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The US is braced for a "bomb cyclone" - a weather phenomenon which officials say will arrive during a cold snap that has already claimed at least 11 lives.

Forecasters say a severe pressure drop will lead to an explosive winter storm along the eastern US, and is already bringing snow to Florida.

The US is currently on its 10th day of frigid record-breaking low temperatures which began around Christmas.

But the predicted new storm has led meteorologists to deploy a new term.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has warned that "Arctic air mass will remain entrenched over the eastern two thirds of the country through the end of the week".

"Very cold temperatures and dangerously cold wind chills expected," the NWS added.

What is a 'bomb cyclone'?
A "bomb cyclone" or "weather bomb" is an unofficial term for what is known as explosive cyclogenesis, according to BBC Weather.

This occurs when the central pressure of a low pressure system falls by 24 millibars in 24 hours and can result in violent winds developing around the system.

The winds can be strong enough to bring down trees and cause structural damage.

The Washington Post adds that the coming storm will "in many ways resemble a winter hurricane" which could be the eastern US's most intense in decades.

It comes as the average temperature across the continental US hovered around 9.1F (-12.7C) on Tuesday morning, according to CBS News.

Where is it expected to hit?
On Thursday and Friday, the major storm is expected to develop along the eastern seaboard of the USA, bringing strong winds, rain, sleet and snow, according to BBC Weather.

The storm is forecast to undergo rapid cyclogenesis over the Atlantic Ocean, and current projections show areas north of New York as having the highest risk of seeing significant impacts from strong winds and heavy snow.

Major north-eastern cities such as Boston are at risk of blizzards, and it is expected to cause disruption at air travel hubs with power outages also possible.

In the US South, freezing rain and sleet may reach as far down as Orlando, where agricultural officials say cold-sensitive crops such as citrus and strawberries are threatened.

Parts of Florida, including the northern city of Tallahassee, have already seen their first snow settling in decades.

Excited residents have been snapping photos of themselves playing in the snow, and school is cancelled in much of the state.

Is it cold everywhere?
No, it was actually colder in Jacksonville, Florida, than it was in Anchorage, Alaska, on Tuesday.

Several of Alaska's northern and central towns experienced some of their hottest months of December on record.

On Tuesday, the Merrill Field Airport in Anchorage recorded a temperature of 48F (9C) - higher than almost anywhere in the Lower 48 states.

Antarctica's Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station recorded a temperature on Tuesday of -12 (-24.5C)F, just one degree warmer than Indianapolis, Indiana.

On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, British officials are warning that Storm Eleanor, which has already caused flooding and power outages, will pose a danger due to flying debris in high winds.

What about Canada?
Environment officials warned that a major winter story is expected to smash into the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island on Thursday.

Officials predict that snow and high winds may cause worse power outages than those that affected 158,000 customers in Nova Scotia on Christmas Day.

"We're encouraging customers to be prepared for potentially lengthy power outages as a result of this storm," Nova Scotia Power spokeswoman Tiffany Chase told the Canadian Press agency.

Earlier this week, king penguins at the Calgary Zoo in Canada's western Alberta province were kept in their indoor shelters to avoid the bitter cold.
We're expecting 12-15 inches of snow tomorrow here in Mass. Hopefully I'll get the day off work.
well fuck...
all that global warming.
Vote Trump is you want more warming.

Fire up those coal plants and cook the planet for the sake of a slightly warmer winter.

Do it loud and proud USA.

Let the rest of the world know you only look out for #1 and laugh and call them shitskins if they complain.
>it was actually colder in Jacksonville, Florida, than it was in Anchorage, Alaska, on Tuesday.

Climate change BTFO?
Will do! All of us have already been doing that for years! China is helping now too cause they hate shitskins as well. Get with the program
the earth does not heat evenly you tard
>China is helping now too
more poltard delusion and double think on china
Climate change. It's called climate change because, even if it warms on average over the globe and over the year, there will be harsher winters and way hotter summers.
They've been saying it since the 80's at least, and you tard still can't understand that weather and climate are two different things.

So is the Earth cooling down? Or is it heating up? If you can't answer that without hesitation, maybe your whole "climate change" theory is absolute bullshit that you blindly "listen and believe" because it comes from "scientists" (who simply want government grant money.)

When Merriam-Webster and the Oxford English Dictionary state that "climate" and "weather" are synonyms...

>you tard still can't understand that weather and climate are two different things.

It just goes to show the self-proclaimed intellectual party is nothing but stupid fucking faggots who parrot whatever their communist jew overloads tell them.

They can be synonyms depending on use, but this isn't the case when discussing this issue in popular media and general conversation. Climate is meant to refer to averages and trends over longer periods of time, and weather is meant to refer to particular instances or shorter periods of meteorological activity. Both usages are informal and not technically precise, but you're not a scientist and this isn't a debate, so it doesn't really matter. No conversation you ever have about climate change will effect anything but the company you keep.
Quality bait
You realize the actual definitions of the words are different. Climate mentions weather over a long period of time, weather is a particular place and time. Synonym means the words have similar definitions. They do not need to be exact or interchangeable in all contexts.

Though, this post perfectly shows why debates are impossible with certain people. You once heard one partially true, but completely pointless in context, fact. Now you think you can argue by saying something that makes you sound retarded because you are too lazy to actually open a dictionary and read the definitions yourself.

Completely ignore the climate change debate for now. You should feel embarrassed if this post was not ironic.
>You should feel embarrassed if this post was not ironic.
Should feel embarrassed even if it was.
Tell me the global warming story again libby. Tell it like Al Gore.
Overall the earth's temperature is warmer than normal. Most of North America actually is trending cooler.
> global warming

keep going! i was having a good laugh!
>Tell me the global warming story again libby. Tell it like Al Gore.
Stop paying attention to people like Al Gore and read papers by actual scientists if you hate him so much.
oh wait, so the whole debate is a matter of mistaken grammatical use ? you should tell the scientists this as then they could stop wasting their time...
Those dictionaries are descriptive, not prescriptive. But even if they weren't, most words in the English language are context sensitive, so hinging an argument on the definition of a word is dumb.
>global warming at work
>actual scientists
They're just part of le conspiracy!
The climate is changing, but it's not do to pollution, which is still a horrible environmental concern.
The magnetic poles are shifting. In essence, the north pole is migrating, as is the south pole.

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