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VEGANS! You Can Make Money Selling Your Poop - Here's How

Now you can REALLY say your job is sh!t...

Could donating your poop make more people turn vegan?

Last week, animal rights charity PETA launched a campaign asking generous vegans to donate their, ahem, poop.

According to the organization, fecal microbiota transplants are becoming more popular as a treatment for patients suffering from debilitating stomach ailments.

Saving lives

A spokesperson said: "Since fecal transplants from healthy vegan donors are considered the gold standard, PETA posted a call on its website this morning urging vegans to sign up to become 'super fecal donors' through stool banks OpenBiome and Advancing Bio."

The charity hopes that by helping people beat serious stomach complaints, vegan fecal donations will help recipients see the value of going vegan themselves in order to save lives - those of animals and, potentially, their own.

A healthy whole food plant-based diet means 'better' gut bacteria
But what is a fecal transplant?

PETA claims: "A relatively new medical treatment called a fecal microbiota transplant [FMT] - which involves taking the stool of a healthy person filled with 'good bacteria' and transplanting it into the colon of an unhealthy person with 'bad bacteria - is becoming a more popular treatment for patients suffering from inflammatory colon diseases like C. difficile (C. diff) and Crohn’s disease."

And PETA says you can actually make money from donating your stools: "According to OpenBiome, a nonprofit stool bank, some 30,000 people die from C. diff-related causes every year.

"The company is now seeking healthy donors to enable it to offer potentially lifesaving treatment for people with C. diff infections.

"Donors are paid $40 per stool donation. Yup, you don’t even have to give it away!"
Better poop

Better poop

Medical professionals - like top plant-based physician Dr. Greger - say fecal transplants from vegan donors are often of a better quality and are more sought after than those from meat- and dairy product eaters, because vegans are more likely to have healthy bacteria.

PETA says: "Good bacteria thrives on fiber, but most Americans don’t meet even the minimum recommendations for fiber intake.

"However, fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber, and therefore are the best sources of nutrients for healthy gut flora.

"Specific high-fiber foods that are good for your gut bacteria include artichokes, beans, broccoli, chickpeas, green peas, lentils, raspberries, and whole grains."

Whole foods

According to Gastroenterologist Dr. Angie Sadeghi, eating a whole food plant-based diet leads to the growth of good gut bacteria, which in turn leads to the improvement of overall health.

She said: "As a gastroenterologist, I love the idea of PETA calling on healthy vegans to extend their lifesaving work by donating fecal matter to humans suffering from C. Diff and other treatable ailments."

Dr. Sadeghi claims gut flora can even have psychological effects. High-fiber plant-based foods such as vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits, and legumes can increase the growth of beneficial bacteria in the colon and decrease inflammation, which has been linked to anxiety and depression.

PETA President Ingrid Newkirk adds: "Vegan kitchens save 100 animals a year, and now, vegan bathrooms can be used to save some of our fellow human beings.

"PETA is betting the farm that after meat-eaters experience the health and mood benefits of vegan stool, they’ll go vegan themselves."
>transplants from healthy vegan donors are considered the gold standard
Lying motherfuckers.
These pricks will say anything to further thier fucking cause.
P3TA is out to brainwash you. Dont take anything they say at face value
You sound stressed. I can give you some poop if you want.
Meat is delicious. As long as this remains true, vegans will remain a small minority.
so what you're saying is, I'm gonna be rich!

Kidding aside, it can be fun to tend to your gut once you appreciate it. It's a symbiotic relationship! We've got TRILLIONS of these peeps living inside us.

And we can create difference ecosystems in our gut depending on if you eat a fibrous diet or not.

A healthy diet feeds bacterial allies which help break down food and create nutrients, as well as fight pathogens!

But a less healthy diet feeds bacteria which create carcinogens, intestinal putrefaction, toxin production, intestinal infections, and diarrhea/constipation!

I'm sure by now you're intrigued as to what benefits a healthy gut can offer. So here's some science on the matter.

>Here's some science
>links nutritionfacts

If you aren't going to post peer reviewed studies, don't call it science. At least get a gut microbiome review.
All of the videos on nutritionfacts reference peer reviewed studies.

it's called nutrition facts and they mean that.

Anyway, nobody is going to shove a carrot up your ass. Even if that might do you some good! haha
That's great! Then you should have no problem providing all of the peer reviewed studies they cite and explaining the methodology, conclusions and potential sources of error for each one, right?
Well the thing is you don't actually give a shit.

Why should I type an essay for someone who doesn't care enough to watch a 5 minute video?

If you wanted to learn about this you'd just watch the videos. You're just casting doubt, like whenever someone posts science.

Here's what I can do. I'll post the sources for 1 of the videos so you can see it uses science! With peers!

















I probably missed one. But I think you get the point.
The only reason I am casting doubt is because it is a video by a website which supports itself through promoting a certain lifestyle. The primary literature should be free of this bias and a better source of information. Sorry if I come off as antagonistic, but I have seen this guy's site shilled daily for the past week, and it gets irritating. Here is a current review which looks at all the literature on diet and the microbiome since 2015.


>One study compared vegan and vegetarian diets to an unrestricted control diet, and found that both vegans and vegetarians had significantly lower counts ofBifidobacteriumandBacteroides species[127]. Interestingly, another study found a very modest difference in the gut microbomes of vegan versus omnivorous subjects [128]. The discrepancy between the two studies may be due to different methodologies for microbiome profiling (culture- vs sequencing-based), different control group diets, and/or host genetics. Future studies with careful experimental design will be needed to provide more insight into the differential effects of vegan and vegetarian diets on the gut microbiome.
>Across the spectrum, the Mediterranean diet is highly regarded as a healthy balanced diet. It is distinguished by a beneficial fatty acid profile that is rich in both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, high levels of polyphenols and other antioxidants, high intake of fiber and other low glycemic carbohydrates, and relatively greater vegetable than animal protein intake. Specifically, olive oil, assorted fruits, vegetables, cereals, legumes, and nuts; moderate consumption of fish, poultry, and red wine; and a lower intake of dairy products, red meat, processed meat and sweets characterize the traditional Mediterranean diet [129]. The majority of vegans and vegetarians, but only 30% of omnivores, had high adherence to the Mediterranean diet.
>The only reason I am casting doubt is because it is a video by a website which supports itself through promoting a certain lifestyle.
What's wrong with videos? What lifestyle?

The website is supported through donations. The only "lifestyle" being promoted is one that includes a healthy diet based on the latest science. That's hardly a devious agenda.

>The primary literature should be free of this bias and a better source of information.
There is no bias here. The videos are totally based on science, and Dr. Greger doesn't go beyond that.

>Sorry if I come off as antagonistic, but I have seen this guy's site shilled daily for the past week, and it gets irritating.
You do seem antagonistic. Like a damn commie. I'm sorry if you thought I was a shill or something, but I don't have a better source of nutrition facts than nutritionfacts.org. If you have a better one, please share.

The videos are so well organized and the sources are easily accessible, and he's not funded by any industry. I guess we're used to seeing bullshit. but this is the real deal.

>Here is a current review which looks at all the literature on diet and the microbiome since 2015.
Yes another study that supports what I've said. So what? I posted 15 similar studies. You're posting 1 like it's a refutation or somehow a better source, it's not.
Yup. The point is not being vegan, it's just eating enough fibers.
and vegans get the most fiber!
Gee, I wasn't going to go vegan, but now that I realize I can spend time handling my own shit, I might just have to try it out! My parents are gonna be so proud when they ask if I have a job yet! "Yes, Mom, I eat carrots and then shit in bags for a living! I get almost 20 dollars per shit, that's half of a DS game!"
The reason you go vegan is that you become so healthy, your SHIT can treat diseases!

Being able to sell your waste is just a side effect.

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