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Anyone here use some kind of skateboard type thing as a serious means of transpo? The distance I have to cover is just 2-3 miles more or less. I don't think it's much. I'm debating between a penny board(pic related) which costs 60 USD and a kickscooter that costs nearly 160 USD. Where I live, the sidewalks can be pretty shit and I don't really trust any drivers on the street to ride on the road 90% of the time, so the scooter may be better with shittier terrain since the kind I'm getting has bigger wheels. On the other hand, it's 160 USD for something that I view as pretty disposable. But I do have more experience riding a kickscooter than riding any kind of skateboard. I used to ride a skateboard for transportation before so I probably can learn it again. My issue is about the terrain I guess. Would it be worth it to pay more and have a more assured method of transportation or should I save money and learn whatever I can to make things work?

Note that maybe some days I'll opt to also use the bus along with the board/scooter to get around if I need to.
My brother uses a longboard to get to uni from his off-campus housing. Unfortunately, it will require using the road, but he swears up and down that longboards are hugely better for getting around than regular skateboards due to the greater distance between wheels and more gradual and controlled turning rate. And it looks like there is a good selection out there for roughly the same price as your skateboard.
Do not buy a penny board if u have shitty sidewalks.

I use penny board for traveling inside where floor is smooth. They are some shit when it comes to any sort of turbulent ground
>serious means of transpo?
Really? REALLY?
I want to like the Penny board but there are too many obstacles that prevents it being practical for commuting. The scooter is superior in any way besides size.
You can't hold stuff conveniently(having free hands) while riding a scooter also.

That's why I made the thread to ponder about this. I didn't mean to say that skateboards aren't a serious means of transpo like the guy above thinks., I was asking if there were people here who did use them for transpo.

After riding my bike to work today and back home I noticed the sidewalks wouldn't be that bad for a penny board, however I'd have to get off the board at least 3 or 4 times. On the sidewalk, I think a skateboard could be faster than a bike and have the conveniences that come with it just being a board because when I ride the bike I have to be very careful as to not get into an accident which slows me down too. But with a skateboard I can finish the stride(1 block before crossing the road or something) quickly and just get off the board and walk when I feel like it. You know what I'm saying? I was wondering if anyone had more insight on this.

160 usd is a hell of a lot to spend on a manual scooter so I want to make the best decision. Right now I'm looking at the Penny Nickel board which is actually bigger than the regular penny board which means it could be more stable on some shitty sidewalks. The scooter I'm considering is the Hudora 230 which seems to be pretty good but the price is scary. Scooters have a problem with the wheel getting unaligned at some point and I never know how to fix it properly even though I tighten everything. A skateboard seems to be lower maintenance where I just have to change bearings or wheels and loosen/tighten one or two things.
File: Riding Penny longboard.png (569 KB, 640x480)
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I have a phone mount and shopping bags hanging on my scooter, it's easier to transport stuff on it. It's hard to keep balance on a skateboard while holding stuff.

I have the Penny Classic, Nickel and Longboard, if you still want one for travel then the Longboard wins.
Get off the fucking sidewalk, retard
My life is worth more than the shame I get from riding on the sidewalk. Besides, I live in a very shitty place in California that doesn't have the best biking paths or infrastructure. Most other people also ride on the sidewalk.
>My life is worth more than the shame I get from riding on the sidewalk.
Riding on the sidewalk is more dangerous than you thnk, or you wouldn't be riding slow enough for a razor scooter to lap you.
Riding on the sidewalk I can trust myself to be careful without considering drivers(sacrificing speed) whereas if I'm on the road I not only have to be careful but I must force myself to put my lives in the hands of some of the beaner drivers who infest California. I don't gain any speed if I drive on the road due to how much more careful I must be trying to obey the laws of the road as a cyclist.
Theres a skateboarding general over at /asp/ , they're really friendly to newbies and answer any questions you might have
Get a longboard around 36 inches long. That's probably perfect for what you need. Put some gullwing sidewinder II's on it and wide longboard specific wheels on it. Similar setup to what I have and I use it to commute.

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