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File: DD-COMPOSITE-DILDO-3.jpg (22 KB, 460x500)
22 KB
DOCTORS were forced to improvise when it came to removing a sex toy from one unlucky patient.

The unnamed man turned up at A&E with a 23 inch dildo lodged inside him, having struggled to remove the toy at home.

Deciding he needed expert help, the red-faced 31-year-old went to hospital 24 hours after the dildo became stuck.

He told doctors he was suffering from mild abdominal pain, but other than that had no symptoms that were causing concern.

X-rays showed a "long and large-sized" foreign body in his colon.

Doctors at ASST Great Metropolitan Hospital in Niguarda, Italy, tried to remove the dildo using standard techniques, where a tube and grabbing device is inserted.

But due to the "smoothness and size of the object" none of the tools medics had were able to grab hold of the sex toy.

The grabbing devices were either too loose or simply didn't have the range to latch on to such a large foreign body, the doctors wrote in a case report.

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Checks out
How did this not fuck him up, like he wasn't even harmed, what?
I don't into the human body it seems
tonight on gay's anatomy...
i am not sure if you have to pay for self-inflicted injuries of that kind, but i think you don't.
Can you just go back to rebbit? Why do you people even think you belong here?

File: 15355515981.jpg (101 KB, 612x768)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
District Judge Emilio Chavez on Wednesday dismissed all of the charges against three of the five defendants arrested in connection to a New Mexico compound linked to “extremist Muslims” because authorities violated the state’s “10-day rule.”

The child abuse charges against Lucas Morton, Subhannah Wahhaj and Hujrah Wahhaj were dropped, while those against fellow defendants, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj and Jany Leveille, remain.

Siraj Ibn Wahhaj and Leveille were also charged Friday with abuse of a child resulting in the death of a child and conspiracy to commit abuse of a child, Taos County Sheriff Jerry Hogrefe said in a news release.

This is a developing story. Please check back for updates.

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How are Muslims getting away with so much shit in every country? Is it the religious freedom laws?
>Is it the religious freedom laws?
At least here in Denmark there is only religious freedom as long as it doesn't go against the law and common decency, which the quran does on almost every level.
But most islamic asslickers conveniently leaves out that part when people ask questions.
1. they collected all the evidence they needed, hence the charges remaining against the 2 defendants
2. evidence only matters if you remember to schedule a trial in the first place dumb ass.
Ahhhooohhh oh man, time for bed already? Night night /news/

File: 600-LB-507_002.png (486 KB, 768x430)
486 KB
486 KB PNG
Obesity can affect brainpower, and a study in mice may help explain how.

In the brains of obese mice, rogue immune cells chomp nerve cell connections that are important for learning and memory, scientists report September 10 in the Journal of Neuroscience. Drugs that stop this synapse destruction may ultimately prove useful for protecting the brain against the immune cell assault.

Like people, mice that eat lots of fat quickly pack on pounds. After 12 weeks of a high-fat diet, mice weighed almost 40 percent more than mice fed standard chow. These obese mice showed signs of diminished brainpower, neuroscientist Elizabeth Gould of Princeton University and colleagues found. Obese mice were worse at escaping mazes and remembering an object’s location than mice of a normal weight.

On nerve cells, microscopic knobs called dendritic spines receive signals. Compared with normal-sized mice, obese mice had fewer dendritic spines in several parts of the mice’s hippocampi, brain structures important for learning and memory.

The dendritic spine destruction comes from immune cells called microglia, the results suggest. In obese mice, higher numbers of active microglia lurked among these sparser nerve cell connections compared with mice of normal weights. When the researchers interfered with microglia in obese mice, dendritic spines were protected and the mice’s performance on thinking tests improved.

Figuring out ways to stop microglia’s damage might one day prove to protect against obesity-related brain trouble, a concern relevant to the estimated 650 million obese adults worldwide. Obese people are also at a higher risk of dementias such as Alzheimer’s, and some researchers suspect microglia may be a culprit in those brain diseases more generally.

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they really roll off the tongue together well.
>Drugs that stop this synapse destruction may ultimately prove useful for protecting the brain against the immune cell assault.
Anything to avoid eating less crap food.
morbid obesity should be treated like an addiction.

This is the high-fat diet that was used in the study. At least they didn't use Crisco which contains trans-fats, used in several mouse studies trying to prove something about high-fat diets.
Damn, those layugs are thicc.

Has anybody heard of this guy? There are all sorts of conspiracy theories surrounding his presidency. That he has some terminal illness and he needs China’s technology yo keep him alive (a lot like Ichiro in wolverine the movie). And that is why he sold part of the country, the West Philippine Sea, to China.
It is also said that he won the seat because of online propaganda via paid inline trolls. How true do you think is that? This sounds like a movie plot but this guy is all over the news nowadays. What do you think?

This guy doesnt seem real TBH. He is like a character in a movie.
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tbqh i wish we had a California governor that was as harsh on drug issues as Duterte is
>his apology to Israel
the man must be stopped, hes a monster
>So many innocents are dead it's nuts.
There's also people who aren't drug addicts being forced to confess that they are. Those who are accused and deny get shot. The ones who do confess get to go to Zumba classes since they don't have nearly enough rehab facilities for the amount of "drug addicts" being taken in. Those who don't go to the Zumba classes risk being killed.
Nope... all those accusations against him are wrong. It's just the oppositions way of destroying his reputations... and those oppositions are just overreacting to a simple logic.
Indeed a hero for those who truly known him as prosecutor, mayor, and president.


Facebook’s moderators can’t possibly look through every single image that gets posted on the enormous platform, so Facebook is building AI to help them out. In a blog post today, Facebook describes a system it’s built called Rosetta that uses machine learning to identify text in images and videos and then transcribe it into something that’s machine readable. In particular, Facebook is finding this tool helpful for transcribing the text on memes.

Text transcription tools are nothing new, but Facebook faces different challenges because of the size of its platform and the variety of the images it sees. Rosetta is said to be live now, extracting text from 1 billion images and video frames per day across both Facebook and Instagram.

Right now, it isn’t entirely clear what Facebook is doing with the data. It’s useful for basic features like photo search and screen readers, the blog post points out. But it also sounds like Facebook is starting to put it toward much bigger goals, like figuring out what would be interesting to put in your News Feed, and, more importantly, figuring out which memes are just goofy memes and which are actually spreading hate speech or other offensive comments.

Facebook says text extraction and machine learning are being put to use to “automatically identify content that violates our hate-speech policy” and that it’s doing so in multiple languages. Given the company’s well-known moderation issues, a well-functioning system that can automatically flag potentially problematic images could be a real help.

Also https://techcrunch.com/2018/09/11/facebooks-rosetta-system-helps-the-company-understand-memes/
16 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>suddenly le Russians
Do you never get tired of yourself?
I have no doubts to the raw processing power of modern computers, but I doubt that such an algorithm would be able to accurately detect every single infraction.

For example, people posted the black guy from Age of Empires as a meme. Said meme gets banned. Now, in retaliation, people post normal black people with turbans thingies shopped on, crudely drawn, or just actual images vaguely similar to the original offending image. Eventually, there becomes so many ambiguous images in the system, the algorithm designers have a choice of tightening the restrictions and catching a lot of normal images, or letting a few slide.

The same thing was done around 2014-2015 when someone threatened to copyright coolface, a vast amount of derivative works were created simply out of spite.
Textless images would require much training for any ml model.
Certain things could be picked up on easily such as nudity or well known symbolism such as swastikas, or repeated memes that are slightly altered but one-off images would be near impossible to catch
Do you ever get tried of lying to yourself and everyone over the facts that Russia did attack the United States in 2016 and just because it wasn't a physical attack, it doesn't diminish the act of aggression?
Well, America started it and Russia is finishing it

File: _103469884_mercbbc[1].jpg (73 KB, 660x499)
73 KB

>Bullet-proof jeeps and helicopters drew hundreds of bidders to a Pakistani government "austerity-drive" auction aimed at cutting vehicle costs.

>But the heavily publicised sale - held on the lawns of Prime Minister House - failed to live up to its billing and even drew laughter from buyers.

>Auctioneers said the government hoped to net at least $16m (£12m), but just $600,000 was made from Monday's sale.

>Further sales will be held as the government targets a debt crisis.

>The bidders showed keen interest in four helicopters the government is putting up for sale. But it was announced they will be auctioned later this month.

>There were also many unanswered questions over eight buffaloes the government is parting with.

>Earlier this month, an aide to new PM Imran Khan puzzled many when he tweeted that the buffalo had been used by former PM Nawaz Sharif for his "gastronomic requirements".

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Mr Khan, who was elected in July on a platform of anti-corruption reforms, has made much of his so-called austerity drive - but critics say it has been more style than substance so far.

>Last month, as he preached belt-tightening to others, the PM was mocked when it emerged he commutes to work by helicopter to beat traffic jams.

>Many point out that auctions of government cars are not new - they happen all the time - but Mr Khan's PTI government highlights them because it plays well with their austerity-drive optics.

>More than 100 cars - half of them billed as luxury vehicles - were up for auction on Monday. However only 62 went under the hammer.

>Of those, the crown jewels were two Mercedes Maybach S-600s, purchased under former PM Nawaz Sharif in 2016. However, when an asking price of almost $1.3m was announced for each car, there was a huge roar of laughter among the almost 500 bidders present - and no takers.

>In addition seven BMWs, and all 14 Mercedes Benz S-300s from 1993 went unsold.

>The most expensive car that did sell was a bullet-proof 2015 Toyota Land Cruiser, which netted almost $200,000. Four bullet-proof 2005 Mercedes jeeps also found buyers.

>But many of the cars were far from luxury, some purchased as far back as the mid-1980s.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>"They just told me to go make sure you get a car. It doesn't matter if they are a bit over the market rate. They belong to the PM's fleet of vehicles."

>The cash-strapped Pakistani government is facing grave economic challenges as it struggles to keep the economy afloat.

>As well as selling off surplus luxury cars, its eye-catching proposals include turning state-owned buildings into universities, dispensing with VIP security protocol and cutting air conditioning in government offices.

>Earlier in September, Mr Khan even appealed to members of the Pakistani diaspora to donate $1,000 each towards a fund, launched by the country's top judge, to construct a mega hydropower dam project in the north-west.


>Six weeks after African swine fever emerged in China, scientists are racing to pinpoint how the deadly pig virus entered the world’s biggest pork market and spread between farms hundreds of miles apart.

>Finding answers is critical for stopping the further international spread of what Russian researchers consider the most dangerous swine disease.

>The virus has been reported in seven Chinese provinces since August 1, causing the deaths of about 40,000 pigs and threatening major disruption of a US$128 billion industry. It’s also widened its grip on Europe, with the first cases in Belgium reported September 13.

>With no vaccine to protect animals, researchers say the lethal virus - which can survive for more than a year in dry-cured ham - is likely to spread rapidly among China’s 433 million pigs and reach other countries, potentially even the US.

>“What we’re seeing so far is just the tip of the iceberg,” Juan Lubroth, chief veterinary officer with the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations in Rome, said after an emergency three-day meeting in Bangkok this month. The emergence of the disease in other countries “will almost certainly occur,” he said.

>Researchers at China’s Academy of Military Medical Sciences in Changchun said the pig pathogen on local farms matched a highly virulent strain that emerged in the former Soviet republic of Georgia in 2007 and subsequently dispersed across Russia and Estonia.

>That led them to speculate that the disease, which does not harm humans, might have been introduced via trade in live pigs with Russia and the European Union, or through the illegal importation and disposal of products containing pig meat.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.


>Coca-Cola has been eyeing cannabis-infused drinks, according to a statement. The company said Monday that it's "closely watching" the use of CBD in "functional wellness" beverages.

>"The space is evolving quickly," Coca-Cola spokesman Kent Landers told Bloomberg News. "No decisions have been made at this time."

>According to a report in BNN Bloomberg, the company is "in talks" with Aurora Cannabis, a Canadian marijuana producer. While sales in sugary sodas have slowed down, Reuters notes that health drinks are on the rise.

>Unlike THC, the compound in cannabis that causes a high, CBD is non-psychoactive. It is believed to have anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea, anti-seizure effects, and because it doesn't make the user intoxicated, CBD products are marketed as having some of the benefits of cannabis without the intoxication.

>Since Canada just legalized recreational marijuana, manufacturers have been showing more and more interest in producing cannabis-infused products. Reuters calls it a "testing ground" until the U.S. comes around to legalization.

>"Entry into a legalized Canadian market allows them to develop and build a brand while not breaking any laws," Bruce Campbell, an investor who's invested in weed producers, told Reuters.

>If Coca-Cola does go forward with making weed-infused products, it would be the first non-alcoholic manufacturer to make cannabis-related drinks, which would be pretty dank.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1537143906840.jpg (342 KB, 1920x1080)
342 KB
342 KB JPG

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and congressional Republicans are taking their first steps to rein in federal courts' issuance of nationwide injunctions, signaling a growing frustration over the practice that has halted many of President Trump’s key policies and administrative actions.

>Why it matters:
The tactic allows a single federal judge to block the implementation of federal policy across the country. It's been sought by Democratic state attorneys general and civil rights groups against some of Trump’s most controversial policies, like the travel ban and separation of undocumented families at the border.

Trump and the White House consistently blasted them as "outrageous," even prompting a presidential tweet about how "broken and unfair" the court system is.

>What’s happening:
A measure approved by the House Judiciary Committee last week would direct federal district judges to issue rulings only to the parties involved in cases before them rather than applying them across the entire country.

On Thursday, Sessions issued new guidance instructing federal attorneys to push back more aggressively against nationwide injunctions in lower courts, arguing that it is inconsistent with the Constitution's limits on judicial power. While courts have blocked key priorities of previous presidents, Sessions said an unprecedented number of such injunctions have been issued under the current administration.

"This kind of judicial activism ... has become common in recent years. It has happened to the Trump administration 25 times in less than two years. This trend must stop. We have a government to run."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
17 replies omitted. Click here to view.
We agree on most things but the only people who think we should lessen restrictions on money in politics are idiots or trying to make money for themselves.
Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh. Say it out loud bitch
Imbeech drumpft
> policy shouldn't be political
How though? Like how do you even do that?
Guy said apolitical courts not policies you fucking intellectual black hole

>he said, acting as if the democrats haven't been trying to pack the courts for ages already
Reminder that kavanaugh was the least right leaning judge on the list and the only one who has expressed even remotely pro roe sentiments


Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort will plead guilty in federal court and forfeit many of his assets, according to a court filing Friday morning, signed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

On Thursday, ABC News reported that Manafort’s legal team had reached a tentative deal with Mueller’s team after an hours-long meeting at the special counsel’s downtown Washington, DC, offices.

Prosecutors, who made a point of noting the activity occurred “at least through 2016,” used bank records and other documents to show what they say Manafort did to hide evidence of his work for Ukrainian politicians, hide millions in proceeds in offshore accounts, and then spend the money lavishly on clothing, luxury items, homes and cars.

The new court filing indicates that prosecutors have taken a number of the earlier charges against Manafort, including a money laundering charge that could, on its own, bring a 20-year sentence, and folded them into two charges that would each yield five-year sentences.
119 replies omitted. Click here to view.

Documentary goes over the tactics Russia uses and the ties Trump campaign staff have to Russia.
does he know why they all closed down
>Not found
Oh damn. Well the documentary is called Active Measures.
You know what's really deafening?
Trump's silence on Manafort. He has not made a single attack if you compared it to when Cohen was posed to and did flip.

Manafort knows where the bodies are buried and he can not only implicate Donald, but his kids. And Trump is scared shitless over that prospect.

File: Armyansk.jpg (91 KB, 800x600)
91 KB

Armyansk, a city on the Crimea Peninsula, has been left without any kind of birds after a mysterious chemical incident at the nearby Crimean Titan plant.

On August 23 – 24, an unknown substance spewed into the atmosphere, covering everything in a rust-like plaque and emanating a foul odor. Social media was buzzing with reports and photos of houses, cars and even plants covered in the mysterious substance, but occupation authorities ignored them for several days. At first, people started noticing that, apart from the occasional crow, there were no more birds in Armyansk, but then things got progressively worse. More and more residents of the Crimean city began experiencing breathing problems, but local authorities and the media completely ignored them.

‘There is no danger’, ‘everything is under control’, ‘atmospheric pollution is at permissible levels’, ‘there are no health hazards’ – Crimean occupation authorities are going out of their way to reassure the public that there is no environmental danger from the unexpected and unexplained chemical emissions at the Crimean Titan factory in Armyansk,” StopFake.org reported.

However, things got so bad that on September 4, authorities had no choice but to acknowledge that there was a problem and start evacuating people. Officials kept insisting that there was no threat to public health on the peninsula, but started evacuating children to various camps in the region. On September 4 and 5, close to 3,000 people were evacuated from Armyansk, with over 1,000 more scheduled to be transported out of the city in the following days. Sergei Aksyonov, head of the internationally disputed Republic of Crimea, said that the evacuation was a “purely preventive measure”.

8 replies omitted. Click here to view.

Its called winter... Gods be damned.
Apparently the Russian shills couldn’t come up with anything better
tbf, russia usually is behind these kinds of shenanigans & jew-like 5th column moves.
>but started evacuating children to various camps in the region.
In light of recent world events, this is a bit alarming.
>rust-like plaque and emanating a foul odor.
well... some weird compound with sulfur and nitrogen could look and smell like that, slowly decomposing in toxic gases, but that sounds more like a weird industrial fuckup than a directed chemical attack
plenty of birds are sensitive enough to these that they'd gtfo miles away

File: giles.jpg (66 KB, 1200x627)
66 KB
A 31-year-old Louisiana woman who allegedly shot and killed the father of her 2-year-old child at Walmart was previously accused of domestic abuse.

Kayla Jean Giles was arrested on Saturday after she allegedly fired on bullet into the chest of 30-year-old Thomas Coutee Jr. while three children were present. It happened in a Walmart parking lot in Alexandria, La.

Coutee Jr., pictured below in a Facebook post by the ATV racing group FORD Brothers Racing, was remembered for his “kind heart, silliness and sweet Louisiana accent.” He was also a welding instructor and a dad.

The Alexandria Town Talk reported that the shooting happened their child’s second birthday during a custody exchange.

New details have emerged about the shooting Giles is now charged in. She faces a second-degree murder charge. Three children were there when the shooting occurred, but they were not harmed. It’s not clear at this time exactly what led to the shooting, but the two were estranged.

Though they married in Oct. 2014 and moved to Louisiana together, the couple separated in Feb. 2018. Coutee Jr. recently alleged in court documents that Giles had a “history of domestic abuse.”

9th Judicial District Court Judge Patricia Koch awarded Coutee Jr. and Giles joint custody of their child on Aug. 20. Eight days later, Coutee Jr. and his attorney disputed this ruling in a motion for a new trial, citing that history of domestic abuse.

11 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Awful,I hope she dies soon.
thanks for the link bro
I came
>A 31-year-old Louisiana woman who allegedly shot and killed the father of her 2-year-old child at Walmart was previously accused of domestic abuse.

My buddy concluded his horrendous divorce this past spring but his cunt of an ex-wife is continually making trouble for him and turning their kids against him (she just took out a credit card in his name last week, forcing him to file another police report on her) and despite the bitch being dragged into court again and again, she just blows off everything the court, Friend of the Court and Child Protective Services files against her because…. nothing ever happens to her!

She pulls some shit, he files a police report on her or with FotC or CPS and they go to court, the judge bitches her out and she says she’ll behave and then a couple of weeks later, she pulls some other stunt.

Unless and until she gets sent to fucking jail, nothing is going to change but because she’s a woman, the courts keep letting her slide over and over again.
spoiler alert:
she will claim that the shooting was justified, the husband would beat and rape her, and she will keep the kids and be convicted of nothing

File: Screen Shot 29.jpg (196 KB, 1428x786)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
A New York man will be living large thanks to his decision to buy some Slim Jims for his dog.

New York Lottery officials say Monday that 73-year-old Dale Farrand recently won the $10 million prize on a Cash Spectacular scratch-off ticket.

The Fort Edward man says he bought a $30 ticket at a local Cumberland Farms convenience store while buying Slim Jims snacks for his dog Boots.

He scratched the ticket in his car and realized he was a winner. Farrand says he drove straight home and had his wife check the ticket for him.

Farrand will receive a lump-sum payment of $6.7 million after required withholdings.

He says he'll use the windfall to pay off his mortgage, make home improvements and help his children and grandchildren.

27 replies omitted. Click here to view.
> When you guys are 18

I’m 50 years old son (soon to be 51) and on occasion buy a MegMillions ticket but never scratch offs, as you have to search your state’s lotto website ahead of time to see if the big winning tickets have already been sold and won, otherwise you’re just throwing away your money playing for $5 winners (if you’re lucky).
> you might not remember but a century ago keeping track of the cash was something the wifey was sometimes expected to do

No, a century ago (even just 30-40 years back) most wives had no fucking idea how much money their husband earned and never paid a bill themselves, the husband managed the money.

Nowadays this has been turned on its head, with cucked husbands handing over their pay checks to their wives, who then “allow” them to have a few dollars allowance.

I watched my brother do exactly this for years; he’d complain that the family was living hand-to-mouth and he couldn’t meet me for lunch at some restaurant because he only $5.00 on him, while working at a UAW job paying $48 per hour.

Meanwhile his cunt wife was spending the money like a drunken sailor on shore leave and when they finally got divorced last year, their 401K account had been drained by her and the house wasn’t worth shit, as she had been refinancing every year to take out the pittance of equity they had built up in it.

I’ve got a co-worker who was this summer was looking at buying a new house and after cutting a check for down payment discovered it had bounced, as they’re almost broke because his ding-bat wife has been spending the money willy-nilly on who the fuck knows what, despite him making good cash as a machinist and her working as a teacher. They had to bail on buying the house and had to eat the loss of the downpayment when they walked away from the sale.

I'm going to go buy some Jack Link's BBQ Beef Jerky and a PowerBall ticket. I'm gonna be rich!
Scratch & Win tix aren't the greatest but they do sell well in my province. The BC Lottery Corp says that retailers are supposed to pull the unsold tickets when the grand prize has been won. But a study has shown that thete's no enforcement & no compliance among retailers that are asian or east indian. (They also steal a lot of jackpot tickets and then claim it for themselves).
>I’m 50 years old son
why do you come to this website? shouldn't you be managing your 401k?

File: DgkuGI2VMAAwc8X.jpg (253 KB, 921x1200)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
As a potentially catastrophic hurricane bears down on the East Coast of the US, the shifting of $10 million from FEMA's operating budget to fund immigration detention and deportations is drawing condemnation from Democrats.

But that's a drop in the bucket.

The Trump administration this summer quietly redirected $200 million from all over the Department of Homeland Security to Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, despite repeated congressional warnings of ICE's "lack of fiscal discipline" and "unsustainable" spending.

The Department of Homeland Security asked for the money, according to adocumentmade public this week by Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley. Of the $200 million, the document says $93 million will go to immigrant detention, a 3% budget increase that will fund capacity for an additional 2,300 detainees; and $107 million for "transportation and removal," or deportations, a 29% budget increase.

The move comes as the Trump administration has pursued an aggressive immigration agenda, ramping up arrests of undocumented immigrants and deportations.

In addition to this summer's widely condemned move to separate families at the border, the administration has drawn criticism for arresting a far greater rate of noncriminal undocumented immigrants and seeking to detain them much longer. On Tuesday, the administration announced it wouldtripling the size of an emergency temporary tent facilityto house more immigrant children.

The additional $200 million would put ICE's budget for detention and transportation at more than $3.6 billion.
20 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Anon please, I work more than you do on any given day.
>You've never been to an airport, have you? Or left your country at all.

Hey, the world is bigger and more varied than your experience.
You can pass from one country to another like that if you lived in the EU.
So guess anon is from the EU
I did not realise the federal gov exist to protect (haha) americans only when it is an economic benefit.
time magazine just got sold..
for less that 200m

File: shutterstock_441092656.jpg (113 KB, 652x367)
113 KB
113 KB JPG
A man was arrested at a Northern Virginia grocery store after he was seen pulling down his pants and rubbing produce items on his buttocks, police say.

The suspect then put the items back on the shelves, a loss prevention employee at the store told authorities, according to Manassas City Police.

Officers responded to the Giant grocery store at 10100 Dumfries Road in Manassas shortly after 4:30 p.m. Saturday. Officers arrested Manassas resident Michael Dwayne Johnson, 27, at the store.

Johnson is facing charges of indecent exposure and destruction of property.

The store had to destroy several pallets of produce after the incident, police said.

A police spokesperson did not have information on what type of produce Johnson allegedly defiled, although she said a police report mentioned it was fruit.

A Giant store manager said he was unable to speak about the incident.

He was probably just trying to find which banana was the right size and shape for him
>Dwayne Johnson,
smear campaigns are getting real nasty nowadays

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