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File: ULTra_001.jpg (2.84 MB, 3072x2304)
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2.84 MB JPG
How do we kill buses once and for all?

Is pic related the answer?

Because I'm American, and we don't have either walkable cities or the patience to wait for a bus.
We have to have buses in America so the poor are reminded they're poor and don't get all uppity thinking they can actually lift themselves out of poverty and better themselves. That's the way the rich white establishment wants things, and until The People rise up, destroy The Rich, and take back the power in this country, there will be shitty buses and other shitty public transportation, so The Poor are constantly reminded that they're shit, nobody cares about them, and that That's Just The Natural Order Of Things. Also, having a perpetually poverty-striken lower class serves to remind the Middle Class that they can have what little prosperity they're allowed to have by The Rich taken away from them, forcing them to be carted around like cattle along with the rest of The Poor. So you see The Rich Establishment keeps everyone else in line by only allowing shitty public services. Besides which they don't have to give a fuck, because they have private chauffered vehicles, away from the filthy Middle and Lower class people.
File: 1509972877206.jpg (47 KB, 536x536)
47 KB
10/10 pasta
That was all off the top of my head actually. But I guess it's copypasta now. :-(

Just keep laughing. Unless things change, as you get older and (hopefully) wiser, you'll see I'm right -- then you'll want to kill yourself rather than live in the Hell-dimension you're stuck in.
File: IMG_20171107_124510.jpg (1.6 MB, 4096x2304)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB JPG
> Suggest fixed guideway dedicated vehicle PRT
Murica ignorance. Bait or not, try harder next time.
File: REBEL.jpg (36 KB, 640x370)
36 KB
kek, you can remain The Poor bus rider or you can say Fuck You to The Man and ride one of these bad boys to be A Rebel
next step for bus is going electric
The thing with PRT is that you don't have to wait for a bus which only comes by your house once an hour.

Ain't nobody got time for that.
The driverless pod pictured runs on a fixed guideway between Heathrow and a car park. It won't run on a traditional road.

Even if they could tun on tradtional roads, we would still have the problems with cars: traffic, rat running and the like.

It's generally more efficient to carry large amounts of people in one vehicle.

American cities are shit because they were designed for the car and nothing else. They were and are shit. Invest in public transport and walkability already.
>How do we kill buses once and for all?
Rip up all the roads. Easy.
Off road busing sounds awesome
I was thinking specifically you establish dedicated PRT routes, separate from the existing road infrastructure.
Why the fuck would you invest in PRT when driverless cars are already in limited use?
Presumably a PRT lane would be easier for a self driving car to drive in than a regular one, so you could integrate private traffic into the lanes as self driving cars become more common.

That and for shits and giggles.
If you think this problem is exclusively to America then you are delusional. That being said, the only way to fix it is by having a military junta that controls the state and gets rid of retarded politicians by having only those who have served their country in the military have a say in how the government is run, that way the retarded population can't allow retarded politicians to come to power
Put me in the screenshot
File: city.png (72 KB, 795x900)
72 KB
Bike is unironically faster than bus. Bus is just the worst of everything. Slow as shit AND still gets stuck in traffic and risks accidents. Mile for mile, train and rail are the safest transport mode. Cycling would be just as safe if not for cagers murdering us. What good is a bus? It's shit. It's stinky, ugly, slow, inefficient, unpleasant shit. It's a mobile homeless shelter and cripple transportation service.

Turn every highway into a light rail line or bullet train route. Start building sustainable cities. Problem solved.

Can burger cities even be fixed at this point? tens of miles of endless sprawl for no damned reason. The amount of rail you need to get everyone to their destination would be incredible because it's just so sprawled out. I'd say focus building on points that are along a rail line, and let everything else die and return to nature. Only way to fix it is to concentrate future building around rail lines and let everything else fall to nature.

A bus just has no use. It's a bandaid on the problem, a last attempt to use a giant cage to transport a handful of people through the sprawlshit that is modern burger cities, using a patchwork of dozens of unintuitive "bus lines" that need to stop every 3 blocks (because peds can't be expected to walk more than a block and a half, god forbid), which makes it slow as shit, and you need multiple transfers to get anywhere, each transfer racking up more and more wait time, when there are so many bus lines that each can only run once every 30, 45, or 60 minutes. You could have a minimum half hour wait if you need a transfer to get to your destination, by this logic. Plus minimum half an hour to ride the damned bus. That's an hour, for something that could have been driven in 20 minutes. Thus no one who has money uses the bus. So the bus is a poverty daycare center for the homeless, crippled, and modern lepers. Thus furthering that no one with money or options would use the bus.
>for no damned reason

You have to understand the factors that drive the burgers to do this

>to avoid the minorities in the city center (American cities are more violent than European ones and poor people often can't afford to keep a car running)
>real estate in America is much, much cheaper than in Europe
>want to have a big lawn all your own for the kids to play in

Where I lived as a teen, It was actually physically impossible to walk, bike, or take public transit to the city center, because there was no public transit of any kind, and the only road access point was a four lane highway with thick undergrowth on either side making walking impossible.

I had to walk two miles just to go to the nearest strip mall McDonalds, because that was the nearest commercially zoned building of any kind

They did this deliberately as a way to reduce poorfags.

This trend is starting to decrease due to lower crime rates, but the eternal boomer will do anything in their power to separate themselves from the rest of society.
Where was that?
File: SkyTran.jpg (502 KB, 1920x1280)
502 KB
502 KB JPG
Albemarle County VA.

The population of the county has tripled since 1970 and most of it has gone into a million little cookie cutter subdivisions.

Bonus points: The area has now become a mecca for retirees, so the boomer count is through the fucking roof.
>trolley buses are a century old
>mechanically simple, just need to put up posts for wires, could possibly even unite them with lamp posts
>hey guys check out this new innovation that requires fucktons of batteries and has limited range
That's what I have been suggesting.

A new definition of PRT. Cf modern BRT and guideway bus in the past.

And unmanned buses?
The thing with conventional or past guideway PRT is the fixed capital investment, meaning for most cases a PRT won't even come to your house.
What you are describing is both rider expectation on a demand-responsive public transport.(not necessarily mass transit), and a lack of demand density (frequency is a symptom).

> I don't understand electrification
Battery electric bus isn't a new innovation and its "limited" range is useful enough.
>and its "limited" range is useful enough
Absolutely not. In large urban centers they're driven in shifts almost round the clock. Also they're still very expensive in purchase.
The big difference between a PRT system and a bus system is the economies of scale.

Because bus drivers cost money, there have to be a certain number of passengers on each bus to make it worthwhile, and that necessarily limits the frequency of service.

With PRT, that expense is eliminated.

I'm thinking in terms of modern PRT systems where the guideway is nothing but precast concrete curbs, so relatively low capital costs.
File: fag.jpg (9 KB, 203x236)
9 KB
>having only those who have served their country in the military have a say in how the government is run,
>t. Never gave anything back to his country
ConscriptiConscription should be mandatory so fags like you can be forced to do something with their lives
That's why I mentioned unmanned bus.
I simply disagree with guideway PRT with dedicated physical contact- guided vehicles (eg kerb-guided). Optically guided vehicles can be tried...

Talking about expenses compared to trolleybus. As with modern conventional BRT, what make buses good is their flexibility.
Not a big fan of BEV bus, especially supercapacitor buses. Still they are worth advocating for. Personally inclines towards series hybrid electric and PHEV.
Lol, ok
> we don't have either walkable cities or the patience to wait for a bus.
Just make those buses come once every 5 minute

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