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File: sunny_red_eyes_0.jpg (148 KB, 583x1034)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
>Hey girls, you ever wonder why Anon is always alone?

>I'm new to this thread, what is exactly the context of it?
Someone makes an offhand comment on why Anon is always alone and one of the girls goes and does a thing to try and be his friend.
>Okay, sounds good and all, but where do I start?
The completed stories list is a good place to start, or you could dive into the ongoing stories in the alive list first, whatever you fancy.

>Completed Stories: https://pastebin.com/Zn1GXLeE

>Alive writefags:
YFNAnon: http://pastebin.com/4k2SieWK
Enemies everywhere, mysterious magical squads causing havoc. What the hell's going on, and where does Anon fit in all this?

CopAnon: https://pastebin.com/N1vBnFih
What's it like being a school cop? Fun? Exciting? Not for Anon, with past memories coming to haunt him, magical shenanigans and tough decisions.

LP: https://pastebin.com/f98Ac9jt
Thrown into the deep end of a school competition, can Anon stay afloat? Can he bring his team to victory?

FireWalk: https://pastebin.com/vFqGyRUR
Struggling to get away from his past, Anon decides to take a teaching job at Canterlot High.

Insanon: https://pastebin.com/1tcneuk5
Hallucinations, chaos and mental trauma. And Anon is smack dab in the middle of it.

AxiiAnon: https://pastebin.com/jkJSC8q1
A destiny themed ride of magical adventures.

>Unknown situation writefags
Sadnon: https://pastebin.com/qmBaNCvT
HackerAnon: https://pastebin.com/NM5rSfSp
EngineerAnon: https://pastebin.com/ny3DdBwN
PTSD-Anon: https://pastebin.com/j8DrBx2z
Autistic Occultist Anon: https://pastebin.com/W2Lw5e2K
Damynorb: http://pastebin.com/UcG73ANS
MT88: https://pastebin.com/r41b2g7Y

>Dead writefags: Big list.


Previous Thread: >>32920613
File: cop grooms.jpg (152 KB, 778x988)
152 KB
152 KB JPG
Been waiting for a new thread to post these. I got into the Smash Bros meme. Also Cop, if you feel I'm misrepresenting Anon in any of these pictures, go ahead say so. This is just how I picture him with what I'm given in the story.
File: lady killer.jpg (118 KB, 839x679)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Don't worry, I feel like you've been doing a pretty fine job so far.

>>32988716 (You)
>Again clutching at your skull, you do your best to settle your reeling head.
>”Fluttershy! What’s gotten into you?”
>”Oh! Oh, gosh, I-I’m so sorry Anon!”
>As Fluttershy rushes over to you, Bon Bon bursts out into laughter.
>”Hahahaha! Oh my god, Fluttershy, this is too much!”
>”S-stop laughing! This isn’t funny!” She cries.
>However, Bon Bon’s laughter only seems to intensify.
>In frustration, Fluttershy does her best to ignore the laughing girl as she turns her attention to you.
>You feel soft, delicate fingertips brush against your scalp as Fluttershy searches for any bumps.
>As they lightly trace over where you slammed your head, you feel a brief reprieve from the hurt before another fresh, albeit noticeably weaker surge of pain rises up.
>You grit your teeth and lightly push Fluttershy away.
>”Officer Anon? Are you okay?” She asks.
>”Give him a few more lumps and he’ll be right where he needs to be!” Bon Bon exclaims.
>Snapping her eyes back to Bon Bon in a righteous fury, Fluttershy lunges for her ball.
>She rushes back and raises it above her head, primed to strike her down with zeal.
>As Bon Bon hides behind her arms, you quickly snatch the ball from Fluttershy’s hands.
>“That’s enough!”
>Her sudden berserker rage fading, Fluttershy immediately shrinks from your disapproving gaze and Luna’s commanding tone.
>With Bon Bon’s assailant disarmed, her abrasive attitude quickly resurfaces.
>”Are you seriously defending this pedo Fluttershy?”
>”Oh, Luna!” Celestia calls as she rubs her temples, “If you don’t mind,cI believe now would be an acceptable time for you escort Bon Bon to my office.”
>”I… Of course. On your feet, Bon Bon.”
>Tightly clutching Bon Bon’s wrists, Luna prompts Bon Bon to stand with a pull of her arm.
>Bon Bon does not comply.
>”I’m not going to the office. I didn’t do anything!"
>”You know exactly what you did and you know that it was wrong! Now stand up, or I’ll have Officer Anon drag you to the office!”
>Her angry eyes shift to meet yours.
“Oh, I’ll do it, too.”
>Her eyes narrow; but, with a raspy groan, she concedes and hops to her feet.
>”Ugh. Keep your disgusting hands off me, pig.”
>You spitefully hold your tongue as Luna drags the bratty teen girl off, her eyes glaring at you all the while. Within seconds, they disappear around the bleachers.
>Not giving the girl anymore thought than she deserves, you redirect your attention elsewhere.
>You see the others try to rush over to you, but Celestia halts them. She motions for you to sort out Fluttershy as she continues where she left off with the others.
>As you look down on Fluttershy, you see her fearfully avoid your eyes. After a brief moment of silence, she squeaks out another apology.
>”I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
“The game’s over, Shy. You shouldn’t be throwing stuff like that anymore.” You say, brazenly tossing the ball into the court. “What’s gotten into you?”
>As per usual, a frightened eye peeks out shyly from behind her hair.
>”I just… Bon Bon wasn’t playing very nice. She was being mean, and-“
>As she carries on through her tale, you notice her slowly change her stature; word by word, she seems to stand taller and speak louder.
>”-and I wouldn’t have really minded that she used me like that, but then you fell, and then she hit you in the head, and…“
>With a sudden surge of emotion, she steps closer and pushes her hair away from her face.
>”And then she laughed about it! You could have been hurt really bad, and she just laughed and called you names! A-a-and even now, she’s just so… mean!”
“I know she is, Shy, but come on. This isn’t you.”
>”I know…” She sadly replies, hanging her head low.
>Finding Celestia still mid-speech with the other girls, you decide on a little walk and talk.
>You turn and place a guiding hand on Shy’s shoulder, signaling for her to follow you out into the halls.
“I mean, don’t get me wrong; I appreciate you trying to defend my honor and all that.”
>”You do?”
“Of course I do. Bon Bon’s being a huge cun- err… She’s not being very nice. But, trouble is still trouble, and you should be trying your best to stay out of it, you know?”
>”I know…” She sighs quietly.
>You can’t help but feel a little two-faced for scolding the girl, especially when you know full-well that you would have been laughing your ass off if her throw had hit it’s intended target.
>You pull open the door for her, and she quickly moves through to the hallway.
>You wince a little as you step into the busy corridors, brimming with chatting students.
>Wincing again as the door slams behind you, you carry on.
>”T-thank you…”
“Mmhm. But, enough about that brat. What’s with you hopping into the game, anyway?”
>Your query elicits a jolt of surprise from her.
>”Oh! I-I-I, u-uhm… Y-you said to try and be brave, so…”
“So you decided to just ask Bulk if you could hop into a dodgeball game?”
>”Well… I told the others what you said, and… Rarity sort of talked me into it.”
“Butters, I told you to be brave and talk to Bulk, not jump in front of a firing line. What was Rarity thinking? What were you thinking?”
>As you pass by a section of windows, Fluttershy turns to gaze outside, muffling her voice.
>”I… I wanted to impr…”
>Her words seem to disappear, lost in the noise pollution of the school.
>You look over her head and out the same window.
>Though the sun shines bright, dark clouds slowly drift into the skies over Canterlot.
>Looks like rain; maybe a storm.
“Sorry, what was that?”
>”I said… I wanted to impre…”
>Again, you lose track of her voice.
>After a brief moment of thought, you decide to just pretend your understood her and hope she doesn’t catch on.
“Ah. I see…”
>She remains silent.
>You allow the quiet to persist between you for some time before pushing on with more questions.
“So, uh… Bulk seemed pretty happy. What did you say to him?”
>With the change in subject, she seems to relax and drop a little bit of her shy tendencies.
>She turns her face ahead, allowing you to take notice of slightly reddened cheeks.
>”Oh, uhm…When I asked him if we could switch, he said he was really excited to play against you. He certainly looked really excited, so… I didn’t really want to keep bothering him; and, I was still kind of… you know.”
>Scared shitless of him?
>You could tell all the way from the other side of the room.
>”But, he said he really was sorry for everything, and said that he’d let me play for him. He was really nice, and I felt bad for just taking something that he was so excited for, even if he wanted to give it to me.”
>”I asked if he’d like me to try and help him with his tutoring. He seemed really excited, even though Twilight’s way better than me at that stuff. But, I told him that I’d try my best.”
>Hearing her recount her story puts a big grin on your face.
>No wonder Bulk looked so happy earlier. He’s practically got her in the palms of his hands.
>You’ll just have to meet up with him later and give him a few tips; then, he’ll be all set!
“That’s great news, Shy. I’m really glad you’re trying to help him. It means a lot to me, and even more to him, so thanks.”
>You come to a halt just outside the office doors, where the halls seem muted and quieter.
>You suppose most kids don’t want to hang out just outside of the Principal’s office.
>Fluttershy stares out the glass doors for a moment, but quickly turns to face you.
>”Mmhm. I think… I’m still a little nervous around him, but I’ll have Twilight and Principal Celestia there with me, so I think everything should be okay.”
“You don’t need to worry about anything, you’ll see.”
>Fluttershy seems to think on your words for a moment before looking up to you.
>”Umm… Have you thought of trying to tutor him? Do you think you could help, too?”
“Hehe… Oh, I wouldn’t mind helping him, but I’m not the best academic. I’d probably be just as lost as he is. No, I think you three probably have it covered.”
>”Oh… Okay.” She replies, sounding almost disappointed.
“Speaking of Twilight and Principal Celestia… Did you catch much of what she was trying to tell you and the others before Bon Bon started acting up?”
>”She said to behave, because the other officers will be here for a while.” She says matter-of-factly before frowning. “I guess I already messed up, huh?”
“Well, you did sort of assault someone; both intentionally and unintentionally.”
>Before her frown has a chance to deepen, you reach out and ruffle her hair, prompting her to giggle delightfully.
“I’m not too mad about it… but if anyone asks, I gave you a nasty talking-to, you hear?”
>”Hehe… Mmhm!”
“But you didn’t hear anything else?”
>”Um… Not that I can remember. I got pretty distracted…”
“Well… You know that thing you’ve been trying keep secret from me since I got here?”
>Instantly, her giggly smile shifts to a look of apprehension.
>”U-uhm… N-no?”
“Come on, Butters. Don’t lie to me. I know the truth.” You say teasingly, leaning closer to her face.
>Tightly clutching her arms, she begins to shake like a lone leaf in the breeze.
>”I… I…” She stammers out, eyes wide and full of panic.
>Her cheeks begin to flush with blood, reddening the entirety of her face.
>Well, that was fast; and not exactly the reaction you were expecting.
“Now, don’t worry; there’s nothing to get stressed or embarrassed about. But, we are going to sit down and talk about this.”
>”We… we are?”
>With a big grin, you plant a supportive hand on her shoulder.
“Yuuup. Me, you, and all the other girls. Oh, and Principal Celestia. So I know what I’m dealing with, you know?”
>She only begins to shake harder, almost violently so.
>”O-oh…” She whispers before only briefly managing eye contact again. “O-off-fficer An-non?”
“Yes, Fluttershy?”
>”I t-think… I-I should g-g-g-go see Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra-“
>Oh god, you broke her.
>She shuts her mouth and rapidly nods her head.
“Uh… Alright then. I’m going to-“
>”Ah, Officer Anon!”
>Fluttershy immediately stiffens at the sound of her Principals voice.
>Looking back to the hall you just ventured through, you find Celestia approaching you with a surprising grin on her face.
>”And Fluttershy… I trust you handled everything?”
“Already taken care of. She’s learned her lesson. She’s just a little nervous about our talk.”
>Confused, Celestia gives Fluttershy a peculiar look.
>”Nervous? You’ve nothing to be nervous about, Fluttershy. Aren’t you tired of hiding the truth from Officer Anon? Wouldn’t you like to just… get everything off of your chest for him?”
>Her shaking only worsens.
>”I-I ha… have t-to g-g-go!” She exclaims in her quiet voice before bolting past the both of you and disappearing around the corner.
>Celestia stares inquisitively down the hall before looking back to you and offering a shrug.
>”What on earth has gotten into that girl?”
“No idea.” You reply, shrugging back.
>With a sigh, Celestia pushes you towards the office door with a gentle touch.
>”Well, whatever it is, I’m sure it’ll come up again soon. Go on, go rest your head. I’ll get you as soon as I’m done with Bon Bon.”
>You almost offer to help with Bon Bon, but you quickly conclude that your presence would likely just agitate her more.
>You’re pretty sick of her bullshit anyway.
>Besides, resting your aching head on that couch is beginning to sound pretty nice.
>You pull open the door for her, allowing her to quickly stroll through.
“Alright. Don’t keep me waiting too long, okay?”
>”Oh, don’t worry,” she says, striding towards the door to her office. “I don’t think this will take long at all.”


>You awaken to the sound of creaking door hinges and the loud click of it’s latch.
>As you peel your eyelids apart, you see Celestia standing just next to the door, clutching one hand shut and a glass of water in the other.
>She frowns slightly upon realizing she’s awoken you.
“Hey.” You manage to mutter, flexing your muscles to stretch.
>”Hey there.” She replies, stepping over to the couch. “I was hoping to surprise you. Here, I brought some water and some aspirin; for your headache.”
>Slowly, you sit up and rest against the back of the couch.
>You wipe the sleep from your eyes before taking her medicine and water into your hands.
>Only two pills.
>You’re more of a ‘take a handful and hope for the best’ kind of guy, but you suppose it’ll have to do.
>Thankfully, it seems like the pain is already fading. Maybe this will finish it off?
>You drop the pills into your mouth and quickly wash them down with half a glass of water.
>”There. Better?” She asks, taking the glass back.
>You climb to your feet and stretch once more. As you drop your arms to your sides and open your eyes, you find her standing only inches away.
>Upon looking into her eyes, you feel yourself hit with romantic impulse.
>As she stares back into you, she blindly places the glass on the table before draping her arms around you.
>She must have been stricken by the same sudden urge.
>You plant your hands on her waist, feeling her generous curves and pulling her hips tightly against yours.
>She smiles and delicately rests her forehead against yours. With a peck of her lips on yours, she easily provokes a goofy grin out of you.
“I think I’m feeling a little bit better already.”

Again, expect more Tuesday or early Wednesday.
Page 9
Looking forward to that.
>wins dodge-ball game for the students despite Anon's cheating
>no one appreciates Bob Bon's efforts and condemns her for it
>Anon's bitch in training tries to launch a sneak attack on her like the little bitch she is
>fails miserably cause that's all she can do and instead hits Anon
>barely even gets a talking to despite attempting to assault Bon Bon
Flutterslutter should be suspended for the assault, and forever knowing her violent behavior will follow on her permanent record.
File: 1529947078270.jpg (28 KB, 209x183)
28 KB
Bon Bon, you're fooling absolutely no one. Why don't you do like your lesbo GF told you and wipe that sandy vag clean?
File: witcher jewels.jpg (126 KB, 612x763)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
And one for Witcher. I might do more later. Is there anybody you guys are particularly interested in?
This is the reason why Lyra is starting to look at the meat aisle instead of the taco aisle, Bonnie.
Someone get that man a robot arm.
>Programming for arm

>If winning fight {}
File: kek.gif (2.15 MB, 320x240)
2.15 MB
2.15 MB GIF
File: good chap.jpg (154 KB, 928x774)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
Forgot to resize it the first time. I was wondering why it looked so blurry.
File: shit-eating.jpg (806 KB, 2334x1344)
806 KB
806 KB JPG

Very well drawn, my good man. I like them. You've come a long way since drawing Shimmy as a man that one time.

My only complaint is that my guy, FireWalk, has a mustache. That's all.
File: spruce moustache.jpg (147 KB, 836x770)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Terribly sorry. Here's a fixed version.

And thank you as well. If you can tell from the frequency of the drawings, I've had a bit more time to spend on it in the last while. I drawfagged for a few years prior, but everything was always super stiff and of course there wasn't a female in sight. I'm trying to move away from the basic hero pose without having to trace anything. Glad to know it's working out.
File: both-chuckle.jpg (22 KB, 640x491)
22 KB
All I'm saying to that is "Comrade Stalin salutes you."

Seriously, I think Hunter, Cop, Witcher, and my own Anon are tastefully drawn. The shading on Hunter Anon's face to hide his menacing scowl is top notch. Any other Anons in the works? Like YFN or Insanon?
>any other Anons in the works
I was thinking of Fate,and maybe even revisit Sci. If I keep going, I'd like to get my hands on as many Anons as I can before my appreciation for this meme dies.
I want to dick that Shimmy down until she begs for me to stop because dawn's about to break
Why does he have a Berserk demon brand on his crotch? I know Applejack is milk that dick dry whenever she gets the chance, but she isn't actually demonic. Sunset and Twilight is, but if I remember correctly only Sunset had dreams about Anon fucking.
Bon Bon, if you keep showing your hate clit at Anon, Lyra is going to think he's competition and rape you in the janitor's closet. Or drag you in front of Fluttershy and make you eat the cum out in apology.
Can we expect an update from you soon?
I would like to see more, it is some good art.
What a hunk. Also,
>dat ass
File: fate.jpg (136 KB, 780x776)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Please come back, Fate-sama
File: notices bulge.jpg (84 KB, 799x739)
84 KB
I am now beginning to lose appreciation for this meme. I probably only have 1 or 2 left in me before I call it quits.
Do a new Insanon drawing
Also, what is with the image name?
>image name
I assume you're asking me. I know the story last left off with the group in a cave, and ever since 2008 when Iron Man came out, all I can think of whenever I hear cave is Stane yelling at that poor scientist about how Stark built his reactor in a cave.
>the virgin stair fall vs the chad push
Oh right, I thought it was some other reference I missed.
>menacing scowl
That's the problem with art. Hunter's scowl could be world famous if more people knew about him. Even Sunset, a friend who probably knew the safest place in the world for her was right next to him, was scared when she looked into his eyes. How can you capture that in a drawing? It's like Gastby's smile. There's no way that somebody could properly portray the depth of emotion in that expression.
File: image.jpg (14 KB, 150x220)
14 KB
Something like this?

Pic is Kouga Gennosuke from Basilisk
I wouldn't say even that feels intense enough. It's not an issue really, it's just a limitation that you've got to accept is all. It says more to the power of writing than anything else I think.
File: image.jpg (38 KB, 402x362)
38 KB
Definitely closer
File: image.jpg (15 KB, 320x240)
15 KB
Last one I can think of off the top of my head is Natasha radinov from Gunsmith Cats OVA.
File: image.jpg (27 KB, 384x288)
27 KB
What a hunk
She's a psycho ex-KGB hitman.

But probably very wild in the sack
File: scared.gif (911 KB, 500x280)
911 KB
911 KB GIF
It's ok anon, when I was a kid I wanted to be just like him too. Then I researched it older and found out it was a girl.

Also the name Natasha might have been a giveaway.

Regardless, those were posted as ideas for the drawfag's inspiration
>Sunset had dreams about Anon and her fucking
Yeah, what was up with that by the way? Feels like a dropped plot point. You could you argue that is just a character trait, but for that to be true, it would to impact her character somehow. It doesn't. It was just brought up like it was going to be important later, but then it isn't.
Page 9
>the sack
I bet Hunter would be super rough at first but then see the discomfort he's causing the person and start crying and calling her mommy. Then she'd have to hold him until he calmed down and stormed off
Who are you waiting for anons?
YFN, though I'm still behind an update or so. Hoping Axii comes back from his training soon with some fresh green, too.
Cop and MT88
LP, FireWalk, and MT88.
MT88 and FateAnon
Sea Urchin.
File: Spoiler Image (143 KB, 1334x1334)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Fate is honestly the reason I came back to this thread, and it got me reinserted in the actual date franchise. Plus El Cid a cute
Anon, I hate to have to tell you, but Urchin finished
Which dead/unknown writefags are you anons hoping return?
I like asking random questions.
Hacker and Damy.
Dumb question, is Fate YFN?
I'm waiting for his next story.
No, Fate is his own writefag
I appreciate your faith and patience.
I hope they all return
Cool. Found his paste in in the dead writers link.
File: insanon.jpg (129 KB, 855x764)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
Had to use color for this one. A rainbow cloud in black and white looks real stupid.
Looks good with the color, it suits his character
Await no longer, senpai.
>”Oh? Then perhaps I should call everyone back into the gym, so you can uphold that little deal you care so much about.”
“Oh, uh… I mean… Ow, my head.”
>She quietly laughs as a cute smirk spreads across her lips.
>”Hehe… You know, Luna asked me if I thought they’d allow your friends to come back next week. What do you think?”
>Oh, Christ…
“Depends. I guess if the department can spare them, I don’t really have a choice, do I?”
>”I guess not… I did try to tell you this was foolish.”
“Yeah… but what do I know? I’m young and dumb.”
>Her look all but screams ‘I told you so’.
>”Well, maybe next time you should listen to me when I tell you something isn’t a good idea.”
>You scoff and grin widely.
”Yeah, yeah, sure thing… mom.”
>”Mom?!” She exclaims, wrinkling her nose at you. “Don’t you start on that, too!”
>You begin to giggle relentlessly as a blush sets in.
>”Doooooon’t! Don’t laugh!”
“Hehehe… Sorry, but you know I don’t mean it. You don’t look a day older than any of the younger ladies here.”
>She rolls her eyes, but her hearty smile and relaxed sigh tells you that she appreciates the praise.
>”Well… I don’t know about that, but thank you.”
“Mmhm. You’re super hot, mom. All my friends talk about you all th- ow, OW!”
>With a lively scowl, she begins playfully peppering you with weak slaps.
>As you raise yours arms to protect yourself, you fall back onto the couch, suffering a jolt of pain to your noggin.
>”Oh! Did that hurt?”
“A little… It’s fine, though.” You say, lightly rubbing your head.
>”Are you sure? I’m sorry, wasn’t thinking.”
“It’s alright… will mommy kiss it and make it feel better?”
>”Oh, you! So disrespectful!” She exclaims as she goes right back to attacking you.
>You try to protect yourself once again, but she easily catches your wrists and tries to pull them away.
>You put up just enough fight to make her work for it.
>She knows you’re just playing along, but seems to relish in the struggle all the same.
>With just a little effort, she pulls your arms up and pins them above your head.
>Knees first, he climbs onto the couch and straddles your lap. With lustful eyes, she leans in over you, nearly pressing her breasts into your face.
>”Oh, you are going to get it when we get home, young man.”
>You feign fighting back, but she quickly forces your arms back down.
“Is this the ‘wrestling match in your bed’ type of get it, or the ‘sit in the corner, no tv for the rest of the night’ kind? Cause I’ll be real with you, one of those isn’t going to work on me.”
>She releases her grip on your arms, leaning in close and resting her hands on your cheeks.
>”What do you think?”
“Alright, I’m game… but, you better not try and spank me.”
>It is you who does the spanking.
>”Maybe you shouldn’t be calling me mom then?”
“But you’re so motherly!”
>With narrowed eyes and pouty lips, she stares you down with a look of disapproval.
“It’s a compliment, I swear.”
>Seconds pass before she cracks a tiny grin, revealing her playful side once again.
>”Maybe I’ll just ground you instead.”
>Bullshit! You can’t ground a cop!
>She leans in to plant one more quick peck on your lips before clambering off of you.
>Your wrists still in her control, she prompts you to your feet with a tug.
>”Perhaps we can continue this later at home…” she says with a wink. “For now, we’ve something a little more important than shameless flirting to take care of, don’t you agree?”
“Oh… Right. I’ve been looking forward to this. What did the girls say?”
>”Oh, they’re all very excited.”
>Trying your best to ignore the slightly fishy lingering odor, you excitedly pace the shining floor of Twilight’s lab, eagerly awaiting the arrival of your favorite police officer.
“This is the best! I’m so glad we don’t have to hide this from him anymore!”
>”Ain’t like we did a good job of it anyways.” Applejacks plainly says as she wanders about, inspecting the furniture. “Ah’m surprised it took ‘em this long to figure it out.”
>Seated on the floor with her legs straight, Rainbow relaxes a moment before stretching for her toes.
>”Yeah… I don’t know. If all of this hadn’t of happened to us, I wouldn’t have believed it either.”
>As Pinkie dangles and sways her legs from a table top, Applejack casually steps up to the table and lifts one end off the ground with her little finger.
>Pinkie slides down the slick surface to the other end of the table, stopping just as Applejack returns her end to the floor.
>”Ah suppose that’s fair, but we ain’t exactly been… whut’s the word? Subtle.”
>”It’s kind of hard to be subtle when someone goes firing her ‘party cannon’ right outside of the dude’s office.” Rainbow mutters grumpily.
>”Hey, you’re the one that was running around with her shoes on fire!”
>”That was an accident!”
>”Oh come now, girls. We’ve all slipped up here and there… Well, I haven’t, but that’s beside the point.”
>”Whut? Ah ain’t done nothin’!”
>With her overly self-confident smirk, Rarity cocks her hip and places a contemplative finger to her chin.
>”You threw Anon into a car hard enough to damage the door, don’t you remember? Adding on to that, between Twilight and Midnight, we’ve had two crises with portals now…”
>Twilight shows an uneasy grin before hiding behind the latest issue of Theoretically Advanced Nuclear Physics.
>”Like Pinkie pointed out, Rainbow had that incident with her shoes. They looked horrendous by the way, so it was for the best.”
>”As adorable as it is, Fluttershy has more or less continued interacting with animals as per usual, regardless of Anon’s presence.”
>Your shy and disheartened friend briefly looks up from her diary before going right back to doodling.
>”Mmm…” She hums indifferently.
>”Sorry dear, I’m just being fair. And lastly, Pinkie’s been terrorizing Anon almost non-stop since his arrival, and her mere existence is enough to attract unwanted attention!”
>Still swinging her legs from the table-top, Pinkie smiles coyly.
>”Whaaat? I have no idea what you’re talkin’ about, Rarity.”
>Before Rarity starts to push a little too hard on the other’s slip-ups, you quickly try to defuse the situation.
>You slide up next to Rarity and pull her into a side hug.
“Well, it’s like you said; we all slip up here and there… Though, you could lay off Anon a little, Pinkie.”
>”Eh.” She replies with a shrug.
“Let’s just be happy we can ease him into this stuff instead of him having to learn about all of it at once next time we almost blow up the school or something.”
>”Agreed.” Rarity says happily.
>Letting her excitement get the better of her, Pinkie begins bouncing and swaying her body in pace with her legs.
>”I just wish he hadn’t of taken so long! I can’t wait to put a whole cake down in front of him and show ‘em what I can do!”
>Twilight peeks out from behind her magazine, straightening her glasses before speaking.
>”It did seem like he took his time figuring this all out. If I was in his position, I feel like I would have caught on way faster.”
“Well…” You say, your voice trailing off as you look back over to Fluttershy. “Something tells me he isn’t the most perceptive guy around."
>Rarity slides out from beneath your arm and creeps up behind Fluttershy.
>As she rests her hands on Fluttershy’s shoulders, she elicits a jump from your timid friend.
>”I believe that his wording may have mislead Fluttershy here into getting the wrong idea about what this was supposed to be about.”
>”I should’ve known… Why else would Principal Celestia come, too?” Fluttershy utters.
>”Indeed; and now, she’s just a little…”
>Fluttershy sighs sadly and rests her head against the table.

A little short and a little sweet. As usual, more in the coming days. Hope you guys enjoy.
I can’t wait for more
>>After a brief moment of thought, you decide to just pretend your understood her and hope she doesn’t catch on.
jesus fuck CopAnon is reaching levels of protag-ignorance I never thought possible
File: 1535918207116.jpg (102 KB, 1280x720)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
can anyone summarize copanon for me? been trying to read it but holy shit it drags on for so much for no reason i got bored as fuck.
File: 1536599502608.gif (1.63 MB, 240x240)
1.63 MB
1.63 MB GIF
also all i want to know is does anon get with one of the highschool chicks? im not into old hag teachers or faculty staff
wait who is speaking here?
>can someone read this story for me? Thanks.
Stitches is not an old hag! She is young and beautiful and spunky and the perfect woman for Anon! Celestia is the hag!
Fuck you too, asshole. If you don't care enough to read it, then don't expect someone to spoon feed you what happens. Nut up and spend the hour it would take to binge, or just drop the subject. You're just spitting in the writefag's f a certain right now
Looks like you need a quick rundown
>in contact with the princesses
>rumored to have psychic powers
>has over 200 IQ
>controls the school with an iron fist
>also in contact with aliens
>will bankroll the first interdimensional transport systems
>controls Tartarus
>Filthy rich bows to him
>controls the elements of harmony
>ancient texts tell of a bright angel descending onto Equestria, bringing about a new age of peace and harmony
File: 1536268401570.gif (2.58 MB, 416x307)
2.58 MB
2.58 MB GIF
>dick riding anonymous writefags this hard
come on dude have some self respect
>giving someone a rundown of a story they didn’t care enough to read
>completely missing the joke
Happy 8th Anniversary of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! Thank you for everything, faggots! :3
File: 1521752058407.png (551 KB, 1313x1146)
551 KB
551 KB PNG
And many happy blessing onto your cows as well, Fapman.
Now write something, you Goddamn fag.
Also, your name. It's familiar to me and I don't know why...
>Now write something, you Goddamn fag.
Is that really a good idea?

>Also, your name. It's familiar to me and I don't know why...
I am the ghost of the past autism. And exclusionary lack of grammar.
File: please-be-patient.jpg (31 KB, 600x608)
31 KB
Did you used to hang around and post your thoughts and feelings or rather shitpost in the Flutterrape thread? I'm making a vague link between you and that.
File: Spoiler Image (245 KB, 1000x1000)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
>in the Flutterrape
Maybe in Flutterrape. Maybe everywhere.
File: 1526146092912.gif (1.09 MB, 640x360)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB GIF
So did I. Hell, I even wrote a story or two for them. Until I stopped them anyway. I swear I'll finish one of them.

I knew your name was familiar to me, matey. I just couldn't bloody well place it.
Then... how about we both try to write?
I think you both should.
File: here's-an-idea.png (953 KB, 1280x720)
953 KB
953 KB PNG
But here's the thing, I do write. That's the only thing about posting anonymously, you're posting anonymously rather than namefagging...
File: 1530924737730.jpg (45 KB, 499x382)
45 KB
That'd be Sunny. Sorry, I guess I did leave that pretty vague. I might adjust the paste so that's clearer.
I could try and summarize, you want a whole run down so far? If you tell me where you last dropped it, I could go from there. Also, I totally understand your complaint, my progress for actual PLOT is pretty slow more often than not. I have a bit of autistic thing for character bonding and such, and I understand that these slice-of-lifey bits can be pretty uninteresting, especially when they drag on for so long. Actual PLOT will be happening after Anon get his magical talking-to, but if you're having a hard time getting/staying invested, I'd recommend just giving my story a pass. I've invested a lot time into long-ass greens, and it really sucks ass to read super deep into it, just hoping it might get more interesting soon, only to keep finding it lacking.
Anon is a little older than the girls, so that would be an absolute and resounding maybe. Though, if that's all you're looking for, you're probably better off looking elsewhere.
>time for you escort Bon Bon to my office.”
to* escort
Damn schoolkids noise blocker syndrome.
Flutters are too quick to recognize lewd
Bit too many yours* here, try varying it up
YFN, Axii, and Fate, in that order.
>Knees first, he climbs onto the couch
You know what you did eldritch monster
Poor Fluttershy
>the Bon Bon will never convince the school to hate you so much and make you feel so alone that the only place you have any worth is kneeling before her and begging to be her slave
Yeah, because she is sleeping on the couch while Lyra makes disappointment cookies.
All lesbians need a good manslave to remind them of why they're lesbians.
>Have hot pussy smashing sex together
>Too tired to do anything
>Oh in comes the slave with some cool drinks and a massage for the both of you
>Relax while he takes your worries away
>Lyra not punishing Bon Bon with big cop cock
Its like you don't know her
>Bon Bon wouldn't train them both to see things her way
>Forgetting who is sleeping on the couch
You're in trouble Bonnie, no getting out of it.
File: 1503775291803.png (890 KB, 600x864)
890 KB
890 KB PNG
>Knees first, he climbs onto the couch
Oof, that's an important one. Fixed and noted.
Bon Bon doesn't strike me as the "sleep on the couch" type, and more of a "find a hotel" type.
She'd cut her nose to spite her face, never accept that she's wrong, dig her heels in for every fight, double down on every argument, and every hill is the right hill to die on.
Bon Bon only lets Lyra think she's in control. She's just waiting for the chance to spring a dog collar on her and show her who really wears the pants in their relationship. Then she'll recruit Anon too and have both of her little subs all to herself.
That sounds about right
Keep deluding yourself Bon Bon, everyone knows you're whipped by Lyra.
File: limestone-lewd.png (85 KB, 428x442)
85 KB
I love these bizarre tangents, don't you?
Yeah, jealous Bon Bon is always cute, though it would be awkward if she starts listening in on Rarity and Flutters talking about trying to seduce Anon.
>tfw some dumb wizard got you involved in the next Holy Grail War
>You had no idea what the fuck you were doing when you were given your cat dick.
>Cat something.
>Anyway, he gave you an old necklace.
>It looked super weird. Kind of like a wolf.
>A wolf cat dick.
>Anyway, you did the whole summoning circle thing and read off the chant he gave you.
>The circle suddenly glows and out of the floor pops up some young looking guy with yellow eyes and one arm.
>"I am Anonymous."
"No, I'm Anonymous."
>"No, I am Anonymous."
"Is this in stereo?"
>"Are you my master?"
"I'm a cashier."
>"I am a king."
>"King of Jobbers."
"I'm going to die, aren't I?"
>He nods sadly.
We get it you have a hard-on for Witcher Anon that you just can't come to terms with, no need to keep going on about it every single thread.
t. Axii
>implying it's the same guy every thread
I just wanted to write some fun Fate posts since FateAnon has been mentioned so much. I don't have any kind of boner for Witcher and I'm sorry you think there's some secret agenda against him. But that's your problem, not mine.
Secret agenda implies multiple conspirators but seeing as it's one guy constantly going "hurr durr witcher are jobber el oh el" that certainly isn't the case. But hey if that's how you feel about a story that ended what must have been over a year ago and you want to try and say you're not samefagging that's your prerogative, keep at it every thread so I can laugh at your obsession, no skin off my back.
Now you meantion it it sure feels like there's at least one comment per thread from someone claiming Witcher Anon is a jobber. If it was a more general insult I'd be inclined to say it's more than one person but jobber is pretty specific, isn't it a wrestling term for a wrester who's job is to loose to advance the story? That makes me think it's one guy, that and nobody else seems to really talk much about the story other than jobber anon.
File: 1227505.jpg (925 KB, 3084x3500)
925 KB
925 KB JPG
Would you put your dick inside a turboslut?
She never put out, so yes, I would claim her on her parents bed
Jobber is a term used to describe someone who does odd work, little jobs here and there. It's usually cash in hand.
Since when? In all my time on 4chan, it's been used to demean anybody who loses a fight or isn't the main character.
>At long last your chance to participate in the next Holy Grail War has arrived.
>Being the absolute genius you are, you had procured a police officer's badge as your catalyst.
>There are many stories and legends surrounding the police, so an officer spirit should be powerful.
>Victory is in your grasp.
>You say the chant and watch as a muscular green man appears before you wearing a bullet proof vest.
"At last, my servant."
>"Where the teens at?"
"Together, we shall...what?"
>"The pussy."
"What do you mean? You're my servant, you will fight for me."
>"I'll fight for that teen pussy. Where it at?"
"But you're a cop!"
>"I'll do MILFs too."
>Oh lord.
>You've made a terrible mistake.
Okay I had to look it up, and it basically means wrestlers lose games on purpose, so you were right.
File: hunter bathroom.jpg (133 KB, 724x776)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Moving away from the meme format. This isn't from any part of the story in particular, I just wanted to draw Hunter again and it sort of formed itself from there.
Is he supposed to look like goku/arbitrary dbz character or am I just seeing shit?
Yeah that's always been the thing with this guy
That's just how I draw senpai. I doesn't look THAT Goku-y, does it?
Which anons have you drawn? Are you missing any?
I've drawn Hunter, Cop, Fate, Witcher, Firewalk, YFN, Insanon, and Sci. I know I'm missing a few.
I'd like to see your take on the others, is there any anon you plan to draw next?
I don't know, I might give a shot at Paranormal Anon. Other than that, not much else interests me. I haven't read enough of any other story to have a good handle on the Anons.
Yeah Goku at first look.
Not bad, the proportions are all good.
Try playing around with less geometric shaped hair and it'll stop looking like Goku I think.
File: 1530963984315.gif (3.71 MB, 381x215)
3.71 MB
3.71 MB GIF
Redundancy: redundant statement is redundant.
>implying she would give you a choice
Rarity WINS.

Definitely looks like someone who is just about done with life's shit
Beat me to it
>”Listen Shy, Ah… Ah’m really glad ya found someone you like, and Ah don’t mean to be a downer, but… maybe it’s time you try and get past this little crush of yours.”
>Rarity gives Flutters a comforting pat before turning her eyes toward Applejack.
>”There’s no need to be like that, Applejack. A little romance is good for girls our age, and Fluttershy could certainly use a healthy dose from a strong and upstanding man like Anon.”
>”Yeah, sure, but shouldn’t that romance be from someone her age? Someone that might actually go out with her? Heck, Ah bet ya’ll don’t even know if he’s single or not.”
>At the utterance of the word ‘single’, you notice Pinkie sharply cease her erratic movements.
>Dropping her usual gleeful look, her eyes begin to seriously follow the conversation around the room.
“Well… that is a good point.” You say, suspiciously returning Pinkie’s gaze.
>Rainbow hops to her feet, looking agreeably to Applejack
>”Yeah, something tells me he’s not. He was lookin’ at that lady cop pretty funny, if you know what I mean.”
>”And Ah’ve seen him spendin’ an awful lot of time with Principal Celestia.”
>From the corner of your eye, you notice Pinkie begin to shake.
>Putting your questioning gaze on her once more only causes her to shake more.
>You squint your eyes; she tightens her lips.
>Behind you, you hear Twilight drop her magazine on her desk.
>”Wait… It’s funny you mention that, Applejack… Sunset, do you remember what Principal Celestia said earlier today? She said she was afraid of keeping the magic secret from Anon because it might lead to trust issues in their ‘relationship’…”
>Thinking back to your visit to the office earlier, you recall more of her strange wording.
“…If he didn’t outright leave because of it,” You mutter as the realization hits you. “Officer Anon is dating Principal Celestia.”
>”I don’t know… I think he’s REALLY into that cop…” Repeats Rainbow.
>Pinkie’s shaking reaches maximum strength, violently shaking her and the table she sits on and causing it’s legs to noisily jump and drag along the floor.
>”Uh… There somethin’ ya wanna share there, Pinks?”
>Beads of sweat pours down her face as you looks each of you in the eyes.
>Then, to the chime of a bell of unknown origin, she stiffens like a board.
>Staring dead ahead at the wall, she whispers.
>”He’s here.”
>”Whut was that? Come again?”
>”He’s here! Quick, everybody act natural!” She cries as she dives to the floor.
>No one moves; you all simply watch as Pinkie scampers around on all fours before climbing inside of a low-sitting cabinet and slamming the doors behind her.
>”…Huh.” Rainbow says, giving her head a scratch.
>Before another soul can move, you hear two light taps at the door; as it slowly swings open, Principal Celestia pokes her head in.
>She smiles charmingly as she steps through the doorway, Officer Anon right at her back.
>”Hello again, girls. Sorry for the wait, I had to take care of certain… disciplinary duties, as well as making sure Officer Anon was feeling well.”
>On that note, Anon raises a hand, as if to dismiss any concerned voices.
>”Before anyone asks, yeah, I’m fine. Just a nasty bump and a nastier headache.”
>”I’m very happy to hear that your fall was nothing serious, Anon,” Rarity declares with a few flirtatious bats of her eyelashes. “But, I fear I must warn you, I think Pinkie means to ambush you again.”
>He quickly drops his usual neutral stare upon the mention of his assailant and her absence.
>”Pinkie? Ambush? Anon, is she still-“
>”Shhh…” He whispers to your principal.
>With almost panicked eyes, he looks around the room for any sign of her presence.
>With a smirk and a sigh, Rainbow directs his attention to the cabinet.
>He nods and silently creeps toward it; drawing close, he reaches out for the cabinet’s nobs.
>Fearing the worst, he takes in one last deep breath before yanking open the doors.
>You expect Pinkie to shoot out at him right away, but instead…
>Anon just stares blankly into the dark compartment, almost in disappointment, before glancing back to you all.
>”It’s empty.”
>Suddenly, the door screeches out a dreadful squeal as it swings shut behind Principal Celestia on it’s own.
>”Oh, no.”
>Anon hastily steps away from the cabinet and begins urgently looking around the room, high and low, for your missing friend.
>”No. No, no, no, no, no…”
>”Is… Is Pinkie really this bad for Anon?” Your principal inquires.
>Rainbow snickers as she leans against the wall, taking in Pinkie’s antics with a smile.
>”When it comes to Anon, Pinkie just has a bit of a unique way of expressing her friendship. That’s all.”
>His eyes on the ceiling, Anon slams his back against the wall as he side-steps his way to the closest corner.
>”It’s like that demon from The Exorcist and the Predator had a baby!”
>”Pinkie! Miss Pie, could you come out now? We have something very important to talk about and we don’t have a lot of time!”
>At Principal Celestia’s beckoning, the unoccupied tables and chairs begin to tremble and shake.
>Tools and knickknacks drop from their racks, a tall and messy stack of papers finds itself thrown to the floor from Twilight’s desk; the organized mess kept by your friend quickly takes a turn for the worse.
>The ruckus only causes Anon to sink further into his corner.
>It’s hard to tell over the noise, but you swear you hear him let out a short, shrill yell.
>”Ooh… Pinkie, can you stop? You’re messing up my workspace!”
>”Pinkie, we just discussed this, did we not? Leave the poor man alone!” Rarity shouts.
“Yeah, Pinkie, this is important!”
>All of the sudden, the haunting comes to an abrupt halt, leaving most of the furniture displaced.
>Behind Principal Celestia, a hand knocks sharply at the door.
>Before she can even turn to open it, the door flies open.
>Acting her usual self, in strides Pinkie Pie.
>”You guys are no fun… Hi, Principal Celestia!”
>”Hello, Miss Pie.” Principal Celestia replies exhaustedly.
>Sporting a vicious and wolfish grin, Pinkie sets her eyes on Anon.
>”Hiiiiiiiii Anooooooooon!”
>”Begone, foul creature!”
>Pinkie laughs and joyfully skips across the room to him, where she tackles him into a hug.
>”Aww, you’re so nice! C’mere, we got some really cool stuff to show you!” She exclaims, tugging him away from the wall.
>”Pinkamena Diane Pie! That’s enough, don’t you think?”
>At the sound of her Principal’s scolding voice, she releases Anon, sending him plummeting back into his corner.
>”Sorry! I’m just super-duper excited!” Pinkie cries as she hops away.
>Rarity groans and shakes her head.
>”Honestly Pinkie, must you be so malicious? Here, Officer, why don’t you have a seat?”
>As Anon shakily climbs back to his feet, Rarity rushes to his aid and generously offers him a seat.
>A seat that just so happens to be across from Fluttershy.
>Keeping his eyes warily on Pinkie, he creeps over to the table before almost throwing himself into the chair.
>”I was wrong. I’m not getting used to you.” He mutters before glancing over at Fluttershy.
>She meekly and melancholically waves her fingers at him.
>He responds in kind with a weak and uncomfortable grin.
>”Now that we’re all nice and civil…”
>Principal Celestia pauses briefly to glare at Pinkie, who seems entirely oblivious.
>”…It’s time we start. Um… Would you girls like to do the honors?”
“Sure!” You eagerly exclaim.
>With an excited clap of your hands, you whip back around to face Anon.
“So… first off, we’re really excited to finally show you all of this. We didn’t want to hide it from you, but…”
>”Yeah, it’s fine. I think Principal Celestia covered the why of it just fine herself. I understand.”
“That’s great!”
>Rarity rests a hand on Anon’s shoulder as she hops up onto the table just behind him.
>She crosses her legs and leans in towards Anon’s ear; she speaks softly, but not so inaudibly that the rest of you can’t hear.
>”Indeed. It’s so… impolite and unbecoming of a woman to keep secrets from a man. Wouldn’t you agree?”
>”Uh… sure.”
>Really, Rarity? Right in front of his girlfriend?
>Wait… Are really they together? The seem to refer to each other so formally…
“A-anyway… Where would you like to start, Anon? Do you have any questions?”
>Anon awkwardly glances behind him and leans forward, shirking Rarity’s touch from his body.
>Resting his elbows on his knees, he seems to take a moment to think before speaking up again.
>”Principal Celestia already filled me in to some of the things you’ve had to deal with before. It kind of sounds like there’s a lot more to those stories that I’m not getting, but… I think we can save that for later. What I need right now is some solid proof, you know? I mean, I believe what I’m hearing now, but… It’d be great if I could see it, too.”
“Demonstrations right away? Absolutely!” You happily reply. “Who would you like to see first?”
>As Anon looks about, you notice Rarity straightening her clothes and hair behind him.
>”Oh, I just know that you’re going to LOVE what I can do.”
>”So, I think I’ve already got some of you figured out.” He says, turning to Fluttershy. “You’re a druid, right?”
>Fluttershy’s head shoots up, unsure of how to answer.
>”A d-druid?”
>This time, it’s Twilight’s turn to snicker at Anon.
>”Don’t be silly, Anon. She’s not a class from Monsters and Mansions, or Trailblazer, or any other pen and paper table-top role-playing game.”
>”She’s not?”
>”Nope! It’s magic, but it’s not that kind of magic.” Chuckles Twilight.
>Rainbow speeds her way across the room in the blink of an eye, causing Anon to nearly jump out of his seat when she suddenly leans onto the table right beside him.
>”I know, right?” Rainbow cockily responds. “It’s magic, buuut… Honestly, it’s kind of more like super-powers.”
>”That was so fast!”
>”Yuuup! Super-speed is a pretty sweet deal. Which reminds me… You really need to pick up the pace out on the track, cause I can beat your time with a snap of my fingers.”
>In awe, Anon seems completely ignorant of Rainbow’s teasing.
>”That’s awesome! How fast can you go?”
>With that excited look she gets whenever it’s time to science it up, Twilight hops up from her seat and tries to interject.
>”It’s difficult to tell exactly what her maximum speed is, but I estimate that it’s somewhere around-“
>”REALLY, REALLY FAST!” Rainbow exclaims, cutting Twilight right off.
>”Alright Dash, quit hoggin’ the spotlight. He was asking about Shy, remember?”
>”Oh, fine…” She sighs, blinking back to her original position.
>Anon grins widely from seeing the brief display in action; he even lets out a loud, cheerful laugh.
>It’s rare to see him so… expressive. Seeing him so jubilant infuses you with a case of the warm fuzzies.
>Ecstatically, he shifts back to Fluttershy.
>”So, you’re not a druid?”
>With a giggle and a smile, Fluttershy shakes her head.
>”Um… No. But, I do think that’d be really nice!” She happily exclaims, regaining a little bit of her lost enthusiasm.
>She rises from her seat and peppily steps over to the window and begins fiddling with the latches.
File: Spoiler Image (2.88 MB, 384x288)
2.88 MB
2.88 MB GIF
>You hear two loud pops as the latches come undone. After a brief struggle, Fluttershy manages the muscle to pull the window open.
>”I don’t really do anything special, like the other girls… I can just talk to animals.”
>She sticks her hand out the window, and right away to birds from a nearby tree swoop down to perch themselves on her finger.
>She pulls them in and holds her hand out to Anon; the two sparrows hop and twitch about her hand, unable to sit still.
>As they set their eyes on Anon, they repeatedly tilt and cant their tiny heads, chirping all the while.
>”This is Mr. and Mrs. Peepers. They have a nest just outside the window.”
>She steps nearer Officer Anon, holding her hand out to him.
>”Mr. and Mrs. Peepers, this is Officer Anon. But, I’ve already told you about him, haven’t I?”
>Anon extends his hand out towards hers, and right away, the birds hop to his fingers.
>They stare inquisitively up at him, chirping and fluttering their wings.
>As he reaches out to delicately pet the sparrows with his finger, a child-like and gleeful expression covers his face.
>”I mean… People make fun of that Fish-lad guy cause he can only talk to fish, but… Honestly, who wouldn’t want to talk to animals? It’s a pretty cool thing to be able to do.”
>As the tiny birds seem to adjust and settle in his care, Anon looks back up to Fluttershy with wonder in his eyes.
>”So, what other animals have you talked to? Any bears, or mountain lions?”
>”Ooh, I know a really nice grizzly bear! His name is Beary, and he loves to fish, a-and the way he scratches up against trees is so funny!”

That's all for now. I'm hoping to have some more out in a few days. I hope ya'll enjoy.
Pretty good.
File: ghost boi.jpg (108 KB, 650x762)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
One more for Paranormal Anon. I decided to namefag when posting art too. Hope that's not too gay.
I utterly despise your Pinkie.
>my feet hurt-
>oh wait
Had a kek, and I can use your name for your art folder.
>One more for Paranormal Anon
Theres another? I want to make sure I have all of it.
Which story should I read for catholic vampire Sunset?
Bite me once by Sea Urchin. It's in the completed stories list.
File: 1441891760483.jpg (33 KB, 600x838)
33 KB
Thanks anon.
Why is that? Because she is a bit flanderized? Or just over the top?
Good stuff Cop
>Are really they together?
Switch really and they
>The seem to refer to each other so formally…
Missing a y on the first word.
I'm not editbro by the way, just something I spotted.
Too much lel 2 randumb bullshit, right?
Yeah, I guess I did get carried away with her antics. it hadn't even occurred to me until he posted that. I'll try to keep that in mind going forward and make sure to inject her with some actual character.

I'll also fix those errors. Thanks, noteditbro.
>Why is that? Because she is a bit flanderized? Or just over the top?

>Too much lel 2 randumb bullshit, right?

Pinkie has been a character in stories I either absolutely love or utterly hate. No middle ground for her.
I've seen others say the same thing in the past, so I figured. Thanks for the feedback though.
That's oddly specific
Like a folder with things just stored in it? Sure. That sounds fine.
>other picture
There was one I drew for Hunter that had Paranormal in it back when I had my tablet, but it's on a different computer and I can't track it down in the archive.
Because it’s in a story
Page 9
>cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon
>little boy blue and the man on the moon
>when you comin home dad I dont know when
>but we'll get together then
>you know we'll have a good time then
File: muffin fall.png (517 KB, 1440x858)
517 KB
517 KB PNG
Hi guys, I hadn't realised that Halloween was this close. (Not really celebrated here)
But I had a thought for a story that I don't think I will get around to writing, so I wanted to see if anyone here would possibly like to write it out.

>Sunset Shimmer has just started her redemption, and everyone has begun to forgive her.
>She feels good and everything is great, but she's reminded of someone she really hurt.
>Redemption cannot be complete unless she has this persons' forgiveness.
>But that someone disappeared at the height of her bullying, declared missing.
>She beats herself up until she hears that this person was found.
>She's ecstatic at the news but becomes completely guilt-ridden when she learns the circumstances of which they were found: suicide (found hanging in a tree in the forest or in a disused storm drain, whatever).
>To fit Halloween, maybe having her haunted by what she did to this person, as well as maybe being haunted or seeing ghostly images of said person.

Just throwing it out there if anyone wants to give it a try.
Sounds spoopy.
File: tfw-no-kids-to-kill.jpg (238 KB, 949x678)
238 KB
238 KB JPG
Sorry, big guy, if I haven't been updating recently and effectively left the the whole writefagging duties to Cop but I've had some personal problems these last couple of weeks and I'm just waiting now. But I'm back on the horse and I've been writing! Yay, go me...

Ahh, you reminded me of The Goldbergs. A good show...

Sounds like a cracking idea. I might think of my own idea for a Halloween one-shot.

Michael Myers in the EqG-verse.Or is that the wrong Halloween I'm thinking of?...
Just wanted to add a few things that might help anyone with ideas:
>possibly set in present timeline, after everything
>sunsets mind reading powers have developed so that she doesn't need physical contact (ie short Overpowered)
>Sunset, now borderline psychic, can pick up messages from said dead schoolmate
>schoolmate was a loner so barely anyone cared or just forgot they were there at all
>as with real life hauntings, the more you interact and try to contact them, the more they 'haunt' you.
>this ghost has been haunting her for sometime, but with her new powers it now has a way to actually get messages through.
>it gets stronger feeding of the negative energy from her guilt
Something like that

Firewalk, 'Tis Halloween, the time to dress up spooky, trick or treat, carve lanterns and whatever else this tradition is taught to us via Hollywood and American TV shows.
But the idea of a serial killer on the loose in equestria does sound good.
Your premise has potential, I'll give you that, I like the supernatural element that still links into Sunset's core power. Although it does smack a little of 13 Reasons Why.

Well, I have an idea for a one-shot but within my own story universe. It ain't a serial killer stalking the girls and bumping them all off until the sweet, virtuous virgin character Presumably Twilight wins.

No, just a couple of OCs up to no good that get themselves embroiled in my story. And two bumbling BoI agents trailing them...
>>Although it does smack a little of 13 Reasons Why.

Up until you mentioned it, I had never heard of that tv series.

Oh well
.....that isn't fucking Pinkie, that's a Nightmare from the dream given false flesh.
I am now imagining Pinkie as a Deadite. Get me nukes, all the nukes.
>right away to birds from a nearby
Fluttershy is best Disney princess. Sidenote, I am waiting for Anon to just come out and admit if he wasn't absolutely sure it wouldn't work, he would have shot Pinkie already....or at least tried to.
Good work.
And a show that is overrated and disgustingly worthless.
File: 1512245894944.gif (2.65 MB, 480x270)
2.65 MB
2.65 MB GIF
Nice little rhyme. Meanwhile, in Germaneigh...
>I've had some personal problems these last couple of weeks
Sorry to hear that, man. Hope everything gets straightened out soon.
>left the the whole writefagging duties to Cop
Haha, don't worry guys, I got this covered!
Send help.
Thanks, I'll fix that when I get up. Probably.
I hope everything ends up ok with you.
>>I've had some personal problems these last couple of weeks

Sory to hear that FW.
Hope things turn out for the best
File: RaEQzvQ.gif (489 KB, 1020x797)
489 KB
489 KB GIF
Thanks guys. It means a lot. ;)

Anyway, I've almost finished chapter 10, just wrapping up some loose ends and I'll get that done tonight. So I'll post it all over your computer screens tomorrow evening GMT.
Reminder that if you like Bowsette, you like a fat turtle dude in magic drag.
File: a-flying-fuck.gif (467 KB, 499x300)
467 KB
467 KB GIF
By that logic, me posting this implies give a flying fuck. But in all honesty, no I don't

I like it because it's funny, rather than because it's Bowsette. It's not like I've jerked off to Bowsette's thicc anime ass or anything like that. No siree bob. Nuh-uh. Not me, guv'nor...
We have some odd writefags in here
>never jerked off to Bowsette
Pretty sure I have, but I can't guarantee it. I will tomorrow though and I can give you a solid answer then.

I wish I could invite Sunset over for vidya and religious chat.
Whats with the bowsette thing popping up now? Whys it suddenly got popular?
Nintendo made the insane decision to make a genderbending item cannon. Anything using it turns into a Peach look alike. Guess who was first.
Times haven't been the best, and they aren't looking to be any brighter in the near future
I'm sorry for not updating or saying anything sooner
I'll update by Saturday at the latest
A bit weird, but thanks to you and any other Anons who remember me even when I'm not here
File: 1483310757781.jpg (401 KB, 2229x2400)
401 KB
401 KB JPG
Have a Trixie
Not true. Nintendo put an item in a game that turns one ugly female into one pretty female. Some artist online made a throwaway joke in a comic based on it and the internet went crazy over it. It was never intended to gender bend or anything.
They are more or less a face of Japan, they knew what they were doing and what would happen.
I refuse to believe that Bowsette is a new meme character. Absolutely no way its only just became a thing.
File: twi spread on bed.png (2.53 MB, 1950x3900)
2.53 MB
2.53 MB PNG
>>Times haven't been the best, and they aren't looking to be any brighter in the near future
Whatever it is you're going through, don't forget there are always people you can talk to about it. Even here, of all places.

>>I'm sorry for not updating or saying anything sooner
Don't even worry about it mate, sort yourself out first, one thing at a time. Writing an update or posting on 4chan should be the least of your worries.

>>I'll update by Saturday at the latest
Update when you want to, no one's forcing you to meet a deadline here.

All the best mate, hope everything gets brighter for you.
Nintendo is run by idiots. I doubt they think much of anything through. This is the company that has yet to figure out what people actually want to see in a game despite the people flat out telling them for decades what they want to see.

She is. Brand spanking new
File: 1505141977021.jpg (394 KB, 900x1022)
394 KB
394 KB JPG
Sorry to hear that, YFN. I recall you mentioning something involving your vehicles and some water troubles, I hope you're not in the path of the hurricanes.
>thanks to you and any other Anons who remember me even when I'm not here
Don't thank me, you're part of the reason I'm still here.
I hope everything turns out okay.
So you're telling me, no one has ever thought of bowser turning into a human princess, ever? I mean come on seriously.
There have probably been r63 afternoons with Bowser before, but Bowsette as we know her is a new meme
Jesus. The only thing that shocks me is how its only just a thing now. I figured genderbend bowser shit like this existed for years.
File: 1842081a.jpg (2.33 MB, 1476x3050)
2.33 MB
2.33 MB JPG
>semi transparent panties
UNF, that turboslut!
I'm sorry to hear that, matey. Best look after yourself, rather than worry about us, until you're in a better place. Go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint and wait for this to blow over. Hopefully, no pun intended.

Now children, come into my parlor and be entertained for I have a story to tell.

Previously on A New Job, A New Life: >>32974798
A New Job, A New Life X: A Clubbable Woman

>'What is it with me and waiting on woman today?'
>You're Anonymous Endeavour and you're totally wired by all the coffee you've drank today.
>'Feels like I can read all the books in the library and do all the re-edits...'
>Sat in the cold, empty office of Chancellor Abacus Cinch, you push that coffee onto her desk and leave it there.
>Despite that you don't like Cinch, you can't hate her buxom secretary, Ruby Glow.
>She was always so charming and kind, and with that Midwestern nice accent she has, she's such a dear.
>It's a pity that she can't make a coffee to save her life...
>Either too weak so you're drinking bitter cream or so strong, you can use it as a paint stripper.
>As you wonder if she's related to Raven Inkwell, you stand and walk over to the window.
>It has the majestic view of college car park, the grassy verges around it and some bare trees.
>Seen on a street map, Coltram is a town going nowhere fast and looking through the office windows, you get that same impression.
>Not surprising really, considering where it is. While Canterlot is a big city in the middle of nowhere, the little towns perched on its western side seem worlds away from the cityslickers.
>Despite that they're not really that far away if you judge it on the street map.
>But the forest is a barrier. A wall between the quiet country life and the big city full of degeneracy and bright lights...
>But how quiet is it here in Coltram and the surrounding Gallop County? A lot can happen in the middle of nowhere...
>You shudder in the cold office and walk back your seat. You've got that suspicion that the chairs sit slightly lower than the her desk. So the Snowmaiden can look down on you.
>Speaking of the devil, Chancellor Cinch strides into her office, letting the door bang into the wall as she takes some folders from under one arm and into her other hand.
File: 1522008377155.png (77 KB, 354x886)
77 KB
>You pick your nose and rub it. There's a sneeze stuck in your head. And that concussion isn't helping.
>"Good evening." She scowls, "I've had a terrible day so I'm in no mood for small talk."
"I'm fine, thank you for asking."
>You sass back, earning a deep frown from her as she sits and slams the folders on the table.
>It rattles everything and even spooks you.
>'Blimey, she's in a bad mood.'
>Despite this, she smoothes back some loose hair and slips off her glasses to polish them.
>"Mr. Endeavour, you're a European cosmopolitan man, surely you must watch grand prix motor racing?"
>Confused by her line of questioning, you answer honestly.
"Only in a dire emergency, why you ask?"
>"As far as I can gather." She begins, ignoring your question, "at the end, some overpaid man in a silly hat, shakes a bottle of champagne so it'll splash all over the runners-up, yes?"
"Yes, I've seen that. Again, why do you ask?"
>"This university has gone flat. I need to shake the bottle so get motivation flowing again. And I know you're the man to help."
>She grins as you sniff loudly.
"There's a problem though, I don't think there are any vacancies here, are they?"
>She waves that statement away.
>"Nonsense, my dear Endeavour. I can easily fire your successor or even hire you for something different. Now, hear me out, please."
>'Crikey, she's being polite. Brace yourself, Anon.'
>She opens a draw and takes out some a couple of hardback books and a ring-binder folder.
>Clicking it open, Abacus leafs through it and takes out some papers.
>"I think this college needs a new project and I know just the thing. History. And there's bags of it here in Coltram."
"Oh? What particular part of it are you thinking about?"
>You sceptically raise an eyebrow as you inquire about her new fascination.
>"Its puritanical past, Endeavour. Surely, you must know that this state had some of the first colonies set up in the late 17 century?"
>Posting anonymously
I are the smrt one!

"Yeah, as a dumping ground for the lame and the sick. Besides, if you want to play silly buggers with the past, you can sod off to Oakshott. That's where that bloody Colonial-era village for the tourists was built.
>She sighs and rubs her head.
>"I'm not talking about churning butter and making pumpkin pies." She snaps, "where would the college build this village anyway? On the football fields?"
>You roll your eyes and play with the handkerchief in your pocket.
"Okay, so what do you mean?"
>"Well, research the college and dig more into the history of the site. The college is currently extending the science buildings and we found timbers of old buildings. They could be Colonial houses."
>She gushes on, thinking of fortune and fame, so you bring her back down to Earth.
"Or they could be outdoor shithouses used by the farmers. You need the old timbers carbon-dated by the science department and further excavations by the archaeological department to prove it. So where do I fit in?"
>She leans onto the desk and purrs.
>"My dear Endeavour, I need your mind. I know this part of the state hides a dark past. All the paranoia over witchcraft, wiccans and magic."
>You sagely nod and turn down the volume on her, hoping she continues to get to her point.
>"I know you're a modern historian, judging by your books but you are a local one as well, I know you like the more macabre and that's why I need you."
>Another nod.
"I understand."
>"I've helped out with some of the research and I found references to a book. A book that..."
>She ponders for a moment, like she's lost in thought.
>'Or making up more crap...'
>"...that proves witchcraft was indeed practiced here."
>You nod again. You know several books were mentioned that allegedly details the craft. But most have been either been lost, destroyed for their links to devilry or have been found and sold on to private collectors.
>So why is she interested?

"What particular book is it?"
>She grins slightly.
>"It was written by a wiccan called Sapphire Moon. She was a medicine woman who was unfairly ostracized by the townsfolk. She was one of the five witches hanged for their 'crimes' in the Whispering Woods. A pity really."
"Hang on."
>You quickly interject, spotting the obvious flaw.
"There's a difference between wiccans and witches. How does she prove anything?"
>She puts a cotton glove, opens another draw and takes out a mouldy old leather-bound book.
>"Because she wasn't a wiccan, she was indeed a witch. The book I found in the archives of the central library was Moon's personal diary. This diary refers to her 'medicine' journal as her spell book."
"Might I read it?"
>She puts it back.
"So you want me to believe in you?"
>You raise your eyebrow again as she just chuckles.
>"In a sense. If you agree to help me, we can build on this. Find her journal, sell it for fame and fortune. Help the college grow. And I can give you back your old department. So what do you say, my dear Endeavour?"
>You pull out your handkerchief from your jacket pocket and blow your nose rather loudly.
"You see, Abacus..."
>You don't pay her any attention and look into in hankie, like you were expecting rubies and emeralds to fall out of your head.
"...I reason why I left wasn't because of the college's internal politics, it was because of you. You're not the nicest person to get along with.
>"Oh?" She simply says.
"Yes, I found you to be rude and callous, remember that time you laid into that new Maths lecturer because she dared to park in your reserved spot?"
>"She broke the rules and needed to be punished." The chancellor retorts strongly.
"Not by balling at her in the car park for ten minutes! No wonder she resigned two days later. It's your duplicitous and obstreperous personality, mixed in with your need to micromanage, that further exacerbates the issue."

>Her stoic face raises an eyebrow so you decide to end the conversation and the meeting.
"So I will turn down your offer. Thank you but no thank you."
>She avoids eye contact and shuffles some papers.
>"Well, I'm sorry for you loss, Endeavour. I just assumed you would be onboard with it. The chance to come back to the University, especially considering know of the dark nature of your new teaching post..."
>She leaves that sentence hanging, just begging for you to put your flat foot into it.
>So you do.
"What's that suppose to mean?"
>"Come, come now, I know where you work. You teach at Royal Canterlot High School. I know you are aware of its seedy essence and its awful students. As well as... other problems."
>She harshly insults as she casually nibbles on a pencil.
"You mean its magic problems, yes? You don't need to explain that to me, I know what you did last summer, Cinch."
>"I want to put that behind me. Start anew." She busts in, again defiant.
>"So I will ask again, Anon. Will you help me?"
>But you shake your head. It will fly in the face of what you've done in the last 3 months. For you to start again, for you to forget the past and continue on.
>You pull out your hankie again and loudly sneeze into it.
>"To your good health." She flatly says as you, again, peer in it.
"My answer is still no. I want to move on as well, away from Coltram. If that's all, Abacus, good evening."
>You conclude as you stand up and make your way to the door.
>As you turn the handle, Abacus Cinch says something rather ominous.
>"Qui non nobiscum adverus nos est."
>Turning around, you look at her incredulously.
"What's that suppose to mean, Cinch?"
>"Good evening, Anonymous. Do have a pleasant drive back to Canterlot."
>She smiles a very smug grin.
>You shake your head and quip back.
"Cruciatus in curcem. Eas in curcem."
File: fascinating.png (350 KB, 900x1374)
350 KB
350 KB PNG

>Signing your name and handing the book back to the porter, you walk out the building and stop on the steps.
>Turning your head slightly around and stuffing your hands into your jacket pockets, you hurriedly shuffle to your car.
>Luckily, parked nearby yours is a long white sedan. It's Celestia's.
>She's sat in the car, keeping warm and reading a book. She's also wearing a hat, oddly enough.
>You tap on the driver's side window and she looks up, flashing you her usual radiant smile.
>She points to the passenger side and mouths 'get in.'
>So you do as you're told.
>Climbing in and hearing that obnoxious bonging noise, you quietly close it and slip off your own hat.
"Burr. It'll be another bitter one tonight. Are you still up for this?"
>"I wouldn't be here otherwise, now would I? So why are you at the college again?"
>She gently inquires.
"Just catching up with old ghosts, I suppose."
>"Is it Cinch?"
"I wouldn't worry about it. I'm not. She tried to tempted me back here at Holm Coltram but I couldn't care less about the place now."
>You peer though the window and look at the grand-looking main building. The Shire Building is the oldest on the campus, built in that beautiful neo- Gothic style, but it holds terrible memories now.
>You shudder.
"No, Canterlot is my home now. Coltram is just... another place now."
>"I don't know if that's a healthy way of looking at things but... you do you, Anonymous."
>You gently rubs your hand resting on your knee. But you don't shoo her away. You just enjoy the moment.
>Composing herself, she spots that familiar van pulling in.
>"Come on, that's them."
>Getting out of her car, you both walk over to the bright pink delivery van.
"Is that really suitable for a young girl to drive?"
>You point to the conspicuous van as she chuckles.
>"It's not actually Pinkie's, that van. It belongs to her employers but they let her use it as her daily drive."

>'Well, the more you know...'
>Taking the cap from your pocket and pop it onto your head, you, again, hear her softly giggle.
>"You've still got that moth-eaten newsboy cap? I would have thought that old thing would have disintegrated years ago."
"It's called a flat cap, Celly. I bought this one a couple of years ago when I went back to England."
>"It suits with what you're wearing, reminds me of one of those English groundsmen who look after the castles."
>With your padded jacket, black chinos and brown boots, you are well-prepared for the night ahead.
>And with Celly wearing her white overcoat, blue jeans and walking boots, you assume she's all warm and cosy.
>'Let's just hope all the girls are all wrapped-up. The wind's picking up.'
>Pulling your cap on tighter, you knock on the van's windows and see the driver beaming a wide smile.
>"Lookie here! It's the Principal and Mr Nonny!"
>She squees and claps her hands as Twilight and Applejack roll their eyes.
>"Please don't be put off by Pinkie's enthusiasm, Mr Endeavour." Twilight begins.
>"Yessir, she always gets a little excited before an adventure." Applejack clarifies in her country drawl.
"There's a ways to go before we actually begin."
>You address as the three girls go quiet.
"We have to back on ourselves, onto the main road out and follow it until you see the signs for the Breton Height trails."
>"Hmm-mm." Twilight notes this down on the wad of paper on her lap.
>"She's a very good navigator. She's my personal GPS thingy!"
"She'd be very good at rally co-driving then. I would say follow the Principal's car because she'll be following me but I bet she already knows the route."
>"Okie dokie, lokie!" Pinkie beams again. She gives you a thumbs-up as the window rolls up.
"Come on then. Like I said, we'll take our own cars and besides, you can't park in here for long anyway."
>She nods as the pair off you walk to them.
>She climbs into hers and you get into yours.


>Starting her up, you drive out of the spot, crunching over the snow as a pair of headlights glare into your rear-view mirror.
>Driving out of the car park, the strange convey of an eighties angular saloon, a noughties plastic sedan and a bright pink van crawl out the college parking lot and onto the main road, out of town.
>Cruising through the dark town streets and onto the open road, you punch it through the gearbox and continue onwards.
>Glancing back, you're surprised to see Celestia keeping up and you can make out the top of that van.
>'Keep your eyes on the road, matey. Remember what happened with that bus the other night?'
>Driving through the forest, you can't shake that sense of foreboding. Like something bad will happen.
>'There's something out there, matey, something stalking through those trees. Man or beast? Who knows...'
>You drive on, praying that the inner voice stays quiet. But it doesn't.
>'Doing this is a silly idea, matey. What are you trying to prove anyway? That you're the man? That the man must protect those weak little girlies? Pah, you're just trying to impress Celly.'
"Shut up, you."
>'You've been saying that for years, matey. You keep trying to shut that door but I keep on strolling through...'
>Shaking the monologue from your head, you look at some of the signs and see the entrance for the trails' parking lot.
>As the three vehicles all pull in and park up, you note the other two cars in the lot; park ranger SUVs parked up by the pay-phone and notice board.
>You park over by the 4x4, climb out and clear off the collected snow on the board.
>Although the board declares the trails to be officially closed for the season, that's just for the guided walks. The trail itself is still open for walkers, both day and night.
>Shuddering in the cold, you pull out your cap and gloves and put them on.

>You walk back to your car and pop open the boot lid. You reach in and pull out the case.
>Unzipping it, you take the rifle and swing it around yourself.
>You would never call yourself a master huntsman but you do know which end of the gun to shoot out of. As your father once said, "prove them damn Yanks wrong, show them how we made the empire."
>He taught you and your sister how to shoot. At first it was using a revolver to shoot at cans and bottles. Then it was the local pests, like rats and squirrels.
>You kept your marksmanship up and your sister uses hers for personal safety. At your father request anyway.
>Pocketing some bullets from the case, you close the lid and walk over to Pinkie's van and Celestia's car, snow crunching under heel.
"Good evening all. How are we feeling? Hang on, why is there only five of you? Where's your pink-haired friend? Errm..."
>"Fluttershy, you mean?" Rarity answers, "well, she pulling extra shifts at the animal sanctuary she works at."
"Burning the candle at both ends, eh? And where's Sunset? Is she still mad at me?"
>"She is..."
>Rarity points to her side but no-one is there.
>"Sunset? Where are you?" Celestia shouts as she cranes her head around.
>"She's over here with me, by the entrance!" Twilight shouts back.
>Twisting your head around, you see the pair of them by the car park entrance under the shade of a street-light.
>Celestia walks over and talks to them. What they're saying? You're not sure, they're too far away.
>"Ah wonder what's goin' on?" Applejack ponders on.
>"I dunno but it must being something important. Why else would the eggheads go off by themselves?" Rainbow comments.
>"Rainbow! Don't be so rude! Especially in the presence of a gentleman!" Rarity snaps.
>You can't help but snort at the young lady, somehow it reminds you of Gail being all posh.
>The three stragglers wander back to the group.

>"Nothing to worry about, girls. Sunset was curious about this place." Celestia remarks as poor Sunset looks like she's about to pass out.
"You're sure? She's the colour of cold custard. Do you think it'll be wise if she stays behind? In case those rangers come back for their cars?"
>You question but Sunset objects to your concern by raising a gloved hand.
>"No, I'll be fine, I just spaced out for a moment."
"If you say so."
>You absentmindedly say.
>"I do." she retorts.
"Then I suggest you stay at the back with the principal. Just in case. If anyone sees anything strange, then let either me or Celestia know, please."
>She and the others nod.
"Come on, the sooner we start, the sooner we finish. Like I said, Celly, can you stay at the back, please?"
>Celly nods.
>"Of course."
>You lead the group on the snowy trail by opening the gate. You also pull out a torch and flick it on.
>You hold the gate open for the girls to walk through. You see Rarity, Twilight and Celestia also pull out their own flashlights.
>'Came prepared, at least.'
>You mused on as Celestia walks through.
>You take the lead again and shine the light onto the path.
"Now, we can take the official higher route to the Height but that'll take an hour, maybe longer in this weather. If can take the lower path, we can be there in 15, 20 minutes but that carries added dangers. I don't mind which so you guys decide."
>While Celestia and Sunset choose the higher path, the rest pick the lower walk.
"The lower path it is then. Like I said, please be careful and stay behind me."
>You turn back around and hear someone whistle.
>"Ah like yer rifle, Mr Endeavour. A Coltchester, ah presume?" Applejack inquires.
"Yeah, a model 70, I like the way it feels in my hands. How does a young girl like yourself know about guns?"

>"Surely, you must know ah live on a farm close to Canterlot; Sweet Apple Acres.
"The big orchards out east?"
>"Yessir. We Apples have been farmin' on these lands fer generations. I even have family out here as well. Near a place called Oakshott."
>"Come on, AJ, I don't think Mr Endeavour wishes to be bored by your genealogy." Rarity gently points out but heavily implies.
>"Who says ah was borin' 'im? I think 'e was interested. Am ah right, Mr Endeavour?"
"Please, call me Anonymous or Anon. And yes, I was interested. The more you know, I suppose."
>Even though you can't see, you assume AJ must have a smug grin.
"Shall I tell you a tale instead? The Everfree forest is haunted, you know?"
>"By what?" You hear Rainbow Dash interject, "by those witches you said earlier?"
"Yes. Witches who died violent deaths. Why? For being different. Oh, mind out for this root!"
>You stop and point it out with your torch. As everyone clears it, you continue with your little story as you trek further in the dark woods.
>"Anonymous, please, is this really appropriate?" Celestia loudly protests.
"Of course it is. This is what the guides would be talking about."
>You say as you shine your light onto a suspicious shadow. Turns out it just a tree.
"I think we're about half way there. Can you see that tree over there to your left?"
>You move the beam to a rather gnarled and twisted-looking birch tree in the distance.
"Stop. Can you see that carving on this tree?"
>You shift the light to a closer tree on your right. It's a wide birch with the inscription "Crimson + Sweetie. 06-24-76" in a heart-shape carved into it.
"A love story for the ages. No-one knows which '76 it refers to."
>"D'aww." Rarity purrs, "my sister's called Sweetie too. Hang on, let me just..."
>She pulls out her phone and takes a quick picture.
>"She'll enjoy that. I know it."

>"So what were you saying about these dead witches then, Anon?"
>Rainbow asks, showing a morbid curiosity.
>You start walking again.
"Both Canterlot and Coltram were once Colonial towns and, much like with the Manehatten Witch Trials, many men and women who were different or didn't conform to the colony standards suffered the same fate. Banishment or worse, a fatally sore neck..."
>"I thought witches were burnt at the stake?" Twilight asks.
"Some were burnt, yes, but that's a myth spread by Applewood. Most accused were either drowned or hanged. But banishment was far easier. It's believed that both the nearby towns of Oakshott and Blackbottoms were founded by the castaways."
>Animals whoop and cry around you all, adding to the spooky atmosphere.
>"Ah don't think Fluttershy would actually enjoy this nature walk, to be honest with you gals. Givin' me the creeps."
>Applejack shivers and others murmur in agreement.
>The shrill noise of a woodpecker echo around you all.
"Come on, not far now."
>The trees start to widen out and your torch shines onto a couple of nearby small clearings and ditches.
>"Any more spooky stories, Mr Endeavour? I'm sure we'd all be thrilled by them."
>You hear Sunset shout out sarcastically.
"Well, if you must know."
>You begin as someone shudders.
"Ghosts stalk the Whispering Woods. A coven of wiccans lived in these woods, you know. A wiccan is different from a witch; the former uses 'magic', or rather alternative medicine, to heal as opposed to the latter."
>You shudder yourself in the cold and breath out, seeing the fog of air cling around your face.
"It's believed they were blamed for several bad harvests. So they were hunted down and slaughtered like they were rabid dogs. Those who survived were hanged from the neck until they were dead."
>"Goodness gracious..." Sunset croaks out.
"Local legend... says that their death cries can sometimes still be heard... hence the name of the..."
>A piercing cry breaks your attention.
File: 590.jpg (182 KB, 590x332)
182 KB
182 KB JPG
Sorry, the captcha thing wouldn't load properly. Onwards!

>You all babble out as you drop your torch and make panicky grabs for the rifle.
>Swinging it around, you aim it in front of you and make sweeps around your flanks.
>Only to see torch beams on Pinkie Pie's face, full of pride.
>"What?" She innocently asks.
>"Pinkie, that wasn't funny!" Sunset chastises.
>"Most uncalled for, Pinkie!" Rarity scowls.
>"It wasn't me! Honest!" She adds, in a mocking tone.
>"Pinkie Pie!" Principal Celestia fumes, "One more scream like that and I'll make sure your name is stricken off the cookery class, understood?"
>"Okay. I just thought we were getting too serious, that's all..." She glumly says.
>Another eerie howl echoes through the woods.
>Everyone looks at Pinkie, assuming the obvious.
>"Don't look at me. Do you think I can do that with my lips closed?" Pinkie demands.
"Probably a raccoon or something."
>You say as you spin around and grab the torch on the ground.
>"Didn't sound like a raccoon to me, Anon."
>Celestia says, jamming her beanie hat on her head tighter.
"Oh alright, it's the howl of a werewolf, ravening for blood."
>You sarcastically grunt as you swing your gun back around yourself.
>"Lucky we're here to protect you then..." someone mutters.
>Walking in silence, you talk about more recent history.
"Coltram is obsessed by the legends. It's plagued by ghost hunters, fanatics and freaks. Myself among them. Did you know one such hunter tried to exorcise these woods? Only to be found dead the next morning?
>"How did the hunter die?" Rainbow Dash asks.
"Obsessed by death, aren't you?"
>You challenge her but she blankly says.
>"Just curious."
"Exposure. Wasn't very clever doing it in the height of winter. Speaking about heights, I think we're here."
>Your torch beam breaks through the trees and onto a large clearing. Snow covers the grounds and nearby benches, like a white carpet.

>The top of Breton Height has a beautiful vantage point of the lower parts of the Everfree forest and the lake itself. Walking through the trees and crunching on the fresh snow, you spin around to your group.
"Well, here we are. Welcome to Breton Height. If you stand by the wall over there, you'll get a dark view of Lake Everfree."
>As some of the girls wander about, you say to them.
"Don't wander about on your own. Stay in twos and threes, please."
>You see Twilight and Celestia leaning on a bench and raking through her rucksack.
"Is everything alright?"
>You enquire as you saunter over.
>"Yes, Anon, I'm just helping Twilight with her device."
>She says, rummaging through her bag.
>"Here it is!"
>She pulls out a large purple device on a stick with two screens. She turns it on and plays with the big dials and it starts to beep and warble.
"What the hell is that thing? And can it pick up Classic Rock FM?"
>"This is my other scanner, Anonymous. I didn't think my smaller one had the range or the strength to find any magic outside so I brought out my old trusty one!"
>"Oh hey!" Rainbow Dash butts in, "you made that one when you were at Crystal Prep! I thought you broke it a couple of months back?"
>"And I fixed it. Granted, there's only so many of your parent's toasters and old television sets you can cannibalize before they get suspicious, but I still did it anyway.
>She makes some adjustments on the dials and switches.
"I presume you're calibrating it, yeah? To account for the outside and weather.
>You inquire as Twilight nods.
>"Yes. Naturally, magic residue is subject to different conditions in different environments. But I think...
>The device beeps and points Twilight towards the other end of the Height. Towards the Five Sisters.
>"Hey! I think I found something."
>The Five Sisters sit out of sight of the vantage point, down a little pathway to another clearing.

>"It must be around where these tree stumps are."
>She says as the beeping intensifies.
>Another twist of the dial and the antennae twitch up and down.
>"Fascinating. These read-outs I'm getting are like when I first discovered the portal..."
>She mutters to as she walks on alone, not realising the obvious.
>"Err... Twiliy, I'd stop walking if I were you..."
>Pinkie bravely addresses.
>"Twilight, she's right. Stop walking, please."
>Celestia adds with a slight quiver in her voice.
>Even you are shocked into silence.
>"Huh? Why? C'mon guys! We're right on top of something here!
"Continue walking and you'll be on top of something, alright!"
>You nervously quip.
>She looks behind herself and walks back to you all, shivering in the cold.
>"What is it?"
>Celestia raises her flashlight and points it to one of the benches by the stumps.
>She follows the beam and gasps loudly.
>"Lord heavens above! What the hay is that!"
>Across the length of the wooden bench lays something very strange.
>Whatever it is, it is wrapped in semi-transparent plastic sheets and tied up with blue rope.
>"What do we do, Principal?" Applejack asks.
>Realising she's in charge, Celestia shakes her head and gestures that you and her investigate the strange parcel.
>You nod.
>"Girls, stay here and do not make a noise. Anon, come on."
>Creeping over to the bench, you both investigate the sheets.
"What even is this? A present someone forgot about?"
>You walk to one end, with your back to the girls and Celestia walks to the other.
>What greets you is a pair of mauve-skinned feet.
>You both scramble away and hug each other.
>"Holy shit, Nonny! It's hair! That's a person!"
"Fucking hell, let's get outta here!"
>You both charge off to the girls, both shocked and confused, follow suit.
>In the clearing, you all stop and catch your breaths.
>"What was that?" Twilight simply asks but Celestia just cries.
"A body."
>You answer.
>"A dead body."

Thank you so much for this!
File: 1538280186924.png (328 KB, 640x640)
328 KB
328 KB PNG

Mystery! Intrigue! Suspense!
The body count is definitely racking up, isn't it? Speaking about being dead, if you're interested in smart-arse languages no-one speaks, Abacus and Anonymous were talking in Latin. Abacus says "He who is not with us is against us" while Anon says "To Hell with your punishments. To Hell with you."

Anyway, thanks for reading, you cheeky sons-of-a-gun. Linky-links down below as per usual. If you wanna to find out more, write down your thoughts, feelings and comments, like how I shamelessly steal backing music from popular TV shows. Good night and Gosh bless you all.

And Gosh bless you as well ;)

Fuck sake...
FireWalk is the reason I haven’t updated in ages. His stuff is way too quality!! Keep it up man!
To the top
Update faggot.
Insanon is a story that requires serious inspiration
File: make-america-groovy-again.jpg (1.37 MB, 2180x1768)
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1.37 MB JPG
Don't blame me for your lack of progress, matey. I do hope you're not thinking "Oh, hecking gee whizz, those guys are writing such better stories than me. Why should I bother?"

Write because you want to write. Write because people want to read what you write. I want to read it too so where is my juicy content? Where are my stale memes?

Where are you, you lazy bugger? We need our insanity-induced lulz, Goddamn it!
File: 1494895135485.jpg (170 KB, 1024x1024)
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that is RIGHT on the cusp of being too thick
but it isn't.
I'm just memeing friendo. I've loved your story from the start; It only makes me want to write more. I'll try to update soon! I have a procrastination problem
Page 9
Well. I hope to see an update soon
Anon is a lucky man, what does Luna do when she isn't peaking in on their fuck fest?
On plane to Basic Training, hope to come back to more CopAnon.
You say basic training so I assume Army.
File: 1504365850310.png (796 KB, 1148x980)
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Bump from 9
I want heathers told by ponies soooo badly.
File: 1503447093408.jpg (559 KB, 800x1215)
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559 KB JPG
I appreciate it, man. I'll have plenty for you to read when you get back! Good luck, friend.
I've been saving that one.
>Bonbon thinks Anon has been grooming Flutters
>Little does she know, it's been Sunset all along
None of these guys are me. I'm in a writer's slump right now anyway. Don't know how to approach Insanon in Equestria really
File: well-fuck.jpg (22 KB, 483x338)
22 KB
That might be my fault, I just assume it was you. I'm sorry if I memed too hard and bamboozled you. If you're in a rut with it, take your time to get it right.
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I love Heathers musical and this image is beautiful
Bon Bon is dumb for not noticing the Sun grooming.
File: Spoiler Image (1.04 MB, 2000x2500)
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1.04 MB PNG
Lewd the sun in the name of the police breeding policy
As per Article II Section 9 of the Police Breeding Policy, amendment 6 approved in 1984 by Mayor Mare, it only applies to officers. So Anon should be breeding Stitches, not Celestia.
But the second amendment right after that one, stated in a court case 5 years after, set the precedence that any federal worker can be applied to the policy. See the case of the deceased mother of a Derpy Hooves and Iron Guard, with the mail worker and officer ruling. However they could also set the precedence for both as a decorated SWAT member capable of keeping them both filled and breed.
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