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File: 1538027316016.jpg (245 KB, 600x781)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
Canterslut thread

Pastebin: EQGslutEksDee
Current writers: Twiggles, Queen Rara, Flutterslut, Rainbow Daesh
Looking for: Somebody to write some good Ponker fics

Last one glitched
Oh, sweet, we're still going. Well, then:

>Be Sunset
>Working at a sushi restaurant
>Not enough money.
>Need another job.
>Phone rings
>"Sushi R Us, home of the ebiavocado special, how can I help you?"
>"Moshi moshi, o sushiya san desu ka?"
"Hai sushiya san desu. Kochira wa Sushi R Us no Sunsetto desu. Gochumon kimarimasu ka?"
>Just asks to talk to my boss.
>few minutes later boss walks out to the register.
"Hey, Sunset, you're 18 right?"
>"That's what my papers say, right?"
>"Your SSN belongs to a 58 year old dead man in California."
>”...No it doesn't.”
"Well, you're a good worker, so I have no reason to double check."
>He pointedly clears throat
"Have you ever heard of nyotai mori, Sunset?"
File: 0000 (11).png (789 KB, 6353x7618)
789 KB
789 KB PNG
>At home, after work
>Lying on my bed naked, staring at the ceiling
>That fucker trying to blackmail me
>As if I wouldnt do it
>Horsegirls are always naked
>only wear clothes in this world to blend in
>Still don't wear panties
>Smile again
>Think of how the spats of my work uniform hugs my hips
>of the way it pulls itself up into my slit
>Everyone can see me
>Remember how the guys at work call me cameltoe when they think I cant hear
>The memory makes me hot
>My pulse quickens and I trace my folds with my fingertips
>Thinking of what boss wants me to do on the weekend
>Of lying naked on the table, covered in food
>surrounded by men leering at me
>*accidentally* brushing me with their hands
>exposing my most intimate zones bite by sweet, delicious bite
>Excitement and arousal turning my face to flames
>Everyone mistaking it for embarrassment
>”Mmmm” I moan, slipping my fingers inside myself
>Laying there on my bed grinding my fingertips against my clit, moaning softly to myself in the darkness.
>Sweet Celestia, just thinking of having all those eyes roving over my body gets me so hot!
>Can't take it anymore
>log into my old tumblr “Shameless S' Slutty Adventures”
>Filled with years of my very own lewd selfies taken all over town
>None of them show my face
>Still rubbing my clit
>Last entry...too long ago!
>Lay back on my bed, reaching for my phone.
>Set it against the foot board, timer counting down
>On my back, legs spread, right index and middle fingers in my pussy, thumb on my clit
>Playboy open, resting on my tits, my face hidden behind it
>Actually it's a pretty good picture
>Upload it to Tumblr
>So horny I can hardly stand it
>Masturbate furiously while watching the view count climb
>Close my eyes imagine all these people masturbating to me
>They could be watching me in person
>Oh yes, I'll do what boss wants
>Hes already offering me a generous number
>but I bet he'll pay more
>And I bet I know just how to get him to agree too
Someone posted rule34 of fillies. Reporting time.
File: 1537278126811.png (651 KB, 1411x3448)
651 KB
651 KB PNG
File: 1537413339044.png (864 KB, 1501x4385)
864 KB
864 KB PNG
File: 1537700281043.png (2.33 MB, 1315x7675)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB PNG
File: 1538141955325.png (1.9 MB, 1315x7890)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB PNG
I'd fap to Shimsham's lewd Tumblr selfies.
>pic related
Really kinda want Nympho Panko here. Won't somebody pity a poor degenerate?
How would one go about writing PankPonk slut greens? She's overly hyper and sounds like she'd be hard to write slutty.
She wouldn't be slutty, that's the whole thing. She's a nympho. Highly eager to please and precociousness off the charts. None of that sultry sexy nonsense from Rarity and the like. No, Panko is much more lighthearted and teasing.
I mean geez, look at this outfit. Is it not just pure candy flavored precocious sweetness?
File: mpv-shot0024.png (660 KB, 1920x1080)
660 KB
660 KB PNG
Full outfit. I mean just look at those adorable leggings. uuuuuuUUUUUUUUNNNFNFNFNNFNFNFHHHHHNNNNNNGGGGGG

My Little Horsegirl Can't Possibly Be This Cute!
File: 1830106.png (392 KB, 1493x2383)
392 KB
392 KB PNG
Leggings or thigh-highs?
File: 1520447670515.jpg (19 KB, 495x362)
19 KB
File: 1666220.png (767 KB, 750x1200)
767 KB
767 KB PNG
>be ponk
>be super excitable and kinda oblivious
>wear super short skirts during summer because "they're really breezy and keeps me cool down there!"
>wonder why boys stare at her when she sits down or bend over to pick up things
>oh well, boys dick me down all the same!
i've never wanted to kill myself more than I did in differential equations, and while I have this Anon for making me relive that, I do appreciate his efforts
File: 1538536675298.jpg (900 KB, 1020x1320)
900 KB
900 KB JPG
>Twilight Sparkle was talking to some of the Comeback Kids. The lead singer, Red Forest, was a cute junior from the next town over.
>Twilight was practically swooning over Red Forest.
How did that phrase go again? The two-worder that starts with T and S.
Tara Strongisaloudmouthedattentionwhore?
Twilight Sparkle
Turbo Slut
File: 1842323.jpg (311 KB, 1920x1080)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
How many times do you think TrixSlut showed up to school in her "magician's outfit" that barely covers anything at all?
eh, the teachers barely covered the important parts either in the high school I went to
I thought bondage is against the rules.
File: 1795697.png (1.11 MB, 2500x1932)
1.11 MB
1.11 MB PNG
Your teachers were turbosluts? That's kinda hot.
File: 1692379.jpg (871 KB, 1653x2338)
871 KB
871 KB JPG
Need MORE like this with other characters.
Shimslut pls more
File: 1439756354172.png (440 KB, 897x1080)
440 KB
440 KB PNG

And she'd schlick to you doing it


>Next day, wake up in bed
>oh yeah! just before the alarm
>flip it off and sit up, stretching
>computer is still on, SSSA's still open
>view count's even higher than when I drifted off
>raises a mild heat in my nethers
>stand up, tuck my laptop under my arm and carry it downstairs, still naked
>my window is open, as always.
>Pretend not to notice my neighbor looking through it
>Time for hygiene!
>all done
>walk back in my room
>He's still watching
>Drop my towel, and popen my mini-fridge
>Kochakaden Royal Milk Tea
>the breakfast of sluts
>Crack open a bottle and walk to the window
>Watch the world go by
>A couple heads in the street turn up toward my room.
>lol humans
>Casual sluttery is fun, but I have a plan for something much better, and I need to put it into action!
>Hold the bottle to my mouth, flicking my tongue around the edge
>Taking the whole threaded area into my mouth
>Take another sip, letting just a little bit dribble down my chin
>Make eye contact with my neighbor, give him a little wink, and saunter off to my dresser.
>Work is right after school today, so I pack my uniform in my gym bag.
>Throw some panties in there
>Someone left them here one night, can't remember who, but if she hasn't asked for them back by now that's on her
>Something else someone left, too: a Crystal Prep uniform
>”Hello beautiful,” I whisper to it
>A glance out my window, neighbor's still watching
>Another little smile, and I put it on piece by piece:
File: 1451964500726.png (235 KB, 714x1975)
235 KB
235 KB PNG
>No bra, because I need headlights today
>The shirt, the top few buttons left undone
>the tie, half windsor, and opened wide
>the skirt, unzipped and unclasped, an elastic band around my waist to roll it up until the hem is at my fingertips
>no panties, as always
>my blazer, unbuttoned, sleeves pushed up, and the cuffs of my shirt pulled through, and folded around them
>frilly knee socks, and loafers
>staring at my reflection in the full-length mirror
>Damn I'm sexy
>Brush out my hair, and braid it into pigtails.
>Makeup, too much eyeshadow, and lipstick
>Grab my stuff and head to the door
>Outside now, I turn to look up at my neighbor's window
>He's still watching.
>I smile at him, and lift up my skirt, right there on the sidewalk
>mentally count to 5
>drop it, wave goodbye, and head to school.
You shameless whore.
>the skirt, unzipped and unclasped, an elastic band around my waist to roll it up until the hem is at my fingertips
mmmf, I bet you wish you could roll it up even higher and show off some of that underass, don't you? The only thing keeping you is the possibility of getting caught by cops. Why don't you put on those panties, slut? You can weir your skirt even shorter if you're covered up down there.
>>Work is right after school today, so I pack my uniform in my gym bag.
>>Throw some panties in there
Why, do you flash them at the customers for that extra tip? Describe the panties for us, slut. Are they "innocent" little things? Or some other full blown slutty cut designed to be seen only in bedrooms?
File: 1236831a.jpg (289 KB, 1600x2000)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
Nympho Panko sounds fun! It's totally a nickname I'd dig having as a totally-not-slutty Super Duper Party Person.

Let's see, an average day for me would start with waking up early to the smell of baked goods. Mr and Mrs Cake would be busy making donuts and things for the breakfast crowd, and I'd be more than happy to help! I'd jump up out of the bed, peel off my tiny nightgown, and put on something simple before heading downstairs.

Gotta hurry, because time is candy! A flimsy old t-shirt that fits more like a crop top, no bra because it gets REALLY hot near the ovens, and maaaybe shorts? No, leggings! Sugarcube Corner tends to get more customers when I'm wearing something tight over these panties from my freshmen years. Mr. Cake says they "pinch that bun in all the right places" and it makes me feel good. Oh, and sometimes I like hearing the loud *thwack* when he leaves flour handprints on my butt. I love seeing a dopey smile on his face when he does that!

As usual, I'd be at the register taking all the orders. There'd be lots of familiar faces, and I love seeing every one of them! I'd bounce and let my boobies jiggle in the thin t-shirt when someone leaves a tip in the jar. They make me happy, and that makes me want to make them happy right back! The feeling of thin fabric rubbing against my erect nipples makes me happy too, but that's for another time~

Eventually, the AC would have a hard time keeping up with all the baking, and I'd start to sweat. The moist fabric of the shirt would cling to my body and let my skin show through, and that's when the tips REALLY start to pile up. I'd jiggle with gratitude all the same, but then I'd also see their eyes fixated on my clearly visible nipples. Gosh, that makes me so happy that I can't help but chew on my lip and rub my thighs together. It's so hard to keep it together in the morning hours. I'd love to elope with every one of them and let them see my tits in full, but the Cakes need my help!
File: 1577561.gif (920 KB, 360x604)
920 KB
920 KB GIF
When the morning rush is over, I'd make my way back up to my room to shower and get ready for school. I'd love to pinch my nipples and rub myself raw, but I just don't have the time! I'd scrub down and clean up in my usual sugar-fueled super speed, and put some clothes on.

Sleeveless top with enough opening to show off plenty of side boob, thin t-shirt bra, super silly frilly skirt, baby blue thong, pearly white stockings, and sandals that Rarity hates so much. She says they look like Uggs, but I love them! Oh, and psst! The stockings are opaque below the upper thigh, but they're totally transparent under the skirt! What fun would there be in wearing thongs if nobody could see them, silly?

After getting ready, I'd head downstars to say goodbye to the Cakes. Mrs. Cake would look at me and sigh as usual, saying how she wishes she'd have her youthful beauty back. Which is totally silly, of course. She's thick in all the right places and totally smokin' hot! I'd assure her that she's still got it, and she'd blush like a little girl. Aww! I'd give her a big warm hug and bury face in those huge knockers of hers. She doesn't like to show it, but she totally likes it when I do that. I can tell because she always cops a feel under my skirt. Naughty woman!
File: 1656868.png (627 KB, 724x1023)
627 KB
627 KB PNG
Skipping my way to school would be a daily ritual. I could take the bus like Twilight, but ehh. Meekly getting groped without even knowing people's names is not my cup of sugar, yanno? Don't get me wrong, getting felt up by people who find me sexy is always exciting. But I'd rather see their smile and watch them happy when they do that, and you can't do that in a crowded bus!

Sometimes, I'd run into people I know from school or work. Or maybe even customers I served in the morning! They'd always compliment me on how good I look with those big smiles on their faces, and I'd thank them. They totally think I don't notice them staring, but I can see their eyes. They always bounce around between my boobies and trail down to my skirt hoping for a pantyshot or something, which is totally silly! You can't see my panties from that angle, but they always try. I'd love to help them out and tease them. Maybe even lift up my skirt slightly just enough to see a glimpse of baby blue down there, but that usually ends with me clinging to their neck with my legs wrapped around their waist in an alleyway. It's a fun distraction, but I am all out of excuses for being tardy this month! I don't think Celestia would believe the "Gummy ate my panties" excuse for the fifth time this month.

Speaking of eating panties, I'd start to feel my clothes strain a little bit. My puberty hit early and I've stopped filling out my clothes long ago, but it all happened really fast! All of my undies and clothes are now a size too small, and things get a little too tight when I'm moving around. And tightness is not the only thing! My butt's gotten big enough to make wearing skirts risky, my big boobies basically made all of my tops fit like club vests. Come to think of it... Yep. That's a nipple poking out from above the bra. Whoopsie!

At least this skirt's long enough to cover my... Noope! That's definitely my underass below the hemline. How did I not notice this earlier? Oh well.
File: 1666202.gif (249 KB, 420x560)
249 KB
249 KB GIF
There's no way this getup is up to the dress code, and that'd spell trouble for me. I'm one more detention away from getting "one on one disciplinary session" with Luna! And judging from how much moaning and screaming I hear from her office, I don't want to find out what's going on in there! Well, maybe a little, but noo! Sexytimes are supposed to be fun and giggly, not screamy and scary!

I'd try to sneak into the school through the back door. It's usually locked, but I got the keys from the janitor in exchange for letting him motorboat my tiddies. That poor guy was so pent up, he practically came after feeling my nipples rub against his cheek! Anyway, after whipping the keys out of my hair and letting myself in, I'd sigh with relief and...

...Run straight into Mr. Cranky.

He'd take one look at me and start lecturing about following the dress code, but I can see right through him. It's the same-old guy stare: One tiddy, other tiddy, then slowly drift down to the hem of my skirt. Seriously! Maybe I should start wearing super short skirts and let them have a good look at the goods, they all seem to want it badly.

Ohh, Mr. Cranky. He's trying so hard to appear serious. I can totally see his bulging erection though. The lecture is just a formality, he's just waiting for me to offer him something "good" in return for turning a blind eye.

I don't want to be stuck here and wait for Luna herself to find me, so I hurry things along. I slowly lift up my skirt and wiggle my eyebrows at Cranky. "Oh, you mean this skirt? They're too short?"

He'd totally blush super hard and stutter about my inappropriate, snug-fitting top. I can see him staring at my left tiddy, it's the one with the nipple poking out above the bra. I ask him what's wrong with the top, I totally don't see this "visible nipple" that he's talking about! Maybe he could feel it and point out where it is?

I grab his shaking hand and brush his finger right up against the nipple.
>slut makeup
>wearing TwiSlut’s clothes
wew, you’re really trying hard to be a turboslut like her. keep at it. we’re watching your every move and every slutty part of your body.
File: 1536720665792.gif (967 KB, 480x270)
967 KB
967 KB GIF
So sweet.
File: p5.jpg (36 KB, 999x246)
36 KB
Hey sluts, you know the drill.

>morning sluttery by the window with the neighbors watching
>for wearing under super short skirts at school
>for wearing under flimsy leggings while out running errands
>late night movie theater trip for getting groped
Don't mind me, just hiding another Barbie thread
File: Turboslut.png (1.37 MB, 1920x1080)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
Don't mind me, just hiding another useless reply.
Anyway, apparently Rarislut is now canon.
She’s a high end whore, not a slut!
To be fair she seems to LOVE being a slut from time to time. I mean, she rode that one boy’s dick for mere scraps of homework and enjoyed it far more than she expected.
File: 1115160.jpg (269 KB, 1280x1097)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
>low-thread count tights in public
File: Darling wuud.gif (1.1 MB, 640x360)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB GIF
Darling you are a pervert!!!
File: 324092.png (1.63 MB, 1300x1682)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB PNG
oh look, old thread isn’t glitched anymore.
keep going you slut. how many boys are you going to flash before the day’s over? i NEED to know.
>You shameless whore.
Flattery will get you nowhere, or maybe it will. You'll just have to keep going and see. Do you think *you* can make me blush?

As for why I brought panties today...well we wouldn't want to ruin the surprise, now would we?

You have it backwards, sweety. I'm the OG. How do you think I kept this school under my thumb for 3 whole years? But by all means, do keep watching, it entertains me.

Panties, how prudish. But because watching you paw at your little second belly button makes me giggle, I'll play along:
>morning sluttery by the window with the neighbors watching
1, the wide waist bands are comfortable to sleep in, and the color gives good contrast, easy to see even from across the street.
>for wearing under super short skirts at school
2, great contrast with my skin, while being lacy and transparent enough in the front to show my slit when the urge to flash inevitably overtakes me.
>for wearing under flimsy leggings while out running errands
4, purely by process of elimination. I'd hope for more contrast, but if I can find some tights with the right threadcount, I *might* be able make it look like I'm not wearing any at all.
>late night movie theater trip for getting groped
3, the easier for them to slip inside me

>keep going you slut.
You can do better than that, sempai. I want to be *mortified*.

>At school
>I'm good at math,
>I already finished the work, and homework
>Staring out the window, thinking of my tumblr
>Should have taken a picture this morning :(
>I should definitely take one before work today!
>The mirrors in the school bathrooms are big enough
>Should I lift up my skirt?
>Or maybe bend over?
>Or set my phone on the counter-top and stand over it?
>”Mmmm,” I quietly moan, rubbing my thighs together
>”Me so horny...”
>Notice Mr. Cumin is looking up my skirt again.
>Well, that is why I sit in the front row
>I make eye contact
>He looks away, fidgeting in his chair
>His right hand goes under his desk
>lol, again?
>I cock my head to the side and raise an eyebrow
>let my legs slowly drift apart
>his shoulder starts to move in a rhythmic up and down motion
>I lick my fingers,
>slide them down my chest, spreading open my decoletage...
>His eyes get bigger.
>...down to my skirt,
>tracing circles on my smooth butterscotch thigh.
>His movements get faster.
>I slide up my skirt, and spread my legs completely,
>let my fingertips follow the peaks and valleys of my folds.
>Slip a finger inside myself,
>pull it out, bring it to my mouth and suck the tip.
>Back down, caressing and spreading my labia,
>rubbing my clit, and penetrating myself...just the tip.
>His eyes half close, and his body jerks in his chair.
>The other students have noticed something is wrong.
>Several of them are staring at him.
”Is he...” one of the girls laughs before breaking into stifled giggles with her friends.
>Yep, he sure is. How does this fat fuck still have a job?
>Bell rings
“Sunset, I-I need you...umm...stay after class for...you need extra credit”
>as if
>I may be a slut, but that doesn't mean I want to end up chopped into kebab meat like Charlene Downes
>I just stand up without a word, throwing my bag over my shoulder.
>Saunter up to his desk, hips waving seductively.
>Give him my most demeaning look:
>absolutely pathetic.jpg
>I press my fingers into his desk and smear my juices all over his papers and gradebook as I walk on by.
>Stop at the door, look over my shoulder.
>He's sniffing the pages
>Shake my head, and walk out.
God I wish that fat fuck were me
Whore! Whore! Whore! You'd expose yourself to a fat fuck for nothing in return? Not even for extra credit? You debase yourself worse than that prep school transplant. At least she gets extra points out of her sluttery, but you... You let that depraved man fap to you for free. For free!

Tell us, slut. Just how wet did you get seeing that overweight pervert leering at your private bits? Enough to coat your thighs slick with your secretions? You clearly had enough juices flowing down there to smear on his papers. You secretly wanted him to drop the lecture, pin you down, and pound your folds with his dick, didn't you, slut?

Why even saunter over afterward? Did your slutty brain autopilot you to him so you could get something meaty slipped inside your cunt? Only desperate sluts do that. You could've walked out, flash him your cunt from a safe distance, but you put yourself within arm's reach of that hungry predator. You wanted him to smell your arousal. You wanted to straddle his hips and "receive" that extra credit right into your womb like the slut you are. You only looked back to see him sniff your scent because it turns you on something fierce. God, you left a puddle of juices in the doorway, didn't you?
File: 938485.png (509 KB, 603x818)
509 KB
509 KB PNG
File: 1846252.png (540 KB, 1055x1078)
540 KB
540 KB PNG
Geez are all the women in this school sex fiends? If I stay here do I run the risk of being held down and molested by a teacher?
stay pure, wallflower, stay pure
Sex magic comes through the portal and infuses the school. Maybe we should include that in the thread's OP.
>>all these fucking stacies roasties taking away all the good men
>>How come they can't see all these girl are just dumb whores that use them or their money and cheat on them
>>why don't they every give nice girls like me a chance
>>i'm not a femcel btw.I-I had a boyfriend and we had sex
>I had plants and we had sex
Wallflower and Flash will find a common bond in being incel virgin losers and date.
File: Spoiler Image (1.6 MB, 1485x2140)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB PNG
>pretending to be disgusted
Sure thing, Slutflower Blush.
File: 1849927.jpg (275 KB, 777x369)
275 KB
275 KB JPG
a slut's favorite weather: windy
green of wallflower taking advantage of you and molesting you in the middle of class etc before sucking up everyone else's memories WHEN
File: Spoiler Image (1.51 MB, 1485x2140)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB PNG
By PornDrops ghost!
where the hell do I find the remainder of these?
>that causes a ruckus whenever she does it
>most boys grinning while sneakily slipping one of their hands in their pocket, and girls giggling and whispering to themselves
>most professors end up too dazed to really act on the spot, instead searching for other professors to help with the issue at hand
>a quick use of that stone of hers is enough to get rid of them anyway
>she wants to give people a show, that's what gets her going, and she hates people trying to interfere
>and that goes for you too
>the last time you tried to fend her off, you ended up completely naked and tied to a chair in the middle of the cafeteria, with a horny wallflower edging you using her mouth for two hours
>and now that the memories flood back in, you really wonder if you could consider it punishment or not
>but it always ends the same way, with her sapping everyone else's memories of what just happened right off and you wondering if she'll ever use it on you
>you'd rather not
>you kind of took a liking to this little dance of yours
>every day's more of the same, yet you can't seem to get enough
>especially the part where everyone's body is horny as fuck without even knowing why, that part's always great

What a skank!
Anon, Imma need sauce on that.
Pastebin no more.
File: 1603912.jpg (325 KB, 1000x625)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
Is there such a thing as a classy slut?
Yeah they're called "Escorts".
when is he going to finish that comic up!
Do girls actually fuck their plants?
you don't?!
File: 1839358.png (307 KB, 1139x1664)
307 KB
307 KB PNG
a whore
File: 1538703470219.png (1.01 MB, 3746x1000)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
How many ppt's of airborne horse magic particles does it take to turn a normal girl into a turboslut?
Adagio would be a slut goddess.
i dunno man, i bet she’s secretly a sub
maybe both? slut out in public sub in the sheets?
You mean autistic girls whose only positive interaction with another carbon-based life form was with plants?
File: 1537968958298.png (451 KB, 724x1024)
451 KB
451 KB PNG
File: 1847580.png (1 MB, 1122x1200)
1 MB
File: 1839000.jpg (1.77 MB, 2800x3360)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB JPG
File: 1538931708058.jpg (208 KB, 1595x778)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
thinking slutty thoughts
File: 1545571.png (1.95 MB, 1915x2707)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB PNG
I bet she tries to be a turboslut super hard but always gets cold feet and shys away at the last second. Wakes up in the morning, puts on the most slutty outfit she can find to wear to school, covers it all up under an overcoat before leaving. She'd keep it on all day and wish she had the courage to unzip and show off some skin in front of everyone. Probably goes back home and shlicks at the thought of how lewd she looked under the coat and some nosy boy almost caught her shrugging off her coat in a secluded corner of the hallway.
but how would she be in bed?
File: 1605781.png (439 KB, 1506x929)
439 KB
439 KB PNG
An unapologetic slattern who moans and clings at your belt when she's not busy strutting around in high heels and various stripper-wear.
File: 1848703.png (785 KB, 2560x1440)
785 KB
785 KB PNG
Where's the Rarity writefag? The latest special unlocked a whole new level of thirst for some Rariwhore fic.
>Rarity reacts to a cock when she walks into the men's room.jpg
>"You must get that groomed darling."
>Rarity as she touches herself thinking about how much money her new line is going to bring in revenue
Any reaction she'd have is my fucking fetish, I don't care.
Rarity is a high class whore, and I wouldn't have her any other way.
File: 1842081a.jpg (2.33 MB, 1476x3050)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB JPG
I would *love* to be a high class whore as Twilight. All those lascivious tales she'd tell me would pique my interest. Free gifts by rich men? Being treated like royalty before being bedded like a proper woman? I'd squirm and feel my panties moisten at the thought of it. I'd scoot forward in my chair, keep my knees slightly apart, and lift up my skirt under the desk. My favorite teasing position. Showing all of my bare thighs and my knees just far apart to give him a hint of my cherry red panties. He'd nearly break the chalk in half and I'd bite my lip, imagining teasing my first client like that.

I'd hurriedly catch up to Rarity after class, and ask her if she could "refer" some of her clients to me. She'd ponder for a bit, and agree to offload one client that she's not very fond of to me. I'd thank her and give her a hug, popping up a foot on my tiptoes. My skirt would be too short for doing this sort of thing without flashing everyone, but I wouldn't care. A whole new level of sluttery for me to explore! I'd be so excited.

Later that day, my cellphone would ring. I'd pick it up and have a brief conversation with my very first client. He'd withhold his name except for his first initial: K. He'd ask me to meet up at the mall and demand that I wear something "unsuitable for meeting with parents but not too slutty" along with a host of other questions. Are you fat, are you a virgin, can you break a $100... Sheesh, no wonder Rarity was eager to outsource this client to me.

I'd tidy up and get ready for my first foray into whoring. Bridal-white lacy push-up bra, matching thong with thin waistband, dark red "dress" with asymmetrical hemline cutting diagonally from left to right, and a mid-thigh pencil skirt. This being my first time whoring and all, so I'd do what I always wanted to do for my first-time sluttery: wearing a frilly bridal garter. I'd shudder as i hike it up my thigh, feeling the frills stroke against my bare flesh. I'd be more than ready.
File: 1776454.png (457 KB, 612x900)
457 KB
457 KB PNG
I'd arrive at the meeting spot without much fuss, minus the torturous bus ride. The frilly garter rubbing against my inner thigh would keep remind me of what I'm about to do, and I'd be desperately thinking unsexy thoughts to keep myself from soaking through.

I'd spot K standing around, and I'd feel somewhat deflated. He'd look like a middle-aged schoolteacher, somewhat balding and dressed casually. I'd go and say hello, and yelp when he spanks me in the ass. He'd comment about how I don't look slutty enough, and begin to squeeze my boobies right there in front of everyone. I'd let out an involuntary moan, and he'd smile. He'd say something about scoring a nympho, and I'd just blush and avoid his gaze. He'd grip my hand and drag me to the mall's movie theater without much fanfare.

We'd be waiting in line for the tickets, and he'd keep grope me like a squeeze toy. At one point, he'd lock his arms around me from behind and cup my breasts up, forcing me on my tiptoes. I'd try to tell him to stop, but I'd find myself unable to make any noise other than a mewing moan. I'd feel his bulging erection pressed up against my butt and gently rubbing against my cheeks. Everyone would be watching, whispering amongst themselves. All the groping and rubbing would hike my skirt up, and my frilly garter would be in full display just under the partially obscured white triangle of my thong. God, I'd be so embarrassed and turned on at the same time.

Once inside the theater, he'd drag me to the men's bathroom. He'd hold me by the chin from behind, and force me to look my own reflection. Thick eyeliner. Stripper eyeshadow. Fake eyelashes. Rose red lipstick. Subtle bump of erect nipples. Frontal upskirt with a visible garter below. I'd look like a total whore, and love everything about it. I'd feel my thighs rub together involuntarily. Seeing myself degraded but not enough to get arrested for indecent exposure would be making me unbelievably horny.
File: 974225.png (737 KB, 1532x1000)
737 KB
737 KB PNG
He'd ask me what's wrong with the reflection, and I'd just let out a whorish moan in a mix of confusion and arousal. He'd tell me that I broke my promise because I don't look slutty enough. I'd try to protest, but he'd just clench my jaw even harder. He'd bend down and give me a sloppy kiss, smearing my face with lipstick.

He'd order me to take the skirt off, and I'd protest. The dress is too short and I'd get in trouble. He'd have none of it. He'd reach under the short end of the oddly cut dress and forcibly tug the zipper down on my skirt. He'd pull it all the way down from under me, and I'd try to cover myself up. I'd see the smeared makeup in the mirror, the horrified look in my eyes, and the thin white strap of thong on the short end of the dress. I'd worn the dress once while taking lewd selfies, but it'd be definitely too short for any sort of public outing. The diagonal cut would end just above the knee on the long end, and barely manage to cover the front of my crotch. The backside would be a disaster. I'd brush down my butt trying to find the hem to tug down at, and feel my hand running down my bare ass about halfway through.

I'd beg him to let me cover myself up, but he'd just toss me the discarded skirt and tell me to keep it in my purse or there would be no payment. I'd reluctantly obey, and walk out on shaky legs as he drags me back out into the theater. I'd feel goosebumps spreading over my legs, the odd sensation of having uneven coverage sending waves of fear and arousal up my spine. I'd worn super short skirts before, but having half of my ass exposed and the other half covered would feel... weird, yet sexy. My head would be pulsating with my heartbeat. I'd be clutching at the short end of the dress, trying desperately to pull it down below the hip. But eventually I'd just let go, feeling myself adjusting to my new role as my client's arm candy.

pic for dress reference
Can dykes be sluts, too?
I'm just asking, 'cause I've personally never seen actual fags of either sex IRL yet.

>t. DWK
File: 499251.png (284 KB, 1184x666)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
Everyone would be staring. The short end of the dress would be cut high enough to show off the strap of my bridal-white thong. Every step I take would shift the hem and move it aside far enough to reveal my crotch. The backside... I wouldn't even venture a guess, but the sensation of frilly hem brushing wildly all over my lower butt would be enough to leave me imagining all sorts of lewd imagery. I'd feel the bottom of my thong moisten as more and more eyes begin to fixate on me, undoubtedly checking me out and committing my exhibition to memory for fapping. I'd nearly trip and fall as my knees buckle with a renewed wave of arousal, sending me bent over and giving everyone the pantyshot they desperately wanted.

I'd cling tightly to my client, my eyes nearly rolling back with arousal. He'd help me up, gently pat the bare side of my ass, and ask me if I still regret taking my skirt off. I'd just moan in response, slurping up a line of drool. My thong would be completely drenched with my arousal, and some of my juices would be dripping down my thigh and starting to soak the garter. I'd look down at the fabric darkened with moisture and smile like a befuddled idiot. I've always wanted to soak my garter with my juices, but never imagined I'd do it in full view of strangers.

My client would nudge me and ask me if I'd be okay with cutting the date short since I'm clearly not feeling well. He'd squeeze my boobs, and get a moany 'yes' out of me. God, yes please. The arousal from being seen with half my ass revealed would be unbearable by that point. I'd be a putty in his hands, practically lifting my dress aside and trying to ride his cock right there and then.

He'd drag me to a secluded end of the theater next to a disused staircase that lead to the rooftop. He'd pin me against the wall and press his face against mine, breathing heavily and sucking me up with greedy kisses. I'd wrap my legs around his waist, feeling his bulge rubbing against my moist thong.
File: 773718.jpg (202 KB, 1771x1771)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
He'd pull the gusset aside and slip his meaty fingers in me. I'd moan and call him daddy, begging for the real thing. He'd grope at his belt and clumsily free his member, and skewer me right there in the theater, next to the staircase. I'd throw my head back and howl like a bitch in heat. My hymen would be long gone from riding dildos at school, but this would be the first dicking of my life. I'd hoped to preserve my virginity, thinking it'd be the last link between me and my prep school past, but it'd be gone too. I'd be losing my virginity to a total stranger, pinned against the wall, getting raw-dogged and feeling his untrimmed pubes slam against my smooth labia. The degradation would be mind-blowingly hot.

I'd climax not even five seconds into the intercourse, feeling my pussy constrict against his pumping cock. I'd beg for him to stop, but the words would come out in a string of indecipherable groan. He'd keep pounding away at my virgin pussy, grinding the bulging veins and all up against the fleshy confines. I'd climax again, this time harder than before. I'd feel my diaphragm struggling against the full body spasm. The endorphins would threaten to block out all senses except for the sensation of pounding piston in my nethers. My ears would ring as yet another orgasm wracks me, flooding my brain with chemicals meant to be released sparingly. My limbs would go limp and flex repeatedly. My mind would go blank. There would be my backsides getting slammed against the wall, the meat piston drilling me, and my spasming cunt.

He'd begin to thrust harder, nearly killing me with another orgasm. My pussy would clench around his cock, and he'd finally unload his seed inside me. My eyes would lose focus as I feel those thick bursts of cum land all over the walls of my vagina, and the endorphins would start flowing again.
File: 840732.jpg (487 KB, 787x1300)
487 KB
487 KB JPG
He'd pull out after the final spurt, and drop me unceremoniously on the floor. He'd order me to lap up the cum from his cock, and I'd obey reflexively. After getting his cock cleaned up, he'd pull up his pants, count some bills, and drop the bundle of green in front of me. He'd tell me that he's only paying me half the full price, since he had to end it early and I didn't dress slutty as I promised. I'd be too weak to even pick up the bundle. I'd look up at him weakly, my legs sprawled apart, and thick white fluids dripping out of my pussy.

He'd smile and wink, and walk away.

I'd reach down to my dripping cunt, dip my finger in the fluid, and give it a lick. I'd have to get a morning-after pill tomorrow, but not yet. I'd savor the taste, still shaky and turned on by having just lost my virginity to a stranger.
If SciTwi is a slut then it stands to reason that pony!Twi is one as well. Maybe she secretly slips through the portal sometimes whenever life gets a little too hectic (or she's in heat) to relax with her gal pals and shamelessly flirt with the local boys. Maybe she's heard about Scilight's sexual exploits and wants to experience going down on her human twin and tasting her forbidden fruit?
File: 2pwaxt-i.jpg (60 KB, 573x383)
60 KB
>morning sluttery by the window with the neighbors watching
I'd totally adore sluttery from afar and go all the way for my friendly neighbor. 3 and maybe even a matching bra with no nipple coverage.
>for wearing under super short skirts at school
2 looks like it might be transparent in all the right places and still pass Celestia's panty check.
>for wearing under flimsy leggings while out running errands
Definitely 4. Those straps tend to leave a very clear line on the back, and it looks stretch enough to show off some whale tail when I bend over.
>late night movie theater trip for getting groped
1 for the lacy, date-night mood. Boys go crazy for that low-rise lacy waistband, and I can't blame them.

Bonus: pic related plus a short skirt with no briefs for playing tennis with Crystal Prep friends.
File: Spoiler Image (190 KB, 800x1117)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
Seeing myself degraded and nearly disrobed in front of the mirror was a huge turn-on. Maybe that kind of kink translates well into selfcest? Especially when Pony Twi just happens to be in heat and dresses just like me. Who knows. ^:)
>letting someone take your virginity for money
SKANK! well i guess you’re a proper whore now—
>only paid in half
HAHAHA and you LIKED it?? you absolute slut! i bet you would’ve given up your virginity to him even if he didn’t pay you at all. am i right, slut?
Pony Twi would be a damn pro at flirting with the boys. She’s got Cadance, literal princess of love. Who knows what kind of kinky shit she learned from that milf.
File: 1538991218137.jpg (307 KB, 921x1200)
307 KB
307 KB JPG
Trixie is secretly a massive slut and a shameless exhibitionist. She uses the whole magic act as a front for strutting around in front of leering eyes in scant clothes. High-cut leotards, thigh-highs, fuck-me heels, plunging cleavage and backlines...

Rumor has it that if you look close enough, you can see the moist spot on the bottom of her leotard spread outward as the show goes on. That girl is kinky.
Sexual orientation has nothing to do with sluttiness, friendo. But if you must know, I’ve seen really slutty lipstick lesbos before.
Yeah, but there's far fewer dykes than straight girls or guys, so the prey for dykesluts is far scarce, and it would demand that all dykes are sluts by default to make it work.
File: 1443588.jpg (458 KB, 1356x1500)
458 KB
458 KB JPG
Ah yes, this sounds good.
>using flash's CM as censor
what did he mean by this
virgin white knight protecs his lady's modesty
File: 165878.png (921 KB, 1280x1024)
921 KB
921 KB PNG
I can see Twi taking a more scientific view of things. She would experiment with what she could get away with and take note of what would get the best reactions, like starting off with her standard attire the portal generated for her and gradually changing into ever more revealing clothing, showing off the low cut of her cleavage. Like Sci Twi she'd wear white frilly bra and panties, a gift from Rarity she recieved for just this purpose.
God I love turbosluts.
Being a sex-starved mare from a cock deficient country Twi might be a little... enthusiastic about all the male attention she's been receiving. Some might even call it predatory. She wonders if she got knocked up in this world would the freshly conceived fetus transfer over when she crosses the portal? She certainly hopes so
>starting off with her standard attire the portal generated for her and gradually changing into ever more revealing clothing
Mmmf, now that's a sexy imagery. Prolonged tease is so damn hot.
Just imagine watching her over the course of weeks, her skirt getting shorter and her top getting more snug and unbuttoned.
File: 48520.png (617 KB, 600x1292)
617 KB
617 KB PNG
I'd feel a tinge of jealousy if she started stealing the attention. At first it'd be a friendly competition of "who gets the most boys" and impromptu slut-offs, letting her various bits of my slutwear and exhibit her goods to everyone in CHS. It'd be a strange mix of desire and arousal, watching an exact clone of myself from angles that aren't physically possible.

I'd be there with her when she does her first up-the-stairs-upskirt act. I'd feel a strange arousal when she sways her butt slightly and lets the skirt ride up naturally, revealing the portal-generated panties to all the boys following behind. It'd be like watching my own first sluttery playing before me, and I'd feel my own panties moisten as much as hers.

Unf... I can just picture it now. The two of us wearing the same slut-ified Crystal Prep uniforms, pulling each other into a farewell hug and upending the back of the other Twilight's skirt, showing off the identical purple panties with the same cutie marks printed on them. We'd pretend not to notice, but the looks on the boys around us would be clear enough. There's TWO turbosluts in town, and they're locked in a horny rivalry.
prefect for baby making.
If human/pony mating results in satyrs, what comes out of a human/siren pregnancy?
Considering how huge sirens are I'd say a big fucking baby. Better put your wet-suit and SCUBA gear on
Is it just the act of Twilight slutting it up that gets you hot and bothered or would you actually go down on Twilight? Would you tongue fuck her foal hole, making her cry out for more? Likewise would you let her make out with your sloppy cunt, stroking your inner thighs and love button in a frenzy to get you off?
File: 158597.png.jpg (229 KB, 1280x1707)
229 KB
229 KB JPG
>Is it just the act of Twilight slutting it up that gets you hot and bothered or would you actually go down on Twilight?
Goodness, can I pick both? Watching Twilight slutting it up would be almost like... watching myself slutting it up, except I'd get actually see the upskirts and nipple bumps. Seeing her in all sorts of lewd clothes borrowed from me, seeing her moistening her (my!) panties from the sheer arousal of discovering the exhibitionist streak in her, seeing her cornered by an assertive boy and getting fingered with underneath the skirt... It'd be just too much to bear. I just might have to drag her to the bathroom stall and go down on her hard.

>Would you tongue fuck her foal hole, making her cry out for more? Likewise would you let her make out with your sloppy cunt, stroking your inner thighs and love button in a frenzy to get you off?
I'd be no stranger to lesbian escapades, what with having my snatch fingered and scissored thoroughly by both Celestia and Luna. I'd practice all of the tongue tricks I've learned from the sisters on her, letting her juices splash all over my face. Bonus points for doing it early in the day, so I can reek of girlcum all day at school.

God, I'd love for Twilight to do things to my sloppy cunt. Creeping up from behind me and embracing me, landing her hands on my tits and my crotch, even when there's other students around. I'd let her lift up the front of my skirt and finger me to completion right there in the hallway. I'd love to feel her squeezing my tits and tweak my nipples. I'd love to feel her moan and breathe onto my neck as she feels my cunt envelop her fingers and make her nethers slick with sensations she never felt as a pony.
...You’re a massive turboslut. Jesus Christ, girl.
File: handsoutsmirk.png (428 KB, 776x768)
428 KB
428 KB PNG
>Pinkie Pie's Patented Loaner Lingerie - for lewd and unruly ladies, popular panties perfectly perpetuate perky pussy perversion!
w- wow, Pinkie, I had no idea you were so d- devilish...
File: 60505.png (526 KB, 600x1106)
526 KB
526 KB PNG
I'd totally borrow Pinkie's panties
File: 1850754.jpg (313 KB, 978x1920)
313 KB
313 KB JPG
ancient sloots
>TFW Somnambula walks around topless/naked because it was acceptable way back when.
File: 1522470738847.png (773 KB, 1280x720)
773 KB
773 KB PNG
mmmmf that's hot.
From there the attraction would only grow, graduating from mutual masturbation and getting both your pussies licked to fucking her on your bed with a double dildo she brought from Equestria, mindlessly kissing her while trying to avoid alerting your mother to her presence. She would whisper in your ear that she loves you and that she enjoys spending time with you with the limited time she has
File: 1515124156554.png (727 KB, 983x983)
727 KB
727 KB PNG
I wonder if she's like Trixie and sells black market lingerie.
She has tear away ads plastered all over the girls bathroom.
File: 183152.jpg (194 KB, 600x755)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
Rarislut at "work"
>panties around thigh
where da ponkaslut at
File: 1852523.jpg (188 KB, 489x637)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
What kind of panties is this whore wearing? I don't see any lines.
She seems to be following the Shimslut guide to underwear.
>implying she's wearing panties
She could be wearing one of those "no panty line" super soft lasercut panties.
File: 1439682722812.png (133 KB, 350x386)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
>Whore! Whore! Whore!
Mmm, bully me harder, sempai!

>Why even saunter over afterward?
Because I wanted to watch his reaction. I wanted to see him get his hopes up, and then crush them in front of him. I couldn't do that jsut flashing from the door, now could I?

>You wanted him to smell your arousal.
See, you have the right idea. I wanted to parade what he desperately wants, but can never have right in his face: sweet, wet, teenage pussy, then laugh at him.

>It's time for lunch.
>Walking through the hallways, relishing the sensation of my skirt brushing my thighs.
>Still, though, it could probably stand to be shorter.
>I should find a mirror!
>Closest bathroom is this way...
>see Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna.
>They're leaning against some lockers talking to each other.
“...says they still haven't found someone for this weekend, but not to worry because they have a fish nosing the bait. We should know tonight if...”
>Their voices disappear behind the restroom door.
>Look at myself in the mirror;
>it could definitely stand to be shorter!
>Turn around,
>barely any underass.
>”And you call yourself a slut,” I say to my reflection.
>Reach to my waist, and roll my skirt up further,
>the bottom of my snatch is starting to show.
>I smile, and bite my lower lip in lewd excitement.
>Pull out my phone,
>and my tits.
>Angle it so nothing above my shoulders is in the frame.
>Onto my tumblr it goes!
>Another flush of heat in my pussy when I hit the send icon.
>Realize I've started to absently stroke myself.
>How deliciously shameful!
>Set my phone on the counter.
>Use my free hand to massage my tits and pinch my nipples.
>I'm so wet my fingers slip inside the moment I stop trying to keep them out.
>Smile at my reflection.
>You're such a fucking slut, Sunset!
File: ___1519130166271.gif (444 KB, 282x500)
444 KB
444 KB GIF
>Lean into the counter, resting the back of my hand on its edge,
>grinding myself against my fingers,
>fluids running down my thighs, and making the counter-top glisten in the garish fluorescent light.
>If somebody came in now...
>”Sunset, you slut! You dirty, shameless, amoral whore!”
>Can feel my orgasm building
>”Slut! Filthy moaning, bitch! Everyone's willing fuckhole! Slut! Cunt! Insatiable fucktoy!”
>I bend down over the counter, throw myself against it, like I'm being mounted from behind.
>Grinding my pussy even harder against my fingers.
>Reach up and yank on my own hair, hard enough to pull my head back.
>Slap my own ass.
>”Tell me what a slut you are!”
>Slap my own ass again, as hard as I can.
>Push my face into the mirror, as I buck and gyrate on the counter.
>“Say it, slut!”
>”I'm a slut!”
>”Louder!” I harshly hate-hiss to myself.
>”I'm a slut! A loose, no-good hunk of fuck meat! A cumrag and...a...Ahhhhh!”
>My muscles seize as the orgasm takes me.
>My muscles give out, only being sprawled over the bathroom counter, with my face against the mirror keeps me from dropping to the filthy tile floor.
>My thighs and ass quiver in the air.
>I lie there a moment, trying to catch my breath.
>”Celestia,” I pant, “I really am a slut.”
>Close my eyes and imagine someone walking In the door.
>Smile at the idea, and the way it makes me warm up all over again.
Fucking character limits, man.
File: ___ - spank dat ass.gif (1.13 MB, 1280x720)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB GIF
>But I did come in with a purpose.
>A moment later I sigh happily, and push myself to my feet.
>Stop recording, and put the girls back in my shirt.
>Turn my phone sideways, and grip it between my thighs.
>Slide it up so the edge is just touching my pussy.
>I use it like a ruler, adjusting my skirt so the hem is just touching it.
>”Just as long as a skirt should be, you slut.”
>Put my phone back in my blazer pocket.
>Turn around, check myself out:
>plenty of underass, still no panties.
>Walk out the door.
>Celestia and Luna are gone.
Aww, I kinda wanted to show off for Celestia a bit.
>She's not my Celestia, but she makes me hot, anyway.
>Oh well, time for food
You exhibitionist slut! You couldn't help but take pics of yourself with your skirt hiked up like a street skank and got practically dripping wet from it. And on top of it all, your fingers went full autopilot straight to your pussy even without you realizing it. You unbelievably slutty skank! You just wish you could strut your goods around with your skirt hiked up high enough to show your cunt, don't you?

Unnnnfff, and you degrade yourself to get off. You may act like a dominatrix but secretly you just want your hair pulled and pounded on the ground like a proper whore. Why didn't you do it in the boys' bathroom, whore? Don't you want the risk of getting caught and giving a desperate boy full view of your shame? Just the thought of it turns you on something fierce, doesn't it, slut? Say it out loud, slut. You're a slut and wish you had done it in the boys' bathroom.

Admit it, slut. You just wish there weren't any rules against nudity so you could hike up your skirt far above your dripping cunt and walk out for everyone to see. Did you even wipe your thighs before walking out? You just want boys to see how drippy wet you are, ready to go at the drop of the hat. God, what's it like staring at your own slutty perky underass peeking out with no panties to cover you when the wind picks up?
Hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. And why shouldn't she? Ponies don't get hung up on sexual matters, but humans sure do. And Sunset is an ambitious girl, do you think she wouldn't utilize her sexuality to get her way? It's so easy, just show a little skin here, hint at a little lewdity there. Nopony would care in Equestria about nudity, or promiscuity, but here the world falls over itself to be the first into her lap.
File: 1851192.png (1.77 MB, 1700x2400)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB PNG
File: 1852871.png (971 KB, 800x1067)
971 KB
971 KB PNG
>be a slut
>this whore slaps you in the ass
what do
Follow her to her office, get down on my knees and beg her to let me eat her out while she slaps my face, and twists my nipples and calls me a naughty girl.
That looks like Sunset repainted in Celestia's colors.

I wonder if a sunset version is out there.
this is an oddly specific couture fetish but i fucking love it. you know a girl wears her skirt slutty-short when the hem doesn’t go under her butt when she sits down. god i used to love staring at that in school.
File: 1853079.png (293 KB, 659x1252)
293 KB
293 KB PNG
turboslut's favorite underwear?
File: Spoiler Image (17 KB, 522x522)
17 KB
Can't have a turboslut thread without this essential piece of underwear.
Nice, but a bit too lewd. Doesn't leave enough to the imagination. A proper slut knows that the art of teasing starts with run-of-the-mill panties.
At that point why even bother with underwear. The sluttier and kind of hotter it's my fetish one of them thing to do would be to just go bare under there.
What underwear?
you’re a slut. more
File: 183147.jpg (182 KB, 600x755)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
The kind she wears to the school panty checks.
File: Spoiler Image (982 KB, 750x1125)
982 KB
982 KB PNG
So, what you're saying is, you'd like to sit by me in class, and maybe see me in the halls? Could I sit with you at lunch? Will you promise to call me a slut behind my back, and tell all your friends we fucked, even if we didn't?Pretty please?

>you’re a slut.
Huge, open, and gaping. Especially for Celestia. There might be something you like coming later, keep reading my adventures.

>School's finally over!
>Time for work.
>That means it's time to put on *shudder* panties!
>Squat in the hallway, and open my bag, let's see...
>Suction cup horse dildo, no.
>Stick it to the lockers to keep it out of the way.
>Books, no.
>Condoms, no.
>Cheerleader outfit...maybe tomorrow!
>Work uniform, not yet.
>Step into them, and slide them up my long, smooth legs.
>Notice Mr. Cranky is peering around his classroom door at me.
>Smile at him.
>”Hello, Mr. Cranky,” I say, lifting my skirt. “Sorry, I was just putting these on.”
“Sunset, I have some extra cre...”
>”Sorry, Mr. Cranky, I have to go to work.”
>Walk past him, toward the main door.
>Oh, wait!
>To the rear, march.
>Walk past him again, back to the lockers.
>Bend at my waist, pulling my panties down as I do.
>Shake my ass at Mr. Cranky, and deepthroat the horse dildo.
>Suck it right off the lockers!
>Stand back up, sliding my panties snugly against my ass.
>Drop the dildo back in my bag,
>about face, forward march.
>Wink at Mr. Cranky as I walk by yet again, and out the door.
>Will you promise to call me a slut behind my back, and tell all your friends we fucked, even if we didn't?Pretty please?
Oh, I'd do more than that. I'd sit behind you during class and take an eye full of that ass and the extra short hem of your skirt brushing against the chair. That slutty piece of clothing wouldn't even be long enough to cover your butt underneath when you sit. I'd make sure to wave at other classmates and point at the slutty display. You'd hear your classmates whispering with me: that Sunset Shimmer is a shameless slut, boys sit next to her so they can smell her constant slutty arousal, teachers don't mind the desperate whorish display of her moist cunt, et cetera. I'd even lean forward and whisper at the small of your neck. Slutty slut. Whore of CHS. Filthy skank built for swallowing boys' cum. You'd feel the each breath of syllable against your neck.

I'd even spread the rumor that I slept with the sluttyslut Sunset Shimslut because she begged me to. Make up tales about how you threw yourself at me and humped against me like a bitch in heat. Spin stories about how the haughty slut debased herself before me for a fuck, begging to be fucked raw like a woman. Nobody would see you the same way afterward. Everyone would get more adventurous with you, hoping for that easy lay that they heard so much about. How are you gonna deal with lusty boys coming up to you to cop a feel? What about the teachers trying to slip a finger in your slutty folds?
File: 1539216539364.jpg (33 KB, 700x394)
33 KB
Behold, Trixie in thigh-highs. Disappointingly wide zettai ryoiki, but STILL.
TrixSlut is C A N O N
File: 1677417.jpg (182 KB, 787x1744)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
You slut. You slutty skank. You skanky whore of a slut. Describe your panties for us. What kind of slutty little thing are you wearing under the skirt?
>tfw i wanna show a canterslut my cock just to see their reactions
they’d trip over each other trying to get to it
I like the idea they don't care how big or small a dick is, a cock is a cock, and they want, no, they need it or else they'll fucking die.
File: 179830.jpg (295 KB, 850x721)
295 KB
295 KB JPG
How depraved! God, I love Cantersluts.
File: 1853787.jpg (186 KB, 719x695)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
>choose your slut
File: Spoiler Image (112 KB, 960x540)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
>choose your slut
That's mean. You know damn well I can't just have one.

Starlight needs to get in on this slutty action.
I think she'd be pretty bluebeaned at this point.
File: Spoiler Image (630 KB, 1768x2362)
630 KB
630 KB JPG
Starlight would totally be a sex tourist if you think about it. The portal even generated slutty makeup and torn leggings for her. Who knows what kind of underwear she was wearing during Mirror Magic.
File: 1535148.png (119 KB, 674x1010)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
Now I can't stop thinking about Starlight in turboslut clothes and turboslut makeup.
Yuck, that picture is atrocious.
File: 1521421.jpg (172 KB, 768x1541)
172 KB
172 KB JPG
Well, that's just like, your opinion, man.
File: 496752.png (1.12 MB, 2412x1202)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
I fucking love whorish outfits.
Is this legit?
You'd think they had their fill after the Rarity short.
File: 1539215786895.jpg (38 KB, 700x394)
38 KB
Leaked screenshots from Polish DVD cover where they used the upcoming specials' scenes instead of the current ones.
Also, check out that Shimslut.
Barely visible mound is fucking GOAT.
Great Slutty Writefag!!
I summon thee!

Thou must maketh it so!!
File: fem dash.png (268 KB, 762x720)
268 KB
268 KB PNG
File: 1536875347808.jpg (563 KB, 1047x1518)
563 KB
563 KB JPG
File: Silberstrom.png (418 KB, 3000x3817)
418 KB
418 KB PNG
Would Silverstream be a slut if she were a horsegirl?
She’d be a super bubbly slut almost like Pinkie, but there would also be a lusty streak to her.
File: 1854726.png (364 KB, 800x1300)
364 KB
364 KB PNG
>ugh, i totally didn't intentionally run into you around the corner so I could fall on my ass.
>I'm sitting on my ass with my legs spread just wide enough for you to see my panties. I'm totally not doing this on purpose.
>W-what moist spot? Watching you leering at me is t-totally not turning me on something fierce. S-stop it.
File: 1854700a.jpg (165 KB, 623x1000)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
Shimslut's slutwear
File: 18824456.png (139 KB, 345x875)
139 KB
139 KB PNG
Where the fuck is Shimslut? I need her to strut her goods and pretend to be all haughty and high-class. Come back here so we can stare at you and grope you.
I want a green where sunslut shimmer knows that she could fuck ANYONE in the school, and it goes to her head making her think she's hot shit. Well she is hot but you know what I mean. And then in comes Anon, the only one to say no to her. Lewd shenanigans ensue with sunslut trying and failing at seducing him
File: 1851131.png (378 KB, 610x900)
378 KB
378 KB PNG
>Anon saying no to Shimslut
Highly unlikely, but would love to read it if somebody tackled it.
File: Spoiler Image (114 KB, 1000x1000)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
> I'd make sure to wave at other classmates and point at the slutty display.

>You'd hear your classmates whispering with me: that Sunset Shimmer is a shameless slut, boys sit next to her so they can smell her constant slutty arousal, teachers don't mind the desperate whorish display of her moist cunt

> I'd even lean forward and whisper at the small of your neck. Slutty slut. Whore of CHS. Filthy skank built for swallowing boys' cum. You'd feel the each breath of syllable against your neck.
It's almost like you want me to lose control and masturbate furiously in class

>Whore of CHS
>Whore of CHS
>Whore of CHS
>Whore of CHS
Say it again, say it louder, and say it to my face! and behind my back

For realzies, I *really* like that one

>You slut. You slutty skank. You skanky whore of a slut.
Cant help but to close her eyes, moan, and absently stroke her cunt while you "bully" her.

As for what I'm wearing? Pic related. It covers more than I'd like, but they weren't really mine, so I can deal.

These anons get it.

>Sushi R Us
>Sushi R Us
>Sushi R Us
>The restaurant's neon sign glows and fades at regular intervals as I approach.
>It's a weird ass sign for a sushi joint, come to think of it.
>More like the ones you see on strip clubs.
>Walk inside.
”Hey, slut.”
>”Hey, hey. Boss here?”
“Yeah, in the back.”
>Walk through the boss' door.
“...mou sugu yaru ka dou ka wakaru yo.”
>He looks up at me.
>Can't read his expression.
>Fuck it, I got this.
>Sit down on the couch,
>spread my arms over the black leather back,
>cross my legs.
“Nn, kankei nai yaro?”
>Uncross my legs.
>Boss' eyes travel down my body.
>Recross them.
”Nn, mou chotto renraku suru. Ja ne.”
>Finally hangs up the phone.
File: 999 (6).jpg (319 KB, 1086x1593)
319 KB
319 KB JPG
>”Hey boss.”
>He looks me up and down.
“So, made up your mind, have you?”
>”Mmmmm, I'm not sure.”
>Uncross my legs, set one on his desk.
>He's staring at my crotch, not even trying to hide it.
>I smile at him, and let my other leg, still on the floor spread apart.
>”I was thinking, a young girl like me, still in high school, kids my age are vicious, you know? If word ever got around that I did something like that, well, how could I ever live it down?”
“You want more money.”
>”You want me to risk social suicide! You want me to debase myself publicly, to lay naked on a table and let strange old men eat off of my body!”
>I rest the back of my hand on my forehead and pantomime faintness
>”And on a school night, no less!
“It's the weekend”
>”Extra credit. I'm a good girl, boss.
>”Don't you think I deserve more for being willing to do so much for you and your restaurant?”
>He's thinking it over.
>”I think doubling your offer would be fair, considering all I'd be doing, don't you?”
“All right, done.”
>That was easy. I wonder if...
>”Oh thank you boss!”
>Stand up, walk around his desk and kneel at his feet, my hands and chin resting on his knee.
>I smile up at him.
>”You see how my coworkers treat me, don't you? What they say about me behind my back? Can you imagine that at school? When I'm just trying to get an education, and make something of myself?
>Take his hand in mine
>His fucking expression!
>Pull myself up and sit on his desk,
>legs spread, of course.
>”How can I be expected to learn when subject to such terrible, unending calumny?”
>Force up some tears to go with my wide eyes and pouty lips.
>Not enough to fall, just enough to make me cuter.
>”All those taunts, and rumors...if it were only here at work, I could live with double, but at school, too...”
>I shake my head, and pout harder.
>”...Triple might just be enough to make me swallow my dignity.”
File: 000 - pasties.png (1.44 MB, 588x1148)
1.44 MB
1.44 MB PNG
>His eyes get wide.
>”I spend all day at school, and still show up here-” Put his hands on my thighs “-on time. And even though I'm still in high school, still In that, prime, luscious bloom of youth so desired by rich and connected Japanese businessmen, that delicate flower of femininity they love so much they'd be sure to reward whoever helped them get it,”
>With my hands still on his, I slide them up my legs...
>”I still find time and energy to devote myself to your company.”
>...over my skirt and up my body.
>”Just imagine how happy your guests will be to see such a young, radiant lady on their table.”
>Cupping my tits now.
>”How taken they'd be when you told them I'm still in high school. What they'd be willing to do for you for giving them such a prize!”
>Leave his hands there, and drop mine to my hips,
>raise my skirt,
>start to rub my clit through my panties.
>”And how many other girls can talk to them in their language, too?”
>”Arara, Ojiisan,” my voice instantly becomes high and nasal.
>”Dame da, dame da yo. Atakkushi wa madda shojou desu yo.” I pant out, as his hands slide down my body...
>”Mou, iya da...demo...arra, kimochi ii~”
>...around the roll of my skirt...
>”O-ojiichan~ :heart:”
>...to my thighs,
>and back up, toward my...
>I put my foot on his chest and press him back down in his chair, it was almost a kick.
>I give him my lewdest smile.
>He nods, rapidly up and down, his mouth hanging open.
>I smile and stop masturbating.
>Slowly slide my panties off my hips.
>Celestia, they're soaked!
>Slip my free leg out of them and use it to push them down the leg pressed into his chest.
>His eyes are locked on them.
>They're at my foot, hanging from my ankle.
>Lift my leg off his chest and dangle the sopping lingerie in front of him.
>He looks like a dog being taunted with a steak.
>Brush them against his face.
>He opens his mouth.
File: ___1514156129523.gif (826 KB, 800x450)
826 KB
826 KB GIF
>Dangling them over his head,
>he catches them in his teeth.
>Pull my leg out, and sit up.
>Reach down and pop off my shoes.
>Take his dick between my feet and start stroking up and down.
>My hands are on his chest,
>gliding my fingertips up and down his arms, and shoulders,
>his neck.
>”Tripple?” I ask with puppy-dog eyes.
>He locks eyes with me and nods, slowly.
>I shake my head.
>”Tripple?” I ask again, shaking my head more emphatically.
>He understands.
>”Quadruple,” I smile and nod.
>He thinks a moment.
>Can't have that!
>I pull out the horse dildo and give it a long, broad lick up the bottom of its shaft.
>I put it in my mouth and suck rolling my tongue around its flare, and jerk his cock harder and faster with my feet.
>His eyes roll into the back of his head.
>”Quadruple,” I pull the dildo out of my mouth just long enough to say.
>He nods.
>”Thanks, Boss, you're the best!”
>I giggle, and push my panties all the way into his mouth,
>then lay back and slip the dildo inside my wet, burning folds.
>Squeeze my tits, and thrust it into myself in time to the strokes my feet are giving his cock
>Celestia, I'm such a whore!
>He explodes all over me, pulling me out of my musings.
>Exhaustedly, he points to a briefcase under his desk.
>I open it,
>Holy shit, there's 5 times what he was going to pay me, not 4!
>He's sitting in his chair, unable to move, completely spent, my panties still stuffed in his mouth.
>He weakly motions for me to take the case, and smiles.
>Pick up my gym bag, too.
>”I'll just take the night off then?”
>He nods and waves me away.
>”See you this weekend, Boss,” I chirp.
>Walk out covered in semen, and reeking of sex.
>The other staff, and some of the customers turn to watch me go, disbelief scrawled across their faces.
>Or maybe disgust?
>lol humans
>Guess I won't need my work uniform tonight, after all.
Holy shit thanks for that.

Could you do a back story as to why sunset is so slutty? Maybe some of the weird kinky shit flash made her do when they were dating?
File: 1800849.jpg (941 KB, 1400x1800)
941 KB
941 KB JPG
Jesus fucking Christ. I wish I was that guy with your panties in my mouth.
This begs the question: Who is the thread's bigger turboslut? SciTwi or Sunset?
>It's almost like you want me to lose control and masturbate furiously in class
Good, good. A shameless whore like you needs to be shown her place by trash-talking. Dear god, how would a turboslut like you even deal with all the boys talking behind your back? You'd be greeted with leering eyes and whispered rumors with every inch of hallway you walk in your slutty stilettos. Hell, some might not even try to hide it because they know that you like being called a slut. They know, they can see it between your thighs, dripping down and coating your inner thighs.

>Say it again, say it louder, and say it to my face! and behind my back
Do I even have to say it myself? Just listen to the boys snickering at you.
>"Here comes the Whore of CHS, who leaves a snail trail of slutty arousal in every classroom she sits in."
>"All hail the Whore of CHS, call her by her name and she'll beg to be seeded."
>"Ready thy loins, for the Whore of CHS seeks to milk you dry."
Doesn't it make you sopping wet between the thighs? Don't you wish you had worn panties to school today? How long can you hold back the arousal before you give in and ride the ready-and-throbbing cock of a nearest boy?

>crossing and uncrossing your legs like that
Whore of CHS.

>letting your boss touch you like that
Whore of CHS.

>walking out covered in cum
Your title betrays you, slut. You're not just a Whore of CHS. You're an even bigger whore at work. God, I bet you felt a pang of regret not having your boss cum inside your womb, didn't you? Imagine what the boys at the school would say if they found out you did this sort of thing at work. I bet you soak your panties fantasizing about how a boy from CHS might show up and spank you while you serve tables, don't you? Admit it, whore. Admit it out loud.
You fucking tease. You totally wanted him to finger you right there but chickened out.
>For realzies, I *really* like that one
I bet you fapped to it. Whore.
File: 1843251.png (153 KB, 600x1200)
153 KB
153 KB PNG
I bet he keeps a screencap of his own greens and responses to said greens to masturbate to later.
And you know what? There's nothing wrong with that at all. I'd do the same thing if I could write lewds
File: 1820593.jpg (285 KB, 1700x2200)
285 KB
285 KB JPG
File: 1526356123949.png (662 KB, 1280x1280)
662 KB
662 KB PNG
Hot fucking damn. These Cantersluts are insatiable.
File: Spoiler Image (2.68 MB, 4252x2790)
2.68 MB
2.68 MB JPG
Why is it that footfags always get the best upskirt art? It's not fucking fair.
I know right? Feet are fucking disgusting, the only good thing is about those ass shots
Reminds me of that one Sonic image with the overly detailed feet. You know which one I'm talking about.
File: Spoiler Image (1.86 MB, 2481x3507)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB JPG
It's a shame. That artist draws some fine ass upskirt shots, but they're always ruined by footfaggotry.
File: 1539366726522.png (1.66 MB, 1920x1090)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB PNG
File: 1654189.png (381 KB, 663x888)
381 KB
381 KB PNG
I don't know the one you're talking about, and I'm glad that I don't.
File: 1774185.jpg (1.35 MB, 2000x1800)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB JPG
You just know they scissored after this
They probably did before as well.
File: 1351725.png (627 KB, 1280x1622)
627 KB
627 KB PNG
Maybe, I want to finish this story before I start another.

There's plenty of room for us both. In fact, I kinda wish Scislut would come back; her stories were lots of fun to read.

Even a slut needs to prioritize. Money > getting fingered.

I type them out in a word processor, so I do keep the files, but capping one's own greens is pretty pathetic desu. I was capping Scislut's posts, though. Good material there for, umm, later.

Any more pics like this?

>You'd be greeted with leering eyes and whispered rumors with every inch of hallway you walk
>some might not even try to hide it because they know that you like being called a slut
Sexy. Good for a bit of fun, but with all the shit they talk, you'd think at least one of them would have the balls to grope me, but it seems not. Silly little boys.

>Do I even have to say it myself? Just listen to the boys snickering at you.
And what do the girls say about me? Do you hear the teachers talking too? Whenever I think about Celestia and Luna thinking about me the way I think about them, I get all hot and bothered. That's what really makes me soak my panties.

>Admit it, whore. Admit it out loud
I admit it! I dream of getting up on stage in the auditorium, in front of the whole school, naked, smacking my own ass, squeezing my own tits, and bouncing on my giant horse dildos while screaming about how much I want Celestia and Luna to ravish me. How I want them to come to my job and grope me, bend me over their table, fuck me raw, and sit on my face while they eat! How much I love it when everyone calls me a slut, and leers at me, and gropes me, and pulls open my clothing to expose me whenever they damn well please. And I like it even more how all these stupid humans are judging me for it, an think they're using me, when I'm getting exactly what I want. They're not using me, I'm using them, and they don't even realize it. Lol humans.
>with all the shit they talk, you'd think at least one of them would have the balls to grope me
Oh, you want to be groped that badly? I'll keep that in mind for my future responses, Whore of CHS.

>And what do the girls say about me? Do you hear the teachers talking too? Whenever I think about Celestia and Luna thinking about me the way I think about them, I get all hot and bothered. That's what really makes me soak my panties.
The girls, they burn with jealousy. Some of them want to be like you. A lot more want to be *with* you. They see you, Whore of CHS, strutting around with your thighs slick with your juices, and secretly wish they could dress like you. Haven't you noticed the recent spike in dress code violations, slut? The girls are wearing their tops shorter, sometimes not even covering their navel. Their shirts are unbuttoned far down enough to show a hint of bra, if not their bare cleavage. Some are even brazen enough to wear their skirts like you, rolled up and just barely covering their thong-clad underasses. You whore! What damage you've done to the school's reputation! CHS used to be known for rivaling Crystal Prep in achievements, but now they're known for their voracious sluts.

Celestia and Luna desperately wish to "punish" you. Celestia even went as far as staying up all night fingering herself raw to the upskirt pics she took of you without your consent. Luna has become a shut-in, furiously humping the corner of her desk while thinking about that one time she walked behind you up the stairs and got a full view of your sopping wet cunt. The rest of the faculty set up a private MyStable group where they swap creepshots of you and chat about how they'd grope you and ravage your pussy.
>How much I love it when everyone calls me a slut, and leers at me, and gropes me, and pulls open my clothing to expose me whenever they damn well please.
Whore! Whore of CHS! I bet you soak the bed thinking about how a random passerby in the hallway might lose control over their lust, slam you against the lockers and start fondling your tits. You truly don't care about who might take advantage of you, isn't that right, slut? It could be the janitor, a boy, a girl, or even Celestia herself. You'd enjoy it all the same, moaning like a bitch in heat as they slip their fingers inside you and tweak your nipples until you lose your footing from the earth-shattering orgasm. God, what if they whipped out their dick or a strap-on and started fucking you right there on the spot? Tell us, Whore of CHS. How desperately do you crave getting fucked down like a proper woman?
>I kinda wish Scislut would come back; her stories were lots of fun to read.
Wouldn't happen to have any of her stories would you?

Also, tonight I'm gonna bend my wife over and give her a good love session.While I think of Sunslut.
As with the last 4 months, I'm gonna cum inside her. Bareback.
Because rattlesnakes and condoms are two things you shouldn't fuck with.
>first ever [sci-twi is a turboslut] tag
>untagged by a shitter on Derpi
Well, this is why we can't have nice things.
>While I think of Sunslut
That's super lewd, Anon. Are you gonna imagine it's Sunslut you're cumming inside of, too?
I posted a few weeks back about how lately I've been thinking of Sunset when I was having sex with my wife.
I have cooled down those thoughts a bit lately, but there's been a few really raunchy greens involving Sunset that have got me thinking about her again.
So, to answer your question, yes. Yes I will.
I will think tonight I will be a bit more rougher with wifey than usual.
What do you think of this >>33047480 , Sunslut? He's not the only one fantasizing about grabbing a handful of your ass and creaming in your slutty cunt, you know. Your whorish antics and slutty display of your garments (pulling up your skirt high enough to show underass with no panties! You whore!) are driving random strangers wild with lust.

I bet you wouldn't mind having a bunch of Anons cumming all over you while >girls slam their clams against yours. No, I bet you FANTASIZE about being tangled up with girls and having thick ropes of cum spread all over you and the girls.
File: 1856066.png (2.35 MB, 2883x2112)
2.35 MB
2.35 MB PNG
Which fishslut is the sluttiest?
File: 1326120.jpg (726 KB, 4133x3507)
726 KB
726 KB JPG
Some anon posted them >>33005028 to >>33005044

>Oh, you want to be groped that badly?
I am the Whore of CHS, what you thought I'd have some vanilla fetish? Is it really too much to ask to have somebody come by and stick their hand down my top and start fondling me? Or to lift up my skirt in the hallway and and talk about how much of a slut I am with their friends while ignoring me? Or to come up to me in class and stick their cocks or pussies in my face. Maybe someone else will get horny enough to lift me out of my desk and take me from behind. Sure, I'm trying to do my schoolwork, but it can wait. Sluts have to prioritize!

It seems like the other would-be sluts haven't learned yet. Sure, they can dress the part, but I'm slutting, and making straight A's, while they've gotten so distracted the schools rep has plummeted. It's not my fault they can't multitask.

Of course I care. Mr. Cumin is getting nothing but Blue balls from me. And on the opposite end of the spectrum, Celestia can have anything she wants, whenever she wants, wherever she wants however she wants. Its a spectrum. Celestia could whip out her strap on, or her dick, if this world has that kind of magic, and I'd beg. BEG. On my hands and knees, dragging myself across the floor in front of everybody for just a sweet taste of her attentions. I'd strip, and masturbate, and plead, and throw myself at her. I'd crawl back no matter how she rejected and humiliated me. No matter how she exposed me, mortified me, and slapped me around, I'd always drag crawl and beg for more. Is that desperate enough?

I'd say his wife needs to up her game, but really, I'm the Whore of CHS, nobody out-hos me.

>I bet you wouldn't mind having a bunch of Anons cumming all over you while >girls slam their clams against yours. No, I bet you FANTASIZE about being tangled up with girls and having thick ropes of cum spread all over you and the girls.

Mind reader. Fuck Character limits.
I want to watch Shimslut scissoring with Scislut and Rarislut and all of them getting splattered with loads of cum from all the horny boys watching. Imagine those three whores being passed around between school sports teams for "morale boosting" activities before game nights. The sluts would be going at it on each other with dicks in their hands or even their mouths. Maybe Sunslut would be scissoring Scislut while jerking off two cocks for the double bukkake while Rarislut is bent over sucking on Sunslut's tits and getting rammed by a throbbing cock from behind. Or Shimslut might be the one taking a dick in her cunt on her back while Scislut sits on her face, moaning and gyrating her hips and orgasming over and over again, only to be silenced by Rarislut's kisses. The rest of the team would be busy furiously jerking off to this display and unloading their cum all over the sluts.
Trapdagio is
File: 1240008.png (679 KB, 1024x1354)
679 KB
679 KB PNG
I wanna see a Scislut+Sunslut+Rarislut threesome
File: 470355.png (166 KB, 507x526)
166 KB
166 KB PNG
God this pic is so fappable that it’s ridiculous. Every time i see it i can’t help but think about Turboslut stories and how much i wanna wreck that exhibitionist whore.
Where the hell is Scislut???
did you nut inside “Shimslut”? how did it feel compared to normal nutting?
File: 888208.png (491 KB, 4108x4604)
491 KB
491 KB PNG
Meant to post this morning but I was late for work.
Last night after putting the kids to sleep I started feeling up my wife, and things got heated.
I got her to sit on my lap while I fingered her, just like the green in the rgre thread.
She was trying to stroke me through my shorts, but I grabbed her wrists in one hand and worked my fingers some more.
Brought her to one orgasm, and I kept teasing her.
After a bit I let her go down on me, and when it came time to give her her treat, we heard one of the kids fall out of bed and started to cry.
Quickly threw clothes on because we could hear their feet on the floorboards outside the room. Wife took them back to their bed.
That pretty much ended the night, but I know my wife, and she's Hornier than ever now.
I didn't nut, but I don't mind. I like to tease her like this. Bringing her close, then leaving her waiting. Sometimes I do this for a few days in a row.
Then when she's making dinner I'll push her into the bench and lift her dress and do it right there.
So, we'll see how it goes tonight, maybe I'll give it to her, maybe not.

Sunslut, how long could you last being teased and denied a release?
>I like to tease her like this. Bringing her close, then leaving her waiting. Sometimes I do this for a few days in a row.
>Then when she's making dinner I'll push her into the bench and lift her dress and do it right there.
That's hot. I bet Sunslut would go absolutely insane with lust after being denied her climax for days running and then fuck like a succubus when you finally give her the dicking she craves.
File: Spoiler Image (116 KB, 1024x724)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
>>I bet you wouldn't mind having a bunch of Anons cumming all over you while >girls slam their clams against yours. No, I bet you FANTASIZE about being tangled up with girls and having thick ropes of cum spread all over you and the girls.
>Mind reader.
Oooh, care to do a green about you in a mass orgy? The kind where you finish the night soaked in cum and vaginal juices.
dose sunset like getting spanked?
She's the Whore of CHS. She LOVES spanking, especially if you do it without her consent.
bet she gets nice and wet from a good spanking.
File: Adobe_20181014_231102.jpg (54 KB, 571x600)
54 KB
>wake up to childhood friend turned school slut that you turn down every time, sucking your dick
>How do you handle the situation, Anon?
>Implying you weren't her first and her favorite
>every night, Turboslut turns into Midnight Turboslut and "sleep walks" to random boys' houses and sucks them off
>she always gives them a blowie first to make sure that they last longer when she starts riding their dick
>Turboslut has no idea this is happening and gets confused when the boys that Midnight fucked wink at her in the hallway
Spank her, but leave your hand on her butt and give her a good squeeze. Watch her knees buckle and start dripping girlcum inbetween her thighs.
can't I have a slutty waifu that will only be slutty with me and won't end up cucking me with half the town instead?
not that I have a problem with you faggots being into cuckshit, it's just not my thing is all
therein lies your first mistake, friendo.
joking aside, if you want greens of your waifu being slutty just for you, maybe you should try fingerbang or AiEQG. this thread is for those who don't have a m6 waifu and would rather see them doing slutty things instead.
Anyone have the non-chef ainsley version?
Google image and iqdb had nothing
artist is wubcake
Fuck. I’d just put my dick in her if I saw her at school. Right there in the hallway.
Wait, is Scilight the turboslut, or is Midnight the turboslut and she just gets dragged along because they share a body?
Sounds like they're both turbosluts and Scilight doesn't know of Midnight's existence.
I wanna do this to Shimslut
File: 1856137.png (788 KB, 800x1113)
788 KB
788 KB PNG
Where's the QUEEN at?
File: 1679574.png (1.27 MB, 1496x1811)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
Imagine if Midnight Turboslut and Sunslut Satan teamed up to *really* fuck up CHS and commit mass slutterings.
I like to imagine that they’re lifting each other’s skirt up in that pic with the cropped hand
unf, that's super lewd and slutty.
File: 1808587.png (401 KB, 1200x1773)
401 KB
401 KB PNG
She's all grown up and thirsty for cummies.
patrician taste
How many children did she bear before graduating?
Did she sell herself as surrogate for childless families wanting to adopt?
Sounds like just the job for her.
I like to imagine that she's on the pill all the time and being infused with horse magic made her immune to diseases or viruses. It only serves to make her crave raw dogging even more.
File: 24978.png (457 KB, 800x733)
457 KB
457 KB PNG
File: 1844743.jpg (1.56 MB, 1998x3078)
1.56 MB
1.56 MB JPG

lol rez mage
>turboslut goes around getting knocked up for infertile couples wanting to have children
>uses a mix of science and pony magic to accelerate pregnancy to mere hours
>she goes around riding dicks raw for steady income
Louder! Make me wet.>>33048881

>Or Shimslut might be the one taking a dick in her cunt on her back while Scislut sits on her face, moaning and gyrating her hips and orgasming over and over again, only to be silenced by Rarislut's kisses. The rest of the team would be busy furiously jerking off to this display and unloading their cum all over the sluts.
This is a very enjoyable image. Too bad we don't have any drawfags itt.

>Sunslut, how long could you last being teased and denied a release?
Depends on who's doing the teasing, and if they're promising a super special reward if I can be a good girl and wait, dripping and moaning until they say so. What kind of reward would I get for being a patient slut, I wonder?

keep reading

see >>33051507 and >>33051824
>Whore of CHS

Bully me while you do! Call me names, slap me, and smack me, pull my hair, choke me, and nut deep inside me. Otherwise don't even bother.


>It's the weekend!
>Got work tonight,
>but the day is mine, and my pockets are fat:
>time to shop!
>What to wear?
>Walk out of my shower, back into my room, toweling my hair,
>completely naked.
>Wave to my neighbor.
>Wrap my hair up in my towel, grab another bottle of Kochakaden Royal Milk Tea, and start rummaging through my wardrobe.
>I need to make sure I'm in the proper mindset for tonight,
>that means something slutty.
>But my Crystal Prep uniform is at the cleaners.
>”What should I do?”
>Look out he window, thinking.
>Hell, it's always a good time for a picture!
>Pick up my phone and walk to the window.
>”Hello neighbor,” not that he can hear me.
>Take off the towel, and shake out my hair.
>Climb up on the windowsill, and press my body against the glass.
>Hold out my phone and snap another pic.
>Good ass, some sideboob, can't see any nips or vag, but maybe me being pressed naked against the glass with people watching in the background will be lewd enough?
File: 1460971257613.jpg (791 KB, 1006x1308)
791 KB
791 KB JPG
Of fucking course I forget to fucking link the last installment.
start here: >>33055865

>No face, of course, though at this point I wonder why I bother to hide it.
>It's not like I'm fooling anybody.
>Post it to my tumblr.
>Walk back to the table and set my phone by my bag...!
>Rummage around in the bag until I find it:
>my cheerleader outfit.
>This will definitely do!
>Slip into the top, zip it up.
>No bra, of course.
>Look at myself in the mirror.
>Feel myself getting kind of wet.
>Bottomless is hotest ~less.
>Put on some big poofy socks, and running shoes, with a giant colorful spirit bow in my ponytail.
>Sit down, bottomless, to do my make up:
>light on the lipstick, heavy on the eyeshadow, lots of glitter, and I paint a little horseshoe at the corner of my eye.
>Stand up, grab my phone, go back to the full-length mirror.
>Still bottomless.
>Upload this one, too.
>Hey, I've got a lot of new subscribers!
>Holding my phone in my right hand, lightly masturbating with my left while I read the comments.
>Right in front of the window.
>All these people looking at me...
>saving my pictures...
>sharing them around...
>masturbating to me...
>”Mmmmm, you're such a slut, Sunset.
>”Whore of CHS.”
>But I really should get going;
>I can be an even bigger whore at the mall, than I can here, after all.
>And there's still tonight.
>Put on the cheerleader skirt.
>Elastic rolling-band, no panties, as always.
>Phone back between my legs, and nestled in my slit to serve as my measure.
>Roll it up to the proper, slutty, Whore-of-CHS-length:
>lots of underass, with just a hint of undervag.
>Only a hint, don't want to be arrested.
File: comic - sunlight.png (347 KB, 670x660)
347 KB
347 KB PNG
>Out the door.
>On the street, neighbor's still watching.
>Lift up my skirt, slide my index and middle fingers in my snatch.
>Right there on the sidewalk.
>Mentally count to 5.
>Pull them out, suck my juices off the tips, point them at him and blow.
>Kinda like blowing a kiss, desu.
>Only lewder.
>Drop my skirt, pivot on my heel, and head to the mall.
>Time to shop!
>>Phone back between my legs, and nestled in my slit to serve as my measure.
>>Roll it up to the proper, slutty, Whore-of-CHS-length:
>>lots of underass, with just a hint of undervag.

Shimslut, I want you to know that I furiously refresh this thread every night waiting for you to post depraved, whorish shit like this. Your sluttery is all I need to get off. I'm on my knees as I type this, touching myself to your lewd antics, imagining your short skirt hugging your tight ass and leaving just enough below the hem bare to drive me wild with lust. It's become my nightly ritual to masturbate to your sluttery and climax hard enough to leave my legs shaking. How does that make you feel, Whore of CHS? How does it feel knowing that random strangers are getting off to your sluttery?
Husbanon here again, so last night the kids were a little be restless, but they eventually fell asleep little after 10pm.
Wifey got up and had a quick shower, so I waited in the bed. It was really warm last night.

Anyways, she crawled into bed and her hand went straight to the goods. But I stopped her. I sat her on my lap, and slipped two fingers into her panties, and she was already wet. I asked her about it, but she claimed it was from the shower.
Regardless, I slipped inside one finger first. Now my fingers are pretty long, and reached her cervix. And I mean I could feel it. So I teasingly scratch it and she starts moaning. To spice it up, I trace my finger around her uterus and rub the lining of her pussy.
She fell back into me, so now she's laying on me facing away from me.
So I slipped in another finger and that made her wild.
After she came from that, she begged me to let her suck me off, so I obliged, but only in the 69 position.
Honestly, I really like 69 - the dinner for two- because the one that under-performs gets tongue lashed by the other, and she ALWAYS loses.
After cumming again in my mouth, I flipped her over and prodded her entrance.
She looked up at me and for the first time without me asking her, she said to me "Give your slut your dragon". Of course I obliged.
Mating press, missionary, sideways-scissor thing and after she came again, we finished in doggy. But she made me cum, all I did was hold onto the headboard. Admittedly, I felt a bit guilty that I actually thought of you sunslut as I burst inside my wife, without protection.
I'm kinda fucked because I only got 4 hours sleep, but work is over now.
How does that make you feel slut?
I like the way you think, Anon.
>I felt a bit guilty that I actually thought of you sunslut as I burst inside my wife, without protection.
I bet it felt good tho
Yeah. Shit yeah.
I wish I could be a cop and arresting you for indecent exposure right there, cuff your wrists behind your back and doing a pat down. Maybe lift up your skirt slightly with a night stick and stare at that gorgeous underass because evidence or something. once that’s done i’ll tuck the hem of that slutty skirt under your elbow so everyone can ogle at you while i write you up.
I’d let you go with a warning of course. but you’d have to show me that you’ll be a good girl and wear panties from now on. make you beg on your knees with wrists still cuffed. or you could be free to go if you suck me off, one blowjob per inch of indecent exposure.
that’s LEWD man
File: 19837.png (851 KB, 1920x1080)
851 KB
851 KB PNG
Where were you when Turboslut got an Anon fired irl?
File: 1539723665948.png (2.93 MB, 2000x1337)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB PNG
I bet Shimslut struts around the town at night with nothing but panties and a jacket on.
File: 1454550790985.png (96 KB, 358x796)
96 KB
>How does that make you feel, Whore of CHS? How does it feel knowing that random strangers are getting off to your sluttery?
*Moans in slut* I'm an exhibitionist slut with a groping fetish, how do you think I feel about it? You should see the way I sit in my room at night, watching my tumblr, masturbating while reading the comments, and the view count. Or when I'm riding the bus, or the train, how I'll sit with my legs open, and if I notice someone looking, spread them a little more. How I never wear bras, but always put on thin, white tops when I the forecast calls for rain. You haven't seen my wallet, but I have a nude pic of myself in there right on top, so every time I take it out to pay for something, the cashier, and everyone in line gets a look at my goods. How do you think I feel about it? How does it make you feel?

You human men can last a long time. Like, a looooong time. Much longer than stallions. And you're easier to get in the sack, too. It didn't take long for me to discover this, and let me tell you, I've had a lot of fun with it.

So, there I was at the beach. Come to find out, it wasn't technically a nude beach, but nobody seemed to mind, and would you believe it, you get turned on, and put one random guy's penis in your mouth, and suddenly everybody want's to join in.

So, there I was, one guy was laying down, so I sat on him, facing his legs. His dick went right up my ass, and it felt great! So I lay down on top of him, on my back, and we spread our legs. Some other guy gets between them, and starts fucking me in the pussy. It's feeling really good, right? So I lay my head all the way back, 'cause it feels good, and somebody else comes up and sticks his dick in my mouth. Not even being gentle about it, he just shoves it in and starts fucking my mouth hard, fast and deep like it's my other pussy.
File: 1437853334010.jpg (3.08 MB, 2587x3375)
3.08 MB
3.08 MB JPG
Continued from >>33059577
So he and the guys in my ass and actual pussy are getting a kind of rhythm going between them, and every time this dude's nuts smack me in the nose I'm thinking this is just the best thing ever, ya know? When suddenly I feel someone else step over and straddle me. He gets down on his knees, and sticks his cock between my tits, presses them together, and starts fucking me there, too. Then some guys come up on the sides, and take my hands, one of them sticks his dick in my left hand, and one in my right hand, and they're fucking me there. But wait, there's more!

Yet another fellow comes and grabs my legs. I wrap them around the guy, whatever his name was, who was balls-deep in my pussy, so the guy behind him, presses my feet together, and starts to fuck my insteps. That what, 7 cocks at once? And it felt sooooo good!

Sooooo good! So there I am, taking 7 cocks at once on a public beach. I can't really see a whole lot of what's going on, as my head is back, my mouth is full of dick, and a nutsack keeps slapping me in the face, but out of the corners of my eyes I see a bunch of other dudes standing in circles around us jerking off, and every so often one of them will shoot his load all over me, or switch out with one of the guys actually fucking me after I feel him cum inside me.

I don't know how long this went on, or if this answers your question about how I feel about you thinking of me when you fuck your wife, but your story reminded me of this little anecdote, so I thought I'd share.

You're not even gonna call me a slut, Anon?

> cuff your wrists behind your back and doing a pat down.
>once that’s done i’ll tuck the hem of that slutty skirt under your elbow so everyone can ogle at you while i write you up.
But officer, if this is the punishment for being a bad girl why would I ever want to be good?

More like nothing on under the jacket. And why wait until night? There are more people out in the day!
File: crossover (6).png (544 KB, 947x1266)
544 KB
544 KB PNG
>Canterlot Mall is big.
>Canterlot Mall is shiny.
>Canterlot Mall is crowded!
>What more could the Whore of CHS ask for?
>Wonder if they've changed anything, I think snatching a floorplan from the door-side kiosk.
>Walk between the escalators to the main fountain.
>Sit on the edge,
>facing the main doors and escalators,
>with my legs spread.
>I can feel my pussy smoosh out over the stone when I sit.
>It...it feels good, kind of warm.
>Must be the sun coming in through the skylight.
>Open the pamphlet and browse the stores.
>Get an idea.
>I love getting ideas!
>Take out my phone, put it at crotch-level and take a snap,
>clearly showing how short my skirt is, how spread my legs are, and how plainly visible my snatch is.
>Post it to my tumblr.
>Title it [i]Guess Where I Am[/i]
>Switch to video mode.
>Start in the same spot between my legs.
>Slowly pan up and down my body so my whole uniform can be seen.
>Set my phone on the stone next to me, making sure not to move my body.
>Angle it so the frame shows my legs spread, from the side, and the people coming in through the doors, and getting on and off the escalators.
>I wonder how many people I can catch looking?
>Get hot at the thought.
>Spread my legs a little wider.
>Go back to browsing the pamphlet.
>Even out of the corner of my eye, I can see some people looking,
>a couple taking pics of their own, and failing at being discreet about it.
>Can feel my labia firming up and starting to spread.
>”You're such a whore, Sunset!” I hate-whisper to myself.
>”Slut! Whore of CHS!” I say a little louder.
>Don't know if anyone heard me.
>Definitely wet now.
>Hot, wet, and ready.
>Just like the Whore of CHS should be.
File: 1452444206674.jpg (91 KB, 800x970)
91 KB
>”You whore!
>You know, shopping is nice, and all, but I'm having a lot of fun just doing...
“...I made the decision to trust my life on the street to Second Chance body armor. I got the level IIa because it stops the most rounds. plus I got the Trauma Plate for the front...”
>Oh fug, it's the mall-fuzz!
>quickly snap my thighs together.
>I don't think they saw.
>They keep walking by, the noisy security guy's name tag says...Gecko?
>With the number 45 crudely scrawled next to it in paint marker,
>talking to what looks like his supervisor.
>Supervisor's face has the look of one who's heard this same stuff 6 gorillion times already.
>Has his eyes firmly rolled skyward.
“What scares me is that, although I can fit an extra trauma plate in the front, I cannot fit a second one in back. As of late I have taken to duct-taping a second trauma plate to the area of my back where the heart and vital organs are located. Then I put my vest on...”
>And they're gone.
>Now let's see, which store should I go to first?

Ok guys, I'm gonna try something; a bit of "Choose Sunslut's adventure." Where should I go first?
1. The Hobby/Games shop
2. The Lingerie shop
3. The cosmetics shop
4. Wander around
>>Title it [i]Guess Where I Am[/i]
Filthy slut. Are you doing this so someone might find you and fuck you raw at the fountain? What would you do if you saw someone jerking it in the corner with your Tumblr page open on their phone? Would you walk over and help them out with their pent-up lust? Would you walk around the mall with their cum spattered all over your face or clothes?
The lingerie shop of course. I dare you to visit the other places wearing undies and maybe nothing else and see how soaked you can get in your slutty panties.
I concur, >>33059711
Lingerie should be interesting. Just as a personal note, not really liking the whole actual whore thing. That's Twilight's realm. Shim is just much better suited as a cruel mistress exhibitionist imo. Few if any should be allowed to ever touch her.
File: Spoiler Image (112 KB, 676x879)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Go to the lingerie shop and buy something like this. It doesn't have to be transparent as long as you replace your cheerleader skirt with it for the rest of the day. It's just not slutty enough.

Well, Turboslut seems to be dead so I'm okay with Shimslut being a whore meanwhile. At least until Turboslut comes back.
File: Canterlot_Mall.png (1.37 MB, 1920x1017)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB PNG
I really should have posted this pic, and saved that one for later.
Slut! Whore of CHS! I bet you were wishing some of those boys were from your school. How many times did you climax getting dicked down by so many humans with so much sexual stamina?
god i wanna go there and jerk off on shimslut
God, I wish I had been there to watch you get fucked by seven dudes at once. I bet your skin was glistering from all the dudes shooting their loads on your body, befitting a whore of your stature. You didn't even bother to wash it down before heading home, did you slut? You just went and put on some clothes for the walk home, your slutty whore body still sticky with cum, and hit the streets like that. How many more catcalls did you get on the way home, slut? How many people in the city know that you're *the* Whore of CHS?

UNF, you slut! Whore of CHS! Telegraphing where you are and what you're wearing for those thousands of perverts following you online... You're practically begging for one of them to recognize you and dick you down fierce. Why, I bet that's exactly what you want to happen, isn't it? Slutty slut, whorish Whore of CHS.

One of those followers get on their car and drive to the mall as quick as possible, find you near the fountain. Imagine that pervert following you around for a bit, wait for you to move around and do something really slutty. Maybe you'd be on the escalator with your phone pointed at your cunt for another lewd Tumblr post. Imagine a pair of strong hands grab your phone-holding hand and take the picture for you, and squeeze your tits from behind. Imagine feeling the hot breath of your admirer wash over your neck as he says "I've found you" and begins to squeeze your supple butt. How would you even react, Whore of CHS? I bet you'd lean against him and let him stealth-fuck you under the skirt, maybe even film the entire thing and post on your slutty Tumblr. I bet you'd title it something lewd like [A horny fan found me! He's getting his reward~] and practically inviting others to come and get a serving of your slutty cunt. It'll be your most-liked video yet, shared over and over, hosted on porn sites and fapped to by millions of voyeurs. How moist does that make you, slut?
All of you thot-appreciation, fetishists should be ashamed! They’re pure!
>>quickly snap my thighs together.
>>I don't think they saw.
Oh, but I bet you wanted them to see you violate the law, didn't you? I bet you were getting soaked by the thought of getting caught, taken to the back room, interrogated and strip-searched for no reason, and called a public-use whore while they prod your exposed tits with batons. You'd be locked firmly in your seat, both your ankles strapped to a chair leg and forced to spread your slutty legs for them. How long do you think they can hold out their urges before unzipping their pants and cumming all over your whorish body? I bet you know full well that they can't legally arrest anyone, but you'd be playing along anyway for the chance to get dicked down or "punished" in public by being kicked out in nude.

Thirsty slattern! How low are you willing to go just to get a grope and a glance by strangers? How low?
File: 578769.jpg (147 KB, 870x804)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Hey fella, do these girls LOOK like they've ever had a pure thought at least once in their lives?
[heavy breathing]
S-stop. They’re good girls anon
File: 988595.png (2.03 MB, 1920x1080)
2.03 MB
2.03 MB PNG
Why would good girls wear skanky dresses with lewd cutouts? Or short skirts with leggings that hug every contours of their slutty legs?
M-maybe they’re hot and need something breezy to wear? Girl sweat is vile smelling! They’re still good girls. Not sexy whores eager to have their holes toyed with, and insides stirred.
File: 1531885360900.png (12 KB, 653x86)
12 KB
Even normies think that EqG is softcore porn for teens.
>normie opinions matter
Cmon anon. Really? They’re good girls
Prove me wrong
Protip: post trixie slut pics
File: 9410.png (1.62 MB, 945x1170)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB PNG
and proven wrong
File: 1208481.png (195 KB, 800x1200)
195 KB
195 KB PNG
Nobody's telling her to dress like a skank for her shows but she prefers the thigh-highs and minidresses anyway.
Pretty weak senpai
This is weak too. That’s a showman’s outf-
Slightly better but she’s just flashing her bf(you). Still a good girl
File: 1481881.gif (2.73 MB, 1000x1000)
2.73 MB
2.73 MB GIF
>she’s just flashing her bf(you).
Can't you see the blush on her face? How her arms are splayed out in the middle of a stage gesticulation? She loosened up her top just before the show so that her tits would spill out in the middle of the show.

She'll continue on with the show pretending not to notice her tits hanging out, her nipples getting noticeably darker and stiffer as she feels all those eyes fixated on her exposed shame. Her fans in the nosebleed seats would be able to see a wet spot on the bottom of her leotard spreading out slowly as her arousal builds up.

She's not a good girl, Anon. She's a stage skank. She gets off on wearing skimpy "magician outfits" and having wardrobe malfunctions in front of leering eyes.
Silly anon. That’s obviously the dressing room. She’s showing you the goods before she goes to perform. The blush means love and innocence. A slut(i.e Dazzlings, Rarity, Spike,Twilight) doesn’t blush because she doesn’t care who sees her body as long as her ass is filled later . Confirmed good girl. Besides she’s only showing you because you’re engaged to be married after high school. She plans to save herself for the wedding night
File: adagio.png (258 KB, 428x495)
258 KB
258 KB PNG

Yes, I have dirty thots about Equestria Whores. And I appreciate those who wear fuck-me heels and nothing else
Sicko. Let me hear these “thots” so I can tell my friends how sexy-erm DISGUSTING you degenerates are
it’s blush from the heat rushing to her face
>What would you do if you saw someone jerking it in the corner with your Tumblr page open on their phone? Would you walk over and help them out with their pent-up lust? Would you walk around the mall with their cum spattered all over your face or clothes?
That would depend on my mood. I slut when I want, not when someone else wants, but I'd be sure to at least give him a good view until he finishes. Like this guy >>33060774

Dunno. A mare has to work to get dick in Equestria, here, it's the guys that do all the work. When it's so easy to get, you don't bother keeping track, you just let it cum, and cum, and cum.

>How many people in the city know that you're *the* Whore of CHS?
I ask myself that question a lot. Not that I care they know, but to try and decide if I should just say fuck it, and post my face on my tumblr.

They can look, but not touch! The beach thing was from back in my bad-girl stage. I'm reformed now. I still have my needs, but that's why I tumblr. If you want more you have to really earn it.

U-unf. I might need to do a Trixie story next. Unless some other slut beats me to it.

Lingerie shop it is!

>I'll probably see those mall cops again;
>it might help if I had some underwear to put on, at least until they're convinced I'm a good girl and fuck off.
>But I'm the whore of CHS in a short skirt; I don't have any underwear.
>Victoria's of Hollywood it is!
>Walk to the escalators.
>A couple of people get on behind me.
>Hear some whispering.
>A camera goes off.
>Turn around and look down on them.
>Cock an eyebrow.
>Turn back around.
>Bend all the way over to “tie my shoe.”
“Sweet Jesus.”
>Wiggle my ass.
“Dude take another one!”
>Hear a few more cameras go off.
>Stand back up.
>Look over my shoulder and wink at them.
>This is my floor, and there's my store.
>They're following me.
>Stop at the entrance to Victoria's.
>Posters and panty-clad mannequins fill the windows,
>bras and garters are on the racks,
>there's so much pink, and purple; frilly lace, and ribbons it really stands out from the other stores.
>Turn around and look at them.
>They're balking at following me inside.
>Lol, humans, afraid to pursue what they so clearly want.
>Bite my lip, shrug my shoulders and walk in.
>There's so much to choose from!
>Oh, I like that! Nice lacy maroon panty and bra set.
>Ooohh, a cream-colored garter with a blue tie-band!
>I love garters!
>Gorgeous pink thong.
>How will I...
>Look out the store,
>they're still there.
>Walk to the window, carrying my favorites.
>The way the racks and displays are, nobody in the store can see me here.
>They all stop talking and stare at me.
>Put my finger to my lips and motion for them to be quiet,
>dramatically look left and right, then hold a bra up to my chest.
>Emphatically nod yes, with a giant smile, then shake my head no with an equally oversized frown.
>Shrug my shoulders.
>They look at each other.
>”Yes,” I silently mouth and nod my head,
>”or no,” this time shaking it exaggeratedly.
>Hold the bra back up to my top.
>One of them nods his head hesitantly.
>I smile, and put the bra down to my right.
>Hold up some panties,
>raise an eyebrow.
>Two of them nod.
>To the right it goes.
>Another bra,
>some nods, but more shakes;
>to the left.
>A nice cream garter belt!
>Hold it up to my skirt, then grin and look around devilishly.
>You just know some soccer mom would get all screechy about this, even though it doesn't affect her.
>The coast is clear.
>Lift up my skirt, and hold the lingerie against my bare skin.
>Their eyes look like they're about to pop out of their heads.
>One of them has to pick his jaw up off the floor
File: 59525035_p0.jpg (3.24 MB, 2550x3128)
3.24 MB
3.24 MB JPG
>Guess that's a yes!
>Lol humans. What fun!
>Motion for them to wait, then dart back on the main sales floor.
>Grab some more choice selections.
>Return to the window, they're still there.
>Lol, ofc they are.
>Lift up the hem of my skirt, and tuck it in my waistband,
>now both hands are free!
>And my pussy is completely exposed!
>Pink garter: no.
>Chocolate garter, no.
>Forest-green tanga: yes!
>Orange bra: no.
>Chocolate bra: yes!
>White thong with blue roses and lace trim: yes!
>Toss it to the right.
>Accidentally knock my skirt out of my waistband.
>Fuck it!
>Look around to make sure there are no security cameras.
>Probably should have done that sooner.
>Fortunately, it doesn't look like there are.
>Unroll my skirt, and slip it out from under the elastic roll-band.
>Let it drop to the floor.
>Stand in the window, in front of this group of boys completely bottomless.
>Bottomless is best-less!
>Turn around slowly, giving them plenty of time to see everything.
>Try on a few other pieces, then run out.
>Must get MOAR!
>No way am I gonna buy them all, but this is just too much fun to stop now!
>Cameras are in the store, though.
>But, if I stick close to the racks, they won't be at the right angle to see I'm bottomless, so I just have to keep my top on, and they'll be none the wiser.
>Sounds like a plan to me!
>Back into the store,
>keep an eye on those cameras, and stay close to the racks!
>Watch those cameras,
>close to the racks.
>Watch those cameras,
>close to the racks.
>Watch those...
“Do you need some help, miss?”
File: 1443841230741.png (244 KB, 552x625)
244 KB
244 KB PNG
>Oh, fuck!
>Look up like a deer in the headlights.
>”P-pardon?” I squeak out.
>Smooth, Sunset.
”It looks like you're having trouble deciding on something,” she says with a warm smile.
>Thankfully she's still on the other side of the rack.
”Do you need some help?”
>”No. No. I'm fine.”
“Are you sure?”
>Shit, she's walking around to my side!
>Circle the opposite way.
>Now I'm bottomless in front of the main entrance.
>If somebody walks in, or just walks by...
>”Yeah, I'm sure. If I change my mind, I'll come looking for you! Ha ha!”
>She stops and makes a little duck face.
>Cocks her head.
“Ok, if you're sure.”
>Fuck! Yes, gtfo!
>”I am, thanks!”
“Okey dokey.”
>I watch her go back to the counter.
>Fuck that was close!
>Back to the window.
>Pick through the “yes” pile.
>Choose link related, and a couple others.
>Put my skirt back on, roll it up.
>Wave goodbye to my audience.
>Go pay for my new toys.

Where to next?
1. Hobby and Games store
2. Cosmetics shop
3. Wander around
Cosmetics! The other essential tool of sluttery.
Is the mall fuzz nearby? Maybe it's time to "test drive" some of that new lingerie you got and wear nothing else on the bottom -- you *did* get the skimpy skirted garter belt, right??. How much fluid can they retain, how wet can you get until you start dripping on the floor, et cetera.
Oh, don't forget to re-measure your skirt! The Whore of CHS shouldn't be seen in public without her underass visible.
That's fucking sexy. What else did you get, slut?
>just say fuck it, and post my face on my tumblr.
Yesss, do it whore. When strangers recognize you and grope you, it wouldn't be because they know your name or anything like that. To them, you'd be "that one Tumblr slut" who likes getting groped by strangers irl.

>Bend all the way over to “tie my shoe.”
Whore! This time you did it without even expecting a payment like the proper slut you are. How low the haughty has fallen! What's it like to present your slutty self for their enjoyment? God, I bet you were absolutely dripping between those whorish legs of yours.

Whore of CHS strikes again. What kind of skank voluntarily lifts up her skirt and exposes her cunt... for underwear shopping?! I bet you were just DYING to be able to do this all week, didn't you? You skanky slut. Whorish Whore of CHS!

>all those prime underwear choices
Mmmf, you definitely know how to pick out the slutty garments, whore. Why don't you put on those tangas and drop the skirt? Nobody's gonna arrest you for keeping your sopping wet cunt covered and I bet the store owners would appreciate the extra foot traffic brought by a scantily dressed whore. Especially if that whore is as popular as the Whore of CHS herself.

That's a nice whorish lingerie set you picked for yourself. I bet those boys were stiff as hell watching you hold those against your bare cunt. What else did you buy for yourself, slut? Did you pick out that barely-covers-anything skirt and garterbelt combo the other Anon wanted to see you wearing? I bet you're just dying to replace your skirt with that slutty thing, aren't you? Strutting around with your underass blatantly visible and cum-soaked thigh highs held up by garter straps.
Husbanon again,
Sunslut, I need some more of your dirtiest sex-capades.
My wife is dead set on getting pregnant this weekend. She's been using an app that tracks her ovulation, and the optimal time will be Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon and Tues.
So that means sex for 5 nights straight.
God help me....
rip anon’s dick
Wait... is this role play? I’m a little late to the party
File: 909685.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1920)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
No, this is Canterslut. Home of the thirsty whores.
So yes. You guys are role playing lmao
>roe playing
File: Spoiler Image (440 KB, 2625x3500)
440 KB
440 KB JPG
God yes, I'd love to read your Trixie sluttery.
Now THAT’S a trixie slut
and only $1 admission for her “show,” in which she makes your throbbing cock disappear!
UNF. how moist does a panty fabric have to get until it starts clinging to every contours of the cameltoe like that?
File: 1539783617139.png (765 KB, 1054x864)
765 KB
765 KB PNG
slutty sleepover
Only sluts there are rarity and flutters
good try flutters, but the snes controllers didn't have a vibrating function
She's tapping buttons and flicking her nipples at the same time with her thumbs.
Soaked through like she just fished that panty out of the laundry machine.
File: 1844728.png (343 KB, 1000x1548)
343 KB
343 KB PNG
>Raritits is the only one who sleeps in the nude
Look at how Twilight is sitting. Her legs are spread apart like she's got a vibrator jammed up her cunt. She's shifting her weight on her hand like she's trying to keep it from lodging further up her womb and making her cum on the spot. That turboslut can't even keep an innocent sleepover sluttery-free.
Also, check out AJ and Dashie's thong.
File: 1809128.png (3.04 MB, 1386x1889)
3.04 MB
3.04 MB PNG
File: 963064.png (327 KB, 736x913)
327 KB
327 KB PNG
yo this is hot
>short skirt
File: 1860117a.jpg (1.8 MB, 1600x2200)
1.8 MB
1.8 MB JPG
where da sluts at?

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