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>A Swiss laboratory likely involved in analyzing samples from a March chemical attack in Salisbury, England, has reportedly been targeted by Russian agents.

>Two Russian intelligence agents were planning to break into the computer network of Spiez Laboratory, Switzerland's main laboratory for analyzing chemical weapons, according to accounts published Friday in Swiss and Dutch media.

>The president of the Netherlands announced that two agents were deported from The Hague in late March. The move was part of a sweeping set of expulsions following the Salisbury incident, in which former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, were poisoned with a military-grade nerve agent.

>Swiss and Dutch authorities did not immediately respond to NPR's request for comment. Andreas Bucher, a spokesperson for Spiez Laboratory, also declined to comment on the deportations. However, he confirms the laboratory's computer systems have been probed by unknown hackers in recent months.

>"We've had indications that we were in the crosshairs," Bucher says. No data has been stolen from the lab, he adds.

>Spiez Laboratory serves as a reference laboratory for the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), the Hague-based body that oversees the global ban on the use of chemical weapons. The OPCW has been heavily involved in investigating the Salisbury case. Besides the Skripals, two others were sickened near Salisbury in July after finding a perfume bottle that held the nerve agent. One of the victims later died from her exposure to the substance.
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When will this Russia fetish end?
When Putin stops trying to assassinate people who speak against him, gives back Crimea, and stops trying to secretly fuck over the USA.
once russia ceases its perfidy
When you stop being a fat fucking loser, so never.
Kicking any ruskii out is a good move.

California is now forcing companies to hire women solely due to their gender:

>on August 30, 2018, the California Legislature passed a bill that would mandate the inclusion of women on certain public company boards of directors. No other state in the country currently requires that corporate boards of directors include women.

>The bill, SB-826, noted that 25 percent of California’s public companies in the Russell 3000 index have no women on their boards of directors, and of the remaining companies, women hold only 15.5 percent of the director seats. Additionally, other countries have addressed the lack of gender diversity on corporate boards proactively by requiring that 30 to 40 percent of seats be held by female directors. The Legislature declared in the text of the bill that more women directors serving on boards of directors of publicly held corporations would “boost the California economy, improve opportunities for women in the workplace, and protect California taxpayers, shareholders, and retirees….”
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you know what business men do in their board meetings?
they take their balls and dip them in cocaine
Is that actually thing?
What sensation does it produce?
Actually it still is, because Federal law beats state law. Federal law says companies can't discriminate against men and states can't change that law. So it's still illegal no matter what states say.
Also California's law is unconstitutional aside from that because of the equal protection clause.
it feels like chicken, obviously
bags of sand

File: McRefugees-Hong-Kong.jpg (178 KB, 960x720)
178 KB
178 KB JPG



They are known as “McRefugees” or “McSleepers”, homeless or lonely people in Hong Kong who spend their nights at 24h McDonald’s restaurants, and their number is apparently growing at an alarming rate.

Hong Kong is notorious for its obscenely expensive housing market and the inhumane cage-like dwellings that some of the island’s inhabitants are forced to sleep in. Some of these housing units lack basic amenities like running water and private toilets, not to mention air conditioning, so it’s no wonder that some people prefer to spend their nights at 24/7 McDonald’s restaurants. There were around 256 such “McRefugees” in Hong Kong in 2015, but data released earlier this year shows that their number has grown by 50% in the last three years and is predicted to keep on growing.

According to a study by a local branch of Junior Chamber International, most “McSleepers” own or rent small apartments in Hong Kong, but their living conditions pale in comparison to what a McDonald’s offers. The majority of those interviewed in the study also claimed to have stable jobs, but could not even dream of upgrading their apartments on their salaries. They are often referred to as “the working poor”.

But while poverty is the main cause of the “McRefugee” phenomenon in Hong Kong, it’s definitely no the only one. Some people prefer to sleep in a McDonald’s fast-food restaurant because they’re lonely, or to escape family conflicts.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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If this was the US the police would arrest everyone residing in the McDonald's on the spot, then they would have free healthcare and HBO channels in prison.
Worst thing that happen to Honk Kong was to leave british rule.
You can ask any Hong Konger and they will tell. As a part of britain it was a fair place were everyone was respected and had good and fair rights.
Under chinese rule the communist sell all the land at a premium and everyone except the upper class is priced out of home.
we wish to be british again.
Start writing “FUCK CHINA” on all your money...
More proof whites are the supreme race and rulers of the world.
McSystem Just Works™

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We should be asking what they were doing at the facility prior to the incident. What research perhaps lead to the government shutting the site down. Maybe an intense solar flare was going to occur and they didn’t want the scientists to physically see it and share information with the public. Maybe they were running separate excitements no one but the government knows about after all it was a government facility. They do not give details about the separate experiments that they run in the domes as well so there are plenty of questions left to ask.

>Then there is the Hilltop Dome Facility which houses an octagonal spar. Like the spar in the Evan's Facility, the Hilltop spar has its own guider system to keep its several telescopes centered on the sun. It also acts as an eight sided optical bench on which to mount instruments. Some of these are patrol cameras, while others are test instruments. The spar allows several instruments to be operated simultaneously. The patrol cameras can then operate automatically.
Any kind of solar flare activity that could impact us would be spotted by other observatories in other countries, or would be leaked by the scientist who first saw it. Thats back to the stoneage apocalypse type shit. Govs cant even keep the locations of their spec ops soldiers a secret these days.
Maybe all the other facilities are bribed except for this one in New Mexico where they are just some really good hearted astronomers.
>But the shutdown was taken as a precautionary measure after a suspect under investigation “potentially posed a threat to the safety of local staff and residents,” the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA), which manages the observatory, said in a statemen
sounds like bullshit.
why do they need antenna equipment because somebody posed a physical threat
Of course you can. Build it to be able to hold 10 times that, obviously. Engineering is all about margins of security.

File: 1467858733945.jpg (158 KB, 680x712)
158 KB
158 KB JPG

Study shows two-thirds of U.S. terrorism tied to right-wing extremists

Researchers and journalists for the news site Quartz said they used data compiled by the Global Terrorism Database that has tabulated terrorist events around the world since 1970. The database is supported by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START), affiliated with the University of Maryland.

“A Quartz analysis of the database shows that almost two-thirds of terror attacks in the (United States) last year were tied to racist, anti-Muslim, homophobic, anti-Semitic, fascist, anti-government, or xenophobic motivations,” its posting says.

The remaining attacks, the web site said, “were driven by left-wing ideologies … and Islamic extremism.”

>basically, you can be conservative and anti-muslim but even if you are a conservative muslim, they bunch you in with the lefties. To make sure there's some fairness, because, as you know, Islam is terribly liberal.
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Nigger are you honestly, truthfully expecting a fucking island that is hit by a hurricane, one in which already WIPED OUT other island inhabitants to not have casualties?

How retarded are you? Dont answer that it's already pretty evident.

And if you want to make the argument that the response should have better then maybe Puerto Rico should be a state instead of a territory, so their services will be less shit and stop blaming another nation for their faults.
>Hurricane kills some people
>It's now blood on Trump's hands
Ok then

Anon, did your parents ever call you a dummy? Did you believe them?

>Tips fedora
>Trump has become the incarnation of the lefts psychological representation of God
>Mfw this explains their insanity

Hahahaha you people really fell for the god emperor meme

>No way to distribute it

Fucking brainlet. This is the stupidest post I've ever seen.

1. ECMO (Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) doctor
2. Taipei mayor
3. Live organ harvester / body snatcher
4. All the above

hint: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10770421
Well, it's not Jackie Chan
ugly monkey

Amid dire warnings from officials about the dangers of Hurricane Florence, one man has ignored all common sense and walked out to a street in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Friday morning to stare down the powerful storm.

Internet folk hero and Florida resident Lane Pittman, was spotted holding an American flag while headbanging to heavy metal music while the Category 1 storm blew through the area with 85 mph winds.

"YOU ARE WEAK AND SMALL FLORENCE!!!!! FLORIDA MAN IS HERE!!!!!" Pittman wrote on his Facebook post.

Officials say Florence has lost much of its punch as it made landfall Friday morning near the border between North and South Carolina. Up to 500,000 people are without power and the storm has stranded hundreds of people.

This isn't first Pittman's first brush with internet fame. He went viral in 2015 after it was reported Neptune Beach Police issued him a citation for breaching the peace for playing a rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner" and Ted Nugent's "Stranglehold" during a July 4 celebration.

He's also stared down hurricanes before. In 2016, a clip of Pittman shirtless, holding the flag, and headbanging to Slayer's "Raining Blood" went viral and was viewed more than 27 million times on Facebook.

“Had a request for some hair action during the ‘cane. I granted it,” he wrote on Facebook at the time.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
>Florida Man was later arrested for stealing koi fish from a public fountain while dressed as a raccoon
Florida Man arrested for drinking crocodile blood and then plowing through a crowd of onlookers while shrieking with bloodlust.

news at 11
>le florida man


File: 1524125272307.jpg (48 KB, 428x587)
48 KB

Number of white people arrested for terror offences outstrip any other single ethnic group, new figures show
Number of terror arrests falls by 22% overall but police say there has been no decrease in threat

The number of white suspected terrorists being arrested in the UK has overtaken those of Asian appearance for the first time in more than a decade.

Statistics released by the Home Office show an overall fall in terror arrests of 22 per cent in the year, with 351 made in the 12 months to the end of June.

“The fall is partly due to a relatively large number of arrests being made following terrorist attacks in London and Manchester last year,” a report said.

White suspects accounted for 38 per cent of terror-related arrests, followed by those of Asian appearance on 37 per cent and black suspects on 9 per cent.

“This was the first time, since the year ending June 2005, that the proportion of white people arrested has exceeded the proportion of Asian people arrested,” the report said.
In other words South Asians are still ten times more likely than whites to be terrorists
Don't whites make up 85+% of the population? Asians make up about 6% and blacks less than 4%. All minorities over represent their groups.
>throw bacon sandwich at mosque
>get arrested for terrorism
>get stabbed to death after being sent to an all muslims prison
>Don't whites make up 85+% of the population? Asians make up about 6% and blacks less than 4%. All minorities over represent their groups.

ebola virus illegal alien A woman reported to be from Africa arrived at the Eagle Pass Port of Entry No. 2 showing signs of illness at approximately 9:30 am on Wednesday.
While at the ER it was noted that the female was also coughing up blood and had other possible Ebola Virus symptoms.
The individual was immediately put under ebola virus quarantine protocols while laboratory work conducted to find out if explosive vomiting, high fever and explosive vomiting was ebola virus.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Is this the result of that guy that people were saying was going to buy this site from HiroMoot? Or is this board just a testing ground for russian shillbots now?
Maybe there was a lot of explosive vomiting?
That is one way to blow yourself up at a check point.
Exlosiveley vomited twice?
this post would be filtered on facebook because it uses the term 'illegal alien'

File: policia-federal.jpg (215 KB, 1332x888)
215 KB
215 KB JPG
More than $16m (£12m) in cash and luxury watches were seized at an airport in Brazil in the luggage of a delegation accompanying Teodorin Nguema Obiang, vice-president of Equatorial Guinea and son of its longtime president, Teodoro Obiang Nguema, [whom] arrived on Friday on a private plane as part of an 11-person delegation.

O Estado de São Paulo quoted a diplomatic source from Equatorial Guinea as saying the money was to pay for medical treatment Obiang was to undergo in São Paulo. As for the watches, they were for the “personal use” of the president’s son, and were engraved with his initials. Accused of using public funds to support a lavish lifestyle, Teodorin Obiang was sentenced in France to a three-year suspended sentence in October 2017 for money laundering.

> Africans
> corruption

Pick two.
secure, tax free transport of money they brought before into the Brazilia to bribe locals.
Should it surprise anyone?
“Why did African delegation”..... it’s because they are African niggers....period.

That’s what niggers do, they scam, they loot and rip off people.
>3 year suspended sentence
Well that's a deterrent. :-/
hey, it wasn't a white flag at least

File: Fiscal_responsibility.jpg (510 KB, 1984x1038)
510 KB
510 KB JPG
Republican claim: The tax bill will pay for itself
>“The plan will pay for itself with growth,” Mnuchin said at an event hosted by the Institute of International Finance.

Objective reality: The deficit has increased by 32%
>The federal deficit hit $895 billion in the first 11 months of fiscal 2018, an increase of $222 billion, or 32 percent, over the same period the previous year, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

>The nonpartisan CBO reported that the central drivers of the increasing deficit were the Republican tax law and the bipartisan agreement to increase spending. As a result, revenue only rose 1 percent, failing to keep up with a 7 percent surge in spending, it added.
23 replies omitted. Click here to view.
well its a bunch of bs, after the war the allies found out the nazis made very little progress in nuclear research and then abandoned it entirely. It probably didn't help that they handicapped themselves from the start by expelling a bunch of prominent physicists.

Objective Reality 2: Quantative Easing is over. Something the last Administration never thought possible.
>victory in WWII was thanks to Russia
I mean it's true.

>Eighty per cent of all the combat of World War II took place on the Eastern Front. During the four years of the Soviet–German struggle the Red Army destroyed 600 enemy divisions (Italian, Hungarian, Romanian, Finnish, Croat, Slovak and Spanish as well as German). The Germans suffered ten million casualties (75% of their total wartime losses), including three million dead, while Hitler’s Axis allies lost another million. The Red Army destroyed 48,000 enemy tanks, 167,000 guns and 77,000 aircraft. In comparison, the contribution of Stalin’s western allies to the defeat of Germany was of secondary importance. Even after the Anglo-American invasion of France in June 1944 there were still twice as many German soldiers serving on the Eastern Front as in the West.

That being said >>289797 is probably right. As the late 19th/early 20th century showed, postindustrialist colonialism was a shaky affair. Any old dictator can conquer Europe and the Mediterranean, nobody since Rome has managed to hold it.
inb4 my section of the government gets another budget increase
>modern neutron bombs are much cleaner
he purpose of these are to be as dirty as possible


>Dozens of mariachi bands were serenading couples and families in Mexico City when five men disguised as musicians unleashed a hail of gunfire.

>Five people were killed and several others were wounded Friday after a group of men wearing traditional mariachi suits descended on the city's iconic Plaza Garibaldi and opened fire at a restaurant, the city's prosecutor's office said.

>Police found three people dead and two others were taken to hospitals where they later died. The victims were identified as three men and two women whose ages ranged from 22 to 46, officials said.

>A foreigner, who was not identified, was among the eight others who were wounded, the prosecutor's office said.

>The gunmen fled on motorcycles after the shooting, officials say, and were still on the run as of Saturday night.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
They were … the Five Amigos!
They should probably ban people from carrying firearms. I bet that would do the trick.

I mean, the Mexican police are clearly enough to enforce such a ban. look at the outstanding work they have done as of yet.
So this was probably a cartel hit then?
Average day in a mestizo country.
sounds like El Mariachi strikes again

File: 400(3).jpg (29 KB, 400x266)
29 KB
>Active shooters with semi-automatic rifles wound and kill twice as many people as those using weapons that don’t self-load, although chances of dying if hit in either type of assault are the same, a new analysis shows.
≥Researchers examined FBI data on nearly 250 active shooter incidents in the United States since 2000. Almost 900 people were wounded and 718 were killed.
>The average number of people wounded in semi-automatic attacks totaled nearly six, versus about three in attacks with other weapons. Roughly four people were killed on average in semi-automatic attacks, compared with about two in other attacks, the study found.
>A longtime gun owner and sports shooting enthusiast, Crifasi said her understanding of gun culture brings a different perspective to gun research and safety. “The main thing is that there are gun owners like me ... who support common sense solutions to reducing gun violence,” she said.

So, /news/, when are we going to band together and find common sense solutions to reducing gun violence? Is 49 people killed in one shooting enough? 58? Or are we gonna have to wait until we reach 100?
65 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Communists ban guns

guns were never baned in Soviet union. they only regulated the shit and banned the millitary hardware. everyone else was pretty much armed. the shit is that soviet people did no need in guns for private defense.
I believe that's his point - when they use "gun deaths" in their figures, it's nothing more than a scare tactic to inflate the numbers. They don't account for justifiable homicide when they present these numbers in their totals. They also fail to mention it's a small set of urban areas where the vast majority of these crimes are concentrated. They aren't arguing in good faith; they're manipulating people's emotional biases. That should make anyone with an ounce of integrity, and any sense of self-worth or dignity, very angry.
>They aren't arguing in good faith; they're manipulating people's emotional biases. That should make anyone with an ounce of integrity, and any sense of self-worth or dignity, very angry.
This pretty much.
I dont even own a firearm , I just dont like policy being pushed in this manner.

If you give the teachers guns. They'll either shoot themselves "win" or deter incels from shooting classmates.

File: 1535653349090.gif (486 KB, 475x347)
486 KB
486 KB GIF
A video of an argument with a Taco Bell employee in Hialeah has unleashed a wave of indignation on social media.

The incident happened on Wednesday night, when Alexandria Montgomery was trying to place an order — in English — at a Taco Bell drive thru window at 785 East Ninth St. The employee refused to take her order because she wasn’t speaking Spanish.

19 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>whites always saying if you can't speak the language then get out
>can't handle it when the bantz are turned around on them and have a massive break down, screaming so loud it's a news story
Blacks still uppity about spanish so still counts.
>dumbass cracker demands english be spoken since miami, USA
>No more, papi

Crackers BTFO hahahaha

Cubans. They got the sweetheart deal of automatic citizenship for making the landing. Back when Republicans thought spics only voted Straight R.

File: borderpatrol.jpg (30 KB, 640x360)
30 KB

>LAREDO, Texas - A U.S. Border Patrol agent suspected of killing four prostitutes was arrested early Saturday after a fifth woman managed to escape from him and notify the authorities, law enforcement officials said, describing the agent as a "serial killer."

>Juan David Ortiz, an intel supervisor for the Border Patrol, fled from state troopers and was found hiding in a hotel parking lot in Laredo at around 2 a.m. Saturday, Webb County Sheriff Martin Cuellar said at a news conference.

>He said investigators have "very strong evidence" that he is responsible for the deaths of the four women.

>The county's district attorney, Isidro Alaniz, described Ortiz as a serial killer. Authorities didn't disclose the victims' names or nationalities and they declined to discuss the evidence or say how the women were killed.

>Alaniz said investigators are still trying to determine a motive for the killings. He said all of the women worked as prostitutes.

>He said his office plans to charge Ortiz with four counts of murder and one count of aggravated kidnapping.
More local coverage:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Not surprised, every time some politician wants to look like he's a toughie on immigration he expands BP and that means hiring more people which means lowering standards. Practically if not officially. You just don't have a lot of motivated, young, hard working and morally upstanding men that also want to spend all day driving around the desert or staring at monitors for not the best pay.

So of course this shit happens because of course they're hiring assholes.

Law of averages, it was bound to happen sometime. I'm sure it was not his first time.

At least it was just mexican whores, so no big loss. Call the cantina, they have lots more.
>somewhere, in the distance
Why would they use the nazi frog cry?

Stop watching media. Your brain obviously cant handle it.

You have the type of mind of an Auschwitz SS officer, you appeal to authority to justify your base human hatred.

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