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I enjoyed it a lot. 3rd best album easily and leans more to the Shugazi side of their spectrum but still probably a Britpop album.

I liked it more on the first listen than I did Slowdive, but the latter is better when you give it time.

The album is best when it's given time to groove, so the long songs are the best on here.
I only listened to it once the night it came out and I was leaning 3/5
Solid comeback
Not as good as Slowdive though
Me too but that isn't saying much since I gave Slowdive a 2/5 which is passable but still.
well to each his own then since slowdive is pry top 10 this year for me.
terrible cover art
Well to be fair I only listened to Slowdive once or twice awhile ago. I'll give it another chance.
My entire news crawl is London news right now btw and I'm in Texas
kinda surprised that this even exists desu.

Ride hasn't been relevant since like '92 or at least in terms of quality. Now we're getting new Slowdive and Ride albums. Its like some weird shoegaze comeback, I really like it.

But in the sense it isn't really shoegaze. It all sounds different.
6.3/10 album imo.
Its not shoegaze. This is a post-rock album through and through, and its wonderful. Its on par with the new slowdive.
So far I really don't like All I Want.

Lannoy Point was kickass though.
Lannoy Point is the only good track

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