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File deleted.
Hey I'm looking to combine two of my favourite things. Trains and sex. Does anyone know good night Trains I can go on with my gf?

Anywhere in Europe or North America
And yes I was inspired by that porn video
This is an Islamic board, please delete this thread.
disgusting. just masturbate to that porn video once more.
File: steveperry.jpg (87 KB, 1000x750)
87 KB
she took the midnight train going an-eeeee-where.
For you, local transit between two stops is long enough.
California Zephyr is by far the best train for overnight travel. There's a lot of variety in terms of landscape, and the train is quite nice as well. In contrast to other routes like Empire Builder where the scenery is largely the same, the California Zephyr goes through deserts, mountains, temperate areas, and plains. Also through major cities like SLC and Denver where you can stop and have fun if you wanted to. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in train travel.

Night Trains in Europe are mostly boring as it has largely died out because of air travel and high speed rail.
London to Edinburgh is rather sweet, there's not much to see in the dark but the novelty is pretty cool. I've also done Moscow to St Petersburg, book out the whole cabin if you want privacy otherwise you'll be sharing with Oleg and or Monika. Oh and there is FUCK ALL to see on route.
Oslo to Bergen, Oslo to Trondheim or Trondheim to Bodo. Should be nice in the summer when the night isn't pitch black.
You can take a night train from Paris or Nice to Moscow, I think they're the longest night trains in Europe. Paris to Moscow is two nights, it leaves on thursday and arrives on saturday. Also they just got brand new Talgo trainsets, so they must be breddy gud.

You need to travel 1st class (actually 2nd out of 3) to get a 2-person compartment, it's 380 per pax and per trip, so 760 per pax two-way

I'm planning on travelling to Russia this summer by train to visit gf pham.
>And yes I was inspired by that porn video
What porn video?

It's nsfw
File: IMG_20180213_183219_074.jpg (104 KB, 1080x1201)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
The classic Amtrak girl
File: Coast Starlight 1970s.jpg (2.28 MB, 3300x2136)
2.28 MB
2.28 MB JPG
Boy have I got the story for you

>be me
>be oldfag
>first time riding the Coast Starlight when I was seven years old in 1976
>overheard this 20 year old pounding his very pregnant newlywed in the middle of the night, hard
>I mean really hard
>parents, who were doing the same thing, but far more quietly, yelled at them and complained to the conductor that they woke me up
>conductor tells both couples to fuck off and go back to bed
>we had breakfast with them the next morning
>no doubt the conductor seated us together just for the spite of it
>they actually seemed like a pretty nice couple
>this was my first sexual experience

post more stories

I fucked my own wife while she was pregnant and we were riding the Empire Builder a once.
CA zephyr is life. Glenwood Springs is the best stop in Colorado.

another good one:

Amtrak long-distance trains are great for what OP is looking for, but I'm pretty sure the Empire Builder passing through Glacier National Park justifies riding it for the scenery. The Southwest Chief and Texas Eagle (on days the Sunset Limited is running) are probably the next best trains to the Cali Zephyr.
I'm pretty sure Great Western runs a sleeper service from Paddington to Penzance. It's the only sleeper service in Britain other than the Caledonian Sleeper
There's no actual nudity tho
>Trains and sex. Does anyone know good night Trains I can go on with my gf?
Normie alert!!!
and so on, you know the drill.

That said: this is relevant to my interests, and I have had some looks into the EU situation.

>Night Trains in Europe are mostly boring as it has largely died out because of air travel and high speed rail.
Well, how do you define boring? Yeah, sure it is. You get from A to B, without any indians or outlaws robbing your train, you'll likely won't crash and there won't be many turbulences or other things that'll be exiting.

But yes, they are getting fewer. For example the German DB has completely pulled out of the market. However, this does not really matter, since most of it has been taken over by the Austrian ÖBB, including a lot of purely or 90% German lines, which they now run onthe same, German rolling stock. The DB on the other hand is running a few overnight ICE's, which are way faster, but sitting only.

Problem is just - the price. Of course, you find those
>from Vienna to Hamburg/rome/whereever for only 29€!
offers all the time, but they are only for a seat in a normal coach. so yeah, more legroom than in a plane, but a comfortable night or even an option for sexy time it is not, so you have to book a full first class cabin for two, which also seems to be impossible on the friggin shitty ÖBB website, so you have to go to a travel agency and likely pay way more than for a plane ticket. So sadly, it's not really practical. Still, would want to go for it. Maybe I can manage it on a business trip next month, because we are supposed to go carbon neutral, so my part of the travel would be paid for.
I think VIA actually encourages it around Valentine's day on the Canadian.
based canucks
she's cute
File: download.jpg (7 KB, 272x185)
7 KB
lewd. Amtrak girl is qt as fuck
Any good guys on guys train videos anywhere? All I see is guys going solo.


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