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Hello my friends, I'm a wandering bard
I have come here on horseback from a land that is far
I write poems by trade, that much is true
Give me a prompt and I'll write something for you
Human or pone, young or old, big or small
It matters not, I'll write them all
Dash comforts Scootaloo after she wets the bed
Anon pisses in Glimmy against her will
File: 85258582582.png (133 KB, 900x750)
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Pinkie Pie falls in love with a good looking failure.
"Relax 'lil buddy we've all been there"
The elder pegasus says to the crying young mare
When I was a filly, I wet the bed too
My parents found out, and that really blew
All you need to do to fix your mistake
Is not drink so much water while you're awake
Could you maybe clarify just a bit?
I don't want the rhyme to turn out like shit
Write me a poem about the beauty of the night - perhaps personify nature as a bride you can love.
Good looking and a life failure. Someone that needs psychiatric help and is lonely but very good looking (me). The details are too extreme. :)
Love and hope
File: 1488124951047.png (176 KB, 752x1063)
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176 KB PNG
nah u ugly lmao
no u
File: 1511344765297.png (94 KB, 327x213)
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Derpy confused by a crossword puzzle.
That's really sweet. Thanks, Anon!
File: The moon loves you.png (441 KB, 1078x1070)
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441 KB PNG
It's a wonderful night for a picnic, my love
Our form is lit up by the stars above
Let me snuggle closer to your body, my dear
The night's a little bit too chilly, I fear
I hope you don't think something something is amiss
If I lean in close to steal a kiss
You are more precious to me than dragon's gold
and priceless trinkets and baubles of old
Your skin smells as sweet as a spring morning's dew
Honestly I would do anything for you
That's right, crawl under my wing and we'll snuggle some more
and I'll pamper and coddle the man I adore
DT bullies Kid Anon into dating her with the help of SS after bribery fails.
Derpy's eyes crissed and crossed in utter dismay
A friend had given her a new game to play
but she couldn't make heads or tails of this puzzle
Lines with long words gave her a scrunchy muzzle
Like what is a nine letter word to make confusing or perplexing?
Dear Celestia, this riddle is vexing
So focused was she that she failed to see
The widened trunk of the old oak tree
Then it hit her! Her mind was no longer a muddle
The answer of course was the word befuddle
Write one about best pony.
Protip: It's Celestia.
Luna is best pony, you cur.
A Spenserian sonnet about anonfilly taking a nap.
brave sir robin he ran away
brave sir robin he chickened out
Do a limmerick

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