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File: commuters_2650790b.jpg (96 KB, 620x387)
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Who are these little men in flashy and tight clothing that scoot by on these hunched-over tiny-framed human-propelled velocipides? I see more and more of them in London. They always have a sad look on their faces and they look generally miserable. How can men sink that low? Who in the right mind cycles through busy stinking, unhealthy traffic? Do they have capacity to think or are these NPCs? And there are so many them. Are these the beta males of society? Is this the 80% of men who can't get laid? I truly wonder when I ride past them on my sport motorbike and when I sit in front of them at the red lights spouting out fumes in their faces. How do they just accept it?
File: 1372857273970.jpg (149 KB, 640x893)
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How can there be people who don't enjoy cycling? I'll never understand it
if you grew up with everything-phobic parents you probably were not allowed physical activity. same kind of parents who feed their kids microwave dinners because they’re too squeamish to touch raw meat
Poor saps.
They look like any other type of commuter, completely miserable.
exercise improves mood
Science says: "People spending between 16 and 30 minutes cycling to work had lower happiness levels and higher anxiety on average. Cyclists with a longer or shorter commute enjoy an average level of happiness."
Probably because people with shorter rides have less time and need to get there sooner, so cycle instead of walk.
While people who choose to cycle in for longer enjoy it.
>average 35 minutes on commutes
Gotta make sure I don't ride too fast on commutes to stay happy.
It’s almost like work kills the soul.

Take the NEET asphalt ascetic pill lads.

My commute to work takes me on a dedicated cycle patch which runs along a busy street always congested with rage cagers. They always appear consumed in misery, the look of despair and capitulation on their fat little faces.

I can't even understand the kind of person that would make this thread. It's so painfully obvious that it's a troll that fails to actually get any point across. How many people do you see have a happy face when they're exercising?
I commute on a bike bridge that goes over the busiest highway in my city. Looking down at the highway that has become a parking lot at 5pm while I leisurely bike over the mess brings joy to my heart every day.
all recumbent cyclists
>Why are people who live and work in a city miserable
Who'd have thunk it?
I regularly chose to use my bike over my motorcycle because exercise is good and I don't want to become too much of a fat lazy piece of shit given that my job is sitting down all day.
This isn't exactly rocket surgery
File: gdit.jpg (3 KB, 125x98)
3 KB
Not sure if this is an English thing or not. I live in the US and have ridden for as long as I can remember. Also swimming in poonannie.
>>Who in the right mind cycles through busy stinking, unhealthy traffic?

you do , except you're sitting on top of an engine, but basically have the same protection as a cyclist

this is a stupid bait thread and you will get many bugs in you face for starting it

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