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File: safe_image.jpg (38 KB, 540x281)
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oBike are pulling their shitty bikes out of Melbourne. Good fucking riddance. Time for people to throw as many of them in the river as possible. I'll miss seeing these shitty things trashed everywhere.

I love the self-flagellation from the typical Melbourne lefties about how everyone in the city is a bogan and insisting that other countries run these schemes better.
Brisbane a city built by bogans has CityCycles and they are by no means profitable(they're subsidised by on-street advertising and billboards) and they don't end up all over the city like trash. I do wish they'd expand it out towards some of the suburbs instead of locking it down in the inner city(I see a lot of tourists using them which is fantastic).

The docking style system is just better managed and organised than this mess was ever going to be and I honestly can't comprehend why they thought it would work over here at all.
>A new bike share company called Mobike is set to launch next month, Ms Voss said.
>Mobike, founded by Beijing Mobike Technology Co., Ltd., is a fully station-less bicycle-sharing system
So where Singapore failed, does China really think the result will be any better?
File: Hangzhou_2017_01[1].jpg (1.4 MB, 1718x1288)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB JPG
China has a massive glut of garbage bikeshare bikes. It makes perfect sense as a desperation play, a way t get capital out of china, or a way to get SOME return on the massive loss they'd otherwise take.

I'm actually curious if anyone believed that fines they were giving out, I think 3000 for not correcting a badly parked bike within two hours was doing to do ANYTHING but drive them out.

In the long run, some form of dockless makes sense, at least away from the Thunderdome.
That is bonkers.
File: GettyImages-881605540[1].jpg (2.21 MB, 3240x2518)
2.21 MB
2.21 MB JPG
That's just one city. And that's also not counting the impound yard. I mean, it almost seems a feasable strategy to just keep throwing bikes at the problem until the bogans get tired, or there's no more space in the river to toss them.
>just keep throwing bikes at the problem until the bogans get tired,
We'll never run out of energy when it comes to Australian shitposting. As long as there is beer and chiko-rolls we'll be at the ready to throw a bike in the river.
well, what happens when they run out of river?
File: Snowy River Project.jpg (139 KB, 970x727)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
We'll make a new river! And fill it with ever more bikes!
We'll redirect the water inland and flood the desert and then fill it with bikes! We'll drive cars all day every day, get Global Warming happening, melt the polar ice-caps, raise the sea, flood the entire continent and then fill the lost cities with bikes!
Never underestimate a bogan.
>no gears
0/10 would not fish out of river
Is it really bogans? The main issue is fines for leaving them on the footpath. Where else are you meant to leave them?

I only ever saw chinese riding them, and I feel like they'd be ones to litter.

Can somebody explain to me how dockless bikes work? Where are you supposed to put it after you're done renting it?
You place it anywhere you can place a bike, then log off. If the bikes are good there won't be any issue with vandalism
I think you missed
>>1200384 and >>1200430
In Australia, your bikes WILL be vandalised. There's no conditions on that. Vandalism is like a national pastime among bogans.
It is not just a problem in Australia. Everywhere around the world people like to throw their bikes into river and the sea endlessly. (Well, maybe if the country is somewhere inside desert without river then it would be exempted from the problem)
File: 1432098827106.jpg (27 KB, 466x359)
27 KB
Those data-skimming pieces of shit deserve it

Go on boys, break the fucking locks
These fucking shit-tier memebikes are totally unsuited to Melburnian conditions. No gears, heavy as fuck, and they would never have worked anyway because we have mandatory helmet laws.

Good riddance that these things are getting the fuck out. It's just a shame that I haven't dumped one into the Yarra myself.
Mobile is one of only two dockless share bikes schemes to have been successful. It mostly stems from then being willing to spend a bit more for bikes that are built like tanks. Even Parisian niggers failed to trash their bikes consistently. I think they have a chance.
File: 4957125.jpg (242 KB, 1024x768)
242 KB
242 KB JPG
They may have sewer systems, no? Desert oasis? People will find a way to innovate.
They're talking about bringing these things to Philly, and it's just gonna result in blacks having even more bikes to steal and ride in packs down the highway.

I'm not even making that last part up. Teenagers here routinely ride in packs of 50+ down the road, in the wrong direction, and purposefully egg others on. Last year a few hundred shut down a major highway that runs through Philly, as they decided to ride through it.
I would love to join these infrastructure jamming bicycle gangs

> Brisbane City Bikes
> Mandatory Helmet Laws

I can chime in and honestly say one good thing about the city bikes here in Brissy is that it has made the cops chill the fuck out some about enforcing the helmet laws. I have putted around the city with mine strapped to my bag and seem to get " put ya stack hat on mate" rather than a big fine.... so perhaps the mass of helmet less tourists have gently swayed their opinions.

Its still a law. But not enforeced as much. This is comming from a guy who had a full 4 star GTA police 6 car pursuit from not wearing a helmet a few years ago ( i got away)
>another perso/n/ from Brisbane!

Two times I've gotten a lift to work with my bike with the plan to ride home and one time I had to basically steal a CityCycle helmet(I rode to the CBD to buy a new Helmet and then rode back and put the helmet back where I got it from) and the other time I had to ride without a helmet to Toombul Shoppingtown to buy one(a helmet), got swooped by a magpie on the way and it cut my ear open a little bit which was not cool.

So they(CityCycles) are useful at least a bit of the time if only because they gave me a helmet to use and avoid trouble with the cops and it looks like I'm not the only one given the number of people with bright yellow helmets floating around the city.

I actually used them for the first two years they were operational because I didn't have a decent bike at the time and I was at QUT so getting around the city was easier with those bikes than just walking, I had to carry a bike-helmet around with me everywhere however.
Really got me started on Cycling, got a better bike of my own and then never looked back, feel kind of bad because they are a great resource if you're getting around the inner-city.

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