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>What is this thread about?
This thread revolves around stories about ponies being enslaved.

>Can you elaborate more?
Sure! SPG (Slave Pony General) is mostly about characters dealing with the actual implications of the horrifying thing that is chattel slavery. It's more looking at how people with modern sensibilities deal with the ownership of another sentient being, and how most people aren't total cunts.

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> The thing Twilight Sparkle called 'The Pony Society' was a big building. At least that was Silver Spoon's first impression.
> It was in the middle of the city, as far as the mare could tell. Skyscrapers, apartment blocks and stores spread in all directions with no end in sight. It was more than a little intimidating and Spoon was happy to follow the alicorn and the human, Zoe, inside.
> The reception room was mostly empty, except for a pony behind the desk. For a moment Silver Spoon could nearly believe she was back in Equestria. Everything looked so *normal*!
> Then she saw the differences. The chairs were narrower than the usual pony benches and the counter was taller than it should have been. The ceiling was too high and the occasional picture on the wall was above pony eye height.
> Spoon stayed back while Twilight approached the desk with the sure gait of someone very familiar with the place. Zoe smoothly fell in step with her.
> "Hi, Snow," the alicorn greeted warmly, causing the mare at the desk to smile in return. "Can you call Dr. Bailey's cell and tell him we're here? I'll go to his office."
> The receptionist bobbed her head up and down happily. "Of course, Twilight," she said. Then she looked at Spoon with undisguised curiosity.
> The alicorn followed her gaze. When she saw that Spoon was still at the entrance, Twilight beckoned with a hoof.
> "Come in," she invited. "This is White Snow. White Snow - Silver Spoon."
> Meeting new ponies was a little easier than humans, but Spoon still didn't like it much. She almost felt as if this White Snow was judging her.
> Her mouth pressing together into a thin line, Spoon obeyed the Princess and went forward. She didn't meet the new mare's eyes.

> She wouldn't be that happy and upbeat if *she* had spent a few years chained in a backyard!
> Luckily Twilight didn't notice the sour expression because she was distracted by their human driver.
> "I'll go check on a few people, find me when you're ready to go back, okay?" Zoe said and reached down to pat Twilight's mane.
> The alicorn didn't mind! She even leaned into the touch a little, which made Spoon forget White Snow for a moment and just stare.
> "Yeah, have fun!" the Princess said and looked around for her ward. "Come on, it's this way."
> Spoon glanced again at the receptionist, who was staring at them silently. The details of her face were lost in a blur, but her coat was pure white and the mane was a pleasing dark blue. The combination tickled her memory, but there was no time to reflect on it.
> A door led to a hallway with green-gray paint on the walls. Spoon didn't like it much, but Twilight set off and she had to follow. It was either that or stay alone in this strange place.
> Pretty soon she smelled the unmistakable smell of sanitizer and antiseptic. Her hoofsteps faltered and she began to lag behind the unicorn.
> She moved in a world of blurry, blocky shapes, nearly all of them taller than she was. Even the chairs and benches seemed to loom over her.
> The ceiling was lost in the mist and only the occasional light proved its existence.
> Up ahead a human voice was speaking loudly, accompanied by unintelligible murmuring from a phone speaker.
> Spoon didn't want to go further, but the alicorn noticed and came back to give her a quick nuzzle.
> "Don't worry, that's Dr. Bailey. He's really nice," Twilight said. "Do you need a minute?"

> The princess sat on her haunches beside her and Spoon followed suit. She hadn't always been this afraid of new things, but she had never really liked hospitals. She wished she could be back at Twilight's place - at least that was starting to smell familiar.
> The human in the next room stopped talking and there was a creak of the chair as he leaned back. The Princess brought her muzzle closer.
> "Come on, it's just a quick check-up, okay?"
> Spoon drew a deep breath. She had to be brave for Twilight.
> Her legs trembled a little but held her weight as the two went to the door. It was ajar, so Twilight just pushed it open with a hoof.
> "Hello, Doctor!" she said.
> A wheel squeaked as the man stood up and pushed the office chair back. "Twilight! Good to see you, gal! Come on in!"
> Spoon peered around the door frame and tried to make out the items in the room. There was a desk with a lamp on it, some filing cabinets and - there could be no mistaking it, even with her eyesight - an examination table.
> All gleaming chrome surfaces and metal bars.
> The mare gulped loudly and would have backed out if Twilight hadn't put a leg around her withers and pulled her nearer.
> "This is Silver Spoon."
> The human came forward, completely oblivious of Spoon's trepidation, it seemed. "Ah, the rescue!" he boomed. His voice filled the room and the mare in question flattened her ears against the sound.
> The man crouched down and reached out. Spoon closed her eyes in fear, but instead of the hit she was expecting there was just the light pressure of a finger behind her ear.
> "A bit skittish, aren't we?" the doctor chuckled. "Don't worry, lass, I don't bite."
> He stood up and went to the table. "Please, kindly step this way, little miss."

> Spoon already had her face buried in Twilight's chest fluff. She felt like that was the only safe place in the world right now.
> "Trust me. He's a good guy," the alicorn whispered. "We just have to make sure you're okay."
> After a moment Spoon got a grip on herself and nodded. She pulled her head back.
"Yes, Twilight."
> The mare looked up at the blur that was the human and tried to see his features. The hair was graying and he was smiling, he was wearing a white lab coat, but there wasn't much more that she could tell. Spoon lifted her muzzle and sniffed, instead.
> Some kind of herbal soap, coffee, slightly musty clothes and human. Those were the smells she picked out under the ever-present antiseptic.
> "Sorry, Dr. Bailey. She's a little afraid of humans," the princess explained, but the human just waved it away with his hand.
> "Completely understandable. Take your time, little miss Spoon!"
> Maybe being spoken to like she was a child helped. It reminded Silver Spoon slightly of Doctor Horse in Ponyville general. He had always been nice to her when she was still a filly.
> She drew a deep breath and straightened up.
"I'm r-ready."
> Despite the bold proclamation, Spoon was very glad that Twilight stayed near her as they approached the dreaded metal table. She looked at the shiny surface and realized that the thing was at pony height.
> The doctor was still waiting patiently. When Spoon looked at Twilight, the alicorn nodded at her in encouragement.
> Spoon reared up and placed her forehooves on the cold surface. It took her a few tries to hook a hind leg on the edge, but then she easily pulled herself up.
> She swallowed a lump and addressed the human:
"I'm ready, doc- doctor."

> He reached out again and this time the mare only flinched slightly as he laid a careful hand on her head.
> "I'll rise the table up a little, that okay sweetie?" he asked her. "Not as young as I used to be. Back's just about ready to quit on me."
> She nodded and the human fiddled with one corner of the cable. There was a mechanical whirring noise and the surface under her hooves lurched and began to rise.
> Spoon squeaked in alarm and nearly fled, but Twilight reared up for a quick nuzzle.
> Very soon she was high above the floor and quite near the human's inquisitive eyes. Her tail pressed itself between her legs even without her conscious control.
> "Hmm," the doctor said, but it sounded like he was mostly talking to himself. "Earth mare, gray coat, white- no wait."
> He stepped around and turned an overhead lamp to shine on the pony. "Ah, I suppose that is where you got your name, miss Silver?"
> She didn't answer because the man wasn't really listening. "A bit on the light side, but nothing too bad."
> He hands were back on her face, but this time he wasn't scratching her ear. The fingers pulled a little at her brow so the man could look into her eyes. Then he gently pried an ear open to examine that as well.
> Now that it was happening, it wasn't so much scary as it was uncomfortable and embarrassing. Spoon felt slightly like an animal at the vet's, but she clenched her jaw shut and tried to endure.
> "No mites, lice or fleas. Ears are clean. Open your mouth for me, please, and say ah!"
> As soon as he released her ear, it folded back down, but Spoon did as the human commanded.
> He reached to his desk and took a brown wooden stick. "Again please, longer."

> The bit of wood went in her mouth and pushed her tongue down. It was very much like what Doctor Horse had done, but Spoon still couldn't stop a tremble in her legs.
> The stick clattered as Dr. Bailey dropped it on the side of the table. He put a finger in her mouth, completely unafraid that she might bite him, and pulled her lip away so he could look at her teeth.
> "Very good," he commented and let her go.
> Spoon nearly jumped down after that ordeal, but made herself stand still. The human dug out a stethoscope from a drawer and put it in his ears. "Sorry if this is a bit cold, lass" he warned her, then pressed it against her side.
> The pony sidestepped away from the touch, but he just put his other hand on her barrel to keep her in place. "Good, now just breathe deeply for me, alright?"
> Spoon obeyed, feeling the little disc of metal slide this way and that on her chest and even down to her belly.
> "Good, good, you're doing fine, little miss," the doctor commented.
> Spoon's mouth almost quirked up for a fraction of a second at the praise. For some reason, she suddenly really wanted this human to say she was being good.
> "Now," the doctor began and paused to look for words. "I'd like to take a sample of your blood. Are you afraid of needles, little miss?"
> She was, but Spoon swallowed and shook her head.
> The human took a piece of rubber hose and tied it around her forearm. It was a bit tight, but not uncomfortable. Next he unscrewed a flask and poured a bit of alcohol on a gauze. It stung her nose and Spoon snorted to clear it out.
> It was cold when it touched her skin as the human thoroughly rubbed the inside of her leg.

> Then he took a needle. For once the mare was glad she couldn't see clearly. The point was too fine for her eyes and she almost managed to convince herself it wasn't really there.
> "Just close your eyes, lass. I'll count to three, okay?"
> She obeyed.
> "One," Dr. Bailey said slowly. "Two. Three."
> Spoon hardly felt the sting, but she kept her eyes closed and tried to think of something else. Anything.
> Maybe Twilight would give her an apple for being a good girl! That was something to look forward to. Maybe even another salad like that morning.
> "There we go, that wasn't so bad now, was it?" the human announced.
"N-no, doctor."
> He put the vial away and wrapped a bandage around her leg to keep the gauze in place. "Leave that for at least fifteen minutes," he instructed as he untied the rubber band.
> It sounded as if they were done and Spoon breathed a sigh of relief. She was getting ready to jump from the table, even as high as it was, but the doctor laid a hand on her back.
> "Just one more thing, little miss," he said softly. His voice was suddenly quiet and very different from before, but Spoon didn't immediately pick up on it.
> She straightened up and resigned herself to another test. Besides, the worst was probably behind her, she guessed.
> "A little help, Twilight?" the human asked and the alicorn obediently lifted up her forelegs.
> To Silver Spoon's surprise, the doctor simply picked Twilight up and put her on the metal table in one smooth, practiced movement.
> The Princess gave her a very uncomfortable-looking smile. "Okay, just relax. It's just a test."
> As the glow sprang up around Twilight's horn Spoon's heart began to race. She tried to move away from the alicorn, but the human stopped her with a palm on her rump.

"W-W-What are you d-doing?" she asked them both.
> "Look at me," Twilight commanded and Silver's eyes snapped to the mare. The glow spread, making her limbs feel heavier. She found she couldn't move her legs.
> "Please hurry, Doc," the alicorn implored.
> Behind Spoon there was a snap of rubber gloves and she tried to look back. Twilight kept her head still.
> "Relax," the Princess said, smiling, "it's just an exam. Look at me, Silver Spoon!"
> She brought her face closer and nuzzled her cheek. "You trust me, right?"
> Spoon swallowed a lump. She was scared out of her wits, but she did trust the alicorn. She nodded.
> "Close your eyes. Don't think about it. It's a standard test, we've all had it."
> A hand yanked away her tail and the mare squeaked in surprise.
"No no no, don't, w-what are- no!"
> The human's finger poked here and there, uncomfortable in the rubber glove. It went inside, making the mare gasp.
"P-Please, n-not again! Please!"
> Twilight was there and put her legs around Spoon. "You're okay, relax," the alicorn said, but Spoon just began to sob into the black and violet mane.
> "Try not to think about it, Silver. It's just a medical exam," the Princess urged her.
> How could she not? The human was getting really familiar with her most private parts. It didn't help that her body reacted without her control. The finger was quickly coated in juice.
> She wasn't scared anymore because embarrassment masked everything else. Spoon turned her ears back so she could at least listen to what the human was doing.
> "Good," he murmured. "Just a moment longer."
> She felt the touch of cold metal for a second, then a prod of something soft she couldn't quite identify.

> The human withdrew his offending hand and released her tail, which snapped back to its place. A moment later he began to remove his gloves.
> Spoon was left bewildered and ashamed and shivering from fear. It was a good thing that Twilight was still here.
> "I know what you went through and I'm really sorry, but we have to do this. I need to make sure you're okay after what that bastard did to you," the Princess explained in a quiet, contrite voice.
> The magic around her faded and Spoon found she could move again. Her rump hit the metal table for the extra protection that would give it.
> "I'm really sorry about this, Silver," the alicorn went on. She was still hugging her. "It's over now. We're done."
> When the doctor came around to pet her, Spoon flinched away and twisted herself free from the mare holding her. She glared balefully at the human.
"S-Stay away from m-me!"
> "Aw, I'm sorry, lass," he said, back to his customary jovial and booming voice. "I don't think you'd have agreed to that voluntarily, not after what you've been through."
> His hand went to his lab coat pocket and he brought out something in vivid red paper. He unwrapped it and held it toward her nose.
> "Here, you've been a very good girl, miss Spoon," he said, as if he was making a peace offering.
> She sniffed it gingerly and found mostly sugar with the aroma of strawberry. It was a lollipop.
> The human kept it steady while Spoon tried to see his face. It was a blur, but she didn't think he had any more trickery in him.
> She carefully took it into her mouth.
> It was an explosion of flavor and the mare nearly let it drop between her lips. While she sat there, stunned, the doctor tousled her mane and chuckled.

> "There's a good lass. Anyway, you're healthy, unless the blood work shows something."
> Twilight was the one to remember: "Oh, Dr. Bailey! Silver used to wear glasses in Ponyville."
> That gave the human some pause. "Glasses?" he repeated. He looked around, picked up a magazine from his table and held it in the air.
> "Can you read the title, miss Spoon?" he asked.
> Silver tried to focus on it.
"N-No," she said, sadly.
> He brought it closer, enough to distinguish a human figure on the front, but not the words.
"Still n-no, s-sorry."
> "You don't have to be sorry, lass," the human assured her and moved the colorful bit of paper closer yet. "Now?"
> Spoon squinted and tried to form words from the misshapen blobs.
"Uh, Am- er- American... Journal?"
> She leaned her head a bit closer. That helped.
"Of- of, uh... something m-medicine?"
> "Preventative medicine, yes," the human said. "My, that's not good at all."
> The pony hung her head, but Twilight nuzzled her and whispered. "Not your fault."
> As he went back to his desk to drop the magazine, Dr. Bailey rubbed his chin in thought. "Well, I'll see if I can get an optometrist in here, but I don't think there's any who specializes in ponies. We'll see what we can do."
> "Thank you, doctor," the alicorn said, then turned to Silver Spoon. "Come on, you're all done. Let's get you home."
> That was a very welcome thought. The mare was pretty shaken up by the intrusive exam and still partly in shock. The lollipop in her mouth and the impromptu eye exam had served to distract her a little.
> Knowing that it had been a proper medical procedure also helped, but Spoon still felt violated. They *could* have asked first!

> She was quite mad at Twilight Sparkle, too, but the alicorn was the only one she knew in this place, so Spoon didn't want to risk alienating her. She could wait to tell her off until they were back at Twilight's apartment.
> "Here, let me lower the table," the human offered and hit a switch somewhere on the side. The surface descended with its electrical whir.
> Spoon jumped off as soon as she felt the floor was near enough. She didn't want to be at the doctor's mercy for a minute longer than necessary, so she was only too glad to follow Twilight out of the office.
> "We'll be in touch, doctor," the alicorn said and waved a hoof. "Thanks!"
> The human sat back in his chair, making it creak alarmingly, and waved back. "Stay safe, Twilight!"
> "Okay, home. Let's go and find Zoe. What would you like for lunch?"
> Spoon thought about it. The purple nag wasn't off the hook for tricking her like that, not by a long shot! For Celestia's sake, she had held her down so the human could poke around her privates!
> But the offer of a meal went a long way. Spoon's glare softened a little.
"Uh, tomatoes? P-Please?"
> "Sure thing! I'll ask Zoe to drive by the market and pick some up for us!" Twilight said, completely oblivious of her friend's annoyance. "Come on, it's this way!"
> Silver Spoon drew a deep breath and tried to put the experience behind her. She was still in shock - it had all happened so quickly!
> She hoped she could keep it together at least until they were home.
> Twilight should have asked! Alicorn or not, she had no right to treat Silver Spoon like an animal at the vet's!

Start the new thread off with some uncomfortable Spoon.
Pastebin here: https://pastebin.com/2hYFaRYY
File: Ready for master love.png (471 KB, 842x1145)
471 KB
471 KB PNG
Bedfillies are better than bedmares
Nice try, but that's too small to even be the pillow

>trying that hard to get your post scruffed
He is probably trying to meme a lewd filly green like his previous attempt with the filly brothel. I can't blame him because that would be really hot
>"Well, I'll see if I can get an optometrist in here, but I don't think there's any who specializes in ponies. We'll see what we can do."
They can measure her eyes and grind her lenses easily enough. Human optical technology will be superior to what she had before: they'll be lighter, thinner, and she'll be seeing better than ever! Frames will be unobtainable though. I've mentioned it before, but if Silver Spoons special talent happens to be silversmithing (or titanium-smithing and TIG welding), this will be an ideal opportunity to show it off, gain confidence, and find her way in the world.

>Alicorn or not, she had no right to treat Silver Spoon like an animal at the vet's!
Twilight means well, but she needs to think about what others are feeling more. She's kind of arrogant, with Anon, Silver, even faithful Zoe. I feel another Friendship Report to her distant mentor coming on...

>some uncomfortable Spoon
But the story itself seems almost too comfortable. Where's the conflict? Where's the drama? Twi's relationship difficulty with Anon is a real problem, but it can't carry the story by itself; I think there needs to be more. Not 'full grimderp', but some looming slave-related threat.

Anyway: love the story, love you, thanks for updating.
>Twilight means well, but she needs to think about what others are feeling more. She's kind of arrogant, with Anon, Silver, even faithful Zoe. I feel another Friendship Report to her distant mentor coming on...

She probably want to make this rescue count, make it feel like a success for her. She need that for her ego after the fuck up with anon
File: 1483231152867.png (155 KB, 874x818)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
Skittles when?
Has skittles had any updates at all?
No? Why would it? It's dead.
>knows that silver has psychocolgical trauma related to sex
>holds her against her will, while doctor rapes her with his hand and surgical instruments

How can twilight be so fucking dense?
Twilight is retarded, she's gonna get dumped by Anon soon enough.
Twilight secretly enjoy this, no one is safe of the post-trauma fetish and assisting a rape is her fetish
Inb4 Silver Spoon turn into a good girl and take twilight husband
File: 1535421321167.jpg (88 KB, 1128x873)
88 KB
Twilight should have kept being a slave.
She's unable to be a good pony without a master guiding her.
She’s become too accustomed to overriding Spoons will for her own good. If Twilight respected her autonomy she would still be chained to the doghouse, or she would be sleeping in a cupboard or some dumb thing between presenting herself to a mortified Anon. This is just one more thing Twilight feels she owes Spoons future, saner, self. What if she has vagoo-rot or something in there, is she supposed to let it fester?! It falls under the umbrella of ‘medical necessity’.
So far, so efficient, but Twilight is galloping down a road paved with her own good intentions. Assuming Spoon is technically Anons property now, at what point does she become a slave master herself? Even white knights face morall dilemmas.
Well your orbital mechanics are off, its several minutes thrusting
And think less communications and more typhoon creator.
The station has an oxygen garden so its an indefenite upstate.
Solar powered, and its in a prime high orbit that killing it is a bad idea.
And I wouldn't put it past the unicorns to have done some wierd magic to protect the place.

I mean its not going anwhere, I didn't give ti thrusters.
And I don't live on earth, so its fine if they wreck the place with super storms.
Should've just mindraped her and put her to sleep then to ensure she doesnt get a heart attack or something.
>rape her mind
>in addition to everything else
Ya, that’s way better. It’s all for her own good! I bet Twi was actually thinking of it though... Has her horn even grown back enough for such a subtle spell?
who is goodest girl?
File: large (9).png (200 KB, 675x1024)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
Filly and now Mare but Rose will ruin it with the free pony shilling
File: 1534827276338.png (2.43 MB, 3420x3432)
2.43 MB
2.43 MB PNG
why aren't there more apul stories?
There’s no shortage of them, if you go back in the archives. She’s as well represented as any.
File: 1594229.png (410 KB, 1073x2000)
410 KB
410 KB PNG
>free pony shilling
I can imagine a free pony totally disgusted if he/she say a pony slave with a good relation with her master

>"Look that traitor bitch, I bet that she present herself to her master every night"
>*continue eating trash from the trashcan*
There are lots, but none of them have been finished. So competent writers feel "it's already been done"(even though it actually hasn't) so they won't touch it.

I would have been better for those fucks to have not write at all rather than leave shit unfinished.
For me, a lot of the primary and secondary canon characters get frustrating to write because Iget torn between how they would react from the show and how I need them for the story.
Its easier to use a blank canvas character simply because you don't have to work from their personality.
I do like using them as one offs simply because a developed character can lend itself to a much quicker pace and easier story time.

>Applejack stood in the foyer, her French ruffle maid costume slashed from where the shattered chalkyis crystal had gotten her.
>It had been a large peice, over 300 pounds and 4 feet tall, but Butterscotch had managed to knock it loose.
>The other mare hung precariously on the ladder, a number of red claw marks from the glass crystal shrapnel adorned her flanks.
>Apple knew it would be much worse for the mare when master found out.
>She could take the blame, after all if she had braced the statue when Butterscotch tried polishing it, it wouldn't have fallen
>But was it honest?
>She hadn't needed to do it ever, and it was an accident
>THe hurried clatter of leather soled spats on the polished marble tile echoed through the high arched doorway
>Anon was coming, and Apple needed to decide how much honesty was worth in slavery
I love the start. If it is a start! I hope so.

If you are looking for suggestions Appul is best pony and would take the blame because she is a strong good girl whose heart is full of love and strength
Her heart is indeed full of love and strength, but she’s not the Element of Self-Sacrifice. Would she really lie to her master to save her friend, and would he believe her if she tried?

>”That’s a whipping for Butterscotch for carelessness, AND a whipping for Applejack for dishonesty. That sort of job is ponywork; you will punish each other, but if I catch you slacking, I’ll take over myself.”
>”Neither of you will like it if you make me get my hands dirty.”
fuck off with this autistic edgy horseshit
I miss you guys
We miss you too swf
Nobody here misses that faggot. I hope his mental problems finally got the better of him and he finally killed himself. He'd be doing us a huge favor.
>Anon is walking home from his shift at blockbuster just after sunset, as he walks past a dingy alley, a noise catches his attention.
>He stops and peers into the darkness, a noise like strained breathing and whimpering reaches out to him.
>He looks around, suspicious this could be a trap.
>He slowly walks into the alley, the noises coming from a large dumpster.
>He creeps up to it and lifts the lid, there's a squeak of the hinges, but also a squeak from inside, the breathing noises muffled.
>He looks inside, a mare is laying in the rubbish, gasping and breathing fast, her eyes stare at nothing as her body shakes.
>Anon almost drops the lid and steps back, but he's frozen looking at the state of the pony, she looks young, barely at adult age, her body is covered in bruises and cuts, her eyes look up at him with pure horror.
>Her right arm is a mess of bloody meat, her blood covering the garbage around her.
>Her hoof looks like it was crushed and destroyed from hoof to elbow.
>Anon holds down his lunch as he hops in and lifts the battered mare up, careful to support her bad arm.
>He rips a strip of his t shirt off and uses it to quickly tie around her upper arm, hoping it will keep the mare from losing any more blood.
>Anon hops out of the dumpster with the mare held snug against his chest with one arm and pulls out his phone.
>With a few quick swipes, he sets off to the nearest vet, walking as quickly as he can, being careful not to jostle her.
Ya, you’re right: it was kinda edgy horseshit. Slavery does lend itself to edge, but I won’t continue.
>but I won't continue
Literally why? You've got a good start of a story here. There's nothing wrong with having bad things happen in your story; it's only when the story becomes nothing but an incessant train of "the pony gets hurt" to the point it defies logic that there's a problem. Nothing about this says that to me; pony had an accident, pony now has to figure out what to do about it.
Soooo? Can the limb be saved, or is this an amputee pony story? How will poor Trashpony repay her new owner and make her way in this harsh world?
Go on!
Great green again AWF although like many others I do not approve of the way in which Twiligth handled the revision of Silver Spoon (poor mare, two stories in this trhead and in both she is a victim!) felt 'inhuman', very tactless and kind, even Fluttershy who Suffering horribly would show greater kindness to a victim

I imagine that this is how the author prefers to write to Twiligth, a little away from what someone empathic should act with a victim of abuse, even though she is there to support anyway she feels absent, maybe it is because of the terrible frequency in who has repeated the same action with other ponies rescued in the past or by the problems that are happening with anon and his other duty.

If you want drama and conflict just wait for her to fail Anon when him needs her the most because "The ponies are more important" and he loses the opportunity to launch his project, the sponsorship and even all his money because Twiligth again could not keep his promise, or even worse, that the police or the FBI appear in his house with an arrest warrant for theft of private property (Silver Spoon), kidnapping (maybe?), aggression and attempt of murder of the owner of the mare, and all because they could identify the vehicle in which they fled (by model, tires ect) and how the car is registered by Anon will be the one arrested and taken to prison.
>cruelly whipped over an accident
You're already dangerously close to grimderp with that kind of autistic overreaction, this is exactly the kind of shit that reeks of "lol hert da poanee juzt 'cause"
One of the main points of this thread is "how most people aren't total cunts," not centered around masters that ARE total cunts.
Unless they're rescued by a more caring owner, it doesn't belong here (same reason hipposhit can fuck right off).
Keep going.
>t doesn't belong here
Says you
>same reason hipposhit can fuck right off)
Yet many of us are fans of his stories, or at least one of them. If he'd fucked off we would never have had Filly Brothel.
>If he'd fucked off we would never have had Filly Brothel.
Is that supposed to be a negative?
fucking this
>Filly Brothel
Well it's nice to know your opinion can be safely summarily discarded. Have a nice evening, autist.
>Yet many of us are fans of his stories
>If he'd fucked off we would never have had Filly Brothel.
I'm not the super autist who hates on hippo 24/7 but I honestly didn't enjoy his take on a the prompt. Sad thing now is no one else will attempt the topic because filly brothel will always be filly brothel. A better writefag could have done better stuff with the idea but that's probably ruined at this point.
>A better writefag could have done better stuff with the idea but that's probably ruined at this point.
Like what? the idea was lewd filly(at least filly end like that after some session with his favorite client) in a brothel and he do that without any problem
You can seriously fuck off with this autistic mindless dickriding literally any time.
File: IMG_4796.jpg (641 KB, 2000x2000)
641 KB
641 KB JPG
Mother fucking corona when?
GMLTR was also a steaming pile of horseshit, let's not forget about that.
I found the characterization weak and the plot ultimately boiled down to checking off a list of fetishes before ending abruptly. I also couldn't identify or sympathize with filly despite how heavy on the feel her situation SHOULD be. that combined with zero resolution ruined the green and wasted the prompt for me.
I think you meant "master fucking corona when?"
>All these fags in denial that swf ran off again.
How are you guys not used to this by now? I gave up on him as a writefag like a year ago.
He straight up told you guys updates would be sporadic and unpredictable when he came back this time, you have nothing to bitch about.
>Mother fucking Corona
I think he means, "Master fucks a foal into Corona's belly".
>I have the attention span of a goldfish, therefore everybody else should too
Yet he makes promises he can't keep then can't even give us an update?

>Before last sunday
>Couple more days
>7 days since then
>0 communication
Sorry, I prefer writings who post more than a few times a year. It's an ok story but not worth the wait.
>the idea was lewd filly(at least filly end like that after some session with his favorite client) in a brothel and he do that without any problem
Just because he checked off the boxes to follow the prompt doesn't mean it was a well written story. We've got dozens of stories that follow a generic formula, that doesn't make them compelling or interesting to read.
At least he use a formula that will never be used again, it's literally better than nothing
Fucking U-unf
>generic formula
Filly brothel was hardly a generic formula. There was no anon. It was written from the perspective of the filly. There was no heroic arc. There was no bad guys getting what they deserved. She was just trying to be a good girl and good to those around her only to end up discovering she's an accountant with more than a lifetime's worth of sexual baggage to try to sort out. That's hardly cookie cutter for greens here.
>it's literally better than nothing
Which is what we'll get on the subject now since he's ruined it. I'd have rather it be open for future use personally but oh well.
I didn't say filly brothel was a generic formula. I said following any formula doesn't make a story good.
My balls will literally explode if corona begs to be a good girl while he fucks her. All that lewd nickering and grunting as the room fills with the sound of their love making.
When I communicate, I get accused of being an "attention whore."
I'm not going to blogpost, but shit came up, that much should be obvious.
>shit came up
That's becoming a tired refrain from you. This "shit" doesn't seem to stop you from your slave horsey role play time, just move on already, we don't need you or your story.

>Anon arrives at the vet, the mare floating in and out of sleep the whole way there.
>He talks to a receptionist, and she has him fill out some paperwork and set the pony down on a table with wheels, the receptionist puts a muzzle on the mare and wheels her into the back.
>A nervous anon sits in a waiting chair, he looks at his hands and quietly fidgets.
>One of the vets come out from the back room, older man, in full scrubs slightly stained with fresh blood.
>He speaks without removing his mask. “We’ve managed to stop the bleeding… we weren’t able to save her arm, but I’m sure in time she’ll be healthy enough to get back to work.”
>Anon wanted to yell, but just took a calming breath. “Okay… thanks doc… Anything I need to know?”
>The vet talks to the secretary and she waves anon over. “Here, sign here, here, and… here.”
>Anon does as told.
>She sets a bottle of pills on the counter. “Alright, she’s going to need one of these a day for the next few months, should help keep swelling and infections down to a minimum.”
>”Uh, thanks.” He doesn’t really know what he’s going to do with the pony, he’s never owned a pony before, only seen them in passing doing various chores since they were found in the wild or whatever the media said, he doesn’t really pay much attention to anything outside of work.
>A few hours later, long after night has settled, the mare is wheeled out on a cart inside a kennel. The pony is fast asleep, her right arm missing just above the elbow, wrapped up in gauze.
>Anon pays at the counter and then picks up the kennel. Being careful not to jostle her too much he heads home with his new room mate.
>He stands at a crosswalk, waiting for the light to change, he looks down at the pony’s face as she’s sleeping. ”I hope you have a name...”
>When I communicate, I get accused of being an "attention whore."
No one asked for a blog post just a quick "update's been pushed back". The attention whoring is dramatic posts like this instead of simple communication like everyone else.
What was so dramatic about that? You also literally just proved his point.
That's fine, man. It'll come when it comes, no big deal.
>Waaahhhh everyone calls me mean names
yeah totally not a plea for sympathy. Notice any other writefag who engages the trolls?
>stating a fact, then pointing out specific examples, is "waaaahhh" tier
Sorry Anon, didn't know you were an aspie.
I don't normally write, but I had an idea and wanted to see if I could write... but don't get your hopes up, it will probably be shit
>Trash Panda
I miss Tuner.
That's a decent start.
Stop complaining and go write better story on the same subject.
This. It's been half a year since filly brothel ended. There's plenty more that could be written from that prompt.
self entitled little shit, ain't you?
If you don't like it, make your own, no one here owes you anything
Most people don't want to reuse prompts that have already been done. I know I don't because it'll always be compared to the other story and never allowed to stand on it's own merit.
Oh no someone doesn't like something you like. Grow up and quit crying that people have opinions.
I had an idea for a story, and you know what I did?

Instead of bitching and crying and begging, I just wrote it.

Yeah I'm doing the same. Really don't have the time to write another story at the same time though.
And if some bitch reeees that it doesn't belong here keep writing anyways. Plenty of good folks will read even if you offend a handful of autists.
Ignore these assmad faggots swf they're just trying to ruse you because it fills the void in their meaningless lives
people who fantasize about controlling others are themselves controlled by other in their actual lives
but these stories usually are about white knights trying to help ptsd ponies
The cookie cutter ones are. The better ones veer from that.

>Anon finally reaches his home, and steps inside, a small flat within a large apartment building.
>He sets the kennel down in the center of the room, and opens the door, but doesn’t go to wake her up.
>He walks to the kitchen and looks in the fridge. ”What do ponies eat?”
>He glances at the cold meat lover’s pizza and a half empty pack of bologna.
>”Definitely not that.” He decides as he closes the door and looks around his kitchen.
>He spots the loaf of bread. “Well, it's at least something.”
>He opens the bag, pulls out a few slices, then spins the loaf and tucks the tip.
>Then he pops the slices into the toaster and pushes it down.
>While he waits for the toast to bread, he looks around, realizing he has nothing of the vegetarian variety.
>He sighs then grabs a pair of scissors and goes outside, in a little garden just outside the building is some green manicured grass.
>”I really hope this isn’t racist.” He mumbles to himself as he collects a large handful of grass and heads back up to his flat.
>He puts the pile of grass into one bowl, and the toast with a little butter on a plate.
>He sets both the plate and bowl just outside the kennel, then goes over to the tv stand, pops a tape into the vcr and hits play.

>As the previews play he heads to his bedroom and takes off his toren and blood covered shirt, a little upset that he’ll have to buy a new one for work.
>He tosses the shirt into a bin and takes off the rest of his work uniform and gets into some more relaxed sweatpants and led zeppelin t shirt.
>He walks back out to the living room and flops onto his couch, setting his feet up on the coffee table, just as the previews end.
>He takes a peak over and notices one slice of toast is missing, and the mare has curled herself up into the back of the kennel.
>He wants to say something to comfort her, but due to being afraid to scare her further he just gives her a sad knowing look and settles in to watch the movie.
>The mare looks at him, her whole body shaking with fear for being so near to a human, thinking of the harm that he could cause her.
>She tries to rationalize that he helped her, but her primal instincts are on over clock and she just wants to get as far away from humans as possible.
>She starts to calm down as pretty music starts up and a happy bouncy song starts.
>She peers through one of the air holes in her kennel at the tv, and sees a tall thin man singing to two children as strange contraptions make pancakes and eggs around them.
>She focuses on the song and tries to relax her mind, her breathing slowing down, she lays down as she’s feeling dizzy from the loss of blood catching up to her.
>She moves so just the tip of her nose is outside the kennel, tilting her head just enough so she can watch the silly man sing on the tv.
File: whatyearisit.jpg (78 KB, 1280x642)
78 KB
>pops a tape into the vcr
WHAT YEAR IS IT? shitposting aside i like this, please continue
Hey swf have you ever had to birth a foal out on that dude ranch of yours?
How gross is it?
File: IMG_2880.jpg (189 KB, 785x815)
189 KB
189 KB JPG

>She nodded off a little bit, but was awoken by a loud bang.
>She looks around startled, then hears two loud bangs, and she sighs in relief, it was the tv...
>She blinks, watching the tv, then startles again ducking into her kennel when she hears a loud roar.
>After a moment she hears the loud roar again, then slowly peaks out to see Anon is snoring.
>She giggles at herself. “Silly filly...”
>She slowly creeps out of her kennel, looking around the room, its a fair sized room, not massive by any means, but very roomy.
>She noms another toast then goes to take a step and yelps as she tumbles out of the kennel, knocking over and spilling the bowl of grass in her wake.
>She sits up, wiping grass off, then looks at her right arm, and at the bandages covering the stump.
>She gulps. “So this is real...” She sniffs, then looks at the mess she made.
>She gets up and balancing on her hind legs she uses her left arm to scoop the grass back into the bowl.
>She brings a small hoof full to her muzzle and sniffs it, then takes a small nibble.
>She rolls her eyes. “Kinda racist…” She nibbles the grass and proceeds to clean up her mess.

>After cleaning up the grass, almost falling over a few times as she forgets about her missing arm, having a bit more toast and grass, she looks around the room, the walls are mostly bare, but the tv the wall is against has two large shelves either side, and on these shelves are lots of book things.
>Steping closer she reads some of the book spines. “Star wars… Robocop… Rush hour… Strange titles...”
>She sits on her haunches and reaches her arm up and edges the tip of her hoof into a little gap at the top of the books and slides one out.
>”Mrs Doubtfire?” She quirks an eyebrow and ties to open the book, but realizes its actually a box, and at the bottom there was a bit of black plastic sticking out.
>She carefully grabbed the plastic with her teeth and gently shook the box, soon the box slid off and landed softly on the floor, and she sets the plastic thing on the floor.
>”Weird…” She pokes at the black plastic box a bit and realizes one side has a door and inside is a black ribbon.
>She looks at the tv, just under the screen sitting on its own little shelf is a black box with 12:00 flashing in a neon blue.
>She looks around the room, and on a wall, it shows its about 4:35
>She shakes her head, and notices the little door on the large black box is the same size as the black box she’s holding.
>She lines the tape she’s holding with the slot and tries to slide it in, but it doesn’t go in.
>She quirks an eyebrow and leans down, setting the tape down, she pokes at the little door on the box and can barely see inside.
>”Oh” She leans back and looks at the tv.
>She looks at the tape she pulled out of the cardboard sleeve. “Electric books?”
>”These humans use electricity for everything...”
>”Yeah, so?”
File: fmt_87_24_screen1.jpg (114 KB, 1910x1080)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Some movies look horribly wrong without artifacts and occasional color shift.
>”I really hope this isn’t racist.”
She's very curious and clever, it's nice that she can distract herself from fear and pain with little things like that.
>VHS, Led Zeppelin shirt.

Ahh woodstock, those were the days.
just cause it’s the future doesn’t mean it has to be
don't worry. in a few years they will be saying the same thing about what you kinds are into today.

*crack*s the seal on the basedmilk
Ahh fortnite, now that was a game.
I bet it will be different when her liver processes all this codeine and metamizole
Yeah probably, but no telling how long she was like that. With it gone, it could actually be an improvement.
Don't leave us hangin' man. she's gonna find it quite hard to escape anon in her condition.
I'm old enough to appreciate that 'back to the 80's' vibe. Just make sure the VCR is Betamax: it was always the better format, just like 8-track was. I can tell you're just feeling your way through this one page at a time, but everything is looking good so far. Remember to include a bath scene soon, you can use it to develop their relationship further.
File: ntsc.png (416 KB, 513x344)
416 KB
416 KB PNG
still own a betamax vcr today. modern tv signals and dvds are designed to output interference to vhs vcrs so the recording result is static, and still do so to this day, but because beta was a failure, it doesn't affect it.

my cable service doesn't include DVR, and i have no capture card, so i just record episodes to tape sometimes.
We're living in 2018. But this guy is living in 1980.
You sound like a nutbar, but you got my axe you glorious bastard. Keep up the good fight.
File: IMG_4655.png (1.36 MB, 3000x2500)
1.36 MB
1.36 MB PNG
Scoops is a good boy! A GOOD BOY!!!
Nah I'm too old for that shit.
I want to piss in Scoops' muzzle and listen to him whimper and cry as he swallows it all down like a good boy for his master, tail swishing the whole time as his happiness over pleasing his master overrides his disgust at being made to swallow piss.
File: babby.jpg (40 KB, 600x597)
40 KB
maybe you can relate more to this post
Scoops is not for abuse
That's not abuse, it's just fetish. Urine is pretty sterile. And if his happiness to serve overrides his disgust, you can hardly say he's unwilling in that case.
Now scat/fart, THAT would be abuse.
River peered at the offered wing before her. She was a ranger, an earth pony. How could she, she couldn’t even know what to do. Well, she considered, she had read a few wing boner magazines. There had been ads for a service called preen hub in them. They were enchanted ads to show short clips of the service, and she had seen them. Perhaps all she needed to do was what they had shown, just lick and nip? She ran her tongue across her muzzle and gently put her lips at the crook of the wing joint. That had always been the spot focused on. There and the underside.

Hades relaxed as the large hooves grabbed and pulled his wing out. He had chosen a very good cuddle slave it seemed. Willing, soft, and perfect as the big spoon.
“Doing good, so how’s about I begin the story of how I actually got here. You see, well maybe you already know, the Enclave and the Goddess are not on the best of terms. Nor are we on the worst. Its been an age since then, one where I have learned much. But I was so foolish back then when I was younger. I had a belief then that is incredulous now, that the light should stay above the clouds and the land would be dark. There was no hope for spring, just an eternal winter of despair. The Enclave had everything then, nothing could stand before us. We had found Heaven, and the sisters were long gone to Tartarus. In a sense, it was when I had no ability to understand the world beneath my hooves. A place that may as well be spoken of as myth and legend for how removed it is now.”

River just nuzzled and pulled at the tuft, she heard her master speaking, but with the way he was going it sounded like the Elder. She had never liked him and long learned anything she needed to know could be asked at the end. Her tongue rand over some feathers and something stuck. She pulled back and it came with her. A hoof came up to flick it loose, and the feather was free from her lips.
“Oh buck.”
The first time she had been asked to be intimate, and she’d already flayed her master. Hades just looked back and saw one of his feathers on River’s muzzle.
“Ooh, am I not the first Pegasus in your life? You seem to know how to do this.”
He reached a wing back and moved the feather to her mane, neatly securing it in the tangled weave.

“So anyways, long short, I was put in a place I shouldn’t have been, perhaps by commanders who didn’t know any better either. The surface was mostly dead until pretty much recently, and before that it was really truly dead and ruled only by ghouls. Well that and the Goddess, which is where the trouble began. I was on what was to be a rare expedition below the clouds. The outpost had moved over an area checked 50 years ago, and getting some samples for comparison was a good idea. See if the ghouls were still around, maybe the surface was livable. Really, I thought it was to see if the griffons had been sneaking into Equestria and taking it over. The damn buzzards may have lost the war, but they certainly didn’t think so.”
>Flashback time
Hades tapped at the armored vest sleeves of his flack jacket. The hangar was deserted aside from him and an egg head scientist. He’d have called him a beetle, but the last time he’d called Clover Field that, she had made him take a biology course. It was a wonderful waste of time, but now he knew how to identify lichens, that alage is a plant, and he really really liked cleaning every surface spotless. Then again, that might have been her plan given she didn’t need to clean up the births anymore.

“So Field, want to go and watch a movie after this? Was thinking something more angular from the Ponesville films. The math stuff is really fun.”
A glassy faced suit turned to face the much less clad Pegasus bodyguard.
“You’re really going out there in that? Did you lose power armor privilege again from trying to clean the crystals?”

“The reactor compartment is war am and moist, I am not getting something named after me. Nope, I don’t care what happened, I will not let some cordyceps take over ponies.”
Hades popped a gas mask over his muzzle, the large canister sitting dead center on his lips. His speech came over the radio patch built in his throat and ear.
“And no, I didn’t lose privilege. I just doused it in 15% hypochlorate and its still airing out. It’s also fumigating the locker room.”

Clover just eyed the chem pump in her suit. She could do this with some sedatives in her, right? It wouldn’t hurt. She decided against it, they would be there after she knew what things were like under the clouds. There were still feral and the not quite so ghouls down there, one of them might be an ancient air denial specialist. She didn’t need her tail hair burnt off or worse.

“Hey so we want to take the chariot or just wing it?” Hades called out, looking at the meager supplies they were using this time. “I’m kind of leaning to wing it so we don’t have to do req forms later.”

>Go down with the chariot or just fly like ignorant birdies into the horror
please continue
Nah, mindrape is fine. Twilight mindraped whole village in cartoon and that was fine. For ponies it is like a harmless prank or something
This. The whole pony slavery is probably a joke too, everyone will laugh at the end of the episode

>Her face goes white and she freezes solid, her body starts to shake with fear.
>”Woah, calm down, girl, I’m not gonna hurt you…”
>A warm hand gently rests on her back, she suddenly lets out a loud whinny and her hind legs snap out from under her in an instinctive kick, but due to her right arm missing, she topples over onto her side with a thud.
>In a flash, she’s up and dashes into her kennel slamming into it with such force the whole box slides and almost tips over.
>”Shit, sorry, I...” Anon tries to apologize, but just doesn’t know what to say.
>He looks at the vibrating kennel, then at the movie sitting on the floor.
>”Mrs Doubtfire is a classic, you know?” He says as he presses a button on the vcr, the tape inside being ejected, he puts that tape back into its box and sets it on the shelf, then picks up the tape on the floor and puts it into the player.
>He looks over at her kennel, noticing most of the food is gone.
>He sits on the couch again. “Hey uh… if you’re still hungry… I don’t really know what you ponies eat… so… if you want something to eat, you’ll have to tell me what you want.”
Scoops is not for bully
I want to protect that poor mare

>She’s shaking hard, her whole body high on adrenaline, she slowly calms down, again, she has to rationalize to herself.
>She lets out a few deep breaths as she focuses on breathing to calm down.
>Soon her edge wears off and she almost faints. She lays down, resting her cheek on her arm.
>She tries not to look directly at anon as his presents still scares her.
>She’s trying to will herself past her instincts, but she feels like prey in the clutches of a predator.
>She tries to make her mouth move without chattering her teeth.
>”Uhm… s-some oats would be nice... d-doesn’t have to be anything fancy.”
>Anon looks at the kennel, he smiles to himself.
>”Sure, ahh, shoot, can you wait til tomorrow? Its really late and I need to get up for work in the morning?”
>A mumbled okay emanates from the kennel.
>He gets up from the couch, walks into the kitchen, grabs a cup from the washboard, fills it with some cranberry juice from the fridge, then heads back over to the living room.
>”I almost forgot, doc gave me some medicine to help your, uh, arm heal.”
>He sets the cup of juice next to the bowl of grass, he sets the rest of the toast on the plate into the bowl of grass.
>He goes into his room and comes back with the pill bottle, after fighting with the child proof lid, he sets one pill on the plate.
>He walks back towards his bedroom and peaks out around the corner at the kennel, he sighs in relief when an arm reaches out and picks up the cup and disappears into the kennel.
>”Good night.”
>He winces slightly when the kennel jumps slightly and mumbled curses can be heard.
>He closes the door to his room and goes to bed, leaving the tv and lights on for her.

>She dabs at the spilt juice staining her chest floof, wiping most of it off, she sips at the cup of juice, sighing as the bittersweet washes over her tongue.
>She looks at the pill on the plate, reluctantly she leans down and licks the pill up and then takes a gulp of juice to wash it down.
>She creeps out of the kennel, looking at anon’s door, seeing it closed, she calms down a little, arguing in her own head about how silly she is to be scared of him.
>She sits outside her kennel, nomming the last of her toast and grass, watching a man on the tv get dressed up like an old lady.
>She giggles at the silly voices he does on into the phone.
>She pauses, looking down at herself, then at the tv, then at anon’s door.
>”Why am I so scared?” She shakes her head of the confused thoughts.
>She climbs up onto the couch, bringing the bowl of grass with her.
>She noms some grass as she watches the man dressed like an old lady dance around a house.
>”Heh, that dude does look like a lady...”
>She’s confused about what’s happening on the tv, but some parts are making her laugh, and that’s enough for her.

>She eventually falls asleep as the man dressed like a lady screaming as his tits are on fire.
>Sunshine washing over her face from the window behind the couch makes her scrunch her snoot.
>She covers her face with the fluffy blanket she’s wrapped in.
>She pauses, feels around at the thicc blanket covering her.
>She slowly cracks an eye open, and immediately regrets it as the sun burns directly into her eyes.
>Groaning she rolls over and sits up, still wrapped in the blanket she looks down at it.
>She notices words are on the blanket and she stretches it out to read.
>”Black… back in black?” She shakes her head and blinks, she feels a familiar tingle below her belly.
>She reluctantly leaves the comfort of the fluffy blanket and wanders around the flat, between anon’s bedroom and the kitchen, she finds the bathroom.
>She quickly trots in and hops up onto the toilet, sighing as she releases the pressure on her bladder.

>The front door opens and anon steps in, he pauses, he and the mare can see each other, they awkwardly stare at each other.
>She forgot to close the door in her hurry to pee.
>”Ah, shit, sorry.” He apologizes covers his eyes with a hand and blindly feels his way to the kitchen.
>His other hand holding a large grocery bag.
>He bangs his shins.
>Once he’s past the bathroom door he goes to his kitchen table and sets the bag down and starts sorting out the items into cupboards and the fridge.
>”You said oats, will oatmeal work?” He calls out.
>She flushes and steps out of the bathroom. “Uh yeah, that’s fine.”
>She shakes as she tries not to look directly at anon and makes her way back to the couch and curls up in the blanket again.
>She looks at the wall clock, noting its almost five in the afternoon, she must have slept all day.
This look cute and comfy. Expecting more of this pair
>”Why am I so scared?” She shakes her head of the confused thoughts.
The guinea pig guy asked the same thing last thread. In this case, she has plenty of reason: she’s just survived something really horrible and she doesn’t know Anon at all.

>”Ah, shit, sorry.” He apologizes covers his eyes with a hand
But she’s like, naked all the time, right?
>”Ah, shit, sorry.” He apologizes covers his eyes with a hand and blindly feels his way to the kitchen.
Two option:
1. The mare already catalog him as a beta and never respect him. Bad end route
2. "He is adorable, maybe I will be safe with him" Pony get husbando route
Please stop using "arm" when refering to pony limbs. They have legs only, no arms.
Ya, noticed this too. We know what you mean, but ‘foreleg’ would be better. Arms have hands.

Monkey legs have hands, does that make them arms?
File: arm-of-the-horse.gif (6 KB, 197x220)
6 KB
Technically, arm is just as correct as foreleg.
And ponies use their forelegs like arms anyway.

>”You can watch tv if you want, red button to turn it on, little triangle to make it work.”
>She tilts her head, she again leaves the blanket, walking over to the wall of electric books, she skims over the scary looking titles and pictures and tries to find something fun.
>”School of rock?” She pulls the book out, slides the sleeve off, and tries to put it into the box on the shelf.
>”It won’t go in.” She calls out to anon.
>“Press the triangle with a line next to it.”
>She does and a book slides out of the box, she grabs the book with her teeth and pulls it all the way out.
>Setting it down, she notes the label, ‘Mrs Doubtfire’, and picks up the sleeve to it and puts it back together, then fits the book into a space on the shelf, then she slots school of rock into the box.
>She wanders back to the couch and sits in her blanket nest and watches the previews.
>”So these things come with suggestions for more books?”
>Anon pops his head around the corner, nodding “Their called previews, they’re to get you interested in other movies.” He returns to the kitchen full of cooking sounds.
>She nods in understanding, she bites her lip to try to calm her shaking down, she’s upset with herself for being so easily startled by anon.
>“I have almost all of them, if you see anything that interests you.”
File: manofculture.jpg (28 KB, 680x383)
28 KB
>school of rock
whoever this mare is has the most patrician of taste
Congratulations. You know how to write. The next step is to actually git gud at writing.
Are you going to bin this? Hard to keep track of when it's spread all over the thread like it is now.
I'm just free writing, probably not even going to save it when I finish. I just had an idea for a fic and wanted to write it to get it out of my head.

>He steps around the corner, holding a bowl with steam wafting off of it.
>He walks slowly, as not to scare her.
>She closes her eyes and presses her face into the blanket, trying to maintain control over her body.
>He scoots the kennel over and places the bowl on it like a table.
>”So, do you... have a name?” He pulls a spoon out of his pocket and sticks it into the bowl, a heavenly smell reaching out to the mare, the steam line forming a hand that tickles her chin.
>She mumbles a reply into the blanket.
>Anon picks up her empty bowl and plate from last night and walks back to the kitchen, “I’m sorry, what was that?” he sits at the table, being mindful of her skittishness, eating his own dinner, of freshly microwaved leftover pizza.
>”Honey Berry...”
>”Nice to meet you Honey, I’m Anon, and it looks like we’re roommates, for now at least.”
>She blinks. “Roommates?” She scoffs, but then stifles an indignant reply.
>Anon resists the urge to go over to her. ”Well, yeah, kinda, why?”
>”It’s not important… and… thanks… I would be dead if you didn’t... find me.”
>She watches the movie idly while thinking.
>Anon wants to ask what happened to her, but thinks better of it and decides she’ll probably talk when she’s ready.

>Honey tentatively sits up and grabs the spoon with her hoof and brings a small bite of oatmeal to her mouth and noms.
>She pauses, its sweet, but also tangy, she chews, and feels the distinct pop of a few berries and her tongue explodes with sweet tangy juice.
>She blinks and looks down into the bowl.
>Mixed into the hot goop is a fair amount of blueberries.
>She gasps. “B-blueberries?”
>”Yeah, I figured you’d like em.”
>”I… I love blueberries.” She sniffs and takes another bite, savoring the sweet and tangy berries as they mix with the oats as she chews.
>She sets the spoon in the bowl so she can use her arm to wipe the tears from her eyes.
>”I haven’t tasted a blueberry in years...”
>She eats a little too fast, practically inhaling the rest of the oatmeal.
>When her bowl is empty she leans back on the couch and lets out a long burp.
>”Thank you anon… I haven’t had food like that… ever...”
>“No problem.‘
>She focuses on the tv again, the fat guy is teaching a bunch of kids how to play music, soon she finds herself bobbing her head to the music and trying to learn the words.
>She can’t help it, ponies are naturally drawn to a good beat.
>Been only a year when a song broke out at the plant.
>She pauses.
>The plant.
>She looks at her right arm, wiggles the stump around, tears burn at the edge of her vision.
It seems to me she has had to work with humans quite a bit, and has already learned that it's only certain ones that she needs to be scared of.
forgot to ask, is honey an earth pony or unicorn? pretty sure she's an EP but there's some ambiguity still

ambiguity is an accidental result of stalling her description cause I haven't finalized what kind of pony she is or what she looks like

I wrote the story before I had the characters, but I have a final design for her and am asking a friend for some quick arts
File: 0cd.jpg (32 KB, 565x387)
32 KB
Neat. Though even colors would help a with the imagination.
Is getting art of characters in a story a good thing?
File: honeyberrycm.png (9 KB, 407x516)
9 KB
have a sneak peak, I just scribbled this out in ms paint
>grapes drowning in a piss jar
Honeyberry toilet-slave backstory when?
File: image.png (245 KB, 300x300)
245 KB
245 KB PNG
I think you're confusing honeyberry with grapes and aдщцyк honey. Honeyberry also has a dark red, almost burgundy juice.
sposed to be blueberries and honey
Would honeyberry be a good girl even without a leg?
She can't fully hug you back and that remove a lot of good girl points
Well, there is a green bout quad amputee pone and shes a good if a bit needy girl, so I don't think missing a leg should be a problem.
Want some quick watersports green?
Just do it and he will shut up like the guy that spam filly brothel memes

Cool, make a fortune by investing in computers and collecting star wars shit
bad girls get a hose

>The movie is at its climax, the little indigo mare is standing on her hind legs on the coffee table in the middle of the room, swinging her arm around, copying the windmill, as she plays her air guitar.
>Her head bangs, and her golden mane and tail flail all over, anon is peaking around the corner, hand over his mouth as he tries not to laugh or dawww and the cute sight.
>She’s moving and grooving, the music totally in control of her, mind, body, and soul.
>She feels good, her blood is pumping, her heartache barely a whisper in the back of her mind.
>She grabs her spoon and starts shouting the song lyrics into it like the fat guy on the mic in the movie.
>Anon almost falls over, this little mare has some lungs.
>He watches in awe as Berry swings her mane around and rocks her hips to the beat of the song on the tv.
>And here he assumed ponies would prefer show tunes to classic rock.
>The song ends and the movie continues.
>Berry giggles as she hops off of the table and flops onto the couch, panting and smiling.

>She spots anon spying on her, she freezes up, her dread returns, but she swallows the urge to sprint to the kennel.
>Anon sticks out his arm and has his hand curled into a fist with his thumb sticking up.
>”That was awesome, I love the music in that movie too.”
>She blinks, then giggles a little while blushing.
>”Uh, thanks… I just… felt the music...”
>He nods and goes back into the kitchen. “You thirsty? You worked up quite a sweat.”
>He comes into the room with a tall glass of juice.
>She wills her body to listen to her, as hard as it is to stop shaking, at least she isn’t diving head first into her kennel.
>She reaches her shaky hoof out and grabs the cup, she brings it to her chest, anon slowly steps backwards, making slow movements, he remembers something like this in a nature documentary about how not to startle small animals.
>Honey’s is on the verge of laughing at anon’s goofy walk, but she really is thirsty and silently gulps the juice down.
File: 1535295688410.png (436 KB, 749x1024)
436 KB
436 KB PNG
tiny poners are just wonderful.
File: Honey_Berry_sketches.png (84 KB, 564x414)
84 KB
I don't want to be rude but she look like something that is banned here and we would love to prevent any kind of possibility of getting this general banned.
She's super cute, how wonderful to have a new drawfriend in our ranks!

You're too paranoid, Anon.
Row row Anon, row row
Bad girl gets a spanking
File: Honey_Berry_color.png (53 KB, 564x414)
53 KB
File: vaultboythumbsup.jpg (61 KB, 1080x600)
61 KB
good job anon
Be careful, you don't want to create a good girl that if better than corona
but anon, I aim to create the goodest girl, the just vanish when the story starts getting good
>Anon confronted Applejack first.
>He saw the slashed skirting, and then back to the crystal.
>Only then did he finally see the blood and follow up to the distressed Butterscotch.
>”It was muah fault. I did it.”
>Applejack did blame herself as she could have stopped it.
>Anon’s spats simply clacked closer on the polished floor.
>A white gloved hand reached forward and guided her orange freckled cheek back to the center
“When did you develop magic my little slave? You are much to far away to have touched it. I think we will have to test this.”
>He turned, black suit and edged shoulders looming to Butterscotch despite her being higher than him.
>A hand flicked out, the index finger hooked as he pointed to Butterscotch
“And you, clean enough so no one else gets hurt then see to your wounds. And don’t faint.”
>He turned sharply, the tie billowing on his chest, and off he went.
>Applejack lowered he hat clad head and followed.
>She was in trouble for this she knew, but it was honest, from a certain point of view.
>Anon turned and brought Apple down the hall to the washroom.
>A gentlemen still, he opened the door and let the mare through.
>Now was the time to punish her, to wash out those lies from her.
“What did you do wrong?”
>Applejack sat and kept her eyes down.
>She wasn’t sure there was a winning move here.
>”I didn’t help Butterscotch.”
>Anon sighed with a hiss between his teeth.
>Reptilian, terrifying to the slave.
“Be that as it may, but not the right answer. Get in the basin.”
>The orange mare got in, her legs flailing before catching on the side as she pulled herself over.
>Anon fished around under the sink, and Apple’s heart fell, there were never good things that came from there.
>The man pulled out a hanging pitcher and tubing, before going back and pulling out a large cock gag shaped like Big Mac.
>Apple didn’t want to admit to how she knew that so well.
“Open your mouth.”
I'm gonna have to ask you to keep posting more.

>”So, uh, how you’re arm feeling?”
>She takes a deep breath, then looks at her stump.
>”It… it doesn’t hurt as much at it did last night.”
>Anon takes a slow step towards her. “It’s about time you had a bath… and doc said I have to change your wrappings and watch for infection… so, come with me, I’ll get the water running and take a look at your... injury.”
>He walks into the bathroom, Honey can hear the sound of the water running.
>She sighs, she sets the cup on top of the kennel and follows anon, her body is shaking, but she wills herself on.
>She steps into the bathroom, anon is sitting on the floor next to the tub, hand in the water to feel the temperature.
>”Alright… I gotta take the bandages before you can get in… try not to move too much.”
>She sits and nods, holding her wrapped stump out to him.

>Anon carefully undoes the clasp on the gauze and starts to unwind it around her arm.
>Soon the red stained bandage comes loose and he starts to pull it off, it sticks in places where her blood had congealed to her fur and skin.
>”Sorry about this.” He uses quick jerky pulls to peel the bandage off, careful not to pull too much on the tip of her stump.
>Her eyes are closed and her head is turned to her left, her teeth threatening to bite through her bottom lip.
>The bandage comes away, anon wads it up and puts it in the trash, he gently grabs her right arm and moves it up to get a better look in the light.
>The tip has an X from where the skin was cut, folded, and stitched together, the area has been shaved of fur for the operation.
>”Okay… its not swollen… or purple… well, anymore purple than you normally are.”
>”...” She whispers something under her breath.
>”I’m sorry, what was that?” Anon asks curiously as he applies dry toilet paper to gently wipe up and dry the sweat and blood left around the healing wound.
>She mumbles a little louder.
>Anon smiles. “Burburbur?”
>She snorts hot air out her nose. “I’m not purple, I’m blueberry.”
>Anon smirks. “Nah, you’re purple.”
>She grumbles to herself.

>”Alright, your arm should be safe now, just try not to get it too wet.”
>”I know I’ll-EEP”
>She flails her arm and legs as she’s suddenly picked up and set in the water.
>She splashes a bit as she orientates herself.
>She starts to panic run but stops as she takes big deep breaths.
>”Anon! Don’t do that!” She refrained from adding ‘I’m a pony and we’re very jumpy!’
>He frowns. “Sorry Berry, I was just trying to lighten the mood...”
>“She huffs, ”I… Its okay… just… don’t do that.”
>She sits and grabs the soap with her hoof and starts working the bar up and down her chest and sides, working up a thick lather.
>Anon watches, not sure what to do, he gets up and starts for the door.
>”Hey, aren’t you going to wash my back?”
>Anon stops and looks back at her, she instinctively starts to curl up on herself. “I-I’m sorry, I didn’t mean...”

>”Its okay, calm down, I’m not mad… not going to hurt you.” Anon sits outside the tub, and grabs a rag and starts to use the suds on her chest to wash her back and neck, she coos, leaning into the scrubbing, her ears perk when his other hand moves up and scritches the top of her head.
>He giggles. “That feel good? You want more scratches?”
>With her eyes glazed over, her hoof stops rubbing the soap in and just idly moves the suds on her belly around.
>He stops the scritches and returns to scrubbing her back and mane with the soapy rag.
>She shakes her head and blinks. “Wh-what was that?”
>”Hmm?” Anon washes her tail in the soapy water.
>She blushes and looks back at him. “N-nothing… I can wash my tail myself.”
>She pulls her tail under her and up against her belly and washes her tail, using her teeth and tongue to pull out some knots.
>Anon rolls his eyes and continues with her mane and back, careful not to scritch too much.
It's good to have that out of the way. I guess they must have cleaner her up quite a bit before the surgery, or she would have been making a mess everywhere. I imagined her trying to clean herself, but with poor traction in the tub, she ends up stuck in there. It would be so sad coming home from work one day and finding her stuck like that.
File: 1508291119944.png (259 KB, 795x565)
259 KB
259 KB PNG
Tiny ponies are so adorable.
File: 1501852250272.png (216 KB, 810x877)
216 KB
216 KB PNG
Meh, hors sized are better and cuddlier
>mrs doubtfire is a classic
>movies take at least a decade or so to be referred as a classic
i thought this took place in the 80s. now i see anon is just a hipster.

what's with that?
>using her teeth and tongue to pull out some knots.
Aww yeah brushy brushy soon?
hell ye boi, brushy brushy fo shizzle
Piss in the bucket.
Applejack needs her electrolytes.
File: 663096.png (215 KB, 556x700)
215 KB
215 KB PNG
Vinyl makes a pretty good slave, when you think about it.
I thought she died after trying to start an uprising...
File: IMG_4814.png (1.54 MB, 7299x6773)
1.54 MB
1.54 MB PNG
Corona Kirin when???
>The riding scene
This was pretty cute too, I love the mixed reactions of confusion from not only Barnstormer and to a lesser degree Megan, but everyone who sees them walking by as well. I thought it especially humorous at seeing Megan prod Barnstormer, having him look back with a 'wtf' look, and then her embarrassingly trying to explain 'that means go' to a sentient horse. Anything that helps hammer it into Megan that these are not animals to be lead around on leashes helps.

>The decision
That's definitely a big call... I think we should 1) wait to see how things work out after a few more riding lessons and 2) talk it over with Barnstormer first. We don't want to just throw him to Megan without letting him know what's going on first, we owe him that much under our protection, and we want to make sure it's something that'll work out in the long-run as well.
I cant decide if Twi just runs Spoon on a conveyor belt or not. Just get it done, or actually care.
corona dressing up in sparkly clothing and parading her master to his mass circumcision when?
What's it called?
Amputee Pone https://pastebin.com/aPi08dj7
Dont let first 40 or so lines deceive you.
It is about no-hoves(amputee, duh), but no humanshit/anthro. Just keep reading, its worth it.
Clear skies when
Was there some fighting in the discord again? The threads super quiet today
I have deadlines, no sockpuppeting I need to school!
Nah. The public discord is just dead. There's supposed to be another one the writefags are active in though? Don't know about that one.
Rip scööps

>While anon helps her clean, he can’t help but notice the picture on her thigh, it was interesting, the fur was dyed with the image of a jar with honey and blueberries in it.
>He pokes her cutie mark, she stiffles a yelp. “D-don’t touch that.”
>”Oh? Why not? What is it?”
>”Its my cutie mark, its to show other ponies what my special talent is.”
>”Your special talent is… a jar of honey and berries?”
>She shakes her head. “No, my family ran a blueberry farm… and I was really good at making the best blueberry and honey jam you ever tasted...”
>She trails off, looking at her tail and petting it.
>”That was before...”
>”Before wha-?” His brain registered what he had asked a second too late.
>Honey breaks down crying, Anon tries to hug her, but she just slugs him in the chest.
>Anon staggers back and just watches the poor mare cry.

>”I’m sorry, I didn’t mean… ”
>She sniffs and shakes her head.
>”You don’t get it.”
>”Stolen out of your home, ripped out of your mother’s hooves by big stupid apes.”
>She sighs. “I was sold like property… worked in a factory, watching other ponies work to death… watching ponies… suffer.”
>She lays on her back in the water, her mane and tail floating around her.
>”I don’t wanna talk about it.” *She rolls in the warm water, washing the suds off of herself, then she fiddles with the plug until she figures out how to drain the tub, she sits there, watching the water drain.*
>Anon sighs, he stands up, sets a fluffy towel on the closed toilet seat. “Sorry, I’ll let you dry yourself off. Just come to me in a bit and I’ll get your arm wrapped again.”
>She nods and waves him off. She silently watches the soap bubbles swirl in the water.

>Anon walks over to the tv, takes the tape out of the vcr and puts it away on the shelf, he stands there, browsing over his modest collection.
>Anon looks in the direction of the bathroom.
>”You okay in there?”
>”I’m fine.”
>”Are you sure?”
>A wet pony tangled up in a wet towel come tumbling out of the bathroom.

>Anon stares, Honey is grumbling curse words to herself.
>Berry is struggling to pull herself out of the towel, her stump waggling helplessly at the air.
>Anon walks over and kneels beside her and helps her out of the towel.
>She lays there on her back and pants, huffing indignantly at the ceiling.
>Anon uses the damp towel and quickly scrubs the rest of Honey’s coat dry.
>”I’m not a filly you know, I can do it myself.”
>”I know… I just wanted to help.”
>She huffs a long drawn out breath. ”Thanks...”
>She gets up and trots over to the couch, sitting on it and watching as anon cleans up the water mess then toss the wet towel into the bathroom.
>Anon walks back over to the shelves, browsing his collection.
>”So what are you in the mood for?”
>Honey blinks. “Well, what about another movie with lots of music?”
>”I have the perfect movie.” Anon pulls a tape off of the shelf and looks back at her with a smirk, he drops the smirk as he sees Berry trying to control her fear.
>“You sure you’re okay?”
>Honey nods, biting her lip.
I like to think trash panda showed up to counter hippodromes literal garbage, bringing balance to the general
I just wanted to write a cuddle fic, I ain't even paying attention to the rest of the thread.
Is some kind of drama happening?
Ignore shitposters. You're doing us good, taking us back to our roots.
kinda hard to ignore shitposts when america elected one as president
File: Honey_Berry.png (73 KB, 297x414)
73 KB
here is final doodle of Honey with cm
Bless you for saving this general we don't deserve you
What a cute little sweetheart
don't have one, am gonna upload to fimfic once I've finished it and edited it some, but I feel this will be an on going fic rather than have a proper ending
As payment all I ask is any of arts of Honey Berry as I go along.
Not really belongs here, but very cute, please continue.
Please don't be like swf and leave for two years in between updates
because of some scenes I have in mind, PiE would ree at this fic, and it is technically set in some version of slave pony world
Quick mspaint shit ref sheet?
>tfw lux won't draw yur oh-see
File: IMG_2211.png (695 KB, 906x1000)
695 KB
695 KB PNG
>tfw corona won't sit on my face
File: Iwish.jpg (4 KB, 326x67)
4 KB
still working on adjusting her cm design, but idea is jar half full of honey with blue berries piled in top half
I know right. He goes on hurting the snowflakes feelings while marking this country more prosperous than it has been in in the last 50 years, and all they can do is cry about every little inconsequential thing he says and does that hurts their feelings.

Tldr: No matter he much good he does some will always find or make an excuse to hate him.

But this is neither the time nor place to be discussing these things.
No, you're thinking of Rainbow Dash, who died to an infection and needed to be thrown overboard.
Ponies ona boat when?
>Be mare
>Sitting in a restaurant with Crystal and Rose
>Without your collar on, surrounded by ponies
>Free ponies
>And no people at all, just ponies
>It strikes you as a little sad that this is a novel experience for you
>It feels good to be surrounded by your own kind
>But you're torn by the feeling that you're not really one of them
>And they know it, because it turns out a lot of them watch your show
>Crystal is kind of a local celebrity
>And Rose is obviously somepony they root for
>But their reaction to you?
>Those who recognize you seem to give off a vibe of pity mixed with some...
>You can't tell if it's jealousy or resentment, but it's something negative
>Like they feel sorry for you, but also want to hate you
>And feeling sorry wins out
>This has played out several times as ponies stopped the three of you as you wandered around Ponytown
>But the best example was the mare who asked you for your autographs
>Crystal wrote "To", then the mare's name, the word "Best" and then her own name in clear block letters
>Roseluck wrote what you assume was something similar in script
>You of course never learned to write, or even how to sign your name
>So you made an "X" on the piece of notebook paper under where Crystal and Rose had written
>Before that the mare looked at you with a little hint of what you figured was disgust
>It certainly wasn't the same excitement warmth she gave Crystal and Rose
>Like they were the good celebrities and you were the bad one
>But after seeing your awkward signature
>Your mark - face it, that's really what it was
>She looked like she was about to cry
>For you
>Which seemed crazy, because she lives here in Ponytown and you live in a penthouse in Manhattan
>Yet she clearly felt sorry for you
>And you're pretty sure it wasn't because you recently lost your master/husband
>If that had been it she would have looked sorry for you from the start
>And she didn't
>One pony did express sympathy for you that way though
>A skinny stallion about your age came right up to you on the street and said, "Sorry about your loss"
>He was nervous, and mumbled it, not able to maintain eye contact
>By the time you realized what he'd said he was gone
>But that meant something
>You're not completely a foreigner here
>But you are somepony who talks about very personal and controversial things on television
>And for the first time you're walking the streets where ponies who watch, and have their own opinions about it actually live
>And apparently they have very mixed feelings about you
>Complete strangers have strong but mixed feelings about you
>That is really weird
>The only feeling you're used to complete strangers having for you is sexual desire
>THAT you can deal with
>The whole low rent celebrity thing is new ground entirely
>It does make you a little anxious, but it's exciting, too
>Sitting here in the Equestrian restaurant you can tell your table is the focus of attention for the whole room
>Kind of like being on the show, but without the cameras
>Not entirely without the cameras
>One young mare did come up and ask if she could take a selfie with the three of you
>Crystal gently told her you were trying to enjoy your lunch so now wasn't a good time
>At first that seemed a little rude to you
>But it's dawning on you that if she'd said yes half the ponies in the restaurant would have followed
>And your entire lunch would have been nothing but posing for selfies
>You're pretty sure you've seen a few ponies fiddling with their phones taking stealth pics of your party anyways
>Eventually an older stallion in a white apron approaches your table
>"Everything OK here?," he asks
>"It's amazing," Rose says, beaming. "Really takes me back to Ponyville"
>"Happy to hear it," he responds. "I was a chef back home, so I try to keep things as authentic as possible here"
>"I haven't had a heyburger this good since...," Rose trails off, misty eyed
>"Just doing my little part to keep some of the magic alive. Enjoy your lunch, ladies"
>His eyes were misty, too
>That happens a lot when ponies from Equestria talk about it
>It must have been one hell of a place
>You're sure they're romanticizing it at least a little
>But it still sounds like it was borderline paradise
>Just a paradise with magic and monsters
>The food was obviously good, though
>You never got what the big deal was about hayburgers before
>They're OK, but ponies then to overhype them
>The one you're halfway through definitely lives up to the hype
>That old stallion - his cutie mark was a spatula - knows hiw way around the grill, for sure
>You'd almost consider another trip to Ponytown just for another hayburger
>It's so good you're thinking about the next one before you've finished the one in front of you
>The only other food that ever moved you like this was an Italian hoagie when you were a filly
>And that was mostly because it was the saltiest, naughtiest thing you's ever eaten
>That and it was a man being kind to you when he had no real reason to be
>Well, looking back there was a motive behind it
>But you weren't going to begrudge him a sexual favor or two when that's what you spent half the day doing anyways
>That's another way you're different from most ponies you know
>And most ponies here in Ponytown, you assume
>You and your friends growing up had A LOT more sex than most mares do
>You've become a little careful about how many fillyhood stories you share with Rose
>Because you've shocked her again and again, even though she tries to be cool about it
>And if you can shock somepony who spent years as a bedmare you've definitely had a lot of sex
>You miss it, too
>It's part of who you are
>The word Rose would use is validate
>Sex is part of how you validate yourself
>You may not be 100% sure of what that means exactly
>But you grasp the general concept, and agree with it
>"You're pretty quiet," Rose says to you
"This is all a lot to take in. And I'm still thinking about him. I see why he never came here. He would have been ashamed"
>Crystal nods and says, "I think most ponies understood he didn't have a choice in what he did. The shame was how good he was at it"
>"And you can't blame yourself for what happened. You who know who is to blame for it"
"Yeah, they guy who's the reason the three of us are here having lunch together in the first place"
>Neither mare responds
"But I feel so stupid about it. I didn't know anything about drinking. I didn't know the way he drank was that dangerous"
>"You're not a doctor," Crystal replies. "How are you supposed to know about high blood pressure and stroke risks?"
>"I just assumed he was under doctor's care," Rose says, "because he was so valuable to the network"
"All they cared about was whatever it took to get him in front of the camera. Even if it killed him"
>"How could you have fought that?," Crystal asks. "You couldn't have"
"No. But if I hadn't been so ignorant - if I'd known what he was at risk for I would have pushed him to see a doctor"
>"You can't blame yourself for what happened," Rose says firmly
"I don't blame myself. I just feel like if I'd been a little better informed I could have prevented it"
>"You can only know what you know," Crystal adds, "so you couldn't have prevented it because you didn't know"
"They did an autopsy. They had to for insurance. Turns out he was a ticking time bomb. If it hadn't been a stroke..."
>You gather yourself for a second, because you don't want to break down in a restaurant with so many pony eyes on you
"He could have had a massive pancreatitis attack any second"
>"What's that?," Rose asks
"I had to look it up. In heavy drinkers as they get older their pancreas can just blow up. It's not always fatal, but with somepony like master..."
>Keep it together, ponies are watching you
"There's a good chance it could have killed him. I didn't know any of this stuff. Doctors do. If I could have gotten him to see one..."
>"You had no way to know," Crystal replies. "You can't keep asking yourself 'What if?'"
>"You CAN, actually," Rose says, "It's just a bad idea. You'll drive yourself crazy for nothing, then there'll be two tragedies instead of one"
"You two are right. There's no way I could have known. I grew up in a brothel, and can't even sign my name"
>That really sounds like you're feeling sorry for yourself
>But this whole experience has been enotional
>And on top of your recent loss it DOES make you feel sorry for yourself
"I can barely read. Without a computer I couldn't even do math, and accounting is my special talent"
>"You've got a lot on your plate right now," Rose says, "but you have friends who can listen and help out"
>"I'd say you're holding up really well," Crystal says. "Becoming a celebrity, losing your husband - that's a lot for anypony"
>"Not to mention being here," Rose says. "I'm emotionally on the edge myself just being surrounded by so many ponies"
"Who are watching us and all know our business. Half of them could guess exactly what we're talking about"
>"You're probably right," Crystal says. "If you need to have a little pity party you've come to the right place"
"I don't deserve to be pitied. We walked by skinny fillies and colts begging on the street half an hour ago"
>Knowing Rose is on the edge emotionally somehow makes it easier to control your own feelings
>You don't want to set her off
"I've never gone hungry a day in my life. And I'm sitting in a restaurant while they're on the street. THEY deserve pity, not me"
>"That's what's getting me," Rose replies, "How much this is like Equestria, but how much rougher and more tragic it is"
>"You're still in New York," Crystal says, "Great place if you have a little money, not so great if you don't"
>To you she adds, "My point is bad things happen to everypony. When they do it's only natural to feel sorry for yourself and others to pity you"
"I don't have to like it, though"
>""I don't think anypony likes it," Crystal responds, "It's just the way things are. Just like nopony likes the poverty and decay here..."
>"That's what's getting to me," Rose says
>"There's not much we can do about it," Crystal answers, "Yet. We'll get there. That's the dream we're working toward"
"Sounds like a dream, all right"
>Oops. Didn't mean to be THAT sarcastic.
>"Without struggle there can be no progress," Crystal says, then adds, "That's from Fredrick Douglass"
>That gets her blank stares from both you and Rose
>"A big figure in black American history. Escaped from slavery to help lead to the end of it," Crystal says, a little surprised
>"I'm guessing figures like that from black history are popular here?," Rose asks
>"They're inspiring, and are generally admired. We just have to be careful about how much we let it show sometimes"
>"Because to a lot of blacks the struggle is ongoing," she replies. "We want them to stand in solidarity with us, not see us as co-opting their history for our own purposes"
"I dare you to say that on the show"
>"I would say that on the show without a second's hesitation," Crystal responds firmly
"It's your struggle, not mine"
>"That's what makes you so infuriating to viewers here," she responds. "You live in a penthouse and support slavery because YOU have it good"
>"Yet under that system you lived a life of what most viewers would consider horrific sexual abuse, from the time you were a little filly"
"I don't like the word abuse. Makes me sound like a victim"
>"That's what's infuriating about you. To still be so naive after what you've been through is astounding"
"You don't have to mock me"
>"I'm not. I consider you a friend. I'm just trying to explain something to you"
"What then?"
>"How you've been manipulated. Your wedding turned you and El Bronco into symbols of they lie THEY want to spread about slavery"
"Who's they?"
>"Those who profit from it. Those who think they're good people but own slaves. The politicians who get elected on pro-slavery agendas"
"OK, go on then"
>"You had a lavish wedding studded with celebrities, then went home to a penthouse. It was televised. What message does that send about slavery to the nation?"
"That we were very lucky?"
>"That some slaves have it better than free ponies, or even most people"
"Some do. That was us"
>"Right, but did you think about why you were put in the position to send that popular message?"
"Because people are fascinated with celebrities? Ponies are, too"
>"It created something anti-abolitionists could point to and say, 'See, slavery isn't all so bad. Look at these ponies'"
"That doesn't effect me. I'm just concerned with myself and the ponies around me, trying to do the best I can for them"
>"That's noble when what you say only effects those ponies around you. But you're on national TV now. Like it or not you shape opinions of ponies and people you'll never meet"
>"Shit," Rose says. "I hadn't even fully considered THAT"
>"Obviously," Crystal answers, "but your opinions are a lot less dangerous to ponies than hers"
"So now I've got to think about what's good for everypony before I say or do anything?"
>"On camera, yeah," Crystal replies. "That would be great. I didn't mean for this to be an ambush, but I wasn't going to say it on the show"
"Why not?"
>"They haven't really censored us much yet," she responds, "And right now viewers are sympathetic to both of you"
>She adds to you, "Even though ponies mostly disagree with you, and hate your opinions"
"Why would they be sympathetic then?"
>"Because your -quote - husband, the poster child for this lie about slavery just drank himself to death, proving it was a lie"
"So now I'm supposed to suddenly be on your side?"
>"Now at least you can see what's happening. Where you go from there is up to you. But ponies, and people will listen to you"
"I don't want to be listened to. I just want to be a good girl"
>"You've done plenty of that. You've been VERY good by THEIR definition. Why not try doing something REALLY good for a change?"
>"Back off a little," Rose says. "No need to give her the hard sell. Neither of us have really thought this through as well as we could have"
"My dream was a lie?! And I'm some kind of horrible victim?! What the fuck am I supposed to do with that?"
>"Move forward like the rest of us," Crystal responds. "Or at least consider it. I was thinking we could do a segment or episode from here"
"This restaurant, or Ponytown?"
>"Ponytown, but we could probably shoot here specifically," Crystal replies, "Show the world the good, bad and ugly of Ponytown"
>"You know I'd probably break down on camera," Rose says
>"And that wouldn't be good TV?," Crystal answers
"If we were going for your agenda why not just do an expose on the horrors of slavery itself?"
>"I doubt we could get away with that," Crystal responds dismissively, "But you've been doing a good job coming at it sideways"
"What do you mean?"
>"Every time you talk about your fillyhood in a brothel," she answers, "that shocks the shit out of viewers"
>"Yeah," Rose adds, "I had no idea places like that existed until I met you. That PETA video going viral also did a lot of good"
>"You've actually done A LOT of good already," Crystal says, "So if you could just cool it on the self-serving pro-slavery comments that would be great"
>Cool it?
>That's kind of insulting
>A good chunk of the show, as you see uit at least, is based around you and Rose bantering back and forth
>And you can't do that if you don't have opinions
>It might just be too bad that Crystal doesn't like them
>But you never thought that your opinions could have effects, maybe negative ones on ponies you'll never even meet
>You've always just looked out for yourself and those around you
>You never thought of big picture stuff because it didn't concern you
>But now you're a celebrity, and what you say gets heard
>Which probably does mean you have some kind of responsibility
>To be sure you're not saying things that could hurt other ponies
>Then again she's the one quoting black abolitionists from human slave times
>And you're pretty sure it took a civil war for them to finally get their way
>But you're aware you're not going to win this one in a room full of free ponies, so you let is drop
>On the way out of the restaurant a few ponies approach you for selfies and autographs, and Crystal relents
>It takes you a good fifteen minutes to get back to the sidewalk
>You part ways with Crystal and start walking back toward the subway
>Rose is quiet and remains sao on the train
"What did you think of Ponytown?"
"It was for me, too. What got you about it?"
>"Every time I started feeling the magic of being back in Equestria I looked around and it was so obviously a slum in New York"
"Yeah. It's definitely a slum"
>"Yeah. But what a mix of cheerful and depressing. Right on top of each other. What got you?"
"The poverty. I don't care if the buildings are run down and everypony's manes are poorly styled. But too many visible ribs on the street gets to me"
>"Right. They say you can never be too thin, but a lot of ponies there were just that"
"Then there's that free pony attitude that really annoys me"
>"What attitude?"
"You CAN'T just accept things the way they are. There HAS to be a struggle to change things for the better"
>"You don't believe in changing things for the better?"
"I don't believe the things I say are all so dangerous when what she's talking about is pretty much a civil war!"
>Rose gives you a concerned look
>"We're not in Ponytown anymore," she whispers. "We probably shouldn't be talking about this in public"
"Thank you for proving me right. And the moment we get out of the subway I'm putting my collar back on"
>"I won't think less of you for that. But does this mean you won't be moving with me to Brooklyn?"
"I don't know. I haven't figured that out yet. I don't even know if it's a option, really"
>"You could ask and find out"
"Another day, maybe. Today was intense enough"
>So who is she to tell you about saying dangerous things?
Yeahm Crystal and Rose really fucking up with all that passive-aggresive pressure about mare. I would like to see if this will have consequence for the free ponies in the show and if rose will actually chill out or try to force even more her ideas about the emancipation and put mare against the slavery. Also somepony probably record this whole discussion, if this go online and meet the bosses of the show something interesting will happen

Good update.
>Also somepony probably record this whole discussion
>Ponies meet their first paparazzi drama
I really want this
>"I won't think less of you for that. But does this mean you won't be moving with me to Brooklyn?"
Why she is so fucking dense?
Rose is a pony who used to faint over a broken daisy stem. In my world she's come a long way, managing to exert her will here and there in spite of the real horror she found herself in. She'd totally be embarrassed about how she used to throw that word around back in Ponyville. But she has been lucky. First master wasn't cruel, just got off on perverting her a bit. Second master just wanted a pone gf because his wife wanted a pone bf. And he convinced her it was love, or something like it, until she did something he couldn't forgive her for. But he still let it be her choice, both in terms of ending the relationship and her emancipation. In a lot of ways she's as naive as mare, just different ways. Because her experiences have allowed her to remain so. She grew up free, so it's important to her that her colt grows up that way, even if it means a more modest life than what she'd been used to. She also loves mare. Not just for her generosity, but also in a budding lesbo way As Rose jumps off the cliff to being a free pony single mother in Brooklyn the security of a friend, roommate, crush, co-worker and even lover is something she would like to take with her. And she's willing to push for it.
>And she's willing to push for it.
sound reasonable but trying to force a change constantly would ruin this relation, specially when one of the sides identify herself with the thing that the other side really want to change.

t- me and old alcoholic girlfriend
Yet hoping people (or ponies) will change is a mistake we make over and over in relationships.
>last anything I wrote was spoons...
Did you mean this one? https://pastebin.com/kMYXAAJi
File: maud.png (488 KB, 1280x720)
488 KB
488 KB PNG

>"Before you go any further," daddy cuts him off, "I gotta ask - are you out of your mind?"
"He must be."
>A resort?
>What the hell is he thinkin'?
>Dumbass even brought a pair of ponies with him - one've 'em Silver at that, though at least she stays safely on his side've the road in his truck.
>She shouldn't even be out of bed!
>The other pony though, she can take care of herself you think, but there was still no reason to antagonize Da like this.
>"Don't even bother answering that," daddy continues, wavin' his hand. "Tell me what's wrong with this land right here? Whatever stupid ideas are rattling around in your head, you can do it here.
>"On your side it's nothing but wild scrub brush and on mine I've got a worthless hole in the ground the government is willing to fill up for me. Seems perfect."
>"It's fine," Maud answers for him. "Except you need that tank for drainage."
>Daddy frowns and you think it's lucky he's stoppin' there.
>He ain't ever gone after another man's pony 'fore. Dogs sure - an' they deserved it - but never a pony. That don't make listenin' to their talk any happier for him.
"Da -"
>He looks back up towards the stock tank and sighs.
>"You gotta keep your pony in line," he says almost casually, "but it's got a point. I'd forgotten that was the whole reason I had this dug in the first place."
>You nod quickly, before he can return to his first point.
"I remember that now. Back when I was little. Whole northern field would turn into an unholy mess in a heavy rain and stay that way a week."
>"Shit," Da swears. "Alright, let's hear your idea."
>"So - a resort -"
>"Not that - I don't really care what your fantasies are, just where exactly you plan to put it."
>"That's fine, I didn't expect you to go along with it and it's more of a long-term plan anyway. Silver and I were thinking something more scenic, like up the road a bit."
"Uh... *which* way?"
>That weren't too specific, but he points back the way he came.
>Closer to his house, though that's set off from the road quite a bit.
>You look that way, curious what it is he's considerin' 'scenic'.
"Talkin' about that small stand of maple trees on your side?"
>They're far enough away you wouldn't know what they were if they hadn't been there for over a decade. Well over.
>An' if you hadn't spent your fair share of time in that little stand.
>It was a convenient spot, 'bout halfway 'tween his house an' yours.
>"I'm thinking maybe offering them some land near it and building on the other side."
"A *resort*."
>"Eventually," he admits with a shrug. "If it goes well. Just a bed and breakfast to start and maybe a few roadside stalls. You know, like the ones in town by the interstate for folks to sell what they grow in their little gardens."
>Daddy shakes his head in that old man way and rubs one hand against his jaw.
>"Not gonna stop you from ruining yourself," he sighs. "After all, I'm interested to see how it goes. Stud fees aren't really bringing in the money anymore and I wouldn't mind finding something else to supplement that."
>You're worried for a sec' but Maud just blinks at that.
>Must've flown over her head.
"So... what? You're gonna try sellin' some produce direct?"
>Don't really want her knowin' exactly what happened to poor Apple Bloom, an' since didn't pick it up you ain't gonna let daddy drive home the point.
"I guess you've got some fig trees, right?"
>"Yeah, there's that but it seems a shame to use ponies as just labor. They've all got their own talents."

More tomorrow.
I guess that why bronco was the perfect one for mare. He actually accept her and never try to change.
Maybe mare will get a new master(human or pony) that will accept her whole personality in the future
Is kirin Corona's name Kirona or is it just Kirin to keep with the beer name theme?
He couldn't make sense of a world where he used to be a star under his own merits (singing) and suddenly he was a star for sportscasting pony blood sport. But he had no choice in the matter. So meeting a whorse who had made her own existential peace with something even more fucked up had a strong appeal to him. Unfortunately it left him in a cycle of addiction he couldn't break out of, and she had no idea that was even a problem. The real question is does she grow from this or doesn't she. And she's in the driver's seat on this one. Which is super tough for her because the steering wheel is the most intimidating thing for her.
Maybe she staying with her mindset until her end would be the best choice for her, then we move on to cuddleslut and how he will help the free ponies. You can't magically change someone with that past, Mare staying to her ideals would be the best plotwist than "then she say fuck slavery and live happy with her girlfriend rose forever". Sometime you need to save a pony early to not end like that.
All those who once spoke of freedom ended up dead, either by martyrs or by fighting for it.

This green was intense, Mare and Crystal have good arguments and differences too big for them to get to agree, in our experience people who think how they end up on opposite sides of a future conflict.

> Civil War
Without magic or princesses, every pony skirmish will end in a massacre, they can continue to exert pressure with protest marches and videos in a darknet to fight with the only weapons that the man has left them, now that Blinders Off could be their newest and best weapon. against oppression, but also it would become a two-edged weapon, if they came to address the problem in cameras could be formed two sides; those who support the system and those who fight against

Here I agree, now that she is mother Rose should avoid such a hasty decision based solely on her heart, perhaps because she fears that the network or VP try to take away El Bronquito Jr with some legal excuse shit to keep her in her power or that the success of the program is over and she ends up without money to support her family with just the flower shop, sincerely I hope that of all the protagonists she had a happy ending, but then I remember that something like this is as rare as human kindness

There is really much to say on this great update

Keep up the good work FBHPBO
>sincerely I hope that of all the protagonists she had a happy ending
She can get a happy ending with her point of view, dying in slavery(as an old pony or some breathplay with her new master) but still as an good girl. Good end for her, bad end for us and a great martyr for cuddleslut to help the free ponies
>El Bronquito Jr
I LOVE that you call him that. Another conceit in the story is that John and his wife's happiest time was when they lived in D.F. (now CDMX). That's why so many ponies the network owns have names that would sound normal in Mexican Spanish. He re-named them, knowing it would attract certain kinds of viewers.

Thank you for your comments, and thank you for reading.

Thank you ALL for reading!

Shit, I almost typed my initials in right there I was so overwhelmed
Fuck you
Fuck you
Not as good as It's shit guy
File: 1538744481010.png (439 KB, 529x1088)
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439 KB PNG
See you there!
compelling argument friend, very well worded and thought out, you must be a god among your peers and co-workers
Then I need to update the bins. Have a name?
File: 1535502343184.png (235 KB, 707x1038)
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235 KB PNG
>They've all got their own talents.
that's going to set him off pretty good. Thanks for the small update, looking forward to more.

>Something fell over onto my keyboard and made the emoji box appear when I was typing.
I'm not sure what it hit, I didn't even know it was possible.
Random emoji test below.
Exelent. The emoji didn't work.
Fanganon do you want money? My plasma? My first born child??? I'll do anything
>massive update
*burrrp* That was a satisfyingu meal! I love the new political angle, but don’t forget be need a steady diet of cute and lewd too

>"I can barely read. Without a computer I couldn't even do math, and accounting is my special talent"
This was the only thing I had a problem with. The numbers don’t tell the story by themselves, it would be impossible to do any accounting without reading and writing reports. Her special talent would only go so far if she couldn’t understand what was going on (despite some perverication) and communicate it very precisely to her customer / owner and any later auditors.
He's getting blackout drunk on the anniversary stream. Ping him on discord, I'm pretty sure he doesn't sleep.
Threadly Reminder that Vega is a silly pony that should spend less time on the internet and more time serving her Master.
Good writing! You tightly pack it into a single page, and the ending gave me a real shiver. It’s grim, but not grimderp; you don’t dwell on it overmuch. Only gripe: it would have been more fun three weeks from now.
Hey, that was scruffed?! Ya sure: the vore thing isn’t welcome here, but I though it was tasteful, and it was just a one-shot. If it gets reposted on Halloween I wouldn’t be disappointed.
It's an antique repost.
File: 1450664550804.png (175 KB, 1024x739)
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175 KB PNG
No u.
This thread gets the weirdest shit scruffed. Did some fag report it or something?
>Scruffy is a jerk but not that much of a jerk. Maybe they posted to the wrong thread?

>He pulls the tape out of the sleeve and pops it into the vcr, after some crackle, previews start playing.
>Eventually the movie starts, and it shows lots of smoke and buildings. Then an exterior of a prison.
>A man is being led out of prison, there is a lot of walking, then he is given some things, then he walks to the side of the road after passing through the security and signing out.
>A man stands next to a big car on the side of the road and steps out of it. Both men are in black suits and ties with hats.
>The gates slowly open, showing the man in the jail being let out, silhouetted in white.
>Honey’s eyes are glued to the tv.
>Music starts playing and the men meet in the middle of the road, the music jumps up, and the men walk over and get into the car and drive away.
>The men in the movie argue about the car, Honey’s eyes go wide as the car makes a loud squeal, then launches over a gap in a rising bridge.
>Honey looks over at Anon. “What was that?”
>Anon just smiles and nods at the tv. “Just watch, it get better.”

>Slightly scared by the old lady in the movie, she scoots a little closer to Anon.
>”Was that really a penguin?”
>He nods. “Yep.”
>”I don’t think I like penguins...”
>The men go to a church, and music starts.
>Honey tries to sit still, but she soon starts head bobbing and toe tapping to the music.
>Anon watches her with a smile as she shakes it to the rhythm of the movie.
>The music scene passes and she sits still again, watching the movie calmly.
>”Wait, are they running? Are they bad guys?”
>”No no, just did bad things.”
>”They’re breaking everything!”
>As honey is getting into the movie, Anon can’t help but look at the rat nest of hair on Honey’s head and butt.

>He gets up and goes into the bathroom, Honey is focused on the movie, not paying Anon much attention.
>He comes back and sits on the couch.
>There’s a bunch of explosions on the tv, Honey almost jumps out of her seat.
>Anon chuckles at her. “Come closer for a sec, and lemme see your tail.”
>She scoots away from him and hugs her tail to her chest. ”Okay, but why?”
>He holds up a hairbrush. “Your hair is a mess, thought I could fix it for you.”
>She looks at him and the brush skeptically. “Alright...”
>She lets her tail go and flicks it so the long knotted mess of hair lays on his lap.
>He holds her tail with one hand and runs the brush through her tail, the brush catches in spots as he pulls out knots.
>She shrugs at him and focuses on the tv.

>He slowly works the brush from her dock all the way through her honey blond tail hairs, pulling and using his fingers to pull apart really bad knots.
>Honey gasps as the building the men were in comes crashing down.
>Anon eventually works out the worst of her tail, now just running the brush through it to straighten it out.
>Honey subconsciously scoots closer to anon as she watches the tv.
>”Hows it feel?” Anon poofs her snoot with her own clean and combed tail.
>Her eyes light up and she hugs her tail. “It’s so fluffy! Thank you anon! I don’t even remember the last time I had a good brushie.”
>She blushes and covers her mouth.
>”A brushie?” Anon pokes her side, trying to egg her on.

>She presses her face into the couch to hide her embarrassment.
>Anon leans over her and gently drags the brush through her mane.
>”Well, sit up so I can brushie your hair.”
>She sits up, staring at the tv, trying not to like the brushie, but she likes the brushie.
>He turns her so her chest is on his thigh and her head facing the tv, he runs the brush through her mane, it’s just as bad as her tail was.
>”Sheesh, when was the last time you had your hair brushed?”
>She gets a sinking feeling, but swallows it. “I… I don’t know… ten years?”
>Anon pauses.
>”Oh sh- uh, you don’t have to talk about it.”
>She shrugs, straining not to look back so anon doesn’t see her tears.
>She shakes her head.”Its fine… I can tell you’re not like them...”
>”Like them?”
>”The slave drivers.”

>There’s a long awkward pause, anon resumes brushing her mane, again, using his hands to pull out the really bad knots, and using the brush to straighten her hair after.
>Honey lays her head on anon’s knee as she watches the movie, there’s a long scene with them at a market, and a band is playing a mellow rhythmic song.
>She can’t help but tap her hooves and shake her butt to the beat.
>After a few minutes another song starts, an angry black woman singing at her husband as a big musical number starts playing.
>She’s transfixed on the movie, her hips rocking to the tune, her tail flicking side to side with the beat.
>Anon is trying to brush her hair while she’s bobbing and jerking her head to the song.
>”You really like music, don’t you?”
>She nods. ”It helps me not think about it.”
Have her get stoned and listen to Led Zeppelin
>A bunch of arabs throw rocks at her as dazed and confused plays on a record
Go to bed, Sparkle.
For a second there I though he was showing her Le miserab. It would have been a good lesson on humanity for her.

>Anon tries not to stare at her right arm while he’s brushing her mane.
>He’s got most of the knots out, now he’s just straightening it out.
>She looks back at him, with her hair straightened out, her bangs cover half her face.
>”I don’t suppose you could give me a manecut?”
>”Uhm… I could try.” Anon gets up, leaving Honey to wiggle to another song in the movie.
>He comes back to the living room, scissors in hand. “Found these.” Snip snip, he opens and closes the scissors.
>Honey’s eyes go huge at the sight, her eyes focusing on the light glinting off of the sharp metal.
>She suddenly gets up and bolts into her kennel, slamming the door shut behind her, the kennel skids a good ten foot across the floor.
>She screams from inside her box. ”I’M SORRY MASTER! PLEASE! I DIDN’T MEAN TOO!”
>Anon drops the scissors and rushes over to sit on the floor next to the box.
>He tries to talk to her to calm her down, to console her, but she’s a sobbing mess.

>His words fall on deaf ears as the little mare is stuck in her past, and weaping her heart out as she’s prepared for a beating that will never come.
>She shakes and cries, her whole body on high alert, her mind racing, images of her past at the forefront of her mind.
>Of the slave drivers, of working in a factory, watching other ponies getting beaten within an inch of their life over tiny mistakes.
>She blinks.
>The owners hate mistakes.
>Mistakes cost them money.
>She’s overwhelmed with dread as she remembers what happened yesterday, before she was tossed in the trash, left to die.
>Anon sits and listens as the mare starts talking, sobbing and hiccuping as she speaks.

>”I… I was working at my station, in the factory, the factory made parts for cars. I stood at a big stampy machine that pressed flat metal sheets into shapes. One of the other ponies, older, covered in scars, hated me, I didn’t understand why. I was always a good girl and didn’t get in trouble, I didn’t get as many beatings. Yesterday, the older pony was making threats at me, things got physical, one of the other ponies nearby tried to break it up. Daisy Chain, she was one of my only friends here. The mean pony shoved her into the machine, I tried to reach in and pull her out, but… The machine came down…”
>She turns slowly to look at her right arm. ”I didn’t save Daisy...”
Hey, hey you. You know those boat ponies? You should post an update for those boat ponies. It sounds important.

>”There was a lot of shouting, but I didn’t hear any words… all I knew was… my arm hurt… really hurt.”
>She’s still gasping and trying to choke down her sobs.
>”Next thing I knew, I was tossed in the trash, and I knew that was it, I started getting sleepy, I knew what was happening… but I couldn’t move or do anything, just lay there, bleeding in that dumpster.”
>She leans up and looks through one of the air holes at Anon.
>”But… then you showed up and saved me.”
>She breaks down again and curls up and cries for a while before falling silent, Anon peeks in on her, and see she’s sleeping.
>Anon goes over to the tv and shuts it off.
>He walks over to the couch, grabs the blanket off of it, and sets it in the kennel partly covering Berry.
>Anon wants to say something, but can’t think of anything, he leaves the light on for her and goes to his room for the night.
>Applejack relented, showing her pink tongue and filed teeth.
>Bits were not pleasant for her, and had needed some physical adjustment.
>She knew pleading was pointless, Anon was just going to stick it in and leave her to soak.
>Anon knew she knew, and simply got it over.
>The dick of her long lost red brother was shoved in
>She was well practiced and the phthalate free dick shoved aside her flesh
>At least she wasn’t going to get cancer.
>The straps were tugged back and secured
>Her ears flicked down as the bucket was filled with water
>Anon dangled it from the shower rod and turned the nob.
>Clean water flowed through the tube and straight into her stomach.
>There was no place for it to go else
>It was a 3 gallon bucket and she would be here until it was all piss
>Apple just sank to the bottom of the tub and waited
>Anon simply walked off, the punishment complete, he needed to check butterscotch was okay.
>Applejack lay there, the water filling out her stomach painfully
>Slowly the pressure there lessened
>She knew what it went, but the cramps had already begun
>Her legs burned
>Her gut was heavy
>All she could was try and fight the indignity of it all
>Worse, she hadn’t gotten out of her clothes
>Then came the sudden poot as her bowels reminded her they existed
>She grunted around her gag, worried that there may have been laxatives in the water
File: you make me vomit.png (248 KB, 751x574)
248 KB
248 KB PNG
WTF even is this garbage? I don't mind SIM but this is just awful. Take it to FIMFiction and keep your shit where it belongs.
Just ignore it, it's just one of the kiddies writing more sim junk, solely so they can point and say how we are half /sim/ and their trash belongs here.
I bet you hated Toiletslave as well.
Pretty tragic, and she probably still feels really guilty for not trying harder.
Just like the vast majority of the rest of us.
Poor filly she needs time. As long as anon don't let depression creep in, she should make it out from under her burden.
Never read that, source?
What is an appropriate punishment when your slave ruins cuddle time by farting in your lap?
dry anal
>farting in your lap
>moment ruined
You mean improved?
slave mare/stallion braaapp is best braaapp
This is the kind of cruelty you sick fucks get off on. You should be fucking ashamed of yourselves fantasizing about this kind of thing happening to cute innocent ponies.
There is no wrong way to fantasize, Anon.
1 week forced to eat nothing but Taco Bell.
Her ponut need to learn fear.
When your fantasies involve cruelty you are a threat to society.
I have a dildo that makes people clench their asses so hard you hear kissing
Maybe try reading the op instead of jumping to conclusions sweetie.
No, Anon. You are a far worse threat to society. It's because you want to criminalize wrongthink and establish a thought police.
Your argument is invalid when shit like filly brothel, gmltr, and Hippodrome is openly applauded here and the fact that multiple thread regulars openly discuss their sadistic fantasies in this thread's discord server.
Who said anything about criminalizing anything? Way to jump to conclusions autist. If anything people like you need psychiatric treatment. Sadistic tendencies are not healthy or normal.
>Shit stories are shit and individuals are allowed to have their own interests.
oh no, how terrible.
I don't want to criminalize eating feces, but that doesn't mean you don't deserve to be shamed for enjoying it. Stop pretending you're some kind of victim here for being called out on being a sick fuck.
>filly brothel, gmltr, and Hippodrome
>listing the same bad author 3 times.
Nice bait.

>thread regulars openly discuss their sadistic fantasies in this thread's discord server.
Nice try. No one discusses anything thread relevant in the discord.
>completely missing the point
Literal fucking autism.
Whats gmltr?
Yeah I had to look that up too, it's filly brothel's first story. Dude must be a big fan to know the acronyms.
Could also add A Deal is a Deal (which is pure grimderp trash that you faggots eat up), Break, Red Sky, several sadistic scenes in CYOS (Corona's torture, multiple excessive whippings of other ponies, branding), the list goes on...
Instead of exposing your own creepy fantasies should have read the premise of this thread you degenerate prick
Reeee levels are off the chart this morning. Keep up the good work angry anon.
I have been lurking since nearly the beginning. You autists stray way off course from "White Knight" territory FREQUENTLY. Stop trying to pretend you're "not that bad" and at least have the fucking balls to own your degeneracy.
>I... I'm totally not a d...d...degenerate, y...y...you're just seeing, it's totally normal to get off on cruelty!
Must be nice living in a fantasy world.
File: Nice catch.png (6 KB, 224x225)
6 KB
Maybe google can teach you how to filter champ.
You forgot tgn's other story. Easily the edgiest, sickest piece of shit in this general.
>Called out for reeee
>Reee's more
Who spoke of white knigth? stop showing your own dementia to the rest of the world and see a doctor you pervert!
>any criticism of my interests is reeing
Just stop Anon.
>This crying
About rose? It was ok, I don't think its sadistic or something.
Yeah. Idk what was sadistic about it I just through it was boring.
You're the only one I see crying here, Anon. Literally incapable of handling differing view points with rational discussion. But okay, continue to stew in your autism and see how far that gets you in life.
>Reeee levels are off the chart this morning. Keep up the good work angry anon.

>>I... I'm totally not a d...d...degenerate, y...y...you're just seeing, it's totally normal to get off on cruelty!
>Must be nice living in a fantasy world.

>rational discussion

Is this what qualifies for bait on 4chan nowadays Disappointing.
Helps if you respond to someone actually arguing not a guy laughing at you.
File: Spoiler Image (83 KB, 472x577)
83 KB
>someone bitches about the thread when they clearly have no idea we're secretly comfy bath general
>someone implying that people use Gilf's mlpol discord to discuss ponies at all
>and someone actually falls for it
okay, i know for a fact that you guys aren't dumb enough to take bait this weak
Just let him burn himself out and get banned for samefagging
What horrible things are being discussed in the Discord?
literally nothing
gilf's grand vision for a server freed from mod oppression his words not mine completely killed it in less than three weeks
B-But Discord was supposed to kill the thread, not itself...
File: Untitled.png (40 KB, 541x525)
40 KB
Some sick shit.
I like this bait
Why are time and dait hidden?
Don't want people guessing who i am based on the time zone.
Stop trying to stir up drama swf
File: Gotta love the bait.png (102 KB, 513x894)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
For some strange reason I have a desire to go to the store and buy fish hooks
File: Guaranteed replies.png (157 KB, 557x1024)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
What a lovely bait
... and that's all there is of her, before you ask for more.
Only three? She's so cute
What do you have against stories being edgy? I like it when stories have dark bits. Just sets the lighter moments in higher relief.

Pencil art?
Not really considering it, but you're welcome to show me how it's done.
>why don't you like edge
Because people go overboard with it, and that shit is autistic as fuck. You can do dark elements in a story without getting graphic, but the art of subtlety seems to be completely lost on those who write for this thread. Not only is it low hanging fruit for (attempting to) evoke an emotional response, it makes the writer seem lazy and immature or just straight up sick in the head.
>just straight up sick in the head.
Isn't that a given for writing or even appreciating My Little Pony fanfics?
Not necessarily, no. There's a pretty big leap from enjoying stories about cute characters in general, and enjoying stories of those same cute characters in situations where they are suffering immensely.
I don't think you can have slavery without immense suffering somehow being there, somewhere.
From what ive seen, writing just to make a character suffer is commonly called 'whump'.
There is a fine line between whump and edge, though idk where this thread stands on that.
Though I will admit I enjoy a good round of angst every now and then as long as it gets resolved. It's kinda like going to a sad movie just to cry.
swf ran away again after we hurt his feelings for being a faggot so maybe it is him.
always gets me hard
Why are docks so unf?
>tfw your slave mare lets you lick her dock
seems the shitposter completely ignored our new writefriend's story
>tfw will never sensually kiss and nibble poner's dock

>She gets up, and goes to the kitchen, she stands up on her hind legs and uses her teeth to grab a cup from the washboard and sets it on the floor.
>She idly thinks about how it would be nice if human furniture wasn’t so tall.
>She walks over to the fridge and opens it, she’s surprised to see a good selection of fruits and veggies, but only a small package of lunch meat.
>Considering how much meat humans eat, she half expected it to be stocked to the brim with animal limbs and organs.
>She shakes her head and looks for something to drink.
>There’s a few different bottles of fruit juice, along with something amber colored in clear glass bottles.
>She ignores those and grabs the already open jug of cranberry and turns around to her cup.
>She sets the bottle on the floor, then using her hind hooves she holds it in place, then bends down and uses her teeth to grip the cap and give it a twist.
>Once the lid is off, she carefully tilts it over her cup, using her arm to keep it from falling over.
>She tries not to think about how much easier this would be with two arms, but thoughts are devious things.

>After filling her cup with juice, she puts the bottle back in the fridge, and carefully noms the rim of the cup to carry it out to the living room.
>She sets the cup next to her bowl.
>She takes in a deep breath, smelling the blueberries mixed in the oatmeal.
>She goes up to the wall of electric books and looks at the spines.
>She tilts her head at one, she pulls it out of the shelf and turns to give the front a proper look.
>The cover is brightly colored and looks inviting.
>”This looks like a fun one.”
>She turns the tv on, and puts the movie in.
>As the previews roll she trots over with a little spring in her step and sits at the table.
>She noms the pill and takes a sip of juice to wash it down.

>The movie starts, showing a bunch of kids leaving school.
>They all go to a candy store and a song starts.
>Honey noms her oatmeal, humming in delight at the soft crunch of blueberries as the juice fills her taste buds.
>She rocks side to side as she tries to hum the song on the tv.
>”The candyman can cause he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good.”
>She quickly latches to the lyrics and sings along as best she can.
>Honey quietly watches the movie after the song ended, but continues nomming her oats.
>She’s engrossed in the movie.
>She tries to sing along with the songs.
>Eventually we get to a scene where an entire room is a world made of candy.
>Honey’s mouth waters at the sight of all the candy and the river of chocolate.
anyone have any critiques?

also, was the flashback too grimderp?
I wanted it to be emotional, but I know I rushed it, I just wanted to get the background story out of the way.
File: 1535430286212.png (329 KB, 555x846)
329 KB
329 KB PNG
I always have flashback to this bittersweet horror, the fucking puritan thing was disgusting and even Gene Wilder could only do so much to save it from being unwatchable.

Other than that, she seems to change moods rather quick. Maybe her conditions could last more than a paragraph, but this is basically a girl on drugs so I'm not sure.
actually i thought it was spot on. no OSHA help for ponies would probably result in opportunities to get caught/shoved in machines like that. it helps that while she acknowledges the injury she's not brooding over it like a fedoralord and actually trying to cope, sometimes succeeding and sometimes failing like a normal mortal being
the mood swings are part bad writing, and part trying to get over traumatic experience, and she's trying to not think about it
That "thrown to garbage" thing was grimderp a little bit.
It's good, though yeah maybe moving a little fast. A little more build up and time for feels to set in would not be bad, and overuse of "nom" and such words can take away from their cuteness. But other than that im enjoying it.
Agree with the other criticism, the ‘thrown in the dumpster’ thing was pretty grimderp. An official corperate outfit like a car parts factory might well risk ponies lives like that, but they would have a veterinarian on staff who would euthanize and cremate ponies that could no longer work.

That would still have given you the writer the problem of moving her from the shop floor to Anons living room, but there’s more believable options: Perhaps they run an adoption service for their used-up assets, like rescuing a loosing greyhound from the racetrack? Perhaps Anon works at the plant too, and smuggles her out the gate?

Stories doing good so far, but I think you will need some outside source of drama soon. These ‘white knight / roommate with PTSD’ issues will only carry the story so far. When they go for a walk will Anon insist on a humiliating collar and leash, for her own good? Will they get a custom prosthetic, and have difficulty paying for it? What if she sees one of her friends in need; will she ask Anon to take them in too, or be grateful for what she has and leave them to their fate?

But overall, good so far. Keep it up!
>You're worried for a sec' but Maud just blinks at that.
I'm even more worried for Anon's life now.
How do you deal with a slave needing the bathroom?
Bag and bucket?
Make them use the yard?
my entire story idea was the dumpster, and I worked backwards from there
is bad writing 101, but I didn't want to write a masterpiece, just write something
>working backwards from dumpster scene
Fair enough, but it doesn’t mesh with the corporate origins. Corporations are often horrible, but they usually make sure the paperwork is done properly. Disposing of (barely) living animals in the regular bin will never fly with the pick-up service, the dump, the city, or anyone else. Only criminals or small-time owners would try to get away with that sort of thing.

>didn't want to write a masterpiece, just write something
And more power to ya! I got the impression that you don’t have a detailed outline or world-bible to work from, you’re just winging it from one update to the next. It’s doing just fine so far. That’s a great way to get started: just write!
my issue with writing before is that I would think to much
I've decided to try not thinking, and just write, and see if it makes sense
The bag and bucket sound like a terrible idea for all concerned. Going outside like a dog would only work on an acerage or farm, and might be a runaway risk. If they’re able to use a regular toilet (and I’ve never quite seen how that would work) that would be the best. If you had more than three or four around, it would probably be worthwhile building a custom facility out of concrete and tile, with a macerator and pump. Expensive, ya, but then so are pony slaves in the first place.
Bathroom is for good ponies.
All else use the pit.
Maids get diapers under theor skirts on shift.
I am not having butt marks everywhere, it was bad enough with the naked cat.

>She gasps when the fat kid gets sucked up the pipe.
>Her breathing hitches and she can feel a panic coming on, but she breathes deep, takes a drink of juice, and managed to calm herself down.
>She’s then enraptured by a song sung by short orange people.
>And again, she tries to sing along with the movie.
>Near the end of the movie it’s only a few kids left.
>She’s sung along with each song and gasped each time a kid was taken away.
>Honey only drooled slightly at the blueberry scene.
>After that movie ended, she got up and carried her dishes to the kitchen.
>She turns the water on hot, then trots back to the living room to put the movie away and look at the selection to pick another one.
>She walks back to the kitchen and starts to wash the dishes she used, along with some others that were in the sink.

>She’s feeling antsy, being cooped up in this place alone.
>After cleaning and drying the dishes, she sets them on the washboard and looks around the flat.
>She notices the place is kinda dirty, and there’s questionable stains on the couch and floor.
>She looks through cupboards and cabinets until she finds a closet, and is partly surprised to find a broom, but also a strange contraption, it has a long handle, the base is square, and had wheels on the back.
>Above the base is a clear plastic cylinder full of dirt.
>She pulls the device out of the closet, she’s just barely taller than it when standing on her hind legs.
>She spots a button and presses it, there’s a click, but nothing happens.
>She looks at the back of it and sees a long cord wound up on it.
>”Right, needs electricity.”
>She unwinds the cord and looks around the room, after crawling behind the couch, she finds an outlet and plugs the vacuum in, and suddenly a deathly scream fills the room.
>She lets out a terrified shriek, her brain filling her mind with images of monsters from the everfree.

>After a while, the scream is more of a drone, she peaks up over the back of the couch and sees the vacuum is the source of the wirring.
>She laughs at herself for being scared of it.
>She slowly crawls out from behind the couch and trots over to the vacuum, she stands up on her hind legs and grabs the handle with her hoof, she tries to push and pull the vacuum, but its not moving right.
>She looks down at the base of it and sees a large button in place where she can step on it.
>She steps on it and now the base hinges from the handle
>Now she tries to push and pull it, and sure enough she starts to move it around, scrubbing the floor and sucking up lots of crumbs and dirt, after a few passes, the floor already looks much better.
>She tries it on the kitchen floor, but the tile just makes a squeaky noise.
>She turns the vacuum off and winds the cord back up and sticks in in the closet.
>She looks for a mop, but it doesn’t look like Anon has one.

>She goes to the bathroom and comes out with a towel she ran under the water to get it wet.
>She puts the wet towel on the floor and starts to push it around, scrubbing at the tiles.
>Soon the formerly brown tiles show that they were once white.
>She scoots around the kitchen, cleaning all the tiles.
>She takes the dirty towel into the bathroom and sees a pile of dirty clothes, she adds the towel to it.
>She pauses to use the toilet, then goes back to the living room, she looks at the couch, she shakes her head.
>Grabbing another towel she wets it and beings scrubbing the couch.
>As she does so she finds loose change and food crumbs.
>After scrubbing the couch she then ritually cleans the rest of the apartment.
>She stops at Anon’s door, it’s wide open, she sniffs the air and has to take a step back.

>The floor is visible, but clothes are piled high in a corner.
>The walls are covered in movie and rock poster.
>The bed is covered in plain sheets and blankets, only one plain pillow with no case.
>She takes a tentative step into the room, the floorboards creak.
>She takes a few more steps and looks at the mess.
>”I should probably leave his room alone… but somepony has to do something about this.”
>She sees a closet door with more posters over it, she walks over and pushes some boxes aside, and cracks the door open.
>She peers inside, its dark, and she- the door starts to push open from something inside.
>Suddenly she’s knocked over by the door flying open and an avalanche buries the poor mare.

>She groans, slowly sitting up, she gasps at the sight.
>She’s been buried in vhs tapes.
>Hundreds of them.
>”Holy celestia.”
>She climbs out of the pile, she looks at anon’s door, then at the closet.
>She starts shaking.
>”I’m in so much trouble.”
>She crawls over the pile of tapes and starts to stack them back into the closet.
>A couple hours pass before she gets the last tape on top of the pile and she slams the closet closed.
>Just as she’s pushing the boxes back into place against the door and just as she turns to leave the room, the front door opens.
>. Only criminals or small-time owners
That's how I saw it. Practically a sweatshop, maybe an illegal one, and everyone maybe knows it but no one cares or enforces the law, because they are just ponies. The worst that would happen to them is getting a fine for illegal dumping if the trash people even really care enough to complain.
I hope that she don't find a porn vhs tape and being quite disappointed that no one feature ponies, just humans
Then again, she might not be.
>"S-sun avove, how long do these humans last? And how is that human mare's pelvis not broken from being mounted that hard?"
>Da scoffs at that an' looks up at his eyebrows like he's hopin' God'll explain what the hell's goin' on here.
"Well, yeah, but -"
>"Like Bon Bon," he continues blindly, "she's supposed to be pretty good at making candy, so why not let her, right? That might make her happy."
>"Your ponies stepping out of line?" daddy asks with a smirk. "Not surprised, the way you treat them. I've offered to help you out before and that offer still stands."
>You don't know Maud all that well - barely more'n her name - but she takes that surprisingly well. Just a little tilt of one ear.
>Reminds you of Big Red, in a way. Smaller sure an' without the scars, but the same calm acceptance.
>That comparison don't make you feel any better.
>"How about we treat this like another experiment," your neighbor suggests. "You treat your ponies the way you do and I'll try to make mine happy. We'll see who comes out on top."
>"I'm willing to take that bet," Da laughs. "Who gets the farm if you die and do you think they'll sell?"
>He answers daddy with a shrug.
>Daddy laughs again an' shakes his head.
"Let's check out that spot 'fore it gets too late in the day."
>He stops, his train of thought derailin' on the spot, an' looks over at you, then the sky.
>"Yep, Lauren's got the right of it. Let's go."
>He goes back to his truck an' you to yours.
>You'd rather ride with him an' ask what the hell he's thinkin', but he's only got that little two-seater.
>Da's quiet on the ride, clearly thinkin' things over an' you don't interrupt him.
>That only makes him mad.
>If he's still thinkin' it over, he ain't made up his mind yet. No sense pushin' him towards anger.
>You stay quiet.
>"I don't like it," daddy finally mumbles, "but it's his farm. If he gets folks coming through and spending money, then... I don't know. I don't like it."
>He looks over at you as he lets the truck slowly roll to a stop.
>"I want you to make sure none of his animals give ours any strange ideas, got it?"
>You nod.
"I understand."
>"Good girl."
>He reaches for his door handle, but -
"But what if it *does* work? Are you gonna let Red an' some of the others do their thing?"
>"I don't like it," he repeats. "They killed your ma, remember?"
"Not *our* ponies. That was the princess."
>Da shakes his head an' you shut your mouth.
>"They took something from me, Lauren. Can't forgive that and I certainly won't forgive it."
>But he ain't sayin' no.
>Maybe you're just bein' deluded, but that gives you hope.

More sometime this week.
How many weeks has it been since clear skies?? She's a dead mare. A fucking dead mare
File: 1523811986637.jpg (107 KB, 960x540)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Mixed feelings drummed up here, it's like a mist droplet of hope in an ocean of doubt, so inconceivable, that the existence of that speck of hope almost makes me uncomfortable.
How many weeks has it been since corona?? She's a dead mare! A dead mare!!!
She died of happiness from Master's magic fingers.
with her being so gung-ho about cleaning, it kinda makes me wonder what the stability of their situation is. Would there be no chance of a previous owner demanding her back if they found her still alive?

>Anon bought interspecies pony porn a few years back as a curiosity and forgot about it.
>Turned out it wasn't pron of ponies, it was porn FOR ponies.
>Just 45 minutes of some dude cuddling with his mare on a park bench in the fall, whispering sweet nothing to each other and sharing each others warmth.
>Confused, anon turned it off and threw it in the pile after the mare ask if that sweater he was wearing was big enough the both of them.
You can't stop pony from wearing the saddle.
What are you gonna do, whip her?
That's just giving pony exactly what she wants.
That along with the pictures in her head because she most likely looked right at her when she got crushed
What do I have to do for swf to update shiny and corona? I can donate money, I can suck his dick, something... anything? What does he want?
Maybe, but hopfully she was straining and squinted her eyes shut for a second or was looking for footing. But then again, she wasn't absolutely covered with blood and goo, so perhaps it was not as horrific as it our imagination let's it be.
Role play with him, let him be your cute little stallion, and let him suck his Master's dick in-character.
I'm not even kidding. He loves playing a submissive stallion that obediently services his master with his muzzle.
File: 1371582799164 (1).gif (2.59 MB, 540x300)
2.59 MB
2.59 MB GIF
>Big Red
Fireking never.
Sucking his dick wouldn't work unless you're a horse
Can confirm Master only likes equine lips wrapped around his throbbing manhood.
What's not to like about that?
I want pony to whip me while she wears the saddle
File: IMG_4823.png (1.61 MB, 2419x1250)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB PNG

From which history?
Fireking !!rNzbJOiJu2m 10/11/18(Thu)00:25:52 No.33034897▶>>33034905 >>33035051


I had a lot of ideas for it. But if you want a run down here we go
where we left off was a cross over, after it ended Maud was going to hint at a place that might be good for magic. They would be on the way to the site and find Twilight Sparkle walking down the road, bloody, bruised, collar torn. But alive. They would catch her and go with her on a small journey, eventually learning about the exact location that the portal was opened. This location, they would arrive, and it would look like a nuke had gone off. With lots of scientist and shit hanging out checking the place out. With no ability to get closer, they would go hide out. On the way Ling would discover a sweatshop full of missing changeling workers. She would go absolutely postal, and, anon, realizing this has gone too far, would finally grow some balls and start really helping. They would find a standard modern indian reserve and chill there while they planned. Candence and twilight, finally reunited, would be able to open a communication with celestia, who, forced to work with a desperate chrysalis would begin plotting to reopen the portal. This is risky as the unstable magic would wipe out the west coast. but the Ponies need to get home. Link the available princesses and chrysalis would work together and manage to open a small portal, Ling, being good hearted as she is, spends her time helping ponies and lings alike make it to this small portal, which being under Indian reserve law, means she gets away with it for a long time. However the longer the portal is open, the longer it is unstable. 1/2
Twilight would insist on sacrificing herself, but ling would throw her through the portal by force. Ling, in turn, would exhaust all available magic in her, as well as the power of ponies and changelings on the other side, to try and keep it open. But ultimately, much like trying to force 120 volts through a 30guage wire, it would fail, and ling, in a last ditch effort, uses all her available love and energy and jumps into the portal. But doesnt come out the other side. Anon, who by now has come to understand and even love Ling, finds himself mentally unable to leave this portal. He doesnt know why, but he feels as if the portal radiates for him, telling him to do better. He then, with gay horse friend, begins taking over ling and twilights job, finding and saving ponies, and using the indian reservation as a HQ, an underground railroad of sorts to save ponies, because something deep inside of him is screaming at him to make it all work it. It would end with anon, years later, alone, starburst having decided to go back home, sitting by the portal smoking and relaxing after a long night of hunting down a missing Chang who is returned home with the now petrified remains of her tail. He tosses the cigarette down and gazes into the slightly smaller than normal portal, staring into the otherside, wondering what its like there. He puts his hand it. It hurts, it hurts so much. Celestias anti-human shield is working. But he feels calmed. He hears something, but not vocally. "its not your time my Anon. You havn't finished serving the hive" Its not Chrysalis' voice.

Fuck Fireking, this could have been great
Swf I will literally suck your fucking dick with a picture of a good boy taped to my fucking face. I need that corona update. Your writing is like heroin and I'm fucking drug sick my dude. Corona is such a good girl and is practically the only thing I look forward to nowadays. I know you're busy fondling horse balls on your dude ranch but do you have a new estimate? I will give you money, horse sperm, my first born, anything!
The expressions get me every fucking time.
>"Is that what it means ... oh, damn."
>"I thought you said our genetics were incompatible, Anonymous! What am I going to tell Shining?!"
>"O-Oh my... it seems motherhood has chosen me again. How delightful."

Princesses are for breeding.
Lauren's father may be an fucking bastard who treats his ponies badly, but after reading this I can not blame him.

Thank you for reminding me that in your story Twilight is a genocide wanted in two worlds

>See image

Is the epilogue of Mirta's story? Because I would be intrigued and interested at the same time
File: 1.jpg (696 KB, 1019x1311)
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File: 2.jpg (554 KB, 1106x812)
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File: 3.jpg (351 KB, 763x725)
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Vega when?
File: 1848729.png (1.2 MB, 1280x1597)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB PNG
It's over guys, game over. The ponies are using their chest fluff and now is pony time to be the master.
Alcor... Anyone else support their patreon?
It's missing the best Princess Vega
Princess of Spanks W H E N ?

Probably after the anniversary stream
This is right in uncanny valley section, even sundown looks less weird. I'll just enjoy something 2d with flat coloring, it lets imagination fill it with proper detais.
I know what you mean... the lewd bits are too much for me, but I think it works in the cute bits, like >>33037221.

The most realistic I like my lewds is something like Shino's stuff.
>uncanny valley
She’s not anthro by any means, but her anatomy and proportions are very human nonetheless. It gives me a weird feeling in muh dick. Like how a cartoon would look if it were more real.
>Princess of Spanks
Is that like giving or receiving?
I kinda agree, but the scenario is good enough that I can ignore it.
Kill the thread so fanganon can see my message
yur gay
He's in the anniversary stream so he might be too drunk to read
>Vinylfag is also hiding out in the anniversary stream

Boat Ponies when?
This is such trash, god I wish you'd just fuck off already.
>anniversary stream
Great... fucking nothing's getting updated this weekend
He already gets all the sex he wants in real life by raping his mare (or as he calls it 'having sex with his girlfriend,' poor guy is so deluded he thinks an animal can consent or that it's capable of loving him) so I don't think a blowjob is a very tempting offer to him.
File: 1496724659196.png (453 KB, 2658x3094)
453 KB
453 KB PNG
>He doesn't rape horses

What did we do to make normies like this think they were welcome on this board?
I blame Glimmer.
They grew up in their safe spaces, then as their little pocket of the fandom dies, they migrate here than bitch and moan when we aren't like them (kek they are the muslims of the pony fandom). Although recent they have taken to trying to shit up any and every filly thread.
Would you nohooves autists fuck off with proportions you want to see everywhere, I meant just skin/fur textures and shading, not proportions you dumb idiots would call humanlike on every single picture.
That's because "Uncanny Valley" means something very specific. This comment chain went:
>that Twilight looks almost exactly like a human but slightly wrong in a way that makes me uncomfortable
>that's a pony
>fuck off nohooves autist kys you're self
No it didnt, you poor delusional soul. He asked if someone faps to this, I answered that his way of drawing skin and fur is fucking hoihoi tier and then you came to try and imply your proportion nonsense in my most.
>This is right in 'looking almost like a human but slightly off in a way that makes me very uncomfortable' section, even sundown looks less weird. I'll just enjoy something 2d with flat coloring, it lets imagination fill it with proper detais.
>he said, about a picture of a pony
Also, "supporting their patreon" doesn't mean jerking it. It means giving them money.
Uncanny valley is not about looking like human, it's about looking like a real thing, be it cat, dog, or anything you like as long as it looks more like alive byt broken than artuficial. That doesnt concentrate on humans, it just fits them like all others.

>”Honey, I’m home!”
>Anon laughs.
>Honey suddenly darts out of his room and slams into her kennel.
>Anon stops.
>He slowly blinks.
>He looks at the kennel, then at his room.
>”You didn’t look under the bed, did you?”
>She squeaks a reply.
>”Okay, well, come out from there, I have some presents for you.”
>Suspicious, she pokes an eye out of the kennel.
>Anon is in his blockbuster uniform, holding a shopping bag.
>He sets it on the couch and goes to his room.
>As he’s changing to something casual, he talks to her. “Is there a reason you’re acting guilty?”
>He walks back into the living room and flops on the couch and starts going through the bag.
>Berry sticks her nose out and looks up at him, a face of a child about to face punishment looks up at Anon.
>Anon is almost stricken with guilt from her expression.

>”Alright… whatever you broke, I’m sure I can replace it...” He tries to reassure her.
>She tilts her head.
>”Right, well...”
>He pats the cushion on the couch next to him.
>”Come up here so I can show you what I got.”
>She shakes her head, staying inside the kennel.
>Anon’s heart almost stops from looking at her dour face.
>He looks in the bag and pulls out a leaf green collar and leash.
>”Uhm… I would have asked what color you like, but, well, this one matches your eyes.”
>Honey’s ears perk up a little, but still keeps her head down.
>He digs in the bag some more and pulls out some bundled up cloth.
>”I didn’t know your size, so I guessed.”

>He tosses the bundle to Honey, her curiosity drives to open the bundle, its a couple of green sweaters and a blue t shirt with stars on it.
>”This one is kinda pretty.” She looks at the stars, they sparkle slightly as there’s glitter on the shirt.
>”I thought you might like it.”
>She peeks out of the kennel, but still weary to come out.
>He then pulls out a set of pink plastic safety scissors.
>”You’re not scared of these, right?” Snip snip.
>She looks at them, blinks.
>”I… no?”
>Anon wads up the empty shopping bag.
>He grabs the collar and uses the pink scissors to cut the tags and packaging off of it.
>He unrolls the collar and holds it out to Honey.
>”Now, you don’t have to wear this at home, but it is legally required should we go somewhere together.”

>Honey blinks, her hoof rubs at her neck.
>”I understand, master.” She closes her eyes and Anon sees a tear roll down her cheek.
>”Nuh uh, none of that.” He slides off the couch and sits in front of the kennel.
>Honey blinks, looking up at him, startled at him suddenly being so close.
>”Look, I know things are pretty fucky, but this whole pony world invasion and slave thing is just way over my head.”
>He sighs, looking down at her confused and scared expression.
>”This whole situation… I’m just a guy, I can’t change how the world treats ponies, but I can at least treat you better than them.”
>He looks up at the ceiling, trying to find better words, when suddenly he’s bowled over.
>At first he thought Honey was going to clobber him, but instead found her hugging him and crying into his chest.
>He lays there on the floor, hand moving up to idly pet her mane.
>”Thank you...” She takes a deep shuddering breath as she starts to bawl while attempting to crush the air out of him with only one arm.
>He sits up, hugging her back, her smaller form curls up in his lap, he rests his head on top of her head, listening to her cry quietly.
>Anon is in his blockbuster uniform.
Ah: much becomes clear! We are in the past, and Anon is the stereotypical video rental clerk. It was practically a subculture back in the day. "Please be kind: rewind!" (unless you've got betamax, no rewinding needed) I used to work in a small town video rental joint, it was almost my first real job. Pay was crap, like any retail gig, but pretty decent otherwise. Low pressure, good hours, and I got to watch a ton of bad movies. Good movies were too hard to pay attention to with customers in and out all the time, bad movies were actually more enjoyable.

>“Is there a reason you’re acting guilty?”
So, was there? You should have answered the question this update. Don't forget to do it next time.

>She shakes her head, staying inside the kennel.
>Anon’s heart almost stops from looking at her dour face.
Muh heart. She trusts him in her mind, but feels safer in the cage. This sort of thing works quite well.
>”This whole situation… I’m just a guy, I can’t change how the world treats ponies, but I can at least treat you better than them.”
I like this. No forced edgy master trying, no ultra white knight anon stopping the whole pony slavery. Just a normal guy that want a quiet life and treat his pony just like a roommate
ohh blockbuster that all does make sence now. all the old vhs he could ever want after dvd came out, maybe a few commercial vhs players too.

>leash laws
This is something I have been thinking over for a long time. They aren't usually very detailed or fleshed out, so """legally""" he could probably, maybe getaway with just a bit of yarn with a little loop at the end, so light neither would even notice it's there, or maybe even a necklace with some string tied to it. Not only showing his trust in/to her but the civility ponies can have when not treated poorly. Although, how others treat anon when they see him with a pony that's been mangled, is something that should give us an important view on what their society thinks of ponies in general.
I didn't want to say anything, just see how long it took yall to notice, but that was literally the first line of this story.
How many stories do we actually have where Anon stops pony slavery?
Oh... you know how it is with new stories, you give the first posts a quick glance to see if it's worth reading or not and go from there. Probably why it didn't stick too well, or at least that's the excuse i'm giving. sorry
I'm imagining this anon as a jack black type, but also a softie... or is that just me?
This is such a bullshit post. You should feel bad. And kys.
It's the truth, you can ask him yourself. He's an unapologetic equine exclusive zoophile.
And here I just love sticking my reproductive deployment encasement tube into the digestive excretory space of diminutive scaled human males of oriental ancestry clad in plastic filament
That's my point. You're portraying horsefucking as something wrong. You are out of your mind. Mares are delicious and sexy as fuck. The fact that you can't see that makes you unfit for life.
File: 1502680182219.png (28 KB, 585x647)
28 KB
>He's not an unapologetic equine exclusive zoophile

I think you need to leave.
anyone have the horse pussy facts pasta?
I heard he likes to go down on her right after she pees.
Sounds amazing
Is it bad that I'm kind of wondering what mare piss tastes like now?
Very, very bitter. Kind of sour.
Stinks like crazy. Smells awful. Only sexy in context of lifted tail and winking clit.
File: 1452631655799.png (464 KB, 917x958)
464 KB
464 KB PNG
>”Honey, I’m home!”
>for anon is just him saying his new roommate friend
>for Honey is slowly becoming into a husband calling his wife
Are we going to fuck honey berry? I need to know beforehand before I get too emotionally invested in this
>To fug or not to fug, that is the question
Only after the marriage
>Are we going to fuck honey berry?
Well... Honey is a mare and mares enter in heat. Anon will eventually fuck Honey, the real question will be how much aftersex cuddles anon will have with Honey
Boat Ponies are sunk.
They had a week's worth of drinking water left, and that was in November of last year. Even if they didn't sink, they're all dead by now.
We better fuck that cute little mare!
File: 1179174.png (617 KB, 1280x1170)
617 KB
617 KB PNG
File: 1630562.jpg (298 KB, 2560x1786)
298 KB
298 KB JPG
File: 445894.png (629 KB, 1050x900)
629 KB
629 KB PNG
New good girl
None that I can think of. Most are just anon taking care of a single pony. Most Anons are like fire and sky or vega: complicit but neither fighting against it nor embracing it.
Good bye thread, I'll miss you.

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