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>Attorney General Jeff Sessions sparked controversy Monday after making reference to the "Anglo-American heritage of law enforcement," a comment interpreted by critics as racially insensitive.

>The remark was made in a speech to the National Sheriffs' Association's winter conference in Washington, D.C., as he thanked those in attendance and outlined the history of their positions in law enforcement.

>"I want to thank every sheriff in America. Since our founding, the independently elected sheriff has been the people’s protector, who keeps law enforcement close to, and accountable to, people through the elected process," said Sessions, adding, "The office of sheriff is a critical part of the Anglo-American heritage of law enforcement.”

>While the attorney general's phrasing alone caught the attention of many on social media, the situation was further complicated by the fact that the description was not included in a copy of Sessions' prepared remarks.

>In that version, distributed by the Department of Justice after the event, the line reads: "The Sheriff is a critical part of our legal heritage."
> Among those who weighed in on Sessions' speech included Sen. Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii, who called the phrase a "dog whistle" and expressed continued pride in his opposition to the attorney general's nomination last year, and California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, a candidate in the state's 2018 gubernatorial election, who called Sessions an "outright racist."

>In 1986, Sessions' nomination for the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Alabama was rejected by the Senate Judiciary Committee after associates testified during his confirmation hearings that the then-U.S. Attorney had made callous comments about the NAACP and Ku Klux Klan. Sessions said at the time that the remarks were not intended to be taken seriously.

>Defenders of Sessions argued Monday that "Anglo-American law" is a term frequently used in legal circles as a synonym for "common law," and has no racial undertones.

>The stance did not prevent the NAACP from issuing a response to the speech to The Washington Post in which it characterized the comment as "racially tinged," and said it should give "all people reason to worry."

>"His decision to link the term Sheriff to some part 'of the Anglo-American heritage of law enforcement' is an unfortunate yet consistent aspect of the language coming out of the Department of Justice under his tenure," the statement continued, "and in the opinion of the NAACP, qualifies as the latest example of dog whistle politics."

OP is a fake news faggot, just like every media outlet in the country these days. Nothing but DNC talking points, and they all deserve to fucking burn.

>But Obama, who taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago for more than a decade, said captured suspects deserve to file writs of habeus corpus.

>Calling it "the foundation of Anglo-American law," he said the principle "says very simply: If the government grabs you, then you have the right to at least ask, 'Why was I grabbed?' And say, 'Maybe you've got the wrong person.'"

>The safeguard is essential, Obama continued, "because we don't always have the right person."

lol #triggered
What a delusional dumbass. How did he think he would sound?
>magna-carta and hundreds of years of law are now racially insensitive
>US media confirmed for 4th graders

>obongo does something
>das cool
>white guy does same thing

^ the entire left side of the spectrum.
Have you actually read the Magna Carta? It's pretty fucking insensitive.

Where on the doll did Obama touch you, Anon?
>document written in the 1200s is "insensitive"
Yes? Insensitive.
(50) We will remove completely from their offices the kinsmen of Gerard de Athée, and in future they shall hold no offices in England. The people in question are Engelard de Cigogné', Peter, Guy, and Andrew de Chanceaux, Guy de Cigogné, Geoffrey de Martigny and his brothers, Philip Marc and his brothers, with Geoffrey his nephew, and all their followers.
Damn insensitive.
>Damn insensitive.
You must be fun at parties.
You go to parties? Get out normalfag.
Remember, wh*tes don't have culture, heritige or history. Claiming otherwise is racism and racism is worse than death.
Obama has used the same term in the same context as sessions did. Move on nothing to see here
This, even fucking CNN explained how this is perfectly normal right on their front page.
Yep. Why do /pol/lacks take bait so easily?
do people always reply to themselves on /news/?
>Foundation of Anglo-American law
>"Maybe you have the wrong person"
>"I'm clearly white"
Only as much as other people can't distinguish between different posters.
>10 ips
>22 posts
>people agreeing with a reply agreeing with a post
not hard to spot
The world is watching what we do today in America. They will know what we do here today, and they will treat all of us accordingly in the future—our soldiers, our diplomats, our journalists, anybody who travels beyond these borders. I hope we remember this as we go forward. I sincerely hope we can protect what has been called the “great writ”—a writ that has been in place in the Anglo-American legal system for over 700 years. - Obama 2006
This board only has about 15 regular users. What did you expect?
What sort of anglo name is Beauregard?
it's really sad though
I don't think people are responding to themselves as often as you think.
they pretended they were me in one thread, and it seems like people are talking to themselves in this one. thats all though. its been a weird fucking day.
I don't doubt that it happens but maybe just not as much as you think. You might be right though. Nobody truly knows but mods and they aren't talking.
>Nobody truly knows but mods and they aren't talking.
maybe they all got drunk and passed out from the tears
>America was created by anglos
>but if you point this out you get in trouble
Holy fuck
The Spanish were here before the English.
Why does the left hate white people so much?
it's stupid to call the role of sheriff, a job that's not in any way unique to anglos, anglo-american heritage. fuck, you'd think a politician would know better than to even mention the words anglo-american heritage in today's political climate.
Why is the right so gullible that they believe that?
>The Spanish were here before the English

While a valid point, the Spanish did not found the United States. Nor the Vikings, nor Polynesians, Siberians, Ancient Astronauts neither.
Do you see the distinction?
No because the English did not found the United States either. They founded Canada instead. The pilgrims of Massachusetts and the Jamestown Colony of Virginia were fleeing English religious persecution and taxes you know.
>the English did not found the United States either
the fist colony in the united states was Jamestown in Virginia and was settled by the English stock company, The Virginia Company and named after King James the.
In the north, Plymouth, later founded by English religous settlers seeking to escape english religious law were granted land by the Viriginia Company at the behest of King James in an attempt to remove what they considered 'deviants' from London.
in both cases the US is founded by the English

But, we all know that in actuality both of those stories are eurocentric and America was settled by dozens of tribes of native americans
>Common law
>From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
> (Redirected from Anglo-American law)
hmm, people crying "racism" again it seems
You seem to think the colonists wanted to be English citizens when the opposite is true. The came to North America to escape England, not to colonize it for England.
you seem to think the colonitsts werent english.
they were english for an additional 100 years or so after coming to america
also the first settlers were not escaping english persecution, they were working for the Virginia company and were proud to be english.
your argument falls apart on every level
to clarify, the jamestown colony, the first english colony in the Americas were not religious deviants from england, they were employees of the virginia company and went there to make a profit
How so when they specifically fled English persecution? Granted, when the French&Indian wars happened, it was either side with the French or the English, so they sided with the English, but that doesn't mean they had some dearth of loyalty to the kind. It was this sort of traitorous attitude which eventually led to the Boston Massacre and the "shot heard 'round the world".
they considered themselves to be english up until the revolution, and you somehow claim they were not english?
you seem to have a misunderstanding of this topic.
a group of englishmen, specifically londoners, were given a land grant by and english stock company, with the ok of the english king, and left on boats to establish an english colony, under the rule of the english crown, under the premise that it would profit england.
it wasnt until nearly 100 years later they officaly became tired of being english and wanted that to change

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