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File: 9.jpg (30 KB, 600x448)
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October 28 at Chongqing, China, a bus carrying 15 people including the driver fell from a bridge into the river after crashing with a car. Because the river is 70+ meter deep and other complexity in environment, there are difficulty in search and rescue task, and they are unable to recover any survivor from the accident.

After they recovered the SD card from the remain of the bus, they are able to put puzzles together and tell what happened in the bus before it crash into the river.
First of all, the bus was servicing route number 22, and because of roadwork, it cancelled a certain stop along the route. At the stop before that cancelled stop, the bus driver notify passengers that such arrangement have been made, however certain passenger is no aware of it. Later, when the passenger find out that the bus have went pass her destination, she demanded the bus to immediately let her off, however there are no bus stop along the road and thus the driver ignored her request.

10:03:32 - The passenger walk up from her seat and stand next to the driver, continually blaming the driver. The driver initially tried to explain the situation but their languages have become more and more heated as time went by and started to vocally attack each other
10:08:49 - The passenger hit the head of the driver using her right hand with phone
10:08:50 - The driver hit back, released his right hand from the wheel, hitting the neck of the passenger. The passenger attempted to hit the driver again but was blocked by the arm of the driver
10:08:51 - The driver take his right hand back and then made a quick turn to the left using the withdrawn right hand and caused the bus to change its direction, crashing with the car in opposite direction and fall down from the bridge.

Recovered camera footage from the bus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXfsSwb4D5o

According to state media report, both the incidental passenger and driver would have been guilty for their actions. The passenger endangered the safety of the operating vehicles, while the bus driver haven't recognize his counteraction against the passenger would threaten the safety of driving and severely violated the code of conduct of bus driver, and both of them have also damaged the public safety.
Right after the accident occur, some blamed the car driver which the bus crashed as reason behind this accident for driving in the wrong direction and call for a ban against women drivers. However video footage revealed that this is untrue.
So a ban on women leaving the house is needed, otherwise this would have never happened.
this should happen regardless
wow, he didn't just bump the wheel, that was like 2/3 of a turn.
Why the fuck bus drivers like water so much?
UPDATE: New information shows that the cause was China.
Look at the footage. He doesn’t even try to correct the wheel, I think he wanted to take them all off the side.
This, literally just gave up on life, only retards cant spot this
Being a bus driver in China means you have to deal with violently entitled passengers a lot and I think this one was the one that made him snap.
There's another theory. The theory said, in China, if you are being hit by someone, then unless something severe happened, police will most likely ignore the case and let everyone went back to do their own things as that doesn't worth putting effort in to investigate. However, if it result in a traffic accident, then what the passenger have done would be considered "endanger public safety" and can be sent to jail. So the bus company teach its drivers that they can punish impolite passengers by intentionally causing an accident
File: 1369411932001.jpg (15 KB, 353x327)
15 KB
BEIJING -- A knife-wielding assailant injured 14 children at a kindergarten in the western Chinese city of Chongqing on Friday morning, police reported. The attacker, a 39-year-old woman, was taken into custody. No motive for the assault was immediately publicized.


This place looks nuts!
Lame. I want to see the bus hit the water.
Bridge needs guardrails that aren't made of wet cardboard.
no fucking doubt
yeah the way he turns the wheel doesn't look unintentional at all
Why aisian bus drivers like so much water?
Literally two buses in water in a week.
guy obv had a screw loose
whether is has to do with working conditions in China or something like:
I don't know
It's China. One in a billion events happen more than once a day.
Both events took place in same city
Chongqing is known to be somewhat of a shithole even by Chinese standards. There's a reason it's not one of the cities that the Chinese government subtly shills to western professionals.
I thought it's better than the Northern plain, Northeastern area, Shandong, and Guizhou.
File: IMG_0367.jpg (2.77 MB, 3926x2144)
2.77 MB
2.77 MB JPG
Hisname,,,was Wikk Wussl.,
,,,,,he just wanted to do a roll.
File: ic-1855.png (920 KB, 1246x919)
920 KB
920 KB PNG
Aaand that's your problem.
I know, Bacon. I still think about Sky King every day too.

Seems like such event is linda common in China but they just went unreported. Like last year in city of Shenyang alone, there's already three different cases that passenger determined guilty for successfully causing the bus to lost control and crashed something
>whether is has to do with working conditions in China or something like:

You mean the one where a passenger kept beating on him and nobody helped?

Heck, in Canada, even in Chicago, America, somebody would have stepped, if only because the driver could have crashed, accidental or intentional.

I'm reminded of a short story I read in a Chinese column, I think it's fictional but it's meant to criticize real Chinese apathy that's been making all sorts of incidents worse. The story is that a group of hooligans kept harassing the female driver, only one male passenger tried to stop them from dragging her off the bus (it is implied they raped her), when she got back on the bus, she kicked out the one male passenger that tried to help her, and then she drove the bus off a cliff.
kys Chang
>capcha:select all non waterlogged busses
>10:08:49 - The passenger hit the head of the driver using her right hand with phone

I don't know why they aren't installing shields on all the buses in China considering how crazy some passengers are, and okay, bus drivers too, but if I have to deal with those passengers I would have drove into a volcano.
File: 9.jpg (240 KB, 768x1024)
240 KB
240 KB JPG
Yeah, that is strange, considering that in soviet buses shield existed for years... And it is more like a designated steering room, not just some shield, like in Mercedes Connecto (Citario for thirdworld shitholes)
This is China we are talking about where bus manufacturer make buses that would be accidentally autonomous and become a kamikaze traffic accident producer despite fully stopped by the signal without drivers involvement. Do you think they would care about it enough to install such shields?
>Do you think they would care about it enough to install such shields?
Maybe this is one of those things that American's culture of suing could have solved...but eh, it's so messed up in China, there is actually an UPPER LIMIT to pay outs for wrongful death!

Wow, I really like the vibrant colours! I'm surprised cause I always thought that soviet mde stuff would be gray and bland, like those cement block apartments I read about.

Toronto's new streetcars are rather train like, the drivers is in a completely different compartment, can't find a photo of it, just the model:

...but I was on the Spadina street car, it's not a clear glass, I couldn't see the driver at all! I was really looking for him too, as I'm still using up TTC token which the machine didn't accept (it's supposed to accept several forms of payment right now). Eh, passenger and driver interaction is now completely eliminated. I guess it's an urban necessary given all the stabbings that's been going on. Even without the fear of assault, it's probably too distracting now, there is a huge crowd of people on phones, leaky earphones, talking loudly, etc, the compartment lets the driver focus on driving.

I do remember the times when I was a kid and arguing with my brother, and it looked like our father wanted to drive into a tree.

>Even without the fear of assault, it's probably too distracting now, there is a huge crowd of people on phones, leaky earphones, talking loudly, etc, the compartment lets the driver focus on driving.
Passengers need to be disciplined even from the point of view of passenger user experience
How dare you, this dude is nothing like Sky King
This coward killed a dozen people bc some common bitch hit him with a fucking flip flop
Richard took a plane, alone, started it, took off, chatted with ATC for an hour about the meaning of life, did a magnificent barrel roll with an F-15 escort and then quietly left this world

Don't slander his name by associating with this bullshit

>According to Chinese state media the driver veered off of the road after discovering that a passenger had micturated in his Coca-Coca
When I was searching for pictures of the driver shield on TTC buses, one of the first page results was this one, where the passenger actually reached pass the driver shield to pour coffee on the driver!

The driver shield on the TTC buses now are made off two parts, the opaque bottom half door that swings open and shut, like that which encloses counters at many shops and medical offices, and the transparent glass/plastic window at the top that can be slid half close or more closed, that has been there for at least ten years now. Generally the buses on the long routes use it, e.g. Finch, but neighbourhood buses don't, at least not in the good neighbourhoods!

The streetcars downtown on Spadina are newer, can't even see the driver at all, in their own compartment, could be a robot in there and we wouldn't know!

Thank goodness for driver shields because we have a lot of bridges and bodies of water in the GTA, and people who are dumb enough to argue with the driver as the vehicle moves. If I don't have my fare ready when I boarded (as a consequence of chasing the bus) I might wait till the next stop while waiting at the front, certainly I wouldn't fight to get my transfer while the bus is moving!

I remember that, I feel sorry for that guy. It was an expensive plane, but come on, it then should have been guarded better, I'm thankful in the end that a guy who meant nobody else any harm got to it first, but if they had secured it better he might have died. Suicidal and reckless impulses comes and go - that's why high fences around bridges are effective. If I had a gun I'll probably be dead now, but I was too scared of screwing up hanging, so now I'm over my suicidal depression, and alive.
He was a airport employee with all credential needed
Planes have no locks and very easy to get into if you know how (and he did)
It's not a security issue, events like this are unpreventable
>He was a airport employee with all credential needed

Waaaaiiiit, does that mean that the highschool drop-outs and felons that the TSA hire could actually steal planes as well as luggage? 0_0
Yep. Flying is so easy that someone who has never flown before can takeoff and aerial maneuvers on a commercial plane. Pilots are glorified taxi drivers. Makes sense too because most Uber drivers make more than starting pilots. Why pay a large amount of money to pilots when anybody could do their job.
Fuck no
Background checks are very deep (at least where I live), you need a perfect record

> Makes sense too because most Uber drivers make more than starting pilots.
You retard, pay does not correlate with complexity of a job
Also, he was TRAINED to start engines, the rest is not impossible to decipher it's a plane not the space shuttle
he didn't try to land, because he would have smashed that plane on the runway
Moreover, you first salary depends on the company, you can do anywhere from 80h/month for 2000€ to 60h/month for 5500€
>Flying is so easy that someone who has never flown before can takeoff and aerial maneuvers on a commercial plane.

Let's remember he didn't survive the landing.

But I hear about TSA thief all the time.
>yfw suicide by bus is a huge meme in China
Every airport and country has its standards
The one I worked at was very professional
Other were a complete shit show
Also airport security =/= ramp agent
>Beijing, November 15
>Dispute on fare collection
>Take the on board fire distinguisher, try to spray the driver, stopped by passengers
>argue with other passengers who stopped the action, and then rush to driver seat, try to bash the bus dashboard, yell let's all die together and attempts to gain control of the steering wheel
>Stopped by the on-board fare collector which apparently is also a security guard, captured by police afterward

Should we assign dedicated security guard to all buses in the world?

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