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File: 4-2.jpg (161 KB, 1410x633)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
(Reuters Health) - Air pollution could be responsible for 3.2 million new cases of type 2 diabetes every year globally, suggests a new analysis.

“We estimate that about 14 percent of diabetes in the world occurs because of higher levels of air pollution, that’s one in seven cases,” said senior study author Dr. Ziyad Al-Aly of Washington University and the VA Saint Louis Health Care System in Missouri.

“Risks exist at levels that are below what’s now currently considered safe by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States and also by the World Health Organization,” he told Reuters Health in a phone interview.

The tiniest form of particulate matter pollution, known as PM 2.5, is already associated with increased risk of heart disease, lung disease, kidney disease, and other noncommunicable diseases “and contributed to about 4.2 million premature deaths in 2015,” the study team writes in The Lancet Planetary Health.

PM 2.5 is the mix of solid fragments and liquid droplets suspended in air that’s sometimes visible to human eyes as haze.

“There is emerging evidence over the past several years that particulates, when they are small enough, they make their way through the lungs to the blood vessels,” Al-Aly said. “They go to the liver, they go to the pancreas, they go to the kidneys. These particles are noxious. They irritate tissue and they damage tissue, they create oxidative stress, they create inflammation.”

Type 2 diabetes is associated with obesity and aging and occurs when the pancreas can’t make or process enough of the hormone insulin.

SOURCE: https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lanplh/article/PIIS2542-5196(18)30148-7/fulltext

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
To look for a link between air pollution and type 2 diabetes, researchers analyzed data on 1.7 million U.S. veterans without diabetes, comparing PM 2.5 levels where they lived to their risk of being newly diagnosed with the disease during the next eight and a half years, on average. The researchers separated out the independent effect of air pollution by taking other diabetes risk factors, like obesity, into account.

Veterans’ annual average daily PM 2.5 exposure ranged from 5 to 22.1 micrograms per cubic meter (mcg/m3) of air. A 10-point increase in PM 2.5 concentration was associated with a 15 percent higher risk of developing diabetes, and an 8 percent higher risk of death. Risk of diabetes started to rise when pollution levels exceeded 2.4 mcg/m3, well below the EPA’s current standard of 12 mcg/m3 and the World Health Organization guideline of 10 mcg/m3.

Al-Aly and his colleagues then looked at worldwide PM 2.5 levels to estimate the total burden of diabetes due to air pollution. About 3.2 million new cases of diabetes, 8.2 million years of life lost to disability and more than 200,000 deaths annually were attributable to breathing dirty air, the authors calculated. Low-income and low-to-middle income countries bore the largest burden of air pollution-related diabetes.

While air in the U.S. is relatively clean compared to smog-choked parts of China, India and elsewhere, Al-Aly said, “we need to do better.”

He called for moving to “energy sources that contribute much less to pollution, more electric cars, more hybrid cars, more solar power and wind sources of energy rather than coal. It’s already happening, but probably not fast enough.”
In an editorial, Dr. Gary O’Donovan of the Universidad de los Andes in Bogota, Colombia, and Dr. Carlos Cadena-Gaitan of the Universidad EAFIT in Medellin, call the findings “another call for action.” They note that the current study did not adjust for physical activity, and that it’s possible to cut air pollution while promoting exercise with programs like Bogota’s Cyclovia, in which city roads are closed to motor vehicles on Sundays and holidays to make room for walkers and cyclists.

“More research is required to determine the independent associations of physical activity and air pollution with diabetes and other non-communicable diseases; nonetheless, there is more than enough evidence to justify the implementation of policies and interventions that might actually increase physical activity and decrease air pollution, such as Cyclovias, free sport and exercise facilities, bicycle sharing schemes, electric vehicles, low sulfur fuels, exhaust filters, and driving prohibition schemes,” they write.
>more electric cars
>electric batteries used are Lithium Ion batteries
>After X amount of uses, battery is no longer useful
>no safe way of disposing of Lithium
>Mining for Lithium is dangerous with harmful emissions

I get it that coal and fossil fuel isn't the best, but from a power to emission ratio, they fare better overall than the current technology of clean energy.
thats just all the more reason to fund research as opposed to buying weapons for israel
Now now, let's not stray too far from the point. But I agree with you about research. However, you have to remember, big oil actually exists. They have made it difficult to make cleaner energy sources more readily tested or researched due to the simple fact that it would hurt their income.

File: trumpPutinMeeting.jpg (21 KB, 474x266)
21 KB
Goes to show you that no matter your position or hype that you have, you'll still get slammed by the masses for a shameful display. Elon Musk knows lol

89 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Holy fuck lol
You don't have to shitpost. There's ways out of this. We can get you help
My sides
>Would you care to explain what exactly that is then anon?
Evasion of direct answer?
>lying shill
>.so I have great confidence in my intelligence people, but I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today.
So what is it if not constatation of fact?
>I'm sure the FBI and CIA would love some Russian spies to help them in their investigation of Russia.
So special agency should refuse offer from Russian offer that will allow US agents to talk directly with suspects. Because of KGB... Nice investigation we have here.
>getting paid for this
Here we go. Ad hominem as it best.
KGB is Soviet, anon. I think it's the FSU and SVR we want.

And yes, that's basically the wolf guarding the henhouse, in return for more wolves on our shores. It's a bad idea and Trump shouldn't do it.

Which incidentally is the consensus of the intelligence community.


Reality is a stubborn bitch.
117 replies omitted. Click here to view.
That depends on the level of reasonable doubt.
>That depends on the level of reasonable doubt.
Show me one case where reasonable doubt alone convicted someone of murder, where there was absolutely no evidence otherwise proving they had any involvement in anything.
>Show me one case where reasonable doubt alone convicted someone of murder


No, you idiot. Conviction requires suspicion BEYOND reasonable doubt. Do you know anything about American law?!

>Conviction requires suspicion BEYOND reasonable doubt.
>That depends on the level of reasonable doubt.


If there is insufficient reasonable doubt to overwhelm the suspicion of guilt then the jury finds the accused guilty. That's American criminal law 101.

File: тимошенко1.jpg (47 KB, 600x391)
47 KB
A group of unknown people attacked a private house in Kharkov used as an animal shelter, and devastated it. The animals were hacked with a shovel.

In Kharkov on the night of July 15, unknown people broke into a non-residential private house, where volunteers kept homeless cats, and killed most animals. This was reported on her Facebook page by the vice-president of the Association of Zoosecurity Organizations of Ukraine Marina Surkova.

"At night, some bastards broke into the mini-shelter (the hostess was not at home), crushed the house, chopped cats and kittens." The investigative-operative group accepted the statement, photographed the general background and left, "wrote the zoo-defender in Facebook.

As a weapon of murder, a shovel and rake were used, which the attackers took there in the shelter. Volunteers have not yet named the exact number of dead animals, since the whole house is destroyed, and all the dead and live animals have not yet been found.

1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Man, if you're outraged by this surely you were outraged by them poisoning stray dogs by the thousands in Sochi before the 2014 Olympics and in all the World Cup cities this year?
It's really pathetic how Russians are so butthurt about irrelevant shitholes like Ukraine and Poland.
>poisoning stray dogs by the thousands in Sochi before the 2014 Olympics

#fake shit, no such happened.
Home invasion and wanton destruction of propety and nonstray animals is pretty different from pest extermination, I'd say.

File: MelissaGree.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1920)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
Oregon woman dies in car accident while performing oral sex on driver. Photo from victim's Facebook

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well, she really blew it
>well, she really blew it
>the world according to garp
because the pretty ones are cherrypicked by the news. much like the news board on 4chan cherrypicks the most biased reports (usually from sources that are disreputable or dubious at best)
The victims are fucking Asian you dumbasses, middle aged too, you would only know if you read the article



You didn't say don't do the thing so we're doing the thing.
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>the White House is now openly conspiring with the people who attacked us.

Better reduce that dilator to a size you can handle.
>doesn't this go against the NSA's legal charter of just maintaining the country's crypto?
first of all, the NSA rarely does anything itself except for get kleptographic backdoors installed into software or technology standards, or collect large amounts of internet traffic.
nearly all of the actual 'operations' are performed by intelligence contractors so that the NSA/US Govt can maintain a degree of separation from the actual unethical, dirty jobs
>It is the latest initiative by national security agencies to push back against Russian aggression in the absence of direct guidance from the White House on the issue.

I recall their guidance from Obama was to "stand down" in 2016.

Barry thought Hillary had it in the bag.

So know that the deed is done, they want to step up?

Kinda lamo.
the NSA counters lots of cyber-threats without direction from the president. Normally, a threat this large would be dealt with by the president. Not normally a fan of NSA, but they're just doing their job in absence of trump's willingness to deal with hacking.
>Russian shill's sweating intensifies.

File: Putin and Trump.jpg (81 KB, 710x473)
81 KB
Man, what the hell is going on.

You can't tell who is sucking up more between those two, lmao.

9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Man, what the hell is going on.

Welp, Hillary lost the election. Still with me?
>almost 20 years in charge of the country
>has ties to the old regime (via the KGB)
>has led Russia for longer than any leader since Stalin

>embezzles billions from the Russian people
>hides money in accounts across the world, making it impossible to pinpoint his exact wealth
>lives in a billion dollar palace, rides around on a 500 million dollar yacht

>I mean, come on this one is too easy to refute
Would be better to answer why Russia is bad.

The long and short of it is that pretty much every thing we do to further our interests internationally, they oppose.

They don't like the EU and NATO, which have encouraged unprecedented levels of international trade and peace, respectively.

They favor the oppressive government in Syria.

They give billions to pro-russian political figures in neighboring countries to try and establish puppet regimes and client states.

And then there's Crimea and the Ukraine. They're trying to climb the ladder and stepping on a lot of people in the process. We don't like that on principle.
>Man, what the hell is going on.

Damn son, pay attention.

All I saw was that someone posted the actual emails of The Democrats.

We the people learned this about Democrats:

DNC was bought by Hillary, and run out of her Brooklyn HQ

DNC screwed Bernie in the primaries

Podesta, Hillary's campaign chair coached their pet media on how to rig the polls by oversampling Democrats. For example 1,100 Democrats, 220 Republicans, 40 Independents = Sample says Hillary will win!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
No one should like the fucking EU though. Trump and Putin pale in comparison to the EU when it comes down to corruption, shady deals and outright hating civilians.

File: The Jewish Solution.png (476 KB, 552x1500)
476 KB
476 KB PNG

Florida woman has been charged with attempted murder and attempted arson after police say they thwarted his plans to burn down a condominium building and “kill all Jews” inside of it.

Miami Beach police arrested Walter Edward Stolper on Thursday while responding to a report from his business associate alleging the 72-year-old threatened to set the condo ablaze as revenge for being served eviction papers.

Stolper had begun executing his plan Thursday when police stopped him in a parking garage, according to authorities. The suspect had two gasoline-filled containers with him in the garage and had already dumped several others down a trash chute in the building, police said.

He was charged Thursday with attempted arson. An attempted murder charge was added Friday after police discovered dozens of containers filled with gasoline and other chemicals in his storage unit.

Stolper, who had lashed out at his neighbors and the building’s board of directors in the past, told witness Luis Diaz on Thursday that he was “going to burn down the building with all the fucking Jews,” the Miami Herald reported.

“He was telling me that, you know, he was tired of the association in his building and ‘these Jews in the building’ and that he was going to do something about it,” Diaz told CBS Miami. “I thought he was venting, but then he got a little serious when he told me he started ordering canisters for fuel and that he was going to burn the building.”

Residents complained Thursday to building security officials that the hallways and elevator smelled strongly of gasoline, CBS Miami reported.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
16 replies omitted. Click here to view.
don't confuse goyim with golem now
both slaves but goyims ask for $
horrible journalism.
they still havent corrected it
Their just trying to be tolerant and accepting of xim.
ayyyy based Floridians back at it again.
>antisemit attempt murder by following his schyzo imoulses
>/pol/tard try to paint themselves as victim


oh noes

File: randolphgrant18.jpg (39 KB, 464x276)
39 KB
A Florida man who tussled with a cop trying to arrest him for disorderly conduct later said that he "really enjoyed resisting" because it was like being on “Live PD,” a cable program that chronicles the mayhem police officers encounter on the night shift.

A patrolman was dispatched yesterday to a home in Sebastian, a city near Vero Beach, after a 911 caller reported that a man wielding a golf club was chasing a woman.

When an officer arrived on the scene, he encountered Rudolph Grant, 53, who smelled of booze and was screaming and cursing in front of the residence. After trying to walk away, Grant struggled as the cop sought to handcuff him, according to an arrest affidavit. Grant, the cop noted, tried to pull away from him, "tensed his arms with an attempt to get away from me," and finally “made his body go limp.”

Due to his “erratic behavior,” Grant was subsequently placed in “mechanical restraints that were double-locked.”

Before being placed into a squad car, Grant told the arresting officer that he “really enjoyed resisting. It was like being on Live PD.” The A&E program, a “Cops” progeny, bills itself as a documentary series covering “DUI checkpoint stops to high-speed chases, bar fights to gang shootings, domestic disputes to drug busts.”

Grant, seen above, was charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, both misdemeanors. He was released from the Indian River county jail after posting $1000 bond and is scheduled for a July 31 court hearing. Grant’s rap sheet includes a felony cocaine possession conviction.

2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Florida ,,,,always the stupid shit people do ends up being a person from Florida.......
well, if Grant had been black he'd be pretty dead now
BLM has deposited one preloaded EBT card in your mailbox. It has 15 cents on it. Thank you for your contribution to the cause.
Well, anyone who thinks 'Live PD' is real has to be drunk to think that.


>Therese Okoumou ignored police requests to come down for four hours before two officers climbed up to the base and took her to a ladder where she climbed down 25 feet to the monument’s observation point, where she was taken into custody.

>Jay W. Walker, an organizer with Rise and Resist, said the group had no idea that Okoumou would make the climb, but claimed it would help the group’s cause, according to AP.

These people are the blacklivesmatter of this elections cycle. The gop thanks you in advance.
24 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Democrats literally get in their own way. It's like they hate to win elections. What they gonna do when they alienate the black voters so much that they just stop voting altogether? You can't pander to a race that hates the blacks(Hispanics) and then think you're gonna retain 90%+ of their votes. They just gonna stop going to the polls.
If it wasn't for white people actually being divided politically, the Democrats would never win an election outside a large metropolitan area. They really need all their minority voters to win.
Alabama has NASA and a lot of manufacturing plants. I'm pretty sure they probably have oil off their coast too.
>Jay Walker
This can't be real. Imagine being so black that even your name is criminal activity.
Life goes on, princess
Fucking lost

File: picture_of_diners.jpg (146 KB, 500x400)
146 KB
146 KB JPG
>A waitress required 15 stitches after she was attacked by four women she served Tuesday night at a Henry County Applebee’s, police said. The women beat and punched the waitress and stabbed her in the forearm with a steak knife, McDonough police Maj. Kyle Helgerson told AJC.com. They allegedly took her tip money before they skipped out on a $62.57 bill.

>Authorities identified the four women as Demetrius Boyd, Keterah Boyd, Lakisha Boyd and Lashondra Boyd.

39 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Go back to your grave, Max stirner, your the only spook on this board
How unexpected that they already have mug shots of all four.
i thought that was kfc
Around blacks never relax
How is he a spook. He's pointing out that you fags act like it's only "niggers" that do this shit, meanwhile he gets /pol/tier replies

File: earlegstevens18.jpg (33 KB, 227x338)
33 KB
An inebriated motorist assured Florida police that he was not drinking while driving, but only swigging from a bottle of Jim Beam bourbon when his vehicle paused at stop signs and traffic signals, according to a police report.

Earle Gustavas Stevens, 69, was arrested two weeks ago for driving his Mercury Grand Marquis while under the influence. The Vero Beach resident, now free on $1500 bond in advance of a July 31 arraignment, was nabbed after a driver called 911 to report that Stevens’s car repeatedly tapped her bumper while they were in a McDonald’s drive-thru lane.

When a sheriff’s deputy contacted Stevens, he reeked of alcohol, was slurring his words, and had ”red and glossy” eyes. On the Mercury’s passenger seat was a bottle of Jim Beam, from which Stevens admitted he had been drinking.

Asked if he was drinking in the auto, Stevens replied, “No.” He then explained he was enjoying the bourbon at “Stop signs.” The deputy further noted Stevens’s distinction when it came to drinking while driving: “He further explained that he was not drinking while the car was moving and only when he stopped for stop signs and traffic signals.”

Stevens was arrested after failing a series of field sobriety tests, as first reported by Will Greenlee of Treasure Coast Newspapers. A breath test recorded Stevens’s blood alcohol content at nearly twice the legal limit.

In addition to a drunk driving charge, Stevens was cited for driving without a license. Stevens, seen above, reportedly told cops that he had two “prior DUI charges from Missouri.”

cocoa man does it again
That's a Ricky-tier defense.
But Ricky is good at talking to cops

Two Florida nursing home employees are charged with using duct tape to restrain and quiet a patient with dementia.

Boynton Beach police said in a news release Friday that 52-year-old Lashron Williams and 44-year-old Phygelle Brudent duct-taped a 67-year-old woman to a chair and used tape to cover her mouth. They were arrested Thursday and charged with elder abuse and false imprisonment.

Detectives say Brudent confessed to duct-taping the victim July 3, telling them the woman wouldn't remain quiet.

Williams told police Brudent duct-taped the victim. She said she uncovered the patient's mouth to give her sleeping pills. She said she told Brudent it was wrong to duct-tape patients, but did not report her.

Both were being held Friday at the Palm Beach County Jail on $3,000 bail.

This is what happens when you think niggers are decent caretakers.
Fucking niggers.

File: DoubleStandardsGrab.jpg (46 KB, 480x407)
46 KB
>Seattle Becomes First Major U.S. City to Nix Plastic Straws, Utensils
>Seattle, a city home to more than 5,000 food service providers, is the first in the nation to ban the plastic items as of Monday, and the city claims it is doing it to become more environmentally friendly.
>Seattle’s latest ban originated from a 2008 ordinance banning one-time use items for food service but rolled out exemptions for certain items every year since then, the Seattle Times reported.
Gee I guess joints aren't one time use.
>“Plastic pollution is surpassing crisis levels in the world’s oceans, and I’m proud Seattle is leading the way and setting an example for the nation by enacting a plastic straw ban,” Mami Hara, the general manager of Seattle Public Utilities, told KOMO.
> Next time you think of throwing your plastic straw in the Ocean, stop and instead send mail it to Seattle, WA.

27 replies omitted. Click here to view.
And banning plastic straws provides an incentive for them to do so, what's the problem? Its like how a lot of places cut down on the use of plastic grocery bags by taxing them just a few cents so many people started using re-usable ones
I live in WA. All of the legal weed comes in non biodegradable containers
And? The two things are still unrelated.
You sound like you need to suck a dick

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