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Additionally pro-american maidanek "parliament" declared new law which banned all "state on emergency". the law contains also the ban of use words in "state of emergency" in medias and official reports.

"In connection with the blocking of train roads in Donbass by "activists"(simple said president poroshenko just gave order to inner secret agency SBU to block the roads) the delievery of anthracite coal and in order to ensure reliable, trouble-free, stable operation of the united energy system of Ukraine. To prevent occurrence of an imbalance between production and consumption of electric energy along with the proposal Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of acceptance in the market of electric energy time emergency measures ", - stated in the disposal of the Goverment.

What kind of propaganda is this?
I read that and came away without a single fucking clue whats going on.
ukrainian president send a neonazi gang which is part of ukrainian inner ministry to block the routes and roads with east ukraina. now he is whining about that "someone blocked the trade". the new chanelc in ukraine doesnt report about ukrainian inner ministry blocking the trade and publish "some blokade appeared suddenly out of nowhere by innocent annonymous". meanwhile 60% of ukraine is heating and making electricy by coal from east ukraine. the blockade forced banderas to declare the state of emergency in all ukraine and in a same time ban the reports and even words "state of emergency" in the news.

>inner ministry

interior ministry, goddamn it man, germans are overdubbing too but at least they speak good english.
>interior ministry,

its in your shit hole. in Ukraine its "inner ministry" fucking literally.

The kind that is intended only to confuse.

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