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File: DSCF5928.jpg (521 KB, 1600x1035)
521 KB
521 KB JPG
Opinions on Radwagon?
There's nothing rad about it
Any reason why the sideboards won't fold up?
Any reason why you'd want them to?
Easier parking and storage when they're not being used.
File: Radtop.png (1.39 MB, 925x518)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
negative radness
Sturdiness and less failure points, I'd imagine
I live and work in Seattle where Radwagon is based. They're very popular due to their price point, but the combination of cheap manufacturing and lack of customer education means people will do shit like carry full-grown adults on the back and wonder why they've broken a handful of spokes over the course of a month.

As for the system itself, it's got decent acceleration on flats, but really creeps up hills, which is a really bummer in a place like Seattle. They also suffer from all the usual hub-motor woes (weight distribution, broken spokes, not road-servicable unless you carry a small tool roll, non-eBike shops wont work on them.)

Higher-end middrive eCargo Bikes are getting cheaper and people are getting more educated about them, which means we're seeing more and more Spicy Curries and EdgeRunner 10Es on the streets, but Rad still has the market cornered on price.
What cargo bikes have this?
File: IMG_4967.jpg (571 KB, 975x1600)
571 KB
571 KB JPG
Never seen folding running boards, but some companies like Tern and Bike Friday take the approach of making the bikes shorter so you can stand them on their rear end for storage.
You've still got the bars, pedals, and kickstand being as wide if not wider than the running boards. It's a big bike as is, saving a couple inches at the rear isn't going to make much difference and if you're that tight on space you should consider a smaller bike.
Fucking amazing price point.

I actually was planning to carry my kids, in baby seats, on a Kona Ute. I tried some riding with some equivalent weights in the back and realized how stupid the idea was. Tall wheels with 70 lbs of toddler at high center of gravity= fuck no

On that same note, radwagon should shrink that rear wheel and offer one with no assist option. Now the kids are old enough to sit on the board and lower the center of gravity... But a 20" rear like on the bike Friday is ideal

I'm having kid #3 now so I'm thinking... Longtail + current trailer
Yeah, the Ute and Minute aren't great for kids.

If you want a non-assist alternative to the Rad Wagon check out the ExtraCycle Edgerunner, they have a few build options that span a decent price range.
File: trek cargo.jpg (136 KB, 800x600)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
Trek used to make this. They had an electric model too.
I saw my first Radwagon like 2 weeks ago in SoCal. A guy was carrying his wife in the back and was blasting past every other casual cyclist. I rode by his side just to ask if it was motorized. D:
Looks like it may have had the say issues at the Ute/Minute/Big Dummy - 20" rear wheel is GOAT for long tails.
File: trimobil-cargo-trike.jpg (96 KB, 900x567)
96 KB
Call me when they offer something like that for a good price
my middle school played this on the library's VCR as a reward for all the kids that had <5 absences during the semester. It was weird hearing my pre-algebra teacher say the word "rad."
File: african taxi.jpg (43 KB, 512x341)
43 KB
I would love something like this if it could carry a 150-200lb passenger, wasn't electric, a heavy duty frame/wheelset, and low gearing for hauling shit
neither rad nor a wagon. 0/10 see me after class.
>low gearing for hauling shit
are you an internal combustion engine by any chance?
Cheap and underpowered
2/10 for effort
whats the point of the side footboard if not for someone to fucking ride on it?
For children.

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