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African-Americans are three times more likely to develop the blood cancer multiple myeloma than people of European descent. They die at twice the rate of Caucasians, too.

But it’s been unclear whether biology was driving those differences or whether socioeconomics or differences in access to care could explain them, John Carpten, Ph.D., director of the Institute of Translational Genomics at the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California, told GEN.

Now, the largest-ever genomic study of African-Americans with multiple myeloma, led by Dr. Carpten, finds that blacks are less likely to carry two dangerous mutations, and more likely to carry three genes that hadn’t been previously recognized as connected to the disease.

The genetic analysis, published Wednesday afternoon in PLoS Genetics, also showed that patients who had the same treatment regimen had the same outcome, regardless of ancestry—suggesting that disparities in care account for the excess number of African-American deaths.

Multiple myeloma has long been a poster child for medical disparities by race, said Daniel Auclair, Ph.D., senior vice president of research at the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF), and an author on the paper. “If you would provide equal access,” he said, African-Americans “should do just as well or maybe even better than non-African-American patients.”

The research relied on publicly available data from the CoMMpass study, sponsored by the MMRF, which aims to follow more than 1,000 newly diagnosed patients during a period of 8 years. The new analysis looked at the genes of both healthy and cancerous cells in 718 of those patients.

The study included 127 African-American patients—the largest cohort of its kind ever analyzed—as well as nearly 600 Caucasians.

Among African-Americans, about one-third of their genetic heritage was European, while the vast majority of Caucasians had almost no African ancestry, according to their genetics.

It is well known that race counts, at least in part, for disparities in care and outcomes for other cancers, including prostate, colon, liver, bile duct, and gastric cancers, Carpten said. However, mounting evidence suggests that the biology of genetic ancestry also plays a role. Studies such as CoMMpass will allow researchers to understand the differences in tumor biology from patients of different racial and ancestral backgrounds, he said.

Carpten said CoMMpass is also ideally suited for this kind of analysis, because it will allow researchers to see changes in genetics if cancers progress.

Carpten said he would like to try next to understand why African-Americans appear to be at higher risk for multiple myeloma; and also to look at other minority groups, such as people of Latino descent, who may also be at higher risk. As with African-Americans, there are few datasets large enough to draw conclusions about Latino patients, he said, though he hopes that Keck, in Los Angeles, will eventually draw enough Latinos to allow such an analysis.

Among other steps going forward, Dr. Auclair said the MMRF now plans to analyze the genes newly discovered in African-American patients—BCL7A, BRWD3, and AUTS2—to learn more about their role in multiple myeloma. All three genes have been implicated in other B-cell blood cancers.

“There might be some hidden clues in there,” Dr. Auclair said. “What we learn from African-Americans may become widely applicable even to non-African-American patients who might have the same alterations.”
There are no ongoing drug trials targeted to any of the three genes, the government website clinicaltrials.gov shows. Meanwhile, in the genes that confer added risk to Caucasians with multiple myeloma, there are five trials exploring IRF4—and 144 related to TP53, which, in a recent Nature study, was shown to be the most studied gene of all time. It is often referred to as the "Guardian of the Genome," as it is the most frequently mutated gene in cancer.

There are so few African-Americans typically included in genetic studies, Carpten said, that it’s unclear—but now worth exploring—whether TP53 is associated with all cancers, or just those in people of European ancestry, he said.

CoMMpass, a $45 million study, has provided the most genomic data now in the public domain for any cancer, Dr. Auclair said. There have been more than 50 talks or posters presented at scientific meetings and 12 papers published out of the data, so far, he said. "This is really a treasure trove of information.”

That’s why the group decided to publish in the open-access PLoS Genetics journal, Auclair said, so no one would have to pay to access the results.
So basically, what people have known about African people for 10,000 years is still true?

Well, gee whiz.
"at the Keck School of Medicine"
"Keck School"

>Keck School

retard it shows blacks are viciously discriminated against by the white healthcare system

>>BLM you dumb cracka

Um, no.

Most of the blacks you describe are parasites and get free health care. The same healthcare that the majority of white people get, except that we have to pay for it because we're not fucking parasites and are expected to obey laws and work for a living.

Try again.
> except we have to pay for it
Amerifat detected.

Nothing in the world is free.

What, do you think doctors and medical professionals work for nothing?

That is what all the brownassed parasites here think as well.
3 common sources of cancer:
HPV and other STD cancers- requires sex- genetically different from other cancers
radon- requires basement dwelling
fluoride which reacts with calcium to produce insoluble particles that causes cancer- common to all
>So basically, what people have known about African people for 10,000 years is still true?
What have people known about African people for 10,000 years?
not according to that article retard...learn to read moron...its NOT ok to be white
Jews actually have the worst genes, this comes from the thousand years of interbreeding since most the local populace where they lived didn't want to associate with them. This is why jews get the most kinds of cancer.

Are you serious?

Africans have been destroying themselves for millenia. During that time, they basically raped and mass murdered each other for kicks, while developing absolutely ZERO literature, philosophy, science, medicine or technology of their own.

Every civilization that has ever come into contact with them has regretted it, with the sole exception of a tiny group of Ethiopian Jews and the Egyptians who tried for a short time and ultimately failed to civilize the North African tribes by using them as territorial governors for the purpose of being a protective cultural buffer between themselves and the extremely barbaric South African tribes.

During those centuries that repeatedly enslaved and often fucking ATE their own kind while incubating the most dangerous bacterial and viral diseases found on Earth.

Africans have proven themselves to be among the most barbaric, dangerous, and genocidal bipedal hominds in the history of history, and the behavior of Africans now living in other places show that their disgusting antisocial legacy has been hardwired into their genes far too long to change them.

The propaganda campaign liberals wage in their defense is forced to practically hemmorhage taxpayer money around the clock on aggressive legal actions designed to prevent their real history from being taught in schools and colleges, and also to redact almost all news reporting their continued barbarity and murder in American cities.

If that weren't terrible enough, there is an equally staggering amount of money spent daily on promoting black men as sex symbols in popular culture, so that as many Caucasian women as possible allow themselves to be knocked up with barbaric African genes and then suffer the predictable indignity of being 9 times more likely to catch a life threatening disease in the act of doing so... before having themselves and their mutant babies abandoned by the disgusting creature that impregnated and infected them to begin with.

That is what people have always known about Africa. Unfortunately some people are so ignorant and socially corrupted these days that they have to suffer those consequences firsthand before they realize and accepy that history is actually pretty goddamned important and it behooves them to study and give a fuck.

I'm not a retard for knowing that it's okay to be white.

What, are you a brownassed barbarian parasite too?
This is the dumbest conversation. I hope everyone here who has made a racist comment gets diagnosed with some genetically inherited disease and then kills themselves for being racially inferior.

Thank you for explaining.

You can go now, stupid man.
you dumber than a nigger lol

Not possible, troll. Speak for yourself.
Have they taken into account the fried chicken and watermelon affect?
You need mental help or Jesus. Honestly probably both.

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