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A great villain is one who truly believes his actions are the right ones, even if they aren't morally correct, or have paved their trail with innocent blood and the lives of our favourite characters, or tried to rape that underage girl that one time... Why did we sympathize with them again?

Ever wanted to concentrate your autism by mixing colorful magic horses and high school girls with posing, rock references and bizarre superpowers? Here's your chance to do it vicariously, through characters who totally aren't self-inserts, we swear!

Previous Thread: >>32215526

Discord: https://discord.gg/gjJ8CE

>Writefags/Pastebins (Alphabetized):

Ace_Sorou: http://pastebin.com/u/Ace_Sorou

A-nonMoose: http://pastebin.com/u/A-nonMoose

AusAnon: http://pastebin.com/u/AusAnon

Cameo: http://pastebin.com/u/Creamymemedaddy

Ditherer: http://pastebin.com/u/Ditherer

FrenchAnon: http://pastebin.com/u/JosefJoestar

FriskyBits: http://pastebin.com/QivjKsiH

FuckFaceMcGee: http://pastebin.com/u/FuckfaceMcGee

Omnee: http://pastebin.com/u/Omnee_Potent

Phase 2: http://pastebin.com/DNZ6FD9q

Saoirse: https://pastebin.com/u/saoirse4CH

Sofuto: http://pastebin.com/u/Sofuto

StarAnon: http://pastebin.com/u/StarAnon

Superkeaton: http://pastebin.com/jLVdFdQV

SystemOfAClop: https://pastebin.com/Yd9m1Fzi

Writroplex (JoeJoe): http://pastebin.com/Tz6dVnwJ
For easy Stand-making and free bumps, here's the automatic one-of-a-kind Stand Generator.


You could even come up with a Stat Graph using: http://spooky-ghostwriter.tumblr.com/jojo/standmaker

And now that you have a Stand of your own, why not put it to the test in an All Star Battle?

Lots of Stands have come out of these threads, both powerful and creative, so what's so wrong with a little competition? Let's see who comes out on top!

>List of generated stands (not up to date): https://pastebin.com/Cna1bVBL

>LoodStandAnon's Lewd Stands: https://pastebin.com/XgxjwV62

>Pick any stands from these threads and come up with a battle!
>Example: [PLANISPHERE] vs. 「PPP」
>And if you're feeling really creative, you could write multiple stand users fighting, either in groups or be a huge battle royal.
>Example: The CMC vs Angel, Gioia and Joan.
>And in true JoJo fashion, feel free to get creative with it. Maybe write a conflict that isn't a straight up battle.
>Example: Moondancer's homework has been stolen by someone in her class, can Twilight use her stand to find out its whereabouts and the culprit before the teacher arrives?

We've had a lot of ASBs so far.
A four Anon free-for-all: http://pastebin.com/nYizqLre
Or the Triple Pink Ponkdown!: http://pastebin.com/0GKTJbDC
Two swordsmen matching wits in the city: http://pastebin.com/xYJpFFD1
And even seen a team-up to save the world: http://pastebin.com/AUjwjBcF

But we still ask ourselves... do we stand a chance against the Joestars themselves?

>Jonathan vs. [Fire in the Church]
>Giorno Giovanna VS Erich Rammstein
>Jolyne Cujoh Vs. [Saturn's Children]
If you are new here, you could check out the thread archives: https://pastebin.com/SxCJQpr7.

Or refer to this 「JOJO PONE GREEN INDEX」 to help you find which stories you're interested in. Stories are listed alphabetically by writefag, with links to pastebins and, for some, short bumpers.

>Rammstein's Bizarre Adventure: (Ace_Sorou)
Erich Rammstein is a NatSoc and stand user living in Canterlot that gets often dragged to battles against other stand users. And his sister is a cute. A CUTE!
All chapters: http://pastebin.com/u/Ace_Sorou

>Dimensional Link: (A-non moose)
Pinkie Pie stabs Anon with the Stand Arrow, thus granting him a Stand. And everything is fine and dandy, until said arrow becomes Twilight's Stand. Now Anon and his pony friends need to find a way to create a new arrow and give it back to Pinkie's family because tradition... or is that all?
All chapters: http://pastebin.com/u/A-nonMoose

>Stan(d)on in Equestria:(AusAnon)
Rainbow Dash mysteriously develops the Stand 「ANONYMOUS」, which has its own will, and they quickly become friends. But when the shadowy 「NIGHTMARE」 returns to Equestria, it is up to them to fight it and any other Stand user that gets in their way.
All chapters: http://pastebin.com/u/AusAnon
Bumper: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5xplWNiyJY [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]

>Into The 「ELECTRIC CASTLE」 (AusAnon)
Eight very different souls are gathered by a spirit of harmony, from beyond the curtain of death itself, to embark on a journey through a strange land torn apart by chaos and destined to be reunited by order. Will they complete their quest to the nuclear portals of that great twisted edifice, or will they fall prey to the nothingness which even now seeks to reclaim them for its own?
All chapters: https://pastebin.com/u/ausanon or https://www.fimfiction.net/story/383674
Bumper: https://vimeo.com/231177253
File: Coco's file photo.png (237 KB, 524x636)
237 KB
237 KB PNG
After Twilight and Starlight prod Anon's soul in an attempt to give him magic, his "Soul Stone" shatters everywhere, granting anypony in contact with it a stand. Anon also develops a stand, but a new threat comes to Equestria, trying to get a hold of the soul shards and get rid of Anon and his friends in the process...
All chapters: http://pastebin.com/u/Creamymemedaddy

>Moondancer Makes Friends (Cameo)
Antisocial Ramona "Moondancer" Danzig watches as all her peers are murdered at the Summer Sun Celebration by an cruel, unknown assailant. Then she wakes up, 19 days earlier, with a chance to find the killer's identity and stop the massacre. But even with her strange new ability, 「The Distiller」, she won't be able to do it alone...
All chapters: http://pastebin.com/u/Creamymemedaddy

>Care Root's Bizarre Adventure: (Ditherer)
When Stands become normal in CHS, the antisocial loser Care Root gets one that burns up his own future with every use. After a chance encounter with his soulmate, that future suddenly changes, making him one of the most dangerous Stand users in play. Will he survive the conspiracies raging across Canterlot when even victory can burn up his reason for fighting?
All Parts: http://pastebin.com/u/Ditherer
Bumper: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1TtQlytu08

>Coco's Bizarre Adventure: Nothing's Kingdom (Ditherer)
On the night King Sombra reconquers Equestria and sends the Elements into comas, Coco Pommel falls off her balcony, sorts out her life, and gets saved by a mysterious power before she hits the ground. With the power of Stand, she ventures beyond Manehattan to foil Sombra's plans, save civilization, and - most importantly - revive Rarity.
All Parts: http://pastebin.com/u/Ditherer or http://www.fimfiction.net/story/328442
Bumper: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Jrey7WWrYg
>Bon Bon's Bizarre Badventure (Ditherer)
Ponyville's resident grump Bon Bon gets dragged by Lyra Heartstrings to Fillydelphia's chintzy Alternate History Museum, and discovers the fringe science really has something to it when they both wind up in an apocalyptic universe, and find they're not alone.
Status: Complete
All Parts: http://pastebin.com/C7rsbsjk

>Marble Pie's Bizarre Adventure (Ditherer)
The Pie Family has prospered for generations through the magical energy of a strange meteorite. When rogue author-adventurer A.K. Yearling steals it for the good of the world, Maud, Limestone and Marble have one week to recover it before the farm goes bust.
All Parts: http://pastebin.com/Xbqcj7qn
Bumper: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRyGJ7BhiCo

>French Anon's Bizarre Adventure: (FrenchAnon)
Anon is an intern in the SpeedWagon Foundation, but after a terrorist attack during an experiment with a stand arrow, he is transported to Canterlot High...
All Parts: http://pastebin.com/u/JosefJoestar

>Stand by Me: (FuckFaceMcGee)
Anon Y. Mous, your slacker green weeb, becomes really close with his purple neighbour Twilight Sparkle. After watching Jojo together, Twilight develops an "Evoker", which is capable of granting a stand to whomever is shot by it. Flash Sentry, in a fit of jealousy, steals the Evoker and starts creating an army of stand users to get in the way of Twilight and Anon's relationship.
The OG story!
Status: ONGOING!!!
All chapters: http://pastebin.com/515d4KLQ
Bumper: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wh_MH7jyaYY

>Secret Moniker's Bizarre Adventure (FuckFaceMcGee)
A young man and his father set out to deliver a package on an unusual morning. Everything promptly goes wrong. Set in the same continuity as Stand By Me.
Status: Complete
All chapters: https://pastebin.com/1CSxufVK
>Anon's Stando Adventure: (Omnee)
Anon gets invited by Celestia to check the "Sovereign Arrow", an ancient relic said to grant powers to whomever survives being stabbed by it. After messing with it, Anon is capable of wielding the power of Stand, but a shady group is coming after him and his friends. Will the eight of them be able to acquire and use their own Stands to defend themselves?
All chapters: http://pastebin.com/u/Omnee_Potent

>[Black Racers] (Omnee)
In the wake of attacks on Equestria, the Mane 6 and Anonymous take on the power of Stands. But when the villains get the drop on them, their leader takes the opportunity to perform an 'experiment' with her ability, [Hydrogen]. Now Anon has been fused to Applejack, combining their powers into a new Stand, and setting both on a path toward revenge.
All chapters: https://pastebin.com/UnBcMGhE

>Kira Visits Horseland: I Want It All (Omnee)
Yoshikage Kira, after the events of Part 4, awakens in Equestria with a downgraded version of his stand. Now, under a false identity, he plans to get back his powers and his quiet life, and in the process destroy Starlight Glimmer.
All chapters: http://pastebin.com/u/Omnee_Potent

>Friendship's Bizarre Adventure Part one! The Dark Side of the Moon (Phase 2)
Jovial Journey, a.k.a. Jojo, is a talented psychiatrist in Equestria assigned to council Princess Luna. But after she becomes Nightmare Moon, it is up to Jojo, Celestia and other ponies to stop her from resurrecting Discord.
Status: This story has not been updated in a while.
All chapters: http://pastebin.com/DNZ6FD9q

>Anon's Bizarre Adventure (Saoirse)
Anonymous was an archaeologist before he arrived in Equestria, and investigates a meteor that falls from the sky near Ponyville. However, his actions embroil him in a conflict against a mysterious biped.
Chapter 1: https://pastebin.com/eBw69Cm6
>Pinkie Pie's Bizarre Adventure: Pinkie's Destiny / A Series of Unfortunate Events (Sofuto)
Pinkie's always secretly had her Stand, 「Party Party Party」, ready for some physics-defying shenanigans. Now that she has delivered the MMMM to Canterlot and discovered the existence of Paradoxes, what newly bizarre events will unfold?
All chapters: http://pastebin.com/u/Sofuto

>Daring Do and the Arrows of Marapore.feat Ziggy (StarAnon)
Mild-mannered Ziggy Stardust is sent to negotiate with A.K. Yearling on behalf of her publisher, only to become embroiled in a Daring Do adventure featuring some especially magical arrows.
Status: Complete
All chapters: http://pastebin.com/9fSMNBDh

>Interview with a Stand User (StarAnon)
Featherweight is a sick child staying in Canterlot's Hospital. His condition gets worse quickly and so do his hopes of living, until one day his mother brings a quirky character to visit him.
Set after the events of "Daring Do and the Arrows of Marapore"
Status: Complete
All chapters: http://pastebin.com/dqnGFj3m

>Cat Armed Phenomena (StarAnon)
Flitter and Cloudchaser, the Stand-wielding Storm Sisters, find their occupational luck changing when they get a job tracking down a very special missing cat. Unfortunately, they're not the only Stand users trying to get their hands on "Princess Blue"...
Set before the events of "Daring Do and the Arrows of Marapore"
Status: Complete
All chapters: http://pastebin.com/WP4W1KNm
File: Steeldagio Ball Run.jpg (54 KB, 575x585)
54 KB
>[Boogie Wonderland] (StarAnon)
A universe hopping city that serves as a lodestone for the multiverse... Lyra and Bon Bon are sent there against their will on a life-threatening mission; John Doe and his sometime friend Ziggy Stardust go in an attempt to bring stability before every reality gets shattered. But Wounds, mistake Stands, rough drafts and scrapped overpowered abilities, and Requiems that howl into an endless night roam the streets vieing for dominance. Will each of them succeed in their quests? Based on a prompt by Ditherer.
All chapters: http://pastebin.com/wYKpfZNY

>JoJo Green? It might be a thing: (Superkeaton)
Anon, a self proclaimed PSIE-ntist, wants to uncover the mysteries of Canterlot City, but he may be in more than he can handle.
The story is supposed to feature the stand [Beautiful Liar].
Status: This story has not been updated in a long while...
All chapters: http://pastebin.com/jLVdFdQV

>DIO's Bizarre Adventure (SystemOfAClop)
After his death at the hands of the Joestar bloodline, the monstrous vampire DIO awakens in Equestria. True to form, his ambition doesn't stay in check for long.
All chapters: http://pastebin.com/Yd9m1Fzi

>JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 9: Cars & Chaos... and JoeJoe: (Writroplex)
JoeJoe is a student in Canterlot High that doesn't get along with anyone else, but after discovering he is part of the Joestar lineage, bizarre events may happen.
All chapters: http://pastebin.com/Tz6dVnwJ

>Moondancer and Treehugger's Far Out Trip (Ditherer)
When Moon's stoner half-sister moves in with her and starts attending Crystal Prep, a smoky attempt at sisterly bonding sends them down a dangerous rabbit hole. Now they're targets of the Academy's party gods, the Friday Night Gurus, and they've developed seemingly psychic abilities. Plus their mellow is getting seriously harshed.
All chapters: http://pastebin.com/u/Ditherer
File: Hamon Masters.jpg (486 KB, 1309x950)
486 KB
486 KB JPG

>Lyras' Youthful Random Adventure (Ditherer)
Join Lyra and Heartstrings, and several other mint colored ponies in an interdimesional quest to stop the foulest of crimes Cross-dimension waifu stealing
Set after the events of Bon Bon's Bizarre Badventure
Status: Complete
All parts: https://pastebin.com/WV6qvZ79

And, lastly, a couple MLP/JoJo crossovers outside the thread that readers might also enjoy.

>Twisted Sunset
A (currently small) comic, in both Spanish and English, about Sunset Shimmer discovering the power of Stand within CHS, and the various bizarre goings-on inside her school.

>MLPBA Part 1: Ponyville Central
On the thousandth anniversary of Nightmare Moon's banishment, Celestia's attempt to cleanse her sister with the power of an ancient Red Stone backfires, and its shards scatter across all Equestria. Now, her most faithful student must venture out to bring the pieces back together, and prevent dark forces from gathering them. 300K words, but no Part 2 in close to two years. "Embrace the spirit of Romanticism!"

>Twilight's Bizarre Adventure
A secret pre-thread Jeff paste.

>Lyra-Lyra's Bizarre Adventure
Vector comic featuring most of the EQG cast, multiple Lyras, the Sirens, Chrysalis, psychic battles and interdimensional shenanigans.

>Pinkie's Kooky Quest
Pinkie discovers a strange arrow in the Everfree which gives her a unique friend, a talking, bipedal ghost-creature that calls itself 「Dancing Queen」. Overjoyed, she tries to show her new friend to the rest of Ponyville, and help them gain powers of their own. It doesn't end well.

There may still be a few stories not referred to in the list, so please refer them to this post.
If you are a fan of Ditherer's rap, then check out his latest album!
Now featured on EQD!
Would the pones ride horses in Steel Ball Run?
We all know the answer to that.
Season 8 should have changed the ending credits into something like this.
File: The Apex Predator.png (338 KB, 1280x846)
338 KB
338 KB PNG
>Ability: It can transform its targets into their inner animal. Likewise, it can turn animals into their equivalent human forms.
>Canterlot's stand users begin to turn into animals one after the other.
>In their new forms, they are unable to gather the intelligence or willpower necessary to call their stands.
>The culprit rejoices in this opportunity.
>There was noone in its way to stop him from dominating the city.
>Little did it know, that some pets may have been quite intelligent already and now were able to fight back to turn their beloved owners back to normal.
>[Mr. Deja Vu]
>Ability: The user can project his own or someone else's memories. These memories can also be stored for later use, or exchanged with oher memories. Those who have their memories replaced won't remember things correctly until three different people retell them what actually happened.
File: 1524848396198.png (143 KB, 982x355)
143 KB
143 KB PNG
Reminder that right now it's the best time to read CocoBA in FimFiction.
File: 1527136807143.jpg (126 KB, 1199x1068)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
>Stands are passed through bloodlines.
>Certain societies became aware of it abd began to partake in "Stand Marriages".
>These would consist of two stand users forming a family in the hope that their descendants would have an even stronger ability.
>The practice was forgotten through history, but nowadays more stand users are appearing.
>Perhaps it is time to revive an old tradition... even if your partner doesn't realize how much potential it has.
>Don't you guys agree?

>APPEARANCE: a rock with an eye symbol on it

>ABILITIES: The rock acts as a detector for the bodies of those who have died due to the neglect of others. The stone can then raise them from the dead and makes them follow the user's command
A different kind of villain:
Things would have gone quite differently with such an ability.
>Wallflower raises an army of forgotten misfit zombies to punish everyone who neglected them.
>Gets called out on how this newfound power has turned her into that which she despises the most... Sunset Shimmer.
>Her own army turns against her, ending her life and shuting off the ability at the same time.
Care Root’s Bizarre Adventure, Episode 20: Battle

>The motion between the worlds is nauseating.
>For a few endless seconds, there's no "up".
>The pain by your heart thumps against your skin, the spearhead sticking out.
>You worry you're dead, that they've cast some kind of magic on your sisters and sentenced you all to oblivion.
>But then there's a crashing.
>Another side, a light.
>You feel your form moving, the flesh melting and being resculpted as the light blinds you.
>There are screams - your sisters - but your eyes fail you.
>You can't tell if they're open or closed, now.
>And then there's new air against you, colder than before.
>As the light falls away to sky once more, the pain in your chest redoubles.
>Is this some game by the sorcerer?
>No, you can see the landscape - nothing like the shores you just conquered.
>The air sticks to you in a way you weren't used to.
>And then, suddenly, you're falling.
>You try to maintain your magic against whatever's interfering with it, but it doesn't return.
>You drop out of the air like a mudpony.
>Your sisters appear above you, you can hear the flash and glitter of the spell.
>It's a war with the wind to turn your head, but you do.
>They're still the same colors, both terrified and like nothing in Equestria.
>The three of you are so scrawny and undersized, freakish limbs pawing the air.
>You can see the cruelty of the sorcerer.
>He exiled you instead of fighting, and stole away your beauty to match.
>They stare at you, gaping with too-wide mouths full of flat teeth and too-beady eyes that cry against the air.
>Falling beneath each of them, almost touching, are their focuses, still bright red but disconnected now.
>Not yours.
File: another world.png (2.79 MB, 2880x1268)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB PNG
>Neither of them appreciate the landscape around you.
>But you know they'll grow to, or have to.
>You've angered a force that you should have been wary of.
>But in your case, it was the pegasus, the spearpony, who you should have feared.
>Another brutal moment of anticipation, and you smash into the ground.
>The spear hits it before you, like a stuttering in a breath.
>Your body jerks forward, then back down against the pull of gravity.
>It splashes from your chest to your extremities, and your limbs move without you moving them, new muscles jerking and tensing under loose, thin skin.
>They fall to the earth after you, and you can't see them make the impact.
>The thought arrives, small and quick against the plunging force in your bones.
>Is this really how you...?
>Something wracks your body, a spasm starting in your lungs.
>Air forces its way out of you insistently, your body working to spray out whatever's churning inside you.
>Hot seawater pounds in your stomach.
>And then something comes loose, comes up in a great eruption.
>You spit it out, amid red and salt.
>Your own focus.
>A small, rubylike gemstone that sails through the air.
>And then it's lost to you.
>Your muscles settle and petrify against the earth, the furthest parts of your limbs still twitching.
>You're alone.
>Your sisters are stirring, you can hear them, but there's nothing but sky for you.
>You were raised up out of the seafoam following the two of them.
>And you made a great war against Equestria, with its own ponies for your weapons.
>Even at the final moments, when retreat was still available, you charged ahead and led the final strike.
>But now, in this shivering world, away from everything you used to know, you're silent.
>Your journey has come to an end.
>Be Care Root, driving as fast as you can.
>Lunch rush traffic is rearing its head, so you avoid the main roads.
>There are kids playing outside across the neighborhoods, utterly oblivious.
>You wonder if CHS seems particularly empty today.
>Has anyone noticed that so many students are gone?
>Twilight's next to you, texting furiously, checking phone numbers.
>Meanwhile, 「Timbuk Three」 runs through the connections to each, checking where they are and what's around them.
>Another three moments go sailing into the ether.
>You see each one of them.
>Buying a second house.
>First words.
>The year no one got sick.
>You can see around all of the phones now, and so can she.
>The house seems to be empty.
>The rooms have no signs of struggle or damage in them.
>But the phones are just... discarded.
>Left on beds or tables.
>Trixie's is inside of her glove compartment, and Diamond's is just on the sidewalk.
>Mr. Rich's is... far away from all of the others.
>You try to light up a map of that area, but all you get is a headache.
>Okay, first candidate.
>But if they're all separated, then you need to prioritize.
"We need to get to Derpy before anything else."
>She hesitates for a moment, and then nods.
>"She'll probably still have the gems. But if she's under their spell and we're not careful, that's going to be the end of it! I don't think either of us would be able to hurt her!"
>That's right, neither of you could hurt her intentionally.
>But there's already some kind of attempt made to distract you, so it probably won't come to that.
>The plan is to waste time until the sun sets, making you run around on a wild goose chase until you've wasted your energy.
>Then 「Spinal Tap」 can swoop in and pluck it from you.
>It would be game over, victory without fighting.
>As if.
>You reach a stop sign, and let your car stay perfectly still.
"You're going to have to hold on for this."
>You don't make eye contact with Twilight, focusing on the sky.
>"Wh-what are you about to do?"
"I'm cutting to the chase."
>You stare at the sun, the giant nuclear spotlight that rules time and life.
>And will it to bend.
>Around Canterlot, everything goes dark for a moment.
>Someone with a high-speed camera could capture all the constellations.
>But then the sun reappears, over the far horizon.
>Falling as fast as you can manage.
>You're bundling as many small moments together as you can for this.
>Dances, dinners, quiet moments in the dusk of age.
>Don't let all that kindling burn for nothing!
>You clamp down on it, teeth grinding, and it goes over the horizon.
>And you can feel 「Spinal Tap」 before it appears.
>It swims through the air as fast as possible, and you concentrate on the shard.
>It glows with an aura of light and lifts out of Twilight's hand.
>And then the car lifts up, too.
>This might cause a scene, but you don't care.
>「Spinal Tap」 appears in front of Twilight, taking up the floor to the ceiling.
>It's diminutive compared to the regular version, a neutral curiosity in its wide eyes.
>And with both hands, it cups the gem to its smooth, alabaster-plastic body.
>Then it's back outside, rushing off into the sky as fast as it can.
>And your tether holds.
>The whole car lifts up, and Twilight cries out, clutching at her seat.
>Then you go zipping off after it, the wind pelting your windows.
>You ignore the lurching, dizzying motion, or the feeling of moving at eighty miles an hour without touching the pedals.
>And you shoot across the sky, as fast as possible.
>Be Sweetie Belle, on a kind of stakeout.
>Both of your colleagues and fellow Crusaders are in a funk.
>You understand how they feel.
>You really did try to solve all of this on your own.
"Maybe it wasn't right to tell him, but we couldn't keep it a secret from him forever!"
>You insist to the silence overtaking the scrapyard, or whatever this place is.
>It's full of those big rectangular boxes that go on ships.
>Scootaloo tenses.
>"If this all goes wrong, it'll be because of my big mouth."
"Don't be ridiculous. We all tried our best, and there's no way the portal won't get opened. If we have to, we can just hit him and remove the future where he wins."
>It'll hurt him, of course, so you don't want to do that.
>But it's an option.
>Scootaloo shakes her head.
>"That's not it. I wasn't supposed to tell either of you about what's really going on."
>...Yeah, you'd guessed.
>Apple Bloom shrugs.
>"Can't be too bad for us to know."
>"No, they... they got rid of both of your memories, before. They wanted as few people to know as possible. I only kept mine because I was so... loyal..."
>Scootaloo's voice peters out.
>Bloom puts a hand on her shoulder and smiles encouragingly.
>"We understand why you didn't tell us sooner."
>You, on the other hand, frown and think.
"...Do you think if we told him everything, he'd have changed his mind?"
>Scootaloo turns very serious.
>"It's not our choice."
>Well, yeah, it could ruin your last secret weapon.
>If he could untie that knot, he might really stop Equestria being saved.
>But you'll know if that happens, because he'll show up right here.
>Bloom talks.
>"I'm just worried he'll go along with her sending us, and it'll hurt something."
>Yeah, you feel that way too.
>Sunset wouldn't have wanted you put in harm's way by going to talk to him alone.
>But it was the only chance you had at peace, without turning it into a big intimidation play.
>You still feel like, if he knew everything, he might do the right thing.
>Even if you're torn about wanting him to.
>You want him to survive, after everything that's happened.
>Any of the other versions, the petty murderers, they could be turned into fuel.
>But something about him here is still noble.
>Even when he learned what he was supposed to be.
>He should be grateful, and trying to help!
>It wasn't the weight on his back or freedom, it was love or death, good or evil!
>You did your best to make the right decision!
>Scootaloo breaks your fit of face-scrunching.
>"Here it is. We've secured it before, but... you wouldn't remember that."
>She waves with both hands at the container.
>This is where you're supposed to be, but you're not supposed to know about who's inside.
>You understand why she had to do this, even if it's not pretty.
>It's just your job to secure it, which is bad.
>Bloom sees it at the same time you do.
>"Is the lock supposed to be broken off?"
>You're about to step closer when the sun goes out.
>And then reappears, a fair distance away.
>There's a groaning from inside of the container.
>She can feel the energy.
>He's active.

>Be Care, trying not to crash land.
>You're more than close enough to see where you are.
>It's the Factory again.
>It's still abandoned, this time covered in a yellow weave of police tape.
>In fact, there are police cars in the parking lot!
>You really don't want to make this any messier than it has to be.
>Of course, if they see a big flying car, they're going to start asking questions.
>And if this all comes back to Derpy and her family...
>You turn the sun back off as you get close.
>Twilight startles again.
>Oh yeah, she's here.
"Okay, grab on. We're going to have to try this another way."
>You hold a hand over to her.
>She looks at it for a moment, and then grips onto your arm with both hands, eyes squeezed shut.
>It actually hurts, despite her size.
File: hello.png (2.97 MB, 1377x2039)
2.97 MB
2.97 MB PNG
>But it's good enough.
>You focus 「Timbuk Three」 on the car around you.
>With a shockwave of light, it disintegrates.
>You grip the steering wheel with your free hand as the waves of blue travel from one end to the other.
>And then it comes free, as the rest turns to dust around you.
>Both of you aren't sitting any more, but the tether carriers you further without the car.
>You keep the wheel in your spare hand, and Twilight is absolutely silent as you fly the rest of the distance.
>It's heading for the hole the gems already made, more than a week ago.
>No one's bothered to patch it up, you can tell.
>But you're divebombing straight through!
>With a burst of energy, you overtake 「Spinal Tap」.
>The hole's approaching, but you snap the shard back into the hand Twilight's holding onto.
>And then both of you collide with the ground, hard enough to rattle the building.
>There's a blinding light with your arrival, and then you put the sun back in its regular place.
>Your whole body relaxes from the overdrive you just put your Stand into, and you get the familiar anxiety of avoiding looking at the lights.
>But you've definitely made an entrance.
>As everyone's vision adjusts, you can suddenly hear the hum.
>The background noise, like machinery, but you know there's no power in here.
>It's darker than anything.
>Twilight lets go of you, and you can see who's with you.
>Adagio, standing with her arms crossed, utterly unaffected by you.
>Derpy, sitting down next to her at the shattered remains of the conference table.
>Silver Spoon, standing in one corner, with Derpy's mother and Catcher Pouch.
>All of them have ghostly, robotic expressions.
>They're not quite dead, just... vengeful.
>Like they've realized the effect you've had on their lives and woken up.
>Adagio speaks.
File: she knows things.jpg (130 KB, 1222x1399)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
>"Nice of you to come early. I was hoping to get a few things finished before this was wrapped up. Sunset Shimmer's still on her way, and so's my sister."
>Where are the gems?
>Your eyes sweep the room for a second before you make them out.
>One's around Adagio's neck, and the other's in Derpy's hand.
>The third's... not here.
>"I wouldn't do anything too hasty if I were you."
>She says.
>Fuck that.
>You hold up the gem shard, and Derpy's flies for you.
>They connect in your hand, forming a single, perfect whole.
>And before anything else can happen, you launch it back up out of the hole you came down.
>「Timbuk Three」 propels it like the tail of a rocket, heading for the upper atmosphere and beyond.
>If it can reach a sizeable fraction of the speed of ligh-
>There's a flare across the lights, and another one burns out on its own.
>The gem spins in the air for a moment and rebounds off of a wall of solid light three miles above you in the air.
>Adagio smiles thinly at the pain on your face.
>"Not working out for you?"
>Her eyes move from you to Twilight.
>"Don't worry, Sunset will be here soon. Once she is, we'll just take her mind by force, and get rid of all of these little Stands in one swoop. If you want to save your girlfriend's life, you'd better make a deal before that happens."
>Her eyes sparkle and taunt you both.
>You get a fix on the gem, just to make sure no one else interferes with it.
>Twilight speaks while you take care of it.
>”This isn’t going to work out for you, Adagio. Sunset’s too harmonious to be affected by you, and if she arrives with the Rainbooms they’ll be able to defeat you the same way they did before!”
>Adagio’s eyes don’t lose the glow, but the humming seems to draw closer around her.
>Her smile doesn’t waver.
>”He doesn’t know, does he? About your little rescue?”
>Twilight doesn’t react.
>This is some attempt at goading the both of you.
File: let's get serious.png (311 KB, 2893x2039)
311 KB
311 KB PNG
>Probably to waste time.
>You don’t need that.
>First priority…
“「Timbuk Three」!”
>Derpy and her family light up blue as you lift them off of the ground.
>Then Twilight, then yourself.
>You were hoping for some moment of panic on Adagio’s face, but she’s still nonchalantly pleasant.
>You just want to wipe that smile off of her face, to stop this!
>But you can worry about that in a moment.
>With a little coordination, you launch everyone up through the ceiling, burning a half-dozen new holes in it.
>The sudden velocity squeezes against your face, but you maneuver everyone to one side.
>You need Silver more than anything right now, but you need to -
>「Spinal Tap」 appears next to Derpy, who’s closest to you and Twilight.
>It wheels through the air towards you, turning its whole body.
>「Timbuk Three」 throws up a shield, which gets broken through just as quickly.
>You move yourself further away, out of range, and try to steer the rest of the group.
>This wouldn’t be an issue if you were on solid ground!
>In a single smooth curve, 「Spinal Tap」 moves past where you used to be and swings for Twilight.
>You barely catch it, but another shield goes up, this one triple the thickness.
>「Spinal Tap」’s power resonates through your Stand, and then it breaks through!
>Another shield, broken half a second later.
>You throw up more, trying to pull Derpy out of the way without changing where you’re going to land.
>There’s too much momentum on all of you, you have to plot all of the trajectories at once!
>「Spinal Tap」 is insatiable.
>And then something - catches.
>The shield doesn’t appear.
>Your heart drops out of your chest, but the lights are still there.
>In the two seconds it takes to check them, it’s already too late.
>「Spinal Tap」’s fist drives into Twilight’s stomach, and then four more come before the force can carry her away.
>She’s thrown out of the blue glow!
>You scramble to catch her again, but something else hits you.
>It’s a great big purple fist, covered in bumps - the orange kid’s Stand.
>You’re too shocked to respond, and it passes into your chest.
>「Timbuk Three」 pulses, and you fight to control it and spin around.
>Back behind you, Derpy’s family’s gone.
>You’re flying Derpy, Trixie, and her two old-time henchmen.
>This was Adagio’s Stand!
>Damn it!
>You realize that Twilight’s still heading for the building and try to catch her.
>And then it’s… too much.
>「Timbuk Three」 flashes again, and you drop out of the sky.
>You're heading straight for the roof, close to the end of that long single hallway.
>Okay, okay...
>You dig deeper, focusing past whatever's going on inside of your body.
>Your Stand picks up the slack, and you give it the reins a little more.
>With a few pinpoints of energy, you open up enough holes in the surface for everyone, which buys you a little more time.
>Then comes the hard part.
>You have to push against the force of gravity without snapping everyone's skeletons in half.
>It takes a light touch, which you aren't capable of right now.
>But for just a little more of your future...
>Damn it, don't think about it until this is all over!
>The fist twists inside of you, and at the feeling of it passing through your veins and muscles, your mind unlocks a little.
>You let go, and let your power take whatever it needs.
>Whatever can bring all of you out of here safely!
>And then he's flying backwards, away from you, a fist of light protruding from your chest.
>You're not sure why it doesn't burn you, but you're too busy catching him.
>And then you land, yourself.
>It's not pleasant, but it works.
>A few platforms between you and the ground, made to break easily.
>You'd flash back to being thrown out of the hospital by Mr. Rich, if you had enough room to think.
>The hallway's as dark as ever, apart from the sunlight in the holes you've made patchworking its way across the floor.
>No sooner do you think that than everything lights up around you.
>A blue glow makes the hallway visible as far as the eye can see - and it's not good.
>Everyone's here, no one's hurt badly.
>But you're not alone.
>The floor is peppered with bodies, every couple yards.
>The Shadowbolts.
>A couple of students who you don't recognize.
>And... policemen, still in uniform.
>They're all knocked over like broken toys, splayed out and unmoving.
>You take a deep breath and look around for the cause.
>But she's already staring at you, from a ways upward.
>Aria, arms crossed, staring at the light you're emanating.
>You call it off, and wrest back control of your Stand.
>It squirms back into your conscious mind as the room darkens again.
>She doesn't make any moves, although you're ready for them.
>And as the light retreats, you realize why.
>Below her, in her shadow, is Twilight.
>Her eyes are closed, and she's not moving.
>Without moving her arms, she pulls her hands apart.
>A small stick of inky black appears between them, and then shoots upward, curving slightly.
>A sword.
>Your ears ring for a moment, and you realize that it's coming from her, another hum.
>But then it's coming from the whole building.
>You remember what it was like to be put under their spell before, partly.
>Just a shutter of the mind closing, up and then down.
>You'd never experienced anything like that before, so you weren't able to defend yourself.
>This time, it strikes you as something wet and slippery, worming its way into your pores and making your heartbeat pick up even faster.
>You resist it and create a ball light in front of her, hovering in front of the weapon.
>Nothing happens.
>What you can see is a network of black cords coming off of the hilt, spreading backwards behind her in a dozen directions.
>You seek out the lines and try to snip them off, but her hands are already raised up.
>It's like watching the executioner at the guillotine, in the last few seconds.
>But the worst part is the look of satisfaction in her eyes.
"「Timbuk Three」!"
>You flash the entire hallway with light.
>After your vision clears, you see her, a step backward and covering her eyes with an arm.
>The sword's gone.
>The relief wells up in you.
>Now you just have to pull-
>Someone grabs you from behind, like they're hugging you, squeezing the air out of your chest.
>Pink arms around you, glowing green.
>Bands of light push against them, moving them a few inches off of you for a moment.
>But then the glow redoubles, and they wave straight through your barriers.
>Then they're back around you again, harder.
>You can't breathe.
>No, no, you can, it just... takes a few seconds.
>Your body lurches forward as you try not to react, to control yourself and figure out what to do.
>And then Derpy steps in front of you.
>She's staring directly at you, but there's nothing of her inside there.
>It's like you're a stranger to her, or something worse.
>The connection's still there, you still have the lights!
>But 「Spinal Tap」 appears behind her, just as merciless as ever.
>It and her take up most of your vision.
>And then you snap out of it enough to realize that there's other movement.
>Behind you - you can't turn to see it, but 「Timbuk Three」 bends the light to hit your eyes.
>All of the cops, all of the Shadowbolts, everyone.
>They're getting back up.
>They were playing possum.
>Towards the back, you can see the real Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara.
>They should never have had to come back here!
>None of them should!
>Derpy sees the pain on your face and grimaces.
>A great shuffling of feet, and suddenly things get more crowded around you.
>Over her shoulder and under her ability, you can see Aria readying another blade, holding it over her head.
>「Timbuk Three」 flashes everything white again.
>The girl behind you squeezes tighter, so this time you have to blink spots out of your eyes while you try to breathe.
>And then 「Spinal Tap」 cracks into you, faster than you can defend from.
>Something gets pulverized in you, and you feel the burn of 「Timbuk Three」 under your skin trying to protect it.
>You don't have the oxygen to really feel the pain right now.
>But then you see her again, from where you're trying to double over.
>Twilight's still knocked out, but now Aria's stooping down to her.
>Trying something different.
>You try to pull her away, but the light's preoccupied.
>The feeling of trying to multitask like that makes the world go dark at the edges for a second.
>And then the humming comes into your ears again.
>Why is all of this happening right now, today?!
>You just wanted things to work out the way they were supposed to, for her!
>You wanted to get rid of these gems and all the trouble that went with them!
>Even for you, in your position, that wasn't too much to ask!
>You surround yourself with light and force it outwards.
>The glowing Stand detaining you starts to crush back down for you, with fatal strength.
>But you finally fall forward.
>After a moment of setting up barriers to withstand 「Spinal Tap」's fists, you get off your hands and knees and sidestep Derpy.
>Aria's lifted Twilight off the ground completely now, gripping her by the neck as her body hangs in the air.
>And then you see Trixie, in between both of you.
>She smiles fiercely, meanly, and throws a hand up towards you.
>And suddenly she, and the hallway, shrink away into nothingness.
>You grit your teeth and go flying down it, chasing after her.
>And then you're overtaken, just as fast, by the flaming green girl.
File: blocks your path.jpg (31 KB, 278x705)
31 KB
>She's flying herself, and she smacks into one of your barriers like a fly on a swatter.
>You zoom ahead past her as she tries to pick up speed again, but you don't seem to get any closer.
>Trixie's still there, standing between you and the giant thorny spikes Aria calls out of the wall.
>You double down on speed and try to bridge the gap through sheer force.
>There's only so many building-wide flashes of light you can pull off here!
>Then the glowing girl smashes into you from behind, green flames licking around you as she tackles you.
>She's not able to stop your forward motion, so you don't pay attention to her.
>Aria's no longer looking at you.
>You're out of time.
>Another burst of speed forward, trying to get past Trixie before it's too late.
>You fire a laser straight at Aria's gem, and it bounces off harmlessly.
>Another at her skull, and it has no effect.
>With a waving motion that goes up one arm, across the shoulders and down the other, Trixie switches hands.
>And then you're back where you started.
>You put a disc of hard light through Aria's wrist, but her hand stays attached.
>You just... can't force it inside.
>It might actually be true that nothing from this world can hurt the Dazzlings.
>They're just... made of something different.
>You give up trying to save energy and do another flash of light.
>But this time, the spikes on the wall don't disappear.
>You realize, in the moment without shadows, that their shadow's coming from Aria's mouth.
>Alright, you just need to re-engineer an attack that can reach-
>「Spinal Tap」's fist cracks into you, and you and your other assailant go crashing into the nearest wall.
>You almost don't register it over everything else that's happened, or the sense of failure.
>How on earth can you be outmatched?
>But as you launch yourself out of the corner, pink girl still weighing you down and crushing into your ribcage, you can see her.
>It's too late.
File: it's over.jpg (533 KB, 776x1200)
533 KB
533 KB JPG
>Dangling in the air, her body pierced in not a few places, Twilight's body is completely limp.
>Your latest light runs out, and gravity's forces you back down, skidding against the floor like a human bobsled.
>You can see her, distantly, and then Trixie waves her hand again, and the hallway shortens again.
>Fifty feet closer, you can see the expression on her face.
>Despondency, or sleep.
>She was the only one in this whole conflict you didn't have to convince to join with you.
>The one who came because she needed to get out of a bad situation, who stayed out of gratitude!
>And they could have used her!
>She was just a friend of Sunset's, she wasn't magical like the rest of them were!
>If they could've made her become the monster that caused this mess to begin with, they'd have impossible power!
>They weren't even doing what was best for their own survival!
>Aria watches her own brutality with no expression.
>Further down, Adagio's boots click against the floor, her steps neat and orderly.
>The song gets louder in your ears, overtaking more of your thoughts.
>You feel the hands digging into you more tightly, the army of footsteps approaching from behind you.
>And you scream.
>And everything lights up.
>Every wall, floor, ceiling, contour and piece of machinery, all of it's suffused with a great blue glow for just a couple seconds.
>And then all of it, the whole Factory, disintegrates into the air.
>As the sunlight hits her Stand, Aria turns away from Twilight.
>Her body falls unceremoniously to the torn-up concrete, her long hair veiling her face and one hand outstretched.
>And now you can see everybody.
>Adagio, further down, finally looking surprised.
>Aria closer to you, then scattered throughout the building a bunch of police playing dead, and a few friends.
>At the very entrance, probably just coming in before this started, Sunset.
>And past her, in the parking, more stuff you can't worry about right now.
>You try to grip the gems around the Dazzlings' necks with your Stand.
>They don't move.
>It's like trying to grab onto something that's been greased.
>As soon as that fails, you're launching yourself off of the ground again.
>But this time you do it on one side, and corkscrew in the air.
>Your rider gets in contact with the ground as you zoom forward, and the friction forces her to let go.
>The lack of indoor acoustics makes it easier to ignore the song, but as you get closer the feeling comes lurching back to you.
>Keep your head on your shoulders.
>A single burst of energy and you've reached Aria.
>You don't attack her, just grab the pendant around her neck.
>The stone burns your palm, but you hold onto it as you hang in the air.
>And then you rip it free.
>As it comes loose, Aria's hand shoots up and grips your arm.
>You know from experience that they can break arms like no one's business, but it doesn't matter.
>You just need to snap Silver and Derpy out of it!
>With a thought, you send the second gem zipping up into the air, as high as it'll go and away from both of you.
>You don't actually have somewhere for it to land, but she doesn't know that.
>She's taking all of this pretty well, for someone who just lost their grab at absolute power.
>But Adagio's still walking over.
>You bend the light to check on the rest of the people behind you.
>They're standing stock still, eyes peeled on the sky for a moment.
>And then, as you send it out of range, their heads fall back down towards you.
>Towards Adagio.
>She has the last one.
>Take that and it's over, all of it.
>You try to force 「Timbuk Three」 to move you, but you can feel automatically that it's going to wrench your arm out of your socket.
>So you stand still, and play exhausted.
>Aria's grip doesn't tighten, and she doesn't threaten you.
>But the song starts up again as Adagio gets closer.
>You don't know quite how she's doing it without moving her mouth, but you can hear it clear as day.
>Something calling out to you, compelling you forward.
>Aria falls away from you, even though she hasn't moved and her hand has you in a death-grip.
>Adagio slowly becomes the focal point of the world.
>If she touches you, you're done for.
>That was the moment she got you back in the cafeteria, a lifetime ago.
>How could you have ignored that for so long?
>A world with magic in it...?
>A world that was nothing like you'd expected, in all the years of you sticking your nose in books on graph theory.
>What was the matter with you, that made you think staying in high school and being miserable was the only path for you to take?
>She steps closer, and finally speaks.
>"To be honest, I wasn't expecting this much of a fight from you. You were supposed to come in through the front door after it was already too late."
>Sunset's running closer, but she's not going to make it here in time.
>At least the Crusaders aren't here.
>You work your mouth as Aria bends your arm behind your back, turning you into a frozen, pained statue.
"You're not going to get what you want, you... murderers."
>Adagio frowns for a moment, and looks almost confused.
>Then she notices Twilight's body, as if for the first time.
>Her eyes flick over it like skimming a newspaper, and then she looks at you pityingly.
>"You're like a trained dog, aren't you? Always jumping through somebody's hoops."
>You ignore whatever game she's playing now.
>You just have to get close enough to rip off her gem and fire it away.
>Then, in the chaos, figure out how to subdue the two of them.
>That's the best Plan A you've got at this point, the least risky option.
"I've always tried to do the right thing! And I've never killed anyone just to have my way!"
>She grins a little through the pity.
>"Oh, you're the noble, self-sacrificing soldier, aren't you? Never mind if you burn off someone's arm or put a little girl in the hospital for a couple of days. But that's alright. You can put all of that worrying on the shelf and be our soldier, now."
>Her voice turns almost seductive, and as you inhale you realize that the song didn't stop when she started talking.
>It's obvious that they want you, it's why Aria hasn't tried to murder you yet.
>You or Sunset, they need one of you to defeat the other cleanly.
"You won't be able to take back the gems from me. If-"
>Suddenly her hand flies up, a few inches from your mouth, fingers dancing in their pink sort-of-glove.
>"Your next words are 'If you give up now and go peacefully, I'll stop what Sunset's doing and I'll make sure that she doesn't bother you again.'"
>You flinch a little at the outstretched hand, but she pulls it away from you.
>And then you reflect on what she said.
>You hadn't rehearsed what you were going to say next or anything, but that sounded like it would've come out of your mouth.
"I don't want to fight you. If I have to, I can pull the Rainbooms here across the city and have them defeat you, but that's just more fighting. I don't want any more of that."
>"Then you should have thought things through a little more before coming here. You did have a whole day before you started playing tricks with the sun."
>She shrugs her padded shoulders.
>"At any rate, you don't really have a choice any more. I can tell what you're thinking, and we both know any last-minute counterattack like that would take time and concentration that you just don't have right now."
>Aria's grip tightens on your arm and pushes it into your back, forcing you forward a step.
>You dig in your heels as best you can.
>Adagio's only an arm's length away.
File: YAHOO TV First Look.jpg (42 KB, 617x331)
42 KB
>"As for giving the gems back, we both know that you'll summon them back here as soon as I order you to. There's nothing you can send away that you can't bring back. And as for stalling for time..."
>She steps to one side for a moment, and her voice turns high pitched and clicking.
>Suddenly, everyone behind you turns around.
>Sunset's close, but she's still approaching, and she stops for a second at the sudden small army of Stand users and drawn guns.
>A surge of energy from 「Timbuk Three」, and a little plate of light launches her into the air, sailing her above all of them.
>Even she doesn't know what just happened, but she scrambles for control in the air and lands running.
>Adagio utters something else, her eyes glowing red as she does.
>You realize what - Trixie's the last thing between all of you and her.
>She throws out a hand and activates 「Abracadabra」, making more space that Sunset could cut across in a minute of running.
>Too much for her to affect what's about to happen.
>But neither of the Dazzlings look pleased with themselves.
"You shouldn't use the same trick twice. It's too easy to beat."
>Sunset runs past Trixie, who's casting a hand out ninety degrees in the wrong direction.
>You spun her a little just in time - it helped that you'd already bent the light Sunset was giving off from hitting her eyes.
>As Adagio frowns and goes for the kill, reaching for you, you snap your arm out too.
>Both of them brush against each other, and then yours is clenched just short of her neck.
>This gem's even hotter than the last one, but you grip it tighter as her hand rests on your shoulder.
>You try to pull it out, towards you.
>If you can just do that one, simple thing...
>But something spreads inside of you, a feeling of disconnection.
>As if by gravity, your eyes rise up and lock with hers.
>They're flickering now, not red but green around the edges, and she smirks.
File: Act 2 ends next chapter.jpg (275 KB, 1280x1008)
275 KB
275 KB JPG
>The song's deafening now, just a few chords of ad-libbing, just one voice.
>But you couldn't silence it.
>You couldn't...
>Aria lets go of you and turns to fight... whoever was coming to help you.
>But your body doesn't move.
>You're still hunched forward a little, and her hand moves to your neck.
>As her fingers brush it, you hand weakens.
>The grip relaxes, and then...
>You let go, and your arm falls back to your side.
>You can only see the gemstone in your periphery now, as 「Timbuk Three」 becomes something outside your reach.
>You watch yourself from within yourself as she binds you.
>Even the lights become inaccessible, though not gone.
>Not all of them, not yet.
>You were saving them all for someone.
>There's a lot of noise and commotion behind you, but it doesn't concern you.
>You haven't been told to turn around yet.
>Care Root, the person, shuts up shop and walks away for parts unknown.
>Now you're under their spell.


「To Be Continued」

It has been a while since we had such a Care centric chapter. It has really surprised me how broad of an ability [Timbuk Three]'s light energy is besides of what we have seen in previous chapters. But still even the most overpowered stands can be beaten by a well thought plan.
I thought this chapter would explain how Twilight saved Flash from the Dazzlings, but I guess that's a story for another time.
What's gonna happen now? Let's hooe things don't go awry like in that long forgotten timeline where Care was also under their spell.
Great chapter Dith!
File: 1513542488599.png (313 KB, 512x512)
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313 KB PNG
[Cheap Thrills]
>Ability: it protects the user from danger as long as their adrenalin levels are high.
Last chance to theorize about the mysteries in CRBA.
>What's the Dazzling's true goal?
>What are Sunset's true intentions?
>What really happened to Indigo and Golden?
>What or whose is really [Timbuk Three]?
>How does [Beat Street] work?
>When's Marble Act 4 coming out?
>Ability: Can relocate stands between stand users.

When is Omnee Poent going to write this story?
>Ability: Automatic stand. When placed on a target, every article of clothing the target wears will desintegrate. Can only be placed on a single target at a time.
>Ability: Grants the user great power as long as it remains popular.
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>[Love Me Do]
>Ability: The stand takes the form of a red string of indefinite length. Those bound by the string fall in love with each other.
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>Ability; The user can shift danger to himself.
>[Pumkpin Head Guy]
>Grants the user a short distance teleport when not in view of anyone else
>Disorients any victim it's previously assaulted by making them unable to discern the user's location through sound
>[Shaking Hands]
>Ability: Allows the user to copy a feature of those who accept shaking hands hands with him. Only works on one person at the time.
[Phantom Bump]
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>What is [Timbuk Three] really?
The CMC explained it indirectly before, but there may be a demonstration in the next chapter so I'll keep quiet.
>What is the Dazzlings' true goal?
To conquer either world, depending on whether it's easier to open the portal to Equestria or regain power on Earth.
>What really happened to Indigo and Golden?
They're shooting the shit in heaven.
>How does [Beat Street] work?
It makes things disappear if they're contained in something a definite individual owns. The deeper effects of the power on the 'owner' are where the confusion starts, but those effects have never been shown because none of the targets have been POV characters.
>When's Marble 4 coming out?
Probably after Care 26..

Some other questions that will be answered shortly:

>Since it's apparently a Stand of its own, where does the arrow come from?
>How did Twilight rescue Flash?
>Why would the Dazzlings impale Twilight instead of controlling her?
>How do the CMC know things Sunset doesn't?
>Who's inside the shipping container and why?
>What's Sonata waiting to tell Anonymous until they go to Equestria?
> questions that will be answered shortly.
It's coming!
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>You can gain any stand from the stories in the thread, but you have to give up on meeting and being happy with your waifu and/or going to Equestria.
>If you accept, who do you give up on and what stand do you get?
>Give up on Luna.
>Gain [Total Eclipse of the Heart].
If I can't have her, then I might as well do what she would have done.
[Bump Tendency]
>What's the secret in her eyes?
>inb4 the girl in the container is Megan Williams
This thread has the weirdest bumps.
>In the containment board of small talking horses, the /mlpxjojo/ thread is the weird one.
>inb4 the new pony series is a race across Equestria.
Coco's Bizarre Adventure, Episode 20: Train

Despite the best efforts of all involved, it was threatening dawn by the time the last of the group had boarded the Friendship Express. It sat a good few yards outside of the station, unceremoniously halted in its progress down the mountain, the frontmost of its seven cars already angling downwards against the grade of the slope.

Scootaloo came last, alone. As she approached she looked away from the windows and out onto Equestria itself. The land stretched out up to a hazy horizon, the odd hill and distant forest obscuring any true glance at the Frozen North, but she could feel its presence chilling the air just beyond the eye's detection.

What she could see, in abundance, were the evenly spaced outcroppings of jet-black rock on the tracks, craggy spires like massive talons bursting from the ground, the smallest about a story and a half tall. She knew from experience that a little ways away from the peak, they evened out and became infrequent, but unless Coco had been very modest up to now there was no way for them to do something like pick the train up and move it over one of them.

Which just meant she didn't know something, really. She shrugged at the grimness of the landscape and pulled herself up onto the train proper - she had to stick one hoof over the edge at a time, without the help of a platform. As a filly she hadn't liked trains very much; they were too loud to hear yourself think and too fast to race with, a constant reminder that she wasn't up in Cloudsdale, but the feeling only came back to her after she'd come into the doors, and only then as the ghost of a memory.

Moondancer was sitting in the aisle with her back to the doors, hunching over a selection of lit candles and bits of chalk. Several of the seats closest to the door nestled stacks of title-less books, three or four high with dirt worked into their time-wrinkled jackets. The unicorn didn't turn around, and Scootaloo kept quiet.
File: dropping eaves.png (64 KB, 1073x990)
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Muffled voices came from the next car down, so she headed for it. The door opened quietly after she removed the friction from the hinge, and she made her way across a small walkway over the firm industrial bolt of the car coupling. On the other side, the door was already open, mingling conversation and the night air.

"The Shades are dandy," Cheese said. "Perfect for s'mores and scavenger hunts. Not so good for ballroom dancing and hanging out at the arcade."

"I've heard they're haunted by vengeful spirits," Coco said, conversationally, and the filly paused in the doorway.

Cheese waved her off. "That's all for tourism."

Scootaloo let out a breath she didn't know she'd been holding, and then Cheese continued, "The ghosts just stay in their trees unless somepony bothers them."

Coco finally noticed her, and the mare's eyes lit up. "Scootaloo! You're okay!"

She was, mostly. When Coco got out of her seat and gave her a brief, sisterly hug, there was something about it that reminded her of Rainbow, and she let the knots in her wings distract her as she drew Cheerilee's sunglasses down over her eyes. Coco peered at them curiously, but said nothing.

"We did good," Scootaloo said, matter-of-factly, and then headed for a seat of her own. "What's next?"

Coco answered. "We've got to get the Alicorn Amulet back from somepony who took it. Sombra's sending ponies after it, and they have Diamond with them already, so we'll be racing them to get them both back."

Scootaloo realized that there was a certain emptiness to the car, and that Diamond wasn't off in another one preening her mane or something. She frowned. "And it's all in the Hollow Shades?" She wasn't very versed in the Shades, since they weren't a major city, but visitors from around that area had always talked about them like the Everfree outside of the Everfree.
File: Magic.png (125 KB, 1252x1024)
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Coco's face grew uneasy. "No, it's been taken to Manehattan. But even if Sombra can figure that out and get a message to them, I think the two ponies who have Diamond will think it's in the Shades anyway. One of them read my thoughts, somehow, and they know what the Map used to say, so they'll probably take that as the real location."

Scootaloo chewed on that for a moment, and then shook her head. "What... happened, in the last few hours?"

Coco smiled patiently.

* * *

The train started moving just after the sunrise, with no fanfare or attention. With the whistle disabled only the ponies close enough to the edge of the city could hear it moving, and they were mostly too asleep to register that the great turning of wheels and axles was anything out of the ordinary.

"But what kind of a Stand user could stop Sweetie Belle from looking at a whole city?" Scootaloo asked. That detail alone had stuck with her, something that made her feel suddenly and concretely unsafe.

"Could be the Amulet," Cheese said, staring out of the window abstractly as the world started to crawl along beneath them.

"I've seen the Amulet before, when this traveling magician pony came back to Ponyville to fight the Princess..." Scootaloo trailed off when she saw the looks the other two were giving her, and then laughed awkwardly, "It was before she was a Princess, of course. But it was just a necklace. It made her magic a lot stronger, and she took over the whole town, but it didn't make her that strong."

Coco tapped a hoof against her chin and thought about that. "Maybe it has a different effect on Stands. Or the pony behind it is gaining power from something else."

"Cutie marks, probably," Moondancer called from ahead of them, not turning around. "She reported blank-flanked adults in the streets, whoever has it might be harvesting their harmony like Tirek did. Now stay in your seats! But don't get comfortable yet, we'll be walking if this doesn't work!"
File: not actual size.png (833 KB, 3000x4625)
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833 KB PNG
The train's movement finally became steady, just in time to tip down the mountainside, and then the wheels started turning for real. As they approached the first crystal outcropping, Moondancer's magic gripped every open door in both cars and shut all of them with a single definitive whipcrack, and then Scootaloo's ears twiched with the absence of the wind.

"Does anypony know what she's actually about to do?" Scootaloo asked.

Coco smiled. "Magic was never a strong subject for me."

"They actually made you learn magic in sch-" Scootaloo started, and then everything warped. Suddenly she and Coco were several hooves apart, as the train car split itself in two straight down the middle. The tracks sped by underneath, and the gap widened enough to allow the jagged tower of rock through - and then suddenly they were lurching back forward.

Not expecting the sudden reattachment, Coco and Scootaloo both fell forward onto the floor, face-first. The filly was still trying to wrap her head around what kind of magic the unicorn was doing when Cheese's voice rose over her thoughts.

"Two more incoming!" he called, perched on his seat and looking out of the window again.

「Go Zone」 immediately grabbed Coco, lifted her up like a pony-sized sack of potatoes as Scootaloo tried to get as far from the center of the car as possible. They sat down beside each other, and then there were glued by friction just for safety's sake.

The next time it happened, the car's separated further, and without the shock and the wind in her ears Scootaloo could notice the grinding and protesting of the train itself. It was being ripped apart and put back together somehow, like wearing down a jigsaw puzzle.
Up close and personal, the black spires were jagged and nasty. There wasn't an inch of smooth surface on them, just a kind of geometrical certainty that made them branch off into tinier protusions like tree branches or stalagmites. The surface was a glassy onyx color that reflected the inside of the train in a kind of passing, dirty-green light, and Scootaloo felt as if she were in the Everfree, being watched by somepony.

The two came together for only a few more seconds, only long enough to brush against the tracks like a hoof on a lover's cheek, and then they were thrown apart again for the next one.

Coco studied these outcroppings, hoping for some key into the mind of her enemy. She hadn't forgotten when she'd first seen them in her mind's eye, in the final dream that had been forced on her - but clearly they weren't much of a solution to somepony trained in magic. There was something mesmerizing about them that made her feel queasy about staying near them for too long, but for the most part they seemed like needless, mindless brutality.

When they came together next, she felt the force of friction lifting from her body, and breathed easier. For all of this, Cheese hadn't turned or moved an inch from his seat, keeping his eyes out of the window like a foal on a trip, but finally he turned around and sat normally, looking content with himself.

At the same moment, the doors opened again, and the atmosphere of magic across the cars lifted like a thick burning smell evaporating from a room.

"Everypony okay?" Moondancer's voice came, softer this time, as the mare herself trotted in through the door. Her hair was whipped around by the wind - the train was still on the tail end of picking up speed, just leaving it's downward momentum and heading out onto the tracks proper.
Coco nodded, looking no worse for wear. Cheese was relaxed in his seat now, and flipped disinterestedly through a magazine of some description - the front bore no title, only pictures of mares frolicking at the seashore.

Scootaloo, still a little rattled, asked. "You do magic like that all the time?"

Moondancer smiled sheepishly. "I'd been thinking of how to use the trains for transporting goods for a couple days, but nopony would be able to perform most of the incantations unless they had a cutie mark that specialized in spellcasting."

"So you have a cutie mark for magic, like the Princess does?" Coco asked, and wondered what it would look like if a pony other than Rarity had a cutie mark for generosity.

Moondancer coughed. "It's not all that, really. A lot of unicorns have cutie marks that make them good at different schools or types of magic, it's just about the specific spells it makes them good at. Twilight's good at everything, which is how she got to be a Princess. I'm..." she paused for a moment, and blew air out of the side of her mouth, "I'm best at magic that takes a while to set up."

"What else can you do?" Scootaloo asked, leaning forward a little.

"A little enchantment and illusion if I have to. My magic's never been great at attacking ponies directly, so I was lucky to have a lot of ponies defending me back in Canterlot."

"And now you have more ponies defending you," Coco said encouragingly.

"Yeah, but it's not like I have much to teach any of you. Although..." Moondancer suddenly turned abstracted, and stared into the middle distance for a moment, before shaking her head. "I'll have to do a little reading. But there are some things I'd like to tell you about, while we have a few minutes."

"We're going to be on this train for another couple weeks, aren't we?" Scootaloo asked, feeling her wings clutch at the realization.
"I'm trying for sooner, but in theory yes. We won't be able to restock on fuel, so if the train stops moving for any reason we'll be wasting time starting it up again. Not to mention that it's a big moving target for anypony who thinks it's not a part of their side, so you should probably keep away from the windows when you're sleeping."

While the others were talking, Cheese lifted an eyebrow and turned the magazine vertically. Coco frowned at him mildly and gripped the corner with a bit of cloth, pulling it out of his hooves and across the aisle. She meant to tuck it away under a seat while the filly was still gulping and thinking about train marauders, but the sideways page caught her eye; it was some kind of comic strip about a stallion in a giant burgundy helmet terrorizing a beach party.

Cheese squinted across the car at her out of the corner of his eye, hooves crossed over his chest, and Coco tossed the magazine back over. He caught it expertly, and Moondancer pretended not to notice what had just happened.

"So, what's the hubbub with the Amulet?" Cheese asked, all business. He'd encountered a few magical items in his day, many of which hadn't enjoyed his company, but none would've been important enough to make all this fuss over.

Moondancer thought. "The Alicorn Amulet is... complicated. Most of the history about it isn't in the public eye, and I've only been able to research it for a few days. All of the primary sources seem to be in legends somewhere. But it's clear why Sombra wants it."
File: storytime.png (417 KB, 1280x1164)
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She looked around for another question, but all eyes were on her, and she realized that none of them had really felt the impact of the return of the Crystal Empire. To learn that a piece of old legend was real always caused an upheaval in academic spaces, a storm of retractions and reprintings and I-told-you-sos that made it impossible for anypony who kept up with more than a few journals not to catch onto it. Waves of interviewers and folklorists had descended upon the Empire, until many were simply turned away by Princess Cadance's own edicts.

"Alright," she said. "I'll have to take a few breaks to keep the magic running before we get onto safe ground, but I'll tell you the story of King Sombra."

* * *

Sombra was originally a unicorn and a mage, in some small and unremembered town along the coastline of Equestria. His early life, for all anypony could tell, was spent sojourning and taking magic lessons, which he took to very well. His talent, ultimately, was his unsurpassed magical control, which allowed him access to his magic past all punishment and rational thought. If his temper was ignited, he was dangerous beyond reason.

His era was much less peaceful than most, and life in those days was determined not by war, but by an endless series of skirmishes with neighboring kingdoms. The griffons, minotaurs, lions, and half a dozen other species regularly tried to carve up the countryside and take it for themselves, or to pillage the smaller towns in order to make some kind of political demand from the Princesses. Whether it was his own town that was put in harm's way or some other that he cared about, or simply a fit of boredom, he took to battle like a fish to water.
File: period piece.png (2.01 MB, 1300x994)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB PNG
In siege or conquest, alone or in armies, he roved the land and expanded Equestria's borders, stamping out the other creatures and eventually scaring many of them over the oceans. Without teachers to filter what he learned any longer, he was able to scavenge the remains of libraries and personal collections, taking in magic he hadn't used before, inventing more as he went.

Soon, he no longer scared or attacked his enemies, but enslaved them, stealing their willpower, their hearts, their minds, and anything else he could get his hooves on. And as time went on, and his magic grew, he began to doubt the benevolence and wisdom of the Princesses who would allow such dangers to remain in Equestria peacefully. Believing that the best policy was to take the fight to ponykind's opponents, and set the species up above all others, with unicorns above the rest for their proficiency at magic, he appeared in the court of each Princess and tried to convince them to follow his plans.

Celestia did not take kindly to his proposal, believing that her subjects needed chiefly to find a way to live in harmony. She rebuked him, gently, and sent him on his way, escorted by the royal guard - and when he fought back, desperate to change her mind with some errant bolt of magic, he was barred from Canterlot.

This was no great deterrent. In the night, he stole away into the court of Luna, disguised. But the Princess of the night was quick to see through his illusion, and when he made his proposal to her she balked at him and cast him out herself, believing that the ponies her sister looked after needed to become tolerant of the less bright and beautiful aspects of the world. When she removed him, she placed him under a spell of her own, such that he would place himself under exile, and leave the kingdom of his own accord.
File: walking the y axis.png (335 KB, 1999x2086)
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335 KB PNG
And so he did, first heading as far south as possible, into the domain of the hippogriffs. He was more than disgusted by them, but was now so convinced of the disease in the ranks of the royalty that he beseeched the queen of the hybrids to stand with him and make war with weapons and magics of his devising. She refused, and when he again turned violent and desperate, they did not have the might of the alicorns to defend themselves. After the devastation that followed on that day, the kingdom of the hippogriffs withdrew across what became known as the Badlands, and have had terse relations with mainland ponies ever since.

Whether by walking the coastline and avoiding detection, or through some other contrivance, Sombra managed to travel alongside Equestria without entering it. A number of towns were destroyed in his journey northward, and he must have noticed the relative peace that they were now enjoying, even as he dipped into other kingdoms and experimented with new ways of burning and melting and evaporating their subjects.

By the time he reached the Crystal Empire, he was no longer quite a pony himself. His abuse of magic beyond his ken had charred and twisted his horn, his eyes would glow and give off green smoke even when he wasn't channeling his energy anywhere, and his wounds in battle had been healed over through sheer willpower, leaving him a lumbering, frightening pony to behold. And although he was allowed entrance in from the Frozen North, he was not given an audience with the Princess of the Empire.
File: Princess Amore.png (1.44 MB, 1300x1604)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB PNG
Princess Amore, the originator of the Crystal Faire, had brought unprecedented harmony to the ponies of the Empire. She may have been the pony who cut and fashioned the Crystal Heart, helping to drive the great Storm which was once the Windigoes out of the Empire's territory and further up past the mountains. Whether she was or not, however, she was a beloved and kind ruler, working to ensure that the Empire could expand throughout climes that regular ponies couldn't tolerate.

Amore had received word from Celestia and Luna, who had learned of Sombra's attack on the hippogriffs and could guess his next plan of action. And so Sombra was stalled, and granted every kindness and luxury her staff could afford, and kept as content as reason would allow - but he never gained his audience.

With the Crystal Heart in place as a beacon of harmony, Sombra's magic was weakened, and he wasn't able to make a show of force to intimidate the ponies around him into submission. It was Amore's hope that, with nowhere left in the world to run and nopony to ally with, the unicorn would allow himself to become a subject in her Empire and simply fade into obscurity as a minor wizard of the court.

She badly underestimated him.

The Crystal Empire was older than pony history could record, existing at least as long as the founding of Equestria. Raw forms of magic tend to crystallize naturally when they're left alone for a long time, so it's been theorized that the Empire formed overnight in the wake of some massive magical discharge, ponies and all.
File: those long last days.gif (2.82 MB, 960x640)
2.82 MB
2.82 MB GIF
There was originally some argument about whether crystal ponies were really alive or simply constructs, but their ability to use fine magic requires intelligence and skill that no construct has ever displayed. Whatever they're the end result of, they've always been a withdrawn people, containing most of their lives and worries to the four walls of their single city. There have been no recorded crystal pony adventurers, thrillseekers, warlord or conquerors - it is simply their lot to remain at home and maintain the advanced levels of magic which course through the Empire.

But it's been stated in no uncertain terms that the Empire has a dark side. Something, maybe a lot of things, has been kept inside of it. Whether they were imprisoned inside of it, or were simply further side effects of the Empire's foundation, is unknown - but they were unable to roam freely for as long as harmony moves freely through the streets.

Under the cover of his magic, Sombra descended to the lowest points of the city, down through dungeons and sewers and deeper rooms that had laid untouched since the founding of the Empire. Down there, in the cavernous reaches of the under-city that played neighbor to Tartarus itself, he disappeared.

For three days and nights, he was nowhere to be seen. When word spread of how far down he had gone, many ponies simply gave up on him, knowing that he was beyond saving in his lust for magical power. Amore hung her head in mourning for him, knowing that he would not return, and corresponded with the other Princesses to explain his fate.
On the third night or the fourth day, he returned, bursting from the ground and cracking the pavingstones in the center of the city. He was no longer a pony at all, but a wraith, some half-living thing that dealt only in magic and suffering, and he struck at the Crystal Heart before anypony could stop him. It blackened and dimmed, and he cast it out of its guarded hold, destroying the center of the Empire in one swoop before secreting it away to continue to hold off the torrential storm of the North.

Amore confronted him as quickly as possible, demanding that he should listen to reason and call off his conquest, which could never come to pass as long as Equestria stood. When he gave her no response, she brought to bear the entire magic of the Empire - but without the Heart, even that was sickly and weak. Her best strike simply passed through his shade of a body, and with green smoke billowing from his eyes he gripped her horn in his magic and tore it out.

Amore cried out and fell limp in shock.

Twisting that magical conduit and its connection to the Empire, he lifted the crown that she had worn upon her head, and smelted the two in the air, binding them together with dark magic. To be the ruler of a principality in those days was entirely about power, and Amore had gained a title on par with the alicorns by controlling and wielding the combined harmonic might of the Empire. Harnessing that same magic, Sombra was able to give himself a physical form once more, and control the Empire in totality without conscious effort.

During this time the crystal ponies could feel his wishes, and at times could glimpse his very thoughts, and whatever had once driven him was now gone. Sombra no longer wished only for the protection and safety of ponykind, as they had felt when they allowed him shelter in their palatial districts and secret gardens. Now his thoughts laid only in conquest over the rest of the world's kingdoms and the enslavement of those beneath him.
File: Clarent.jpg (709 KB, 909x1100)
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709 KB JPG
Because of the pedestal it set him upon, it became known as the Alicorn Amulet. He wore it as part of his armor, constantly, as he worked to train his armies and overthrow the Princesses. When news finally reached them that Amore was no longer ruling the Empire, the two swiftly took the sky and descended upon the enslaved populace of the Frozen North.

Sombra had woven enchantments and tricks, but he had believed he would have more time. He was only interrupted thanks to Amore's daughter, Fioritura, who had braved the rest of Equestria to deliver the news as fast as possible, apparently making the journey faster than any pony recorded since. And without time to properly prepare for a siege, he allowed himself to be challenged in direct combat.

Even in his original state, he would have been a force to be reckoned with for the Princesses in those early days. With his command of the Empire on top of that, it was impossible for the Princesses to simply banish him using the Elements of Harmony - for he wielded as much of harmony's power as they did, if it pleased him. Celestia struck for him with the peace-sword Clarent, which she had used only for knighting and ceremony for many decades, and the blow was true, but passed cleanly through his head as if he were made of vapor.

Sombra brought much of his Amulet's power to bear in the first minutes of the conflict, although it hurt the Empire and its inhabitants, and not all of them survived his initial volley of attacks. The sky darkened with disharmonious magic as he sprayed vitriol and raw mana into the sky. Celestia's wings were pierced by his attacks, and she was wounded for a time, falling out of the sky. But while her sister fell, Luna swept in and drove forth the spear of night that legend calls Rhongomiant, striking him directly in the chest of his armor.
File: Rhongomiant.png (1.57 MB, 1280x720)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB PNG
The metal was unpierced, having been the one thing he'd spent the most time preparing, and he threw her backwards in his magic, splitting the staff of the night-spear. Luna, too, was weakened from the fighting - she had not been in combat for some time, having grown used to the armies of the night and the peace that had grown in recent years. In that moment she called out across the Empire, beseeching the ponies to relinquish their false King as a master and to aid her and her sister in his defeat - but her cries fell on cowering and pained ears.

Lumbering forward, he pursued her as she went to her weakened sister, and the two spoke in low voices, murmuring words of comfort.

He reached out in his magic and called down a mighty thunderclap of force on the two sisters. A blast on that level wouldn't damage them too badly, but it would weaken them enough to make them malleable. He had put a great deal of thought into controlling the minds of the alicorns, considering them almost a challenge for his newfound skills in dark magic.

But the spell he called for didn't come. The Empire did not answer to his beck and call.

Snarling, he turned about on the ponies nearby, who were frozen and watching, demanding their magic and threatening pain and torment to those who opposed him in favor of the Princesses. And this moment of unreasoning rage was his undoing, for his eyes were so full of black magic and blacker hatred that he couldn't see that his subjects were not disobeying him until it was too late.

On the ground, where Luna had struck his armor, laid the Amulet.

He clambered for it without dignity as the two Princesses finished speaking the names of the Elements and rose into the air, eyes aglow. His armor clattered around him as he became incorporeal again, once more a shade, and when he snatched for the Amulet his hooves passed through it ineffectually.
The beam of Harmony struck him as he howled, and his form was cast out of the Empire and into the great storm, in the hopes that it would be enough to contain him for a time.

But Sombra was a creature of great and unwavering magic, magic which knew no fear or fatigue. And as he disappeared, he called on the greatest part of it, enough to make his ill-gotten Empire disappear alongside him. Whether this was prepared in advance or a feat of unimaginable spellcraft is unknown, but the Empire vanished, and all of its ponies left with it, leaving only the Princesses, the Amulet, and the dead among the frozen wastes of the north.

And so the roof of the world was quiet for a thousand years.

* * *

It had taken a couple of sittings over a few hours, punctuated by holding very tightly to the seats as the black spires intruded on their cars, and Scootaloo only realized gradually that the story was over. "That's it? Nopony knows where all his power came from after he went under the Empire?"

Moondancer nodded, and cleared her throat so she could go on talking. "Princess Cadance didn't want ponies disturbing the Empire's underground looking for trouble, so she chose to maintain peace using the Crystal Heart. Most of the crystal ponies found her edicts very wise - although that's partly because she's Fioritura's descendant."

"Then is the Empire going to crawling with monsters when we get there?" Scootaloo asked.

Coco answered this time, thinking. "Sombra wouldn't destroy his own headquarters. If he's still not able to enter into Equestria, then it's the last place he can give orders from for now. What he wants is to get his hooves on the Amulet."

Moondancer nodded. "Great minds think alike. But I think that whatever he did to come back already gave him enough harmony to become solid again. He just wants the Amulet so he can control the Empire without thinking about it and move onto bigger things."
File: tbc.png (371 KB, 776x859)
371 KB
371 KB PNG
"If it's so powerful, how's Trixie the only pony who used it?" Scootaloo asked. "She's not exactly the sharpest magician in Canterlot." For a moment she wondered where Trixie was - probably in her cart heading for the border, or through the Badlands. She hoped, idly, that the showpony hadn't been attacked by some rogue Jupiterian.

"It draws all of its magic from the Crystal Empire, so for the last thousand years it was just a tacky necklace," Moondancer said. "It was stolen from the Princesses' care by a very ambitious jewel thief a couple of centuries after they got it, and ever since it's been tossed around shady markets and backwoods deals."

Cheese walked over to the far end of the car and peered through the window. "Anypony else noticed we've got somepony on our tail?"

That shut everypony up. Eyes turned to windows, but there was no sign of movement outside except for the passing of trees and the transforming curve of the horizon.

Cheese listened at the door, hmming to himself like a kid playing doctor. "At least... two, and one of them's way jollier than the other. They just opened up one of the doors and closed it again."

Moondancer's voice was soft, trying not to disturb the air. "We've got a couple more kilometers before the next crystal. I won't be able to help if we don't deal with them by then."

The car fell silent as the landscape rolled on around them.

「To Be Continued」

[Rush - Something for Nothing]

Ah, fuck.

I'm not sure if this chapter has the best title yet. Anyway, I liked how Moondancer dealt with the black spires. Makes me wonder how the other choices would have overcome this obstacle or if we would have had the Sombra backstory at all.
Speaking of the backstory, I wasn't expecting something that drastically different from the backstory in the comics. I dig how fresh this Sombra is in beong just plain evil and offers no chance of reformation and that the lore now includes more mythical artifacts that may or may not be of importance later in the story.
Great as always Dith!
[StarBump Crusaders]

Strike a POSE and take a STAND! It's time for JOJO!
>Give up on Rarity.
>Gain [Something for Nothing]
Is this some sick joke?
File: No.png (185 KB, 1200x1500)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
>Giving up on true love for a Stand
>Doesn't give up his love for Wizard Horse in exchange of super powers.
The true gentleman of the thread.
In chapter 11 of CRBA, how did Trixie use her ability to hide her and Care from the Shadowbolts?
Enjoying the story?
File: abracadabra.jpg (237 KB, 1456x2944)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
She opened up a drawer and then created enough space inside of it to make a kind of room, and then closed it behind her. Her Stand doesn't care about continuity between the inside and the outside, so from the Shadowbolts perspective nothing was different except that a drawer might have been pulled out a little.
>Set this guy on Carrousel Boutique.
>Watch Rarity flip out.
>Set it on Wallflower
>Nobody notices it.
All you ever wanted to know and more about the stand arrows:
>Set it on Principal Celestia
>right before an assembly
>Set it on Trixie.
>right in the middle of her performance
>it was some kind of comic strip about a stallion in a giant burgundy helmet terrorizing a beach party.
Is this a reference to something?
Who would you ship with this ability?
I'd make every male on CHS bound to Wallflower, just to see what happens.
>Ship [PPP]inkie Pie with AJ.
You gotta get crazier man.
>Ship Erich Rammstein with Starlight Glimmer.
>Ship Jupiter!Luna with Ziggy Stardust.
>Ship Derpy with Gappy.
>Ship Rohan with Fluttershy.
>Ship Marble Pie with JoeJoe
>Ship Rainbow Dash and [ANONYMOUS] with Anon and [Planisphere]
File: 1527407631291.png (791 KB, 1280x670)
791 KB
791 KB PNG
You sure would need a stand to bring these two toghether.
This one is interesting. A woman/alicorn with a god complex after getting new powers, and a dude that rathers not use his. It could either have Ziggy make Luna understand that with great power comes greater consecuences, or have Luna corrupt Ziggy into becoming an Evil!Stardust. It's gonna be funny either way.
If you consider Derpy as the Yasuho of CRBA, then yes, it could happen.
Not even with a stand can you make Rohan interesting in the most boring of the Mane 6.
>JoeJoexMarble Pie
A couple of stoic characters that would communicate mostly by nods and "mmmhms" and still get each other. I think it could work out.
>Rainbow Dash and [ANONYMOUS] x Anon and [Planisphere]
>Not wanting hot [ANONYMOUS] on [Planisphere] action.
It would be almost as hot as these stands on each other:
File: [THREE LITTLE BIRDS].jpg (651 KB, 2635x3904)
651 KB
651 KB JPG
>Stand Name: [Three Little Birds]
>An Automatic Stand consisting of three Blue Jays, the birds mainly act as reconnaissance, gathering any information the user desires. They are able to literally "pluck" information from a person's head, making the person themselves forget the acquired info.

>"Turn around bright eyes! I'm bac-
>Ziggy's jovial return is cut short when he catches Luna, looking with disdain at a group of ponies sinking slowly into her stand.
>"Luna, " he says almost sternly, "what did we talk about dipping ponies into your goo?"
>>"It is not my fault if they thought they had a chance, "she says coldly while avoiding his gaze, "besides, my stand was set to target those who dared to perform an ambush on me. It is what they deserve for trying to change their impossible odds."
>Ziggy rolls his eyes.
>A ghostly hand emerges from his, and a set of physical stars are summoned above the sinking ponies who try their best to get a hold on them as if they were lifebuoys.
>"You know, if you were scared of being startled by them you coulda just said so."
>>"WHAT!?" Luna directs her anger at Ziggy, "There is no way I could ever become afraid by these pests! They won't even be capable of grazing me! I'm immortal and superior in every way!"
>"That's amazing!", says Ziggy with a big smile, "That means you will call it off, right?"
>Luna glares at Stardust.
>The ponies tremble in fear for their lives on top of the star platforms.
>Ziggy continues to smile regardless.
>>"Fine." concedes Luna.
>With an unregal snort, 「Total Eclipse of the Heart」 returns to her.
>The ponies flee.
>Ziggy waves at them even if they don't look back at him.
>Those ponies would later be lucky enough return home safe and sound.
>"Isn't it better to be nice with-"
>Luna was already going away.
>Ziggy rushes to keep up with her.
>>"What made you so happy before coming here?"
>"I became friends with a nice mare. Wanna go meet her?" he asks while carressing her neck.
>She doesn't seem to dislike it.
>>"I have time to spare."
>"I'm sure you two would get along really well!"
>>"Of course you'd think that."
>"She has a really big gun!"
>Both continue walking, unaware of the moonlight reflecting on the red thread binding them together.
The [Counting Crows] of a different dimension!
File: 1528560336661.png (2.16 MB, 1632x918)
2.16 MB
2.16 MB PNG
>yfw today's episode featured a harmony based version of 「THE RIVER」
>inb4 Jupiter!Luna vs 「Megadeth」 Coco.
The archive list finally has every thread up to this point.
>Ship Rainbow Dash and [ANONYMOUS] with Anon and [Planisphere]
I am appalled and intrigued. Someone should give me their take on this. Please, I want to have a good laugh.
>ywn read about RD dominating Anon into using his dexterous fingers in her.
>ywn read about [ANONYMOUS] trying to figure out where to stick it on [Planisphere]
>ywn read about Anon convincing himself that what he is doing to Rainbow wasn't only inevitable, but 20% better than what he could have ever imagined.
>ywn read about Anon realizing [ANONYMOUS] figured out where to stick it on [Planisphere].
File: laughing anon.png (14 KB, 450x450)
14 KB
>ywn read about Anon convincing himself that what he is doing to Rainbow wasn't only inevitable, but 20% better than what he could have ever imagined.
>ywn read about Anon realizing [ANONYMOUS] figured out where to stick it on [Planisphere].
>inb4 ywn read about Anon hiding from his pony friends that he liked the sensation of stand D.
If Celestia learn hamon she can suparss Kars' hamon after he transformed himself in the perfect life form?
Totally. Shoot, one could even argue that with alicorn magic alone she could teleport him to space.
>Implying Celestia wouldn't job to Kars
>Implying she would even be able to muster the power needed to teleport him more than a few miles
>Implying he wouldn't find a way to focus his hamon into a beam of pure solar energy that would easily overpower her own
>Implying she wouldn't find a way to pawn the task of defeating him off on Twilight
She's weak, whether or not the writers say otherwise
>Jobbed to a bug hopped up on the love of a fucking unicorn
>Couldn't stop Tirek
>Implying Kars isn't a jobber that only "won" once due to using a stunt double.
>Implying Kars would be able to defeat Twilight OP Sparkle.
>Implying ANY character in Jojo could beat Tirek in a straight up fight.

Kars is only able to copy the DNA of the organisms that lived on Earth, that would mean that he would have no way to resist alicorn magic even if he tried to adapt in the middle of the fight.
Celestia might not have a good fight record on the show, but if we consider alicorns to be. at their base power, as powerful as Luna in CocoBA then I'd dare the odds favour Celestia.
File: Celestia vs. Kars.jpg (153 KB, 320x1260)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
>pic related
The only logical outcome.
File: The Pillarcorn.png (156 KB, 850x939)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
Prove me wrong.
>These two are the ones most suited to visit Equestria.
File: 1527174567804.gif (711 KB, 1080x1080)
711 KB
711 KB GIF
>A stand that makes you successful at the cost of make you dumber

>After a little deliberation and some resting up from your fatigue, you make some decisions about what to tell the girls
>Telling them about your real name now will head off any confrontations about you lying to the group in the future
>The ponies they’re talking to now have probably already told them that you killed Double Diamond, but they might have figured it out for themselves
>You’ll tell them regardless, and damn the consequences. You’ll spin it to help you no matter how they react
>The biggest issue will be telling them about Stands, since if they learn you’ve got one they might want Stands of their own, and you have no idea how that’s going to work
>Still, telling them everything now will at least ensure they’re prepared in the future if you do run into any Stand users on your quest, provided they don’t turn on you for lying or withholding information
>With those decisions in mind, your thoughts turn to Starlight once more, and the bile that rises in your throat threatens to choke you
>She’s going to fucking pay for what she’s done, you’ll make sure of it, and when you finally find her you’re going to enjoy wrapping your hands around her throat and watching the life drain from her body and SNAPPING HER STUPID NECK AND WATCHING HER-
>”Hey Josuke!”
>Applejack sticks her head around the corner of the alley and motions in a way that you think is beckoning
>”Uh, c’mere. We’re about done talkin’ to all those folks.”
>Thank goodness, you’ve had enough of this place
“Okay, good. Let’s get out of here.”
>You cautiously peek out of the alleyway for any nosy ponies and, finding none, power walk towards the edge of town
>Along the way the girls peel away from the ponies they’re talking to and group up with you again while the townsfolk give you all hostile glares
>Along the way the girls peel away from the ponies they’re talking to and group up with you again while the townsfolk give you all hostile glares
“I’m glad to be getting out of this freakish place. Let’s head back to Ponyville.”
>”Hang on a sec Josuke. Some of the townsponies were telling us that you maybe uh…”
>She glances nervously at Rainbow, who has just flown up behind you and is giving Applejack a very forceful look
>”Um, that can wait actually. They were telling us to maybe look through Starlight’s house for any clues on where she might have gone? What do you think?”
>The blue pegasus gives a deep groan and flies off to another part of town
>Though your body screams out for rest and your soul for contemplation, your anger pushes you towards Starlight’s house
>Perhaps there will indeed be some way to find her in there, or something that hints at her weaknesses
“Let’s go to Starlight’s house. We can search for clues to her location there, and maybe something that tells us how to defeat her.”
>”Okay, let’s go!”
>Twilight and Pinkie Pie opt to follow you to Starlight’s house, with the rest of the group waiting for you at the other end of the village
>Fine, if they don’t want to come with you then they can just stay there
>Without a care in the world for who may be watching, you detonate the door hinges and kick the door inwards
>It’s a lot more painful than those movies make it look, damnit
>”Josuke, you’re going to have to explain these explosions soon. Are they a special kind of magic?”
“Something like that, I’ll tell you later Twilight. I promise.”
>Stumbling from the agony in your ankle and knee causes you to fall with style into her front room
>It’s a little sparse honestly, just some paintings on the wall and a couple family pictures on the mantle, and the hideous cobblestone walls certainly aren’t helping anything
>It’s very plain compared to your own spacious home back in Japan, where you could spend your days in carefree peace in the comforting warmth of your study
>For just a second, homesickness and nostalgia threaten to overwhelm you, but you force them down
>There’s no time for weakness or sentiment, you need to find Starlight!
>Hold on to your anger
>Hold on to the sight of Jotaro’s stupid face and the even more stupid self-assured grin on Starlight’s face
>Let it drive you
>A raging warmth settles into your gut and seeps into your bones
>Breathe in, breathe out. Okay.
“Twilight, you check the front room. Pinkie, check through that door. I’ll look upstairs.”
>The two mares split off and begin rooting through everything as you fly up the stairs two at a time, hatred focusing your attention like a sharpened blade
>On the left is a bathroom with a simple tub, toilet, and sink, along with a small cabinet that holds some of Starlight’s toiletries
>After a brief moment under repeated uses of your Stand’s ability and a sudden rush of fatigue, it all lies broken at your feet
>Nothing important in here, though, so you turn off the gushing water lines under the sink and make your way down the hall to the only other door
>The window at the end of the hallway gazes out over the village and gives you a “wonderful” view of the twin rows of creepy little houses
>This must be what she saw every morning as she got ready to manipulate these ponies
>You shake the thought out of your head and slam open the door
>Something you would charitably describe as an attic sprawls before you, lit by the sunbeams in the hall behind you and a single window at the far end, and cluttered with vases, picture frames, clothes, and a couple of empty bookshelves
>It’s very dusty except for a series of hoof prints you can barely make out in the light
>They weave all over the floor, passing by both shelves and across multiple piles of clothing, and then loop back in on themselves before heading out the door again
>Throwing yourself into action, you rummage through each pile of clothing you come across and check every picture frame for anything important
>The vases are absent of any conspicuous items, though curiously the bookshelves seem to only be dusty in certain places, with a few large rectangular spots free of dust on both of them
>Starlight must have taken some books off of there very recently, maybe even earlier today
>Aside from that, nothing
>Fucking nothing here will help you find her!
>Rage and despair stretch your face into a grimace as you whip around to face the entrance-
>And you see something behind one of the bookshelves
>A thin rectangular board with various scribblings running across it lies abandoned between the shelf and the wall behind it
>A good chunk of it has been scribbled over or burned off, but a few notable points catch your eye
>Namely the picture of an arrow next to a crude diagram of [Killer Queen]
>”Together like this?” “Arrow grants power.” “Adorable.”
>Starlight’s musings dot the board, off-color in places and chilling in others
>So not only was she trying to take your power for her own, but she was trying to put it back together
>What really bothered you was her comment about the arrow
>How could she even know that it existed?
>Further investigation reveals nothing, so you pick up the board and bring it with you into the hallway, where you try to examine it in the better lighting
>Yes! A lead!
>The house blurs and you find yourself standing in Starlight’s bedroom, which looks like it was just hit by an earthquake and a tsunami all at once
>You cautiously set the board down by the entrance to the room while Twilight looks on in curiosity
>”What’s that Josuke?”
“We’ll check it out when we’re done in here. Pinkie, what’ve you got?”
>”So I checked EVERYTHING, but then I realized that I didn’t flip anything over which might lead to me finding a plot-critical thing just as I gave up looking, so I trashed the room!”
>Pinkie smiles sheepishly as she points to a closed cellar door next to the broken and flipped remains of Starlight’s bed
>”I didn’t have to even pretend to give up though, since this big ol’ thing was right here when I tossed the bed aside!”
>That entire explanation was just weird, so you’re going to opt to ignore it
“Right, let’s check this out.”
>Twilight steps forward
>”But Josuke, what if Starlight’s set a trap down there?”
>In your eagerness to get down there you completely failed to consider that possibility
“Good call, Twilight. How do we find traps if there are any?”
>”I might be able to use my magic to check, you want me to try?”
>You weren’t jazzed about magic to begin with, and after your experience with Starlight earlier even less so, but if Twilight can give you an advantage here you’ll take it
>You and Pinkie exchange awkward glances as Twilight’s horn lights up and she spends a good minute waving her entire head around the edges of the trapdoor
“So… Pinkie. What do you think we’ll find down here?”
>”Probably Starlight’s super secret super convenient escape tunnel! Or maybe just her basement. It’s a 50/50 chance, really.”
>This pink pony is quickly revealing herself to either be precognitive or knowledgeable of just about every plot point in existence
>If this really is an escape tunnel you’ll have no choice but to follow it to the end, and you’re more than ready to do so
>”There are no wards, booby traps, magical traps, bear traps, lobster traps, or male traps in the vicinity of this door.”
>Wait, male traps?
>”Alrighty then, let’s go! Cmon guys!”
>Without further ado Pinkie throws the door open and cannonballs into the darkness below
>”Whee, it’s fine in here! Come on down!”
>Steps descend into the darkness
>How the hell did she…?
>No, there’s no point in thinking on it, you’ve discovered something big here, so you can focus on analyzing Pinkie Pie later
>You fly down the stairs with wild abandon, stopping at the bottom when you see Pinkie waving at you
>Twilight hurries down behind the both of you and then her horn glows bright purple and you’re trying desperately not to claw out your eyes
>”Oh, uh, sorry.”
>The light dims enough for you to see the pony princess’ apologetic grimace beneath it, and she turns away from the staircase behind you
>”Guess this really is an escape tunnel after all!”
>The concept further reignites your drive to FIND HER, and you find yourself at your feet and rushing into the darkness
>”Josuke wait!”
>The light follows, bobbing and weaving behind you and casting funny shadows along the tunnel walls as Twilight struggles to keep up
>Pinkie keeps a frenzied pace alongside you, her mane bobbing along in the ghostly light of Twilight’s horn
>Twists and turns snake their way through the underground, leading you and the girls further towards Starlight
>At least you hope so
>Suddenly, light!
>You’ve never been so happy to see light at the end of a tunnel!
>As you burst back into the sunlight the first thing that catches your eye is the destroyed tunnel on the other side of the destroyed bridge
>How the hell are you supposed to track her down now!?
“TWILIGHT! Is there anything you can do to track Starlight? Anything at all?”
>The purple pony shakes her head
>Oh, Christ.
>”I’m sorry Josuke, but unless I apply a tracking spell to her myself I won’t be able to locate her.”
>The flame in your chest, kindled by hope, begins to fade
>As your anger ebbs away you sink to your knees, guttering rage not enough to keep your tired body upright
>This is it, then. Nowhere to go from here but back to where you started
>Starlight got away with part of your Stand, and God knows where the rest is
>For just an instant you contemplate hurling yourself off of this precipice and just letting go of it all, letting the fear and anger and confusion and hurt slip into oblivion
>You were better than this. Your father, bless his soul, would’ve disowned you if you so much as brought suicide up in passing. It was the coward’s escape, he always said
>It’s time to stop playing nice.
“She’ll pay for this. When we find her I’m going to beat the shit out of her and figure out what to do from there.”
>Pinkie and Twilght recoil from the sheer venom in your words and watch as you slowly push yourself to your feet
>Your face twists into something unrecognizable as you begin to jog back down the tunnel, and your two pony escorts scramble to keep up
>”J-Josuke! You can’t mean that! We have to deal with this issue delicately!”
>Her words fall on deaf ears
>The sooner you get out of here, the sooner you can find Starlight, and hopefully some answers about your Stand
>Soon the sunlight fades and is replaced with Twilight’s purple illumination, and still you hurry on
>Finally the stairs come into view and you take them two at a time, bounding up and into Starlight’s room
>As the mares come up after you, you grab the board by the doorway and exit Starlight’s house to a completely empty village
>None of your group are here, and the townsfolk seem to have disappeared completely
>It is dead silent, without even a hint of the breeze to interrupt
>This is very, very wrong.
File: Spoiler Image (8 KB, 412x287)
8 KB
Pastebin has been updated: https://pastebin.com/khVjJPDE
It felt good to post that after such a long hiatus. Hope you enjoyed it. Sorry if it seems kind of disjointed and strange, I'm as tired as the Loop Zoop guy right now.

Cool update Omnee.
I missed Kira and his moodswings. It's nice to see his thought process so detailed, still trying to find the best course of action between his raging feelings and how to behave in front of these ponies.
The part of him thinking about his father threw me off a little. Wasn't something I would expect Kira to think about.
Looking forward for more!
>From Omnee Potent to OMNEE FUCKING POTENT.
Even the writefags are getting closer to heaven
File: FUCKING KILL HER.png (955 KB, 923x543)
955 KB
955 KB PNG
File: 1528697579828.png (78 KB, 752x700)
78 KB
>Thing Pony meets The Alien Mikitaka.
I don't even want to thing about how that would go.
>People in Morioh begin to dissappear.
>There's rumours of a shape-shifting alien assimilating victims at night.
>Josuke and pals begin to search for Mikitaka hoping this is all a misunderstanding.
>Meanwhile, Mikitaka is overjoyed to be hosting a party to his guest from beyond the stars, even if it look like a pony and wanders off at midnight every time.
>inb4 the Morioh warriors can't beat Thing pony.
>inb4 after assimilating a few people, Thing pony develops a stand ofnits own.
[Disco Inferno]
Makes the user immune to fire damage if they've just assimilated organic matter.

She'd be literally unstoppable.
Truely Bizarre Bumps.
The only way to stop it would then be either freezing it or just erasing her.
Perhaps [Heaven's Door] could also work on it?

>Koichi uses Act2 to write "burn" allnover the Thing.
>Okuyasu erases chunks of biomass and stray tendrils that try to get away.
>Rohan would either write "consume yourself" on the Thing... or be a dick and write "don't assimilate Kishibe Rohan in order to get material to write a horror comic.
>a stand that makes women/mares get BLACKED/ZIGGERED
A sorta related Stand

>[The Bad Touch]
>Slowly lowers the inhibitions of everyone around the user, whilst boosting the production of sex hormones
Somebody call LoodStandAnon and show him this masterpiece!
AJ with short hair is hot!
File: 1528913630284.png (372 KB, 394x394)
372 KB
372 KB PNG
[Chocolate Disco]?
>Dissapointing stands
What are some god awful stands that made you want to just get done with the current chapter and move on to something more interesting?
Schott Key 1 and 2
Like "ooh shit there's poisonous gas in this soccerball better back the fuck up fourballs"
Fuck outta here. Yukako 2.0 was my favorite part of the fight and she didn't do anything till the fucking end.
[Les Feullies]/[Shakedown Street]
File: Killer Ziggy.jpg (53 KB, 539x960)
53 KB
Just a pic a friend shared to me today
I love me some Magenta Magenta but 20th Century Boy just doesn't do it for me
>Whenever he kneels down, he gains the perfect shield!
>And nothing else
These two would be cooler if they were shown from the POV of a non stand user being all confused on what the hell is happening.
File: 1529025891823.png (1.43 MB, 3348x1501)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB PNG
>Ability: The stand takes the form of a minuscle bee. Those hit by it's stinger will become more open to the idea of happyness. Could it be that happiness comes to those who make an actual change in their lives?
Jojolion 76 is out!
>It stings Derpy.
>For some unknown reason, Care Root's future seems a tad brighter.
>You look carefully at the photo in the resume you are holding.
>And when you lower it you are met with the goofy smile of its owner, mirroring perfectly with the picture.
>Did he took it today?
"I'll say Mr. Stardust, your CV is quite... unique."
>"But that's good, right?"
"Well, one can infer a lot from these documents besides their previous work experience or education."
>He seems interested so you continue.
"For example, I can tell just from your name that you aren't from Canterlot,"
>"It does lack a few nouns or adjectives, yes."
"Although judging by your surname I'd wager you have some family ties to someone from here."
>"I believe it was from my mother's family side, but I don't know the details."
"You listed here mostly experience as a translator... and somehow you felt compelled to add that you were a hand model once."
>"I learned a lot from that experience. They didn't pay me, but they let me keep a watch."
"And you wrote 'I don't really mind' as an intended salary."
>He keeps on smiling.
>You take off your glasses and adapt a meditative pose.
"Mr. Stardust there isn't an easy way to say this, but you are a suspicious fellow."
>He is taken aback.
"Why did you consider taking a job as a math teacher?"
>His smile becomes a bit sheepish.
>"Well, I take it you know Mr. Doodle?"
>"I... may have been responsible for him taking a sudden vacation."
"...go on."
>"You see, Mr. Doodle is my neighbour and I've admired him ever since I moved to Canterlot!"
>... Is he serious?
>"He is always good at giving advice. Why, the other day when I asked him if he knew where the post office was, he told me to get a hike."
"Sounds like something he would say."
>"I know, right? So right after I followed his advice and went hiking to Canterlot Woods, I managed to get a whole panoramic view of the whole city! Since then, I never got lost."
>You aren't sure if you should laugh or not.

>"He always makes me learn like that. Such an exemplar teacher." he says with starry eyes.
>"So as a means to thank him, I gifted him an all paid vacation to Hawaii."
"That would explain a few things."
>You recall seeing Cranky dancing and singing something that sounded like the escape song.
>"But then this morning it occurred to me that it would be troublesome for his work if he left just like that, so-"
"Wait a minute. You are saying you just thought this up and rushed here to cover for him?"
>"Pretty much, yeah."
>You don't even bother to control your laughter.
"Mr. Stardust, I'm afraid the school can't just let you replace a teacher just like that, even if he is absent because of you."
>"It can't? It certainly is different from back home..."
>You wipe a tear from your eye.
>"But then what about-?
"Mr. Doodle's hour are already being covered by Mrs. Harshwhinny. You don't have to worry about anything."
>He sighs in relief.
>"Good grief. Sorry for wasting your time."
"It was no problem at all."
>You both share a firm handshake.
>He doesn't seem like a bad person. Definitely weird and guillable, but that's not uncommon for you.
"You know, you might be of use after all..."
>He tilts his head wondering what you mean.
"We just happen to need a substitue for our Foreign Languages Class. Are you interested? it would be only for two months,"
>"I'd be glad to help! Thanks for the opportunity Mr. principal."
"Oh, I'm not the principal."
>"You aren't?"
"Im afraid Principal Celestia will be absent for a while... someone accidentaly glued a funny wig to her head. And since then Vice Principal Luna has been busy with meetings with Superintendent Neighsay. So I'm taking charge for both of them."
>"I see, well it will be a pleasure to work for you Mr..." he tries to take a peek at the name plate on your desk, "Dio?"
"Please, call me Discordio."
And after a "long" hiatus, the reviews are back.
>Best doggo is alive.
>All is well with the world.
File: 1465632183455.png (131 KB, 909x531)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
Livestream with important news? Let's hope it's about Part 5
[Bumpin Jack Flash]
File: Golden Apples.jpg (24 KB, 253x199)
24 KB
And our wishes became true!
>The Mane 6 but with Passione Stands.
>Which pony gets which stand?
>inb4 Glimmer gets [King Crimson]
>Rainbow Dash with [Aerosmith]
>Rarity with [Sticky Fingers]
>Fluttershy with [Gold Experience]
>Twilight with [Purple Haze]
>Applejack with [Moody Blues]
>Pinkie Pie with [Sex Pistols]
>Pinkie uses her Party Canon instead of a revolver.
I want this drawn so bad.
I want you to eat a tide pod.
>[Pavlov's Daughter]
>Twlight with [Purple Haze]
Twilight would smack somepony with an ecyclopedia just like Fugo did.
File: 1519854791188.png (181 KB, 452x359)
181 KB
181 KB PNG
Pinkie would make a great Mista.
>It stings Moondancer
>Somehow, hanging out with her friends has let her make connections that landed her a job as a Royal Researcher, techincally being paid for doing what she already did for fun.
File: 1475279889187.jpg (306 KB, 708x1062)
306 KB
306 KB JPG
I made a stand if anyone wants to use it for a green

Stand Name: Me, Myself & I

Stand Ability: [Duplication]

Power - D

Speed - B

Range - B

Durability - C

Precision - D

Potential - E

Description: The power to create two copies of the stand user. Copies made by the user are capable of harming stands along with any items that was duplicated. Duplicated weapons are only able to harm stands and the user cannot use duplicated items. Each copy is capable of seeing what the user and other copy see.
Not bad. Although it seems familiar. Did you post it in a previous/other thread before?
I did on the super hero thread but without it's stats
>A great villain is one who truly believes his actions are the right ones, even if they aren't morally correct, or have paved their trail with innocent blood and the lives of our favourite characters, or tried to rape that underage girl that one time... Why did we sympathize with them again?

Not every fucking antagonist needs to be le well intentioned extremist misunderstood "the true hero of the story"

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