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ayyy ayyy
uh here we is
you know its me anonymous
ain't no one synonymous
nobody's on my level, tongue forked like the devil
to hear the full scope of my rhymes ya best crank the treble
I'm here to tell you all the truth about /mu/core
way I see it though it should be called "/mu/bore"
Let's start with the precious Neutral Milk Hotel
This album belongs with Anne Frank, in Neutral Milk HELL
Loveless? More liked Friendless
the losers who like this have loneliness that's endless
Nobody wants to listen to your fucking vacuum cleaners
my home makes better music when it's being cleaned by beaners!
A genie once offered me the ultimate truth for a hundred bucks
When I gave that genie money he said "Radiohead sucks!''
Why would I spend my money buying a Computer that's OK
when I can get the same music on the radio, listening to Coldplay?
King Crimson is the nerdiest gay ass excuse for music I ever heard
Seems like the kinda shit Gandolf listened to when flying on his giant bird!
Don't even get me started on Animal Collective
Do you losers really think this is introspective?
I played the album for my dog, had to call the animal detective
he said upon hearing that music my dog became animal defective
You fuckers fucking made my dog retarded!
the shitty music caused his doggy brain to be bombarded!
you turned his brain to mush, looks like crushed up adiantaceae
although thank god I didn't play him My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
You fucking plebs, your taste is shit, you're all pitchfork drones
The only fork I'll use is to scrape the flesh off of yer bones
That's right, I eat people, now you know the real me
still, I've caused less damage to people than In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
Retard Attempts Poetry
Shut the fuck up
File: IMG_2805.jpg (12 KB, 480x360)
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Song of the fucking year
awaiting the vocaroo
File: hanniballess.png (313 KB, 602x598)
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313 KB PNG
Better than 90% of rappers today. kek
now what beat are you gonna use op
This will be some solid copy-pasta desu. You're rhymes will be echoed throughout the cataclysms of 4chan forever. You must be proud.
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