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Current story: "Her face all furred" by Waxworks: https://pastebin.com/hx55MXUw

Previous thread stories:
"Best Left Forgot" by Waxworks: https://pastebin.com/wtpLF1sR
"In Our House" by Waxworks: https://pastebin.com/0Ef7Vpu0
"Lost Lily of the Valley" by Waxworks: https://pastebin.com/AKiznrjw

Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/BAzHNBn
Whatever you like to do with horror, it can be discussed here.

E2: http://imgur.com/a/gVAa5
DS Stoner (Dapper Skeleton).

Soundtrack by Radiarc:
(Newest stuff): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PRME2cLHSs [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]
Forgotten [EP]: https://radiarc.bandcamp.com/album/forgotten-ep
Mistaken (Album): https://radiarc.bandcamp.com/album/mistaken-album
Radiarc: https://www.youtube.com/user/PCHU13

Other good music: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv4m_5f-jyGlcCUWo4B98hQ

Previous three threads:
Pony Horror Thread #15: https://desuarchive.org/mlp/thread/31729955
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Angel struggled to cling to Fluttershy as she twisted and contorted in the air. His paws gripped and tugged at her mane and tail while she tried to dislodge him. Paw over paw he climbed up the long, tangling vines of her hair until he was next to her ears. She shook her head violently back and forth, trying to dislodge him. When he wouldn’t let go she dropped out of the sky, twisting upside-down. He hung on for dear life, waiting for her to get right-side up again.

When she did he swung down, grabbed on to her muzzle, then filled a paw with tea leaves and shoved it at her mouth. She closed her lips and his paw smacked uselessly against her face. He tried to force it in, but she growled and scraped at him with a hoof. He lost that handful of leaves as he clambered away onto her muzzle, then he grabbed a new handful of leaves, glared at her, and shoved his whole paw, leaves and all, up her nose.

Fluttershy snorted and coughed. Her mane shrank and the bark on her legs retreated. Her claws became smaller and her eyes turned green instead of full yellow. Her wings fluttered awkwardly as she changed back slightly, but none of it went away completely. She coughed, sneezed, then her eyes focused on Angel.


Angel breathed a sigh of relief. It had worked somewhat, though not completely. She was still a little wolfed out and covered in tree bits, but she might like that. At least she wasn’t being all bitey anymore. He patted her on the head and climbed back up her face to her mane where he hung on.

“Oh, okay. What are we… where are we…? Oh, dear.”
Fluttershy heard the howling from below and looked down to see the swarms of timberwolves attacking Ponyville. Her hooves flew up to her mouth in shock and she twisted, staring at the mess that was the city. Ponies were in the streets fighting swarms of timberwolves, magic flying every which way. Pinkie’s party cannon could be heard squeaking and exploding down in the town square. Pegasi were flying to and fro, carrying earth ponies and foals to safety, which an impromptu militia of earth ponies marched through the streets, carrying the odd spear and farm implements to fight back.

“Did I do this?’

Angel shook his head, then grabbed her by the ear and pointed at the Everfree. The low baying sound, similar to the roar of a tractor, hove out of the woods. I great tree-like head burst from the undergrowth. It tore up trees and dirt, but instead of throwing the plants and soil to the side, it subsumed them. It left a trail of overturned earth and an eclectic mix of freshly-planted trees in its wake as it hove toward Ponyville. Its tail remained firmly fixed to the ground and its head whipped to and fro. It would bay, then it would wait for a response.

“It’s blind,” Fluttershy said. She was right. Where most timberwolves had glowing yellow eyes, this beast had none. It had great ears, created from the stumps and trunks of trees that it tilted back and forth, listening for the timberwolve’s howls.

The beast drew a giant paw across the grassy plain separating Ponyville from the Everfree, and howled a long, deep howl. Fluttershy plugged her ears, but Angel could see her mane and tail growing longer again. Her eyes glowed from the call, and the raucous response from Ponyville below made her flinch.
The creature lumbered forward without a care. Its tail carried with it shrubs and bushes that planted themselves in the churned soil below its feet and it careened into the buildings of Ponyville. Upon hitting one it struck out with a giant root-like paw and tore the building to pieces. It drooled on the remains of it and seedlings sprouted. The straw that covered the roof became green and fertile once again and drew itself up in a small patch of fresh seed.

“What is it doing?” Fluttershy said, confused. “Is it trying to make a forest again?”

Screams from below drew Fluttershy’s gaze, and somepony down underneath her was torn to pieces by the angry plant monsters. Elsewhere, a unicorn was crawling away from them, injured and bleeding. She could see with her enhanced eyesight that he was slowly growing more plant-like himself, cursed much as she was.

An acrid smell hit her nose that she recognized and Fluttershy looked about. Zecora was somewhere near! She tried to see the zebra somewhere in the tangle of buildings, but couldn’t find her in the hubbub. She instead had to follow her nose. She flew down, going to where the smell was strongest. Her eyes watered and her nose burned, but she forced herself into it.

“Zecora! Where are you!” Fluttershy called. Her voice was guttural and strange, affected by her transformation. She passed by some whimpering timberwolves as she passed through an alley. They didn’t care about her and were more interested in getting away from the smell than chasing Angel, who stuck out his tongue at them from her back. She eventually found the zebra, standing over the bloody form of an earth pony. The pony’s guts were strung out across the dirt. Zecora was trying to feed them a potion of some kind.
"The ponies are getting cornered, so what do they do? Most seem to fight. Others do what they can to help. It's a battle, surely enough. Some fight timberwolves, others fight death."

Updated my journal: https://pastebin.com/hx55MXUw
>not posting Radiarc's newest album.
Looks like he literally released it a day ago. You'll have to forgive me for not noticing when I woke up.

Radiarc's latest album: https://radiarc.bandcamp.com/album/void-album
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Orwellian bump.

What happen to the previous thread?
It died during the night.

Is Spike in a toxic relationship with Rarity?
I mean, it ain't all dark horse stuff, so it's understandable.

I'll make one soon, though, I just gotta get some stuff out of the way first.
Life has its own share of horrors, it seems.


What are your thoughts on little Miss Rarity?
Woah-ho! Color! I like it!

Why did she cut her own head off?
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1.74 MB
1.74 MB JPG
File: dsasf.png (863 KB, 2169x1465)
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“Oh! Zecora, thank goodness I found you. I need your help to get rid of the giant timber…beast? They’re all attacking Ponyville, and I think it’s because of the big one!”

Zecora looked away from the dying pony and stared at Fluttershy with a bemused expression. She didn’t look surprised, but she wasn’t expecting what she was looking at. “Fluttershy, I see you’re here, but with plants all growing off your ears.”

She looked at herself, then turned back to Zecora. “Yes, I’m sorry, but the smell here is terrible. Can you help? We need to get rid of the giant.”

“A giant timberbeast has come, it’s huge and dangerous to some, but not to me, not to my smell, but I can’t stop it with any of my spells. Your help has brought it to the town, your help is all that can bring it down.”

“My help? But I’m not prepared for this. I can’t fight something that big!”

“You needn’t fight, it goes to you. A unicorn would also do.”

Fluttershy looked at Zecora in confusion. Angel shrugged on top of her head. Zecora looked at both of them with that infuriating small smile she always had on her face, like she knew something everypony else didn’t. “I’m… still not understanding.”

Zecora sighed patiently. “Animals go to where Fluttershy is, because you are the best in the biz. If maybe that creature has come here for you, then maybe you ought to not be here, you two.”

“We two? You mean Royal Pin?” Fluttershy asked. Zecora nodded. “Oh! I should find him and try to talk some sense into him! Thank you Zecora!” Zecora waved as Fluttershy flew away. She finally removed her hoof from her nose and gagged on the smell. She turned to Angel. “Angel, you said you fought Royal Pin? Where is he?”
Angel patted her on the ear and pointed over her head. She followed his direction as she flew until he pointed down. She followed his paw, but there was nopony there. Angel made a frustrated motion and looked around, then jabbed his paw in another direction. Fluttershy followed and saw the blue body of Royal Pin running through the streets. He was headed toward the giant timberbeast, horn aglow. Fluttershy bolted down to land near him. He jumped in surprise, then narrowed his eyes.

“What do you want, rabbit?”

“Angel wants to be left alone, Pin. It’s me who wants something now.”

“And what’s that?”

“I want you to help me get the timberbeast out of town.”

He barked a laugh at her. “Help you get it out? I just helped you bring it in! We wanted it here.”

“You wanted it here. I wanted nothing of the sort! It’s dangerous, and I don’t want ponies to get hurt!”

“Then maybe you shouldn’t have sung it over here. You smelled it, you wanted it, and now it’s here. I’m not going to help you get rid of—”

Fluttershy shoved her face up against Royal Pin’s. Her eyes bored into his, flashing yellow and blue. She pressed her nose against his and forced him to back up. She followed until he bumped into a building. “I did not want ponies to get hurt! I was not in my right mind at the time, and I will not stand idly by while my friends get hurt! Now you are going to tell me how to get rid of it, even if you aren’t going to help me do so. I’ll come back for you when I’m done, but you can be sure you’re not getting out of this so easily!”
Royal Pin stammered and tried to scoot away, but Fluttershy just followed him with her nose against his. He growled at her and bared his teeth, but Fluttershy’s eyes flashed yellow when he did, and she bared her own teeth back. Her lips drew back much further than his, showing a line of angry, jagged teeth far back in her mouth. They were not pony teeth.

“Okay! Okay! Calm down!”

Her eyes went back to blue, then she sneezed. A glob of wet powder splatted onto the ground. Her eyes went straight yellow again.

“Just, sing to it, okay? Your howling brought it here. It’s following you and me. Me with magic, and you with song.”

“Then you’re coming with me. I don’t need you fighting against me for its direction,” fluttershy’s voice had gone deep and gravelly. Her brow furrowed and her mane and tail were growing out. Her ears were long and studded with leaves. Angel was fumbling in his bag for more powder. He reached down, but Fluttershy’s wings reached up and batted him off her back.

“Uh…” Royal Pin said, worried. Where he was studded with plant bits, Fluttershy was covered in them. She snarled at him and lunged. He brought up a shield and her teeth bounced off it. Out of strange and alien instinct, he rolled onto his back and stretched out his neck. Fluttershy clamped onto his neck, but didn’t rip it out. She held still, waiting. He breathed, frightened and alarmed. His shield went down.

“Yo’ah gonga hep meh,” Fluttershy said, with her teeth on his neck. He nodded. She released him and he stood up, then, wordlessly, she flew up into the sky. Royal Pin ran along the ground as she flew away, following.

Angel picked himself up out of the dirt, looking concerned.
"But, when you corner yourself, how do you handle it? Fluttershy is fighting, but who and what is she fighting?"

Updated my journal:https://pastebin.com/hx55MXUw
File: 1500601583479.gif (1.55 MB, 500x702)
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1.55 MB GIF
I've always been fond of alcohol poisoning or was it the alcohol that got poisoned
Was it Friday night? Both are likely. If it was a weekday, it was likely the former.

How many images do you have in your folder Waxworks?
File: 1390783892680.png (124 KB, 573x631)
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124 KB PNG
1013 horror images.
File: 1506614521389.png (1.01 MB, 1280x1279)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG

I have 117 in my DS folder
File: Lunabones.jpg (200 KB, 1280x673)
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File: 1495379935516.png (926 KB, 1205x1255)
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Fluttershy was angry. Royal Pin made her angry, the memory of the dying and dead ponies in the town made her angry, and the constant howling made her angry. She knew she was responsible, and somewhere deep down she knew it was partially her fault. She could see other ponies, afflicted by the same curse that afflicted her, running, howling, snapping, and biting. The timberwolves were making it worse, and she was sure the presence of the large timberbeast was the cause. It wanted her there to help, and it was depending on her for help. Her and the other ponies, all howling for it to come. It had followed them, wading into town, leaving a swath of destruction and forested growth in its wake. It didn’t bite or snap or even attack anything except buildings, but it was coming, and it was following her and the others.

Fluttershy stopped above it. She looked down at the timberbeast, then howled.

It was a long, high, angry note. She forced it out over the other, scattered howls around town. Royal Pin, somewhere below, joined her, and the two of them shut down the other ponies and wolves howling for attention. They held the notes as long as they could, and when they stopped, there was silence.

The timberbeast, towering below her, turned around. Its tail dragged through the street, uprooting houses and overturning cobbles, but it turned, seemed to look with its blind eyes down at Royal Pin, then up at Fluttershy. It let out a slow, mournful cry; short, and seemingly confused. She flew down stopped in front of it. It sniffed, great gusts of wind coming from its dirty nostrils.
“You’re going to come with me, then, okay?” She started singing to it. It was a sad song, wordless, but carrying with it the concern Fluttershy had for Ponyville and the ponies within it. She didn’t know if it meant anything to the timberbeast, but she wanted to help it, almost as much as she wanted to help her friends. She was angry at Royal Pin and the other timberwolves for using the timberbeast to attack Ponyville, and she sang of that, as well. Royal Pin remained silent, subdued by Fluttershy’s effect on the beast, and he wandered silently along beside it.

Fluttershy moved backward, singing and howling in equal measure, her strange, timberwolf song gathering the other creatures in a swarm as she led them slowly back along the timberbeast’s trail of destruction. Other werewolves gathered up with Royal Pin and they began to howl and sing harmony with her, quiet and following her lead. Emboldened by their obedience, Fluttershy began to dance, flying in small circles through the air as she sang, and the timberbeast followed.

She sang her way out of town. The timberbeast dragged itself over the new growth it had left behind, and shifted its way through the trees. The plants parted to allow it through as it made its way out onto the fields leading to the Everfree Forest. Fluttershy saw Zecora standing at the edge of Ponyville, and she saw Angel, following at a respectful distance, just behind the timberbeast’s tail. She wanted to stop singing. She wanted to go say goodbye. She wanted to bid them farewell, but she knew the moment she did, she would lose control of the crowd, and she didn’t know if she could ever get them to stop again. So she didn’t. She waved, and hoped Angel knew it was for him, and disappeared into the forest.

The timberbeast followed.
A month later, Angel sat at the edge of the Everfree forest. The trees left in the beast’s wake had been cut down and used to make new houses to replace the ones that were destroyed. The afflicted ponies that hadn’t transformed had been captured and cured by Zecora before they could change into werewolves themselves, and Ponyville had slowly rebuilt itself. The population was smaller than it had been, but they finally felt safe again. Zecora had come by to take care of the animals, but Angel couldn’t talk to her. She never said anything about Fluttershy, and Angel couldn’t ask. So he sat. And he waited.

The sun went down and the full moon rose, and, like every night, a sad howl erupted from the Everfree. Angel knew it was Fluttershy. He’d know that voice anywhere. He sat, and he waited, like he did every night, but she never came out.

He knew why. Because if Fluttershy left, the timberbeast might be used by whatever malevolent force had introduced the curse and woken it for sleep for malevolent purposes once again, and Fluttershy had the other werewolves and timberwolves under a spell of sorts.

But she was all alone. She was taking care of them alone, and had given herself to the forest to keep Ponyville safe. To keep Angel safe.

He couldn’t abide that. He owed her. Like he always did.

Harry lumbered over and growled at Angel, and Angel said nothing. He stared at the forest, then finally looked at Harry. He nodded.

Harry picked him up and hugged him, then dropped him again. He waved his claws, and Angel disappeared into the forest.

He hadn’t gone very far before a pair of smiling yellow-and-blue eyes greeted him

Angel smiled and reached out for a hug.

The End.
>Waxworks shrugged.
"Pushed to the brink, ponies do things they wouldn't want to or otherwise be capable of doing, just to help others. Even others they might not care about."
>She sighed.
"Sometimes, at least."

Updated my journal: https://pastebin.com/hx55MXUw
File: Trixie is ready.png (475 KB, 782x1024)
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Is there a green where Trixie keeps the Alicorn Amulet?
I don't remember seeing one
File: 1515324455900.png (254 KB, 827x836)
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254 KB PNG
That was a tear jerker Wax
Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. Thought I'd have a bittersweet/sad ending instead of straight-up bad or confusing ending.

Who is that?
File: 1493155973964.gif (766 KB, 256x256)
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766 KB GIF
It's Thingpone

She loves you Anon
File: 1521887515279.jpg (156 KB, 800x994)
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File: 1495507122888.png (2.37 MB, 1400x1400)
2.37 MB
2.37 MB PNG
Night thread
Morning thread
File: 1500287150666.jpg (1.76 MB, 1536x2560)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB JPG
File: 1511052583360.png (582 KB, 660x660)
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582 KB PNG
Awright, toss out ideas for a new story, chaps. Ponies you want to see, ideas you want to see, maybe even monsters you want.
File: sjahahdhd.jpg (85 KB, 1280x720)
85 KB
Looks like one of those death knight decomposing pics from WoW
File: 1528852330158.png (716 KB, 1024x576)
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716 KB PNG
What if magic manipulates some sort of balance, and when Twilight uses too much magic all other unicorns suffer from reduced magical potential
That's a pretty good idea. I'll see what I can do with it.
File: 1509563493672.png (738 KB, 1000x1000)
738 KB
738 KB PNG
This idea tomorrow morning.
File: black-eyed stare.jpg (86 KB, 600x600)
86 KB
File: peace_offering.jpg (3.84 MB, 3296x1920)
3.84 MB
3.84 MB JPG

I'm waiting for Game Over to appear for some reason.
File: biblical angel Celestia.png (791 KB, 1280x720)
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791 KB PNG
Starswirl the Bearded was the greatest wizard of his age. Everypony knew his name, and everypony knew that he was capable of. He was the best and the brightest that had ever lived, and possibly ever would live. When it came to matters of magic, ponies came to him. He was one of the few that had ever attempted to raise the sun and have his magic survive it.

But now, with the alicorn sisters here to take that burden away from him, he could focus on what he had learned from his days of raising and lowering the sun. There was power, to be had there. The alicorn sisters proved it. Their bodies were energized by the movements of the celestial bodies, and their youth retained. Starswirl was old when the two of them had arrived, and that promise enticed him. The promise of power, of energy, and… of youth.

What he learned while raising the sun was that the sun was not a chemically balanced thing, if you could call it a “thing” at all. It was more than that. It was beholden to magic, but it was also made of magic itself. Heavily reactive to it, one might say. Like sodium was to water. The unicorns that would burn themselves dry while lifting the sun were feeding it power, making it stronger, though their magic was naught more than a drop in a bucket to something as large and impressive as the sun. That’s where their magic went. Starswirl had felt that happening to him the very first time, and refused to help until he had studied the phenomenon more. He had left them to their fates while he himself learned how to protect against it, then not shared his findings.
It wasn’t out of malice, it was that he knew no other unicorn would be able to perform the complex trickery that he had engaged in with the sun. They were like two partners in a dance, he and it. He fed it magic, and from the subsequent reaction, he had taken the ensuing burst of energy and transformed it into a usable form. Through rough experimentation he had created a reaction his body could feed off of to re-energize itself, keeping his magic. It was yet imperfect, and he would have run out eventually, but it kept him magically fit until the sisters arrived.

Ah, the sisters. They were an enigma. Unfortunately, they were an enigma with personalities. He could not simply walk up to them and ask to study them. He had tried once, in private, after earning their trust. He had approached the younger of the two and asked to study her. Things had gotten awkward very fast, and he had been forced to withdraw. She still made eyes at him sometimes.

The elder sister was dangerous. He dared not try the same thing with her. Not with the younger one watching him and waiting for an opportunity. The sheer drama might end with him getting exiled from the castle, and that would set back his research. Instead, he bided his time, avoiding the younger, and waiting. Waiting each morning for the sun to be risen.

He observed in quiet while the two of them traded their celestial position to the other. The moon was not as reactive as the sun, he had learned. It did not take magic from ponies, it merely gave it to the younger sister, Luna. It drew magic from the sun, leaving her free from its terrible influence.
The older sister, Celestia, she was different. Her body was similarly reactive in an equal and opposite way. The two fed off each other in horrifying fashion, siphoning magic, changing it, molding it, mutating it! They threw it back at each other in a deadly dance, one which kept both of them alive and firey. She was as dangerous as it. The mere thought set Starswirl’s beard on edge.

As time passed, however, he was able to learn of magic the moon possessed. As a result of the terrible assault from the sun, the moon’s magic had been changed. There was something there. Something dark, living on the surface of the moon. A mutation or an anomaly of some sort. He couldn’t tell what it was, but it was there, in his telescope.

Something moved.

The idea set his mind awhirl. The sheer concept that the sun’s energy could affect life or create it was new and terrifying. He considered this as he watched the sister’s work. Was it possible it came from another dimension? He’d been exposed to several in his time, but if there was the entrance to one on the moon, that would mean something had created one. The only possible answer there would still be the sun, though. The sun’s rays, beating down on the surface uncontested, had opened a portal or created life.

Starswirl knew, from observation, inference, and experimentation that the sun was a dangerous, energetic force that was uncontested in its sheer, unflinching, and uncaring malevolence. The only being capable of interacting with that malevolence with no repercussion, was Celestia.

She was dangerous.

He needed to understand her and her function for the safety of Equestria, and the safety of ponies everywhere. The sun must be understood.

Why does Celestia have eyes on her wings?
>Waxworks was on the bridge crossing the falls dropping away from Canterlot. It was the middle of the day, and she was staring up at the sun, squinting. It disappeared behind a cloud as you approached and she blinked as she looked down at you.
"Well, hullo. The sun's a big, dangerous ball, ain't it?"
>You nod.
"Well, what does it do when it's not shining? Is it always shining? Why does it shine? I don't know, myself, but I know a story of somepony who tried to find out."

Updated my journal: https://pastebin.com/YFnM341B

I thought self insert is a bad thing.
Waxworks is the one telling the story. It's my own little thing that makes it seem like the story is being told by someone. It's not part of the story itself, it's just fun greentext at the end of each post.

She's a biblical angel.
File: 1514176068332.png (2.63 MB, 1754x1240)
2.63 MB
2.63 MB PNG
File: 1518866973834.jpg (737 KB, 3600x4000)
737 KB
737 KB JPG
>I thought self insert is a bad thing.
So, I used to be a regular poster in the earlier threads. Without going into details, life had caught up with me and free time simply became a precious luxury. I hadn't posted on /mlp/ or in the Pony Horror Thread in a while now, but I'm back and man am I glad to see it's still alive and that Waxworks and DS are still writing and drawing.That's a truly impressive writing streak you're on Wax. The last time I checked was around the time you wrote "Time Enough", so about one year ago. It's good to be back. How are you all doing?
Is the Discord server in the OP active by the way? I might join it later.
Heyyyy! Welcome back! I have continued and let me tell you, this is a good habit. I've written three books, am about to publish the first, and I'm still writing constantly. It's good fun. Did you write at all when you were here?

Aye, I post in it. I hold horror play-by-post RP, and send messages there. It's active enough, I suppose.
>I've written three books, am about to publish the first, and I'm still writing constantly.
Damn you sure made it far. Good to hear that. So will these be pone stories or something else you wrote outside of these threads?
>Did you write at all when you were here?
No, but I used to draw a bit. Actually, I'm the one who drew the pic you're using as your avatar on Fimfic. Never had the time to draw you something proper, sorry about that. I'll give it another shot eventually.

I'm not really into RP but I guess I'll join anyway to see what it's all about.
File: Chained.png (778 KB, 671x1029)
778 KB
778 KB PNG
File: melting.jpg (180 KB, 724x1024)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
Join Unity today!
The Great and Powerfull Goddess commands you!
Eyyy, that was you!? I'm glad you're finally back! I still use that picture absolutely everywhere. It's great artwork.
These books are not pony-related, but I'm just self-publishing them on Amazon and other places. I haven't gotten any publishing deals, but writing is a lot of fun.
Yeah, join it just so you can keep up with what's going on. Great to have you back, mate.
File: FlutterSmackEyeDown.jpg (505 KB, 600x1800)
505 KB
505 KB JPG
File: csimadmax_ChurchofLuna.jpg (817 KB, 1350x2700)
817 KB
817 KB JPG
File: 1509493368541.png (765 KB, 800x1050)
765 KB
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In secret, Starswirl took some energy from the sun. Just a little by a little every day. He examined it, stored it, secreted it away and hid it in one of his many hidden laboratories across Equestria. He even took it away to other dimensions through the magic mirrors he possessed. He wanted to test it, study it, experiment with it.

He found, to his surprise and consternation, that the sun’s energy was not changed throughout any of the worlds that he found. There was one strange world where he lost his hooves and gained feet. In this world there was no alicorn princess, but the sun still rose and fell. There was no magic, yet they still lived. No unicorns or tribes or anything. Yet still the sun rose and fell.

That gave him pause.

If there was no cost to make the sun rise, why did their sun need a princess to do it? Where did this requirement come from? Was it similar to the changes on the moon? Was magic a mutation caused by the sun?

In his continued studies, Starswirl found something unusual. He discovered that the sun’s energy—its magic, as it were—was indeed what was changing pony physiology. It did it in response to some outside influence, though what that influence might be, he didn’t yet know. The changes came about to force ponies to expend their magic, so that there would be no danger to the world of Equestria. A sort of… magic heatsink, if you will. The response, of course, was the creation of the alicorns. A mutation. One that could keep the sun’s magic at bay, and allow ponies to live their lives in peace, with a modicum of joy and entertainment.
Starswirl had to admit that he thought himself one of these mutations. He was smart enough to take the sun’s energies and steal right back. That made him wonder if he could take the energy and force a mutation in himself further, so that he might become an alicorn himself. An ascension to godhood, where he could take the sun’s energy and use it to prolong his life. He was getting old, he had to admit, and his death loomed ever-present on the horizon.

To that end, he took what he knew of the sun and began his work of collecting it. He stole from the sun, little by little, day by day, until he had what he determined was enough to work with. He kept them in specially prepared jars. Containers built to contain the light. Illumination spilled from under the lids, and he had to spread them out among different laboratories, as too many in one room became far too hot.

The next step was the most dangerous and would require careful planning and speech. With the younger of the two sisters interested in him, he had to first see if she would respond to the direct sun’s light the way he imagined, or if he would somehow have to get close to the older sister and experiment on her directly. He feared he already knew the answer.

“Princess Luna, I must speak with you,” Starswirl said, approaching the princess as she raised the moon.

“It can be Luna between we two, Starswirl.” She turned to look at him with a smile. “What might thou need of us?”

“I wish to test some of my magic, if I may, but it relates directly to alicorns. I do not want to offend you or your sister, and much of this must remain secret, but may I get your assistance?”
“Thou hast piqued our curiosity, Starswirl. What is it thou seekest to understand?”

He told her, though not everything. He told her of his journey to understand the sun and how it functioned. Why it was stealing magic from unicorns, and why it was not doing the same to Celestia and herself. How it was a leech of magic, yet Celestia was unaffected.

“We know not why we are immune, but we suspect we may be unaffected by our association with the moon. Thou sayest thou saw an entity on the moon itself?”

“Indeed. Something moves there. A mutation, I believe, caused by the sun’s rays.”

“It may be that we are unaffected because the moon absorbs the harmful magic of the sun before the rest gets to us. That would give us the benefit, with none of the harm. We are not well-versed in science like thee, however. We would… not mind being taught, ‘privately.’”

“Princess, please! This is important! I am concerned that there is something sinister going on with the sun. This is not the time nor the place.”

“Then make time, and we can find a place. We are a princess. None can make us do what we do not wish.”

Unsure how to respond. Starswirl knew he needed to keep her goodwill for his experiments. He also knew he could not engage her or her sister without either bringing Celestia’s or Luna’s wrath down on his head. He answered carefully.

“I will get back to you when I have more information, princess. There is something I must check, and I need to see if I can find that entity on your moon again. I think that is something we can look at together.”

“We look forward to it, Starswirl.” She winked.
"Now, I've no idea if any of this is true. Celestia's still alive, Luna's alive, but Starswirl... who knows. He disappeared a loooong time ago."

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A Sister story for Sister Saturday, nice!
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File: fatalbeats.png (1.53 MB, 1131x900)
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Starswirl left Luna behind with a grumble. She was receptive, but she wasn’t the one he needed. He really wanted to avoid abusing her goodwill, but if it helped him reach her sister then he might have to. Still, there was plenty of activity on the moon that he could examine first, because she did have a point; did the moon absorb the harmful effects of the sun?

Starswirl returned to his laboratory and to his telescope. The moon was high in the sky by the time he got there, and he whirled his telescope around to point at it. He furrowed his brow up at the orb before putting his eye to the lens. The moon’s surface zoomed into view, and he scoured it, looking for clues.

“The moon may absorb the harmful rays of the sun,” she had said. If that were true, then there should be some evidence of it. The moon’s rocky surface might be as simple as just that, a surface, but if he could find that moving thing on it, he might be able to learn something.

Some of the questions he had were: Did it eat? What would it eat? Was it physically present, or was it merely a cloud of the sun’s magic? Did it seem aware? The questions came one after another as he swept he telescope back and forth. Time passed, until his eyes burned.

He pulled his head away. He had found nothing, and seen nothing. He turned from his telescope and went to his books, looking through them for information on the moon. Maybe there was some long-lost tidbit of information that some enterprising pony had put down long ago that may prove useful. Anything he could find would be welcome at this point.
It was after much of the night had passed that he found something useful. Not in his books, as he had suspected, but from his telescope. After reading a passage from one Gloaming Shelter, he had returned to look at the moon, seeking out a particular crater. Gloaming had mentioned there was something odd about it, and Starswirl wanted to verify this pony’s information.

Upon seeking it out, Starswirl saw nothing of import, but his telescope caught something smoky passing in front of it. He pulled his head away to gaze out a the moon with his naked eye, but saw nothing. He put his face back to the eyepiece again and saw something smoky floating in front of the lens. It coalesced into a face, resting on the moon, smiling up at him. It winked, directly at his gaze.

He staggered backward. The image of the winking face was in his mind. Was it a trick of the light? Was it merely his imagination? He glared up at the moon. From this distance it was small and insignificant. Nothing about it seemed to stick out to him, and it was unassumingly harmless. So what was it?

Tentatively he put his eye up to the telescope again and looked through it. The crater he was looking at appeared to sparkle in the light. The strange, reflected sunlight truly did appear to “live”, as Gloaming had written. If he turned his telescope to the left and right, the sparkles changed. There was no face as he had imagined before, and no smoke, but something about the sunlight was affected by that crater.

Starswirl stared, moving his telescope inch by inch, trying to see what it was, until he became light-headed. He stepped away, done for the night. He began to write his own notes, making careful note of everything he had seen, including the winking face.
In the morning, after only an hour’s sleep, Starswirl hurried into the throne room to meet with the two sisters before they began their day. He needed to catch them both before Luna went to sleep. He couldn’t be caught with Celestia alone, or risk Luna’s wrath. Not yet, at least.

“Princesses! I have some possibly urgent news!” he blurted out as he barreled into the throne room.

“Starswirl! What a pleasure it is to see you. Luna was just talking about you,” Celestia said.

“Oh, was she?” He glanced over at Luna. She smiled a small smile at Starswirl and winked again. He winced.

“This pertains to both of you, as I believe I mentioned to Princess Luna last night. Did she tell you what we were talking about?”

“Most of it, I believe.”

“Then please, tell us what you found.”

“Yes, Starswirl. Do tell us,” Luna said slyly.

He informed them of his discoveries. Of the notes Gloaming had put to parchment so long ago, and his own discovery. He mentioned the face, though he did not tell them it had winked at him. He merely said that it “seemed aware” of his gaze. His concern was plain, but he kept his worried minimal. He didn’t know if it was dangerous.

“So it would seem there may be somepony living on the moon. How curious,” Celestia said.”

“We believe such creatures must be wondrous indeed, to live on such a beautiful thing as the moon. Dost thou know if my magicks affect their lives?” Luna said.

“I don’t know, Princess. It seemed harmless, and unharmed, even as you moved it through the sky, but I am concerned of the sun’s effect on it.”
"The moon reflects the sun's light, sure. Does it have any magic of its own, or is it stealing all it has from the sun, much like Equestria? Important questions, with no answers."

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That fic's ending was trash.
What fic?
File: 1507803447503.png (986 KB, 1000x1000)
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Celestia’s eyes flashed. “And you believe the sun to be… dangerous?” she said.

“Yes, princess. As you know, before you arrived it was tearing the magic out of unicorns permanently. It was only thanks to your… unique physiology that we were saved from it. For that, we thank you.” He bowed deep.

“T’well may be that the moon counteracts the sun’s deadly rays, as raising and lowering the moon never did cause such terrible problems,” Luna said.

Celestia’s lips went tight. “I should like you to research this creature on the moon, and the moon itself. It concerns us, and our alicorn physiology. If there is anything you need, do not hesitate to ask.”

“Of either of us, Starswirl,” Luna was quick to say. She winked at him again. He bowed and took his leave.

Starswirl crowed inwardly at the success of his conversation. He had their help! He had Celestia’s promise to assist him, and Luna was there! He was safe! He could ask either of them for help, and they would give it. Though he would still need to be circumspect about asking Celestia for help, as Luna might still get jealous. As long as he stayed away from Celestia, and made his requests via the servants, he should be able to get away with anything.

The first thing he did was return to his laboratory to make a list of supplies. He wanted to have pieces of the sun’s light from Celestia herself, and a sample of her mane. Its curious properties held some portion of the magic that kept the two sisters working, he was sure. If he could examine it all, he may get to the bottom of their confusing abilities quicker. He just needed a sample, and he would be able to study it in peace.
He drafted a quick letter to each of the sisters, asking for materials they may be able to grab for him, and some that he didn’t know if they could, but would be useful to have.

From Celestia: Light from the sun. A piece of Celestia’s mane. A sample of contained alicorn magic. The reflected light from morning dew. The first peek of the sun over the horizon. A glowing rainbow, and evening’s last light.

From Luna: Light from the moon. A piece of Luna’s mane. A sample of her alicorn magic. The reflected light of the sun. The center of a moonbeam. A sample of the moon’s rocks, and a piece of that crater Gloaming mentioned.

He had no idea if they could get some of them, but he made his request, then he waited.

Supplies began to trickle in. They were clever girls. He had taught them personally, and although he had no idea how to procure some of the items he requested, with their newfound powers, they were more than capable, and far more powerful (though not as clever), as he.

Luna came to him first. She had traveled to the moon directly for hers and had a piece of everything for him. Her eyes twinkled strangely in the moonlight when she appeared in his bedroom, all the items on the list laid out in an array at the foot of the bed. Her teeth gleamed in the dim light, the brightest part of her save the twinkling light of the stars in her mane. Her eyes looked… different? He wasn’t sure how, but she seemed far more “hungry” than usual. He had to rebuff her, stating that it was for the good of Equestria, and his work needed to come first for everypony’s safety, but it was a close thing. She was intent on him, and he was worried about that.
She left, but not without one last look at him and a small, wicked smile. He turned to the items she had brought, gathered them up in his magic, and carried them off to his laboratory for study.

There would be no more sleep tonight.

His request to Celestia took far longer to fill. He had more than enough time to study Luna’s items closely while Celestia sought the things he wanted. They trickled in while he studied, and he learned a great deal. More than he’d imagined.

To no great surprise, his and Luna’s thoughts were confirmed when he studied the moon rocks. Using the sunlight he had stolen from Celestia himself, he verified that the light of the sun was absorbed first, the moon’s rocks keeping the terrible energies of the sun within itself. The light that it subsequently sent back to Equestria was filtered. Clean. Safe. The moon’s light, while dim, was not the terrible, bare, hideous burning energy of the sun.

By the same token, it did not carry the same potential power that the direct sun’s rays did. It was dimmer, safer, but ultimately neutered. It did not charge the same way a unicorn might have. It could not be drawn from. It was useless. Sterile.

That did mean, however, that the moon was chock-full of potential energy. Using the moon’s rocks, he was able to create powerful effects. The rocks themselves were charged with the wicked energy available to the sun, but getting more of them without the help of the princess of the moon was impossible.

…at the moment.

Studying the sun’s rays might yield some powerful energy that could be used to get to the moon, where more could be gathered. He would have to experiment further. The possibilities were alive, however.
"The potential for explosion. For burning, angry, hurried heat. The kind you almost get an inkling of with a bonfire. I can only imagine what Starswirl discovered there."

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That drawing was made for (I think) A Puppet to Her Fame. It has three chapters, of which the last is extremely badly written.
I might have to look that up, then. It's a great pic, shame about the story, then.
File: dhahaii.jpg (294 KB, 719x837)
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The first two chapters are good but in the end it's as if another author wrote it. I think maybe some people pissed him off and he decided to flip them off with the ending. I recommend https://www.fimfiction.net/story/33124/the-last-tears-in-tartarus
It's good, short and written by my favorite poni writer. You should browse the fimfic threads more often.
I visit them often enough, but I don't really do much in them. Perhaps I should, but I find myself just writing more.
That was... mediocre, at best. It was just a pile of misery moment after moment. It escalated right at the start and barely dropped at all. Not a good fic at all.
The Tartarus one? To each their own I guess.
No, the Octavia one. Haven't read the Tartarus one.
Oh yeah. I thought it was kinda bad too but I liked the melodrama. Read the Tart one nigga, you'll love it.
File: I see everything.jpg (182 KB, 793x562)
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Ahhhh, Shortskirtsandexplosions. If only I could be so bombastically purple in my prose.
Nothing wrong with a little bump n grind, especially (obviously) when done right.
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Starswirl’s experiments continued apace, and secrets continued to be unlocked. Celestia was having difficulty acquiring the morning and evening sunlight, as she was in control the sun’s movements during the time when it was transitioning. He trusted her to her work, and focused on his own.

During this time Luna became more of an obstacle, however. She was paying more attention to him, and she seemed much more forthcoming after her trip to the moon. He paid her no mind and dismissed her time and time again, requesting to be left to his work. But his work continued, and he reached a point where he had questions that could not be answered without Celestia’s final deliveries. When Celestia could not acquire the sun’s light, he decided he might need to take things into his own hooves.

Without her permission, Starswirl left the sister’s castle, traveling to the edge of the Everfree forest. He took with him several small pieces of moon rock, and two of the jars he had created that could contain the sun’s light. He waited on the edge of the forest, between the sun and the sister’s castle, and prepared to capture evening’s last light.

As the sun lowered, he used the chunk of moon rock as a draw for the sun’s light. Its light-absorbent properties drew the sluggish light of the evening sun in, and his own magic siphoned it into the jar. The rich, colorful light of dusk slipped inside the container, and he sealed the lid, then hid the jar in his cart. With his prize, he packed up and returned to the castle, hooves clopping on the stone pathway.
Luna found him in his study as he was unpacking. His magic held the jar aloft, covered in a blanket when she barged in. He jumped in surprise, thankful that he hadn’t yet opened the passage to his hidden workroom. He turned to face her, forcing a smile onto his face.

“Princess! How are you this evening?” he said.

“We saw thee remained awake even after our sister completed her duties and retired. She was unable to acquire an evening’s last light yet again. Are you positive that thee dost not prefer to use more of our moon stones?”

“I could always use more of your moon’s rocks, princess, but I’m trying to understand both the moon and the sun. I can’t understand the sun by using the moon.”

“We think there is no purpose in understanding it with our sister’s help, since she doesn’t understand it well enough to capture its power herself.” She noticed the floating jar for the first time. “Speaking of capturing, is that not one of the devices thee gavest her to capture it? What hast thee contained?”

“Oh, uh…” Starswirl debated telling her the truth or lying. If he told her the truth, would she tell her sister? If he lied, she might find out, though, and get mad. He didn’t want her mad, but he didn’t want Celestia to know what he had done without her permission.
The answer was taken from him when Luna gripped the cloth in her magic and pulled it away. The dusk light filled the room. Despite its bright presence, Luna seemed to just become darker.

“Thou hast captured it thyself! How?”

“I… used one of the moon rocks you gave me to draw it in,” he said, deciding truth was better than a lie at the moment.

“Of course, of course!” Luna’s eye turned to thin slits as she stared at the light. Her mane turned a dark, inky blue. “The moon captures the sun’s light, and makes it its own…”

“Princess, please do not tell your sister. I needed merely to continue my research, I do not want to offend her.”

“Nay, thee hast our promise of silence.” She blinked and turned away, shaking her head. “We shall keep thy secret. Good… luck, Starswirl.”

She left suddenly, without any further words. He didn’t know if she was mad or if she was pleased. She seemed happy to know that the moon had helped him, but he wasn’t sure what else she was thinking. Nevertheless, he didn’t let that distract him from his work. He turned back to his laboratory and opened the door to his secret workroom, carrying the jar inside. Within, he began his studies of the light of dusk, carefully putting it through its paces.

What he discovered was a well of power much like the sun’s normal light. It was a slower magic fuel than the other, but with more potential. It almost seemed to coagulate as night fell, the moon’s presence congealing the light into a more concentrated form. A useful tool, and more indication that the two celestial bodies worked together to create a livable surface of Equestria.
>Waxworks turned back to look at the sun, which had moved only a little bit in the sky.
"Power. Nothing but power. All hidden inside that glowing ball in the sky. Learning to use it is a terrifying practice, but will it be worth it?"

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Been listening to pony creepy pastas on youtube for a few days straight and I'm obviously imagining things but I just heard one of the spooky suspence music for a second even though nothing was playing. Been listening to too much but can't.. stop..
It's too late anon
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Starswirl tested the sun’s light as far as he dared, using up what he had gathered within a few days. He tested it on attack spells, where he made some of the hottest fire he had ever felt. He tested it on defensive spells, creating a shield that was impenetrable to anything he could bring to bear. He tested it on creation spells, smithing a crude suit of armor with it in a mere hour. He was no smith, but it had bent and taken shape with ease. He tested it on transportation spells, breaking through his own teleportation defenses, much to his surprise. When he was tired, he tested it on energizing himself, and was pleased to see that it functioned far better than the sun’s light had helped him before. He was given the energy of a full night’s sleep in an instant!

Starswirl was giddy.

Using the moon as a filter, he had removed any noticeable negative effects from the sun’s light. He could use it however he wished, empowering himself, and suffer none of the consequences. He didn’t burn, he had more than enough magic, and he was energized. He didn’t need to sleep! With the moon rock and the sun together, he was unstoppable!

The princesses were unstoppable.

He sobered up instantly. If the two of them were to ever work together, they could be completely unstoppable. Princess Luna could be the focusing lens for Celestia, drawing out the dangerous energies of the sun, allowing the older sister to be the most destructive force Equestria had ever seen. That raised the questions of what was holding the older sister back? Did he tell them, or did he wait and observe, guiding them from the sidelines?
It was probably best to guide them for the moment. They had only had their abilities for a comparatively short time, and to give them ideas would be dangerous at best, and catastrophic for Equestria at worst. He needed to ask them personal questions, though. About their health. If Celestia was taking in the sun’s energy directly, was she being affected? Luna might be as well, but he loathed the idea of taking with Luna privately. He waited until the middle of the day to approach Celestia in one of the few moments she had to herself. Being their mentor, he did not think it out of line.

He approached her in the garden, stomping loudly to announce his presence. “Princess, might I speak with you?” he asked.

She turned to look at him and smiled. “Of course, Starswirl, what can I do to help you?”

“I have some questions about your health, if I may.”

“My health? I feel perfectly fine, what were you wondering?”

“In my research—”

She sighed. “I know. I have had difficulty pinning down the sun’s light you want. I’m sorry. It seems to slip away from me when I grasp at it. I don’t know why.”

“No, not that at all. I’m in no hurry. But my questions pertain to you, but that is interesting. But let’s come back to that. When you raise and lower the sun, does each action make you feel different than the other?”

She looked thoughtful, but nodded. “Yes, it does. Raising the sun feels far more energizing than lowering it. Lowering the sun feels like I am letting out a large breath of air after holding it for too long, if that makes sense.”

Starswirl was furiously writing this down. “Yes, that makes sense. A sense of relief, like something was pent up.”
“Yes, exactly. Conversely, as I mentioned, raising the sun feels like I’m stepping onto a road for the first time. Energizing. Like I’m preparing to run, fly, swim, or jump. A huge amount of potential energy. Though sometimes I feel… angry? It doesn’t happen often, but there are times I feel like I’ve been insulted. That doesn’t happen very often, and it passes quickly.”


She laughed. “I’m sorry, I can’t describe it any better than that, save that it’s irrational and it passes quickly.”

Starswirl nodded and stroked his beard thoughtfully. “Alright. Thank you, Princess. I am concerned for your health, and my studies into the sun and moon have raised some curious questions.”

“Quite all right. I know you’re just doing your best. It’s what we appreciate about you, after all.”

“Of course, of course. I’ll be asking your sister the same questions, soon. But I don’t want her to think about them beforehoof. Please don’t tell her about this at all. The answers must be candid.”

“I won’t claim to understand, but you have my word, Starswirl. Thank you for your continued help.”

He nodded and left the princess behind. The only part of the conversation that had him on edge was her mention of anger. The sun was a powerful force, and Celestia, in the controlling of it, was a grounding of sorts for that force. She threw the sun’s earlier attempts at draining unicorns into question, preventing it from doing whatever it was it was doing. The motion on the moon, the power inherent in the sun. The more Starswirl learned about it, the more he was certain there was something else at play. Some power he couldn’t quite fathom. It was worrying.
"Now, everypony knows of Starswirl the Bearded, but how many ponies knew him? Of those, only two remain. I don't know if he was a good stallion or a bad stallion, but he was, shall we say... 'powerful'?"

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That's gay
File: 1514176475652.jpg (167 KB, 600x800)
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File: face your fears.jpg (172 KB, 1024x1415)
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surprisingly im running low on ideas so any requests yall got for me is fine
File: O Ru O.jpg (1.06 MB, 1181x1181)
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Does it have to be horror only? If not maybe something with pic related, the fish being a pony or idk. I always think of what this would mean, maybe Celestia or Luna gaining their powers through an event, maybe some force giving birth to the first ponies (consciousness or some shit), maybe humans making the first true AI (which could be programmed to be a pone), or maybe what some ponis see after death, some universal meaning, explanation, question or exclamation.
I guess the story wouldn't be horror but could be something alike to it, like more grand, and that grandure could be "spooky"?
Sorry for my autism.
So something like this anon?
As the days went by and the more he observed, the more Starswirl began to believe he was overreacting. Celestia was young, and she was prone to fits of anger in a position she was as yet unfamiliar with. She would learn, given time, and he would help, but he saw no fits of anger. Instead Luna was the one acting strangely.

Luna, compared to Celestia, held the night court. It was usually empty, without much for her to do. She found herself with free time where she had nopony and nothing to manage. She would come to visit him, asking him questions about his work, what he had found out, and beg for answers about the nature of the sun and Celestia’s power.

She had been pleased to learn about the sun’s weakness to the moon. The fact that the moon was absorbing some sort of power from the sun. He warned her not to get overly excited, as it seemed to be taking only the dangerous energy of the sun, but she delighted in hearing it. She would sit and watch as he worked, clinging to his stories of magic and adventure and his insights into the workings of the sun and moon. He eventually had to send her away so that he might work in peace. Her coy grins and constant winking at him, along with her inappropriate smiles made him uncomfortable. Like Celestia, however, he pushed it to the side as young mare behavior, trying to keep it out of sight, and out of mind.

Unfortunately, Starswirl didn’t realize that treating a young mare that way, especially one with a princess’s power, was a terrible idea. She was young, yes, but she was powerful. Powered by the same energy he himself had used to capture the sun.
With the princess distractions dealt with, and not seeing any untoward actions from Celestia, Starswirl began his collecting again. Celestia was unable to control the sun’s rays without help from the moon, so he took matters into his own hooves again. He collected morning light, noon light, evening light, every manner of light he could imagine. He gathered it all and he tested it, finding himself more powerful and more energetic than he could have imagined.

With his newfound energy, he ignored Celestia when she came to him complaining of headaches, mood swings, and depression. He gave her a quick physical and proclaimed her health, sending her to the doctor for further assistance, as he had much he wanted to test with the sun’s energy.

With his power he found other ponies that exemplified power and stability in Equestria. Five others who were the best at what they did, and that had stories told of them far and wide. He created the Pillars of Equestria with himself at the helm, solving dangerous problems and stopping evil wherever it hid. He was popular, he was powerful, and he was winning.

The more work he did as a pillar of Equestria, the more of the sun’s energy he needed. With it, he didn’t need to sleep. He could continue his work late into the night while the rest of the pillars slept. He could seek out evil on his own, teleporting further than every before, to take care of a problem before the others were even made aware. He had always been powerful, but with this, he was even moreso! More powerful, more magical, and greater than any other pony in the land. He was Starswirl the Bearded! Nopony could stop him!
Thus, he was unaware of what he was creating.

As his own power grew, so too were the emotions of Celestia. She became irritable during diplomatic meetings. She was upset at the smallest slights. She snapped at the servants. Luna saw it all, but she said nothing. It was only when Celestia struck one of the staff when they spilled her tea that Starswirl began to imagine anything was wrong.

“Why did you do that?” he asked.

“Do what?” Celestia said calmly.

“Hit her.”

“She spilled the tea.”

“That doesn’t warrant hitting her.”

“What does, then?”

Starswirl was silent. Luna just smirked.

He sequestered himself inside his laboratory for some time, leaving the other pillars to deal with whatever came their way. Something had changed, and he needed to know. He tested, studied, and examined everything, and came to a startling conclusion.

There had been drought before, but it was summer, and although the pegasi were working their hardest to keep the weather tolerable, it was warmer than it had been in previous years. When the sun came up, it was hotter than it ever had been, and many of the crops were dying. He had reports coming in from all over Equestria that there was going to be a shortage of food for the winter if something wasn’t done. It was even a problem the pillars were helping with, diverting rivers and helping to irrigate the crops wherever they could. In addition, there were some who were complaining of increased monster attacks. All of these reports were coming from the same areas. Starswirl was a scientist at heart, but although he couldn’t prove correlation between the two, he wasn’t one to dismiss something just because it seemed far-fetched. He was both a scientist, and a wizard. This bore further exploration.
"Strange things come from the dark, yes. But strange things can only be seen in the light. What does that mean?"
>She cackled.
"Who knows. Maybe the light clarifies their existence somehow."

Updated my journal: https://pastebin.com/YFnM341B

I think Anon thought you were me and were asking for a story idea. The picture is good, though. Celestia bursting from nothing?

If you want something else to draw, DS, how about a cottage, covered in flowers, with pony skulls hidden among them.
Oh lol you meant a drawing, my bad. Yeah that's fine, thank you!
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So Starswirl traveled. He went to each of these places where the heat was becoming unbearable. To the locations where monsters thrived, and he studied them. As he studied, and as time passed, he became tired. As he became tired, he used his skills with the sun’s light to energize himself. The fate of Equestria hung in the balance and ponies needed him. He needed to help them, and he had the power. He had the skill. He had… the energy.

Or… the sun did.

He brought with him a piece of the moon that Luna had delivered, and with it he pulled the sun’s light to himself. He consumed it, and he was powered by it. Like the princess herself he was given the energy and magic he needed, and as he traveled and worked, the hotter it got.

Monsters swarmed from the forests. They swept over the land, consuming smaller towns and fields. They drove ponies from their homes and they attacked wherever and whenever they could. The lush villages and cities of the south were swamped by the encroaching heat, dying acre after after under the sweltering sun. Dust blew in from the badlands and covered the fields, eating away at the livable Equestrian landscape.

In desperation, unable to stop nature herself, Starswirl Teleported home to the Everfree where the castle of the two sisters lay hidden and safe. He begged for an audience with the princess of the sun herself, but he was rebuffed. She didn’t want to see him. She was tired, and irritable, and didn’t know how to fix the reports of ponies dying and suffering she had surely been privy to. Starswirl found himself outside of her inner circle, too caught up in playing the hero to see when a far larger problem was rearing its head.
Until Luna found him.

“Poor Starswirl,” she purred, sneaking into his room as he pored over scrolls. “Unable to help, unable to talk to our sister, and unable to think thy way out of this. Whatever wilst thou do? Perhaps a different princess could help. A princess with the ability to… contain the sun’s light?” she laughed.

He turned to look at her. She was all sinuous grace and sinister darkness. She stared at him, and he tried to figure out what was different about her eyes. She caught him looking and moved closer, putting a hoof over his withers.

“Wasn’t it thee who told us the sun’s light could be fixed by the moon? That there was danger in the sun? We are of the moon, but surely we can help thee. We could… take that light away from the poor cities. Give them a reprieve. Put it all where nopony can be harmed by it. We just need to… hide it in the moon, yes?”

It was a good idea, but something in the way she said it disturbed him. She was talking about containing the sun’s light. He was wary at first, but it sounded good. It sounded promising, even. He agreed.

“I have nothing else at the moment, so we may as well try. Your idea has merit, Princess.”

“Of course it does. We had a very good teacher.” Her lips tickled his ear. He was worried, but it was a small worry. He was more concerned with preventing the growth of the encroaching desert, and his assent was swift. Anything to help. The Pillars existed to help. It was with some difficulty he agreed to take her with him on his next expedition. She promised to be good and return home soon, and that sufficed. That was all he needed from her.
That wasn’t all she needed from him.

Princess Luna came south with the Pillars. They traveled down to the once-lush fields of Equestria, where crops were grown in abundance and there was much to see and feel. Now, there was naught but desert.

Sand choked the fields, and dead plants lay everywhere, half-hidden in the sand. There were houses, skeletons, and trees dying everywhere they looked, and the sun’s light, harsh, red, and angry, baked down on them. Luna stood, looking pleased.

“So this is what our sister has allowed to happen? We shall fix it. Fear not, my little ponies.”

She placed a helmet on her head. Where she had gotten it, Starswirl didn’t know, but it made her look a little sinister, in his opinion. Her eyes gleamed green, and he wondered if they always had been that color. He tried to remember, but he was tired, his mind frazzled. He had been working non-stop to save the ponies from this terrible weather and come up short. He needed somepony else’s help, and the princess of the night seemed a good candidate. He watched as she stepped out onto the desert sands, head held high.

He wasn’t sure how to describe what happened next. The baking midday sun had been there one moment, but then the next, Luna had hovered up into the air above the terrible sands. Her wings opened and her mane flared in… darkness? She glowed, then. Both dark and light at the same time. It was a harsh glow at first, which slowly dimmed to a faded, muted light, not unlike that of the moon. The temperature dropped, and when she landed, she was carrying with her a large chunk of stone. She passed it to Starswirl, smiling coyly.

“Enjoy it, Starswirl. Our gift to thee.”
"Willing to help, but for what? Everypony keeps secrets, but Starswirld, Celestia, and Luna are all keeping too many at once."

Updated my journal: https://pastebin.com/YFnM341B
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Sleep tight thread
File: Appletillado.png (1.77 MB, 3840x2160)
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He took it, at first in his magic, but he dropped it immediately after his aura touched it. Luna caught it in hers again, clucking her tongue.

“Be careful, Starswirl. I’m sure you can feel it.”

He could. It was powerful. More powerful than he could have imagined. It was filled with sun energy. So much so that his magic wavered near it. The other Pillars took a step backward, warily eyeing the rock, Starswirl, and Princess Luna.

Tentatively, he grasped it again.

Power flooded into him. His beard prickled from the sheer strength of it, and the world grew brighter. His field of view seemed to stretch, and his horn sparked. Luna’s helmet shone bright, and he could see through her with this power in his grasp. He saw Princess Luna herself, shrunken and cowering beneath something else. Something connected to the helmet, and he realized what it was made of then. The mare looking at him from within Luna was all shadows and sharp teeth. Dark eyes and sinister smiles. Terrible strength and simultaneous beauty. He idly wondered how long Luna had been suffering.

From the stone came more power, filling him until he thought he would burst, but with it also came another entity. A dark entity, one that grasped at him and his magic. It lashed out at him with impossible strength, but Starswirl had used the sun’s power for his own gains for too long. With the new power given to him he took the creature and idly tossed it aside, banishing it to darkness… somewhere. In his giddy delight at the power and his confusion at princess Luna’s state, he didn’t know where, but it was gone. The power was clean. The power was his.
“Thank you, Princess. I will be careful,” he finally said. She looked at him, clearly aware of what he had done, but her smile never faltered.

“Full glad we are. We do not believe we can do anything more for this place. It has been under the yoke of the sun for too long. If it will recover, it will do so on its own. We are heading home.” Without waiting for a reply, Luna cast a teleportation spell and disappeared. Somnambula gasped. Rockhoof cleared his throat.

“Guess we’ll be heading off too,” Rockhoof said.

“Yes, there’s a lot to do now that ponies are safe here again. I’ll look for anypony that needs food, shelter, or water,” Meadowbrook said. There was muttered agreement from the others, and they all went their separate ways. Starswirl was unsure if they were scared of if they just didn’t want to talk about what had happened. Had they seen what he had seen? He didn’t think so, but he had bigger problems than just deserts. Luna was in trouble, and he had given her information to use against Celestia. He teleported back to the castle of the two sisters himself and descended into his laboratory with his new moon rock. There was research to be done.

Confirming his suspicions, Starswirl found that the stone had been a prison for some beast. He had carelessly thrown it away, and he was worried what that might mean, but in addition, he found that the amount of sunlight Luna had taken from the sun might mean there was a greater problem. It was a powerful artifact, but she had cooled the sun completely. Or at least, taken the light it was sending and injured it. After a day of study, he went in search of Celestia. He needed to talk to her.
Celestia was ill.

She lay on her bed, her mane and tail changed to the normal solid colors and hairs of a regular pony. Her wings were shedding feathers and her face was pallid. She breathed normally, but she was told that her moments of lucidity had been sparse. She was not feeling well, that was clear. He was let inside her room on the condition that he leave her be, but he could not afford to be kind at the moment. Something was happening. He forced the servants out of the room with his magic and shut the door. He leaned in close and told her what had happened.

“I am sorry, Princess. Your sun was killing southern Equestria. Deserts and badlands have grown out of what was once lush and green. I enlisted Luna’s help in restoring them and she stole light from the sun.” He looked away from her a moment when her eyes shifted to his. He couldn’t look her in the eye. “I fear something—that shifting shape I saw on the moon—has taken your sister away and put itself in her place. I know not what it might be, but I fear it comes from the sun. If there is anything you can tell me, please, I must know!”
"When he found out the sun was evil, Starswirl knew he had to do something."
>Waxworks looked up at the sun high above. It was partially hidden by clouds.
"But that thing's pretty big. I don't know how you'd fight something like that."

Updated my journal: https://pastebin.com/YFnM341B

Is this pic a reference to something?
The Cask of Amontillado. It's from a fanfic based on the same story. Edgar Allen Poe. One of my favorites.
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Ah christ this took a while
Awwww, nice! Good work, DS! Thanks for your work. You want more suggestions or you good for now?
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Goodnight boop from Thingpone
My cat ate a giant spider once which I caught in a bucket once.
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Okay. Today was a nice, relaxing Sunday of hiking and family, so thanks for the patience. Update again tomorrow morning.
im fine with getting more sugggestions
I love you.
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thanks anon
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Celestia breathed in slowly. Her exhalation brought with it her words and he listened carefully. “Starswirl, the sun has never been kind to me. I fight it each morning for the power it wants, and I combat it each night as I force it below. Surely you felt some of that when you took part in the ritual?”

Starswirl shook his head. Though he felt it stealing—or trying to steal—his magic during the ritual, he had never needed to “fight” it, like she said. It wasn’t what he would call a fight, anyway. More like tucking in an unruly foal.

“The sun is a creature,” she said. “A magical creature, made of light and aether, not unlike a timberwolf or cragadile, made of sticks and mud. I… trade with this creature, and our magic sustains each other. In taking that small sample for you, I enraged the beast, and I vowed I would do no more. But you…” she looked at him and blinked slowly. “It tells me that you have been consuming it. Devouring it piece by little piece, and it is angry. It has been attacking me and Equestria little by little, and I am at the end of what I can do to protect my little ponies. If Luna has a way to stop it, let her. For Equestria.”

Starswirl didn’t know what to say. Celestia’s claim that the sun was alive was ridiculous. Inconceivable. Mad even! It had no face, no arms, no legs, and it didn’t even have anything it lived on. That it was responsible for life on Equestria was ridiculous! Such a thing couldn’t happen. He had touched the sun with his magic. That… didn’t feel like a creature.
Not a creature he was familiar with, at least.

But the sun wasn’t following the usual rules creatures obeyed, did it? Like that movement on the moon. What was that, then? Was it something of the sun, or something of the moon? Was the moon a creature as well? He needed to talk to Luna.

He searched the castle, but he could find no sign of her. Nopony had claimed to have seen her recently, and though he tried well past the rising of the moon, he couldn’t find her. She wasn’t even where she usually stood to raise the moon. He eventually had to give up and returned to his laboratory. Inside, he brought out the rock she had given him, pulsing with power and light. He placed it on the table and looked at it with a critical eye. It stared back, unblinking. Unflinching.

A rock.

He reached out and touched it with his magic. Like before, he could feel the power inside it. Contained. It was pulsing, throbbing on his desk with magic energy. Potential, just waiting to be unleashed, veins of magic straining against the prison of stone around it.

…not unlike a magical heartbeat.

He shook his head to clear such a thought from his mind and studied it more intensely. He needed to understand it to understand what was wrong with Celestia. Was there a life in there? Was the magic part of a creature he was unaware of? Was him consuming it why he no longer felt the need to sleep? To eat? To do anything? Was he living off the life energy of a beast that he did not know was a beast? Was it lashing out against him?
So many questions that he couldn’t answer, until he heard a voice in his ear.

“Yes. To all thine questions,” Luna said.

Starswirl jumped, almost dropping the rock off the desk. Luna caught it and gently lay it back on top.

“Be careful, Starswirl. What thee possesseth is a weapon more than it is anything else. We are sure thou hast noticed it? In thy visit to our dear sister, we are sure she mentioned it?” She smiled a wicked smile. “We are the moon, and our sister is the sun. We are opposing forces locked in terrible battle. We consume her as she attempts to destroy us. You, here on Equestria, pass unnoticed, save for thy feedings daily. She useth thee, and we useth her, though she knows it not.”

“She? You mean Celestia?”

Luna looked at Starswirl. Her eyes were green, catlike slits. She still wore that helmet from before, and her coat was darker than ever. Her mane and tail were black, speckled with few stars. Darkness upon darkness, she was. Her eyes narrowed. “We refer to our sibling. The sun.”

Starswirl took a step back. Her answer told him nothing, but it implied too much. Worrying amounts of information were present, though he missed enough pieces to put it together. “So, Celestia?”

Luna followed him, stepping forward as he stepped back. She smiled, and he saw her teeth had become fangs. Not ponylike at all. His eyes widened. “You’re… not Luna.”

“We are Luna. We are us. We have always been us. The moon, versus the sun.”

The creature on the moon! The moving being he had seen through his telescope, this was it, contained within Luna, the same way the moon contained the sun’s light. But was the creature possessing her part of the sun birthed on the moon, or was it the moon itself?
"According to Luna-or NIghtmare Moon? You'd fight it be being another large, celestial body that feeds of it. It worked or her, right?"

Updated my journal: https://pastebin.com/YFnM341B
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Thing says goodnight
File: drowning in glamour.png (290 KB, 469x800)
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there she is, now in digital
D'awwww. Now draw her digging up a corpse.

...or three.
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Starswirl looked into those dark eyes and saw himself, reflected, disappearing into her with every slow step she took toward him. He wanted to cry out, but to whom could he turn for help? He was one of the pillars of Equestria. A powerful wizard. The unicorn among unicorns. He was the bar by which others were measured. If he needed help, what could he do?

“Thou seemest fearful of us. We are not thy enemy, Starswirl. We are merely here to watch as the sun perisheth. We shall take from her the light and protect Equestria from her terrible gaze. None shall fear the burning power of the sun whilst we rule, as is our right.”

“Nothing will grow.”

“Everything shall grow. We can protect everypony from it as we have been doing so for these many years. It is only by the foolish energy of the unicorns that the sun even hath power. Thou takest from it, as I do. Thou knoweth the truth, and thee canst make thine own decisions. Stand not in our way, Starswirl. We bringeth darkness soon.” She disappeared in a dark cloud of smoke, and Starswirl was alone again. When he had collected his thoughts, he picked up the moon rock once again and teleported away. He needed the pillars.

He found the rest of them in the southern desert where he had left them. They were trying to get the ponies there back on their hooves and save as many lives as they could. There was no life to be had there, unfortunately. The sand had choked out everypony, filling houses, buildings, gardens and fields, everything was gone. Even trying to cool the sun was having no effect on the sand the land had become.
“It’s getting worse,” Meadowbrook said.

“What is?” Starswirl asked.

“The heat.”

“But Princess Luna…”

She shook her head. “The heat’s coming back. The sun’s getting warmer again. Surely you noticed it when you arrived?”

Starswirl hadn’t. To him it had felt fine. He wasn’t overheating even with his long robes and prodigious beard. He felt… balmy, even. “I must admit I didn’t notice.” He looked at the others. Every one of them was sweating save for Somnambula, who was used to such heat. “How hot is it?” he asked.

Rockhoof shook his head. “It’s terrible, and it’s climbing constantly. We’ve received messenger birds from all over Equestria, and the heat is getting worse. The south is taking the brunt of it, but if it continues, there’s not telling how bad it will get.”

Starswirl stroked his beard. He wasn’t feeling any of it himself, but he had to assume that was because of his consumption of the sun’s energy. If Luna was any indication, then it was aware of what it was doing. But if that were the case, how did one communicate with the sun? By lifting it?”

“I must try something. I think I know what is wrong. You must continue what we all started, even if I do not return.”

“What will you do?”

“I’m going to talk to the sun.” He stood and teleported away, not waiting for a response. It wasn’t going to make any more sense than that.

In his laboratory, Starswirl collected the jars of sunlight he had amassed over the years of his research. He collected every moon rock he had, every different type of sunlight, and carried them all to the upper parts of the castle of the sisters. It was the middle of the day, and the sun was high. There would be no better time.
“Hello, Sun,” he said. He couldn’t be sure, but he felt like the temperature rose a degree or two. He didn’t want to imagine what that might mean. He placed the jars and rocks in a circle around him, then sat down in the center. “We have a lot to discuss.”

He looked up at the sun and sighed, then prepared the familiar old spell he used to cast with the unicorns of the newly-founded Equestria. His horn glowed, and he reached up and out toward the sun. He grasped ahold of it with his magic, a tentative grip, and heard a cry from somewhere in the castle.

His spell dropped.

Celestia’s screams died away, and he tried again, touching the sun gingerly with his magic. He heard nothing, and just had to pray that the princess would be alright. She was weakened, but that was his own fault. He could only pray that this would help.

When he grabbed hold of the sun, he heard—or rather felt—a presence in his mind. It was furious, angry, and lashed out at him. It, unlike Celestia, was not in a weaker sort of state. It was powerful, terribly powerful, and it hated him for what he had done. He felt its rage and anger at him for taking away its magic, and even more it hated him for consorting with the creature on the moon. Starswirl felt the temperature around him rise another few degrees. He felt nothing, but he could visibly see the plants in the forest around him wilt. A bird fell from the sky.

He felt more than heard a command, and when it came he implicitly understood. He opened one of the jars in front of him, and held it up above his head. The light within disappeared, and the presence in his mind faltered in its rage. Starswirl felt a glimmer of hope.
"If taking away made it angry, giving back will help, won't it? Or will it merely make it even angrier?"

Updated my journal: https://pastebin.com/YFnM341B
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Is there a green like this? Does this go with something?
I do not know. But I can write one.
It looks like it would be a great story.
dude niiiiice
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Again and again he returned his jars of light to the orb in the sky above him. Each time he turned the light he collected over to it, he felt cooler, and calmer. The sun was taking back what belonged to it, and Equestria was doing better. Starswirl smiled.

But… he didn’t want to give it all back. The moon’s rocks were his, and he enjoyed their power. The endless wellspring of magic with which he could perform miracles of all kinds far beyond the limits of his own magic. How aware was the sun? How clever was it? How intelligent?

After the last jar was turned over to it, he found out.

The final jar sat empty next to him. The deep colors of the sunset swirled in the sky above him, then raced back to their source. They mixed into the overwhelming rays of sunlight coming down from above, and then were gone. He looked down at the moon rocks and waited, holding his grip on the sun. He wanted to know if it was aware of everything he had taken. There was calm for a short time, then a beam of light shot down from the sun directly onto him. He felt the air around him heat up, wavering before his eyes from the temperature.

“Alright! Alright! I understand!” Starswirl held up one of the moon rocks and the he watched in morbid fascination as it became superheated. He winced, protecting himself with a small shield as the rock melted. It was gone in an instant, vaporized into nothing as the sun stole back the magic the moon had taken.
He lifted up the next, and the next, and they disappeared as well. Then he held up the largest. There was a loud CRACK as it exploded in the air, releasing a dark, swirling cloud. The cloud, however, did not travel up to the sun. The shadow grew eyes just for a moment, hissing in pain at the powerful sunlight bathing it. Starswirl wanted to capture it, but it was all he could do to protect himself from the sunlight. If it was another one of those creatures from the moon he could have learned more to find out what happened to Luna, but his own hubris was catching up to him. He could only watch helplessly as the shadowy beast disappeared away from the sun, heading to the east in the direction of Hollow Shades.

When all the rocks were gone, Starswirl looked up helplessly at the sun. The heat was still present, and still unbearable. It was pounding down on him, demanding more. He tried to let go, unable to give it anything else, but it demanded more of him. A greedy, terrible creature, exactly as Luna had said. It wanted more, and if he couldn’t escape or stop it, it was going to take more.

He could feel his magic slipping out of him. He heard wordless speech in his head and although he couldn’t understand it, he knew it was trying to take back what he had already used. He felt himself weaken, his legs giving way beneath him as it tried to take his magic. He slumped over, panting and sweating from the immense heat.

Then… shade.

A figure landed in front of him. The afterimages from looking at the sun were blinding him, but he saw wings, he saw a horn, and he saw a glowing mane and tail. He felt the grip on his horn loosen and then he blacked out.
When he awoke, it was night, and the cool light of the moon was shining down on him. He felt a hoof on his forehead, and a cool cloth. He winced at the sting of it touching his skin, and realized he must be sunburned.

“Shhhh, Starswirl. Thou hast been a fool, but thy heart was in the right place. Thou shouldst not have faced the sun so directly.”

“Princess Luna?”

“Tis the moon, yes. The returning of our gifts to the sun hast calmed her fury, but though she acts so regal and important, she is fierce and dangerous. Thou wouldst do well not to cross her so soon.”

“And… Equestria?”

“Thou hast helped us a great deal. Releasing one of our brothers. We know not where he hast gone.”

“Brothers? Sisters?” Starswirl was confused. His head hurt, and his body stung.

“Shhh, rest. Thou will discover more thyself, we are sure.” He felt the hoof disappear, though the cool cloth stayed. He blinked, but saw nothing save darkness moving away, then he slept again.

He drifted in and out of consciousness for a few days. Mage Meadowbrook and Somnambula came to visit him, but strangely, Celestia never did. When he finally got well enough to walk once more, he went to visit her to question her about the sun.

“Good day, Princess Celestia. I would speak with you.”

“Approach, Starswirl.” Her demeanor was cool, and her eyes hard. He came closer. “What wouldst thou ask of the sun?” Her eyes blazed a fiery orange. Starswirl bowed and retreated.

“Nothing, Princess. All my answers have come in your presence,” he said. She watched him go, and when the doors closed he breathed a heavy sigh. There was more to the sun and the moon than he knew, and he did not know if he would live to keep their secrets safe.

He would try.

He would try.

The End.
>Waxworks watched as the sun started dipping behind the horizon.
"You know, the sun could kill us at any moment if it changes its mind. If it wanted to, it would be easy. It holds our lives in its hooves, after all."
>She looks at you and grins.
"But am I talking about the sun, or the sun?"
>She laughs.

Updated my journal: https://pastebin.com/YFnM341B
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File: Gomez and Mort dis lee.png (618 KB, 780x1000)
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Why is she crying?


Where is this from?


Are you fan of the Adams Family?

Do you agree with this video?

File: 1506262117185.png (503 KB, 2000x2916)
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503 KB PNG

It was time for tea. Yes it was.

A sweet, saccharine break from the troubling rush of the day. A time when Fluttershy could stop and think about the hurrying, scurrying ponies that went to and fro about their constant, stressful work, and she could just spend time with somepony else who shared her love of calm introspection.

Pinkie Pie threw open the door without knocking. “Fluttershy! Have you heard?” She shouted, rushing over and skidding to a stop next to Fluttershy’s table. Fluttershy winced.

“I… don’t think so. What should I have heard?”

Pinkie leaned in and whispered as loud as she could. “Somepony is planning a surprise party… without me!”

“Oh… is it for you?”

Pinkie shook her head violently. “No! It’s for somepony else! I haven’t figured out who, but it’s going to be held tonight! At Sugarcube Corner!”

“Is that how you heard about it?”

“Yes!” she shouted. “They hired the Cakes to make all the sweets, and I heard about it, and I don’t know what they tried to keep secret, but I found out, and now I want to know who’s doing what, where the decorations are coming from, and most of all, who it’s for!” She paced in quick, small circles, yelling and fussing and whipping her wild mane around as she ranted.

“Not knowing a party must be weird for you.”

“It’s crazy! I’m Ponyville’s premier party pony. The popular pick for ponies picky about parties! I’m prestigious! Prepared! Politic! I’m perfect!” she screeched. “…when it comes to parties,” she amended.

“I don’t think they didn’t choose you as an insult, they might just want something small,” Fluttershy said.

“But they deserve something big! Everypony does! I need to find out more.”

“I don’t think that’s—” Fluttershy began, but Pinkie was already gone out the door, leaving her alone in her cottage with her tea.
Pinkie hunted about town for something that would tell her more about the ponies that were having the party. There wasn’t much to be found. The Cakes had their names, but no guest list. She hunted down the names and found a small cottage on the outskirts of town, and she barged in. She insisted she could make their party better, free of charge. They weren’t having it, unfortunately. They got mad, they yelled at her for barging in, and she was sent away without being allowed to explain herself further.

She went back. She slipped in windows, came down the chimney, appeared in their kitchen drawers when they went looking for cutlery, but the answer was always the same: “We just want a small party for the family.” Eventually, Pinkie had to admit defeat, and left a gift on the table.

She hoped they liked cupcakes with buttercream frosting.

The day of the party came and went. Pinkie was not invited. Neither was anypony else (she checked). They had their little event, and they got a nice cake. Pinkie even tried to deliver it herself, but they asked the Cakes to bring it themselves to avoid having too big of a bash. Pinkie was thwarted at every turn. When their party ended, and the family went to sleep, Pinkie was in a bush across the street, staring at the windows.

“How could they have such a tiny little party without any decorations? All they did was eat a cake! That’s not a party! Why would anypony call something a party that wasn’t a party? Do I have to tell them what a real party is?” She put a hoof to her chin and looked up at the sky. “Do I know what a real party is?”
She went home. The confusion brought upon her by the strange events of this odd party had brought into question her own beliefs when it came to parties. Was she wrong, or was it them? She wasn’t positive, and that scared her.

She checked a dictionary: Party: A social gathering of invited guests, typically involving eating, drinking, and entertainment. It sounded right. That was how she treated it, sending out invitations, bringing ponies together, having a good time. That was all correct. The three “I’s” of parties: Invite, ingest, instigate (fun).

She wasn’t wrong. They just didn’t follow the rules, so it wasn’t a party. Not really. Pinkie let herself flop onto her bed in relief. She relaxed and stared at the ceiling for a minute. All that worrying and fussing over a non-party, and she was a little frazzled. She needed something to take her mind off the non-party.

A party sounded good.

Pinkie rolled off her bed and hopped to her hooves. She jumped down her trap door into her party-planning room and pulled together some stationery for invitations. She scrawled out in quick crayon writing a brief introduction and invitation for everypony she wanted to come. For a calm-me-down party, her closest friends sounded like good choices, so she wrote an invite to the other elements of harmony (not Spike or Starlight, they weren’t invited), and put them in a bag. She put on her best party-invite hat and pranced out of Sugarcube Corner. She was feeling a lot better about herself and the situation. That hadn’t been a party, and it was nothing to fuss about. She knew was parties were, and that wasn’t one of them. That was right. Very right.
>Waxworks sat at her counter with a tiny, pitiful cake on it. There was a single normal candle jabbed into the middle. Far too big for the tiny cake, and not decorated in any way. She'd just stabbed a standard candle into it.
>She smiled as you entered.
"Welcome to the party!"

Updated my journal: https://pastebin.com/qrffpTfy
File: 1507668165538.jpg (79 KB, 1200x855)
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>Why is she crying?
Why tf would he or anyone know? Come up with ideas yourself.
>Where is this from?
Image Search you idiot.
>Are you fan of the Adams Family?
>Do you agree with this video?
Stop asking stupid questions. If you're new just lurk more.
File: gigerbar_gruyeres_0159.jpg (324 KB, 900x599)
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Not wanting help. What are you a faggot?

You can't always find from image search dumbass.

I guess you are a massive retard for being incapable of answering the two remaing questions.

Hold on anon I'm looking for something.

Nope I don't have your two cents.


Not understanding that anon was asking Waxworks.
Okay, you guys. Calm yer shit.
I didn't answer >>32601934
because I really don't have an answer to many questions. I don't know why she's crying, I don't know where it's from, but yes, I like the Addams family.
As far as I understand it, >>32601934
is just trying to carry on a conversation and maybe make the thread go faster, but though I answered before, the conversations do not go anywhere.
Quit gettin' mad at the internet.
File: OuijaBloom.png (504 KB, 1000x1000)
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It's an autistic summeranon, nameanon. He's been posting the same stupid posts these last few threads and it's annoying. If he's trying to make conversation than he obviously needs to get better at it.
I gave genuine advice here and the shit just sperged.
>same stupid posts these last few threads

I would love to see the evidence of your statement sir.

You had your chance of not responding to >>32601934 but instead your this.

>I gave genuine advice here and the shit just sperged.

Guess what button I'm pressing faggot.

Why are we fighting?
File: 100385739.png (1.43 MB, 1202x847)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB PNG
It's just one anon baiting. Why? I have no idea.
Because it's summer time in the USA and all the litte 12 year olds are out of school and bored.

Seriously parents, if you aren't going to supervise your damn kids, you should just eat them when they're young and save the rest of us a headache.
File: Pinoc4.jpg (101 KB, 1368x1024)
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101 KB JPG
>rest of us a headache.

No they need to either discipline or send them to military camp.
File: a shitload of us in here.jpg (1.45 MB, 1600x970)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB JPG
Gn bump... Boo...!
File: blood diamonds.png (1.78 MB, 2250x2840)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB PNG
File: 1494161224710.png (440 KB, 717x814)
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440 KB PNG
She first visited Rarity. Rarity was the closest, and the first stop on her trip around Ponyville until she had to go to the outskirts where Fluttershy, Applejack, and Twilight lived. Getting Rainbow Dash she’d need her helicycle. She would be last.

She pushed open the door to the boutique and stepped inside. Rarity was hard at work cleaning up the hem of a dress that Pinkie thought looked too stuffy to allow for much freedom of movement. She bounded up and put the invitation on the ponnequin’s croup.

“Hi, Rarity! I’m having a proper party to reassure myself that what that one family had wasn’t a party and was just a celebration. There’s a difference, you know. Anyway, to make myself feel better that they didn’t allow me to hold them a party, I’m holding an actual party at my place to help calm me down. You’ll come, won’t you?”

Rarity carefully finished what she was doing, ignoring Pinkie Pie messing with the dress. Pinkie stood there staring and waiting until Rarity stood up, tied off her work, and picked up the envelope. She pulled it open and read the inside, then frowned. “Oh, tomorrow? I don’t think I can come, darling. I have a previous engagement, and you know I’ve told you to give me advance notice of these things.”

Pinkie’s face fell. “But I need you there! It’s to make me feel better! I was so confused and scared!”

“I know, darling, but I just can’t make it. It’s too soon with not enough notice. You’ll just have to get the others to come. I really am sorry.”

Pinkie lowered her head. “Awwww, that’s okay. I’ll be fine.”

Rarity gave her a quick hug. “We can make time for tea and cakes the day after, okay?”

Pinkie left the boutique and made her bouncing way to Fluttershy’s cottage. If Rarity couldn’t come, Fluttershy surely could. She never did anything except take care of all those animals. Surely she’d have time.

“Oh, I promised Harry I would help him trim his fur tomorrow night. I would love to come, and I’ll see if I can reschedule, but Angel’s made me put it off for a few days now, and I can’t keep doing it. Could you reschedule your party, maybe? You said Rarity couldn’t come either, right?”

Pinkie left without a second guest at her party. Her smile was a little more subdued, but she bounded down to Sweet Apple Acres with hope still in her heart.

“Sorry, Sugarcube, ah let Big Mac go off to visit Sugar Belle in exchange for him doing my part of the orchard today, and ah’d do his tomorrow. If ah finish in time ah can come, but ah can’t promise you anythin’. Can you reschedule, maybe? Ah’d be able to guarantee time off in a couple days more.”

“That’s what everypony else keeps asking!” Pinkie protested.

“Then maybe you should. It’d give us all more time to prepare.”

“Nnnnnnngh!” Pinkie left the invitation with Applejack and stormed off toward Twilight’s castle. The fact that none of them were willing to come was beginning to get to her. She needed it soon, and she gave them a whole day to get ready. Why weren’t they willing to come? A whole day was more than enough time.

She knocked on the giant double doors to Twilight’s castle and waited for Spike to come answer. She’d have to tell Twilight Spike wasn’t allowed to come, but that was okay. It was Starlight that was going to be the problem.

The doors opened and Spike’s face appeared. “Hello, Pinkie! What’s up?”
“Is Twilight in?” Pinkie asked, waving the invitation impatiently.

“Yeah, she’s at the Cutie Map.”

“Great!” Pinkie didn’t wait for a response. She stepped over him and bounded down the hallway to the Map room. Twilight was there looking over the extended sections of the map, head down at the edge of the table.

“Twilight!” Pinkie yelled. Twilight jumped.

“Pinkie Pie! What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to deliver you an invitation to a super-special make-Pinkie-feel-better-about-not-parties party!”

“A what?”

“It’s a party to make up for one that ordered a cake for a party that wasn’t a party.”

“I’m not sure I understand.”

“It’s tomorrow!”

“Tomorrow night?”


“I don’t know if I can come tomorrow night. I have to help fix the gymnasium after some of the yak students got a little rowdy with it. The workers are coming tomorrow after school, and I need to be there.”

Pinkie’s mane wilted. This would only leave Rainbow Dash, and now that she was part of the Wonderbolts, Pinkie’s mind was filled with thoughts of “practice”, that Rainbow Dash would have to be doing all day.

“Oh…I guess so.”

“Can you reschedule it?”

Pinkie’s eye twitched. She looked at Twilight, seeing her, but gazing through her at nothing. Her eyes focused on the wall behind Twilight.


“Yes. Yes I can. I should visit Rainbow Dash and ask here when might be a good time to come for the party. That way, everypony will be on the same page, and there will be no miscommunication, and everypony will be at my party.”

Twilight tilted her head. “That’s… good, but are you okay?”

“Yes, Twilight. I am fine.” Pinkie turned away and marched out of the castle.
>Waxworks motioned for you to come sit.
"A party needs more than one pony for it to truly be a party, but when you can't get ponies together for it, you can't party, can you?"

Updated my journal: https://pastebin.com/qrffpTfy
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1.28 MB PNG
File: Cadence Chrysalis.jpg (3.93 MB, 2480x3508)
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3.93 MB JPG
File: Canine Nightmares.jpg (57 KB, 765x799)
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Lyra returned home one night to see Bon Bon cradling their foal in the living room. She didn't know what was worse; that somepony had dug up her dead wife and stillborn foal or that both of them were happy to see her.
File: 1503442940906.png (414 KB, 1100x700)
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414 KB PNG
Pinkie didn’t even bother pulling out her helicycle to visit Rainbow Dash. Everypony else had already turned her down, so she wasn’t going to hold a party for Rainbow alone. Those were birthday parties. Everypony had one of those, and even they involved more ponies attending than her current party was shaping up to have. She stormed home, stormed up the stairs, stormed over to her bed, and slammed her face into the blankets. Gummy blinked at her.

“No, Gummy. It did not go well. Everypony’s busy,” she said.

Gummy blinked again.

“They all wanted me to reschedule.”

Gummy blinked his left eye, then the right.

“Yes, I guess I can, but I still hate it. A day’s enough time, right?”

Gummy didn’t blink.

“No? You think so, too?” She lifted her head from the blankets and looked at him. “Really? But why? I think that should have been enough, and then they can just come when they’re done work. I mean, it’s not like they don’t finish work when it gets dark, and then they could have come over.”

Gummy blinked twice quickly.

“Hmmm, I see your point. So I should make it a better party?”

Gummy stared at her. Pinkie smiled.

“The best party?”

Gummy stared harder.

“A party so good they’ll stay until it’s done?” Pinkie shouted excitedly.

Gummy blinked slowly. Pinkie was vibrating with excitement.

“That’s a great idea, Gummy! A party so good they’ll arrive at the beginning, and stay until I decide it ends! With enough time to get ready for it, they’re sure to stay! A lot of advance notice! You’re a genius, Gummy!” She dashed over and hugged him tight. He just blinked. Pinkie pranced around the room, then disappeared down into the Party Cave. Gummy was left alone.
Pinkie’s friends all received a letter in the mail the following days. It was an invitation, telling them she would be holding a party in a month (that was a safe amount of advance notice, right?). It described a party that would be the most sensational thing they had even done. It was going to the most super-great-amazo-party-time-blast-fun-party EVER! And all they had to do was show up at 4:00pm and stay until midnight (four would give everypony time to wake up and be properly rested so they could have fun until it was over).

Pinkie got an RSVP from everypony in a few days. Every single one of them would surely be able to show up for the party and nothing would stop them because she gave them so much advance notice. That wasn’t their words, of course, but they all agreed to come. Her rescheduling of the party-to-make-Pinkie-feel-better was a success! Now she just had to prepare.

Pinkie went out and bought all the supplies, all the decorations, prepared them all, made her room clean enough to party in, safe enough to dance in, and roomy enough to house everypony. She even put up a fancy curtain at the door so it would appear like there wasn’t anywhere to leave by when they were inside. It was going to be great!

But she finished all that in a single day. Now she had to wait thirty more for the party time to actually arrive. She sat down on the edge of her bed and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

She went downstairs to help Mr. and Mrs. Cake with Sugarcube corner (it was her job, after all). But it didn’t make her feel any better. She was still frustrated and annoyed on the inside. She never got to fix that disheartening feeling that somepony didn’t need her for their party. She sniffled.
While she worked, she tried to think about other things. She debated the meaning of parties, and the function of parties. Parties were there to make ponies feel better. There wasn’t much use to them besides that. They were a distraction. She knew that’s what they were for, but she still wanted to feel useful. Surely a pony that didn’t want much for their birthday party could use a good amount of distraction. There wasn’t any need for them to fuss over such terrible things as life and their problems. A distraction was good every now and then. Pinkie was good at distractions.

But if you’re the only pony there, you can’t distract yourself without some outside force, can you?

Pinkie’s month went by very slowly.

When the big day arrived, Pinkie was prepared to show her friends the time of their lives. It would be the best distraction they had ever encountered, and after a month with no parties, everypony could really use it, she was sure. Applejack had spent it working on the farm. Twilight had spent it working on her princess duties. Rarity was always working, so she would surely need some distraction. Rainbow had Wonderbolt duty (Pinkie had picked a day that wasn’t going to conflict with any performances), and Fluttershy was always helping her animals, so there was surely something everypony could enjoy. It was gonna be GREAT!

The first to arrive was Twilight. She arrived with Spike on her back. Pinkie almost frowned. Had she forgotten to include on the invitation that Spike was not invited? Even with his wings he was still too young to party all night.

“Hello, Pinkie! Nice afternoon, isn’t it?”
"When your big day finally arrives, you've waited so long, and built it up so much in your head, that anything that doesn't fit is going to ruin it. Like... an uninvited guest, for example."

Updated my journal: https://pastebin.com/qrffpTfy
I member that movie. The ending was complete horse shit.
File: Cavity search.jpg (128 KB, 1280x640)
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128 KB JPG
What movie was that? I'm not sure I recognize it.
Huh. I've never seen it.
File: 1000494902.png (2.83 MB, 2560x1482)
2.83 MB
2.83 MB PNG
File: Derpire.png (892 KB, 1024x1024)
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892 KB PNG
File: 1508445331629.png (869 KB, 1000x1000)
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869 KB PNG
Pinkie smiled a wide, perpetual smile. She spoke through clenched, grinning teeth. “Yes, Twilight. It is a wonderful afternoon. Please, come in and have a good time. Everypony else will be here soon.”

“Thanks, Pinkie! It’ll be great!” Spike said. Pinkie didn’t respond to him.

The next to arrive was Applejack. Ever-punctual Applejack. She wandered up, carrying a bushel of apples. She stepped inside, tracking dirt onto the nice clean floor. She dropped the apples and wiped her brow with a hoof. “Phew! Finished work just in time. I hope you can use some apples.”

“Applejack! So good to see you! And yes, I can always use more apples. I’ll add them to the cellar. Please, come in and have fun.”

Fluttershy wandered in soon after, thankfully without bringing Angel with her. Pinkie was certain she’s included the rules in the invitation now, and Twilight had just decided to ignore it. Pinkie welcomed Fluttershy, who headed straight for the refreshments and got a glass of punch.

Rarity arrived after her, dressed to impress, even though it was just their small group of friends. She sauntered inside and stood regally next to Applejack, who was fanning herself with her hat. They began to chat about whatever they found important, while Pinkie waited at the door for Rainbow Dash.

After fifteen minutes past the start time of the party, Pinkie had to assume Rainbow Dash wasn’t coming. She had either forgotten, or she had pointedly ignored the invitation and decided not to alert Pinkie about it. It stung, but even friends sometimes let you down. She left the door and went to talk to her other friends. She wanted to make sure everypony was having a good time, despite the missing individual.
As she went from pony to pony, Pinkie determined that everypony was having a good time. They talked, they ate, they played games. She organized it all and made sure to include things for everypony, including the meek Fluttershy. She was willing to play pin the tail on the dragon, but not twister. They even played some board games, during one of which, while they were debating the ruleset, who should burst through the door, but Rainbow Dash.

“Sorry I’m late! I got caught up in some Wonderbolts business!” she shouted.

Pinkie looked at the clock. It was half-past seven, which was a good three hours after the scheduled start time. She didn’t want a better explanation than that, but she was livid that Rainbow wouldn’t even try to let her know she was going to be late. She jumped to her hooves, the game forgotten, and pushed her nose up in Rainbow’s face.

“Wonderbolts business? And you couldn’t even think to make a call and let me know you were running late?”

Rainbow looked stunned. “Sorry, Pinkie. Like I said, it was Wonderbolts business and I couldn’t—”

“’Wonderbolts business’ huh? Doing what?” Pinkie demanded.

“You know… business.”

“Drills? Exercises? Schmoozing? Planning? Organizing?”

“You know… we had to—”

“What is it, Rainbow Dash?”

Twilight tried to interject. “Pinkie, please. She came. Isn’t that all that matters?”

“No, Twilight. That isn’t all that matters.” Pinkie whirled on them, her mane losing some of its poof. “I gave you all a whole month to plan ahead and show up. I needed to talk to you a month ago and I wanted help feeling better, but you couldn’t come! None of you could help! You were all too busy and every one of you wanted advance notice, so I gave you a month!”
Applejack stood up from the game board. “And we’re glad y’did. Gave us all a good amount of time to prepare, but sometimes, life just throws ye a curveball.”

Pinkie turned her glare at Applejack. “And it’s such a curveball you can’t let me know you’ll be late?”

“It came out of nowhere!”

“Oh, yeah? Explain what happened in detail!” Pinkie said, turning her withering gaze on Rainbow Dash again.

“It… well… Soarin wanted to…”

“Wanted to what?” Pinkie demanded.

Rainbow lowered her gaze to the floor. “…get drinks.”

“Get drinks, hmm? And getting drinks is Wonderbolt business? Business that’s so important and mandatory that you would give up coming to my party, which you agreed to come to a month ago, so you could ‘get drinks’ with Soarin and the Wonderbolts?”


“That’s what I thoughts,” Pinkie said. She turned to look around the room, eyes falling on each pony in turn. Rainbow Dash was first, then Fluttershy, then Applejack, then Rarity, then finally Twilight. There was a chewing sound, and her head whipped around to find Spike, sitting on the snack table, chowing down on the cheese and crackers.

Her mane went flat.

“Everypony out!” she screeched.

“Pinkie, please,” Twilight said as calmly as she could. Pinkie jabbed a hoof into Twilight’s chest.

“No, Twilight. I explicitly said I wanted to spend some time with my closest friends. I didn’t want to babysit a baby dragon.”

“Teen dragon.”


“He grew his wings, he’s a teen dragon, not a baby.”

Pinkie just stared at Twilight in disbelief. The look of someone who would question why anyone would want to know the difference between a soup spoon and a teaspoon. She stared for a moment, then silently pointed at the door. Her mouth shut with a quiet click, but her eyes spoke volumes. Everypony left.
>Waxworks spread her hooves and shrugged.
"Sometimes things just don't go as you planned, and sometimes that's unavoidable, but sometimes it is. Sometimes it's caused by ponies who won't respect you and you need to take a stand."

Updated my journal: https://pastebin.com/qrffpTfy
Was finding the original drawing to this then realized I had lost it so I redrew it in digital this time, I didn't know if I had already posted the original drawing here before but oh well.
File: IMG_20170708_211659.jpg (742 KB, 1536x1589)
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Closest thing I see in my DS folder. I've saved every image you've posted here, though I coulda missed one somewhere
must have not posted the sketch of that sketch then, oh well this is a bonus
Yeah, I don't see it in my folder either. I think it's new, so thank you, DS.

How are you doing today?
no prob
Im doing fine anon, thanks for asking
File: 1516718057429.png (1.81 MB, 1438x1758)
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1.81 MB PNG
Whatcha been drawing lately?
Imgur's community is shit. Then again it's literally made by Reddit for Reddit.
some of my own things like OCs and such, been trying to get them up and alive again
yeah its a fact but its the only place I can link and post lewds here without getting banned but then again I can always use pixiv
File: 1099484.jpg (3.65 MB, 2800x1859)
3.65 MB
3.65 MB JPG
Fuck no, Pixiv is worse.
meh the less complaining I get, the less I give a shit about the community
The community is going to be the community. I ignore the shitters and only talk to the people that are willing to hold a civil conversation
Dubs of truth

If more people did this, the web would be a better place
File: 1356805362.png (366 KB, 800x584)
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File: 1488693700335.jpg (153 KB, 635x900)
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Emergency bump
File: 1507781988577.png (2.2 MB, 2395x3500)
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2.2 MB PNG
Pinkie stayed in her room for the next three days. She began by laying on her bed and staring at the ceiling. Nothing happened and nothing changed, but she pondered. She pondered her position in life and the effect her friends had on her.

Her “friends”.

Was there no respect in their relationships? Did they not take her seriously? Did they think that she would accept everything they did to her without any repercussions? That she was willing to put up with them forever; ever the silent, watchful, bubbly, perky, Pinkie Pie? The happy-go-lucky pony that wouldn’t be bothered by anything?

Twilight had brought Spike. Applejack hadn’t even bathed. Rarity treated her party like it was some formal function, Rainbow Dash couldn’t even be bothered to show up on time. The only one that showed some modicum of respect was Fluttershy, who had ditched Angel to come alone. Twilight hadn’t even done that. She’d been explicit in her instructions. There was no excuse. No excuse at all.

Pinkie lay there, and she stared. She watched the roof do nothing for some hours, then drifted off to sleep. When she woke up, nothing had changed. She hadn’t even shifted during the time she was unconscious. She lay there again, watching the roof, until Mrs. Cake came up and knocked on the door.

“Pinkie Pie, are you alright in there?” she asked.

Slowly, she pulled herself to a sitting position. Her head lolled as she sat up, and she turned to the door. She stared at it dumbly until the knocking came again. She dragged her hooves out of bed and flopped off the side, then carried herself over to the door. She pulled it open, scowling at the chubby Mrs. Cake standing in it. “What.”
“Oh, I was just wondering if you were doing fine, is all. You haven’t come out in a while, and the Mr. and I were getting a little worried.”

“I’m fine.” She started to close the door.

“Well,” Mrs. Cake said, blocking the door with a hoof. “I was taking a break for tea and wanted to know if you’d like to join me.” She smiled wide, trying to appear non-threatening. Pinkie paused, the door stuck against Mrs. Cake’s hoof.

She stared at Mrs. Cake, looking her straight in the eyes, trying to figure out what the mare wanted. She was pudgy, her cheeks rosy and warm, and her eyes didn’t hold any hint of malice, but something about it felt off to her. Pinkie shook her head, telling herself it was all in her imagination, and slowly nodded. “Okay,” was all she said.

Mrs. Cake’s smile widened and she beamed at Pinkie. “Well, that’s wonderful! I’ll be at the small table downstairs in the back. You know where it is. It’s away from all the customers, so it’ll just be you and me.”

“Thank you,” Pinkie said. Mrs. Cake nodded and walked away, leaving Pinkie in her room.

Pinkie looked around her room and stepped in front of her mirror. She looked herself over, trying to decide if she needed or wanted to do anything with her mane. It was flat and unkempt, like she had slept fitfully, though she’d woken up in the same position. She mussed it a bit, then gave up and wandered down the stairs to the small room where Mrs. Cake was waiting for her. She sat down heavily and stared at the teacup and little tea cake in front of her. Mrs. Cake was on the other side, sipping calmly at her own cup, not saying a word.
The two sat in silence for a while. Mrs. Cake didn’t bring anything up, she just sat quietly, waiting for Pinkie to make the first move. She was patient, and eventually Pinkie caved in.

“What is it?”

Mrs. Cake relaxed at Pinkie finally saying something. She breathed out and smiled. “I was just wondering what was going on, what with you being all locked up there alone. I thought I’d invite you for some tea. Something completely unthreatening. Just wanted to spend some time with you, dearie.”

Pinkie put on a smile. “Thanks.”

“Tea’s nice, isn’t it? It’s a nice, calm thing you can do with friends, without any expectations except drinking tea and eating little confections, don’t you think?”

“Yeah. Yeah, it is,” Pinkie said. She picked up her teacup. The tea had gone lukewarm, but she sipped it, then drank it all in one gulp. She shoved the cake in her mouth and ate it quickly, then swallowed. Mrs. Cake refilled her cup and she drank that to wash the cake down. She was feeling more energetic.

“It’s a great way to find out what’s troubling somepony, and a good way to find out how they really feel. Clearing the air, don’t you know.”

Pinkie smiled, but her mane remained flat on her head. “Yeah. Yeah it is. To find out how they really feel…”

Mrs. Cake smiled brightly. “Feeling a bit better, Pinkie Pie?”

“You know what, Mrs. Cake, I think I am. I think I’m feeling great.” She smiled wide, eyes sparkling with the beginnings of an idea. “I’m feeling better than I have in a long time. I think it’s time I really, truly, cleared the air and found out a lot of things, and tea is going to help me do that.”

“Glad I could help, Pinkie. Do you need anything to help with that?”

Pinkie shook her head. “You’ve already helped a lot.”
"Pinkie comes to a realization that she can't leave things the way they are between her and her friends. She needs to make sure they all know where they stand, and where she stands in relation to them."

Updated my journal: https://pastebin.com/qrffpTfy
meh since that pinkie drawing was getting threats of reporting, ill have to take it down imgur but heres a link to that drawing on pixiv https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=69623041
hopefully im not to get shit for it there
Threats of reporting? For what? Violence? There's gifs of people dying on imgur and porn galore. Geezus cripes.
apparently from what I was told by someone it violates since it contains blood, gore, mutilation and genital exposure. Which is funny that I barely get a warning about that now when I posted about necrophilia and yet I didn't get told off for that.
The wrong person saw it and got offended, I guess. Pity.
You can always make posts private or not show on the new posts lists.
I'll try to do that next time, ive already deleted that post a while ago
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Why Pinkie?
best pony
absolutely not ds who said this
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Mrs. Cake smiled and nodded. “I’m glad I could, Pinkie. We’ll see you in the shop soon?”

“Probably not until after I’ve sorted this all out, Mrs. Cake. Thanks again!”

Mrs. Cake left with a smile on her face, leaving Pinkie to her own devices. Pinkie, meanwhile, took the opportunity to disappear down into her party cave. She grabbed a pencil and paper and began writing out a long list of instructions, grievances, problems, solutions, and many other seemingly random things. Gummy stayed in a corner and blinked.

“No, Gummy. I’m going to invite them one at a time. I can’t have them all there at once because I won’t be able to focus on one of them. I need them to be separated.”

Gummy blinked one eye, then the other.

“Yes, I will if I have to. I’ll force them to talk to me, and we’ll figure things out.”

Gummy licked his eyeballs.

Pinkie stopped and looked at him in horror. “You’re right. What if they don’t? What if they won’t reconcile. What if they try to reschedule tea!” She paced in a small circle. “I can’t keep bringing them back over and over again to talk things out. We’d lose our train of thought and have to have the same conversations over and over. I think—” she looked at gummy. He yawned. “Yes. I think that is the best choice.”

Gummy smacked his lips.

Pinkie shook her head. “No, I think that’s as far as we need to go. They’ll quit rescheduling or ignoring me after this, don’t you worry. I’ve got everything planned out, and there’s no way it can go wrong.” She held up a large sheet of paper. It had cutesy designs on it, but in the middle was a big red X. “No way at all.”
The next day, Fluttershy received a letter. It read:

“Dear Fluttershy. I would like to have you over for tea and cakes two days from now. Please come to my room. We will have tea there.
-Your friend, Pinkie Pie.”

It was a small message, and simple, but it was an invitation. It didn’t mention anypony else, and it didn’t say anything about a party, so Fluttershy wasn’t sure what to make of it. There wasn’t any mention of cupcakes or balloons or anything else. Still, she had a lot of free time, and she could certainly make the time to visit Pinkie. She wrote a quick letter back saying she would love to and left it in her mailbox with the flag up.

Two days later, Fluttershy approached Sugarcube Corner with a small bag on her back. She brought some of her own tea just so she could share it with Pinkie. It was a sweet berry tea she’d found and thought the sweet taste would be perfect for her friend.

She stepped inside, said hello to Mr. and Mrs. Cake, then went upstairs to where Pinkie’s room was. It was closed, strangely, so she knocked and waited.

“Come in,” Pinkie said from inside. Fluttershy apprehensively pushed open the door.

The room was dark, with just a few candles sitting at a table in the center of the room. Thick blankets had been hung to cover the windows, and Pinkie was wearing a frilly pink outfit. Her mane was flat on her head, and she motioned to the seat across from her. Fluttershy went in and sat down, staring at the décor.
“Pinkie Pie, are you okay? Why is it so dark in here?” Fluttershy asked.

“I wanted to make it seem a little more quiet. I thought we could talk. Talk about things that matter. Like friends and friendship.”

“O-oh,” Fluttershy said quietly. “I guess I understand. What exactly did you want to discuss about our friendship?”

Pinkie poured the tea, which was piping hot. It steamed in the cup as she pushed it over to Fluttershy. “I wanted to talk about treatment of friends, and most of all; respect.”

“Respect? Do you feel like I don’t respect you?”

“Not you. You followed the rules. You didn’t do anything except ask me to reschedule. The others, though. They weren’t very respectful. Twilight brought Spike, Applejack was dirty and sweaty. Rarity made the rest of us look bad, and Rainbow Dash brushed off my party to go hang out with other friends after she agreed to come!”

“Okay…” Fluttershy was nervous, feeling like this was building up to something. “What do you suggest?” she asked carefully.

“How do I make ponies respect me?”

“Just be yourself. You can’t ‘make’ ponies do anything.”

“Iron Will taught you how.”

“Iron Will didn’t teach me anything good! He was mean! I was a bully!”

“So I should be a bully?”

“No! Just be nice! It’s not a reflection on you, it’s a reflection on them.”

“So I have to make them change their behavior.”

“What? No!”

“How will I get them to respect me, then?”

“Pinkie Pie, you can’t force ponies to do anything. That’s mean.” Fluttershy sighed. “Why do you want them to respect you?”

“That’s a stupid question. Because everypony should be respected.”

“But you’re talking about being mean.”

“No, I’m trying to get respect.”

“You can’t—” Fluttershy stood up. “I’m not going to argue with you, Pinkie. Don’t be mean. I think I should go.”
>Waxworks pushed the cupcake off the counter to the floor. It splattered on the dirty boards and the candle went out.
"When partying is all you're known for, you don't get the same respect as everypony else. How do you demand it, then?"

Updated my journal: https://pastebin.com/qrffpTfy
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Immediately, Pinkie Pie was up and between Fluttershy and the door. Here eyes were wide, and her face was a terrifying, angry grimace. “No, no, no. You don’t get to leave until we’re done talking about all of this!”

Fluttershy tried to push past her to get to the door. “Pinkie, I don’t want to do this right now! I don’t know what ideas you’ve gotten in your head, but they’re bad! You can’t force ponies to do things!”

Pinkie Pie grabbed Fluttershy by the hooves and threw her down to the floor. Fluttershy’s head cracked against the wood and her vision swam. “I can, and I will! Ponies will learn to respect me! Just because I like parties doesn’t mean I’m stupid! In fact, I think you and I are going to start a party,” Pinkie said with a grin, “right now.” Her hoof cracked into Fluttershy’s head, and Fluttershy went limp. Pinkie giggled madly to herself.

Thankfully, Fluttershy was light. Pegasi typically were, due to their flight bones and innate magic. She was easy to carry, and Pinkie Pie took her to the slide leading down to her party cave. She found a table, swept all the papers off it, then laid Fluttershy down on it. She pulled out a series of kitchen utensils and looked over Fluttershy. Without too much work she could get the pegasus prepared and she wouldn’t even have to change much. There would be respect, and there would be friendly faces at her parties after this. She would stay for tea. That wasn’t in question. She was ready. She was prepared. Pinkie wasn’t a joke. She slammed a hoof on the table and her lower lip trembled. Parties weren’t a joke! She would prove it!
Rarity got a letter in the mail. It was from Pinkie Pie, asking her if she would please visit her for tea in two days’ time. She would be waiting in her room at Sugarcube Corner.

Rarity wasn’t against tea, or even against Pinkie Pie. It was an easy thing to say yes to the letter, and she left the letter in her mailbox. Two days later, she was on her way to Sugarcube Corner, dressed in a fancy summer outfit with a wide-brimmed hat. She trotted regally in the doors and bid Mr. and Mrs. Cake a fond hello. They nodded back, motioning that Pinkie was upstairs waiting for her. Rarity went upstairs and rapped on Pinkie’s door, then waited. The door swung open to reveal a dim interior with the windows blocked off and just two candles next to a small table. Pinkie was sitting in the dark, smiling.

“Oh… well, hello, Pinkie Pie,” Rarity said as she walked slowly inside. “What is… all this?” She indicated the room.

“This is a private tea party for just us two so that we can talk,” Pinkie answered. Gummy crawled onto the table and blinked. Pinkie picked him up and moved him to the side.

“Talk? About what, exactly? It’s a little unnerving if I might say,” Rarity jumped when the door shut behind her. She was sure she had left it open, and nopony was near it. She sat down across from Pinkie, tense and wary.

“About us. About me. About you. About parties,” Pinkie began. “It’s been some time since I’ve felt disrespected, but that last party was something else. It really gave me something to think about, especially when it came to Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack. I don’t feel like they gave me or my party the respect they deserve.”
“Darling, they didn’t mean anything by it. We all have lives outside of you and your parties.”

“No!” Pinkie jumped up and put her hooves on the table. She pushed the tea and the cups off the side where they shattered on the floor. Rarity scrambled backward. “Fluttershy was right and wrong at the same time! You all do have lives, but you do not treat me with any level of respect! Just because it’s a ‘Pinkie Party’ doesn’t give you the right to smell bad. That’s rude to the other guests. Nor does it give you the right to bring uninvited ponies—or dragons, as it were—to the party. Nor does it give you the right to brush it off after RSVPing!”

“Darling, things happen!”

“Then it’s respectful to say so, and apologize for not coming, or saying you’re gonna be late!”

Rarity inched toward the door. Pinkie stalked after her. “And you, all dressed up fancy, making others feel like they’re not as fancy or as good or as pretty as you. It makes you the center of attention!”

“I like being the center—”

“It’s my party!” Pinkie shouted. Rarity flinched.

“Who are you trying to impress right now, Rarity? Me, or just everypony around you as you arrived? I don’t think it was for me, so I’ll assume you just wanted to show off to whomever you walked past. Not a thought to actual, lil’ ol’ Pinkie. I’m just a blurb on your daily schedule of stallions to blueball.”

Rarity gasped. “Pinkie!”

All Rarity could see was Pinkie’s eyes in the dark. She didn’t see the club coming down on her head until she was already unconscious. She crumpled to the floor, and Pinkie picked her up. “Trying too hard, Rarity. We’ll make sure you don’t dress too hard to impress this time. You’ll be just like everypony else.”
>Waxworks pulled out a small teapot, but no cups. It steamed in the dim room.
"Parties, now tea. It's time for something to happen, and it's only going to be bad."

Updated my journal: https://pastebin.com/qrffpTfy
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Applejack received a letter from Pinkie Pie. It was short, inviting her to tea in two days’ time. It smelled faintly of perfume, which was strange. Pinkie didn’t wear any perfume besides whatever she picked up in the bakery. It was genial enough, but Applejack couldn’t really find the time to come. She sent her a letter back saying she didn’t have the time, and that a few trees had contracted a fungus. She needed to clear that up before she could be going off willy-nilly to have tea. Big Mac and Applebloom needed her there on the farm. She put the letter in the mailbox and thought that would be the end of it.

She was wrong.

In two days, she was out in a far section of the grove checking for signs of the fungus when she saw a balloon. It had just enough helium in it to float above the ground with the string dragging along the dirt. It was powder blue, wafting here and there with the faint breeze. It floated behind a tree and she went after it.

“Pinkie?” she called.

Blackness awaited her.

When she woke up she was tied to a chair in a dark room. There was only a single candle in the middle of a table, and the sweet scent of sugar and honey reached her nose. From the darkness into the candle’s light, a pink hoof came. It placed a saucer and a cup in front of Applejack, then disappeared into the black.

“Pinkie? What the hay is goin’ on? Why am I here, and why am I tied up? Is this one of your pranks again?”
“Hello, Applejack. I hope you didn’t mind me bringing you here, but I really didn’t want to reschedule again. You’re always so busy, I think you deserve a little break, don’t you?”

“Pinkie, ah have responsibilities at the farm. Ah can’t be gallivantin’ off, especially when the trees are in danger. Ya wouldn’t expect me to ignore a fire, and this is the same kinda thang.”

Pinkie’s face came out of the darkness. The candle light made her eyes look bigger than they were, and the shadows transformed her frown into an unnerving smile. “Applejack, come on. You can’t just keep rescheduling. All work and no play makes Jack a dull mare.”

“Ah’m not a dull mare, ah’m a responsible mare,” Applejack insisted. “Now let me go, ah have work to do.”

Pinkie shook her head. “No can do, Applejack. We’re going to have tea, and you’re going to like it.”

Applejack twisted and struggled in her seat. The ropes bit into her hooves, and she wiggled until her chair fell over. She tilted into the table, knocking the candle to the floor and spilling the tea. Something shattered. Applejack heard a “tsk” sound, then something heavy hit her in the head.

“Ow! Consarnit! Somethin’ hit me!”

“Damn farmers. Hard-headed in every way.” Pinkie hit Applejack again, and again, and again, until she stopped moving. Pinkie breathed heavily in the dark. Gummy yawned. “I know, Gummy. Maybe one too many times, but I had to take care of her somehow. She ruined tea.”

Gummy made a smacking noise with his mouth.

“No, I only have two more to go. I’m going to step it up, though. Applejack’s family will notice she’s gone. We’re going to have tea with both Twilight and Rainbow Dash tomorrow. By hook or by crook, we’ll have tea.”
Twilight and Rainbow Dash received a letter that same day. It invited them to a tea party at Pinkie’s house tomorrow. It told them to not worry about bringing anything, please. Don’t invite anypony (or anydragon) else. No Starlight Glimmers or Spikes or Embers or Trixies or anything like that. No Spitfires or Soarins or Fleetfoots (Fleetfeets?) or anypony else. Just themselves, and all alone in the afternoon.

Predictably, Pinkie received a letter back from both saying they couldn’t make it on such short notice. She wasn’t surprised, but she wasn’t deterred either. She knew how to get them both to agree. She had decided beforehoof that she was probably going to have to do this the hard way, and she was more than ready.

Twilight was in her castle, going through her books. She had a stack of them on her desk already, filled with books on several strange topics including; Teaching to the test: How to prepare foals for the working world. And another title called; Expectations and how to Barely Meet Them. Spike was elsewhere in the castle busy making snacks. So Twilight was all alone when Pinkie stepped inside the office. Twilight turned to look at her visitor and smiled.

“Hello, Pinkie Pie. I got your letter. I’m sorry I couldn’t come, but I have to prepare a new curriculum for the school. It’s going to have to go by every teacher before I can put it into effect, though. You haven’t seen Fluttershy or Rarity, have you? I haven’t been able to get ahold of them in the past few days.” Twilight turned back to her work while she talked. Pinkie crept closer.

“I have, actually. I can even help you get in contact with them. It’s just a matter of… knowing where to look, you know?”
>Waxworks poured the tea onto the counter. It steamed as it ran across the uneven surface, melting some of the wax that had collected there. It ran off the side and splashed onto the floor. You step away from it.

Updated my journal: https://pastebin.com/qrffpTfy

DS is looking a little... dark there. I have a hard time believing that head was exhumed.
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File: FOEPH_Ramoage.png (837 KB, 1024x683)
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totally not scary and want to hug, but the armour is wicked looking.
File: Swallow your soul.png (1.07 MB, 1280x960)
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Twilight was oblivious to the mare’s actions, and remained facing away, focused entirely on her books. “Oh, do you? Where have they gone? They didn’t say anything.”

Pinkie jumped on Twilight’s back. One hoof went around the alicorn’s horn, the other held a cloth in front of her muzzle, and her hind hooves trapped her wings to her sides. Twilight struggled, but every time she attempted to bring her magic to bear on Pinkie, Pinkie jerked her horn back and forth, nullifying the spell. Twilight threw herself back and forth, but Pinkie was used to holding on to fast-moving things. The mechanical bull at the local bar was a breeze for her. She knew how to ride, and she was good at it.

As she rode out Twilight’s slowly-weakening efforts, Pinkie thought about how much harder this would have been had she not been best friends with Twilight. It was a pretty major factor in attempting to stop a princess. Chrysalis, Starlight Glimmer, Tirek, and all those others didn’t stand a chance against the princess of friendship, but Pinkie had subdued her so easily just be being her friend. She wondered if that was Starlight Glimmer’s plan, but as Twilight fell to the floor, she dismissed it. She didn’t need to worry.

Once Twilight had stopped moving, Pinkie checked her pulse to be sure she was still alive, then shoved her into a sack and slung it over her back. She poked her head out to the door to make sure it was safe, then skipped merrily down the halls and out the door. Nopony really paid her any mind as she wandered into the bakery and upstairs with a lumpy sack on her back. Pinkie had done it often enough with flour, corn, potatoes, and myriad other foodstuffs. Her quirks were accepted as just part of what Pinkie did.
Inside her room, she set Twilight up in the chair across from her own, tied her wings to her sides, and jammed a ring over her horn. Then she waited.

Twilight slowly woke from unconsciousness and blinked. “Pinkie? What’s going on?”

From the darkness on the other side of the table, Pinkie smiled. Her pearly-white teeth glinted in the dark. “Hello, Twilight. It’s tea time.”

“Pinkie, what are you doing? You can’t just force ponies to come have tea with you. I have a lot of work to do!” She tried to cast a spell and untie herself, but it fizzled. “What?”

“Twilight, were you just trying to leave?”

“I can’t stay here, Pinkie. I know you want company, but I can’t be here all the time. Sometimes you have to deal with your problems yourself.”

“That’s just going to be unacceptable, Twilight. Rarity’s busy. Applejack’s busy. Rainbow Dash is busy. Fluttershy is the only one who seems to have any time at all, but she’s too scared of me to hang out and have tea lately.”

Twilight narrowed her eyes. “You said you knew where they all were. Where have they gone, Pinkie?”

“Oh, they’re all here. I invited them for tea. Except Rainbow Dash. I’m going to invite her after you and I have had tea.”

“Pinkie, what do you mean they’re all here? Are they tied up like me? Let them go!”

“Twilight, Twilight, Twilight. What do you take me for? A monster? They’re all fine, and we’ll all have a nice evening having tea, and nopony will be too busy to have tea with me, and it will be wonderful, okay?” Pinkie’s head bobbed back and forth as she spoke, her flat hair waving with the motion.

Pinkie stood and forced the cup of tea to Twilight’s muzzle. Twilight struggled to keep her mouth shut, but Pinkie squeezed at her mouth until it was forced open. She poured the scalding hot tea into Twilight’s face, spilling it all over her. She choked and sputtered, moaning in pain. When the cup was empty, Pinkie forced a cake into her mouth. Twilight coughed.

“There we go. Delicious tea and cakes. The kind of thing everypony needs to take time to enjoy every now and again. Wouldn’t you agree, Twilight?”

Twilight was too busy coughing to answer.

“I’ll bring Rainbow Dash soon, then we’ll all have fun, okay?”

The room spun for Twilight. She couldn’t keep her eyes open. It was only as she passed out that she realized Pinkie must have drugged the tea. The last thing she saw was Pinkie’s wide smile looking down at her.

Rainbow Dash received a letter. It was from Pinkie Pie, inviting her to come have tea at her place. It was short, with only the words “TEA”, “SUGARCUBE CORNER”, and “NOW” written on it in red crayon. The mail wasn’t supposed to come until tomorrow. It had already arrived today and this wasn’t in it then, so who had put it there and why?

It being the afternoon, Rainbow Dash dismissed it as a joke and tossed the letter into a pile on her table. The pile was mostly fan letters and other things she couldn’t be bothered to respond to. She never wanted to throw them out, so she kept them all piled up in the mistaken assumption seeing it would eventually give her the impetus to actually respond.

She never did.

She returned to her room and sat down on the bed, looking up at the ceiling where a huge poster of herself was stuck. It had her as the focus, with the other wonderbolts in the background flying past, and her name in huge letters along the bottom. She had bigger, important things to be doing these days, and she had less and less time to devote to going along with Pinkie’s ridiculous pranks.
>Waxworks watches the tea slip off the counter and down to the floor. She grinned and said nothing else. Just pointedly looking at the tea. Finally, she opened her mouth.
"If it's tea you want, sometimes you need to be heavy-hoofed about it."

Updated my journal: https://pastebin.com/qrffpTfy
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I actually found something I wrote a while back in my notes and decided to post it on pastebin right now, this was based on edgar allen poe's the masque of red death

Needs some editing work, but it's good. Good imagery following its inspiration. Thanks for sharing, DS.

Would you mind if I edit it?
yeah go ahead
File: Derpclops.jpg (161 KB, 1024x1024)
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File: Go run for cover.png (727 KB, 1083x716)
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Didn't mean to include that. Oh well.
File: no more parties.jpg (231 KB, 766x1024)
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I give you DS Stoner's "Masque of the Red Mare"

Across Equestria, coming from neighboring towns and spreading to villages, the infection caused the population in Equestria to plummet. The infection was a wish for death. The horrors and pain it brought to its victims, as well as the doctors trying to find a cure, soon had them believing there was no cure possible. The doctors soon fell ill like their patients.
The spread always started the same way, beginning as a common cold, followed by blood loss an hour later. Innocent ponies suffered this in their homes, in the streets, in the shops and medical facilities, bringing devastation to many villages.
Though a mare of fair health felt no fear from this disease, Twilight had seen how this sickness affected those outside of her castle, which looked over the small, formerly charming village. She decided to send her assistant off to gather her long, forever friends and the villagers that were still able to join Twilight inside her strong castle. Although she herself was not afraid of the infection, she was worried for her friends catching it, so she wanted them to stay with here where the disease couldn’t get to them behind guarded doors. She wanted them distracted from all that was happening in the outside world by asking Pinkie Pie to help her throw a small masquerade ball.
Time counted the hours that passed, and soon the castle was filled with dancing, music, and ponies not having a care in the world. Twilight was up in her room, getting ready with her outfit and the mask Rarity had designed for her. She looked at herself in the mirror as she tied a ribbon around her head and smoothed her dress. When she was ready, she stepped out of her room, walking down the hallway to the ball.
She passed by the rooms lining the hall. Six different rooms that were all specially prepared for her friends in the event they needed to stay overnight in the castle, or if anything happened and they had nowhere to go. She was prepared to welcome them. Twilight looked at each one as she made her way to the ballroom.
The first room she passed was Pinkie Pie’s. It was decorated with colorful balloon, a large, cupcake-shaped chest Twilight made so Pinkie could fill it with party supplies, a bouncy but comfy-looking pink bed in the middle of the room, and completed with a blue-colored stained-glass window.
The next one was Applejack’s. The room was filled with an apple scent, the floor and wallpaper had a natural feel to them, there was a small hat rack and a bed with light green covers and an orange stained-glass window which filled the room with color. The rooms after that belonged to Rainbow Dash, Rarity, and then Fluttershy. Each one decorated to fit the pony they belonged to, filled with colors of red, violet, and pink.
Finally, the last room she knew by the pony living in it. It belonged to Starlight Glimmer. It was illuminated by a purple light gifted to the mare by Trixie, while the rest of the room was filled with darkness. She never knew Starlight’s reasoning for this, but she never asked since it was harmless. Twilight made her way past it to the ballroom, where she could hear cheerful celebration.
It had been a few hours and the party was still going as time counted slowly past. Twilight made her way through the room, checking up on everypony, making sure they were having a good time, until she heard somepony trying to get her attention.
“Psst, Twi? Hey, Twilight?” A country voice said. She turned and saw an orange mare that was likely Applejack under a scarlet-colored mask.
“Oh, Applejack. Is something the matter?”
“Not really, but there something I wanted to ask you about this whole party.” Applejack’s eyes looked around the room with a cautious expression.
“Sure, what is it?’
Applejack sighed and moved her mask up on her head to look Twilight in the eye. “Look, sugarcube, I know you threw this party to distract everypony from what’s happening, but do you think we oughtta be celebrating right now? Shouldn’t we be evacuating the town?”
There was silence between them. The sounds of the party couldn’t penetrate their closed conversation as the two spoke. “I wrote to Celestia on the matter and I’m keeping everypony safe in here away from the disease. We have to be positive about this. Trust me, Applejack. The infection can’t get us when the castle is protected.”
Applejack paused before she spoke. “Alright, Twi. I trust that you know what you’re doing.”
Suddenly, there was a loud clang and everyone stopped all at once. The music ended along with the dancing, and Twilight looked around, trying to see what had made the noise. She finally identified it as an old clock. The chimes continued, growing louder as everyone’s face drained of color. Faces went white with fear and confusion until finally the clock stopped. Light laughter echoed in the silent room. The only one who laughed back was Pinkie. Everypony smiled, thinking it to be one of her pranks. The party continued, but it was once again interrupted by the loud chiming of the clock. This time, it was accompanied by something different.
Twilight was in a far corner of the ballroom when she saw something. A guest who she had never seen before appeared in the center of the room. The guest had a mask like everypony else, but it was shaped like a skull, and the pony wore the blackest robes. Ponies murmured to each other about the figure, expressions ranging from concern to terror. Twilight watched the figure a moment as it left a trail of blood behind it. She moved to meet it.
“You’re one of Pinkie’s little jokes, aren’t you?” She turned to look at the pink mare. “That’s very funny, Pinkie. Who’s under there? Where did you even hide—”
“I…I didn’t do this, Twilight,” Pinkie said. Twilight’s eyes widened when she saw no smile hidden on Pinkie’s face.
Twilight’s head snapped back when she heard the figure step forward and she instinctively stepped back. It moved closer, but Twilight turned and made a break for it. She ran through the crowd to the hallway. The figure followed, while everypony else scattered to the exit.
Twilight ran down the hall. The purple from Starlight’s room splashed on her face as she ran past. Looking back at the beast behind her, she could see it was catching up. The colors changed to pink.
She shouldn’t have run this way.
The color changed from pink to violet, violet to red, red to orange—she shouldn’t have run this way—orange to blue—she knew it was a dead end—blue to darkness.
Twilight turned around to face the creature. Her horn glowed as she pressed against the wall. It approached her, the hallway’s darkness around her smothered the purple light of her horn. Her breath quickened when the skull-like mask approached. It stared her dead in the eye and she felt as if her soul was pouring out.
File: pinkie zombie.png (226 KB, 474x462)
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A cry rang through the castle. A quiet thud as Twilight’s body fell to the carpet. Her friends had followed after her, and they found her motionless on the ground with the figure standing over her. Her friends threw themselves on it to avenge her, but the figure was motionless in the shadow of solitary clock that tolled out the time. All they got their hooves on was the skull mask it bore.
The infection came and went, but it showed to all that none could escape it.

The End.
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High ponk
Good stuff, thanks DS!
And Wax for posting it.
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Going hiking early tomorrow. Please keep the thread alive until the afternoon for me.
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That's just sad..
Sadness is a greater form of artistic masochism than horror, I think. It's scarrier in that way.
File: archon dash.jpg (99 KB, 695x930)
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I don't know if I entirely agree. I think sadness is easier to evoke than fright. Most people find the same things to be sad, like death of a loved one and the like. Not all people share the same fears. What is frightening to one is a joke to another.
File: 1409272976151.png (794 KB, 900x921)
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You make a good point. The way I see it is that when people want to get frightened, shook, spooked, they want that shot of adrenaline or whatever, to feel a thrill. I view it as dipping oneself a little in something negative, you want to fuck with yourself a little bit. And you know what gets me more fucked up than a spook? Something real fuckin depressing, something that leaves me restless. I think you understand them as two different things, and they are, but the way I view them are as one, if that makes sense.
File: Dash_of_blades.jpg (903 KB, 2560x1440)
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sincerely thanks again for editing this Wax
Always happy to help, DS. I do it enough, if I can encourage others, that'll be the good stuff.

I suppose it makes sense the way you put it, but I still feel the emotions they evoke are vastly different. Sadness and ennui are very different from terror.
I like this.

How are you doing today sirs?
its 6am, shouldnt have pulled an all nighter so its time to rest
File: Let's Play.jpg (109 KB, 894x894)
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Maybe she could do with some fun, though? It might be entertaining to show up and see what Pinkie was going to do with this one. After that fiasco at her party the other day, she could show the mare a little bit of attention. Having made her decision, Rainbow Dash jumped off her bed, wandered along the cloud floor and out the door.

At Sugarcube Corner, Rainbow pokes her head in the door and looks around. Mr. and Mrs. Cake were at the counter and in the kitchen, respectively. There were a few ponies buying things, and a few others at some tables nearby. It all appeared too good to be safe, so Rainbow carefully crept inside, keeping an eye out for anything hidden or set to spring.

As she was crawling along the floor, Mr. Cake saw her and waved. “Hello, Rainbow Dash! You here to visit Pinkie Pie?”

She looked up at him in alarm, then swept her head left and right, looking for the trap. When nothing sprang out, she stood up and approached him. “Yeah, she invited me for tea, I think? The letter was a bit confusing.”

“Oh, that’s Pinkie, you know? She’s been having a tough time lately, and it’s great that you guys are all coming to visit. She needs it.”

“Oh, are the others here?”

“Oh, no,” Mrs. Cake said, “They came earlier in the week. I suspect they’ve gone home by now, but they all stopped by, don’tcha know?”

“Oh, well. Then I guess it’s safe?”


“I was expecting a prank.”

“Oh, no, dear. Not at all. Pinkie’s just not been herself. You’ll be fine. Go ahead on up. She’s in her room.”

“Thanks, guys.” Having heard that her other friends came by and hadn’t yet complained about any pranks, Rainbow felt emboldened. She hurried upstairs, not worried about anything.
At Pinkie’s door, she felt a little more apprehensive. She could smell a little bit of smoke or incense, and there was no light coming from under Pinkie’s door. She raised a hoof to knock, but it swung open of its own volition, revealing a pitch-black room with a single lit candle on a table. Close to it, there was a teapot and a single cup, set neatly on a single doily. Rainbow recoiled.

“Uh… Pinkie Pie?”

Pinkie’s voice floated out of the darkness. “R a i n b o w D a s h,” it said. “So good of you to come and join me on time for my little mare to mare party. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting you to arrive so soon. Didn’t you have something else you were planning? Somepony else you were visiting? Somewhere else you were going?”

“Nnnnno? I put aside this time just for you, Pinkie.”

Pinkie’s upside-down head appeared in the soft candle light. Rainbow had stepped inside the room and the door shut behind her. She felt something wet grab her leg and she jumped. It was only Gummy, latching onto her hoof. She shook him off. He tumbled away and blinked.

“Oh, Rainbow.” Pinkie’s head lolled back and forth, her flat mane swinging gently. There was a thump, then her head righted itself. Rainbow could hear the tap of her hooves, but Pinkie’s head stayed exactly where it was. “You think a simple tea party is so much more important than a full-on party with others? I must say, I don’t understand your reasoning.”

“I… thought I was rude last time, and figured you deserved me showing up today.”

Pinkie blinked, and Fluttershy’s mane suddenly appeared in the light. Her mane was covering her face, drooping long and thick over her. “Now? You think I deserve it now? Why not then?”
“Fluttershy’s here?”

The sound of moving hooves could be heard, and Rarity’s rich, blue mane appeared in the candlelight. It wasn’t as smooth or clean as it usually was. Pinkie reached out to brush it, her own head staying perfectly still while she did. “Answer the question, Rainbow. Why now?”

“Rarity?” Rainbow’s voice was getting a little strained. She sounded on the verge of panic. “Why are you all in on this? This isn’t funny!”

Applejack’s hat dropped onto the table from the darkness. Pinkie Picked it up and placed it on somepony outside the light. Rainbow could suddenly smell something like rotten apples. She swallowed.

“Rainbow, tell me why you treat me so poorly? Am I just a joke to you?” Pinkie asked.

“Pinkie, this isn’t funny! Stop it! I’m scared!” Rainbow turned around and tried the door handle, but it wouldn’t budge. She felt something slick and wet on her leg again and kicked wildly. Gummy blinked at her from the table among her friend’s heads. She screamed and pushed at it with her hoof. Something slipped off her and disappeared in the dark.

Pinkie glared at her from the candlelight. Twilight’s head swooped down from above and into the light. She was hanging upside down from something, and her eyes and mouth were sewn shut. Twilight shook wildly, and her other friends all lifted their heads. Each one had their eyes and mouth sewn shut. They all shook, the sound of rattling wood filling the air. Rainbow Dash screamed.

Below Pinkie’s room, in the front of Sugarcube corner. Mr. and Mrs. Cake smiled at each other. Mrs. Cake came up and pecked him on the cheek, staring up at the ceiling. “Respect is important, isn’t it, dear? Especially for Pinkie.”

He nodded. “Always respect Pinkie.”

“Always,” they said together.

The End.
>Waxworks stares at you for a minute when the story is done. She reaches up and snuffs the single candle in the room. The light from outside is still good enough that you can see in the darkness, and she grins.
"Respect is important, even if you make your living with jokes. Respect is very important."

Updated my journal: https://pastebin.com/qrffpTfy
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File: thornybird.png (2.14 MB, 638x816)
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2.14 MB PNG
Well now I must think of something new. If anyone has suggestions, feel free to throw them out here.
File: Luna's nightmares.png (1.59 MB, 1857x1393)
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File: taste the rainbow.png (1.98 MB, 1020x1440)
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“Meditation?” Twilight asked curiously.

“Oh, yes,” Princess Celestia answered. “Now that you are an alicorn, you have far more ability than you had before, and to help curb any wayward bursts of power, I recommend highly that you learn to meditate properly.”

“It’s important as an alicorn. You haven’t experienced it yet, but you will,” Princess Luna said.

“Experienced what?”

The two looked at each other and smiled a shared smile. They looked at Twilight with mirth. “You’ll know in time. It’s a… unique experience. One that requires careful focus. You’ll understand. It’s… difficult to say in words,” said Celestia.

“I supposed I understand, princesses. Is there something I should do to meditate first?” Twilight asked.

“There’s a book in the library about it; ‘Gateway to meditation’. I think you’ll get more from that than from listening to us talk about it.” said Celestia. “You’ve always been a better reader than a listener.”

Twilight gave a short laugh. “I guess so. I’ll go have a look for it. Thank you both.”

“You’re welcome, Twilight,” Celestia said with a wave.

Twilight took her leave and without wasting time, made her way to the royal library where she hunted the book down. It was easy to find, but when she found it she was less than impressed. The book was worn, tattered, and appeared to have been through either a lot of reading sessions, or the wash. The pages were torn and the cover was faded, with several stains covering it. Twilight pulled it off the shelves with her magic and double checked the title, making sure it was the one she was supposed to read. It was, much to her dismay. She turned it over in her magic and flipped through the pages. She hoped the princesses were right.
She checked it out of the library and left the palace behind. She made her way to her family home and wandered upstairs to her room, which had remained unchanged since she left for Ponyville. She went into her room and began reading immediately. She was nothing if not Celestia’s best student, and she wasn’t going to fail her this time, either.

The book, upon first glance, was a mess of nonsense and crazy-talk. The words seemed to make sense, but more than a cursory glance showed it to be filled with pseudo-science and untested theories. While the meditation aspect seemed to fit with what the ponies from Saddle Arabia seemed to use, the effects that a pony should experience while doing it seemed to be too much.

“Reading energy?” she scoffed. “Mental homunculi? What is this? Is this really what the princesses wanted me to use?”

She read much of it in that single day, despite her misgivings. She didn’t know how much stock she put in it, but she gave it a fair shake. The very next day she went straight back to the princesses and demanded answers.

“Princess, I’m not sure I got the right book. Is this correct?” She held up the tattered tome.

“Oh, yes. That’s the right one. Let me guess, you don’t trust that it’s good information?”

“Well… no. It’s… hokey.”

Princess Luna laughed. “Hokey, she says. I think I called it ‘drivel’, myself.” Luna laughed harder. Princess Celestia did not. She smiled, but it was that same, careful smile she always gave.

“Please forgive Luna. Nopony experiences it the same way. It did help her curb her errant outbursts of magic, didn’t it, Luna?” Celestia gave her sister a sidelong look, and Luna’s face changed from amused to annoyed. “While I assure you that’s the correct book, take it with a grain of salt. While not everything within will apply to you, some things will, and the process is what’s important.”
“Well, if you say so, princess,” said Twilight.

“I surely do. I wish you the best of luck, Twilight.”

“Thanks… I think.” Twilight took her leave, bringing the book with her.

Her time in Canterlot was coming to an end, so she returned home to Ponyville and her own library. Golden Oaks was quiet with her gone, and when she arrived in the evening, it was to an empty library, save Owlowiscious and Spike resting near each other. She crept up to her own nook and went to bed, resting while she thought about what the princesses were asking of her. She didn’t know the reason, but she knew she wouldn’t fail.

The next day she took care of her duties as quickly as possible. She was still new to being a princess, so not much was expected of her, but she sent some letters, wrote some notes, and reorganized the library. When she was done, she sat down with the torn book and looked it over again.

The words jumbled together in what seemed like something that made sense, but it talked about energies coming up the spine, power coming from the brain, homunculi, pleasure centers, biofeedback, and a lot of other strange words that Twilight didn’t know the meaning of in this context. It almost made sense, but the moment something seemed to coalesce into sensible information, she lost it. It was honestly a frustrating book to consume.

“What in Tartarus am I supposed to do with this information?” she screamed.

“Maybe you’re just supposed to meditate and it’ll make sense?”

“How can I meditate if I don’t know how I’m supposed to meditate?”

Spike just shrugged.
>Waxworks was sitting in what looked like an uncomfortable position on a small patch of grass in the middle of a dark street. Her pole was stuck into the grass next to her and the lantern on the end dangled overhead, giving her a little pool of light.
"The fly comes to the spider for a touch of extra dread. Is that what you want? I know one about thought, and about life and everything else. How about that?"

Updated my journal: https://pastebin.com/avgG8xxN
File: 1500928079414.png (1.31 MB, 1828x1332)
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File: Nightmare aftermath.png (2.41 MB, 1920x1214)
2.41 MB
2.41 MB PNG
That's good art, but crappy cropping. Shame on you.
File: Tenty pie.png (786 KB, 1280x1279)
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786 KB PNG
I'm not the one who cropped it.
File: 1494195572097.jpg (567 KB, 1920x1152)
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Your mother told me the same thing last night :^)
>>32643963 they ponified this kid. Thats fucking amazing
File: Derpy Dive.png (2.24 MB, 2000x2400)
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File: 1511014829912.png (2.18 MB, 2222x1272)
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2.18 MB PNG
“Does it matter how you meditate, or that you’re meditating?” Spike asked.

“I’m not sure. It has a lot of information on the brain, and the effects certain brain patterns have on the results. It mentions something called holographics? I’m not sure what that means, but I should be able to see them if I do it properly. The effects of meditation and hypnosis will allow my brain to project these into my subconscious and show what I’m thinking.”

“I have no idea what you said except for hypnosis. Doesn’t Trixie perform hypnosis?”

“She does, yes. I’m not sure I want to involve her, though. Last time we met she tried to enslave Ponyville. I don’t even know where I would find her.”

“But you know how to perform it, don’t you?”

“Of course! But you can’t hypnotize yourself.”

“Really? Isn’t that just meditation?”

Twilight tilted her head in thought, then sighed and nodded. “You’re technically correct, I guess.”

“Well there you go!”

“But now I’m back where I started! I still don’t know how I’m supposed to prepare myself!”

“Why not just try it and see what happens? You’re thinking too much about if you’re doing it ‘properly’.”

“I could do it wrong!”

“It’s meditation, what’s the worst that could happen?”

Twilight opened her mouth to retort, but stopped short. She didn’t know what could happen. It was all a mental exercise, and if she did it wrong she might… be bored? It’s not like there was any magic involved in it. If she botched her meditation she might end up falling asleep, or thinking about food, or cutie marks, or magic, or whatever else, but she wasn’t going to make anything explode. In the end, she set the book down in front of her, leaned back, and closed her eyes.
“Okay, please don’t disturb me, Spike.”

“Can do!” She heard a door slam, and was grateful Spike was respectful enough to leave. She was left with her thoughts, alone.

The first thought that came to mind was one of magic. She was an alicorn, and although that meant she was a princess, and more powerful than before, she didn’t think she was very powerful. She certainly didn’t feel it. Her magic felt much the same, and she didn’t think she had much control over the moon, stars, or sun, or even love. Nothing felt unusual.

She shook her head. She needed to clear her mind and just stop thinking. The book was explicit in that she needed to be in a certain frame of mind and thinking about how inadequate she was, wasn’t going to do that.

She thought about nothing.

Her mind was blank.

She breathed.

Thoughts kept coming to her, but Twilight was nothing if not disciplined. As they came, she shunted them away, filing them in the passages of her brain for another time. A time when she wasn’t going to be a danger to everyone around her. She breathed, thought of nothing, and eventually felt a strange tingling in her head.

Her horn, which was not active, was buzzing. She had lain the book on the floor, released all her spells, and wasn’t casting or even thinking of any spells. It buzzed. Resonated, more like, if she had to pick a word. It felt like it was humming, but she didn’t think the sound was coming from her ears, it was resonating in her skull. It was a phenomenon she was aware of, but had never had the odd experience of it herself.
It buzzed, hummed, and an image came to mind. With her eyes closed, she began seeing the library around her. She had it all memorized, anyway, so she knew what it looked like, and she knew where literally everything was, but she was seeing it, imprinted not on her eyes, but on her brain. She could see the ambient lighting from the windows, Owlowiscious, sleeping on his stand on one side of it.

She stared at him with her mind’s eye, watching as he breathed. She studied every feather of his wings, every wrinkle on his feet, and every twitch of his beak. He made a soft cooing sound, and she swore she could see the sound coming from him. It was a purplish color, permeated the air and coming toward her. The waves filled the air, pushing aside each individual molecule as it crashed through the oxygen around her. It struck her in the face and she flinched.

When she flinched, the picture, or image, of the library around her faded somewhat. She struggled to hold on to it, trying to clear her mind. She focused, emptying everything, even the memory of the image she was seeing, and her brain emptied of thought, even curiosity. It wavered, then disappeared. Another image came to mind.

This one was odd. It was a cane, gold in color. It was pointed away from her, and she could see the base had a ruby on the bottom. As she watched, it whirled, turned, and started rising above her. She gazed in confusion as she saw her own head, smiling wide and covered in gold above her. It turned and looked at her, frozen smile on its face, then it spoke.

Twilight twitched and fell over. She awoke.
"A story that takes place inside one's mind... is it really a story? Does it's mere existence somewhere validate it, or does it need to be told? If it isn't told, is it dead, or was it never born?"

Updated my journal: https://pastebin.com/avgG8xxN
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