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File: 1372964500120.jpg (117 KB, 640x877)
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Get in here and mention any short clips from the show you want on Youtube and I'll upload them.

This is the sort of stuff I'm doing:

There's playlists for Ponies on the channel. Here's last thread
Usually I'd wait since it wasn't long ago but what the heck, we hit hiatus
File: 1534268224773[1].png (437 KB, 995x737)
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437 KB PNG
If you want some context, I'm looking to continue the work of channels like kyrospawn (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLXVQliEEf8), but they all seemed to stop up until Season 6 Episode 4. I want to fill in the clips since then, but I'll also take requests from any other episode. The channels generally upload very short clips, like a single line or so but feel free to request anything and I'll see if I can do it.

One main rule is no sad poners, call it autism if you want. There are others but I guess that means I won't be taking every single request

And no, I don't think I'm doing some high and mighty service here. I'd be the first to tell you I don't know shit all about video editing and this is genuinely just meant to be something that might help some people out. Hell, I actually asked /mlp/ if I should go ahead and make something like this in the first place.
Either way, It's basic, but no one else seems to be doing it and it's something I once enjoyed years back and would like to see again. I'm not trying to shill. don't monetise any of this, even if I wanted to I couldn't since it's all copyrighted content anyway. It's just to spread Pone, I guess whether you believe that or not is up to you
Can you clip the Who's On First bit from that episode where Tank died, but without fourth pone at the end ruining the joke? Thanks again for the Kirin shoofy video, it's adorable
this is fucking retarded
No u
Sorry for the delay love. This what you had in mind? As always, if not, just let me know and I'll rectify it:

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it. That actually came from a request in an episode thread

Really appreciate the support anon, thanks a bunch!
Can you clip the bit from Rock Solid Friendship where Starlight and Maud meet for the first time?
I meant the bit between :34 and 1:00, but it's alright.
File: 1487436222868.png (284 KB, 345x559)
284 KB
284 KB PNG
Sorry, I was pretty tired, now that I've woken up a bit I figured what the heck, why not. How's this lad?
It's perfect.
File: 1463108319597.png (1.18 MB, 1110x1018)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
Glad to hear, and glad you stuck around to see it
Just having a bit of a slow day and I'm enjoying the clips. Can you make a clip of Ember eating part of Twilight's castle in Triple Threat?
Any background ponies doing background things.
File: 1460901264097.gif (3.28 MB, 455x282)
3.28 MB
3.28 MB GIF
Hmm, wouldn't background stuff be more suited to a .gif or a webm, like so?
Sorry, any chance you can do me a favour and tell me the timeframes you'd like using this video? Or the episode itself if you'd rather, just figured this'd be easier for you

Since I generally upload single lines and such, I'm not too sure exactly which part you want
My bad, :43 to 1:00 just before it transitions to the bit with Thorax.
File: 1460220256946.png (510 KB, 998x560)
510 KB
510 KB PNG
Thanks, this good?
Twilight harvests Applejack's entire field
You mean from Appleback Season, right?
You want that as a webm instead by any chance? Audio is of the Friendship lesson
Perfect again. Thanks Anon.
Yeah a webm would be great, no need to rip / double compress.
how about lyra sipping from drink, no idea what episode it was in
File: Harvesting Apples.webm (1.71 MB, 900x506)
1.71 MB
1.71 MB WEBM
Great, thank you for the request
This good?
Perfect, thanks!
File: lyra.gif (680 KB, 500x500)
680 KB
680 KB GIF
Magic Duel, I can put it on Youtube, but it is in the background so the gif sort of covers it
Thanks for the request!
Can you make a clip of the bit in The Break Up Breakdown where Big Mac goes into the post office to drop off a package and bounces away with hearts in his eyes?
This good?
Yep, thanks again Anon.
If there's anything else you're after, don't hesitate to let me know senpai
Alright, one last request for the night. Can you make a webm of Derpy in Dr. Hooves' airplane from Slice of Life?
Can you clip the part in s4 OP where twilight fall from the sky and slides while sitting? <3
webm or video love? I'm assuming the latter but I might as well ask
File: Derpy.webm (1.34 MB, 900x506)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB WEBM
Sorry lad, I went off after that last one. How's this?
Again, if there's anything else feel free to ask
No worries and thanks again, Anon. It's exactly what I wanted, though I don't have any other clip ideas for you now.
yup! video
File: 1398723073237.gif (1.22 MB, 550x314)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB GIF
This good lad?
File: large.png (842 KB, 1024x1049)
842 KB
842 KB PNG
fukken perfect mate <3
Glad to hear familia, feel free to ask for anything else
Can you clip the first bit of Nightmare Moon laughing in The Cutie Re-Mark Part 2?
File: 1407564713309.gif (2.67 MB, 640x360)
2.67 MB
2.67 MB GIF
How's this friendo?
The scene where Twilight is investigating the ship captain for that one air balloon sweepstakes episode. Do the part where Iron Will turns over and goes
>"You can call Iron Will Iron Will."
Not OP. Once Upon a Zeppelin is kind of a sad episode.
Yeah, in a sense. The most depressing part for me was when Twilight stepped on that colt's hoof and then mouthed him off. That was brutal.
File: 1520113772562.gif (198 KB, 362x360)
198 KB
198 KB GIF
Super sorry for the delay.
This good love?
File: 1535349078730.gif (154 KB, 291x334)
154 KB
154 KB GIF
Gets me every time. Thanks, Nonny!
No big, if there's anything else you're after do let me know
File: 1857204.png (1.78 MB, 1920x1080)
1.78 MB
1.78 MB PNG
Can you make a clip from the Lost Treasure of Griffonstone episode of only the stylized flashback sequences? I have yet to find clean cut of it on youtube that doesn't awkwardly cut back to characters in the present
File: Applejack winks.webm (240 KB, 800x450)
240 KB
Sorry this took so long. How is this?
File: 1832636.png (172 KB, 330x509)
172 KB
172 KB PNG
Thanks my dude
You're quite welcome. Thank you for the request. If there's anything else, or if by any chance you wanted the video just slightly different, just let me know
File: 1520295.gif (993 KB, 592x481)
993 KB
993 KB GIF
It's fine as it is. Can you do something similar for each of the Pillar origin flashbacks? Where it only shows the backstory while leaving out as much of the cuts to the present as possible? To refresh your memory, the episodes are Campfire Tales, Daring Done?, and A Heatlh of Information
File: 313 1095.jpg (509 KB, 1686x1529)
509 KB
509 KB JPG
happy holidays based clip anon
can you grab applejack saying "yay" and fluttershy saying "don't do that" from the new holiday special
thank you have a cute pony on me
File: 1483903635470.png (252 KB, 721x688)
252 KB
252 KB PNG
>mfw for kicks I was going to pretend like I can't do this and it's too much of a request
>mfw I was gonna bark at anon to do it himself while secretly uploading it to Youtube and revealing this later as an elaborate ruse
>mfw after uploading it to Youtube the video gets struck for Copyright and instantly blocked

I..I guess that's what happens when you go round trying to prank whoever you like.

I'm sorry, I made the video but Youtube isn't having it.
It's strange that it is getting blocked, but I would assume that the reason for this is because the video runs over 10 minutes, so Youtube's system thinks I'm trying to upload a full episode or something.
What I can do is try to break down each Pillar's story in one video each, and put that into a Playlist and hope that works. Would you like that?
Alternatively I could upload the full file to MEGA and you could watch/download it there. Just let me know senpai.

I wasn't sure how you wanted this, so I uploaded it in one clip here (Unlisted):
And in separate clips here:
Those good? If you want me to make the first video public just tell me darling
Can you clip the bit of Twilight's family watching the Northern Stars in Once Upon a Zeppelin?
File: 1833501.gif (2.38 MB, 698x562)
2.38 MB
2.38 MB GIF
I kinda assumed that would happen, breaking it down to multiple videos would probably work better. I appreciate the attempt to ruse me though
Bump are dead. check the thread again and the page
sorry for the late reply thank you so much
Just let this thread die already. OP will make a new thread once he feels like doing more requests
File: #.png (364 KB, 461x399)
364 KB
364 KB PNG
Coincidentally, I'm back!
Thanks for keeping the thread up. I'm really sorry for the absence. I hope you guys stuck around, and if not I apologise, it was my bad.

Thank you for the request. If there is anything else you want, just let me know love.

Sorry this took so long. I was sort of unsure on what you were after. This is pretty brief, is it right?
If not, just let me know. I can get it as a webm if you'd like

Sorry, you can find the playlist here:
Hope that's good anon. If any of them are even slightly off, give me a shout. The playlist link should stay the same even if I upload a fixed version.
File: 1713734.png (297 KB, 708x696)
297 KB
297 KB PNG
Oh hey thanks, they're fine as they are. While I was waiting I actually considered the comment you made about editing those flashbacks myself. It kinda spiraled out of control and I started making a "movie" of sorts of all the lore flashbacks in chronological order. I'd share it here once I'm done if anyone is interested
That was just a joke though anon, I hope you didn't feel compelled to do it because of how long I ended up taking. I could've uploaded the full thing elsewhere for you easily, and you could've even worked off that if you'd have liked

But If it's something you did because you just thought it sounded interesting, and you've been having fun with it, then that's awesome and either way, I'd absolutely be interested in seeing the final thing.
File: 1858546.png (1.28 MB, 1440x807)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
I mean kinda wanted to do something like this for quite some time, I just now got the motivation to do it. On a side note, boy do the writers not give a fuck about giving a proper timeline. I kinda had to guess where some events take place in relation to each other. The Scorpan flashback was the hardest to pin down due to so many inconsistencies later episodes created
File: あ.gif (610 KB, 720x720)
610 KB
610 KB GIF
Yep, just right.
Welcome back, by the way.
Alright here it is, it's nonthing too fancy outside of splicing a few scenes together near the end.

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