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this is going to be sick
Beat me to it, I was going to make a thread of this. I'm getting more and more excited.
It's such a great fest. Last years was probably my favorite festival experience of all time

who you lookin to catch
Same man. The venue, the vibes, just everything. Def catching Tortoise, Boris, Iggy Pop, Liars Panda Bear, Ariel Pink, John Maus, & Spiritualized. Still need to check out some of the lower billed acts.
wonder if this one will get shot up as well
>Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile
over Ty Segall, Panda Bear, Ariel Pink, Boris? seems strange

pretty good line up either way
I wanted to go for king gizz but couldn't find any passes for just their day.
you're retarded. LV happened from outside the fest at a high altitude. fests have good enough security that no one would bother to bring in sub-machine guns.
if none of you see terry riley you're missing out on an opportunity of a lifetime.
Kurt Vile is a huge crowd-bringer. He really appeals towards middle age crowds while Ariel Pink, Panda, and Ty appeal to the same demographic. They're all on the same level of popularity for the most part. I assume it's just to rack in more sales.
wonder if itll get bombed
it will be the bomb
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mintfield, dahga bloom, fever the ghost, and camera are all low card acts worth checking out imo. mintfield seems perfect for a breezy joshua tree afternoon

my must sees are boris, la femme, panda, sleep, gizz, thuston, bmsr, avey, sunflower bean, earthlings? and spiritualized

ill have to consider it now, saturday wil be a busy day for me
Damn that actually looks pretty good
people are gonna be blown away
I'm just surprised mac demarco isn't playing this
When the he'll did Kurt vile become so big

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