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/n/ - Transportation

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File: 1fe.png (59 KB, 658x662)
59 KB
my bike weighs 36lb
Mine is 26 lbs, and factoring in another 10 for water, spares and saddlebags I'm probably not that far off.

Plot twist; it's a fixie.
mine weights 15 lb. good for hills
my dick weighs 36lb
File: IMG_20180808.jpg (123 KB, 707x943)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
>26lb + 10lb of gear
>Plot twist; it's a fixie.
and I thought my shitty fixie at 22lbs was heavier than it should be. Coming from a 30+lb mtb though, I thought 22lb was "light" until I weighed it and compared it to other road bikes then realized I was riding a tank. With my 17lb backpack and 2.64lb of water, my combined weight tops you and OP.

I purchase my lightest bike a month ago. It weighs 18 pounds. My last lightest bike was like 28 pounds (aluminum). The weight/feel of carbon makes a world of a difference.
23 lbs with empty bottles and 2 cages. 61cm frame.

Maybe OP is shaq and rides a 66cm bike? or he's just a dumbass riding around in a 90s mtb with slickz
you deserve every pound of it, frogposter
My bike weights 1/6 of my weight.
My bike is 41 pounds. All steel 1991 KTM cruiser decked out with saddlebags and 2 baskets. Great for hauling beer and groceries.
My bike is ~50 lbs. It's a yuba cargo bike. It can weigh half my body weight or more when loaded as well.
I have no idea what any of my three bikes weigh.
Can you now say it in real measures?
my bike weighs 40.64 cm
I came here to post this. Thanks
I always lighten my load by taking a big dump before I ride my bike.
My body weighs 200 and I still look like a skeleton but also honestly I don't know why but my 20lb cannydaleio make me feel like abird butt steelieboy heavy and chill why dat? well u say weight no matter what really why don't you tape a 10lb weight to your bike for gainz then toughboy internet faker weight counts u know it
get rid of the skeleton. drop some weight dude, do yourself a favor

Post pics!
Never forget to take a PRD
File: 1530816523526.png (64 KB, 485x443)
64 KB
>tfw steel road bike
>it weighs 29.8lbs
File: sworks venge. 2014.jpg (337 KB, 1191x759)
337 KB
337 KB JPG
Had my road bike stolen, so for the insurance money I bought this used Specialized Venge. Rides really well, especially after getting some proper tubular wheels on there.
Still needs some things changed, but being a student, I have to save money every month to do so.
So 50lbs?
dumb frogposter
File: 1533502767862.jpg (1.22 MB, 2048x1024)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB JPG
Mine weights 66lbs
No, 10 kg.
This desu

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