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/n/ - Transportation

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What are some good transportation museums to visit in your country?
B&O Railway Museum, Baltimore
Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, Strasburg
Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum, Chattanooga
Museum of Transportation, St. Louis

Not sure if this one counts, but the Strategic Air Command Museum, near Omaha is incredibly good and no one seems to know about it.
Swindon Steam Museum Of The Great Western Railway.

...and also...
California State Railroad Museum
Orange Empire Railway Museum
Nevada State Railroad Museum
Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield VIllage
Ford Piquette Avenue Plant
Kennedy Space Center Visitor's Complex

york rail museum was pretty great
Their Shildon branch looks pretty cool, too. They have a train ride taking you from a 200-year-old shed pulled by the oldest standard gauge steam loco in the UK along an original section of the Stockton and Darlington.
West Coast Heritage Railway Park in Squamish, BC

Cool stuff on display and they have a whole yard that you're allowed to wander through. If you're into trains it's worth the day trip from Vancouver.
Chicago Museum of Industry is pretty awesome.
File: HawthornTramDepot.jpg (255 KB, 800x533)
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255 KB JPG
Hawthorn Tram Depot for a good view through Melbourne's tram history.
File: electroliner.jpg (521 KB, 1600x1200)
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521 KB JPG
Illinois Railway Museum is pretty cool, especially if you like interurbans. They have a 4.5 mile run in the countryside, so you get a halfway decent ride, too.
Duxford Air Museum in Cambridgeshire, UK

It's mostly military aircraft, but have some civilian aircraft such as Concord & De Havilland Comet. It's well worth a visit.
The Museum of Flight in Seattle is great.
If you visit, you should also take the Boeing factory tour (20-30 mi north of Seattle) to see 747/767/777/787 final assembly
Remise - Verkehrsmuseum der Stadt Wien

Pretty interesting musem about the inner city transport of Vienna. Built into an old tram depot they have lots of old trams, almost every type ever used in vienna.

vid related. the music is kinda shit, but the vidoe was filmed inside the museum an

Smithsonian Air and Space museum since GA has fuckall for nonmilitary museums. There's a small rail museum in Duluth IIRC, and a larger one in Savannah. Also Warner Robins Air Museum, but its a military museum.
The railroad museum in Duluth isn't good desu
File: temuco.jpg (351 KB, 900x336)
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351 KB JPG
Not that good in comparison, but it doesn't hurts that the city is pretty.

It's called the Pablo Neruda museum in Temuco, Chile.
I was just throwing out local ones after the Smithsonian desu. I haven't really been to /n/ museums other than it, the Tennessee rail museum, the Savannah rail museum. I knew there was one in Duluth though.
Wish those thots would get out of the road so I could take a good look at the trams.
If you're ever in the Toronto area, the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. They own 1 of 2 airworthy Lancasters, and the only one that flies on a regular basis. In fact, if you give them $3,000 maple shekels they'll take you for a ride in it.

Even without the Lanc there it'd still be an awesome place to spend an afternoon, all the volunteers are nice old guys, quite a few of whom flew the planes in the museum during wars, though those ones are probably getting a bit numbered nowadays.
hurt, huaso culiao
File: dscn0553.jpg (276 KB, 1024x678)
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276 KB JPG
Seashore Trolley Museum in Kennebunk, Maine is the world's oldest and largest mass transit museum. No planes but plenty of trains, streetcars, and buses. I lived an hour from there growing up, went there a lot, it's a very legit collection.
Probably Canada's premier rail museum would be the one at St.Constant, Quebec.


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