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File: France.png (58 KB, 249x229)
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> http://www.aljazeera.com/news/2017/02/paris-police-claim-rape-black-man-accident-170210145012137.html
>> Paris police say rape of black man an 'accident'

All four of them assaulted (raped) the guy. Lots of cops don't care [who they f]. They'd f us, our friends, our family, other cops, their friends or family. France is a barbaric place; sadly as everywhere to some degree.
Shouldn't the yellow part be Italian though?
>Fuck the Police coming straight from the underground!

Someone took it literally.
>spanking is rape now

It's am act of violence especially if it's seriously damaging, but not rape. Fucking Europe.
wait.. if spanking is rape.. then rape is spanking

words have meanings, for a fucking reason
you can't just reinvent words
He has a 20cm (8 inches) tear in his anus. He was sodomised with a baton, quite like in a S&M cop fetish porn.
Apparently it was a telescopic baton that popped open right in his ass when his trousers fell by themselves.

Youngsters from the poor suburbs, "racailles" as they are called, wear their trousers very low, so that part is plausible.
Yeah I don't think it's plausible that while putatively spanking the suspect (a crime in itself) they accidentally penetrated the suspects anus.

Even if it was an accident, It's like saying 'while beating the shit out of him, he died on accident. We're totally not responsible for that".

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