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Does someone know where I can find the complete manifesto of Joseph Jakubowski the guy on the news? I found this one but it is not complete


I just want the complete file to translate it.
read the rules retard
browsing through it, the guy seems liberal as fuck, which is a bit unexpected.
What's shocking, that he's a pro-gun liberal or that he wanted to shoot Trump?
>The lie of currency! As with materials...All materials are free!

I've got to stop reading this.
He might be 'mad' but he's not wrong that we inflict massive amount of unintended evil upon ourselves because of unnecessary greed.

If you want to read crazy atheist ranting, read Dawkins. It's always the same bs.
You're ignorant. Historically, most assassin were democrat/leftist.
I hope this is parody of a bigoted believer.

God gave you a brain better than the beasts stop falling back on your instinctive thoughts to pass judgement without questioning.

You're ignorant of the rest of the world.
Both sides can resort to murder.
Plenty of right wing regimes kill their opponents, and plenty of murderous right wing plots have brought down left wing governments.
How many of the latter can you list the the US has helped with?
>not all assassins are like that!

Great argument. Anywat, maths shows us that the vadt majority of assassins are leftist.

List of assassins and their motivation

Clearly mentally ill (5)
Hinckley, Jr.

Anti-catholic (and possible Republican) motivation, coupled with mental illness (1):

Left-wing motivations, coupled with mental illness (1):

Unclear/more info required/weak evidence--pass (4):

Left-leaning political motivation (7):
>Of the successful and attempted assassinations of U.S. presidents where there was a political motivation and no blatant mental illness, the political motivation behind the act was left-leaning 100% of the time.


So where are those right wing assassins you assume exist?

>inb4 you post psychos and call them republicans
Breivik :)
>You're ignorant of the rest of the world.
>How many of the latter can you list the the US has helped with?
Is that zero? I'll start you off.

Salvador Allende - although it turns out he wasn't actually killed by the US backed coup an exhumation and autopsy in 2011 showed he had indeed shot himself as claimed by the Pinochet regime.

Ok so youve got 1.

We have established the fact that most assassins are leftist.

It's obvious you want to change the subject, but the point here is most assassins are left wing so >>132194 is ignorant.
>Ok so youve got 1

pretty much all Islam extremists are conservatives.

The murdering and lynching of minorities should give us a few thousand. Maybe that guy a few weeks ago who walked around new york city stabbing black people at random with a sword?

Whats the score now? Can we drop this absurd notion that only one political spectrum is driven toward violence?
"Conservative" is not really a political ideology. Muslims, jews, blacks, and hispanics are conservative, but they vote democrat.

Islam is highly similar to communism in practice, so its leftist government.

>muh racism
Lynchings primarily affected whites. Plus. It wasnt race based most of the time it was just street justice. Weren't we talking about assassins?

Besides... the kkk were democrats!!!! Haha.

>Whats the score now?

Idk but you lost
>Ok so youve got 1.

If you just look at the last few years
>Dylann Roof
>Wade Michael Page
>Robert Lewis Dear
>Benjamin Nathaniel Smith
>Barend Strydom
>Michael Stone

then of course
>Rizwan Farook
>Kouachi bros
>Anis Amri
and countless other goodwill ambassadors of the religion of peace

The major difference is that left-wing killers are more specific while right-wing just kill random people they hate. (They hate a lot)
But of course there are also those who kill selected personalities. To name the most famous:
>Gavrilo Princip
>James Earl Ray
>John Wilkes Booth
>Nathuram Godse
>Mehmet Ali Agca
>Erwin Kern & co
>Anton von Arco
>Eligiusz Niewiadomski
>Otto Planetta
>Otoya Yamaguchi
>Byron De La Beckwith
>Janusz Walus
this list is by far not complete (the same goes for the left-wing list of course)
"Islam" is not a political ideology either. Muslims. jews, blacks, and hispanics aren't any more conservative than whites.

>Islam is highly similar to communism in practice, so its leftist government.
Not only is this laughably wrong, it shows you don't know what either communism or islam is.

>Lynchings primarily affected whites.
Shit, son, now you're just in LALAland.

>the kkk were democrats!!
Now they are republicans. What's your point?

>idk but you lost
Oh so this is one of your pissing contests. Got it.
Materials are free, yes, but obtaining them is not.
Leftists who despise competition in principle are fools who ignore both human nature and a cornucopia of positive-sum outcomes from the four competitive arenas.

Rightists who believe competition works well without careful tuning, regulation, research, opportunity-enhancement, shared investment in infrastructure, and (above all) relentless prevention-of-cheating are even worse fools who ignore all our past.
it took you a week to come up with THAT?
>"Islam" is not a political ideology either.

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