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File: buff-bike.jpg (20 KB, 300x225)
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So guys, I'm gonna be using a bike for doing deliveries on, I bought this one last night on a whim but I'm regretting it now as I live a fair few miles from the city and it will probably take it out of me each day riding in on a single speed bike

Here's the one I bought:

Was planning on changing the tyres at some point obviously.

And here's what I plan on buying instead:


What is the Shimano Claris gearset like?

I've looked at Trek FX's on Gumtree and Ebay but I can't find anything decent, they all look beat up and shit.
Bump, plz help
Is this you?
>I bought this one last night on a whim but I'm regretting it now
>it will probably take it out of me each day riding in on a single speed bike
HTFU, if you can't handle pacing yourself slowly and is a weak shit that can't a commute a few miles to even begin your job, what makes you think you can ride all day? You have the option of lowering your gearing if you're really a leglet. You don't need another shiny new clean bike, you won't make enough doing deliveries and it'll get beat to shit anyways. Ride what you got and git gud.
this is also one of the slowest boards, no need to bump. Either nobody cares about replying or they haven't seen your thread yet. Threads stick around for months here
You seem like you have a mental deficit, but ok thanks for the heads up.

There's a load of steep ass hills here in London son, as for the pic no that's not me, otherwise I would kms.

It's not a few miles, it's 10 miles. And I don't have the bike yet, I cancelled the order to give me more time to do some research and get advise, something you're being a cunt about.
File: leglet.jpg (201 KB, 960x1280)
201 KB
201 KB JPG
>he thinks 10 miles is a lot
leglet detected
I've got a decent amount of mass in my legs from barbell lifts bro.

10 miles just to get into the zone for doing the deliveries, then add up all the mileage I'll be clocking up each day, plus 10 miles home, on a single speed with big ass hills.
TLDR: Which bike is better?



If neither of those, can you suggest something in a similar price bracket?
Since looks like you are anglo and I'm a decathlon fanboy I will say their low tier gravel bike.


Only 50 anglo coins more and it has 7 speed, drop bars for going fast, decent tyre clearance (more than a road bike) and probably the cheapest part of the bike are the wheels and the shiter on the top bar looks pretty low end but probably is good enough since it's shimano. Rest of the bike is about the same specs of a bit expensive bikes. And the best part is the lifetime warranty for the frame and 2 years on the rest so If you fuck up your frame by loading it or something, you can bring your bike to the store with no problem.

I don't know if the bike is superb, but I have seen it on the store and it looks like its a cheap and fun bike.
File: 3453453453.png (281 KB, 784x676)
281 KB
281 KB PNG
32mm tyres and still have clearance for mudguards or even bigger tyres.That's pretty good.
cool nice, because i was going to upgrade to 32c puncture proof tyres on the bike anyway.

I don't really like the bull handlebars, is it possible to take them off?
I think there is a flat bar version but not sure about the clearance
Fuck it, I'm gonna buy this, I'm being too picky. Thanks a lot dude.
Nevermind, I found the flat bar version for the same price. Decathlon is a great website too, shit is cheap asf
Check every bolt and be sure nothing isn't tight enough, on my two btwin bikes I didn't found anything wrong, but I've heard many people saying the guys at the store didn't adjust properly the bike before giving it to the costumer, but one thing, tell them to inflate the tubes, it looks the fuckers never pump their tubes, when I bought my bikes, both times I had to return home by walking my bike because the PSI was really low.
Why not get something that isnt a single speed? Is hipster cred that important?
Street cred seems to be so important to op considering he'd rather have a flat bar version over a drop bar
lol since when are flat bars cool
Flats have a functional appeal, I roll flats because I like having a lot of shit on my bars.
Single speeds really dont.
>a lot of shit on my bars
Like.. What kind of shit do you mean?
You have like 3 sigmas and 5 different lights, a bell and a fucking horn?
Where do you put your hands if you fill your bars up with useless shit?
>Where do you put your hands
On the grips

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