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File: facebook.jpg (78 KB, 960x500)
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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump met on Thursday with the makers of popular video games “Grand Theft Auto” and “Doom” to discuss what the president believes is a link between video games and violent acts like last month’s school shooting in Florida.

It was the latest in a series of meetings Trump has held to talk about how to stop mass shootings at schools. Trump has said he would consider a wide range of policy options, but has not yet clarified his positions on how best to address gun violence.

The meeting included lawmakers, critics of video games, and executives from Take-Two Interactive Software Inc, which owns “Grand Theft Auto,” and ZeniMax Media Inc, owner of “Doom.” Trump’s younger brother Robert Trump is on the board of ZeniMax.

Trump, a Republican, has talked about the need to examine how violence in media affects children, after a 19-year-old gunman was accused of killing 17 people at a high school in Parkland, Florida and injuring more than a dozen others.

The president’s free-wheeling deliberations on gun violence during the past month have mainly taken place in full view of reporters. Thursday’s session was closed to media shortly before it began when an unrelated event was added to Trump’s schedule.

The conversation lasted for almost an hour and was “vigorous” but “respectful,” and Trump seemed to be interested in hearing from all sides, said Melissa Henson of the Parents Television Council, a group that advocates against violence and sex in entertainment.

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Poor white neighborhoods also happen to be more rural than poor black neighborhoods. Population density is another key factor in crime, higher density provides more opportunity for crime (more targets, more suspects). Poor white crime rates were higher when they were also located in cities (which is also when the Italian mafia and Irish mob were the number one gang threats) in addition to the modern rural poor whites. During the "white flight" of the 50's and 60's, cities became more black as white families moved out to the suburbs and black families from the rural south moved into the cities. This marked a downward shift in white crime (and of white organized crime) and an upward shift in black crime (and the creation of the modern black gangs).
>>a desensitization to violence (movies and video games)
You're assuming people have a natural aversion to violence. Just having a parent that hunt/butcher/cook will get you used to body parts and blood for example, and kid aren't grossed out if they haven't been told it's gross in some way.

I know the most prolific serial killers are intelligent (the dumb ones get caught pretty quickly), I don't know about mass shooters but I wouldn't assume they have a low IQ.
Mental illness yes, obviously. Depression is enough to not care about death and other consequences, so it's not setting the bar very high for mental illness.

Also, there have been many studies trying to link violence and violent video games, and no serious study found anything. There's no secret conspiracy about climate change here, the fucking Romans knew about catharsis, there's nothing new about "video games" or "movies" : we had theatre thousands of years ago.
So most of your points are moot.

It's not genius to crawl out of a shit pit you got yourself into willingly.
Trump is barking up the wrong tree. If this, or any popular website is any indication, internet culture is far more detrimental to the collective sanity and intelligence of the entire human race than violent video games could ever be.
You know what desensitizes our community to violence?

Reading that your country bombs civilians in 3rd world countries. :')
Yeah, prohibit video games, give people more guns. That shall solve the problem.

File: Snapchat-1354357782.jpg (1000 KB, 1080x1920)
1000 KB
1000 KB JPG
>H&M has entered a legal dispute with artist Jason “REVOK” Williams over the copyright usage of his work in a recent advertising campaign. The campaign features imagery as well as videos of a male model clad in the retailer’s “New Routine” sportswear line while in front of a wall with Williams’s graffiti painted on it. The wall is located at the William Sheridan Playground handball court in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

In a cease and desist letter sent to H&M this past January 8, Williams’s lawyer expressed that the fast fashion giant’s “unauthorized use of his [Willaims] original artwork, and the manner in which it is using the work, is damaging and is likely to cause consumers familiar with his work to believe there is a relationship between the parties,”
>Today, H&M fired back at Williams and his counsel in a letter with a lawsuit expressing, “Under the circumstances, in which your client’s claimed ‘art work’ is the product of criminal conduct, Mr. Williams has no copyright rights to assert,” expressed the retailer. “The entitlement to copyright protection is a privilege under federal law that does not extend to illegally created works.”
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
The law is up to the judges and legislators of the relevant state.

But I do feel that taking profit off someone's art without authorization is repugnant.

Even if we handwave the illegal part. If someone sold an artwork to a private person, and that person agreed for a corporation to use it as a background for advertisement, without the artist's agreement, it would shock me just the same.
But I guess in most cases sale contracts include a clause against unauthorized reproduction.
maybe this will help the us leave the berne convention and go back to filed copyrights instead of just auto-copyrighting everything under the sun
Whoever bought it should be allowed to do whatever the fuck they want with it,

H&M decided to drop the lawsuit.
>“H&M is about to start a war with people who gladly destroy private property for fun in their free time,”
The advantage of being an outlaw is that corporations will think twice before fucking over one
dude just confessed to a crime. he's not going to get charged for it?

This party has been taking radical actions for years.
Do you think this is going too far?
I like the sounddesign tho. 'Sounds really dark. Dutch people all over the country will get hard n wet because of this.
check the vid out yourself.

9 replies omitted. Click here to view.

that also. thats just weak. afraid of backlash and such. there is also an article about the vid. its in dutch tho. maybe if ur in chrome u can tranalate the page.

>comparing something that happened literally one thousand years ago to something that was happening two thousand years ago and is still happening now
The PVV, being the only party with a vocal disdain for islam, is used as a scapegoat by the other ruling parties so they don't look bad in comparison. Corruption and deception runs freely through the ruling parties but no look at those evil alt-right nazi fascists etc.
Look at VVD
Islam didn't even exist 2000 years ago


Archive: http://archive.is/Swq7X

>Jake Zakhar recently returned three cellphone cases at a Best Buy store in Mission Viejo, Calif., and a salesperson told him he would be banned from making returns and exchanges for a year. The 41-year-old real-estate agent had bought cases in extra colors as gifts for his sons and assumed he could bring back the unused ones within the 15 days stated in the return policy as long as he had a receipt.

>The salesperson told him to contact The Retail Equation, based in Irvine, Calif., to request his “return activity report,” which showed only three returned items—the cellphone cases—totaling $87.43. He asked the firm to lift the ban, but it declined. When he appealed to Best Buy, it referred him back to The Retail Equation.

>“I’m being made to feel like I committed a crime,” said Mr. Zakhar. “When you say habitual returner, I’m thinking 27 videogames and 14 TVs.”

This seems like a really shitty practice. Neoliberalism strikes again!
15 replies omitted. Click here to view.
$80 for three phone cases?

This is the price plebs who can't into online shopping pay.

>41 years old

I won't shop there. I worked for my local cable co and often get called for "poor HD quality" (it looks fuzzy). It took a while to discover the dicks at our local BB were removing the component cable from the PVR's prior to sale and trying to sell horribly over-priced Monster cables with the gold paint, or HDMI's. So when the customer refused, he/she went home & used the coax patch cord instead resulting in piss-poor reception.

Fuck Best Buy.
>>> /pol/

File: 1506550760249.gif (1 MB, 266x200)
1 MB
>MOSCOW has developed nuclear weapons that can avoid missile defense systems and plans to bolster its arsenal with nuclear-powered cruise missiles capable of hitting any point on the globe, President Vladimir Putin claimed in his annual address to lawmakers Thursday.
>He also warned that Moscow would consider any nuclear attack, of any size, on it or its allies an attack on Russia that would lead to an immediate response — adopting Cold War-style overtones that appeared to ramp up Russia’s posturing against the West and its allies.
>Putin said the United States had failed to take Russia’s nuclear might seriously or to adequately negotiate arms control. U.S. efforts to contain Russia, he said, had failed.
>“No one listened to us,” Putin said. “Listen to us now.”
>Putin claimed that late last year, Russia had successfully tested a cruise missile that was propelled by a nuclear-powered engine. This engine gave the cruise missile practically unlimited range, distinguishing it from existing cruise missiles.
>The missile would be able to fly close to the ground and follow an unpredictable flight path, rendering existing missile defenses “useless,” Putin said.
>Tests of the technology “will allow the development of a complete new type of weapon — a strategic complex of nuclear arms with rockets fitted with a nuclear-propulsion engine.”
>“This is the start of a new Cold War,” said Alexander Golts, a Moscow-based independent analyst of the Russian military. “This is an effort to scare the West.”
>The biggest surprise, Golts said, was Putin’s announcement of a nuclear-powered cruise missile, which he said would represent a major breakthrough. Weapons experts he had spoken to after the speech, Golts said, “were all in shock, like me.”
114 replies omitted. Click here to view.
only corrupt deep down inadequate people attempt to accomplish anything through fear
So every single world leader ever who had their soldiers grab some peasants and slit their stupid fucking throats. I'm sure you thought you were being insightful, but you're just insipid.
Man, it must be fun working in one of those nuclear arms development labs or something.
>So every single world leader ever who had their soldiers grab some peasants and slit their stupid fucking throats
Are you making a statement or asking me? You need to structure your sentences better.
>you think russia weak? hah...

2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Is anyone surprised?
This just in: dictators dont care about civilian deaths.

Amazed they are still part of NATO.
>Activists say 280 civilians have died
I'm sure radical Kurdish terrorists will want to paint their enemy in a negative light.
Spotted the roach.
>I really hope the kurds take a page out of the al-qaeda/taliban book of occupations and bog down the turks in an endless mire of civil unrest

Do you literally know nothing about the Kurds? Those terrorists have been doing that for centuries.

File: c1f.gif (898 KB, 602x338)
898 KB
898 KB GIF
The United States spends almost twice as much on healthcare as other rich nations, largely because everything from drugs to devices to doctors' pay simply costs more, researchers said Tuesday.

The study by researchers at Harvard University and the London School of Economics disputes the long-held belief that US costs are high because patients see doctors too often or otherwise abuse the healthcare system.

"The reasons for these substantially higher costs have been misunderstood," said senior author Ashish Jha, professor of global health at the T.H. Harvard Chan School of Public Health at Harvard University.

"These data suggest that many of the policy efforts in the US have not been truly evidence-based."

The study in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) compared the US health system to 10 other high-income countries -- Britain, Canada, Germany, Australia, Japan, Sweden, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

Researchers used data from 2013-2016 on about 100 metrics that underpin healthcare spending, and confirmed what experts have long known -- that the United States "has substantially higher spending, worse population health outcomes, and worse access to care than other wealthy countries."

The reason? Prices are higher for nearly everything in the United States.

For example, administrative costs related to planning, regulating, and managing accounted for eight percent of total US healthcare costs, compared with a range of one to three percent for other countries.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
68 replies omitted. Click here to view.

>The VA has always had plenty of funding,

And yet VA hospitals are literally prohibited from paying their staff to industry standards thanks to Republican legislators who have attempted to sabotage the system in hopes of selling it off to a donor.

The problem we have legalized bribery in the United States, so lobbyists like the Koch brod do their best to sabotage government and then say "See? Government can't work. Give your money to us, we can do it better",

>And the same common problems still continue with all three.
The problem is, you have to explain why other high income countries with socialized healthcare, and enjoy all the same licensure protections, have better outcomes, universal access, and spend half of what we do, when the major difference with out system is it is almost entirely free market. And all the political right will ever have on offer as a solution is we have to dig ourselves deeper into the hole that got us to extraordinary spending, substandard coverage.
The thing about socialized healthcare, is that healthcare providers are forced to negotiate lower prices when can't choose between insurers (since the government is the single insurer almost everyone is covered under). For many, it's contract with the government or depend on patronage from the subset of people who aren't covered (tourists with travelers insurance or they live off the books and pay out of pocket).
I can only speak for the public education, but he's mostly correct.
It honestly doesn't matter their race, admins hate having to do work so they hate dealing with parents of kids who got the grade they earned. For some reason, admin doesn't like me...
Remember, if we get shot here, we don't go into debt.
Ironically right-wingers caused those problems.

File: 1521952319.jpg (35 KB, 640x480)
35 KB
Britain is now threatening to seize Russian oligarchs' luxury real estate after ex-spy's poisoning

As British investigators examine the theory that a deadly Soviet-developed nerve agent was put into the luggage of Yulia Skripal before she flew from Moscow to Britain on March 3 to visit her father, former Russian spy Sergei Skripal, the aftermath of their March 4 poisoning is spreading throughout Russia and the West. The Skripals, father and daughter, were found unconscious on a park bench in Salisbury, and 12 days later they are still in critical condition at a hospital. Britain blames the Kremlin for the brazen nerve agent attack.

Russia responded Friday by threatening to expel British diplomats in retaliation for Britain's decision to kick out 23 Russian embassy employees it says are spies, and to add some number of Americans to its "black list" in reaction to the U.S. sanctioning 19 Russians and five companies for cyber-attacks. Britain also signaled it might hit Russian President Vladimir Putin's loyal allies where it hurts: their luxury "Londongrad" real estate.

Wealthy Russians started moving money into Britain in the mid-1990s, using murky shell companies to invest tens of billions of dollars in multimillion-dollar London mansions and other assets, like soccer teams and newspapers, The New York Times reports.

But on Wednesday, Prime Minister Theresa May vowed to "freeze Russian state assets" used to attack British citizens and crack down on "serious criminals and corrupt elites," adding, "There is no place for these people — or their money — in our country." Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson suggested Thursday that Britain might target Putin associates in a new anti-corruption drive. "If you start to take away Astons and Bentleys and huge apartments in Kensington, freezing those assets, people will care a lot more,"

16 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>seeing as how it’s of no benefit to them
Did the deaths of Litvinenko, Politkovskaya, Perepilichnyy, Berezovsky, Puncher, Nemtsov, or Voronenkov benefit the state in any way? Maybe they all committed suicide after expressing fear for their lives. Or maybe the CIA did them all in.

Why do people who oppose the Russian state keep getting gunned down by random criminals or committing suicide in completely implausible ways?

>benefit to the Western government oppose to Putin.
The West had been trying to reach a "rapprochement" with Russia for ages. They are turning against Russia because Russia is shitting on them, not the other wy around.
>The only solution to cancer is shooting yourself in the head.
No, the west has made Russia the bogeymen since they killed their Tsar and became communist. And now that Russia is coming back economically by partnering up with China and the American economy is bogged while the British rely on selling weapons on the sly we're expected to think they're monsters again because the only thing fixing the western economies is another world war.

I'm not going to pretend Russia is a great nation, they're slippery, shitty and dirty. But so is the west. We're only where we are by slaughtering and conniving our way to the top. We've committed atrocities and genocides and theft on unimaginable scales, so when a country dares to shit on us, it's not because they're bad. I mean, you want to talk about people committing suicide in random ways? What about all the people who accidentally fell onto bullets back of the head first after they made Hillary upset?
>And now that Russia is coming back economically
Russia is an economic wasteland powered by the massive amount of space it occupies and an large extractive economy. Economically it's less threatening than Canada. Per capita people are better off even in a shithole like Turkey. The only economic threat posed to the Western order today comes from China with other massive poor countries like India coming at a tremendously distant second. Russia's threat isn't economic: they're primary threat is via the exploitation of Western institutions through asymmetric conflict methods. In any symmetric conflict they'd get demolished worse than Russian mercenaries fighting bombers with rifles.

>We're only where we are by slaughtering and conniving our way to the top. We've committed atrocities and genocides and theft on unimaginable scales, so when a country dares to shit on us, it's not because they're bad.
Historically this isn't untrue, but the fact that your ancestors got where they are today by killing and raping doesn't mean we should be any happier about killing and raping today.

>What about all the people who accidentally fell onto bullets back of the head first after they made Hillary upset?
Literally whataboutism. But humor me, name them. Preferably those claims that are backed up by the assessment of any serious entity, as opposed to fished off the ass end of an Infowars-themed blog. Even RT or Russia's state security services will do.
Allahu Akbar!
The U.S. must take Monroe Doctrine now.
The U.S. must withdraw American Forces from all Foreign Countries now.
Stop America's doing its all wars now!

I love American99% and the U.S.

China, Germany and Japan must loosen Germany's, Japan's and China's monetary policies now!
China, Germany and Japan must stimulate Germany's, Japan's and China's domestic demands now!
Japan and Germany must issue a lot of construction bond now!
Japan and Germany must reduce Germany's, Japan's and China's taxes now!
The U.S. must tighten its monetary policy now!
As a result, Dollar value will rise!
The U.S. will have trade surplus!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

A “safety zone” has been set up for the care of a patient from West Africa who went to the Winchester Medical Center’s emergency department Thursday with an illness, according to officials with Valley Health System.
Keep it to one thread, diseasefag.

File: 1441966945638.jpg (11 KB, 300x196)
11 KB
>>A Bulgarian air hostess working with the Emirates Air, today, committed suicide at the Entebbe International Airport, Uganda.

1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Lmao see pics
considering the doors are locked while the plane is flying, did she jump when it was on the ground?
Reading comprehension difficulties. Please stand-by.

>the deceased, identified as Elena, jumped out through the emergency exit door, shortly before take-off
>shortly BEFORE take-off.

Meh.. maybe she got tired of the same in-flight movie being shown over-and-over...

>"oh noes.. not 'Coco' again.. fuck that shit, i'm outta her"...
Pics legit
The picture shows the plane just pulled back from the stand, not even taxiing yet.


So a *woman* was told to put her 10-month old PUG into the overhead compartment on United Airlines. And the absolute madman let them do it. It's not clear if the woman did herself, if the stewardess did it or how much the woman protested if at all. In a fucking bag, closed most likely. Im sure we all agree the flight attendant fucked up, but we should also agree the OWNER fucked up more, right? Who just complies with anything anyone tells them? Who doesn't know putting your dog in a duffel bag on long flight will probably be lethal? An overhead compartment stuffed with bags? Low oxygen? On a piece of metal hurtling through the atmosphere?
20 replies omitted. Click here to view.
That dog should not have been in the passenger cabin in the first place. The owners were trying to be kikes and not paying the fee to put the dog where it belongs, in a special place with luggage and sufficient protection, also sleeping drugs, to make their journey easier.
Instead, they managed to sneak a dog on the plane and tried to endanger everyone with loose fucking baggage. You are supposed to put anything that can fly and hit people in the head while a plane is doing friggin summersaults trying not to crash away, to slightly increase survival. Owners should be sent to prison.
>in a special place with luggage
There's not enough air for an animal to live in the luggage compartment. They're put in cages at the back of the passenger area, or with the passengers when they need it (blind, moral support and whatever).
And you can have small luggage at your feet, except the rows in front of the exits.
>there's not enough air for an animal to live in the luggage compartment.

Uh, No.
The baggage compartments on commercial passenger jets like this one are pressurized & climate controlled. Animals are often transported.
The same could be said about every parent with a kid under 1.5 years
If traveling is beginning to become this much of a hassle for someone, perhaps they should seek other means of transportation

http://www.zikavirusmap.net/uncategorized/hemorrhagic-disease-broken/According to Nanaimo Animal Control Services, about 30 dead rabbits have been found in the last four days on Vancouver Island University campus and in the surrounding area.The Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources said in a statement it will continue testing, but it suspects the other rabbits died from the same illness.”
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
How about you stop buttfucking them instead, huh? That'll do more to stop cross-species transmission than hoping no new disease will ever show up.
transmission can happen by other means...
Ebola is hemorrhagic too. You get it by coming into contact with blood or other bodily fluids. 30 dead rabbits? Hope there isn't an elementary school nearby with a curious kid who just happened to pick one up...
There is unconfirmed reports this has spread to a city north of Nanaimo. Wouldn't be surprised if someone caught one and then released it in their town to see if it eliminates the feral rabbit population there.


>Provincial govt says they haven't had any calls
>SPCA has left numerous voicemails
Hi 1o2o3o4o5o6o7o8o9o0

File: 1521365444815.jpg (21 KB, 228x249)
21 KB
McCabe appears to be suggesting that Comey was consulted before the alleged leak to the media on the Clinton investigation. Many of us had speculated that it seemed unlikely McCabe would take such a step without consulting with Comey. Yet, Comey repeatedly stated that he had never leaked nor caused anyone to leak information to the media.

The timing for Comey could not be worse. He already has started selling tickets, for roughly $100 each, to attend the tour for his forthcoming book, “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership.” If he gave McCabe the green light for his “interaction,” the title could prove embarrassingly ironic.

If this was determined to be a leak with his approval, Comey likely would be labeled not just a leaker but a liar.

19 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Most of them are also Canadian and have dual citizenship either with Canada or Israel.
>I cherry picked specific points

>Mccabe- "The OIG investigation has focused on information I chose to share with a reporter through my public affairs officer and a legal counselor. As Deputy Director, I was one of only a few people who had the authority to do that. It was not a secret, it took place over several days, *****and others, including the Director, were aware of the interaction with the reporter.****"
>Asked under oath if he had “ever been an anonymous source in news reports about matters relating to the Trump investigation or the Clinton investigation” or whether he had "*********ever authorized someone else********* at the FBI to be an anonymous source in news reports about the Trump investigation or the Clinton investigation,” ****Comey replied “never” and “no.”*****

The BI link specifically discusses the article in which McCade leaked info, and the specific info he leaked. Unfortunately the WSJ article itself behind a paywall.
>The reporter who authored the Journal's article, Devlin Barrett, was in touch with two top FBI officials on the phone two days before the story broke, according to text messages released last month. The officials were FBI lawyer Lisa Page, who often worked with McCabe, and then FBI spokesman Michael Kortan.
>While law-enforcement officials often speak to the press on background in order to provide more complete details about an ongoing story, they are prohibited from revealing information about ongoing investigations, like the Clinton and Clinton Foundation probes. McCabe stepped down as deputy director in January after FBI director Christopher Wray briefed him about the impending OIG report about his conduct.

Can't wait for the release of the IG report.
JK: Got around the paywall.

The WSJ article at no point specifically names McCabe, Page, or McCabe's public relations office as sources for the information, instead makes an anonymous reference (about 13 times in the article) to "people/person familiar with the matter."

Game: blouses.
Of course it's trash, The Hill is a right wing rag.

/pol/ really is deluded.


>It’s been a bad week for white supremacists and fake news. First, Matt Heimbach—the founder of theneo-Nazi grouptheTraditionalist Worker Partyand a man famous forshoving a black woman at a Donald Trump rally—wasarrested for assaulting another woman(his wife). Since Heimbach was also accused of choking the co-founder of the party as part of what seems to be a complicated love rhombus, it now appears theentire group is defunct. Also this week, the Southern Poverty Law Center discovered thatthe wife of Stewart Rhodes, founder of the alt-right anti-government militia group the Oath Keepers, had filed for a temporary restraining order, claiming her husband was abusive and violent.Alt-right servers are being shut down, as are YouTube channels,albeit too slowly. And Richard Spencer, who was meant to be the alt-right’s palatable offering, has ruefully declared that his white-supremacist rallies—as a result of which at least one woman has been killed—are “not fun anymore.” He says he is consideringcanceling his whole not-fun, poorly attended speaking tour. He’s alsodropping his lawsuitsagainst colleges that had barred him from speaking. Also, hecan’t get a lawyerto represent him.
15 replies omitted. Click here to view.

Even though you're being facetious, everyone should be required to work at a Walmart for six months before being allowed to vote. It will really open your eyes to how poor people think, behave, and react, to the world around them.
Oh, so you're a special snowflake because you were born into a well off family?

I learned first hand that you're only 1 bad Friday away from a layoff. Change is inevitable. It's how you plan for that change that makes you a man.

I'm proud of you, anon. It takes courage to be retarded in public
>There's another thread up right now about a kid who got suspended because he refused to participate.
>Falling for right wing propaganda
Typical /pol/ stupidity. What happened was the school decided to plan ahead since the students were going to walk out, so to minimize liability, those who walked would stay together, and those who refused to walk out were to report to a location on school. The student decided to be a fence sitting retarded and refused to do both and sit in a classroom and he was rightfully suspended. He wasn't suspended for participating in the walk out and this is another case of right wing propaganda trying to discredit the new gun control movement and why they need to be held accountable when they intentionally falsify stories.
>nothing damaged authoritarian dictatorships as much as widespread literacy.
This, when the rich and elites attempted their coup in Venezuela, the only reason why poor and middle class revolted against the rich was because Chavez educated them on their rights and how the Constitution worked.

File: Roth.jpg (14 KB, 400x300)
14 KB

>SuperShe Island: Women-only luxury retreat opening in Finland

>(CNN) — Did you watch hit movie "Wonder Woman" and daydream about escaping to her home, the female-only island of Themyscira?
That dream could soon become a reality: entrepreneur Kristina Roth has created SuperShe Island, a private retreat off the coast of Finland where no men are allowed.
Roth says her aim is for women to vacation at a destination away from society's pressures and embrace an all-female energy.

>inb4 raging manlet posting on 4chan because jealous of how good woman have it

I can put away the fact of how ironic it is that women now exclude and discriminate by gender themselves, because it's subjective so whatever

But can someone explain to me what the logistics of that would be? like is she going to put guards with rifles around the island that would shoot any male who decides to go on the island by boat or whatever. Are they not gonna allow trannies? Can someone even buy a whole island of Finland? Would there be an interest, assuming that this is going to happen to like, as guys, go there just to fuck with them? Kinda like 4chan did with whole HWNDU fiasco? I'm genuinely curious

Btw, she's kinda hot
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
(CNN) — Did you watch hit movie "Black Panther" and daydream about escaping to his home, the Blacks-only land of Africa? That dream could soon become a reality: entrepreneur Xavier Malcom M'buta has created SuperBlack Island, a private retreat off the coast of Africa where no non-Blacks are allowed. Xavier says his aim is for Blacks to vacation at a destination away from society's rules, laws and regulations and embrace an all-Black energy.
> because no maintenance
You don't think the resort can find female maintenance people?
once they cleanse the island of all male cis lords of course. men will be shot on sight as well. even deliverys will be done by mermaid and orca .
>because if white men does it it´s racist&sexist
>a yuritopia is within my time line
This is literally my dream. I hope they keep trannys from entering

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