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Thread archived.
You cannot reply anymore.

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General Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/SSdQjjhU

Previous Thread: >>32953507
File: 4364364364.jpg (20 KB, 400x302)
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shadpreston does not like that
She is a slut only for her big brother, and no one else. What did you think it means?
Exactly, preferably by making a mess in the janitors closet while the students are walking outside.
I'm sure he means the sister is doing roleplay to the brother
although also this
>you will never have an exhibitionist sister who wants you to push her outside her comfort zone
which horse would it be? tell the truth
File: based blue bear.png (207 KB, 469x337)
207 KB
207 KB PNG
>writing the edition in the title
>even mentioning roleplay
You tried, OP.
Fuck that, sisters are trying to be suggestive you pleb.
That's not safe for work
Where is the real thread?
only if you work in Riyadh.
That is safe for work
File: 470355.png (166 KB, 507x526)
166 KB
166 KB PNG
Imagine your turboslut sister finding every excuse possible to bend over and give you an upskirt view.
Yes, and after spending time with her animu nerd friend on 4pone, she would make even cheesier advances.
File: 1518642247920.jpg (358 KB, 750x1118)
358 KB
358 KB JPG
File: 1833487.png (131 KB, 1920x1080)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
>O-oh nooo, my skirt shrank in the dryer and it was t-totally not me who set it to high heat and kept it running for 3 hours
>Can you ch-check if you can see anything from b-back there? teehee
actually I'm a little concerned about what I can see back there. That's just puffy vulva, right?
puffy and engorged with arousal
and moist, right?
okay that's cool.
twi really shouldn't wear close-fitting undies like that. just asking for a swamp situation. let that shit breathe.
File: Rules.jpg (174 KB, 1660x585)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
Reminder that ass worshipping is against the rules.
It aint ass worship you mongaloid, now piss off
File: 1780122.png (209 KB, 519x1000)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
u wat
girls wear panties all the time, Anon. she'd be wearing short skirts with lots of breeze blowin' down there anyway.
File: 353669.png (346 KB, 900x1200)
346 KB
346 KB PNG
>She is a slut only for her big brother, and no one else.
Oh, you innocent little thing.
She may have been bimboing lately, but her thirst is only for the BBD, big brother dick, no one else could hope to satisfy her after seeing the sex video she made of you two without your knowing. Her mind is as sharp as ever, just a little more focused some days.
File: 1538536675298.jpg (900 KB, 1020x1320)
900 KB
900 KB JPG
>girls wear panties all the time
tragically. but that's very new and very, very western.
File: 928142.jpg (595 KB, 1280x1810)
595 KB
595 KB JPG
I think Turboslut Twilight spends enough of her time with her panties around her ankles for any hygenic issues to become problematic.
let's hope so.
File: 1517465423731.jpg (132 KB, 530x507)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
>The picture on the nightstand
Who do you think drove her to her brother?
Twist: You're Flash Sentry, suffering from a long bout of dry spell
Your sister Twi takes pity on you and wants to be your turboslut
File: 1455725579591.jpg (30 KB, 304x308)
30 KB
>Twist has an itch only her big brother's candy cane can scratch
god she really was the Naru of this show. once bloom got her own friends that form a group, she didnt need twist anymore. then she just got teen pregnant- I mean her cutie mark.. and wasnt relevant anymore
The hopeless girl who was Usagi's friend in the early episodes of Sailor Moon so that Usagu wasn't a complete friendless loser until she met the other Senshi. Molly to dub plebs.
Again. What?
sailor goddamn moon, nigga, do you speak it.
File: 1818094.jpg (279 KB, 455x827)
279 KB
279 KB JPG
Oh, that one show with tons of near-upskirts that gave me a funny stiffness in the peepee.
I don't watch Chinese cartoons
they were real upskirts across the pacific.
if you like small horses, you would like anime.
File: 556590.jpg (127 KB, 750x900)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
>they were real upskirts across the pacific.
I had a related dream few nights ago where I was watching the Japanese dubbed versions of EqG and there were tons of upskirts. Like that one scene in EqG1 where Rarity is bent over and the Japanese version had Twilight's view of the scene left in. It was a great dream.
dreams like that are so weird. I remember when my dreams werent all about tv shows and the production aspects thereof

I'd rather fuck SciTwi when she's wearing high heels
you and I have very different tastes
so we're not competing for the same resources! so that's good.
Why do people photoshop this and make it ugly? Too bloated, and bloated lips have no basis and are fucking disgusting.
and neither murrican animations.
>Ywn be the second child of a mafia boss
>Ywn have older sister of four years, Chrysalis be protective of her innocent younger brother
>Ywn outlive your father who died a suspicious death
>Chrysalis will never take over because you're too young
>Ywn hear whispers among the goons about how your sister had your dad killed so she could take over
>Ywn not believe a thing
>Ywn sleep in the same room, sometimes bed, with your older sister for protection
>She told you it was for protection and you have no reason to doubt her
>youve be starting to get suspicious ever since she started doing "penis inspections" for protection
"Its to check for bugs! No not like spiders, ones that people can listen through. Now drop your pants."
But what about Anons faggot trap cousin Thorax? Best sister Chrysalis had his ass gunned down
Best sister
>Trap thorax was wanted to do some gay shit with Anon
>All of his innuendos went over Anons young head
>Chrysalis didn't want Anon to be corrupted by him
>Thorax mysteriously disappeared a week later
Good girl, killing him is for the best. Don't know bout the father, if she is capable of being that good, then that must mean some other family did the hit.
Chrysalis is best girl
Because bimboshit.
File: full (3).png (352 KB, 567x850)
352 KB
352 KB PNG
Speaking of bugbutt, can we get a pale skin edit of this?
File: 933537.png (420 KB, 709x1403)
420 KB
420 KB PNG
Imagine your shy nerd sister slowly getting corrupted by slutty influences of CHS's thots. Her tops getting tinier, her skirt getting shorter, her loafers ditched for increasingly steep high heels.
You would have to fuck her at the optimum medium and assure her you will always dick her the way she is.
Egyptian mythology is fucked up, and I love it. Thanks for the storytime Celestimom.

Shit man, you must've been working hard on this. Rest assured, it wasn't in vain because this is pretty great. It really did feel like you were trying to hurry into the hard stuff, though with how things tend to be around here I can see why. Still, I think this works overall better for how the story will progress.
>I have a tendency to write very... intense Anons, so I thought this would be a good writing exercise
Yeah, we all noticed. Writing a more mellow Anon will be good for you, no one ever improved by just doing the same thing over and over again. Hope you think up a bit more with this concept because it's damn comfy.

Shit dog, that entire thing resonated with me like crazy. The scenario, the big family, the beat-up ass truck. Got me stirring up some feelings inside. I'll be the first to admit I was a little sad it became Maud instead of Marble, but Maud's so great I can't be upset. Now for the appul. This appul goes out to all you wonderful motherfuckers who can spin these heart-warming yarns. Always do your best, ask for help, and you can't go wrong.
>Imagine your shy nerd sister

There's only me. No sisters, y'see

>tops getting tinier, her skirt getting shorter, her loafers ditched for increasingly steep high heels

...but Twi becoming sexier, thus I have dirty thots about her? Stop it, you're turning me on
I wonder where did the original trap Thorax green went.
Wait that was an actual thing?
No, it's just the ever present faggots being faggots.
Yep. Anon just met him at family reunion and then weeks later they were talking vidya in skype, then Thorax tells he was cosplaying something and sent some pics, and, big surprize to noone, there was a goth girl or something. The first part stopped after Anon said its fine and wanted more, and then the thread started talking shit and the writefag stopped. Ive thought he went to trap thread but nobody remembered himncoming through when i asked month later, so that's that.
I've noticed that this thread is more toxic than the average libtard whevener someone posts any incest someone doesn't like
>Trap thread
Link it so faggots know where to post their shit
Go back
Gay stuff is something that has its own thread, I kind of understand them. Shame he didnt even tell where he'd go.
Hey SC! Thanks for bringing back your Dazzlings green. I gotta tell ya; that green is what brought me back to this thread after a long disappearance. Please continue. Alright, I'm off to go and read that AppleMom one next. Belated Happy Birthday!

And I see you over there IssuesAnon. I loved your Scootaloo green from way, way back. I'll be checking out that CellyMom of yours next.

...as opposed to Toxic Masculinity promoted by, say... Trumptards & their opposition to 'Degeneracy' via '(((Them)))'. Which is why Cosby's in the can: who will be joined in jail by Weinstein...

...oh, wait

Hypocrisy. It's hardwired in the DNA of /pol/tards & all inferior subhuman rightists
where is my Scootasis green?
Either discuss boinking your mom/daughter/sister/cousin or go away
Aunts work, too.
>Either discuss boinking your mom/daughter/sister/cousin or go away

Degenerate-in-Chief Donald Fart wanted to do his daughter. So WHO should go away...?!
Keep politics in >>>/pol/
>Go back to /pol/ you NAZIS!!!!
4chan IS /pol/ newfag.
File: The match made in hell.png (610 KB, 1846x743)
610 KB
610 KB PNG
>That pic
>Immedietly think of the G-man
>Now thinking about G-manon inaquestria
I'm warning you one last time. Don't make me report you.
File: CLUXi3X.jpg (5 KB, 200x200)
5 KB
File: 1537783575533.jpg (47 KB, 300x356)
47 KB
>pale skin
>Stays underground for extended periods of time
>Only leaves to get food
She's a neet
>4chan IS /pol
>Degenerate Nazis


Yes, Kirins are neat
fuck we need kirincest
File: 1502232652458.jpg (370 KB, 1346x1913)
370 KB
370 KB JPG
>Degenerate-in-Chief Donald Fart wanted to do his daughter
Shows how based he is.
File: sci-twi.jpg (31 KB, 480x480)
31 KB
>Shows how degenerate he is

File: dis nigga serious.jpg (16 KB, 132x167)
16 KB
>complaining about incest being degenerate
>in the incest general
File: derailed.jpg (66 KB, 660x371)
66 KB
>complaining about incest not being degenerate
>when it is
>>33013221 will never have sex

You have already degenerated
let's keep reality out of anything sexual
and sex out of anything real
unless you're married
Oh damn, I'm surprise someone remembered. Honestly it was just a one off green prompt to throw at the thread, I never really intended it to make it into a story. It wasn't even well received, so if I'd ever come back and actually make something of that premise then I'd likely change Thorax into a girl. But I don't know. I haven't written these days.
i want to help that turboslut sister discover her various g-spots with my dong.
Hell, I'm surprised I remembered as well. People are bringing back good old ideas like trap Thorax and mob boss Chrysa-sis. It's nice.
I don't see a lot in this thread.
I'm waiting for that Maud green to come back.
>My CEO mother will never use me for sexual relief after a long stressful day of board meetings and conference calls
Come on, you started it as if you had 2-3 updates planned ahead, no surprize people were expecting more.
why live?
Yea she really was the Naru/Molly for Applebloom. Actually she's kinda worse considering Naru/Molly still made appearances, and even hung out with the main group from time to time.
I'm waiting for some comfy Anon and cousin Big Mac or Shining Armor green.
go to the fag thread then
This is the incest thread. Just ignore a particular kind of incest if you don't like it instead of acting like a child.
File: chrysalis 1537136641266.png (390 KB, 2048x2048)
390 KB
390 KB PNG
>>My CEO mother will never use me for sexual relief DURING board meetings and conference calls

"Ohh, yeah. That's right baby. Pound Mama real good."
>"Yes, Ma'am."
>>"Ummmm, Ms. Buglove, we all can still hear you..."
"THAT'S BECAUSE I HAVEN'T HUNG UP YET, PEON! THIS MEETING ISN'T OVER UNTIL I SAY SO. (ahem) Now, would someone kindly tell me why 50,000 of my brand new phones are sitting in a WAREHOUSE instead of the hands of thousands of gullible little kids?"
>"Unf, shit Mamma, you get so tight whenever you get mad. It's amazing!"
"Language, my son. We're in the middle of a meeting here."
>"Sorry, Mamma."
And then she got arrested and thrown in jail for taking advantage of her own son like that.
>I'll never be stuck in the back seat during a family road trip, sandwiched between my big-tittied goth older sister and my even-bigger-titted valley girl younger sister
>I'll never noticed how much their jumblies jiggle and wiggly every time there's a bump in the road
Its already been explained faggot, you want dicks then go to the homo thread. We only accept proper incest here.
File: adagio 1530485164029.jpg (665 KB, 1849x1441)
665 KB
665 KB JPG
>giving it a (you)
But it has to learn at some point too
>But it has to learn at some point too
But that’s not how it works Anon, everyone on the internet is retarded despite having the internet
Picking the thread’s brain for a bit: how long do you think an update should be, at minimum? 300 words? 500? More?
It’s a bait poster
Don't really pay attention to word numbers m8, just make enough for 4 or 5 posts an that should be good enough.
>You want a certain kind of incest in the incest general, then go somewhere else
>-I- decide what is and is not allowed here!
What's next? Are you gonna screech that everyone who wants incest with any of the Dazzlings should all go to the Dazzlings general?
>Conflating dicks with one of our best stories
Wow, you really are just baiting huh?
They're most likely underage retards who think of themselves as the content police. Instead of acting like adults and simply scrolling past that which they don't like, they will keep screaming like children and shit up this place with their cries everytime someone posts something they personally don't approve of even if it is thread-related.
To the top
Pineapple pizza anyone?
Cadence no.
>Ywn be around your sisters when they argue over who's tits are bigger
>Ywn be told by them to judge
>Ywn end up with them doing a double boobjob
I don't think the length matters too much around here. As long as it's properly paced and doesn't feel half-assed I'll gladly take updates.
Thought I'd share what I managed to snatch up before it disappeared
I dunno. I just feel like I could keep a much more consistent writing schedule and collect more (You)s if I stuck to smaller bits. I’ve actually got enough for 4-5 posts right now that just needs a bit of editing, but the way I write seems to encourage 7+ posts, and often upwards of 11 or more, so I’m left wondering.
>Your aunt and mom will never argue over who has the best ass
I guess if (You)s are your goal, smaller but more frequent chunks would be ideal.
File: 1807123.png (760 KB, 1045x1500)
760 KB
760 KB PNG
>I don't think the length matters too much around here. As long as it's properly paced and doesn't feel half-assed I'll gladly take updates.
Nice double entendre, turboslut.
This thread not grilling me over how edgy I made the scooty green still makes me feel like I owe you guys greens. Looking forward to seeing your thoughts on my current one, if you make it through the whole thing. It's not exactly designed for a one-sitting binge.

Those chunks only get bigger with time in my experience.
>Your little sister and her best friend, Twilight, will never swap steamy big brother incest stories
what is this, a picture for gi-ants?
>ywn have a threesome with your sister and her socially awkward best friend
I want to help my two favorite nerds
>ywn have a threesome with your sister and her socially awkward best bro friend
>Ywn have twilight spreading her friends ass for you to fuck and vice versa
>Ywn be grateful for the Indonesian basket weaving forum for the chance to make them happy
>Twi spreading Shining's ass for you to fuck
>Then vice versa
File: 1479054635351.jpg (66 KB, 600x450)
66 KB
you're consistent like herpes
i'll give you that
I meant twilight spreads moondancer ass and then moondancer spreads twilights.
And you're still acting like a child.
Is it really that difficult for your mind to simply ignore something you don't like?
It knows that, its just a shitposter evading the ban filter
So now you're suddenly a shitposter who breaks the rules if you talk about incest in the incest general?
Let it go, he's not worth the trouble. I wouldn't be surprised if it were the same guy screeching for incest drama.
You guys have yours and we got one or two in /mom/.
>waaaah this is too much incest
>waaaah not enough pony
>"just post whatever then, dude"
>waaaaah no u
>The one who craps up /mom/ with incest is from the Incestuous general

Color me shocked.
It's almost depressing to see one or two screeching like children every single time anyone so much as whispers about any kind of incest they personally do not like. Incest is incest. just ignore it or leave if you don't like it!
What is the deal with you? What makes you think you're the mayor of this general?
Are you the same guy who tried to pretend non blood relations fucking was incest?
Maybe you should stick to the homo general if you don't like seeing someone complain about gay content? Just as no one can really stop you shitting the place up with your homo desires, no one can really stop the other anon from telling you to fuck off. Clearly he won't stop and if it's oh so depressing for you, then maybe the best thing to do would be to leave? Who am I kidding, you'll keep shitposting here because you can. Maybe do the thread a favor and put a name on so the people who don't care for homo content can filter you and better ignore this "content" that may not be wanted? Come on anon, make it easier for us to ignore you.
Can we all stop whining like twelve year olds on Xbox live? Seriously, if you don't want a certain type of incest on the incest GENERAL, then make your own incest thread. If you don't want to then sit down, shut up, post incest and accept there's other types of incest out there.
Faggots fucking is irrelevant when it comes to incest. Proper incest requires a womb to fill, and last I check faggots like you did not have that. Get out already.
Are you the same guy who kept shitposting just because you had a different opinion on what qualifies as incest?
>I decide what is and is not allowed!
How about you do everyone a favor and fuck off instead? OR learn how to ignore incest you don't like.
I don't want to read m/m homos either (f/f is two thumbs up tho), but this is bullshit on the same tier as "it's not incest unless the girl gets pregnant". Pregnancy fetishists who ree at the slightest mention of contraceptives are the fucking worst.
>Faggots fucking is irrelevant when it comes to incest
>Proper incest
There is NOTHING that says that everything here MUST be female x male incest. That is nothing but bull that you made up on the spot. Stop being a fucking content police.
Man you are determined and then some to get some faggotry going in here huh
>going to /mom/
how sad
What makes you think I was talking about gay incest? Assuming makes an ass out of mostly you
Oedipus gen & /mom/ both pre-dated the incest general.
You shouldn't accept any kind of faggotry, its why this annoying shit is still here shitposting. But the only story I can think of that had actual pregnancy is Momma Dinky and her brother Anon, or the Egyptian love triangle Issues writes. Every other story either doesn't get to the sex or the just use a pill to excuse bareback sex. No one cares about it except the odd random shitpost to fill the space with (you)s
>You shouldn't accept any kind of faggotry, its why this annoying shit is still here shitposting.
>Calling the one who talks about incest an annoying shitposter
>All while shitting up the thread by crying how much he hates that kind of incest
>In the incest general
See the irony here?
File: 1528216724397.jpg (47 KB, 354x386)
47 KB
i think (you) need a break from the internet
and stop being such a whiny faggot
I should learn by now, 31 new unread posts doesn't mean new green.
Where are you Sappy
File: 875071.jpg (84 KB, 450x281)
84 KB
Totally not drawing lewds on /co/. Can you imagine, having a green to work on and falling into the trap of starting something else? That'd be embarrassing, right? Hahaha...
draw humanized horse lewds.
I posted the Webster definition to fan the flames. Got a few tasty reeeee's from it.
Ahaha well tipped m'sir
I miss when Chi was drawn instead of cg. The voice performances are still amazing but the writing has gotten crappy too. the cats act way too human now.
File: 48520.png (617 KB, 600x1292)
617 KB
617 KB PNG
ahhh, anyway

what about that turboslut sister, my dudes?
So long as she is a turbo slut for her brother's dick only, then fine. Even if it means trying to avoid getting molested all day at school till you cave and fuck her ragged under the bleachers to satisfy her exhibitionist fetish.
see I like a realistic slut who is a normal person that's really horny
I'm not into this "dresses like what your grandmother thinks a prostitute looks like" thing
that top is nice at least.
File: 432985.png (270 KB, 645x806)
270 KB
270 KB PNG
Oh, she dresses normally alright. Only with a bit of a skanky twist like unbuttoning her blouse a bit too far down or pulling up her skirt high enough to show off her panties.
>Vignette fucking her little brother’s brains out in exchange for tutoring her so her grades don’t slip and she loses her spending money
>or getting tamed by her daddy’s fat schlong when he gets drunk one night and decides to show his daughter that she doesn’t need to go hanging around the skeevy guys at school
>or her big brother helping her get her act together and finding himself getting sucked off one morning as she declares she wants to move once they graduate and hook up properly
There’s so many things you can do with a girl who’s not quite trash but is in the ballpark. I would take a crack at this if I didn’t have other greens
File: 760023.png (472 KB, 744x1037)
472 KB
472 KB PNG
>what's wrong, brother? forgot to bring your bathing suit for the pool day?
okay awesome, I'm down.
or just like losing the skirt.
File: 1751641.png (310 KB, 1500x1078)
310 KB
310 KB PNG
Imagine dropping your sister off at the school parking lot in the morning and watch her get out of your car veeery slowly, bent over just at the right angle, and you can see EVERYTHING down there. And she holds that position for a second or two for your enjoyment.
FUCKING TRAITOR. Watcha drawing?
does she reach back and pull the pantsu aside for a moment? or maybe go commando?
No need. She's absolutely sopping wet from the lascivious act and you can see it all through the moist fabric.
File: 1981_Honda_Civic.jpg (91 KB, 640x386)
91 KB
my carseat! Now my civic is worth even less, HOW DARE YOU
>having a problem with a perfect sister snail trail
she has basically just baptized your car seat, heathen. nothing that comes out of her isn't pure and beautiful.
but I might still, yknow, wipe it down once in a while
File: 1501948402187.png (186 KB, 638x526)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
You can't wipe off love juice, it's already soaked in. How will I explain this to mother!?
carpet shampooer.
Wow, almost forgot I was in that thread. Good to see mainstays on a board, even if it is incest.
pretty sure the entire backseat is already soaked with her
and the gear shifter
and that bread she made you had it mixed into the dough
"It-it was, ummm. M-my g-girlfriend?"
>"Your... girlfriend? I can't even... Your dad needs to hear this. Earl!"
"Mom! Please, I'll stop dating her. Don't tell dad--"
>"Ernest! Get down here. Our pathetic son is getting laid!"
>"Hoooly shit! Really? An actual girl?"
"....I hate you both so much."
I know mob don sister chrysalis is a thing but what about mob sister Applejack?

A/N: Normally I try to start with Anon, but we'll be leading from Sonata's POV for this one.

>As yet another absolutely useless session of your math class comes to an arduous close, you sigh and pick your head up from the opened textbook you’d been resting your chin on for the last twenty minutes, an errant finger flicking the pages back as they stick to your jaw.
>Your little stunt last night had traded your personal bed warmer away in favor of winning over Adagio, but every stretching second deepens your regret.
>It definitely didn’t help that you had to stay up till 2 cramming for a quiz, and that your uncle doesn’t make coffee quite strong enough to prop up only four hours.
>”Alright class, I want you to finish the chapter tonight and work through problems 3-18,” your teacher barks, closing his lesson planner with a resounding smack as students hurriedly pack up.
“Stupid logarithms,” you grumble, shoving the accursed tome into your backpack and brushing stray bangs from your eyes.
>”Oh, get over it,” your eldest sister drawls as she slings her own pack over her shoulder. “You know how to use a calculator.”
“You come up with that one yourself?”
>”You tell me, kettle,” she shoots back. “This is small stuff.”
“Easy for you to say!” you snap, a headache building rapidly in your skull. “You’re not the one who got shoved up a grade because of make-up classes!”
>”She has a point,” Aria meekly interjects.
>”She’s in the same boat as us,” Adagio responds, leaning against her desk. “I don’t see me or you complaining about it.”
>The middle child briefly fiddles with one of her twintails.
>”It’s not been easy for me, either.”
>Adagio’s eyes suddenly light up at her admission, her near-trademark worry beginning to show.
>”Has it only been a problem recently?” she asks.
“Really?” you scoff, mouth agape in disbelief.
>”Maybe we can put time aside on Saturday,” Adagio continues, her irritation giving way to concern. “I’m sure we-“
>With your patience ground down to the nub by exhaustion, you can’t be bothered to care as you feel yourself slipping off the handle.
“Oh, so when SHE has problems you’re an open fucking book, huh?” you testily spit.
>”That’s not true! I listen to you all the time!”
“Bull. Shit,” you drawl. “Some sister you are. You can’t even be bothered to let me copy notes!”
>”Maybe if you TOOK them, you wouldn’t need mine!” she barks back. “I am not your answer key, shrimp!”
“Oh, is the shrimp not worth your time?” you growl, one hand flying to your scrunchie and yanking it down, shaking out your hair as you take three sharp stomps towards your sister. “You wanna repeat that?”
>The lot of you jump and whirl around, your teacher gesturing to the door with a look of utter enmity.
>”You’re free to discuss your educational struggles one of two ways: politely, in here, or OUTSIDE,” he booms in his I-will-be-heard-all-the-way-at-the-back-of-the-classroom tenor.
>Ducking your head down, you and your sisters make a hasty exit, powerwalking to your lockers down by the intersection of the 100 and 150 blocks, the weaving through the crowd eating precious minutes of downtime between classes.
>”Did he really have to yell?” Aria murmurs, still clenching her hands and shoulders as you flick in your locker code with a practiced ease.
>”Pretty sure he just wanted the chance to look big,” your other sister comments as she drops her math textbook in the bottom of her unit with a BANG. “Look, Sonata, I-“
“What? You gonna call me an idiot again?” you yell, gnashing your teeth at her. “We’re not all blessed with a tactical mind like you are, you walking dustmop!”
>”I’m just-“
“I know what you are!” you cut her off, volume rising as other students’ conversations die off in favor of listening in as you slam your locker shut. “You’ve always gotta be the biggest dog in the room, no matter what! Maybe if you could yank the steel rod out of your ass for five minutes, you might actually have some FRIENDS here, you indignant little CUNT!”
>Both girls take a step back from you as you fume, lips peeled back in a sleep-deprived snarl as your reddened eyes twitch erratically.
>”...I’m sorry,” Adagio mutters, turning away from you with a pained expression. “I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.”
>Like pulling the plug from a bathtub, your rage drains out of you in mere seconds, replaced with a cold and horrible guilt as you hear her fail to suppress a sniffle, arms tucked tightly against her chest.
>You turn to Aria for backup, a spike of acrid angst piercing you as she takes a step backwards, eyes wide and filled with an instinctive fear.
“...I didn’t-“ you try to stammer out, falling into a panic as the onlookers begin to chatter amongst themselves.
>You suck in the suddenly dry air around you, steeling yourself as you slowly reach out and touch Adagio’s shoulder.
“Dagi, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have yelled at you.”
>Your eyes are hot and wet as she looks over her shoulder at you, an exquisite mix of shame and concern on her face.
>”It’s fine,” she murmurs. “I’m supposed to be the mature one, but I wound you up anyways. Some big sister I am.”
>Her words only serve to sting you deeper as you screw your eyes shut, a small tear running down each of your cheeks.
>With a choked sob, you reach out, flinging your arms around her and burying your face in her shoulder.
“Stop putting yourself down like that,” you mumble into the fabric of her blouse, voice strangled and shaky. “You’re a great sister.”
>Your heartbeat begins to calm from the jump-start of only mere minutes ago as you feel Adagio’s hands alight upon your back.
>”Forgive me?” she trembles in your ear.
“Of course, Dagi. We’re best friends, right?”
>She merely whimpers in relief as the two of you remain embraced, your audience dispersing back into their routine with a myriad of reactions ranging from soft smiles to snickering.
>You almost doze off right there, nestled in her comforting touch, until your moment is interrupted.
>”Fucking loonies,” you hear one spectator laugh. “Get some weed for that bipolar shit or something.”
>”Excuse me?” Adagio barks, removing her head from your shoulder to stare him down.
>You can’t see anything, but the rumbling growl in her throat tells you more than enough as you hear him back up and walk briskly away.
“That’s the Mama bear I know,” you giggle as you finally let her go.
>”I told you not to call me that,” your elder replies with a chuckle of her own, brushing away stray strands of hair as a warm smile comes to her.
>Behind you, Aria slowly relaxes, peeling herself off the support pillar between locker rows that she’d flattened herself against.
>”So... you’re okay?” she nervously asks, still giving you a wary look as you turn around.
“Mm-hmm,” you nod. “Sorry I scared you.”
>You throw out your arms for another hug, grinning as she accepts your affection readily.
>”Wow, Aria. I didn’t think you’d be so eager,” Adagio comments as she picks up her backpack.
>”I’ve gotten... more comfortable with it,” your other big sister chirps, standing straighter than usual with a small smile.
>You and Adagio share a look of mild excitement before a new voice joins you.
>”E-Excuse me...”
>The lot of you whip your heads to the source of the plea, a pink-haired girl in a bright blue dress standing beside you with her hands clasped behind her back.
>”I’m terribly sorry, but I couldn’t help hearing you talk about your math work,” she continues, looking down at the floor like she’s broken something.
“Yeah, whataboutit?” you rattle off, hips cocked and arms crossed.
>”Well, I, um, I was just wondering i-i-if you might be...”
>Trailing off, the girl lets out a meep, face flushed as she turns away.
>”Go on,” Aria prods, her tone soft and patient.
>”...I was just wondering if you might want to study together?” the girl manages to push past her lips. “My friends and I get together on Fridays for a group session.”
>Near-identical looks of inquiry are shared between you and your sisters, before all of you shrug in unison.
>”I don’t see why not,” Adagio answers.
>The sharp screech of the two-minute bell blares out above you, and you swear under your breath as you re-open your locker and start cramming your books and binders back where they should be.
>”G-Great! I’ll introduce you to my friends,” the girl says, throwing up one fist in a cheer that she quickly puts down in embarrassment. “I think you’ll like them.”
“Cool!” you chirp. “Thanks, uhh...”
>”Fluttershy. S-Sorry.”
>”We’ll look forward to it, Fluttershy,” Adagio says, closing her locker. “Now let’s get to class before we get chewed out.”
>”It’s free period, remember?” Aria reminds the two of you, but you’re already moving.
“Last one there folds clothes tonight!” you shout as you take off, checking your sister in the shoulder as you break into a sprint.
>You’ve never been a particularly calm sort.
>Your childhood was filled with rather bombastic moments of zeal and vigor, often accompanied by the kind of impartial rage only a grade schooler can possess.
>But in the last few months, you’ve sometimes started to think that you’ve left that tendency to put chips on your shoulder behind.
And then the office chair currently underneath you gives you a cruel reminder that no, you can still get upset quite easily.
>You grimace and stand from your desk for the dozenth time this morning, shooting pain running a relay race around your tailbone as you shift your hips with a pop.
“Bloody hell,” you mutter under your breath. “If this thing gives me hemorrhoids, I’m suing.”
>You shuffle around with a slight grunt as your back pops again to see Celestia standing by the narrow hallway leading back from your workplace to the administrative offices, a bundle of multicolored flyers in her hand.
>”Could you perhaps assist me in a small endeavor?” she hesitantly asks, looking away from you as you walk towards her, brow cocked in inquiry.
“Whatcha need?”
>”Well, in lieu of our recent shortage of student council members, I could use a hand in putting up the notices for the upcoming Halloween festivities,” she replies, gradually shrinking back towards the wall as she speaks.
“Uh, boss? You okay?”
>The taller woman finally meets your gaze, visibly breathing as she clears her throat.
>Before she can finish, however, the front office door flies open, your wards standing in the entrance.
“Oh, hey girls,” you nonchalantly wave as you sit back down, having just noticed your untied shoe. “You eating in the usual spot?"
>”Nope!” Sonata proudly barks, hands on her hips and chest puffed out.
>”We met some classmates,” Adagio elaborates as she steps past the ponytailed braggart. “We’re gonna try sitting with them today.”
“Oh really?” you reply, interest thoroughly piqued as you thread the loop on your laces.
>”Yeah! But, we need to ask you something,” Aria joins in, standing in front of your desk with a puppy-dog look that sets off a twinge in your chest. “Would you be okay with us going to their place on Friday?”
>Once, twice, thrice you blink, your brain suddenly doused in a neurochemical cocktail of danger instinct as you bolt up in your chair.
“Who and where?” you say, more of a command than a question.
>”This girl called Applejack helps her family run a local farm,” Sonata pipes up. “She says they’ve got plenty of space in their house for us and a few other girls to stay over while we study.”
“Wait, study? You girls having trouble?”
>”...Maaaaybe?” the youngest answers, rocking on her heels with a plastic grin.
>You sigh and pinch the bridge of your nose.
“Get me phone numbers so I can call ahead,” you order, reaching for your thermos and jolting in surprise when Aria presses a piece of paper into your outstretched hand.
>”We thought ahead,” she mutters with a smile.
“...Well, okay then,” you slowly say, looking over the dozen different contacts on the two stuck-together notes. “How many people are gonna be there?”
>”About 10-11, including us,” Adagio replies. “And before you ask, no boys.”
>Pocketing the slips, you stand again, swallowing before you give a nod.
>”Thank you!” Sonata cheers, dashing with a frightening pace and hugging you, head tucked under your chin as you wheeze.
“But!” you proclaim, one finger pointed skywards. “I have conditions.”
>”Like what?”
“You call me when you get there, when you’re going to bed, and if you’re going to leave their house for ANY reason. And I’ll be checking in with whoever’s parents to make sure you’re not getting into anything skeevy, got it?”
>”Deal,” Adagio deadpans, rolling her eyes at your tone.
“Good. Now go get chatty your friends. I’ve still got some stuff to clean up before lunch.”
>To your surprise, Sonata softly tightens her grip, standing on her tip-goes to kiss you on the cheek, her sisters following suit.
>”Love you, Uncle Anon,” they mutter.
>You simply smile and return the gesture, pecking them on their foreheads before they let go and scurry out the door.
“Welp, there goes my evening,” you muse as you sit down yet again, the nerves in your rear flaring up at the pressure.
>Spinning around, you’re met with the sight of your boss, Luna, Cadance, and Shining intensely watching you from the narrow hallway to the rest of the offices.
>”You four are just. So. CUUUUTE!” Cadance gushes, hands on her cheeks as she giggles profusely.
“We’re not THAT interesting, are we?” you chuckle.
>Your humor fades as you receive no response, the silence an abrupt and unpleasant weight.
>”How do I put this, Anon...” Celestia begins, twirling a hand as the proper words fail to come to her.
>”My sister and I have spent our entire adult lives in the pursuit of being educators, Anonymous,” Luna interjects boldly. “And in those years, we have seen many youths hailing from unfortunate circumstances.”
>Slipping past Cadance, the shorter of the two principals puts a hand on your shoulder.
>”All of them, we tried to help. Many were beyond our reach,” she continues, a sad smile on her face. “It is a refreshing sight to see one such as you commit yourself to lending a hand where one such as myself could not.”
>Her smile brightens somewhat as her sister nods in agreement.
>"Couldn't have said it better myself," Cadance chimes as Luna removes her hand from you, her fingers trailing off your shoulder and evoking a strange shudder from you as she returns to her office. "But Celestia, didn't you have something to tell Anon? I've forgotten what it was."
>You're too busy checking your phone's sudden buzzing to notice the look the counselor gives her superior.
>"Ah, yes," Celestia blushes.
>"Anonymous, I was wondering if you were perhaps free this Friday evening,” she announces with a sudden steel to her voice, back straight as an arrow in spite of her blush.
>You set your phone down and let the cogs in your head spin for a bit before the question fully hits you, faking a slight cough as you look down, your shirt buttons suddenly quite interesting.
>”It’s fine if you’re busy,” Celestia adds, a panicked undertone in her voice. “I understand that you’re a very busy man, with your nieces and whatnot.”
“Umm... I, uh...” you flounder, mind awash with memories of her embrace at the fairgrounds. "I mean, I guess I'm free for the evening..."
>Your boss is making a move on you.
>You know that this kind of thing should be awkward, but you can't seem to find that part of your brain at the moment.
"Yeah, why not?" you think aloud, leaning back with a loud creak from your chair. "You've been pretty easy to get along with so far."
>Any response is sharply interrupted as your chair squeals again and buckles, the cheap plastic giving way as you fall over and slam your head straight into the corner of your desk, hissing at the impact.
>"ANON!" your boss shrieks in panic, dropping to one knee and slinging one arm over her shoulder. "Anon, speak to me!"
"Calm down, Princess," you casually say as you get up, checking your scalp. "Any bleeding?"
>"...N-No," she stutters, examining your chromedome before her eyes trail to the fresh dent in the aluminum frame of your workstation. "Are... Are you good?"
"Yeah. I got a REAL thick skull, hun," you laugh, tapping your temple. "I was hoping that thing would give out, anyways. Hurt like a bitch after a couple hours."
>You grab your phone and pocket it properly as your three coworkers stare in bewilderment at you.
"Well? Are we just gonna stand around, or get something to eat?"

Appul Mama soon[/spoiler
If this thread is trash, which it is, then why would you put effort into posting that small rant here?
for those sweet, sweet (you)s, which you have been kind enough to provide. thanks anon. you wanna get trolls? that's how you get trolls.
>dont point out the obvious or youre a troll
a little self awareness would do you some good.
File: ___by_aphphphphp-dahxav6.jpg (218 KB, 1600x1600)
218 KB
218 KB JPG
Thanks SC, much obliged as always
this fucking horse. every time. i just want to hold her, kiss her, snuggle her. protect her and feed her oats and carrots.
The thread has been shit for ages, with pedoposting constantly but hijacking threads for their own dead generals is a new developement and new low even for EqFags.
>tldr Moralfag projecting again
And you are back now because?
>craps up /mom/ with incest
Not him, but wasn't momlestia always basically a thinly veiled incest thread with hints of age regression fetish thrown in?
Glad to see we are still here! Anything ever happen with that Cadence, Flurry, and Anon green?
Oh my
Muh nostalgia
Still finished with that rushed ending.
Is it pasted anywhere? I never saw the ending. Took a break from things for a while.
It's gone until someone fishes up all the old posts out of the archive. Kirko, what gives?
Its in the original bin, but the writefag locked down and deleted everything because he knew he fucked it up, and wont let anyone see what's in it now.
Tbh, if you stopped giving the homofag (you)s, maybe he'd eventually get bored of getting no replies and leave. As long as you keep replying, you're just fueling him.
I notice you didn't respond to the second half but only the first. Struck a nerve? and don't kid yourself, every time someone brings up adoption you throw shit on the wall. like i said, it's a real embarrassment to be any of you
Even when we ignore the faggot, it replies to itself anyways, and acts like people care about its existence. Its a homofaggot, they aren't sane individuals.
Like this idiot, look at it, it genuinely thinks it has an argument that isn't worth laughing at on principle. Cant even argue it isn't projecting on the thread either. I cant tell if its a troll that is really invested in its gimmick, or a insane person.
>Even when we ignore the faggot, it replies to itself anyways
good point
>Even when we ignore the faggot, it replies to itself anyways
like you just did?
>And then the office chair currently underneath you gives you a cruel reminder that no, you can still get upset quite easily.
heh, I know the feeling of painful shit chairs
somebody grabbed a big chunk of it, but I don't think they got all of it.
lewd, compromising stuff...
Don't let this Celly down or I'll find you and do horrible things.
>Rooting for anyone to win the Anonbowl other than Dazzle nieces.
>Not wanting a mother figure to help overcome their insecurities
>Not wanting them to have an excuse to milk Anon dry as a family in her office
c'mon, those milky white buns don't lie, and the would look amazing at the bottom of a pyramid
Going full-throttle with the cute, I see. Sort of anxious about what might happen during study time, never know if some unwanted bitches might show up. Celestia is a bold lady, I like that. Sparks are going to fly once the girls find out about the date, though. One way or another, something's gonna pop and it won't be pretty.
You got taste, Second. Have an early morning appul plus a bonus jewel.

What could one who likes to write for a thread concerning incestual human horse relationships find compromising? I'm genuinely curious, but probably won't get an answer.
File: you don't say.gif (2.05 MB, 500x391)
2.05 MB
2.05 MB GIF
No one else thought to download the whole thing when it was put together and thrown into the main pastebin way back when?
That guy doing the Maud story better continue ASAP. I don’t even care if it’s a Harem ending, or Marble and Maud, or Maud only. I just want more Maud.
No one else expected him to nuke his bin, so unless we will think of a place to store them without a possibility to nuke it, we're stuck with desu.
>it replies to itself anyways
>Implying it is only possible for one single person to enjoy all types of incest
You're the faggot here, always screaming like some autistic child every goddamn time you see something YOU don't like.
Incest is incest. Deal with it and accept that some may sometimes post some kind of incest others may or may not like, or get out.
How about you and the rest of your dazzle fags fuck off back to /dzg/.
I bet it's loli. And if that's the drawing I'm thinking of, man, the guy can draw!
I'm all caught up. I'm glad to see the girls are making friends though I too wonder what their reaction will be when the learn Anon has a date with Celestia. Thanks for the update. I look forward to the next one.

Was the AppleMama stuff a prompt? Start of a green? It's an inciting idea on the surface and I'd welcome a green focused on them. I'm concerned of a "hillbilly" stereotype though. Or maybe that's part of the conflict?

Is it complete or will I be left blue balled?

I was going to agree with >>33023181 initially but then you make a compelling comment. All of 'em in a nice big, happy family. I think I'd be ok with that.
I see you are a man of taste as well.
And yes, you will likely be blueballed, Kirko blew up the bin pretty damn hard and no one thought to check when he finished it until a newfag asked about it.
Damn. I'll probably still read it though. There was a similar premise in AiE that I liked; without the incset of course, but it died as well.
Start of a green. As for the stereotype bit, HELL NO. That’s one of the few applicable stereotypes I genuinely get pissed about.
Yeah, but how the hell is a principal of all people going to approve of underage incest
Cute and excessive bribing from the girls and trying to use Anon as a poker chip, doubly so if they can keep their dealing's without Anon knowing. It would be like a mob dealing.
I wasn't talking about kirko's bin. The whole story was collected from the archives and put together in a paste by the anon that keeps the general's bin updated. Guess no one else thought of downloading it before it disappeared from there as well.
>”You play along with our little mattress sessions, and we won’t tell your boss you’ve been letting Tiara run a two-bit “gang” out of your school, capiche?”
Yeah, that would be a good one.
>ywn be dealt out as a manwhore to the various loli mafiosas of the greater Canterlot school district
why live
the plural is mafiosi
saying loli mafiosi is fun, you shouldn't miss that opportunity.
huh, didn't know that, I learned an interesting an lewd thing today
Has closet pervert [relation here] derpy been done?
Not to any major extent, we did have orphan big sister Derpy and big brother Anon raising their little sister together so she thinks their her parents, and then the two of them actually become a couple together.
File: 1323676003517.jpg (119 KB, 1024x768)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
>HELL NO. That’s one of the few applicable stereotypes I genuinely get pissed about.
For this, you get some appul.

I doubt it, that's the most basic vanilla shit I could think of.
You got farmers in the family too?
Yeah, but I'd be lying if I said was all that close to them. I live more around suburban-type family, I'm just a no-good city slicker. Still, growing up visiting them was always a blast. That crowing early in the morning, riding a horse, helping to tend chickens, running in the giant fields with my aunt's 20 dogs. That was good times, and I get nostalgic whenever any game I play has farms or farming elements. I'm sad I haven't seen those guys in forever. Time makes fools of us all, I suppose.
Both grandfathers. I spent second grade through highschool’s summers raising cattle and growing our own hay, seven days a week. I still remember him slipping me a beer when we went out to take one morning and not minding, then getting yelled at when I’d gone through six in 8 hours. Can’t believe they’re both still doing it in their eighties.
Definitely helped that he was too busy to notice me and my cousin fooling around in the hayloft. I blame her for this fetish
I saw a pizza SHAPED Like a pineapple the other day. it was great
Nah, he was right. Some anons are very prickly about it.
>I blame her for this fetish

Do tell.
File: 1327945136314.png (498 KB, 650x548)
498 KB
498 KB PNG
Can't believe I'm kind of jealous of this. Sounds like it was fun, albeit rough. I'll just post this appul and think of nice, green pastures. Also that farm smell. You can't call it a good smell, but it's still a smell I know and love.
We got each other off with our hands. She went to a real fucked-up school and said I was a lot easier to be around than most guys her age. I was fat and had one hell of a farmer’s tan, but as a freshman who could toss a 120-pound hay bale over his head easily, I showboated enough to make up for it. Then we found out my aunt was being beaten after she had her second kid and my uncle in-law picked up the bottle again. Me, my dad, and my grandpa beat the living shit out of him with hammers and busted his teeth in, and he took my first “girlfriend” across state lines. Haven’t heard from her since. I’ve tried to track her down, but I’ve come up short both times, and my ex-uncle’s in the slammer right now. I ever see that bastard again, I’m blowing his brains out, full stop.
nice. nice.
This nigga here, he gets it
Girls like this were born to be the family cum dumpster
>I'll never get a chance to Eiffel Tower my sister with my little brother UNDER the Eiffel Tower during the family trip to Paris
Good, fuck sharing. Cant keep her to yourself then you don't deserve her.
I'm tempted to assist you anon. What a fucking story.
DP is hot though
no it isn't
Well maybe they should stop being newfags.

Holy shit, man. I hope you eventually find her and things turn out alright. I hate saying it but there are some people that just plain shouldn't be around anymore. With any luck justice will be deal out.
Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well

A family that shares is a family that cares.
It ain't no fun if your brothers can't have none.
>camwhore sister will never record herself sucking you off when you're alseep
Why live?
>Why live?
Because if you don't, you'll never have the chance to raise a cam-whore daughter who will record herself sucking you off when you're sleeping
I'm a NEET, what makes you think I have a chance at that?
File: 1501276368674.webm (2.8 MB, 640x640)
2.8 MB
>mfw able to read full story at last
Thanks for the upload
Summary for those of us on mobile or otherwise can't download it. please?
Sharing is caring after all. I'd happily take the place at either end of a 'spit roast'.
>It ain't no fun if your brothers can't have none
Can't have that. Gotta let your best bro get a piece of you every now and then.
dumb phoneposter
It's how I stealth check the thread when I'm at work.
Cheap porn incoming.

>The timestamp on the video file suggests it has been recorded only a few days ago.
>It is unedited, you can tell as much, if not from the few minutes of dead air at the beginning of the recording then from the short section where the camera settings are adjusted to give a halfway decent picture even in the dimly-lit surroundings.
>A centrally-placed chair is the only thing visible in the video, apart from the shelves filled with books and various odds and ends in the background.
>Finally, by the time you’re almost about to close the player in boredom, your sister nervously shifts into the frame, keeping an eye on the reference screen of the camera while patting imaginary lint from her clothes.
>She’s wearing a plain black t-shirt and a short skirt going down to the mid of her thighs.
>After a few more seconds of straightening the folds, she sits down, taking a breath and slapping her cheeks a few times before suddenly smiling at the camera.
>As if a switch had been flipped, the girl adopts a cutesy pose, flashing a wide, toothy grin while giving her invisible viewers a double peace sign.
>"What’s up, everyone?" she addresses the screen with a voice much higher, much more girly and feminine than you know it. "It’s ya girl X-X-X-Sunnybun!"
>The audio quality is pretty bad, what with being scratchy and static-infested like you would expect from an on-camera microphone instead of a dedicated standalone.
>It also doesn’t help that your sister is half whispering.
>"Hello and welcome to another of my Patreon-exclusive videos," she continues, giving the camera a smarmy little wink. "If you’re not of legal age, you should probably close the player right about now. Everyone else, please join me on another exciting adventure."
>Sunset adopts a more serious expression, making a gesture around the room.
>"As you can probably tell, it’s nighttime, and I’m in my home right now. Everyone else is soundly asleep," the girl giggles sheepishly, "which suits me just fine. Let’s go."
>Standing up, your sister walks towards the camera, and the screen abruptly cuts to black for a second before showing her in a different location.
>An uncomfortably familiar location, to be exact.
>Grinning so wide she has to work to stay quiet, Sunset pans the camera around your bedroom.
>"Regular viewers will already recognize the location."
>Her whispering has gotten even quieter, to the point where she has to talk into the microphone directly, giving the audio the same quality as if she was directly breathing into your ear.
>The virtual closeness sends tingling waves down your spine, as does the sudden realization of what Sunset is filming right now.
>There, sprawled out on the bed, dead asleep and oblivious to the entire spiel happening next to him, the target of Sunset’s 'adventure' is snoring lightly.
>The pose you are in is rather unflattering, as it seems your sleep shirt has ridden up somewhat, exposing your stomach and the pair of boxers that have travelled to just above crotch level.
>"Jesus," your sister whispers into the cheap microphone, "I’m about to cream my panties from the sight alone."
>She creeps closer to the bed, a slender hand appearing in the bottom part of the scree to carefully pull down your shorts.
>Even in the sparsely-lit room—and although the video quality could be better, to be perfectly honest—you can see why your sister is giggling.
>"Energetic as ever, I see."
>Giving your erection a few experimental pumps, the shameless girl continues to narrate her act of lewdness.
>"Not an unfamiliar sight to my regular viewers, of course, and I can tell you it is as red-hot and ready for action as always."
>Your sister keeps playing with your dick, lightly squeezing and jerking, apparently much to your approval, if your expression and soft moans are anything to go by.
>Fucking bitch.
>"I apologize, dear viewers, but I’ll have to put you down now. I’m going to scream if I don’t start masturbating soon."
>Placing the camera on the bed and angling it so that both you and her are still in the frame, the girl is quick to follow up on her words, spreading her legs to stroke herself.
>While you could already see her t-shirt and skirt combo earlier, the fact that she didn’t bother to wear panties is new to you.
>As is the entire image of your sister’s pussy, of course.
>Even the gritty video quality doesn’t leave much room for guesswork, what with the painfully-excited girl all but pumping into herself with her fingers.
>"Ah," she moans quietly, her eyes fixed on your dick glistening with precum, "does it feel good, Anon? Are you dreaming perverted things about your sister?"
>You don’t miss the fact that Sunset tries to keep the same rhythm with both her hands.
>"Shit," she pants suddenly, pulling back the hand she’s caressing herself with but still vigorously stroking your shaft.
>Sheepishly grinning towards the camera once more, she holds up her fingers in a peace sign again, although this time they are coated in her juices.
>"Almost came," she giggles, licking them clean. "Wouldn’t want to cum all over my brother’s bedsheets, right? Okay, seems you’re getting closer, too."
>Without another word, your sister bends down, letting your dick glide into her mouth.
>The audiostream is quickly filled with wet slurps, mixed with the occasional quiet gag when Sunset is a little over eager while swallowing your cock.
>Much to the viewers’ delight, your sister has angled herself so that her backside is still within the frame, giving the camera a delicious angle on her soaking pussy and her fingers still working on it between her thighs.
>Seriously, as far amateur porn goes, this is pretty much top notch, you have to admit.
>A wet pop is followed by the girl whispering again.
>"He’s about to cum, dear viewers. And I have a special surprise for you tonight."
>She grins back at the screen, although the excitement, the sheer lust in the expression, turns it into something much more feral.
>"I will have to be very careful here, but please join me on my very first stealth-creampie. And who would be a better candidate to fill my pussy to the brim than this lovely young stud right here?"
>Squatting over your erection, Sunset lowers herself inch by inch, guiding your cock with her hands until the tip is just touching her mounds.
>Sliding down onto your shaft, you can see your sister’s eyes roll back, the girl using one hand to support herself while tightly pressing down on her mouth with the other to stifle her moans.
>They still make it through, being picked up by the scratchy microphone embarrassingly clear.
>For the next minute or so, you watch your sister cum all over your dick, the girl softly bobbing up and down to ride out her orgasm.
>You reached your own climax as well somewhere in there, if the thick white glob she reveals while pushing herself off is anything to judge by.
>"Ha…Ha…" your sister pants, "now wasn’t that exciting, dear viewers? Wasn’t it hot to watch what a slut of a sister I am?"
>Bending down, she bobs her head on your cock again for a bit before pulling back and finally making to get off the bed.
>"Can’t leave any evidence…" she whispers conspicuously after swallowing audibly, and the video cuts to black again after a few more seconds.
>Jesus Christ.
>"I-it’s not what it looks like…"
>Weird, you can still her voice, even though the playback ended.
>It takes you a few moments longer than you would like to admit to realize the last sentence did not come from the video.
>Turning around, you find the culprit all but twitching in place behind your chair, nervously fidgeting with her hands.
>"I didn’t, you know… I never actually uploaded any videos. I just found it fun to roleplay as if I did. Please, I just–"
>Your sister stops herself, blinking a few times before cracking a hopeful smile.
>"Did you…"
"Did I what?"
>You follow what Sunset is pointing at, looking down at yourself to find your pants and boxers around your ankles and your pick firmly standing at attention.
>"So, uhm, the… next installment was going to be called 'The Return of the Brotherly Stealth-Creampie.' Did you… I dunno… did you want to help with that?"
i have points for you. they're not in a bag, just a loose pile, but you get a lot of points.
really hot
File: 1gV6icd.png (149 KB, 500x375)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
Very good Anon. More cam-whore siblings when?
Then he can go bug mom to make some more siblings
So talking about canon characters like they're crap who would accept every single thing you do without question is now okay and not considered a bad post at all?

Hey Comfy, Finally finished re-reading "Suncest". I'm a sappy Anon. I'd like a happy ending. It seemed to be going that way considering Sunset shared Anon with SciTwi and Sunny established that she was the lead female of the two. Anon came to terms with it after calming Sunset down at the school lab. They even set ground rules for Harmony's sake! I think SciTwi's inclusion is a great idea given the fact she had been in a relationship with her brother beforehand. Add in that AJ is still in a relationship with BigMac and now you've got two characters that Sunset and Anon seek advice from. Hell, maybe make a happier ending where Lemon asks SciTwi how she & Shining are doing in front of Anon and Sunset. There's nothing left to hide from Lemon anymore so SciTwi convinces Anon and Sunset to let Lemon join as well.
This is best ending, and I would reread the entire story to have this ending.
It's the "Candy Hearts" story and apparently complete. Thank you very, very much famalam.
Link to said story?
Sounds very familiar
"Suncest" by Comfyplace
Thank you anon.

I was reading an incomplete one where sunset moves in with the human sunset and her family.
She starts to fall for the human sunsets older brother, but sadly the writer didn't finish it
Pretty much what >>33028530 said
>"Hey twinsy, does this make my butt look big?"
File: twily.png (243 KB, 539x720)
243 KB
243 KB PNG
>"I don't know, twily I'm going to need a closer look...
>"A-anon! That's the exit hole! ...But not for tonight."

>Well your butt looks perfect from over here.
It would look better wrapped around something around her brothers pelvic region
File: Choker.png (502 KB, 750x750)
502 KB
502 KB PNG
Makes sure to protect your little sister from the evils in the world.
But she empodies the sin of lust!
It's the most important thing a big brother can do.
It’s not lust if you love her, anon.
No its not love, she is the literal embodiment of the deadly sin lust. She just cares about her brother enough that she won't use her devil magic to fuck him
Simple, but enjoyable. Have an appul.

Oh shit, I hadn't seen this. You're good people, anon.
File: ChOfyF8JRG8.jpg (175 KB, 1080x1080)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
>your pick firmly standing at attention.
dick* or prick*
Hey. Twilight isn't that socially akward!
>With any luck justice will be deal out
Yeah, hopefully the cops will arrest him for lusting after his own cousin.
unless a pair of siblings married another pair of siblings, cousins are AOK.
Anon, your imouto is wearing WAY too many clothes? What are you going to do about it?
>cousins are AOK.
To a fag who wants incest to be as normal as breathing, and not the slightest bit interesting.
>Be me
>Be granny Smith
>Applejack keeps trying to fuck her cousin Anon
>There's enough incest in this god damn family already!
>Mfw I catch them doing anal
>I mean that's slightly better than getting her pregnant but come on
>They could have at least locked the fucking door
>And Applebloom wants to know what the noises we're
>Now I have to give her the talk
File: large.jpg (120 KB, 766x1024)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Forgot the pic
cousins are still super special, man
>she's a-lettin' him in the backdoor and she didn't lock her OWN dang door!
It pains me to think that this fandom, even with its obsession of AJ + BM still failed to deliver a single story in this thread, where AJ at least gets fucked once.... Why do all the writefags stretch their stories into length and then just cocktease instead of delivering... Also still waiting for Celestia to finally get her threesome with luna and the egyptian anon.
can it be lolijack?
Hey Issues, You weren't kidding when you said it might be much to take in in one sitting. I can't say I've read ANY green with ancient Egypt as the backdrop. Fitting given that incest was common back then and especially within royalty. Ancient Egyptian society was far more open minded and liberated about sexuality than many people realize. Celly and Luna have some depth of character. Anon could use a little more work maybe. He's still a bit too hung up on appearances but maybe accepting Celly's advances will finally put his concerns to rest. Feels have been poked and it's been an enjoyable read so far. I look forward to the next update.

I'm hoping for a threesome as well. Not just for the lewd either but for when they just enjoy each other's warm embrace. The 'sex lessons' scene was a good tease. It reminded me of the first bj I received. The girl used her teeth too much.
Really appreciate comments like this. I hope this dump I'm about to vomit all over the thread addresses your points.
File: temple.jpg (127 KB, 1200x626)
127 KB
127 KB JPG

>Not daring to ask, you watch as your mother pulls a strap of your tunic, the unbound cloth falling down your shoulders.
>'Conflicted' wouldn't even begin to describe how you're feeling right now.
>You've had "lessons" with her before, but they both ended before anything serious happened.
>Given your vow of monogamy, you've so far been able to skirt the question of whether that's something you actually WANT.
>Despite everything, this is your mother you're talking about here.
>Busty, young for someone with a son your age, and undeniably beautiful by any metric, but still... your mother.
>"You know what I mean, right?"
>Your heart takes an extra beat as she collects her hair into a tail, throwing it above her shoulder to settle on her chest.
"You... you mean... THAT..?"
>She smirks like a serial killer.
>"Sorry, what's 'THAT'?"
>How did you live with this person for so long?
"F-fuck you."
>"Don't threaten me with a good time~"
>She leans on you, sloppily pulling at your garments until she finds your confused erection pointing at her face.
>"Heh... nervous?"
>You bite your tongue, gulping.
"A-a-and what..? You're not..?"
>"Well, I probably would be, but no..."
>She takes a long chug of something no doubt alcoholic from a cup, exhaling the fumes as she throws it on the floor.
>Where the hell did she pull that cup from..?
>"Because I feel... k-kinda n-..." She blinks a couple of times, refocusing her vision. "...numb."
"Mom, enough already."
>You stand up, shaking your arousal out of your head.
"I'm not doing anything while you're near-blackout drunk except fetching you a-"
>The cup clangs loudly on the floor.
>"Sit the fuck down, you little shit."
>Your thought process screeches to a halt, an invisible force compelling you back on the bed.
>"Did you know that the Hittite king is madly jealous of your position? Huh? You know why that is? HUH?"
"Uhh... I-uhh..."
>You lean back as she pokes you in the chest, suddenly speaking with perfect clarity.
>"You think it's because of your monogamy stunt with Luna? You think he'd be jealous of the chains you willingly hung around your neck?"
>"NO. He's jealous because HIS mother is an uptight, prudish CUNT, while *I* am letting you BONE me anywhere it fits. OR SO THE RUMORS GO."
"Jeez, mom..."
>"Shut your mouth and listen."
>You clam up, the measured, surgical force of her words hitting you like a camel's kick to the head.
>"He could have an army of a HUNDRED THOUSAND men at our northern border by the end of the month, but he WON'T because the man willing to fuck his mother is likely to do ANYTHING in retaliation. OR SO THE RUMORS GO."
>She exhales, dropping her voice to a chilly whisper, leaning towards your face.
>"Tell your little inner angel to fuck off to the salt mines. A touchy conscience is for plebs who need to watch whose lands they step on. You know who owns every plot of land in this kingdom?"
>She pokes your chest again, whipping your nose with her finger as you look down.
>"That's right. YOU."
>You gulp, recoiling from her tirade.
>"You don't have to paint the halls with the blood of anyone who looks at you the wrong way, but BY THE GODS, when an attractive woman presents herself to you, FOLLOW YOUR INSTINCTS. That's WHY they're THERE."
>She grabs your shoulders.
>"You'll have your way with her, and you'll tell her to get the fuck out of your room when you're done. Understand?
>"She won't even care because you were JUST THAT GOOD, because YOU DO THIS ALL THE TIME. You know why?"
"Err... why?"
>Speechless, you watch your mother's face go from furious to annoyed in front of you.
>You look around aimlessly, trying your best to quell the shock as fast as possible.
>The silence becoming unbearable, you hazard a look at your mother, seeing her looking away herself.
>With tears in her eyes.
>She looks back, eyes trembling.
>Bursting on the spot, she jumps into your chest, squeezing you while hiding her face in your shoulder.
>"I-I'm sorry..! I don't know what came over me."
>She sniffles.
>"I'll take any punishment... as long as... as long as..."
>She sniffles again, the pressure of the hug dissipating.
>"By the end of it... I get to see you again... unlike my brother..."
"Okay, pause."
"I really don't like this. Nothing makes me resent my power like hearing my own mother beg for mercy."
>She droops in your arms, reacting to your words with an involuntary jolt.
"I'll go insane if even my own family treats me like a ruler, so I won't treat my family like servants. It's unnatural."
>"B-but... you have to... r-rebels will come..."
"There are no rebels, mom. It's been six years since you stamped out the last outbreak."
>And she did a fantastic job at it, looking like an unflinching goddess of war while systematically exterminating its leaders after slaughtering their armies in the field...
>But doing little but that for years on end sure seems to have left its mark.
>You've always known she's not some brutal tyrant by nature, so her attempts to turn you into one never made any sense... until now, that is.
"You don't have to worry about that anymore."
>She pulls back.
>"Y-you don't understand, I don't have a choice. You're.. my boy. T-there's nothing I wouldn't..."
>She gently strokes your cheek with her hand, averting her eyes from your face to the view of the sunset outside the balcony.
>"I would nail the Sun to the sky if it meant I could watch you admire the twilight for a little bit longer."
>You gulp, hiding your blush by diving into another hug.
>This is intimidating in a completely different way from her earlier outburst.
>Are you supposed to feel this way about your daughter? Will that just... gradually happen?
"Listen, mom... I can't just start sleeping around with anyone who wants it, nor do I really want to, but-"
>"Rumors won't uphold your image forever, you have to-"
>You break the hug and put your hands on her shoulders.
>That makes you look firm, right?
"If it's you, since Luna apparently okayed it..."
>She recoils, looking confused.
>And is that a blush?
>"I... I thought you weren't going to treat me like a... a servant..."
"If that's how lowly you think of our servants-"
>Hold up a fucking minute here...
>You send her a sly smile, noticing her recoiling slightly.
"Would you prefer if I framed it as 'putting on a show for the gods', or whatever it was..?"
>"Wha... huh?"
"It's either that or making me 'shed my inner angel', right? I figured I should let you choose."
>She blinks, looking totally oblivious.
>"Wait... I don't..."
>Probably because you're drunk off your camels, mom. The most classic of blunders.
>Right next to land wars in Asia.
"Convincing someone of something is typically an exercise in demonstrating benefit to the person in question, right?"
>Wow, show-off monologues sure feel good. No wonder she does it so often.
"When that fails, they'll either give up or push their reasoning harder... if they're being up-front with their motives, that is. If NOT..."
>You feel your erection rise to attention, accompanied by warm butterflies in your chest.
"...they'll push a DIFFERENT line of reasoning."
>This little realization is turning you on harder than any of her advances today, for whatever reason.
>No, actually, you know exactly why.
"You just really want to do this, don't you?"
>You'd get impatient for an answer, but watching her avoiding eye contact with the heaviest blush you've ever seen is doing things to you.
>"W-what does it matter... what I want..?"
"It matters to me, mom."
>You scoot closer, feeling bold enough to lift her chin with your hand.
"Tell you what. I'll scratch your itch in any way you want, with one condition."
"No role-playing. I want you as you are... my mother."
>You hear a sharp inhale, noticing her wrist covering the spot between her legs.
>Breathing heavy, she leans forward, your foreheads nearly touching.
>"T-that was..."
>She leans the final distance into a desperate kiss, knocking you on your back.
>"...the h-h-hottest..."
"Whoa, hold your camels. We can't be getting carried away."
>Her face freezes in place above you, her eyes bloodshot.
"Luna will kill us both if there's a 'happy accident', and I doubt she could deal with the pretender rebels afterwards on her own."
>"O-oh... right..."
>She lifts herself off, turning her back to you as she clutches her chest.
>It sounds like she's doing breathing exercises to calm herself down.
>"Okay... w-will you..."
>She turns again after a final sigh.
>"H-how about..."
"Don't ask. Tell."
>Speaking so sternly wouldn't do you many favors in the bedroom with Luna, but your mother is different.
>Beneath the exterior hardened by rulership and relentless army campaigning, is actually a woman who prefers being submissive.
>She hasn't explicitly told you that, but her raging blush is making it pretty obvious.
"I'm doing you a favor, so you do the leading."
>You'd have thought you couldn't be dominant while taking orders, but here you are...
>"G-give me a hug, and... say something nice."
>Your heart skips a beat, seeing her twirling her hair with her finger and avoiding eye contact.
>A surprisingly innocent request, but then again, you're both completely naked...
>She squeaks as you launch your body forward, wrapping your arms around her before she lands on her back.
>You didn't *have* to tackle her, but leaning forward while you're both sitting on the bed would've just been awkward.
"People might mistake you for the sister I never had if you don't start aging soon."
>She flips your positions.
>"It's times like these that I stop wishing you were the adorable kid you used to be..."
>She lays her head on your chest, getting comfortable instead of returning the hug.
"Good, because I'd rather not go back to being molested by Luna while you're out bathing in the blood of my enemies."
>"I always told her to go easy on you, for what it's worth..."
>In other words, she encouraged her. Because of course she did.
"Well, I will not be subjecting my daughter to any of this kind of-"
>"You have this all wrong. It's Cadence who will be doing this to your son, since they'll end up together anyways."
>Damn, that's a good point.
"H-wait a minute..! We decided on her name like three hours ago, so how in the f-"
>"Word travels fast. Soon the world shall know she was named after a cat, too."
"In case you think that's inappropriate, I'm going to deify that cat and build it its own temple."
>You attempt to sit up, your mother pushing you back down with the palm of her hand.
>"Not inappropriate, just funny. Stay down."
>She gets off, leaving only her head on your stomach, staring sideways at your erection just as it springs to life.
>"No hands, but don't worry."
>She grabs hold, her intent obvious.
>"You'll get your chance to shine after I'm done giving this thing a shine."
>Any protests you might have had were silenced as soon as your ship docked in the mouth of the river.
>Pulling and pushing your skin with her hand at your base, she runs her tongue from the underside of your glans, over the tip to other side, returning in a tight circle before pushing down.
>You keep down a grunt as she suckles on your tip, a mad impulse pushing you to do something unthinkable.
>Grabbing her head.
>With your hands.
"Ohh, fuck..."
>She looks at you in surprise as you pump into her face, controlling her head movements.
>You increase your pace, finding a particularly nice corner of her mouth to thrust up against.
"I'm... I'm gonna-"
>Your pathetic attempt at a sentence degenerates into a series of grunts as you tense up, thrusting a final time before unleashing several spurts into the inside of her cheek.
>Well, this was a pretty okay life.
>Most of it was pretty scary, but the incest near the end made it all worth it.
>You throw your head back on the bed, content with spending your last moments looking at the ceiling.
>"You know, if you were ANYONE ELSE..."
>Is that an opportunity for damage control..? She must be getting soft.
"Sorry, your hair was just too beautiful not to mess with."
>Almost as beautiful as this silence right now.
>You dare to look, relieved to see a smile creeping her her face.
>"I can't believe I'm letting you get away with this..."
>You suppress a chuckle.
"Do you have any idea who I am?"
>"Will you behave if I say 'please'? I can't move this along if you keep finishing yourself off."
>You fall back on the bed, perching your palms behind the back of your head.
"You don't even have to say it, for I am a gracious ruler."
>"Oh, what monster have I created?"
>She rolls her eyes, flicking the tip of your dick with her finger.
>"Stay down, and no hands. PLEASE."
File: up.jpg (392 KB, 1600x1200)
392 KB
392 KB JPG
>She wastes no time, engulfing your semi-erection down to the base.
>As soon as she started, she stops.
>Not wasting anything but saliva, it seems.
>You raise your head as her inactivity drags on, finding her staring at you in return, the eye contact surprisingly uncomfortable.
"What are you-"
>You erection springs to attention, your mother reacting with a pop and a chuckle.
>"I see you just figured it out~"
>"Heh, a time lag between the two heads? That's cute."
>You thought you'd already mentally prepared yourself for this, but things are getting REAL, now...
>Your heart starts picking up steam as she turns and lays on her back on top of you, your bodies parallel.
>"Okay, now I want you to... take my virginity."
>She squirms, positioning your dick with her hand, her hair tickling your nose.
>"The one I saved for you..."
>Your tip coming to a stop up against what feels like a random spot of skin as your mother arches her back, you gulp.
>You can feel your pulse in your ears.
"A-are we really doing this..? Like... REALLY?"
>"If you don't believe me, do a sit-up."
>You blink.
>"Today, if you don't mind. I can't stay in this position forever."
>Gods damn it.
>Just clear your mind and do it, Anon...
"Okay, here goes."
>You groan as you attempt to push yourself up, the weight almost too much.
>You lift yourself a couple of inches off the bed, your arms acting as pillars of support from behind.
>"G-go on... up. Hrrnn-UP."
>Your mother joins the groan party as the pressure mounts on your tip, her feet controlling her descent as she squirms on top of you.
"A-a-are you-"
>Like a statue pulled by a squadron of slaves, you slowly ascend, your mother taking in a big gulp of air.
>Oh man... it's happening... it's HAPPENING...
>You hear an exhale, and then, as if completing a puzzle, everything falls into place.
>She falls into your lap, a squeal going silent as your erection at last breaks through the unnaturally tight fit.
>You arch your back instinctively, your hands forming fists as the pressure of the living walls almost overwhelms you.
>You resist the urge to thrust inside, your mother grunting between intervals of heavy breathing.
>"I... I can still go... urrngh-"
>She pushes her back against you, every muscle movement of her legs registered as pressure changes by your pulsating member.
>Pushing with more force, you almost blow your load on the spot as she lifts her legs off the bed, gravity pushing all her weight into your lap.
>You throw your arms around her midsection just as she loses balance, her feet falling back on the bed.
>She leans back again, this time with enough force to pin your back against the bed, her legs splayed out on both sides as she starts grinding against you.
>"I can... f-feel it... aah~"
>You can feel it, too.
>It would be hard not to, the beating flesh wrapped around your dick like a noose, just slippery enough to move in or out of.
>It's not as much of a natural fit as the regular thing, but the intensity of the pressure and the extra saliva goes a long way towards making up for the difference.
"H-how is it..?"
>"It's... it's..."
>She takes a deep breath as she shifts her weight to the side, lifting her leg over you as she turns in a half-circle, every degree of the rotation felt acutely by your dick.
>Her hair a complete mess, she swats it away from her eyes, revealing her face for the first time since insertion.
>It's a damn miracle her nose isn't bleeding.
>Isis, if this is your doing, fuck off.
>She extends her arms, her face beaming like the Sun itself.
>"Come to me..."
>You take the invitation, lifting your back off the bed and into the arms of your mother, tightly gripping her back.
>"N-next thing... POUND..!"
>You lower your grip to her waist as she lands a couple of clumsy kisses on your face, performing an experimental thrust.
>Her chin slumps on your shoulder as you do another, her grip around you tightening.
>You pause as she directs a comically exaggerated moan straight into your ear, that entire side of your face almost catching fire.
"Okay, down you go."
>You attempt to push her back on the bed, ending with you falling on top of her as she refuses to let go of the hug.
>Okay, if she's going to mess with you...
>Pulling your head up, you grab her face with your hands and plunge your tongue into her mouth, cutting of her moaning.
>Your hands trickle down her sides as you settle into a careful, but deep thrusting rhythm, her body going limp within seconds.
>You pull out of her mouth, raising you upper body while pounding away, her moans now sounding more genuine.
>Turns out finishing once was the right move... you'd be long done, otherwise.
>"Gnh... hnng... ahhh~"
>She throws her head back, pulling at the sheets as your hands grip her thighs, immediately jolting when your thumb brushes against her folds.
"Clench your teeth."
>Her ventilation goes hyper as your thumb finds her stump, causing a shockwave of spasms to travel up her body.
>And, in a lapse of concentration, yours as well.
>The room goes silent after your back thuds on the bed, your rational mind returning to calmly assess your actions.
>You gulp.
>There's really no nice way to word this to yourself.
>You are one sick motherfucker.
File: 1506398812835.png (302 KB, 436x414)
302 KB
302 KB PNG
god DAMN
>She rolls on her front after pulling out, clearly avoiding putting pressure on her backside...
>"Care to take a guess at how long I've wanted to do this..?"
"Err... will the answer taint any of my childhood memories with you?"
>"Probably most of them."
>She crawls over to you, using your chest as a pillow.
>"Motherhood is unfair to the son, you know... for me to be blessed with such a bringer of joy, and to be unable to repay it with my virginity..."
"Y-yes... cruel..."
>"I could never match what you've given me, so I will have to die trying."
>Touching, in her own, twisted kind of way.
"I'm going to call it even if you watch your granddaughter from time to-"
>She pokes your nose.
>"She's my niece. Horizontal relations take precedence over vertical."
>That's an extremely convenient way to parse your family tree, but... whatever.
"I want her to grow up in a safe environment, and for that, I need your help."
>She raises an eyebrow.
"I was thinking military parades around the country every now and then, to remind any potential rebels that you're still here to kick their teeth in."
>"Great, I'll be able to spread every detail of what happened here tonight faaaaaar and wide~"
>Your face twithces.
>Just let it happen, Anon...
"Norman will officially be in charge, of course, but he's new, and I need someone to prepare him for the job."
>He can thank you later.
>"I can do that. Is that all, or..?"
"No, actually. Get the fuck out of my room."
I've been sitting on this dump and the last one for I don't even fucking KNOW how long. It's a relief to finally post it, let me tell you.
YOU ARE GREAT WRITER. i can never think of enough ways to say the stuff I want to say. I'm like a screenplay writer. I expect someone else to do the visualizing work
wait why did he say that at the end
Finally!!! I'm glad Anon was able to move forward with this part of his relationship with Celly. Great job Issues! I can't wait to read the next update.

>wait why did he say that at the end
Because she told him to when she was explaining how he SHOULD be acting. Though I hope it was in jest because I'd have a hard time not wanting to cuddle up against her breasts and bask in the afterglow.
>that last fucking line
You can't just destroy my sides after all that hot sweaty action, Issues. For reals, though, that was some quality work and I'm glad you got it done. Try not to keep so much to yourself next time, otherwise you might burst. Have an appul.

It's not just about the destination, man. The journey is important and it can be just as fun, too. I'm not knocking any of the short prompts or one-shots that come up because you always need those, and they're usually pretty nice. I still have some nice one-thread stories that stick in my head. I just can't help but get sucked into a nice story. More setup usually leads to a better payoff as well. Usually is the keyword there, but it's still worth it. Truth be told, I was never too keen on AJ and Big Mac. There's been some phenomenal art but it was never something I deliberately seek out.
File: 1497691403310.png (738 KB, 1024x1133)
738 KB
738 KB PNG
lewd the loli sister and her friend
Why don’t you take a seat?
File: 1531405515549.png (637 KB, 800x800)
637 KB
637 KB PNG
Loli sisters are only for cuddles,hugs, massages and kisses
>giving Flutterimouto breasts
Shame on you for this edit. Her body is still young and pure. Fluttersis doesn't start getting a magnificent chest until she hits puberty.
I want to give a fullbody massage to lil derpy sister
then I guess this is after she's hit puberty. looks right to me.
Just imagine this. Your sister always get bullied by the jealous girls for her chest. It's big brother duty to show how beautiful are her pair with a good massage.
What this Anon said. There was a motherDerpy/sonAnon I remember having seen a while back. It had a sister Dinky using her seemingly devious intellect and young age to try and hook them up (mostly because she didn't like the idea of their mom dating a stranger.).
oh I remember that. it was lovelyful.
File: 1005007.png (300 KB, 1480x1480)
300 KB
300 KB PNG
If your turboslut sister had a doppelganger and you fuck the brains out of that doppelganger, is it still incest?
that's masturbation man
Like she would just sit and watch and not join in, of course it will be incest.
>Turboslut sister and her duplicate make themselves look exactly the same
>They make you tell which is which by taste
File: 1806007.png (465 KB, 1000x1773)
465 KB
465 KB PNG
>your brother is now a sister
what do
Fuck her brains out, dumbass.
Help him commit suicide, or ask Twilight to fix him back so his wife doesn't leave him.
File: 688830.png (131 KB, 360x679)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
Who tastes better?
Trick question, the both taste identically amazing, one however has horsey parts still
File: This kills the Anon.png (70 KB, 200x406)
70 KB
I don't have the heart to tell him.
File: 1728049.jpg (249 KB, 750x1200)
249 KB
249 KB JPG
>not respecting your sister's sexuality
You're never getting laid with that attitude.
And I wont enable a mental condition that can be fixed. Magic conditions doubly so.

I don't think I've read that one. I found this in the General bin.

"Derpy Mom" by ThatGuyWithTheFace

Is that it? I'll likely read it anyway but I just want to be sure.
sorry guys, I won't be writing for a while still. I'm really concerned about improving my drawing skills atm...I'll probably eventually write as a break but it's more of a chore than anything lately and I already have a lot on my plate. I'm good enough to get hired but I want to take it to the next level.
>inb4 blogpost
>Tomboyish sisters were made for fucking during halftime
File: Z29CdbJ4.png (233 KB, 413x413)
233 KB
233 KB PNG
>fuck her extra tenderly when your team is shit
>yfw your team is always shit
>Goth-emo sister
>Sexually attracted to sadness and depression
>Your favorite football (handegg) team is the Cleveland Browns
>Last year, they went 0-16
File: 1459762426482.png (661 KB, 640x929)
661 KB
661 KB PNG
Well I'm not going to lie, that's news I didn't want to hear. Still, I appreciate the honesty. Too many people are afraid to be real. Have this appul and hopefully you'll get a chance to relax.
imagine her resting those sweaty macguppies on her brother's head
>"Ya said ya wanted a hat like mine!"
File: Fluttersisters cry.png (3.05 MB, 7680x7680)
3.05 MB
3.05 MB PNG
>>sister and her duplicate make themselves look exactly the same
>Well, they tried that, but it doesn't really work when one is twice as old as the other.
>giving a fuck about sportsball
Just do what I did and be born with crippling neurochemical imbalances that are almost impossible to medicate and cause severe dysthymia and depression.
>tfw no sister gf who is sympathetic but extremely aroused by this
Thanks for checking in. You should enjoy what you do and if it starts to feel like a chore then it's certainly time to take a break. Do what brings you joy and hone your skills. I'd love to see what you've drawn so far.
I'm assuming it was. I just finished it and it was excellent. Dinky's view of Anon was sweet to behold. Dinky gets lots of d'awww. It was a good ride through the character's emotions with a beautiful ending. To the author, if you're lurking, well done.
File: 1807188.jpg (610 KB, 1600x1600)
610 KB
610 KB JPG
Call her Twilight and dick her down like she always wanted to do to her princess crush.
Moar trap sis flash pls
Stop replying yourself faggot, go to the trap thread already.
File: 1781981.jpg (406 KB, 1336x1292)
406 KB
406 KB JPG
there isn't one, you turd

Imagine sitting close to your "sister" and helping her with her homework and notice how she smells like a girl now.
Then remake it and fuck off then.
I don't think he knows how
Why are faggots retarded? Like, the ones on mlp seem especially retarded, or am I just imagining things?
>oh no, a trap post! now my day is ruined
oh you delicate snowflake
Everyone has a varying degrees of autism in certain areas
File: 1854776__c.png (558 KB, 1141x1759)
558 KB
558 KB PNG
>tfw you can just go through the archive and find every single entry there, right up until the ending
>tfw the pastebin is just a dump of the txts downloaded from Kirko's pastebin before he nuked it
File: 1524506103724.jpg (10 KB, 250x213)
10 KB
Five bucks says it never updates. It's been what, week and a half?
File: 1513024571487 (1).jpg (240 KB, 800x498)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
Incest thread, why has it been 8 whole days since the thread was made, and you only have ~380 posts? Purely unrelated note: why are half those posts autistic screeching?
>complaining over a thread that's had three different writefags updating
something something gifthorse mouth
Because half of the posters are like Chris-chan
>a week and a half is long
This place must be torture for you.
I demand FOUR different writefags, dammit! I didn't realize this was Weenie House Jr!
Did you miss the link in the middle of the thread?
No, you are not imagining things. You are simply projecting.
File: 1479492398757.jpg (2.89 MB, 2550x3300)
2.89 MB
2.89 MB JPG
Have you guys had incestuous or near incestuous encounter irl? If so, how did they affect your view of the topic in general?
No, it’s just that the guy only ever made one set of posts. Thus, we aren’t sure if it was a one shot or not.
God I wish that were me
Let's have some constructive discussion. My favorite green right now is the Maud, I find its detailed description in body language and penchant for expressions give it a nice lively feel and offers a great insight in the other characters' mindsets. I like how Anon intermingles exposition with the actions of his characters, like when Maud hugged him and held his hand.
yeah that is good shit.
i miss writing green about maud marrying anon
File: wait a minute.png (347 KB, 278x453)
347 KB
347 KB PNG
>and all of them have had my first name.
The first one I wrote off as coincidence. The second confused me. The third everyone in the family noticed the pattern and very intentionally said nothing about it.
you're skipping the part where you know now that you were about to have sex even though at the time you didn't know what it was
I highly enjoyed that aspect of it as well. Made the story feel far more personal, like you could just sort of picture yourself there. I suppose that's kind of the point with the PoV characters usually being anon but it isn't something I do often.
Sounds like you're already there with her.
Go get her.
>My sister has dated three boys, and all of them have had my first name.
if this sort of behaviour is still prevelant with her then maybe you should confront her about it, it could lead you to wonderful, incest filled fun
I didn't post any of those pictures brev
>lurk moar
can you remind me which writefag is writing the Maud green, busy week + little sleep + nonstop pony stream is fucking with my brain
>No big tiddied nature nut hippie sister to go on nude camping trips with
Eh, listening to Manowar and ready to die fighting someone. This little regret can be added to it.
DO. It.
I think I already mentioned it here a while back. Two of my cousins (both female) were staying with us for a while, and the younger of the two liked to get really touch feely with me
>No big tiddied nature nut hippie sister to nut in
>no big-nutted hippie tree to nature your sister in
Getting dunked on or doing the dunking?
File: 1505644276037.jpg (316 KB, 707x1000)
316 KB
316 KB JPG
Early morning appul bump. Keep your heads high, pardners. A new day brings new opportunities.
Like hurricanes?
hurricanes that temporarily evict you from your house forcing you to sleep with your siblings, yes.
File: 1485763678095.jpg (16 KB, 261x218)
16 KB
I love a woman in charge
Page 9
>no stoner sister to smoke your cock
File: Adobe_20181014_224401.jpg (54 KB, 571x600)
54 KB
>wake up to sister doing pic related
i thought that was gonna be a funny postit note not a dumb meme
I can post another edit if you'd prefer
File: Adobe_20181014_231102.jpg (54 KB, 571x600)
54 KB
Heres the other edit
>beautiful spread
If you know what I mean
File: 1148891.jpg (1.13 MB, 2779x3000)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB JPG
>my sister is *the* turboslut
count my blessings, pull myself out of her mouth, and dick her down properly.
>Not making the original rumors of her being a turbo slut because you fuck her nympho ass regularly
>Not letting her walk in a room with cock breath from you, while no one else knows
Its like you don't pay attention to her fetishes.
File: 1169449.jpg (1.24 MB, 1165x2791)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB JPG
>implying I can't find her g-spot with my dick by muscle memory
You underestimate me
Then you know you have to kick the ass of any bastard dumb enough to hit on her right?
Anyone have the uncensored version?
File: Spoiler Image (1.54 MB, 770x1090)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB PNG
>Wake up
>Se this

How fucked would you be?
Not very, I'd just ask if sis left any for me.
The artist is wubcake
Thank you so much
File: Rainbow 1528373487321.png (808 KB, 1050x1312)
808 KB
808 KB PNG
>I'll never share a post-run shower with my tomboyish sister
Not very since my big bro Shining Armor would protect me.
why live?
>A school that has boys and girls sharing the shower room with each other
...Do you ever read what you write before you post it?
I can think of much less plausible things, and it's a lot of fun.
besides you can share a post-run shower outside of school.
or maybe she sneaks in, who would complain?
That and the post never mentioned that were at school. They're more than likely at home.
File: Rainbow 1527046346251.jpg (316 KB, 1063x1920)
316 KB
316 KB JPG
>Tomboyish DFC sister starts wearing skimpy outfits to get your attention
>barrel chest
>tiny fucking head
>lip piercing
>zero muscle tone

She's going to need some major reconstructive cosmetic surgery if she's looking to get anything other than revulsion from me.
>at school
>he doesn’t have a shower at his house
>he doesn’t run outside of gym class
lmao found the underage and/or homeless guy
hmmmm if only houses had showers in them, sure is a shame that that certainly isn't true, right Anon? you fucking mouth breathing retard
>when wearing that sort of stuff she starts attracting the wrong kind of attention
>you end up in a lot more fights, like half a dozen a day at school, because people won't stop talking shit about her
>after biting off more than you can chew you finally blow your lid at her, yelling at her and her stupid decisions
>only a hundredth of you is angry that you got beat up
>the other 89% of you is worried that one day you won't be there to help her
>the other 10% is angry that you can't stop getting a boner at the mere sight of her now
>she breaks down and admits to everything, her crush on you, her failed attempt to seduce you with skimpy clothes
>the previous 10% of you becomes 100% as you capture her lips with yours
>short sappy confession later and you two are on each other like animals
>the next day you wake up exhausted but content with your sister curled up in your arms and clinging to you
>however you feel nothing but embarrassment when you go downstairs and your parents start complimenting the two of you on your performance
>Tfw anon is forced to live with cousin babs after moving to manehattan for college
>implying she hasn't been totally lax with that, showing you every inch of her slowly developing body over the years
I think fair enough most people only exercise outside their home.
That's me actually. I have more ready but it's very late here and the update needs proofreading so expect posts tomorrow

Awww thank you, I was hoping to accomplish something like you both describe so I'm glad that for you I am hitting the mark.
>>your parents start complimenting the two of you on your performance
That sounds like Rainbow's parents alright.
Someone should continue this.
Been a while, longer than I intended but Midterms decided otherwise.I am continuing the Pie Sisters story from last thread which can be found here

>The rest of the day going into evening was a bit of a blur.
>Even more hugging when your sisters all united again.
>Pinkie crying with joy about how much she missed her favorite older sister.
>Pinkie clarifying that Maud is her favorite older sister while Limestone is her favorite oldest sister after Limey’s poor attempts to act like ‘nothing was wrong’.
>Begrudgingly writing Pinkie an IOU for five bucks...
>She really has a knack for attracting focus.
>Though, it’s more due to the fact that you’d been trying to avoid thinking about Maud.
>Specifically the car ride back.
>It was… wrong to have your body and your mind on two different pages regarding her.
>Needless to say, there’s a lot of catching up you have to do that’ll hopefully get you up to speed.
>The sooner she’s family again, the better.
>Not just Maud either, everyone.
>The dinner table was just non stop talking and you only could take in so much at once.
>There’s so much you missed in what feels like not very long.
>Ma was right.
>There were letters sure, but hearing about Pinkie ruining dinner by hiding charges under the mashed potatoes and seeing it first hand really are two different things.
>A sigh escapes your lips as you stand in front of your bedroom door.
>What kind you can’t really say, a bit of tired, a bit of relaxation-
>A bit of Maud’s sideboob as you walk into your bedroom.
“Oh SHI-”
>You shut the door on yourself in your scramble to exit the room and catch a glimpse of Maud looking back at you over her shoulder.
>She pivots her shoulders just enough so that the tit that was partially obscured by her arm is now fully on display to you as she continues lifting her shirt.
>As the door closes your view away from your own twin, you can’t help but still see the image of her curvy waist in the front of your mind.
“Maud I’m so fucking sorry” you whisper-yell through the door, “I didn’t know you were going to be there.
>”Why are you sorry? It’s your room” she responds back in her usual monotone.
“I- Well yeah but I wasn’t expecting you to be getting changed in there.”
>”It’s my room too, I usually change in my room.”
>You sigh.
“I know. What I mean is-”
>The door opens with a speed that barely gives you time to shut your eyes tight.
>A moment passes in silence before you chance peeking them open and find yourself looking face to face with Maud’s cool stare.
>”I’m done changing now.”
>You sheepishly enter the room and spy your bags against the back wall of the room
>“Are you alright Anonymous? You are acting different.”
“I’m fine, Maud” you respond, kneeling down to rummage through your luggage.
>”Is it frostbutt?”
>You sigh.
“No Maud, I told you Pinkie made that up.”
>”She said that frostbutt makes people irritable when their frostbutt is brought up.”
“Yeah well Pinkie says a lot of things when-”
>Your words blank out before they can reach your mouth as you feel a warmth against your back.
>Slowly a pair of hands enter your view as they snake their way around your torso, “I was joking when I said that. I know you don’t have frostbutt, Anonymous.”
>You try to say something but can’t find yourself able to do anything other than stay kneeled.
>Maud’s forehead rests on the base of your neck, “You are being different, however, I don’t like it.”
>”What’s wrong? You’ve never reacted to me like that before and you’ve seen me change often in the past.”
“I know, Maud. I just…”
>”Is it because you had an erection in the truck?”
>You instinctively tense up as the words casually leave her mouth and can feel a burning heat on your neck where Maud’s skin is touching yours.
“So you did notice then h-huh…”
>”It was obvious with your girth and how it pressed against my-”
“OKAY,” you clear your throat, “Fuck, Maud, I’m really sorry about that. I can’t even begin to put into words how embarrassing that was for me… and for you too, of course” you mumble, trying to save whatever face you can.
>”I wasn’t embarrassed, Anonymous.”
“I know I know but- wait… what?”
>”Why would I be embarrassed? Men can become erect through stimulation even if they aren’t interested in sex and the ride home was very unstable. It’s understandable that you would-”
“Maud, can we please not talk about my boner anymore?”
>She pauses and goes silent for a while.
>You can tell she has something more to say, there’s almost a hesitation you can feel in the silence coming from here.
>”You are my twin brother and I feel comfortable around you. I feel this way about you more than anyone.”
>You can feel her bring you ever so slightly closer to her as her embrace tightens around you.
>”The city was complicated. The same stores were short walks from each other when there could be only one and the other stores could be different stores. People are complicated. They say things they don’t mean and mean things they don’t say. Even in our family sometimes, but you, Anonymous, are not complicated.” She pauses for a moment and you feel her forehead press into your neck, “You didn’t used to be…”
>There’s only the faintest hint of sorrow in her voice, anyone else might have overlooked it, but you can feel your body soften at the sound of it hitting your ears.
“I’m sorry Maud… there’s just a lot to come back to I’m realizing.”
>”But you are back.”
>You can’t help but chuckle and you’re not even sure if Maud was joking this time.
“Yeah, I guess I am.”
>Whether she was or not, you take in her words at face value.
>You are back.
>You’re home.
>And in an awkward sibling hug no less.
>This is a classic ‘you’ place to be.
>You place a hand over Maud’s and pat it a couple of times.
“Thanks, Maud. I think I needed to hear that.”
>You tilt your head back and bump heads with her, she takes the queue and releases you.
>As she gets back to her feet and walks towards the center of the room you unzip your luggage and dig through the bag until you feel the soft cottony feel of your pajama bottoms.
>You pull them out and rise to your feet, feeling a bit of tingle in your toes as the blood rushes back into them.
>Jeez, you were kneeled for longer than you thought.
>You turn and see Maud going through her bags as well.
>Her eyes are focused completely on the rocks she’s pulling out.
>One at a time and then purposefully laying it down in certain places on the floor around her.
>You watch her briefly, noting the analytical look in her eyes as she holds up each stone.
>Not wanting to bother her, or really get her attention, you turn away and take hold of your belt.
>Try as you might to quietly remove your belt amid the faint clicks of rock on wood as Maud sorts away, you can’t help but feel like each clink of your belt is loud.
>When you finally get it undone, you can’t help but feel eyes burning into your back.
“You’re still being weird. You said you’d stop being weird…” you mouth silently to yourself.
>Despite the attempt at pep talk, you can’t seem to convince yourself to just get changed like you’d always done before.
>You quickly cross the room, passing Maud who is still sorting her rocks and awkwardly mumbling the word bathroom along with other nonsense sounds.
>You close the door behind you so that it makes just the faintest click as it shuts and breathe a sigh of relief as this tension you were building up in yourself is gone the moment you separate yourself from the idea of changing in that room.
“It’s been a long day… timezones and red-eye flight and long taxi ride and…” you ramble to yourself as you waltz over to the nearby bathroom down the hall.
>After a good night’s sleep things’ll be better.
>You nod in approval as you open the door to the bathroom and hear a “occupado Nonerano!” sing-songed in your direction.
>You eyes widen in surprise as you are forced to take in the form of your younger sister.
>Her nude front is completely exposed as her hands are occupied with stuffing her curls into a shower cap.
>Her tongue is peeking out while her face is scrunched in effort as she battles with the last curl that won’t get into the cap.
>Pinkie’s legs cross over each other, and she squeezes her ample thighs together while bending forward slightly to cover herself in response to your intrusion.
>Her breasts jiggle as they ever so slightly come away from simply resting on her chest as she leans forward.
>You manage not to slam the door on yourself this time as you shut the door in front of you
“Oh come on!” you hiss in frustration at yourself.
>The sound of Pinkie giggling is followed by the sound of running water, “Hey you snooze you lose. Now you gotta wait, snoozer.”
“No, not that. For barging in on you.”
>Pinkie blows a raspberry, “You’re Nonners, Nonners. What do I care if you see Big Bertha and Freckle.”
>”Freckle is the right one, duh. Oh! That’s right, you don’t know their names. Big Bertha was named first because she outpaced Freckle for a while and wouldn’t ya know it but Big Bertha is actually smaller than Freckle I think” she reduces her voice to only being just above the sound of the water when she mentions the size of her breast, almost like she didn’t want to offend it.
>Before you can say anything, you hear Pinkie let out a happy moan as the sound of the water changes.
>”Okie dokie, I’m getting ready to scrubba dubba, so the door’s unlocked if you wanna brush your teeth or take a wizz, but don’t you dare drop a twofer you doofer!”
“Uh… no thanks I’ll just go get changed in the other bathroom.”
>You can’t tell if she heard you or not as she’s currently breaking out into a song that’s very out of her pitch.
>With a wince you walk backwards away from the door and-
>”Oh N-nonny!” you hear Marble shout in surprise followed by a squeak as you bump something with your back and feel a thud rumble the floor.
>You whip around to find Marble sitting on the floor, wincing a little through her curtain of bangs.
“Marble!” you quickly offer her a hand which she takes, “Sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.”
>”Oh it’s not your fault, I saw you in the hall. I just thought you were going to go into the bathroom and was trying to go by. I’m sorry.”
>Leave it to your sister to apologize for being knocked down…
“You alright?”
>She smiles and nods, “Mmhmm! My butt took the fall for me mostly” she replies, giggling to herself after.
>You’re about to apologize again when you find yourself cut off by her gasping.
>”A-are those… Cee Bee Enn jammies!?”
>Cee Bee Enn?
“CBN?” you repeat back to her while looking down at your pajama pants, “Oh! You mean Cuddle Bunny Ninja?”
>”Yeah! You watch CBN?”
>It’s… a little off putting to see her so excited, she’s bouncing on the tips of her toes while looking up at you with hopeful eyes.
“I do… One of the researchers brought a dvd set with him and I watched a few out of boredom. Got hooked before I even finished season one.”
>Her faces goes through three distinct phases as you explained, starting with the hopeful stare and mouth in a small ‘o’ as she listened.
>Then a barely contained smile as you mention getting hooked.
>And finally hands clasped tightly in front of her mouth, partially hiding a bright and toothy grin.
>”Oh my gosh me too!” she exclaims, throwing her hands out in front of her.
>She snatches your wrists in her hands and continues, “This forum I visit a lot mentioned it so I watched a few episodes online and I was just… hooked!”
>”I mean sure it’s not the best show ever but the lore-”
“Well yeah but the lore-”
>You both pause and look at each other.
“So good!”
>”Oh my gosh it is SO good!”
>Each of you interrupt each other with highlights through the seasons before Marble stops you.
>”Nonny! I can’t believe you’re a ninjette!”
“Oh god, is that what the fandom calls themselves?”
>She shushes you, “Nobody else would watch the show with me, Pinkie can’t pay attention to all the details and Limestone thinks it’s just a dumb kid’s show.”
“Well, I mean-”
>”And I know it is but, you know what I mean.”
>She throws her arms around you and gives you the firmest squeeze her arms are capable of giving, “You just became so much cooler than before!” she says, groaning slightly as she struggles to keep hugging you tight.
>She lets you go with another gasp, “Oh and the new season is starting soon! You and me can watch it together!”
“Wow really? That’s such good timing! I was pretty bummed that the last season ended with that cliffhanger. I mean I’ve been wanting to know Sensei’s origin for like-”
>”Wait, last season? Sensei’s origin was a while back.”
“It was? Oh shoot, then what season is the new one?”
>“Twelve is the new one. Sensei’s origin was in…”
>She taps a finger to her lips while she thinks.
>”It had to be season six. Because in season seven Boopicoot-”
“Ah ah ah! No spoilers! Samurais are nothing without their honor!” you say, plugging your ears.
>Marble clasps her hands over her mouth and you hear a muffled “Sorrysorrysorry” with your ears plugged.
>Her hands come up to yours and pull your hands away, “Nonny. Do you know what this means though?”
“I can guess.”
>”Are you guessing Cuddle Bunny Ninja marathon?”
“I was guessing Cuddle Bunny Ninja marathon.”
>She squeaks with joy and does a little hop in place, “I am SO excited! You are going to love the season where-”
>Before you can shush her, she shushes herself by clamping her lips shut and with a muffled giggle making a zipped lips motion with her hands.
“It’ll be great Marble-” a yawn works it way out as you were talking.
>Marble steps forward one last time and gives you a gentle hug, “I’m just glad you’re home, a CBN marathon is just extra great.”
>She leans up on her tiptoes to kiss you on the cheek, “Goodnight Nonny, I love you.”
>Strong jaw, Anonymous.
>Pie men are born with strong jaws…
“I love you too, Marble.”
>She lets you go and you continue down the hall in the other way towards the only other bathroom that’s not in your parent’s bedroom.
>You stop just outside the door and instinctively start to reach for the handle but you like to think you learned your lesson by now and knock on the door.
>Sure enough the voice of your oldest sister Limestone calls out, “What?”
“Oh, sorry Limey, I was just trying to find an empty bathroom-”
>”Runt! Come in.”
>”I’m brushing my teeth, dork, just get in here” she huffs.
>Hesitantly, you do as she says and open the door.
>Limestone stands before you in a plain oversized t-shirt that goes down to her upper thigh.
>She nods at you before turning around.
>The shirt rides up a little as she bends over to spit into the sink.
>You unintentionally catch a glimpse of color between her legs as the shirt rides up and exposes her well toned thighs and just the slightest hint of the curve of her butt as it peeks out from the hem of the shirt.
>You hear Limestone run the tap for a moment as your eyes are currently anywhere else and at last she speaks with a nonmuffled voice, “Hey, R- uh, Anon…”
>You chance a look down at her and watch her eyes blink away from yours.
>She’s facing forward now, partially sitting, partially leaning back on the edge of the sink.
>Your eyes keep catching glimpses of the shirt exposing and obscuring her thighs as she shifts on the sink.
>”I uh, I just wanted to say that… I-I’m sorry for how I greeted you out there.”
>You quirk a brow.
>”I wasn’t expecting you to be there, obviously, you jerk ass.” she continues, her voice dropping to a bit of a grumble at the insult but she pauses to take a breath and seems to relax slightly.
>“So, y’know, I was just shocked and Pinkie and Marble were there already and I just said and did whatever came to my head and that was… well I noogied you.”
>You can see some color begin to catch on her cheeks and her eyes still look around you but not directly at you.
>On top of that you can see her fingers fidgeting behind her through the reflection in the mirror.
>”I’m just really bad at saying the right things when I’m on the spot like that and-”
“S’alright sis, I know how you are.”
>”No Anon, it’s not alright okay?!” she snaps back at you, looking into your eyes for the first time since you walked in.
>”You just came back from half the fuckin’ world away and all I could think to do was noogie you? I mean c’mon, who the hell does that?!”
>You can only watch as her face gets noticeably redder.
>Her eyes lower, not out of avoidance now but seemingly out of shame.
>Limestone steps forward and lays her head against your chest, followed after by her arms as they close in around your back.
>”You’re my little brother and I missed you so damn much…” you can hear a very faint sniffle coming from under your chin, “I’m really glad you’re home, Anon.”
“I’m glad too, Limey.”
>She clears her throat before letting you go and you could swear you hear her mutter something about a strong jaw to herself.
>”Alright, she’s all yours” Limestone says, motioning to the bathroom as she starts to move past you.
“Thanks, just gonna get changed and then bedtime.”
>She snorts, “That’s all? Why do you need the bathroom for just that? You’ve got a bedroom remember?”
“Yeah, one I’m sharing with Maud.”
>Limestone blows a raspberry, “So? She’s your twin s'not like you both have something the other hasn’t-.”
>Your oldest looks up at you with an incredulous look as she logics at you.
>RIght up to where she lets her train of thought trail off.
>She stays seemingly lost in thought until her eyes light up with a sudden realization.
>You swallow nervously, “You’re trying to hide something!”
>Her hands come up, fingers wiggling as her eyes ignite with a menacing gaze.
>Oh hell no, you know that fucking look!
“N-no, no!”
>”Oh yeah, c’mon out with it!” she goads, darting a hand out to catch your shirt.
>You back away and back away until you find yourself against the wall.
>”I bet it’s a tattoo isn’t it? Is it about how much you love penguins now? C’mon c’mon!”
>She grabs hold of your shirt and starts lifting it up
>You catch her by the wrist and try to pull her off all while she’s laughing and listing off tattoos.
>”Or could it be you got some blubber to keep warm up there that you don’t want your sisters to see huh?”
>As you struggle to keep your shirt down, you miss her other hand striking a stinging titty twister on your right nipple which is enough for her to throw your shirt up and expose your torso.
>”Ah ha!” she says triumphantly, scanning over your body for a moment.
>A moment that you use to push her hand away and pull your shirt back down.
>She whistles as you pat down the shirt, “Wow, not too shabby, Anon. That’s a stomach to be proud of…”
>You feel some heat on your cheeks as she compliments you.
>”But if you wanna see some definition then check this out!”
>She flips the hem of her shirt up, giving you a full view of the panties you inadvertently glimpsed earlier as well as the intent of her exposure, her very well toned abs.
>”You could do your laundry on this washboard huh?” she says proudly.
>You can’t help but feel almost entranced as your eyes follow the well defined lines of her body.
>So firm and yet still so feminine.
>”Come help out on the rock farm sometime, Anon. I never touched a single weight to get all this.”
“Y-yeah…” is the only thing you can respond with, if that’s even what you said.
>Limestone chuckles to herself and taps you lightly on the shoulder as she steps out into the hallway, “G’night, Anon.”
“Y-you too.”
>She snorts as she closes the door behind her.
>You start to pull down your pants when the door creaks open again.
>Just wide enough for her smug face to peek into the room, “I still think you’re hiding a tattoo somewhere though, and even if it’s on your asscheek I’m gonna find it. That’s a promise.”
>She shuts the door fully now and you can hear her cackling to herself as she walks towards the bedroom.
>You make a point to lock the door to the bathroom before continuing to undress and slip into your comfy pajamas.
“Kinda stuffy aren’t you?” you mutter to yourself as you pinch the sides of your cuddle bunny ninja pants.
>Makes sense though, these were much comfier up north.
>You creak open the door to your shared bedroom and peek inside.
>Maud is no longer in her spot on the floor.
>You open it just long enough to slip in and shut the door behind you.
>Your gaze lazily scans over the room until you catch sight of your sister sitting up in your bed.
>She turns her upper body to look at you.
>In her outstretched hand is a small familiar-looking grey stone.
>”I was trying to find a good place to put Boulder.”
“You could try maybe your side of the room?”
>She blinks once, “That’s too far. I like to keep Boulder close to me.”
“So why wouldn’t your side of the room be closer?”
>”Because I’m sharing your bed tonight.”
“You- Wh-what? Why can’t you sleep in your own-”
>As you stumble out your response, you turn around to point to Maud’s bed but find two coffee tables in their place.
>”Pinkie, Marble, and Limestone were watching a scary movie in Limestone’s room. Pinkie scared Limestone and she broke her bed so they gave mine to her.”
>You hiss as you imagine how in the hell Limey managed to break an entire bed.
>”When I visit I would sleep in yours because you weren’t here anymore, but now you are.”
>You realize you’re still pointing at the tables and sheepishly drop your hand, hiding it behind your back as Maud looks up at you from her spot sitting at the edge of your bed.
>Without skipping a beat, she cuts through the silence to ask, ”Can Boulder sleep in your pocket? He missed you too.”
>You blow air through your nose in a stifled laugh.
“I dunno, has he been good? I remember in your last letter that he’s been very fussy.”
>Maud looks down at Boulder, she rolls him side to side in her palm briefly before looking back up at you.
>You can see a slight shift in her, her shoulders drop just slightly and you get the sense that she’s more relaxed than before.
>Was she tense just now talking to you?
>Maud looks down at Boulder, she rolls him side to side in her palm briefly before looking back up at you.
>You can see a slight shift in her, her shoulders drop just slightly and you get the sense that she’s more relaxed than before.
>Was she tense just now talking to you?
>”He’s been better since then. I think he’s earned it.”
>You walk over to the bed and plop yourself down right next to her.
>Maud’s shoulder length hair bounces slightly, coming to rest haphazardly on her shoulder.
>Her calm eyes follow you as you approached and now look up slightly to keep your gaze.
“I dunno, Maud, I wouldn’t want to spoil him. You know how prone he is to that.”
>Maud looks down at Boulder, cupped lovingly in her hands as they rest on her lap, “He’s matured a lot since you’ve been gone, I think life in the city had some benefit.”
>You openly chuckle now and extend your hand towards hers.
“Alright, then I’ll take him for tonight.”
>She lifts him up, bringing him to her lips and pecks him once, “Only for tonight, Boulder” she says with her same monotone inflection, but softer in volume.
>Your twin sister turns to look at you and lowers her hand towards yours, her palm touches yours on the side and she slowly tilts her hand higher and higher until the small stone rolls from her hand onto yours.
>You can feel the warmth collected off of Maud on the stone’s surface as it rests in the center of your open palm.
“Hey buddy, it’s been a while hmm?”
>You’d never thought you could feel sentimental over a rock, but damn it if you can’t help but remember the day you gave this pet rock to Maud as a birthday present when you were kids.
>And it’s just as smooth and heavy as you remember.
>You slide him into the pocket of your pajamas and pat the pocket gently.
>Maud watches Boulder slip away then slowly lifts her gaze to you.
>”Are you going to sleep?”
>You yawn as soon as she says the word.
“Oh hell yes, I’m so tired after a day like this. Think I’ve been awake for more than twenty-four hours.”
>Without saying a thing, Maud begins to lean back.
>She just starts to to leave your field of view when gravity drags her the rest of the way down and she flops onto the upper half of your bed.
>Her hair splays out around her as she stares blankly up at the ceiling.
“Uh… you planning to sleep like that?”
>”No.” She responds, not even looking over at you.
“Then what are you doing?”
>”Laying down.”
“Ha ha. Well lay down a different way smartass, this is still my bed.”
>”Then I am a guest in your bed.”
>You turn over, kneeling on the edge of the bed with one leg as you lean in and slip one arm under her thighs while the other goes under her upper back.
“Yeah well I’m a shitty host so- aargh!”
>In your brotherly attempt to flip her onto the other side of the bed you feel a sharp jolt of pain shoot up from your lower back.
>It’s enough to make you suck in air sharply as you double over.
>”Anonymous? Are you alright?”
>Maud’s stupid bags from earlier, this pain is exactly like that one.
>But worse.
>You can feel Maud’s gentle hand on the back of your neck and realize the softness of the sheets on your face are actually the cloth of Maud’s shirt as your face is against her belly.
“Fine, got a kink in my back earlier that I forgot about. Sorry.”
>You sit up with a slight groan.
>Maud looks up at you, tilting her head slightly, “I can help you.”
“No no, I’m good. Just need to sleep it off.”
>”I have a minor in Kinesiology, Anonymous. I help Pa with his aches, I can help you.”
“No, Maud, it’s already better see? This is my okay face.”
>”Lay down” she says, face to face with you.
>It’s scary how fast she can move for someone so normally stoic.
>You start to say something but are silenced by her hand over your mouth.
>”Lay down.”
>You can feel an intensity underlined in her flat voice that reminds you a bit of Limestone and you do as she says.
>A small hiss escapes your lips as you lay on your belly.
>The bed shifts as Maud adjusts her position, you can see her shadow looming over you as she begins touching your side.
>Her thumbs press into the softer flesh just above your hips while her fingers dig ever so slightly into sides.
>She rubs small circles around the point where her thumbs are touching.
>You can’t help but squirm a little as you discover that you’re ticklish right there.
>Maud says nothing, only continues to poke and prod around your lower back.
>The bed shifts again, this time sinking in the spot right between your legs.
>You can feel the warmth of Maud’s body, presumably her leg as she sinks her knee into the gap between your legs.
>You suck in a breath of air as you feel her weight push up against your junk a little and can’t help but tense in response.
>”Lift your shirt up Anonymous” she says after this extended moment of silent analysis.

And that's all I have for now
I can't say I've had the pleasure to read it yet. Do you have a bin where I can catch up?
I don't but I linked the desuarchive above that leads to the last thread where I posted the first part of this story

Thanks famalam. I'll give it a start on my next break.
Alright, not bad at all. Some good world building and good character introductions. I think you portrayed all the sisters feelings very well; especially Maud. The 'hand-holding' speak was a nice touch. I hope you continue. It is well worth putting it in a Pastebin or something.
File: midnight_by_ta_na-dapcnwp.png (945 KB, 1000x1000)
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945 KB PNG
Help me finish corrupting her. You don't want sweet little sister. You want a slut! And then we'll work on mom.
>Anon goes into the kitchen and brings back a spray bottle
"No, bad sister....s"
>He then sprays them both
what happened to rainbow dash's cop dad
File: drugs bunny.png (256 KB, 500x482)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
what happened to frosty?
what happened to jefe?
I finally got around to reading and finishing "Candy Hearts". I like it. Yeah, the ending was rushed but at least it had an ending and one that my imagination can run off happily into the sunset with.

gooood writer. god damn. this is the best harem shit ever.
I'm skeptical.

1. Most workplaces with decent admins block "chan" sites. Even on their employee wifi. It's even easier if they use some DNS filtering like OpenDNS or Norton Surfsafe.

2. What the hell is he doing browsing 4chan at his desk in an open area that someone could just walk up behind them. That's what you use your phone for when you're on break, in a break room or somewhere you can have your back against a wall. N-not that I have experience doing that. Just saying.
File: 1460814472123.jpg (454 KB, 1181x1748)
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454 KB JPG
I like Maud.
I want to lick her everywhere
especially there
File: 1499542548941.png (116 KB, 407x600)
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116 KB PNG
Not just any slut, you troglodyte! I want a TURBOSLUT.
>Your awkward turbovirgin little sister is being corrupted by her hidden turboslut nature.
>Only her big brother can save her.
>You must claim her, and quench the fire of her desire, lest she start slutting it up with half the town.
File: 1439090.jpg (345 KB, 864x1224)
345 KB
345 KB JPG
Anon, you lazy cuck! Hurry up and bone your turboslut sister, she's already losing control over her lust!
random promptlets from a tired brain
>sister gets dared at sleepover to do somethin with ya
>bro reassures sister she is teh pretty, reminding her that your whole family is hot and you all set a high standard it's hard for anyone else to live up to
>young anon is told tying is like kissing your sister. adorably always tries to tie at everything.
"Oh god damn it Pinkie, Gamescon is like months away!"
>"But Anoooooon how're we supposed to practice for the con if we don't get into character!"
"The fuck you on girl? You literally don't have to talk as Doom Girl! Also your armor's all scuffed up and broken and..."
>"Anon my nose is twitching and my right pinkie is itchy, that usually means your mad."
"Did. You. Put. On. A. Unfinished. Costume."
>"Ahehehe, I wanted to surprise you?"
>"Anon, now wait a minute here."

Idunno trying to do better characters and shit
I'm sure if I understood that, I'd like it.
*doom metal starts playing*
Some companies prefer hiring responsible people who read greens only half of day and get their job done. Css is another way of concealing, aside from nobody actually giving a fuck and having your entire desk blocked from most of the room. Others just sit with faces in their own screens.
>Her faces goes through
>Maud looks down at Boulder, she rolls him side to side in her palm briefly before looking back up at you.
>You can see a slight shift in her, her shoulders drop just slightly and you get the sense that she’s more relaxed than before.
>Was she tense just now talking to you?
Double posted lines.
Bin it bin it bin it bin it.
>You'll never give your musician sister the thorough relaxing dick-down she needs after 3 months of nonstop touring
>ywn have a musician sister
I wouldn't, for that would ruin both her and my life. We're not morons who're gonna act like screwing each other is perfectly normal and not weird at all.
>not going on tour with her and giving her daily doses of dickings to keep her relaxed and at 100% for the whole tour
>not going to places where no one knows that you're siblings
>not enjoying being able to act like an actual couple in public because of that
>being able to act like an actual couple in public
>And then a fan of Vinyl takes a picture of the two of you making out or some other things only a couple does, and uploads it to the internet for all to see
>Then one of your relatives or someone who knows you sees it
>And then your lives are destroyed forever, and Vinyl Scratch's career as a musician is ruined
>All because you couldn't keep it in your pants
Was it worth it?
do you really think people would find out you were related? it would only ruin things with your family, and let's face it, if homos can have parental acceptance, this is a fraction of that.
it's wrong because it's wrong, period. don't give yourself some other flimsy excuse to behave right. taboos can evaporate at a moment's notice, inhibitions can come down. for god's sake this is a fantasy thread.
>do you really think people would find out you were related?
Do you not know what a huge fan is and what some of them are capable of doing to get pictures and stuff from those they are a fan of?
>it would only ruin things with your family
And everyone else in the country who wants nothing to do with siblings who are so far gone in their eyes that they're actually together with each other. Or what, you think word wouldn't spread? Words always spread. If Vinyl is really famous, then all the newspapers would eat those kind of news up in a heartbeat and put it on the front-page.
>if homos can have parental acceptance, this is a fraction of that.
>Comparing someone in your family who is in love with another who is not in your family but of the same sex, to being in love with someone in your own family
>"hurr, being homo is only a fraction of banging your own family"
...Are you an idiot?
are you a modern degenerate? one's significantly worse than the other by all standards.
Last post bump
>are you a modern degenerate?
>You're now a degenerate if you DON'T act like incest is perfectly normal, not special at all, and approved by everyone
What an age we live in...
oh I see, you're trolling. should have picked up on that sooner
So the new troll tactic is to say that everyone is trolling despite being right, or what?
You know what? Don't answer. I don't want to know. I'm not a troll like you.
The irony
>I can't think of anything to say to prove him wrong
>I know! I'll just say "the irony"
>Yeah, that'll show everyone
Do you live in a school for children or something? Because posts like the ones you've made cannot possibly have been written by an adult.
what the fuck planet is this guy from
someone just make the new thread
I didn't expect more irony, but here it is
>I'm so underage that I don't even know what irony is
I didn't expect more retardness, but there you are.
My readings are off the charts
next thread when?
Do we let it die and let a write-friend bring it back when they're ready to post?
but anon, soon
Making the thread
I'm liking it, there's plenty of good brother and sister moments with all the girls. Marble is a gem and Lime is as tsundere as you could expect. Maud's definitely looking for some fucc, though. Have the thread's last appul.

Fuck yeah!
New thread that isn't broken
He deserved it for visiting 4chan at work

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