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File: _20171231_112912.jpg (169 KB, 978x1000)
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>ride my bike through the city at night
>see neon lights everywhere
>listen to retro music
DAE do this?
I like to listen to eurobeat while biking.
Do you listen on a speaker on your bike or on earbuds?
Even better on a motorcycle.
I love riding in the city and night and seeing all the nights but I don't listen to music while I cycle because I'm not a massive fucking faggot.
File: cover.jpg (868 KB, 900x900)
868 KB
868 KB JPG
I love riding in the city at night and seeing all the nights and I listen to music while I cycle because I'm not a massive fucking retard
Excellent taste, OP. Makes up for how completely out of place this thread is, a bit. What other 80s J-POPish/City music artists do you like? I like Taeko Ohnuki and Tatsuro Yamashita as well as Mariya Takeuchi.
There's a huge city pop infographic on /mu/, go check the wiki

On a motorcycle its too cold.

The turbulence you get from motorcycling makes it hard to hear the music prompting you to put the volume up and compromise your safety.

Sweet, calming, retro tunes and motorcycling don't mix imo (whether you're on a sport bike or cruiser.) On a bike, its something different, you're going at your own pace, simple mechanics - no need to shift, rev, lean etc, you get to take in your whole environment without putting yourself or others at risk, etc
I don't listen to music either when I do this. But my reasons are because people where I live are fucking faggots and don't know how to drive, let alone look at what else is on the road. Pedestrian casualties are very high here. Many of them involve crosswalks and bikes. So I don't listen to music because I need to be aware of my surroundings since everyone else isn't.
>start listening to 80's jap funk pop
>sounds pretty nice
>suddenly everyone is talking about it
A-am i god?

No, jap funk pop has been making a resurrection since like 3 years ago (ever since vaporware started getting noticed by the normies). Fashion/Media is incorporating the retro/80's aswell (i.e. Movie Reboots, Thor Ragnarok/Guardians soundtrack and feel etc).
I've been listening to this shit for 2+ years now, so you're late to the boat.
Why do you think you started listening to 80s jap funk pop in the first place?
File: iw2wslcj.png (556 KB, 724x713)
556 KB
556 KB PNG
80's had some of the best music tbqh
File: 461543546.jpg (39 KB, 570x344)
39 KB
>-0F winter wasteland
>puffy jacket, doubled socks/gloves, balaclava
>super warm, extra comfy
>nothing but ice and snow in sight
>not a single person outside
>50w speaker inside backpack
>blasting new wave indie rock
>Blindness by Metric starts playing
>extra melancholy feels
Same, especially when doing Intervals on my turbo.
do you have mixes on soundcloud that you listen to? there isn't really any eurobeat on spotify
Not really, I have all my music on my phone.
you sound like the biggest faggot, come back when you can handle a tricycle
I listen to 48s during time trials and 배호 for endurance rides
You're a massive fucking faggot, anon.
>you will never lovingly embrace 20yo Mariya

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