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Miss Eri Thread

Hey, been a long time since I saw anything Eri related well, besides derpibooru
So, how is it going?
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It's certainly been a while since the last thread
Yeah, most Eri stuff goes on in discord
>a couple days
>nearly a year since
shit I didn't realize it'd been this long since I wrote anything, I should look back and see about fixing that.
>most Eri stuff goes on in discord
And there are still people here who believes discords aren't killing generals.
Well, most Discords servers as most generals here: people catering in their own little circlejerk, never clashing or merging with others.
File: 1506307855850.png (120 KB, 804x1080)
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120 KB PNG
And to be fair, /emo/ was already a pretty small group of people making stuff. I'd love it though if that changed and more people started writing/drawing Eri

Maybe it's time to start posting old fics
So far I see people likes Bella in the satyr thread.
Who of the /emo/ ponies would be into japanese power ballads?
But satyrs aren't supposed to be part pony, part human? They would have hooves instead of feet.
Ah! You meant ugly hooves.
I understood that you wanted humanized or something like that. Sorry.
File: 1442572676323.png (594 KB, 1108x1691)
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594 KB PNG
Most likely Alice
I know her. I'm sorry, I missunderstood the entire message.
File: 1487008.png (598 KB, 1237x1000)
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598 KB PNG
I miss the other ponies sometimes.
Let;s refresh everyone's memories of the less popular /emo/ pones
The only one that's missing is Kit Kat but she's sorta popular already
>She is sort of popular
What? When? In which general? Because so far I just remember one story where she drags Eri to the mall.
Will start lurking this general since I recently fell in love with this screamo band and their whole genre. What do you think about them:
File: 1505432485724.png (651 KB, 1426x2679)
651 KB
651 KB PNG
Do you mean this one? I don't know any other Kit Kat stories other than the next chapter of mine that I never finished but when I first started coming here she seemed more popular than Kira, Paper Cut, or even Mellow Drama. Then again I likely came too late to see them.
They sound pretty good to me, kinda similar to William Bonney, who you should check out if you're new to screamo
Actually, I meant this one.
This story was written a long time ago
File: 1437208608139.png (2.47 MB, 2252x1798)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB PNG
File: 1513350994870.png (450 KB, 3101x4001)
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450 KB PNG
I've actually never read that one before. I should go back through the archives and see what other fics haven't been saved
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359 KB PNG
File: 1466302016899.png (1.48 MB, 1197x1468)
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1.48 MB PNG
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671 KB JPG
File: Reading Eri.png (33 KB, 726x356)
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Where the sad horse stories at?
I gotchu

Drunk Emo Mare by Afterman

>You are Anon, and you have just gotten off of work
>Time to head home from Sweet Apple Acres where you have been all day
>You figured you could stop by Eri’s place before heading to your own
>She loves it when you show up unannounced, so you’re pretty sure she won’t mind if you smell like hay
>It doesn’t take you long to show up to her doorstep, seeing how the farm isn’t far from town
>You dust yourself off as you try to look presentable before knocking on the door
*knock* *knock*
>You stand there for a few seconds before getting no response
>May as well try again
*knock* *knock*
“Eri? I know you’re in there. Wanna let me in?”
>You raise your voice hoping to get her attention
>Not too loud though
>A minute or so later, you finally hear some commotion through the door
>You hear a loud thump and some heavy hoof steps as the door’s deadbolt makes noise
>*click* *turn*
>The door slowly creaked open as an angrily looking Eri answers
>”What the FUCK, are you doing here?”
>The familiar scent of alcohol wafts through your nostrils
>Add the slurred speech from your friend and you figure out she’s drunk
>Eri looks unpleased and pissed at you, but you know that’s the cider talking
“Well, I figured you’d like to hang out, but I guess I could c-“
>”Get in here right now, you damn ape”
>She stares you dead in your eyes, not taking her eyes off of you
>Her tone sounds stern and intimidating, but quiet
“Okay, calm down, I’m coming in”
>You raise your hands up in a mock surrender as she stumbles backwards to let you in
>She kicks her door closed with one hind hoof as she begins to wobble
>You take a seat on her couch, patting the spot next to you
“Would you like to sit down dru-“
>”Damn it, don’t tell me what to do! I know where you were Anon!”
>She begins to raise her voice as the accusations fire towards you
>She sharply pointer her fore hoof towards you
>You hated when she got like this, but you knew how to handle this
File: Ded hoars.png (250 KB, 5815x2246)
250 KB
250 KB PNG
Oh neat, just wanted to ask you guys again.
“I was working for Applejack? Like I said I would…”
>”You’re full of shit, I know you and her were working on something else”
>”Fucking perv-pervert…”
>She gets in your face as the smell of cider suffocates you
“Eri, please. You know that I work for h-“
>”Work for her my ASS”
>She gets into your face, slurring her insults at you
>Her eyes are squinted as she begins to move back and forth
>You try to gently push her away so you could get up, but she isn’t having that
>She slaps your hand with her hoof, which hurts like hell
>”Don’t fucking TOUCH me, Anon!”
“What, am I now allowed to get up?”
>You grab your hand as you try to scoot around her
>Here it comes, Anon
>”You just sit right there and listen here, buddy…”
>Her eyes hang heavy as she begins the usual routine
>”I-I know y-you and that, APPLEJACK, are doing a little, bit, more than stacking hay…”
>It’s hard not to laugh at her, but you learned from one time not to do that
>”Yeah, yeah…I bet you were PLOWING her fields all right!”
>Her voice begins to shift into an interrogating tone
>But she sounds like she’s just discovered a conspiracy plot
“Actually, I did plow her fields. Today, even”
>You managed to get up while she was ranting now as you stood beside her
“Yeah, Big Mac and Apple Bloom helped out as well”
>She snaps her head back towards you so fast, you thought it would pop off
>She almost falls over as she stares at you
>”You’re a sick fucking BASTARD!!”
>She gives you a disgusted look towards you as she turns her body around
>”I thought you cared about me, and you go and fuck that mud pony?”
>As this continues, she keeps poking your thigh with her hoof
>”Am I just wasting my time here while you’re out and about with HER?”
>You keep moving her hoof with every jab, and it’s beginning to hurt
“Cut that out, Eri! It hurts!” You shout
>You begin to rub your thigh as you tell her more
“You know me and Applejack are not a thing, right?”
“I just work for her, you know, like a job”
>You point your index finger with an open fist
>”Oh, so it’s a JOB that you get to fuck her?”
>You grab her shoulders and crouch to her eye level
>You feel like you’re giving her the stare as her eyes seem to bulge in fear
>Her breathing becomes heavy as you lay into her
“I promise you that. She is just a friend”
“And if you /really/ think me and her are a thing, especially all we have been through, then you’re an idiot”
>She’s speechless, but then again, she’s in such a drunken stupor at the moment
>Probably can’t process this all
“I mean I know you’re drunk right now, but you should always know that I care for you”
“Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here now…”
>As you hold her in place, she lets out a light burp, how wonderful, and just stares
>”You’re just saying that, something just to shut me up…”
>She breaks your hold on her and backs up
>”You know, no pony likes me or wants to talk to me, and you know that”
>”I thought you cared about me, but who knows…”
“Eri, cut that shit out, I do care about you. I wouldn’t have been there for you all these other times”
>She walks up to you once again, with a look of disdain on her face
>”What do you MEAN, all those other times?”
>What do?
>Give her the news, you guess
“Let’s see, I helped you to open up and to try and talk to the townsfolk…”
“I came over here to comfort you when you were in a trough…”
“I come over here all the time when I have the free time, because I like to spend time with you…”
“Should I continue?”
>You didn’t even realize that Eri was staring at the ground when you laid into her
>You walk towards her and sit on the ground next to her
>You place a hand on her withers as she turns to you
“Listen, I really do care about you, and I always will…”
>Those eyes staring into your own have welled up as she continues to stare
>She looks like she is going to fall asleep with the way her eyes are drooping
>Drunk pones, eh?
“Come on, you know that. I’ve always been there for you through everything”
>You hear a nervous gulp as Eri finally speaks up
>”Yeah I know, it’s just I don’t really have any one else to talk to.”
>”Or anyone in general…”
>She throws herself onto you, helpless”
>Her coat reeks of cider, but you’re used to it as you throw your arms around her
>You caress her back as she cuddles closer to you
>”I’m sorry about all those things I said…It wouldn’t surprise me if you left and never spoke to me again…”
>Her voice sounds muffled, slurred, and choked up as she cries into your shoulder
>You rub your hand around her nape, playing with loose hairs in her messy mane
“Its fine, you’re just really drunk right now”
>Surprisingly, she snorts as you call her out on that
“It’s no joke, drunkie. You really need to cut back on the cider”
>”Yeah, I know…” Eri muffles
>The two of you hold that embrace until Eri pushes herself away from you
>She manages to get herself to her hooves as she begins to wobble towards the bathroom
>She scoots towards one wall
>”Hhahha whhooaahh”
>She slams into the bathroom door
>Oh shit, it’s going to happen
>You get up and race towards her as you hear her throw up
>You finally get to the doorframe of the bathroom and standby as she pukes her brains out
>Shaking your head, you roll your eyes and wait for her to finish
>Once she seems to finish, you walk over towards her and sit on the edge of the bathtub
>You pat her on the back and rub it for a couple of seconds
“Feel better?”
>Her head is practically in the toilet as she settles
>She lifts her head up and starts laughing uncontrollably at her situation
>She has become hysterical at your joke
>No pony gets this rowdy when they’re drunk, well except this one
>She turns to you and rests her head on your thigh as she continues to laugh
>Looking up to you teary eyed, she doesn’t stop laughing
>You nod your head as she keeps going on
“Mhm, yeah yeah”
>She scoots closer to you and rests her head higher up on your thigh
>Her burst of laughter turns into light chuckling until she finally settles down
>You pet her mane as she does whatever the hell she’s doing
“You good now?” You ask her after she stops
>Her head is laying on its side at this point
>”YEAHHH, I’m good now”
>She chuckles again
>This pony…
“Wanna go lay down now?”
>”Please? I’m about to pass out”
>She takes a deep breath in before struggling to get up
>She finally gets to her hooves as she stares you down
“Good, because I’m tired!”
>She pats her front chest with a hoof, struggling to keep balance
>”I don’t, want to heat, hear it. I corrected myself, youheard it”
“I sure did, Eri”
>You rise to your feet and wait for her to walk out of the bathroom
>She’s just standing there though
“You gonna move there?”
>You place your hands on your hips as you wait for a response
>She almost falls down, seemingly blacking out
>”Cou-could you. Help. Me?”
>Crazy drunk emo horse, the things you do for her
“All right, let me pick you up then”
>You can tell this is what she wants as her faces flushes once you put your arms around her
>You pick her up where she has her arms around you and you rest her flank on your forearm
“Yeah, yeah”
>She keeps bouncing up and down which is becoming annoying and hard to carry her
>Finally, you make it upstairs and place her on her bed, placing a blanket over her
>As you walk towards the door frame, she calls out to you tiredly
>”You’re not going to stay?”
>You turn around to her and turn the light off
“Should I?”
>Eri props herself up against the back of the bed, turning her lamp on
>”Yes, yes you should”
“I have no choice in this, do I?”
>She begins her giggling again
>Hopefully she doesn’t throw up anymore
“Fine, I suppose I could stay for the night…”
>You speak to her in a sarcastic tone, wondering if you would get a rise out of her
>”Aw come on Anon. What if I need help tonight and I am all alone?”
>You kick your shoes off and throw yourself onto the bed next to her
>”Yay, sleepover”
“Uh huh, you drunk”
>A sly grin grows on your face as you begin to tickle her in the bed
>She fights with all her might but can’t fight it
>”If you don’t stop, I’m going to throw up on you!”
>May as well stop, you’re pretty tired
“Fine, I quit”
>Eri shuts off the bedside lamp and cuddles close to you
>You plant a kiss on her forehead before she turns around to be little spoon
>Once y’all are in position, Eri speaks up
>”Thanks Anon, even if I was a jerk tonight”
“It’s fine, just try not to get shitfaced next timed”
>”What does ‘shit-faced’ mean?”
“Drunk like you are right now”
>”Heh heh, I’ll try”
>You grab her even closer to your chest as you hold her tight
>You run your hand across her chest in a soothing pattern
>It’s hard to stay awake now, may as well see if Eri is up
“Good night, Eri”
>Nothing after a couple of minutes
>Guess some pony passed out
>Time for you to do the same

File: Chibi hoers.png (33 KB, 621x644)
33 KB
Thanks! I really enjoyed that story.
File: 1432710357910.png (344 KB, 1000x1000)
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344 KB PNG
Anytime. I'll periodically post past stories to see if we can't get some new stories/art going
File: Emo faic.png (72 KB, 820x552)
72 KB
I will be looking forward to them. Also... Y
File: Rebellious Flurry.png (356 KB, 800x756)
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356 KB PNG
File: Eri needs a hug.png (387 KB, 1250x1450)
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387 KB PNG
File: Eri in leather.png (952 KB, 1552x1674)
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952 KB PNG
Be active, goddammit.
The thing is, I didn't expect an /emo/ thread to appear.
I'm dry on ideas.
File: Sleeping Eri.png (106 KB, 724x1000)
106 KB
106 KB PNG
Just try to write or draw something cute and wholesome. Activate my heartstrings. I know you can do it.
File: 1506244711143.png (91 KB, 941x613)
91 KB
Anon and Eri In High School, by Icy Wind

>Friday morning
>As always, you didn't sleep well last night. You considered ditching school, but the lecture you'd get for it isn't worth it.
>Plus, it's Friday, no teacher wants to be here any more than you do, and you can probably get away with sleeping during class.

>You are anon.
>Your average high school aged colt with not many outstanding qualities and overwhelming wallflower tendencies
>You get to your locker, and take out your Equestrian History textbook.
>As you put it in your saddlebag, you hear a familiar voice.
>"Hi Anon..."
>You close your locker and come face to face with your best friend Eri.
"Oh, h-hey Eri."
>She had that look in her eyes, the one you've seen before.
>The one that meant she had something on her mind.
>Before you can say anything else, the bell rings.
>Eri jumps a little, like the bell woke her up from being lost in thought.
>That's weird, the bell is early today, you think to yourself.
"You wanna walk to class together?" You ask, unsure if asking what's on her mind is a good idea.
>"I-I'd love to." She stumbles over her words a bit, then trots up next to you, almost bumping your flank.
>For the most part, the walk is silent. She talked about how it was Friday, and classes were gonna be short because of something you didn't hear because the football team came running through the hall.
>you get to Eri's class first. After saying goodbyes she walks in.
>A second later she pokes her head out as you're walking away.
>"So we'll meet under the bleachers, right?"
You start to yawn, and lazily give a "Yeah, sure."
>She looks excited and goes back in.
>As you begin walking again, you pause.
>Meet under the bleachers? Why would we do that? What's wrong with our usual lunch spot? As you ponder these questions, you glance up at the clock and realize you're about to be late.
>"Alright students, open your textbooks to whatever page you want."
>You made it to class after the bell, but from what you gather the teacher didn't bother taking role today.
>As you slide in to your seat, the preppy bitch next to you snickers and whispers to the girl behind her.
>They do it every day, finding some new way to make your day miserable. Not today though, you've got more important things to worry about.
>Like why the fuck Eri wants to meet under the bleachers during lunch.
>The stadium is out past the pool and the blacktop, so getting there would already take up a good ten minutes, not to mention you can't hear the bell out there.
>Does she wanna ditch? One side of the stadium opens to one of the main roads in town, so maybe she wants to go do something?
>Although if she wanted to ditch, why wouldn't she ask you before school started? It wouldn't be the first time you two did that.
>Does she have something important to tell me and she can't risk anypony else hearing?
>Is something new happening with her fa-
>"Hello and good morning everyone! I'm so glad to see your bright and shining faces!"
>While you were lost in thought, the two girls from earlier managed to get to the front of the room to make an announcement.
>The teacher sat at his desk with his back hooves kicked up on the desk.
>"In case the posters and shortened classes weren't enough, we'd just like to remind everypony that today is the pep rally!"
>It finally dawned on you.
>The early bell. The football team in the hall. Meeting Eri at the stadium. The preppy bitches wearing their cheerleading outfits.
>You may not have noticed that last one earlier but now that they're standing up it's hard not to.
>"And just as an added bonus, whichever class has the most school spirit will be rewarded with a secret prize!"
>Those prizes are always some arbitrary bullshit, but the whole rest of the class ate it up. You put a hoof to your face and rub your eyes.
>"If any of you are worried about not winning the contest, it may be smart to talk to some of your classmates about putting in a little more effort." She looked directly at you as she said it.
>You could feel at least ten individual ponies turn to look at you. You pretend to continue rubbing your eyes.
>You think to yourself, yeah, I need a lecture on smarts from the senior cheerleader in a sophomore history class.
The rest of your classes passed without much excitement. Finally, it came time for the pep rally.
>Saddlebags and textbooks in locker, check.
>Jacket, check.
>Music and headphones, check.
>You walk out the back entrance to the school amidst hundreds of other ponies.
>Earlier you tried going by Eri's class to ask if she wanted to walk to the stadium with you, but she was nowhere to be found.
>Same deal with her locker.
>Whatever she's planning she doesn't want you to know too early.
>The entrance to the stadium loomed in front of you.
"I hate this place," you mutter. Everything about it welcomes those who hate ponies like you.
>Everypony around you is giddy with glee, whether it's genuine excitement for the same pep rally routine they always do, or they're just happy they've been in class for less than two total hours by noon.
>You can relate to the latter, to a degree.
>At least in class you aren't at risk of having to talk to someone. Usually.

>The way the field is set up is spectators enter through an entrance opposite the road. They then walk around the outline of the field to get to the bleachers. If you walk on the far side rather than next to the track, you can get through a fence with a hole in it to get under the bleachers.
>Last year, under the bleachers was home to the stoners. They cleared out once they realized the art classes were both closer, and had means of making it easier to hide the smell.
>There's still some trash down there though, and the grass doesn't do many favors when it comes to not soaking up liquids.
>You try not to think about it and climb through the hole.
>Above you the bleachers clatter as ponies walk to their seats.
>The stadium is relatively old, so you hope and pray the wood and aluminum seats can withstand the weight.
>After wandering through for a bit, you find Eri, sitting in a pretty clean patch of grass.
"I made it." You give a small wave with your front-right hoof.
>Eri looks up and smiles at you.
>"Hey, come sit down, get comfy." The smile on her face quivered a little.
>You do as she says.
"Eri, so what's up? Are you in trouble? Are you hurt? Is there something new going on at home?"
>Eri pulls back a bit, overwhelmed by the questions.
>As always, you let your worries get the best of you.
"Sorry, I just-All day I couldn't stop thinking about what you needed to tell me."
>"A-And you were worried something was wrong?"
"Well, yeah. I mean, I guess? I-I don't know, I just don't want you to feel like you can't tell me something, 'cause we're friends and I'm always here to listen, and, and-"
>You trail off. Smooth moves genius.
>You turn your head away, covering the side of your face facing Eri with your mane.
>A few moments pass, and she doesn't say anything.
>Finally, her hoof pushes your mane out of your eyes. She rests it on your shoulder. You turn to look at her.
>Her eyes are watering and her body is trembling.
>She puts her hoof on your mouth and looks away.
>Eri takes a deep breath, turning back to face you with her eyes closed.
>"I like you!"
>Her tears dragged her eyeliner with it, creating streaks of black lightning over the blend of cardinal and gray her face had become.
>She trembled harder, and you felt her lean on the hoof that was resting on your shoulder.
>You couldn't believe this was happening.
>Sure you could look at this from the angle of a filly just confessed to you.
>You could look at it from the angle of you weren't the pathetic loser you thought you were.
>But all you could see it from was the side that you were the one causing so much stress and agony to your best friend.
>It tore you up inside.

>Eri's simple tears evolved into full-on crying, her shoulders rising and falling with each wimper.
>It felt like an eternity had passed, and you still couldn't think of the words to say.
>Eri's your best friend, how is it this hard to say something to cheer her up?
>The more you watched her cry, the more you wanted to cry.
>And so you did.
>It started off slow, but just like Eri's it evolved until both of you were leaning on one another just to stay sitting up.
>Maybe you didn't have to say anything, maybe crying was all the answer you needed?
>You knew that wasn't the case.
>Deep down, you knew what Eri wanted to hear.
>And you didn't know if you had it in you.
>She's my best friend, you think to yourself, I've never looked at her as anything more.
>Or did you?
>Sure the thought may have crossed your mind every now and then that Eri's makeup looked nice today, or her mane was soft and smelled good.
>Maybe you even thought about how people looked at you both as you walked side-by-side every day.
>Perhaps you even came across Eri when you wondered if there was anypony in this world who understood you.
>You possibly thought once or twice that Eri was cute, and she deserved better than her shitty life.
>Did Eri think these same things about you?
>Did it matter?
>You think back to the first time you saw Eri. A familiar song plays in your head.
Take me back, to the first day of class
>You were late to class, for the first but definitely not the last time.
It was freshman year, in mathematics
>You made it with a second to spare, the teacher organizing seats based on his layout sheet.
You sat in the front, as I stood in the back
>A mare with a black and red mane sat, looking positively disinterested in what was going on around her.
I was too nervous to ask anypony around me what your name was
>Your mouth went dry, whether it was from the running or something else.
So I bit my tongue, and I swallowed the words that I should have said
>She noticed you looking at her, and you both locked eyes.
But never did because you thought that I would make it worse.
>Your faces ran red and turned away from one another.
>You bumped into each other as you both tried to leave after class.
>An awkward hey here and there, and after about a month you two became friends.
>Did the awkwardness ever really go away?
>Or did we just become numb to it?
>Did the dry mouths, the stammering, the skipping of a heart beat, actually mean something?

>Finally, it all became clear.
>You knew what you wanted.
>You knew what Eri wanted.
>You knew how to deliver both.
>With a quick sweep, you wipe the tears from your eyes, doing the same for Eri.
>You rest a hoof on her cheek, and swallow the lump forming in your throat.
>In an instant, you kiss Eri.
File: 1540507132206.png (31 KB, 611x600)
31 KB
>Eternity came and went.
>The second coming showed up fashionably late.
>The Rapture arrived and decided it was still not yet time.

>However long it was didn't bother you.
>All you could feel was Eri's lips on yours.
>And that was all that mattered.

>When you both finally broke apart, you sat, not saying anything.
>Eri's tears had stopped, but the trails down her face were enough to tip anyone off.
>You knew your job wasn't done.
>With both front legs around her, you look Eri straight in the eyes.
"Eri, I, I-I like you too."
>Say it right, you angrily thought.
"No, I love you! And I want both of us to be together! I don't want anyone else in this world, I only want you!"
>She sat, staring back at you, her eyes quivering.
>She blinked, as if she finally registered what you said.
>A smile spread across her face as she threw her front legs around you.
>Eri started crying again as she whimpered the words "Thank you."
>You felt her scars from her years of self harm touching your back.
>It only stopped with the pact you both made freshman year.
>That neither of you could cut without the other being there to stop you.
>And now, you were about to form a new pact.

File: pretty smile.png (1.96 MB, 2414x3368)
1.96 MB
1.96 MB PNG
I'm glad these threads are still alive, Have a good Monday everyone.
Neat. Hope you have a good monday too.
File: 1507956929657.png (28 KB, 917x950)
28 KB
the /emo/ thread were dying pretty fast back then, specially thanks to the filters
if anything the discord saved the idea of /emo/

also yay we back
you will die virgin!
that was adorable
i thought her name was Bambi
oh hi there, did you enjoy being a normie and fall in the love scam? we should call you Inky again?
File: 1433734826645.png (17 KB, 494x704)
17 KB
I want to give Deep Rest a pumpkin
Oh man, I wonder how Eri will deal with her broken heart.
She still has the number of her tentacle monster?
File: LonelyCross_0073.jpg (117 KB, 1280x1771)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
they never went away from her side, they were just waiting their moment to come back.
>"Wah!!! Eri! My crush has somebody else! Open the door!"
>The door unlocks, and Marble comes in.
>"Big... Big Mac has a girlfriend!"
>Marble drops on Eri's couch crying, and a "splut" sound comes out.
"Hey Inky, how's it going?"
>Marble looks up: Slimy the tentacle monster that lived in the farm a long time ago.
"Hey, been a long time"
>Marble hugs him.
>"Slimy! I'm sad!"
"Whoa, whoa. Tell me what happened?"
>As the monster wrapped the sad grey mare, she explains how she had a crush on her (very distant) cousin, and how he brought her girlfriend to the farm and she walked right in the moment they were snuggling.
>After that, she breaks down to tears and the monster just keeps hugging her.
>A while later, she calms down.
"Feeling better?"
>She nods
"Alright, listen: I still have your NiN CDs, and Eri isn't coming soon, so... Wanna vent off for a while?"

>30 mins later
"Hey Slimy, Marble already came? She called me crying and said she will come here."
"So, did she- OH MY CELESTIA! WHAT THE FUCK?! Why is there jizz everywhere?!"
>"Heeeeeeeeyyyyyy~~~~ Eri.... How are you?"
"Wha-?" *looks up* "Inky? Why are you stuck on the roof?!"
>"I was really sad, and I needed to vent off..."
"By fucking all over my apartment?!"
>"I really needed it. How about you call a cleaning service?"
"Fuck that, where is Slimy?"
>"Sleeping on the bathtub. I really dry him up. He said I was better than the jap porno actresses he fucked."
"So, you two will not clean up all this"
>"Sorry Eri, maybe after 3 or 4 sessions"
*Take cellphone* "Hi, Connie. Can you let me in your guest room for a week? They jizzed all over my apartment.... No, most are living in one room places, Bambi is mourning her sister tomorrow, and Rest needs the hospital beds now.... Great, I see you in a few hours." *click*
Thanks Honestly looking back I think the ones that come after it are better by a longshot
I think her full name was Alice Ace, but Bambi was a nickname
I want to be a assertive, disciplinary but supportive father figure to her
Sad girls need a strong authority, special care, guidance and hugs
File: Hooderi.png (522 KB, 749x1050)
522 KB
522 KB PNG
>I think her full name was Alice Ace
not fan of that desu
File: LonelyCross_0054.jpg (209 KB, 1280x1280)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
>not waiting to get down on a pit of depression and self hate with them
the fuck are you doing?
File: 1869609.png (945 KB, 2000x1600)
945 KB
945 KB PNG
Remember kids:
love hurts
File: Sad hoars.png (844 KB, 5000x4438)
844 KB
844 KB PNG
I already knew that.
File: Boxeri.png (142 KB, 1000x1000)
142 KB
142 KB PNG
File: 1815374.png (300 KB, 994x1433)
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300 KB PNG
Don't I know it.
>dat hoodie
the artist knew
I can't wait for the beach episode
up you go
His nightmare would end if he drank coke instead of pepsi.
File: 1.jpg (56 KB, 640x357)
56 KB
Right after that she locked herself in a room and furiously masturbated with tears in her eyes.
>hey what we should do for the xmas episode?
>what about if we broke the heart of that shy pie pony?

not really, how the fuck this shit went down?
They needed to kill the ship because very soft incest undertones, even tho Pinkie and AJ said they were more of spiritual sisters, and the record proved they were distant enough to be a random guy.
And yet they crushed her heart just for fun.
>not waiting to get down on a pit of depression and self hate with them
No, because I'm a manly man with a strong emotional integrity, which also has a protective father complex, sad lonely girls deserve happiness and huggies
In my head I wrote out a lewd story of Anon 'adopting' Miss Eri in good care as some sort of daughter, but Miss Eri sees Anon as a romantic partner, leaving both parties confused when things get intimate
Anon caves in
fucking ponka
>"Who's your daddy?"
File: Cute goth poner.png (3.87 MB, 4353x4233)
3.87 MB
3.87 MB PNG
I still have some stories that I started writing but never finished back when these threads were still active. I kinda want to finish at least one of them or try to finish it
Which story sounds the most interesting for you?
>A comfy and romantic Anon x Eri sleepover story
>A kinda weird, but adventurous story about Deep Rest who has to overcome her childhood trauma in her dreams
>A really weird story about Saxton Hale who takes Eri on all kinds of silly adventures
Saxton Hale sounds interesting. I wonder how Eri will mop with the coolest australian ever.
I will post what I have.


>W-What in tartarus?
>Is that... Is that coming from your front door?
>Sluggishly, you raise from your slumber and rub your eyes, looking around in your room in confusion and surprise.
>Y-Yeah... Sounds like it.
>But who in the name of the celestial sisters could that be?
>It's only... Uhm.
>How late is it anyway?
>Rubbing your tired eyes, you take a look at the clock mounted on the wall opposite of your bed, your vision still a bit blurred from all the wine you instilled yourself last night.
>But with a bit of more dedicated rubbing and kneading, you're able to convince your eyes to get aligned properly and see straight again.
>Aaaah... Wonderful. So let's see...
>It's almost noon?
>B-Buck! You overslept!
>You wanted to be far, far away by now already! At least in Canterlot, if not further!
>Why didn't your alarm wake you?!
>Panicked and startled, you reach for your alarm clock, frenetically turning it in your hooves.
>It's... It's turned off?!
>But you remember winding its spring and setting the time and what not before going to bed!
>How in Equestria did this happen?!
>Jumping on your four hooves, you push yourself out of your bed and rush out of the bedroom, ignoring all the empty wine bottles you intended to throw away before you leave.
>Sadly, there is absolutely no time for this now!
>You now know exactly who is assaulting your humble home's door!
>”What's the matter, small grey horse? Are you not awake yet?”, a loud voice bellows from beyond your windows.
>It's him!
>And he wants to spend the day with you!
>”It's me! Saxton! Your good friend!”
>Oh please no! Celestia please!
>If you love this mare, please let her escape from this madpony, or madman or whatever he likes to call himself!
>Almost tripping over your hooves, you somehow manage to stumble down the stairs without hurting yourself and begin to bolt towards the backdoor.
>”Oh, I see!”, you hear his deep voice resound from behind you, “You want one of my more extraordinary entrances again? No problem, Eri!”
>Just a few yards more and you are free!
>Don't give up!
>You can make it!
>Just believe in yourself, Eri!
>”And don't worry about your house, mate!”, you feel the floor rumbling beneath you, “Of course I will pay for any property damages!”
>Property damages?
>Oh by Celestia's and Luna's glorious flanks, please do no-
>But before you were even able to finish that thought, you get deafened by a loud crashing sound and your vision gets engulfed by a cloud of dust and debris.
“Whaaaaaargh!”, you yell and shield your face from the incoming shower of wooden splinters.
>Oh no.
>”There you are, tiny mare!”
>This is it.
>”Did you try to run away from me?”
>Your end.
“U-Uhm...”, you stammer, wiping the dust off your face, “N-No?”
>”Wonderful!”, he barks and pounds his hairy chest, “Because it sure looked like that!”
“I... I would...”, you shoot him an awkward smile, “I would never!”
>”Nice! So how ya going, mate?”
>”Did you sleep well?”
>”Perfect!”, he laughs, “Because I sure got a hell of a day planned out for us!”
“You... You did?”
>”True blue!”
>”Ah... How adorable!”, he chuckles and pinches your cheek, “Still pretending you don't understand me!”
>”You look a bit beaten up, though. What's up with that, mate?”
“You crashed trough my roof...”
>”Nonsense!”, he laughs and slaps his belly, “That was just my dramatic entrance! No need to get hurt over that!”
>Tittering, he reaches into his shorts and pulls out a bottle of pills.
>”This is Mann Co. patented flesh and bone mending medicine! It will heal ya right up! Fair dinkum!”
“Fair dink-”, you try to say, but before you even manage to do that, Saxton already shoved a handful of these pills into your mouth, “Umph?”
>”Now just swallow them!”
>He holds your mouth shut with his hand, and since he is much stronger than you, you have no other choice than to swallow them.
>And just like he promised, the moment these pills made their way down your gullet to your stomach, you can already feel the many cuts and bruises his “dramatic entrance” caused beginning to heal.
>It's almost like magic, just... Faster, and a bit more painless.
>”All better now?”
>You give your body a quick look over, and have to assess that it looks completely unharmed. Like nothing ever happened to it.
>Even the scars and marks you caused to yourself are gone now.
“Y-Yes...”, you mutter surprised.
>”Heaps good!”, he exclaims, grabbing you by your hooves, all four of them somehow, “Time to get started!
“S-Started on what?”
>”Ever heard of diamond dogs?”, he asks you with a smirk on his face.
>Oh by Celestia... Please no...
“N-No?”, you lie.
>”Really?”, he laughs, “That purple, princess pony told me of them this morning. After I've got ahold of her of course! Apparently they are quite the fierce bunch.”
“Saxton, please...”
>”Also they seem to be a thorn in the side of this nice community for some time now.”
“I'm sure Princess Twilight was just exaggerating.”
>”Didn't sound like that though, mate. She told me they raided that apple pony's farm yesterday.”
“T-They did?”
>”Yep. So I decided that we are going to teach them a lesson today!”
>”Yes, of course!”, he chuckles, “I can't do that alone!”
“You can!”, you protest, “I'm sure of that!”
>”Well, yeah...”, Saxton laughs and begins to drag you out of your home, “Of course I could. But it's more fun if we do this together.”
“No it isn't!”
”But why me?”
>”Because I need someone to witness my heroic deeds. And you're the only one who isn't running away from me when I try talking to them.”
>”It's fuck, mate. Buck just sounds dumb.”, he says and wraps his arms around your barrel, “Get ready now.”
“W-What?! Ready for what?”
>”For launch.”
“Release me!”
“At once!”
“No, please!”
>And this was the last word you heard before the combined force of you crashing through your roof and the sudden impact of gravity on you caused you to black out.
>You just hoped that he managed to land somewhere safe and without breaking all your bones...
>But perhaps...
>That wouldn't be all that bad after all...
>”Eri! Oi! Wake up, mate!”
>You feel somepony grabbing and shaking your body, quite fiercely at that too.
>But you don't care.
>It's probably just your mom waking you for school anyway.
>And you are sure that is far too early to get up for that. Just five more minutes won't hurt anypony... Especially not your teacher.
>So you tell that to your mother and then nestle your head against her warm, furry and muscular chest.
>She feels and smells a bit off, but you can't really be bothered to muse about that right now.
>As long as she stays that comfy, everything will be fine.
>But just as you were about to nod off and enter your wonderful dreamscapes again, you feel a sudden, sharp pain on your cheek, ripping you out of your slumber and bringing you back to reality.
>”Ah, finally! I thought I lost ya!”
“Mo... Mom?”, you ask, looking frantically at your surroundings.
>Where the buck are you?
>Trees and bushes all around you... Weren't you in your bed just a few moments ago?
>”I'm not yer mum, mate. Sorry to disappoint ya.”, a deep voice responds.
>Who is this?
>You shift your gaze to the source of the unfamiliar voice.
>And the moment you see the face to whom the voice belongs to, it suddenly isn't all that unfamiliar to you any more.
>It belongs to your moustached, hat wearing, bare breasted tormentor...
>”In the flesh, babe.”
>”Fuck, Eri. It's fuck, not buck. We already went over this.”
>Flailing around like crazy, you wriggle yourself out of his quite unwanted embrace and desperately skid away from him, leaning your trembling form against a tree.
>Seems like Celestia answered your desperate prayer and made him land somewhere safe, but now you aren't even sure any more if you wanted her to answer it in the first place.
>”Hey! Careful there! I trimmed and combed my chest hair just this very morning. You ruffled Sidney all up!”
“Sid... Sidney? Wait! Nevermind. Where are we?”
>”Fuck me if I know.”, he chuckles and stands up, “Seems like I miscalculated my jump a bit.”
>You get onto your four hooves again, making sure to keep your distance to Saxton, and begin to look around.
>”You tell me. After all, you're the native here.”
>Wonderful... Just wonderful.
>Let's see then.
>Buckhuge trees, thorny bushes, dark green grass and not a single sign of civilisation to be found ...
>That can only mean one thing.
>Seems like you are in the Everfree.
>”Eri, what did I te-”
“Yeah, yeah! I know!”, you interrupt him and wave him off, “It's fuck, not buck.”
>”Great, Eri. Ripper means great.”
“Celestia, you're strange.”
>”I'm not strange. I'm australian.”
>Sighing, you sit down again and try to focus your mind on how to get out of this quite sticky situation.
>But since you have absolutely no recollection of how you even got there, this endeavour doesn't seem to get you anywhere.
>All you know is that he grabbed you and then jumped through your roof with you.
>You look at Saxton, who is currently having a staring contest with a rather poisonous looking snake, and begin to rub your chin.
>Hmm... Yeah...
>Of course...
>He should know from which direction you two came from, shouldn't he?
>”Just a moment, Eri. This snake is quite stubborn, I tell ya!”
“Do you remember from which direction we came from?”
>Saxton laughs deeply, his gaze never leaving the snake's, and shakes his head.
>”Of course not!”
>How, by Luna's glorious full moon, could he not remember that?
“Why? And how?!”
>”Hold on, lofty.”
>Distracting the snake with his hands, he quickly steps back and kicks the poor creature right through the bush it crawled out from.
>”Ace!”, he yells with laughter and pounds his chest, “Didn't reckon with that, did ya, ya scaled sonuvabitch!”
>He jumps into the air and pumps his fist, before turning around and shooting an overly happy grin.
>”So what was your question, lass?”
“Uhm... D-Do you know from where we ca-”
>”Oh, that! To make it short and sweet, matey... I dunno.”
“You d-don't know?!”
>”Well... I've met that giant bird on the way here and it gave me the stink eye.”
>Celestia... You already have an inkling where this will lead to...
“The stink eye?”
>”Yip! It basically provoked me with its look! I had no other choice but to fight it!”
“You... You fought a roc?”
>”A roc? That's what you guys call these birds?”
>”Crikey! Then I fought a Roc!”
>”Are Rocs endangered?”
>”I asked ya if these feathered bastards are endangered.”
>Why does he want to know that?
“I guess? You certainly don't see many of them around these parts.”
>What now?
“Why is that wonderful? Are you insa- Wait, scrap that. Of course you are!”
>”Don't you understand?”, he chuckles and points a finger at you, “The rarer that thing was, the more money I can get for its corpse! ”
“That's sick!”, you protest.
>”Ah, now don't be silly, mate.”
“I'm not?”
>”I beat its fucking head in!”, he exclaims and grabs your hooves, “Couldn't have got all that far after that... So it must lie somewhere close to us.”
“Please do not. I beg you, Saxton!”
>”Too late, Eri. My calves are ready for take off.”
“Saxton... No...”
>”Aww, please! By now ya should be already used to this!”
“I'm not!”
“You skipped two!”
>”Who cares?”, Saxton laughs and pulls you close to him, wrapping his arms around your trembling form, “Two is for losers anyway!”
“Saxton please!”
>”Away we go! To valuable corpses!”
>”For fuck's sake, lass! Just take a quick gander!”
“I don't want to!”
>”But I don't know which parts of this feathered dipstick is worth a damn!”
>You hear this horrible squelching sound again as Saxton rips yet another part out of this poor creature's body.
>”How about that one?”
>Oh by Celestia! You can smell its blood!
>”I mean, that part has all of its red feathers on it. That has to be worth something, doesn't it? Oh wait, that's just its blood.”
“Saxton, please!”
>”What's your fucking problem, mate? This was your idea, after all.”
“You know fully well that it wasn't!”, you reply and cross your hooves in front of your face, “But you only hear what you wanna hear!”
>”Yeah, of course. Everything else isn't worth my time.”
“You're insane!”
>”We already clarified that, Eri. I'm not insane, I'm australian! Those are two entirely different things!”
“Just stay away from me with those things!”
>”But you still didn't tell me what to keep.”
“Because I don't know! Why do you even think I would know?!”
>”Well, you're the native here, aren't ya? Crikey!”, he sighs, his voice taking on a frustrating sounding tone, “I wish Bidwell was here. He always knew which parts to keep.”
>Celestia and your curiosity be damned...
>You know that every additional and unnecessary question will just prolong your suffering, but you really wanna know who this Bidwell guy is.
>Right now.
“Who's Bidwell?”
>”My butler. A real fucking show pony of a man, no offence mate.”
“Uhm... None taken.”
>”Spiffy! Anyway... He accompanied me on every single one of my travels”
>Saxton laughs and you hear him kick the Roc's corpse, the squishy sound the impact of his foot caused making you cringe.
>”He really knew his stuff. Could probably even tell ya how to properly cook up this beast.”
“Knew? Is he... Uh... You know...”
>”Dunno, mate. Probably.”, he chuckles, “Mann Co. was under pretty heavy attack when I left. I can't imagine him fighting off a horde of robots.”
>”It's a long story. Has something to do with gravel and a trio of rivalling siblings. If ya want, I could tell ya it later. Perhaps over some turps.”
>”Booze.”, he interrupts you.
“Oh okay. Yeah... That would be nice.”
>”Beauty! But, Eri.”
>”It's really damn awkward talking to ya if you don't look at me. Didn't your mum teach you some manners?”
“I don't wanna look at what you did to that poor Roc!”
>”Really? That's bothering ya?”
>”It's just a little blood and guts, lass.”, he says and you hear him scooping something wet up, “Nothing to get your panties twisted about.”
“Just get it away from here please! Bury it or do whatever!”
>”Well, okay. Have fun with it, mates!”
>You hear Saxton take a few steps before a sudden, loud cracking noise causes a cold shiver to run down your spine.
>Did he just...
>You don't even care what he did. And you certainly don't want to know.
“Is it... Is it gone?”
>”Yeah. Kicked it right through these two trees.”
>By the celestial sisters...
“So I can look now?”
>”Well...”, he says and you feel him picking you up, much gentler than he usually does, one arm of his supporting your rump while the other holds your barrel, “About that.”
>This... This feels much nice than it has any right to be.
>”Let's walk somewhere else before ya do that. It's still a bit gory around here. At least for your poor heart.”
“Okay... Thank you.”
>”Ah, don't mention it, lass. So...”
>”You think think this is the right direction?”
“I still have my eyes closed. Why don't you jump and see?”
>”Don't feel like it right now.”
“What colours do the trees have?”
>”What? They are green! What did you wanna hear?!”
“The brighter they gonna get, the closer we are to the edge of the Everfree.”
>”Oh, that's nifty to know. Lemme see.”
>He stops and turns around several times.
>”Okay. That way then. Though...”
>”You wanna keep your eyes shut for a bit more. We're gonna step right through the bloody mess I made.”

>It took you two quite some time, and a little bit of arguing, but you've finally managed to find a road in this Celestiaforsaken thicket, and are currently on your way home on it.
>At least you hope that you are... You aren't quite sure of that yet.
>But since you didn't run into any timberwolves or other nasty beasties yet, you have a good feeling about the route you took.
>Still... Why Saxton just didn't jump into the air, which seems to be his main way of getting around, is beyond you.
>That would have made things a lot easier, to say the least.
>Even if you prefer having your four hooves planted firmly on the ground.
>Speaking of that...
>You take look at Saxton, who is still whistling this stupid song of his, quite off key at that too, and, more importantly, is still carrying you.
>It's not like you particularly mind being carried around and not having to walk by yourself, but still...
>It does kinda make you feel like you're being a foal again.
>And you aren't too thrilled about this feeling.
>Not that this isn't nice in its own strange way, but...
>It just makes you feel weak and helpless. Something you wanted to stop being years ago.
>Enough is enough.
>”Yeah, Eri? What's on yer heart?”
“You didn't forget I can walk, did you?”
>”Of course not. That big, white horse with the strange, glowy hair gave you four perfectly good legs.”, he chuckles and meets your eyes, “She's your god, isn't she?”
“Uhm... Kinda.”
>”Ripper. Why are you asking then?”
“Because you're still carrying me.”
>”And? You've stopped complaining after I've stopped tossing ya.”
“That was dangerous!”
>”It wasn't. I've caught ya every time.”
“Still...”, you sigh, “Nevermind. I just want you to put me down.”
“W-Why? Because I'm not a foal!”, you bark with poison in your voice, “And I don't need to be carried around like one!”
>He looks at a bit dumbfounded for a short moment, before shooting you a nod and kneeling down.
>”Well, sorry then, lass. Here you go.”
“Thank you.”
>That's much better. Finally you're in control of yourself again.
>”No offence, though.”
“Yeah, yeah.”
>For some time, you two walk in total silence next to each other, only the occasional cough and harrumph breaking said silence.
>Which is sort of awkward, you have to admit.
>You liked it a lot better when he still quipped his patters all the time. Seeing him fall quiet with his hands in his shorts' pockets just feels wrong for some reason.
>Perhaps you went a bit too harsh on him?
>It wasn't even all that bad, to be honest. You just sorta tripped out.
>Even though you really can't imagine him, of all ponies... Or humans or whatever he is, feeling bad about something like this.
>Still... He does look kinda down.
>You should really apologize.
>”What's the matter, lass?”
“I... Uhm... I just wanted to...”
“Just spit it out, mate.”, he laughs, “Don't pussyfoot around. Only sissies do that.”
“Siss-... Heh, okay. I just wanted to apologize for, yunno, for lashing out.”
>”No hard feelings, Eri. It's okay.”
“Thanks, Saxton.”
>“I wanted to apologize too.”
“Huh? Really?
“For what, though?”
>”For destroying your house, I guess, and for dragging ya into all those awesome adventures of mine.”
“Awesome?”, you chuckle, “You meant dangerous, right?”
>”You're still alive, aren't ya?”
>”So you've got no right to complain.”
“I see... Still, I appreciate your apology. Thanks.”
>”You're welcome, lass.”
>You jump over a small hole in the road, barely managing to hold your balance and not fall over when you land.
>Quite the accomplishment for someone as athletically impaired as you are.
“You're feeling better now?”
“What's the matter?”
>”Eeh... I just can't stand it when I make something as cute as you frown. It's a soft spot for me. Just makes me feel bad.”
“You... You think I'm cute?”
>”Well, yeah!”, he chortles, “Just look at ya with your big eyes and adorable ears. Reminds me of the dog I had as a kid.”
>That's not the best nor the most flattering compliment you've ever gotten, but you will take it.
>It's not like you get too many of those these days.
>”Anytime, mate.”
“So...”, you say and look up to him, “If you're not used to us soft ponies, who are you used to then? Tell me something about the world you came from.”
>”Ya really wanna know? It's nothing special.”, he shrugs, “Pretty much like yours, but with more guns.”
“Yep.”, you chirp, “That's the least you could do after you've destroyed my house and took me to only Celestia knows where! I at least wanna know the po- Person who abducts me on a regular basis.”
“Well... Yeah. You pretty much ignored all my protests whenever you took me to one of your silly adventures.”
>”They are not silly. They are awesome. We already clarified that.”
“Last week we chased a manticore through Applejack's orchards... And by “we”, I mean you carrying me against my will while you ran after it.”
>”And that wasn't awesome?”
“No! It was frightening! In more than one way... That poor thing was terrified.”
>”Pfft... Terrified.”, he chuckles, “That damn coward fled after just one punch!”
“No wonder...”, you return his laughter, “It was just a cub.”
>”A cub? You mean they come in bigger, more valuable sizes too?”
“Uhm... Yes. But that's not the point. Didn't you want to tell me about you?”
File: 1537913970312.png (120 KB, 781x485)
120 KB
120 KB PNG
>A comfy and romantic Anon x Eri sleepover story
what about this one- oh...

still fun tho
File: Miss Eri in Latex.png (28 KB, 917x950)
28 KB
That's it. I hope I managed to post everything and didn't forget some part.
I can post this one too. It will just take a while.


>With a flick of your wrist and a tap of your foot, the match you used to light the candle on your nightstand is disposed of and you open your bedroom's window to let some fresh air in.
>A burst of crisp, cold evening air hits you and you take a deep breath of it, relishing the unique scent it carries.
“Aaaah... Nice.”
>Wet and dry leaves alike, chimney smoke, the subtle smell of rain and ozone and of course the aura of those who inhabit this lovely place together with you:
>The ponies who you call your neighbours and friends for a good two years now.
>You are Anonymous.
“Mirror, mirror on the wall~”, you start to sing and begin to doff your pants and sweatshirt.
>The only human, at least to your knowledge, in Equestria, inhabitant of the small town of Ponyville, member of its proud guard and part time alcoholic.
“True hope lies beyond the coast~”
>The latter mostly due to the lack of internet here in Equestria, but... Eh... Pony alcohol isn't even that strong compared to the stuff you had access to on Earth, so it isn't like you could do any serious harm to yourself.
“You're a damned kind can't see~”
>At least not with your income... You would need to earn at least triple that to get yourself in a blissful, alcoholic stupor on a regular basis.
“That the winds will change~”
>But, to be honest, you really don't miss that aspect of your former life.
“Mirror, mirror on the wall~”
>Despite you basically been stranded on a whole different planet by some freak accident, you're much happier here and you wouldn't trade your new life for all the riches on both worlds.
“True hope lies beyond the coast~”
>You have good friends, a satisfying job and a happy life. What else could you want?
“You're damned kind can't you see~”
>And speaking of friends... One of them will be sleeping with you tonight.
“That tomorrows bears insanity~”
>Well... Not in a sexual way, just sleeping with you in in the same bed.
“Gone's the wisdom~”
>Her name's Miss Eri, and she's someone you would have called an “Emo” back on earth .
“Of a thousand years~”
>She's a bit socially awkward, not very confident of herself and didn't have a very easy childhood to boot.
“A world in fire and chains and fear~”
>And today she's had an especially rough day and so you agreed to her sleeping here after a long evening of comforting her and telling her that everything will be alright.
“Leads me to a place far away~”
>Not that you mind, of course.
“Deep down it lies my secret vision~”
>Eri, as you like to call her, was one of your very first real friends here in Equestria after all.
“I better keep it safe~”
>Never did she care how scary you looked and neither did she ever mind your somewhat black and crude humour.
“Shall I never leave my friends alone~”
>Indeed... That's the least you can do for her after she was there for you so many times in your past.
“Hidden in my twilight hall~”
>Currently she's in your bathroom and making herself ready for bed. She even had a saddlebag with cute little skulls on it with her.
>That's enough singing for now, though... Your neighbours never grew all that fond of your singing voice and it's also pretty late already. So no need to anger them.
>Folding your pants and sweater neatly and putting them on a chair, you tilt the window and get into your bed, since being outside of it in just your boxers and t-shirt would be a bit too chilly.
>And Eri should be ready for bed any time now.
>Ready for bed... Yeah...
>Now that you think of it, you've never spent the night with her in the same bed ever.
>Or any mare to be honest.
>Oh boy... Hopefully this night won't be too weird. God knows it has been some time since you've last felt the touch of a female being.
>As close as you and Eri are, cuddles, hugs and other kinds of close physical contact always have been kept at a bare minimum between the two of you.
>And her feeling you popping a boner while she tries to sleep next to you, just because you think she's so incredibly soft and smells so very nice, might make things a bit too awkward.
>Man... Her scent is just something else. It's heavy and strong, but not in an overbearing or even nasty way.
>It just reminds you of a field full of late blooming flowers like dahlias and hydrangeas... And maybe a bit of honeysuckle.
>You could have honestly died and not be bothered at all by it during the seldom opportunities you had smelling her silky mane...
>W-Wait what?! Soft? Smelling nicely? Silky mane? That's no way to think about a close friend! Even if she's a girl... Or a mare to be exact!
>Her day was already shit enough even without your sexual neediness! All she needs now is a good friend to be there for her.
>Now you just want this to be over as fast as possible.... Perhaps this wasn't such a good idea after all.
>What's taking her so long anyway?
>Maybe she has trouble using your bathroom? Everything in there was custom-made for you and thus a fair bit larger than what she might be used to.
>You really should go and check on her.
>Just as you were about to get up, you hear the distinct creak of your bathroom's door and soon after that the sound of four quiet hooves approaching your bedroom.
>Oh... Seems like she managed by herself.
>Of course she did, you dolt!
>She's a grown mare and this wasn't even the first time she used your bathroom.
>With what did you want to help her with anyway? Getting on the toilet? Perhaps lifting her up to the sink afterwards so she could wash her hooves?
>You're just sure that she would have greatly appreciated all this instead of just running away and screaming zeter and mordio.
“Errr...”, you groan and slump back down onto your mattress.
>Just get your shit together, Anon. You tend to fuck things up when you're shit isn't stacked neatly.
>Crossing your arms behind your head, you take a deep breath and close your eyes in an attempt to calm yourself down.
>And it kinda works.
>There's absolutely no need to get so worked up over this... Yes.
>She will just be sleeping next to you, maybe cuddling her soft form into yours a bit, and that's it already.
>Nothing to be worried or even scared about.
>”Hey Anon.”, a soft voice says.
>”Thanks for the shirt... It's really comfy.”
>Shifting your attention to the source of the adorable sounding voice, you see Eri standing in your doorway, the pale moonlight illuminating her slender form.
“Uhm... H-Hey.”, you stammer, unable to peel your gaze away from her.
>She's wearing a plain, white shirt you apparently gave to her and is way too big for her, and, if this wouldn't be cute enough already...
>”W-Why are you looking at me like t-that?”, she asks, a bright blush burning on her cheeks.
>... A pair of red socks with black stripes on her hind legs, reaching up to her thighs.
>To say she looks absolutely stunning would be an understatement. You didn't know that pony legs could look so sexy until now.
>The only thing that would make her look hotter... Erm... You meant cuter... Right now, would be...
>Leaning her slightly trembling form against the door frame, and thus exposing a bit more of her posterior to you, she shoots you an embarrassed look.
>A pair of panties! Like those that tightly hug her flanks right now!
>They even have the exact same pattern as the socks she wears...
>Her voice snaps you back to reality.
“N-No reason at all!”, you chuckle and rub the back of your neck, “You... You just look cute like that. Are... Are you ready for bed?”
>”T-Thanks.”, she giggles and steps forward, her hips swaying seductively, “I am. Sorry it took so long.”
>Did she do this on purpose? You pray to god she did...
>No... Stop thinking about her like that. She probably wears this every night. Those socks look warm and comfortable enough to be sleepwear after all.
“Don't worry about it, Eri.”
>Maybe a bit too quickly, you lift your blanket and invite your friend into the warm confines of your bed with a pat on the mattress.
“Come on in.”
>Beaming you a warm smile, Eri climbs onto your bed and then lies down, resting her head next to yours on the pillow and locking eyes with you.
>”Thank you...”
“You're welcome.”, you say, covering her with the blanket, “Good enough?”
>An awkward silence settles in, which you two spend mostly by nervously shifting around and staring into each other's eyes..
>Her beautiful, blood red eyes...
>The moonlight makes them shine especially bright.
>That one strange, purple pony with both wings and a horn, you think Twilight Sprinkle was her name, once told you in one of the many Equestrian History lessons you had to attend at her place, that foals born with blood red eyes were seen as some kind of bad omen a long time ago.
>Like they were harbingers of war or other similar bad things.
>But you... You just want to lose yourself in hers. And you're in a serious risk of doing exactly that right now.
>You just want to touch her. To feel her body as closely as possible to yours, smelling her sweet breath and so much more.
>B-But why now? Just because she lies next to you? Because she's, so to speak, available? You've never felt about her like this until now.
>It can't be that you are... Can it?
>Snickering quietly, almost as she could hear your thoughts, the light-grey earth pony mare skitters a bit closer to you, her clothed hooves gently brushing your calves as she does so.
>”It's weird, isn't it?”
>She rubs your exposed cheek softly with a hoof before resting it on your shoulder, pulling you the tiniest bit closer to her.
>Its sheer presence there makes a small shudder run down your spine.
>Are you really that fucking desperate?
>”We have known each other for so long, but yet we never really have touched each other...”

“I... I guess? But why bring this up-”
>”Ssshh...”, she interrupts you, shushing you with a hoof.
>Almost instinctively you take a smell at it, taking care she doesn't notice it and filling your nose with her lovely, sweet scent.
>But sadly, she immediately retrieves her hoof again and then shifts yet again closer to you.
>Only a few measly inches of air are separating your two bodies now and you can feel her hind hooves lazily pawing at your legs.
>Each and everyone of these gentle touches sends a bolt of electricity through your body.
>You don't know for how much longer you can withstand this kind of torture... Finding sleep like this is beyond all question.
>”Please don't, Anon.”
“Don't do what?”
>”You know...”, she giggles, “Question this. I had to drink all the booze I brought with me to even think of bringing this up.”
>Now that she mentioned it, her breath does kinda smell like the cheap whiskey she uses to drink.
“You brought booze? And why didn't you-”
>”Anon.”, she interrupts you again, “Let's say I just forgot, okay?”
“Heh, okay. I guess we were busy otherwise anyway, weren't we?”
>The smile on her face falters and she leans her head against your chest.
>T-Thats definitely new!
>What are you supposed to do now?
>You mean... She already touched you. So it wouldn't be wrong to touch her, would it?
>But would she even want that?
>There's only one way to find out, isn't there?
>Carefully, almost bashfully, you put an arm around her barrel and begin to slowly caress the lower part of her mane.
>Immediately you are rewarded for this with a quiet, content sigh from her.
>”This feels nice, Anon...”
>Eri closes her eyes and buries her head and muzzle a bit deeper and firmer against your chest, taking a deep breath and then shuddering slightly.
>”You feel nice.”
>Uhm... Okay.
>Stay calm, Anon.
“Glad you like it... Say...”
>She didn't really want to talk about what happened today earlier. Maybe now is a good time to do this.
>”Hmm?”, she mumbles, gently nuzzling you and wrapping her hind legs around your legs.
>Man... She never was this affectionate towards you until tonight. Even on those few nights when you two were drinking together.
>Usually, she always left when she was at the verge of getting fully drunk and was still able to walk home.
>And even if this wasn't the case, she just crashed on your couch and was well away before you were even awake.
>This whole situation here is totally new for you, and probably for her too.
“Why were you so upset today?”, you ask and cup her front hooves with your other hand, softly squeezing them.
>Despite their hard edges, they feel incredibly delicate and the thin fur on them is soft to the touch.
>You can even kinda feel her heartbeat on their frogs, if you focus your concentration on it.
>”Ehrm... Do I have to tell you?”
“You don't, but I think it would be better for you if you would.”, you say and let your hand crawl further up her mane, eliciting another moan out of her, “Bottling up bad things never helped anypony, you know?”
>You've never known that you wanted all this.
>The closeness to her... Her sweet and, to be honest, quite alluring scent invading your nose... To be able to actually touch and caress her...
>And to know that she enjoy all of this too.
>It just makes your heart skip a beat.
>A quiet snicker leaves Eri's lips.
>You think she felt that too...
>”I guess you're right, Anon.”, she breathes and pecks the hand that holds her hooves.
>That felt way better than it had any right to be.
>Removing her head from your chest, she rests it on the crook of your neck and then lets out an almost relieved sounding sigh, her hot breath brushing over your skin and causing another soft shudder to surge through your body.
>”Didn't know you were ticklish.”, she giggles and purposely exhales another time, enjoying your reaction to it quite a bit.
>If she keeps this up, you aren't sure if you are able to keep lil' Anon down for much longer... And he isn't that terribly far away from her underside.
“Eri p-please.”
>”Heh, sorry... I've already told you about Deep Rest, didn't I?”
“Deep Rest?”
>Hmmm... That name kinda rings a bell. Wasn't she the dark grey pony who works at the local hospital?
>You think you've made her acquaintance once or twice in the past. Before you got a job as a guard and had to work all these handyman jobs to bring home the bacon.
>Man... These were dark times full of easily preventable accidents and the resulting countless minor and not so minor injuries you carried away from them.
>Learning never stops, huh?
”She's your nurse friend, isn't she?”
>Nailed it.
“What about her?”
>For a short moment Eri remains silent, the sound of your combined breaths being the only noise polluting your bedroom, before finally opening her mouth again.
>”P-Promise you won't tell anypony?”
“Of course not.”
>”Okay...”, she takes a deep breath, “Something happened between her and me... Something weird. And I don't know how to handle it.”

>Another sigh escapes her, this time sounding quite a bit sadder, and she retrieves her head from your neck, resting it next to yours and locking eyes with you.
>You can see the reflection of Luna's crescent moon in their deep pools of crimson.
>”A week ago or so...”, she begins, “I invited Rest over to celebrate her promotion. Nothing special, yunno? Just some hayburgers, a bottle of wine and our favourite music.”
>A bottle of wine, huh? Make that at least two or three.
>Eri might always claim that she doesn't like the taste of alcohol, but you've known her long enough to know that she won't say no to a refill once she gets started.
>Especially if the drink in question is red wine.
>Sweet and heavy red wine to be exact... The kind that gives you a nasty headache the morning after.
>Also the kind that is stupidly expensive here in Equestria, since, compared to the usual stuff you can get in the local watering holes, it contains a lot of alcohol.
>Same goes for all sorts of booze and spirits, which are so pricey because most of it has to be imported from the gryphon and minotauren kingdoms.
>But you digress.
“She got promoted? Good for her.”
>”Mhm. She's now the head nurse of her ward. Earns a bit more, but also has to do some extra stuff now.”
“What kind of extra stuff?”
>”Oh, you know... Things like organising shifts and going to morning meetings with the doctors and Celestia knows what else.”
“Heh okay, go on.”
>”I think she also has to do extra paperwork, but... That's beside the point.”
>Tittering, she frees one of her hooves from your hand's grasp and tucks it under the pillow, propping her head up a bit with it.
>”We had a really good time. Bringing each other up to date, talking about our lives, friends and what not. She even brought some of her records.”
“Sounds nice.”
>”It was...”, she cringes, “At least until we've finished our wine.”
“What happened then?”
>A faint blush creeps across her cheeks and she averts her gaze from yours again.
>”Y-You really won't t-tell anypony?”
“I already told you I won't, didn't I?”
>”I know... It's just so bucking embarrassing and weird.”
>Embarrassing? Now that really sparked your curiosity... Though...
“You don't have to tell me, if you really don't want to.”, you say and let the hand that pets her mane crawl up another bit further.
>”Anon~”, she quietly coos with a husky voice, her eyes closed and her lips bearing a content smile, “Don't stop... Please.”
>By Celestia's butt... You've never heard hear voice taking on such a... Well.. Such a seductive tone.
>And of course it doesn't take long to affect you, persuading your body to distribute blood to a much more fun promising place.
>Seems like now is a good time to adjust your position a bit.
>Luckily she didn't notice this nor your small, or, as you like to believe, not so small, predicament.
>And since you are not one to deny a lady her wish, you intensify your efforts on her mane, coaxing a few more raspy moans out of her in the process.
>Which don't exactly help with your current situation either, and you would be lying if you say you don't enjoy the fact that you are able to draw such noises out of her, but at least your little soldier should be far enough away from her body to not cause you any worries any more.
>For a few moments more she lets herself get lost in your touch, before sluggishly pawing at your arm in a weak attempt to get you to stop.
>”O-Okay, but seriously, Anon... Stop now. I can't concentrate like this.”
“You seem to like this, though.”
>”I do, really, but please...”
“Heh, sorry.”, you chuckle and retrieve your hand, placing it down on her neck again and idly beginning to stroke the short, soft coat that grows there.
>You absolutely had no clue how soft ponies can be... Despite you being on a friendly basis with most of them here in Ponyville, they were never particularly keen on having any physical contact with you.
>Something about your broad and tall frame just seems to scare them, but you never really delved deeper into that subject since you don't like to think about it for obvious reasons.
>”Don't be...”, she giggles, “We should have done this way earlier, though. It felt really nice. Much nicer than I imagined.”
>I-Imagined? Does that mean she thought about th-
>But before you could finish that though, she lets out the cutest, little yawn you've heard and looks with tired, half-lidded eyes at you.
>”Also made me hella sleepy.”
>Heart status: Muh.
“Glad you liked it. I enjoyed it too.”
>”You did? Weren't you doing most of the work, though?”
>Chuckling, she leans towards your face and gently nuzzles your cheek, causing a fierce blush to spread across it.
>That can't be just the alcohol in her system, can it?
>There has to be more behind all this... Surely, this can't be solely the fault of just your imagination.
>”Mares are, for the most part, very shy creatures, Anonymous.”, the voice of a certain, dressmaking white unicorn echoes in your head, “But don't worry, darling. They will let you know if they are interested in you.”
>”If I were you...”, the voice continues, “I wouldn't let me trouble this for now. You will find somepony sooner or later.”
>You don't know why Rarity feels the immense need to hand out relationship advice whenever you bring her your gambeson to mend, but it sure is appreciated now.
>Could it be that Eri is interested in you? Or is this just your desperate desire for physical contact and intimacy and you are interpreting too much into this? Like you always did?
>You wish you had the balls to straight up ask her... And far more importantly... You wish you knew what answer you would like to hear.
>For how long are you two friends now? Two, almost three years? And you've never set your wits to the question if you like her more than a friend should.
>This whole development here is just too confusing and messes with your ability to think straight.
>And her ever so sweet and flowery scent that you imbibe with each and everyone of your breathes just makes things worse.
>Why does she have to smell so nice? Why does she have to look so beautiful in the moon's light? Why does she have to touch you so affectionately?
>You just don't want to do the wrong thing... Especially not to her.
>You would never be able to forgive yourself.
>”Uhm... Anon?”
>A quick hoof finds its way to your nose and delivers a gentle poke onto it, breaking your train of thought and bringing you back to reality.
>”Ah, there you are. I thought I lost ya.”, she laughs.
“S-Sorry. I was in thought.”
>”Were they nice thoughts?”
>Were they?
>Beaming her a warm smile, you collect the hoof that just assaulted your nose and unite it with the one you already hold in your hand, giving them a gentle squeeze.
“Yes, they were.”
>Eri returns your smile and moves her head a bit closer to yours, reducing the distance between them to just a hand's breadth.
>You can now feel her breath ever so slightly washing over your face.
>”Nice to hear that... Anywho... Where were we?”
“You wanted to tell me what happened between you and Deep Rest.”
>Even despite the moon's pale light being pretty much the only source of light in your bedroom, you manage to notice her blushing even fiercer than she did before.
>”Aaah... I g-guess.”, she mutters and starts to fidget around.
“If this is too awkward to talk about for you, we can just slee-”
>”No, no!”, she interrupts you, “I need to tell somepony... Or else it's going to drive me crazy!”
“Is it that bad?”
>”I wouldn't call it bad... Just... Yunno.”
>”Yeah. And confusing. I just... I just don't know what or how to feel about it.”
“Well.”, you say and begin to slowly pet the area under her ear, “If you are willing to tell, I'm willing to listen.”
“Anytime, Eri.”
>”Okay then...”, she gulps, ”Here goes nothing.”


>”An' you won't be... Believe what she shaid next!”, your friend slurs, harshly stabbing a hoof into your chest, “She told the doctor right inna her dumb face to buck off and shove the pillsh inno her coltfriendlesh cunt!”
>Breaking out into a high, clear laughter, Deep Rest nearly tumbles over onto your mattress, just barely managing to escape this fate by sluggishly wrapping her hooves around your barrel.
“Whoa!”, you , surprised by the sudden closeness to her.
>She presses her face against your chest, still giggling like a schoolfilly that just has found out that hearth's warming eve comes with presents, and begins to scrabble around in the short tuft of hair that grows there.
>”You shoulda sheen her face! It wash a riot!”, she slurs, burying her muzzle even deeper into your chest's fluff and tightening her embrace.
>Oh, nonono! This is way too close for your liking!
>Hastily, you help her to remove her head from your chest and to get into a steady sitting position again, making sure to not accidentally knock her over.
>This is much better. You finally got some breathing room again.
>Quite literally... Rest isn't exactly the gentlest hugger. Especially not whilst being drunk as a fiddler's bitch.
“Phew...”, you sigh and fix your molested fluff.
>It's not like you don't like being close to her, but you had way too little to drink for this amount and intenseness of physical contact.
>Quite in contrary to her... Who drank the third bottle of wine mostly by herself and seems to not care about this little fact about yourself any more.
>Eeeh... You should never have agreed to opening that third bottle in the first place. It's basically your own fault.
>But you never were able to say no to her, especially not with the puppy eyes she gave you when she asked.
>And what are a few bits compared to a good friend anyway?
>Nothing. That's what they are.
>Even if this specific kind of heavy, sweet wine costed you a pretty bit when you bought it from the local vintner, just because it is so heavy and sweet.
>”That's the hardest stuff I can sell to ya without getting into trouble, Eri.”, you hear her voice in your head, “It's not cheap, but I swear to Luna's full moons that you will not regret it!”
>And Berry certainly didn't lie. Even if you didn't get to drink much of that hard stuff, it at least managed to give you a nice buzz.
>”Ahahaha...”, Rest giggles to herself next to you.
>”Yo... You were in thought or what?”
“Oh...”, you chime into her laughter, “Mhm, kinda.”
>”Yunno...”, she smirks.
>”You look hella cute when you're thinking. It'sh a miracle that no shtallion shnatched ya away already!”
“P-Please...”, you pout and avert your gaze from her, blushing like crazy, “I'm not cute!”
>You really are not! Otherwise you would have long been able to woo that certain stallion that caught your heart.
>Not that you even deserve him...
>Rest shoots you a toothy grin and nudges your shoulder, swinging back and forth on your bed like she wants to match the beat of the song that plays in the background.
>”H-Heh... Shorry, Eri.”
>Returning her smile, you catch her hoof and place it back on the mattress.
“No harm done.”
>”Ni... Nice! Shay...”, she stammers and looks at her empty glass next to your half-full one that stands on the small table in front of your bed, “Do we have any more wine perhapsh?”
>Actually... You do have a few more bottles safely stored away in your kitchen, but that's not something she needs to know in her current state.
>While you could do with at least another glass of wine, Rest had more than enough for one evening.
>She already told you the exact same story three times already, and you are not sure if you are able to sit through it a fourth or even fifth time.
>Celestia knows that has happened before.
“Sorry, Rest. But that was the last one.”, you lie.
>”Aww shit.”, she groans, letting herself fall on your bed, “Jusht my luck.”
“You alright?”
>”Y-Yeah... Jusht feeling shleepy.”
>You giggle and quickly empty your glass of the crimson liquid it contains, relishing its sweet, fruity taste for a bit, before putting it down again and gently poking your friend.
“Should I get some blankets and prepare the couch for you?”
>Deep Rest looks at you over her shoulders, seemingly thinking about your offer for a short moment, before nonchalantly shaking her head.
>”Nah... I wanna shleep here.”
>S-Sleep here? In your bed?! That's totally beyond all dispute!
“But that's my bed!”, you protest.
>”And?”, she titters and pulls your pillow closer to her, “It'sh big enough for ush both and it'sh bucking comfy to boot!”
>”No butsh, other than your own!”, she laughs and rolls onto her back, “Either you shleep with me or you shleep on your stupid couch!”
>She looks at you with the biggest smile you've ever seen from her, both of her leg pairs spread wide and showing everything off she has to offer to you.
>The large tuft of fluff sitting on her chest... Her supple pair of teats, quite a bit larger than your own... And of course, the parts that essentially make her a mare.
>Oh, by Celestia... They are just a tad darker than her coat and look so plump and puffy!
>It's not the first time you've seen her vagina, since ponies tend to be naked most of the time, but it's the first time you've got such a good look at it.
>It's just plain weird to see another's mare's genitals. At least for you.
>Rest has always been a bit... Well... Let's just say flirty towards you, whenever she was drunk, but now...
>Now she's just blatantly presenting herself to you and she doesn't even seem to care.
>Luckily, she didn't seem to notice your staring and is just rolling around on your bed in blissful, drunken ignorance.
>”It'sh way shofter than my bed!”
>What are you supposed to do now?

>You can't really force her to leave your bed and sleep on the couch, since, for one she's quite a bit stronger and heavier than you, and for another you think that this would be kinda mean.
>She does look very content and happy cuddling your pillow like that.
>Sort of cute too...
>It surely wouldn't hurt to share the bed with her for one night. She's your best friend after all and what is the worst thing that could happen anyway?
>Maybe some awkwardness and lost sleep on your side? Doesn't sound that bad if you think about it.
>And you guess it would be nice change of pace not having to sleep alone for once. It might do something good for your general mood too, who knows?
“Okay, Rest. You've won me over.”
>”Oh buck yesh!”, she chirps, jumping onto her four hooves and roughly embracing you, “Thish ish going to be sho aweshome!”
>Again with her bear hugs... Hopefully she doesn't insist on cuddling with you like that all night long.
>That might be still just a bit too much for you and also poses the risk of a slow, even if warm and soft, death by asphyxiation.
>Either that or by embarrassment. Whichever is able to deal the most damage to your brain first.
“Eh... Rest.”
>Carefully, you wiggle yourself out of your friend's squeeze and set her hooves down on your mattress again, shooting her an awry smile as you regain your breath.
>By Celestia, no... This would surely be the death of you.
>And as somepony who thinks about death a lot, to an almost unhealt-... Oh, who are you trying to fool? To a very unhealthy degree, this is not how you want to die.
>After a second or two, you finally manage to regain your composure again and skid a hoof's breadth away from her in an attempt to prevent further forced physical contact.
“You're quite the hugger tonight, huh?”, you chuckle.
>”Shorry, Eri.”, she returns your laughter in a slurred voice, “I can't help it! You're jusht too cute!”
>As these words leave her mouth, her eyes go half-lidded and her lips begin to form a weird, warped and somewhat creepy grin.
>You aren't too sure of what she is trying to convey to you with this expression.
>Maybe she's feeling sick?
>That wouldn't surprise you, considering the fact that she replaced most of her blood with red wine over the last few hours.
“Are you feeling well, Rest?”
>”Eeyup!”, she happily exclaims, “Never felt better! Why are ya ashking, cutie?”
>What now?
“C-Cutie?! Rest, I think you ar-”
>”Oopsh!”, she interrupts you, slumping down on your bed and marehandling your poor teddy bear, “Shorry! I meant your teddy here, of courshe! What was hish name again?”
“Mr. Cuddlington.”
>”Ahahaha! How cute!”
>Throwing poor Mr. Cuddlington into the air, and barely being able to catch him again afterwards, she shoots you the same strange look as before.
>”I'm all ready for bed! How about you?”
“Al... Almost. Just gonna use the bathroom really quick.”
>”Okay then. Don't lemme wait for too long.”
>You give her a weak nod and slide off your bed, beginning to trot towards the door.
>Huh? What does she want now?
>”Could you shet the record player to sheventy eight? The next shong ish really bucking good!”
“You mean the speed?”
>”Uhu! It fasht forwardsh to the next shong.”
>It does? You didn't know that.
>Though... The instruction manual for this thing still lies untouched in its packaging, so that's no wonder.
>Mentally shrugging, you set the record player to the requested speed, acknowledge her “Thanksh Eri! You're the besht!” with another nod and then exit your bedroom.
>Oh mare... What did you get yourself into?
>Dealing with her ham-hooved, drunken advances is easy enough when you can just dump her on your couch when you had enough of them and the alcohol finally managed to take its toll, but tonight you have to share your bed with her.
>Which not only means that you get to experience her snoring face to face, but also all those lovely patters and remarks of hers.
>Like what a cute muzzle you have and how she can't keep her hooves off of it.
>It still hurts a bit from the last time she slept here...
“Oh my...”, you sigh and shuffle into your bathroom.
>Hopefully she doesn't interpret this as some kind of invitation or even consent on your part to intensify her flirtatious endeavours.
>You sit down in front of your medicine cabinet and take a look at yourself in the mirror.
>Celestia be damned... You look awful.
>Your mane's a mess, your eyes are bloodshot, and with the bags under them you could literally take out the trash.
>Not that you care all that much about your physical appearance, especially not at home, but you try to look at least somewhat decent to others.
>Nevertheless, you splash some water on your face and fix your manedo with a few swift strokes of your hooves.
>There. All better now. You look almost presentable again.
>Even if you doubt that Deep Rest would notice a difference in her current state.
>As long as she can fondle and grope your cute muzzle while giggling to herself like a madmare, she will be happy enough.
>Oh by the god that Anon seems to invoke all the time, whoever and wherever he might be, words cannot describe how much you are looking forward to this.
>Groaning, you open the mirror cabinet and reach for your toothbrush and toothpaste, taking a quick glance at the latter since it looks unfamiliar to you.
“Minuette's Strawberry Flavoured Fun Paste...”, you mutter to yourself.
>When did you buy that?
>Shrugging again, now physically though, you spread some on your toothbrush and begin to brush your teeth.
>Maybe Rest forgot it here. Not that it looks like anything she would buy, nor do you remember the last time she brushed her teeth here, but...
>Everypony has their secrets, don't they?
>And perhaps hers is toothpaste for foals.
>Kinda nice tasting toothpaste for foals at that.
>It's not too sweet and it doesn't taste too artificial either... To be honest, you quite like it and could even imagine replacing your current one with it.
>After roughly three minutes of brushing, you spit it out again and quickly rinse your mouth with a belt of water before you take care of some other, and rather urgent, need of yours.
>That felt better than it had any right to... You almost feel dirty for enjoying it so much.
>There is no better feeling than to empty a full bladder. It's just pure bliss.
>With a bit of a goofy smile on your face, you sit down in front of your mirror again and give yourself a quick look over.
>Yep. Looks good enough.
>Your teeth are brushed, you don't feel any kind of pressure in your lower regions, and you don't look like you've lived on the streets for your whole life.
>Seems like you are all ready for bed.
>All ready for bed... Yeah...
>The same bed in which Deep Rest is currently waiting for you, probably quite yearningly...
“Ugh.”, you moan and bury your face into hooves, desperately trying to think of a solution to this problem.
>There is no way around it, isn't there?
>You will just have to face it... Or rather, her, don't you?
“Oh, Celestia.”, you start to panic.
>If you just had a little bit more to drink, so you wouldn't care as much and perhaps could handle all this more casually...
>But alas...
>Your friend has thwarted this thanks to the her daunting, even if somewhat impressive, drinking speed.
>Letting yourself fall on your back and ignoring the sudden, sharp pain the impact on the hard tiles of your bathroom gave you, your gaze happens to fall upon a pair of carelessly discarded, black saddlebags.
>Aren't those the saddlebags you take with you whenever you visit Anon and plan to spend the night at his place?
>Getting up from the floor again, you trot over to the bags in question and take them into your hooves.
>Yep, that's definitely them.
>Which not only means that they hold some of your more “risqué” clothing, for the unlikely case you ever manage to work up enough courage to ask Anon if you could sleep with him together in his bed instead of just crashing on his couch, but also that...
“There's booze in them!”, you burst out and begin to rummage through them.
>Nothing too special or expensive of course. Just some cheap, at least for Equestrian standards, gnat's piss you bought from that travelling gryphon merchant.
>It tastes like that too, but you are sure that it will do more than nicely for your purposes!
>Now let's see... Socks... Panties... The shirt you stole from Anon... Ah, there we go!
>Pulling out a small, silver flask, you immediately discard the saddlebags again and screw it open, taking a big slug of the sharp-tasting spirit it contains.
>You girn as it runs down your throat like liquid fire, barely being able to suppress the urge to cough and spit it out again as your force yourself to chug it all down.
>By Celestia's beard... That's some really nasty stuff.
>But... But it certainly did the trick. You can feel a warm feeling starting to spread from your belly through your whole body and yourself getting light-headed already.
>It's definitely nothing you would drink just by itself, though... Some juice or lemonade would have improved its taste vastly.
>Too late to remedy that, though.
>Screwing the flask down again, you throw it on the bags and begin to stagger your way out of your bathroom, bumping several times against various pieces of furniture in the process.
>W-Whew... You think you've overdone it a bit.
>How strong was that stuff anyway?
>Your flask isn't even all that big, holding around seven ounces or so, so it has to pack quite a punch.
>Oh well... Instantly passing out on your bed is a solution to your problem too, you guess.
>She can molest your nose all she wants then, for all you care.
>Because you won't.
“Hah, nice!”, you chirp, “Time for bed!”

>It took you a few attempts, and quite some time spent hugging your walls, but in the end you've managed to weave your, now more than tipsy, flanks back into your bedroom.
>You pray to Luna's glorious full moons that Deep Rest won't notice your intoxicated state before you were able to drag those aforementioned flanks of yours to your bed.
>Otherwise this just might give her all kinds of weird ideas... Like thinking that you are vulnerable and susceptible for her advances right now and what not.
>Though... Now that you think of it, you shouldn't wake her up when you're lying next to her either, for exactly the same reasons.
>But that's a problem for future Eri. Present Eri has to try her best to stay silent now.
>Thankfully, Rest currently has her back turned to you and still seems to be unaware of you.
>And, at least if you're ears aren't betraying you right now, you think that you can hear her faintly snoring too.
>Looks like she has fallen asleep already. Perfect~
>As quietly as you can, you tiphoof your way to the record player and turn its volume down a notch or two.
>Not that you don't enjoy falling asleep while listening to music, but, for one thing this was way too loud, and for another your taste of music doesn't exactly coincide with Rest's.
>Goth is just much too melancholic and slow for your liking. You like some... Mmmhh, how should you put it? Yeah... Some pep in your music.
>Even if it's just the singer screaming for most of the time, like the one in your favourite band does.
>Buck! Did you just wake her up with that?
AH FUCK. 4chan ate all my posts and captchas.
is missing something?
It's missing like 2/3 of the story.
Just read it here. I'm too angry right now to repost everything.
File: Sexy Nurse.png (144 KB, 1200x1525)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
And for anyone who wants to know what the Deep Rest story is about, read it here:
Seriously, having to solve 5+ captchas for just one post is ridicilous.
shit, sorry about that dude, but hey! thanks
always glad to have some emo feels
File: Lewd Scarrly.png (1.47 MB, 3000x1875)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB PNG
It's okay, mate. I hope you enjoy the stuff I posted.
File: with love.png (1.01 MB, 1711x1995)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
>Going to visit her best friend
One of the abilities that Connie has mastered during her free time is staring into your pathetic mortal soul
Hey, is this new? I don't think I saw it before.
File: flowerboy.png (821 KB, 865x1020)
821 KB
821 KB PNG
yeah, just finish it
after tons of distractions and a blue screen
File: with love2.png (771 KB, 1711x1995)
771 KB
771 KB PNG
non Eri just cuz

File: 1433822486986.png (30 KB, 494x704)
30 KB
More Deep Rest is always a good thing
Nice! Thanks lazer.
This hits all my buttons
Oh God no.
Guys! We have another Kira!
Would Inky and Eri drink/fuck the pain away someday?
Totally, but Deep Rest would be jelly after that.
Problaby was just a one night thing
Thanks! I really had fun writing this one.
So far its 2 votes for the Saxton story I count your post as a vote and one for the Eri and the Deep Rest story.
With the tentacle monster around, I doubt that.
We're adding the tentacle monster to the /emo/ thread?
Because im down
For what I have seen in lonely Inky, she literally lives with a tentacle monster under her bed.
I guess he is part of the team.
File: 1429066548845.png (157 KB, 648x1231)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
Fun emo horse.
Finally got arround and read it
It was comfy ,Thanks for it m8
I cant wait for more
File: No reason at all.png (321 KB, 955x1748)
321 KB
321 KB PNG
Thanks! I have the weekend off the first one in three weeks and I will try to continue either this or the Saxton story then.
File: Inky loves her panties.jpg (387 KB, 811x1200)
387 KB
387 KB JPG
File: 1428288058955 (1).png (80 KB, 600x530)
80 KB
File: dfaadsf.png (158 KB, 727x837)
158 KB
158 KB PNG
File: IMG_20181102_081354.png (496 KB, 396x588)
496 KB
496 KB PNG
Can we also post Lonely Inky ?
File: full.png (566 KB, 1247x970)
566 KB
566 KB PNG
Oh people already beat me to it, hello fellow based Inkybros
D'awww. Thats top adorable
Bring your panties and NIN CDs
I think maybe it's because, because she was never really real to begin with
We just made her up
To hurt ourselves
Yeah we just made her up
To hurt ourselves
And it worked
Yes it did
Poor Inky.
She didn't deserved to had her heart broken.
I blame pinkie and her idea of family
File: Screenshot_2.png (933 KB, 501x861)
933 KB
933 KB PNG
I love Inky, it gives me excuses to both talk about NIN and ponies, it's fucking perfect.
I love how Lonely Inky's blog, in general, is obviously very much so inspired by With_Teeth's aesthetic, it's clearly her favorite NIN album, she does have The Slip cover art on the wall at one point though.
Trent wouldn't want NIN CDs, he wants vinyls.
Well, if /mlp/ and DWK taught me was that Pinkie always thinks about the idea of "friendship".
Congrats Pinkie, you pushed another member of your family to depresion and suicide. Again.
I wouldn't blame it entirely on her, Ponk is depressed and suicidal herself, probably thanks to the rock farm, the Pie family is pushing each other into suicide all the time.
honestly that's a good analogy for the emo discord.
just a good analogy for when really depressed people hang out together kek.
Maud was the first. Since Pinkie shoved her presence and pushed her to make a friend, she just said fuck it and moved away to a grotto full of monsters just to study some rocks.
She almost got herself killed by one after it tried to eat her.
File: MUH SECRET.png (84 KB, 587x674)
84 KB
File: nervousbreakdown.jpg (368 KB, 1989x2387)
368 KB
368 KB JPG
I thought getting a job would make these type of breakdowns lesser, they only got worse.
Thanks, S O C I E T Y.
Thanks ponka
Muh heart
bump the shit
i would bump Eri's ass
Nice ass.
Wew lad
What the fuck is this shit design emo low-quality edgy OC, why does she gets threads and why are there so many retards posting in here?
File: No waifu no laifu.png (331 KB, 569x543)
331 KB
331 KB PNG
your hate feeds her
>What the fuck is this shit design emo low-quality edgy OC?
She is Miss Eri, a cute emo mare. More info at >>33094531

>Why does she gets threads?
Because her sadness is relatable and she is a cutie patootie.

>Why are there so many retards posting in here?
Because we like her. Also, fuck you for calling us retards.
Fuck off new-fag, Miss Eri is old as the time you piece of shit.
File: gloom2.png (383 KB, 1500x1060)
383 KB
383 KB PNG
File: 1511630655426.png (86 KB, 823x1130)
86 KB
Here's an old one I always really liked
oh hey I drew that
the pic is really cute
File: 1535009.png (530 KB, 3000x997)
530 KB
530 KB PNG
i need more tentacles
Pray for the salty sister
Nah. She will be a great addition to the /emo/ group.
File: 1699845.png (184 KB, 1400x1000)
184 KB
184 KB PNG
File: miss_eri1.png (643 KB, 768x1024)
643 KB
643 KB PNG
This looks awesome.
File: Spoiler Image (100 KB, 633x1024)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
File: 1438122152660.png (1.06 MB, 1000x1000)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
How good Eri(or any emo pone) in the EQGverse would do?
Eri would be working in an underground radio station.
Connie would be a local violinist and casual volunteer in the local shelter.
Deep rest would have a better house since she is a nurse.
Bambi would have a small YT LP channel with a 120$ patreon.
Paper cut would work in party houses making confetti and paper decors.
Mellow Drama would be playing at the local community theater, with a small fanbase in YT with his covers.
Addie would be either a fancy artists that works in Eri's neighbourhood because is off the radar of the paparazzi, or lives around drawing sketches of birds in the park.
Kit Kat would be into free-style rap a lot.
Kira wouldn't be dead, but she would be tripping balls in the sanatorium she is in.

I hope I got everyone.
File: 1427126336546.jpg (764 KB, 1170x667)
764 KB
764 KB JPG
connie is the best thing ever
That's sweet.

And sad.
>Kit Kat would be into free-style rap a lot.
>Eminem REEEEEEE.png
File: eqgeri.png (955 KB, 1330x1007)
955 KB
955 KB PNG
>would be working in an underground radio station.
Hello and welcome back everyone; today society drag me once more to the ground and made fun of my... so today i will be crying and screaming during the whole show
but before that; a word from our sponsors
Cutting edge
This is so sad.
Alexa play Despasito by Bajlon
File: 1435913716717.png (184 KB, 771x630)
184 KB
184 KB PNG
Someone better be writing this
She sucks in terms of design.
Also ya'll are angsty edgy teenagers.
Anon and Eri in High School #2
By Icy Wind

>A month has passed since you and Eri started dating.
>Other than that, your life hasn't changed in the slightest.
>You still hate living at home, you still hate going to school, you still hate the two seniors in your history class that go out of their way to fuck with you.
>Honestly, you wouldn't have it any other way.

>You started showing up to school earlier now.
>At first it was only a few minutes, then ten, then twenty, and now a whole forty five minutes before first period.
>Almost all of that time, you're spending it with Eri.
>Honestly, the only thing stopping you from walking with her to school is you two living in opposite directions.
>You have a routine; get your stuff from your locker, go to Eri's locker, wait for her.
>She gets there, shyly say good morning to each other, good morning kiss.
>You walk out to the concrete by the pool, and sit against the outside wall of the locker room.
>This spot is perfect for two reasons:
>One, it's out of the way enough that nopony walks by it on their way in.
>Two, on the chance that the swim team has morning practice, the sound of the water splashing is good background noise.
>After that, you go back and forth between cuddling/kissing and talking about nothing.
>Honestly, you wouldn't have it any other way.
>First period comes around, you two kiss one last time and walk to your respective classes.
>Ever since you two started dating, the two cheerleading seniors haven't bothered you.
>Not due to their lack of trying, mind you, but they don't manage to get through to you anymore.
>Some days it looks like they don't bother, others it looks like a snowstorm of crumpled papers hitting you.
>And today looks like it's going to be the former. Aside from a raised eyebrow one gave you, they paid no other mind.
>As you walk in to class from the outside, you notice it get significantly warmer.
>The cold, November air outside is perfect jacket weather.
>The inside of the school is warmer but still hospitable to jackets.
>But this? This is unbearable.
>A colt in the front row rose his hoof and asked the teacher if he could turn down the thermostat.
>"No can do, the thermostat in here is broken, and without it the heat can only be controlled through the main temperature gauge in the office. I called in asking for some help but no response yet."
>"Stick it out for now, you don't need jackets in here anyways."
>Begrudgingly, you take it off.
>It's your favorite, a black, skinny-fit, Hoofthorne Heights hoodie you got special edition on their last tour. Some ponies say it looks like a mare's size and shape but you stand by it being stallion.
>Nothing could replace it. And as you sat there holding it folded in your hooves, the warmth of the room and the lack of sleep start to take hold.
>You blink and try to focus on the teacher.
>Not working.
>You try flexing your legs or tapping one on the ground to get some blood flowing.
>You try to hold your breath, but as you do, something from deep inside you claws to get out, and you yawn a silent yawn.
>You fall asleep in first period.
>The bell snaps you awake, and you look around in a panic.
>Everypony ignores you though, as they're more focused on packing their bags.
>Somehow you avoided getting yelled at by the teacher. Or at least, if he saw you he's waiting to do anything about it.
>Before he can get that chance, you grab your bag and scurry on out of the room.
>You step out into the hall and generally feel refreshed. That nap certainly worked wonders.
>As you walk outside to get to the next building, the cold, crisp air surrounds you, and any leftovers from the nap are shaken away.
>You get to second period and stay awake the whole time.
>You didn't take as many notes as you should've, but your notebook is behind on its sketches of you and Eri anyways.

>After second period, you go out to break.
>You meet Eri by the flagpole and you two kiss.
>She looks at you funny, and tilts her head.
"What's wrong?"
>"Nothing's wrong, something just looks different about you."
>You immediately turn to check your mane in the reflection of a window.
>Nope, perfectly straightened, spiked mess as always.
>You think for a moment that it might be your eyes don't look as tired before you think back to something you read in an article from a magazine you stole.
>The article talked about how to constantly impress your girlfriend, so you figure you'll try one while you have the opportunity.
"Well, something looks different about you too."
>Eri raises an eyebrow. "Hmm?"
>You lean in close to her.
"Your face looks really different today, it's beautiful. Like, more beautiful than it normally is."
>Fucking nailed it.
>Eri pauses, before struggling to stifle a laugh.
>Now it's your turn to raise an eyebrow.
>She loses control and almost doubles over laughing.
>Between her laughs, she hugs you and says "Anon...you're a fucking dork."
>After that, third and fourth periods were generally uneventful.
>Something kept nagging you though.
>Eri's comment.
>Was something different? Did you actually have the capacity to change your looks during the short time you were apart?
>As you pass by a window, you look at your reflection again.
>Instead of focusing on your mane, you realize what's missing.
>Your jacket.
>Blood runs cold, and you take off in a full gallop towards your history class.
>A quick sweep of the room turns up nothing.
>Dash to second period, the flagpole, third, and even fourth again.
>No jacket.
>Amidst the sudden exercise, your heart is pounding, worrying about your jacket.
>"Practicing for a race?"
>A shrill voice cajoles you from behind.
>One of the cheerleaders who fuck with you in first.
>Something in your head clicks.
>She looked at you weird this morning. She had to have been looking at your jacket.
"What did you do with my jacket!?"
>She leaned back a bit and made a bitchy face. "I didn't do anything to your stupid little jacket."
>Was she jealous of you for having it?
"That's bullshit, you were eyeing it today before class!"
>"I was looking at how disgusting it was. Black hoodie? Seriously? It SO doesn't fit this fall's theme."
>"If you think I would touch that grungy little thing you're insane."
>On top of pissing you off now she's mixing up genres.
"It's not grunge, it's post hardcore!"
>She rolls her eyes and walks off.
>You stand there panting, angrily staring in her direction.
>You kick the wall.
>Ponies all around you walk the halls in different directions on their way to lunch.
>You hang your head low, tears in your eyes.
>All you can think about is your jacket.
>Well, that and how Eri's probably wondering where you are.
>In your saddlebag is your lunch, but you don't think you can eat now.
>Might as well leave it in your locker till later.
>Doesn't really matter anyways.
>You get there, lazily open it, and lazily throw your lunch bag inside.
I really fucked up this time.
I just lost my favorite hoodie.
Nothing can replace it.
>You lean in to your locker and stable yourself against the opposite wall with your head.
>This was the darkest spot you were gonna find, and you didn't feel like letting anypony else see you cry.
>Just as you were opening the floodgates, you hear Eri's voice.
>"Anon, are you okay?"
"Yeah, I just, I need a bit, okay?"
>"You'll tell me what's wrong, right?"
"Yeah, I just lost something is all. Nothing big."
>The last two words barely got out through you choking up.
>Eri waits a few moments before deciding you're not gonna say anything else.
>"Do you wanna go sit and we can talk about it?"
"No... I-I really just wanna stay here for now."
>"Anon, I can't stand seeing you like this. Would you please just get your head out of there?"
>You don't respond.
>Realizing you'll keep this up, Eri grabs you by the flank. She starts trying to turn you to no avail.
>"Anon please, for my sake, just turn around."
>You feel bad, but you don't want her to see you crying over a hoodie when she's cried over much more important things.
>"Turn around if you love me."
>Within an instant you froze and subsequently turned around.
>You kept your head low and wiped what you could from your face.
>You look up through blurry eyes.
>"It's okay."
>She's seeing you crying again. Why did it come to this?
>"Here, take this."
>Eri hoofs you a small piece of cloth, and you start drying your eyes.
>When you finally regain sight, you look up.
>Eri is facing you, wearing something she wasn't earlier.
>You blink a couple times and focus on the chest logo.
>Two white, scratchy H's intertwining with an equally white, scratchy heart.
>Hoofthorn Heights.
>Eri was wearing a Hoofthorn Heights jacket.
>And not just any Hoofthorn Heights jacket.
>Eri was wearing YOUR Hoofthorn Heights jacket.
>Words fail you.
>You think that nothing can describe the feeling in your heart.
>Your girlfriend, your lover, wearing your favorite jacket.
>She rescued it.
>This is a lot to take in.
>"I realized during class that you didn't have your jacket during break, so I went to your first class to look for it."
>She steps forward.
>"At first I just saw a lump of black and didn't know if it was yours. But when I got close enough, I smelled it, and it smelled just like you."
>She leans into you, resting her head on your front.
>"It's a good smell, don't worry. I felt like you were right there with me, and it was very relaxing."
>You put your front legs around Eri and embrace her.
"It...It fits you perfectly...I love it. I-I mean, I love you.."
>She digs herself a little harder into you, and you can feel her face getting warmer.
>She replies "I love you more."

The End.

>"So, you know this is a mare's cut, right? Like, the shape and size of it were meant for fillies?"
"I swear, it's a stallions size. I'm already skinny, why would I need to squeeze into a mare size?"
>"I mean, it wouldn't be the first time you've worn mare clothes."
"Those are stallion clothes too! They're just really skinny!"
>She laughs and pushes you a bit. "There's no way anypony could get away with selling pants that skinny to stallions."
This was a sweet story.
File: 1541454904252.gif (504 KB, 503x503)
504 KB
504 KB GIF
Just was listening to "The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Of Me" and I've found this thread, neat.
File: 1457040810768.gif (1.14 MB, 943x1111)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB GIF
File: 1426613138437.png (1.28 MB, 5000x6224)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
there's nothing you can do about it
That's not emo, you dumb horse.
no bulli the emo pone
but the emo pone is a poser pone
then post your emo playlist fucker
It's tangential emo, might not be strictly the same music genre but the venn diagram includes em
File: 1461102237926.gif (88 KB, 325x693)
88 KB
Emo is too broad of a genre to define these days;
It started out very Punkish, very aggressive and emotional music, hence, emotional hardcore.
Over years it grew and formed into something else, Midwest Emo which takes much more from Indie Rock rather than Punk did.
To say My Chemical Romance isn't emo is a mystery to me, especially their debut is DEFINITELY emo, it's post-hardcore through and through. Their second album has post hardcore elements as well while having Pop Punk elements, but I don't see why so many people get triggered by the implication of it being emo
Danger Days is the only thing MCR has done that isn't emo at all though. But that album doesn't really represent them.
How about The Cure? That's emo or posser?
I'll be honest, I cannot say so myself, I've yet to dig into their discography, so I can't tell you, it's something I was aiming to do.
It's hard to define emo, especially for records and bands that exists before the term "emo" even came to be, there are people who are making arguments for Beach Boy's Pet Sounds being the first emo record ever released.
That's more goth rock if anything. Maybe new wave too, but it's definitely more for the goth kids. There's a good overlap between them and emo though
File: 1505605319881.png (360 KB, 1000x1300)
360 KB
360 KB PNG
bandcamp has a bunch of good stuff about emo shit
I'm going to draw and write more. Give me suggestions for any /emo/ pones and situations you want in either form
File: 1541640210081.png (303 KB, 1280x2400)
303 KB
303 KB PNG
Inky listening to Nine Inch Nails, sitting on a bed looking melancholic
Kit Kat meets Inky after sneak in Eri's house
so, normal Inky?
Fun fact about this pic; the creator hates it with all his soul, because he did it in a couple minutes and he has never been able to do it again
>that filename
you can do it, dude
File: 1512485927620.png (671 KB, 1258x1114)
671 KB
671 KB PNG
I have many moments like that myself... which I agree it can be maddening.

Inspiration is fucking fleeting
Happens to me as well but with video making, I look back and wonder how I did something
File: 1453942000398.png (781 KB, 3531x5190)
781 KB
781 KB PNG
Haematophilia it's a thing of beauty
File: warmup.png (130 KB, 1300x700)
130 KB
130 KB PNG
lil' warm up sketch
it's good not to be banned
gud warmup
Welcome back
File: head like a hole.png (262 KB, 1200x1200)
262 KB
262 KB PNG

this and a story coming next next meaning when I get around to it

here's hoping
I want to be Marble's abusive boyfriend but she stays with me because she has low self esteem and thinks I'm the best she'll ever get.
File: 1433725316257.jpg (168 KB, 1280x989)
168 KB
168 KB JPG

Inky is extremely melancholic and depressive but that doesn't mean that she has low self steam... or that she's an idiot
That's awesome anon, thank you.

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