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/n/ - Transportation

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Kids, I just commuted to work for the first time in my life. I’m a typical amerilard who usually can’t make it through the day without some form of energy drink but today, holy shit. Energy through the roof and can’t wait to ride home. Does it keep getting better?
Novelty excitement factor aside, yes, commuting by bike is great. I've been doing it for several years now and it remains true that starting the day with a bike ride is always good for morale and energy.
I would take longer rides regularly if i wouldn't sweat so quickly
I have the same issue, that is why I often ride after sunset.
love commuting to work ^-^ best way to start any day regardless of commuting tho is on the bike <3
you get a high out of every ride. Keep it up anon
Op here, it better start fucking raining. I believed the weather man and drove my car. So far it’s fucking sunny out...
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>Not commuting in the rain
Are you a pansy or...?
Come one. He's a beginner, give him some slack.

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