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File: IMG_20170420_040101.jpg (233 KB, 1040x585)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
Ended up scoring a pretty decent hybrid/cruzier bike today

Specialized Crossroads Deluxe, unfortunately its a little big for me, but its my first "real" bicycle and I managed to get it for an amazing deal.

700mm wheels

I think its a bit old as I cant find any crossroads deluxe models made past 2003 2003, which really surprised me because its in really good shape and doesn't look 14 years old so Im likely going to take it in for a once over at my local bike shop

Def need to lower the handlebars quite a bit but cant wait to ride for the first time in forever.
That's a rather broad definition of "quality"
I just bought a hybrid bike and I like it. I only had Walmart mountain bikes before.
A Specialized Sirrus that I got in college. I guess they call them "fitness bikes" now but at the time it was a hybrid.

Though it was pretty much a bargain bin bike for LBS standards evidently it was good enough that someone singled it out and cut through a U lock to steal it.

I replaced it with a RSMB (Bianchi Nyala) that I got on Craigslist for $60 and been riding it ever since.
>700mm wheels
You mean 622mm wheels. Faggot.
File: trek 1 point 1.jpg (817 KB, 2048x1536)
817 KB
817 KB JPG
Just bought a trek 1.1 for $180. Planning to keep it on my car and keep the bianchi advantage at work for lunch hour rides.
File: IMG_1578.jpg (111 KB, 880x528)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Just placed an order for this today.

Some French people long ago using questionable logic thought it was a 700mm wheel. He's not wrong but I only use inner dimensions because inch sizes are even worse.
File: huffyexpert.jpg (154 KB, 800x600)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
mtb fag here prob a 1995 bottom end trek rigid but when i was a kid i had a huffy expert and it was legit
>I managed to get it for an amazing deal.
15 bucks?
>been on 2 wheels before walking practically
>1st bike, pos dollar store special education edition red and black kids bmx
>2nd bike, stolen huffy
>always rode shit bikes, you get the story
>14 years old
>5th bike
>generic yellow and red 90's mtb bike similar to pic related (with a generic 90's name like Iron Mountain or Red Thunder)
>bought it for like $20 at a yard sale
>mystery street tires that was a size between 26" and 700c
>finally earned enough dollaroos to pick up my first 'brand new bike'
>2007 Trek 820
>26" trail tires
>hi-ten steel
>was a heavy pos with rims that would untrue if you stared too hard
>go back to riding generic 90's mtb until 2012 Specialized 29er
90's bike was 'first' quality bike, first 'real' bike was the specialized
Damn that's a steal. You should part that shit out. Put a nashbar carbon fork on it (clean no logos) and SRAM etap groupset on it since they're dirt cheap on Craigslist.

I've seen full SRAM etap new in box sell for $350 on San Diego crags
File: master-Comp_transparent.jpg (576 KB, 2000x1500)
576 KB
576 KB JPG
Arguably the 90s MTB I still ride today.
Might get an entry level road bike like pic related at some point because I'm curious about them
File: sarrn6512.jpg (25 KB, 400x400)
25 KB
Got this a couple of days ago. My first roadie. Rides super smooth and is very fun to ride. Also able to take this offroad due to wider tire clearance.
You'll regret getting that road bike
lol at the rear fender
I need to buy a new bicycle as my current one has been damaged beyond repair.

I'm probably looking to pick up a used bike on ebay, as I'm not made of money and they're super expensive for something half way decent.

I very infrequently cycle on actual trails, so I'm considering a hybrid, but I'm unsure. I normally cycle to and from work on a bobby, uphill, broken back road.

Could I get some general bike info and recommendations? What I should look out for or avoid? Thanks.
That is Walmart tier anon. Stay far away from Tourney.

that is lower than "entry level"
My hardtail which I slowly upgraded to 1.5k total cost in components (No LBS fees)

went from deore to full XT drivetrain and from suntour to manitou fork.

Before that I would only ride old 10 speeds for work and recreation.
Walmart road bikes started going 2300 and up lately. There is a heavy ass scwinn "700c men's bike" with real deal Shimano "sis" parts labeled 2300 on the gruppo casting marks

Cranks are actually marked like higher end Shimano stuff rather than the license brand name
that slack chain, looks swag af tho
What about the same frame but with Shimano Sora ST-3500 ?
The model's pricing is from 350 to 500 euros depending on the equipment.
Nah 700mm is the tire size according to the French people. Even they will admit the wheel is smaller than 700mm.

My first real bike is a bargain bin Sirrus I got a month ago. I'm happy with it.
That's a rather broad definition of "opinion"

The wheels say 700 on them, Sorry about your Pedantic autism.

haha yea its coming off before I ride, but its been raiding the last few days and I dont have the space indoors to get to it.
Shimano generally makes good stuff. It's just that you're grossly over paying for some very very low end stuff.

Low end stuff needs more maintenance and tuning to be rideable, and tends to rust or break faster die to so many parts being plastic.

It's not like Shimano makes junk it's just that if you want something more than a strictly fitness commuter bike then you're better off going tiagra and above.

Resale value of 105 and tiagra is low

So most people just opt for ultegra equipped bikes. $1200 on a bike today means you can get $700-1100 for it 3 years from now.

If you buy that low end bike you'll be replacing broken and unserviceable parts of you but any more than 5-10 miles on it a day

Low end Shimano stuff is meant for extreme casual riding. 5 miles a week or less
Specialized rock hopper

I was thinking of just going with Tiagra or 105 when the time comes. The only thing I don't like about the bike is the 11-25 rear and the shimano 2300 (was this not called claris back then?) RD is rated to only go to 26 teeth max.

I hear that's a conservative estimate so 28 teeth shouldn't be too much of a stretch if I put a new chain on it at the same time. I'm not sure that 3 extra teeth is worth my time when I'll end up replacing the whole nine yards in a few months anyway.

I thought the 23 mm tires would be awful but they're not that bad. I'll go to 25's in a month or two since I'm pretty sure these tires are 7 years old.

I was surprised to find that there's like 3 levels of 'tourney'. My bike with tourney 3x7 works just fine, though i'd hardly call it crisp. Acceptable for leisurely riding is more like it.
File: Scout 3.jpg (442 KB, 2000x1192)
442 KB
442 KB JPG
Rode it a bit today, its way too big for my manlet frame :(
94 hardrock

the bike is as old as me, and rides like new
is this a rapid 1?
The rear fender will do literally nothing in rain. The rain flies off the rear of the tire, not the front
File: 700af.jpg (98 KB, 880x587)
98 KB
Maybe my first road bike I bought myself in 2014, it wasn't really a quality bike, it was a decathlon's triban 3 which cost me 400 euro, but the bike itself was extremely reliable and didn't notice anything wrong with it other than the 8spd and the shit front deraileur which usually only works on the two bigger rings (not a big deal).

At the beginning of the year I bought pic related after the good results of the triban 3. This bike had good reviews and was on sale, 25%off, so I bought it because it had better components and wanted a bike with a smaller frame. After 4 months of riding, I can say it's a really good quality bike.
wait, where is the rear brake ?
nevermind, found it, it's on the chainstay !
File: girls_laughing.jpg (43 KB, 600x363)
43 KB
>chainstay mounted brakes
That's literally the only bad thing about that bike. £550 for a 105 gruppo and superb UCI legal frameset.
This, at that price you can only find some bikes with tiagra and average looking frames. At least this one is UCI approved and it's pretty aesthetic and original because the tubes are not round/oval.
>chainstay mounted brakes
k, shitter, whatever you say
>UCI approved

why should one give a flyin shit?
Only plebs ride without UCI approved frames.

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