNG

I think this horse is cute.
please no die, thread, I am slow
>Vietnam vet style pone
I was making a joke about Wolfkrone's Steel Charge story, she seems like a Vietnan vet. And that is just further reinforced by his choice of theme song for her from the previous thread.
> "... But, please to understand, Specialist
do* not to
>in their conversation haven't quite noticed the creature heading towards them.
they* haven't
> "Myah, and maybe
>only some little time to present."
remove little*
Hug the Gearhead, hug little pone

>implying any green is objectively treasure
> implying a statement about subjective value has anything to do with objective value.
Bump from 9

>implying your subjective analysis of the objectivity of quality is objectively superior in my subjective opinion
The first and the last were intentional malapropisms, but I will take another look at them to make sure they are consistent with Spanish-speaking mistakes when I have free time to go over Eb's language.

Fixed the missing 'they', and changed the "Myah" to "M'yeah", to make it more clear that this was just a written speech effect in the pastebin. Thanks.

Glad you enjoyed it.

>> too many posts re:HMD to possibly reply to all of them
No comment on possible romance options, but expect continued teasing & titillation at the very least.

>> asking about Anon's background
More is going to come out about this Anon the character starts to actually "do" more in the story. Some of the guesses here are pretty reasonable, but I think he would've mentioned if he'd been through boot camp (even if the weapons he'd trained with didn't exist), instead of just talking about teenage kung-fu.

He's a smart guy and in good shape, but I don't want to write him as a superman. But he definitely has an advantage over the ponies is size, physical power, and endurance just from being human.

I mentioned it before but the "5 hours of training" thing is really just Glam exaggerating. It was probably about two hours of actual physical activity broken up by resting, slow demonstration, discussions etc. over a five-hour period.

Glad you guys liked my last work. I'll try to match expectations. I hope you picked up on Anon's poignant statement in this update.
You’re doing great stuff man. Wish I had time to go back and read it all from the beginning, but I’m loving the updates I’m catching. Adding the hot tub scene to my “to draw” list. Also feeling the urge to draw bat ponies in Spanish Nationalist uniforms
Look at this cute ass mother fucker.
That is the cutest yak

10/10 would tibetan throat sing for
>At some point, you must have fallen asleep again, because Skin walks into the room.
>Of course it isn't him, though.
>He's never looked at you like this thing is.
>"Hey, Oaks."
"Don't call me that."
>It shrugs.
>"Wanna come get him?"
>Its impression of Skin is uncanny.
>You wish it would stop.
"Not about 'want.' Skin's my responsibility."
>"Oh, poor, lonely Oki..."
"You shut your mouth. I'll finish what I started!"
>"You mean kill me?"
>It rolls its eyes.
>"I can't even explain... it's like you're threatening to screw in a nail. You can't take what I don't have."
>It wags a finger.
>"But I DO have your 'Skin.' You want him back, don't you? Don't you want to know where he is?"
>You sigh.
"Of course."

>You wake up with the knowledge of where the Wendigo's lair is stuck right in your head.
>You know it as well as you know the taste of greenmunch or the price of entry at your favorite hot spring.
>So *this* is how it happens.
>Visits from the Wendigo don't always end with the disappearance of its primary victim.
>Often, a friend or relative will claim to have found out where it lives.
>Their explanations vary: some claim to work it out based on evidence, others divine it, others still insist they found tracks, or that their loved one visited them in their sleep...
>Whatever the explanation, the result is the same.
>They're the only ones who believe their own theory, they venture out alone, and they find nothing or else never return.
>Now it's your turn to be the designated crackpot of the decade.
>Lucky you.
>You strive to get some more shuteye before Gira returns and wakes you at dawn.
>You have big plans in the morning.

I really liked that shot of her in the episode too, I'm glad someone drew a picture based on it.
It’s real Mongolian hours
>Be Anonymous
>Get assigned guard
>After a few months, guard falls in love with you
>Fug the guard
>Live happy ever after

How did Indo guise pls no bulli.
2nd act was a little predictable and badly paced, but overall quite nice.

A bit predictable, but, eh.
No no, the other old vampire lady
File: Pinkie mush.jpg (74 KB, 568x700)
74 KB
Spell check, that is all
I miss brave and vannie... how long has it been lads? 6-7 months? I miss bluebird
It's been awhile. Last update of the bin was 21, Feb of this year.

Oh, you mean Sargent Sexy McCougarstown, Seventh Rank of the School of the Horizontal Tango?

I think >>32380262 originally meant Granny Nag, the actual vampire who sucked blood and then turned young.
File: Spoiler Image (559 KB, 500x281)
559 KB
559 KB GIF

O fuk. Totally forgot about that whole thing. Never did get resolved, did it?

Also, if that's the case...pic related
Agreed. There's plenty of intrigue with the sect of bat-ponies still wanting to over throw Equestria. The 'vampires' fad has been done to death (un-death?).
File: Spoiler Image (18 KB, 448x461)
18 KB
>Granny Nag
File: 1492032846976.png (112 KB, 798x743)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
>Night shift is over.

"By the peace of the Evening Dusk."
Another quick sketch, this time of Oki facing down the wendigo
GOD SAVE QUEEN VICTORIA, it's time for another dose of Everyday Life With Guardsmares.

> You are Specialist Lily Glamerspear, and Celestia help anything that gets between you and your bed right now.
> Including the door to your shared apartment, which you roughly throw open using your telekinesis only a moment before stepping in.
> It feels good to be back here, almost a full day since you left, and although your bed beckons, you find yourself pausing to sit for a moment first.
> As you remove your helmet in the common room, Artemis and Purity trudge in slowly after you, looking equally tired.
> Once your head is liberated from its bronze enclosure, you shake your hair and scratch your skull with a hoof.
> Blinking your eyes to keep them awake a little while longer, you sigh and vent your frustrations to nopony in particular.
"... Who'd have thought it was even *possible* to talk about iron for six bucking hours straight?"
> The batpony Ebonshield passes you and heads straight for the water-jug to pour herself a cup, tipping it back into her mouth with a miserable expression on her face.
> "*cough* By the shadows, not I."
> Having served for that entire period as the two-way translator between the Royal Engineer and the members of the Rookery's guild of blacksmiths, her voice is raspy and thin.
> As soon as she's done with one serving she immediately takes another.
> Beside you, Artemis looks up at the clock.
> "Gosh... We were gone so long that the mess hall's almost about to start serving morning chow."
> Damn, you knew you'd been down there for most of the night -- the red rising sun peeking through all the Eastern windows told you that -- but for it to already be chow-time?
> Strictly speaking, one of you was supposed to go on duty in less than two hours!
> Though maybe Honour will have something to say about that when she gets up here.
> After all, the Royal Engineer must be just as worn out as you all are, right?
> Then again, maybe not, considering how energetic he seemed throughout that whole incomprehensible discussion.
> You look over at the bapony, who's got cup-of-water number three currently swishing in her mouth while she rubs her throat with one hoof to soothe her aching vocal chords.
> Artemis steps over to her.
> "Maybe you'd ought to go to the infirmary, Estellar--I mean, Sergeant? They can probably give you something to help."
> With another wince of pain, the batpony swallows her drink and then clears her throat, speaking in a hoarse whisper.
> "*ahem* It is alright. I will be well after a rest. By the blessed Mother, how the Rocks can chatter when the mood takes them."
> As she shakes her head in frustrated exhaustion, Sparkshower generously pours her another cup.
> "How come the blacksmiths didn't speak Equestrian, anyways? You said all batponies were learning it."
> Ebonshield nods.
> "Starting to, yes. For the Rocks, it is less important than for the Lunars and Stars."
> Unbuckling the chest straps of your cuirass, you interject.
"Makes sense. Nopony expected them to have to deal with anypony outside of the Rookery, right? Whereas the Stars *have* to speak it to serve as guards for the palace. And the Lunars are diplomats, so they've got to know it even more."
> The Sergeant nods and takes another drink, licking her lips when she's done.
> "Yes, this is so."
> Halfway through removing one of her foreleg greaves, Sparks pipes up.
> "Oh yeah, I was going to say, Sergeant: your mother sure speaks Equestrian very well."
> Returning to her armour, she continues in a voice which is impossibly excited considering the late hour.
> "... Why, to me, she sounded just like a Canterlot native!"
> Despite her injured voice, Eb manages a slight chuckle.
> "Heh. If we should meet her again, be sure that you tell her this. She will appreciate the compliment, I am certain."
> "Oh, I will!"
> Poor innocent Sparks, not picking up on Eb's sarcastic joke.
> Although, maybe it wouldn't hurt to lay down some covering-fire compliments if she crossed your path.
> Thankfully, she didn't bother you at all during your midnight expedition to the surprisingly busy Rookery, but if the Royal Engineer wants more meetings with those blacksmith-ponies, who knows what she might do?
> During the pre-mission briefing, Eb had said that there wasn't a thing going on in the Rookery that the Reverend Mother Superior didn't have a hoof in.
> And although you had zoned out for a considerable portion of his six-hour chat with the blacksmiths, it certainly seemed like your VIP was trying to start something big.
> You nod towards Purity.
"Did you actually understand what they were talking about, Sergeant? It got pretty technical, didn't it?"
> The batpony shakes her head.
> "They spoke at length about metal, but the words did not make sense to me. The translation was most difficult. It was necessary to go back and forth several times to make things clear between them, though I was still confused. This is perhaps why the discussions were so lengthy."
> It had taken a while to get past basic introductions; as Ebonshield had predicted, the Rocks were flabbergasted by your visit, but also pretty curious about the Royal Engineer -- and the rest of you, too.
> The same could be said about everypony else you'd walked by on the way there, too.
> First, there was deference mixed with horror from seeing the master assassin in the vanguard.
> Then, shock and surprise when they realized what was following behind her.
> Finally, an insatiable curiosity as to what you were all doing under the mountain, in 'their' forbidden Rookery.
> By the time you'd even *reached* the blacksmith's building in the marketplace, there was a sizable following of gawkers.
> You had to do some actual crowd-control by the end of it, flexing a bit of telekinetic muscle to hold them back.
> Sure were a lot of them...
> As she mulls over her fifth cup of water, you eyeball the batpony in the room.
"Just how many of your kind are down in the Rookery, anyways, Sergeant? I mean all of them, not just the soldiers."
> She'd said there were three hundred Stars on station at the Rookery.
> And that all their food was imported, some from the Moon, but most of it straight from the Royal Guard's only logistic network.
> But she hadn't given a number for the mass of civilians supporting them -- tradesponies, mostly, like the blacksmiths, but also household servants as well.
> Probably their family-members, too.
> Not to mention the Reverend Mother and her battalion of moon-worshipping batpony cultists!
> Ebonshield eyes you warily.
> "In total, there are almost three thousand."
> Hot bucking damn!
> Never mind a *nest*, it really was a whole village of batponies down there!
> Even Sparkshower sits up in shock.
> "Three thousand? Gosh. That's more ponies than live in all of Berry County."
> You don't have the energy to snarkily inform her that there were a *lot* of places bigger than Berry.
> "... And just six blacksmiths between them? No wonder some of the Stars went to visit Bronzehorn for extra work."
> Pausing at the final buckle for your cuirass, you squint over at Sparkshower.
"What are you on about, Sparks?"
> She's barely gotten two of her greaves off, her coat all matted underneath them; you feel itchy just looking at it.
> "Oh, don't you remember, Lily? Mister Bronzehorn said he'd done work for a batpony or two..."
> He did?
> All you can remember was his quip about your hip size.
> Sparkshower continues eagerly.
> "... But it makes sense; a battalion of 300 ponies normally needs five to ten armourers for daily field operations, while those six in the Rookery have to handle not just the soldiers, but probably all of the civilian metalworking jobs, too!"
> How in Tartarus does Sparkshower know logistics numbers like that?
> "... Although I suppose maybe the ratio is lower for the Stars, since you don't use a lot of metal armour."
> Ebonshield shifts within her leather cuirass and puts down her mug.
> "I am not an expert in such things, but there is still much metal to be maintained..."
> Sighing, she yawns and leans back.
> "... May I use the washroom first? I promise that my shower will be brief."
> She's really wasted -- you're just tired from being up all night, and a little bored from being unable to conversation.
> Purity had to actually work the whole time.
> You nod at the bathroom door.
"Sure, Sarge, go for it."
> Slowly, she trundles over and enters, lightly tapping the door closed with a hind hoof.
> Almost immediately thereafter, you hear the sound of running water.
> Behind you, there's a loud clunk as Artemis finally removes her main plate.
> "I'm glad the blacksmiths were so friendly. They sure seemed to like the Royal Engineer's funny gifts, didn't they?"
> At the Sergeant's suggestion, you'd all carried down a selection of tobacco products, some coffee, some tea, a couple of bottles of rum, and, of all things, a basket of *avocados* from the palace pantry, to serve as a sort of diplomatic lubricant with the Rocks.
> That canny bat had actually smuggled in some stuff herself earlier, to bribe the musicians in the Grand Hall of Stars!
> Kind of a underhoofed way of doing business, but if that's what it took to get stuff done among the batponies...
> Well, you can think of plenty of places in Equestria where greasing a few frogs will get you things normally forbidden.
"Yeah, they sure smoked up a storm in there with that box of cigarettes. Gonna have to wash that all out of my mane once the Sergeant's done."
> The smithy-shack had been unpleasantly smoky, steamy, and hot, and the atmosphere was not improved by the eager puffing of tobacco, but thankfully, once the conversation really started to take off in what felt like the second or third hour -- you couldn't be sure without seeing a clock or the sun! -- everypony moved across the street, setting up in the courtyard of that 'horchateria' place.
> It meant being in public and having to deal with an endless supply of walk-by gawkers, but at least it smelled better.
> You look over at your pegasus comrade.
"... Say, what'd you think of that 'horchata' stuff they served us?"
> She's lying on her back with her legs kicked high up in the air, working on her hind greaves.
> "Oh, I thought it was really tasty! Kinda like a sundae. Did you like it, too?"
> You nod.
"It was all right. I think I prefer actual ice cream, though."
> The cream-coated young mare flaps her wings on the ground as she struggles to get the final strap undone, her tongue sticking out of her mouth.
> Finally, she manages to liberate herself from her bronze encasement, and rolls over to stand up, before shaking herself out as if she'd just emerged wet from the pool.
> "Purity told me that the owner, mister 'Hosay', which is spelled J-O-S-É, makes an even better one with almonds, but they're not in season just yet, so he has a limited supply and runs out early every day."
> You must've been zoned out when that conversation happened.
> "... And mister Esautomático, the blacksmith, told the Royal Engineer to send advance notice before coming next time, so they could arrange for a proper reception."
> Okay, you *definitely* zoned out.
"When did that happen? I just remember them talking about... metals and crystals and temperatures and stuff."
> Sparkshower flutters up into the air, and is about to gather up her armour pieces when you decide to lend a hoof and just levitate them up for her, directing them towards her bedroom.
> "Thanks, Lily! And that was near the end, when they were done talking about smelting and metalworking techniques, but were instead talking about the Royal Engineer's plans..."
> Trotting into her room, she quickly gets all her pieces hung up on the little stand that lets them air-dry.
> "... Aren't you excited, Lily? Imagine being able to be part of such an historic event!"
> What the buck did you miss?!
"What historic ev-"
> Before you can finish, the door opens and Corporal Bound trots in wearing her usual dismissive frown.
> For some reason, the Royal Engineer had asked her to stick around after dismissing the rest of you.
> That was a bit curious, but it was even more curious with the way she'd seemed to stick to him like glue ever since the morning's training exercise.
> *Yesterday* morning's exercise, rather.
> Buck, it was late.
> "What are you two still doing up? Hit the hay, we've all got duty in the afternoon."
> You nod towards the door, where the sound of running water has just stopped.
"Just waiting our turns to rinse off. What'd the Royal Engineer want with you, anyways?"
> Deciding to have a little fun, you purse your lips and wiggle your hips.
"... He need you to check for bogeyponies under his bed?"
> It's a little shocking how big of a scowl that earns you.
> Honour really must be just as worn out as you are.
> Sparkshower seems to be the only one who still has energy.
> "Ooh, I bet he wanted to talk about his plans to work with the batponies! Did he say when we're going back under the Rookery?"
> The Corporal's expression softens, and she looks over at the pegasus.
> "No. He wants to start the ball rolling up here before meeting with them again. And that means work for us -- starting today."
> With a click, the washroom door opens and Ebonshield emerges, but you pause before stepping in for your turn.
> As tired as you are, you still want to hear this.
> Honour looks over the three of you.
> "... This afternoon, we're going to begin practising for a private demonstration for Princess Celestia, to be executed A.S.A.P."
> Pulling off her helmet, she nods towards the washroom.
> "... So, get cleaned up and then get some rest, because we won't just be sitting around while he does paperwork or hobnobs with dignitaries. We're going to be doing more combat training..."
> The Corporal points a hoof in your direction, then jerks it back towards herself.
> "... You and me, Glamerspear, are going to serve as the demonstration crew of Equestria's first 'Self-Propelled Air Defence Weapon'..."
> While you stare in confusion, that same hoof gets pointed at Sparkshower and Ebonshield.
> "... And you two are going to be our target dummies."
> What the buck is this now?

Suggested interlude music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ycl0vpbMfWw (Andreas Waldetoft - 'Ride Forth Victoriously', from 'Europa Unievrsalis IV' [2013])
Pastebin updated: https://pastebin.com/z9mgRPDx
File: Gepard_1a2_overview.jpg (1.11 MB, 2496x1664)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB JPG
>SPADS in Equestria with the barest technological sophistication to build a working automobile

This ought to be interesting!

Looking forward to seeing how this demonstration turns out, even if it is a bit sudden. They only just had their first chance to train together, after all!

I can only assume you omitted the full steel discussion for reasons we will find out later, but here's hoping that it went well. Sparks needs a new set of armor!
One of the few joys of living in the armpit that I do is the abundance of good Mexican food. Nothing like a tall glass of horchata on a hot, humid day.
Mein freund
awww i was kinda looking forward to their next trip down there. but i guess it would make for a pretty tedious green

thanks for finding time for us.
That is no less than 3 kinds of awesome.

File: M163_VADS.jpg (92 KB, 800x530)
92 KB
>Vulcan SPAAG
Oh boy. Now we're talking. Can't wait to see how it goes. Thanks for the update TMFAT. I know you're busy.
I mean, in case it wasn't obvious Glamerspear is going to be the "gun".

Note that it's just the rehearsals which Anon wants to start this afternoon (Wednesday, day 14), not the demonstration itself.

To be honest, I didn't think the discussion about steel would be very interesting. And the guardsponies, despite being present, were unlikely to be very involved in a boringly technical discussion.

Thanks, and you're welcome.
>I mean, in case it wasn't obvious
It kinda wasn't. I expected something like a multi-ballista, but it's been a long time since I've read the parts where Glammerspear did her specialty.
Earlier on day 13, Anon asked about whether Glamerspear could fire "practice" rounds for training, and commented on alternative projectiles [e.g., tungsten] for her to use against heavily armoured targets like Sparkshower (ch.3, lines 2000-2047)

Additionally, and more significantly, on day 12 when Glamerspear first came back on duty, Anon commented about her lack of mobility being a problem, and wondered aloud about putting her in the passenger seat of the steam car driven by Honour (ch.3, lines 673-677):

>> "Oh, well, I was just thinking about practical military applications for the steam-car. I was going to ask Specialist Glamerspear if she would be interested in mobile gunnery training; I think she might find it agrees very well with her training and techniques, and it would make for an interesting demonstration when we show off the vehicle."
>> ... Like he wasn't doing at all, apparently, buck!
>> Way to misread your VIP, Glam.
>> Anonymous turns to you with a smile, and waves a finger in the air.
>> "... I don't know if you've heard yet, but Corporal Bound is shaping up to be quite the driver."

Admittedly, I did publish that scene back in February, so it's been a while.
Yeah, it makes sense. I guess it's one of those quirks of a serial that being a little extra redundant in the narrative goes a long way to helping everyone stay on the same page with the story, but seems unavoidably excessive when you read the whole thing in a shorter sitting.
fuckin' sick Whisk, thank you! you've got me trying to draw now too.
I think what they are getting at is the fact that, he obviously knew about the demonstration in advance-how long? Who knows- but didn't say anything. As a veteran if you say... 'Oh by the way your going to do a training exercise in front of the president tomarrow' . EVERYONE is going to be pissed and trying to make sure they don't end up looking incompetent. From Honor bound to that LT, to their division head. Whether this is the same in magic horse land I don't know, but the political aspects of a lost opportunity to look good or the chance to look bad should result in Some blowback on their LT at the very least. To the non-military types, high military ranks are often political in nature because generally you want people with similar views to you in the more sensitive positions.
>...You have big plans in the morning.

>...which Gira will not hear of.
>"I won't hear of it. We have dozens looking for your friend. You know well what happens to heroes going off on their own in times like these. I know even better."
>She gives you a sad, withering stare.
>"Please don't become another yak I have to tell the little ones cautionary tales about. You're more than that to me. To our town."
>This touches you, but you won't allow it to show.
"And who am I if I don't help a friend to yaks who was taken from under my own roof? I am his guard as well as his host here. He is MY responsibility."
>"I will not help with the Rite."
"Damn the Rite, Gira. I'll demand it according to our custom if I must. But I can't demand that you believe in me. And I need that all the same."
>"Our magic isn't the stuff of unicorns, Oki. You saw firsthand how short my own blessing held."
>How the Wendigo couldn't even open your door under its own power.
>How it burned as it came across the threshold.
>Could you have fought it like you did if it wasn't slowed?
>"Am I to condone your venturing out alone so flimsily protected?"
"I am NOT alone."
>You hadn't meant to snap, but it came out that way.
>Gira gives you a pitying look.
"I... I care for this town and every yak in it. Even if I tend to keep them at a distance."
>She keeps giving you that damn look.
>Old girl's persistent.
>This is gonna take some painful honesty.
"I don't make a lot of friends, Gira. And Skin's done good by us. I mean it when I say I can do this. Please help me."
>She sighs.
>A while later, you stand before her and the shaman.
>Candles burn in a circle around you and in the corners of the room.
>The shaman presents a helmet.
>An ornamental one, but a strong one.
>"If you turn from your purpose, the spell will fade, Oki," explains Gira. "It will leave you twisting in the wind and lost in the snows if you waver physically or mentally. It helps only the strong and pities not the weak."
"I know the legends."
>"Review never hurts."
>She motions to the shaman.
>He steps forward.
>"Our ancestors will guide you, Oki. With this helm, I seal the pact."
>He places it on your head.
>"Our ancient tradition of war. The Nemesis Rite."
>The ritual candles immediately die.
>In houses all down the road, stoves fail, forges dim, and blazing hearths fade to glowing embers.
>Your fire starves them all.
>In houses all down the road, stoves fail, forges dim, and blazing hearths fade to glowing embers.
>Your fire starves them all.
Is Oki becoming a Yak Fire Daemon or harnessing the power of one now?

Thanks for the update CW!
Pretty exciting. that fallow up about her blessing gave some nice depth.

That kind of stuff always moves me. Though I'm not sure what the word is for that feeling, Kinda an awe inspiring reverence for old power. Makes me antsy to see more.
I honestly question how useful a SPAAG-type unit will be to Equestria's military. There's a debatable advantage in that by sparing unicorn gunners a tiring march, they will have more energy to expend on firing in combat. However, that's an arguable point - a steam vehicle of that size will have relatively short legs - and will impose a fairly significant logistical cost in coal, spare parts, and ponies to maintain them (water, at least, can be provided on-the-go by Pegasi controlling clouds).

More importantly, I'm not sure there's a real need for a SPAAG in Equestria's current military organization. The fundamental advantage of them is that they can keep pace with motorized and mechanized forces "on the march"; however, Equestria has no such forces and for that matter doesn't seem like it will be in a position to significantly motorize or mechanize its forces for at least a decade. A SPAAG feels like a really strange place to put the emphasis for the first developments in that area; the inglorious but critical field of logistics and supply transport - freeing up more ponies for actual fighting, rather than hauling fodder or field equipment - would seem to be a better application to me. But then, armchair strategist here so what do I know.
I tend to agree, I would have started with the radio as a first since they are relatively simple. And if I absolutely had to go the steam engine route, seems like attaching it to a boat would be an all around better platform. That said another great chapter thanks TMFAT!
The SPAAG/SPAD platform makes narrative sense for Anon's direct experience and Glammerspear's history against the airborne elements of the Changeling attack on Canterlot. The only narrative element that's missing is doctrinal context for the country's national defense strategy.
Not TMFAT. They are going to be training for the demonstration. This is why Anon asked Cpl. Bound to stay behind. He was letting her know there will be a demonstration and they are to begin training for it.
>Imean, in case it wasn't obvious
It was
Ah I see it now. Huh, was kinda hoping for some kind of disciplinary incident because that would be a reason to get the LT more involved with the story. Pony diggit amuses me.
That's the weird bit, though: I can't see exactly how a SPAAG-esque platform would have helped there either. Lily needed a spotter at the MXP duel, not a moving platform, and in the changeling invasion it wouldn't have helped much either - not enough room to maneuver in the city. It was her raw endurance to keep the shield bubble up and large numbers of available unicorns, not any advantage of movement, that let her unit succeed. There were no forces to keep on the move with, so a self-propelled chassis isn't any help.

Unless Anon has something that's too heavy to be pulled by ponies - some kind of a magic-booster mechanism that gives the "gunners" greater power, or something like an acoustic locator or primitive aiming computer to improve their accuracy - nothing here suggests being self-propelled is a real advantage.
Only thing I can think of is the fact that it is mislabeled. Rather than anti air it's more of a pseudo mechanized infantry. The fact that it's mobile means they only really need to shield the side facing the enemy while having everyone else firing. Shields depending on how brittle they are may be able to turn the relatively fragile cart into a line breaker. Were calling it anti air but depending on how it goes it would probably work better as multipurpose mechanized infantry.
In all respects, Glammerspear's training is surface to air tracking, but she's realistically capable of any kind of direct fire attack. Since no one has armored vehicles, high mobility spear chucking at surface and airborne targets would be a force multiplier against any widely spread enemy battle lines. Add an indirect fire component, and you have an ideal chassis in the car for mobile spell-casting siege engines.
>mobile spell-casting siege engines
>siege engines
Now you're talking my feti..er..language.
>my thumbnail for this image is fucked and all i see is that fat sonata mouse eating cheese.
I see it too. It's one of those gamma filtered tricks exploiting the way 4chan generates thumbnail images.

>I'm assuming Gamma but it could be something else entirely. My tech wizard levels are too low to comprehend much less explain with certainty.
That's a PNG dithering effect you're thinking of. JPEGs can't do that. It's probably actually a mismatched-thumbnail bug. 4chan has had it before.
Oh good. i thought it was just me.
> The codex poneartes does not support this JPEG
>You were expecting something cute, but surprise it's just me.
>Something adorable.
>another contentless bump from page 9
File: LunchTime.jpg (428 KB, 2340x4160)
428 KB
428 KB JPG
Today's lunch selection was influenced by EDLWG.

Torta Al Pastor (Shepard's style grilled meat sandwitch) with avocado and a glass of horchata.
Fucking hell that looks good. Looks like the same box and cup that every little Mexican place in Texas uses too
File: TamalVerde.jpg (472 KB, 2340x4160)
472 KB
472 KB JPG
I'm a transplanted Texan. This place is the most authentic Mexican / TexMex place I've found here in Central Florida. They even make their Tamales like they do back home. This is their Tamale Verde (Chicken in Green Chile sauce).
>ywn help out your widowed rgm by telling her to bring her filly with her, to liven up your home and so she don't have to struggle to find/pay for a sitter.
That would make a lot more sense, yes - using it as some sort of short-ranged heavy cavalry to break up formations, rather than pure AA. An armored barbette for Glam to use wouldn't go amiss.
>That would make a lot more sense, yes - using it as some sort of short-ranged heavy cavalry to break up formations, rather than pure AA. An armored barbette for Glam to use wouldn't go amiss.

You start running into power to weight ratio and ground pressure issues, especially in Equestria's wide expanses of wilderness and the primitive metallurgy they have to work with.
Didn't we have a similar prompt long ago? Guardmare's husband, who's also in the Guard, dies in the line of duty. Guardmare goes back to work quickly because she's got a filly/colt to raise. Her CO transfers her to Anon's detail, etc. etc.
The thing is, though, it wouldn't have to be much. More meant to deflect glancing blows from distant bolts or arrows than any real armor-piercing hits. Heck, you could probably armor the thing with wood and it would be fine.
At least she waited until he was dead before fucking behind his back.
I frequent central Florida a lot, what place is that?Would love to know.
Fuck left my trip on I'm sorry
No worries mate. You come ‘round the Tampa Bay Area?
Sometimes to visit family in Plant City, other than that I'm on the east coast near Daytona
>all these Floridafags
And to think I just left the panhandle
>telling that little filly stories from home.
"So you see sweetie, he wasn't always right, but he did what was necessary. And tought those bad guys a lesson that them and their children, and their children's children will never forget. And that's why he was a true hero."
>her mom yells from her post by the door. "C'mon hon. Shifts over time for home."
>"aww but mom anon wasn't done with his story"
>" tomorrow hon, thanks for watching her anon."
"No problem, see you girls tomorrow."
> as they were headed out the door, the fill turns to her mom. "Mom, when I grow up, I want to be just like Mr Shurman."
>"He's a hero from anons world"
>"That's good dear, heros are good"
>As they are walking away you see the filly look up at her mom rather incredulously.
>You waste no time on your way to the gates.
>You have little enough left to spare, and you're not the type for drawn-out goodbyes either way.
>As you hit the tundra, you break into a run.
>You don't stop.
>Something burns inside you, and it lets you go on and on.
>You feel as warm and happy as you do at home on front of the hearth.
>The occasional flurry of snow whips up in your path and vaporizes as you approach it.
>Not a drop or a flake lands upon you to take your fire away.
>You continue like this for hours, your pace never slowing.
>It's as easy and natural as a bird spreading its wings to soar on the wind.
>The day slowly turns over to night.
>You find your way lit just enough by a dim light that you believe comes from you.
>Gira was wrong to speak so humbly of yak magic, you think, as you close the distance to the Wendigo's lair like a shooting star across the distant horizon.
>You'll arrive right on time. You're certain.
File: 1498089708619.jpg (69 KB, 960x960)
69 KB
Really good shit
Well, if you make it to Tampa the place is called Lolis Mexican Cravings on Benjamin Rd. Check out Monterry Taqueria next time you're in Plant City. It's been awhile since I've been there but I remember they had really good tacos.
>Lolis Mexican Cravings

I'll be right there
kek. Yeah, I thought the same thing after typing it. It hadn't dawned on me until now because Loli is the Spanish nickname for Dolores.
Stay back pg 10
File: 1715189.png (440 KB, 1227x605)
440 KB
440 KB PNG
Guard mares a cute
File: 1702153.png (1.21 MB, 1205x1024)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB PNG
Remember, friends: Guardpone is also for taking as a prize on the field of battle. But will you treat your captive little guard mare kindly, with the respect she deserves, and protect her from the ravenous horde at your command?

This is the crossover between SPG and RGM I've always wanted. Somebody fund it.
uhm, no.
Maybe if it’s something more like a BattleTech bondsman?


That sad mare a cute
File: 1525102384266.png (1.15 MB, 1024x689)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
Woke up for no reason in the middle of the night and feel energetic.



>You know, fire or no fire, you'd expect this cave to be really drafty.
>The fire warms it right up, though.
>"That good, Skin?" asks Oki.
"Yeah. Can you take that off though? Your impressions are unsettling. You don't get the eyes right. No offense."
>She sighs.
>"Eyes are the hardest part, Skin," she says, as if it should have been obvious.
"You're good at the characters, though."
>"Of course I am."
>She really is very Oki-like.
>The only thing off-putting is the one eye that usually shows from under her curls.
>It takes you a while to pinpoint it, but when you see it, you can't get it out of your mind.
"You don't blink."
>She huffs.
>"How am I supposed to remember that *every time,* Skin? You understand why I might not be used to eyelids?"
>You shrug.
"I guess that makes sense. Actually, on the character, though, you're calling me 'Skin' too often."
>"That last one just happened to come to my lips. It's a good name for you. 'Skin.'"
>She laughs.
>You've only heard Oki laugh once or twice.
>It's nothing like this at all.
>This is weirdly... jubilant.
>It's another flaw in the disguise, but you don't point it out.
>It makes the bottom drop out of your stomach.
Well this is unexpected, in more ways than one.

Also. Stop fucking giving it tips you fucktard
Anon stop trying to make friends with the spoopy skinwalker monster.
>the terrifying skin walker is just desperately lonely and wants Anon to take her
Oh boy
Maybe I shouldn't be too surprised that Anon's getting along with the Wendigo. He seems like a laid back, 'get ta know ya' kind of guy. Watch it turn out Anon is immune to whatever effects the Wendigo has on the native population.

Would you intentionally get arrested by a mare?
>you know, in my homeland the police made those they captured carry them around. Because: how could a suspect get away if they are carrying you
>anon keeps "accidentily" scratching her tummy with the fingers on the hand he is using to support her barrol.

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