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Best princess, best lover, best wife and mother of your children.
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also, first to declare first for best pony
File: Grand and wonderful day.jpg (907 KB, 1107x1139)
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I miss having drawfriends
>The elements of Harmony had just freed Anon
>He takes a deep breath and looks around
>He starts hyperventilating and looks panicked
"No no no no nononononononono put me back! Put me back put me back right now!!"
>After a thousand years of not moving he had become used to not feeling anything, never being able to move, only hearing and seeing
>Being released is too much for him
>The princesses are horrified and try to calm their old friend but it doesn't work
>They cast a sleep spell on him making him go limp
>They send him to a rehabilitation center

Let's help Anon heal
Celestia is infertile.
File: 1494724361466.jpg (209 KB, 800x922)
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209 KB JPG
File: Spoiler Image (367 KB, 810x594)
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>Let's help Anon heal
it's a simple process just give him a stimulation overload, have him fucked by the princesses until he's back to loving life
File: 1367717086039.png (183 KB, 663x550)
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183 KB PNG
maybe but that's not going to stop her from trying
> 1000 years of being frozen in place, with only being able to see and hear
> Anon isn't completely insane an catatonic
Yeah, I'm not buying it.
Every failed attempt makes it worse. Your touch hurts her.
Maybe after a while, he just got bored of insanity.
You know, technically, since he was a statue, his brain wouldn't have been working. Brains don't work if they're made of stone.
Pretty sure I learned that in a biology class once.
File: 1510035460687.jpg (160 KB, 800x800)
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160 KB JPG
> bored of insanity
Anon, extended sensory deprivation induces hallucinations, depression, increases suggestibility, and wears away at one's sense of self. And that's with the person having bodily functions. Put Anon in a state where he can't feel, doesn't experience hunger or thirst, can't move, can only hear and see a limited area, and in two weeks he would be a broken man. In 1000 years, there wouldn't be anything left.
That was a Hitchhiker's reference, Anon.
>implying there isn't just a remote village where all of the alicorn foals you and her have had live in utopian bliss, removed from the troubles of society
oh I am laffin
It's a poor reference, since it can just as easily be attributed to Ben 10, among other things.

The whole prompt is bad. Either the harmony spell harms Innocents, in which Anon should come out of the statue as a broken husk of a man, or the spell induces a sort of stasis that preserves the subject's mind, in which case Anon comes out more or less fine, with maybe a mild sort of claustrophobia. Considering Discord, a being of chaos, managed to survive a millennia of whatever stasis, it's probably the latter.
>It's a poor reference, since it can just as easily be attributed to Ben 10, among other things.
Today is a sad day.
File: Spoiler Image (78 KB, 307x260)
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File: 1488371765160.jpg (128 KB, 825x1275)
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Hol up
File: TwiAndAnonJr.png (302 KB, 1163x1024)
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302 KB PNG
>Implying Twiggles isn't best.
>Implying she wouldn't be an adorable marely mare and jump into married life/motherhood with gusto
That could be interesting.

>Anon comes out of stone completely catatonic
>attempts to read his mind to see what’s wrong reveal that there ISN’T a mind anymore at all
>being petrified rapidly eroded away his sanity, his memories, and even his sense of self
>the lights are on but there’s no one home
>Celestia and Luna are guilt ridden from this revelation.
>they have Anon placed inside a private room inside the castle, where they’ll have staff take care of him until he dies of natural causes
>the two princesses speak to his catatonic body often, apologizing for what happened to him
>nothing changes until after the reformation of Discord
>while fucking around in the castle, he finds Anon
>even he is horrified by the human’s condition
>chaos and harmony are one thing, but there’s nothing at all inside the catatonic human’s mind
>just... silence
>in a rare moment of sympathy for beings other than himself, Discord reboots Anon’s mind
>he couldn’t bring back his memories or old personality because there was nothing left to piece together, but he’s properly alive again
>he’s essentially a newborn in a dead man’s body
>thankfully Discord saw fit to upload some basic knowledge into New Anon’s mind, but he’s still essentially a blank slate
>Celestia and Luna see this is as a second chance, so they endeavor to help their old friend’s new self whenever possible.
>New Anon is intelligent, but rather childlike in mannerisms and personality.
>The Princesses make sure to repeat that to themselves whenever he unintentionally does something lewd
>Luna re-teaches Anon about sex by letting him fuck her
>>"I'm just being a good teacher, sister!"
see >>32625572
>Since Anon suffered a personality and memory death, he develops into a very different person than what he was.
>This saddens the two even more.
>Anon used to be an unbelievable, unrepentant jackass
>Just he biggest prick you could ever imagine
>Somehow he was friends with Luna and Celestia at the time
>The new Anon is a genuinely good person who likes making other people happy
>Now the royal sisters feel even guiltier because they like the new Anon much better than they liked the old Anon
Now I wanna see a nurture vs nature thing where a human that grew up on Earth meets a human that grew up in Equestria.
File: 1477975855843.png (319 KB, 1024x2014)
319 KB
319 KB PNG
>Twilight trys hard to tough out her pregnancy like a macho mare, but carrying a hybrid stresses even an alicorn.
>You have the natural urge to pamper your preggo mare, but she stubbornly refuses because she doesn't want to be a bother.
>She eventually relents to your constant attempts to baby her.
>Rubs for her sore back, teats, and hooves, fetching cravings, patience in the face of hormones, gentle sex, preening, grooming. You name it, you gave it to her without a fuss. You even took the initiative if she was being silent.

>Twilight reflects on everything. Is Earth really so different? Pregnancy is just another natural thing mares need to manage, but her husband acts as if she's suffering and he has an obligation to run himself ragged in place of their non-existent herd just for her comfort.
>She realizes she doesn't know her husband as well as she likes, but now has months of close contact to figure him out.
>She winces and stands, starting towards the bathroom.
>Of course her little joy starts kicking only to aim right for her bladder.
I can see jackass!Anon yelling "I'm a product of my environment!" while he kicks a puppy or something.
Can't be that big or unrepentant of a jackass If he got stoned trying to help against NMM

In this scenario maybe he got stoned BECAUSE he's a jackass and they regret it because it was such an excessive punishment
Maybe they weren't all that concerned.

>>"I mean yeah, he helped out with NMM, but he said he only did it because the mare "pissed me off" and that he was acting out of spite."
>"Oh, no. He's a statue now."
>"...so who's up for dinner?"
>The old Anon starts to manifest as a small voice
>Constantly talking to the new Anon when he sleeps or is alone
>Old Anon tries to get new Anon to do things, such as teaching him the pony equivalent to a middle finger, for his own amusement
>New Anon gets scared that he's being haunted and goes to Celestia and luna
File: 1415942046041.png (691 KB, 960x720)
691 KB
691 KB PNG
>Anon watches as the equestrian human bawls his eyes out after getting a small cut
>Anon tells the other human to suck it up and grow a fucking pair
>Anon gets put in time out with soap in his mouth
You know I once had soap put in my mouth. I just found it entertaining because it allowed me to blow bubbles with my mouth.
>Be Discord.
>As the six ponies search your maze, you figured you'd mess with some castle staff.
>But lo and behold they all seem to have left the castle.
>But that doesn't deter you as you flow through walls looking for ponies.
>Suddenly you hit one with something laying in bed.
>It's not a pony, but who are you to judge.
>Sneaking closer you find out you actually remember this creature.
"Anonymous dear? Is that you?"
>You ask coiling up the bed to look him in the face.
>He just stares back with a blank face.
"Well don't get excited or anything, just your old pal Discord back from his stone prison!"
>He still just stares.
>Now that you really look, he doesn't seem to be focused on you, it's almost like he doesn't notice you.
>You turn your head to look where he's looking and see just plain old ceiling.
>You ask looking back at him.
>You're actually starting to worry.
>He's not moving a muscle.
>The only thing happening is the closing of his eyes.
>Now that you think of it, wasn't there a stone slab with his name on it in the garden?
>Teleporting there you find that yes, there is a stone slab with his name on it.
>You at first thought it was a grave, but looking at it now, it seems like a pedestal, like a statue were there recently.
>Or a human.
>You teleport back to Anon and find he still hasn't moved.
"Anonymous, I'm going to do something, but before I do, if you can move or say something, do it."
>You say in a serious tone, far off from your normal lovable voice.
>Still, he just lays there.
>Now you're not the kind of god of chaos that likes digging through creatures minds, but you have to know something.
>As you snap your fingers you're teleported into Anon's mind.
>What would normally be a colorful chaotic place, is now just darkness, the only form of light coming from what his eyes are facing.
>You'd say sees but he really doesn't 'see' anything.
>You snap your fingers again and are out of the blank place.
>You look at the empty husk of a creature with pity.
"You never stood a chance in there, did you?"
>You ask the husk.
>As bad as being a statue was for you, you could just place your mind in auto pilot, but from the looks of things, Anon couldn't.
>He had to stand there as his mind slowly deteriorated.
>Whatever he did to be punished so harshly, he didn't deserve that, nothing does.
>But you'll fix him.
>Even if he will never be the exact same Anonymous you knew, but at least he'll be alive.
>You just hope this works as you bring your finger to his head.
There was a Anonf*lly story about that. Wasn't bad.
Could you link it?
This but instead of discord doing his thing, a couple of nurses are talking about the whole NMM incident within earshot of Anon, causing him to start reacting to every time he hears NMM
Needless to say, Anon would be more than unstable after exiting his comatose state. So villain Anon?
>anons memory gets stuck on a repeat of his last day.
>everytime he goes to sleep and wakes up its as if the previous day never happened.
>always dreams of the same thing, trapped motionless in an endless expanse of grey with no sense of time or place.
>discord doesnt want to poke around again because the odds of improvement are less than nothing.
>princess' and maid pones have to bring him up to speed on a daily basis.
File: Sad Celly.png (60 KB, 605x876)
60 KB
>The price of Immortality is Infertility
Would you still want an Alicorn if this was actually true?
Yes, I know Flurry Heart says this is bullshit, but what if it *was* true?
I'd still love my mare even if she couldn't provide me with children. I would do this because I'm not a piece of shit.
I would certainly hope so, but some anon are so fixated on having a dozen foals that you can't be sure.
Those people don't really like the idea of foals, they just have a breeding/pregnancy fetish that, honestly, makes them seem like manipulative, self-absorbed monsters who don't even care about the stress it would put on the mother or the inevitable lack of emotional connection that the foals will suffer from living in a household that's more like a public school than a family.
>Two nurses are taking care of Anon
>Feeding, cleaning, stuff like that
>After they finish they take a break and talk
>"So, he stopped Nightmare Moon?"
>Anons finger twitches
>"Yeah, apparently he held her in place and got turned to stone by whatever banished her"
>"If it wasn't for Nightmare Moon, he wouldn't be like this, such a shame"
>Anons eyes open for the first time willingly in millennia
>"Yeah, but if he hadn't did that then we could be under Nightmares rule now instead of Celestias"
>Anon stands up with a mostly vacant look on his face
>The nurses notice and get the doctors
>"Nurse when did this happen?"
>"I-i don't know! Me and her were on break and talking when he just stood up!"
>"Talking about what?"
>"N-Nightmare Moon"
>Anon starts to turn his head towards the nurse
>The nurses and doctor watch in astonishment as Anon smiles like a mad man
>The doctor runs to report directly to the princess so about what just happened

Shit might hit the fan here
Cool idea of mixing that particular scene of batman the dark knight returns. Stick with the it Dude.
Maybe you can throw a little bit of the killing joke personality as well.
>"Somedays I remember one way, and a few times I remember differently. It all starts with just one bad day, and then I went crazy"
Heh, that's all I can add with this promote.
We had this concept before where Luna, while having been infertile before her banishment for the simple fact that her body had used all of its eggs and she hit menopause, same as Celestia, the act of being magically deconstructed, then reformed upon her return, managed to restore her body to perfect condition.
No scares or other tissue damage, and ovaries full of fresh eggs.
Celestia was secretly envious because Luna was never the mothering type, not interested in having children, where Celestia herself had many foals before she became barren, and loved each one to bits.
Dozen foal is literally just a meme, even in /nmp/ there's only a few of us with the breeding fetish, most of us are either 2-3 or "However many she wants to have," and we're arguably the most foal happy of the generals outside of the pregnancy fetish thread itself.
I don't know about you, but I'd love to have a dozen foals. Two foals each for a herd of six would be perfect.
>now, we want to hear your side of the story. what was it like being stuck for 1000 years?
>hey this is a sensitive man, and that's a touchy subject.
it's ok. i want people to get me. that's why i'm going to cuddle everyone in this room.
>anon, his new neurons from discord fighting with an almost unimaginable grey expanse of nothingness, seizes.
>shaking violently the nurse informs the doctor
>it lasted about 30 seconds
>they check his vitals
>after awakening they check his response
>we fast forward a day
>seems to be back to normal fortunately
>the nurse comes back in...
"anon, I'm sorry for... well, I feel my mentioning of a certain person may have messed with your mind a little, perhaps bringing back something from that long ago... wasn't for the best."
>meanwhile anons mind is working at 110% trying to concentrate on speech,
>"I-I... I remember...before the nothingness...after a while I disregarded the outside. my mind shut down after a month. it was just a loop of black and white. the sun... the sun and the moon. that's all I remember, my eyes just... acted like they were closed... how long?"
"a thousand years."
"n...no. no (anon starts crying over loss)"
"it's o.k. it's going to be o.k."
"NO! it's not okay...it's... (sigh...)"
anon had to plan his revenge subtly, he couldn't say he was going to assassinate nightmare moon, this would get him arrested.
"just, leave me be..."
>"Do you wanna know how I lost my mind? When Nightmare Moon got banished to the moon I got banished with her, well my psyche did, and Nightmare Moon, well she holds a grudge to put it lightly, and with my body, now immortalised in stone, she could take out that anger in ANY way she saw fit and her "favourite toy" would always come back for more"
>"Do you wanna know how I lost my mind? Discord decided it'd be fun if he left me in his dimension to "relax and have fun for a few millenia or so" of course while he went off gallivanting to who knows where I was left in a void with no way of traversing it. It was horrifying and beautiful, I went insane, got bored of that and went sane again, and then went insane again, and now, here I am"
I like to imagine that each new day Anon would remember a different version of his story
later, after getting released from the hospital, being an iq of just barely above retarded, and limping from trying to regain his motor skills, tries to hatch a plan to get rid of the person who froze him a thousand years in stone.

only to discover later she had been vanished to the moon for also a thousand years, and had come back to reunite with her sister, celestia. apparently she went by: luna.

anon was angry, even angrier then before since this monster was now half in control of the land of equestria. his feeble mind still aching in intense pain and migraines adjusting to foreign alchemy, he glanced at the castle in the distance... this, was what hell was.

he felt like suicide, but was too afraid, he felt like going into the desert and starving himself to death, his body afterward being aten by the buzzards.

there was no one to talk to. his friends and family long gone with even their graves gone. the only thing that remained similar to his past was that blasted sun and moon raised by an evil that clearly hadn't been quenched. why his enemy would not die but his close ones did is something he couldn't understand. why live forever in this hell on earth if no one is there to feel the pain with you?

anon regrets the day he awoke from his solid state.
Who else thinks that Nightmare visited anons statue when she was freed from her banishment? I think that she would have regreted what happened to Anon because of her, or would she not even know what happened to him?
I think Anon would become like Joker, obsessing over Luna like the joker would the Batman, just less clown theme and more wanting revenge more than anything
>he at least needed solace
luna was right down the hall...
finally, he got to the door.
his energy derived from anguish and sadness.
"yes, anon."
"nightmare moon..."
"at one point."
"I remember."
"I only have, one question."
"anon, I didn't freeze you."
"then who? who did?"
"they're dead, he was a man nammed dragon mirror."
Wouldn't Anon want revenge on both Celestia and Luna? Luna for being the one who made him sacrifice himself and Celestia for using the rainbow of death on them both
>Ponies encourage Incognito to teach Anon how to be a 'Stallion'
>They end up hanging out a lot
>Ponies start to notice that Anon seems less jaded and smiles more
>However, shy, demure Incognito seems to be becoming more marely as wel
>concerned horse noises
"I remember luna, I remember you freezing me, you were right there. dragon mirror was the enemy, and you sided with him, and you froze me."
"no, I know it may have looked like it, I would've at that point in my life, but I was behind him. dragon mirror froze you, and destroyed all of your men when you were seizing his empire. and later I took it over for myself, until celestia banished me."
"hm... I likely story."
"I'm sorry about what happened to you. your mind, your body, your spirit. I'm... deeply sorry anon."
"I wasn't finished. (anon pulls out a gun)"
Who the fuck is dragon mirror?
"I don't care who it was anymore...(anon put gun to his head)"
"ANON! NO! No it isn't worth it. nothing is worth that."
"WHAT isn't worth it!? I should've died with all my other men, and now I'm stuck years into the future with an aching mind and a withering body with no one who knows what's going on or knows anything about my life. I'd rather be with the people I knew. you should've shattered me, you should've knocked my head off instead of parading your victory over me as a stupid statue. infact...I'm going to go down there, right now, and destroy every damn statue you have..."
Anon can't do that! It would be the end of Anon Was A Statue General!
Oh, hold on, it looks like this thread is actually Reversed Gender Roles Equestria.

I never would have guessed.
>"Those moments when Nightmare tormented my mind, I eventually began to relish it! Those moments of agony,tearing my mind asunder! In those moments I could actually FEEL!!! But then she slowly stopped after realizing I enjoyed it, leaving me to root in my stone prison!!"
I imagine Anon ranting and raving in a straight jacket during an interview, Celestia and Luna listening in horror as Anon rambles about false events that he believes happened
>>Left me to rot
File: 1466889601512.png (186 KB, 1135x1531)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
Oh, we're having foals.
"no, you're not, and (takes gun) you're not going to kill yourself. believe me: I'd of destroyed you and all the other statues had I had the chance when I was nightmare moon, but now I'm luna, and now... now we're not doing that, and now... now is the time, when you need to suck it up, and go out there, and live the best life you can live, because even though it's a thousand years later, and even though you shoud've died, and even though you're in pain, it isn't over yet, and when it's over it won't be my choice or dragon mirrors choice or anyone elses choice including you: it'll be GODS choice anon. so go out there, and ask HIM to kill you."
anon walks out the castle,
end credits: anons future episode 1,
File: 1359885100503.jpg (10 KB, 178x235)
10 KB
>(takes gun)
*teleports behind u*
AIE is down the hall, because there no RGRE at all in this story.
He could have at least went with the proper greentext format, but not even that. Disgusting.
File: 1513499255303.jpg (111 KB, 861x517)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
>Anon goes nuts ala stoney prison
>Becomes Old Anon
>Old Anon is stuck up in his head now for most of the time, only listening to what he can if anyone even visits him
>He gets released
>he doesn't realize, so doesn't 'wake' into his body for a while
>They assume the worst
>Discord tries to help out by rebooting and such
>New Anon is a naive idiot savant
>Old Anon 'wakes' to find him body taken over by New Anon
>Pissed but ultimately disconnected to that because he's been without it for 1K years now
>New Anon is childish, like REALLY naive
>Old Anon has to keep this idiot from routinely getting drugged by horny mares
>The only reason he isn't aiming to induce suicide is that he can yell at Luna sometimes when he gets angry and in control.
File: 1401864023205.jpg (43 KB, 563x308)
43 KB
this anon knows whats up
File: 1488595571298.png (2.03 MB, 1785x2364)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB PNG
>"Hey, Anon, do you think my boobs are too small?"
>"Some of the other girls were shit talking me during work, and I was just wondering..."
It's the choose your ending one, really good even if it makes Twilight look a bit like a bitch.
What kind of /reddit/ writing is this shit?
>(Takes gun)
Nigga are you even trying?
File: 1391193747672.png (63 KB, 500x281)
63 KB
>I've heard is someone rubs them they will get bigger
>Want to help out?
Directly from Celestia 101 ways to pick up a colt
Reminds me of something
Kek now I want this!
>Old Anon watches as Luna teaches the idiot that took your place about the world
>God damn it if she hadn't went full deviantart oc do not steal, and had actually talked about her problems like a rational thinking being, you would be walking around right now and not being a passenger
>God damn it
>GOD damn it!!
>The new Anon clasps his mouth shut and Luna looks shocked
>You may be a passenger in the car but you can grab the wheel for a few seconds apparently
File: 1416703112707.png (620 KB, 1000x1000)
620 KB
620 KB PNG


>instead of a voice in the head controlling a psychopath from killing everyone
>OLD ANON is like a guy playing a game with 999 fps using only keyboard controls
>the new anon is on auto pilot half the time
>Original Anon will tap into Nu-Nons head just to make some kind of innuendo or dirty joke
>Ponies are confused, because otherwise he seems so pure
>Anon is on a talk show in Manehatten
>They're asking how it was being a statue
>Song magic takes hold and Anon starts singing
>Everypony is horrified and Anon is dragged back to the hospital
File: 1357549084731.jpg (162 KB, 671x950)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
I wanna massage Sunset's boobs and slather them with coco butter
The fuck is THIS shit?
File: 1512632694287.png (507 KB, 1131x1286)
507 KB
507 KB PNG
I want that horse to sit on my face
Here's something I was just thinking about after playing God of War on my PS4.
Mare Kratos and Stallion Athena an RGRE story

Kratos dons her Blades of Chaos, as she wrapping the chain on forearms. Grimace in pains, grunting as she fastens them tightly.
>There's nowhere you can hide, Spartan.Even if you put as much distance between you and the truth as you want, it changes nothing.
Kratos continues to adjust her chains, ignoring the pain and Athena's words.
>Pretending to be everything you are not: teacher, wife, mother.
Kratos turns to face her tormentor before looking back at her blades on the floor.
>But there is one unavoidable truth you will never escape: You cannot change. You will always be a monster.
Kratos pauses before picking up the blades of chaos.
>I know. And I'll always remain one to my enemies and those threaten my little colt and I am your monster no longer.
Kratos glares at Anthena's shade and walks towards the door to help her little colt's illness.

That's my shot at an RGRE. Anyone's free to take this promote and run with it.
If old Anon is insane, he could trick new Anon into trading places, saying that he'll let him right out and lock new Anon into the subconscious. The whole thing could end with old Anon forcing the princesses who to destroy, old Anon or the homunculus they replaced him with
>Anon spends 1000 years awake staring into nothingness
>he goes mad at first but as time goes on his mind regresses
>first he can no longer think coherently
>then he forgets speech all together
>his mine only works on instinct and seeks to fullfil his insatiable desire to feed
>when Anon is released he attacks the first thing he sees
>Celestia was forced to cage him in the dungeons
>she visits him every once and a while to remind herself of the sacrifices that were made to keep her ponies safe
>he never gets better
I remember, then:
>Celestia starts dating Anon.
>Their love is strong.
>One day, Anon innocently brings up having children, and how eager he is to start a family with the mare of his dreams.
>Twilight's studies have confirmed it's possible, so now it's just up to Celestia to agree.
>She can't however, because she's barren, a fact Anon is dejected to find out.
>Of course he says it's fine, that maybe they can look into adoption, but Celestia still feels like a failure of a mare for not being able to give her stallion a foal.
>That's why she resolves to do so, even if it won't share blood with her.
>Not directly, at least, but there is one way for a foal to be conceived that is at least partially of her blood.
"Luna, I need an egg."
>Luna looks over her newspaper and across the table with a quirked brow.
>"Perhaps you should make you're wishes known to the chefs, then. I'm sure they would be more than willing to prepare thee any dish you wish. May I suggest an omelette?"
>Celestia does not smile, her expression remaining steadfast and determined.
"I need to bear a foal for my love, as is my duty as his chosen mate, but I need an ovum to do so."
>Oh..." Luna responds, slowly lowering her newspaper. "That sort of egg. Still, why bring this up with me? Do you seek advice? I know you've hit menopause some time ago, but perhaps you can find a surrogate-"
"No," the solar mare interrupted. "I will carry the foal- procedures have advance so that ovums from one mare may be inseminated and transferred to another."
>"Truly? To think such progress has been made in my absence," muses the smaller alicorn. "Then I suppose you must find some sort of donor. I'm sure any mare in Equestria would be honored-"
"It must be you, Sister," Celestia interrupted. "We are of the same blood, and we both know you are able to conceive thanks to the Elements rejuvenating your body. I ask that you supply me with an egg so that Anon and I may have a foal."
>Luna stares, wide-eyed.
unless this story ends with two pregnant celestial sisters I am not interested
Following up a bit.

'Look, fag. Don't drink that drink.'
>'Why not? She seems like a nice mare.'
'It's drugged. She just put a load of tranquilizer in there.'
>'She said it was sugar! You know I can't drink bitter beers very well.'
'You're not even drinking beer. That's whiskey. We can't even handle a glass of that right now.'
>'Semantics. Look, she's really nice and I don't think you're right.'
>Anon takes a drink from his 'improved' glass of whiskey.
>The drowsiness hits New Anon like a mare beating her husband.
>Mare carries drugged Anon into the back room and starts stimulating him with her magic.
>As she mounts him, Old Anon manages to speak through the drugs.
"Kiss me."
>She tries, but stops right as he talked again.
"If you don't put me back out front right now, I'll give you kids just so i can take them and a lifetime of child support."
>She helps move back he-who-is-kinda-sorta-immune-to-drugs-but-not-entirely Anon.
>Phew. Another night of not raped.
File: 1453192543143.jpg (30 KB, 480x360)
30 KB
>"If you don't put me back out front right now, I'll give you kids just so i can take them and a lifetime of child support."
Well wait, wouldn’t the easy solution here be to just have the Mane Six blast Celestia with the Elements to rejeuvenate her like they did Luna?
I like the idea of Earth Anon trying to help Equestrian Anon.

"Alright Ingoc, it's time you learned about your heritage, so today we're gonna play a little game"
>The two humans walk to the local park, with Anon holding a baseball with two makeshift gloves
>"Like pin the tail on the pony? I love that game!"
>Long sigh
"No, a different game, a simple one for you."
>Anon directs Incognito a few feet away from him as a couple of ponies come to watch
"This is called catch, just catch the ball and throw it back to me"
>While Anon would sometimes get frustrated with Incognito, he couldn't help but feel some pity for him, not his fault he was raised a wimp.
>"Alright, I'm ready to catch it"
>You see Incognito ready himself like you told him, and you throw a fast ball
>Which he fails to catch and hits him in the thigh
>And now he's starting to cry, fuck
"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have thrown it that fast"
>"I-I-It really huuuurts!"
>The ponies staring at the both of you now, great
>Deeps breaths, remember it's not his fault
"Let's just forget about this, if you stop crying I'll.... buy you a cupcake at sugar cube."
>He starts to hold back his tears and look at you
>"W-With sprinkles?"
"Sure man, hel- shoot I'll even get you extra."
>With the promise of sweets, he wipes his eyes with a handkerchief and follows you to the bakery
> it's gonna be a while before he toughen's up, but you're not giving up on him.
>'Oh god which button makes the penis turn into the big penis'
>RGRE taken to a certain extreme
>Ponies are either insanely aroused by Anon's physique, or they see him as a sex object that should be in the kitchen when it isn't mounting a mare
>Anon is constantly under attack by mares who want to rape him
>Anon must dance around several stallion stereotypes in order to avoid having sexand mix things up by using his own ingenuity
>One day Anon avoids rape by claiming that he has a headache or pretending to be angry at her because she allegedly forgot their non-existent anniversary
>Another day he threatens to take the resulting kids away and to put the mare in debt
>There was even one time he got a fussy mare off his back down at the bar; she had joined him for a drink and blatantly drugged his glass, and so he lied that he switched their drinks around, prompting the mare to switch the drinks to their "correct" placement and then to promptly drink her own drugged-up booze
>Anon was amazed that that worked, considering that the mare hadn't taken her eyes off of either of their drinks at any point of the encounter
>Anon wonders if he somehow gained a magical power of suggestion upon his arrival in Equestria
>Inb4 he finally gets raped and then proceeds to beat the mare, drag her pulpy body to the ponice, and go home to get drunk
So something that has bugged me, both in the whole real world and in Equestria, how does one rape a guy? Like, it's really odd that in Real Life, a guy wouldn't be quite happy to get his dick wet unless the bitch was trying to get child support off his ass.

While in RGRE, I thought we called men that don't want their dicks wet faggots?
female teachers taking advantage of underage children who cannot consent

induced erections, similar to how women get stimulated from rapes


its possible, but your mindset is exactly why feminists dominate the >rape issue
>female teachers taking advantage of underage children who cannot consent

How underage we talking, if we saying 16-18 range fuck off with your shit, younger than that then yeah I can see it, but at the same time that feels and sounds RARE as fuck. Like how many female teachers are there that are THAT desperate to rape some kid?

I guess, but at the same time, double standard do apply here I think, I mean shoot we cheer a dude who managed to bang three girls in one go, but call a girla slut if she bangs three dudes.
>go to equestria suddenly something bad happen
>tfw going to the world of your dreams costs an arm and a leg.
> Anon gets a job recording lines for a domestic illusion spell matrix
> Things like "How was your day, Honey?", or "Would you like a bath, dinner, or me~?"
> The matrix takes the lines and syncs them to an illusory stallion, triggered by times of day and biometric data from the user
> The mares designing the matrix are mostly examples of the primary userbase
> Lonely, nerdy unicorns who have watched too many neighponese cartoons
> They try really hard to be professional with Anon
> Unfortunately, they are also testing the matrix on themselves
> It can be hard to remember that Anon isn't their househusband, especially when they start incorporating the lewd scenarios
> Anon occasionally lets an innuendo slip in casual conversation
> The mares start sweating immediately, and can't meet his eyes
that "double standard" is due to the nature of biology
successful men sow their oats all over the place
successful women need to choose the one best man for them
that's not really a double standard, because in reality no one classifies men and women as the same in that scope

rape is bad either way, and its partly functional definition is about consent, its just feminists have been warping its meaning and usage
And the *if both are drunk the female was raped* or *if a dude has any alchaol in him he raped her* mindset are also a problem beside the *females cant be domestic abusers against men because he deserved it probly*
The physiological aspect is relatively easy to explain, men can be subdued through the weight of numbers, unusual strength, surprise attack, tasers, etc. Getting the dick hard is pretty simple too. As for why men would feel raped rather than privileged, A couple scenarios come to mind:
1) The woman is fat/unattractive
2) The man is in a committed relationship and values fidelity. (Possibly fears the rapist will take photos of the sex and use it as blackmail)
3) The man is religious
4) The rapist physically abuses the man during sex (or makes him participate in weird or gross fetishes, such as scat or baby role-play)
I wonder, would the princesses have the mane 6 use the elements on Anon to try and cure his madness? Because Anon could be a single bad day away from going full blown joker
The same way you rape a woman.
Technically, it wasn't just the blast, it was the banishment.
When Nightmare Moon was sent to, well, the moon, her body was deconstructed, then when she returned, it was reconstruct.
It's just that, when this happened, she was put back together in what can basically be called mint condition.
If Celestia was blasted with the Elements, it may not even realize it needs to do anything. It'd probably hit her and be like, "Uh, there's no evil here, what the fuck?"
Luna's restoration was just a side affect of the banishing process, not the main goal.
>You are Anonymous
>After finding some guards and testing Mjolnirs enchantments you came to a conclusion
>Well a few but whatever
>One: the enchantments work
>Two: most of the guards are cunts apparently
>You are heading to the throne room when the castle shakes to the foundation and a general feeling of dread for whoever just unleahed the pantshitingly strong force of wrath
>A few seconds later you heard the voice of said force
>You pity the dumbass who had just pissed mom off
>You open the door to the throne room just a crack to see the what happened
>Mom looks pissed off enough to turn into whatever aunt Luna did a thousand years ago
>Dad is right next to her holding her back, keeping mom from strangling the one who pissed her off
>Speaking of which, you see two scared griffon ambassadors
>One obviously the leader judging by the way she didn't TOTALLY lose her calm versus the other that just about shat herself
>The leader clears her throat
>"Our Empress wishes to arrange a marriage between her daughter and Prince Anonymous to strengthen our alliance."
>They hit the "Arranged marriage" button

I have no idea what I am doing with this story.
No worries, man, just drop bits like this when they come to you. Better than burning out trying to force some prolonged plot.
>I have no idea what I am doing with this story.

Doesn't matter, keep going faggot.
>I have no idea what I am doing with this story
looks to me that the griffins are about to learn the magic of >rape
I like this idea. A little bit of polish and you've got a story.
>>deviantart oc do not steal
Kek someone make one of those coldsteel the hegheg memes with nmm
>Politics and Arranged marriages
A 'wouldn't it be funny' idea I had not too long ago was what if Anon and 'Crystal' eventually get married out of genuine love for each other. This also creates a treaty/alliance between the Chrystal Empire and the Changelings just in time to face a big bad that neither would've been able to face alone.
This is similar to what I have planned, minus the whole bbeg thing
Nice! I shall wait patiently then.
A disagreement between one side wanting offspring and the other not wanting offspring is valid cause to end a relationship. It's better than lying to, tricking, or sabotaging the other party to get offspring, or to get pregnant from a third party without telling the man you want to raise your child that the child isn't his.
File: Bug REEE.png (168 KB, 1000x813)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
>'Crystal' hears about somebody trying to steal /her/ Anonymous away.
>This shall not stand!
>pic related
>And then the changelings fucked with the catbirds, meanwhile she tries to marry Anonymous.
>Celly is unhappy with this turn of events.
Do you seriously not know how greentexting works? How new ARE you all?

The only text that ISN'T green is the dialogue of the VIEWPOINT CHARACTER. It's not rocket surgery.
"Not wanting children" is fundamentally different from "Can't have children". One is a choice, the other is not.
Obviously they are a redditfag that decided to go on to "Le edgy hacker site 4chan"
Small snipets whenever ideas come to you honestly isn’t that bad for the particular topic you are writing about. Just keep doing what you are doing.
>that feels and sounds RARE as fuck.
It really isn't. How many male teachers raping their students have you read about vs how many female teachers have raped their students?
>Like how many female teachers are there that are THAT desperate to rape some kid?
It's less about desperation and more about pedophilia. Or ephebophilia, or however you spell it.

You're the same person who wrote that not-even-remotely-greentext stuff from up above, aren't you?

Ignoring prison populations, when you define rape as "sex without or against consent", men and women are raped at equal rates. This is from the National Intimate Partner Sexual Violence survey in 2010 and 2011. They get around this by defining "made to penetrate" as "not actually rape", and do not give any justification for this.
File: story - trade for hug.png (209 KB, 1147x622)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
It's happened before. Actually, it happens alot, just alot of the time the court never calls it rape. In fact, there was one case a chick sneaked into her ex's room with a machete, hid in the closet till he got home, then told him if he didn't eat her out (Which she recorded and police got with the machete visible) then fuck her she'd stab him, afterwards she fucked up his wall and pissed on his bed. This was called assault, destruction of property, trespassing, ect. But she was not charged with rape. Flip the tables and that shit would be called rape before it entered the court.
>I have no idea what I am doing with this story.
It kind of shows. You can still probably save the story, though.

How did Crystal get to play around in the castle with the prince? Aren't there castle security measures in place? Especially ones specifically made to detect changelings, given what happened at Cadence's wedding.

Does Crystal show up regularly, or does she just hand around for a few days and then disappear for weeks at a time?

What about schooling for Anon and Flurry? Are they in a school, or getting tutored? Does some of Flurry's guilt and overprotectiveness show up here? Same thing with Anon's clarity of thought and control.
I don't have an answer for the first question. "Chrystal" shows up almost every day, only leaving for long periods of time due to "family" issues. And Anon and Flurry are still being tutored, and Flurry doesn't know that she's the reason Anon is sickly so no guilt there. Yet.
Being unable or unwilling to provide are both things that would put a stop to relationships. The only way that doesn't, is if birth control measures are sabotaged or lied about, or a woman cheats on her husband.

Part of trying to find a match with someone is making sure your core values are compatible. Offspring is a pretty important core value, and most people who choose to stay with someone despite not getting children they want, or being forced to deal with kids they didn't want, tend to be very unhappy and steadily grow resentful. This makes both partners unhappy in the long run.
File: 1456463802522.png (837 KB, 1280x1745)
837 KB
837 KB PNG
>A red-faced Twilight just lays on her side and gives up.
>You rest your head gently on her belly, which gets a little bigger each day, as you lay with her.
>The hand you're not laying on is between her legs, softly kneeding her swollen and sore teats.
>A mare like Twi will try to pretend she doesn't need the attention as if she's bothering you, but you know she enjoys it.
>A tiny hoof presses out from the inside of Twilight's belly just enough that you can feel it, making Twi gasp.
>You close your eyes and savor everything about the moment.
Pony tails on ponies are heart melting adorable.
How about we alter this slightly, what if the Anon raised in Equestria was raised there from birth? But here's the twist there was another Anon already there who was in his teens and too young to raise him and rejected all of the ponies requests to raise the baby human in any way, like he just skips town and the baby Anon doesn't meet the Earth Anon until much later?
Children/offspring don't make a relationship, sure it does make it stronger, but the fact that you think it would end a relationship just because someone is unable to have child or doesn't want children is completely invalid, two people can still love each other and be with one another even if they can't have children or don't want children (I think you've watched a little too much TV dramas that have you overthinking the importance family/children in a relationship and these scenarios sound like something out of a bad hentai) and you want to know why because they love each another and would come to acceptance if there were no children in either of these scenarios, meaning neither of them would be unhappy and would allow them to appreciate what they have together as a couple and what they have each other to be happy even if they don't have kids no matter how much value you put on them to keep them "happy".
File: Twilight is BAE.png (372 KB, 1024x1024)
372 KB
372 KB PNG
If one partner wants children and the other doesnt, it creates conflict.
Sure both can come to accept the fact they're going to disagree on the matter and love each other regardless, but it's a strain on the relationship no matter how you sugar coat it.
More so if it's a conscious choice rather than circumstances preventing it.
>(I think you've watched a little too much TV dramas that have you overthinking the importance family/children in a relationship and these scenarios sound like something out of a bad hentai)
I think you've consumed a bit too much of the modern kool-aid to have that mentality, a family is the end-point of a relationship between male and female and from a strictly biological perspective it's literally the point.
While they dont make a relationship, the issue of children can most certainly break it.
On a scale of 1-10 for things that can break relationships, with "I'm actually a trap you're gay lol" being a 10, "We cant have kids" is about 4-6 depending on whether it's a choice or circumstance.
Jumping into this conversation, isn't the starting point the scenario "Anon loves Celestia and is looking forward to having children with her, and Celestia is barren"?

That mean we can exclude the "one partner does not want children" from the discussion. While some couples might break up when they find out one of them is infertile, there are still the options of surrogacy and adoption. It might not be exactly what either of then wanted, but it's a close enough compromise to satisfy the desire for family. I do think that people nowadays put too much emphasis on sharing goals and ideals in a relationship, and not enough on finding compromises that make both people happy.
"Be my donor," Celestia repeats.
>Luna's lips move, but no sound comes out for a few seconds.
>Then, "No!"
"I'm not asking you to carry it to term. It's just one quick procedure, and-"
>"I'm not going to become a mother!" Luna grits out, getting Celestia to lean in.
"But you won't be!" she argues. "You won't have to take on any responsibility as a parent! Anon and I will-"
>"It would be my foal by blood," Luna spat, ignoring her sister's flinch. "I'm not one to fill the kingdom with my foals, that was always you're thing! And look at what it got us! The nobles- you're decedents, are a constant thorn in my- neigh- Equestria's side. And don't even get me started on Blueblood!"
"Sister, please," Celestia pleads. "If not for me, than for Anonymous-"
>"Adopt," Luna declares. "Or get some other mare, a non-noble one to be the donor. At least that way they'll be one less bloodline with claim to political power."
"Luna, I'm begging you," Celestia whispers, shoulders shaking. "I... I know I'm asking a lot, and I wish that I didn't have to, but I have no other choice."
>Luna stares, anger fading, as a tear rolls down her sister's cheek. "You think I want this? To ask my sister this? If I could, I'd go down to Ponyville and beg Twilight and her friends to blast me. I'd gladly be torn apart and put back together to give Anon the foal he wants. But we both know that's not how it works. The Elements to not bend to selfish whims. They will not activate without just cause."
>"Why me, though?" Luna asks, calming herself. "Why does it matter."
"Because at least that way, I can pretend the foal is mine," she answers. "They would be my niece or nephew by blood, but that... that could be close enough."
>Luna doesn't know how to respond to that, but luckily, she doesn't have to.
>"Hey, girls, what's..." Anon steps into the breakfast nook, hair damp from a shower after working out with the guards that morning. "Um, am I interrupting something? Because I can come back if."
I was more talking in general, not about this particular scenario which is why i made the choice/circumstance distinction, as for adoption or surrogates, some people care significantly about whether the child they raise is actually 'theirs' so it's not a clear cut thing.
I agree that compromise is key to successful relationships, i blame the 'sexual revolution' for that.
Used to be if a person slept around they were considered damaged by society, mostly women but even men tended to be considered lesser if they were fucking whores all the time.
More ?
Isn't the Canterlot nobility canonically from the old Unicorn-only empire/kingdom/whatever pre-unification ?
>Equestrian human, Incognito, grew into a desirable male with an ever so slight janefilly streak.
>Has a small herd and shares a close relationship with Celestia, who took special interest in him as an infant. Lead a largly charmed life.
>Always wondered what his birth home was like. All he ever had of it was the name printed on his childhood blanket, but made peace with the fact that he probably won't find out.

>Anon is an average guy in the near future of earth.
>AKA living dirt as far a society is concerned.
>Too broke to afford an AI waifu or real luxury, not broke enough to laze around on government assistance.
>Smart enough to realize why society is like it is, but not genius enough to claw his way to a safe zone with raw intellect.
>Talented enough to appreciate his hobbies, not talented enough to make a career of them. Being a jaded cynic, what he's best at, can't be monitized anyway.
>And his family was pretty fucked up since he was young since the abduction of his baby brother just days after his birth. Everyone was just sort of distant.
>Really, Anon has got nothing to look forward to except the civil war slowly crawling across the country that the government says isn't happening. He just keeps a gun on him (for attackers or himself is debatable) and waits.
>Then a truck bomb levels his street.
>Instead of dying, Anon blearily wakes up to feminine pony creatures and an androgynous man all looking concerned around him.
>Jesus Christ, this must be hell.
>Hold on... The man looks familiar... In the back of his mind he recalls the image of an infant.
>The man jumps. "H-how did you know my name..?"
>Anon sighs.
"Fucking hell."
>Incognito and the mares flinch at the curse.
>Anon just lets out a dry chuckle and stands, easily a head taller than the other man.
"Don't recognize your big brother, Nito? I'm hurt. I was the first to hold you after mom, after all."
>And so two lives were thrown out of wack that day.
I wanna see more stories where ponies accidentally hurt Anon because he doesn't have magic to protect him from some of the stuff that ponies are, and then they feel like shit for hurting a colt.
Is there an Equestrian equivalent of seppuku that mares could try when they unintentionally hurt a colt?
well then obviously to trigger the rejuvenation, Celestia just needs to be temporarily evil
prompt idea

>when anon first came to ponyville
>ponies treated him the same way they did zecora way back when
>it doesnt help that anon cant into pony speak let alone pony body language
>the flipside is that they cant really do anything to him since twilight and co are in charge of him
>since anon cant understand anything the ponies say
>all he has to go on are their reactions
>only that he see's then as adorable little horses that NEED to be petted
>eventually racist ponies just devolve into sexist ponies
>seeing that anon is just another colt that needs tending to
Nito is going to wonder what sort of evil he dodged on Earth after spending some time with his brother.
episode 2
(opening credits)
(various cut-scenes_)
brought to you by reddit studios
anon decided to get a job being security for one of rarities shops. he did the near-end-early morning shift. he often saw various people wearing different things, sometimes to be cool looking, or edge, or whatever. he often remembered the varoious things people wore in his day were of the same purpose: to look like a nobleman, or that one knew alot of literature, or was a skilled craftsman or this or that. roles to play as ones true intent hides beneath.

the shift was uneventful, he often talked to the opener before he went out, just to talk. she said she was getting bored of this job, that retail is soul-sucking and typical things.

he thought of asking her out honestly. but once he got enough money from this gig he'd be out of this town...

on his way to his one-bedroom he noticed a pony spying on him... or maybe he was just hallucinating. his mind liked to play alot of tricks on him. he really was numb to it, spy all you like he said to himself.

anon read alot when he got home. he discovered alot of the things he'd imagined to be true so long ago were proven right in the likes of science, and math. magic though... magic never changed. it just seems no one of this timeline knew what they were actually doing.

anon often wondered if there were anyone like him other then discord that were from that time period... he remembered a well armed pony whom usedto battle with him and his men, rockhoof... (sigh) "they're all dead" he said to himself. anon fell asleep with his books.

later that night he heard a creak from the floor. something moving, ever so slowly...
anon got up, and instantly yelled "who goes there!? SHOW YOURSELF! I WILL SMITE THEE!"
not a sound
anon bashed open all his doors, the few he had.
a unicorn with a comet-cutie-mark appeared.
"...get out!"
"listen I didn't mean any harm I just..."

Stop. Seriously. Just stop.
What the fuck... Anon, just stop. For your own sake.
>In this uncropped pic Lyra rapes a guy yo impregnate her.
"go on..."
"I just, um..."
(anon saw he was clearly trying to steal his currency under his couch)
"I see your game here you prancer dancer! get out of my lair! or if you wish to joust we will joust. I also know magic, do not consider attacking me."
he left,
the excitement had got him up just in time for work again... it was certainly a long walk from there to his respective job.

anon later heard of banks, where you can keep your money safe. he opened an account immediately.

he spoke again with the shopkeeper, talking yet again about times of old and this and that.
she was unamused.
his accent he could tell was getting old he kind of figured it was time to adjust to their dialect.

security gaurd was an easy job nonetheless: his frail bones just needed to stand and keep watch, and report anything suspicious.

he reallly needed to get out. there was a festival in town later, he decided he'd go there.

it was his day off, he saw a great many different kinds of ponies there... not as much humans as he'd thought. infact none at all really. he remembered a time when they were one in the same. humans were not good at walking so they'd pay ponies to ride them, and they'd often agree... now it seems they'd invented their own society all together.
It's not about sex, it's about dominance and a loss of control. Being forcibly made to have sex can seriously fuck up your psyche, and if you try to tell anyone about it they'll either give you a slap on the back, or call you a faggot because you didn't like it.
alright people we got a maximum overshitposter, just ignore him, with no (You)s he'll starve and die
You mean the redditfag, right?
he heard some music, got a little buzz, and ust sort of walked around,
"hey, how you doin?"
he practiced... trying to sound modern
these new neurons...so much things coming into his head, all foreign things clashing with his now found memories.
...as he was wasted at a festival.
"hey how you doin?"
"hey, anon, it's me, remember? the nurse... before you ran off? we need to get you back."
"for what? I've got a functional job. I've been a guard for one of the shopkeepers here in this city."
"you tried to killyourself and threaten to destroy all of lunas statues. I think you may not be very well."
anon considered the fact his mental state wasn't at the best capacity.
"well, maybe, maybe, but for now: let me have this, please?"
"(sigh) o.k., I see your at least having fun."
the nurse left the fair, anon looked at the sea of neon and pastel.
hey, that one looks interesting he thought.
"hey, nice music they're playing huh?"
"oh yeah, I mean honestly I prefer some heavy metal usually, but coloratura does make some nice music."
"I mean, yeah, I prefer the steel drums myself, very interesting instrument. metallics in general are very rich in overtones."
"ha, yeeeaah. I was refering to metal, you know, with guitars, and drums, and screaming."
"oh! I've honestly, never heard it,and I know that sounds weird... I'm not your average person you know."
"oh, well, want me to show you?"
fluttershy pulls out her phone and headphones
"oh... OH. ohohohohoh. oh wow. you listen to this on a daily basis?"
"not as much as you'd think, I have multiple genres I like, I think I know you...your that man my discord turned back to normal, twilight was mentioning you, they've been looking for you."
"I mean, well, maybe I should get back."
"hey, we should hang out sometime, gimme your number!"
"s-sure. I... I don't have a phone,"
"yo, no worries, I'm up here all the time, I'll visit kay?"
I believe he means that guy. Man, I hate summer.
File: 1518044584578.png (24 KB, 485x443)
24 KB
>Me Grug
>Me walking in giant plant place
>Am have best club
>Better than chadgar fuck you chadgar
>Tiny aminal with butt mark walk up to Grug
>Raise club for food time
>Aminal laugh at Grug
>Me face when
File: piss in a wine glass.jpg (88 KB, 334x334)
88 KB
>Group of Anons chatting at the bookstore
>Remind them that it's not rape if a mare does it and that men belong to mares
>SJW Thunderlane has a stroke from the internalize sexism
Interesting premise. It sounds like it could make a good story.
To be fair, Paradox was a really good episode
File: 1530811437326.jpg (1.1 MB, 1600x900)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB JPG
>>Really, Anon has got nothing to look forward to except the civil war slowly crawling across the country that the government says isn't happening. He just keeps a gun on him (for attackers or himself is debatable) and waits.
>not chasing that shit down across the country and joining
I am disappoint.
Now I want to see this but with a wastelander Anon
>Nito and his herd let Anon stay with them. He's family after all.
>He's wary, but the promise of a real family wears away at his resolve.
>One day, out walking with Nito and his mares, a catty stallion and his gaggle of friends snip at Nito and his mares.
>Nito is obviously hurt by their words. His mares growl and leer, but can't do much else.
>But Anon, who is much larger than his effeminate brother, has 20-ish years of sibling defending to catch up on and a lot of pent up frustration to burn.
>He's also a guy, meaning no dick shield for anyone.
>The watching mares didn't find the following catfight very sexy at all.
>It was more frightening than anything.
File: 1522881916916.gif (310 KB, 429x239)
310 KB
310 KB GIF
>Flinch at curse words
Those poor fucking ponies, they'd fucking go into shock around me. Fucking damn ass shit cunt.
anon goes back to the hospital for psychiatric and neurological overview.
a tan one came in,with some squiggly line thing on his mark. these things are so complicated. he barely knew what a cell phone was from someone mentioning it constantly at his work,

"anon, we did a few scans, and the results are: we believe you may have mild to severe schizophrenia."
"define scan"
"we basically, took pictures of your mind,and through red lights, we saw through your skull, and the lights shape indicates what is wrong with you, that and just the general situation of things, we've observed some, now don't take this offensively, but some kinds of dangerous activity. and that is leading us to this conclusion. now, it's o.k. to have this, everyone has the potential for these kinds of things, and with your past situation we have discovered a great many things as to why this is happening, and we think it'd be best for_"
>"oh doctor, do not tell me, what oils will cure my ailments of the mind? what type of frankincense will cure a mans soul? neither. you are just the same as the medicine men of my day. give them herb for their bodily ailments sure they'll heal up, but their demons. those need to be settled with something else."
"mr. anonymous, we are trying our best here to get you to full health. in the last thousand years a great many advances, see now you've got me talking like that, a-lot of things have come up where we now know more about the mind then we knew before. please, help us help you."
"you're a good merchant o.k. shoot."
"were putting you on a very low dose of Clozapine, that's all, we're also going to speak with discord about the spell he did to get you where you are now."
just then, there was a knock on the door...
"who is it?"
"I heard a man nammed anon was here."
"he is"
someone entered in the door
"rockhoof. doctor, I'm hallucinating."
"no, anon, tis I"
end credits
anons future_episode2
Yes, Blueblood is just a Duke but Faust said children probably wouldn't understand the difference in a prince and duke.
I preferred shitposting about jews over this absolute clusterfuck
Please for the love of god don't encourage the retard, he might just stay.
We could always go back to bandits and ketchup. Or even some bastard hybridization of the two.
>everything changed when the ketchup bandits attacked
File: 0fpK1b3.gif (478 KB, 250x144)
478 KB
478 KB GIF
>Thinks women can't rape guys
>Firmly doubts that it's common for a woman teacher to rape a student
>"The real double standard here isn't the attitude that men can't get raped, it's actually slut-shaming. It's so problematic that we call a man a stud but a womyn a slut if they have sex with three people"
Go check your privilege somewhere else.
>I mean shoot we cheer a dude who managed to bang three girls in one go, but call a girla slut if she bangs three dudes.
>we cheer
Speaking for yourself faggot, they're both whores.
Hearty kek was had. Have a (you).
>"You're so worthless as a human being that any person gracing you with the pleasures of sex should be celebrated (because you are so simple that all you care about is fulfilling your biological programming), and you are valued to little as a living breathing thinking feeling creature that nobody cares one bit if you experience psychological harm."
File: 1515003921726.jpg (76 KB, 398x500)
76 KB
I've spent too much time on the internet. I don't even notice when I swear anymore, which is unfortunate when I open my mouth at work. It feels stranger to say "that's garbage" than it does to say "that's bullshit" in front of an acquaintance.
Are they like those two thieves from Home Alone?
There's also some really insidious shit like spermjacking, where they fish the condom out of the trash and turn it inside out so if they get pregnant they can force you into child support.
They even have instructions online for ways to get yourself pregnant to gain child support
I still got you covered on pastebin but it still need a name.
>Nito and his herd let Anon stay with them.
that's very nice of the gravelord
Skelenon confirmed
What reason do we have to not just kill ourselves now?
An intense fear of death and a hard-to-overcome powerful instinct to avoid it?
What about an RGREqG Anon-A-Miss incident?
Anon might spank the shit out of the trio and then go fug Sunset, maybe recording it to make the tards jealous for their bad behavior.
>Sunset comes into to school the next day barely able to walk
>Sunset comes to school, limping and with her breath smelling of cock
>All her friends are jelly
>Sunset Shimmer is limping, her clothes are drenched in sweat, and she reeks of sex
>This is how EqG girls show their dominance
I'd say use "Prince Anonymous" but that's already taken, maybe just use "Anonymous Heart"?
>"My Anon is NOT a whore, you daughter of a bastard!"
I want to see a maddened Anon forcing his "soul" out of his body to become a wraith or something, leaving nu-anon weakened due to them sharing a soul along with the fact that old Anon pretty much ripped a large chunk out to be his own being
File: 1778351.png (422 KB, 1650x1650)
422 KB
422 KB PNG
how do mares announce a pregnancy to their stallion/herd?
is it just something they say, is it a cause for celebration and meant to be shared immediately, or do they perhaps try to wine and dine them before dropping it on them, like a proposal?
We don't have enough RGRE shotadom.
Thanks famalam
>how do mares announce a pregnancy to their stallion/herd?
they don't
mares just act like business as usual until it's impossible to not notice her belly
the stallion then smacks her for not telling him sooner
the stallions are the ones to figure it out through magic bullshit. if a stallion doesn't tell the mare, she just ends up wondering why she has a beer belly.
Why would it be much different than how a regular woman announces it?
I mean we could have the mare be all
>"Hey everypony, guess who has four hooves and a foal in her belly?"
But that would be silly.
>Why would it be much different than how a regular woman announces it?
that would fall under "cause for celebration and meant to be shared immediately" optimally
like having a family day once you're told that the family's about to get bigger in about 11 months or so
For fucks sake shitposter, stop replying to yourself, its embarrassing. Trash like the other tf fag might have one other person besides you reading it, but no one wants your garbage.
>"Anonymous Heart"?
If you married a mare, would you take on her name instead of it being the other way around?

>Anonymous Sparkle
>Anonymous Apple
>Mister Anonymous Pie
>Anon Heartstrings
Etc etc
I don't think that ponies change their names when they get married. I don't even think ponies technically have last names.
Probably, I mean there's Mr. And Mrs. Cake
Whose names were already Carrot Cake and Cup Cake respectively.
Then the girls and the princesses have to try to convince Wraithnon to go back into his old body because, whilst there were two souls, his was the original, and so he was the one thing keeping the body from collapsing
Canon Spoiled Rich used to be Spoiled Milk.
File: 1367711841024.png (156 KB, 600x736)
156 KB
156 KB PNG
I some how missed that last half of that green thanks for posting that
There's something romantic about taking on your waifu's name.
Wraithnon would probably say something like this
"Why would I want to share MY body with that idiotic homunculus?!"
I suppose she did, but also remember what type of person Spoiled is.
File: 1513891883784.png (514 KB, 532x582)
514 KB
514 KB PNG
>That picture
>Ed, Edd, and Eddy in Equestria as colts
Spoiled Rich just wants to raise her daughter to be the Trixie that she know she should be.
As connected as they are the CMC constantly find themselves in dangerous situations for stupid reasons, and you can't blame her for not wanting her daughter to associated with those fillies.

And now I want a story with RGR Spoiled Rich.
So Flim and Flam brothers, except triplets.
>What is the CMC for 500
ftfy. Fuck off with that tf trash anyways, only Ed wouldn't care(if he even noticed), Edd and Eddy would fix that shit post haste, likely going to EqG world. Which would be even funnier as the idea of those three fucking with the school on a daily basis with science instead of magic is hilarious. Also scams and jawbreakers for days. Though that does bring up a point of how they would react to chicks hitting on them.
>The old anon begins to talk louder and louder
>New anon starts slipping into old mannerisms and relfexes
>He gets scared and pleads to the princesses to do something
>Celestia and Luna are faced with either completely destroying the old Anon, or letting the new Anon fade away
File: 1394321057616.png (77 KB, 268x200)
77 KB
>gets mad at tf trash
>just turn them into barbies instead
It would be the same as the original show but in a worse artstyle except with the odd "Woah how would Sunset react?!"
Barbies as you call them have better porn than tf garbage, and better people writing it. Also the idea of them trying to screw with Gilda is more amusing than thinking about Ed going full horse, running into the Everfree, and being eaten by a manticore.
>>just turn them into barbies instead
You're substituting tf for tf, while complaining about tf.
And the story would boil down to the same shit either way.
>EEnE dropped in weird world looking weird and different
>EEnE try to escape and fail
>EEnE try to scam
>Horses/People react to them
It's a boring premise that I doubt LaP or Popped could fix regardless of which tf you prefer.
It's more romantic if she takes on your name showing how much she wants to be with you and have you in her life and how she wants to also be apart of you or at least in title alone.

Kinda off track, but a reminder that feminism is why women are trying to get men to that their last name as if it's some kind of accomplishment to them.
Human to Pony is tf, human back to human is just fixing a problem.
I want comfy stories about ponies doing RGR things, Anon, not your politics bullshit.
>Old Anon hears this and is pissed
>How dare they
>How DARE they!
>HE gave up his sanity for them!
>HE lost a thousand years for them!
>And THIS is how they thank him!?
>By erasing him!?
>He refused to lay there and die like a dog
>He focuses on his own survival
>His rage fuels him
>He forces his way out of this meat sack that used to be HIS body
>On the outside the ponies watch as an ethereal copy of Anon wrench it's way out of the humans body
>As soon as the copy fully exits the body, Anon falls over, pale and sickly
>The old Anon had tore a large amount of the single soul he and the new Anon had shared
>The now wraith Anon looks at the princesses in anger and only says four words
>"I refuse to die."
>He then flies off leaving those who he feels betrayed him behind
If you change EEnE to fit in they'll look nothing like they originally do.
Tf is the regardless of if your particular hate boner is for pony tf.
Your missing the point of just making them look like they normally do, and not changing them at all.
Even further there is no visual medium in writing, acting like its the same thing as doing it in the show is stupid.
I don't know, that sounds like a mareish thing to do
somedays i resent that instinct
File: 1509640910612.png (135 KB, 456x407)
135 KB
135 KB PNG
>Anon can now justifiably be the bad guy.

Perfect. This is an excellent setup to a good rage story.
File: Ki-Adi-Mundi.png (410 KB, 702x900)
410 KB
410 KB PNG
In Star Wars there is a species (Cerean, pic related) that has a very skewed gender ratio (20 females to 1 male), basically forced polygamy (with one primary wife and several honorary wives) and matriarchy as the social norm.
How would ponies react, if at all, if they encountered this species? What would Cereanon do in RGREquestria?
Thanks, I hope someone picks the story up, I can't write for shit
Justified villains are the best villains.
They'd probably be surprised there's a species that gets less dick than them
If it's RGRE would stallions wear dresses and mares wear suits or would it stay the same?
Probably the same, but the suits would be fluffier, like old age noble clothes, and mares dresses would emphasize their thiccc hips and chest tuff/fluff.
Ponies are bad at puzzles.
No they weren't.
Mrs cake used to be Chiffon Swirl
File: I am the sun.jpg (189 KB, 1280x828)
189 KB
189 KB JPG
>She finally found the love of her life that she'd been waiting for, and then couldn't actually have a family with him.
>Celly goes Daybreaker.
>One zapping later, the Elements emphasize that they are not a toy.
>Pic related
>Despite still having her butt marks, she hasn't hit horse puberty yet.
>And her sex drive seems to have been turned off.
>Celly *still* can't have a family with him. yet.
File: goose.jpg (947 KB, 1795x1010)
947 KB
947 KB JPG
What if a anon made a pony version of Goosebumps.
File: 1368535376268.jpg (82 KB, 612x350)
82 KB
What's the RGR equivalent of 'Don't stick your dick in crazy."?
Don't fill your vag with the wrong kind of nuts.
File: Sudden realisation.jpg (60 KB, 829x462)
60 KB
The perfect pear episode.

Ironically enough for the thread, in that episode it was the mare who serenaded the stallion with a love song she wrote.
Ed would probably throw the manticore across the everfree on accident
I have an idea.
>Sunset Shimmer may have ruled the school for three years, but she was only the face of the operation
>Despite being Celestia's student she knew little to nothing of how to act in the human world, nor did she really have any social skills
>The true mastermind behind it all was actually Anon who knew just what buttons to push
After eating something poisoned, then looking in something reflective, sees he is horse, and shuts off all thought to become horse. Proceed to eat grass until dead....I feel sad now.
They do.

In the episode about Applejack's parents, where it's revealed she's half-Pear, Mrs. Cake changed her name from something to Cake.

However, in the same episode, Pear Butter didn't change her name to Pear Apple, so...
>Anon seduces the principals at his school
>Celestia and Luna become worried that he will end up blackmailing them
>If it got out that they had slept with an underage colt loosing their jobs would be the least of their worries
>>Celly *still* can't have a family with him.
Not for lack of trying.
>Wuh oh all the faculty is hungry for dick something something rgre
That's never happened here before at all
I still like the idea that RGREqG humans are quickshots like stallions.
>Be Anon
>It was hot
>Real hot
>The kind of hot where you could cook things in your shorts
>There was no air conditioning in your apartment, and you were much too poor to buy things like fans, so you were forced to suffer the full brunt of the heatwave
>You were lying on your bed, in your underwear, covered in sweat and miserable
>Your covers had been thrown on the floor
>The lights had been turned off,or the power had been cut out
>You honestly didn't know which...
>You were too afraid to open your empty fridge and check...
>God, did you hate being poor...
>On the other side of your apartment, you heard your front door being opened, followed by a groan
>"Oh Celestia dammit..."
>Someone shuffled through your house
>The sounds of things being tossed around could be heard
>A second later, your girlfriend Sunset stepped into view, wearing nothing but a pair of panties and looking as miserable as you felt
>Seeing you, the horse girl let out a louder, more defeated groan
>With slumped shoulders she made her way toward the bed, climbed into it
>As hot as it was, she almost felt cool to the touch as she crawled up you body, pressing her back against your chest with her head nestled under your chin
>A part of you wanted to tell her to get away from your sweat-soaked self, but it was plain as day that she was just as soaked as you
>A shower wouldn't help either
>You know; the second you got off work at that crummy little diner down the street you had tried hopping in the tub
>The water had been at least a hundred degrees when it came out of the tap
>"Anon, it's really fucking hot," your girlfriend said
>You nodded, wrapping an arm around her
"I know," you said.
>Sunset let out a whimper, wiggling against you as you gave one of her boobs a squeeze
>Even in this heat you couldn't help yourself when they were just out like they were
>"I really need to buy us an air conditioner," your girlfriend said
I wanna see an RGREqG story where Anon takes off his shirt, unused to being the girl in the situation, and makes everyone flustered.
Ah, nothing like sweaty tit grabbing in ball melting heat. I have only experienced one of those things though. And it is extremely unpleasant.
>The himbo foreign exchange student plan is go.
>Not only does the world have reversed gender roles, but it also has a few reversed ideas of what is sexy for men and women
>Anon taking his shirt off and exposing his bare chest is akin to a woman going around topless in the OGR world
>None of Anon's female friends wants to say anything to him and risk fucking up a good thing
>Meanwhile, women in the RGR world walk around topless like it ain't no thang
>Both Anon and his female friends are happy with these arrangements
Maybe Anon embarrasses girls by being the ones to wolf whistle them.
"It'd just break from this heat," you said, letting your hand wander lower and lower down her body. "Besides, the water bill needs to get paid soon."
>"What about the rent? Are we like two months behind on that?"
"I flashed the landlady my junk the other day so I think we're good. I'm also pretty sure if I let her play with my butt we won't have to pay it for another two months."
>Sunset sighed as you slipped a hand in her panties
>Neither of you had been able to buy razors for the better part of a month, so you could feel her pubic hair well on its way to becoming a bush
>Barely conscious, you just kind of ran your fingers through that hair
>Hair which, you were never afraid to point out, was brownish in color; nothing like the gold and red on her head
>Sunset let out a hum, reaching back to play with your cock through your boxers
>"You're the best boyfriend ever," she murmured, thighs tightening and loosening on your hand
"If I was the best boyfriend ever I could figure out how to get this fucking place cool."
>Sunset stopped her groping, lying very still on the bed
>"I'm going to get us a better life, hon," she said. "As soon as I get out of my shitty job I'll move us to a better part of town and we won't have to live like this anymore."
>You kissed the back of her sweaty, gross neck
"I know hon."
>Sunset suddenly rolled around to face you
>You opened an eye to see her staring into your eyes intensely, nearly in tears
>"I'm not joking. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me, and you stay with me even though you could have any Celestia-damned girl you wanted," she said, sniffling. "So I'm gonna get a better job. I don't care what I h-have to do, or who's clit I gotta suck..."
>You smiled, pressing your head against hers
"You're silly. I could live out on the street fighting dogs for scraps if it meant staying with you," you said.
>Sunset sniffled again, desperately reaching out to wrap you in a hug
>You hugged her back with your free arm
>Out of the corner of your eye, you could see a plastic cup that you had left on the table
>It was tilted over slightly, slowly melting into a puddle
"...You know what? I think we need to figure out how to fit an air conditioner in the budge. A nice one..."
File: 1418044371827.jpg (53 KB, 550x453)
53 KB
>>"I'm going to get us a better life, hon," she said. "As soon as I get out of my shitty job I'll move us to a better part of town and we won't have to live like this anymore."
>>You kissed the back of her sweaty, gross neck
>"I know hon."
Kay, I'm done. Just a really quick thing.
>"It'd just break from this heat," you said, letting your hand wander lower and lower down her body. "Besides, the water bill needs to get paid soon."
>>"What about the rent? Are we like two months behind on that?"
>"I flashed the landlady my junk the other day so I think we're good. I'm also pretty sure if I let her play with my butt we won't have to pay it for another two months."
>>Sunset sighed as you slipped a hand in her panties
>>Neither of you had been able to buy razors for the better part of a month, so you could feel her pubic hair well on its way to becoming a bush
jesus christ, where are they living?
Thanks, LaP. You write a good Sunny.
Now I've got the image of Sunset kneeling under her boss' desk eating her out stuck in my head.
yikes, I remember seeing that to a cup I left outside in for a afternoon just to see what happens. It was only hot enough to make the floor slick from the floor cement paint melting off.
Down here in the south can get pretty hot around summer.
I was more talking about the poverty, but that works too
I wanna see Anon, secretary to the principals, spend most of his time under their desks eating them out while they're in meetings with students or parents.
Stop, it's like I can hear my grandma saying it
Dats good green.
>"Hey, hey. Easy there, small fry."
>"I heard you asking my friend, Anon, out on a date just now."
>"You aren't just using him for a quick fuck, are you?"
>"Hey! He's my best friend, you cunt, so it IS my business!"
>"I'm telling you that you had better not be jerking him around, end of story."
>"Yes, he WOULD do this for me too! And it's not embarrassing if a boy stands up for you, it's sweet! It means he cares about me, unlike half of those dumb cocks at school."
>"Anon is a beautiful cinnamon roll who is too good for this dyke Earth, and I don't want to see him heart-broken."
>"Wh-what? No, I'm not 'into him'! He's my friend and I don't want to see him hurt, th-that's all!"
>"Look, shut up! If you ever do anything to hurt him, you'll have me an' my friends to answer to, got it?!"
>"F-Fuckin' dyke; thinks I wanna wrap Anon up in my arms an n-never let go, as if it would shield him from all the awfulness the world can throw at him..."
File: Rainbow Wings.png (1.8 MB, 1600x1200)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB PNG
Rainbow a cute
Thank you >>32633140 for bin'n it and thank you >>32633187 for creating it.

Y'all are doing Harmony's work.
I love tsundere RGREqG
File: preggo wallflower.png (50 KB, 649x538)
50 KB
File: 1485290653727.gif (1007 KB, 273x429)
1007 KB
1007 KB GIF
>*erases her memory*
Well now that's just stupid. She can use genetic tests to link her child to you. Plus you're a faggot for not wanting a child from Wallflower.
I'm gonna go on Eqg-Maury, bruh.
>They thought they could just get rid of you
>After what you did for them
>You flew in a random directions
>You didn't want to be anywhere near those two cunts
>After twenty minutes of flying you decided to stop at a random cave
>You can...feel you guess, a presence in there
>You move further in and notice the cave walls slowly turning black with green bioluminescent balls in random places
>You can hear someone ranting
>"..aitors the lot of them! I was there QUEEN! And that little upstart Thorax ruined it all! When I get my hooves on that little traitors neck!"
>A kindred soul by the sound of it
>You phase through a wall to see the speaker
>Oh shit
>It's a changeling
>Apparently she could feel your presence judging by the way she recoiled like someone punched her
>"Who's there?! Show yourself!!"
>By the way she was ranting earlier you could use her for your revenge
>You fully phase through the wall behind her
"You could say that we're in the same boat. And I would like to help you with your problem, if you help me with mine."
>She whirls around and looks shocked and then repulsed
>"By the hive you reek of hate!"
>Well fuck you too then
Isn't this just a straight up AiE story?
What kind of mare would be scared of a male ghost?
Not gonna lie, Anon: If I ever saw a real actual ghost in real life, I'd probably crap my pants.
It sure seems like it
here let me fix it.
>something something rgre
what the fuck happened to our ability to post prompts without violent "MUH RGRE" shitposting
The RGRE comes in with the nuances of social interaction. Not everything has to be "GET THE FUCK BACK IN THE KITCHEN, ANON. COLTS IS PRECIOUS REEEE"
You talking about the forced tf stuff being thrown into the thread, or the neat Old Anon the Wraith story that was just dropped?
File: Spoiler Image (89 KB, 307x917)
89 KB
Ghosts are scary regardless of the gender.
Except when they are bredding ghosts.
>Anon calmly explains to the poners of ponerville that his society has reversed gender roles, and elaborates on the biological origins & apparent differences.
>Poners rationally accept this explanation and life is good
>One day, anon has to go to some major city, where the boners don't know about him
>After a week of being condescendingly talked down to, he snaps.
>Next mare that speaks to him like they're talking to a child is getting the absolute brutal dicking of a lifetime
>This mare happens to be Celestia
>Anon goes absolutely berserk trying to rape Celestia
File: 1529867248375.jpg (39 KB, 500x388)
39 KB
putting le >something something rgre doesn't make it rgre, fag.
>against all odds, blinding human rage trumps pone magic
>successfully does the do with a somewhat unwilling Celestia somewhat publicly
>The media is conflicted
>Mares can't be raped
>If she didn't want it she would've contracted her vag hole
>If it was a legitimate rape, the mare body has ways to shut that whole thing down
>Obviously the two are in true love and must be wed
I remember going into x once, and found a thread dedicated to her and some dude she married. Their adorable daughter and snarky baby sitter that hangs out with them......anyone have that saved?
What the public don't know is it wasn't in the vag hole.
> A goth mare botches a seance
> Gets possessed by the spirit of a pervy old mare
> The ghost leads her out into public to grab the first male ass she sees
> It's Anon's ass
> The goth mare cringes inside, afraid she'll get arrested and put on a sex offenders list
> Instead Anon smirks at her and asks if she wants to have some fun
> Later, the goth mare lies in bed next to a sleeping Anon
> She thanks the ghost possessing her, and they come to an agreement
> The goth mare will have control of the body unless she wants the ghost mare to take over for something
> Meanwhile, the ghost shares in her sensations and offers advice
> Satisfied, the goth mare snuggles up to Anon and falls alseep
>against all odds, blinding human rage trumps pone magic
My Little Human: Fury is Magic
Dawww, I would love to turn a goth pone's makeup runny and white.
File: 1308837532402.jpg (107 KB, 300x444)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
I don't have the thread but I know the comic. It's called Erma.
That's the name. Good stuff, I remember them being weirded out to the porn for it.
>what the fuck happened to our ability to post prompts without violent "MUH RGRE" shitposting
It was literally one guy unironically saying "not RGRE enough", Anon, settle down.
At this point its tradition he says it to any prompt.
Hell is off with your face Bacon hair?
>You are Princess Celestia
>You have a major stress headache
>Apparently the original Anonymous wasn't as dead as we had thought
>Discord rebooting his brain caused the original to be suppressed and a new, innocent Anon was made
>You and Luna though there was nothing left of him, and that Anon was the only personality
>He reminded you of when you Luna and Anonymous were young, playing and enjoying life
>Anonymous was one of the few beings you and Luna could truely call a friend, crude as he was
>When anon had come to you crying about an angry voice in his head along with images he had never seen, you and Luna thought that Anon was absorbing whatever remained of Anonymous
>They share the same soul after all, it would make the most sense
>But you were horribly wrong
>When you and Luna had told Anon about the spell to for lack of a better term, kill Anonymous's remnants things went horribly wrong
>Anonymous wasn't dead
>He was a prisoner in his own body watching everything, like had had when he was petrified
>He had torn his own soul assunder to preserve his own life
>Doing so almost killed Anon
>Those eyes...they were filled with madness
>He didn't stop thinking, he lost his mind
>He's off doing Harmony knows what and now Anon is on deaths doorstep
>You had lost your friend a second time...
If its a herd mayve use a part of the herdmares name or stallion likethe "sparkle" herd or "inco"herd
>some people care significantly about whether the child they raise is actually 'theirs' so it's not a clear cut thing.
That's literal cuckholdry. Meaning that the cuckoo bird, from whom the name of the act is derived, will replace a bird's normal eggs with their own eggs to trick that bird into raising offspring that does not belong to it.
>It feels stranger to say "that's garbage" than it does to say "that's bullshit" in front of an acquaintance.
That's what makes the non-swearing style of speech fun to me. It forces me to think a little bit more creatively, and stop being bored out of my skull when talking to people.
On the fun side, there are stories of people putting horseradish, or hot sauce in those condoms before they toss them in the trash. The women who try to spermjack them seem to have a bad time with the result.

I haven't heard of any verified incidents of that happening, but it's a fun story to think about, at least.
>Anon is so full of hate that he repulses/frightens even the most despicable villains and antagonists.
File: fun couples 1.png (364 KB, 1280x1280)
364 KB
364 KB PNG
That's number 3 in the image set.

This is 1.
File: fun couples 2.png (357 KB, 1280x1280)
357 KB
357 KB PNG
...and this is 2.

Back to 3 again. >>32633175
File: 1531366498420.jpg (40 KB, 642x428)
40 KB
Babs is a female version of Carl.
Prove me wrong.
Wait, wouldn't Twilight already report on Anon coming from an RGR society to Celestia?
Babs is actually sexy. And not fat on top of it. Apple genes just gave her fertility goddess hips.
File: 1452282135670.jpg (66 KB, 373x700)
66 KB
Rainbow is a dense girl and accidentally friendzones herself if you let her. You've got to be forward and let her know that SHE is the one you want.
It's rgre, shouldn't she be the one doing that.
Would you risk loosing your mildly attractive friend on the off chance she would be interested in (you) irl?
>"Ey, non. I'm just sayin, you me, tonight. Whattya say?"
"Go home Babs."
>"Yeah I would, but those food monstahs burnt my freakin house down."
but i'm a hot commodity in rgre, aren't there like a bajillion more waiting to court me or something?
>The sounds of the mane 7 in super hero costumes fighting their magically mutated mall lunch in the distance.
>The large Fries, Twilight, and Fluttershy are trying to get everyone to stop fighting, but the Shake wont stop being a dick to everyone.
"Okay Babs, but you have to keep your shirt off. Come on then, I got Mexican ordered from the next town over. This magic stuff is stupid."
Begone THOT
I'm just a naive stallion whose looking to keep his options open
File: Rare Scrunch.gif (25 KB, 210x210)
25 KB
>RD accidentally friendzoned herself, but also chases away anybody else from making moves on you.
>The only ones who can approach you are her friends.
>But they all know she's holding a torch for you, and so don't try anything until that gets resolved.
>It's immensely frustrating for a shipper like Rarity, who wants her to just mare up and get on with it already.
Do you people just not have basements in your houses?
That’s a lot of hate
>Do you people just not have basements in your houses?

They often don't. The soil conditions aren't conducive to building deep. There's large swathes of clay soil that grow and shrink with the rains, the water table is high, and in several areas, there's solid limestone just a few inches down.
Actually, most houses in the country, in fact, do not have basements.
>Anon is watching TV when he hears a knock on the door
>He gets up, walks over, opens the door and then immediately slams it back shut
>"Hey Anon don't be like that!"
"Go away Shake."
>"Ah c'mon! Don't you want to go for a boys night out again?"
"Shake I only did that because I didn't know you were a [burp]ing pile of dicks. Also I'm still paying off that Dairy King for the damages YOU did."
>"Oh pssh! That was just harmless fun!"
"I'm getting my gun."
>"Well fine! Who needs you! I can have a night of booze filled fun on my own!"
>You then open the door holding a shotgun Babs had gotten you as a gift
>The mutant shake yelps and runs off as you fire a few rounds into the air
>You got a call from Babs a minute later
"Yeah it was the cup again. Next time I'll shoot him. I don't know, in like the...whatever he has for a foot. No im not going to shoot him in the face for you. Don't get too drunk tonight. Yeah, bye."
>Literally saying "something something RGRE" in the story is enough
No, fuck you, that's fucking stupid.
That's like saying you can have, say, an AiE story that focuses entirely on pony adventures and then has the ponies go "Oh look, there's Anon. Hi, Anon!" and it counts.

Fuck nuance - this is subject matter. Stories should be exploring the concept of reversed gender roles, not "Anon's wacky fuckoff adventures" in which someone slaps his ass or something.

If the existence of reversed gender roles can be removed from the story and it would make zero difference, that story doesn't belong in the thread.
Does Meatwad, (when he isn't being goaded into doing something stupid, destructive, rude, all three), then helping Anon maintain a garden he started with tips from Frylock?
Said it when the "Not TF but is totally TF under a different name" shit showed up, but if the threads they made just to die doesn't make it clear it shouldn't be here then you are wasting your breath. This shit got worse when Popped started posting.
Meatwad would probably just mash the flowers together and then eat one before leaving to do something else
>Said it when the "Not TF but is totally TF under a different name" shit showed up, but if the threads they made just to die doesn't make it clear it shouldn't be here then you are wasting your breath. This shit got worse when Popped started posting.

It's been a problem since before Popped started posting. It's just crept into the discussion more at a time coincident to his return.

And it's true; a lot of the stories that get posted probably belong in Anonymous in Equestria first before they generally belong in one of the many prompt-inspired forks that have been created over the years.
I don't mind the stories so much, since in the rare event an actual story gets posted, at least it's usually entertaining enough.
What's the worst is all the other stuff that makes up 90% of the thread - the constant stream of prompts and off-topic discussion that everyone just pretends isn't off-topic.
>No dense, easily flustered jock gf that let's you physically worship her fit and beautiful body
Continue you slut.
Friendly reminder that "sterile" hardly ever means "completely incapable of having children."
Don't forget all the "You are the father" moments on Maury Show where the dad swears up and down that the kid isn't his because his doctor told him he's sterile.
Sterile can just mean, "really, really low chance that you'll get a girl pregnant."

If you think you are sterile, and your girl suddenly announces her pregnancy, calmly explain that you want a paternity test as soon as the child is born, because of your reproductive condition. If they didn't cheat, well, they'll be upset regardless, but they should understand your hesitance.
If it's your kid, own up to it. If it turns out not to be. Walk.

>Anon was told that the chances of him getting a mare pregnant is effectively zero due him not being a pony.
>One day, his marefirend tells him he's pregnant.
>What do?
>Would you be able to react calmly in that instance?
>What would be your knee jerk reaction?
Marefriend suggests paternity test because a sudden cross species pregnancy is unusual enough, let alone his status as sterile.

My kneejerk reaction would be 'how' though, since i'm more inclined to believe a doctor fucked up than my marefriend cheated on me.
>"I flashed the landlady my junk the other day so I think we're good. I'm also pretty sure if I let her play with my butt we won't have to pay it for another two months."
This hot and sexy Anon is ruining my self insert. CEASE.
Acshually the friend zone doesn't exist,t your just being an incel Nice Guy.
The prompt chain has ponies raising the rebooted Anon with RGRE values, while the old Anon becomes increasingly frustrated as a voice inside his head. Of course, for people with goldfish memories, an addition that doesn't immediately reek of sexism means the whole thing is just AiE.
JLullaby. Who submits stuff to Shadbase.
Dude, it's best to ignore people like that. Here's a little trick to spot someone who 'doesn't belong' if you get what I'm saying.

You see that? That spacing, well, it is mostly comes from a people from a different site that starts with R. another good spot is something like this I'm not attempting to capitalize anything or even use commas or periods while this type doesn't instantly put them in the same category as the spacing it clearly shows they're not willing to make a effort and should be shunned all the same. So, what I'm saying is, if you see those things, don't let them get under your skin. They're somewhat like dogs misbehaving for attention, it's best to ignore them when they do bad and not reward the bad behavior.
>I mean shoot we cheer a dude who managed to bang three girls in one go, but call a girla slut if she bangs three dudes.
While this is semi trueand a bit false in both cases, the social pressures of sex are not what determines if something is rape or not.

Imagine if you were getting punched in the face over and over and you looked to the side and saw your friends and family cheering the event. Psychology goes deeper than you are giving it credit for, my dude.

> that feels and sounds RARE as fuck.
>pedophilia is rare
literally naive
>1 in 3 girls will be sexually molested before the age 17
>1 in 6 boys will be sexually molested before the age 17 (1 in 5 in Canada)
>A sex offender will molest an average of 120 victims, most of whom do not report it
so that's about 1/4 of kids molested
with 174.1 million american kids in 2010/4/120, that would be 154375 molesters
154375/308million americans =.05%
7.2 million teachers would mean 3600 pedophile teachers and 432000 victims

This is making a large number of statistical assumptions, but the point remains that it happens enough that your argument from personal incredulity is just kinda gross and disrespectful. Also, if you found kids pleasant to be around, wouldn't you more more likely to look for a job where you deal with kids?
I've literally never been to Reddit. People keep making this accusation. You're wrong and you're dumb and you smell bad.
File: 1528089009090.gif (60 KB, 434x434)
60 KB
>You're dumb and you smell bad
You have to be at least 18 to post here you fag
File: 1.jpg (71 KB, 920x387)
71 KB
Breaks like that have been present on 4chan since some of the very first posts before reddit existed. "Reddit spacing" is literally a meme dedicated to outing those who are new enough to not know, gullible enough to believe that it is exclusive to that site, and lazy enough to dismiss any discussion, or derail any thread containing it.
I'm not kidding.
Reddit spacing and proper paragraph spacing are two different things and you're a faggot for conflating the two.
If you cant recognize it, you need to lurk more.
This makes me wonder. What’s the RGRE or RGREqG equivalent to ‘big titty goth gf’?

Would it be ‘big booty goth bf’ or ‘big dick goth bf’?
it'd probably be "big ball'd goth bf" or something like that but I'd definitely fuck a big booty goth bf
no homo
I see your also a man of refined taste.
>What the public don't know
And now I'm imagining threads on horse-net /pol/ where mares exchanges infographics and crappy photoshots of "the incident", trying to redpill the other ponies about the ponutgate.
What's the RGRE equivalent of a shotgun wedding?
>horn-point weddings where over-protective mothers force mares that have defiled their son's honor to marry and "make an honest stallion out of him"
>a distinctly unicorn tradition (hence the name), they were most common in the villages surrounding the more well-known unicorn mountain-cities
>Hate aura
Give me an idea.

>Since humans don't have much in the way of magic defense and are weaker than ponies pound for pound, the magic of Equestria tries to even the odds.
>Goes full anime and bestows Anon with the ability to use Killing Intent. Ponies, stallions especially can use it, but only to a limited degree.
>It's the silent menace that stallions use when spurned. That "you fucked up" feeling. Father's get even more to work with when their foals are threatend.
>Only a human's is much, much worse. Actual animu levels of shit.
>Besides the obvious fear it instills, which builds with the amount used, it has other effects.
>A little can cause cold sweats and shakes.
>More can cause breathing issues and paralysis.
>A lot can cause panic attacks, fainting, and "blank outs" where the mind locks the traumatic memory of the exposure away.
>And the maximum amount? Deadly.
>Tolerance to it is slow to build, and the potency jumps after Anon's first child is born.
>Anon becomes a glass cannon like a cockatrice. A crippling ranged ability offset by a weak body.
>calmly explain that you want a paternity test as soon as the child is born
Mental trama of rape plus the Shame of it can get men to clam up pretty quickly.
Other than that just exercise power to get them to do what you want them to. More than one man has been raped under threat the girl would report them for rape.
redditfag studios_
anons future
last time:
(short recap here)
(opening credits)
anon goes out to hug rockhoof, the doctor in utter confusion
"so you two must know eachother?"
"yes!yes doctor, this old horse fought with me in battle many, many times, I usedto ride him while he stuck spears in the hearts of our enemies. we defeated the lee dynasty together, me, him, and our group"
"ah yes, the lee dynasty... good times."
"how... how are you here and not dead after all this time."
"well, you see anon, I was technically for a little. after you were turned to stone, we thought you were dead.. and I went on with another group of my own kind in a separate village down south, word had gotten around of my many heroic efforts including especially when me and you re-routed the lava from that volcano? well...back then they recognized you but it seems as the story went on things got cut out. I always told them I wasn't the only one who_"
"oh! oh nonono, please, I take no anger in being left out of a legend, I'm just glad I can finally talk to someone who is in this same position, of adjusting to this crazy mad world we have now. I mean it's like everyone has lost their minds sometimes...including me, how are you not a blank slate like I was?"
"well, anon, I wasn't turned to stone, I was sacrificed. for some reason, through the odds of fate from what seemed like everlasting bliss I was brought here by a group of 6 ponies to come back... I wasn't stuck in stone. I honestly, feeln alot of guilt now, that I know, that you weren't dead."
"ah, sometimes it feels like it. Like maybe I actually did die when dragon mirror hit me, and that right now, I'm just in the afterlife. maybe we're both dead"
"no, nonsense, if we were dead we'd of been told so, as it says all will be judged in the afterlife and I've received no trial yet."
"ah, true so where have you been lately?"
:well, I saw my old village, it's a tourist trap these days"
Look at the image again.
Every day that passes I'm more and more thankful to be a faggot.
>not being prepared for a combat situation at any given moment
My grandpa told me all about those sneaky gooks in Vietnam and how they'd fucking bumrush you while you were sleeping or eating or they'd drop out of the trees onto you.
"really? hm. I never went back to my old place. or... maybe I did and I was just crazy and thought I was somewhere else... but I don't recall. I've been back and forth from here and a part time position I got at one of the local shops: security they call it. observe and report. that and I have a one-bedroom loft at the other end of town."
"well, when are you out of here? let's see it then, have a pint."
"you know... yes, yes absolutely. doctor? when may I leave?"
"we'll check in with you, go on ahead."
as they walked toward his apartment they talked about the likes of cell phones and battles, and this and that.
rockhoof was mildly concerned of his old friend. but he knew he was a tough spirit.
he told anon he'd been working in construction, but felt like switching soon as it was wearing on the back. anon got completely wasted, they both played a video game even though the controls were really hard for anon because he didn't have hooves. he was still curteous enough to wish him good luck, and that next time he was coming to his place. he looked at the time: four hours of sleep it looked like he could get in.

he lazily got up and did his shift after a nap.
after words he talked with the desk lady as per usual.
"so, who owns this place anyway?"
"the owner is someone nammed rarity. she stops by sometimes,"
"does, she know you hired me?"
"yeah, I mean... well I don't know. I think so."
on his way in a customer walked in,
it was flootershhh
or something
"oh, hey anon, I didn't know you worked here."
"yep, the daily grind, just leaving. on my way out."
"oh, o.k. see you later."
"on the way back, anon saw the same old commet-marked criminal he had once saw before, he observed him carefully. at the gas station he was really close behind someone...
he didn't steal anything from the looks of it.
he decided out of suspicious boredom to follow him.
where that ;led was an old run down side of the neighborhood. the man, was homeless.
and deserving to, as who'd want to hire a felon? he thought. but he felt bad. he decided to give him a dollar.
"here you go."
"oh...oh, um, thank you."
"you are welcome, maybe if you turn from crime, you too will see wealth in other amounts other then material gain."
"cut your noble bullcrap bud, you ain't better then me."
anon really needed to get a better dialect he apparently sounded like a jerk, he was trying.
"hey, yeah you're right, I've made some mistakes. I remember, a long time ago, before being a knight for my land, I was a beggar and stealer like you. I stole loads of gold and food and items of alot of worth. I once stole... a mans harp, and played it on the streets for pieces of silver, and then sold it for more. but hey, for all I know if you do become something else it could all come crashing down and you be stuck as a statue for about a millennia."
the comet marked beggar thought about that real hard, maybe it was a metaphor or something, he thought, but that really stuck with him,

he looked at the fiver he had.
he thought: maybe this time I won't spend this on cider.

he looked at anon, walking away.
"d-do youu..."
"I just felt like sort of a jerk, and just wanted to say thank you."
"oh, no problem."
"so you need a ride perhaps?"
"what? like a cab? a carriage ride?"
"well, I could do it."
anon just got weirded out by this entirely, but he could see it was basically what he had to offer.
"well... sure? sure."
(after the ride home)
"hey thanks!... um see ya!"
"have a good day!"
"(that was awkward, but at least I'm home.)"
"Huh! a note! attached to my door!"
(anon read the note.)
(it was a pamphlet for enrolling in a school of some sort.)
>join twilight sparkles: school of friendship (ages 13-19)
>or learn to become an instructor! (call number below_)
No, it's about Anon going insane from being a statue, living in a coma, and waking up retarded with evil ghost Anon inside who then goes on a rampage.

Remove RGRE elements, everything is completely unchanged.
Nobody is fooled by your cupcake shit frosting.
reddit_fag studios(tm)
episode 3
end credits
>You are wraith Anon
>You had made an alliance with the ex-queen Chrysalis
>You would help her destroy the hive that betrayed her and she would help you...
>You don't want to destroy them per say
>They did consider murdering you but...you grew up with them
>Before their betrayal you even considered them family
>Look where that got you
>You won't destroy them
>You'll destroy that disgusting imitation that they tried to replace you with
>After that...you have no idea
File: wraith.jpg (90 KB, 752x1063)
90 KB
>>You are wraith Anon
>something fucking something RGRE
File: necron_warrior.jpg (55 KB, 640x480)
55 KB
>tfw always been a Necron lad
Filthy organics.
I want a fat and social awkward Anon in Equestria. Make him short to boot, just for extra realism.
Get a name and a trip, please.
>"i'm so angry, i'm so pissed, i'm gonna get'cha! and also changelings"
Fuck now all I can think of is wraith Anon just being a stereotypical edgy teenager!
>"Anonymous please come back here."
"No! You don't understand my pain!"
>"Anon get down here now."
>"You're not my dad, princess! Sh-shut up!"
This would be unironically hilarious.
>"Anon get back in your body or so help me!!"
>When you're LaP, but don't even have to tripfag for everyone to know who you are just by your writing style
If a major fuck up by your friends that puts you in purgatory for a 1000 years combined with their plan to murder you after you came back because they have a replacement now wouldnt make you angry you'd have to be buddha himself
It's just a flat story so far, that's all I'm saying. It's Anon being super pissed about stuff and now he's gonna get his one-dimensional revenge.
Please see >>32636195
Then you obviously haven't been paying attention.
File: 10687814.png (6 KB, 419x249)
6 KB
>Not seeing the typical taiwanese fingerpainting plot of him realising that his replacement has a right to live just like him and accepting that he's already dead
You know what, you're right, that was my mistake. It's super pissed Anon out for one-dimensional revenge, and also changelings are there. It's better than I thought it would be.

Something something fist of the north star.
He doesn't want revenge, he just wants his body back.
I refuse to admit I'm wrong, regardless of how accurate or inaccurate my comment was. What, do you expect me to swallow my pride enough to be the bigger man here? No no, I will continue claiming I am right even if it hurts my credibility. Welcome to every argument ever.
File: 1391291383648.jpg (37 KB, 500x336)
37 KB
>Serial cuddler is terrorizing the local stallion population
>Is anon the only one who can take on this menace?
File: Don't Be That Girl.jpg (191 KB, 500x647)
191 KB
191 KB JPG
File: 1335818597658.png (109 KB, 562x448)
109 KB
109 KB PNG
>Liking lazybones who sleep all day in tombs only to come out and fuck things over
As annoying and rabid as those bug things.
>combined with their plan to murder you after you came back because they have a replacement now wouldnt make you angry you'd have to be buddha himself
Reread the post, they were torn because nu-Anon was his own person, and they were conflicted at killing one to save the other.
It never mentioned them suppressing old-Anon forever, or at all really.
Old Anon went mad from the thousand years imprisonment so he would most likely jump to a conclusion faster than a fucking grasshopper
File: 1477958256371.jpg (21 KB, 500x370)
21 KB
File: Rich Therapist.png (69 KB, 300x162)
69 KB
>>One day, his marefirend tells him he's pregnant.
>>What do?
>>Would you be able to react calmly in that instance?
>>What would be your knee jerk reaction?
Kneejerk Reaction? Fucking PANIC.

>>One day, his marefirend tells him he's pregnant.
>>he's pregnant.
Because magic bullshit says it's at least possible for me to be stuck in some mister seahorse situation.
Old Anon was a complete cunt, and now he's a complete cunt who's crazy and high on revengeance. There's nothing about this faggot that makes me want to read a story about him.
Especially since it's in the wrong thread and shouldn't be posted here anyway.
File: 1530363263355.png (174 KB, 697x768)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
If it weren't for so many of their pics being interracial, or group sex / gangbang themed, I'd probably consider their tag worth checking more often on sankaku.
File: Whoa Mama.jpg (22 KB, 480x552)
22 KB
He's gotta have big pecs
I like the idea. I'm not sure how to really use it in a story, though.
>> With a shrug, you toss the paper wrapper to the ground and stark to walk home
based hoodrat anon
I did. It didn't seem to invite a response, so I let it be.
> Be Anon, finishing your ice cream sandwich in Central Park, Manehattan
> You look around for a trash can, but can't find one
> With a shrug, you toss the paper wrapper to the ground and stark to walk home
> "Stop, criminal scum!"
> You come to a halt, looking around for a real pony criminal
> What would that even be like?
> But all you find is a cute little ponice mare trotting towards you with a frown
> ...
> Wait
> She stops about a yard from you and nods
> "Sir, are you aware it is against the law to litter in a public park?"
> You raise your eyebrows
"That's a criminal offense? Seems kinda trivial."
> The mare grimaces
> "It's more of an infraction, but the city government is trying to crack down on this sort of thing."
> She looks you straight in the eyes
> "Sir, do you plan on littering again?"
> You hold up your hands in surrender
"No, I've learned my lesson."
> She nods decisively
> "Very well, I'll let you off with a warning. Now pick up that litter, and I'll escort you to the nearest receptacle."
> You smile at her
"I appreciate it."
> She blushes a little, especially as you bend over to pick up the wrapper

> Something something flirtation
> Something something RGRE
File: Squeaks Internally.gif (791 KB, 432x538)
791 KB
791 KB GIF
>Anon woke up to find Fluttershy in his bed, giving him the cuddling of a lifetime.
>Guess those rumors of her being a cuddlerapist weren't fibbing. Wouldn't have thought she had it in her.
>But she's here now. Looking smug.
>Activate Yandere Mode
>I shall love her and squeeze her and call her Flutters.
"You're mine now little pony. Mine. I won't let anybody else have you."

>You are Fluttershy
>You may have made a mistake.
>Ywn make your marefriend dinner for when she gets home from patrol
>Ywn massage her after a hard day at work to help her relax
>Ywn worry about her because her job's dangerous, and greet her with a kiss every time she gets home to assure yourself that she's okay
Would love to read more of that.
>I shall love her and squeeze her and call her Flutters
god damn i love that line and its iterations. have a (you)
I am a buddhist, and I support this message.
What kind of worthless trailer trash litters because he can't find a trashcan. Just put it in your pocket until you find one. Honestly it would be no loss to the world if she just beat him to death with her nightstick.
I think the only acceptable trash to trow away is the one that will decompose.
Just don`t overdo it.
that's the one redeeming quality about paper trash, it will decompose in... what 6 weeks or so?
Seems like a good parenting tool if used lightly, and considering it gets more powerful when foals are in danger, using it as a defensive weapon is a given.

>Daughter gets bullied for being a hybrid.
>You happen along it mid progress.
>Glare and give the little shits bullying her a quick blast of KI, just enough that they piss themselves.
>It's petty, but hearing your daughter's laugh makes it worth it.
>>Daughter gets bullied for being a hybrid.
The first thing that popped into my head was a centaur, since a pony with a couple of noticeable human characteristics could probably lay low if she wanted to.
>You wake up to find that somepony spray-painted a message on the front of your house
>"Tirek-spawn go home"
What would be the RGRE equivalent of eating a banana, sucking a lolipop, or slowly licking an ice cream cone?
>A hybrid that's not a satyr
>An actually canon hybrid too
Hats off, good sir. Paint me interested.
Getting the last bits of stuff out of pudding cups and their equivalents.
I need more of this.
Yandere stallions. That's an interesting idea.
Eating clams.
Licking the glazing off donuts.
licking cat-shaped lollipops, or clit shaped ones
Licking the cream out from between the two biscuit wafers of an ice cream sandwich.
>Be GrampAnon.
>Be laying in bed with knife.
>Them gooks could be anywhere, even US soil.
>You set up alarm after alarm on your home to ensure they can't get in.
>You even set up a bowl of rice strapped to a string that will trigger a net if pulled.
>No gook can pass up rice.
>You checked the walls and floor for gooks before you layed down.
>You yawn and start to doze off.
>"Ayy boss." A gook voice says causing you to look up.
>There on the ceiling with a bowl of rice in its hand is a gook.
>It reaches behind it and pulls out a pair of children's safty scissors.
>On the blade in tiny gook letters it reads 'Made in Vietnam'
"Clever girl."
Leave him alone Anon. He has the memory of a guppy.
Funny thing, I also love the Tyranid.
File: 1525561543959.png (137 KB, 600x600)
137 KB
137 KB PNG
>Ayy boss
>Tfw when you remember he is dead for good
Feels bad man
Seems like you're the one with the bad memory, faggot, because right from the very beginning there was zero RGRE in the entire thing.


And so on and so on.
It was never RGRE, you lying dipshit. The most, the MOST RGRE in the whole thing was probably around three short, throwaway jokes, and even then the RGRE could have been removed without changing them.
Fuck this whole shit topic and fuck you.
RGRE died when you let RGREqG in. From there, good luck enforcing the thread's purpose when the basic rules are already shat on everyday.
File: 1531177215000.jpg (36 KB, 352x550)
36 KB
If you're displeased with the content here you can either make your own or start your own little circlejerk somewhere else, your raging only makes my dick harder
Are we looking at the same posts anon? Cause I saw several RGRE things in multiple posts there.
File: 5a5280cfeb4d3.jpg (212 KB, 1209x1390)
212 KB
212 KB JPG
He won't return
File: 1501395358361.gif (1 MB, 321x350)
1 MB
Christ on a bike, shut the fuck up. Nobody cares you don't like some nameless asshole's greentext
It you didn't stop bitching about an on topic part of the thread and let tf garbage in, out of all the possible shitposting to try and shovel its way in, that was the one that isn't removed when its supposed to.
EqG didn't do anything to change the thread except add more characters to shyly hit on. The rest was garbage.
what happened
According to him it fucked up his throat and gave him autism, he'd rather make gook music
>damage control
File: 1524692610716.gif (871 KB, 500x216)
871 KB
871 KB GIF
Saying "fuck you" or "no I don't agree with that" is not damage control, you fool. Damage control would be moving goal posts or stating that you were only pretending to be retarded or otherwise trying to back-pedal.
File: not rgre enough reee.jpg (219 KB, 800x753)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
I propose we use this image for the next thread.
seconding this
I approve this one.
What causes someone to become yandere in the first place?
A lot of thing and it depend on the person. It can be someone who didn't get a lot of love and got a lot of insecurities in his life then found the one they want so they start to get really possessive. Or it's just an obsession.

There is many ways to become a yandere and there is many kind of yandere but I would say that a yandere is someone with mental trouble so not everyone will turn into a yandere.
File: 1405280089236.jpg (372 KB, 1164x1920)
372 KB
372 KB JPG
Mental illness. If someone is fixated onto you that badly after such a short period of time, they aren't actually into YOU personally; you just fulfill a psychological role that they desperately want/need filled.
File: 1515392645713.png (52 KB, 326x285)
52 KB
>Lyra starts to pick up gestures from Anon
>"That's a pussy, right? I think that's what humans do when they want a mare to fuck them."
Mares can't go seven seconds without thinking about sex, you know. They see vaginas in everything, amirite?
File: 1483308776687.png (157 KB, 631x682)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
>ywn get roofied at a bar
Why even live?
File: 1432182118052.jpg (224 KB, 924x905)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
>this will never be you
this kills the man
>Pinkie Pie
I'd love to hear the story behind such a herd composition. Also, look at how smug Cloudchaser is. Pegasi are the most smug waifus out there.

>"Yeah, he rubs his face in my tuft. You jelly your colt doesn't like doing that? It's feathery and soft and much bigger than yours is, you filthy mudpony. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a husband to rub my scent onto so that no punk mare gets any funny ideas when Anon goes shopping for our dinner."
File: 1414713853197.png (336 KB, 1000x1000)
336 KB
336 KB PNG
I think this is the one that went with it but the herd has some substitutions
Look at that fucking slut, dressing up like that. He was asking for it, and nopony would blame the mare for taking what he was teasing her with. It's like dangling steak in front of a hungry timberwolf.
>openly raping a colt on the streets
proof that Twilight is worst princess, right there
what more do you need?
>Be Anon
>A mare sits on the stool beside yours
>"Bartender, two ciders please."
>The bartender sets down two glasses of cider in front of her
>She puts a pill in one and lets it dissolve
>She's not even subtle about it
>"Here, on me."
>She pushes the clearly drugged glass to you and you take it
"So what's a pretty mare like yourself doing here?"
>She blushes furiously at the compliment
>"Not much. What about you stud?"
"Eh, same."
>She goes to take a sip of her drink
"Wait, don't drink that."
>"What? Why?"
>You lean over towards her and whisper conspiratorially
"I think I saw the bartender spit in that one. Here why don't you take mine instead."
>"Oh, uh, thanks."
>She switches her glass for the one she drugged not five minutes ago before taking a sip
>"Anyways why don't you and me- woah, I'm not feelin' too good."
>The mare collapses onto the bar top while you just continue to sip at your cider
Lyra is the least subtle rapist ever.
File: cheerilee 987663.png (95 KB, 900x539)
95 KB
What in the nine hells is that punctuation symbol in front of "Sex in the Woods" there?
It's a textual representation of Lyra's Canterlonian accent.
some autists just seem to think that's how quotation marks work, I think
File: 1518753842238.png (207 KB, 640x360)
207 KB
207 KB PNG
Then the spanish are all autists.
now, I haven't seen the inside of a spanish class in about three or so years, but I'm pretty sure its just the exclamation and question marks that get flipped like that, not the quotation marks
Well, yeah. I figured the soccer thing was a dead giveaway.
File: 1394391897049.png (52 KB, 500x518)
52 KB
>implying you wouldn't want twilight to hold you down and have her way with you
not all of us are degenerate ziggers, anon
or, should I say, anonrone?
here, I stole one.
>Zecora attempts to "stripe" Anon
>Anon stripes her rump with his cum
>You cannot take from the forest what was never meant to leave.
>Billet remembered her grandmother telling her that before, but she never really knew why.
>She is a simple mare, living on the fringe of the Everfree by selling its wood.
>Everfree trees are a unique breed, sturdy, and rich with a dark oil that gave off a pleasant smell when burned.
>Few ponies were brave enough to take ax to the dreaded woods, but Billet was one of them.
>This made her wares fairly valuable, and she lived comfortably.
>Yes, she was forced to defend herself on more than one occasion against the Everfree's myriad of beasts, but they learned to fear the bite of her ax, and the scars she garnered in those fights, she was secretly proud of.
>They made her look as tough as she was, and she caught more than a few dainty colts eyeing her when she went into town.
>Still, while Billet could have herself a few one night stands, it was hard for her to find a stallion willing to move in with her when she lived by such a dangerous place, and chose such a dangerous profession.
>She had resigned herself to bachelorhood for this reason, and continued her work, day in and day out.
>The largest, best trees were often deep within the forest, and so that is where she went.
>Life was repetitive; she'd venture into the woods, find a fine tree, cut it down, and drag it with brute strength back to her home.
>A steady routine, until one day, she encountered something strange, yet beautiful.
>She had come across a tree, the largest she'd seen in the Everfree, but that was not what caught her eye.
>The green skinned creature underneath was.
>Thus follows:
>FaeAnon tells her he can't leave the tree.
>Billet declares she will bring the tree to her home.
>FaeAnon proceeds to slap the ax out of her hooves.
"Are you fucking crazy!? That'd kill me!"
>"B-but I just want us to be able to live together..."
>FaeAnon sighs, rubbing the bridge of his nose.
"Okay, yeah, I get that. And I'll admit I like you, but I can't leave the forest. Like, literally, I can't leave, and if this tree dies, so do I."
>The little mare sniffles, and FaeAnon feels bad.
"Hey, come on, it's not that bad... Wait, I can't leave, but why don't you just stay here?"
>"Um, what?"
"Just because I'm stuck to this tree, doesn't mean I give a shit about these other ones. Why not make a cabin right here? It can be our home."
>Never has a pony ever looked so happy.
>Thus Billet the woodsmare and FaeAnon lived happily ever after in their little log cabin in the Everfree Forest.
>couple of noticeable human characteristics
I've always envisioned hybrids are mainly the species of the mother to ensure successful birth, but traits of the father being present. Nothing against centaurs personally, but I personally find difficulty suspending disbelief otherwise.
>human father gives a pony physiological traits such as canines and an omnivorous diet, psychologial traits such as increased aggression (good or bad), mild predatory instincts, and that human drive to push forward into the unknown
>pony father mellows the aggression a bit (may or may not enable more rational thinking), ability to digest hay, flowers, etc., and hyper competence for a certain subject (cutie mark talent, but no mark. could cause difficulty identifying that special talent in the first place)
shit, forgot to mention possibility of child having father's hair or eye colors impossible to find among pure humans
I like the idea of FaeAnon in the sense that the Fae have a lot of mundane weaknesses and rules that they literally have to follow. I'd like to see stories involving these things.
Fairies and iron, especially cold iron.
>"Thanks for helpin' me in the kitchen, Ahnon."
"No problem, Applejack. So, where do we start?"
>"Well, fur starters, grab that skillet there for me."
"Sure, here-- Ah! Holy shit!"
>Anon's palm is burned to the bone by the cast-iron pan.

Other rules. Not being able to enter a dwelling without permission. Being held by your host's demands while under their roof. Not being able to break their word.
File: 1524057995836.png (255 KB, 1200x1448)
255 KB
255 KB PNG
>tfw no mare to hold me down and sit on my face
Reminds me of that short-lived "Anon can't into horse age and accidentally dates a teenaged mare, thinking she was an adult" story from however many months ago. Imagine if the teen mare Anon was boning was such a big-booty goth gf. Other ponies would see her the same way most people see goth boys (aka homo-queer crybaby), but Anon can see the firm, round ass just below the surface of black dresses that other ponies miss.
>People use memes when they don't want to lose an argument
No fucking shit. Next you'll be telling me that people on this board are a bunch of faggots or something.
>Next you'll be telling me that people on this board are a bunch of faggots or something.

Faggots on 4chan? No, I can't believe it. They're all upstanding, functional members of society.
Indeed. Perish the thought, Anon. The men and wo-er... men again are some of the finest individuals I've ever met.
So is mare-on-man face-sitting weird in RGRE? If pornography has taught me anything, surely the standard in an RGR world would be the stallions sitting on a mare's face.

>You will never make your marefriend think you're secretly a super-lewd human
RGRE analingus.
>stallions sitting on a mare's face.
Eh, one man's trash is another mare's treasure.
It's simple. Face sitting and face fucking have each other's connotations.
I mean junk, dam i need to go to sleep.
Regular Equestria
>Anon makes it look like he's bound and gagged for public use
>Ponies try to help him out
>Line of mares waiting to rape Anon's face
>Zecora tries to stripe Anon.
>Ends up getting strips covered by cum.
>Looks like a plane white mare.
What about fairy bonds?
If a fairy drinks a mortal's blood, the mortal can enforce their will upon them for a limited time.
>"Here, Anon, have some strawberry milk."
"Oh, thanks, I've always loved... Uh, This doesn't taste like strawberry."
>"Nope... Now strip."
"Wha-? I'm not going to- Wait, why am I stripping!?"
It was a cute idea, kind of marred by the rough personality and cussing though. Defeats the whole idea behind fae being graceful and well spoken.
>Defeats the whole idea behind fae being graceful and well spoken
isn't there something about fae that accept booze from mortals get banished or something? that could explain the crass behavior, heck the bitterness over his situation but inability to admit or recognize his problem could set up for a tragedy or something
>Vietnamese anon trying to help american anon
Except the ponies are far more likely to get themselves accidentally screwed over by some obscure Anon rule they didn't know.
>Anon becomes a teacher at Canterlot High
>He teaches science
>He teaches evolution
>EqgHumies react like the south did in the 1950s
Well, fae being what they are can't lie, correct? However, they can be deceitful with the truth by omitting certain things or phrasing information that could be construed incorrectly. I feel like this would set the stage for FaeAnon to troll ponies will still being truthful.
That, or just be a snarky bastard that gives uselessly vague information.
>ask where some treasure is
"Between a rock and a hard place"
>ask for advice on [insert subject here]
"Don't fuck up"
>ask when [event] will happen
>hasn't even hit bump limit

Why are you such a huge faggot, anon?
>300 post
>Not a single long story
No one gonna write that
this >>32627433
Why TF would anon swallow a mouth full of blood mized with some milk?!
It's not "drinking" if you don't actually consume it. If it's not consumed, it's rinsing your mouth with it rather than actually drinking it.
>He thought "RGRE is dead" was a meme
I'm working on it dammit.

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