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File: BCR721_CN2025_710_715.jpg (354 KB, 1000x674)
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ITT: Post any cool pictures, info or stories regarding railroads and railroading in the Great White North.

Pic related, British Columbia Railway train in 1980.
File: img308_900x601_900x601.jpg (220 KB, 900x601)
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Those things caused such terrible ecological damage you can't even count it.
File: DSC_1170.jpg (243 KB, 1000x714)
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What, the Alcos?
File: img738HH.jpg (499 KB, 999x666)
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File: 37.jpg (211 KB, 520x800)
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Neat! I used to have a relative who had a farm near Montney, BC (I had to look it up and found it 56.496618,-121.009951 ). The original house was located where the pin is. The field gradually sloped down to the r.o.w.

Every summer from 1976 to 1983 we used to go visit them and the BC Rail went right down their property. I'd hear the horn blow in the distance from the southbound train every evening after dinner and go running down to the tracks. Usually got there in time to wave to the engineer who always waved back and honked the horn.

I remember counting 60 or so freight cars and always those big green 6-axle Alco/MLW's, usually 3 on the front. Always the highlight of my day. :^)
Glorious FM's!
Neat story, thanks for sharing.
Tiltshifted but quality

Sucks all the old pics are dead.
File: CPR.Oliver.Oct1965.jpg (293 KB, 1990x2010)
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293 KB JPG
Yeah, wtf... 4chan get nuked?
Nice, I like trains with short consists that I can replicate in model form.
Same. This subdivision is pretty much seasonal short wayfreights serving the orchards along the line and occasionally bringing in fuel for the bulk dealers. No grade to speak of. Seen pics of trains lead by a single S4 in the 1950s, H16-44 in the 1960s, and SW-1200 in the 1970s. All traffic lost to trucking so line was absndoned in 1978 and torn up 1979(?).

I need to find out if anyone made those reefers shown in that pic in HO scale, and that steel sided caboose as well.
>BC Rail #704

IMO the best paint scheme for those units.
File: 386.jpg (63 KB, 694x355)
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Anyone remember the NAR? I never saw it but those GMD-1's looked sharp in those colours.
Neat pic.
File: spiraltunnels.jpg (223 KB, 620x465)
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