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Thank You President Trump.


The survey-based measure of factory activity -- the year’s second-highest behind September, when storm-related supply delays boosted the index -- brings the 2017 average to 57.6, the best in 13 years. The latest gain extends a string of strong readings that’s been fueled by more domestic business investment, improving global economies and steady spending by American households.

A common refrain from companies surveyed, though, was difficulty finding highly-skilled labor, and some firms are paying higher wages to attract the workforce needed, ISM manufacturing survey committee chairman Timothy Fiore said on a conference call with reporters.
make sure you ask your boss for a raise

and if he says there's no money call him fake news
Doesn't matter when the manufacturing base is the smallest it's been since the 1960s. The chief export of The United States is now intellectual property, not something that is manufactured.
Whether or not there's enough money isn't what matters.
What matters is if you deserve that raise more than your coworkers.
Or, that you are providing more value as an employee
>things bosses tell you while inflation destroys your meager earnings?

>“Some 40 U.S. companies have responded to President Trump’s tax cut and reform victory in Congress last year by handing out bonuses up to $2,000, increases in 401k matches and spending on charity, a much higher number than previously known.”

sorry bud, we gave your raise to charity
better pr for the company
Hasn't manufacturing ALWAYS been increasing?

Or are we talking about manufacturing JOBS?
actually I got a 8% raise because of the tax reform.
the economy is doing great, and Obama obviously deserves credit for the foundation that enabled that, since until now the GOP hadn't legislated any structural changes to the economy.

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